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Annacondia, Carlos - Mensaje de Salvation Deliverance Ministry, Argentina   
ramatic deliverances from demonic oppression were accompanied by signs and wonders (like missing or surgically removed organs being re-created in answer to prayer. Angelic apparitions became almost common in the context of frontline evangelism. Child intercessors were sovereignly raised up by God in congregations all over Argentina...His evangelistic entourage, Message of Salvation bring with them tents in which his ministry teams conduct healings and deliverances."
Annacondia, Carlos - Listen to Me Satan - 5/13/2011 (paraphrased) (a tutorial) - In Jesus' name" As a priest of God, I take authority over and destroy all the evil bondage of these people in crisis, their ancestry and city.  I invite Jesus to be their savior and baptizer in the Holy Spirit to replace that departed evil curse.  Do NOT resist or deny this personal live saving spiritual and medical invitation regarding freedom from captivity/suicide/despair/heartache/hurt/ suffering...Once the demonic strong man is bound via intercession (aerial combat), then the victim is free to receive the ministry as it is proclaimed (preached/testified) by the infantry. 
It is a 2 step conquest to retake the land/territory/victims/hostages.  When praying for healing, Carlos (in Jesus' name)speaks directly to the issue/sickness/disease: cancer/deafness to go/come-out or health to come:  Cancer/tumor I command you to come out now.  Carlos commands new teeth to come to those who need them.  This resurrection/Pentecost power is available to all who are willing to receive.  Schizophrenia is one of many healings cited in presentation.  Carlos executes the complete (not partial) authority given to us believers in Messiah.  Those who do not resist are set free from being bound/imprisoned by Satan.  As God's representatives believe and act with and on behalf of Jesus, those ministered to will become healed/delivered/free.
1st - Spiritual passion and love are contagious from heart to heart.
2nd - God anointed Jesus to do miracles.  Likewise we each need His anointing.
3rd - As we daily respond to the Trinity we will be able to carry and transmit Holy Spirit fire.

Anderson, Neil - - full book - PART 3 - Walk Free -12 Steps to Freedom in Christ – (edited) – “I have NOT attempted to ‘cast out a demon’ in several years. But I have seen hundreds of people find freedom in Christ as I helped them resolve their personal and spiritual conflicts. I no longer deal directly with demons at all, and prohibit their manifestation. I only work with victims of demons. Success is dependent upon the cooperation of the persons we help. We say to victims, "Be it done to you according to your faith" (Matthew 9:29).”

Badolato, Lou & Gwen - Salem, Massachusetts, USA -

Bell, Steve - The Key Ministries, Euless, Texas, USA -
Steve apprenticed under Frank Hammond of The Children's Bread Ministries. (See below.)
The Key Ministry has a half-way house/motel accommodations for those seriously interested in finding part/full time work locally and daily walking out their long term deliverance.  Advance reservations required.  One needs to plan to stay for an extended period to learn how to prevent relapse... 
Steve separated from the Hammonds in part due to the belief that he had a higher revelation, in that he agrees with the Catholic psychiatrist Kenneth McAll in one's need to (apologize for) confess to God the sins of one's ancestors. 
(Before visiting, please procure and read McAll's Sheldon Press Healing the Family Tree on which Father John Hampsch bases his California healing ministry and book with similar name)...
Why would one repent for his relatives' sins?  Because Satan is a legalist.  Satan has a legal right to continue a family curse/disease generation after generation, until a family member stands in the gap and repents for any relevant sin which trigged the family malady.  Take alcoholism for instance.  I may be an alcoholic, but it may also be a family trait. 
Thus, I would need to repent for my own sin, plus the sin of my ancestors.  That will help prevent relapse, but also help to keep this malady from my descendants...Bell also agrees with Carol Balizet (See Healing in the Zion and shuns all medical assistance, drugs and supplements/vitamins/herbs, relying entirely on God for provision (as do many ministries)...Another foundation stone of this ministry is the teaching that one needs to be under the umbrella/headship/covering of another, the wife under the mate, the mate under a church, the church under God.  (Yes, it is possible for one to arrive at such a faith level, but many arrive there in baby steps.  One may acquire and die of another congregant's germ, virus or bacteria before he arrives at such a spiritual destination.  Thus arm's length ministry may be preferable, initially, with any like-minded ministry.)

Kynan Bridges - Ruskin, Florida, USA - - 2/9/2015 -
KYNAN:  One night while I was sleeping, Sid, I had this encounter and I was literally overshadowed with a dark presence that I had never experienced before and it felt like someone was sticking a sharp instrument in my head, and I literally just ceased...I couldn't move, I couldn't speak and this went on for several minutes. It was the most horrifying thing I had ever experienced in my life up until that point.  What I did was I just said...Lord please.  When I did that it lifted.  I thought, I know the solution to this problem. Don't ever go to sleep again.
KYNAN: I went to my local pastor and I asked him about it, and he explained this phrase to me I had never heard before: oppression. He told me that what I experienced was something called demonic oppression. And so when he told me that, he told me to get some anointing oil and pray over my room and it ceased for a while. But then when I was about to be baptized in water, the water baptism with the church, and I knew my life was about to really change, I had just been baptized in the Holy Ghost, and I was just so excited. And the night before my baptism I was literally suffocated in my sleep. It's like someone was literally drowning me underneath the water.  The more I tried to talk or speak, nothing would come out, just like a fish in a fish tank.  All of a sudden, I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Jesus." It's like I came out from under the water and yelled at the top of my lungs.  My father was in the house.  He said, "What's wrong with you?"  I said, "I was choking to death." But something happened that Satan didn't plan.
KYNAN: I realized in that moment that there was power in the name of Jesus, that the name of Jesus carries the sovereign power of the Kingdom of Heaven.  When I released that name out of my mouth, demons literally had to flee from me.  Since that time, 2 things happened: #1, I became annoyed with the devil. #2, I committed myself not only to being free from that kind of oppression, but setting other people free from the grips of darkness.
KYNAN: Addictions, pornography, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, anxiety...Many people in the body of Christ are battling anxiety attacks, chronic fear, suicidal thoughts, insomnia. There are millions of believers that can't even sleep at night, and this is not the plan of God, Sid.  I believe that if we will hear the revelation of the Holy Spirit in this hour that He will give us the tools or really activate in us the tools that we already have to walk in freedom, but also liberate anybody around us.
Somehow, some way the church secretly believes that Satan has more power than we have; that's why people are always trying to argue with demons, negotiate with demons. 'You can't have my firstborn, but you can have my last born,' all these different ideas in their head. But the reality is God never called us to negotiate with the Kingdom of Darkness. He called us just like he did Joshua in the Old Testament to drive out all of those demonic influences in our lives, out of our communities, out of our cities, out of nations even, Sid, and it can happen instantly. Evil [influences] can be (bound/exorcised/ evicted/replaced with the opposite and individuals can be) set free instantly. 
(A) Christian is actually oppressed by a spirit of deception, who believes (a saved Christian cannot be harassed by demons)...because there are 2 areas. 1st of all, when we're born again, we're born again in our spirit man. The Bible tells us in 2nd Corinthians that, "If any man or woman be in Yeshua," be in Christ, "he or she is a new creation." But it's talking about our spirit. But we know just from everyday life that there are still areas in our soulish man that comprises our mind, our will and our emotions that can be affected. For example, there are Christians who battle depression. That's not a problem with their spirit, Sid, that's a problem with their soul. So we know a Christian can't be possessed by a demon because that implies ownership. But Christians, believers in Yeshua, can still be oppressed by demonic activity in their soul, in their emotions, in their mind, in their thought life, in their attitude.  We know that this is true. You know, ask any pastor. Ask any layperson in the church and they'll tell you the countless number of people that are battling all kind of things from divorce to sadness, chronic anxiety, sickness in your body. These are all manifestations of demonic activity.
You don't have to cope with the devil. He's not your friend. Do you know that a great deal of sickness is demonic and if you don't believe a Christian can have a spirit of infirmity, then you're agreeing with the wrong source. Cancer is demonic.
If you don't understand these things then he's going to take advantage of you.  Ignorance is no excuse even in the Law.
In Genesis 22:17, God made a specific promise to Abraham that most people never read in the Bible. In Genesis 22:17, He talks about, "Surely blessing I will bless you and multiply your seed." We know about that. But He gives a specific promise.  He says, "Your seed will possess the gates of his enemies"...(In Matthew 16) He says..."the gates will not prevail against theeWhatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven. Whatever you loose upon the earth shall be loosed in Heaven." That's called Kingdom authority. Now what happens is the church doesn't understand that it's not only for a few people in the church to do deliverance or spiritual warfare, but it is a messianic prophecy fulfilled in Messiah that gives us as our birthright the power, authority and dominion to close any gate of the enemy in our lives, to possess any gate of the kingdom of darkness, whether it's alcohol, drugs, whether it's over a city or a nation.

There is a great revival coming and it's going to be mothers, it's going to be children and children's ministry that are going to set the captives free just like the Book of Acts...
KYNAN: My friend came in.  Something was very dark and just malevolent about this experience. All of a sudden he starts to manifest. If you've ever seen the Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland," his grimace literally turned into that physically. It was the most scary thing I've ever seen.  It came within about an inch of my face and said, "Who do you think you are? I can tear you apart." Now I didn't know much about deliverance or spiritual warfare, but all I knew to say was, 'I am a child of God. I take authority of this spirit controlling you in the name of Yeshua.' He fell to the ground, boom, and in a matter of minutes he was set free. But I learned something. Satan's power is in identity crisis, is in a deception to tell us that we're something that we're not, that we don't have what we already have.  If he can do that, he can keep people in bondage. But once people know who they are, Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and truth will make you free."  Until the Body of Christ realizes the truth about who we are and whose we are, we will allow Satan to inhabit territory in our lives he has no permission to inhabit (the Gentile and terrorize/oppress/demonize/harass the Christian).
KYNAN:  You don't have fear the enemy. In fact, if you'll believe the Word, (supremacy and love) of God the enemy will fear you. I'm telling you that from today on, you will never live in bondage again and you're going to be set free by the power of God. I feel the anointing going right where you are to liberate you so that God will use you as a deliverer.

I'm praying one day, as often I do, and meditating, and all of a sudden, I have an open vision of this angel. This angel is about 9-10 feet tall. He is 6 feet wide with his chest span, huge breastplate.
KYNAN: He has a sword, a golden sword. I mean, he's massive, intimidating, regal, all in one.  I asked the Lord, I said, "Is this a mighty archangel?"  The Lord says the most interesting thing to me, he says, "That's not an angel at all. That's you in the spiritual realm." When I heard that, I was literally blown away. The scripture that came to my spirit was that we are kings and priests unto our God, in the Book of Revelation. He's made us through His (son's) blood, Yeshua, kings and priests. In other words, we have dominion. We are mighty in the spiritual realm. We are not paupers. We don't have to be afraid of the devil. When we realize that person that I saw in that vision is us, the devil will literally flee from us.
In the name of Yeshua, the name above every name, you know. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 
I release
a spirit of dominion and lordship over cancer right now in Jesus' name. I release dominion over diabetes.
I release dominion
. Even now, if you will take dominion over the pain in your body, that pain will go instantly in Yeshua's name. Right now I just curse the plan of the enemy over the people of God. Depression, you must go now. Suicidal thoughts, you must leave. Anxiety attacks, insomnia...You're going to sleep sweeter tonight than you've ever slept in your entire life because the peace of God that passes all understanding will keep your heart and mind right now in Yeshua's name. Just receive it Jesus' name.
KYNAN: Authority is really the legal right to act in a certain way
. Authority means, you know, the Bible tells in Luke 10:19, it says, "Behold, I give unto you power," is the word, exousia, in the Greek, authority. It means that we have the keys. So I want you to think almost like a gatekeeper or a groundskeeper. The groundskeeper has keys to access any door within that building (and you are the temple of the Holy Spirit).
In the same way, you and I through Jesus and through his name have the access to open doors and close them. That's what authority really is. We can open doors of favor, open doors of prosperity, open doors of blessing in our lives to the authority vested in us.

Bridges, Kynan - 2/2/2015 -
Bridges, Kynan - Videos - Possessing your Healing - source
Bridges, Kynan - Editorials - -

Brown, Tom - Word of Life Church - El Paso, Texas - Deliverance/exorcism TV documentary   
Click here 

Bubeck, Mark I. - Great daily prayers for various issues.
Spiritual backbone of ministry - The Balance Beam -

, Omar - Vision of the Future, Argentina - "
Annacondia was preceded by Omar Cabrera, who heads the fastest-growing Christian movement in Argentina, his Vision of the Future. Cabrera pioneered many of the practices that Annacondia had been popularizing: namely power ministries, strategic-level spiritual warfare, intercession and contextualized evangelism, thus paving the way for Annacondia to ignite the revival with these (then) controversial ministries. -

Cho, David Yonggi - Korea - + - Prayer requests can be e-mailed directly to the Prayer Mountain in Korea at  No response except from God.

Clark, Dennis & Jen @ 12/19/2016 Read online chapter#1
3/14/2016 video
articles -

Connor, Dr Brian N - Good Shepherd Institute - (GSI)                                                           
Brian Connor - Baptist pastor practices exorcism (as seen on  NBC Dateline TV 11/13/2001)
Connor has a theory on
schizophrenia - +
spiritual oppression + dissociative identity disorder + mental illness  
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Schizophrenia @ - training

Dickerman, Don - Texas prison ministry - & deliverance by personal appointment        
Ministry endorsed by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond author of Pigs in the Parlor -

Eckhardt, John - - - IMPACT Network (International Ministries of Prophetic and Apostolic Churches Together) + Crusaders Ministries + AIM (Apostolic Institute of Ministry) +
radio/TV (Perfecting the Saints) broadcast, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Eckhardt is also involved with Wagner Leadership Institute. 
5 star rating.

Ehambe, Lufile Kasongo   "After being granted a generous scholarship from Kenneth Copeland Ministries.  Pastor Ehambe graduated from Christ for the Nations (CFAN) with an Associate Degree in Theology.  Pastors Lufile and Fariala Ehambe are ordained Ministers with the Australian Fellowship of Faith Churches and Ministries.  He is also an ordained minister with Trinity Christian Center of San Marcos, California.  He is licensed with World Ministry Fellowship of Dallas, Texas and served as a representative for Africa with Trinity Broadcasting Network.  Pastor Lufile Kasongo Ehambe and Fariala M. Ehambe are the Senior Pastors of the Christ International Churches in different parts of the world: Mainz-Germany, Brussels-Belgium, Kinshasa-Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas, USA) Metroplex area where Christ International Church is headquartered."
[CAUTION - According to the 11/10/2009 Joni TV rewind show #6, Ehambe (when involved in Islamic witchcraft) witnessed many human spirits of deceased individuals and now believes that those (perhaps unbelievers in Jesus as Messiah) who die a premature death can/do wander until God's appointed time of death...All humans have defects! Be sure to have your Holy Spirit antenna up, always.  Remember, God can use a donkey (like me/like you) to do His work.]

Pastor Lufile Ehambe - Testimony -  Irving, Texas, USA
Pastor Lufile Kasongo Ehambe was born deep in the heart of Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  After graduating from high school, Pastor Ehambe rebelled against Christianity, the faith of his parents, and he became deeply involved in Islamic witchcraft.  As a result, (after eating forbidden pork concealed in meat stew, plus perhaps being deliberately poisoned with toxic metals added to his meals while being in enemy territory) he became imprisoned by severe mental illness...
Pastor Ehambe suffered with chronic insomnia night and day.  He was unable to sleep for 3.5 years. In addition, he also became extremely ill with bone cancer due to drinking several bottles of perfume during his involvement with witchcraft.  His parents never gave up hope and prayed daily for his healing.  His conditions were so severe that he was taken to the United States to seek medical attention.  The doctors could not offer him any medical hope and recommended that he return to his home in Africa.  When medical doctors and witch doctors could not do anything for him, Barbara Casual a beloved missionary from Oregon, shared the gospel with Pastor Ehambe.  Barbara told Pastor about the powerful death and resurrection of Christ and that Jesus had the power to heal and deliver all who are afflicted.  He fully accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was completely healed.  In addition, he was (later) delivered from several demonic spirits.  After his healing and deliverance, he was filled with the Holy Spirit.
Ehambe Videos at

Epperson, Dr. Arlin - Healing of the Spirit, a Practical Manual for Deliverance and Inner Healing - Missouri, USA 2014 -

Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez - Voice of the Light Ministries - Ponte Verde, Florida  Recommended for the serious & desperate. - Ana, due to her involvement with voodoo practices, was confined in a mental hospital.  She was not sane when God healed her through a visiting pastor.
Spanish/English web TV program: @
Sid Roth interview @ or or
7/5/2002 Biography - 7/5/2002
 or @
ENGLISH - or or or 
Ana Mendez Ferrell - or
by Diana Washington Valdez at
Supernatural Manifestation of God´s Power in Deliverance Conference - - instructive self-deliverance
Deliverance video on internet -
Ministry Credentials -

Frankena, Martin & Cindy - Rushing Streams Ministries -
Martin and Cindy are members of Cornerstone Fellowship in Frederick, Maryland, USA
Pastoral counselors, past church assistant director of ministry, past staff of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.
Check their itinerary for the nearest Healing School in your area. 
"A major focus of the ministry is healing from generational issues."
Also check  Equipping Institute, White River Junction, Vermont, USA - for calendar of guest speakers and/or request CDs/DVDs of prior presenters (including Frankena) 
Frankena, Martin & Cindy -
- Rejection - Part 1 (May 2007) + Rejection - Part 2 (July 2007)

Gibson, Noel (deceased) and Phyllis - - Carindale, Australia - "Freedom In Christ Ministries was founded by Rev. Noel (deceased) and Phyllis Gibson who were born and married in New Zealand. Phyl was a nurse and Noel started out as a part-time law student and registrar of the law courts. He also worked as a volunteer chaplain in prisons. He would screen films, hold bible studies and discussions, and counsel inmates. His quick wit and lack of condemnation ensured he was respected by the toughest men. Noel became an open air evangelist and after studying in the United States he was ordained as a Reverend.  They moved to Sydney in 1967 when Noel was appointed the Australian Director of Open Air Campaigners and International Training Director. (Open Air Campaigners is an interdenominational missionary organization now known as OAC Ministries.) Noel led hundreds of people to a saving faith in Christ. Although he made sure that they were carefully discipled many still struggled to break free in certain areas of their lives. Because of the great need for release from oppression, Noel and Phyl Gibson founded the missionary trust Freedom In Christ Ministries in Sydney in 1983.  They were much in demand around the world lecturing and ministering at bible colleges
and Youth With A Mission schools...
The 1st book on freedom was Evicting Demonic Intruders And Breaking Bondages...The 2nd book of their freedom trilogy, Deliver Our Children From The Evil One. Following closely in 1992 was Excuse Me… Your Rejection is Showing, completing the trilogy."

Greenig, Angelina T. - Set Free Ministries International - - Bonney Lake, Washington state, USA @ + links =
Get Up Off Your Death Bed -

How To Break Witchcraft Curses -
Breakthrough Enemy Strongholds -

Greenwood, Rebecca -
Greenwood, Rebecca - - Colorado, USA

Hagin, Kenneth E (deceased) Recommended reading, especially appendix, The Believer's Authority - Legacy Edition
Hagin, Kenneth W (junior) - Kenneth Hagin Ministries - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA -

Hammond, Frank (DOD 2005) & Ida Mae (DOD 1997) The Children's Bread Ministry, Plainview, Texas USA - - autobiography - Promoted by God booklet +
A Manual for Children's Deliverance
 = excellent resource for pastors or those in the children's deliverance ministry -
Deliverance prayers @

Recommended reading: Pigs in the Parlor - God's revelation on schizophrenia - 5 stars

Harthern, Roy and Pauline - Roy Harthern Ministries - Orlando, Florida, USA - - "In December 2001, Dr. Harthern had terminal cancer and total kidney failure.  Doctors gave him 12 hours to live. The Lord visited him in the hospital room every night and promised him, among many other promises, that He would heal him. On the 50th day, the doctor said, 'I don’t know what to say. You have 2 brand new kidneys. I know you have not had a transplant. Also, there is no trace of cancer anywhere in your body.'”
 - Also see Pastor Paul and Alvis Harthern, Georgia, USA

Hayes, Norvel - Norvel Hayes Ministries, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA 37311 - - 5 star rating - Has camp meetings and motel.  Ministry has as marvelous easy read booklets, we encourage you to get.

Hegewisch Baptist Church, Highland, Indiana, USA - On line Win Worley editorials - excellent -

Holliday, Pat - Pat Holliday Miracle Outreach Ministries  Jacksonville, Florida    Healing and deliverance ministry.  Has many audio recordings on occult bondage and spiritual warfare. 
Author of  Be Free.
Deliverance from the Stolen Mind and Satan’s Captivity or "In Africa, witches and wizards can steal the minds of people and exchange intelligences into the minds of their children. I ministered to several young men while in Africa that had their minds stolen in this manner…How it works, I can’t say, but Jesus’ power can heal them.  Both men were healed and restored. One returned to college, the other remained in Bishop Kanco’s church and became a worker there. Both cases were the result of witch-craft powers being worked against them. This is how I prayed for them: (IN JESUS NAME) - I bound the witchcraft power that had been worked over their lives and released the power and mind of Jesus over them.
Phil 2:5
, 'Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,' KJV
-Bind the strongman and his demonic helpers that have stolen the mind of _______
In the name of Jesus
(via our heavenly host)
1st-I put the strongman and helpers - under the feet of Jesus.
2nd-I bind (and cancel) the powers of the Wizards and witches.
3rd-Call their minds back.  Lord to reconcile them to You. Col 1:21.
Some people...are under mind controllers; minds were shattered by traumas and fear...
We simply commanded their minds (or fragmented/broken pieces of their minds) to return.
We ask Jesus (to heal broken mind fragments &) to give them a single (united) mind.
Being double minded makes a person unstable in all his ways, mentally ill...
attacks their nervous system and causes illness. God can heal it.
James 1:8
'A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.' KJV  (See above
-I loose everything the enemy has stolen, talents and sound mind   and command him to return it.
-I command the demons to go under the feet of Jesus.                              person's name
-In the name of Jesus, I reclaim all the things that Satan has stolen from (____________)
-In the name of Jesus, I LOOSE (double to 7 fold) all that Satan has stolen from (_________)
[ZECHARIAH 9:11-12,14-16 JNTP   You, by the blood of your covenant, I release your PRISONERS from [the dungeon,] the cistern that has NO water in it.  12Return to the stronghold, you PRISONERS with hope!  This day I declare to you that I will grant you DOUBLE reparation...14Adonai Elohim will blow the shofar and go out in the whirlwinds of the south.  15Adoni-Tzva'ot will defend them; they will devour and trample sling-stones...16.On that day Adonai their God will save them as the flock of His people; for they will be like gems in a crown, sparkling over His countryside.]
-In the name of Jesus, upon (________'s) mind I LOOSE (Godly) spiritual knowledge, revelation, insight, understanding, wisdom, truth, discernment, diligent searching, freedom and permanent deliverance.
-According to Isaiah 11:2 and Ephesians 1:17-18 may the Holy Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge, revelation and fear of the Lord come to dwell in (________'s) name)
-According to Isaiah 11:3 may (________'s) not judge after the sight of his eyes neither reprove after the hearing of his ears, but according to the insight, counsel, justice and mercy of the Lord."8.17.2010
Deliverance Prayer from Generational Curses   Breaking Curses Prayers

Irabor, pastor George B - Fountain of Grace Church, Canton, Massachusetts, USA
NOT a deliverance "ministry," just a wonderful local church with a pastor from Nigeria.  Church believes that one having a chemical disorder is a misnomer for having demonic oppression/possession.  Church is very good at praying out the scriptures.  It also encourages monthly 3 day fasting.  Pastor does deliverance but only as the Lord leads. + -
One may contact church office at 781-821-1121 for more information.
George Bryan Irabor is the Senior Pastor of 1 church in 4 locations. It is
headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, USA with branches in Worcester, Brockton & Lynn.

jozef_sweats_web.jpgJasinski, Jozef    Promised Land Ministries  Canada  Philippines - mass deliverance
The best deliverance sword is the Word of God in our mouth. 
We remind God, "You said, ______ ."  We also are to refute the devil with the Word of God, "It is written, _____ ."

Robert Jeffress - Divine Defense audio series: Begin at bottom. - Podcasts @
Putting Out the "Not Welcome" Mat - May 25, 2011
When Satan Comes Knocking - May 24, 2011
Satan's Four Favorite Lies - May 23, 2011
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Johnson, Peter - from  or 

Joshua, Prophet Temitope Balogun (T.B.) - SCOAN - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, 1 Segun-Irefin Street, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria 
Biography at or or
According to 2009
In everything, TB Joshua ascribes all glory to God and never attributes the amazing miracles to himself. He is known as a man of simplicity, humility and generosity - living in total obedience to God."
According to Eddie Rogers in his Supernatural - Living Under an Open Heaven book,
"The Holy Spirit spoke to me in an almost audible voice...
This is the standard I've set for My Church.'"
Article below is written by News24 about the man who was supposedly raised from the dead by TB Joshua from The Synagogue – Church Of All Nations in Nigeria - -
You decide the truth of Jesus Christ - - 6/14/2007  Miracle Healings in Nigeria by Prophet TB Joshua watch healings/deliverances -
Services are broadcast LIVE every Sunday on Emmanuel TV

Kanco, Bishop Samuel Vagalas - The Lord's Vinyard Church, International - (deliverance ministry)  Recommended for the serious and desperate.  Africa, London & Canada - Former witch doctor. PO Box 816, Medina, Accra, Ghana, Africa

Kelley, Earthquake Curtis -
Littlerock, California, USA - 2012 -
The Bridge of Deliverance Ministry  +  The Bridge Kidz
BRIDGE is "an acronym for 'in Him we live and move and have our Being, Righteousness, Instruction, Deliverance, Guidance, and Eternity.'" 
The Bridge began in 1985 in Carson, California.

Bishop Earthquake Kelley Testimony - Audio/Video...Translated in many languages - The Bridge of Deliverance International, Hollywood, California.
2009 - The church meets at the Bancroft Middle School Auditorium, at 929 North Las Palmas Avenue in Hollywood, California, USA 90038.

Greenwood, Rebecca - - Colorado, USA

Kerr, Kat - - Jacksonville, Florida, USA (NO local ministry center.)

Keyton, Bree - Bree Keyton Ministries - Kansas City, Missouri -   

Kraft, Charles H - Deep Healing Ministries + Hearts Set Free Ministries - California, USA
Biographies at and
2006 Seminar outline - Deep Wounds/Deep Healing -

Fuller Seminary books -

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Lambert, Steven - - Jupiter, Florida, USA - - 2006 - - "God is bringing deliverance out of the back room and into the front room; out of the darkroom and into the Son-room; out of the bathrooms and into our living rooms; out of the broom closets into our prayer closets; out of the out-house and into His house and your house!  The next move (emphasis) of the Spirit in the Church Jesus is building, is an emphasis on deliverance — casting out devils. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 The season for purification of the Church has come. The time for wide scale deliverance of God’s people, as an initial step in effecting that purification, has come. God’s faithful servants who have, in the face of contempt, scorn, and derision, maintained their passion for deliverance and continued to diligently labor “to set the captives free” — their TIME HAS COME!"

Lake Hamilton - - "Lake Hamilton Bible Camp has also been ordained of God as a place where Christians know they can go to receive prayer and ministry for the casting out of evil spirits.  A lot of Christians don’t know we have an enemy. Of those who do know, many haven’t showed up for the battle.  The Millers’ testimony of how God sovereignly revealed to them the ministry of deliverance is unique. It is not something they were seeking after, but God in His infinite wisdom saw the need...
Lake Hamilton Bible Camp (LHBC) is a registered non-profit corporation...501-C ID is 23-7394399...located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  It was established by the Lord, in the early 1970's to be a place where families could come for prayer and to receive spiritual help.  Glen and Erma Miller were given the responsibility of overseeing the Camp. 
They faithfully laid down their lives in obedience to th
at calling.  Erma went to be with the Lord in October of 2002. Glen fervently pursues his calling to fulfill the purposes of God which have been ordained for Lake Hamilton Bible Camp"

LeStrange, Ryan
Ryan LeStrange - (Identity 8 Symptoms.) chapter #1: Spiritual father is Norvel Hayes.
LeStrange, Ryan & Joy - Impact International Apostolic Fellowship, Abingdon, Virginia
Ryan LeStrange - U Tube videos -

Lowery, TL -
Reverend Dr. T. L. Lowery gave this testimony about Demon Possession - After a 40 day fast, when pastoring, during the prayer line, Lowery reminisces, "The entire congregation heard me shout: 'You foul demon of hell, you know who I am. I am T. L. Lowery, a servant of the living God; and I charge you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to come out! In Jesus' name, come out now'...Suddenly, we heard an explosion that some said sounded like a cannon went off. The demon came out of the woman in a literal, physical manifestation. The people described it as a black, furry mass with a long tail. I saw it come out of the woman's mouth and shoot out over the heads of the people. Then it went out through the side of the tabernacle with a noise that sounded like a freight train...
Reference for the above: Mary Baxter and Dr. T. L. Lowery's book,
A Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm." 
Lowery, TL - Perry Stone TV broadcast -

Lozano, Neal - Heart of the Father Ministries - -
Renewal and Reconciliation association of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA churches
House of God's Light, Christian community, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, US - Ministers mostly to those with broken hearts.  Much work in Catholic community.  Healing rather than deliverance ministry.

Macedo, Edir - USA Locations -

Madrak, Stan and Elizabeth - End-Time Deliverance Ministry - Terry, Mississippi, USA
Table of contents ministry web page =
page of Gene Moody =
Schizos cannot forgive without help, so they keep bitterness alive.  3 main areas to conquer are rejection, rebellion and bitterness.  Phobias (There are 210 recognized phobias by psychiatrists.) Break all manipulative/harmful/self-serving Soul Ties/Demonic Subjection/Control Spirits with those who have treated you including Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Neurologist, Social Worker, Group Therapist, Mental Institutions.
(WARNING #1: This is mostly the binding of negative spiritual strongholds/brainwashing, rather than the absence of interpersonal relationships, at least initially; it takes time to wean oneself from not only medical appointments, but also medications.  One needs a new spiritual mentorship/community to walk/talk/pray with.  It is too hard to go it alone, plus it takes time to wean oneself from medications/ dependencies.  If one is immature, he can relapse into a worse psychosis.  Additionally, one's body must be able/healed enough to handle reduced meds.  Go SLOWLY and be convinced that it is NOW the Lord's will for you to be weaned.  Go in baby steps!  It may take 7 years, especially if one has been sick for 7 years!
WARNING #2 = Usually, one cannot pray a demon away.  Demons need to be bound and then cast out, in the name of Jesus.)

Guillermo Maldonado 3/12/2012 broadcast - - Miami, Florida, USA - - - 12/12-17/2016 video
APOSTLE MALDONADO: I believe the power of God is not based in a personality.  The power of God is based on truth. So as long as you know the truth and that truth is revealed to you, you will move in miracles, signs and wonders. You will cast out demons and this is the time for every believer to move in miracles.
APOSTLE MALDONADO: I believe, Sid, that it's simple when you understand you have power and authority, when you understand and get the revelation who you are in God. As a believer...the power of God is not based on personality. The power of God is based on truth. If you know the Word, if you know the truth, you will do miracles.  I've seen all kinds of people, young people, adults, moving in miracles...Well if you've got the truth that's enough to do miracles...
There was a missing ingredient. Even in my leadership I didn't see the church in the ministry grow.  The
Lord said the missing ingredient is the ministry of deliverance...
APOSTLE MALDONADO: Deliverance is a permanent removing of influences and demonic oppressions from the person's soul: (either from the mind, emotions or will)...I believe Jesus ministers 4 stages: preaching, teaching, healing and casting out of demons. Today we do preaching and teaching, healing a little bit, but casting out demons, we don't want to do it…I would not be ashamed to do the deliverance. I was not ministering deliverance...When you preach the Kingdom, the sign of the preaching of the Kingdom is the casting out demons. So there's a confrontation...a conflict between 2 kingdoms.  Believers are manifesting (demons) and being delivered...
(Christians) can not be possessed. Possession and demonization is totally different.
There's 2 terms. Possession is ownership.  Demonization is influence.   (When we are Holy Spirit baptized/indwelt, we are owned/possessed by the Trinity.)
Our spirit is saved instantly. but you believe it takes (your soul) a lifetime to work out your salvation (character).
The soul (mind/will/emotions) is being transformed, being changed and being delivered.
In other words, (soul transformation) is not (necessarily) instant.  The Holy Spirit lives there (attached to our born-again spirit)…A Christian can’t be possessed by a demon, but can be influenced in some (soul and body) areas. For example, I've been in a place when the Lord said to me, "I want you to call every person that is sick in their body and the doctors can not find the cause of that sickness"...Usually when that happens, it is a demon, because they don't have any...supernatural detectors to say it's a demon...Unless you (or doctors) have discernment, you can't discern if it's a demon. So usually when I rebuke the spirit of sickness the person is instantly healed.
 APOSTLE MALDONADO: There's a tradition in theology and doctrine that if you lay hands on people, that demon will jump on you. Wait a minute, greater is He Who is in me, than he (our spiritual enemy) who is in the world. Let's go to scripture. The Lord has given us...power...Divine ability ...authority: Luke 10:19, Matthew 28:19. In other words, we've got...the ability, legal right, and authorization to use the power. Any believer has the power and the authority to cast out demons. You don't have to be a superstar.
 We can start praying in (tongues:) the Holy Spirit. Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you, Father. I release that anointing for deliverance, freedom for those that are bound...addicted to: and oppression. In the name of Jesus, right now I set you free. Any spirit of sickness in their bodies, be healed, be delivered right now. (Evil permanently) go in the name of Jesus. I see somebody trying to commit suicide.  God is delivering you now. I see depression...You've taken medication. God is setting you free in the name of Jesus. God is doing something very powerful. There is someone struggling with alcohol... God is setting you free. In the name of Jesus, the anointing is destroying the yoke right now. Be free in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen and amen.
Realize you are God's ambassador; as an ambassador you need to be
fully equipped. Anything in God's Book is yours. Every promise in that Book is yours, if Jesus is your Messiah and Lord.  If He's not, tell him you're sorry for your sins; ask Him to cleanse you by His blood, come live inside of you, take over your life, (and baptize you with His Holy Spirit and fire.) Say, thank you, Lord Jesus.

McClendon, Clarence E. - videos
Testimonies @ -
Delivered from Witchcraft! - Worshippers of Demons Saved - Delivered from Bondage of Marijuana & Alcohol Abuse

Middleton, David F - Glendale, Arizona, USA - - Middleton says to be proactive.  If you notice family disease, defect or family flaw, especially the same on both sides of the family, be proactive and do self-deliverance, even professional deliverance if need be, and attack that root issue, before it begins to attack you or your offspring, in Jesus' name...Allow deliverance to be a pro-active normal life-style, even for "born-again" Judeo-Christians, so that you will remain disease free through your senior years.  This would also apply to character flaws. Receive Jesus as both your savior and Holy Spirit baptizer.  Mature spiritually continually in addition to increasing in one's intimacy with the Trinity - daily - forever.

Moody, Gene and Earline -
superior - schizophrenia

Mulkey, Pastor Monty - West Coast Church of Deliverance, Thousand Oaks, California, USA - Discipled by the Late Rev. Win Worley.  WCCD has a large deliverance cassette library.  Tapes include actual deliverance prayers at the end. After the message is preached, Pastor Monty commands evil spirits to come out of the people in the assembly, and from those who listen by tape. This is commonly known as a group or mass deliverance. Tapes can be used for training in Bible studies and home deliverance groups. They are not intended to replace the need of submission to an assembly. Beginning Deliverance   Intermediate Deliverance  Teachings On Specific Spirits (which includes the tape Spirits of Schizophrenia) Note - A praying hand symbol will ear mark those tapes that have deliverance prayer at the end of the teaching.

Ndifon, Charles and Donna - Johnston, Rhode Island, USA (from Nigeria, Africa)   

Prince, Derek (1915-2003) Derek Prince Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - - - One of the best! -
Prince, Derek mentored Benny Hinn. Benny came to realize the validity of a deliverance ministry. Benny mentions that in 1973 a demon left him, a Christian.  Benny believes that a Christian can be oppressed but not possessed. Benny's wife Suzanne inherited the mantle of her mom, who with her husband had a deliverance ministry, given to them by God Himself.  Benny Hinn says there is sometimes a different anointing for a healing ministry than for a deliverance ministry and it can be at times perceived in the atmosphere...
Charisma magazine 11/2003 editorial Derek Prince, Charismatic Author and Bible Teacher, Dies in Jerusalem   DOD 9/24/2003 Derek was born in India of British parents, educated in England, held a fellowship at King's College, Cambridge, England, served with British army in World War II when he became a Christian, lived in Israel much of the time (publishing Our Debt to Israel, The Last Word on the Middle East, and The Destiny of Israel and the Church showing Christians' responsibility to Israel and the Jews), helped found Intercessor for America/IFA and author shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting, and authored The Spirit-Filled Believer's Handbook + tons of  DELIVERANCE BOOKS .
Biography by Charles Carrin

Ramirez, John - @
"The battle, fight, or sometimes a war, has already been won 2000 years ago.  My conclusion is to understand one thing in this: If the devil didn't kill you when you were in the world, surely now that you are in Christ, that he can never kill you."  Testimony @ - +  +  -

Ray, Dr Angie - Angie Ray Ministries - Church on the Rock - Matteson, Illinois, USA 

Schulman, Nelson L -

Sithole, Surprise - @ ·- South Africa - (with Heidi Baker's IRIS ministries)

Souza, Katie  3/2010 - "Our captivity is specifically designed to prepare" each of us for our "future assignment." 
The Healing School
CD series, Glory Light CD - books
Souza, Katie

Sudduth, Rev William - Righteous Acts Ministries, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA -  

Sumrall, Lester Frank (senior) -
Sumrall, Frank - - Edgewater, Florida, USA

Thompson, Robb - - Robb, saved in a mental institution, admonishes us to confess aloud daily as a habit/routine the word of God, rather than to just memorize/know/read/understand it.  He implies that the Word of God is hidden like the yolk inside a shell, impotent to affect us or the enemy until the Word is applied/spoken/used.

Walking Barefoot Ministries -

Wallace, Kevin - Ooltewah, Tennessee, USA - - Don't counsel out what needs to be cast out.

Watt, Ryan - Sozo counseling and deliverance center, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Wright, Henry - -    
Pleasant Valley Church & Residence for healing and deliverance, Thomaston, Georgia, 30286 USA
(retired) New England, USA director, Willis A Larson, North Andover, MA 01845

Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown & Rev Daniel - Harvest Warriors - - Clinton, Arizona, USA

Deliverance Ministry
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COMMENTARY: [Evaluate websites, read publications, listen to audio, & interview those who have attended attended.
Make sure to ask questions and get a scripture to back up every answer.  God's Word and NOT the pastor has the last say.
Remember that some healing ministries can deliver and some deliverance ministries can heal, but only as tools (flesh indwelt by the Holy Spirit)...Remember that most believers in Jesus can heal/deliver themselves by personalizing and speaking scripture out loud.]

Kanco, Bishop Samuel Vagalas - The Lord's Vinyard Church, International - Africa, London & Canada - PO Box 816, Medina, Accra, Ghana, Africa

Annacondia, Carlos - Mensaje de Salvation Deliverance Ministry - Argentina
, Omar - Vision of the Future - Argentina

Franklin, John - COS-HAD, Eastern Ontario Canada,

"On the border of France and Germany is a beautiful and historic city called Strasbourg...(is) a Spirit-filled monastery where the monks have been touched by the fire of God and have begun a deliverance ministry." 2002 - Scott Holtz    

Joshua, Prophet Temitope Balogun (T.B.) - SCOAN - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, - 1 Segun-Irefin Street, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria 

Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown and Rev Daniel - - Clinton, Arizona, USA
Lake Hamilton -
 - Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

Kelley, Earthquake   The Bridge - Hollywood, California, USA

Kraft, Charles  Deep Healing + Hearts Set Free Ministries California, USA

Mulkey, Pastor Monty - West Coast Church of Deliverance - Thousand Oaks, California, USA
Mulkey, Monty - West Coast Church of Deliverance, Westlake Village, California, 2012

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Voice of the Light Ministries - - Ponte Verde, Florida
, Richard - - excellent
, Richard - testimony - - Orlando, Florida

, Roy and Pauline - - Orlando, Florida, USA
Holliday, Pat - Miracle Outreach Ministries - - Jacksonville, Florida    

, Rev William - - Righteous Acts Ministries, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA    

Wright, Henry - -    
Pleasant Valley Church & Residence for healing and deliverance, Thomaston, Georgia, 30286 USA

Eckhardt, John -   IMPACT Network (International Ministries of Prophetic and Apostolic Churches Together) + Crusaders Ministries + AIM (Apostolic Institute of Ministry) + radio/TV (Perfecting the Saints) broadcast - Chicago, Illinois,

Mobley, James - Call Out Assembly, Melrose Park, Illinois,
Ray, Dr Angie - Angie Ray Ministries - Church on the Rock
 - Matteson, Illinois 

Thierer, Michael - Hegewisch Baptist Church - - Highland, Indiana, USA (Where Win Worley began his deliverance ministry.) Deliverance Prayers @ +

Cho, David Yonggi - - S. Korea

, Martin & Cindy - Rushing Streams Ministries -
Martin and Cindy are members of Cornerstone Fellowship in - Frederick, Maryland, USA

Irabor, George B - Fountain of Grace Church - - Canton, Massachusetts, USA -

Madrak, Stan and Elizabeth - End-Time Deliverance Ministry - Terry, Mississippi, USA
Table of contents ministry web page   =  

Keyton, Bree - Bree Keyton Ministries -  - Kansas City, Missouri 

Goguen, John - Agape Bible Church, E. Aurora New York,

Hagin, Kenneth W - Kenneth Hagin Ministries - - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Ndifon, Charles and Donna (from Nigeria, Africa) - - Johnston, Rhode Island, USA

Hayes, Norvel - Norvel Hayes Ministries - - Cleveland, Tennessee, USA
Wallace, Kevin - (Church of God affiliation) - Ooltewah, Tennessee
, USA -
Watt, Ryan - Sozo counseling and deliverance center - Knoxville, Tennessee, USA -

Brown, Tom - Word of Life Church - El Paso, Texas USA
Dickerman, Don - prison ministry - - Texas

Organ, Robert -
listing of various deliverance ministries


Allen, Paul A - Let-My-People-Go.pdf + 2002 -
Let-My-People-Go2.pdf +
Let-My-People-Go3.pdf source = -
"As you read this prayer, read it in a LOUD voice and believe that God will loose you and let you go free: 

Maldonado, Guillermo - -  How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God - Chapter 10 Jesus Manifesting His Supernatural Power Through the Believer - Deliverance testimony of girl demonized at 8 and institutionalized at age 12 due to bipolar, schizophrenia and ADHD.

, Peggy Joyce - Tormented - 8 Years and Back - - Peggy shares how a spirit from a Buddist neighbor entered her (mind/soul/emotions/body but NOT her spirit) and confused her thinking to the extent that she was given shock treatment and psychiatric medications, until in year 8 her heart yelled out to God to come find her.  God was faithful and did rescue her.  God also delivered her daughter Angela of the spirit of fear. 3/2005 book and/or audio  Brownwood, Texas, USA

Smith, Eddie and Alice - Spiritual House Cleaning - - Our treasures may house evil spirits and contaminate the atmosphere in our home.

Storm, Howard - Hell and Back -  

Sumrall, Lester - books  or
Sumrall, Lester - film
Sumrall, Lester - radio MP3 audio -
Sumrall, Lester - video prophecy -
Lester Frank Sumrall- excellent -
We are legal citizens of heaven or perhaps dual citizens of heaven and earth, whereas, fallen angels are illegal aliens, as far as heavenly citizenship in the Kingdom of God on earth or in heaven.  It is the born-again believer's job to expose and depose any alien, in Jesus' name and power...Satan conned 1/3rd of the angels plus Adam and Eve.  He attempts daily to do likewise, so we need to be continually diligent to use the pesticide of God's spoken work and praise to continually eradicate the enemy.  This is one of our job descriptions on earth.
Sumrall, Lester -

Tari, Mel - Like a Mighty Wind - Indonesia - Mel says that America's problem is that Christians (1) do not recognize demonic power as real, (2) think white magic is innocent, and (3) do not realize the difference between forgiveness of sin and deliverance.

ten Bouwhuis, Vincent DBA [Vincent Bauhaus (Deliverance) Ministries (V.B.M.) ] - 11/20/2010 +
Blog: + -
‘Holy spirit, I ask for the full judgment of God to smite that evil spirit. Smite it. SMITE IT…
Peter, repeat after me, “In the name of Jesus, I break every curse before my father in Heaven.” 
(Evil spirit) ‘Now face me cowardly spirit and tell me your name. TELL ME YOUR NAME.’ 
Pastor Vincent is carrying out an ­exorcism or ‘inner healing and spirit deliverance’, as he likes to call it.  ‘This is spirit warfare.  Exorcism ­literally means the expelling of evil ­spirits,’ he had told me 3 hours ­earlier, as he daubed Peter’s ­forehead in extra virgin olive oil, checked we’d turned our phones off and locked the door to a draughty office in St Paul’s Trust community centre in Margate.  ‘Most people who come to me have been everywhere, tried everything and nothing has worked, but I get results.’  Until 5 years ago, Pastor Vincent ten Bouwhuis, who is originally from Holland, ran a small business ­refurbishing hotels. But then he was born again, attended a 5-week training course at the ­Spiritual Freedom Church at Phoenix, Arizona, launched his online Vincent Ministries and now conducts more than 100 (evil) ‘spirit ­deliverances’ a year. 

Unger, Merrill F. - Demons in the World Today + What Demons Can Do to Saints book review @

Vagalas, Bishop - The Witch Doctor and the Man
Autobiography of Samuel Kanco, former (4th generation) African witch doctor. 
It will AMAZE you.   
Samuel Kanco told Sid Roth that what ever bad thing happens to you, it happens in the spirit world first.
   He also told Sid that witch doctors travel in their spirit, not in their body, to do harm. 
Both Samuel and Reinhard Bonnke contend that healing is an "office" appointed by God. Samuel seldom does anything without first getting the red light from God, for that was his habit when working for our spiritual enemy.  Being raised from the dead is a common occurrence in Samuel's ministry. Be warned, the positions we take in meditation and exercise such as yoga invite demons in without a word, like sign language. 
Ankle bracelets and tattoos are invitations to evil spirits, as long as we wear them
It is true that we are taken captive by the devil from lack of knowledge. Scripture confirms this.  However, whomever Jesus sets free, is free indeed.  Samuel believes that any disease or infirmity that cannot be healed by medical doctors is caused by an evil spirit, which needs to be bound and cast out (in the name of Jesus).  Regarding deliverance, this book encourages the person being prayed over to assist the ministers by renouncing any evil spirit/power by name and calling on the name of Jesus.  It took 2 and a half years to be free from violent demonic oppression; Samuel needed time and prayer partners (baptized in the Holy Spirit) to be able to resist and reject the enemy.
Pastor Kanco says in Witch Doctor and the Man, 4th Generation Witch Doctor Finds Christ that Esphesians shows the chain of command after Satan
(1): principalities (2) are the strongmen in the heavenlies (middle heaven) over the strongman/stronghold in the person. 
Demons will not molest anyone spiritually stronger than themselves, lest the curse/spell backfire on them, per Kanco.  Demons can tell by the amount of Jesus light radiating from the person.  However, most so called Christians need to be delivered immediately after salvation to rid themselves of the demons who dwell in them due to family curses or past sins/strongholds that have not been renounced.  For instance, if a born again person smokes or drinks hard liquor from time to time, as a small example, then he still considers himself to be born again and not demon possessed.  Anything which got a foothold in the person before salvation is a sin, is of the flesh, and will need to be bound and cast out.  To the degree that Christ is foremost and the flesh is least, will be the degree that one has liberty.  Perhaps anger is more apt.  If I allow my anger to erupt from time to time so that I hurt my child out of rage and not out of love, then I am allowing the demon of rage in me to be in control.  Satan is in control of all negative hurtful emotions. 
There were, are and will be "spiritual" "experiences" that appear to be wonderful and amazing, but are NOT of God.  Even "accepted" spiritual experiences within the traditional Christian or Jewish church need to be tested against scripture.  The "experience" can be wonderful, but the fruit can be awful.  Beware.  As extraterrestrials may be demonic, so may be "move in" spirits (supposedly from another deceased person). Do not innocently open yourself to a person dabbling in the spirit world, such as going for message therapy to such a "therapist".  Demons have NO conscience.  They do NOT care if you consent or NOT.  If you do get yourself entrapped, go immediately to confession and receive communion.  Do NOT wait and fail to repent, as Judas did.  Kanco also warns us that each Yoga position is sign language saying yes to demons.
DANGER According to Bishop Samuel Vagalas Kanco's book Witch Doctor and the Man -
the following may lead one into demonic oppression and possession, so Stay AWAY from:
TV programs: Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy the Teenage Vampire, Charmed.
Movies such as: The Craft, Practical Magic, The Rainbow and the Serpent.
Books such as: Teen Witch, The Little Book of Hexes for Women.
Samuel Kanco  8/12/2004 Messianic Vision radio broadcast 
Mon  Tues  Wed  Thur  Fri     Download  Mon  Tues  Wed  Thur  Fri
Samuel Kanco 5/3/2004 It's Supernatural TV broadcast- 5/3-9/2004 Watch (Realplayer)    Download (Realplayer)
Samuel Kanco + Surprise Suthole   5/17/2004 It's Supernatural TV 
5/17-23/2004 Watch (Realplayer)    Download (Realplayer)
2 African men, one a former witch doctor, the other with a background in witchcraft, reveal mysteries of the invisible realm.

Wagner, Peter - Engaging the Enemy + Territorial Spirits, Wrestling with Dark Angels   
Wagner, Peter - -
The International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM) was established in 2003 as an outgrowth of the Apostolic Roundtable of Deliverance Ministers (ARDM), founded in 2000.  ARDM was originally convened, under the leadership of C. Peter Wagner, with the view of helping recognized deliverance ministers.  Presently, ISDM is under the leadership and direction of Bill Sudduth founder of Righteous Acts Ministries, Inc. (RAM) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. (International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM) P.O. Box 1555 Stephens City, VA 22655)

Warneke, Mike - Satan Seller - Satan can cause suicides and insanity.

Whyte, HA Maxwell (1908-1988) - Maxwell was born 5/3/1908 in London, England.  He was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1939.  After serving in the military he immigrated in 1947 to Canada to pastor a small congregation.  "In 1948, while Maxwell was dealing with one of his parishioners who suffered from chronic asthma and another who was suicidal, God sovereignly directed him into an understanding of the reality of spiritual warfare and deliverance. This revelation catapulted Maxwell into a (deliverance) ministry."

Wigglesworth, Smith - Ever Increasing Faith - - A hysterical man came to Wigglesworth crying out that he was lost, due to committing the unpardonable sin.  The Holy Spirit moved Smith to cry out, "Come out you lying spirit."  Immediately the man was well. Wigglesworth says that the devil attacks with THOUGHTS and FEELINGS of not being saved or healed, in order to refute/contest/reverse what God has done.  He says that a satanic attack is a good sign that we are in fact saved/healed.  The danger is to allow the devil to make our minds a place of his stronghold.  Instead, we are to "bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.  2nd Corinthians 10:5"  The devil is a liar.  A "raving maniac" naked and about to drown himself was delivered of an evil power after Wigglesworth cried out, "In the name of Jesus, come out of him"...Wigglesworth reminds us to always ask demons manifesting, "Did Jesus come in the flesh?"  If the answer is NO, then we are to bind and cast out that evil, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

Wilkerson, Ralph - ESP or HSP - Ralph agrees with many authors that hypnotism is related to medium dabbling which is forbidden in scripture.  The medium uses a trance-like state to conjure up evil spirits, which some people are tricked into believing are the spirits of deceased relatives.

Wright, Henry - A More Excellent Way - - An autobiography and textbook on the spiritual roots of disease.  Because of the healings in his Georgia ministry, Henry believes that most all disease is from the evil spirit of bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, fear, etc which needs to be repented of because it is sin.  Henry believes that Jesus obtained for us both forgiveness and healing on the cross.  He teaches that if the disease is still there after repenting, then we need to also repent of the sins of our parents and forefathers, as we often inherit disease/sin/evil spirits. 
We need to learn what our spiritual inheritance - from God is.  We need to claim that.  No one need be sick.  He goes one  step further by suggesting that specific diseases usually have a single root sin.  For instance, if you tell him you have eye problems, he might suggest that you have a critical spirit.  If that is true, he might ask you who it is that has a beam in his eye, so that you then might first remove the log in your own eye, according to scripture.

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Amorth, Father Gabriele - The New Rite of Exorcism is Ineffective Against the Evil One  6/2000 Editorial. Chief exorcist of Rome, speaks out against New Rite. The old Latin exorcism Roman Ritual was effective, but the New Rite Italian translation is a "farce", giving the upper hand to the demons.  "Point #15 treats of evil spells and how one should behave when dealing with them.  An evil spell is an evil brought about on a person by means of recourse to the devil.  It can be accomplished under a variety of forms like spells, curses, the evil eye, voodoo and macumba. The Roman Ritual used to explain how one should confront it. The New Ritual on the other hand categorically declares that it is absolutely forbidden to perform exorcisms in such cases. Absurd. Evil spells are by far the most frequent causes of possessions and evil procured through the demon: at least 90% of cases. It is as good as telling exorcists they can no longer perform exorcisms. Then Point 16 solemnly declares that one should not carry out exorcisms if one is not certain of the presence of the devil. This is a masterstroke of incompetence: the certainty that the devil is present in someone can only be obtained by carrying out an exorcism. What is more, the authors of the Ritual failed to notice that on two points they were contradicting the Catechism of the Catholic Church. For this points out that exorcism should be practiced in cases of diabolical possession and in those of evil caused by the demon. And it also recommends that it be performed on people as well as on things. And in things, there is never the presence of the demon, there is only his influence. The declarations contained in the New Ritual are very serious...
Cardinal Jorge Medina, attached to the Ritual a Notification in which he specified that exorcists were not obliged to use this Ritual and that, if they wished, they could ask their bishop for authorization to use the old one. The bishops must in their turn ask for authorization from the Congregation.  We organized an international congress of exorcists near Rome. We asked to be received by the Pope. To avoid pressurizing him, ...we simply asked to be received in a public Saint Peter's. But on the day before the audience, Mgr Nicolo told us to tell the truth, he was very embarrassed; it was very apparent that the decision did not depend on him - not to present ourselves at the audience, and that we had not been admitted. Unbelievable: 150 exorcists from five continents, men appointed by their bishops in accordance with the rules of canon law which requires that they be men of prayer, knowledge and good reputation, and thus in some way the cream of the clergy, ask to take part in a public audience with the Pope and are shown the door...
There are countries in which there is not a single exorcist, as for example Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. A terrifying deficiency...
Out of a hundred French exorcists, there are but 5 who believe in the devil and carry out exorcisms. All the rest send those who contact them to the psychiatrist...
When a priest is appointed bishop, he is faced with an article in the Code of Canon Law which gives him absolute authority to appoint exorcists. The minimum one can ask of a bishop is that he has taken part in at least one exorcism, given that he has to make such an important decision. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. But if a bishop finds himself before a serious request for an exorcism - that is to say one that has not been made by someone deranged - and he does nothing, he commits a mortal sin.  He is then responsible for the terrible sufferings endured by this person. Sufferings which sometimes last for years or even an entire lifetime, and which he could have prevented...
I could mention a great number of bishops and cardinals who, as soon as they had been appointed to a diocese, withdrew from all exorcists the faculty of exercising their powers. Or of bishops who openly maintain: "For myself, I do not believe in these things. They are beliefs of the past"...
The rite of baptism for children has also been spoiled. It has been so drastically overhauled that the exorcism against Satan has virtually been eliminated. This had always held a very great importance for the Church, so much so that it is called the minor exorcism. Paul VI himself publicly protested against this new rite...
Any reference to the fact the Lord must protect us against Satan, that the angels protect us from the attacks of the demon, has been systematically suppressed. All the prayers for the blessing of homes and schools have been suppressed. Everything should be blessed and protected, but today there is no longer any protection against the demon. There no longer exists any defense or any prayers against him. This same Jesus had taught us a prayer for liberation in the Our Father: "Deliver us from the Evil One. Deliver us from the Person of Satan." This prayer has been mistranslated and today people pray saying, "Deliver us from evil." One speaks of a general evil whose origin is essentially unknown. But the evil against which Our Lord Jesus taught us to fight is, on the contrary, a concrete person: it is Satan...
There are magazines and comic strips that teach magic and Satanism...
People are now being taught to perform spiritualist seances through the computer, the telephone, the television, the video recorder, but above all through automatic writing. No longer is there a need for a medium: this is a spiritualism that each can practice by himself. According to polls, 37% of students have on at least one occasion played the game with letters and a glass, which is a veritable spiritualist séance. In a school where I had been invited to speak, the students told me that they used to play this game during the religion lesson, under the obliging eyes of the teacher...
There is no difference between white magic and black magic. When magic works, it is always the work of the demon. Every form of occultism, like this widespread resort to the religions of the East with their esoteric suggestions, are open gateways to the demon.  The devil enters. At once..
The demon may win battles, and even important battles. But never the war."
Also see The New Rite of Exorcism

Things are of great concern in this new (revised) ritual. The (original) Ritual of 1614 contains 21 directives for the exorcist... The former directives 4-6, 8-9, 13-17, 19-20 have no equivalent in the new ritual...This means that most (12) of the 21 are deleted:
#4. In order to better test these signs [of possession /(demonization)], the priest should question the demoniac (after one or other exorcism) as to what he feels in his mind or body, so that in this way he can also learn which words more greatly disturb the demons, so as then to bear down on them and repeat them all the more.
#5. The priest should stay alert for tricks and deceptions that demons use to mislead the exorcist. For they will give false answers as much as possible, and show themselves only with difficulty, in order that the exorcist at length become worn out and give up the exorcism; or the ill person might appear not to be harassed by the devil.
#6. Occasionally, after they appear, the demons hide and leave the body almost free of all disturbance, so that the ill person might think he is completely freed. But the exorcist should not stop until he sees the signs of liberation.
#8. Some demons point out an act of witchcraft which has been done [to cause possession], by whom it was done, and the way to undo it; but the demoniac should be careful not to have recourse to sorcerers, fortune-tellers, or other such persons, on this account, but should go to the ministers of the Church rather than use any superstitious or otherwise illicit means.
#9. Sometimes the devil grants the sick person relief and permits him to receive the Holy Eucharist so that he might seem to have departed. In short, there are countless devices and tricks of the devil to deceive man, which the exorcist should beware, lest he be deceived.
#13…Also relics of Saints, where available, safely and properly fastened and covered, may be reverently applied to the chest or head of the possessed. Care must be taken that the sacred objects are not improperly handled or harmed in any way by the demon. Because of danger of irreverence, the Holy Eucharist should not be placed upon the head of the possessed person or elsewhere on his body.
#14. The exorcist should not engage in a great deal of talking or ask unnecessary or curious questions, especially concerning future or secret matters not pertaining to his task. But he should command the unclean spirit to be silent, except to answer his questions. Nor should he believe the demon if he pretends to be the soul of some Saint or deceased person or a good Angel.
#15. However, there are necessary questions, for example, concerning the number and names of the possessing (&/or opressing) spirits, the time and reason they entered, and other things of this sort. The exorcist should restrain or spurn the rest of the devil’s nonsense, laughter and foolishness, and advise those present, who should be few, that they must not pay attention to these things nor question the possessed (affected/afflicted/tormented) person, but rather humbly and earnestly pray to God for him.
#16. The exorcist should read and carry out the exorcism with strength, authority, great faith, humility and fervor, and when he sees that the (evil) spirit is especially tormented, then he should persist and bear down all the more. And whenever he sees that the possessed person is being disturbed in some part of his body, or stung, or that a swelling appears somewhere, he should make the sign of the cross on that area and sprinkle it with holy water which should be on hand.
#17. He is also to observe at which words the demons tremble more, and then he should repeat these words more often. When he reaches the threatening words, he should say them repeatedly, always increasing the punishment. If he sees that he is making progress, he should continue for two, three, or four hours, or even longer if he can, until he obtains the victory.
#19. If he is exorcising a woman, he should always have persons of integrity with him to hold the possessed person while she is agitated by the demon. These people should be close relatives of the suffering woman if possible. Mindful of decency, the exorcist should be careful not to say or do anything which could be an occasion of an evil thought to himself or the others.
#20. While he is exorcising, he should use the words of Sacred Scripture rather than his own or someone else’s. He should command the demon to tell him if he is held in that body because of some magic, or sorcerer’s signs or devices. If the possessed person has consumed things of this sort orally, he should vomit them up. If they are elsewhere out side his body, he should reveal where they are, and once found, they are to be burned. The possessed person should also be advised to make known all his temptations to the exorcist.  These crucial directives, followed by exorcists for 385 years, have no parallel..

FGBMFI Voice magazine - 1-800-714-754-1400 - 11/1994 testimony Jesus Is My Healer by Robert Deatherage - "Pastor Bohler began to pray for me.  He cursed the heart blockage and disease at its roots and asked the Lord Jesus to heal me and make me whole...Pastor Howell said that he could see a picture of my heart and that a demon spirit was holding it and had 4 arms wrapped around by heart.  The spirit was squeezing the blood from my heart.  Pastor Howell also said that as Pastor Bohler prayed for me, the demon fell from my heart and left.  However the symptoms of heart problems were still with me.  When I left to go home the symptoms continued...The doctor said, 'The blockage was there last week, but now there is nothing!.'" PO Box 97, Hale, Missouri, USA 64643

Pereira, Father Rufus - Home web site editorial   Defense From the Devil

MacNut, Francis -
2000 What's New in the Healing Ministry? - Thoughts on Exorcism and Deliverance

MacNut calls man infested by demons rather than possessed by demons, with the need for deliverance as common.
, Francis - 2002 Healing News -
- Florida ministry -
Who's who.  Editorial on pastors and priests involved in deliverance and exorcism.

Psychology of Satanic Temptation - Dealing with Hindering Spirits - Pastor, POBox 3595, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA, 37320

Subritzky, Bill (and Pat ) - - 33 years a senior partner in a large law firm in Auckland, New Zealand - founder and Governing Director of one of New Zealands largest home building companies.  Free publications/audio/video @

Sumrall, Lester (deceased) - Le Sea Ministries - - True story of Clarita Villanueva -
A 17 year old girl bitten by devils in Bilibid Prison, Manila, Philippines -
The Case of Clarita Villanueva - Cached -
- Witnesses to 5/1953 story are: Manila police, attending physician Dr. Marianna Lana, Mayor Arsenio Lascon, 2 local constables and several newspaper reporters.
Also see A Look Through Secret Doors By John Mackim, 1969, Ace Publishing   

Walters, David & Kathy -               

CD/DVD - Resources
Deliverance Audio Visual

Ferrell, Ana Mendez and Emerson - Regions of Captivity - Deliverance conference, Houston, Texas, USA 2009 - DVD  Seeing through the perspective of God's eyes, not man's.  Man perceives through his mind, whereas God and the spirit man perceives through the Holy Spirit.
DVD#2: Regions of Captivity #1  found on DVD#2 or internet - Excellent -


Guillermo Maldonado - 1/30/2/3/2012 week 1 with Sid Roth on Messianic Vision - excellent
Guillermo Maldonado - Healing
2/6-10/2012 week 2 with Sid Roth on Messianic Vision - excellent - Tuesday shares that schizophrenia often involves an evil spirit.

Deliverance Dangers CONSPIRACIES
Governmental Mind Control using Demons
Deliverance Dangers 

Alters - - mikal haley 
Alphas appear to represent general programming (using alpha brain waves) the 1st kind of things put in.
appear to be sexual programs (using beta brain waves). For example, how to perform oral sex in a certain way, how to perform sex in rituals, having to do with producing child pornography, directing child pornography, or prostitution.
are killers trained in how to kill in ceremonies. There’ll also be some self-harm stuff mixed in with that, assassination and killing. Thetas are called psychic killers.  (Recognize the military name Delta Force?)...
has to do with self-destruct programming.  This can include self-mutilation as well as killing-themselves programming.  Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.
appears to be system-protection and deception programming which will provide misinformation to you, try to misdirect you, tell you half-truths, protect different things inside. There can also be other Greek letters. D. Corydon Hammond, Ph.D...
(Other than illustration by color-coding) Another way of examining this convoluted victimization of body and soul is by looking at it as a complex computer program: A file (alter) is created through trauma, repetition and reinforcement. In order to activate (trigger) the file, a specific access code or password (cue or command) is required...Subjects are used mainly for cover operations, prostitution and pornography; involvement in the entertainment industry is notable.
Ron Patton (Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control)"
Illuminati -
John Todd's Testimony - Highest Illuminati Defector:"Rothschilds Rule with Druid Witches"
The Traumatization & Torture of the Victim - section #2D. How MPD works @


Forest, Jim - book - The Wormwood File: E-Mail from Hell - Similar to The Screwtape Letters by renown CS Lewis - Wormwood is a devil out to prove himself by converting humans to evil that will win them everlasting damnation.

Taylor, GF - books - Wormwood and Shadowmancer - 8/2004 Charisma magazine shows us the author, a married Anglican British priest whose books are "hotter than (Harry) Potter".  Taylor says that having tarot cards in the house is an open door for Satan.  Taylor also says that salvation is not enough if you have been involved with the occult; you need holy hands laid on your head. Taylor's fictional book Shadowmancer hit the New York Times' best seller list.  Shadowmancer will be showing as a movie in approximately 2006.  The producer is Lisa Marie Butkiewicz who agrees with Joyce Meyer. "If God tells you to do something and you are afraid, do it afraid."

Instruction - training

Hinn, Benny - - London, England and Pensacola, Florida 2006 training classes 1/23/2007 - Demons are attracted by sight, sound, smell, and/or sound.  Destroy cursed/demonic objects.
1/24/2007  You never fight demons with experience, rather with the spoken Word of God.
1/25/2007  There are12 strongmen/spirits/devils under which all demonic activity exists
Hinn, Benny - CDs - 2006 Toronto Training for Ministry Conference -
Deliverance session is excellent, identifying 12 strongmen and their underlings.

Lassiter, Ruth - 67 FAIR OAKS PARK, NEEDHAM, MA 02492 Get Directions - (781) 444-5309 By appointment only.

Mulkey, Monty - Cords of Control - mass deliverance - CD #312 -
, Monty - Unsound Mind - mass deliverance - CD #390 -
Mulkey, Monty - Renunciation Prayers - mass deliverance - CD #117 -

Nee, Watchman - Spiritual Authority - Chinese author.  We are warned to be under another's spiritual headship + never to be in rebellion against you

Sozo Leadership Training - Ministry Training - - Maricopa, Arizona, USA -
Sozo Ministry - Dawna DeSilva + Teresa Liebscher -  conference audio -
Sozo Ministry - Dawna DeSilva + Teresa Liebscher - 4 CD's (intimacy+deliverance) -
Sozo Ministry - Dawna DeSilva + Teresa Liebscher - 8/2005 radio broadcast audio -
The women  believe that there is a "spirit of isolationism"...If it is operating in our lives, it is interfering with our calling, given to us since the day of conception.  For instance, if God's 1st choice for us was to be a pastor/teacher/friend, then a spirit of isolation would interfere with that calling. They believe that for every emotional wound there is a lie of Satan that contradicts scripture.  They look for the wound and then identify the lie.  They expose the lie and replace it with God's truth.  Then the captive is freed.  Their Healing of Memories ministry is actually a healing of perception ministry, the same way a pair of new glasses fixes the vision problem.  People begin to view circumstances from God's viewpoint rather than from Satan's viewpoint or from a child's viewpoint.  There is safety and guidance in reading/knowing personally the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  It is imperative that we do NOT change what scripture says based on our experience.  Truth is ALWAYS based on scripture and NOT on experience.  Experience can lie.  Feelings can lie.  Perception can lie.  Scripture never lies.


DWJD - Do What Jesus Did - - Can a Christian Have a Demon? - Six Entries of Evil - Multiple Personality Disorder - Ten Steps of Deliverance - The Five Area of Abuse

End Time Deliverance Ministry - good -

Hinn, Benny - London, England and Pensacola, Florida 2006 training classes
1/23/2007  Demons are attracted by sight, sound, smell, and/or sound.  Destroy cursed/demonic objects.
1/24/2007  You never fight demons with experience, rather with the spoken Word of God.
  There are12 strongmen/spirits/devils under which all demonic activity exists
5/04/2007  A Day of Prayer for Deliverance  webcast by Benny Hinn - "Arrest/take captive" any thoughts that do not contribute to our wellbeing.  The devil will try to destroy all our joy/strength like a vampire. 
Never believe an evil report to be true; this will allow Satin to torment us.

Kelley, Earthquake - Wk 1 - radio broadcast #1558  9/24-28/2007 
Earthquake Kelley is a former heavyweight boxer who has visited both heaven and hell.
Kelley, Earthquake - Wk 2 - radio broadcast #1559 
Earthquake Kelley - Wk 1 - 10/15-21/2007 @ TV
Earthquake Kelley - Wk 2
 - 10/22-28/2007 @ TV  

Meyer, Joyce - 5/27/2006 TV broadcast - Dealing With the Devil - Part IV -

Moody, Gene and Earline -

Mulkey, Monty - West Coast Church of Deliverance (WCCD),
Westlake Village, California
, USA - Ordained by Win Worley
Offers huge cassette library from which to order tapes. 1-805-494-7173

Pilgrim's Ministry of Deliverance

Rogers, Bob - Louisville, Kentucky,USA

Schambach, RW - (DOD 2012) -
Tyler, Texas -
His TV broadcasts are excellent.  Paraphrased, "In the name of Jesus, I loose you from oppression/ depression...Thank You Jesus...Now, in the name of Jesus I bind you Satin; never again will you be overcome with clinical depression."
Schambach, RW  Miracles in the Glory  Sid Roth Messianic Vision
- 5/4/2007 radio broad/pod cast #1537   
Monday through Thursday is David Herzog's testimony. Friday is Schambach's testimony, ending in prayer for impartation of double blessing for healing anointing
Order Herzog's book Glory Invasion + Schambach/Allen CD - code #9009

Spiritual Warfare's Ministry listing of Deliverance Ministries by country and state - Beware.  Please check out BEFORE using!

UFOs -

Wagner, Peter & Doris - Convening Apostles International (ICA) -
Co-founder International Society of Deliverance Ministers, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA - (by invitation only) - - - membership names/locations:
C. Peter Wagner - Doris Wagner - Chuck D. Pierce - Deliverance Ministries Directory
An excerpt from How to Cast Out Demons  by Doris M. Wagner
An excerpt from Seven Power Principles I Didn't Learn in Seminary
 by C. Peter Wagner

Wommack, Andrew - The Believers' Authority Week 3 @ Exorcism can be simple.


Being under the covering of a minister or ministry does NOT mean that you are wed to him/her/it.  We are wed/engaged only to Jesus Christ.  No individual and no ministry is a perfect copy of God/Jesus Christ.  When an individual/ministry says that you ARE healed and you are NOT, that is not necessarily a lie.  However, it could be if the individual/ministry is a cult.  Jesus made 100% provision for all healing and all deliverance.  It is up to our pastors to teach/apply/minister this and up to us to appropriate/receive it...
In Christian/secular counseling a rule of thumb is that if one is not fixed in one year, then it is time to move on to another counselor, for the protection of both the patient and the counselor.  Emotional and financial co-dependency is discouraged. 
The same might apply to Christian ministry.  If one joins and attends a ministry 52 weeks out of a year, then if not healed/delivered, it might be well advised to move on to another ministry.  No exceptions.  If one attends periodically, then we suggest one keep a diary and log down his/her attendance, so as to determine the fruit of one's commitment for 52 visits.  This is not God speaking, but a word of wisdom...
If one is mentally ill, addicted, etc. there is no exception, as might be expected,
for a good ministry would be able to bind and cast out problems plus loose blessings. 
In closing, it is recommended that one first find another ministry and join it, before leaving their current church home.

Exorcism -

Amorth, Gabriele - An Exorcist Tells His Story -
Exorcism in the Catholic church. Autobiography of chief Vatican exorcist. Book or audio
Amorth, Gabriele - An Exorcist - More Stories - Excerpt "The Power of Satan" @

BBC 11/25/2013 - Roman Catholic - "Vladimir Hernandez follows the Mexican priests who believe they can fight the evil of drug trafficking through the ancient Catholic practice of exorcism. It is estimated that 60,000 people have died in Mexico in the 'drug wars' linked to the narco-traffickers, who are among the most vicious criminals in the world...To some Catholic priests and believers, this is clear evidence that the Devil has taken hold among much of the population. They also point to the popularity of cults like that of 'Santa Muerte', the saint of death, who is a figure of popular veneration among some of the narco-gangs.  The priests are responding by practicing exorcisms, both in private and public, as they seek to expunge this evil. Vladimir watches dramatic individual and mass exorcisms, hears from those who have been through the rite and talks to critics and supporters of the practice. Producers: Keith Morris and Mark Savage."

Bishop Daniel Garguillio -
- "In addition to the Roman Catholic Rite of Exorcism (fairly well known from its appearance in the popular Hollywood films The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose), there are the Exorcism Prayers of Saint Basil the Great (4th Century AD), the introductory text of which is follows here: 'O God of gods and Lord of lords, Creator of the fiery spirits and Artificer of the invisible powers, of all things heavenly and earthly...Thou Whom all creation fears and before Whom it trembles; Thou Who didst cast into the darkness of the abyss of Tartarus the angels who didst fall away with him who once was commander of the angelic host, who disobeyed Thee and haughtily refused to serve Thee, do Thou expel by the terror of Thy name the evil one and his legions loose upon the earth, Lucifer and those with him who fell from above. Set him to flight and command him and his demons to depart completely. Let no harm come to them who are sealed in Thine image and let those who are sealed receive dominion, 'to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy.' (Saint Luke 10:19) For Thee do we hymn and magnify and with every breath do we glorify Thine all-holy name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen'...
'Exorcist' is also one of the minor orders conferred upon all entering the Priesthood of the Orthodox and Old Catholic Churches, and what is often not realized are the simpler forms of exorcism commonly used in Baptismal rites, at reception of a catechumen, the blessing of holy water, and even in the most commonly-heard Christian prayer, the 'Our Father' or 'Lord's Prayer,' with its concluding 'deliver us from evil,' or literally translated from the New Testament Greek, 'deliver us from the evil one'...
Exorcism is of course, by no means confined to the Judeo-Christian tradition. It has been found in all ancient cultures, including the Sumerian/Babylonian (the spells against the 7 demonic spirits who bring plague and desolation), Egyptian (the symbol of the ankh-cross having been used as a charm against evil for millennia before Christianity began), and Native American (the use of the sweat-lodge to remove 'spirits of poison'), among many others...
An interesting example of folk exorcism are the various remedies found in Greece and Sicily against the Vaskania or 'Evil Eye.' In one exceedingly arcane magical rite, the exorcist (usually an elderly woman) begins by anointing the forehead of the suffering person with olive oil, then adding some of the oil to a glass of water. If a demonic influence is present, it is believed that the oil within the water will form into the shape of an eye. If so, the exorcist then recites the appropriate prayers for the individual's deliverance.  In any event, exorcism and dealing with the forces of the demonic realm is not something to be trifled with, especially by the inexperienced. Indeed, even experienced, pious, and educated Priests are warned against the many dangers of exorcism, not the least of which is the distinct possibility of actually falling into adoration of (or attack by) the powers of darkness."

Catholic Church - - Exorcist Order of Saint Michael -
Affiliated with the Belarus Autocephalous Orthodox National Church : American World Patriarchates, and OCR Member Bishops +Kline of +Blessed Pope Pius IX's: Order of Corporate Reunion
Catholic liturgy -

Exorcists in various religions - - [editorial cites 3: 2 Christian (Catholic and Messianic Judaism) and Islam]  BEWARE, many other denominations/cults practice exorcism (especially in Africa).

List of Exorcists -

Martin, Ralph - The Authority of the Good Shepherd: Overcoming Evil  Catholic overview

Scanlan, Michael
generic web site
Franciscan University of Steubenville, Steubenville, Ohio, USA -
2003 annual
Religious Sisters Conference with Father Richard McAlear, member of the Association of Christian Therapists  "'When you have unforgiveness in your heart, you negate, you block, you nullify the love of God,' Father McAlear said, recalling the Scripture where Jesus said to forgive '70 times 7.  Forgiveness is the reality of love, the language love speaks,' he said.
'A lot of healing and deliverance doesn't happen because of unforgiveness.
You need to forgive, to be open to receive God's gift of love.'"
"Father Michael Scanlan, TOR, Franciscan University chancellor, joined Father McAlear. 
He spoke about the healing nature of the Holy Spirit.  'God is fire,' Father Scanlan said. 'Our healing and the transforming of our lives come from the fire of God within us, the purification of our lives.  Overwhelming inner healings occur because of this fire,' he said.  'God's fire, when we yield to it, burns away the garbage, the unforgiveness, egocentrism, the pride,' he said.  Father Scanlan encouraged the sisters to continually look for areas of their lives where Christ is not in possession.
'Chamber by chamber be possessed by the beloved,' he said, referring to Pope John Paul II's apostolic letter Tertio Millennio Adveniente. 'Open the chambers - where is the disturbance, the block between you and Jesus?'"

Vogl, Father Carl - Begone Satan  "describes the 23-day exorcism of a woman in Earling, Iowa in 1928, which has become one of the most famous in the US. Truly startling. Contains some of the best evidence on possession and exorcism that exists...Special insights into how evil spirits work."  CAUTION.  TEST Spirit.
Wikipedia: 'Earling is well known in paranormal circles for being the site of a 1928 exorcism. Over 23 days in 1928, a Roman Catholic priest named Theophilus Riesinger worked to exorcise demons from Emma Schmidt at the local Franciscan convent.  During the exorcism Schmidt reportedly flew across the room, landed high above the door, and clung tightly to the wall. Despite attempts by church officials to keep the exorcism secret, townspeople soon began hearing strange noises coming from the convent as well as horrid odors. Finally after 23 days the demons in Schmidt's body gave up after Father Riesinger commanded, "Depart, ye fiends of hell! Be gone, Satan." After the exorcism Schmidt reportedly led a fairly normal life.'" - 10/29/2003 - - good editorial - "In 1928, an exorcism was performed in a convent just north of the peaceful hamlet of Earling. It was one of the last exorcisms officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church.  The case was reported in several famous pieces of literature. One is a 48-page booklet called Begone Satan by the Rev. Carl Vogl, a witness to the event. The 2nd is a book The Devil Rocked Her Cradle by David St. Clair. The 3rd is a novel inspired at least partly by this exorcism and one other in Washington, D.C. The book is called The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty and it inspired a film of the same title, which is considered to be one of the most frightening horror films ever made.  It is said that Emma Schmidt had been possessed most her life, according to Begone Satan. Born in 1882, Schmidt's Aunt Mina was reputedly a witch 'who had placed a spell on some herbs which she placed among the girl's food.' A Capuchin priest, Father Theophilus Riesigner, performed the rites of exorcism on her the first time in 1912, but she became possessed again 'due to the curses hurled against her by her wicked father.' The Earling exorcism was performed in 3 stages between Aug. 18 and Dec. 22, 1928...
By the time Father Riesigner approached his superiors about the Earling exorcism, Schmidt had not known a peaceful night's sleep for 26 years because of the voices inside her.  The modern debate is between those who believe Emma Schmidt to have simply been insane versus those who believe her to be a true example of demonic possession...
She foamed at the mouth. She made a variety of animal sounds. She was able to detect blessed food and rejected it. She spoke and understood Latin and other ancient languages in which she had no formal training. On at least one occasion, she levitated to the ceiling in front of witnesses...
Father Th. demanded in the name of the Most Blessed Trinity that at their departure the devils should give a sign by giving their respective names...
Father Th. shouted, 'Depart...The Lion of Juda reigns!'...(Emma) fell upon the bed...
Voices saying, 'Beelzebub, Judas, Jacob, Mina,' could be heard." 
10/29/2003  "The exorcism was featured prominently in a Time-Life book series on the supernatural."

Exorcism -
Lutheran Church in Madagascar

Bennett, Robert H - I Am Not Afraid -

 - Youth

Hammond, Frank and Ida Mae - The Children's Bread Ministry - seems to be connected to Bob Larson - Denver, Colorado, USA

Spiritually Dangerous Toys - - ["Shopins" is just one example of many "dark" or diablo (diabolic) toys.  If the toy looks, behaves, smells, etc. like a demon, in all likelihood, it is, has or is attracting demons.]


Larson, Bob - - (Some or all of this can be immaturity, misunderstanding, jealousy, gossip or conjecture; we all know that the majority of sensational and DIFFERENT ministry is prime target for Satan to use whatever method he can to take them out.) 
(In Demon Proofing he does imply that initially no one can self exorcise self, which is not necessarily true; then he proceeds to recommend his own network, omitting that sometimes there are/can be other qualified options/providers.  Larson also implies that cases of possession can never be cured instantaneously without recourse to ongoing therapy. Despite such defects, this book is highly recommended.) - - Phoenix, Arizona, USA
"In 1982, Larson launched "Talk Back", a 2-hour weekday call-in show geared mainly toward teenagers and frequently focused on teen-oriented topics...By the late 1980s, in what would come to define his later ministry, Larson was often heard performing
of callers on the air." - 2009  

david-oyedepo - Nigeria - He was born to a Muslim father and Cherubim/Seraphim mother.

COMMENTARY: NEVER NEVER worship/idolize a minister or ministry.  God will use even a donkey for His own purposes and His own glory.  Many many have been divorced or have had character issues and addictions, often swept under the bed, hidden from the congregation.                           

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