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Abanes, Richard - Harry Potter and the Bible -    
Abanes catalogues various form of the occult included in the 1st 4 Potter books.

Abraham, Ken - Armed and Dangerous -

Allen, AA (1911-1970) - Demon Possession Today and How to Be Free -
Reprinted by Schambach, RW - AA Allen shares a number of physical healings (deaf-mute, stroke, blindness) due to deliverance from evil spirits.
Allen, AA  God's Guarantee to Heal You  Reprinted by Schambach -
"God chose to delegate...authority to His Son...Jesus, during His earthly ministry, commanded demons, unclean spirits & diseases to depart...Jesus delegated that same authority to those who believe in His name.
Jesus did not pray for the sick.  He healed the sick & commanded the demons to depart. 
Peter & John did not pray for the man at the beautiful gate of the temple.  They commanded him, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth...Demons & diseases are still subject to believers who command them in Jesus' name."  Lack of healing/deliverance may be due to unconfessed sin. 
Repent, turn & go back to the healing line, church elders, or God for healing. 
"Much sickness is a direct result of demon oppression (see Acts 10:38). 
Jesus did not say, "Pray for the demon oppressed & demon possessed.'  He said, 'Cast out demons.' 
Prayer alone will not drive out demons.  Fasting,  prayer, seeking the face of God, and repenting of all known sin is, in some cases, necessary to prepare the hearts of both the one seeking deliverance & the one coming in the name of the Lord to bring deliverance.... Until demons hear the word of command, given by faith in Jesus' name, they will not move.  They do not have to go & they know it...
Satan was defeated at Calvary, but he refuses to acknowledge defeat.  He yields only when & what he must. 
The ground must be taken step by step." 
One MUST have the baptism in the Holy Spirit, for beginners, in order to minister deliverance. 
Christ did not begin His "ministry" until He received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Likewise, His disciples, even though they had Holy Spirit power, did not begin their "ministries" until the Holy Spirit baptized them. 
Chapter 9 Who Has Power to Cast Out Devils
"Not only did Jesus give them power to cast out demons, but He commanded them to do it. He said, "
Go; preach...Heal...Raise the dead; cast out devils." Matthew 10:7-8."

Amorth, Gabriele - An Exorcist Tells His Story  -

Exorcism in the Catholic church. - Autobiography of chief Vatican exorcist. - Book &/or audio 
(edited pages 25-36) - "Satan was the most perfect being created by the hands of God. His God-given authority and superiority over the other angels are recognized by all...Satan tried to understand all of creation, but could not, because all the plan of creation was oriented toward Christ.  Until Christ came into the world, God's plan could not be revealed in its entirety.
Hence Satan's rebellion. He wanted to continue to be the absolute first, the center of creation, even if it meant opposing God's design.  This is why Satan continually tries to dominate the world...
(Until the end of time when judgment comes,) God never rejects His creatures.
Therefore, even though they broke with God, Satan and his angels maintain their power & rank (thrones, dominions, principalities, powers & so on) even if they use them for evil purposes
The truth of salvation is this: Jesus came 'to destroy the works of the devil' (I John 3:8), to free man from Satan's slavery, & to establish the kingdom of God after destroying the reign of Satan...
However, between the 1st coming of Christ and the Parousia (the 2nd, triumphal coming of Christ as judge), the devil tries to entice as many people as possible to his side.  It is a battle he wages with the desperation of one who knows he is already defeated, knowing 'that his time is short' (Revelation 12:12). Therefore, Paul tells us...
"We are not contending against flesh & blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places" (Eph 6:12)...
Scripture tells us that angels & demons (I want particularly to mention Satan) are spiritual creatures, but also that they are individuals gifted with intelligence, will, freedom & initiative. Those modern theologians who identify Satan with the abstract idea of evil are completely mistaken. Theirs is true heresy; that is, it is openly in contrast with the Bible...The following statement of the 4th Lateran Council:
'The devil [that is, Satan] & the other demons were created good by God, but they became evil through their own fault.' Whoever denies Satan also denies sin & no longer understands the actions of Christ

Let us be clear about this: Jesus defeated Satan through His sacrifice. However, Jesus also defeated Satan before (the foundation of the earth & before( His death, through His teachings: '
If it is by the finger of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.' (Luke 11:20). Jesus is the strongest one, Who tied up Satan (Mark 3:27), despoiled him, & pillaged his kingdom, which is at an end (Mark 3:26). 
Jesus 1st gave the power to cast out demons to His apostles; then He extended the power to the 72 disciples.
In the end He granted it to all those who would believe in Him...
The Acts of the Apostles tell us that after the descent of the Holy Spirit the apostles continued to expel demons, & all Christians have done so after them. Already, the earliest Fathers of the Church, such as Justin & Irenaeus, clearly express Christian thought about the devil & about the power to cast him out.
Other Fathers, in particular Tertullian and Origen, concur...
'[Christ] was crucified& rose again to break the stranglehold of personified Evil.' (Gaudium et Spes, no. 2)...
Satan, defeated by Christ, fights against His followers. The battle against the evil spirits 'was joined from the very origins of the world, & will continue until the last day, as the Lord has attested' (no. 37).
During this time, every man is on battle alert because life on earth is a trial of faithfulness to God.
'We strive therefore to please the Lord in all things (cf 2 Corinthians 5:9). We put on the armor of God that we may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil & resist on the evil day...For before we reign with the glorious Christ, all of us will be made manifest 'before the tribunal of Christ, so that each one may receive what he has won through the body, according to his works, whether good or evil.' (2 Corinthians 5: 10) (Lumen Gentium, no. 48)...
I believe that Pope Leo XIII, in a vision that will be detailed in the appendix of this chapter [pages 37-39] received a prophetic warning concerning this demonic attack on our times. How does the devil oppose God & our Savior?  By claiming for himself the adoration due to God & by mimicking Christian institutions...
Satan uses his: churches, cult, devotees (often consecrated through a pact of blood), adorers, the followers of his promises, to mimic the worship due to God. Just as Christ gave his apostles & their followers specific powers for the good of body & soul, so Satan gives specific powers to his followers for the destruction of body & soul.
We will examine these specific powers in our explanation of witchcraft.
I will mention 1 more item on this subject. Just as it would be wrong to deny the existence of Satan, it is also wrong to accept the prevalent opinion that there are spiritual beings that are not mentioned in the Bible. 
These are the invention of spiritists, of followers of the occult, of those who espouse reincarnation, or of those who believe in "wandering souls". There are NO good spirits other than angels; there are NO evil spirits other than demons. 2 Councils of the Church (Lyons & Florence) tell us that the souls of those who die go immediately to heaven or to hell or to purgatory. The souls of the dead who are present during séances or the souls of the dead who are present in living bodies to torture them are none other than demons. God allows a soul to return to earth only in very rare, exceptional cases, but we recognize that this subject is still full of unknowns.
Father La Grua attempts to explain some of his own experiences with souls who are possessed by the devil, but I must reiterate that this is a matter that requires further research. I will address it in a different book.
Some people marvel at the ability of demons to tempt man & even to own the body (but they can never take the soul unless man freely gives it to them) through possession & oppression. We should remember what is written in Revelation (12:7, etc.): 'Now war arose in heaven, Michael & his angels fighting against the dragon. 
The dragon & his angels fought, but they were defeated (thus) there was no longer any place for them in heaven. The great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, called the Devil & Satan, the deceiver of the whole world, was thrown down to the earth.  His (accomplice) angels were thrown down with him...When the dragon saw that he had been thrown down to the earth, he pursued the woman', who was 'dressed like the sun', from whom Jesus was born (it is very clear that we are also talking about the Most Holy Virgin Mary).
When the dragon realized that his efforts had failed, 'he went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God & bear testimony to Jesus'...
During a 5/24/1987 visit to the Sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel, John Paul II said, 'The battle against the devil, which is the principal task of Saint Michael the archangel, is still being fought today, because the devil is still alive & active in the world. The evil that surrounds us today, the disorders that plague our society, man's in-consistency & brokenness, are not only the results of original sin, but also the result of Satan's pervasive & dark action.'  The last sentence is a clear reference to God's condemnation of the serpent, in Genesis (3:15):
'I will put enmity between you & the woman, and between your seed & her seed; he shall bruise your head,
& you shall bruise his heel
.' Is Satan already in hell? When did the battle between angels & devils take place?
We cannot answer these questions unless we keep in mind that hell is (both) more a state of mind than a place. Place & time are different concepts for spirits.
(If God's Holy Spirit resides inside us, then our spiritual position is with Jesus Messiah in heavenly places)... (continued) - "Revelation tells us that demons were hurled down to earth; therefore their final damnation has yet to happen, even if it is irrevocable.
This means that they still have the power that God had given them, even if only 'for a brief time'. That is why they ask Jesus, 'Have you come here to torment us before the time?' (Matthew 8:29). Christ is the only judge.
He will gather to himself his Mystical Body. This, then, is how we should interpret Paul's statement to the Corinthians, 'Since we are to judge angels' (I Corinthians 6:3). When the 'legion' of demons who possessed the man from Gerasa pleaded with Christ 'not to command them to depart into the abyss' (Luke 8:31-32), they were seeking to hold on to their power. To a demon, leaving the body of a person and sinking into hell is an irrevocable death sentence; that is why the demon fights it to the last. However, his eternal pain will increase proportionately to the suffering he caused on earth. It is Saint (apostle) Peter who tells us that the demons have not yet been definitively sentenced: 'When angels sinned, God did not spare them; he sent them down to the underworld & consigned them to the dark underground caves to be held there till the day of judgment' (2 Peter 2:4).
The glory of the (holy) angels, too, will be increased according to their good deeds; therefore, it is very useful to invoke their help
What harm can the devil cause to the living?..
Ordinary 'temptation', which is the most common activity of the demons, directed against all men.
When Jesus allowed Satan to tempt him, he accepted our human condition... The purpose of this book is to highlight Satan's 'extraordinary activity' (6 different forms), which can take place only if God so allows...
1. External physical pain caused by Satan. We know of this from many lives of the (Catholic) saints.
We know that Saint Paul of the Cross, the Curé of Ars, Padre Pio, & many others were beaten, flogged & pummeled by demons. This external form of persecution does riot affect the soul.  Therefore (according to the Catholic church) with this type there has never been the need for an exorcism, only for prayers.
(Emotional & body pain or psychiatric illness & disease/defect/sickness can be due to an evil root cause, such as evil spirits/demons/curses/ spells/witchcraft/fallen angels/ unconfessed sin.)
Here I will dwell only on the other types of actions that directly affect exorcists (during their ministry).  
2. Demonic possession. This occurs when Satan takes full possession of the body (& 99% of the mind) [not the soul (meaning the human spirit).  He speaks & acts without the knowledge or consent of the victim, who therefore is morally blameless. It is the most grave & spectacular form of demonic afflictions & attracts the attention of producers of movies such as The Exorcist. According to the (Catholic) Ritual for exorcisms, some of the signs of possession include: speaking in tongues, extraordinary strength & revealing the unknown.
The man of Gerasa is a clear Gospel example of possession. To fix a set 'model' for demonic possession would be a serious mistake; the affliction runs the gamut of symptoms & severity. For instance, I have exercised 2 totally possessed persons who remained perfectly still & silent during the exorcism.
I could cite many other examples & as many different symptoms. (Remember, Satan is a counterfeiter. 
His victims can speak in tongues, but the sound tends to be guttural, not sweet, not edifying. 
Those who Jesus has baptized in His Holy Spirit frequently speak &/or sing in tongues.)
3. Diabolical oppression. Symptoms vary from a very serious to a mild illness.
There is NO possession, loss of consciousness, or involuntary action and word.
The Bible gives us many examples of oppression.  1 of them is Job.
He was not possessed, but he lost his children, his goods & his health.
The bent woman + the deaf & dumb man who were cured by Jesus were not subject to total possession, but there was a demonic presence that caused physical discomfort.
Saint Paul was most certainly not possessed by a demon, but he had a demonic oppression that caused an evil affliction: 'To keep me from being too elated by the abundance of revelations, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, to harass me.' (2 Corinthians 12:7). There is no doubting the evil origin of the affliction.
While possessions are still relatively rare today, we exorcists run into a great number of people who have been struck by the devil in their health, jobs, or relationships.
We must make it clear that to diagnose & heal an oppression-related illness is NOT any easier than to diagnose & cure a person afflicted by full possession (unless the Holy Spirit has given discernment/understanding).
The degree of gravity may be different, but the difficulty of the diagnosis & the amount of time involved in healing are the same.
4. Diabolic obsession. Symptoms include sudden attacks, at times ongoing, of obsessive thoughts, sometimes even rationally absurd, but of such nature that the victim is unable to free himself.
Therefore the obsessed person lives in a perpetual state of prostration, desperation, & attempts at suicide. 
Almost always obsession influences dreams. Some people will say that this is evidence of mental illness, requiring the services of a psychiatrist or a psychologist. The same could be said of all other forms of demonic phenomena.  Some symptoms, however, are so inconsistent with known illnesses that they point with certainty to their evil origins. Only an expert & well-trained eye (or human spirit tuned into God's Holy Spirit) can identify the crucial differences (& root causes + cures).
5. Diabolic infestation. Infestations affect (locations, atmospheres,) houses, things, or animals. 
This book will only mention the topic. I merely want to state that I will never use this term when I refer to persons.  I will always talk about possession, oppression, & obsession (of individuals and their family tree).
6. Diabolical (evil) subjugation, or dependence.
People fall into this form of evil when they voluntarily submit to Satan.
The 2 most common forms of dependence are the blood pact with the devil & the consecration to Satan.
How can we defend ourselves from all these evils? A strict interpretation of the (Catholic) Ritual confines the use of exorcisms only to instances of true possession. However, as I stated before, the current Ritual fails to address many occasions in which an exorcist diagnoses an evil influence.  In all cases when there is no possession, the usual means to obtain grace should be sufficient. These means are prayer; the sacraments (baptism; repenting for own & family sins; receiving communion; confirmation/receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit); almsgiving; leading a Christian life; pardoning offenses of others; & soliciting the aid of our Lord...the saints, & the angels...
Angels. I gladly end this chapter on the devil, Christ's adversary, by speaking about the angels. 
They are our great allies. We owe them a great debt, and it is a mistake to mention them as rarely as we do.
Every one of us has a guardian angel
, most faithful of friends 24 hours a day, from conception to death. 
He unceasingly protects us, body & soul, while we, for the most part, never think about him. 
We also know that each nation has its particular guardian angel &, probably, every community & family...
We know, however, that the angels are a multitude, & their desire to help us is much greater than Satan's desire to destroy us.  Sacred Scripture often tells us about the missions that God entrusted to his angels. We know the name of the prince of the angels, Saint Michael. There is a hierarchy among the angels based on love, which is guided by the divine intellect 'in Whose will we find our peace', as Dante says. We also know the names of 2 other archangels: Gabriel & Raphael. The Apocrypha add a 4th name, Uriel. Sacred Scripture divides the angels into 9 choirs: dominions, powers, thrones, principalities, virtues, angels, archangels, cherubim & seraphim...
It is also clear that the believer must be faithful to God and must fear sin. This is the basis of our strength, as Saint John tells us: 'We know that any one born of God does not sin (deliberately or consistently), but He who was born of God keeps him, & the evil one does not touch him.' (I John 5:18). If sometimes our weakness leads us to fall, we must immediately pick ourselves up with that great gift of God's mercy: repentance & confession."

Amorth, Gabriele - An Exorcist - More Stories  
Excerpt "The Power of Satan"
shares that there is ordinary demonic activity called temptation & extraordinary activity taking 6 forms -
(1) external physical pain not affecting the soul,
(2) possession (demonization) of the body (not the soul, as no knowledgeable consent has been given),
(3) oppression,
(4) obsession (affecting thought/emotions),
(5) infestation of things or animals (not people),
(6) subjugation/dependence [possession where consent has been given by self or parent, such as through blood pacts and consecration to Satan].

Alisha Anderson - Spiritual Warfare During Your Sleep: Dealing… Chapter 1

Anderson, Neil T - The Bondage Breaker - - Deals with oppression. - EXCELLENT.  Also available in CD & DVD
Anderson, Neil T - The Bondage Breaker - for youth -     
Neil T - Restored -
Experience Life with Jesus - - - EXCELLENT.
Anderson, Neil T - Victory Over the Darkness -
Book, study guide, audio, video all share how mind and emotions function and how to relate to one another in your identity in Christ.

Annacondia, Carlos - Listen to Me, Satan - Argentinean mentor to the mentors. 
1 of this generations best tutors in the deliverance ministry.

Matt Baglio - Go to "The Rite- The Making of a Modern Exorcist" page - Biography of life of Father Gary Thomas, Catholic exorcist

Baker, H.A. - Visions Beyond the Veil - - read online or print - recommended - This small book shares with us the huge insights provided by the Holy Spirit to Chinese children about both heaven and hell. 
In chapter 3
sections Demons Were Cast Out
& Angry Demon Grabs School Teacher 

Baker shares a deliverance from depression. 2 demons were cast out. 
1 of the evicted demons went (temporarily) into an unsaved man, who was not covered by the blood of Jesus.
Baker, Heidi - Compelled by Love - - Chapter 3 Blessed Are the Meek  good -
"The (newly born again African) people were still manifesting demons as they came to the 1st discipleship meeting."  We are to "become possessed with the nature of the man Christ Jesus...
His desire is to possess our very (human) nature with His (holy healing) love."
Chapter 6 Blessed Are the Pure in Heart  "I want to be fully possessed by His Holy Spirit until I am completely overshadowed by God.  I want  to be utterly overtaken."

, Carol - Healing in the Zion - Balizet, former nurse and founder of Zion ministries, is one of many who decry all medical intervention, especially for childbirth, on the basis that medicine and surgery open up the individual to demonic infestation.  She calls us to rely 100% on belief in the healing power of Christ.  She presents some seemingly authentic testimonies; although she neglects to identify individuals (calling them friends.  Let us NOT forget that one of Christ's disciples, Luke, was a doctor/physician, at least originally before becoming a disciple.) 
The testimony she herself gives is that later in her nursing career God spoke to her mind and reminded her that in "The Florence Nightingale Pledge" she promised to "abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous" & not to "take or knowingly administer any harmful drug."  Additionally God showed her a vision of a zoo where monsters, rather than animals, were in cages.  Each cage was labeled with a different sign of a disease/diagnosis (depression, epilepsy, diabetes, etc).  As each beast (evil spirit/demon) was fed it's medication/food it became peaceful, stronger and larger.  Epilepsy was feeding on Dilantin and Phenobarbital, diabetes was feeding on insulin, depression was feeding on Valium, etc.  It dawned on her that it is harmful to use drugs, which God has forbidden (per her understanding), resulting in the enemy growing stronger.  Instead it is a Christian's job to fight an enemy (illness) which God says is already defeated (on the cross 2000 years ago. 
Mental illness is more obvious/evident/recognizable as having possible demonic roots, than are other illnesses, especially when science has been unable to fix or understand the psychiatric problems. 
Science denies spiritual roots, but most nations do not nor did Jesus.)
Deuteronomy 7:12-15 - If you pay attention to these (spiritual) laws & are careful to follow them, then the Lord your God & bless you, bless the fruit of your womb, the crops of your land...will keep you free from every disease.
Deuteronomy 8:4  - Your clothes did not wear out nor did your feet swell, these 40 years.
2nd Chronicles 16:12-13 NIV - In the 39th year of his reign Asa was afflicted with a disease in his feet.  Though his disease was severe, even in his illness he did not seek help from the Lord, but only from the physicians.
Then in the 41st year of his reign Asa died & rested with his fathers.

Banks, Bill and Sue - Power for Deliverance for Children & Teens -  
Part 1 - How Demons Enter
= 14 Gates                                                 
1. 5 Senses
(eyes/ears/touch/mouth/nose + mind/thoughts),
2. Heredity (witchcraft, temper tantrums & stubbornness), physical disorders
3. Sibling Rivalry,
4. Childhood Trauma
(at birth, in childhood, death encounters, during puberty, at school, in dreams)
5. Abuse (teasing, over-discipline, sexual experiences),
6. Wrong Gender,
7. Breaking faith,
8. Rejection by Loved Ones - Gate of Divorce 
"Spirits may take a variety of forms best understood (called/named) by their manifestations."
9. Vicarious Pain,
10. Over-protectiveness,
11. Abandonment (adoption issues),
12. Being Unwanted,
13. Curses,
14. Cult &/or Occult,
15. Closing the Gates -
Break Satan's Plans for the Child  
"God has a plan for every life which He brings into existence. 
Satan also has designs on that life and has His plan for that life as well. 
Prayerfully renounce & break any of the enemy's plans for the baby's life
that you discern...
Destroy Satan's plan and it's effect upon the child while he's still a child."
"Demons often enter children at an early age, & if not dealt with, will go underground, into hiding...
Many times such spirits (root issues/problems) will remain in hiding until the teen years or some point when they are discerned."
Discipline Is Spiritual Warfare & a Battle of Wills  
"Discipline is resisting, or standing against the union of the will of the child & the will of Satan & of the (evil) spirit(s) tempting the child to do wrong."

Bill and Sue - Power for Deliverance from Fat                       - 
Banks, Bill and Sue - Power for Deliverance from Childlessness        -
Banks, Bill and Sue - Power for Deliverance - Songs of Deliverance  - - recommended - Evil spirits Bill personally dealt with in ministry: abandonment, Abimelech's curse, abuse of women, addiction to drugs, anger, bestiality, blues, cancer, childlessness curse, colic, cigar smoking, cocaine, drug dependence, disobedience, downers, drugs, dumb, fear, fear of demons, fear of starvation, fear of devil, foolishness, gluttony, harlotry, hashish, hate hatred, heroin, homosexuality, inability to pray, incest, It, MJ, marijuana, murder, murderous hate, occult, occult power, perversion, porn, pot, reaction to drugs, rebellion, reds, rejection, retaliatory hate, bitterness, sleeplessness, smoking, sterility, suicide, sweaty works of the flesh, temper, terror, torment, transvestite, tumor, unforgiveness, uppers, violence, witchcraft, works.
In the USA the Holy Spirit ushered in (during the 60's/70's) the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement highlighting the need/power/fruit/gifts of the Holy Spirit baptism.  He began to usher in (the 80's) a greater awareness of the need for and empowerment in the deliverance ministry. The Holy Spirit was reminding the church that, "It's going to be just as easy to be delivered (from Satan and/or demons...from oppression &/or infestation) as it is to be saved.  Deliverance (for a born-again spirit-filled Christian) is just as much a part of God's plan & program as is Salvation...available to whosoever is willing to receive."
Banks, Bill and Sue - Power for Deliverance from Childlessness
Banks, Bill and Sue - Ministering to Abortions Aftermath
Banks, Bill D. - Alive Again - testimony of cancer healing

Banks, John Gayner - - Healing Everywhere - Chapter 7 - The Cure of Obsessions - "Mental illness does not necessarily mean 'demonization'...the majority of mental disorder are not in this class."

Basham, Don - Can a Christian Have a Demon -
, Don -
Deliver Us From Evil - - Don is deceased.  Book is an intimate autobiography of Pastor Basham's walk with God, as He reveals that some problems are caused by evil spirits.  This opened up the deliverance ministry to Don.  Well worth the reading.  Deliverance power is available to us, but we need to claim and appropriate it, in the name of Jesus.  When ministering we can ask the spirit/ spirits to name itself. For instance, there is a spirit of adultery, asthma, choking, confusion, depression, epilepsy, fear, fear of heart failure, false prophecy, fortune-telling, gambling, gluttony, hate, insanity, laziness, lust, necromancy, nerves (nervousness), nicotine, palm reading, pride, suicide, wantonness, witchcraft, etc.  
Be reminded, we are to speak to the spirit in the person and NOT to the person.  This is very important. 
Be sure that the patient/client is aware of this, so as not to take it personally. 
Additionally, one can minister deliverance to himself, in the privacy of his own home.

Baxter, Mary & Lowery, Dr T L Lowery - A Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm
How to defeat the enemy by knowing his mind/maneuvers/deceits/plans.
Superior book for doing spiritual warfare, especially for those assaulted in the mind.

Lowery Ministries International, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA
Mary K Baxter pastors at National Church of God, Washington DC, USA -
Reverend Dr. T. L. Lowery gave this testimony about Demon Possession - After a 40 day fast, when pastoring, during the prayer line, Lowery reminisces, "
The entire congregation heard me shout:
'You foul demon of hell, you know who I am. I am T. L. Lowery, a servant of the living God.
 I charge you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to come out.
In Jesus' name, come out now'...Suddenly, we heard an explosion that some said sounded like a cannon went off. The demon came out of the woman in a literal, physical manifestation. The people described it as a black, furry mass with a long tail.  I saw it come out of the woman's mouth & shoot out over the heads of the people.
Then it went out through the side of the tabernacle with a noise that sounded like a freight train...
Reference for the above:
Mary Baxter and Dr. T. L. Lowery's book,
A Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm."

"Mary her encounters with spiritual beings, both good & bad...shares anointed insights into conducting spiritual warfare.
The Strategy Manual for Spiritual Warfare
! - ...In 1976 during an extended period of prayer, she received visions of hell and heaven for 40 nights, revelations of warning & of salvation...recorded in her books A Divine Revelation of Heaven & A Divine Revelation of Hell. She has received several visions since that time & has used them to remind others about the importance of decisions they make on issues of eternity. Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, & brought up in a Christian home, Mary was born again at age 19. After a period of backsliding, she returned."

The Key Ministries (formerly Christ Center) Euless, Texas, USA - [We recommend the material but NOT personal one-on-one ministry without spiritual oversight/accountability/supervision/involvement/veto power.]
Baxter, Mary & Lowery, Dr T L Lowery -

Bell, Stephen - A Personal Introduction to Deliverance -
Bell, Stephen - Breaking Free - booklet -
Bell, Stephen - Deliverance - workbook -
Bell, Stephen - Freedom From Fear - booklet -
Bell, Stephen - Holding on in the End Times - booklet -
Bell, Stephen - If You Forgive - bitterness booklet -
Bell, Stephen - Jezebel Exposed - booklet - -
Insightful expose on the controlling woman. 
1 concern is that Bell seems to allow NO exception for a woman to minister or be head of a household.  Highly recommended reading for Christian husbands, especially those who have overbearing mother-in-laws or wives.
Bell, Stephen - No Other Gods
  (things demons inhabit) - booklet-
Bell, Stephen - The Ahab Spirit - booklet -
Bell, Stephen - Why Cast Out Demons? - booklet -

Benefiel, John - Binding the Strongman over America - recommended read, esp for pastors -
"The Lord told me there is a principle that applies to both people AND land in deliverance. 
If you don't deal with the ROOT issue, it will keep growing back (like a weed). 
He explained that the Maharishi meditation movement wasn't just about the man, but that there was an ancient Egyptian root STRUCTURE in our state...
As I would uncover an iniquitous stronghold through prayer and mapping, a principality would appear...come into my home late at night while I was praying.  Each of the 5 (principalities over Iowa at that time) appeared in my home, one by one, as the Lord exposed their strongholds.  The Lord told me He was training me in my own home.  I didn't have to tell a principality to leave.  Instead, I repented of ancient iniquities (family/locality sins), thereby removing their legal right to stay.  They attempted to intimidate and terrify me on each visit, but each time angels appeared and escorted them out of my home."


Bennet, Robert H - I Am Not Afraid - Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare - - "One thing that both (religions or religious practices) famadihana and fitampoha have in common is spirit-possession. 
Spirit possession is one of the common links between all Malagasy tribes.  More than 50% of the inhabitants of the island still follow the traditional religion, manly animism.  This fact, along with the common phenomenon of spirit-possession, explains the situation found with the
Malagasy Lutheran Church and the high number of exorcism it performs (successfully).
Chapter 9 - We Tremble Not - Martin Luther shares his perspective regarding some psychiatric issues, water baptism and exorcism.  "Satan can assault the mind (of a Christian) by bringing on depression...
Do not dwell on those deadly thoughts...Flee solitude."
Bennet, Robert H - Exorcism in
Madagascar @  RobertH Bennett - Go to "I Am Not Afraid- Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare" page -
What Martin Luther and his denomination believed. 2014 blog
@ author
Lutheran church exorcism study guide @
Bennet, Robert H - 3/7/2015 or audio Download Podcast (HQ 128 kbps) with Related topic next by Hans Austnaberg - Another book as pertains to Malagasy Lutherans


Bentley, Todd - Christ's Healing Touch - -
War manual for those who are in ministry to those oppressed by the devil.

Bertram, Robin M. - Shadows Among Us -

Bevere, John - Breaking Intimidation by John Bevere - here read Chapter 1. - - - 1/21/2013

Have you been feeling depressed, discouraged, confused, or hopeless lately?
Well, these are all tell tale signs that you may be dealing with a spirit of intimidation.
We all face it from time to time in our lives, but it can be broken & overcome,"
in Jesus' name & power.
John -
The Bait of Satan by John Bevere - here read Chapter 1 -
Bevere, John - The Devil's Door - - Obedience is the key to divine protection.
Bevere, John - The Fear of the Lord -
Bevere, John - Thus Says the Lord? -
Bevere, John -
Enemy Access Denied by John Bevere - here read Chapter 1.

Paul E. Billheimer - - Recommended -
Paul E. Billheimer - Destined for the Cross (Spiritual Warfare)
Paul E. Billheimer - Adventure in Adversity
Paul E. Billheimer -
Paul E. Billheimer -
Paul E. Billheimer - (5 * rating)
Discounted books -


Blahyi, Joshua - The Redemption of an African Warlord (a.k.a. General Butt Naked) - autobiography -
chapter 1 or -

Blahyi, Joshua -

Bloomer, George - -
Bloomer, George -
Bloomer, George -
Bloomer, George - Weapons for Warriors - - (from school of ministry series) - Lesson 13 - How to Reject Rejection - Conclusion - "Continue to go to church, worship the Lord, communicate with Him & God will heal you. 
After He heals you, He's going to use you & people will begin to thank God for you. 
Then your scars will become your medals.  Whatever hurts & pains exist in your life, work extremely hard to get over them (with the help of doctor Holy Spirit).  Don't spend a lot of time crying & brooding over past hurts.  Remember that someone else is waiting for you to get delivered, so that your testimony can be the vessel that God uses as their deliverance.  You are someone else's deliverance, so get healed.  Don't ever cease to worship God through whatever you're going through, & don't ever cut off your communication to the Father. 
You can't have warfare without worship...Fatherlessness is the #1 cause of children wetting the bed & #1 cause of pregnancy is rejection (either the feeling of or actual)."
Bloomer, George - - Become more aware of "The Influence The Terrorist Tactic of Intimidation Manipulation, The Psychological Warfare of the Enemy Domination, (and) The Use of Overwhelming Force.  (Let us continue) Taking Our Stand against the Enemy Before the Throne of God. 
(Beware that) Guilt, Shame, Fear....steal your joy & cripple you with doubt. (Beware also that) Just when you think you're gaining new revelation from God & developing fresh intimacy with Him, the devil comes to deny you of all your progress. His attacks (will often attempt to) plague you with thoughts of unworthiness, memories of past failures, & fear of the danger that lurks around you. You must fight for what is rightfully yours.
This means (our entering into) war (against the spiritual enemy who would rob us from the mental, physical & spiritual inheritance belonging to us AND our family members)."
Bloomer, George - The Battle Plan- Strategies for …
Bloomer, George - Throw Off What Holds You Back- Defeat …

Mel Bond - Agape Church, Wentzville, Missouri, USA - 
Understanding Your Worst Enemy
(Satan) -
Chapter 9 The Simplicity of Casting Out Evil Spirits - Pastors teach that the gifts of God are not withdrawn when one sins; this idea of not being an "Indian giver" is sometimes applied to Satan. 
If Satan does still weld gifts, then they would be used for evil & would be perverted. 
This chapter 9 indicates that Satan steals the careless/ignorant words of Christians for demonic gain.
Satan legally uses/kidnaps our negative/unbelieving (spoken/thought/written) words against ourselves & our relationships.  One's tongue can defeat self & it's endeavors or it can demolish Satan & his kingdom.  Our choice.  We defeat Satan by speaking God's scripture to him, OR we continue (via speaking words that contradict scripture) to give Satan a legal permit to sabotage us.  Our believing & "saying negative things" gives Satan permission to perpetrate evil.  It is not Satan's fault.  It is NOT God's fault.  It is OUR fault.  It is OUR mouth.
Our mouth is the weapon of choice.  Scripture cites Christ as the One with the double-edged sword coming out of His MOUTH (welding the spoken Word of God).  Our gift from God is our tongue.  Let us NOT allow Satan to use our weapon for evil, but allow the Holy Spirit to weld it for good, for the glory of the Messiah...
Additionally, in the name of Jesus, we are to go on the offensive against Satan, the same way a football team would go on the offensive.  Yes we do defensive warfare, but more importantly, we chase the fox away from the chicken-coop; we do NOT pat the fox on the head, like a pet dog. 
(We bind/deal-with the sick demon, not with the sick problem nor sick person.)

Bond, Mel - "Testimonies of eye restoration, spine healing, colostomy bag disappearance with healing, short leg lengthened.  Listen or
After completion, use your web browser 'back button' to exit the website."
Bond, Mel -

Bonnke,  Reinhard - Evangelism by Fire - - - John 8:36 says that, "If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."  Bonnke agrees & says that we languish in the devil's concentration camp rather than recognize that the day of God's jubilee & amnesty arrived 2,000 years ago. 
This & past generations have failed to be taught correctly & have failed to claim our legal rights to perfect health of mind, body & soul.  For Bonnke there is no need for exorcism, only the preaching of the Word, which always delivers the victims at his crusades.  Bonnke also contends that evil spirits do NOR cohabit with the Holy Spirit, as some would contend.

Bottari, Pablo - Free in Christ - Teaches 10 ministry steps to deliverance.  Awesome manual for any team ministry.  Pronouncements "in the name of Jesus" (renouncing of bondage - physical, hatred, fear, spiritual, relational) plays a significant part of being free.


Boyd, Scott & Sandy - - Texas -
st book in this series is A Warfare Manual for Ministers, & the last book in this series is Angel of Light. -

"We can cancel legal ground through confession, renouncing, and repentance.
We need to say out loud to God that we confess & repent of all the sins, transgressions, & iniquity of our own lives AND that of our ancestors. We could pray:

'Father I come to You in Jesus’ name & humbly ask Your forgiveness for all the evil sin, transgressions, & iniquity that has been in my life & that of my ancestors.
I ask You to wash away all of the sins, blot out all of the transgressions, & remove all of the iniquity out of me, & my family line by the precious blood of Jesus shed on the cross.
I ask You to completely disassociate me from any evil activity of my living family members that is beyond my control.  I thank you now for what You have done in Jesus’ name, amen.'
The next step is renouncing. Renouncing something out loud disassociates that individual, in a legal way, with whatever they are renouncing. This is the opposite of what we see when the Bible says to confess Jesus as Lord. When we confess Jesus, we are accepting him.  When we renounce something we are rejecting & separating from it. After the prayer above, I always lead people to repeat a statement that goes something like this:
'In the name of Jesus I renounce Satan, his works, and his kingdom. 
I renounce all occult practices, false gods, & idol worship.
I renounce any dedication to the enemy or oath that was not of God. 
I pledge my life, family, & descendants to Jesus, and Him only.'
These 2 steps of saying out loud a prayer of confession & repentance, then renouncing the enemy will cancel any legal ground the enemy has once had to someone. Of course, there may be something someone needs to specifically ask forgiveness for or specifically renounce. We have to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit & treat every deliverance differently. Last, there needs to be a check for any un-forgiveness that is not dealt with.
After confession, renouncing, and forgiving, it does NOT mean that demons will instantly leave.
Sometimes they might, but most of the time demons have to be forced out by a forceful command backed up with the anointing.  One may have to pray & speak out, 'I cancel this legal ground to Satan & command you demons to go, in Jesus’ name.'  Bottom line, the legal ground will have to be cancelled at some point in time throughout the deliverance (and subsequently continuously enforced) or the enemy will (attempt to) reestablish his works, & come in again. - Training Manual -

Kynan Bridges - Ruskin, Florida, USA - -
2/9/2015 - (edited)
KYNAN:  One night while I was sleeping, Sid, I had this encounter.
I was literally overshadowed with a dark presence
that I had never experienced before. 
It felt like someone was sticking a sharp instrument in my head
I couldn't move. I couldn't speak
. This went on for several minutes.
It was the most horrifying thing I had ever experienced in my life up until that point. I just said...Lord please. When I did, it lifted. I thought, I know the solution to this problem. Don't ever go to sleep again.
KYNAN: I went to my local pastor & asked him about it.  He explained this phrase (which) I had never heard before: oppression. He told me that what I experienced was something called demonic oppression.
When he told me that, he told me to get some anointing oil & pray over my room.  It ceased for a while... I had just been baptized in the Holy Ghost.  I was just so excited. The night before my (subequent water) baptism, I was literally suffocated in my sleep. It's like someone was literally drowning me underneath the water.  The more I tried to talk or speak, nothing would come out, just like a fish in a fish tank. I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Jesus." It's like I came out from under the water & yelled at the top of my lungs. My father was in the house and said, "What's wrong with you?"
I said, "I was choking to death." But something happened that Satan didn't plan.
KYNAN: I realized in that moment that there was the sovereign power of the Kingdom of Heaven in the name of Jesus.  When I released that name out of my mouth, demons literally had to flee from me. Since that time, 2 things happened #1, I became annoyed with the devil. #2, I committed myself not only to being free from that kind of oppression, but setting other people free from the grips of darkness.
KYNAN: Many people in the body of Christ are battling addictions, alcoholism, anxiety attacks, depression, chronic fear, pornography, suicidal thoughts, insomnia. There are millions of believers that can't even sleep at night. 
This is not the plan of God, Sid. I believe that if we will hear the revelation of the Holy Spirit in this hour that He will give us the tools or really activate in us the tools that we already have to walk in freedom, but also liberate anybody around us.
Somehow, some way the church secretly believes that Satan has more power than we have, and that's why people are always trying to argue with demons, negotiate with demons. 'You can't have my firstborn, but you can have my last born,' all these different ideas in their head. But the reality is God never called us to negotiate with the Kingdom of Darkness. He called us just like he did Joshua in the Old Testament to drive out all of those demonic influences in our lives, out of our communities, out of our cities, out of nations even.
It can happen instantly. Evil [influences] can be (bound/ exorcised/evicted/replaced with the opposite & individuals can be) set free instantly. 
(A) Christian is actually oppressed by a spirit of deception, who believes (a saved Christian cannot be harassed by demons)...because there are 2 areas. 1st of all, when we're born again, we're born again in our spirit man. The Bible tells us in 2nd Corinthians that, "If any man or woman be in Yeshua," be in Christ, "he or she is a new creation." But it's talking about our spirit. But we know just from everyday life that there are still areas in our soulish man that comprises our mind, our will and our emotions that can be affected.
For example, there are Christians who battle depression. That's not a problem with their spirit, that's a problem with their soul. So we know a Christian can't be possessed by a demon because that implies ownership.
But Christians, believers in Yeshua, can still be oppressed by demonic activity in their soul, in their emotions, in their mind, in their thought life, in their attitude. We know that this is true.
You know, ask any pastor. Ask any layperson in the church.  They'll tell you the countless number of people that are battling all kind of things from divorce to sadness, chronic anxiety, sickness in your body.
These are all manifestations of demonic activity.
You don't have to cope with the devil. He's not your friend. Do you know that a great deal of sickness is demonic and if you don't believe a Christian can have a spirit of infirmity, then you're agreeing with the wrong source. Cancer is demonic. If you don't understand these things then he's going to take advantage of you.  Ignorance is no excuse even in the Law.
In Genesis 22:17, God made a specific promise to Abraham that most people never read in the Bible.
In Genesis 22:17, He talks about, "Surely blessing I will bless you and multiply your seed."
We know about that. But He gives a specific promise.
He says, "Your seed will possess the gates of his enemies
"...(In Matthew 16) He says..."The gates will not prevail against thee Whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven. Whatever you loose upon the earth shall be loosed in Heaven." That's called Kingdom authority. Now what happens is the church doesn't understand that it's not only for a few people in the church to do deliverance or spiritual warfare, but it is a messianic prophecy fulfilled in Messiah that gives us as our birthright the power, authority & dominion to close any gate of the enemy in our lives, to possess any gate of the kingdom of darkness, whether it's alcohol, drugs, whether it's over a city or a nation.
There is a great revival coming.  It's going to be mothers, it's going to be children & children's ministry that are going to set the captives free just like the Book of Acts...
KYNAN: My friend came in.  Something was very dark & just malevolent about this experience.
All of a sudden he starts to manifest. If you've ever seen the Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland," his grimace literally turned into that physically. It was the most scary thing I've ever seen. It came within about an inch of my face & said, "Who do you think you are? I can tear you apart." Now I didn't know much about deliverance or spiritual warfare, but all I knew to say was, 'I am a child of God. I take authority of this spirit controlling you in the name of Yeshua.' He fell to the ground, boom.  In a matter of minutes he was set free.
But I learned something. Satan's power is in identity crisis...a deception to tell us that we're something that we're not, that we don't have what we already have. If he can do that, he can keep people in bondage.  Once people know who they are, Jesus said, "You shall know the truth & truth will make you free."  Until the Body of Christ realizes the truth about who we are & whose we are, we will allow Satan to inhabit territory in our lives he has no permission to inhabit (the Gentile & terrorize/oppress/ demonize/harass the Christian).
KYNAN:  You don't have fear the enemy. In fact, if you'll believe the Word, (supremacy and love) of God the enemy will fear you. I'm telling you that from today on, you will never live in bondage again.
You're going to be set free by the power of God.
I feel the anointing going right where you are to liberate you so that God will use you as a deliverer.
I'm praying one day, as often I do, and meditating.  All of a sudden, I have an open vision of this angel. This angel is about 9-10 feet tall. He is 6 feet wide with his chest span, huge breastplate.
KYNAN: He has a sword, a golden sword. I mean, he's massive, intimidating, regal, all in 1.
I asked the Lord, I said, "Is this a mighty archangel?" The Lord says the most interesting thing to me, he says, "That's NOT an angel at all. That's you in the spiritual realm." When I heard that, I was literally blown away. The scripture that came to my spirit was that we are kings & priests unto our God, in the Book of Revelation. He's made us through his blood, Yeshua, kings & priests. In other words, we have dominion.
We are mighty in the spiritual realm. We are not paupers. We don't have to be afraid of the devil. When we realize that person that I saw in that vision is us, the devil will literally flee from us
In the name of Yeshua, the name above every name, you know, he is King of Kings & Lord of Lords, I release a spirit of dominion and lordship over cancer right now in Jesus' name. I release dominion over diabetes.
I release dominion. Even now, if you will take dominion over the pain in your body, that pain will go instantly in Yeshua's name. Right now I just curse the plan of the enemy over the people of God.
Depression, you must go now. Suicidal thoughts, you must leave. Anxiety attacks, insomnia
You're going to sleep sweeter tonight than you've ever slept in your entire life because the peace of God that passes all understanding will keep your heart & mind right now in Yeshua's name. Just receive it Jesus' name.
KYNAN: Authority is really the legal right to act in a certain way
. Authority means, you know, the Bible tells in Luke 10:19, it says, "Behold, I give unto you power," is the word, exousia, in the Greek, authority.
It means that we have the keys. So I want you to think almost like a gatekeeper or a groundskeeper.
The groundskeeper has keys to access any door within that building (& you are the temple of the Holy Spirit).
In the same way, you & I through Jesus & His name have the access to open doors & close them. That's what authority really is. We can open doors of: favor, prosperity, blessing in our lives to the authority vested in us.

Bridges, Kynan - 2/2/2015 -
Bridges, Kynan - Videos - Possessing your Healing - source
Bridges, Kynan - Editorials - -
Bridges, Kynan @ Book excerpts
@ Other Publications
(11/10/2022 video @ ) Discusses that demons are homeless evil spirits looking to occupy & that place they indwell becomes a Trojan horse.

Brown-Yoder, Rebecca (pseudonym for Ruth Irene Bailey)
He Came to Set the Captives Free - Clinton, Arizona, USA          
Brown-Yoder, Rebecca & Daniel Yoder - Unbroken Curses - Hidden Source of Trouble in the Christian's Life
A must read for those who are stuck. 
Author emphasizes that ignorance is no cause/excuse for Satan not to prosecute and imprison us.  Curses due to a legal trespass by self or ancestor need to be repented of. 
If this is not done the curses may repeat themselves, if not in our generation, then in another generation. 
Curses due to Satan's opportunism can be eliminated/broken in the name of Jesus.
If we have done all to no avail, then we need to lay on our faces, asking God to reveal to us the trespass.
Warnings -
Is the following editorial a demonic slur, a mixture of lies with contaminated truth, spiritual ignorance, or secular fact - CAUTION -
For 20 years 'Dr. Rebecca Brown' whose real name is Ruth Bailey, and who certainly is no longer a doctor, has been widely recognized as a fraud, and her books a hoax. Already in the 1980s, she was living in what appeared to be a questionable relationship with Edna Elaine Moses, the middle-aged woman she was purportedly trying to adopt as her daughter...
The Medical Licensing Board appointed a psychiatrist to examine Bailey & the statements of her patients.
This psychiatrist 'diagnosed [Bailey] as suffering from acute personality disorders including demonic delusions &/or paranoid schizophrenia'...
On numerous occasions Bailey stated to her patients 'that she was chosen by God as the only physician able to diagnose certain ailments & conditions which other physicians could not because the other physicians...were in fact, demons, devils & other evil spirits themselves'...
(Like some Catholic exorcists,) Bailey believed that she had 'the capability of "sharing" her patient's illnesses in fighting the demons, devils and other evil spirits that were allegedly causing the various ailments...without a valid therapeutic reason'...
After losing her medical license, (Ruth) Bailey adopted the name 'Dr. Rebecca Brown' & continued to use the title 'Doctor', despite the fact that since she had her license taken away; she has never applied to be reinstated in any other state. 'Brown' & her companion Elaine Moses began telling people of how Moses was a former high priestess of a Satanic cult & how 'Dr Brown' had saved her from a hospital riddled with Satanic cult members who had infiltrated it. She eventually met up with Jack Chick of Chick Publications, who published 2 books authored by Bailey under her pseudonym 'Dr. Rebecca Brown': He Came to Set the Captives Free and Prepare for War." -
(Editor continues for many pages reviewing the 2 books.) 
[There are many who have/do/will contest what God is doing to heal & deliver including  This is especially true of those who do NOT believe in demons & who insist on a separation of medicine & church.  Nowadays, nobody in USA can "prescribe" or "diagnose" except doctors,
This includes saying or printing that any vitamin or herb may help reverse or cure a disease. 
Even doctors are warned not to prescribe anything unless it is a FDA approved (& highly profitable) "drug"... Those who are main line Protestant fundamentalists often rail against those who operate in the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Obviously, nobody on earth is perfect/mature.  Even if 1 individual or aspect of an individual is suspect, it need not rule out what God is doing in the area of deliverance...Another web link attacks
Rebecca Brown in The Curse of Curse Theology – The Return of Rebecca Brown, MD  Vol 16 #3 Drugs, Demons & Delusions - Amazing Saga of Rebecca & Elaine Vol 9 #4 at PDF version of this article in Russian language]

Brown, Tom - Devil, Demons, & Spiritual Warfare - - El Paso, Texas, USA   
Chapter 1 The Villain  Tom's grandfather refused to accept Tom's testimony about Jesus being Messiah. 
As Tom continued to pray for him, the Lord explained that the problem was the devil & that he could ask Jesus to send laborers to minister to those Satin has blinded.  Additionally Jesus told Tom that he could "bind the devil from blinding" his grandfather's "mind...(bind the devil) from (blinding his grandfather's) comprehending (the gospel)...
Many unbelievers would choose to be saved if the devil did not steal the Word from their hearts.
Luke 8:12
The devil comes & takes away the Word from their hearts, so that they may not believe & be saved."
So stop the devil from stealing the Word by binding him...with your words. 
Tell him to stop, because of the authority I've given you; he'll have to obey you" (in Jesus' name)8.17.2009 
Chapter 2 The Villlain's Plot  We "are dangerously ignorant of the Bible." 
That was never the case for Jewish boys, who had to memorize the entire 5 chapters of the Torah by age 13.
Another dangerous problem is that many professing Christians do not recognize Satan as real or relevant.
A 3rd danger is our becoming desensitized to sin and renaming it by psychiatric labels, medical diagnoses, synonyms, etc: "problems, weaknesses, human frailties, and mistakes." When observing or committing sin to not recognize that it is a verb, disobedience, rebellion, doing that which contradicts the Word of God, regardless of one's awareness of His Law.  When we unwittingly break a civil law, it is still a crime.
Chapter 15  How to Get Your Mind Back  #1 Recognize that nothing is greater than God. 
Uncover each lie you have believed & search Scripture to prove it wrong. 
Speak the Work of God to the stronghold, because God releases His power through your lips. 
(Some problem areas or strongholds are sexual lusts, guilt, demons, suicidal thoughts & unforgiveness; all these areas can be reduced &/or eliminated when pertinent/relevant scripture is continually quoted out loud.)
Brown, Tom -
Healing Through Deliverance - -
Author places greater emphasis on monitoring one's own thoughts & less reliance on ministry by others.
His ideas/methods best used as form of relapse prevention, after having had healing/deliverance ministry.

Bubeck, Mark I - The Adversary - The Christian Versus Demon Activity - Moody Press
Includes prayer for adoptive and foster children to rid them of inherited curses & demons.
Chapter 6 Understand and Don't Be Afraid  "All believers (in Jesus Christ as messiah)...are under (external mental and physical) attack from Satan's forces.  We are a target...All Christians must face this Satanic, demonic oppression in varying degrees.  The oppression can be so intense and so great, one may almost despair of standing...Spiritual victory over Satan requires full employment (appropriation) of our victory in Christ." 
On rare occasion demonic torment is allowed to produce a spiritual pearl in our lives.  The 2nd level of pressure can be labeled as demonic obsession, such as defined in obsessive compulsive behavior, where one has a frequent preoccupation with compulsive behavior or thinking.  Typically this is tied into one's own or one's ancestral involvement in the occult where the root cause has not been repented of allowing the curse to continue in the blood line.  The 3rd level can be described as demonic possession (indwelling of a demon/insanity/mental illness) which is typically believed to apply to non-Christians.  Jesus is able and willing to rescue from all 3 levels. 
Mark believes "a believer may be afflicted or even controlled in certain areas of his being, but he can never be owned or totally controlled as an unbeliever can. 
The moment a person becomes a believer (in Christ), the Holy Spirit brings birth to his sprit...
The spirit of the (new) Christian is reborn, regenerated, POSSESSED, & sealed by the Holy Spirit...
A believer's soul, containing his mind, will & emotions, is in the process of being transformed...a lifelong process."
Bubeck, Mark I - Overcoming the Adversary - Warfare Praying against Demon Activity Demon Activity
Bubeck, Mark I - The Adversary - The Christian Versus Demon Activity -
Bubeck, Mark I - The Rise of Fallen Angels -Victory over the Adversary through Spiritual Renewal -
Bubeck, Mark I - Preparing for Battle - A Spiritual Warfare Workbook -
Bubeck, Mark I - Raising Lambs Among Wolves updated and re-published as The Adversary at Home
, Mark I - books -

Burke, Billy - Freedom From Fatal Thinking - God's Remedy for Healing of the Mind 
Tampa, Florida, USA - Billy's testimony -

, Arthur - Surrender = Your Key to Spiritual Success - - Chapter 3 The Devil Made Me Do shares that the devil is already defeated and does not make anybody do anything without our choice.  (Perchance we inherited a disease or picked up a demon from a toy, then we have the opportunity to exterminate it.) 
The devil was NOT created by God.  Lucifer became the devil through his own choice.  Additionally, anything the devil does is by permission/legal permit.  Evil is allowed to be a sheep dog to chase us into God's arms. 
What the enemy intends for harm, God uses for our good.  Manure becomes fertilizer. 
"What you believe rules you... God's Word...declares, 'Thou shalt not be afraid' and 'God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love & a
sound mind'"  Psalm 91:5 + 2nd Timothy 1:7 KJV 
(Never contradict God in your mind or in your speech!  Never, never, never. 
If you are in a mental institution, declare, "Jesus has set the captives free.  Jesus has set me free.  Thank You. 
I am now free in the heavenlies & this truth will soon be manifest on the earth, in Jesus name.")
Burt, Arthur - -
HERE for MP3 Audio Files by Arthur Burt.
Burt, Arthur - around.pdf - Around the World in 88 Years. -
Burt, Arthur - Boomerang.pdf -
Burt, Arthur - HowToBeOrdinary.pdf -
Burt, Arthur - SilentYears.pdf or (learning obedience) -
Burt, Arthur - thelostkey.pdf or Chapter 2 - "Someone has said, 'There is not one negative note in the New Testament after Jesus rose from the dead' — Hallelujah! If God be for us who can be against us? THINE is the kingdom, THINE is the power & THINE is the glory! God is NOT running around His universe like a scalded cat calling for volunteers to help Him defeat the devil! The devil is NOT going to be defeated, he is defeated.  What else does Calvary mean?  Spoiled is in the past tense (Col. 2:15) regarding principalities & powers, Hath put (Ephes. 1:22) leaves nothing to doubt about the 'all things under the feet of Jesus'.  When God PUTS He is the greatest putter in the Universe and when He PUTS things stay PUT!!"  (Nonetheless, we need to ENFORCE, what Jesus did!  Thus we DO terrorize demons NOT people.)  "We are NOT going to win.  We have won.  When Jesus died, His last words were NOT, 'to be CONTINUED.' 
They were, 'It IS FINISHED.'" 
[One of today's main problems is most pastors/evangelists/mentors teach salvation WITHOUT the Holy Spirit baptism, which results in an impotent salvation.  Even those who may instruct one to pursue the companionship/baptism of the Holy Spirit, fail to inform their students that Satan is alive and well AND how to deal with (recognize & muzzle/thwart/exterminate) him.]
"God does NOT made devils; neither did God make the Devil a devil."  Lucifer chose to become the devil - free will.  "A strong man destroys his enemies.  A wise man uses his enemies. 
God is strong & wise...The power of he devil is a permitted power to deceive."
Burt, Arthur -
Prove ME Now - $ book
Burt, Arthur - No Ebb (with endnotes) pdf - manuscript copy prior to printing. -
"The devil lost his power at Calvary...but he has not lost his power to deceive...The devil is able to bluff those who make God a liar, and in bluffing them, they give him back the power that Jesus took from him...
If you're going to make God a liar...the father of all lies...will deceive you & you'll become victim to his lies...
Jesus finished the work, but the devil has a permit.  Jesus finished the work. 
It may NOT look like it.  That's because people have given the devil back what Jesus took from him...
The devil has a permit from God to deceive all (human) deceivers.  If they've made a choice to make God a liar [by not enforcing the Bible (not acting on what they believe), thus proving that Satan rather than God is king],
then God will use (allow/permit/license) the devil & allow them to be deceived. (Thus) the devil has a (legal) permit... The world world at present has given the devil back what Calvary took from him."
(Messianic Christians need to prove God right & the devil wrong.)

Louis J. Cameli - Read OnLine - Catholic - 4 D's - Deception, Diversion, Division, Discouragement

Cassada, Barbara - Unto Death -
Freemasonry - Freedom in Christ or Bondage to Lucifer? -

Cavandish, Richard - The Black Arts: Witchcraft                                   
According to Richard, Satan's sacred objects today in America are human fat candles, human flesh fed black cat, blood drowned bat, horns of goat copulated with young girl & a parricide skull.

Cerullo, Morris - Breaking Satan's Conspiracy Against Your Family
Cerullo, Morris - Conquering a Defeated Enemy (volume 2 in Spiritual Warfare classic library) 
Cerullo, Morris - Introduction + Chapter 1.
Cerullo, Morris - Exposing Satan’s Strategies  -
Cerullo, Morris - How to Break Satan’s Cycle of Defeat
Cerullo, Morris - One Demon Spirit - Fear                                                                      
FREE - E-download at -
from -      
or @      
Cerullo, Morris - Son, Build Me An Army wonderful autobiography
"Every month as my God's Victorious Army Partner, you will receive...your next installment of The Elijah Institute training series, Strategies of Satan Against Believers."
Elijah institute booklets and CD/DVD series - Passing on the Mantle -
Core curriculum for local pastors
- - Includes 2 courses -
(a) "
How To Win The Battle For Your Mind: Overcome Satan's strategies for the cycle of defeat as you learn how to wage war with the enemy in the real battlefield of your mind. You will learn tactics for overcoming depression, oppression, obsession, temptation, fear, demonic possession, delusion & deception."
(FREE E-download of transcripts found by logging onto ) and
(b) "Declaring War On The Devil's War: The spiritual warfare tactics taught in this offensive battle training provide strategies that will assure victory in every area of your life. Despite the intensified end-time attacks of Satan, you will become the victor instead of the victim as you declare war on the Devil's war."
Cerullo, Morris - The Battle Is Not Yours, But God's 
Cerullo, Morris - The Strategies of Satan against Believers -
Chapter 1 shares Morris' belief that God never deeded earth to Satan, an example being that Jesus & His disciples had power over Satan prior to: Christ's sacrifice for sin, Christ's resurrection & Pentecost.

Cerullo, Morris - Strategies of Jesus - You Can Know How To Defeat Satan  - 
Cerullo, Morris - Winning the Battle for Your Mind - (volume 3 in the Spiritual Warfare classic library)


Chavda, Mahesh - The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting  Chapter One - excellent - with permission at source )
"This is Chapter One of Mahesh Chavda’s The Hidden Power of Prayer & Fasting book published by Destiny Image.  Feel free to send this Acrobat file to a friend.  Copies of the book can be purchased by calling Mahesh Chavda Ministries international at 1-800-730-6264 or on the Internet at - ISBN 0-7684-2017-2 - Copyright 1998 -
Chapter 1 What Is the Answer for Stevie? - 'Early in my walk with Christ, I went to work at a hospital for mentally handicapped children in Lubbock, Texas.  Just like Jesus was driven or impelled by the Holy Spirit to go to the wilderness, I was impelled to enter my own wilderness in Texas—and it was this state school for profoundly handicapped children. It was one of the most tragic places I could have chosen. My days there were filled with heartbreaking hours of interaction with broken and hurting children in an atmosphere filled with some of the most foul smells you can imagine.  The children I worked with didn’t have control over their bowel functions. 
Many times they would smear excrement all over: themselves, the doors & you. 
I often asked, “Lord, is this You? Did You really guide me here?” 
Before long I came to understand that the Lord had brought me there by sovereign appointment to teach me about Himself.  That place in Lubbock, Texas, was my own personal school of the Holy Spirit. In fact, most of the key principles I use in my ministry today I learned in that place.  There were hundreds of little children there & most of them had basically been “thrown away” or discarded by their parents. Although they were officially “wards of the state,” in reality they were little pieces of broken humanity whom nobody wanted & nobody claimed.
The Lord said to me, “My Word says if your father & mother forsake you, I will take you up.
I want you to go & love these little ones & be My ambassador of love.”1  
So I went.  For the first 9 hours, I would work with the ambulatory children, those who could walk. 
Then I would go to the non-ambulatory wards to work with little brain-damaged babies.  Many had been born to mothers on heroin, and others landed there after their alcoholic parents had brutally attacked and injured them in fits of rage or alcohol-induced delirium. These babies would stay in the little cribs until they were too big to fit in them, and I would just hold them in my arms and gently rock them in a rocking chair while I prayed in tongues (my prayer language of the Spirit). I just knew Jesus loved them, and I knew that I loved them too.
It was as if Jesus broke off a little piece of His heart & put it in me. I truly loved those little children.
The Lord Started Healing them.  Suddenly I found that these little ones who were never supposed to walk were walking. One little girl whose official medical file stated that she had been born blind, started seeing & responding! Every time I came into the room, even though I made no noise, she would turn around & look at me while putting her hands out.  It’s true—the Lord started healing these children.
It was during that time that I was assigned to what was called a “psychology task force”
to administer behavior modification techniques to some of the children. These techniques were designed to teach selected 15, 16, and 20-year-old children how to tie their shoelaces or go to the bathroom unassisted.
The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting - I’ll never forget the day I met a 16-year-old boy in that group of children whom I’ll call “Stevie.”2   Stevie was a victim of Down’s syndrome, a moderate to severe form of mental retardation often characterized by reduced mental capacity and certain physical deformities. 
Stevie was afflicted with something even worse. He was a self-mutilator who was driven to cry out and beat himself in the face constantly.  The staff psychologist at the school had secured permission from state officials in Austin, Texas, to administer electric shock therapy to Stevie for a 6-month period.  This “negative operant conditioning,” as they called it, was meant to modify Stevie’s behavior by administering electric shocks any time he beat himself. They graphed his behavior over that period of time, and I saw the graph. He just got worse and worse instead of better.  By the time I was there, his face felt like dry alligator skin because he beat himself continuously.
Finally, the attendants tied Stevie’s hands in splints so that he couldn’t bend his arms to reach his face.
The only problem was that the other children in his dormitory ward developed a new game once they figured out that Stevie’s hands were bound at his sides.  They liked to run up behind him and push him so hard that he would lose his balance and fall down. Since Stevie could no longer instinctively shield his face with his arms because of the splints, every time the kids on the ward played their game and pushed him, Stevie would land facedown on the floor without any way to protect himself or soften the landing.
Most of the time we would find him with blood streaming from his nose, lips, and mouth. Whenever I would
come, Stevie could sense God’s love coming from me and he would put his head on my shoulder and just weep.
What Is the Answer for Stevie? - Finally I said, “Lord, You told me that You sent me here to love these children.  What is the answer for Stevie?”  Very clearly I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say, “This kind goes not out but by prayer & fasting.”  Although this may be a very familiar Scripture to you, it sounded totally foreign to me. 
I had attended a Bible university for 4 years and had earned my bachelor’s degree there, but I didn’t even know that the Spirit was quoting a Scripture passage to me from Matthew 17:21!
Another thing I’d failed to learn about during my 4 years of Bible school training was the subject of fasting.
I said, “Fasting.  Doesn’t that mean no food & water?”  So I didn’t: eat & drink water or Coke or anything else for that matter. I didn’t realize that when I fasted from food that I would have dreams about fried chicken, baked potatoes, and steaks. I was also unaware of the fact that when you do without water, your priorities will change.  By the 3rd day of my fast without water, I began to get jealous every time I heard someone washing his hands in a bathroom sink.  1 time a person came out of the bathroom. I said, “You know what?
You could have been drinking that water.” He said, “What?” I hurriedly said, “No, forget it.”
Now Pray for Stevie - On the 4th day the Lord spoke to me, “You can drink,” So I started drinking water, but did not break the fast until the 14th day.  The Lord said, “Now pray for Stevie.”  When I arrived for my shift at the school that day, I took Stevie into my little office cubicle & said, “Stevie, I know your mind may not understand what I’m saying, but your spirit is eternal. I want to tell you that I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I’ve come to preach good news to you. I want you to know that Jesus Christ came to set the captives free.” 
Then I said, “In the name of Jesus, you evil spirit of mutilation, you let him go now in the name of Jesus.”
Suddenly Stevie’s body was flung about 8 feet away from me & hit the other wall of the cubicle! When Stevie hit the wall, his body was elevated about 3 feet above the floor.  Then he slid down to the floor and let out a long sigh. Immediately I smelled an incredibly foul smell of rotten eggs & burning sulfur in the room, which gradually faded away.  I quickly went to Stevie, cradled him in my arms & removed his splints while he watched with wide eyes. Then Stevie began to bend his arms & gently feel his face. I watched him softly touch his: eyes, nose & ears.
Then he started sobbing. He had realized that for the first time he was not being driven to beat himself.  He was gently touching his face, and he had been delivered!  In that unforgettable moment, the Lord revealed to me what a powerful weapon He has given to us to pull down strongholds & set the captives free.  Within a few months, all the scabs had fallen off of Stevie’s face. He had begun to heal because he had stopped beating himself.
Frankly, you are reading this book because of Stevie, and I thank God for this young man and for the way the Lord used my compassion for his desperate situation to impart to me the divine truth that I am about to impart to you. The miracle that brings you & me together in the pages of this book really began even earlier, in my 16th year, in Kenya, East Africa, in 1962.
I was raised in a devout Hindu home, and my destiny was already set according to time-honored East Indian tradition: As the son of a Hindu from a high military caste, I was being trained to become a leader in the Hindu community.  I was well-versed in the sacred Hindu writings.
Since one of the chief principles I had been taught from infancy was, “You are a searcher for the truth,” I obediently searched for the truth.  My parents were from India, though I was born and raised in Kenya.
I had won a number of awards.  Even though my father died when I was 5 years old, I was still a member of a privileged & high warrior caste in the Hindu world.
My diligent search for the truth took a sudden turn in a new direction on a hot day in 1962 when a Baptist missionary’s wife came to our neighborhood to work with some little children. For reasons known only to God, this petite woman from West Texas was led to knock on the front door of a particular home where a devout Hindu family was living to ask for a cup of cold water. I happened to be there.  I happened to be the one who answered the door, so I gave her a cup of water & she gave me a Bible. (Little did either one of us know at the time that our simple exchange of water for the Word would result in the conversion of more than 700,000 people to Jesus Christ in the years to come.  Sometimes even our most insignificant works of obedience are destined for far greater purposes than we can imagine.)  I started reading the Bible because, of course, I was searching for truth.
That was how I came across the strangest figure I’d ever read about. His name was Jesus Christ. 
As a searcher for the truth, I was captivated by this holy man’s incredible statement:
You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”3  
I said, “Yes, that’s right,” & read further in the Book of John.  When I read the passage where Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth & the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me
in John 14:6, the blinding scales fell from the eyes of this committed Hindu of the warrior caste who was so proud of his traditions. I was searching for the truth.  Suddenly I saw that Jesus Christ was and is the Truth.
Yet even then I didn’t receive Him as Lord and Savior immediately.
The Price Was Too Great
Despite what I had read in the Bible, I was debating over whether I should become a Christian because the price seemed to be too great to pay. If I dared to confess Christ,
I knew I would be rejected by my family, including my: mother, brothers & sisters. I would lose any status I had in the Hindu world. In fact, to my knowledge, I would be the 1st in my caste ever to turn his back on the Hindu faith. Finally, I said, “I’m not going to read the Bible anymore.  I’m not even going to think about Jesus anymore.”
Suddenly I went to sleep. I wasn’t knocked on the head, nor did I drift off to sleep.
This was something out of the ordinary. All of a sudden my head dropped down on the table.
I was instantly taken to a place where I’d never been before. I was walking on streets of gold & heard the most beautiful voices rising up in harmonies, singing songs I’d never heard before. I saw colors I’d never seen before.
I was in perfect ecstasy (which means a lot to a Hindu!).
There was perfection all around me, but suddenly it all faded into insignificance when I saw the Source of perfection walking toward me. I saw a light brighter than 10,000 suns put together, yet it did not hurt my eyes. 
He came toward me.  Somehow I knew that He was the person of Jesus. I’ll never forget His eyes. 
When I looked into their depths, it was as if He had felt every pain in the world & had shed every tear that had ever been shed on earth. Pure love shone from His eyes in perfect combination with victory & triumph. 
Then He came, put His hands on my shoulders & said, “My little brother….”
Suddenly I woke up & discovered that the Bible I’d received from the little Baptist lady lay open to the Gospel of Matthew, where Jesus spoke to the rich young ruler: Jesus said to him, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have, give to the poor.  You will have treasure in heaven.  Come, follow Me.” 
But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.
Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Assuredly, I say to you that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:21-23).
I read the passage and realized that the rich young man who had come to the Lord ended up walking away because he thought the price was too great to pay. Then the Lord spoke to my heart & said, “Are you going to be the same way?” I said, “No, Sir,” & immediately received the Lord Jesus as my Savior, breaking untold generations of strict family tradition & devotion to Hinduism.
I moved closer to my experience with Stevie when I moved from East Africa to the United States & attended Bible school at a Christian university. I earned my bachelor’s degree there & then went on to graduate school. 
I have to confess that I was proud of my intellect. I was intent on earning my Ph.D. in literature.
I liked being “an intellectual.”  I was faithfully learning to make simple things complicated.
In the midst of my diligent pursuit of intellectual achievement & self-worth through graduate studies, I received the news that my mother was dying of terminal bone cancer
in London, where the rest of my family had moved from East Africa. 
My mother’s doctors said that she was going to die in just a few weeks because she had a fast-moving & untreatable form of bone cancer that was eating up her body.
I Had Come to the End of Myself -
I didn’t have answers for myself or my mother, but she was dying & asking for me.
I was just a poor graduate student in Texas, and I didn’t have money to go to England. 
It just broke me. I had come to the end of myself, and all I could do was weep uncontrollably. Finally, after 3 days of tears & sorrow, I had an unusual experience on the 3rd night.  Again I went to sleep & was taken to that same place I had seen years before, when I saw streets of gold. This time I found myself in a grassy place kneeling before the feet of Jesus. I was looking into His face with my hands clasped before me. I was singing to Him.
Jesus had laid His hands on my shoulders.
I was surprised to realize that I was singing to Him in a language I could not understand.
Then I woke up, and I knew something had happened.  When I felt the urge to pray, I obeyed & said, “Jesus.”
In that moment, a wind came into my room & took my breath away. Then I felt something bubbling up inside me.  When I tried to open my mouth, a song suddenly came out in a language I could not understand.
The intellectual part of me said, “This is weird,” but the rest of me said, “This may be weird, but this is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt!”  I just kept singing in this strange language for an hour & a half. 
 The only spiritual person I knew at that time was a Catholic nun I’d met in graduate school. I just couldn’t wait to talk to somebody about what had happened to me, so I ran to find Sister Marsha. I said, “Sister Marsha, let me tell you what happened to me today.”  After I told her about my experience, I asked, “Am I going crazy?”
I’ll never forget her answer. She put her books down & looked at me with joy & said, “Praise the Lord, brother. 
You’ve been baptized in the Holy Ghost!”  The Holy Ghost became very real to me from that day on. 
He started speaking to me and I quickly realized that He is a Person.  He started telling me about Jesus.
He said, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  I hadn’t read these words in Hebrews 13:8 yet, so I said, “Huh?”  He said, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, & forever.”
Pray for Your Mother! - This time I said, “Yes.” Once again He said, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today & forever.” Finally I said, “Lord, what are You trying to tell me?”  He said, “Jesus healed 2,000 years ago. 
He still heals today.  ”When I asked, “What do You mean, Lord?”  He said, “Pray for your mother.” 
Since I didn’t know any better (I hadn’t been taught yet that healing isn’t for today), I prayed for her as I was told.  A few days later I received the news that my mother had been totally healed of her terminal disease. 
My mother lived another 24 years after that healing & received Jesus Christ before she died.'"

Cho, David Yonggi - The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner - publisher
Subtitle Understanding the Holy Spirit & His Gifts - including author's personal testimony
Chapter 8 Discerning Evil Spirits in a Person  If one does not have discernment, one can observe (one's own or) another's fruit (or true nature behind the work), concept of Christ, and words, each of which could raise a red flag as to the existence of an evil spirit present in that individual.  Even if ALL evidence is praiseworthy, if the individual does not deflect ALL praise to God, then that alone is a HUGE red flag.
Discerning a Person's Concept of Christ - "Though someone insists that he has received the fullness of the Holy Spirit, though someone prophesies wonderful things and  does mighty acts, if he does not claim that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and was crucified for the redemption of the whole world, he is not of Christ. 
If he does not claim that Jesus Christ rose from the grave on the 3rd day, that He ascended into heaven & sits at the right hand of the throne of  God, that He will come down in the same appearance as He was resurrected in the flesh, he does NOT teach by the Holy Spirit, but by the spirit of antichrist."

Christ End Time Ministries - Cape Town, Africa - 19 books or chapters (edited) summary @ -

"The intensity of EMF/EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) was indescribable as it was accompanied by a shower-like acid (causing early) morning burning and itching with blister-like sores. Then she rebuked, “In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who is the Head of my body for the body is not without the Head neither is the Head without the body. Jesus (the Head) in me & through me bind you on earth and in the heavens.”  “Powers of the Beast assigned in & through this foul, unclean spirit (growling behind my fridge) I command you to be bound up in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.” She (my mom) repeated this using absolute Spirit Authority. 
Instantly the deep, ugly growling began to fade.  “The Spirit Life of Christ Jesus which is in His Blood wipe away, annihilate and obliterate your very existence, in Jesus’ Name.” (She repeated this using absolute Spirit Authority.) Immediately (the fridge shook &) the atmosphere took on a complete difference. We noticed that the overwhelming intensity of the EMF faded. (The next morning) I saw that the Beast had sent multiple demonoids who all stood in a very long line. They stood in rows & rows of battalions. She had thought that it was just 1 stubborn, foul spirit, but when I shared with her (my) Spirit revelation, we uttered in unison, “Lord, rain down death bombs; annihilate, obliterate and wipe out every camp the Beast has set up. Destroy all their powers & authority given by the Beast.  In the Name of Jesus, we cast a (holy) Spiritual Net over the remaining army of the Beast.  We (enlist our army host to) tie it. Suffocate, suffocate.  In the name of Jesus, be weakened, weakened, weakened, weakened, weakened. In the Name of Jesus, we command (the 3rd) Heaven’s Deadliest Weapons to drag away the Spiritual Net and take them to where Jesus sends them, never to return.” 
Instantly, the atmosphere took on a difference & the EMF weakened...

Jonas Clark -
Jonas Clark -

Clark, Randy - There Is More -
Chapter 7
shares the report of Anglican Father Bob Jepson, who says that the Holy Spirit conveyed to him for a Muslim, that only Jesus can get rid of a demon; that a power in one's head attempting one to be cast into fire (harm's way) is (not a thought but) a demon.
Chapter 12 shares a healing of a demonized woman.
Clark, Randy - Global Awakening Healing School workbook #1 -
Chapter 10 Deliverance - the New Testament Model  According to Randy Clark (2/2005),
"The Bible clearly delineates between people who are sick physically or mentally from those who are demonized...
There are 80 references to demons in the New Testament and of these 80 there are 11 references which indicate a clear distinction between illnesses caused by demons and illness caused by other factors."
"The forces of evil do NOT play by the rules of the Geneva Convention. 
There are NO civilians in this war for souls, and women and children are special targets."

Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake - -
Chapter 38 The Resurrection
stresses that disease in the flesh is our "enemy" & not to be sympathized with, consoled, or left to stay there.  Christians have the mandate to evict it.

Cox, Paul L - Comprehensive Prayers for Generational Deliverance - Volumes I and II
Cox, Paul L - Generational Deliverance Volumes I and II -
Cox, Paul L - Guidelines for Deliverance - Preparation for A Ministry of Deliverance -
Cox, Paul L - Heaven Trek - Daring to Go Where God Wants Us to Go -

"The Lord has taken us to a heavenly place (the 4th dimension) to do the deliverance.  It was the place of rest."
"Lord, take us to the 4th dimension for this deliverance."
Lord, release Your "fire & burn up all of the evil in our generational lines" on both sides of the family. 
"Burn up the evil in the family tree (on both sides) which are the evil branches & roots that go all the way back through the generations."  Thank You Lord for doing individual, group & family deliverances. 
Thank You Lord for doing a Holy Spirit transfusion in our family blood lines. 
Lord, we can be perfect in body, intelligence, even spirit, but without You imparting life both physical & spiritual, we are dead men. 
Lord, please impart into us that which will quicken both us & others, to be acceptable, pleasing & usable to You. 
In Jesus name, we pray.

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory - - Offering of $10.00 minimum appreciated - to Cross of Christ ministries,
10241 Lincoln Highway, Everett, PA 15537


Curtis, Ken (1940-2011) -
Curtis, Ken & Nancy (cattle rancher) -
Tormented?: A Christian’s Guide for Spiritual Warfare - God's Keys to Life -

Excerpt re Evil Spirits:
what our pastors never told us, nor our MD’s, nor our parents.
Just be reminded that the Trinity has the remedy, while the above may not.
Thus, all those “incurable” issues/labels are just that, and nothing more.  Praise U holy Trinity.

Excerpt re Deaf & Dumb Spirit:
Sometimes this spirit may be the strongman regarding mental illness: (page #96-97)
"Delusions, Hallucinations, Insanity, La Tourettes Syndrome, Lunacy.
Madness, Dullness, Idiocypyromania, retardation, Catatonic/ immobility.
Neuroses: anxiety, depression, hypochondria, hysteria, obsessive/compulsive disorder.
Personality disorders narcissism, paranoia, psychopathy (con-artist), sexual deviation.
Psychoses: alcoholism, alzheimers, autism, manic-depressive (bi-polar), schizophrenia,
Double-mindedness, guilt/condemnation , inferiority/superiority, ping-pong,
Rebellion/rejection, sadism/masochism, selfishness/generosity." About:
The Curtises are sent out from the Carpenter's Home Church to minister the laughing revivals worldwide.
Advertising copy on the video cover says, 'When S. African Evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne came to Carpenters Home Church in Lakeland, Florida, for a Revival in March, 1993, he imparted the anointing for other believers to be able to spread the joy of the Holy Spirit...Ken & Nancy Curtis became the 1st missionaries sent out from that church to take the Holy Spirit's joy around the world'...

An article in the August 1993, issue of Charisma was condensed from a book by Cindy Jacobs, Possessing the Gates of the Enemy. Jacobs is the president of Generals of Intercession.
In the article, Tearing Down Strong Holds Through Praise, Jacobs made these comments about the supposed power of laughter in warring against the devil: 'The weapon of laughter is extremely powerful and even necessary as an intercessory manifestation. As intercessors, we often hear many serious problems and needs during a day that can wear us down. But laughter is an important safeguard against heaviness in intercession.
As Proverbs 15:13 says, `A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.'  "What does laughter have to do with intercessory praise?

It breaks Satan's power to depress you and oppress you in the midst of battle. ...

"Laughter also can be a form of direct warfare against Satan & his forces because it mocks the enemy.
Psalm 37:12-13 says: The wicked plots against the just & gnashes at him with his teeth.
The Lord laughs at him, for He sees that his day is coming.'"
(Unfortunately author refutes above ministries & contends that 'This is not of God.'" 
How unfortunate for him, his congregation and denomination. 
Bottom line; align oneself with God rather than one's denomination.)


Kimberly Daniels -
Kimberly Daniels -

Daniels, Kim - Delivered to Destiny - here to read Chapter 1.
Daniels, Kim - Give It Back by Kimberly Daniels - here read Chapter 1.
Daniels, Kim - Clean House Strong House by Kimberly Daniels - here read Chapter 1.

Date, Peter @

Daugherty, Billy Joe -

Davis, June Newman Missionary Evangelist (1995) - Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living - P.O. Box 6559, Denver, Colorado, USA 80206-0559         
Scripture for when we need to talk back to circumstances. Davis says that Jesus descended into hell & took the keys of death & hell from Satan & gave them to His church to free the captives now living. 
In the name of Jesus,
WE are to bind the evil powers which come against us & to loose the powers of heaven.   


Davis, Paul Keith - Angels that Gather -
Chapter 11 Signs of the Times  "The south wind is the release of deliverance
This deposit of His grace will set free those held in prison and captivity by...tormenting adversaries. 
The Lord promised He would 'blow the trumpet &l march in the storm winds of the south' Zechariah who are willing to abandon their souls & yield their wills to the Father's will...
Proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are oppressed, to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.  Luke 4:19."
"The spirit of Babylon has attempted to imprison the Body of Christ in a dungeon of confusion, self-promotion, humanistic agendas, and unbelief...We will be one another's shield."
Chapter 12 The Master of Breakthrough   Breakthrough is an angel assigned to break through. 
"Victory is achieved in the spirit realm 1st, then manifested in the natural realm...We release on earth what we discern in the spirit..."If anyone draws back" God has no pleasure in that. Hebrews 10:39.


DeGrandis, Dorothea M - Introduction to Spiritual Warfare    

DeGrandis, Father Robert - Deliverance - HOM Ministry, 108 Aberdeen St, MA USA 01850 -

Devenish, David - Demolishing Strongholds - - Intercession

Dickason - Demon Possession and The Christian   
Correct title "should" read Demonization of the Christian as Gentiles can be possessed,
but Christians or Messianic Jews can only be demonized/oppressed.

Dickerman, Don - When Pigs Move In -   endorsed by Frank Hammond    
Colleyville, Texas, USA ministry
Other books containing "some" of above more complete information are  Serpents in the Sanctuary and Turmoil in the Temple. video clip 
video clip - 5/15/2009  American Family radio
5/11-15/2009 Messianic Vision radio
Chapter 5  What Kinds of People Come for Deliverance?  "The oppressor never voluntarily releases the the physical realm and in the spiritual.  If you want must demand it. 
Most believers (in Jesus Messiah who have read their Bibles from cover to cover ought to) know that they suffer from the oppressing hand of Satan through his demon powers, but they choose to call it something else."
"My experience is that virtually everything that a doctor calls a (psychiatric or incurable) 'disorder' may be caused by demons.  God puts thing in order; demons take them out of order."
Chapter 8 A Killer in New Hampshire reminds us to NOT attempt deliverance unless client: has Jesus as Lord & Savior, wants to be free at any cost, has denounced Satan & his demons, denounced all ties with the occult & repented of all personal & family sins.
Dickerman , "In the name of Jesus" binds "all demon powers" inside, attached, floating outside, "or in any way connected with" a person's life.
Dickerman binds demons to attention, commanding them to speak the truth to Jehovah God, & be obedient, in the name of Jesus.  He binds demons and commands them into the abyss, never to return, in the name of Jesus.
Chapter 9 A weekend of Deliverance.  "You command them to not leave anything behind, to gather up all of their (evil) work and go directly to the pit."  You can command a demon spirit to confess that (the demonized) one has authority over him, in Jesus Christ's name.  You can also demand demons to return what they have stolen. 
Some demons have gained entrance through ancestors' Druid worship.
Chapter 10 The Power of the Tongue 
Dickerman may command demons to tell under oath their title, function or name, in the name of Jesus.
Chapter 16 Who Is Satan Anyway?  "Salvation is eternal; it (being born-again) does NOT (necessarily/always) bring healing or break Satan's bonds." Dickerman illustrates with rooms. 
Each home has a room with a different purpose: salvation, healing, deliverance. 
If we occupy only one room of a house, we will miss out on the fullness of our destiny in Christ.
Chapter 17 What Exactly Is Scriptural Deliverance
"Unforgiveness is God-given permission for demons to torment" ANYONE, Gentile, Christian or pastor.
"If all consent (for demons) to be there, and to stay there, is cancelled, then the demons must be obedient to the command in the name of Jesus Christ to leave.  Deliverance cannot take place against someone's will & can even involve more than just his or her willingness to be free.  Often it requires a desire to be free."
Dickerman does do deliverance on request, but only for believers in Christ Jesus, for those willing to rely on God as their doctor, for those willing to do ongoing relapse prevention including regular: Scripture confession, church/synagogue attendance, Christian fellowship, Bible reading, praise/worship. Dickerman gives deliverance protocol that works best for his ministry.  Be sure to check out his book & website for more insight. 
It includes rededication to Christ, repentance of own & family sins, renunciation prayers & in the name of Jesus: binding demons, commanding kingdom bosses to identify name or function, determining if any demon has consent/legal permission to stay, cancelling all consent/legal permission, binding all like spirits together & permanently evicting to the abyss, plus soliciting heavenly protection & provision.
Chapter 18 The Deliverance Courtroom  "Whatever God speaks becomes (spiritual) law." 
Demonic legal "rights to a believer's life are through deception and our ancestors."
Once wrong thinking/attitudes/emotions and (our/ancestors') wrong deeds have been confessed/repented of & "confessed as sin" Jesus immediately forgives.  "Once this is done, demons no longer have (legal) rights to our lives.  Confessing the sin cancels the demons' (legal) rights to one's life, but it does not necessarily mean that the demon leaves.  They must be commanded to go in the name of Jesus Christ.  They must be cast out."
Chapter 20 Where Do Demons Go?  "Demons...are now under His feet!  I believe the authority He gives us to cast them out includes telling them where to go... not just to the abyss, but into the abyss...not to give them any loopholes."  Additionally, "Jesus certainly did command spirits to 'enter no more.' Mark 9:25."

, Don - Keep the Pigs Out Chapter #1 or
here or
Keep The Pigs Out by Don Dickerman - Chapter 1 here or
"2nd Peter 3:5 talks about deceived people who 'willfully forget.'  Willing ignorance...
A conscious choice not to preach or teach the scriptural truth concerning the work of demons...
Isn’t that like being dumb on purpose...
We have been & are being duped by a message with a lack of truth & power. 
In the walk of spiritual freedom, there are things we need to do to remain free.
As important, maybe even more important, are things we should not do."
Dickerman, Don - - read online chapter #1

Diego, Eida - Miami, Florida, USA - Spanish resources such as Liberation from Trauma -

, Dorman with Hammond, Frank - The Strong Man of Unbelief @ 
The authors contend that evil spirits, especially those with the role of strongmen (chiefs), are responsible for much of the havoc in our lives.  1 of the most insidious strongmen is that of UNBELIEF, spiritual BLINDNESS, & spiritual DEAFNESS.  We need to repent of our own unbelief + the unbelief of our blood relatives since the time of Adam & Eve.  Unbelief is a sin against what Jesus did on the cross & what God did since the foundation of the earth. 
(It is the UNFORGIVABLE SIN, meaning that if we do not repent of it and believe in Jesus as our savior, then we will NOT go to heaven.) It is also an evil spirit that prevents our receiving God's blessings.  Unbelief has us trust our eyes and our feelings, rather than trusting what scripture says.  In the name of Jesus we are to bind the spirit of unbelief, deafness, and dumbness.  In the name of Jesus we are to command the spirit of unbelief, deafness, dumbness to come out right now (and go under the feet of Jesus.  When they knock on the door, we are not to open the door.  If we open the door by mistake or in weakness, we are to immediately repent + command the spirit to go - now, in the name of Jesus.)

Eckhardt, John - - read Chapter 1 -
Eckhardt, John - +
A believer in Jesus Christ can deliver himself from demons, once he has received the initial ministry of deliverance.  This initial instruction/ministry is basically relapse prevention.  If we have been given the tools (like a carpenter), then we need to use them.  Our tool bag would be the baptism in the holy spirit.  The Holy Spirit will give us insight and help us identify spirits to loose ourselves of = the past, ungodly soul ties, memory recall of past hurts, torment, infirmity, rejection, rejection from the womb, self-rejection, fear of rejection, etc. 
We can also enlist warrior angels to come to our assistance.
Eckhardt, John -
.pdf  "The Strongman is the ruling spirit over a group of demons in an individual, family, church, city or nation. We must 1st bind the strong man (Matthew 12:29). 
The strongman can be any spirit (Pride, Anger, Sickness, etc.)
The strongman considers the person's body to be his home.
Usually, the strongman will send up the lower ranking spirits 1st to do battle before he is encountered & cast out."
(Thus the strongman is a secret or blatant squatter, who we have not yet the awareness/knowledge/muscle to evict, keeping in mind it is NOT the person but the evil spirit who needs binding, ousting & replacing curses with blessings + evil spirit with Holy Spirit.)

Eckhardt, John -
Marine Demons -
"There are 'powers' linked to the waters. We call these marine demons. They can still affect the land when men invite them through 'conscious' or 'unconscious' pacts & decisions. Coastal areas are vulnerable to these spirits...God's power is needed today to muzzle them  just as God did in the beginning."
Chapter 1 The Mystery of the Waters  "Leviathan (the evil spirit of pride) takes the form of a large sea serpent"
cited in Amos 9:3, Isaiah 27:1, Job 41:31-34.  "The only (legal) right Satan has is that which is given to him by man," because Christ's becoming a curse for man cancels any prior legal grounds.  Satan would keep us ignorant.  What we do NOT know is dangerous. 
That is why it is imperative to have a personal/intimate relationship with the Trinity & Scripture.
Chapter 2 God Judges the Waters  Old Testament "Giants came from the union of fallen angels and women. 
The earth was destroyed by water (a world flood) once (during the time of Noah), because of these giants."
Chapter 3 Jesus Comes to the Sea Coast - "The marine kingdom lends strength and support to the heavenly kingdom.  Marine spirits are very high ranking in Satan's overall kingdom...Cities & nations around large bodies of water & rivers need to increase their understanding of marine spirits & spiritual warfare...
Marine spirits are very wicked & God has a special hatred for them...
People under the influence of these spirits feel as if they are drowning in may waters...
Scriptures (
Psalm 18:14-17, 69:1-2, 93:3-4, 124:4-5, 130:1,144:6-7) that refer to deliverance from waters, floods & depths...can be used in casting out marine spirits...It is essential to release the Word of the Lord against these spirits... Sever all ties with the marine kingdom and command the spirits to come out. 
Release the judgments written against
them & release the captives. 
Break any covenants with the marine kingdom made by ancestors. 
Break the curses...Release the sword of the Lord against
them & command all evil waters to dry up."
Marine spirits are strong & some will only be defeated through fasting
Marine spirits are a different kind of demon.
Chapter 4 Leviathan, the King of Pride  & Chapter 5 Rousing Leviathan & Appendix  Rather than rebuking Leviathan, we can say as the angels, "The Lord rebuke you, Leviathan." 
Jude 9 TPNT
 Michael the he was disputing with the devil, did not dare to pronounce curses in judgment but said, "May the Lord rebuke you." 
Be warned: no man can single-handedly overcome Leviathan; only the Trinity has the dominion/power/credentials.
Chapter 6 Stripping Leviathan' Scales 
"Frank Hammond's January 1993, Children's Bread Newsletter" deals with Leviathan. 
(Be reminded that it is Ida Ma to whom God revealed the cause of schizophrenia.)
"'A very obstinate demon the Holy Spirit us as 'Leviathan' Job chapter 40...The scales of the Leviathan we faced that day were made up of the layers of demons holding a particular person in bondage...
The battle plan was to strip away Leviathan's scales (the individual demons) one by one.'"
Eckhardt notes, "Leviathan is a ruling spirit over many religious groups who reject the baptism of the Holy Spirit and His gifts.  Religious pride is a spirit what tells us, 'You have it all.  You don't need anything else. 
Your denomination is right and everyone else is wrong.'"
"Demons draw strength from each other by linking bind an individual by creating not only a chain but also demonic networks."
[We may feel discouraged after slow & tedious improvementS (notice the plural). 
Recognize; we may be stripping off the demonic layers, one demon at a time. 
Do NOT be demoralized.  Never quit, for we might be right at the threshold of victory. 
Once the  victory is won, the blossom is in its glory, let us NOT be proud but rather grateful for ALL the prayers & gardeners before us who helped.  "Thanks," Lord. 
If this is a generational issue, there must have been oceans of tears shed (& church family masses said) unto heaven + caretakers bent by burden & love. 
"Thanks," Lord.   Lastly, the end of the war is only the beginning of the restoration/apprenticeship to becoming what God intended in the 1st place (at the foundation of the earth) for the former victim/captive to be. 
We pray, "God finish the work You began at creation, especially in the life of our loved one."]
Chapter 7 Strategies to Defeat Marine Demons
Utilize following scriptures: Psalm 29:3, 33:1-7, 74:13, 98:7-9, 104:9, 107:24, 148:11 + Isaiah 27:1, 51:9 which include: 1-worship, 2-praise, 3-declaration, 4-commands, 5-asking God to break dragon heads, 6-asking God to awake and pierce, 7-blowing shofars over the water, 8-welding God's authority via song, 9-using salt
Healing Salt  10-fasting Healing Fast.
Appendix   "Legal grounds must be destroyed in order to receive & maintain deliverance."
Eckhardt, John - sample chapter
Prayers That Rout Demons - Prayers for defeating Demons and Overthrowing the Power of Darkness - Excerpt -
Section 3 Confronting the Enemy's Tactics - division Breaking Curses and Releasing the Blessings of God
"I break & release myself (my family, _________ ) from all curses of double-mindedness & schizophrenia, in the name of Jesus."
"I break & release myself (my family, ______ ) from all curses of confusion & mental illness, in the name of Jesus."
"I command every demon hiding & operating behind a curse to come out, in the name of Jesus."
Section 5 Experiencing Deliverance and Release  "The word salvation means deliverance...
1 of the greatest revelations is the revelation of self-deliverance. 
We can loose ourselves from any control in darkness (Isaiah 52:2) 
We can exercise power & authority for our own lives. 
Jesus told us to cast out the beam from our own eye (Luke 6:42). 
The term cast out is the same word used in reference to casting out demons (ekballo)."
- division Prayers for Self-Deliverance "I break all generational curses of pride...fear, schizophrenia, and rejection, in the name of Jesus...I command all generational and hereditary spirits operating in my life (family, ________ ) through curses, to be bound & cast out, in the name of Jesus."
"I command all spirits of confusion, forgetfulness, mind control, mental illness, double-mindedness, fantasy...& memory recall, to come out of my mind, in the name of Jesus. 
I break all curses of schizophrenia and command all spirits of double-mindedness, rejection, rebellion & root of bitterness to come out, in the name of Jesus. 
I command all spirits of guilt, shame, and condemnation to come out of my conscience, in the name of Jesus."
"I command all spirits from my past that are hindering my present & future to come out, in the name of Jesus. 
I command all ancestral spirits that entered through my ancestors to come out, in the name of Jesus." 
In the name of Jesus, I lock each door/gate through which evil came. 
I now invite the Holy Spirit to permanently occupy any vacancy left by evil & to heal & protect, in Jesus name.  Thanks Lord.
(Repeat any of above prayers as often as necessary, as the enemy will want to return. 
We, in the name of Jesus, have to just say, "No.")
Eckhardt, John - WATCH  Video on Demand NOW AVAILABLE - Pride and Leviathan  3 part series
Eckhardt, John -
Demon Hit List - 
Recommended by J.B. with permission 6/21/2010
"I have been looking for answers for over 1 year now in divine healing and deliverance books...(Using their guidelines,) I've been praying...for my MATE who has schizophrenia...this way: (1) I lay my hand on __'s head. (2) I say, 'In Jesus' Name, I command all demons to come out now!'   This has only resulted in __'s feeling some temporary peace; & at that only sometimes. On rare occasions, ___ would see lightnings come out of me or angels.  But now that I know about John Eckhardt's Demon Hit List.   The way I pray for ___ will never be the same. I have gotten instant results with this every time! Do you know why? Because this book is like no other deliverance book. This book is a DEMON DICTIONARY/THESAURUS. It has the specific NAME of every demon that causes every affliction known to man. These demon names were revealed through Eckhardt’s dreams, visions, voices, and other deliverance/prophetic people. As I began to cast out the spirits of 'abomination, blasphemy, abuse,' and 'dejection,' my MATE saw these spirits fly out of her/his head as black mists and lights. Each time.
This does not mean ___ still doesn't battle with these spirits?  It's an ongoing battle of spiritual warfare.
But now we know their names! IT IS ALL ABOUT PRAYING AGAINST THE SPECIFIC NAME OF THE DEMONS. Wow. And of course, laying on hands, using the name of Jesus, & being saved are prerequisites for doing exorcisms.
John Eckhardt’s Demon Hit List is totally awesome.
Thanks J.B. for your testimony.  (Identity is protected, so testimony needs to be taken on faith.)

Eckhardt, John - founder - IMPACT Network (International Ministries of Prophetic and Apostolic Churches Together) - Chicago, Illinois, USA     
John Eckhardt -'s+covenant+With+You+for+Deliverance+and+Freedom
recommended read -
God's Covenant With You for Deliverance and Freedom

Eckhardt, John -
Eckhardt, John -

Eckhardt, John -
@ Often, a written/spoken curse now in effect must be verbally cancelled/broken before an evil spirit can be renounced, plus bound & driven out, by God's angels, invited to do so, in Jesus name.
ARMOUR (Luke 11:22) Invite God's heavenly holy host "to destroy...shield demons in order to destroy Satan's armour."  This armour is the "high ranking spirits' (strongmen)... protective" covering/shield, like fish or reptile overlapping scales."
Demons link together to form demonic chains (functioning LIKE a fence or beehive hiding queen bee.) There may be more than 1 demonic chain in an individual. Each chain has a number of spirits with different ranks of authority.  When ministering deliverance, command the chains to be broken & the demons to unlink & come out. Usually, the highest ranking spirit in a chain will send the lower ranking spirits out 1st before he finally comes out & the chain is destroyed.   Demons draw strength from each other by linking together.
There may be a Lust chain, Fear chain, Pride chain, etc.  Demons will work in any convenient system to bind an individual by creating not only chains but also demonic networks, (i.e., you may have Fear working with Lust, Lust working with Condemnation, Condemnation working with Depression, Depression working with Gluttony & Gluttony working with Shame).  The mission of demons is to bind & destroy the will so they (each evil group) can manifest (its own nature) the characteristics of (each specific) sin (weakness/addiction/bad habit)."


Eni, Emmanuel -
by_Emmanuel_Eni.htm -
Delivered from the Powers of Darkness
Chapter 8: The Believer's Weapons:
Finally brethren, be strong in the Lord & in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Ephesians 6: 10-11
They overcame him by the blood of the lamb & by the word of their testimony.  Revelations 12: 11
I have already said much on this earlier, but just to give a few instances. Please realize that there is POWER in that name of Jesus! There is Power in the Blood of Jesus! The Scripture says: Being found in fashion as a man, He humbled himself, & became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also had highly exalted & given Him a Name which is above every name: That at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things: in heaven & earth + under the earth.  Every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (Philippians 2: 8-11). Again the Scripture says: “They overcame him (the spiritual enemy) by the Blood of the Lamb & by the Word of their testimony” (Revelations 12: 11). Let the name 'Jesus' always be on your lips. These 2, the name & the blood, scatter the plans of Satan, & in fact destroy the strategies of Satan & his agents.
2nd, you must learn to sing praises to God always. There is power in praises. There was this Pastor - Pastor I.K. (name withheld) pastoring a church in Ebute Metta. He became my target.  His offences were:
1. He disturbed our peace by carrying out early morning calls i.e. preaching in the early hours.
2. He went about with his megaphone & stationed himself at #2 Bus-stop along Akintola Road, Ebute Metta.
There he would preach. He would not stop at that but would keep binding demons, etc.
3. In his church he would preach, exposing the works of darkness, after which he started binding demons.
4. He prayed a lot.
5. He was always singing & praising God.
I sent my messengers to him but they could not kill (stop) him so I decided to carry out the mission myself.
On the said day, I saw him walking along the new G.R.A. A thing worth mentioning here about this Pastor is: Any time we went for him, we would see pillars of cloud by his right & left hands, walking along with him, so these hindered us. But this particular day I saw nothing, so I was doubly sure my mission would be very successful.
I commanded rain to fall to enable me to strike him with thunder. The rain started.  The thundering began.
All the trees in the area started losing their branches, but this Pastor was singing joyfully.
I still remember the chorus: 'In Jesus Name every knee shall bow.'
As he continued with this chorus the rain stopped, the thundering ceased. There appeared immediately 2 angels, 1 of each side, with flaming swords. Their eyes & swords were like flames of fire. Then a strong wind carried me away. I found myself in another town. In fact I was baffled.  Because we were so hardened, I said: 'This man has escaped again!. The Pastor did not know the spiritual war that was fought on his behalf. So, you can see, the child of God is well secured. When the Bible says: 'Nothing shall by any means hurt you,' it means what it says.
The 2nd testimony is about a Christian who boarded the same taxi with me. He was very zealous & started distributing Gospel tracts inside taxi. When he gave me the tract I rejected it. He started preaching. So I became disturbed & knocked him with the ring on my finger. That was to kill him. This boy shouted: 'The blood of Jesus.' Immediately lightning, fire & an angel appeared. A strong wind again removed me with great force out of the taxi into the thick jungle. Had it not been that I was a man backed by evil powers I could have got lost in the jungle. The Christian did not know the war that went on his behalf.
All he knew, including the other passengers, was that I had disappeared from the taxi.
The name of Jesus or the Blood of Jesus in the mouth of the believer sends out fire etc. The Scripture says:
The Name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, & is safe' (Proverbs 18: 10).
Dear reader, if you are a child of God, remember that God has magnified His word above all His name (Psalms 138: 2), therefore confess the Word (the Word of God) believing that what you said shall come to pass, & it shall be so. That is God's promise.
Again I would like to mention here that you can only confess what you know. The Scripture enjoins us to delight in the Word of God, meditating on it day & night. (Psalms 1:2)" from

Eckhardt, John - chapter 1 read online

Epperson, Arlin - Healing of the Spirit -

Ernest, Victor H - I Talked with Spirits        

Fanzaga, Father Livio - The Deceiver - - Subtitle = Our Daily Battle with Satan
8/2005 The Pilgrim
newsletter notes that Pope John Paul II performed 3 exorcisms in 25 years.  It also says that Father Fanzaga is director of Europe's largest Catholic radio network. Book is highly recommended by The Pilgrim.  9/2005 The Pilgrim newsletter notes that Satan personalizes temptations & that sin can pass through families

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - High Level Warfare - Safe From Counter Attack -   Voice of the Light Ministries - Florida, USA -
Ana, due to her involvement with voodoo practices, was confined in a mental hospital. 
She was insane
until a pastor ministered to her. 
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Iniquity - Discover and destroy the major hindrance stopping you from entering the glorious manifestations of God. Chapter 4 The Operation and Manifestation of Iniquity Iniquity Produces Spiritual Deafness, Sickness, Pain and Captivity of the Soul -
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - chapter #1
Regions of Captivity Revised Edition - -
1st part of book @ or
Chapter 4 - Captivity and the Cities in Ruin - The Fragmentation of the Soul -
"The soul and spirit are ultimately connected & made of a substance that can be fragmented."
Chapter 6 -
High Level Warfare Part 4 set 3 Notes Compiled By Evangelist Barbara Lynch or
Chapter 7 Setting the Captives Free 
"The word 'oppressed' in the original Hebrew means those with their souls torn apart."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places - - Chapter 8 shares,
"I was converted (and healed) in the psychiatric hospital where I was confined...The psychiatric hospital was practically emptied, as I was casting out demons and healing the sick. 
I simply believed."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Shaking the Heavens -
God delivered Ana from mental illness resulting from occult involvement. 
nna says, "Never stop being willing for something great to happen in your life." 
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Ana's testimony can be retrieved by sending an e-mail to (with no subject and only this command in the body of your mail: get joel-news-international re: ana-mendez-story:  JN406-1.)
TYPICALLY GOD: Speaking foreign languages the easy way


Followers of the Way - Chapter #7 Uninstalling Lies @ A Little Prayer Book -
"Ask this question:
'Lord, what is Your truth?'  He will then tell you the truth. 
It is this truth that you will know in conscious experience and this truth will deeply & experientially set you free.  Then repeat this process as often as necessary." (edited)
PRAYER: In Jesus' name,

“Lord, God, I confess & repent of believing the lie of __________.

I ask that You forgive me.  Cleanse me completely of this untruth.

Immerse me entirely with Your Son's blood from the cross.
Immerse me entirely with Dynamos power from Your Son's resurrection to cover this sin.

I receive Your forgiveness.  I forgive myself for believing this lie.

I forgive __________ for playing a role in helping me form this lie.

I ask that You drain this lie from every part of me & everything that came with it, including all the works of the enemy, the deceiver.

I renounce and abolish every agreement I have made with the father of lies.  I no longer believe them.

Lord, what is Your truth?  I receive Your truth of __________ .
Go into every part of me until my entire inner being is saturated with Your truth.

I declare that I believe & receive You.  I agree with You & Your truth, because You are The Truth.”

Steve Foss - Satan's Dirty Little Secret: The Two Demon Spirits -
That All Demons Get Their Strength From
Chapter 1- Vision - "The Lord spoke to me these words that have changed my life.
God said, “These are the 2 demon spirits that all other spirits get their strength from.". 

I cried out to God, “What are they? What are their names?” I could easily see the names
of all the smaller demons, but I couldn’t see any names on these.
It amazed me how the demons we all think are so big and powerful were actually quite small. Lust, drunkenness, drugs, violence, hatred & fear were all small & relatively weak without these 2 giant demon spirits.

I prayed for quite a while. I knew I had to go deep in the spirit to see what was under the surface.
After quite a while the vision expanded. Now I could not only see above the ground, but I also saw under the ground below the campus. Each of the tentacles curved back towards each other & nearly touched each other. They looked like giant roots, like a bulb, fat at the bottom and thinner as it got farther away from the root.

Written on these roots were their names. 1 was called Insecurity.  The other was called Inferiority.”12.5.2022

, Francis - When the Many Are One -

Freeman, Dr Hobart E - Angels of Light - Hypnotism, a dangerous form of magic, was introduced to the American public by Mesmer, a Viennese physician.  Freeman says that demons themselves have said that hypnotism operates through the power of Satan. 
One who relinquishes his free will opens himself up to the invasion of evil spirits.

Gibson, Phil and Noel - Deliver our Children from the Evil One - (of C Peter Wagner)
Gibson, Phil and Noel -
Evicting Demonic Intruders + Excuse Me Your Rejection is Showing

Gilbert, L - Nervous Christians - Moody Press - "For a number of years...I had to get in my car...for talks with God to get any relief.  Then one day I realized such pressures had to be coming from Satan. 
God gave me discernment to see that satanic forces were depressing my mind in an effort to control me. 
I found the way to victory in the word...You can resist Satan and be an over-comer at all times."

Global Harvest - Suggested Reading List for Deliverance Ministry per Global Harvest Ministries - Ministry of C Peter Wagner

Greenwood, Rebecca - Breaking the Bonds of Evil: How to Set People Free from Demonic Oppression -
Rebecca Greenwood  - Breaking the Bonds of Evil: How to Set People Free  - Read chapter 1 online -
Greenwood, Rebecca -
Let Our Children GO - Let My Children Go Webinar - Harvest Show interview - 2011 -

Let Our Children Go by Rebecca Greenwood - read chapter 1 or chapter 1 or
Let Our Children Go: Steps to Free Your Child from Evil  read chapter 1 online from Google
Greenwood, Rebecca -
Authority to Tread: An Intercessor's Guide to Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare
Greenwood, Rebecca - - Colorado, USA
Greenwood, Rebecca -
Defeating Strongholds of the Mind: A Believer's Guide read chapter 1 online
Greenwood, Rebecca - - articles @

Hagin, Kenneth - Occult and the Christian - tract -   
3 steps: a-Confess faith in Christ.  b-Confess each occult involvement.  c-Renounce the devil and command him to depart, in the name and power of Jesus Christ.  Some occultic activities = astrology, black mass, kabala, ouija board, reincarnation, spiritualism, tea leaf reading, white magic, wizardry, yoga.
Hagin, Kenneth E - I Believe in Visions or  I Believe in Visions Kenneth E Hagin – Ekklesia - autobiography -
Chapter 4 How Satan Influences Lives Today (3rd vision 12/1952)
Kneeling in a White Cloud  "I saw Jesus...He began to talk to me.  'I am going to teach you concerning the devil, demons, & demon possession...From this night forward, what is known in My Word as the gift of discerning of spirits will operate in your life WHEN you are in the Spirit."
"God permitted me to see into the realm of the spirit to see this evil spirit. 
I addressed the spirit and said, 'You foul spirit that is oppressing this girl's body, you have to leave...
In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you to leave this body...
Not only must you leave  this body, but you also must leave this building.'"
"The point I am making is that if I had been the one doing the healing, I would have done so the 1st time I prayed for her rather than the 5th time. 
This is what Jesus meant when He said, 'This gift of the Spirit will operate when you are in the Spirit.'"
Seeing Demonic Oppression   "The operation of the NOT something which we can control, but which operates as God wills...Many suppose that the apostles carried these spiritual gifts around with them and operated them at will.  But this certainly was not the case when Paul and Silas were at Philippi.  They were there because God had led them into Macedonia by a vision...Acts 16:16-17...(In Macedonia) This girl had a spirit of divination, which is soothsaying or fortune-telling.  She knew who Paul & Silas were by the evil spirit...
That evil spirit knew them.  The girl herself didn't know them because she had never seen them before." 
Hagin's understanding is that the 2 disciples were there several days before the Holy Spirit allowed them to spiritually SEE/recognize & to cast out the evil spirit.
As the Spirit Wills  "Until he had the operation of the Spirit
(was operating in the Spirit's anointing), Paul was just as helpless as an other person to deal with the situation."
"The Lord said, 'There are 4 divisions: (1) principalities, (2) powers, (3) rulers of the darkness of this world, (4) wicked spirits in high places or in the heavenlies.  The highest spirits with which you have to deal are the rulers of the darkness of this world.'"  Ephesians 6:12 We wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness (wicked spirits) in high places.  Colossians 2:15 reminds us that Christ "spoiled principalities & powers" making an open show of them in triumph.  Jesus also cited 2nd Corinthians 6:14 admonishing Christians not to wed nonbelievers.
Rulers of the Unsaved  "The highest types of demons...rulers of the darkness of this world - rule all unsaved people...& dominate them.  That is why people do and say things they don't intend to."
"It is always one of the rulers of the darkness of this world that possesses a person...
They also tell the powers what to do.  Then the powers rule over the principalities and tell them what to do. 
The lowest type of demons have very little to do.  They do very little thinking of their own and are told what to do."
There is an unforgivable sin.  It is when a born-again Holy Spirit baptized Christian deliberately rejects Jesus. 
In addition to scripture (Hebrews 6:4-6 + Hebrews 10:26-29) Jesus clarifies this,
"For one to commit 'a sin unto death,' he would need to have all 5 of these experiences: (1) Be enlightened (or convicted) to see his lost state, and to know that there is no way for him to be saved except through Jesus Christ. (2) Taste of the Heavenly Gift, which is Jesus.  (3) Become a partaker of the Holy Spirit or be filled with the Holy Spirit.  (4) Grow enough out of the babyhood state to have tasted the good Word of God.  (5) Have the powers of the world to come - the gifts of the Spirit - operating in his life." 
[Certainly Judas could be an example, except that he did not have the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 
King Saul had the Holy Spirit (removed from his life) but did not know his Messiah.]
Forgiveness for Adultery  "Adultery is NOT the unpardonable sin."
Hagin saw in a vision a non Christian man entertaining "the thoughts Satan gave him"
and "saw this evil spirit go into the man's mind.  Jesus said, 'This evil spirit is 1 of the higher rulers of their world.  They are the ones that get ahold of a man & eventually possess him.  There are degrees of possession, & these spirits will bring other evil spirits with them'..."In the vision, the evil spirit got ahold of the man and seemed to open his head like a trap door.  Then I saw other spirits come and enter the man.  Jesus said to me, 'From now on when you come into the presence of anyone who is fully possessed with the devil, he will recognize you, just as the Mark 5 recognized Me when he came into My Presence...These spirits will know (recognize) you (the Holy Spirit in you)...Through the gift of discerning of spirits you will know what kind of spirit IT is (that opened the door to the others)'...Jesus said, "To cast them (all/the others) out, you sometimes have to know not only the kind of spirit they are but also their name (&/) or number.'"
"I asked the Lord, 'Where do demons go when they come out?' 
'They walk the dry places seeking rest & find none,' He replied.  Matthew 12:43-45
"I was still wondering why Jesus had not stopped this evil spirit from interfering, and of course Jesus knew what I was thinking.  He said, 'If you hadn't (had not) done something about that, I couldn't (could not) have.'  Lord, I know I misunderstood You.  You said You couldn't do anything about it, but You really meant that You wouldn't.  'No,' He said, 'If you hadn't done something about that spirit, I couldn't have...There is NOT a single place in the New Testament where believers are told to pray against the devil and (so) I will do anything about him. 
There is NOT 1 instance in any of the epistles written to the churches that said to tell God to rebuke the devil or do something about the devil.  To pray that God the Father or I the Lord Jesus Christ will rebuke the devil or do anything about the devil, is a waste of time.  God has done all He is going to do about the devil for the time being until the angel comes down from Heaven, takes the chain and binds him, and puts him into the bottomless pit.  Every writer of the New Testament in writing to the Church always told the believer to do something about the devil.  The believer has to have authority over the devil, or the Bible wouldn't tell him to do something about the devil... I have delegated My authority on the earth to the Church
Jesus said, "'1 of the 1st signs mentioned that will follow believers is that they should cast out devils...that in MY name they will exercise authority over the devil.  I delegated My authority over the devil to the Church & I can work only through the Church, for I am the Head of the Church'...I remembered how the evil spirits in the vision had fled when I had rebuked them...They were not afraid of me, but rather of Jesus,
whom I represent...You couldn't resist the devil if you didn't have authority over him...
'You are not to give the devil any place in you.  He cannot take any place unless you give him permission to do so.'"  "'The believer has authority on earth, for I have delegated My authority over the devil to you on the earth.  If you don't do anything about rebuking the devil, then nothing will be done.'"
"What about the wicked spirits in the heavenlies? 
He said, 'You take care of the ones on earth.  I will take care of those in the heavenlies.'"
Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - The Believer's Authority -   
Is based on missionary to China John A. MacMillan's The Authority of the Believer & on Jesus' 8 visits to him (Hagin).  The key points of the book can be found under the same title on CD. 
Hagin admonishes us to continually pray aloud for ourselves & then later
for others Ephesians 1:16-20 + Ephesians 3:14-19.  Seminary degrees & theological understanding are insufficient/incomplete without the Holy Spirit teaching our human spirit & His intervention in the lives of the non or baby Christians wearing demonic eyeglass.  Much of traditional Christianity is based on one's future life in heaven. 
Hagin shares that this wrong assumption (encouraged by our enemy) allows us to live an entire lifetime as
an impotent born-again individual.  Even if one is baptized in water as an adult (as opposed to infant baptism) and subsequently baptized in the Holy Spirit, it avails nothing if the born-again child of God intellectually assents to both but never acts on his authority (over Satan) deeded to him when Christ Jesus sat down at the right hand of God. 
This & above book are a must read.
Hagin, Kenneth E (senior)   The Believer's Authority - Legacy Edition 2004
Chapter 4 Breaking the Power of the Devil
Chapter 8 Authority over Demon Spirits, Not Human Wills  How to Deal with Demons 
"If He doesn't say anything (to me), I don't try to deal with an evil spirit. 
I go on and minister healing (rather than deliverance) to the person...
You can NOT judge one case by another...You can be released from oppression to your body & mind. 
You can exercise spiritual authority over others as long as they are in your presence. 
You can take authority over all unseen forces...Quietly and calmly rebuke the evil spirits behind the situation & claim authority over them...(Not over individual's wills) but over the spirit that made them act the way they did."
Appendix 1 Authority of the Believer over Satan and Demons 3/11/1990
Appendix 2 The Believer's Authority over Mental Illness 1/25/2000
"Realize that a person can have a demonic influence in his mind or body and still NOT be demon-possessed in his spirit...NO one who is born again - can have a demon in his or her spirit...Impossible...If you're born again, the Holy Ghost abides in your spirit...The Bible says it's then our responsibility to do something with our (remaining) body and our mind." Romans 12:2 KJV says, "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."
"Acts 10:38 says that sickness is Satanic oppression...
Satan or demons get into the body, but they can also get into the mind."
Demons and Mental Illness "My mom...didn't know how to trust God or to cast her cares upon the Lord...
She eventually suffered a complete mental & physical breakdown...
She often tried to kill herself, to commit suicide....My mom had no knowledge or recollection of what she did during that breakdown period, which goes to show that she wasn't in her right mind." (Author shares other stories where patient also does not remember his insanity.  Charles Carrin once shared story of an individual who likewise was healed of mental illness & today does not remember it.)
"Our spirit controls our body through our mind...If you don't renew your mind (daily with
the Word of God) your body will dominate your spirit through your mind...We won't know or exercise our rightful authority in Christ & will open ourselves up to the attacks of the enemy...
One way the enemy tries to attack Christians is through their mind...He can't attack them in their spirit."
The Cloud Is Lifted from a Grieving Wife Another time to the congregation "I" explained "that when something happens to a person's brain, that person is often no longer able to control his body...
ometimes Satan can come into the body of a person through sickness & affect that person's behavior...
We" need to take immediate "authority in the Name of Jesus, plead the blood of Jesus over him, & put the devil on the run."
A Man Is Set Free from Demonic Influence "If an oppressed person doesn't learn how to claim his rights - how to exercise his authority and stand against the devil - then to cast demons out is a waste of time, because they will just come back (7x worse per Matthew 12:43-45)."  Deliverance could not begin (a) until the man had burned the books (the source/root-cause/open-door of the demons entrance), (b) until the vacated space was filled with daily Bible reading, & (3) until implementing 30 minutes of daily praying/praising in tongues (as permanent routines).
You Can Snap Under Pressure or Cast the Pressure on God
Your choice.  Philippians 4:6 Amplified With thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God.
Obeying the Word Brings Results  Psalm 23  "Because Jesus is your Shepherd, He prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies (v5)Someone may say, 'I'm still having problems.'  The problem is that you're looking at the enemy instead of at the table!  Yes, the enemy is real.  And problems may be real...
The enemy is not invited to the table."
Come & Dine at the Table Prepared Before You  "But the devil's still there.  sure, he's still there. 
But he can't do a thing.  Just sit down at Father's table & don't pay any attention to the devil...& the problems."
Appendix 3 Authority in Prayer 2/19/2001  "Many of God's promises are conditional...
You have to meet the conditions...Even Jesus Himself can't do it for you...
Whether or not your prayers are heard & answered depends more on you than it does on God."
In Isaiah 43:26 God tells us "to remind Him of, 'I am He that blots out your transgressions and I'll not remember your iniquities'...because when you go to God in prayer, the devil will try to bring all your past failures & sins up before you" (those forgiven sins you have already repented of).
Reminding God of His Word  Charles G Finney & God were a team exercising much spiritual authority. Finney prayed daily from 4-8AM, often "away from the town so people wouldn't hear him because he prayed out loud."
We Live Under a Better Covenant  "We can enter the Presence of God as though our sin never existed.  Why? 
We have a legal standing with God...'I, even I, am He that blotteth out thy transgressions for Mine own sake, & will NOT remember thy sins.' (Isaiah 43:25) Say it out LOUD.
Appendix 4 Plead Your Case 2/20/2001   Be full of both the Holy Spirit and of the Word of God in order to legally stand your ground against the lying mouth of Satan and to legally weld the sword of the Holy Spirit which is the Word of God. "Whatever it is that you're praying about, find scriptures that cover your (legal) case and lay the matter (out loud) before God.  (He insists that we) remind Him of what He has said in His Word...
The Greek word translated 'ask' in John 15:7 also means (respectfully/legally) demand."
Presenting My Case Like a Lawyer is a spiritual requirement.
Every part of the Word Is True, but Know Which Scripture Will Work for You
This takes Holy Spirit insight/intuition/revelation and maturity.
Hagin, Kenneth E - The Triumphant Church - dominion over all the Powers of Darkness -
"Are you wrestling or resting (sleeping)?" -
Rev. Hagin shows the difference between oppression, obsession, + possession & discusses various ways believers can give Satan access in their lives.
The Triumphant Church will show you how to enforce Satan's defeat in your life so you can live in the victory God intended for every believer. No longer will you have to try to 'battle' to a place of victory once you understand the authority that is yours in Jesus Christ.
As a believer, you are seated in heavenly places in Christ far above all powers and principalities now.
So if you're not looking down on the devil, you're not high enough.
Come on up and sit in heavenly places in Christ where you belong.
Learn how to take your place in Christ as the triumphant Church - which is always a position of victory." -
More -
Hagin, Kenneth E -
KEH Minibooks - [online excellent excerpts if still available to public ?]

a - A Better Covenant
d -
Don't Blame God!
f -
Flow With the Spirit of God
g -
God Taught Me About Prosperity    Godliness Is Profitable    God's Medicine
h -
Hear and Be Healed    Hindrances to Growth in Grace    His Name Shall Be Wonderful   
How To Keep Your Healing    How To Walk In Love    How To Write Your Own Ticket
i - 
I Went To Hell    In Him
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Knowing What Belongs to Us
l -  Laying On Of Hands    Love Never Fails    Learning to Forget
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Obedience in Finances
p -
Paul's Revelation    Plead Your Case
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Signs of the Times
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The Coming Restoration - The Gifts and Calling of God - The Glory of God -
The New Birth
The Precious Blood of Jesus      The Way to Receive the Spirit    Three Big Words
y -
You Can Have What You Say    Your Faith in God Will Work
Why Fall Under the Power?       Why Tongues?   
Hagin, Kenneth - mini book - recommended -
pg 48-60
Chapter Ruling & Reigning in Union with God from The God Kind of Life
1 JOHN 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, & have overcome them:
because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world

It doesn't say going to overcome them (the forces of evil), but have overcome them.
If we've overcome one of them, we've overcome all of them.

We say, "If I've overcome them, why am I having so much trouble with them?"

Because you don't know who you are in Christ!.

Because you don't know that you are supposed to rule over them!

Remember, we're talking about reigning as kings in life.
Satan has been defeated. He's not going to be; he has been defeated.
When Jesus walked the earth, He won every battle with the enemy.
Then, after He had satisfied the claims of justice on the cross, He met the devil in his own
throne room, stripped him of his authority and dominion, and rose from the dead.

In Revelation 1:18 Jesus said, “I am He that liveth, & was dead;
&, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; & have the keys of hell and of death."

Where did He get them?  He got them from Satan;
He took the dominion & authority that had been given Satan in the Garden of Eden by Adam.

Now every man and woman who accepts Jesus Christ is identified with Him.  He did it for you. He did it for me.

He did it as our Substitute. Satan can holler as much as he wants to.
But you withstand him; don't be the least bit afraid of him. Withstand him with the faith of Jesus Christ.

The trouble with a lot of us is we live up there in the faith realm,
but we've gone down the back stairs in the reason realm.
Some people are holding onto devilish reasoning. But when Jesus died as our Substitute,
we were identified with Him. That is the reason we're overcomers.

EPHESIANS 2:2 - Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh (evil) in the children of disobedience:

3 - Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh & mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

4 - But God, Who is rich in mercy, for His great love wherewith He loved us,

5 - Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, [by grace ye are saved; Quickened means "made alive." When He was made alive back there, we were made alive.]

6 - God hath raised us up together,
and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

You're identified with Christ in what He did. So when Ruling and Reigning in Union with
God are we to reign as kings? During the Millennium? In "the sweet by & by"? No, in life.

The potential is there, & it belongs to you. I'm going to live up to the full potential of

what belongs to me in Christ Jesus.  You're the one who has authority in your life.
I don't have authority in your life. That's the problem. 
We're running around trying to find someone else to be king.
I'm not to be king; you're to be king in your own life.

We have failed to realize what Jesus did. We have failed to realize who we are.
We have failed to take advantage of what belongs to us.
So, when trouble comes, we become fearful.

But no, blessed be God, here's why we've overcome:
"Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world"

(1 John 4:4)  Who is it that is in this world? Satan is the god of this world.
2nd Corinthians 4:4 says he is called the god of this world; he's here.
Adam was the god of this world, but he sold out to Satan and Satan became god.
Jesus, however, stripped Satan of that authority. He gave it back to us.

We've sat around begging for authority and we had it all the time.
e've sat around waiting for God to do something; yet He's waiting for us to do something.

I will never forget when the Lord appeared to me in a vision in 1952 in the state of Oklahoma.
He said, "I'm going to talk to you about the devil, demons, and demon possession."

The whole thing lasted about an hour & a half. Jesus stood before me as I knelt.
Suddenly an evil spirit that looked like a monkey jumped up between us
and caused a black cloud to appear. I couldn't see Jesus, but I could hear Him.

He kept right on talking. Meanwhile, the (evil) spirit threw his arms & legs out +
hollered in a shrill voice, "Yakety-yak, yakety-yak, yakety-yak."  He kept on acting that
way and (negative) thoughts ran through my mind faster than machine gun bullets could fire. 
I thought, "Dear Lord, I'm missing what Jesus is saying [instructing me about dealing with the devil (chatter)]. 
I heard the sound of His voice, but I couldn't distinguish the words because of this "yakety-yak" business.
I couldn't see Jesus because the cloud was there.  I thought, Doesn't Jesus know I'm not hearing Him (clearly)?
Why doesn't Jesus do something about it? Why does He allow it?"

Aren't those the kinds of questions asked all the time?

"Why did God allow it? Why doesn't God do something about it?"

Finally, in desperation, I spoke to the (interrupting) spirit,
"I command you to shut up in the Name of Jesus."

When I said that, he hit the floor like a sack of salt: "kerplop."
The dark cloud disappeared & I could see Jesus.
Then Jesus said something that absolutely astonished me; that upended my theology.
(We get so concerned about theology that we miss the Bible.)

Jesus pointed to that little fellow lying there (shaking all over, trembling from head
to foot, whining) & said, "If you hadn't done something about that, I couldn't have."

Listen & reign. Let it slip by you, & be in slavery.

In my astonishment, I said, "Lord. I know I misunderstood You. I'm sure I did.
You didn't say You couldn't; I pointed to that little fellow lying there still whimpering
and shaking all over. You said You wouldn't, didn't You?"  Jesus (pointed to him &) spoke, "I said, if you hadn't done something about that, I couldn't."  Now understand "that" doesn't just include the demon.
It included the dark cloud that shut off the vision of Jesus & heaven.
It included communication that didn't get through prayers, or whatever.

I said, "Lord, I know something happened to me. You didn't say You couldn't. You said You wouldn't, didn't You?"

Very emphatically He said, "No! I didn't say I wouldn't; I said I couldn't."

"Oh, dear Lord," I said. "I can't accept that. It's against everything I ever believed.
It's against everything I ever preached."

I said, "I won't accept any vision unless You can prove it to me from the Bible, particularly the New Testament.  You said in Your Word (Matthew 18:16), “In the mouth of 2-3 witnesses every word may be established."

Do you think He got angry with me? No, He smiled so sweetly & said, "I'll go you one better; I'll give you 4."

He said, "There's no place in the New Testament where the Church or Christian believers are told to pray against the devil. To pray against the devil is to waste your time."

When He said that to me I said, "Dear Lord. I've wasted so much time."

He said, "The New Testament tells believers themselves to do something about the devil.
If they don't, there won't be anything done. I've done all I'm ever going to do about the devil

That came as a real shock to me.
"Now," He said, "I'll give you the 4 references which proved that. 1st of all, in Matthew 28:18 when I arose from the dead, I said, 'All power is given unto me in heaven & in earth.'
The word 'power' means authority." 
If you stopped reading right here you'd say, "Why, dear Lord Jesus, You do have authority here on the earth."

But He said, "I immediately delegated My authority on earth to the Church."

MARK 16:15 - Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

16-He that believeth & is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned.

17 - And these signs shall follow them that believe;
In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

18 - They shall take up serpents; & if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, & they shall recover.  You see, you're authorized to do that.  Then Jesus said to me, "Not 1 single time does any New Testament writer tell you to pray to God or to Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, to do anything about the devil.  Every single time they tell you to do it. You're the one who has authority.
You're the one who's to rule
."  The next reference He gave me was James 4:7:
"Submit yourselves therefore to God. (Doggedly) Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

Now, as Jesus said, you couldn't do that if you didn't have authority over the devil.

Ephesians 4:27 says, "Neither give place (a toehold) to the devil."

Jesus quoted that, saying "That simply means, 'Don't let the devil have any place in you.'"
He said, "That Ruling and Reigning in Union with God means the devil can't take any place in you, unless you let him (have/entertain/hide/incubate/nurse/smolder something (unholy) in common: un-forgiveness/bitterness/resentment/betrayal/abandonment/abusse).
That means you've got the (101%) authority."  Now let's go back to the vision I saw.
Dark clouds sometimes appear on the horizon of our lives, blotting out the light from heaven that is seeking to shine in. We say, "Why did God permit that to happen to me?"
That darkness, you see, can be an illustration of many things: sickness, problems, any circumstance.  
We say, "Why did God send this? Why doesn't God do something about it?"

Can you understand it? You're the one who's supposed to do something about it.

Authority in the Life of Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth once received a telegram urging him to visit a young woman 200 miles from his home.
He went there and found her mother and father broken-hearted because their daughter had lost her mind.
They said the devil had gotten hold of her. 
Silently they led him down a hall and up 2 flights of stairs. Finally they reached a closed door.
The girl's father opened it, swung it back, and pushed Wigglesworth inside.

Wigglesworth said, "I looked in the room and there was a frail little girl, just in her 20’s,
lying on the floor held down by 5 grown men."  When the girl saw him, the strength in that frail body was so great (empowered by the devil) that she overcame the 5 men.
They couldn't hold her. She tore loose from them, faced Wigglesworth with blazing eyes,

and said, "You can't cast me out! You can't cast me out."  Wigglesworth said, "Jesus can, and He's in me."
(He remembered 1st John 4:4: "Greater is he that is in you,than he that is in the world.")

Wigglesworth knew something about being in union with God.
 He knew something about having the living God in him; Christ in you.
"Jesus can," he said, "and come out in the Name of Jesus." 
34 of them came out and gave their names.  The girl's mind was restored;
she walked down the steps and sat down and ate the evening meal. Praise God. 
The Name of Jesus is greater than the forces of evil and the Greater One is living in you.

Once I was preaching some of these truths in another state.
I remember that a Full Gospel Business Men's chapter president said to me,
"Brother Hagin, hearing this makes me feel like I could do anything."
I said, "You can; go out and do it." 
A day or 2 later, a man flew in who was going to speak at several chapters, including this man's.
The 2 of them were driving to a breakfast meeting in another city,

and they were traveling quite fast. (The speed limit was about 75 miles per hour then.)

It was not exactly dark and not exactly light; they couldn't see too well.

Suddenly a woman appeared in front of that big Lincoln automobile.
The chapter president couldn't possibly stop. He hit her and her body flew up over the

windshield, over the car, and landed back down the highway.
He quickly pulled over to the side of the road. It sounded like they had run into a truck.
They knew every bone in her body had to be broken.  This chapter president told me,
"I just sat there in shock. A motorist going the other way said he would notify the authorities.
The man who was with me ran back to the woman.
A nurse in one of the other cars that stopped said, 'I can't find a pulse beat; she's dead.
There's no life in her.' The ambulance came, and all at once I could hear you preaching,

'Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.'

Before I knew what I was doing, I climbed out of the car, ran back to the woman,
laid hands on her, and commanded her to live in the Name of Jesus."

After the ambulance left for the hospital, the chapter president went on and drove his guest to the speaking engagement. Afterwards they came back through the same little town where the woman had been taken to the hospital. Her doctors told the men,
"We're going to dismiss her; we can't find a thing wrong with her.
She doesn't have a broken bone in her body." Glory to God! How big is God?

Hagin, Kenneth Jr - Blueprint for Building Strong Faith - booklet -
"I've found only 1 place in Scripture where Jesus talked to the devils, and He only talked to them then because they started talking to Him first.  Every other time He met up with them, He just said, 'Come out!' I've never found in the Word that it took Jesus 3 weeks, 2 days, and 30 minutes of calling them out by name, either.  When He said, 'Come out!' they came out.  Deliverance is not a long and painstaking process...Every devil in hell is scared of the Name of Jesus.  Jesus has already defeated them. You do not need to come against them with anything but His name... Know who you are in Jesus, speak the word, and the devil's got to go...Jesus...when He defeated Satan...kept saying, 'It is written...
It is written
...It is written'...The Bible says, 'He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them...Psalm 107:20."
Hagin, Kenneth Jr - Faith Takes Back What the Devil's Stolen - booklet -  wonderful read
"Things have to be taken in the spiritual realm.  They don't just fall on you.  You have to reach out and (tenaciously/aggressively/violently) take them...Did salvation just fall on you or did you respond and reach out and take the (free) gift...How many businessmen...just (idly) sit back in their offices...Receive (take/wrest from the devil and the heavenly storehouses) what (inheritance/escrow) God (already) has for you...2,000 years ago when Jesus Christ Himself...on that rugged cross, said, 'It is finished.'" 
Hagin, Kenneth Jr - The Answer for Oppression - booklet -
"The devil can come to us, but he can't possess us.  He can oppress us...but he can't cross the bloodline (of Jesus Christ, our savior)...Acts 10:38 God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power, Who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil..
If you're being oppressed mentally or physically, you are bound and you need to be loosed." binding + loosing 

Billy Hallowell - Playing With Fire: A Modern Investigation Into Demons, Exorcisms and Ghosts  book excerpt @
Hallowell, Billy – Article @ Cites 1 case/chapter regarding [i] Marisa Kwiatkowski, “The Exorcisms of Latoya Ammons,” Indy Star, 1/25/2014 - -
“Regardless of where you stand on stories like this, there are 2 essential realities we must remember. The 1st is found in Ephesians 6:11: ‘Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.’
This means holding close to the Christian faith, which translates into daily prayer and a healthy relationship with God.
There’s 1 other reality, though, that is found in the subsequent verse (12): ‘For our struggle is not against flesh & blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world & against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.’  It’s easy to forget that there’s a spiritual battle raging, but a failure to acknowledge this reality can prove dangerous. Still, there’s hope. Yes, there’s a spiritual battle, but there’s also a solution that is freely available: Christ.” 


Hammond, Frank and Ida Mae - Pigs in the Parlor - A Practical Guide to Deliverance - or Pigs in the Parlor read online - chapter #1
Book includes a superior chapter on schizophrenia! - A must read for ministry to mentally ill patients.
Schizophrenia is a disintegration, distortion, or disturbance of the development of the personality, as defined by God Himself to Ida Mae.  Demons can enter at a very young age and can prevent/retard the real/true self from developing.  Core demons are typically rejection and rebellion & must be rooted out for patient to recover.  Patient must fall out of agreement with each pair of demons associated with the core demons.  Often these opposites are dealt with first: lust/self will, self accusation/ accusation, inferiority/pride, & envy/fear - "examples" of  "possible" pairings.
Hammond, Frank and
Ida Mae - Cerdos en la Sala - Spanish -
Hammond reminds us that the King James translation of the Greek word daimonizomai is "possessed", which is incorrect and should be "demonized".  No Christian can be possessed.  Both Christians & non Christians can be demonized, & most are.  Hammond urges each member of a Christian family to recommit himself to Christ and then go through a deliverance.  Christians can deliver themselves, if need be.  Why?  The Bible explains that Satan and his helpers were defeated by Christ 2000 years ago.  That is why God does NOT answer a deliverance prayer.  Is is OUR job to bind and cast out demons, not God's job.  His job is done.  In fact, it is our obligation to use all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Heal, deliver, do miracles, teach, preach, etc.  That means every Christian needs to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, after receiving salvation & water baptism, in the name of Jesus Christ.  One more item.  Hammond contends that Satan has NO legal right to a Christian, as some teach.  Others teach that sin
(their own or inherited) allows Satan to have a legal right to oppress or indwell (demonize) anybody, Christian or not. 
Hammond thinks that Christians and others are demonized due to ignorance of what Satan does and how, plus due to ignorance of the fact that Jesus (not Satan) has the legal title to our minds.  Hammond insists that we can and must evict the enemy.  This book will encourage & equip you.  [Hammond  seems  to contradict himself.  What Hammond means is that until such time that Christians wake up, demons will have squatters rights.  Thus, the demons have NO legal title to/ownership (possession) of a Christian, because Christ bought our house/body 2000 years ago.  However, demons can oppress Christians from the outside, rent (demonize) through unrecognized/unconfessed sin, or trespass illegally (through inheritance).]
Hammond gives us tentative 53 spiritual demonic groupings, to help us recognize what possible roots need to be dealt with.  Each group has its underling evil spirits that also need to be dealt with.  The spirit of rejection is usually a major root issue in people involved in adoption/abortion/schizophrenia.  
You may want to refer to Rejection It's Fruits & It's Roots by Dr. William Null +
The Spirit of Rejection CD by John

Hammond, Frank - Demons and Deliverance - - Recommended -
Reviews all the New Testament scripture relating to the deliverance ministry of Jesus.
Deliverance Prayers for those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ =    
, Frank - Our Warfare Against Demons and Territorial Spirits - Put on the whole armor of God. - Booklet
I The Nature of Our Warfare  Ephesians 6:12 "give us a clear picture of the NATURE of our enemy (1) principalities, (2) powers, (3) rulers of the darkness of this age, (4) spiritual hosts of wickedness.  These phrases do NOT seem to represent an outline of the satanic hierarchy but rather convey the basic characteristics of Satan's kingdom.  Thus we wrestle against (1) an organized kingdom...spiritual beings holding dominions entrusted to echelon of evil spirit beings...(2) delegated authorities...powers...We believers have (superior) delegated authority...(3) world rulers...(manipulated by the evil) powers in the heavenlies...(4) wicked spirits...The New Age religion (worships the) elemental spirits (water, fire, wind and earth)...Territorial spirits headquartered 'in the heavenlies' must be identified, bound & spoiled...First bind the strong man; then spoil his house (Matt.12:29)...Through our new birth in Christ we have been raised to a position of authority and power, for God 'hath raised us up together (with Christ) and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Eph 2:6...Far above all principality, and power, & might and dominion, and every name that is named...Eph 1:21-23...He has 'all things under His feet' Eph 1:22; therefore, we have all things under our feet!"
III Methods for Disarming the Strong Man  1 Researching the Past  "In personal deliverance it is important to know what has happened to that individual from conception forward...Discover the doors of opportunity which have been opened to the devil. 
The approach is the same for discovering the ruler spirits over the geo-political areas.  Who were the 1st settlers?"
2 Repenting of All Sins  "There is NO deliverance without repentance from ALL sins...
Where there is no repentance the devil is empowered to oppress:  Therefore, repentance
is necessary at every level of spiritual warfare...As long as sins remain un-confessed,
the devil has a legal right to continue his work."
3 Forgiving All Others  "Matthew 18:23-35...The 1 who does not forgive is turned over to the tormentors until he forgives.
4 Recognizing God's Purpose  "Each person is important to God  The Lord has a unique purpose for each...The same is true for nations and cities.  What obstacles has the devil concocted to prevent or hinder God's purposes?"  President Bush said, "Tear down this wall."  Likewise we need to tear down the walls/hindrances/obstructions to God's blessings.
5 Ministering with Compassion  "Nehemiah 'wept, mourned certain days, fasted & prayed' over Jerusalem...Jesus wept over Jerusalem."
6 Praying with All Prayer  "Prayer is directed towards God, while spiritual warfare is directed towards the devil...
When Daniel prayed, God sent angel to fight with the territorial spirits over Persia."
7 Speaking to the Mountain  "A spiritual mountain is that which stands between us & the blessings of God...One must SPEAK to an evil spirit with God-given authority...Dealing with territorial spirits we must command these unseen powers in the heavenlies in the Name of Jesus...1 simply speaks to the principalities and powers in the authority of Jesus' Name...Not yelling at the devil."
IV Deliverance and Territorial Spirits  "When our warfare affects one part of his ranks it simultaneously affects the other... When the  disciples cast demons out of individuals, the powers of evil in the heavens were shaken, indicating the defeat of Satan...Binding the strong man affects the spirits under his command; casting out demons from individuals affects the power and position of the strong man's rule.
VI Who Has Authority to Pull Down Strongholds?  "All authority in heaven & earth rests in the hands of Jesus, our Commander in Chief...We are to go in His (delegated) authority."
VII Who Should Lead the Warfare?  "Those who have spiritual jurisdiction should lead in the warfare for their own territory."
VIII Pulling Down Strongholds vs.Binding and Loosing  "Binding & loosing are 'the keys of the kingdom of heaven' Matthew 16:19.  They are the keys of authority...The enemy is immobilized.  One who is bound is unable to move & carry out his plans.  Binding is the 1st stage of spiritual warfare...Matthew 12:29."
IX How Long Does It Take?  "There are many victories to be won over the devil before ultimate victory is achieved...The devil has put pressure on God's people, but now the saints are putting pressure on him.  We must MAINTAIN that pressure until he is immobilized - bound...When he is bound you will see the results AND you will get a witness in your spirit."

Hammond, Frank - Overcoming Rejection  -
chapter 1 at  
Some believers expect God to speak to their minds.  God is a spirit Who communicates with man's spirit. 
Until a believer understands that God communicates with his spirit, rather than with his mind, he is likely to experience a lot of false guidance from evil spirits, from self, or from others...  
A paranoid person (personality) may need to let off steam through confrontation...
The Greek word "soteria" means (1) salvation, (2) deliverance, AND/or (3) preservation ...
Once a person is delivered, he MUST immediately be filled with another spirit, the Holy Spirit...
Once the infection (evil spirit) is gone, one may need the wound to be healed. 
Inner healing may be accomplished (appropriated) by asking Jesus in faith per Matthew 9:22
(the same way one receives  salvation), or 1 may have church elders anoint him with oil & pray a prayer of faith (James 5:14-16), per Hammond.
Hammond, Frank - The Saints at War - 
Volume I - Spiritual Warfare Series for pastors & those in ministry
There are 2 levels of warfare - individual deliverance + wrestling against heavenly principalities over families, churches, cities, states, nations
Christians need to know that Christ passed to believers the authority plus responsibility to bind Satan.
There is an evil spirit of intimidation, per a demon that spoke to a pastor in whose church the Hammond's were ministering.
There is a spirit of deception, per Jay Lee. God showed Jay an amazing revelation of Satan & his cohorts that are bound in chains only to the degree of Christians' persistence + knowledge of their authority & power in Jesus Christ.
Hammond, Frank -
Hammond, Frank - Confronting Familiar Spirits - chapter 1 -

Hampsch, Father John H - Devils and Demons: Fact or Fiction -
booklet -

Harfouche, Christian & Robin  
#9015 How to Receive Your Miracle + Healing of the Female Spirit  
Harfouche, Dr. Christian - Authority Over Darkness -
2nd half very good on ancestral spirits;
includes prayer at end of program.
Harfouche, Robin  went from New Age & Hollywood actress & dancer to wheelchair cripple to being healed by God.
#1112 From Hollywood to Heaven - Books share
that there is an evil spirit of pain, which is often to doorway to a majority of other infirmities. 
We are to command it
(& all problems it brought in with it) to leave, in Jesus name!
Christian Harfouche Ministries, Pensacola, Florida, USA - Rape/abuse prayer requests 
Book's chapter 6 also discusses sexual invasion/intrusion/control by demons.

web address =
Be sure to get copy of 9/2007 Mishpochah newsletter which has editorial The Spirit of Pain. - Training Manual -

Hayes, Norvel  -  Confession Brings Possession - A must read booklet -
Hayes, Norvel  - 
How To Cast Out Devils  - booklet - -
Chapter 2 "Jesus Said to Me, 'Go and Study the 16th Chapter of Mark.'"  "Jesus...says, 'Just believe what you read, because the great commission is the greatest words that were ever spoken out of My mouth, because the Gospel brings life to a human being. Casting out devils in My name is My 1st commission (duty/obligation/assignment/responsibility) for the believer.'"
Chapter 3 The College Girl Thrown Out of School  "Jesus said to me, 'You have been going around...telling the people that you love Me.  Tonight, I demand that you show Me by obeying My command in the 16th chapter & the 17th verse of the book of Mark.' 
Then I said to Him, 'Jesus, is that...the only training I get?'  He...let me know, 'That's all you need. 
All you have to do is obey the 17th verse of the 16th chapter of the Book of Mark...
When you obey that verse, all you do is say,
"In My name (In the name of Jesus), come out", & it will come out.'"
"I said, 'Jesus, if You will condition me through the power of the Holy Spirit to do this job, I it'...Immediately, the Holy Spirit in me began to let me get the Devil."
Chapter 5 The Girl Who Danced in the Woods at Night  "I doesn't make any difference what people think about anything.  It is what God's Word actually says that ever matters.  Nothing else matters. 
Jesus said, 'In My name cast out devils, if you are a believer.'"
"Any believer of the Lord Jesus Christ can cast out devils if he just knows...(Mark 16:17)...
If you don't obey the Scriptures, they don't obey you."
Chapter 6 The Hippie Cult Leader  In Jesus name, "you can cast out devils too, if you believe it (Mark 16:17). 
Do it with authority."
Chapter 7 The College Boy Who Lost His Mind  (Norvel shares that it is imperative for the person being delivered to have Jesus' indwelling Holy Spirit + instruction on how to defend oneself from demons.  Additionally, immediately after or preferably BEFORE ANY DELIVERANCE - BEFORE BEING LOOSED FROM THE ENEMY & BEFORE BEING LEFT ON ONE'S OWN it is imperative to have already set in place a ministry to which the delivered can/will go. 
All occult objects are to be destroyed & the bedroom is to be prayed over. 
These actions will assist the formerly oppressed/possessed/demonized in preventing relapse.) 
Once these provision are in place one can, in the name of Jesus, DEMAND (continuously, until deliverance is accomplished):
"Satan, I break and bind thee way down deep inside (name of person being delivered/prayed for)  _________  & I command you to obey me. 
I command you (Satan), in Jesus' name, to turn ________ loose...
I command you, in Jesus' name, to turn __________'s mind loose,
and for ________'s mind to be restored to normal
(the way King Nehemiah's mind was restored to perfect permanent sanity)...
Down inside of  _________, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
I command you to come out of ________ & let  ________ go free. 
I say, in Jesus' name, your power is broken...
I say come out of ________...
I bind your power up, in Jesus' name... 
I tell you that you can't destroy _________ , because I say you can't...
I am not going to let you destroy  ___________. 
You can't have _________'s mind, because ( obedience to...) the Lord Jesus Christ (...I...) cast you out...
In Jesus' name, I command you to (immediately) obey me. 
Come out of _______, (NOW)... 
Devil, you can't keep _________ .
Your power HAS BEEN broken, and you know it HAS BEEN broken. 
You are not going to destroy _______'s mind.  (In the name of Jesus,) I am not going to let you. 
In Jesus' name, I command __________'s mind to be restored to normal...
I plead the blood of Jesus over _________ ...
The blood of Jesus was shed on the Cross for our salvation & for __________ to be free. 
Jesus came to set the captives free.  I won't accept anything less than freedom for ___________."
Chapter 8 The Doctor's Wife Who cut Her Wrists  
(One does NOT ask evil to cooperate.  One takes authority over evil according to the authority Christ has already given us - per scripture.)
Hayes, Norvel - How to Live and NOT Die - A must read
book -
Hayes, Norvel - The Number One Way To Fight The Devil - booklet - - excellent
The "Best of the Best" in applying the Word of God to the enemy as a sword.
Hayes, Norvel -
You Must Know Authority - booklet -
Hayes, Norvel -
You Have Authority - booklet -
Hayes, Norvel -
Jesus, Your Deliverer - booklet -
Hayes, Norvel -
Know Your Enemy - How to Combat and Overcome Demonic Forces - book - - excellent
Chapter 3 How I Learned to Cast out Demons 
"Jesus told me (that Mark 16) verses 15-18 contained the greatest words that ever came out of His mouth."
Chapter 4 The Devil Must Obey You  "Curse those things & make them disappear." 
Once we understand the spiritual dynamics, we, not others, are responsible to exorcise demons.
Chapter 8 Demons Do NOT Obey Weak Christians  Section Be Bold and Loud     
"Unless you resist and rebuke the devil, demons are NOT going to go, anywhere, ever. 
Do NOT be ashamed of the Gospel or (afraid to apply) the power of Jesus' name. 
It does NOT matter how you feel or do not feel.  Every day, resist the devil, in Jesus' name...
You cannot cast out demons without faith...the Word...boldness.
"Bind the devil in Jesus' name...A demon can be in you for 20 years & never scream
and fight as long as you do what he wants.  He will not manifest 24 hours a day;
only whenever he needs to in order to keep you in line."   
"Jesus said to me once, 'Son, if...people who are devil possessed...confess their freedom, they will get free quicker
If you
(in ministering to them) say, 'In Jesus' name, come out of him' & nothing happens, get them (in advance) to thank God for their freedom." 
(Remember, we often thank a giver of a gift, even BEFORE we unwrap it.)
Hayes, Norvel  - Training Camp for the Army of God - A must read booklet - The Lord told Norvel to "Never stop casting out devils."  [We need to be gruff with the devil, not whimps.  Remember the child's story of the 3 billy goats gruff who lived under the bridge and chased everyone away who wanted to cross the bridge.  Likewise, in the name of Jesus, we need to chase away (intimidate) all demons who daily attempt to sabotage us.  When we do (and mean what we say) they will flee.]
Hayes, Norvel  - What to Do for Healing - A must read booklet -
Caption -
The Same Power That Flowed Through Jesus to Open Blind Eyes & Deaf Ears
 Is Available for You Today

Hayward, Chris of California - God's Cleansing Stream -
Book review - July 2004 - Face Your Invisible Enemies -
Satan's strongholds exist due to our ignorance and un-repentance.  Deliverance, rather than healing, is needed to break the power of strongholds.  One needs to repent of any personal or inherited sin. 
1 needs to renounce & cancel any legal hold Satan has had in the past.
In deliverance the 1 praying/speaking represents Christ & His authority.
Spiritual authority depends not upon us but upon Christ.  We come against the demon(s) who has deceived & manipulated the person.  We command the demon (in them or in us) to leave.  We do "not" say, "Please." 
We do not negotiate.

Heidler, Robert D. - Set Yourself Free - A Deliverance Manual - You Can Escape Satan's Oppression & Walk in Freedom! -
Book includes pre-deliverance, deliverance, post-deliverance, and self-deliverance.  Chapter 9 Removing the Enemy's Agents
shares the gradual total deliverance of a severely demonized woman who crowded out the demonic influences by allowing a committed woman to minister to her for 1 year.  The more we fill our life with Jesus (not religion), the more terrorized the demons become. However, we must not dump Jesus, when we are healed, or the problems will not only return but increase. - Glory of Zion International Ministries, Denton, Texas, USA - 5/15/2006 Radio Broadcast Interview #1487 -
Heidler, Robert D - The Messianic Church Arising -
"I remember haring Derek Prince share that in leading people into deliverance, he often had them...declare in faith, 'I am redeemed by the blood of the Lamb out of the hand of the enemy.' 
That was often enough to break the power of demonic forces from a believer's life."
We also need to deliver our possessions, our property and our land (in addition to ourselves) of demons!  Passover is a good annual time to rid ourselves of contamination and to also thank God for His prior deliverances in our lives. He recommends Chuck Pierce's book Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness or his own Set Yourself Free.

Heidler, Robert D. - Set Yourself Free! A Deliverance Manual  or Auto-Liberate! Manual de liberación (Set Yourself Free - Spanish)

Herzog, David - Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled -
Chapter 5 A Revival of Wisdom testifies that prayed over cloths (placed under pillows) freed people from mental torment.

Hickey, Marilyn - Devils, Demons, and Deliverance -
Hickey, Marilyn - Victorious Spiritual Warfare -

David and Evelyn Higginbotham - Possessed Believers - 12 Signs of possession or Oppression - Chapter 10 How to Be Set Free - important textbook -
(One cannot be timid or on the defensive, but rather on the offensive, yes, against our enemy, the devil, in Jesus' name. 
We can do this in the 3rd heaven, using all necessary protocol.)  "Deliverance and spiritual warfare need to be a regular (normal) part of our (spiritual) lives" (as human beings, whether gentiles, Jews or Christians. 
Yes, we also need to be proactive and thus protective of our and His family, in Jesus' name.) - -

You can
email Pastor David Higginbotham.  You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
You can also watch
TV Shows by Pr. David & Pr. Renato

Higginbotham, David - Possessed Believers @ 9/10 stars. 
1st, author should really say oppression rather than possession.
2nd, author seems unaware of value of repentance for family/ancestral sin to eradicate inherited curses/iniquity.
3rd, author was member of Universal church in 2003 at time of writing book. 
[Universal church founder Macedo was so aggressive in fundraising, that he (not author) came under investigation.]
Higginbotham, David -
Higginbotham, Evelyn -

DISCLOSURE regarding Chapter #1 re Parents' church -
sites/andersonantunes/2013/07/22/brazilian-billionaire-bishop-edir-macedo-is-now-a-banker-too/ 7/22/2013
Bishop Edir Macedo - Founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God - -
Bishop Edir Macedo - messages
Bishop Edir Macedo - #1- June 29 - July 5, 2001 -
"Bishop José Luiz bellows at the altar, directing the mass exorcisms...of 3,000 men and women...They stuff the red collection bags with at least $1 billion per year in return for the spiritual care provided at storefront temples and converted movie houses. In Brazil, the church's influence extends beyond spiritual matters, into ownership of Brazil's Rede Record, the country's second-largest television network, and hundreds of radio stations, various newspapers, a bank and a credit company...Members face not one or two offerings every service, but as many as three or more, with pastors exhorting them to donate as much as $1,000...At church headquarters in New York City, treasurer Regina Cerveira, speaking through her secretary, said no interviews would be granted to the Weekly. Much about the church remains secret, even for the faithful. Off-limit topics include finances of the church, its hierarchical structure, and even most of the surnames of many of the pastors and bishops...The church has at least 20 temples in Southern California, with a new one opening every 6 months. Most are in heavily Latino areas, though temples have also opened in Azusa and on Hollywood Boulevard...Church leaders began to take notice of the potential of the L.A. market and ordered Suhett to begin holding 'campañas,' a special offering made by a believer requesting a cure or miracle from God. Campañas, which are usually named after a biblical figure or place, can cost the parishioner from $1,000 to $10,000."
Bishop Edir Macedo - -
Source: (a nay-sayer or stone thrower)
"Suhett went on to found the Church of Amor e Graça. He says other pastors and bishops would leave the church, but are afraid of becoming possessed by demons. 'It is really easy to do [such exorcisms],' says Suhett, who no longer believes in the Devil. 'If a person has a headache, it is demons. So I start shouting "Demons, get out!" And the person falls and ends up confused and believing she had demons'"
The church "preaches against indigenous Caribbean and Mexican practices, such as the ritual cleansing of Santería and faith-healing curanderismo. The Universal's practice of exorcisms goes beyond that of most Pentecostal churches. "They actually invoke the demons," Chesnut says.  The church's logo, "Pare de Sufrir" ("Stop Suffering"), was embraced by many Brazilians suffering from physical, spiritual or mental maladies.
The message contrasted sharply with classical Latin American Catholic stoicism, which preached the endurance of pain as a way to purge sins...Macedo said, "We are like an omelet.'The more they beat us, the more we grow'...Miranda leaked a stunning video to O Globo in which the bishop instructed pastors on how to milk crowds for money...
Macedo did not deny that the video was authentic...
Maria Chavez. A mother of 3, Chavez was well-known in Aliso Village, a 685-unit public-housing project in Los Angeles, for making the best homemade pies around. But 2 years after she joined the Universal Church, Chavez, then 47, suffered a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide by swallowing a bottle of pills. Five years later, she still hallucinates about demons who torment her, and sometimes rambles incoherently about a world dominated by the Universal Church, says her husband, Amado Chavez. He blames the church for his wife's mental breakdown.  'She used to be quick-thinking and very sound of mind,' says Amado Chavez. 'Now I can't take her out because she starts yelling at people or says things that do not sound right at all'.  In 1996, Maria began attending services at the Million Dollar. The couple ä began falling behind on their bills, and Maria explained that all of her income had gone for tithing. 'We had a big argument,' says Amado. 'When my sons found out, they also became enraged. She would make about $500 a week from pies. She was donating all of her money, and some of mine, to the church!'  Amado Chavez went to the pastors at the Million Dollar to complain about what was happening to his wife and about how they were going broke. 'A pastor told me coldly that they did not obligate anyone to tithe or to go to their church,' Amado Chavez contends. 'They told me to leave, that this country protected them, and that if I ever came back they would have me arrested'...Maria goes about her apartment in jeans, her hair uncombed. She says the birds outside her window are Universal spies and that Satan sleeps in their living room. 'We used to be such a happy couple. We would go out to places for walks,' Amado Chavez says. 'Now we rarely go out. We can't trust even our shadows. I think that when you take a poor man's wife, which is the only thing he has left in his old age, you are doing a very evil thing'...
Serbin says. 'The question that needs to be asked is "When people put their money in that little red bag, where is it going?"'"
Bishop Edir Macedo -
The new blood covenant begins with tithes and offerings, per pastor.
COMMENTARY: (It seems that the humble origins of Macedo's church are/were holy,
but that greed &/or pride has messed up/contaminated the organization.)

Chip Ingram - Look Inside book - -
What Every Believer Needs to Know about Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare

Eric M. Hill - Power Evangelism Ministries -
look inside at
Deliverance from Demons and Diseases: Freedom…

Hinn, Benny - Breaking the Chains of the Past - free upon "written" request -

Hinkle, Mary-Etta - Out of the Valley of Darkness -
Mary shares how the Hammonds were instrumental in her deliverance from Schizophrenia.  God revealed to Ida Mae that Mary had schizophrenia.  Read Pigs in the Parlor chapter on schizophrenia.  Once the 3 major evil roots (rejection, rebellion, and schizophrenic personality spirits) were bound and evicted, it was easier to get rid of the remaining 7 evil spirits over a 2 year period.  God taught Mary to identify with Jesus when she felt rejected in the future, plus to bind rejection or any other spirit, in the name of Jesus, Who would finish the job.

, Pat - Be Free -
contends that many are becoming demonized, with little hope of deliverance, due to the fact that the majority of people refuse to accept the fact that demons exist, like the ostrich that sticks its head in sand.  Second, most seminaries have never taught about witchcraft or occult manifestations, nor have most denominations called upon their pastors to deal with someone who is under the influence of evil spirits.
Pat says that Satan may attack the soul (mind/emotions/memory/will), body or spirit, causing disease or mental illness.  James 4:7 instructs Christians to resist the Devil
(not to ignore him).  Pat's definition of possession is when an evil spirit controls one to
the extent that the person cannot exert his own will.  Modern society/doctors/scientists has/have relabeled the demonism of 3rd word countries as depression, worry, fear, or mental sickness, to be treated by psychologists, psychiatrists, and medication. 
Some of the demons that actually named themselves before being cast out by Pat through the power of the Holy Spirit are: torment, hatred, resentment, rebellion, discouragement, defeat, loneliness, confusion, suicide, lust and Amen.  Her book notes that "witch"
usually applies to a female, while "wizard or warlock" usually applies to a male. 
All 3 are forbidden in holy scripture. 

Holliday, Pat - Solitary Satan -
Daniel was learning how to protect himself from evil spirits.  One night 2 giant evil spirits with swords appeared in his room and told him that they were going to kill him.  Daniel commanded them to leave, in the name of Jesus.  When they did not depart, he asked them in amazement, if they knew Who Jesus is.  They retorted that they did, but questioned Daniel if he, himself, really knew.  Undaunted, Daniel called Father God in heaven to send His most powerful angels to make these 2 demons accountable to the name of Jesus.  Immediately 2 powerful angels appeared and bound the 2 demons.  They chained them and removed them.  This biography shows us how to protect and defend ourselves, by using the name of Jesus and by calling on God to send His warring angels.
Holliday, Pat - You Can Be Free, Deliverance Series 5  (book or CD) reminds us to first bind the enemy (satin and his evil spirits) and then to loose God's help and healing.
Holliday, Pat in her book Deliverance
warns us to lead the person in a confession of his specific sins, which he needs to renounce, as they have been open doors for the spirits to enter, and are spiritual roots that need to be specifically rejected and placed under the feet of Jesus. Pat calls this breaking Satan's legal right or entitlement to oppress us. Jesus needs to occupy the heart of the individual, for one will not have the wisdom, skill, nor the strength to resist the return of the enemy.  If one's heart is empty of a spirit, there is a vacant sign on the door of the heart.  If the Holy Spirit occupies the heart, then we have a 24 hour a day policeman on duty.  Second, per Pat, before deliverance, the individual needs a prayer partner to walk and pray with daily, to cover him with prayers of protection; plus, he needs to be given the tools to resist the enemy when he comes and tries to reenter.  For instance, the baptism of the Holy Spirit is protection.  Pat contends that we war with both the fallen human spirit or human nature and the evil spirit.  She says the way to distinguish between the 2 is to recognize that an evil spirit will (1) enslave, (2) defile and or (3) torment, especially at night when our defenses are down.  Alot of oppressed people have night terrors.  If the Person has Jesus in his heart, we can command the demons to go, in the name of Jesus.  However, demons go, not because we may know their name, but because we know the name of Jesus.
Holliday, Pat - Family Deliverance Manual #1&#2 - booklet/outline
Manual #2 addresses schizophrenia
Numerous ministries suggest that schizophrenia may be genetic, and/or an inherited spirit of double-mindedness, and/or a split personality.  Holliday advocates the beliefs of William Menzies Alexander in that there is a new demon controlled/driven personality(s) acting out in the schizophrenic individual.  Holliday contends there are likely 2 major demons (with underlings) = rejection and/or rebellion.  Rebellion may allow a secret/other self to express a personality other that an individual's former self.   It may be a form of self defense against rejection.  For instance, self rejection may have such a grip on one as to reject one's sexual identity, creating a split personality or divided self.
The spirit of rejection causes one to reject themselves, to reject God, to isolate, to reject God, to become unstable, to act compulsively, to have an impaired memory, to have a divided heart (tottering between what God says and Satan says who one is - despised or loved), and to thus be double-minded.
Holliday also notes scripture makes a difference between being possessed by a demon and possessing a demon.  Note that the Greek translation should be demonization, rather than possession, in most instances.
Holliday, Pat -
Holliday, Pat
 Interceding Against the Powers of Darkness - Jesus Is the Deliverer  Intercession editorial to READ &/or print
Holliday, Pat -  Numerous Pat Holliday internet e-books including
Exodus 7:20 RSV
19The Lord said to Moses, "Say to Aaron, 'Take your rod and stretch out your hand over the waters of Egypt, over their rivers, canals, ponds, and all pools of water, that they may become blood;there shall be blood throughout all the land of Egypt, both in vessels of wood and in vessels of stone.'"
Exodus 8:5 RSV  The Lord said to Moses, "Say to Aaron, 'Stretch out your hand with your rod over the rivers, canals, and pools and cause (unclean/non-kosher) frogs to come upon the land of Egypt.'"...
Exodus 8:20 RSV The Lord said to Moses, "Rise up early in the morning and wait for Pharaoh, as he goes out to the water, and say to him, 'Thus says the Lord..."Behold, I will send swarms of flies on you and your servants and your people, and into your houses."'"   Download by e-mail or internet.  Multiple Personality & other healing testimonies Children's book  Children's book
-2-Docx or
Holliday, Pat- Deliverance  Manual #1 - excerpts -
Christians have all authority ad power needed to win in spiritual war; the devil knows it; the demons know it; Christians do NOT know it!  Use your authority, in Christ, and the enemy MUST flee.  Demons tremble and run away when we speak out loud God's Word.
An evil spirit who is manifesting a personality that is unlike the person, whereby one would say of the behavior, "That can't be him; that isn't him' shows us the likelihood of an evil spirit of split personality, schizophrenia, etc."
#17 Demonoly chapter - A Bible school student out of curiosity investigated porn magazines.  As soon as she opened an x rated magazine up, she fell into a catatonic state and was taken to the mental hospital.  Her classmates fated and prayed for her.  Visiting her they observed an evil spirit peering out of her eyes.  They rebuked the devil and was immediately freed.
Holliday, Pat- Deliverance  Manual #2 - or
Holliday, Pat- Deliverance  Manual #3 -
Holliday, Pat- FREE - or
Holliday, Pat- FREE -  
Holliday, Pat- - Supernatural Cities Under the Sea. These cities are found under the sea around the world to include: Scotland, Canada, Bermuda, Jamaica, East Africa, West Africa, South Africa and America...(Water) spirits had manifested over the years during deliverance appear in the forms of octopuses, squids, water snakes, crabs, and fish...
Holliday, Pat- Demonic Oppression or Possession + Demonic Oppression and Possession

Holzer, Hanz - The Truth About Witchcraft   

Horrobin, Peter - Healing Through Deliverance #1 - The Foundation of Deliverance Ministry Ellel Ministries
Horrobin, Peter - Healing Through Deliverance #2 - The Foundation of Deliverance Ministry Ellel Ministries
Horrobin, Peter - - Sex & the Demonic #1 (a/b) - night visitations by rape demons - demonic legal rights due to generational sins undealt with - homosexuality can be tied into a stronger geographic spirit (such as seen in city of Sodom and Gomorrah) -
Horrobin, Peter - - Sex & the Demonic #2 (a/b) - generational/family temptations are not sins -
Horrobin, Peter -
Healing Through Deliverance - Book "helps people identify possible demonic entry points; and teaches how we can become affected by demonic power and how we can be delivered and healed. In the final section of the book Peter turns his focus to the cleansing of land and buildings."
Horrobin, Peter -

Huch, Larry - Free at Last - Breaking the cycle of Family Curses -

Hunter, Joan - Healing the Whole Man Handbook -
Although the Hunter Ministry is most adept at physical and spiritual healing,
Joan's chapter 10 Deliverance is an excellent summary of what one ought to know prior to deliverance ministry.
"A demonic an evil spirit...looking for a body to inhabit and needs a enter...The cause of sickness is sin and sin is also the doorway that may demonic spirits use to move into a person's life.  Demons can't inhabit your spirit; but...they can affect your body and your soul (...mind...will, and...emotions)...Demons (or devils) are not the cause of every problem...If they are the need to know how to minister deliverance (freedom) according to God's Word...
You need to  know you have authority over demons.  This authority is given by God to all believers without exception."
"And these signs will accompany those who  believe: '
In My name they will drive out demons.' (Mark 16:17)."
"He...gave them (His disciples) authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal...both before and after Jesus  died, as well as before and after they received the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts....This authority is yours when you understand your position in Christ and not just your power or abilities in Him...It is not what you can do to the demons that  gets them to obey; but it is who you are in Christ that they have to submit to." 
"The 72 returned with joy and said, 'Lord, even the demons submit to us in Your name.'" (Luke 10:17)"
"Demons or evil spirits...are described by their function, meaning how these spiritual beings manifest."
"Demons must obey believers acting under the authority of God using the name of Jesus.  However, there is this one caution...Make sure you are led by the Spirit and not by your own desire to see someone set free.  Jesus clearly explained that if I cast a spirit out of someone but neglect to deal with the cause (doorway) in which the spirit came in, I could be doing more harm than good." 
When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it.  Then it says, 'I will return to the house I left.'  When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order.  Then it goes and takes 7 other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there.  The final condition of that man is worse than the first."  (Luke 11:24-26)"
"It is very important that the root cause is dealt with and that there is repentance from this cause. 
There are 2 very important questions to ask in order to find the root cause: 
1. How long have you had the problem? (When did it start?)
2. What happened just before or when the problem started?  (Identify the doorway.)"
"Demons do not have to submit to your will, but they have to submit to God's will through the name of Jesus."

ISDM - International Society of Deliverance Ministers - : PDF Downloads:
Hayward, Chris - 4/17/2006
Linda Heidler - - Freemasonry
Legako, Pat - 11/15/2004
Rallo, Vito - 10/26/2006
Sudduth, Bill -
Wagner, Doris -
Includes Freemasonry prayer.


Jacobs, Judy - Take It by Force -
Judy is founder of His Song Ministries, Lake Mary, Florida, USA. 
Judy is wed to Tamie Tuttle, director of her ministry.  Matthew 11:12 is the basis/foundation of this empowering book for those who are dealing with overwhelming situations.  ["From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing (suffered violence) and (but) forceful men lay hold of it."]  In the face of trouble and the lies of Satan, we are to speak the opposite of what is happening, giving God praise for His victory.  Then we are to stand firm and not quit in our attitude of praise.  We are to be aggressive in our thanksgiving to and dancing before the Lord.  The personal testimonies and visions/words from God will bolster one's fainting heart.
Chapter 12 The Coming Move shares a testimony of Pastor John Osteen of Lakewood Church.  John saw Jesus with Satan at His back.  He warned Jesus to get Satan.  Instead Jesus ignored Satan and entered into John.  Then Jesus told John to get Satin in His name!

Supernatural: The Life of William Branham, Book 2, The Young Man and His Desperation 1933-1446    
by Jorgensen, Owen - Tucson Tabernacle, N Stone Ave, Tucson, Arizona, USA    1-520-623-0381
An angel of God told Branham that his hand would experience vibrations if a demonic life such as a germ or virus were present in a person.  Branham noted that different diseases vibrated different frequencies, plus the bump patterns were different for different diseases. (All matter has a musical frequency per the quantum theory.)


Joyner, Rick - Overcoming Confusion - - Booklet in Combating Spiritual Stronghold Series.
Joyner, Rick - Overcoming The Accuser - - Booklet in Combating Spiritual Stronghold Series.
Joyner, Rick - Overcoming The Religious Spirit - - Booklet in Combating Spiritual Stronghold Series.
Joyner, Rick - Overcoming Fear - - Booklet in Combating Spiritual Stronghold Series.
Joyner, Rick - Overcoming Witchcraft - - Booklet in Combating Spiritual Stronghold Series.
Joyner, Rick - Breaking the Power of Evil -
Joyner, Rick - Delivered from Evil - 

Jourdan, Nikki - from - recommended - especially for women -
Section 1 - Demon Hit List (Are you on it?)
Section 2 - Symptoms of behavior
Section 3 - The demon dictionary
Section 4 - How to overcome & How to maintain deliverance
Section 5 - Deliverance prayers & confessions
Section 6 - Scriptures dealing with demons or sickness
Appendix - A - African artifacts
Appendix - B - Indian artifacts
Appendix-C    -
Recover from all 7 forms of Abuse
Appendix D - Hidden Bondages
Appendix E - Deliverance for Children
Appendix Additions - Biblical Curses to be broken

Hunter, Joan - Freedom Beyond Comprehension (Kindle Edition)- excellent
Chapter 5 Walking in Deliverance shares testimony of
M. Joy Kairos - Fragments to Freedom - Healing from Dissociative Identity Disorder - -
for those who are Christians and believe in God’s Holy Spirit and Satan’s evil spirits

Jackson, John-Paul - Needless Casualties of War - read online -
Healing The Wounded Heart - Root Problem: Ungodly Soul-Ties - Judith Doctor
"Sometimes after (repenting and) praying to break the (unGodly) soul-tie, we may need to speak to the fragmented parts of the soul or (wounded) heart, calling them back into their proper place in the person so that the damaged soul can be made whole."
Additionally, "Scriptures command us to forgive before we can be freed, because demonic bondages often stem from broken relationships of trust between people (Banks, p. x). When we hold another’s sins and do not forgive them, we are holding the curse upon ourselves. When we will not let go of the sins of others, we are keeping that person under the 'bondage of my judgment'...
Forgiveness becomes easier if you can separate the person who hurt you from the sin they did against you, just like the Lord did for you...
After praying for the fragmented soul to be made complete and totally restored, we will need to command the demoniacs to leave the person...right now in Jesus' name."
[With Voice of the Light Ministry, this step is REPLACED with placing the broken soul pieces in the lap of Father God to be mended (before being reunited with the person).
Article credits: John & Paula Sandford; Mark & Patti Virkler;
Chester & Betsy Kylstra; Linns & Fabricant; Bill & Sue Banks; El El Ministries; Ed Smith; Frances & Judith MacNutt; Derek Prince; Ralph Nault.]

Bishop Vagalas Kanco with Pat Holliday Ph.D, - The Witch Doctor and the Man - Visit Our Site
or -
His book explains how the various yoga positions are a sign language soliciting demons to come into oneself. 
He also shares some of the insights into the demonic underworld of the ocean. 2001 updates
(Whenever possible buy books from original author who shares his/her testimony, rather than from interviewer or others.)

Kaniaki, DD & Mukendi - Snatched from Satan's Claws: an amazing deliverance by Christ [5] 

Kelley, Earthquake - Heaven's Golden Vessel - 
, Earthquake -
Bound to Lose, Destined to Win -   
Preface -
"When I minister to people one-on-one, I explain to them what spirit they are dealing with, and I pray by casting out that particular spirit.  I do NOT ask the spirit to identify itself; I simply know the name of the spirit by the manifestation of that spirit in the person's life...Some evil spirits come out only through prayer and fasting...
Close all the doors you have opened that have allowed the enemy access into your life."
Chapter 1 - Life with a Wicked Man - Earthquake had a godly mother who prayed in tongues, anointed her children with oil, contradicted curses with blessings, and defiantly/tenaciously interceded for her 10 children who were abused by their dad, a voodoo priest.  His dad took his mom to an abortion clinic.  "The witches...were furious.  'You can't sacrifice your 7th child!' they told him.  'Don't you know the 7th child is chosen?'"  An evil spirit tutored Earthquake at the age of 4 how to make and sniff drugs from toys.
Chapter 8 Living in the Freedom of God's Will - "People who do not want to hear a deliverance message are often the people who need it most...God placed me in Hollywood...because the area is full of the occult.  There are many Gothics who dress completely in black."  Rich people in the film industry for excitement "started hiring people to perform seances and call people from the dead (actually calling forth demonic spirits).  Then they brought mystics from...India and Russia...Rasputin,  who came from Russia, was one of the most demonic men who ever influenced America.  This man's pictures remind me of those of Anton LaVey, founder of the church of Satan."  "Evil spirits don't go away just because we refuse to acknowledge them...The enemy is never satisfied with a little bit of torment.  His goal is to kill, steal, and destroy."
Chapter 13 Keeping the Enemy Under Your Feet - "Demon possession is the presence of an evil spirit that has wrapped itself with you.  This  spirit is controlling your life and will...until you repent." 
"Oppression" is "an evil spirit that is speaking lies or influencing or hanging onto your back while harassing or depressing you...when we fail to use our authority and our weapons - such as the Word of God - to fight the enemy; when we fail to take an offensive position." 
"Demonic spirits...will attack you and influence you or tempt you to sin.  Satan even tempted Jesus.  But instead of giving in, Jesus quoted the Word of God and told Satan to flee...Conversely, if you don't get control of your sin when it is in the early stages, the sin will overtake you and your heart will become hardened."
"Unrepentant sin is an open door to demonic oppression and possession."  Be reminded that scripture says those who receive communion with unconfessed sin may get sick and even die!  Galatians 5:19-21 also remind us that those who consistently practice venial sin (small/baby sins such as hatred, contention, jealousy, anger, envy) will not inherit the kingdom of God.  Romans chapter one cites additional offenses including gossiping, boasting, disobedience, and untrustworthiness. 
"Satan even tempted Jesus.  But instead of giving in, Jesus quoted the Word of God and (then) told Satan to flee...Unless we deal with all of our sins right away, we give the enemy a  foothold.  We open a door and give evil spirits permission to operate."  From there we spiral downward one level at a time. "Jesus taught that we should both repent and cast out the kingdom of darkness...You have been given all authority over every demon in hell through God's Word and through the name and the blood of Jesus."  We must recognize each thought of Satan as a lie.  "We must replace those thoughts with the truth of God's word....Jesus paid the price with His life to give us victory over the enemy...There is enough power in the hem of His garment to give you the deliverance that you need and to set you free."
Chapter 14 Questions and Answers  "When my son Christopher was about 4...he was diagnosed with autism... Christopher wouldn't respond to any verbal commands, nor would he speak or otherwise communicate...
God spoke to me, 'You are a deliverance minister.  Don't accept the words of those doctors.  You know how to cast out evil spirits...You need to take authority over the spirits that are attacking your son's mind.'"  Aloud "I prayed, 'I am not going to agree with what these doctors are saying.  I am coming into agreement with the word of God. You evil spirit, I command you to leave my son right now in the name of Jesus.  You are not getting my baby.  The word of God says that he will have a sound mind.  My son will be a man of knowledge and great understanding.'  Christopher was healed and he never had another problem with autism." 

Kendall, RT - The Thorn in the Flesh -      
contends that, if "a thorn" is allowed by God, it is to protect and to increase His anointing in our life.  In fact, RT goes so far as seemingly to contradict deliverance doctrine, by saying that the thorn in the flesh is the manifestation of God in our lives,
for the purpose of purifying His own.  Remember, God spared not His only son, nor most of the disciples, nor most of the prophets from horrific trials/death.  Yet there was always a redemptive purpose.  The scriptural way to view "the thorn in the flesh" is to look at the book of Job in the Old Testament.  God allowed Satan to test Job within His parameters.  Likewise, God allowed Satan to buffet Paul with a thorn in the flesh, as explained in the New Testament.  There is a baptism of water (repentance/salvation), of fire (Holy Spirit) and of suffering.  This suffering often pertains to martyrs (rather than the Catholic version, where one suffers to reduce purgatory).    Matthew 20:22-23    Jesus answered and said, "You know not what you ask.  Are you able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of and to be baptized with the baptism  that I am baptized with?"  They said to Him, "We are able."  He said to them, "You shall drink indeed of My cup and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized."
RT's conclusion is that a born again, spirit filled person should NOT always consider trouble to be "the enemy" but rather God's tool to prune His branches, clip back our wings, weed out the wild unruly tendencies, pull out that rotten tooth/root, etc.  When we view God as our parent lovingly disciplining/tutoring us, rather than viewing our maladies as demonic attacks, we will have more courage to faint not.   We may incorrectly believe that we are possessed rather than oppressed.  Yes we are often under demonic attack, but our father God may have given permission, restrictions and expiration dates to this oppressor.  For instance, He may have told Satan, "You can only do thus and so, until midnight of his birthday."  See below the testimony of Ana Mendez-Ferrell, as a perfect illustration.  Joseph in the Old Testament said that his brothers mean their evil for harm, but God took that harm and meant it for good.  Satan always intends harm, but God always intends good.  Satan is a wild horse, but God has harnessed him and pulls the reigns.  Ephesians says there is a time for everything.  A time to plant. A time to weed.  A time to prune.  A time to harvest.  This is true for every generation.  You know, insecticide is toxic both to the bugs, but also to the humans; chemotherapy likewise applies here.  The work of Satan is toxic, but in the long run, if he does not kill us, we will emerge, like the caterpillar, a beautiful butterfly.  God is smart.  We, on the other hand, flunk until we finally recognize what it is that He intends us to learn.

Keyton, Dr Bree - The Passion: What Do the Nails Mean? -
Jesus' nails are for our "deliverance".                
(book + CD)       

Kinnaman, Gary - Angels: Dark & Light -

Koch, Kurt - Between Christ and Satan - Kurt shares a story of a girl being "haunted" by her former lover and subsequently diagnosed as in the early stages of schizophrenia.  It is a story of a demonic curse or spell and thus an incorrect diagnosis by the medical society.  A similar story is shared by Pat Holliday in Be Free.

Kolenda, Daniel - excerpt - - editorial -
"You can pretend it (evil/satan/demon/danger/slippery-slope/seduction/deception/deceipt/lure/enticement/con/thrill) is not there. You can call it (occurrence/disease/malady/opportunity) weird. But as Daniel Kolenda emphasizes, the supernatural  realm is very real. Not only that, but the enemy can be behind your everyday struggles...Kill
the proverbial dragon before it's born.  'Smash it while it is still inside its egg. If you can kill it in its gestation period, you will never have to battle a monster,' Kolenda says. 'Big things start small. Big addictions come from simple curiosity. Big sins grow from small seeds'...

'Remember how Jesus told us to deal with temptation: 'If your hand offends you, cut it off. If your eye offends you, gouge it out,' Kolenda says. 'I recognized the latent potential for a little dragon egg to begin growing in my life, and I dealt with it quickly and thoroughly.'  Slaying Dragons doesn't just expose the ways of the enemy. It challenges readers to consider the sin habits they themselves have coddled.  'Most of the dragons that threaten us are ones we have incubated, nurtured, and raised in our own hearts. Lust, pride, greed, selfishness in all its forms, hatred, the abandonment of responsibility, lack of self-discipline—these are the kind of dragons that usually destroy us,' Kolenda says. It is these 'small' internal dragons that become the huge external ones.'"

, Charles H - Behind Enemy Lines - An Advanced Guide to Spiritual Warfare
 - -
Kraft, Charles H - Defeating Dark Angels: Breaking Demonic Oppression in the Believer's Life     Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission, professor Kraft
equates demons to rats who thrive on garbage, for where there is undealt-with garbage in our lives there is a hotel room available for a demon to take up residence.  Bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred, sexual abuse, inherited or generational diseases, whatever is a root problem provides an open door for a demon to enter in.  Just because a person has Jesus move into his heart does not necessarily cause a demon to vacate.  If our body is a hotel, then there are many rooms. 
Inner healing ministry, deliverance ministry, Christian counseling, personal salvation, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit will help rout the enemy. 2 key ingredients are asking God for the gift of knowledge and commanding demons to give specific information. Christians can be delivered of demon oppression by little ole you and me.  In fact, Kraft says it is not an opportunity, but a requirement.
Once we discover a stronghold/head-demon, then we bind the other underling spirits to it and send them as a group to the feet of Jesus.  This agrees with Matthew 13:25, 30 KJV  "While men slept, his enemy (Satan) came and sowed tares (demons attached to negative emotions) among the wheat (God's children)...Gather together 1st the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them. (Then you will be able to safely) gather the wheat into My barn."
First we need to discover the root problem.  After any needed healing of memories ministry, we have person being ministered to do any relevant repentance AND rejection (because of any demons attached to it).  Such root issues often can be discovered by commanding the demon to reveal it.  Kraft notes that there can be a demonic guardian spirit, which needs to separated from the personality, bound with all the spirits under its control, cast out, and forbidden to send another guardian to replace it.
Karate and Tai Chi instructors often commit themselves and their students to evil spirits.  One may pick up an unwanted evil spirit in a non-Christian and/or cult institution/organization (Masonic, Christian Science, Mormon, Jehova Witness, Buddhist, Islamic, health food store, Freemasons, Rainbow Girls, New Age).  Using occult approaches to healing could result in demonization.  Always claim God's protection when entering infected buildings/classes.
Defeating Dark Angels "Ed's 14-year-old daughter had just told him, 'There seems to be something inside me that takes over at times.' He was nonplussed. What could he do.  In hundreds of such desperate situations, Charles Kraft has seen God break demonic oppression in believers' lives as he and his ministry team have cast out demons in Jesus' name. For example, Ed's daughter has now regained full use of her faculties. But many times inner healing and even long-term counseling are necessary to resolve deep-seated problems that have intensified under demonic activity."

Kraft, Charles H - I Give You Authority - -

Kunneman, Hank & Brenda - One Voice Ministries - - Barrier Breakers, chapter 1 The Serpent Crusher - Satan will did try to destroy the seed of each generation that would birth the Messiah.  Satan continues/attempts to terrorize/destroy anyone from entering/staying/operating/reproducing/being effective in God's kingdom.  Be reminded; Satan is a toothless tiger, as long as we recognize and appropriate who we are in Christ.

, Bob -
Bob Larson Ministries - Bob is an expert on exorcism, the supernatural, and spiritual warfare
Spiritual Freedom Church of Phoenix, Arizona, USA 
Bob Larson received mantle of exorcism from Father Amorth
Danger.  Read Pat Hollidays' pg 18-19
Larson, Bob - Devil Proofing Prayers - free download -
Larson, Bob - Curse Breaking, Breaking Free from Generational Sin - -

LeClair, Jennifer - Chapter 1 excerpt from The Spiritual Warriors Guide to Water Spirits

Lee, JK - Spiritual Warfare I, Introduction - Deliverance -     
"The Dominion of Man, Protection of the Blood of Jesus, The Whole Armor of God, Binding & Loosing, The Ruling Spirit of Rebellion, The Ruling Spirit of Rejection, Territorial Spirits, Spirit Entries, Generation Transfers, Disease Specific Spirits, Sexual Transfers, Curses, Emotional Cords, Spiritually Hazardous Environments, Cults & Occult, How To Know If It Is A Demon, and more...Find a Check List of Occult/Cult Activities, Deliverance Prayers for Yourself or Others, and Deliverance Prayers for Ridding your House of Demonic Activity (including Poltergeists)."

Pat Legako, Cyndi Gribble Deliverance: Rescuing God's People: Developing and Operating the Ministry -
Read book online at - or
Preview this book
Chuck Pierce believes demonic structures proceed from 2nd heaven though 1st heaven, localities, individuals, and lastly land.

Jesse Penn-Lewis with Evan Roberts - War On The Saints  or -
with minimal reservations -
Chapter 4 Passivity is a main reason for (oppression/demonization of both Christians and Gentiles or) possession (of Gentiles)
Jesse Penn-Lewis -
The Battle For The Mind from

Library Thing - books on deliverance -

Linns,Matt Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn, Dennis Linn Linn, Matthew (Jesuit), Dennis & Sheila 
Linn, Matthew and Dennis - Deliverance Prayer  echoes other Catholic and Anglican clergy who remind us that (simple/public/private) exorcism is to be used by anyone in pastoral ministry for
1 "the purpose of curbing the devil's power lest he harm people or things"
2 "by ministers of the Church, in the name and with the authority of the Church"
3 "when the exorcist acts in his own name"
but always in the name of Jesus Christ
excepting possession (infestation) or "solemn exorcism for the purpose of driving out the devil"
which is to be done by or authorized by the bishop, but always in the name of Jesus Christ.
In addition to spoken exorcism, the (Anglican/Catholic) Church encourages SILENT exorcism to be utilized by pastor/doctor/therapist during confession/counseling/therapy when person/patient/client consistently does not have insight/ discernment enough to repent and/or character sufficient to turn from evil to Jesus as his/her savior.
"Prummer answers...'Experience teaches...For 6 years I taught moral theology and never even noticed this teaching on the need for private exorcism.  It was only when I discovered in my own ministry the effect of the SILENT prayer of command (for evil to depart) that I began to notice what the moralists had been teaching.'"
"Noldin urges confessors to frequently exorcise...'Exorcism can be performed without the knowledge of the person.'"
"As well as absolution the (Catholic) confessor must use the power of exorcism to free people, to defend them, and to bring them joy."
"Marc stated, 'Private exorcism is lawful to all, especially priests; nor is there any special permission of the bishop required.'"
"St Alphonsus teaches us...'Pronounce an exorcism against the demon, at least privately, which is certainly lawful, in this way: "I, as a minister of God, command you, unclean spirit, to depart from this creature of God."'"

Lindsay, Gordon - Satan - Fallen Angels and Demons - - Booklet - excellent -
Published by A Christ for the Nations Inc. - Recommended reading by Randy Clark of Global Awakening. 
A practical guide to deliverance from evil spirits based on the mentoring of Pablo Bottari and Carlos Annacondia of Argentina.  It is not enough to deal with 1 spirit.  One needs to deal with the root, the entryway of the spirit.  Then one needs to seal the entryway by leading the person to repent for specific sins, forgive specific individuals, renounce lies of the spirits, renounce the spirits behind the lies, and finally pray a blessing on the individual, affirming his identity in Christ, his adoration by the Father, and his destiny and inheritance as a child of God.  Make sure that the person being ministered to cancels any passport of any invited evil spirit.  Otherwise the spirit has legal right, not only to stay, but also to hold in other spirits who have no green card, but can't get out the door blocked by the tenant with the signed lease, who is not trespassing.
Make sure the person, preferably before deliverance, but at least after deliverance has had the opportunity to take Jesus as their savior and also to receive the baptism of the Holy spirit. We are NEVER responsible for deliverance, but God is.  We are only responsible to love the individual and to help the individual know how to be more responsible for his own life, especially preventing harm to come back into his life.
The question is not, "Are you  delivered?"  Rather, "To what degree are you free from the influence of evil spirits?"  Deliverance, like inner healing or relationships is an ongoing life (day by day) process.  Renouncing the work of the devil in our lives is to be a normal step after repentance.  The deliverance session is to be a mentoring time, tutoring the pupil to memorize and copy in his own life what is transpiring during the ministry time.  We are to equip our student to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and the disciples He mentored.  Jesus taught both by example and explanation.

Lovett, C. S. -
Dealing With The Devil - recommended -
"This book deals with the devil, not with demons...Satanolongy and demonology should be treated as SEPARATE SCIENCES...Satanology is concerned with RESISTING ATTACKS against one's own person.  Demonology is concerned with CASTING OUT beings already lodged in...Satanic attacks must be REPULSED, while (infesting) demons have to be DISLODGED."
Excerpts -
Indeed. The Christian who fails to take up arms against Satan is already defeated. The lack of resistance invites satanic control. Satan has a perfect disguise that allows him to acquire almost total dominion of a Christian's life, yet the victim doesn't suspect the identity of his evil master. The satanically led Christian doesn't give one thought to Satan. Yet, all the while the god of unrighteousness is ordering the steps of his life. You wouldn't think such a thing could happen to a Christian, but when you learn the nature of his disguise, you might blush. It could explain why your life in Christ isn't all you would like it to be. His disguise? Hang on for the surprise. The mask is - SELF...
You're in a conversation. Some things coming from your lips are self-centered. Count the 'I's'. 'I think, I always, If I were you, If you ask me, take me for example, etc.' Watch yourself as others are speaking. How do you focus? Really listening, or thinking about yourself...
Memorize verses which have to do with your weakness areas; the Holy Spirit can bring them up as soon as Satan strikes (your thoughts/mind/imaginations/emotions). That gives you a 'fast gun!' It is a thrilling experience to see how quickly Satan flees when God's Word is fired at him. The pressure release comes at once. That's a different use of God's Word. You can understand how any weapon is ineffective until used...
A shock treatment for Satan: Calling out Satan's name is but the first word of our resistance. After that comes your command to him, 'Go!' Our Lord Jesus set the pattern. The Scripture is clear, our Savior met the devil in His wilderness testing and dealt with him (personally). 'Satan, be gone (in Jesus' name)! For it is written, (Bible quote).'"

(Full Simpson editorial "may be freely distributed as is without alteration".)

Simpson credits Lovett, "I'm grateful to a number of writers, particularly C. S. Lovett in his book Dealing With the Devil for some of the principles shared in the following:"
Satan's finest disguise is the disguise of self. What a believer would never do in the name of the devil, he'll do all the time for himself. If you were...choosing between Christ and self, with Satan's deceptive power behind the self, the unsuspecting believer will choose self almost every time."
Until this revelation, "
there seemed to be an unspoken rule that if you ignored or discounted the workings of Satan, then he would have little effect on your life. It was as if we'd reinterpreted the Scripture in James 4:7 'Resist the devil and he will flee from you' to mean 'ignore the devil and he will flee from you'...
Your thought life is the battlefield...The enemy assigns specific spirit beings to every believer to keep his mind from operating and resting in the He things of God. Unless these beings are resisted, a believer's mind will be like a city without walls, easily invaded by anything that happens to be around. Solomon describes this in the Proverbs, 'He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.' (Proverbs 25:28)...The spiritual war is won or lost in the battlefield of the mind. Until a person recognizes this and begins to take steps to clean up the thought life, all other spiritual activities are futile...Satan has access into the mind of the believer. Now we all know that God can see and examine the thoughts of our heart:..But, do you realize that the enemy also has a pretty clear insight into what you're thinking? If you doubt that, consider this verse, 'When anyone hears the word of the kingdom, and understands it not, then comes the wicked one, and catches away that which was sown in his heart.' (Matthew 13:19a) This passage tells us that Satan has the ability to peer into your mind to see if you understand God's Word when it's sown in your heart. From this we see that the enemy does indeed have the capability to gaze into the depths of your thoughts.
We're also told that Satan can steal truth out of a man's heart when that truth is not fully understood.
If that isn't bad enough, Satan can also inject into your heart his own lies. Consider what Peter said to a believer: But Peter said, 'Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Ghost.' (Acts 5:3a)Apparently, the enemy has pretty formidable access into one's thought life. As uncomfortable as this may make you feel, it's important that you understand it if you're going to successfully thwart his attacks... Satan is a spirit and communicates to your mind and spirit in a fashion similar to the Holy Spirit...
Resist the devil. There are many believers who submit themselves to God but know very little about what it means to resist the devil. Most are quite helpless in this area because of their scant knowledge of the enemy and his ways. They've been taught that if they just remain faithful to God and serve others, they'll be safe. That's dangerous logic. Most believers are like a young girl who is devoted to her parents but ignorant of boys. Her submission to her parents won't protect her, though, from the young man who knows how to take advantage of her female ignorance. Ignorance of sex is dangerous in a parked car! Ignorance of Satan is dangerous in this evil world! There's only one thing that will cause the enemy to flee: you must PERSONALLY resist him (in Jesus' name). Your parents can't do it. Your pastor can't do it. Your spouse can't do it. Nor can anyone else. Even God won't intervene for you here. He's given you the authority in His Son to do it for yourself. Until you learn to stand up and fight the enemy of your soul, you'll forever be in bondage. But once you begin to resist the enemy in your life and in the situations you encounter each day, a whole new realm of spiritual power and victory will open up for you."

Lovett, C. S.   Maranatha Man - autobiography
Lovett, C. S. -
Teach Them About Satan - teacher manual
Lovett, C. S. - Help, Lord; the Devil Wants Me Fat.
Dr. C.S. Lovett - web -  

Lozano, Neal - Unbound - - - Look inside option.
Recommended by Randy Clark of Global Awakening.  A practical guide to deliverance from evil spirit based on the mentoring of Pablo Bottari and Carlos Annacondia of Argentina.  It is not enough to deal with 1 spirit.  One needs to deal with the root, the entryway of the spirit.  Then one needs to seal the entryway by leading the person to repent for specific sins, forgive specific individuals, renounce lies of the spirits, renounce the spirits behind the lies, and finally pray a blessing on the individual, affirming his identity in Christ, his adoration by the Father, and his destiny and inheritance as a child of God.  Make sure the person, preferably before deliverance, but at least after deliverance has had the opportunity to take Jesus as their savior and also to receive the baptism of the Holy spirit. We are NEVER responsible for deliverance, but God is.  We are only responsible to love the individual and to help the individual know how to be more responsible for his own life, especially preventing harm to come back into his life.

Highly recommended book by The Pilgrim 8/05 Catholic newsletter.
(Lozano's book/audio has 1 common area of argument/religious controversy.  That is that the author recommends one visualize Christ embracing/forgiving/loving oneself.  This is beneficial for many.  The contention is that visualization allows evil spirits to manifest as Jesus, falsely.  There are serious problems with meditation and opening oneself up to demons.  An especially problematic situation is in witchcraft, where churches are rented and statures, etc become infested with demons.  Catholics especially may become involved in white witchcraft and have apparitions and other supernatural/paranormal experiences they believe to be of God, which are not.  Yoder's books below might be of help.)
This is NOT a traditional deliverance book (ministry), but rather a typical healing of the heart book (ministry).  However, in view of the recent deliverance methods being employed by Ana and Emerson Ferrell, it (book/ministry) might well be a viable (superior) form of deliverance.  Visualization is a key factor, which some reject as a method.
Lozano, Neal - Resisting the Devil - A Catholic Perspective on Deliverance - - Look inside.
(1st)Forgiveness, (2nd)renunciation (of self-sabotaging thoughts), (3rd)inner healing, plus (4th)" a missing key to healing in those many patients who just don't seem to et much better with counseling and medication alone." (5th) is imparting (receiving) the Father God's blessing (being established in Him; one's soul being un-fragmented; receiving one's identity in Christ).
Chapter 1 - Exorcism and Deliverance: 2 paths to Spiritual Freedom for Catholics -
"War trauma" can be "passed down through the generations and in...mental illness."
Chapter 2 Do I Need an Exorcism?
Father Jeffrey S. Grob in A Major Revision of the Discipline on Exorcism: A Comparative Study of Liturgical Laws in the 1614 and 1998 Rites of Exorcism reiterates that "an exorcism is considered 'public' when an authorized person using an approved rite does it in the name of the (Catholic) Church
(whereas) a 'private' exorcism is NOT bound by the same constraints and my be celebrated by any of the (Catholic) faithful [who do "deliverance" (rather than exorcism) in the name of Jesus Christ]."
Presently, lay Catholics may speak TO (interview/converse with) the individual but NOT TO (interview/ converse with) the demon; only an authorized Priest (representing the Catholic church) may solicit information from a demon (in the name of Jesus Christ) such information (adverbs) as who/why/where/ when. Permissible insights could come from: 1-medical reports, 2-the patient/client, 3-the nature of the problem, but most importantly 4-the Holy Spirit.
Chapter 7 Deliverance Ministry - a Pastor's Insight - A 2 line deliverance declaration:
"In the name of Jesus, I renounce the lie that  _________________ ... 
In the name of Jesus, I break the power of the lie and command it to leave."
Appendix A - "Tertullian (AD 197-220) wrote that the casting out of demons was one of the pleasures God has given the Christian...'To tread underfoot the gods of the nations, to exorcise evil spirits, to perform cures, to seek divine revealings, to live to God.  These are the pleasures, these the spectacle that befit Christian men.'"


Luca de Tena Benjumea, Torcuato - The Endless Nightmare


Lynch, Barbara - chapter 6 notes from Regions of Captivity by Ana Mendez regarding John Sanford's Healing the Wounded Spirit of Jo, Sanford's client.

. (MATTHEW 16:18B).  '


Maldonado, Guillermo - Miami, Florida, USA - Deliverence the Childrens Bread - Overcoming Depression - Overcoming Fear -
Inner Healing and Deliverance - Inner Healing and Deliverance I (manual) -
Inner Healing and Deliverance II (manual) -
Maldonado, Guillermo - How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God - -
Chapter 10 Jesus Manifesting His Supernatural Power Through the Believer - "The only ability God seeks in mankind is (total) availability."
Deliverance testimony of girl demonized at 8 and institutionalized at age 12 due to bipolar, schizophrenia and ADHD.

MacLeod, Scott - Snakes in the Lobby - 

MacMillan, John A - (1873-1956) - The Authority of the Believer - Encounter with Darkness
Chapter 1 Demon Possession - Chapter 2 The Satanic System -
Chapter 3 Satanic Workings through the Ages - Chapter 4 Who Are the Demons? -
Chapter 5 Forms of Demon Approach -
Chapter 6 The Reality of Possession - Pastor Ethan Allen had a reputation of casting out demons.
Chapter 7 Modern Demon Possession - Chapter 8 Demonology and Religion -
Chapter 9 The Way of Deliverance
Book on audio/CD  read by David Oaks
original editorials The Authority of the Intercessor  or  and Encounter with Darkness
CD#1 track 9 shares that individual needs to give consent for deliverance, once recognizing that demons are oppressing and lying to him/her with wrong/evil thoughts/voices/apparitions.

MacNutt, Francis - Deliverance from Evil Spirits - - Look inside option.
Cites practices and possessions/objects that open a door to demonic oppression. How To Cast Out Demons
Deliverance without inner healing leaves the door open for evil spirits to return
Healing requires time.  Emotions need healing.  Demons are real.  Healing prayer requires discernment.  One can often identify/name an evil spirit by its nature (lust/death/hatred/mockery/suicide/pride), temperature (cold atmosphere) language [speaking in a (guttural) tongue not known by patient/client] and smell (distinctive/foul).

Chapter #5 How to Pray for DeliveranceSpirits of the OccultSeals – A Satanic seal “is a parody of our being sealed by the Holy Spirit in holy baptism.” A spiritual seal (blood/spoken/coveted/in utero contract) symbolizes dedication and protection. 
The “seal is a spiritual reality…that covers and protects any evil spirits in a person
until it is broken.”  To break free one needs to be baptized (if only been baptized/christened as an infant) or to renew his/her baptismal vows 3X
Renounce Satan and dedicate/rededicate oneself to Jesus Christ
.  Next break (burn) and take back the (verbal/written) contract (in the name of Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit).  Renounce the contract 3x (in the name of Jesus, the Father, and the Holy spirit). 
Deliverance may be needed next:  “In the name of Jesus Christ, I break every seal of Satan and I set you free by the sword of the Holy Spirit.”
Chapter #5 How to Pray for Deliverance - Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) -
Multiple Personalities -
“Splitting off into other personalities is actually a God-given gif enabling children to survive…treating these ‘alters’ (the technical term for multiple personalities) as if they were (evil) spirits to be cast out by exorcism is an awful mistake…Alters are parts of the person’s real personality that need to be put back together.  The destruction wrought by some well meaning exorcists has so harmed people with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder), known as DID (MPD), that some states (like Virginia) will revoke the license of any psychotherapist who attempts exorcism on a patient….These (personality) splits (fragments) are not truly separate entities, but are all parts of the entire person (soul: mind/will/emotions) that need to be integrated…Alters are mostly fragments of the person’s  personality.  Such rough treatment (exorcism) will only fragment the person into more multiples.”  Deliverance may be a useful  tool, but at the end rather than the beginning of therapy for most victims of SRA.
Chapter #5 How to Pray for Deliverance - Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) – Evil Spirits – “Cults do often send evil spirits into their members when they are hypnotized or drugged.  These (evil) spirits are programmed to act on post-hypnotic cues that serve as triggers to force the victim to (self-sabotage) act in a set way and prevent them from leaving the coven.” 
[Perhaps a better way to say this is that the fractured soul piece is programmed to respond to triggers/bait (such as a midnight phone call) and programmed to forget (hide in the subconscious) after partaking in subsequent midnight violence.  After Jesus has healed the multiple fragmented soul pieces, then the personality is better able to handle subsequent exorcism of any remaining evil spirits contributing to self-sabotage, violence, irresponsibility, and relapse.]
In addition to the implantation of evil spirits that may trigger or help victim act on triggers,  ‘guardian’ spirits may be “sent into the members of the coven to (block) prevent exorcists from getting past them and into the secrets of the victims’ programming.  These ‘programs’ usually contain a self-destructing ‘curse’…to commit suicide…because she has become a Christian and is trying to escape the coven.”
[ Holiday contends that demonic/occult/evil/enemy programming needs to be recognized and eradicated, in Jesus name.]
“Each alter (wounded/fractured/broken/split-off personality/soul-piece) as it surfaces (from the subconscious into the conscious mind) is gently, patiently led to commit itself to Christ, while the demons that try to prevent this are either bound or cast out. 
But it takes time…The reintegration of the personality may take years.”
 [Even though MacNutt is one of the more spiritually mature ministers, he would do well to take a look at the ministry of Ana Mendez Ferrell and Katie Souza, who have been taught by the Lord to heal/deliver self/others efficiently/fast/effectively/without trauma or relapse.  The Lord is accelerating spiritual knowledge and skills plus sharing with the nobodies who are willing, available, and obedient.  His is a volunteer army!]
Chapter #5 How to Pray for Deliverance – section - Spirits That Cause Physical Sickness -
Some "spirits that cause or aggravate human sickness…include infirmity, pain and torment…Other spirits…(can)…infirmity…Jesus healed some kinds of physical sickness by casting out demons.”
#5 How to Pray for Deliverance – “Some crazed spirits seem to descent through family curses…A related spirit of insanity influences some people who are naturally fearful because their families have been plagued by a history of insanity.”
Chapter #5 How to Pray for Deliverance – section - Spirit of Torment – “One of the clues that a spirit underlies a sickness or pain is when you pray for the sick…the pain starts moving…as if trying to escape…It will eventually leave.”
“Each name (representing each identity) gives a clue as to how it entered…Identify the door of human weakness that first allowed the spirit to enter…(After evicting the evil spirit) shut that door forever.”
Chapter #5 How to Pray for Deliverance – section - Follow Up – “We must fill up the empty spaces with every good gift of God, so that the vacuum (of the vacated demon/disease/wound) does not stay empty…The freed person need a sponsor (as in AA) who can encourage him and pray for him (continually)…The person need to get rid of any books or objects in his home from which evil spirits might draw power to keep the home oppressed…A price we need to pay in order to remain free.”

Chapter #6 Setting Places Free – section - Deliverance of Places
MacNutt, like many other authors, frequently has equipment problems when publishing deliverance material.  His book shares the Colossians 2:15 directive to the enemy  to rescue his manuscript that disappeared: Christ “having disarmed the powers and authorities made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.  Even if this computer screen remains white…Jesus triumphed over you by the cross.” Then MacNutt (in the name of Jesus) “bound (evil) spirits and praised God” - with a reversal of harm (5 hours later).
Places often need to be exorcised after deliverances, ministry, and/or visitors leave.  Hotel/inn/guest rooms and new housing/offices need to be exorcised and blessed prior to use.
MacNutt has a good section on blessing and using salt/water/oil.  (Consider the use of a mezuzah.)

Chapter 11 Selecting a Team shares 1 scripture that can be read aloud, which demons hate -

Philippians 2:5-11
Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus, Who being in the very nature of God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.  Being found in appearance as a man, humbled Himself and became obedient to death, even death on a  cross!  Therefore God exalted Him to the Highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow, in heaven, on earth, and under the earth, and  every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
Chapter 12 How the Demonized Person Prepares for Deliverance notes that it helps to discover the reason the evil spirit has come into the person, for there is always a reason, even if it is not the person's fault.
Appendix #1 Sample Prayers
Some of the ministry products

Madison, Richard L - Oakman, Alabama, USA - Raised from the Dead -
"If we pray for someone who has the same need that we have. Often God will deliver us.  He wants us to pray for one another and to love one another."

, Guillermo -
Inner Healing and Deliverance -
4 spiritual laws or open doors to demons can be recognized and remedied.
Maldonado, Guillermo - -
Inner Healing and Deliverance Questionnaire -
Maldonado, Guillermo - How to Receive and Minister Deliverance -
How to Minister Deliverance Manual  @
Maldonado, Guillermo - From Prayer to Warfare

Marocco, James - - Overcoming Defilement - - video sermon regarding his book -
(Defilement can be a precursor to demonization.  Defilements are picked up and spread in relationships.  The inability to deal with a problem may be a cause or symptom of defilement.  It may NOT be wise to extend grace to those you (or God) are trying to discipline.  A squatter is a user with no responsibility, 1st physically, 2nd mentally/emotionally and then spiritually. We become like those who we hang out with, intentionally or not.  BEWARE.)

Martin, Malachi - Hostage to the Devil -The Possession and Exorcism of 5 Living Americans - Readers Digest Press 1976  (nonfiction) - Martin was a Catholic exorcist. (DOB 1921 Kerry, Ireland)
READ book on the web at
Preface to the New Edition - Possession and Exorcism in America in the 1990s  is an alarm to Americans that Satan is at war with our kids.
There is discussion of "perfect Possession" such as when one "empties" out his "mind and will" creating a "vacuum" that freely sucks in ANYTHING crossing its patch, including evil spirits. "The Enneagram Method is...the most common and pernicious."
"In the case of the Ouija Board...Seance or TM or the Enneagram Method, the participants must dispose being opened up; to becoming desirous and accepting of WHATEVER happens along."
Section The Fate of an Exorcist, part A Brief handbook of Exorcism cites 6 potential progressive exorcism/eviction/expulsion stages - Presence (invisible oppression/evil), Pretense (pretending to be "one" with the patient/victim), Breakpoint [evil spirit (or spirits) begins to speak/act in 3rd person/separately/independently from patient/victim], (alien/different/unnatural) Voice (or voices/noises), Clash (battle of wills between exorcist and evil spirit), and Expulsion.   
God instructed David Walters to equip His children to counteract this demonic scheme.   
Appendix I and II include exorcism prayers accessible below (not available at above web link).
Following web site, among others, shares the original Catholic exorcism ritual. Cached
The traditional text of the Roman Exorcism Ritual is in Latin and it is undivided.
Father Martin's book presents the Roman Exorcism Ritual in English and divides it into 3 parts:
a. Instructions to the Exorcist.
b. Exorcism for People.
c. Exorcism of Places     
1 final note of concern is that sometimes the Catholic exorcists traded their lives/health/sanity for the benefit of the prisoner/ victim/captive of insanity.  That when true is/was a grave misunderstanding of Scripture. 
Christ alone is the ONE who does the exorcism/deliverance/healing.  We are only His mouth/body in which dwells the Holy Spirit.  Christ died ONCE to redeem ALL maladies.  It is NEVER necessary for another sacrifice/substitution.  Such thought contradicts God and is from Satan himself.  

Additionally, NO long drawn out skirmishes/manifestations of evil is necessary.  God can work quickly & quietly.  We just need to bind the spirits and also silence them. 
Jesus has the power & the skill to quickly expedite the process, especially when the captive is in full cooperation, having been fully instructed, & when we are in the midst of praise and His glory cloud.

Obviously the exorcist needs to have the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the instruction/consent of Him as to any confrontation with evil.  Otherwise, the exorcist goes to war without needed spiritual weapons.
Malachi, Martin -
commentary and listing of other books - 
Jesus Now
Rich Church, Poor Church
The Scribal Character of the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Pilgrim (under the pseudonym Michael Serafian)
The Encounter
Three Popes and the Cardinal
The New Castle
The Final Conclave
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church
(nonfiction), 1981
There is Still Love
The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church (nonfiction), 1988
The Keys of This Blood: The Struggle for World Dominion Between Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev, & the Capitalist Vatican, 1986
(nonfiction), 1990
Windswept House: A Vatican Novel, 1996

Malone, Doctor Henry - Portals to Cleansing -
Malone says there are portals (doors) both to God & to demons. 
Discover how to reclaim what the enemy has stolen.
Malone, Dr Henry Shadow Boxing: The Dynamic 2-5-14 Strategy to Defeat the Darkness Within
Learn how to break spiritual bondages.

Martin, Malachi - Hostage to the Devil - Reader's Digest Press 1976 + paperback.
Subtitle = The Possession and Exorcism of Five Americans -
Martin was an  exorcist for 30 years. 
Above web site, among others, shares the original Catholic exorcism ritual.
The traditional text of the Roman Exorcism Ritual is in Latin and it is undivided.
Father Martin's book presents the Roman Exorcism Ritual in English and divides it into 3 parts:
a. Instructions to the Exorcist.
b. Exorcism for People.
c. Exorcism of Places
What is the Difference Between a Roman Catholic Exorcism and a Christian Exorcism?
A priest may entreat a stubborn Evil Spirit to enter himself, in an attempt, to draw the evil spirit out.
Hoping to expel the Evil Spirit out of himself, he becomes the sacrifice, the mediator, a Christ substitute.
This is reported in Hostage to the Devil by Father Malachi Martin.
This is a very dangerous method and
recommended, & shows the difference between the 2 approaches. Father Malachi Martin reported the tragic deaths of Catholic Priests during and subsequently after difficult exorcisms as exorcist for the Pope.
It is has also been hinted that Fr. Malachi Martin died during an exorcism, when he invited a demon into himself.

Hostage to the Devil book
CONTENTS can be read online at

    Preface to the New Edition - Possession and Exorcism in America in the 1990s
    The Fate of an Exorcist
Michael Strong - Part I - A Brief Handbook of Exorcism
    The Cases
Zio’s Friend and the Smiler
        Mister Natch And The Salem Chorus
        The Virgin and the Girl-Fixer
        Uncle Ponto and the Mushroom-Souper
        The Rooster and the Tortoise
    Manual of Possession
        Good, Evil and The Modern Mind
        Human Spirit and Lucifer
        Human Spirit and Jesus
        The Process of Possession
    The End of an Exorcist
Michael Strong - Conclusion
Martin, Malachi -
Vatican -
Martin, Malachi - The Final Conclave -
Martin, Malachi - The Jesuits -
Martin, Malachi - The Keys of This Blood -
Martin, Malachi - Windswept House -

Marzullo, Frank & Snyder, Tom- A Manual for the Deliverance Worker
Evil spirits often dwell in certain body parts. 1-Abdominal area & pelvis, 2-bones, neck, back & joints, 3-chest, 4-ears, 5-eyes, 6-head (Such spirits may cause/contribute to head/brain/mind/will/memory/thought disorders.), 7-mouth, 8-navel (Such spirits/curses may enter at conception or birth & are often inherited.)  9-nose, 10-spine (Kundalini/witchcraft), 11-throat, 12-stomach, 13-genitals, 14-spine, 15-etc.

Mathias, Art  In His Own Image - We Are wonderfully Made -
Mathias considers the possibility of mental illness diseases to be due to an autoimmune problem where the body attacks itself and allows demons entry due to unrepented personal and family sin and iniquity.

Meyer, Joyce - 8 Ways to Keep the Devil  Under Your Feet -
, Joyce - The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word -

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo - Face to Face With the Devil -
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Vatican’s chief doctrinal enforcer, has banned charismatic healing sessions and exorcisms during Mass. In particular, a diocesan bishop can now forbid another bishop from conducting exorcisms in his diocese." (Additionally, the exorcism rites have also been revised, thus weakening them.)
"At the Fatima 2000 International Congress on World Peace, held in Rome on November 18-23, 1996...he stated, "Now the third dimension [of evil] is the most dangerous. It is subtle and most terrible. . . I could not believe when I discovered this third dimension of evil. The 3rd dimension is people who follow instructions in satanic sects...Now with this 3rd dimension, I’m sorry to say, our (Catholic/Christian) Church belongs to it (has been infiltrated/contaminated). I’m very sorry, I could not understand myself...
Well, Judas Iscariot was one. Together with Jesus for 3 years, he never changed; then I understand that the 3rd dimension of evil existed not only now, but it existed even then. Because nothing could change the heart of Judas Iscariot.'"
HOWEVER whatever truth there is/was in Milingo's observations may be lost because, "
On Sunday, 5/27/2001, the... archbishop married a Korean acupuncturist, Maria Sung, 43.
The woman was chosen for him, & the ceremony was presided over, by...Rev. Sun Myung Moon, head of the
Unification Church & self-proclaimed Messiah...
The Unification Church has been linked to devil worship in Zambia & has been forced to clear its name in the courts."

Miller, Dr Edward - Cry for Me Argentina

Ira Milligan - The Scorpion Within - preview online
11/11/2009 -
"The Scorpion Within", Ira Milligan's forthcoming book - YouTube

Moody, Earline & Gene - The Deliverance Manual -
Earline's Testimony About Her Deliverance from Schizophrenia , rejection, bitterness, rebellion, overeating & family/inherited curses.  Testimony of Satan's attacks to undermine her deliverance. 
Testimony of methods used to maintain deliverance.

Moody Press    Demon Experiences in Many Lands

Marocco, James - Hawaii and USA - Assembly of God pastor -
Defiled - Overcoming Satan's Assault - Satan's specific strategy is to render Christians unclean so he can make them ineffective & ultimately destroy them.
Marocco, James - Overcoming Defilement video
The enemy wants to rob you.  We have spiritual authority/power, but it is of NO value
if we are NOT aware of it or are intimidated NOT to use it.  We must persist in spite of resistance from the enemy.  Let us NOT behave like a bag woman who in fact is wealthy.  Defilement/demonization often comes in stages via influences/relationships/soul ties where we become desensitized to/contaminated with attitudes contrary to God's nature.
Marocco, James - biography -
Marocco, James - Closing the Forbidden Door In this last generation there are more demons & open doors to evil. 
Not only that, we build in our lives/bodies/minds/temples empty houses/apartments/condos/rooms with unlocked/open doors where demons trespass/squat and express their natures.
Marocco, James -
You Can Be a Winner in the Invisible War: The Power of Binding & Loosing
Directory -
Marocco, James - Church services.  Audio (esp. 1st half) poor but sermon at last half of (selected) video is transcribed below pastor.
Marocco, James - Celebration - Table Talk - on Daystar TV - 10/15/2009, 3/3-4/2011, 11/28/2011 -
Marocco, James - Related audio -
Marocco, James -
Discipleship Wesley & G-12 Style - - "Xenos ministries has probed a fascinating expression of ministry that is designed to infuse relational qualities into the matrix of the Christian community’s ability to engage non-Christians in meaningful dialogue.  A fuller view of Xenos can be seen at: . The paradigm of activity within community is the focal point of Xenos new articulation. 
 Utilizing a universal need among humanity, the substantive act of nutritional intake is the focal point of these outreaches into the development of communal connections between the churchmen and their neighborhoods.  Xenos adherents have begun dialoguing with those outside their faith expression through deliberative dinner experiences that embrace focused topical conversations. 
The food entrees are purposely designed to be intriguing and exotic in order to provide an added layer of appeal.  This, theoretically, augments the acceptability factor, striking passion in the desires of participation among those who engage in this activity...
The various Chapel’s have local leadership who attend to the day to day needs of the church, but the church meetings themselves are normally connected through simulcast messages, thus creating an intricate system among all of the various expressions of ministry.  At this time, there are approximately 60 chapels meeting through-out the Pacific Rim, with large goals for the immediate future.  King’s Cathedral also has Chapel’s in Alaska and California, as well as in Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Tahiti and Chile.  On average, over 8000 members congregate weekly to worship God and serve their communities through the Cathedral’s ever expanding network of ministries in the U.S. churches alone.  This approach to church growth is startling in its effectiveness.  Marocco attributes the models effectiveness that he has followed to the familial nature of the people of the Islands...
family oriented dynamic led Marocco to adapt the Korean model of mid-level leadership cellular groups advocated by Yonggi Cho
[1], an adaptation of the Wesleyan model."

Munroe, Myles - Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer -
Munroe says that Prayer is God's earthly license for heavenly interference.
Munroe says that God, in speaking Genesis 1:26-28, mentions that He has delegated His earthly dominion to man.  Monroe notes that whatever God speaks becomes a spiritual law.  God has spoken that man, consisting of a spirit contained in dirt, has dominion.  Any spirit, holy or evil, needs permission from man to act on earth. 
Man needs to speak the words of God in scripture with the authority of God, & with the belief in His words, in order to allow God's signs & wonders to follow. 
Man may have forfeited his dominion through the disobedience of Adam and Eve, when Satan, a spirit, borrowed the body of a snake to talk to, trick, & deceive Eve.  However, Christ, God's 1st-born son, redeemed man's dominion when He rose from the dead. 
Monroe reminds us that it is God who fathered Christ and not Joseph. 
Christ is of the blood line of God.  That is 1 reason the blood of Christ has so much power. 
In Exodus 29:20, Leviticus 8:23, & Leviticus 14:14-28 when the priest in the Old Testament marked the priests with the blood of the ram, it was an illustration of what happens in the invisible spiritual world to those of us who are marked by the blood of the Lamb when we take Jesus as our Savior.  Munroe contends that the evil spirits must keep their distance when they see the blood of Christ on our right ear, our right thumb and our right big toe. 
(It is interesting that Peter cut off the "right ear" of the high priest's servant. Luke 22:50 and John 18:10.) 
Munroe believes that Satan cannot read our thoughts.  Satan cannot be everywhere as God is. 
However, his helpers can watch what we do and listen to what we say & report back to Satan. 


Ndifon, Charles - Christ Love Ministries -
Ndifon, Charles - International Miracle Ministries -
December 2006 at the small home church in Johnston, Rhode Island, USA, during a miracle healing service, Ndifon prayed with a lady who stated that she has breast cancer plus 36 personalities.  Ndifon, who professes to have the gift of prophecy, stated that she has one personality, while the others are demonic and can be eliminated (as well as the breast cancer) if her root problem of unforgiveness is addressed.  He told her (1) that she is very special and loved by God + (2) that he would lead her in a prayer of forgiveness, if she were willing. 
After much difficulty she consented and prayed to forgive her offender(s). 
It is our prayer that she will be able in the future to come back and testify to her healing, whether gradual or instant.  The Best of the Best.  Learn how to heal/deliver self and others.  This is your final destination. 
There is no need to keep on going to deliverance ministries for prayer. 
The buck stops here.  It will take time - at least a week to marinate in the teachings. 
Go to the web site to locate when the next course is offered.  Take your annual vacation and get yourself here.  Take out that retirement money and spend it.

Null, William - REJECTION - It's Fruits & It's Roots - A Scriptural Understanding of Rejection - How It Works - How to Minister -
(Rejection is one of the 2 roots of Schizophrenia.)


Oliveira, Carlos – Curse Breaking & House Cleaning Manual -
Oliveira, Carlos – God’s vs Satan’s Bank - Financial Curse Breaking for Individuals and Business Owners

Oliveira, Carlos - Money Demons Under Arrest video @

Dr. D. K. Olukoya - - 101 Weapons of Spiritual Warfare -
Deliverance for the Head - 
Deliverance of the Brain -
Sudden change in a normal child may be due to an evil spiritual: 1-cage or 2-transfer or due to satanic: 1-arrows, 2-pollution, 3-padlocks.
Deliverance from Triangular Powers - Prayer Passport to Crush Oppression -
Praying by the Blood of Jesus - Praying to Dismantle Witchcraft - Overpowering Witchcraft -  Marine Spirits - Disgracing Water Spirits - Dealing With Hidden Curses
When the Spider is Wearing a Mask - When the Enemy is Already Inside -
How to Pray When You are under Attack - Prayers to Destroy Diseases and… infirmities -
Deep Secrets of the Enemy - The Gate of your Life - Taking the Battle to the Enemy's Gate - Power To Shut Satanic Doors - Power To Bind, Loose and Spoil -
Safeguarding Your Home About $ leaking out of pocket (wallet/bank/pay check) - Read chapter 1 online - Deliverance from Spirit Husband and Spirit - Symptoms of Caged Soul -
Power Against Anti-Breakthrough… - Command The Morning - Watching The Serpents of the Magician -  Power Against - Dealing with Secret Poison in your Life -
The Slow Learners - Deep Secret Deep Deliverance - The Mystery of Divine Connection: Treading… - Wrestling with Shadows - 4 POWERFUL PRAYERS YOU NEED FOR… -
Power Against Unclean Spirits
Power Against Dream Criminals - The Lost Secrets of the Church - Raiding The House Of The Strongman - The Deep Truth About Marriage - The Star Hunters
Plug Myself Into Your Resurrection Power - Pulling Down Foundational Jericho -
Smite the Enemy and He Will Flee - Drawers of Power from the Heavenlies -
Silencing the Birds of Darkness - O God Terminate the Joy of My Enemy - The Wicked Exchange -
The Problem of Bewitched Hands and Feet -
Your Mouth and Your Warfare - Ways to Provoke Divine Vengeance -
Power Against the Enemy Opposed to your Shining - Dealing with Local Satanic Technology
Born Great But Tied Down (Warfare Prayer Series… - Dealing with Spiritual Defilement -

Open Lending Library -

Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - New Miracle Life Now - 
partial autobiography - Chapter 14 The Insane Beggar
shares this testimony, "I am the beggar who has slept on the ground and has eaten from the garbage containers of your town for 14 years.  I lived that way because I was possessed by evil spirits that tried to destroy me.  I did not want to live as I did but demons controlled me.  I don't know why
I came here last night, but when the (salvation) prayer was prayed, I saw Jesus and He commanded the evil spirits to leave me.  The instant He spoke, I was free." 
Another testimony, "One night, 3 insane men from 3 different towns, were brought to
our meting with their feet and hands bound with chains and ropes...While we taught the powerful truths of the Holy Scriptures, these 3 insane men were miraculously healed the same night by the divine presence of God and were completely restored mentally."

Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - The Best of Life - 
Chapter 1 The Terrific 'You' God Made
shares the healing of an insane man during the teachings  including, "Each one of you is beautifully land wonderfully made - in God's image."  You are a chip off His block.  Never despise what God loves. 
Never refute/contradict what God says.

Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - Why? Tragedy, Trauma, Triumph - 
Sprinkled throughout this book on the bold ministry and early death of TL's wife Daisy are inspiring deliverance testimonies.   Chapter 6 Witnesses Chosen of God shares healing of kidnapped and raped girl, who became insane.  She was delivered of demons who had entered her due to her sexual abuse.  Forgiveness is often a key ingredient in such cases.  She was able to forgive and admonish others to forgive...Another time Mrs. Osborn drove out demons with authority, "You inform spirits that have crossed this dear man's eyes and that have deafened his ears, I adjure you, in Jesus Christ's name, to leave him now."

Oyedepo, David - Nigeria -  Satan Get Lost - excellent
Table of Contents: Preface - God Wants You Free - Introduction - Chapter 1 Satan, The Enemy - Chapter 2 Jesus Fixed Him! - Chapter 3 See Who You Are! - Chapter 4 Where Is Satan? - Chapter 5 Watch Out! -
Chapter 6 Dreams-Satan's "Night-traps"
- Chapter 7 Guard Your Mind! - Chapter 8 You Can Walk Out On The Devil! - Chapter 9 Instruments For Humiliating Satan - Chapter 10 Here Is It! - Chapter 11 Over To You Now
"In 1984, a sister named Angelica
was being followed about by a swarm of insects - praying mantis to be precise. They followed her everywhere - into vehicles, to the market, everywhere! It was an embarrassing situation.  So she came to the office to report to me. As she stepped in through the gate of the church premises, the insects stopped following her, they stayed outside the gate! When she came in and told me her predicament, I asked her, 'Where are the insects now?' She said, 'Outside the gate.' I said, 'Come and show me.'  As we approached the gate, the insects were receding! The closer we got to them the farther they moved back! And by the time we got to the gate, they had taken off for their dear lives! That was the end of the sisters trouble!  Knowledge is reflective! The Bible says wisdom makes the face of a man to shine. There are some of us who the devil knows very well. In the kingdom of darkness, light is master, any day! When you receive God's Word, it sets up a divine illumination around you that all devils learn to respect you.  It is important you realize that the issue at hand is not the devil but you(r failure to recognize and act on your significance in Jesus Christ, Messiah). It is time to appreciate your spiritual inheritance, so that you can use an understanding of these basic Bible truths to (begin to) reign on the earth."
"This 'devil this, devil that' mentality, has robbed many of a great destiny.  All power in heaven and on earth has been given unto you. There is no longer with any witch, wizard, occultist or government. From now on, any time the devil sticks out his neck, tell him, 'Stop faking, you don't have it'...
Wherever light is, darkness checks out. When you turn on the light switch at home in the night, do you need to pray for darkness to go?
...By virtue of Christ's redemptive work, you have become a new creation, if you have accepted Him as Savior and Lord of your life. This new status grants you entrance into God's class.  By this you have become accepted in the beloved - the family of the Father God. God declares you righteous. He becomes your real Father, and you become His real son (John 1:12). He comes into you with all His strength, glory and majesty, and makes you strong in Him.  You are God's offspring. You are His loved son. You occupy a special place in His heart. You have His nature, His life, His Spirit, His faith, His love (Ezekiel 36:26). Everything God is and has, is now made available to you (Ephesians 2:4-6). 
You have become one with Christ. You are joined with Him. What you lost in Adam in the beginning, you have regained in Christ. You are now restored to your former place of authority and dominion.  You can now hold sway over every situation in life, by virtue of your new class of being. You are as invincible, as indestructible as God. No devil can defeat you as you stand in your proper position in God.  The nature of God is now yours personally...
You can boldly say to him , 'Satan, get lost!'...You can win always! The greater One is in you. He is at work in you now. He is greater than all your life's battles. So you can stand in the face of any challenge, any assault of the devil and say to him, 'Satan, get lost!'...
He'll do anything to frustrate you from standing on such a revelation
. But may the God of heaven, the great provider, provide you with such enlightenment in your heart, that will give you all of what this truth contains...(According to) Psalms 82:6
'I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.' (and repeated in John 10:34, 'Jesus answered them, :Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?'")
This is the dominion scripture of the saints. Get it once and live by it forever.
This scripture was a turning point in my life.
It came early enough in my Christian life, that I didn't have to be cheated for long.
Ye are gods! This is the basis for the supernatural, that you are no longer human, you are superhuman, super, extra-natural. See yourself no more as an ordinary human being.
That's not the truth. The truth is that you are a son of God, so you are a god (a prince and spiritual brother of Jesus Christ.  DANGER - Do NOT confuse with other interpretations such as New Age who do NOT agree that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and one's sole savior and lord.) 
If you grasp this truth, every devil will see you & clear off the way.
This is the fundamental secret of all my victories in life
Detest this (demonic) lie (that you are inferior) from henceforth, & in every sphere of your life - your business, your career, ministry, family, etc, accept the order of your divinity.
Whatever is contained in God's divinity is yours to enjoy...
I got to my hometown 1 day & I was told one of my cousins had gone insane.
For days he could not recognize anyone, not even his mother, nor would he speak to anyone. 
But when I got into the room where he was, he rose up and greeted me. He didn't know
his mother, nor anyone else, but when the son of God entered, he knew. I ordered for him to be dressed-up and put in my car, let me see the devil in hell that has the guts to dare enter my car with him. 
By the time we got to where we were going, he was dead-asleep. That was the end of the insanity.
That devil left him as soon as I entered the room he
was in.  Light doesn't struggle with darkness! But as long as you are human, you are in darkness already. 
I didn't need to lay hands on that boy or speak in tongues. All I did was just appear. & madness bowed out.
That is what is called the manifestation of the sons of God.
CHAPTER 4  "It's time to take your stand, pass instructions, & every devil must obey. God won't bruise him until you put him where he belongs, and that is under your feet! Which devil will the Lord bruise for you?
The 1 that is under your feet.  From now on, begin to walk in the understanding that you are made of real power stuff! What you say matters, not only in heaven but also on earth. You are not meant to be a struggler,
but a king, born to win. You are not meant to be a beggar. Wake up and take charge."
Chapter 6 Nightmares are largely demonic con jobs to trigger fear & thus allow negative consequences as we agree & speak them into existence.
Chapter 7 Guard Your Mind - Mind Control - "The mind is so vital that it is the main target of Satan's attacks in the man. The mind is the eye (spiritual gate) of the man.
What it sees & accepts shapes a man's life & determines his (mental & spiritual) state. 
This is why the devil would rather have more blind minds than blind eyes.
He will never succeed in flooring anyone whose mind he has not first held captive. 
The enemy cannot reach (legally communicate with) you except through your mind...
Every time you find yourself arguing against the Word of God, just know that the devil is behind it. His (evil) ministry is to make you captive, so you become an enemy of the truth (of God, His Kingdom, & yourself because you begin to self sabotage)...The principal access of the enemy into the believer's affairs is through his (the believer's) mind...Your mind is a battle-ground...What God says is final, no matter what people have said about you...What the devil does. He attacks your mind by bringing all he can see around, to challenge all you claim to know. He doesn't have a Bible...You can't run away from challenges. All you need to do is to build up a strong resistance against them.  If Satan can't get your mind, he can't get you. He has no access to your spirit.
Your spirit-man is in union with God, but your mind is here, available to him...
Many have had their minds bound. They have accepted that trouble is a normal way of life.
Whatever you can't picture (imagine/visualize/dream) yourself getting into you'll never enjoy, because the Bible (Proverbs 24:14) says, 'The expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off'...Every evil work proceeds out of your thought. The man who gets to the point of slapping his wife already had the plot planned out in his mind (emotion/feelings) first... If you give your mind over to the devil, he will steal your destiny... Let your mind be constantly flushed with God's Word. Let God's Word (daily) give you a new thought pattern, let it affect your mind...When the devil comes to challenge you, tell him to get lost, and remind him of what the word of God says concerning the issue...don't let the enemy fool you into believing that nothing else matters except getting to heaven...what God ends up doing with you is limited to what expectations you have...The problem with most people is that instead of walking by faith, they choose to walk by sight. It is amazing to see people set all their attention on their problems, until it is magnified beyond their imagination. They depend solely on their five senses. But God intends for you to walk by faith and not by sight...The devil is riding on quite a lot of people today because of their ignorance...the Bible says 'If he (Satan) had known, he would not have crucified the Lord of glory' (1 Corinthians 2:8). That's how ignorant Satan is...God's Word makes you smarter than the devil. The Word of God carries the divine nature and it is transferred to you when it is formed in you & becomes your life style. Divine nature is conveyed into every human vessel via the Word of God...When you 1st believed He gave you power. Then when you were baptized in the Holy Ghost, you were endued with power (Acts 1:8). In order words, God immersed you in power.  It is time to be conscious of your new status. Give yourself a sense of superiority over the cruel forces of the enemy... The greater one is in you, you must carry 'the greater one mentality'. From now on, when you are dealing with any problem, carry 'the greater one mentality' tell yourself, 'though this problem might seem great, I am greater, because the greater one lives in me'...Friend, what you have in you is greater than what Moses had when he confronted Pharaoh. It is far greater than what Elijah had. Nobody was endued with power in the Old Testament. They only had visitations, they never had the indwelling of the power of God... Thank God for corporate prayers, but Jesus said. 'Behold I give unto you power.' - That means, you are an individual. You don't need any joining of hands before this power can work...If you lay hold on this truth, you'll become a threat to every devil...The kingdom of God is within you, but you have to push to deliver it, just as a pregnant woman does when she goes into labor. Your delivery is overdue. It's time to push!  It's time to go forth and cause the dry bones to live! It's time to turn and face the odds that have been harassing you! It's time to speak out the way you want things to be and see heaven establish your decree (Job 22: 28).  You have to do it yourself. When Jesus Christ was at the tomb of Lazarus, He did not ask God to speak to the dead man. Jesus did it Himself - 'Lazarus, come forth.'"
Chapter 9 - Instruments For Humiliating Satan - "There are some (spiritual) secrets (insights) that God, by His Holy Spirit, has delivered into our hands, which have become to us like Aaron's rod, which (handkerchiefs/ communion/anointing oil/Jesus' blood/prophetic utterances) have constantly swallowed up the rods of the magicians (Satan's rod)!  Exodus 7:10-12 says, 'And Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh, & they did so as the Lord had commanded: & Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh, & before his servants, & it became a serpent. Then Pharaoh also called the wise men & the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments. For they cast down every man his rod, & they became serpents: but Aaron's rod swallowed up their rods.'"
Chapter 11 - Over to You Now - "You are now sitting in heaven, & the devil fought in heaven and prevailed not.  Acts 19:15 says, 'And the evil spirit answered & said, Jesus I know, & Paul I know; but who are ye?' 
May you be added to this list today. From now on, when the devil sits down to list men he should beware of, he will include you on the list! Now you know how weak he really is, so rather than allow him take advantage of you, take advantage of him. The devil is a weakling.
Friend, I live my life as if the devil is dead. I don't complain about him. He can't do anything to me. I run my own ministry, he runs his.  I don't know what the enemy is doing in your life right now, but the truth is that God's Word will keep you on top, if you give it its right place in your life. What makes you an over-comer is what is written.
It is time now to open your mouth wide & send the devil where he belongs. The gospel truth is that the devil is inferior to you any-day, any night. He has no hold on your future. Your future lies between you & God.
By these truths, you now understand that every work of the devil around you is eternally blotted out.
I would like you to know this: the Bible says, '& neither was there any room found any more for him in heaven", and Ephesians 2:6 says: 'You are seated in heavenly places.' This means that the devil has no room wherever you are. Light and darkness cannot co-exist. & 'Ye are the light of the world', Jesus said.
Satan can't handle you, because darkness can't handle light.
I've not found where darkness arrested light before. Friend, the battle is over.
Now say to Satan, 'Satan, I am superior to you! My new status is far above you. From today, you are no more a relevant issue as far as my destiny is concerned. I've seen the light. You have had enough. I stand on my throne to declare judgment against your activities.  "Satan, you are not my problem. We don't dwell in the same realm. I am placed above you. I believe that good report.  "Satan, look here. I'm aware you are under my feet. Jesus placed you under my feet. That's where you belong. You are not my problem. You cannot be my problem. I'm seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, far above you. Satan, get lost!Let me conclude by Revelation 12:12 saying this (to those who have not yet invited Jesus to be their Lord): 'Woe to the inhabiters of the earth & of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.'
Friend, if you are not saved, you are not safe. Salvation is not just for the soul, it is also for earthly security. 
The devil is into all manner of wickedness, because he knows that his time is short. If you are not yet practically born-again, you are still in the 'earthly places', & the Bible says the devil is down here having great wrath.
To be Christless is to be full of crisis. Make a choice for Jesus today & you'll be out of Satan's reach. 
Such as I have friend, I give unto you. Satan will have no more place in your life.  Peace. In Jesus name."

Peck, M Scott - People of the Lie - Simon & Schuster publisher 1983

, Jessee and Roberts, Evan - War on the Saints -
Some of Satan's military seems to be as follows:  
Principalities = Spirits that have force and dominion dealing with nations and governments
Powers = Spirits having authority & power of action in all spheres open to them
World rulers = Spirits that govern darkness & spiritual blindness of the world
Wicked spirits in heavenly places = Spiritual forces being directed in & upon the church of Jesus Christ by means of wiles, fiery darts, onslaught, doctrinal deception, & any other method of which they are able to devise
All teaching originating from deceiving spirits - distort, add to, discount, & weaken the authority of scripture.
All thought & belief must be tested to see if it is in harmony with scripture, that includes the cross, the resurrection, + the sings & wonders of Jesus Christ.

Phillips, Ron - Everyone's Guide to Demons and Spiritual Warfare by Ron Phillips - Read Chapter 1 here.'s_Guide_to_Demons_and_Spiritual_Warfare_by_Ron_Phillips #1-3 automatic play -
Copyright © 2011 World News Network - good book overview video - -
Audio series -
Video series - - good -
Look inside at
Facing the Reality of Your Enemy #1 - Ignoring the enemy will not eradicate his destruction.
Arming Yourself for Victory Over the Enemy - "An angel said, 'Are you going to believe the report of the enemy & your circumstances or are you going to speak the Word of faith?'" 
This world is NOT our home.  We have an opportunity to be trained for the world to come. 
The battlefield is the mind.  Satan wants Christians to be defeated through discouragement. 
Facing the Reality of Your Enemy #2 - Knowing & not ignoring the Truth will help set you free. 
Dea-mon means through the mind (thoughts) which is the gateway to evil spirits. 
Speak directly to (reject) the demon (in Jesus name).
Possible demonic SYMPTOMs: feelings of drowning, non medical illnesses, addictions, abnormal behaviors.
Tracing the History of Your Enemy - Satan is the ultimate terrorist. 
Jerusalem may house the original garden of Eden.  The fall of Lucifer created an earthly catastrophe. 
Understanding the Dynasty of Your Enemy - Demons (fallen angels) are the spiritual terrorists in your life with the intention to blow up your life.  When demons are not living in a host they act like flies.  When they are at rest we are not, especially at night (when they are attempting to terrorize us).  They can communicate using our mind via thoughts and our mouth via speech.  We need to declare foreclosure on a demon's residence and take back our home bought by the blood of Christ.  If you give a demon an inch he will buy a lot, build a house & invite others.  Unforgiven/unrepented sins give Satan a foothold; otherwise he is just calling your bluff.  Satan MUST bow the the name & blood of Jesus plus our position in Christ, regardless of his whining.  Dismiss demons verbally. 
Fill up that vacated space with the Holy Spirit baptism, if not already filled; then suit up with the full armor of God, to prevent re-infestation.
Ends with DELIVERANCE prayer #1.
Knowing the Strategies of Your Enemy - Evil illegitimate/witchcraft/controlling evil-spirit of Jezebel is to be exposed and exterminated.  She will work through temper tantrums, crocodile tears, manipulation, silent treatment, moodiness, cunning, craftiness, exploitation, sexual lure, enticement, pressing other agendas, etc. to take you & your business/ministry down.  You cannot negotiate with this spirit; it will ruin all relationships & trigger mutiny.  Confront & challenge such a spirit, so as not to be taken out yourself.
Enforcing the Victory Over Your Enemy - A stronghold is a place where demons hide and control you. 
Stinking thinking/sin/lie will allow demonic infestation/spirit of infirmity/spirit of fear/spirit of divination/ spirit of whoredom/spirit of bondage/spirit of pride/spirit of perversion/spirit of antichrist/spirit of heaviness/spirit of lying/spirit of jealousy/spirit of slumber.  Allowing a demon to be a squatter and torment is evidence that you need to recognize & repent of root issue & its related sins.  If you are not sure you are saved then settle that right now today with God.  Repent of allowing past & its chains from holding you back from fulfilling your destiny. 
(Make sure you have forgiven self.) 
Ask God to set you free from any demonic stronghold. 
Make any necessary restitution, to prevent enemy from having any legal grounds/rights...
The war battle is already won; you need to continually enforce it, in the name of Jesus.
Maintaining the Victory over Your Enemy #1 - Old or family (familiar spirits passed down) habits may be ancient (mental or physical) curses (strongholds). One can break them off self/family for 4 generations.  Proverbs 18:21 Death & life are in the power of the tongue.  Proverbs 26:2 Like a bird, a curse without a cause, will not land/nest in your family tree (paraphrased).  What you receive & believe will also affect the enemy's ability to affect you.  Wrong vows need to be renounced and repented of, in order to be loosed from unrelenting bondages. 
Repent of speaking any word that contradicts scripture. 
Finger pointing/judgment/criticism incriminates/contaminates one's life, often in same area. prior to repentance. 
A spoken curse can be defamation of a child, spoken in indignation/weariness/ exasperation. 
A curse can be prophesying/forecasting negatives such as you can/should never.  A curse is believing/receiving/ internalizing & acting on a lie about yourself because of believing other's false attitudes/actions/words. 
A curse ties evil ropes about self to something in past and will not let you loose.  Invisible curses can be inherited.  Possible SYMPTOMs: Deuteronomy 28:28 mental/emotional issues: blindness (lack of insight/ discernment)/madness/heart confusion; hereditary conditions; psychosomatic issues/those for which medical science has no diagnosis; infertility; spiritually captive offspring; financial insufficiency, especially due to failure to tithe -
Malachi 3:9; accident/disaster prone.
Maintaining the Victory over Your Enemy #2 - Curses triggered by oneself.  Demons can hear what comes out of our mouth and enforce a spoken curse.  Things we do outside the Kingdom of God are seen by demons and give them legal permission to act in our lives; this includes our failure to do Godly mandates/ requirements such as forgive.  Curses "follow" rebellion; disobedience permits invisible demonic/occult forces to operate. 
Curses (if they are not reversed, in Jesus name) "follow" injustice, molestation, racism, anti-Semitism, self-sufficiency/righteousness, theft, perversion, defamation.
To permanently exterminate a curse one needs to: know he/she is saved, confess out loud that your body is the home/temple of the Holy Spirit, and know that all doors to demons are closed.
#1 Repent for rebellion & disobedience; this may include/necessitate a personal apology to another person.
#2 Forgive, even the deceased; bring all past hurts/traumas to God. 
With Jesus we pray, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do," from Your spiritual perspective. 
#3 Cancel wrong vows/judgments/words. Confess out loud that Jesus has borne (took/removed/traded/healed) every sin/hurt/curse for me.  Galatians 3:13 Christ has redeemed us.  In Jesus name renounce and command to leave every torturing spirit that entered/gained access through the trauma and through our wrong response to that wound.  Receive deliverance; accept God's forgiveness/healing.  Begin to praise God; ignore contrary feelings.
Final portion of series ends with Group DELIVERANCE and includes (paraphrased) prayer:
Father, "I have given the enemy ground in my life by permitting each evil dominating curse, habit, attitude, & unforgiving spirit.  I repent.  Right now Lord, I give notice to and command to leave: every tormenting spirit, negative force, demonic voice, that has had access to my life."  (All evil entities,) "right now be gone, in Jesus name."  Anything that comes to mind tell it to leave, in Jesus name. From now on do NOT receive any past/ present/future name calling; you are who God designed you to be, from the earth's foundation. Say, "I am a child of God; I belong to Jesus; nothing formed against me will prosper; my house/temple is clean; I am filled with the Holy Ghost; there is NO room/access for curses and demonic spirits."  Read Psalm 34 out loud and then rejoice. - -
Hixson, Tennessee, USA
Phillips, Ron - - shows some demonic spirits found in scripture -
Appendix C - 60 Symptoms of Demonic Attack -
(Typically, this refers to ongoing/consistent/repeated attack, rather than an occasional evil assault. 
Additionally these attacks are frequently against one who does not defend himself, against one who does not recognize, refuse & reject such arrows.)

Chuck Pierce - - Time to Defeat the Devil - - Sample chapter
here - -
Chapter 5 Pass-Over, God's Plan for Freedom
"Derek Prince once said that the most powerful faith declaration for deliverance is this,
'I am redeemed by the blood of the Lamb out of the hand of the enemy' He said that
if you can make that declaration in faith, & keep on making it, something will happen. 
You will be delivered from the power of the enemy...
The Feast of Passover is a faith declaration that we are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!"
Chapter 5 God's 10 Step Program to Freedom for Israel - Exodus 12:12 
"Each plague was a direct confrontation with one or more of the deities...
Their gods were really demons" which needed to be exterminated, allowing God to reign in its vacated place. 
Chapter 10 Jesus, Our Best Example in the Wilderness - "We must get to a point where the enemy is NOT able to affect us with all our internal issues" (that there are NO remaining character issues where the enemy has a legal right to oppress us.  However,) "there's a level of temptation that is linked to your destiny...the original intent of accomplish...There will be corporate temptations for a church, business, ministry, and family until that work reaches the true identity that God change or influence the culture you are positioned in for your future.  There are levels and degrees of temptation....Every time you get a new anointing, hell will contend against you...We must learn to be satisfied in our new place...(Beware not to become) impatient to try to get out of it (your trial) sooner (than your need to be sufficiently prepared or sooner than God's perfect timing. 
Remember Sarah's impatience resulted in birthing Arab nations and the Muslim/Islam religion).

Time to Defeat the Devil by Chuck Pierce - here read a sample chapter.

Chuck D. Pierce - Time to Defeat the Devil: Strategies to win the spiritual war - Page 61 Insights into Demonic Structures -
10 Biblical Steps to Freedom from Spiritual Bondage - Inviting God's Holy Spirit to unite with one's human spirit can facilitate the removal of evil inherited iniquity
and correction of defective DNA via a Jesus' blood transfusion/transfer.

Chuck Pierce 8/22-26/2011 Messianic radio broadcast (mostly on prophecy)

Pittman, Howard - Demons: An Eyewitness Account - full text
Chapter 1 The Clone - "When 1st created, all spirits were duplications of the creator...
God added a 2nd dimension to that clone by giving him a soul. 
(Genesis 2:7)  The soul is that part of our being that makes us, as spirits, become an individual. With the soul came man's ability to exercise his sovereign will...
We see the a person's personality."
Chapter 3 Demons Evil Spirits - When God gives Satan "special permission"
for possession of a - minor child or unique adult (perhaps a Hitler), a "mystery demon is...involved...Rarely, if ever, is a human being possessed by just 1 demon.  In most cases of total possession, there are many different demons from any different groups or areas of expertise...No matter how many are involved, only 1 is in charge.  When a project has to be abandoned, the command (mystery, highest order, or prince) demon is always the last to leave."
Chapter 7 The Mystery - There seem to be two 4th groups.  A 4th group "one of the leading groups...may be the most important one...These demons remain aloof...and their area of expertise is most important to Satan's last day attack...These demons have  great power over flesh...more power than the other demons. 
Part of their great strength rests in their anonymity...Demons have been successful in remaining anonymous & convincing man that demons do not exist...When a human is demon possessed, there are certain classic symptoms which indicate demon possession.  This is NOT true with the mystery demon...
A classic example of demon possession is an individual displaying a split personality...
All humans who have more than 1 personality ARE demon possessed
...All spirit beings have only 1 soul or personality...NO exceptions...It is impossible for a spirit to live in and control a physical body without  revealing himself in the form of a personality to others.  This is true of the spirit of man as well as the spirit of demons.  However, when the personality of the mystery demon is displayed, it is NOT always obvious..
It is usually revealed as a hidden personality in that possessed human...These same demons may manifest themselves as physical deformities, sicknesses, or many other ways which are not so obvious...
When demons work through an individual (such as a minor child) who had NO choice, then that individual has NO blame...All demon possession in those below the level of accountability is done so on a permission basis (to Satan by God, often due to parental open doors).  The mystery demon is the only group of demons allowed to work in that individual who is below the level of accountability...
These demons are also the hardest with which to deal & must be dealt with in a special way (Matthew 17:21)...
The mystery demon...great strength seems to depend on his remaining anonymous in the life of the human...
The mystery demon is able to mimic epilepsy...has something to do with what we call insanity...
He interferes with the control line between the spirit of man and the physical organ called the brain...When that invisible communication line (between spirit, mind and brain) is distorted or disrupted in some manner, it produces an unstable reaction in the physical body called insanity.  (In other words, the demon's spirit & soul/personality is short-circuiting/corrupting/disrupting/sabotaging/interfering-with/lying-to/confusing the human's spirit & soul/ mind/personality)...
Mental institutions are filled with people who are demon possessed (or oppressed) and...would be normal if they were only delivered.  However deliverance, itself, is NO guarantee of the complete recovery...
Deliverance is just the 1st step." 
[Former patients need to become born again, baptized in water & the Holy Spirit,
+ taught how to prevent demonic re-infestation/reentry/relapse. 
They need to read the Bible out loud daily and to surround themselves with healthy holy friends, family & congregation.  They need a schedule, work (paid or unpaid, & income.]"
Chapter 8 The Frog - Temporarily back through the "invisible dividing dimension wall"
in the hospital and through the brick wall onto the streets, walking in the spirit man without a body, the author was shown how invisible demons stalk, tempt, and inter into humans in an attempt to infest and possess them.
"When the demon (appearing as an invisible ugly green frog) reached the man's face, suddenly, like a puff of smoke, he disappeared into the man's face, appearing to have penetrated the pores of the skin. 
The angel said to me, 'There.  It is finished.  He is possessed'...The angel began to tell me about the sovereign will of man and how this demon made himself look beautiful and desirable...his area of expertise...This individual, by his own sovereign will (or at least by NOT thinking/saying NO), had openly invited this thing to enter...
All the victims had already been skillfully searched with their weaknesses precisely catalogued.  The tempters in the areas of the victim's weakness were assigned their task.  They followed and waited for...when the victim would be the most vulnerable...Once the assignment was made, the demon would NEVER leave the targeted individual...
He would have an unseen traveling entire host of unseen traveling companions...
Man does NOT have to yield...
Man yields to temptation (often) to satisfy the lusts of his flesh...for his own selfish reasons...
Jesus...warned us in His Word that Satan had the ability to steal the Word...
The preacher never preached on them and never said that they were real or NOT real. 
Therefore, most of the people in my church did NOT believe they existed, because they thought if they did exist, the preacher would certainly be telling the congregation...NOT once did a single one of my (college/seminary) teachers even attempt to deal with those versed of scriptures in the Bible related to this subject.  The whole thing was completely, utterly ignored.  Thus I indirectly received the impression that if this matter was NOT important enough for the teacher to deal with, then it was NOT important enough for the teacher to deal with, then it was NOT important enough for me to think about...the sock answer, 'That's one of the mysteries of the Bible that we can't understand in this life...Christ...never failed to warn the people about the attacks of these beings."
[This idea of ignoring - reminds us of the GMO worldwide plant/seed contamination -
head in sand syndrome!]
Chapter 11 - Dealing with Demons - Casting Them Out -
"There is NO...power...from the use of His name, but by the authority granted to you by Him...In the name of Jesus literally meant by the authority of Jesus.  The demons also knew this...That is why the demons refused to obey and come out.  They did NOT have to obey one without authority...Remember, it is NOT you physically that is confronting the demons, or even you as  spirit being, but it is the power of Jesus...The 1st (deliverance) step is to have enforce...arrest a violator...Many...refuse to exercise it...Salvation is the number 1 prerequisite for all who would be exorcists...The next step is the granting of the Jesus to take charge over demons...He...gave them authority to deal with demons 1st...because often...a disease or sickness can be demon possession (influence/oppression)...The root cause of ALL sickness and disease is sin...They had to carry with them the Word of God (the sword of the Holy Spirit which includes the defensive spoken Torah which they had memorized in childhood), their one weapon...The Word was made flesh and (He, Messiah temporarily) dwelt among us...John 1:14...(and later via His Holy Spirit baptism inside us)...Weapons are described in detain in Ephesians 6:11-18...In Ephesians Paul said that the whole armor of God was withstand the 'wiles of the Devil'...Those cunning (concealed) devices are often wrought through the personality (and deception/camouflage) of the demons...
Demons know who has the authority over them...All (born-again & Holy Spirit filled) Christians have the authority over demons, but NOT all can or will use that authority...We must be able to recognize the (nature & name of a) demon (especially the root/key demon of any significant or manifesting problem)...A person who is totally possessed is unable to call out for help...Go into God's word until you are sure that you can recognize them.  Then by the authority granted you, go forth and deal with those demons...(Just say, 'No', even with your mind.)
Then there are those who are possessed by the mystery demon...This kind of demon (hides and) does not manifest himself to the physical world as the other demons do...or it may manifest itself as a disease, sickness, or physical deformity...Split personality is easy to detect...Split personality is one of the most classic examples of demon possession...
An expression of a perversion is a good evidence of demon possession...or oppression...
An expression of perversion be be defined as expressing unnatural desires outside of God's natural unnatural act...
You also can be victorious over Satan and his demons in your own life."
Chapter 12 Overview -
"On each of Satan' projects there is 1 demon in charge...He speaks for all the demons and is the command demon.  All other command demon may allow some of the others to display their personality through that (human) body, but his personality will be the dominant personality.  Defeat the command demon and you have defeated the whole project...Remember...all command demons come from 1 of the 5 groups...warring demon, the demon of greed, the demon of the black arts, the mystery demon, or the perversion demons...5 groups have numerous demon helpers...
The mystery demon may show himself as a physical deformity, insanity or epilepsy...(or he) can mimic these conditions...The gift of discernment (is) needed."
Chapter 13 The Point (included in 2nd printing not 1st)
To be reigning with God (during the 1,000 year earthly absence of Satan) requires a preliminary burning up of all work not done for the glory of God, resulting in remaining work or merit on which one can receive Godly assignments during this reign.
Our primary citizenship should be a heavenly one.
"With salvation (the 2nd birth) comes responsibility" to enlist ourselves, family, acquaintances to real the ENTIRE Bible and then to use it against Satan.  Incomplete knowledge is incomplete victory, and more often than not spiritual - kidnapping, victimization, and even death of self/family/others. 
(99% superior book, except perhaps some overlapping of spirit/soul/body, and absence of proclaiming need for baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is very important for those doing deliverance ministry, plus not citing the need NOT to isolate, but be in ministry with and under others.)

Pittman, Howard - 6/16/2011
Pittman, Howard - listing of books
Pittman, Howard - The Mystery Demon -
Pittman discusses the Spirit of Infirmity and Satan's plan of releasing exotic diseases.
Radio Interview #1/11 - 3/2/2010
Audio testimony #1/12 Placebo - - good -
Pittman, Howard - audio portions of Placebo book @ great from
Pittman, Howard - from &
Pittman, Howard - - Placebo - - full text
Chapter 7 The Grand Tour -   
"I did things differently in the spirit realm than what we do here in the physical world. For instance, we do not communicate with our mouths and ears, but rather, we communicated with our minds. It was like projecting our words on thought waves and receiving the answer the same way. Although I could still think to myself without projecting, I discovered that this really did not benefit me because the angels could read my mind.
I could hear different sounds in that world, but I did not hear with my ears. I heard with my mind, but I was still able to hear those sounds. When we traveled, we traveled mostly at what I call the speed of thought.  When we traveled at the speed of thought, there was no sensation of movement. The angel would say where we were going and we were there. There were other times when we did not travel in that manner, and I was very much aware of movement while traveling. One of those times when I was aware of movement was when they brought me back into the physical world and allowed me to see the demons working here. We moved about here somewhat like floating on a cloud...
In the demon world, there is a division of power much like a military structure...Certain demons carry the title of prince, which is always the demon in charge of a principality.
A principality is a territory, an area, a place or a group that may range in size from as large as a nation to as small as a person...The prince is given the authority to act in the name of Satan...There is NO such thing as a general practitioner in all the demon world.
They have only one area of expertise."
Chapter 8 Demons - "
At the top of that (demonic) order were revealed in forms similar to humans. As we moved down the order, or rank, I saw demons in shapes or forms that looked like half animal and half human. I saw demons in forms resembling animals (including deer) we know in this present world and I saw demons in forms and shapes so revoltingly morbid...
At the very top of the order were the warring demons...always traveling in groups, never alone...They looked like humans with the exception that they were giants. Appearing to be about 8 feet tall, they were rugged and handsomely constructed, somewhat like giant athletes. All of the warring demons were colored bronze. They were giant, bronze soldiers. All of the other demons seemed to be subject to them...
The 2nd most powerful type demon was also revealed to me in human form and these demons looked like ordinary people. All of those possessing this area of expertise seemed to group together at about the second place of command. Chief among this group was the demon of greed and contained within this same group were demons of hate, lust, strife...
The 3rd most powerful...were revealed to me in mixed shapes and forms. Some had human form while others had half human and half animal forms. Others resembled animals
...These demons possessed skills in the dark arts area such as witchcraft...Among this group were demons of fear and the demons of self destruction as well as those demons which are expert in mimicking departed human spirits [familiar spirits] and in ghosts...
The fourth group, or order...had forms like known animals while others had unknown forms. In this group were the demons of murder, brutality, sadism, and others related to carnage...
As we moved even further down the order toward the end of the chain of command, all the demons were revealed in horrible and morbid forms. Some were so revolting that their appearance produced nausea. They are so despised by their own companions that...they do not associate with the other demons except in the line of their duty...
Another group of demons...(exert a) powerful hold on the flesh. It seems that this mysterious group of demons work differently from all other demons and are used in only special cases and special situations...It seems their great strength rests in their ability to remain anonymous...Among this group is the one that is able to manifest himself as a form of epilepsy in the human. I am not sure but I seem to recall that some other demons in some of the other groups also have the ability to mimic epilepsy...
At one time during this tour of the 2nd Heaven...I experienced an awful...overwhelming, oppressive, and morbid feeling...I learned that the angel could read my mind because my guardian angel said to me, 'That feeling you are wondering about is caused by the fact that there is no love in this world'...
My escort informed me that he wanted me to see a demon in the process of actually possessing a human being. At this point in the trip, I was escorted back through the dimension wall separating the Second Heaven from the physical world. When we came
back into this world, we were in the same hospital with my body but in a different room...
a young man and a young lady facing each other while laughing and talking...they were unaware of the horrible creature standing between them. This demon was so horrible in the appearance of his shape and form that I recognized him immediately to be from the lower group, the perverted group...The angels, the demons, and I were in the spirit in that room and were aware of everything that was happening. Those in the flesh were only aware of themselves for they could not see or hear us even though we were back in this physical world. Since we were in the spirit, we still communicated with our minds...the demon. He was a most horrible looking thing, reminding me of an over-grown, stuffed, slimy, green frog all out of shape and proportion. He moved slowly up into the face of the man then, suddenly, like a puff of smoke, he seemed to disappear into the face of the an just as if
he went through the pores of his skin. When the demon had entered the man, the angels said, 'Now it's done.' The angel then proceeded to tell me how it was that this man was possessed. He stated, 'The demon made himself desirable and attractive to the human.' The angel then pointed out to me that mankind has a sovereign will, all his own, beyond which the demons cannot come. He also pointed out to me that the angels could not come beyond that sovereign will of man. God, Himself, will not violate that will...we were given, like God, a sovereign will, the right to choose our destiny...[Book of Revelation (says that) 'frog demons will be loosed' in the last days. I have found that many of the things we say in slang, have been set up by the demons as actual things. If you knew and understood you would never say them again; such (demonic) things like, 'He's just a little devil']...
There is another process under certain given circumstances whereby demons may
or be allowed to enter small children. It seems as though those demons from that mysterious group are the ones that are allowed to do this. From what I recall about this, it is only under the most unusual circumstances that this can happen. According to what the angels told me, over 90% of all cases of demon activity in human beings is restricted to those humans who are at or over the age of accountability (over the age
of puberty, especially those who have moved out of/from the parental covering)...
The angel...pointed out that all of God's (spiritual) children have been given power over all demons and can cast them out, however, this power is based on the faith of the Christian. It will only work when the Christian knows without a doubt what he is doing. There are certain Christians who have received a special gift in this area.
They are those who have been called specifically by the Holy Spirit to a deliverance ministry and in almost every case, those called to a deliverance ministry have also received the gift of discernment. When one is commanding demons, it is most important to know what spirit one is dealing with.
In those rare cases where children are possessed [not so rare anymore folks; a number of children are possessed today because of the opened doors to the enemy.], it takes a special effort & divine insight in each case to deliver them. Such a case was reported in the Bible in
Matthew 17:14-21.
All (born-again) Christians potentially have the ability to command demons...
Demon activity in the outside world...Humans in the physical world going about their daily pursuit, they were completely unaware that they were being stalked by beings from the spirit world...
Guardian angels...cannot oppose the demons when the demons come against us through (permission of) our own will...
Demons have developed great skills in the area of deception.
They move through our lives by deceit and trickery & keep us totally unaware of their activity...
Not all demons are in the 2nd Heaven. There are some demons so awesome that they are reserved in chains in Hell; however, Satan and his army of demons are not in Hell, presently...
Demons who are chained (in hell) went beyond the limitations of their domain...
Demons who work in children under the age of accountability are allowed to do so only after obtaining this special permission. [I might add that a legal door was opened by certain sin or sins that gave the demons a right in the first place.] It was not made plain to me what sort of circumstances must be present for God to grant permission...Permission to work in children under the age of accountability is rarely granted...
[Satanic doors have been opened, more (often) by parents.] The majority of the time Satan is denied this special permission, but in these last days we can expect a substantial increase of demonic activity, not only in adults but in children as well. This increase in demonic activity is what the Lord warned us about in
Mark 13:22 when He spoke of the incredible miracles that false prophets would perform in the last days...
We can NOT cast them (demons) into HELL, for only God can do this...It is very important for someone who has just been delivered to be properly instructed how to remain in the Lord's will, lest they become afflicted again. A Christian CAN cast out demons from a lost person, but unless that person gets saved & abides in the Lord's will, there will be the (very very strong) possibility of the demons returning. [See
Matthew 12:43-45]...
(Invisible) spiritual warfare that rages today is between the spirit of man and the spiritual forces of evil directed by Satan which are contending for control and manipulation of our fleshly, physical bodies. Our spirits fight by faith and through our sovereign will; while the devil and his [fallen] angels fight through deceit, cunning, trickery, & temptation...
These (evil) spirits are able to see and hear everything we think, say (except perhaps praying in tongues per Jesse Duplantis) and do; while we are totally unable to perceive any of their activities. It is very difficult to fight an enemy you cannot see, hear, and feel, but as long as you trust the Lord, you have nothing to fear..
The guardian angel is not assigned to all mankind, but only to those who are saved & belong to God...
Man's greatest weapon, however, is the Word of God...the Word of God [
Ephesians 6:11-18] as the only offensive weapon mankind has...
Your commander in chief, teacher, healer & sustainer, the Holy Spirit, will NEVER leave you NOR forsake you.

Bishop Julian Porteous - (Catholic) Manual of Minor Exorcisms - 2010 Australia -
Part 1 - Introduction, Wiles of the Devil, Exposure to the Powers of Darkness, Combating Powers of Darkness, Forms of Exorcism, Rite of Exorcism, Prayers of Deliverance, Use of Minor Exorcism + Part 2 includes prayers & related declarations excellent editorial - Deliver Us from Evil -
"In an exorcism manual written by Bishop Porteous, he
distinguishes between major & minor exorcisms, saying that major exorcisms deal with possession, while minor ones deal with oppression. “With oppression, people are still in control of their wills and are able to reflect on their condition, whereas with possession, it appears that something has taken over their will,” he writes. “In a minor exorcism, prayer is addressed to God to deliver the person from evil. In a major exorcism, as well as invoking the power of God, the demon is directly addressed, in the name of Jesus, and commanded to leave.” "In the ritual, the evil spirit is commanded in the name of God and of the Church to depart. The ritual also includes a sprinkling with holy water, the recitation of a litany of the saints, the Lord's Prayer & a creed, a Gospel reading and the Sign of the Cross."
View parts of book online @ (Do NOT know if free download is safe?) - (Roman Catholic) Rhode Island, USA -

Prince, Derek - Atonement - 
Prince says we are to both confess and renounce sin.  When we are sick, we are to study scripture 3x a day, preferably after each meal, as though it were prescription medicine.
Also take a look at the Yom Kippur day of atonement 9/20-21/2007 TV archives 
, Derek - Blessings and Curses -
Free from Benny Hinn Ministries - only by requesting in writing.

, Derek -
Blessing or Curse - You Can Choose - 
Subtitle = Freedom from Pressures You Thought You Had to Live With
Chapter 18 7 Steps to Release explains the Greek word "sozo" is translated (1) save, (2) heal, (3) deliver from demons, (4) raise the dead, (5) recover from being dead, (6) protect from evil - depending on the context of the scripture used in the New Testament.  The majority of Christians only concentrate on  salvation & not on the other benefits Jesus provided for us at the time of His death & resurrection.
, Derek -
, Derek - Deliverance - free download -
Prince, Derek Read online.
, Derek - Deliverance from Guilt, Same, & Rejection  booklet
Free from Benny Hinn Ministries - only by requesting in writing.  
God gave Derek the insight as a medical orderly to take the Bible as medicine for his sick body.  He discharged himself from the military hospital and thereafter read his Bible after each meal - until he was completely healed. 
Proverbs 4:20-22  Give attention to My Words...for they are life to those who find them and health (medicine) to all their flesh.  Romans 10:17 Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the (spoken) Word of God.
, Derek - Derek Prince on Experiencing God's Power - (includes 9 books) - 
1 - The Holy Spirit and You
2 -  Speaking Scripture aloud with each meal is medicine to mind, body, and spirit.
Free book God's Medicine Bottle  by "writing" to Benny Hinn Ministries PO Box 16200, Irving, Texas 75016 
3 - God's Remedy for Rejection "Recognize the nature of your problem and call it by its right name - rejection."
"Forgiveness is NOT an emotion; it is a decision."  Decide "to get rid of the bad fruit that rejection has produced...bitterness, resentment, hatred, and rebellion...are poison...Receive and believe what God has already done for you.  [God] has made us accepted in the Beloved. Ephesians 1:6 NKJV...Never criticize yourself...
Praise God out loud...Thanking God sets the seal on your release."
Free book God's Remedy for Rejection by "writing" to Benny Hinn Ministries PO Box 16200, Irving, Texas 75016
Rejection &/or rebellion is often a root cause of Schizophrenia according to Ida Mae and Frank Hammond
4 - The Marriage Covenant
5 - God's Plan for Your Money
6 - Does Your Tongue Need Healing?  God creates with His mouth.  Are we are His mouthpiece or Satan's?
7 - How to Fast Successfully
8 - Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting
9 - Spiritual Warfare -
Prince, Derek - Expelling Demons - booklet -
"Psychology normally recognizes 3 main"  areas defined as personality - "knowledge, will, emotion...Demons possess knowledge...will...emotion...speech...A demon is a person...Symptoms...commonly indicate the presence or activity of demons...psychological...related primarily to the inner nature and personality; 2nd, physical...bodily appearance and condition.
...Different classes of demons (may) exhibit different types of behavior, eg., demons of sexual uncleanness normally come out with some form of spitting or vomiting (and quite often large amounts of slimy, mucous material are brought up in this process)...
Fear normally comes out with...hysterical sobbing or whimpering...lying and...hatred utter a loud roar...nicotine (smoking) comes out with a cough or a gasp...At times, they take control of the patient's organs of speech and use these to utter their own words.  Sometimes this causes an obvious change of  voice...The minister...through the name of Jesus...may command each demon to name itself, thus revealing its nature and activity...Some of the names that I have hear give (are) fear, hatred, lies, doubt, envy, jealousy, confusion, perversity, schizophrenia, death, suicide, adultery, mockery, blasphemy, (and) witchcraft." 
Prince, Derek - How to Be Delivered -
Prince, Derek - How to Expel the Enemy -
Prince, Derek - How to Identify the Enemy  -
Prince, Derek - Lucifer Exposed -
, Derek - Prayers and Proclamations - 
To say to ourselves, to Satan and to God to gain and maintain victory in Jesus Christ.
, Derek - Protection from Deception - entire book -
Chapter 1 - -
Invite Holy Spirit discernment.
, Derek - Rules of Engagement -
Subtitle = Preparing for Your Role in the Spiritual Battle 
, Derek - Seven Ways to Keep Your Deliverance -
If the enemy has been evicted from our house, then we must not give him the keys to return.
, Derek - The Divine Exchange - booklet -
Prince, Derek - The Spirit-Filled Believer's Handbook - 
Subtitle = Foundations for Christian Living from the Bible.
Derek Prince - a Biography  by Stephen Mansfield
, Derek - They Shall Expel Demons -
-derek-prince-37628193?related=2 @ 
Prince, Derek - - full online
Autobiography (on his deliverance from the spirit of heaviness/depression in the form of a gray mist) and textbook on eliminating demons.  Prince contends that Satan's primary weapon against us is guilt/accusation/condemnation.  However, if we have confessed any sin to God then we are NOT guilty; then we can refute any lie of our spiritual enemy and not accept false condemnation.  Prince contends that Satan works in secret by deception. 
Satan prefers that we do (1) NOT know he exists and (2) NOT recognize his methods.  Many people do not realize that not only some mental illnesses but many sicknesses are caused by demons.  Demons haunt everybody including  "normal" religious people.  The word "possessed" only occurs once in the original Greek New Testament. 
Chapter 11 What Are Demons? shows us demons named in scripture.
Chapter 12
Flesh or Demons explains that healing ministry does not necessarily deliver, and deliverance ministry does not necessarily heal.  Healing usually refers to disease not caused by demons.  Deliverance usually usually refers to a root sin that opened the door for a demon to enter.
Chapter 13 explains
How Demons Come In sometimes.  For instance, if a demon of lust came in from our watching a dirty sex movie, then the demon will not come out until we first repent.  Satan uses "the weakest moment and the weakest place" as his entrance principle. 
Chapter 16 7 Questions shares a
mental hospital solitary confinement patient's deliverance from a demon. 
Prince, Derek
 in They Shall Expel Demons has some ground rules for praying for "deliverance" for others: be under authority, minister at least in pairs (Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs.), never minister alone to the opposite sex, rely on the atonement of Christ and not on our authority, and speak the word of God to the enemy.  Better still, read this book, for one, before ever attempting deliverance on behalf of another.  Chapter 20 Demons of Sickness and Infirmity shares a few testimonies of diseases cured by deliverance from demons plus healing prayers, rather than by traditional healing prayers only: Epilepsy, Blindness, Deafness, Muteness, Arthritis, Death, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke.  Prince likes to locate the door of a demon's entry into a life, so the door can be closed.  Sometimes only the Lord can reveal this.
, Derek -
Deliverance and Demonology - Derek Prince Ministries (Outline)
, Derek   (1915-2003) - War in Heaven
Derek Prince Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Derek Prince - Why Do Bad Things Happen to God's People (not a deliverance book per se)

Ramirez, John – Unmasking the Devil @
FULL book (can print NOT copy) + Chapter #1 of book The Caludron
Chapter 4 The Voice of the God and the Voice of the Devil
Chapter 7 Fighting Back through Spiritual Warfare includes self-deliverance PRAYERS
Chapter 10 A Guide to Spiritual Freedom includes PRAYERS to break generational curses

Renner, Rick @ FULL -

Roberts, Oral - When You See the Invisible, You Can Do the Impossible - 
Chapter 5 How I Learned to Become an Original shares God's words,
"From this hour you (Oral) will have My power to bring healing to the sick, & to cast out demons. 
You will know their number
(how many), name, & have My power to cast them out."
Chapter 7 How I Discovered God Is a Healing God shares that Oral ordered demon spirits, "Come out, you foul, tormenting spirits of Satan, & let this person go free!" 

Ruth, Peggy Joyce - Tormented - 8 Years and Back -
Peggy shares how a spirit from a Buddhist neighbor entered her (mind/soul/emotions/body but NOT her spirit) and confused her thinking to the extent that she was given shock treatment & psychiatric medications, until in year 8 her heart yelled out to God to come find her.  God was faithful and did rescue her.  God also delivered her daughter Angela of the spirit of fear. 3/2005 book &/or audio  Brownwood, Texas, USA

Rutz, James - Mega Shift -
Chapter 3 The New Saints -7 Signs of Today's Overcomers shares the testimony of Kulawati who became demonized.  She ate grass on all four limbs.  A pastor, after fasting 3 days, cast out a cow demon, & Kulawati became well again.  See Nebuchadnezzar story in scripture.
The testimony of Haroon Jonahan is that, after fasting for 3 days, God empowered him with the wherewithal to exorcise his wife, who wanted to gore him to death.

Sanford, John Loren - Healing the Wounded Spirit -
High Level Warfare Part 4 set 3 Notes Compiled By Evangelist or
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Savard, Liberty -
Producing the Promise - Chapter 5 - It's Not About You Anymore - "Some Christians tell me that they love their families, they just don't like them. What a deception. 1st Corinthians 13 was not put into the Bible because its makes a really neat wall plaque to hang in your bathroom. It is the pattern of love. Only by binding my will to God's will & my mind to the mind of Christ, by loosing my soul's finite interpretation of difficult circumstances & issues, can I really see what is going on in dynamics with difficult people."
Savard, Liberty - Shattering Your Strongholds -
Book #1 of Keys of the Kingdom - trilogy - Introduction + chapter 1 - Keys to the Kingdom


Schneider,  Messianic Rabbi Kirt A - -
Introduction -
I trained a team to minister deliverance...Many of them who received deliverance were soon plagued by evil spirits again. They were not able to stay on the path of freedom.

As I took this matter to prayer, the Lord led me to start teaching self-deliverance. This solved...problems.  People no longer had to wait for someone else to help them. They understood the battle and had the appropriate weapons to deal with the problem themselves. Since they were now trained and equipped, they could continue to protect themselves every time the enemy stalked them.  There is really no way to walk in the freedom that the Lord desires for us if we cannot fight for ourselves. Think of this analogy: Suppose you are a kid in school being picked on by a bully. Your big brother or dad might confront the bully, and this will gain you some temporary relief. But, chances are, as soon as your brother or dad is not around, the bully is going to return and take your lunch money or beat you up or do whatever he wants to do.

The only way to get free and remain free from the bully’s torment is to stand up to the
.  We do not have to wait for someone to come help us; we do not have to live in torment and demonic oppression."
Chapter 1 - The Battle Begins -

"The Lord showed me something about this concept in a vivid dream He gave me.
In this dream, I was living in a tiny, dilapidated house that was almost falling apart. 
As you can imagine, I did not have a good feeling living in that house.

Now, right next door to this run-down house was another house. This 2nd house was gorgeous...
brand new...modern...clean...big...beautiful, and it was
my house. I was the owner.
But I was not living in the nice house; I was living in the broken-down house. 
Why was I not living in the nice house that I owned? Because it was inhabited by squatters.
They had human form, but they were demonically energized, violent and hateful.

I was afraid to take possession of the house because they were threatening...telling me what
they would do to me if I tried. I was certain that if I set foot in the house they would attack, and God knows what they would do.  So I was being tormented, letting others...take what was mine, afraid even to go inside.  Eventually, as the dream progressed, I got up enough courage.
I decided that I was not going to be afraid and tormented and let them have my house.
It was no longer an option. I was going to have to face those demons and drive them out.

So I went around to the side door and waited for the chief demon. When he came out,
I grabbed him by the collar, threw him to the ground and began punching him in the face. 
At 1st it seemed as though nothing was happening.  He acted as though I was having no effect on him at all. My punches did not seem to be making even the smallest dent.  But you know what?
I was so focused on defeating this demon that I just kept pounding and pounding. All of a

sudden, I heard a sound like psssshhhh, as the air went out from him. He evaporated, and was gone.

There are other aspects of this dream that we will get into later, but the point I want to make now is this: Demons do not possess believers, but they can become squatters, just as those squatters in my dream were occupying my house.
In the next chapter we will learn some of the ways that demons take up residence in our lives, but basically, like the moneychangers in the Temple, Satan gets hold of some part of us and lodges himself into a space that is not his. God has something so much nicer for us, just as the Lord showed me in the dream. He had a much nicer house for me to live in. If we become trapped in fear, in worry, in wrong thoughts, we will never enjoy what God has provided for us.

Demons are looking for the weak, the vulnerable, those who do not know how to defend themselves. Furthermore, demons will not leave their habitations simply because their (evil) consciences begin to convict them. They will not wake up one day and realize they did not pay for the space they are living (squatting) in, so they probably should leave.
No, they have to be confronted with the truth about Yeshua’s identity and our identity in Him, & commanded to go.

Self-deliverance is applying the means that God gives us to drive out the demons that are invading our space & keeping us in bondage...
The Lord spoke...'You will drive them out before you” (Exodus 23:31)...a prophetic shadow of how we begin to enter into the fullness of the freedom that we have inherited in Jesus. Just as the Israelites had to drive out

her enemies in the physical realm, so we have to drive out our enemies in the spiritual realm.
You might consider someone at work to be your enemy, but he is not really the basis of your struggle.
Your struggle is in the realm of the heavenly.

In Numbers 32:21, we see the Israelites engaged in actual conflict:
“All of you armed men cross over the Jordan before the L$%& until He has driven His enemies out from before Him.” I like this concept of being armed as we apply it to our spiritual battle.
We will discuss the power & authority that are ours in Jesus in later chapters, but understand for

now that the Church must engage in the battle.

And we must keep on fighting. We do not win a skirmish & then sit back and do nothing when the enemy returns.

If we are going to prevail in Jesus’ name, we must know how to drive the enemy out & be ready to fight again.

If you sense that demonic activity is harassing you, you do not need to run...
A lot of times the Church seems to think that following Jesus is equivalent to being 'nice'...Jesus...Prince of Peace...
is also a warrior: He is the one coming back riding a horse, with a sword protruding from His mouth."

Messianic Rabbi Kirt A - videos
Excerpt: from (a spiritual but not necessarily Judeo/Christian link) - John A. 'Jack' Sanford (7/26/1929-10/17/2005) was a Jungian psychoanalyst & Episcopal priest -
Sanford was the son of
Edgar L. Sanford, also an Episcopal priest, as was his own father and grandfather, the author of God's Healing Power
and of
Agnes Sanford (1897–1982), the founder of the Inner Healing Movement. (Many charismatic Catholics rallied around Agnes Sanford, but Protestant Pentecostals considered her ideas to bend toward the occult.)

Sanford, John Loren and Mark - Elijah House Ministries, Spokane Valley, Washington state, USA
Deliverance and Inner Healing - #1 Relationship between Deliverance and Inner Healing
1.2 A Sensible View of Deliverance -
"Historically most of the (Catholic) church has agreed that demons are the fallen angels who rebelled."
Infestation - "I do not believe that a Holy Spirit-controlled Christian can be fully possessed."  Demonized, yes.  "The 1st level I call infestation...demons are NOT usually within the person, but gathered all about him...Infestation means that demons gain temporary influence in certain limited areas...because our sinful character gives them access through unredeemed aspects...He finds himself propelled into doing what Christ would disapprove of.. His as-yet-uncrucified old ways...temporarily overcome his new walk in Christ...
The demon...overpowered (sabotaged) his Christ-like intentions by working on his hidden motives (unredeemed character)."
Blocking Spirits - "Often, when (outside) infestation has progressed to obsession, a blocking spirit is also involved...You may have to remove the blocking spirit before you can 'plunder his house'." 
Poor memory recall during ministry can be a symptom/evidence of blocking spirits.
Familiar Spirits - "A familiar spirit is Satan's 'angel' assigned to a family to use unredeemed areas in its history and whatever demons are available to 'steal and kill and destroy' family members (John 10:10). 
It is usually a familiar spirit within the family that employs the blocking spirit...Pray about the family history, for that is what gives the familiar and its demons access to control the person... Capture only those hills of the soul our Commander orders at the moment...Understanding the relationship between deliverance and inner healing is crucial...We...may have to call to repentance before we can cast it away...We may have to cast away the familiar before we can successfully plunder the family history...Tackle the simple problems 1st...Wait for the Lord to clarify His plan...He alone knows whether the person is ripe or prepared in the heart to receive more at this time...Discernment of something...(is NOT) an immediate call to act, employing the full arsenal of everything" you know to do.  This can cause much harm if not done in love and in God's timing with God's permission in God's sequence.  Never respond to needs but rather to God's directives!
Inhabitation (John Sanford) - "means that a spirit has entered a person, but has been corralled and is unable to affect much of the person's emotions and thoughts.  The person's strength of character, aided by the Holy Spirit, had been able to resist the urgings of the demon and has shut it down...After I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the demon surfaced and had to be cast out...I do not believe that any demon can take complete control of a Christian's inmost self.  But it can inhabit practices in the members and influence the mind."
Obsession - "If an inhabiting demon has come out of hiding to assume partial or intermittent control of the person, then we have moved to the next level of demonization, which I call obsession. 
Here the unclean one has managed to install itself securely in come area of the person's character."
"Deliverance ministers must learn to practice inner healing...When those root causes are forgiven and the character structures are put to death on the cross, the house of the demon is dismantled and it finds nothing to return to."
Possession - "The 4th and final degree of demonization is possession...The Inhabiting demon is in full control and the original personality is entirely suppressed.  It is the demon that thinks, feels, speaks and acts through the person...Many sessions are needed to expose root causes carefully, as we cast away successive layers of demonic control." (  This is NOT necessarily true any longer due to newer revelation given to the church.  All healing and/or deliverance needs the person equipped intellectually and emotionally to defend self from attacks of demons when they attempt to return.)
1.5 A Christian Can Be Demonized
1.7 Do's and Don'ts of Deliverance -
Do NOT Give Demons a Stage.
Do NOT Require a Manifestation.
Do NOT Curse Demons.
Do NOT Converse with Demons.
Do NOT Command Demons to Name Themselves.
Do NOT Shout at Demons.
Do First Bind Demons before Casting Out.
Bind Spirits in Order to Avoid Transferences. 
"It is NOT touch" but rather unrepented sin" that gives access to spirit transference.
Sending Demons to the unbiblical (per author). 
"If sin is NOT repented of, the demon will (attempt to) return, no matter what we command."
1.8 a Balanced Approach toward Mental Illness and Disorders
#2 Deliverance and Healing from Types and function of Demons
2.10 Delivering Places
2.11 Delivering Animals and Objects
2.12 Demonic Specialists
"Bind and cast away.  Find out what was fractured and wounded in childhood, especially sexually, giving the demons access...To rebuild the inner heart and character...may mean long-term prayer ministry."
Shrike Spirits -
"The shrike or butcherbird impales its prey on thorns."  "A Christian shrike is a self-righteous" individual who knowingly or unknowlingly utilizes the shrike evil spirits to sabotage those working with/serving him, making them appear inept/incompetent/foolish/inadequate/suspect/unstable/suspect/divisive; blame shifting.

2.13 Strongholds: Individual & Corporate
Not binding decoys (distractions) delay (prevent) the root cause from being exposed/evicted.
#3 Relationship of Occultism, Spiritualism & Cults to Demons, Deliverance and Inner Healing
Appendix 5 - Scripture References about Prenatal Wounds and Sins
Appendix 6 -
Clues for Identification of in Utero Wounds

Sanford, John - Founder of Elijah House Ministries - Healing the Wounded Spirit - book
According to Ana Mendez Ferrell's Regions of Captivity, Jesus revealed to John during a patient therapy session via a vision a "dungeon of Hell" in a "region of darkness" from which the He rescued John's patient as John shared the vision with his patient.
To LISTEN to interview, check out episode 7: Healing the Wounded Spirit with John Loren Sandford
Inner Transformation" with John Sandford

Savard, Liberty - Shattering Your Strongholds -
Check out chapters: Setting Yourself Free and Setting the Captives Free - Whether They Want to Be or Not!

Secrets of the Dead PBS television case file The Witches Curse  VHS format item # SEDE921
Excellent case study on the ergot fungus that may have caused psychosis and death in many towns.  Many victims may have been burned at the stake as witches.  Ergot is a fungus found on rye grain, especially during damp weather.  Bread made from this grain may have been contaminated with ergot.

Scanlan, Michael  + Cirner, Randall - Deliverance from Evil Spirits - Servant publications
Subtitle = A Weapon for Spiritual Warfare - Catholic perspective - excellent manual for teams
"If Christians do not recognize Satan's work where it exists, they will not be able to effectively resist him." 
We are to copy Saint Paul and say to an evil spirit, "I charge you
in the name of Jesus Christ to come out." Acts 16:16-18. "Satan cannot overcome God's power & will, but the Christian's own lack of faith and perseverance can cut off God's action for him."  "In plotting the death of Jesus, Satan thought he was gaining a great victory.  In fact, he engineered how own defeat (1 Cor 2:8)."
(Likewise Satan is really stupid to sabotage us, if we wake up and exercise all the rights we have in Christ Jesus.  Demons) "will maintain their hold on an area as long as they remain unchallenged." 
(How does one recognize an evil spirit?  1 way is to notice a thought or thoughts that bombard us, thoughts that are contrary to our personality or liking.)  "When demonic bondage is the root of an emotional problem, no amount of willpower or therapy will bring release.  Only the (supernatural) power of the Lord can do it."
Catholic laity and clergy are authorized to perform "simple" exorcisms, but not "solemn" exorcisms over those possessed/insane, reserved for bishops or their representatives.  However, one will be most successful having first "committed his life to Jesus as Lord and Savior...prayed to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, & to have the spiritual gifts released in his life...He should have attempted to come under pastoral authority." 
[Author calls obsession (demonization) having evil inside self & oppression having evil outside self.]
"The person (preparing for deliverance) should be told that this ministry is a normal step in growing...
Original sin makes all...subject to the dominion of Satan...Evil spirits can affect our lives, even after we have become Christians, because we are involved in a struggle between 2 kingdoms."
(At some point during deliverance, the individual will be instructed to renounce an identified evil spirit & command it to go, in Jesus' name.) "Deliverance destroys the root of Satan's hold in a particular area." 
(After deliverance it is imperative that the individual not stay isolated, but work within a Christian community, the same way one would work in a halfway house, providing protection and growth. 
This is especially true immediately after ministry, during the transition from captivity to freedom.)
"A group of (uninvolved, due to privacy issues) intercessors should support the (deliverance) ministry."
"The leader...should pray for the spiritual protection of all present.  He should command all evil spirits, in the name of Jesus, to obey him...(After ministry) all present should be prayed with for protection from harassment by evil spirits.  The spirits should be forbidden to bother anyone present (in Jesus' name)."
Leaders should have already received deliverance prior to praying for others.

Sithole, Surprise - Faith to Raise the Dead - -
Chapter 1 The Joy of Obedience -
"Something (especially prophetic nightmares) was bothering my life. 
I was new in the Lord and I didn't know about deliverance....
Whenever I had a dream, bad things would happen the next day, until eventually I went through deliverance."

, Arturo (deceased) founder Deliverance Evangelistic Centers -  +
, Arturo -
When I met the Master: The Story of Arturo Skinner -
black biography by Lelia M Lockwood

Smith, Eddie and Alice - Spiritual House Cleaning - -
Our treasures may house evil spirits and contaminate the atmosphere in our home.

Smith, Alice - Delivering the Captives - -

"You must decide, 'I will not be victimized'...
Alice also says we should know about holy & unholy strongholds. 
Holy strongholds would be those things that God has claim on in our lives.  Unholy strongholds (self-talk/disease/illness/labels) are anything that holds us captive that keeps us from God's call & can be triggered by circumstances or events in our lives or what we choose to let in.  Alice says we can have a house of thought that we believed that have been contrary to the Word of God & God wants - to be the stronghold. 
We will always be a victim & stay in a cycle of distress & self abuse unless we change our thinking & the way we live.  To dismantle unholy strongholds, Alice says you need to recognize the lie/event, go back to event, repent, & remove and dismantle stronghold. 
You must speak/command the stronghold to leave (in Jesus' name) & then claim new identity in Christ...
She says victimization can be in 2 realms, the spiritual and the natural.  We are some-times victimized because we've embraced (accepted and/or resigned ourselves to) the cycle (natural) and sometimes there is a spirit involved (spiritual.)  Life altering experiences opened the door to trauma; the predator spirit was allowed, & opened the gates of the lies that keep us victims.  Holy life experiences open up the blessings of God for us."
Smith, Alice - Beyond the Lie - Finding Freedom from the Past - - "If you allow Him, the Lord will use what you've experienced, both good and bad, to purify you (especially through consistent alliances with God's people).
When refining gold, the refiner melts and then stirs the gold over heat until all its impurities float to the top.
He skims off the impurities and turns up the heat, & then repeats the process, all the while increasing the heat. Molten gold is pure when the refiner can see his reflection in it."

Smith, Eddie - Breaking the Enemy's Grip - A Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming -  

, Katie - Captivity series - - - "
I finally reached the breaking point, which was exactly what God was waiting for. At once, I was aware that He was right there, because I felt shame. His presence brought the conviction that all my actions were way out of line. As I sat there feeling His hand of chastisement, I clearly heard Him say that He wanted me to stop fighting and surrender to my captivity (to Him)...I also began experiencing a realization that my entire captivity was in some strange way being used by God for my benefit."
The ultimate goal of The Captivity Series is to teach every prisoner how to take possession of their God created purpose through the vehicle of their captivity. God has a special purpose planned for each one of His incarcerated people. This purpose is called an 'Expected End' (Jeremiah 29:11). Everyone is created by God to do specific works but few people ever discover what those good works are. The Captivity Series: the Key to Your Expected End shows prisoners how their captivity is specifically designed to prepare
them for their future assignment
then it systematically instructs readers on how to take possession of that purpose.  Expected End Ministries believes once a prisoner takes hold of their Expected End they will never go back into captivity again"! - books on
Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance  

Steffon, Rev Jeffrey - Spiritual Warfare for Catholics - Servant publications

Secrets from Beyond the Grave by Perry Stone - Read Chapter One here .
Perry Stone - - chapter 1 -
Chapter 14 Tapping into the Spirit World - Perry mistakenly assumed the personal demonic apparitions and mental/emotional oppression was his thorn in the flesh!  Perry later realized this was a seasonal testing allowed, which needed to be resisted and refuted, in Jesus' name.  "The enemy will gain the advantage of us, if we remain ignorant of his device and strategies (2 Corinthians 2:11)...The Holy Spirit spoke to my (born-again human) spirit, saying, 'Son, as long as you live, Satan will use what you see, (feel) and what you hear against you
It is time that you stand on the only thing that can never be shaken or changed
; stand upon My Word'...
Smith Wigglesworth...once said, 'I am not moved by what I see.  I am not moved by what I feel. 
I am moved by what I believe.
1.God is not moved by your feelings, but by your faith.  2. God is not moved by your circumstances, but by His Word. 3. God will deliver you from the attack, if you will remain faithful."

Stone, Perry -
Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree by Perry Stone -
click here to read the first chapter.
Perry Stone Ministries - April 10 2018 - synopsis - Evil "spirits are given 'openings' through the carnal activity and through flesh sins or maintain
a stronghold when a believer does not exercise their spiritual authority (rejection/refusal/ renouncement) over them."  (Perry and his son share some autistic traits.) post 1/7/2018-
Demons feed off of sin/iniquity and grow/increase in size/stature/status/position.
We never pray (to God) or ask a demon, but rather COMMAND it to depart, in Jesus' name.
There is a root behind every sin.  We see a generation of rebellion, but invisible beneath it is the root of resentment, bitterness and/or anger.


Storm, Howard - To Hell and Back -


Subritzky, Bill - DOWNLOAD: Keys to God's Healing and Deliverance by Bill Subritzky.pdf
Subritzky, Bill - DOWNLOAD: Demons Defeated by Bill Subritzky.pdf (697KB)
Subritzky, Bill - DOWNLOAD: Deliverance from Depression by Anne Plank and Bill Subritzky.pdf (169KB)
Subritzky, Bill - (Reproduction for free distribution is permitted.)
SUBRITZKY Bill and Pat -
How to Cast Out Demons and Break Curses -
Download Book PDF
How to Overcome Fear   
Download Book PDF
Miracle at Dubbo
Escape from Hell
Chosen Destiny - the Pat Subritzky Story
On the Cutting Edge - the Bill Subritzky Story
Demons Defeated
-  "
Bill Subritzky...talks about 3 strong-men (demon powers) that he has found are often in control, namely: Jezebel, Death and Hell, & the Anti-Christ (evil) spirits.
In severely demonized people, demonic structures have to be carefully unpicked & demons should be loosed from
each other’s control, before they could be loosed from the individual.
Jesus states the following pertaining to deliverance, 
'How can one enter into a strong man's house, & spoil his goods, except he 1st bind the strong man?
Then he will
(be able to) spoil his house.' Matthew 12:29"

Sudduth, William - What's Behind the Ink? - - Tatooing dangers
Sudduth, William - Deliverance Training Manual -
Sudduth, William - So Free @ Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Foreword - Doris M. Wagner, Wagner Leadership Institute, shares,
"There is no more grateful a person
on planet earth than one who has been set free from demonic oppression."
Chapter 3 - Our Calling and Anointing in Christ -
"Jesus said to her, 'Let the (Hebrew/Messianic) children be filled 1st, for it is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the little dogs (gentiles)'... We are the children (who recognize Jesus as the living bread from heaven) and (thus) deliverance is our bread.  The same cannot be said for unbelievers, because they would not be able to 'walk out' their deliverance (as) the doors that let in the demonic oppression would remain open.  According to Matthew 12:43-45, the final condition of that person who has swept his
house clean (via deliverance) would be worse than the 1st (before deliverance0."
Chapter 5 - Sin, the #1 Open Door -
"It was her 1st encounter with a dead body.  The funeral directors...asked her if the procedure bothered her. 
She responded with a 'little white lie'.  'No', she said, 'It does not bother me.'  At that point the (spiritual) door was opened.  The witchcraft spirit that was hanging onto that dead body went through the open door.  She repented for the lie and renounced the spirit of witchcraft.  It left immediately...There is no such thing as a small sin. 
All sin has consequences and can be a point of entry for the enemy.  One false comment, one lie, one act of sin...had opened the way for demonic oppression.  Sin is the #1 entry point for demonic bondage...
Whatever demon is passing by or hanging around when that door is opened, simply steps in. 
Sin has given it the legal right to stay."
Chapter 6 - Curses - 5 Sources -
1.Word curses spoken over us by ourselves or others.
2.Curses that result from...our own personal sins.
3.Curses inherited.
4.Curses...due to a broken vow to God.
5.Curses placed on us by...witchcraft and sorcery...
"We may have heard, or said to ourselves, things like: 'You're so stupid.  You're retarded. 
You've got cancer.  You have mental illness. You'll never amount to anything.
You're just like your father'...
Likewise, when we yell at the bad driver...'You idiot'...our words will affect that individual.  Words against him have been spoken into the atmosphere...Certain words and attitudes we invoke are actually the names of (evil) spirits or demons.  One such example is the spirit of divorce.  Once you speak divorce in your household, you give it a license to hang out, to sow seed, to establish a stronghold.  It is probably the most destructive word you can speak in your home...I bless my wife at every meal...She gets prettier every day."
"The principle of speech is a law, just like gravity...We reap what we sow...I went through deliverance...They called up a spirit of epilepsy...I said out loud, 'Where did that come from'...I heard the Lord say, 'Let Me show you.' 
The Lord then played a video in my mind that took me back 23 years:  I was 19...I reached for my wallet & realized I had forgotten it (picture ID).  I told him, 'I am an epileptic.  I am not allowed to drive'...
God showed me that when I had claimed epilepsy, I had given the enemy a legal right to inflict me with that disease by the words of my own mouth.  I had said, 'I am an epileptic.'  And the devil had replied, 'You are now.' 
I never had any symptoms of that disease, but I truly believe the enemy knew that God had plans for my life, & the devil was just waiting for an opportune time to inflict me, in order to cause the most damage that he could. 
The assignment against me was still there.  I repented and it left."  (Notice.  God's name is 'I AM' & Satan's perversion of that is to negate it using evil antonyms and adjectives of oneself who is made in God's image. 
Be alerted.  Be freed from enemy deception & wiles.)
freemasonry -
generational curses -
Halloween -
witchcraft @ articles


Sumrall, Lester - Alien Entities - A look behind the door to the spirit realm - Alien Entities recommended - @
Chapter 4 The Primary Abode of Alien Entities - "Your prayers are answered WHEN you pray, but the devil immediately puts up a barrage of warfare against God and against the angels of God. 
It may take time to get your deliverance TO you. 
This is why many people seem NOT to get their prayers answered.  They give up on receiving their answer. 
They forfeit it, before it has had time to reach them."
Chapter 12 - Is Schizophrenia an Alien Entity - "Schizophrenia is a soulical problem affecting the mind, emotions and will...It is not of the spirit of man; his body is only the victim...It is probable that a person with a dual personality is tormented by an alien entity...Schizophrenia has no apparent not of God...
(Unless inherited or cursed) often a broken personality is the result of decisions made which were made by the person involved (afflicted)."
Chapter 15 Cornelio Closa, the Disappearing Boy - Philippines -
A demon disguised as a young girl enticed & tricked this young boy to rebel, incite trouble, and repeatedly disappear for an entire year before exorcism eradicated the Satanic power influencing his life. 
Follow up ministry is ALWAYS needed. 
These are the initial prayers that freed him,
"Lord Jesus, we plead Thy holy blood.  (In Your name) we command the devil to come out of _____ .
(In Your name) we break the devil's power, that this devil can get ________ no more. 
May _______ be surrounded with the blood of Jesus Christ.  Be free in Jesus Christ's name.  I believe it.  Amen.
                 Chapter 16  How I Discovered Alien Entities in Humans -
"The Lord began to whisper to me, 'If you can BIND the strong man, you can spoil his house
All the sinners are the devil's prey.  When you BIND him 1st, even before you preach, then you can get the prey. 
You can get the ones he has been holding captive in his prison house. 
You jar his gates loose and you get his prey, when you 1st set the people free."
Chapter 19 Who Can Exorcise an Alien Entity (a demon/devil/fallen angel)? - "Any believer, any born-again person, anyone who knows the Lord Jesus Christ personally can cast out devils...Jesus Christ is the giver of authority. 
No church or church officer can grant you that power and authority...Power would be useless if it were not brought against interfering and anti-Christian spirits...Jesus did not ask His Father to rebuke Satan, but rather He dealt with him example of how we are to deal with the is very important to fast, especially before seeking to cast out some evil spirit
Chapter 20 - What Happens to a Person after the Alien Entity Is Cast Out? -
"When you set someone free, then you have an obligation to that person to teach him or her the Word of God about how to remain free.  Don't allow them to fall back into demon possession or oppression." - Clarita Villanueva - Alien Entities - = home
La singolare storia di Clarita Villanueva
Sumrall, Lester
 - Angels to Help You -
free download

, Lester -
Bitten by Devils or @ or ( Film)
This is the account of
Clarita Villanueva , bitten by unseen demons & documented
by medical doctors.  Her deliverance/exorcism brought revival to the Philippines.
Sumrall, Lester - @
Sumrall, Lester - @
Sumrall, Lester -
Demons: The Answer Book - @
Sumrall, Lester - @
Sumrall, Lester - Video @ Book @

Sumrall, Lester - @

Sumrall, Lester -
Witch doctor: The story of Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira
- 40 years in witchcraft until Jesus Christ walked into his room + +
Book briefly explains the Brazilian spiritism is Macumba (African dance) and Umbanda (African religion).  Umbanda means witchcraft/fetish ritual/witch doctor/divining/consulting genii/demons.  Arlindo was baptized to Satan while he was still in the womb. 
Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira
shares (pg 37) that one demon, who would not name itself, called himself the Captain of Host of the Insane

Editorial on Witch Doctor - 5/29/2007 Fern Fuego Poyser -
In one hand, the witch doctor would hold a bull frog (always a symbol of Satanic power). 
In the other hand, a mixture of human blood & alcohol was placed in the frog's mouth. 
Then the witch doctor would dance, make satanic incantations and worship demon entities.
Fortunately, Dr. Sumrall wasn't raised in the modern-day school of humanistic, people-pleasing preachers. 
All Dr. Sumrall did was follow Jesus' biblical example. 
He placed his hands on the side of the witch doctor's head & said 2 words: Come out.
The witch doctor fell over with a thud.  When he returned to his feet, the witch doctor was born again & speaking in a heavenly language & glorifying God.
Later, that night, Dr. Sumrall returned to his room to go to bed.  Since it was warm, and without air conditioning, he decided to open the windows while he slept.  As he lay down, a strange odor began to fill the room. 
Suddenly, all of the sultry heat of the night disappeared from the room.  A damp chill filled the place. 
It was so cold, Dr. Sumrall began to shiver.  A wind began to blow the curtains wildly on their rods. 
Then, the bed began to shake so violently that it moved all the way out into the middle of the floor. 
Well, Dr. Sumrall had enough of this!  He raised up on his bed & said, 'You demon spirit, I recognize you. 
I cast you out earlier today.  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you go now
Immediately, the evil presence left the room. The heat returned.  The curtains laid down against the wall. 
The bed stopped shaking.  The horrible odor left the room.
Now, most modern-day preachers would have written a book right there.
They would have written 7 books & told how the devil obeyed them; but, that wasn't Dr. Sumrall. 
Instead, he rose back up in his bed, looked out the window & shouted, 'Hey devil. 
Get back in here!  Immediately the curtains began to stick out on end as a wind rushed through the room. 
The coldness returned, the smell returned, the bed began to shake violently & almost shook him out of bed. 
Dr. Sumrall sat up in his bed & said, 'Devil, When I came into this room my bed was against that wall. 
Now, in the name of Jesus, PUT IT BACK!'
The bed went shaking back across the room & settled down against the wall. 
'Now,' Dr. Sumrall ordered, 'Get out of here!'"

Sumrall, Lester - Alien Entities - 
Sumrall, Lester - Armor of Deliverance -
Sumrall, Lester
 - Commanding Spirits That Rule the Hearts of Men Study Guide             
, Lester -
Demonology and Deliverance II: Study Guide     

Lester Sumrall -                   
Sumrall, Lester - Demons & deliverance:
Syllabus [for] Word Harvest School of Continuous Learning - a lecture  series  
Sumrall, Lester - Divine Authority - Pk of 50 Tracts -
Sumrall, Lester - Dominion is yours  -
Sumrall, Lester - Exorcism: The Reality of Evil ... and Our Power over It! -
Sumrall, Lester - How to cope with rejection (How to cope series) (How to cope series    
Sumrall, Lester - Hypnotism, Divine or Demonic or
Sumrall, Lester - 5 videos @
Sumrall, Lester - -
Hypnotism is demonic & dangerous. It should be avoided.
With sufficient willpower determined against the mind, however, most people can be hypnotized.
This is the giving over of the will that permits you to be hypnotized. If a person resists the hypnotist by his will, a message is sent to the mind that says something like, 'I resist this person seeking to take over my mind & hypnotize me.'
Such a person cannot be hypnotized. The mind obeys the will. That shows the greatness of the will, when it supersedes the mind. The will 1st must be broken down before the other parts of a persons being will cooperate with a hypnotist.
To be hypnotized you must decide, 'Yes, I will go along with that.'”
Sumrall, Lester - Promises of God: A Promise a Day Keeps the Devil Away                   
Sumrall, Lester -
or Supernatural Principalities and Powers -
Sumrall, Lester - The Believer's Handbook #6 in a series
Sumrall, Lester - The commanding spirits that rule the hearts of men - A lecture series     
Sumrall, Lester - Three Habitations of Devils                                                 
Sumrall, Lester - The Mystery of Death -
Sumrall, Lester - True story of Clarita Villanueva - A 17 year old girl bitten by devils in Bilibid Prison, Manila, Philippines - The Fascinating Case of Clarita Villanueva - Cached - -
Historic Bilibid has a tragic past, where the Spanish imprisoned victims and Japanese committed atrocities.  Witnesses to May 1953 story are the Manila police, attending physician Dr. Marianna Lana, Mayor Arsenio Lascon, local constables, news reporters, professors, plus medical students. Sumrall told Dr Lana that there are 3 powers - positive, negative, & human. The Roman Catholic bishop had opted out of exorcism, leaving the door open for Sumrall to free the demonized girl.
The devil spoke in English through Clarita (who herself cannot) to Sumrall.  The devil said that he did not like him, God, or the blood of Christ. Sumrall told Clarita that he came to deliver her from the power of the devils, in the name of Jesus Christ, the son of God.  He commanded, "Come out of her you evil & wicked spirit of hell.  Come out of her in Jesus Name."  Sumrall fasted/prayed. 
Encounter 2
. When the demons left, they attached a mocking prisoner (plus later apparently on killing an officer). 
Encounter 3
.  Then the demons returned, saying that they had a legal right to stay, because she was unclean. 
Sumrall countered with the fact that Mary Magdalene became clean (freed of her 7 unclean spirits) by the power of Jesus.  He commanded them to leave and asked Jesus to make her clean.  Clarita then asked Jesus to forgive her for her past sins. 
Encounter 4
. Sumrall asked the demons why they came back.  They responded that although he wanted them to depart, she had never asked them to leave. 
Thus Clarita told the demons to depart & never return (in the name of Jesus). 
Sumrall taught Clarita the necessity of praying & pleading the blood of Jesus. 
He taught her to say, "Go, in Jesus name. God, deliver me in Jesus name & in Jesus blood." 
Encounter 5
.  When attacked, she could not remember the words to pray,
but a guard did remember and helped rescue her.
Clarita's deliverance is what opened the doors for a great revival in the Philippines. 
(PS - Before the spirits could be totally eradicated, a crucifix worn on her dress plus a rosary had to be destroyed, due to an attachment these 2 spirits had to those objects.)
Also see A Look Through Secret Doors By John Mackim, 1969, Ace Publishing
Sumrall, Lester - (internet)  testimony of Clarita Villaneuva - Alien Entities pg 131.

"Clarita Villanueva, a 17-year-old Filipino girl, had known a life of tragedy. She did not remember her father...if he had died or had deserted her mother. Her mother was a spiritist & a fortuneteller by vocation. The girl was brought up watching her mother holding séances, communicating with the dead, and using clairvoyance to predict to sinful people what they could expect in the future. Her mother took money from people
for her services, & then laughed at them behind their backs.
To her it was all just a game, a means of making a living by duping unsuspecting & gullible people.
When Clarita was still very young, about 12 years old (puberty), her mother died. Since she did not have any immediate family to take her in & care for her, she became a vagabond. She fell into the hands of harlots & at the tender age of 12 was selling her body as a prostitute. The harlots taught her how to handle men, how to get money for her services.
Clarita worked her way up from her island home to the capital city of Manila. The big city was a hiding place, a center of money and vice for her business. The local harlots became her teachers.  She learned the night life in the big capital city.
In Manila there were more men to seduce. By the time she was 17 years old, Clarita was frequenting the bars & taverns of Manila, living the 'gay (prosperous) life' by soliciting men for harlotry.
But one morning at 2 a.m. on the streets of downtown Manila, Clarita made the mistake
of offering her services to a plainclothes police officer. The policeman called for a vehicle and Clarita was taken to the ancient Bilibid Prison, used as the city jail...for over 300 years. It was built by the Spanish & used by the Americans, Filipinos, and Japanese as a prison and a place of torment.
2 days after Clarita was incarcerated, there struck the strangest phenomenon to ever hit Bilibid Prison...
This young harlot was bitten severely on her body by unseen and unknown alien entities.
There were 2 of them—a huge monster-like spirit and a smaller one. They sunk their fangs and teeth deep into her flesh making deep indentations. They would bite her neck, back, legs and arms simultaneously.
Blood flowed, mostly underneath her skin, from the bites. The 17-year-old girt screamed in horror and fainted.
The guards & medics heard the commotion & came running to the women's division of the prison.
The other female inmates pointed to the writhing, tormented girl on a cot. The girl was taken to the prison hospital for observation and treatment where all the doctors declared that they had never seen anything like it.
These strange demonic bitings began to occur daily, baffling all who saw it.
Dr. Lara, the prison physician, appealed for help through the media & permitted many to view the strange phenomenon.
Filipino, Chinese & American doctors, university professors, & other professionals were called in to analyze the situation.
The news media soon caught wind of the occurrence & sent reporters out to investigate.
The newspapers, radio stations & magazines found it their kind of story & began to publicize it.
Even cartoonists were soon drawing pictures of the entities from Clarita's descriptions, as the bitings continued day by day.
The UFI & other world news services began to report the phenomenon worldwide.
In my travels throughout the world, I have not been in any country in which the news-papers did not give this story front-page coverage. Switzerland, France, Germany, England, Canada, the United States. 
Everywhere this strange phenomenon was front-page news at the time.
1 doctor accused the girl of putting on an act in order only to get publicity.
Clarita gazed at the doctor. With her snake-like eyes she said, 'You wilt die.'
He didn't feel anything at the moment, but the following day the doctor expired without even getting sick.
He simply died. Fear struck the city when that news was spread about. The girl was not only a harlot, they said; she was also a witch who could speak curses upon human beings and they would die.
The chief jailer had a confrontation with the girl. He had kicked her for something she had done wrong while rebelling against him. Clarita looked at the jailer in cold, inhuman hate & said, 'You will die.' Within 4 days the man was dead and buried, the 2nd person to fall victim to her curse. I walked into Bilibid Prison just as the funeral cortege moved out. The prison guards had paid their last respects to their chief. Dr. Lara, the chief medical officer, and his staff were deeply concerned. They had a prisoner who certainly was not crazy, but who was being wildly attacked by unseen entities and being bitten deeply on all parts of her body by creatures no one else could see. I have never seen such a fearful and perplexed group of people as those I met in that prison that day. They were afraid that this thing would kill them as it had the 2 others who dared cross it. It was their responsibility to do something for the girl, yet they had no earthly idea what to do about the situation.
It was beyond their medical knowledge.
Who were these alien entities? The large one, Qarita said, was a monster in size.  He was black & very hairy.
He had fangs that came down on each side of his mouth, plus a set of buck-teeth all the way around.
The doctors verified her description by the teeth marks on her body: buckteeth solid,
all the way around the bite, rather than sharp teeth in the front. The smaller entity was almost like a dwarf.
He would climb up her body to bite her upper torso. Both of these (evil) spirits liked to bite her where there was a lot of flesh, like the back of her leg, the back of her neck, the fleshy part of her upper arms.
They would bite deep into her, leaving ugly, painful bruises.
Dr. Lara and his medical assistants called in all sorts of observers, medical doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists & professors from the Far East University and the University of Santo Tomas. No one had ever witnessed such strange and demonic behavior. Nor did they know any solution to the problem. They all wondered who would be the next victim of her curse. Dr. Lara and his staff sent out word everywhere, 'Come and help us. Please help us.' They received 3,000 cables from heathen countries suggesting possible cures, but not one from a Christian country. Do you see how we Christians have been asleep? The word went out over the world.
3,000 telegrams came in, mostly from Japan and India, telling them what to do with an invisible biting monster.
But not 1 Christian nation had any solution to the problem.
They asked in Manila for somebody to come and help. The only group who turned up were the Spiritists who said it was John the Baptist biting her. The officials asked the Spiritists to leave.
I was the next one to come upon the scene. After 3 awful weeks of this torture,
a radio reporter came to Bilibid & taped a session while the doctors were violently struggling with the demonized harlot. The reporter immediately released his story on a local radio station, just after the 10 o'clock news.
This was the first I had heard of the hell in Bilibid Prison. The newspapers had given it front-page coverage, but I was too busy building a church to read the newspapers. That's what the devil would like for us to do, to get so involved in taking care of our own little mission that we allow him a free rein to do anything he wants to do.
When the Bible says to be vigilant, this is what it means:
to see what the devil is doing in the world; to keep up with him;
to resist him and fight him in whatever he might be doing.
I stayed up all night praying and weeping before the Lord.
I was interceding for the city, for the girt & for myself.
I was living in a city that had a great need &
I was not helping to meet that need.
I was so busy putting up our church building & doing my own thing
that I was not involved in the tragedy of Bilibid.
The next morning God spoke to me & told me to go to that prison & pray for the demonized girl.
I did not want to go, but God assured me that He had no one else in the city to send.
Therefore I went.  Because I was a foreigner in the Philippines,
I went to the mayor's office and asked permission to see Clarita.
He granted me his permission but warned me that several people had been injured by the girl & that 2 had been cursed & were dead.
I went with the understanding that I would not sue the government if I was hurt, & that I would not complain if mistreated.
When I arrived at the prison, the head doctor of 6 physicians.
Dr. Lara, was skeptical of this foreign minister, but he finally permitted me to see the girl.
Clarita was brought into a special room where I was waiting with a large group of news reporters, foreign members of the press, university professors, & medical doctors, who had been invited by Dr. Lara. As Clarita was being led into the room, she looked at them & said nothing, but when she saw me she screamed violently, 'I hate you.'  
Instantly I inserted, 'I know you hate me. I have come to cast you out.'
That was the beginning of the confrontation. There was a raging battle with the girl blaspheming God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit. Her eyes were burning coals of fire & full of hate.
I commanded the evil spirit to loose her
After a 3-day confrontation with the devil in her, the miracle of God came upon her.
She relaxed, smiled, & said, 'He's gone.'
'Where did he go?' I asked.
'He went out that way,' she replied. 'He's gone.'
The local newspapers, magazines & radio told the story.
One headline read, 'He dies; the devil is dead.'
Another one said, 'Devil loses round one.'
This incident led to the breaking open of the Philippines to the gospel.
A 6 week crusade was organized as a direct result of this in which 150,000 people gave their lives to the Lord!
(If you are) Not an expert, but have some experience.
Take (appropriate) the word of God by faith.
Example of Tamburai = demon-ization by rap (music/rhythm/dance).
Other examples = rejection, trauma, lust, naming child, discouragement."
(The evil spirits returned, so
Clarita had to be taught to defend herself; she did.)
Sumrall, Lester - Unprovoked Murder-Insanity or Demon Possession - 10 cases
Sumrall, Lester -
You Can Conquer Rejection                                                   
Sumrall, Lester - You Can Destroy the Gates of Hell -  
order 5 books
Sumrall, Lester -
7 ways to recognize demon power today                                    
Sumrall, Lester - 10 Reasons Why a Christian Can't Be Demon-Possessed (only opressed)           
Sumrall, Lester - 17 Years Old & Two hours to Live-Pk of 50 Tracts -
Sumrall, Lester - 101 Questions and Answers on Demon Powers -
free digital download at
Sumrall, Lester - Witch Doctor - book &/or audio - - -  

: The Life of William Branham,
Book 2, The Young Man and His Desperation 1933-1446

by Jorgensen, Owen - Tucson Tabernacle, N Stone Ave, Tucson, Arizona, USA phone 1-520-623-0381
An angel of God told Branham that his hand would experience vibrations if a demonic life such as a germ or virus were present in a person.  Branham noted that different diseases vibrated different frequencies, plus the bump patterns were different for different diseases.

Tari, Mel - Like a Mighty Wind - Mel says that America's problem is that Christians (1) do not recognize demonic power as real, (2) think white magic is innocent, and (3) do not realize the difference between forgiveness of sin and deliverance.

, GF - Wormwood and Shadowmancer                         
8/2004 Charisma magazine shows us the author, a married Anglican British priest whose books are "hotter than (Harry) Potter".  Taylor
says that having tarot cards in the house is an open door for Satan. 
Taylor also says that salvation is NOT enough if you have been involved with the occult;
you need holy hands laid on your head. Taylor's book Shadowmancer hit the New York Times' best seller list.  Shadowmancer will be showing as a movie in approximately 2006. 
The producer is Lisa Marie Butkiewicz who agrees with Joyce Meyer.
"If God tells you to do something and you are afraid, do it afraid."

Tenney, Tommy - The God Chasers -   
Chapter 4 Dead Men See His Face   Missionary Edward Miller of the Argentine Bible Institute told Tenney, "If God can get enough people in an area to reject the rulership and the dominion of Satan, if enough of His people will reject Satan's dominion in the right way - with humility, with brokenness, and in repentant intercession, then God will slap an eviction notice on the doorway of the ruling demonic power of that area." 
(Repent not only for your own sins, but also for the sins of others past and present.)
Tenney continues, "Pray...for an opening in the heavens over our cities and our nation so that when the glory of God comes, the people in our area can't resist anymore because the stronghold of demonic powers is broken."

Thompson, Robb D - Breaking Free - booklet &/or CD -
"Realize...2 things did NOT get saved when you did: your body and your mind...
A 'born again' experience redeems the spirit of a man, not his flesh. 
Your body did not get saved when you did."
Do not send "mixed messages to angels who stand at attention waiting to perform the
(spoken/confessed) Word of God in your life...The angels and the demons obey what you say."
"God gave us a mouth to overcome  our mind!  The only thing that can stop the belligerently screaming thoughts that invade your mind is your mouth.  What you say with your mouth will determine your future.  If you succumb to fear and say the negative thoughts, you have just entered into the prayer of agreement with all that despises you...Confession of God's Word is the prayer of agreement with God.  When you declare (aloud) God's Word, you have just given the spirit realm what it needs to bring that declaration to pass in your life!"
God's spoken "Word is able to save your soul (keep your mind insulated from mental torment)."
"Renewing your mind required your participation...You must speak the Word for yourself. 
He has called you to be the architect of all your tomorrows and to construct the future with the words of your mouth...
To create, God spoke."
Proverbs 6:2 You are snared by the words of your mouth. 
You are taken by the words of your mouth.
In the name of Jesus, cancel ALL past pronouncements by self or others. 
Today begin to create a new and wonderful life. 
"Pay attention to your thoughts and your words throughout the day.  When you notice a negative thought, replace it with God's thought" in order to "erase all previously diseased or contaminated thoughts...If you start saying (aloud) God's Word, the mental torment will stop...If you are going to speak, say what God says."

Tores, Hector - Tearing Down Strongholds

Trimm, N. Cindy - The Rules of Engagement - The Art of Strategic Prayer and Spiritual Warfare     Deliverance volume 1   
Trimm, N. Cindy - The Rules of Engagement - Binding the Strongman - Deliverance volume 2    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Trimm, N. Cindy - The Rules of Engagement - Satanic Weapons Exposed - Deliverance volume 3    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Trimm, N. Cindy - The Rules of Engagement - the Weapons of Our Warfare - Deliverance volume 4    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Trimm, N. Cindy - The Rules of Engagement - the Spirit of the Watchman - Deliverance volume 5    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
, N. Cindy - The Rules of Engagement - Using the Names of God - Deliverance volume 6    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Trimm, N. Cindy - The Rules of Engagement - the Power of the Anointing - Deliverance volume 7    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Vagalas, Bishop - The Witch Doctor and the Man -
Autobiography of Samuel Kanco, former African witch doctor.  It will AMAZE you. 
Samuel told Sid Roth that what ever bad thing happens to you, it happens in the spirit world 1st. 
He also told Sid that witch doctors travel in their spirit, not in their body, to do harm. 
Both Samuel and Reinhard Bonnke contend that healing is an "office" appointed by God. Samuel seldom does anything without first getting the red light from God, for that was his habit when working for our spiritual enemy. 
Being raised from the dead is a common occurrence in Samuel's ministry.
Be warned, the positions we take in meditation & exercise (such as yoga) invite demons in without a word, like sign language. 
Ankle bracelets & tattoos are (often) invitations to evil spirits, as long as we wear them. 
It is true that we are taken captive by the devil from lack of knowledge.  Scripture confirms this. 
However, whomever Jesus sets free, is free indeed.  Samuel believes that any disease or infirmity that cannot be healed by medical doctors is caused by an evil spirit, which needs to be bound & cast out (in the name of Jesus). 
Regarding deliverance, this book encourages the person being prayed over to assist the ministers by renouncing any evil spirit/power by name & calling on the name of Jesus.  It took 2.5 years to be free from violent demonic oppression. Samuel needed time & prayer partners (baptized in the Holy Spirit) to be able to (recognize,) resist & reject the enemy.

Veal, John @ 2019 Introduction
Veal, John - 2/11/2020 Sid Roth interview video @ + transcript
JOHN: Those books contained a spirit.  There was a minister at college.  He told me, "I see books in your closet.
They are literally portals to to get in & out...You got to get rid of them." I came home on break.
I got rid of those books & the climate of my room changed. The coldness of the closet was gone...Amazing.

, C Fred - Demon Possession in the Christian - Moody Press - Protestant fundamentalist thinking in that Vickerson does NOT believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and considers ALL speaking in tongues, demonic. 
Does note that deliverance is generally a process whereas salvation is immediate. 
Deliverance dis-possess Satan's illegal claims on us.

Wagner, Doris - How To Cast Out Demons -
DORIS WAGNER - Deliverance: Who Needs It? - A brief video introduction

, Peter C - Confronting the Queen of Heaven -
, Peter C -
How to Minister Freedom - Helping Others Break the Bonds of Sexual Brokenness,
Emotional Woundedness, Demonic Oppression and Occult Bondage
Chapter 1 - Whatever Happened to the Words and Works of Jesus? - Doris M. Wagner
Chapter 2 - Can a Christian Have a Demon? - John Eckhardt
Chapter 3 - How Satan Diverts Us from the Path of God - Chuck D. Pierce
Chapter 4 - The Believer's Authority over Demonic Spirits - Charles Kraft
Chapter 5 - How to Minister Spiritual Housecleaning - Alice Smith
Chapter 6 - Deliverance in the Local Church - Christ Hayward
Chapter 7 - How Deliverance Sustains Revival - C. Peter Wagner
Chapter 8 - Forgiving the Unforgivable - Doris M. Wagner
Chapter 9 - Releasing Bitter Root Judgments - Cindy Jacobs
Chapter 10 - Overcoming Rejection - Chris Hayward
Chapter 11 - Deliverance from Fear & Anger - John Sandford
Chapter 12 - How Trauma Affects the Whole Person - Peter Horrobin
Chapter 13 - Mending Cracks in the Soul - Dale M. Sides
Chapter 14 - Ministering to Those in Sexual Bondage - Doris M. Wagner
Chapter 15 - Sexual Sin: What It Is, What It Does & Finding the Way Out - Peter Horrobin
Chapter 16 - Shedding Light on Soul Ties - Peter Horrobin
Chapter 17 - The Effects of Lust on Youth - Tim and Anne Evans
Chapter 18 - Freedom from Abortion's Aftermath - John Eckhardt
Chapter 19 - Freedom from Homosexual Confusion - David Kyle Foster
Chapter 20 - Child Sexual Abuse - Tom R. Hawkins
Chapter 21 - Shedding Light in the Darkness of the Occult - Doris M. Wagner
Chapter 22 - Breaking Witchcraft Curses - Frank D. Hammond
Chapter 23 - Unveiling the Evil Eye - Chuck D. Pierce
Chapter 24 - My Escape from Santeria - Araceli Alvarez
Chapter 25 - There's Nothing New About New Age - Chris Hayward
Chapter 26 - Rescued from Satanism - Jeff Harshbarger
Chapter 27 - Out of the Dark Prison of Voodoo - Ana Mendez Ferrell
From generational bondages to issues of rejection, anger, unforgiveness, sexual sins & evil influences in our lives & homes, the need to minister freedom is great.
The cost of not doing so even greater."

, Peter C - Psychology of Satanic Temptation - Dealing with Hindering Spirits
Pastor, POBox 3595, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA, 37320     $25.00
Peter C - Territorial Spirits, Wrestling with Dark Angels                        
Wagner, Peter C - Warfare Prayer   
, Peter C - Wrestling with Dark Angels
Wagner, Peter C & Doris - books - including
How to Cast Out Demons by Doris Wagner & Dominion by Peter Wagner

, Franklin (senior) - The Unmistakable, Visible Anointing- Following God's Calling for over One-Half Century   autobiography - A must read!  Chapter 13 Life after Death 
"Demons are in control of anyone who steals, even just a little, anyone who gambles, whether a lot or a little, anyone who commits adultery or fornication, even if it is from only lusting after the opposite sex."
"I stood there looking into this...holding place for the departed souls that had rejected Christ...
I began to see the demons of hell that had possessed people with lust, addiction, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, perversions, etc. 
They...couldn't get high.  The murders, liars, thieves, & all these spirits that had driven these people to do wrong here on this earth, still controlled them in this place (after death)...where they would be tormented & burning in their lust never to be satisfied."
"God allowed Judas' heart to be hardened.  Jesus knew Judas was controlled by the devil, because He said in
John 6:7 'Have not I chosen you 12, and 1 of you is a devil?' 
I thank God I was not chosen for that purpose.  I thank God I was chosen to preach."

, Kathie  Macon, Georgia, USA
  Living in the Supernatural -
Chapter 6 The Holy Spirit's Visitation
"During a 3 day period we felt impressed to wait on the Lord in prayer.
We ate very little...We were not on a planned fast; we simply forgot to eat.  Holy Spirit began to reveal areas in each individual's life where there were bondages...Each of us put things right with the Lord.  Suddenly a noise like a wind came into the house...
The wind rushed around the room and suddenly fell on one of the young men. 
He began to experience deliverance as the Holy Spirit filled him.  Then the wind went to the next person...until everyone had been set free. Finally a strange thing happened.  We could see and hear in the spiritual realm just as we could in the natural.  Then an even stranger thing happened!  Some demons came banging and knocking on the windows.  They were screeching...In the morning the demons were gone & a great peace filled the house." 
(NOTE - Here we see just the opposite of Kanco's demonic spiritual prowess, only greater!)
Walters, Kathie - Health Related Mindsets -    
Booklet shares many potential mindsets that may trigger diseases plus some unique demonic spirits that may be root causes. "We have believed may lies which the Devil has thrown our way."
"Heartache can also be caused by a spirit that 'sits' on someone and keeps them from receiving healing. 
Grief, anger, jealousy, control etc., can all be caused by spirits (of the same name). 
So to pray for someone to be healed is NOT enough; you have to get rid of the demonic spirit."
Walters, Kathie - Parenting by the Spirit -    
Chapter 10 Children and the Spiritual Realm  "To suggest to some parents that their little children may need deliverance is like telling them that their children have fleas.  Unfortunately demonic activity can be passed down through generations.  As Christians we have the power to break these strongholds in the Name of Jesus
I have known children to have (or be harassed by evil)
spirits of anger, hatred, fear, infirmity, religion, etc. 
The Holy Spirit will show you if you seek His counsel.  He will tell you what to pray." 
Satan was prince of the air, so he/evil spirits can influence the air waves that transmit into our homes via TV/internet/radio/music/etc.  "If a child is prone to certain behavior patterns, temper, resentment, anger, moodiness, misery, heaviness etc. he or she probably needs deliverance...Christians cannot be demon possessed, but they can possess demons...Deliverance is available, but like everything else, you have to avail yourself of it" (the same as salvation &/or healing.)
Walters, Kathie - Deliverance book suggestions

e, Mike - Satan Seller - Satan can cause suicide and insanity.

, Ellen G -
of the Seventh-day Adventist Church -
The Great Controversy, the final volume in 5 volume "Conflict of the Ages" series, picks up the story at the destruction of Jerusalem  -
Snares of Satan - from from

Whyte, HA Maxwell   
A Manual on Exorcism  Whitaker House 1974 publication 
 HA Maxwell   Books by H.A. Maxwell Whyte   1908-1988
Whyte, HA Maxwell   
Casting Out Demons 
Whyte, HA Maxwell   Demons And Deliverance
Whyte, HA Maxwell   Dominion Over Demons  
Whyte, HA Maxwell   Kiss of Satan
Whyte, HA Maxwell   Power of the Blood
Whyte, HA Maxwell   The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare 

Whyte pastored in the 1940's-1970's in Toronto, Canada with much authority over demons.
An aside, to show how Christ cannot be manipulated, but works mightily until the job gets done, so that the captives may be set free:
Hinn, Benny
 - The Fragrance of Christ #5 -
"4 spices...represent different aspects of our Lord Jesus’ personality, life and eternal communion with His Bride. 4 spices mean 4 incredible results for us as we make the Holy of Holies, the 3rd Realm of Prayer, our habitation in pursuit of 'Intimacy with God.'” 

In the 1st dimension we come to be comforted.  In the next dimension Jesus comes looking for us to comfort Him.  In the 3rd dimension of prayer God inters into us as we inter into Him, as in matrimony, a foreshadowing of our union in the Trinity. The Bride of Christ is a subsequent CD which may be requested.

Benny shares how a friend who attended Reverend H A Maxwell Whyte's Sunday deliverance ministry was not freed from the demons who tormented her.  Yet, when he (Benny) answered her desperate phone call at the end of his praying in the 3rd dimension, the demons fled from her.] 
, HA Maxwell @

Whyte, HA Maxwell - The Power of the Blood - Dominion Over Demons
Excerpt @ The Power of the Blood: Whyte, H. A. Maxwell: 0630809994394: Books - Available by writing to Benny Hinn Ministries.  Maxwell was Hinn's pastor. 
He spoke, "The blood, the blood," & demons would manifest & flee.
Whyte, HA Maxwell @  A Manual on Exorcism: Whyte, H. A. Maxwell: 9780883680292: Books (NO excerpt)
Slide Share excerpt @ a-manual-on-exorcism-by-h-a-maxwell-whyte ( Unique ideas. 
Worth skimming. 
In document A-Manual-on-Exorcism-by-H-A-Maxwell-Whyte.pdf (Page 87-95) Whyte recommends one's physical organs may need to heal, prior to tapering of meds.
Whyte, HA M Excerpt @ Demons And Deliverance: 9780883682166: H A Whyte, Whyte, H. A. Maxwell: Books


Wigglesworth, Smith - Ever Increasing Faith -
A hysterical man came to Wigglesworth crying out that he was lost,
due to committing the unpardonable sin. 
The Holy Spirit moved Smith to cry out, "Come out you lying spirit." 
Immediately the man was well.
Wigglesworth says that the devil attacks with THOUGHTS and FEELINGS of not being saved or healed, in order to refute/contest/reverse what God has done.  He says that a satanic attack is a good sign that we are in fact saved/healed.  The danger is to allow the devil to make our minds a place of his stronghold.  Instead, we are to "bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.  2nd Corinthians 10:5"  The devil is a liar.
A "raving maniac" naked and about to drown himself was delivered of an evil power after Wigglesworth cried out, "In the name of Jesus, come out of him."
Wigglesworth reminds us to always ask demons manifesting, "Did Jesus come in the flesh?" 
If the answer is NO, then we are to bind and cast out that evil, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.
Wigglesworth, Smith - Unpublished Sermons complied by Roberts Liardon - Chapter 9 Praying for the Sick -
"I have NO definition for rheumatism except 'evil possesses.'  Rheumatism, cancers, tumors, lumbago, neuralgia - to all these things I give only one name: 'the power of the devil working in humanity.' 
When I see sickness, I see demon-working power. 
But all these things can be removed by the power of God...
He (Jesus) knew it (the sickness of Peter's mother-in-law) was demons that had all the heat of hell in them (her).  He did the right thing; He rebuked the fever and it left.  We, too ought to do the right thing with diseases. 
We should rebuke them in the Name of Jesus...
(Another patient) "was made free when she repented, but NOT before...
God wants us to be blessed, but, first of all, He wants us to be ready for the blessing of being right with Him."

, Ralph - ESP or HSP                                                 
Ralph agrees with many authors that hypnotism is related to medium dabbling which is forbidden in scripture. 
The medium uses a trance-like state to conjure up evil spirits, which some people are tricked into believing are the spirits of deceased relatives. 

Tracy Wilkinson - -
Lending Library, Singapore. or USA's_Exorcists
Wilkinson,Tracy - editorial - 2005
Wilkinson,Tracy - editorial - 4/30/2004 @
Eugene Girin - editorial -  1/21/2014
Wednesday February 21 2007 - "The Vatican Exorcist" - from

Williams, Dave The Miracle Results of Fasting  
Booklet shares that some seizures can be from demonic attacks due to witchcraft. 
Story is shared of a deliverance due to such an occurrence.

Winder, Delores with Keith, Bill - Joy Comes in the Morning -  
Fellowship Foundation, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
Chapter 10 Deliverance  Delores indicates that emotional and mental illness can have a medical/scientific explication;
where that is lacking is an indication of a spiritual root or at least an indication of the interference of an evil spirit.  
"One of the most sinister, a strong (evil) spirit that often comes into people through family ties."
"Oppression of a Christian or possession of a non-Christian takes place easily, so quietly, that the person doesn't even notice it is happening."
Sometimes there is an evil "spirit of psychic power" that needs to be bound, called out & sent away & told never to return, in Jesus name.  Often one's problem is lack of self discipline & wanting a quick fix. 
However, "when something controls you & makes you do things that go against your personality & your beliefs, then you have a demon lodged in there & it must be cast out in order for you to be free."

Wise, Bill - 23 Minutes In Hell - (book or radio audio) -
Bill Wise was taken to hell,
so that he would be able to share the reality of it to others. 
Later, after Wise mentioned that the demons were so powerful, Jesus responded that all Wise had to do was to cast them out, in His name!  Also see 11/8-12/2010 radio archives re 2010 book.

Woodworth-Etter, Maria - Life and Experience of Maria B Woodworth -
Woodworth-Etter, Maria - Marvels and Miracles - read online -

Maria Woodworth Etter - chapter 1 online.
Chapter 38 The Power of Pentecost - "Glory be to God, when our sister (Maria #a) rebuked 'the grim monster,'
commanding him to loosen his (death) grip, and (#b) calling to the departed one to come back, she rallied."

Maria Woodworth-Etter posted 10/13/2013 - Signs and Wonders Book, Chapter 50, Part #2 DEVILS CAST OUT
This is the experience & testimony of Miss Goldie Howell, 25th & Dearborn Streets, Chicago, Illinois, regarding 10/10/1914 Chicago meetings:

"I feel it would be for the glory of God for me to tell how God so wonderfully delivered me from the power of Satan. For 5 years I was Devil-possessed.
During these 5 years it was almost impossible for my own loved ones to live with me.
I was so abusive & did everything that the devil wanted me to do.
Many times I attempted to take my own life and sought the life of others, but God in His love & mercy kept His hand upon me & kept me from committing any rash deed. I was taken to Sister Etter’s meeting in Chicago & began to quiet down a little and felt that God was there & began to feel my sins & awful condition.
They tried to take me to the chair to be prayed for.
Immediately I got angry & began to curse & swear, the devils taking full possession.
It took 5 men to hold me. Sister Etter began to rebuke the insane and all the other devils to come out.
The power of Satan got broken. The devils came out screaming. The police came in to make arrests, thinking that someone was being killed or was crazy. The truth was, the insane demon had gone out.
I was clothed in my right mind; my mind came back clear & sound, the first time in 5 years.
I began to praise the Lord for my wonderful deliverance & stepped forward near the pulpit filled with the glory of God & told the excited people what great things God had done. Many wept for joy.
The police looked glad & were convinced something great had happened. I continued to attend the meeting till the last day. One day someone was telling about my deliverance. They then said that I was in the audience.
Sister Etter called me to the platform. The Lord took all fear away & gave me boldness to stand before the multitude, a witness for Christ. They said that it was like in the days of Christ, surely a miracle has been wrought.”
@ @


Worley, Win - The Alcoholic Syndrome - Booklet A,B,C -
Worley, Win - Abomination of Idolatry
Worley, Win - Demolishing the Hosts of Hell - Every Christian's Job pg 61 gives deliverance suggestions
Regarding marriage breaking evil spirits pages 5-8 are as follow: 
"Marital relationships are often broken or marred by the work of evil spirits which commonly work in the husband.
Because of wrong information and erroneous conditioning in our society, he will lust (rather than love) after his wife... Many men force their wives into oral, anal and other sexual perversions. What they do not realize is that this gives openings for spirits to enter, setting them up for homosexuality. In this realm, what a woman can do, a man can do better, because he understands male anatomy and responses & can be quick to comply.
These practices can cause a man to fall into the snare of perversion when the situation is right.
The same is true of a woman & lesbianism.
Fear of Homosexuality is a driving one in many American men, primarily because most have at some time in their life had homosexual contacts. They fear falling into the snare & therefore throw up a great facade of hatred of anything resembling homosexuality. One man in his 30s I dealt with recently, while in the 5th & 6th grades, was introduced to new erotic pleasures by some older buddies. Mutual masturbation led to oral sex.
After he finally broke off the practices, he was left with a fiercely demanding habit of masturbation.
He had no further homosexual experiences, but became exceedingly heterosexual, plunging into many affairs, which often involved oral sex with the women.
When he married, he and his wife experimented with many forms of sexual gratification detailed in the sex manuals, including oral sex. After they were both saved, by mutual consent they dropped all such things & settled into a satisfying sex life without any of the former overtones of perversion. He came to me seeking release from a terrible foreboding sense of fear which tormented and upset him. It was vague & he could not analyze exactly what it was. As I prayed with him, the Lord said it was Oral Sex & a deep-seated terror of being a homosexual.
When I questioned him about his area he told me of his encounters as a youngster.
When I demanded that the ruler of Oral Sex manifest, a cackling laugh came forth.  He informed me that he was an exceedingly powerful spirit & had had this 'fool' for all these years and by no means would he come out!
He declared that he and Homosexuality had this "stupid bastard" bound and they would never release him.
I pointed out that the man had had no homosexual contacts since he was a young teen & also that he was very happily married.
The demon snarled, "I know it! That lousy bitch, we would have gotten him a lot of times if she hadn't been so damned loving and met his needs. But we still have him... & he doesn't even know it." Then angrily, "That fool.
He has fought so against us. I tried to get him to look at the other guys in the showers & locker rooms.
Damn him, he just won't cooperate, just goes home to that bitch he married. I even arranged for him to have a gay roommate in the service and had guys approach him at work. The idiot! He could have such fun if he would just listen. I hate his damned guts, and I hate your too, Worley. We'll still get him though. We've got our hooks in him and have made him so miserable and the dummy doesn't even know where it is coming from. For years we had him hooked good on Masturbation & tortured him regularly with that, but he got control over that. Damn him. We'll get him back though & wear him down.  Let him climb. We will shoot him down eventually for we are all still here."  Deliverance eventually dislodged them. Oral Sex spirits lodge in the lips, tongue, taste buds, jaws, mouth & throat. They are also in the sex organs. After dealing with many spirits of perversion, we know that they can enter through the eyes, the ears or participation, active or passive.
In 1 case, a friend of mine was delivering a woman who had been introduced and forced into oral sex by an uncle when she was only 5-6 years of age. As she grew up she continued this with her dates.
At her deliverance large gobs of slimy material were vomited which reeked with the strong odor of male semen."
Worley, Win -
Holding Your Deliverance - booklet -
Worley, Win -
End Time Mind Control - booklet -
Worley, Win -
The Devilish Side of Sex - booklet - 
Worley, Win - Proper Names of Demons
Other names for schizophrenia are Damnable Deed, Schizo, Control Demon, Double Mindedness, Split Personality
Win Worley Books - excellent audio web links including
SATAN'S GROUND - MASS DELIVERANCE - 1980 group deliverance last half of program -
If spiritual victim/captive is confused, in Jesus name, bind/silence his/her evil angelic/demonic counselors.

Wright, Henry - A More Excellent Way - 
An autobiography and textbook on the spiritual roots of disease. 

Because of the healings in his Georgia ministry, Henry believes that most all disease is from the evil spirit of bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, fear, etc which needs to be repented of because it is sin.  Henry believes that Jesus obtained for us both forgiveness and healing on the cross.  He teaches that if the disease is still there after repenting, then we may need to also repent of the sins of our parents and forefathers, as we often inherit disease/sin/evil spirits.  We need to learn what our spiritual inheritance (from God) is.  We need to claim that. 
No one need be sick.  He goes one  step further by suggesting that specific diseases usually have a single root sin.  For instance, if you tell him you have eye problems, he might suggest that you have a critical spirit. 
 If that is true, he might ask you who it is that has a beam in his eye, so that you then might 1st remove the log in your own eye, according to scripture.


Whyte, Maxwell @
Whyte, Maxwell @

Taking On Goliath by Barbara Yoder - here read Chapter 1.

Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown - He Came To Set The Captives Free -
Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown - Prepare For War -
Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown - Becoming A Vessel of Honor In The Master’s Service
Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown & Rev Daniel - Warriors -
Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown & Rev Daniel - Unbroken Curses - Hidden Source of Trouble In The Christian's Life - 

Yun, Brother with Hattaway, Paul - The Heavenly Man -
This Chinese autobiography
shares that for those minority of hunted illegal underground Christians there were/are commonplace signs and wonders including healing of body, healing of mental illness, plus deliverance from demon-possession, in Jesus name... Authors also remind readers that Satan is active in our lives when God is blessing us.

SRA - Satanic Ritual Abuse

Hunter, Joan - Freedom Beyond Comprehension (Kindle Edition)- excellent
Chapter 5 Walking in Deliverance shares testimony of
M. Joy Kairos - Fragments to Freedom - Healing from Dissociative Identity Disorder - -
for those who are Christians and believe in God’s Holy Spirit and Satan’s evil spirits


, Jim - book - The Wormwood File: E-Mail from Hell - Similar to The Screwtape Letters by renown CS Lewis -
Wormwood is a devil out to prove himself by converting humans to evil that will win them everlasting damnation.

                                         Deliverance Publications
for Children 

, Carman - Carman Presents - Satan, Bite the Dust  Albury publishing
Parental supervision required! Lyrics on web at
Mp3,_Bite_the_Dust!  Christian ROCK 
Licciardello, Carman - Carman Presents - No Monsters - With supervision a superior book for evicting
nightmares and night terrors. Lyrics on web at
Licciardello, Carman Dominic - Other lyrics from

Revive Us, Oh Lord lyrics  Great God lyrics  Jesus Is The Lamb lyrics 
Sunday School Rock lyrics  Slam lyrics  This Blood lyrics  This Is My Bible lyrics 
Let The Fire Fall lyrics  Awesome God lyrics  Do I Do lyrics 
The Prayer Anthem lyrics  Hall Of Faith lyrics  Lord Of All lyrics  Lazarus Come Forth lyrics  Holdin' On lyrics
It seems that music performer Carman was involved in adultery while in ministry. 
Not best role model, unless this is under the blood of Jesus. (1/19/1956-2000)

                                     Deliverance Publications
for Parents

Deliverance of Children - books - :
Banks, Bill - Deliverance for Children and Teens  
Banks, Sue -
Little Skunk
Gibson, Noel and Phyl
Deliver our Children from the Evil One
Hammond, Frank and Ida Mae
Manual for Children's Deliverance
Jacobs, Cindy -
Deliver Us From Evil 

Jourdan, Nikki - -
"I have seen first hand, demonic activity at church, meetings, hospitals, and homes and in the streets;
been introduced to a 'new game' Ouija Board which is not of God, and certainly, not new;
witnessed dolls & other items being used to transport & plant curses on
people & their entire household

Greenwood, Rebecca - Let Our Children Go - 9/27/2011 - important book for parents -
"Rebecca is a core faculty member of the Wagner Leadership Institute under C. Peter and Doris Wagner."

Thomas D Williams - 1999 - Deliverance Manual: A Spiritual Warfare Handbook - Google - TOYS AND DOLLS:
"Certain toys and
dolls can be a point of contact to demonic spirits.  For example, mermaid dolls
and certain toys like vampire toys provide suitable ways for demons to torment children."

Altar Dolls - (occult site) -
Custom Voodoo Altar dolls are those designed to invoke...power (control)."
"La Sirene Altar Dolls are depicted as mermaids and have a...mermaid tail."

                                      Periodicals - articles
- Newsletters s

Amorth, Father -  
The Power of Satan
from An Exorcist Tells His Story (pages 25-36).

Eckhart, John    editorials by others   

FGBMFI Voice magazine -
1-800-714-754-1400 - 11/94 testimony Jesus Is My Healer by Robert Deatherage
"Pastor Bohler began to pray for me.  He cursed the heart blockage & disease at its roots & asked the Lord Jesus to heal me & make me whole...Pastor Howell said that he could see a picture of my heart & that a demon spirit was holding it & had 4 arms wrapped around by heart.  The spirit was squeezing the blood from my heart. 
Pastor Howell also said that as Pastor Bohler prayed for me, the demon fell from my heart & left.  However the symptoms of heart problems were still with me & when I left to go home the symptoms continued...The doctor said, 'The blockage were there last week, but now there is nothing..'" PO Box 97, Hale, Missouri, USA 64643

Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez - 8/2009 excellent newsletter testimony  

Holliday, Pat - PDF newsletters
Holliday, Pat -
Deliverance Schizophrenia MPD SRA
Holliday, Pat -
Schizophrenia MPD SRA Mind Control Chart -

Holliday, Pat -
Deliverance Schizophrenia MPD Press Release -
Holliday, Pat -
Delivered From Mind Control -


Jourdan, Nikki - 2000 - @ Demon Hit List Home Page important -

MacNut, Francis - 2000 What's New in the Healing Ministry? - Thoughts on Exorcism and Deliverance -
calls man infested by demons rather than possessed by demons, with the need for deliverance as common.
MacNutt, Francis - 2002 Healing News -
Who's who.  Editorial on pastors and priests involved in deliverance and exorcism.
MacNutt, Francis - Deliverance from Evil Spirits, a Practical Manual -

Subritzky, Bill - Free Publications -
Concerned Action                                  
Counseling Prayers                                
Cuttings in the Flesh
Dealing with Fear                                   
Deliverance from Demons                     
Essentials for Healing                             
Exposing the New Age                           
How to Break Curses                              
Keys To Healing & Deliverance              
Results of Involvment in the Occult           
Evangelism, Parts 1, 2 and 3  
Gifts of the Holy Spirit   
God's Blessing for Today
Guidelines for Counsellors
Healing Marriages and Family Relationships
How to Know the Anointing of God
Ministries for Women
Prayer Cloths - Receiving Healing
Prayer Cloths - Testimonies
Receiving God's Healing, Parts 1 and 2
Spiritual Growth - Parts 1, 2 & 3
The Holy Spirit
The Message Bible - a Critique
Who am I in Christ
Women Ministering in Evangelism
Women Ministering to Women

Sumrall, Lester - Dr. Lester Sumrall: A Tribute to a Victorious Life -
Sumrall, Lester

Wagner, C Peter - Professor of the Spirit - 2/2004 editorial -
Professor, missionary and author, Peter says there are "spirits of Freemasonry and Hindu idolatry."

Yoder, Dr Rebecca Brown & Rev Daniel - Newsletter - -
Clinton, Arizona

                                             WEB SITES

(for those who believe in them) @ - 
1954 (Abraham) Maslow published his hierarchy of needs which when applied to Occult controllers & PSTD victims means that they cannot progress in therapy until their survival & safety needs are met.
However, the Programmers/abusers know that it is important to keep the slave away from
To this end, the Programmers employ people externally to monitor slaves &
alters in the victim’s mind to be monitoring alters & reporting alters.10 
Reporting alters can always reach the Network of abusers
via 1-800 telephone numbers which change every 2 weeks. They can also call their handler. Reporting alters are very unemotional & serve as tape recorders which mechanically report any developments that might threaten the programming to their handler.
programmed to
commit suicide are also built into the Systems. For instance, for a system hacker-an outsider-to work with the alters of an internal Grand Druid Council (aka Executive committee alters, or judge alters) or a System
almost insures 99% of the time suicide of the occult slave."11

Understanding ancestral covenants and altars - Nigerian course outline
Prayers to eradicate
Deliverance From Placenta Bondage - prayers
Dispose of African Artifacts -
Satanic Pillars -
Prayer Altars -

Bloomer, George -
Bloomer, George -
Bloomer, George -
Bloomer, George - Recommended.
Bloomer, George -
Benny teaches on & exorcises 12 strongmen (evil spirits).

Brown, Tom - A multitude of deliverance and other editorials at -
Word of God Church, El Paso, Texas, USA

Charles Carrin Ministries  Florida, USA 
Charles Carrin  3/18/02-3/22/02  (Sid Roth radio broadcast on schizophrenia) 

Cox, Paul L - Yoga Testimony of Teri Johnson -
"I attended several 'residence courses.'  Some were held at a Christian religious retreat house...
A few years later I paid a fee of $3000 to learn more powerful techniques like 'yogic-flying.'  Some will say, this was just 'bouncing around' but the Lord let me know that demonic-power was lifting my body off the ground.
I was also taught...invisibility, changing the weather, and walking through walls.

I was taught breathing exercises and yoga positions to practice daily which opened my body up to even more demons.  Many innocent people learn these techniques at the local YMCA or local church. They do not have a clue to the evil doors that are being opened up and the demonic contamination of the gateways of our senses." 
Cox, Paul -
Yoga-Relaxation or Occult? Web adaptation by Linda Fimbres
"The word yoga means union, the union of the physical self with the spiritual self...
Yoga is one of the 6 fundamental systems of Indian thought. So if you want to get closer to Krishna or Buddha, go ahead, but you won't get closer to the God of the Bible by altering your consciousness and stretching...
John Weldon and Clifford Wilson wrote in Occult Shock and Psychic Forces that Yoga is really pure occultism.
Hans-Ulrich Rieker, in his book The Yoga of Light also warns that misunderstanding the true nature of Yoga can mean 'death or insanity.' Another little known fact is that virtually every major guru in India has issued warnings similar to these; i.e., deep-breathing techniques such as the ones taught in Yoga are a time-honored method for entering altered states of consciousness and for developing so-called psychic power...
[Yoga is 1 of the basic means of reaching this altered state of consciousness.
The altered state is the doorway to the occult.
Sir John Eccles, Nobel Prize Winner for his research on the brain, said the brain is 'a machine that a ghost can operate.'
In a normal state of consciousness, one's own spirit ticks off the neurons in his brain and operates his body.
We are spirits connected with a body. But in an altered state, reached under drugs, Yoga,
hypnosis, etc., this passive but alert state, the connection between the spirit & the brain, is loosened. That allows another spirit to interpose itself, to begin to tick off the neurons in the brain, and create an entire universe of illusion.
You've then opened yourself up. It's called sorcery (forbidden and punished in scripture).
People are literally teaching themselves how to be demonized, all in the name of developing one's full potential.]"

Eckhardt, John - Schizophrenia CD summary - - Deliverance Audio Visual

End Time Deliverance Ministry -

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - 2 book overviews - - effective deliverance -
simple demonstration here -
self or other deliverance -

Haggard , Dr.J.M.-  How the Believer Can Take Control Over His or Her Mind, Home, Business & Country 
Chapter - How To Get Control of Your Mind -
"1)  You must become a believer. It only works for believers (John 14:12, Mark 16:17).
2)  Break the bondage of Satan over the aware and unaware mind. Command all bonds of serpents, cords, & bondage to be cast off, cut off and removed, in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. We then call for the Father to send angels with swords to do this. (Heb. 1:14, Lev. 26:13, Isaiah 28:22, Job 38:31, Prov. 5:22, Ps. 103:20).
3)  Daily recite renunciation & warfare prayers. (Psalm 91). Break soul ties. Daily (slowly begin to) break away (wean oneself) from mind altering medicines such as Valium, Librium, Serex, Phenobarbital, sleeping pills, etc. (Spend DAILY time alone with the Trinity especially in thanksgiving, praise and worship.)
4)  Have an attitude of deliverance ( and keep yourself in a state of continuous deliverance (war readiness). Why? Because you’ll soon see that any doubt, negative thought, care or worry will be a crack in your protective armor. (Luke 8:14).
5)  (Bind and then in the name of Jesus) cast out fears (name each one or group), forgetfulness, curses, vows, anxiety, confusion, envy, jealousy, gossip, compromise, cravings, addictions, mind control spirits, etc.
(Mark 16:17, Philippians 4:4-8).
6)  Salvation really means saved or delivered out of the control of the devil.
(Salvation is phase one - affecting the human spirit. 
One needs to continue on to the sanctification of the mind & body, beginning with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.)

Jasinski, Jozef - Promised land Ministries editorials - @

Kunneman, Hank - The Revealer of Secrets - There Is a God in Heaven Who Wants You to Know His Secrets - Learn to Hear Them
Chapter 7 - Prophets: God's Prepared Gift to the Church - "There are 3 physical locations where Elijah went that represent his season of hiding... Beersheba (1 Kings 19:3-10) In Hebrew, this place means 'the place of the well or pit'... Elijah had to learn to overcome the feeling of loneliness & isolation...rejection & feeling like he wanted to quit, then...self-pity."

Lake Hamilton resources -

Ministry Magazine 4/1987 MC DOWELL, LYNDON K. - editorial - DEMONS AND DELIVERANCE - Does the church need a deliverance ministry today?  
"In the 19th century, missionary John L. Nevius described his encounters with the scientifically inexplicable in his book Demon Possession...
"In the 1480s Johann Sprenger and Heinrich Kraemer, 2 Dominican monks, published a book called Malleus Makficarum ("The Witches' Ham mer"), which recognized demonology & also linked it with mental disease. 
The book has been called a handbook of sexual psychopathies because of its detailed sexual descriptions.
It became the standard reference work for both church & state in regard to indictment, trial & punishment of alleged witches.  The book is not recommended reading, but it does give an insight into the thinking of that era...
"Ellen White uses in speaking of demon possession: 'If permitted, evil spirits can "distract our minds." 2'
They can "disorder and torment our bodies." 30 "The senses, the nerves, the passions, the organs of men" can be worked by "supernatural agencies in the indulgence of the vilest lust." 31 This type of possession calls for recognition and repentance, not exorcism, & who can doubt that this possession is happening on a worldwide scale today?  The merciless crimes that shock the world, pointless terrorism & drug abuse are evidences of demonic control of men. Can we question that those who are led to revere so-called mystics who preach self-indulgence and unbridled lust are yielding to the control of evil spirits? In a more veiled form, demon influence is seen in violent outbursts of temper, in obsessions, in perversions, in heresies & in compulsive criticism of church leaders. Here is a fruitful field for a deliverance ministry. "Intensity is taking possession of every earthly element. With a subtlety gained through centuries of conflict, the prince of evil works under a disguise.
He appears clothed as an angel of light, & multitudes are 'giving heed to seducing spirits & doctrines of devils.'" 32
(Exorcism will NOT work, at least not permanently, until there is 1st repentance. 
Repentance removes the legal grounds on which the enemy can stay/return.)

Malachi Martin - "a former Jesuit Priest who left the Vatican to become a writer in NYC"
Malachi is best known for his
Hostage to the Devil - Possession and Exorcism in America in the 1990s
Recommended for pastors who are not faint at heart.
Preface to the New Edition - Possession and Exorcism in America in the 1990s
The Fate of an Exorcist
Michael Strong - Part I - A Brief Handbook of Exorcism
The Cases
Zio’s Friend and the Smiler
Mister Natch And The Salem Chorus
The Virgin and the Girl-Fixer
Uncle Ponto and the Mushroom-Souper
The Rooster and the Tortoise
Manual of Possession
Good, Evil and The Modern Mind
Human Spirit and Lucifer
Human Spirit and Jesus
The Process of Possession

The End of an Exorcist
Michael Strong - Conclusion
(Other nonrelated book - The Keys of This Blood: The Struggle for World Dominion between Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Capitalist West Simon & Schuster, New York, 1990,
ISBN 0671691740  
the keys of this blood malachi martin .pdf Free Ebook Download

Marocco, James - book- Defiled - Overcoming Satan's Assault - -
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"Satan's specific strategy is to render Christians unclean so he can make them ineffective & ultimately destroy them.
" per Cached book review
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Marocco, James - - Defilement article #1 -

12/1/2009 -
Overcomming Defilement - - 2008

Mathias, Art - In His Own Image - We Are wonderfully Made - - section 4 A Study of Specific Diseases - Schizophrenia
"I believe that at times ALL humans hear voices (thoughts/impressions)...
We need to understand that NOT all thoughts are our own.  We need to be able to discern the source & then deal with it appropriately.  When we do not understand the voices (sources), a great deal of self-hatred can result, which can create a severe autoimmune response (where the body attacks itself...
& allows/invites demonic) spiritual/emotional strongholds: self-hatred, rejection, double-mindedness, insanity & confusion (coming out of dead and dumb spirit), rebellion, fear, inability to discern good from evil, depression & trauma.  Repent & renounce any of these strongholds, including unbelief...Break agreement with them. 
Take responsibility for these strongholds in your generations and break their power (in Jesus name)."

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - - Chapter 13 Breakthrough -
"I met the Lord when I was 5 years old & received my call at the age of 7. 
When I was 9 God used me to cast out heal the sick when I was 10 & to raise the dead at 14...
I am NOT waiting for a move of God.  It is within me.  Wherever I go, the devil has to leave, because of the presence and power of Christ in me.  There are NO options; Jesus knew His authority... When the devil looks at you, he sees God in the flesh, in human form.  He doesn't hang around that. (Devils stop coming.)...
Satan cannot get advantage over us, unless we are ignorant of his devices. 2 Corinthians 2:11"

Moody, Gene and Earline - (or see above link)
Moody, Gene and Earline - The Deliverance Manual

Morris, Robert - Living Free - Breaking the Cycle of Defeat (from demonic oppression) Morris & James Robertson learned that there are 3 sources of thoughts & feelings: God, Satan, self.
Morris, Robert 6/21-24/2010 Living Free broadcasts & transcripts archived at
June 21st transcript  22nd transcript  (25th transcript is repeat of 21st)
Morris, Robert - Southlake, Texas, USA

NEBECHUKWU, Benjamin  Witchcraft Exposed
#1 How to Overcome Witchcraft Operational Activities
"1.Witchcraft is a supernatural power in a person who has formed a covenant with the devil to destroy.
2.It is the use of invisible powers to carry out evil assignment.
3.It is the use of demonic influence to undo or subdue other people. 
Witchcraft agents generally use their powers to manipulate or subdue innocent people.
4.It is the use of satanic weapons to cause evil to others & to destroy their good prospects.
5.It is stealing of peace from a par ticular person or place. Once peace is withdrawn from a particular place, you are left with chaos.  Witchcraft powers tamper with peace in many homes by causing disaffection between husbands and wives.  Witchcraft spirits can operate in men and women whose spirits leave their bodies to gatherings where evil activities are planned and carried out, no matter the distance & time."
In Logos a convert testified that he "had been a member of a witchcraft the extent that he sacrificed his father in his quest for spiritual powers. He also confessed to me that part of his assignment was to be causing road accidents amongst big buses and their victims’ blood were satanically piped out to their central satanic blood bank.
Witchcraft spirits operate through mediums. Apart from possessing man, they can also posses and use animals, trees & even inanimate objects to accomplish their purpose.
I heard the story of how a goat was identified in a town through sorcery as a witchcraft medium.
When slaughtered, a clay pot and a bath sponge were found in its belly.
The goat was no doubt a mobile coven. Some animals are used to execute satanic plans."
After being confronted by 2 cats visiting nightly during prayers the individual was advised. "I gave the brother just one prayer point to pray: ‘You satanic pussy cats disturbing my peace, be roasted by fire in Jesus name.  The brother later testified to me that when he confronted these cats with the prayer point, they disappeared & never came back."
"Another sister told me that 1 hot afternoon, two pussy cats made a courtesy visit to her compound. 
When she came out to chase them away, they stood still & where just staring at her, eye ball to eye ball.
She got a stick and hit at them but they were not moved.
When it dawned on the sister that they were not ordinary cats, she shouted JESUS CHRIST & they ran away."
"We will need to pray regularly over our children’s dolls so that they will not be used to attack us (or them)." 
"A brother told me a story of how his aged father woke him up at the middle of one night for an “important issue”. When he enquired from the father what this important issue was, the old man told him that he wants to transfer the spirit of witchcraft to him for continuity sake in their family, as his old father who happened to be a wizard is about to die."   "Witchcraft specializes in killing people’s joy. They derive joy in causing pain to people.
Leviticus 20:27 says, “A man or woman that have familiar spirit or wizard, shall surely (note: this is another strong word) be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them."  Beware of African staff & angry relatives who secretly practice witchcraft especially upon unborn fetuses.
"The most annoying thing is that at times, these witchcraft spirits destroy things beyond repair.
Before the person knows it, the problem becomes perpetual. But I declare by the name above all names which is Jesus Christ, whatever damages done in your life & destiny by witchcraft powers shall be repaired in Jesus name."
A "brother decided to carry out a ‘holy rebellion’ by praying what we call 'enough is enough' prayers.
Then the Lord opened his eyes & he saw that his shop had been padlocked in the spiritual realm.
He succeeded in breaking the padlock through fasting & praying.  That was how his business eventually resurrected."  Through witchcraft, wombs can be padlocked in the spiritual realm.
"Such evil pronouncement against your life shall be rendered null & void in Jesus name."
"Many certificates are locked up too in witchcraft covens & the owners of these certificates are carrying ordinary papers. The original has been locked by these evil padlocks. Some people are living shadow lives.
Their real selves have been locked and in some cases transferred to another place. These evil powers control women menstrual periods, thereby causing barrenness and irregular periods. They can initiate marriages between demons & human beings.  A lady came from Kenya for a deliverance session here at our church over so many problems such as marital failure, joblessness and constant nightmares.  During the course of deliverance, the Holy Spirit revealed to us that her late father, who was a member of freemasonry, was the cause of her problems.
He took her menstrual pad for evil purposes and also deposited her bride price on witchcraft altar, which was the reason why her marriage to a certain wealthy man in Kampala failed irrespective of every effort made to reconcile them."
"A lady shared that anytime a man proposes marriage to her; a strange man would come & make love to her in her dream the same night. Then that will be the end of such a proposal and the man who had proposed to her will never come back again. Do we leave this kind of spirits to continue frustrating people’s lives? Do we leave these wicked people & spirits who have agreements with the devil to destroy people’s destinies? God says NO.
But if you agree with these wicked people and spirits, the choice will remain yours. The Bible says in 1John 4:8, ‘… and for this purpose was the Son of God manifested that he might destroy the works of darkness."
Another woman shared her experience on how much she hated her husband. 
According to her, whenever she & her husband sleep at night, a strange man would lie in the middle. This strange man always made love to her & she would always feel satisfied, hence she had no interest in her real husband.
So it is highly possible for you & your wife to be sleeping on one bed & another invincible man sleeps in between.
The same thing can happen to the man. An invincible woman can as well be sleeping in the middle."
"Just few months back, as I was praying for a brother, the demons started speaking through him that ‘he would surely die; and that he would go mad’.
Because of this witchcraft attack, the brother had been on psychiatric pills that enable him sleep at night."
"They sit on some people’s money. That is why many are being owed lots of money."
"They feed people with evil food in their dreams so that they can inflict them with all kinds of sickness & disease. Sometime in 1993, the Lord asked us to start interceding for HIV/AIDS victims in Uganda because most of them were injected with the virus in the dream."
"These witchcraft spirits cause problems in the lives of people & that is the reason why you should have enough fire so that you can resist them when they come with their evils.
You can command them to eat their (own poisoned) food and die, in Jesus name."
"Many people have complained of moving objects inside their body. Some have even gone for X-ray & yet nothing was found. A certain sister, even though she has been born again for years, had an object moving all over her body for 10 years. While I was praying for her, the Lord revealed that it was a snake that has been moving in her body. She confirmed this herself by also revealing that she was always playing with snakes in her dreams."
"They (witchcraft spirits) manipulate people into wrong businesses & investments.
They can replace people’s organs in the body.  They can bury people’s destinies and stars.
Someone whose destiny is being buried will be fighting a useless battle without the grace of God.
They cause failure at the edge of breakthrough.  They cause spiritual weakness.
They make prayers difficult, even reading the Bible. They stop people from spiritual growth because they know that if you have enough fire, you can become a terror to their kingdom.
God said that these witchcraft spirits should be eliminated & amputated.
God has given you power to stop them from carrying out their evil assignments.  With the Power of God and the Holy Spirit, you can stop them & terminate their activities in your life by praying violently the prayers below.
However a man or woman who is without Christ is a helpless victim of witchcraft manipulation.
Witches will carry out periodic invasion into the territories of such men & women.
You can move out from the camp of besieged victims into the camp of protected victors by giving your life to Christ today. That is the starting point as well as the doorway to freedom from witchcraft attacks and manipulations." (You can pray)
"Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before you today. I am sorry for all the times I have sinned against you.
I repent of all my sins. I surrender my life to you. I say NO to devil. I enter into the Kingdom of Light.
I turn my back to the kingdom of darkness. Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Change my life today. Make me a child of God & a member of the family of God. Let every old things in my life pass away & let everything become new.
Give me the power to follow you all the days of my life in Jesus name I pray – Amen"
Scriptures = Exodus 22:18, Leviticus 20:27, Deuteronomy 18:10-11, Isaiah 48:22
Prayer Points =

1.Every witchcraft padlock working against my progress, die, in the name of Jesus. '
2.Every witchcraft eyes looking at me now, be blinded, in Jesus name.
3.Every evil ever done to me through witchcraft attack, be reversed in the name of Jesus.
4.I break myself loose from every bondage of witchcraft, in Jesus name
5.I loose myself from every grip of witchcraft, in the name of Jesus.
6.Fire of God scatter the camp of my household witchcraft, in the name of Jesus.
7.Every witchcraft animal assigned to visit my house, die, in Jesus name.
8.You the strongman or strongwoman in my family be bound by chains of fire & be paralyzed, in Jesus name.
9.Any witchcraft bird flying for my sake, fall down, die & be roasted to ashes, in the name of Jesus.
10.I deliver my soul from every witchcraft bewitchment in the name of Jesus.
11.Let the thunder of God scatter beyond redemption the foundation of witchcraft in my household, in Jesus name.
12.Any of my blessings & testimonies swallowed by witches be converted to hot coals of fire of God & be vomited, in Jesus name.
13.I destroy by the fire of God every weapon of witchcraft used against me in Jesus name
14.Every decision, vow & covenant of household witchcraft affecting me be nullified by the blood of Jesus!
15. Every trap set for me by witches begin to catch your owners in the name of Jesus.
16.Let the wisdom (wizardry/enchantments) of my household witches be converted to foolishness in Jesus name.
17. Cover yourself (& family) properly in the blood of Jesus.
18. Begin to thank God for the answers to your prayers."
, Benjamin  Witchcraft Exposed #2 2/2008
"Allow Holy Spirit to minister to you personally. (Start off by praying the following prayer points) In Jesus' name:
1.O Lord, make me an untouchable coal of fire.
2.(Lay your hand on your head and say) My head, refuse every bewitchment.
3.I refuse to be a candidate of witchcraft attack."
"With hypnotism people are brought under strong witchcraft powers that they cannot resist or control.
Such state of unconsciousness can last for 1 more day during which victims are made to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do."
Enchantment and Sorcery "Many intending couples have lost their would-be partners because of this manipulation in the spiritual realm. In all these, however you need to be confident that the evil covering can be lifted away (Isaiah 25:7)."
"Every satanic stigma on you, your marriage, job, business and health is destroyed."
"By divination, we mean the act of finding out and foretelling the future, or revealing hidden truths.
 This has become a common practice in societies all over the world as people anxiously seek supernatural solution to many problems that confront them on daily basis. Witchcraft spirit has in this way brought ready help for as many uninformed souls as it wishes to manipulate and control."
"A sister recently told me a shocking story how a snake appeared in her bedroom while she was praying at night.  As she continued with her prayers in fear, the snake kept gazing at her until she summoned courage & killed the snake. While we were praying, the Lord revealed that her mother was the person that dedicated her to a ‘serpentine idol’. The sister later confessed that when they were still little children, their mother used to keep and feed a particular snake, which happened to be an idol in their family. when she confronted her mother about the snake the mother told her that when she was young, she was always falling sick & so she decided to consult a witch doctor who made a covenant between the sister & snake with a condition that the sister must not get married in life, and if she dare to get married her mother would die."
"BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU GO TO EAT If you go to the camp of your enemy to eat they will destroy you. These days, people carry all kinds of things to schools to pollute other people’s children in the name of birthday parties. An 11 year old girl told me how an evil spirit in a human form would always meet her on her way to school everyday to give her biscuits for her classmates. And as many children that ate the biscuits got initiated into the marine kingdom popularly known as ‘under the water’."
(Sometimes) "Diviners possess satanic ability to see into the future."
Manipulation of the Heavenlies "There are men versed in the use of the elements to make evil predictions on a monthly basis and to smite fellow men (Ps121:6). God devised the elements for good purposes but these men continue to use them for diabolical purposes. They manipulate the elements to draw powers from them for use against fellow human beings. For instance when the moon rises, the level of insanity increases with it.
This is because these evil men manipulate the weather to pursue their satanic agenda...
We have God’s authority to counter every evil invoked via the sun, moon & star."
Trading with Witchcraft Powers "Believers operating in the market place need to be aware of the spiritual state of where they operate their business. Most satanic agents never begin the day’s business without incantations & enchantments.  Others never open to the public until they’ve burnt their incense to invoke those spirits which they believe rule their business. Thus, with buried charms, they lay the foundation for their business & then sustain it with incantations and enchantments they do into the air daily. Most of these wicked business people spend their nights at the witchcraft shrines smoking satanic pipes.  They do all these because they have discovered the market place to be a competitive arena where the highest spiritual bidder gains & maintains the physical control.
Many delivers have lost the battle in the market place simple because they couldn’t stand the spiritual arrows from the enemy."
1 woman noticed her business going downhill after discovering charms being placed on her doorstep.
"Beloved, no matter your type of business, trade or profession you need spiritual back up to survive & succeed in the market place.
Witchcraft practitioners can only gain control when Christians in market place fail to take authority.
You can rule your world by His Word (God’s Word) and reign by the authority that you have in Christ as a believer."
Use of Animate/Inanimate Objects and Animals "It has also been revealed by the help of the Holy Spirit that inanimate things like teddy bears, art works, toys etc, can be used by witchcraft spirit to bewitch people.
This object may look ordinary in the physical realm but when they are inhabited by evil spirits they become dangerous to their owners and others around them. This makes it important for us to pray over such items,“lest Satan should get an advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his devices” (2 Corinthians 2:11)

So much for inanimate things, satanic agents also use demonic animals as vessels of witchcraft attack.
Dogs, cats, and goats could be possessed and used against target victims. We need to pray over our domestic animals. The owl is known to be used to terrify and enchant people, but for your life their time is up in Jesus name.  A lot of Christians in our environment have been caged by household witches
There is virtually no African family without a single witch. This is why witchcraft activities take place in all African countries...Christians who do not have the power of God in them can be bewitched. This is why many powerless Christians sink deeper into problems caused by witchcraft powers. Christians who do not have fire are easily bewitched and bondages are then pushed into their lives. Christians have nothing to do with pagan festivals as witchcraft powers use such festivals to renew their evil covenants & bondage in people’s lives.
Christians who attend circumcision festivals for example should be ready to nurse 1 problem after another."

"Dedicate the whole of your house/family to God so that witchcraft powers cannot touch any member of your household and always cover yourself, family and property with the blood of Jesus on a regular basis.
Many people are facing some battles but do not know what to do.
Many know through their dreams that there are battles to fight, but they don’t know what to do." "Prayer Points:
1.Anything planted in my life by my enemies, come out now, in the name of Jesus.
2.The devil will be defeated in every department of my life, in the name of Jesus.
3.Anybody in my household that has the spirit of witchcraft be exposed, in Jesus name.
4.I appeal to the court of heaven against any attack on my marriage, in Jesus name.
5.Any power circulating my name for evil, I pin you down, in the name of Jesus.
6.Let my enemies begin to fight themselves, in the name of Jesus.
7.Father Lord, let all my blessings buried by witchcraft powers be exhumed now, in the name of Jesus.
8.I trample upon all forces of witchcraft oppressing my life, in the name of Jesus.
9.Let all my household witches and wizards be disgraced (and permanently exterminated), in Jesus name.
10.Every witchcraft decision upon my life be nullified, in Jesus name.
11.I cancel the consequence of every evil spiritual visitation, in the name of Jesus.
12.I refuse to become a slave to any evil power, in Jesus name.
13.Everything that has been stolen from me by spiritual thieves in the past is returned 7 fold, in the name of Jesus."

, Benjamin - Deliverance from Bondage - In the name of Jesus: 3/2008
"1.Let every evil power behind my problems be demolished by the power of the Holy Ghost.
2.Lord, deliver me from the power of evil.
3.I break all evil covenants operating in my family and in my life.
4.Every evil thing flowing in my family line, fly away from me now.
5.Let every stronghold of the enemy in my life be shattered now.
6.Every strongman in charge of my case be bound now.
7.Lord Jesus, walk back into every second of my life & deliver me where I need deliverance, heal me where I need healing, transform me where I need transformation - (Thanks.) Amen.
8.Let every resistance to my breakthrough crumble.
9.Let the thunder of God destroy every evil altar constructed against me.
10.I break every evil padlock put upon my business, career, academics, (ministry, family, children, destiny) & marriage.
11.Blood of Jesus, disconnect my life from failure at the edge of breakthrough.
12.Let the foundations of my life be repaired to carry divine prosperity.
13.Let all satanic check-points hindering my prayers be bulldozed by divine fire.
14.I paralyze every power of bewitchment fashioned against me.
15.Cover yourself, family, career, business etc.
[I cover myself (and Your plans and purposes in our lives) with the blood of Jesus.
I cover my family with the blood of Jesus.
I cover my career with the blood of Jesus. I cover my business with the blood of Jesus…]" Thanks. Amen.
NEBECHUKWU, Benjamin - Release from Satanic Punishment 5/2008 -
Prayer Points = In the name of Jesus:
1.Any satanic punishment over my life & family be destroyed by fire.
2.O Lord, arise & contend with every power contending over my life.
3.(Place your right hand on your head and pray like this...)
Any anti progress arrow fired into the affairs of my life, come out now
4.Every instrument of satanic punishment fashioned against my life & family, be consumed by fire.
5.Every door that leads attacks into my life be closed now.
6.O Lord, heal me from every satanic injury.
7.I command the spirit of confusion to come upon all satanic prophets hired against me.
8.I barricade my life and my family from every satanic punishment.
9.No evil word spoken against me by my adversary shall stand.
10.I refuse to fall into any trap set by my oppressors.
11.I cancel the consequence of every evil spiritual visitation.
12.I refuse to become a slave to any evil power.
13. Everything that has been stolen from me by spiritual thieves in the past is returned seven fold."

, Benjamin
    Understanding Your Dreams - Overcoming Satanic Dreams #1 - monthly newsletter  
If God allows you to see the evil dreams at all, the purpose is for you to pray against them and convert them into good dreams."    
NEBECHUKWU, Benjamin - Victory over Satanic Dreams #2 - 7/2008 -
NEBECHUKWU, Benjamin - Deliverance from Evil Alters #3 - 8/2008 -
Recognize, Repent, Renounce, Resist them using the Word of God and prayer, Kill the satanic priests ministering at the altars and slay their prophets, Withdraw your name, benefits & virtues from their altars, plus Destroy the altars by cursing it or command the fire of God to consume it or the east wind to blow it away (in Jesus' name).
NEBECHUKWU, Benjamin - Thou Art Loosed @ 9/2008
"Remote controlled captivity:
Usually, this is when a person is being controlled by a demonic personality, usually from far off remote place. Satanic people construct dolls or effigies to represent people. Whatever they do to these effigies would be happening to the people anywhere they are. Sometimes they do this by evil summoning.
They summon the spirit of a person to their demonic meetings and pass a wicked judgment on the person.
Some of these people you see all over the town wearing suit and speaking huge & wonderful grammars are remotely being controlled (often from their towns of birth).
When the sword of the Holy Spirit shatters the chain of someone under remote-control captivity, fresh miracles would begin to bombard such a person in a dumbfounding way."  "Prayer Points: In Jesus' name:
1.I am getting out of all negative circumstances.
2.Every power working against my advancement, receive (holy) arrows of fire.
3.Every power working against the peace of my life, receive (holy) arrows of fire.
4.You strongman attached to my family, receive the (holy) arrow of fire.
5.Every household wickedness, receive the (holy) arrow of fire.
6.Every spirit of financial failure, receive the (holy) arrow of fire.
7.(Put one hand on your chest and the other one on the stomach).
Lord, touch my system with Your (holy) fire.
8.(Retain your hands on your chest and your stomach)
Lord Jesus, touch the foundation of my life with your (holy) fire.
9.I clear away the hidden places of the enemy in my life.
10.Let my breakthrough manifest powerfully this year.
11.Any power hindering my breakthrough this year, receive the (holy) arrow of fire.
12.All good ways that have been closed in my life, open, in the name of Jesus.
13.As you mention each situation, shout, ‘Receive the arrow of (holy) fire, 3 times:
* Every anti-progress spirit,
Receive the arrow of (holy) fire, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen
* All the powers revealing my secrets to the enemy
Receive the arrow of (holy) fire, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen
* Every evil friend that has been sent into my businesses
Receive the arrow of (holy) fire, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen
* Every unprofitable attachment to my prayer life
Receive the arrow of (holy) fire, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen
* Every power blocking the anointing of God in my life
Receive the arrow of (holy) fire, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen
* Every serpentine spirit
Receive the arrow of (holy) fire, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen
* All satanic attackers in the dream
Receive the arrow of (holy) fire, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen
* Every spirit of demotion
Receive the arrow of (holy) fire, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen
14. I send every bondage back to the sender, in Jesus’ name."
NEBECHUKWU, Benjamin - current newsletters at -
NEBECHUKWU, Benjamin - -

Kampala, Uganda, Africa

Deliverance Books Alphabetized By Title -

Impact Deliverance books   

Peck, Dr M Scott - The Road Less Traveled - People of the Lie -
"The first case [came through a] referral from Malachi Martin,  who was my mentor and to whom the book (Glimpses of the Devil - A Psychiatrist's Personal Accounts of Possession, Exorcism, and Redemption) is dedicated. A very extraordinary (Catholic) man, without question the world's greatest authority on the subject [of exorcism].
Some people criticize me as if I followed Malachi Martin as if he hypnotized me and I believed everything he said. In fact, Malachi often was a liar (or told unverifiable tales ?)...
Some Charismatics, including a (Catholic/Episcopal) man named Francis MacNutt, held that there are 4 levels of demonic involvement.
The 1st they simply call temptation...The 2nd is what's called demonic attack...
The 3rd stage Francis MacNutt called oppression...(4th) Then there's full-scale possession where Francis said is where the enemy basically gets the center of the city, as well as the suburbs & has control over the communications. There are just a few pockets of resistance left...

MacNutt, Francis - -
People of the Lie  just cooperate with evil out of laziness or greed...But Jersey and Becca, the women in the book, were different-they did have pockets of resistance...As Malachi Martin pointed out, if they 100% cooperated, then there would be no sign of any stress of strain within them...
So people who are possessed are not what I would call evil people...
As a psychiatrist, I was really sticking my neck out.  But if you decide you have a genuine case of possession, then it's kind of full-scale war. An exorcism is a way of doing massive battle against one's demons, or if you wanted to say, one's mental illness. This is one of the sort of dangers of it, because it's potentially like a kind of gang rape, much like in the old days with cults, there was de-programming. An exorcism is much like de-programming...
I would include possession among mental illnesses.
I is a real condition and one of the things that I would argue, as a psychiatrist,
is that it ought to be recognized as a psychiatric diagnosis...
I think it should be in the DSM-IV and have equal status with multiple personality disorder...
An exorcism [is] sort of comparable to major brain surgery where you might have a team of 7 in the operating room.
You use not just one kind of technique but anything that you possibly can to help your patients. There's a mixture of techniques ranging from prayer and orders to the demonic and talking to the demonic to try to figure what the hell is going on if you can. It was notably successful in the case of Jersey, the 1st case. Unless we had spoken with the quote 'demons' unquote, we would not have known that each demon represented a kind of false idea...
I put "demons" in quotes because this is really a frontier in psychiatry.
As a scientist, I try to be very careful as to what is theory and what is fact. I cannot swear to you in a court of law that these initial demons were demons in their own right, as opposed to Satan or the devil...
I'm not sure they were so much demons in their own right as they may have been reflections of the big guy, Satan. Both cases described in the book are very rare cases of Satanic possession, not just possession by ordinary little demons... In the first draft of the book, I included things other than those 2 cases of full-scale possession.
I had a vignette [about] a friend in medical school who had also become a psychiatrist. 
He got in touch with me & asked if I'd come to dinner. He had become an expert in multiple personality disorder & he proceeded to regale me with this case that he was fascinated with.
In the course of 4 months of treatment with [a] young man, he had uncovered 42 different personalities.
Then he said offhandedly he was a secular therapist, he didn't believe in possession or anything, but "one of them calls himself Judas and he's a real bad guy."
I don't know about you, but after 26 personalities, I'd start to get bored or suspicious of the diagnosis.
I asked him, 'John (fake name), do you ever have the feeling that you're being toyed with?
The demon can pull all kinds of tricks, like inventing personalities.'
He said, 'No, why do you ask?' Just the possibility this patient didn't have multiple personality disorder, but that this real bad guy might be a demon. Multiple personality disorder & possession are not necessarily mutually incompatible disorders.  There's some evidence that you can have both.
I consider multiple personality disorder to be a less common condition than possession. With a lot of cases of multiples, I would wonder whether they were cases of possession, as I did in this man's case.
I left the dinner feeling a little sorry for both the patient and my friend the psychiatrist, because I felt that both of them were being perhaps mistreated. The patient because my friend couldn't deal with a possible diagnosis of possession, and my friend was being mistreated because Judas may have been fooling around with him.
If you're dealing with the demonic in the later stages, one of the very subtle signs you get is the feeling that although it looks like the patient is sitting in the chair talking, it really isn't the patient talking to you.
It's something else that's trying to toy with you.
If you can let the demonic out a little bit in the patient, the demonic might quiet down and let the patient be himself or herself. We would try not to speak to the patient unless we were speaking to the patient being very real, authentic. Or we would speak to the demonic. But we would not speak to this nonsensical mixture.
You're wasting your time until you can separate the two.
If you can let the demonic out a little bit in the patient, the demonic might quiet down and let the patient be himself or herself. We would try not to speak to the patient unless we were speaking to the patient being very real, authentic. Or we would speak to the demonic. But we would not speak to this nonsensical mixture.
You're wasting your time until you can separate the two...
The number one exorcist, the most essential of all, is the patient.
What happens in a successful exorcism is that the patient renounces his or her involvement in the demonic & decides to side with God or Christ or the truth or whatever you want to call it.
It's the patient who casts out his or her own demons by making a choice against that."
"I was finally baptized at the age of 43 in 1980. I was deliberately non-denominationally baptized.
I've very jealously guarded my non-denominational status ever since.
I am very Eucharistic, which means I celebrate communion or the Eucharist.
I never thought I would ever be middle of the road anything, much less a middle of the road Christian, but it actually ended up I'm extremely middle of the road."
Peck became involved in her case mostly to 'prove the devil's nonexistence as scientifically as possible.'" + (Peck is well advertised in the paranormal metaphysics societies.)

Penn-Lewis, Jessie with Roberts, Evan @  READ online.
Chapter 7 Ground and Symptoms of Possession  "Evil spirits can never interfere with the faculties of brain or body, unless sufficient ground for possession has been obtained by them."
"The passive yielding to environment...really means letting evil spirits decide for him...
not intelligently understanding that they therefore fail to co-operate with God in fighting against sin (Heb. 12: 4; 1 Tim. 5: 20)...God has given man a will, and a deciding voice...
He becomes a passive, though unconscious slave." @

Scripture - Snares of Satan - or no condemnation - A good concordance link.  Just type in relevant scriptural word or phrase.

Silvoso, Ed - Harvest Evangelism - - Swatting the Fly -
"The life cycle of the adult fly is 21 days in the summer.  The larva stage of the fly is a few days and the pupa state is 3-7 days...If you can get rid of a fly and it's offspring, then the cycle of the fly's generation is broken & you will be rid of all flies.  The Lord then told him (Ed) to proclaim truth for 40 days.  Specifically...take an area of your life in which you want freedom.  Find 40 key Biblical verses in that area and proclaim them as truth for 40 days."
REJECTION is a major issue in SCHIZOPHRENIA.  Paul L Cox provides 33 (out of 40) Bible versus for this purpose.  Swatting the Fly of Rejection - Proclaim the Truth for 40 Days

Sumrall, Lester - -  Bob DaVorzak - e-mail:
b. In 1953 in the Philippines, a 18 year old girl being held in a prison, Clarita Villanueva screamed in horror as bite marks suddenly showed up on her neck, back, legs and arms simultaneously. She descibed her attackers as monsters which she could see but were invisible to everybody else. One doctor accused her of putting on an act. Clarita gazed at the doctor with snake-like eyes and said, "you will die". The doctor died the next day without ever getting sick. She said the same thing to the chief jailer, he was dead and buried within 4 days. The doctors called upon anyone for help, the story made headlines all across the world. The American Protestant missionary Lester Sumrall showed up. Clarita saw him and screamed violently, "I hate you!". Sumrall said, "I know you hate me.
I have come to cast you out." After a 3 day confrontation she relaxed, smiled & said "He's gone".
This led to a huge Christian revival in the Philippines.
f. From the Philippines, I think around 1953, there is the true story of Cornelio Closa who would literally disappear. Cornelio was 13 years old walking home with a friend when he saw a beautiful girl calling to him.
He walked towards her and his friend saw him disappear. After he reappeared he began acting strangely & causing trouble at home and at school. He would get into fights and 3 or 4 larger boys were unable to hold him down. His teacher called him up to the front of the room and he "stood there for a few moments and then simply evaporated". The teacher was terrified and resigned. Cornelio had a hideous non-human kind of laugh and would growl and snarl at his father. At home he would hide things from his parents and smash or break anything he could. His father would nail the doors and windows shut. The whole family would be in the front room and with everybody looking, Cornelio would just disappear. The other children would start coughing and vomiting because of the stench he would leave behind. He would be gone for 2 days or more and then suddenly reappear in the shut up house.
His parents told a Methodist pastor about it and he told them to take him to the church to see Lester Sumrall (see b. above) At the church Cornelio saw the formerly beautiful girl outside the door, but now she looked ugly and horrible. The Methodist pastor took Cornelio up to Reverend Sumrall and Sumrall commanded the devil to come out of him in the name of Jesus Christ. Sumrall visited Cornelio's house the next day. He talked to the parents, they got down on their knees and accepted Christ. Cornelio also became a Christian, he was never tormented by that evil thing again. Sumrall decided never to put this story in the newspapers. Sumrall said there was so much verification of it that it was impossible for it to have been a story someone had made up. Reverend H.A. Baker traveled from the United States over to the Philippines to verify the story. He told Sumrall he contacted Cornelio, the school teacher, the parents, and the neighbors & discovered that it is absolutely true what you describe about this miracle.

Sumrall, Lester -
A well-documented case from the Philippines in May, 1952 involved an adolescent girl who was taken into police custody for vagrancy. She began behaving erratically and screaming that she was being bitten by 2 "things."
Following is an excerpt from the prison's Official Medical Report recorded by D. Mariano Lara, Professor of Legal Medicine, University of Santo Thomas, Manila:
"I find it difficult and near impossible to accept anything of a supernatural character... Equipped with a magnifying lens and an unbelieving mind about this biting phenomena, I scrutinized carefully the exposed parts of her (Clarita Villanueva's) body, the arms, hands, and neck, to find out whether they had the biting impressions. I saw the reddish human-like bite marks on the arms... At that very instant, this girl in a semi-trance loudly screamed repeatedly... I saw, with my unbelieving eyes, the clear marks or impressions of human-like teeth from both the upper and lower jaws. It was a little moist in the area bitten on the dorsal aspect of the left hand & the teeth impressions were mostly from the form of the front or incisor teeth. Seeing these with my unbelieving eyes, yet I could not understand nor explain how they were produced as her hand had all the time been held away from the reach of her mouth...
"In full possession of her normal mind, I asked her (Clarita Villanueva) who was causing her to suffer from the bites. She answered that there are 2 who are alternately biting her; 1 big, black, hairy human-like fellow, very tall, with 2 sharp eyes, 2 sharp canine teeth, long beard like a Hindu, hairy extremities and chest, wearing a black garment, with a little whitish piece on the back resembling a hood. His feet are about 3 times the size of normal feet. The other fellow is a very small 1 about 2 or 3 feet tall allegedly also black, hairy and ugly."

Several accounts of the case also appeared in Manila's "The Daily Mirror" and "The Manila Chronicle."
People were reportedly watching her at all times when the bites appeared and it was deemed impossible that she could have been biting herself. She was exorcised by a Christian evangelist (Lester Sumrall) in the area & reportedly had no more difficulties afterward. Interestingly, she had conversed with the evangelist in English, but after the exorcism she no longer understood a word of English & had to resort to an interpreter.

Sumrall, Lester  Philippine Assemblies of God Organized  pdf pg 285 View as HTML  pg 15 - 
Discussion of Clarita Villanueva.  Also introduces the input of Oral Roberts, Rudy Cerullo, TL Osborn & Ralph Byrd when in 1955 many locals began to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Lester Sumrall came to Manila in July 1952. He wrestled with God to bring His Pentecost to Manila. God honored his faith to such a degree that they mayor gave Sumrall's congregation free land to build a church. Thousands were saved and healed at his services.  In May 1953 a local inmate Clarita Villanueva was being tortured by invisible demons.  Hearing this news in the media, Sumrall offered his services to the mayor, who accepted. 
Sumrall fasted 2 days before praying for Clarita. He did a 3 day exorcism, resulting in a total healing.

Sumrall, Lester - check out his publications at

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Ekbald, Bob - REGENT COLLEGE -

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The Deliverance Manual - -
includes specifics on


(for those who believe in them) -
4kduk4bef4l09tr/images/9-482dfd40fa/000.png @ 
1954 (Abraham) Maslow published his hierarchy of needs which when applied to Occult controllers & PSTD victims means that they cannot progress in therapy until their survival and safety needs are met.
However, the Programmers/abusers know that it is important to keep the slave away from
To this end, the Programmers employ people externally to monitor slaves &
alters in the victim’s mind to be monitoring alters & reporting alters.10 
Reporting alters can always reach the Network of abusers
via 1-800 telephone numbers which change every 2 weeks. They can also call their handler. Reporting alters are very unemotional & serve as tape recorders which mechanically report any developments that might threaten the programming to their handler.
programmed to
commit suicide are also built into the Systems. For instance, for a system hacker-an outsider-to work with the alters of an internal Grand Druid Council (aka Executive committee alters, or judge alters) or a System
almost insures 99% of the time suicide of the occult slave."11

Understanding ancestral covenants and altars - Nigerian course outline @
Prayers to eradicate
Deliverance From Placenta Bondage - prayers
Dispose of African Artifacts -
Satanic Pillars -
Prayer Altars -

Kairos, M. Joy - Fragments to Freedom - Author defines her fragmented soul pieces as alters or traumatized personality soul portions split off  for self preservation. rather than calling alters demons.  Instead, recognizes and deals with demons as evil spirits, who in fact do exist in her reality.  Excellent book.  Recommended
[Other authors often call repressed memory MPD (multiple personality disorder) or demons, not allowing for both.]

Catholic Orthodox


Orthodox Catholic Church -
"The Orthodox see the fall as a kind of infection that has, through
original sin, spread to all humanity &, through humanity, to the whole world.
In each of us, the process of disease, decay, & ultimately death, begins from moment we are conceived.
When we sin, moreover, we contribute to a process that is already underway in each of us.
This is the state of the world in which we live, and this is the sad reality that the Son of God came to overcome.

Ultimately, the result of Adam‟s fall, the result of our own fall when we choose sin, is alienation:
1st of all from God, but also from others, from the world & even from ourselves.
This is something we experience in our own lives, sooner or later. (p. 69)
Appendix 1: Deliverance through Healing the Family Tree

In Healing the Family Tree (London: Sheldon Press, 1986) the starting point of Dr Kenneth McCall is that:

Many emotional problems have their roots in a purely biochemical imbalance which requires medication & this can be remedied easily enough when once identified, although it is not always easy to discover. But many deep emotional hurts need a different kind of therapy and the supportive love of a Christian community.
We cannot ignore any means by which the full healing of an individual can be achieved. (p. 5)
(lecture pg. 19)  From this starting point, he outlines 3 forms of illness that can be caused by 'the possession syndrome': A relationship between 2 people, begun happily & voluntarily on both sides, may reach a point at which one partner becomes passive and totally dependent upon the other. Frequently the passive partner is unaware of the loss of his [or her] own identity and eventually is completely unable to break away from the other‟s control. This state has been termed the 'possession syndrome'.

… It is essential to make a differential diagnosis in each case [of the possession syndrome] & to classify the possession syndrome into 1 or more of [3] defined categories.
The bondage of the living to the living is the most obvious to diagnose. The bondage of the living to the dead, whether to ancestors, to those not related, to still-born aborted or miscarried babies; or to those who once inhabited a particular place now occupied by the living, can present considerable difficulties in diagnosis.
The bondage of the living to occult control is, perhaps, the most dangerous evil to unravel. (pp. 6-7)

Within this framework of 1st seeking medical remedies and listening to how a person is hurting, deliverance is effected in 3 steps:
'1st, it is necessary to cut the known bond to the controlling person, alive or dead, then (2nd) to forgive wholeheartedly, finally (3rd), to transfer control to Jesus Christ, making any essential environmental changes to support 3 steps' (p. 7).

Dr (Catholic pyschiatrist) McCall is following Orthodox Christian guidelines in his focus on praying for the dead in the tradition of the early Church fathers.
15 He stresses that whenever appropriate any indication of occult forces from within or outside of family trees should be dealt with by deliverance through the Eucharist or exorcisms of the church of the patient (pp. 70, 84).
footnote #15 He cites the examples of Tertullian, Origen, Ephraim, Cyprian, Ambrose, Augustine, Basil, Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory of Nanzanzus & Gregory the Great. The conviction of St John Chrysostom is noted:]

(lecture pg 20).  Furthermore, there is a firm warning that it is 'in absolute contravention of God's law…
to make direct contact with [the dead]' (p. 97). We pray for the dead, not to the dead, referring 'them to the Lord for him to deal with' (p. 97). Ideally, deliverance occurs with the support of a committed Christian spiritual director familiar with how spirits, both evil and good, operate. However, individual Christians, preferably with prayer support, can break the hold of an evil spirit on their own lives. A good place to begin is to draw up a family tree
, reflect on that tree with appropriate family &/or friends, then identify persons for whom to pray at a Eucharist. The key message that Dr McCall seeks to communicate is: 'The celebration of the Eucharist where Our Lord is always present is the central act in the process of deliverance and healing' (p. 12). Any point in the family tree where a relative has died and not been prayed for (especially abortions, stillbirths & miscarriages), any criminal acts, any lingering resentments linked to persons either dead or alive, any persons or situations where there has been or still is great fear, all of these points require healing & deliverance. Then a decision is made about whom to invite to the Eucharist, with an attempt made to 'try to have the living persons who need prayer actually [present] so that they can ask for guidance &, most importantly, learn how to continue to pray on their own at future Eucharists' (p. 22).   There may or may not be dramatic events, but simply having a Eucharist in the church tradition of the suffering person consistently leads to healing:

Healing comes to the patient through a peaceful commitment to Jesus Christ as his loving release is accepted….
In all cases of bondage the best efforts of psychiatry should be utilized to integrate the personality but it is essential that they are used in conjunction with prayer and the Eucharist service which has the power both to break the destructive bondage and to form life-giving bonds with Jesus Christ. (p. 21).

In Dr McCall‟s view there are “4 distinct stages or movements in the manifestations of [God‟s] healing power which correspond to different prayers” that are offered: (1) in praying “Deliver us from evil” from the Lord‟s prayer and in taking communion “old covenants with the evil one” are broken & we “enter into the New Covenant with

[When that awe-inspiring sacrifice lies displayed on the altar, how shall we not prevail with God by our entreaties for the dead?” (Homily 3 in Ep and Phil. n. 4). pp. 89, 93

16 “The core of our thinking as we draw up Family Trees for the Eucharist must be an active, ever-present readiness to listen so that we may become more aware of our Lord taking his next immediate steps (Gal 2.20)
[“I have been crucified with Christ; & it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; & the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of god, who loved me & gave Himself up for me”] (p. 43)

(lecture pg. 21) God”; (2) in the many prayers for forgiveness throughout the Eucharist, 'through Jesus Christ we not only forgive the dead but we ask them to forgive us'; (3) in placing the paper with the family tree on the altar with the elements of bread & wine, he life of Christ comes to each member of the living, living or dead: & (4) with the final blessing & the laying of hands 'on the heads of those who are especially seeking healing…the minister may make the sign of the cross (sometimes with oil) on their foreheads, thus focusing the healing of Jesus Christ' (pp. 22-34). This approach may not appeal to all Orthodox Christians, but it has brought healing to many persons for many years.  (lecture pg. 21) Appendix 2: Spiritual Warfare

In Pigs in the Parlor: A Practical Guide to Deliverance (Kirkwood, MO; Impact Books, 1973), Frank & Ida Mae Hammond urge that both 'the [Church and the individual believer must get beyond the concept of personal deliverance to the concept of spiritual warfare against…the spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places' (Ephes. 6.12) ('Foreword').17 Their approach is based upon the conviction that 'deliverance is a process' & that 'sin opens the door for demons to enter' a human being; & those demons must then be identified & thrown out (p. 57).18

The Hammonds' approach is Biblical, grounded in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5: For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

Their focus is primarily on the necessity of personal prayer & worship, linked to the conviction that:
'Before the Kingdom of God can ever become a reality in your life or mine, the forces of hell that beset us must be faced and overcome' (p. 150).

Pigs in the Parlor is quite American, written by a couple from East Texas, with close links to the charismatic renewal. However, its *approach is quite practical & straight-forward focused on such issues as how demons enter a person, how to lecture pg 22) determine the need for deliverance, steps to deliverance, retaining deliverance and intercessory prayer warfare.

[17 The same *approach is adopted by Edward F. Murphy in The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 1992) who views the Church as “revealed in Scripture not only as the people of God & body of Christ, but also as a part of God‟s warrior kingdom in ongoing conflict with internal evil (the flesh), social evil (the world), & supernatural evil (the spirit world). I call this a multi-dimensional sin war”. (

18 It is noted that demons often operate in groups; & some 53 common demon groupings are identified, such as the controlling demon of jealousy is often linked to envy, suspicion, distrust & selfishness.]

(The ministry of the Hammonds‟ was deeply influenced by the British pastor and Bible scholar, Derek Prince,19 who himself exercised a powerful ministry of deliverance; and it is the prayer of Derek Prince that is used, insisting on confession and renouncing of sins, and stating firmly: “I forgive all others as I want you to forgive me.” (p. 107). Reliance is placed on the verse from Acts 2.21: Whosoever that calls on the name of the Lord shall be delivered 20 & the person seeking deliverance (or those acting on his or her behalf) pray:

'I call upon You (Father God) now. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, deliver me and set me free.
Satan, I renounce you and all your works. I loose myself from you, in the name of Jesus, & I command you to leave me right now, in Jesus' name. Amen.' (p.107)

It is appropriate to raise the question: Is such an approach Orthodox?  Certainly, there is a strong tradition of deliverance and exorcism in both the Apostolic and Post-Apostolic Church, as noted in the main text of this lecture. Many Christians today of all denominations are not as aware as the early Church was of Peter‟s warning:
'Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour' (1 Pet 5.8).
An important underlying principle has been succinctly stated by the 5
th century hermit, St Mark the Ascetic:
'He who has been baptized into Christ has already been given grace.  But this grace acts in proportion to the degree that he follows the commandments. Although this grace never ceases to help us in secret, it lies in our power, in our will, to do or not to do good.'  (from St Mark‟s Texts for Those Who Think to be Justified by Deeds, quoted in The Teachings of the Holy Fathers on the Passions, p. 41,

Richfield Springs, NY: Nikodemos Orthodox Publication Society, 1986)

The Orthodox perspective is often to link spiritual warfare with a personal search for purification from the passions of gluttony, unchastity, avarice, anger, dejection, listlessness (or envy), self-esteem & pride (See Dumitru Staniloae, Orthodox Spirituality: A Practical Guide for the Faithful and a Definitive Manual for the Scholar, South Canaan, PA: St Tikhon‟s Orthodox Theological Seminary Press, 2002, pp. 77-

[19 See Derek Prince, War in Heaven: God’s Epic Battle with Evil (Baldock, Herts: Derek Prince Ministries, 2003); Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose (Baldock, Herts: Derek Prince Ministries, 1998); & Stephen Mansfield, Derek Prince: A Biography (Baldock, Herts: Derek Prince Ministries, 2005).

20 The usual translation of this Greek word, sōzō, that Derek Prince has translated as “delivered” is “saved”. Young’s Analytical Concordance translates the meaning as “to make or keep sound or safe”. Peter is citing Joel 2.32: “Then everyone who invokes the Lord‟s name will be saved” in which the Hebrew word is (palatah) חט׳לפwhich the NIV Interlinear Hebrew-English Old Testament translates as “delivered one”, so Derek Prince‟s personal translation appears sound. (This is not surprising as Derek Prince got a First in Classics at Cambridge).]

(lecture pg 23) 118). In this perspective, 'since the forgetting of God is the ultimate cause of the passions, their healing must begin with faith' (p. 81).

Father Staniloae himself focuses on healing rather than deliverance, but he does note with approval the analysis of Diadochus (mid-5th cent.) on how the Holy Spirit makes the “small shadowy attacks (baits) of the demons evident, but also weakens them, by this holy and glorious light” (p. 164, quoting On Spiritual Knowledge 29), as well as St Mark the Ascetic‟s advice on the danger that 'as soon as [the mind] leaves the heart, it allows the devil to attack and…get to the place where [the mind] welcomes his evil whisper' (p. 164, quoting On Baptism, PG 65.1016B). While Father Staniloae acknowledges the need for 'the chaining of demons,' his solution to conflict with the devil focuses primarily on meekness and humility (p. 180). Proto-presbyter Michael Pomzanksy is more explicit in insisting that in Orthodox tradition “the origin of sin comes from the devil”; and that the New Testament is clear that 'Satan and the evil spirits are constantly attracting people to evil' and that 'the evil spirits rush into the souls and even into the bodies of men' (Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, pp. 153-154).

The manner in which the battle with the passions involves spiritual warfare with demons has been traced in considerable detail in Unseen Warfare (London: Faber & Faber, 1952). This work of Lorenzo Scupoli, a Roman Catholic priest, originally published in Italy in 1569, has been thrice edited for Orthodox Christians, for Greek readers in the 18th century by the Athonite monk, Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain, for Russian readers in the nineteenth century by St Theophan the Recluse, and for Western readers in the 20th century in three books by Jack Spark's Victory, Virtue and Prayer in the Unseen Warfare , Ben Lommond, CA: Conciliar Press, 1993, 1995, 1997).Thus for some 300 years, Orthodox Christians have been urged to follow the advice of the monk from Mount Sinai, St John Climacus (c. 570-c.649) to 'flog the foes with the name of our Lord Jesus', to pray and to partake of the Eucharist (pp. 114, 225) (See Father John Mack, Ascending the Heights: A Layman’s Guide to the Ladder of Divine Ascent [Crestwood, NY: SVSP, 2000]). Although Scupoli‟s treatise in its numerous editions sees spiritual conflict as a continuing process in the life of every Christian, it is certainly concerned with healing & deliverance. The icon associated with The Ladder of Divine Ascent: 'depicts many people climbing a ladder; at the top is Jesus Christ, prepared to receive the climbers into Heaven. Also shown are angels helping the climbers, and demons attempting to shoot with arrows or drag down the climbers, no matter high up the ladder they may be.']

(lecture pg 24) Most versions of the icon show at least one person falling.  (see: )

It should be noted that none of these 3 cited Orthodox sources: Fathers Staniloae, Pomzanksy & edited Father Scupoli, deal explicitly with deliverance, although there is considerable concern with the role of evil spirits & necessity for healing.

The difference with the approach of the Hammonds/Derek Prince from a traditional Orthodox perspective is essentially one of terminology: what the Hammonds' are calling 'deliverance' the Orthodox would generally call 'exorcism'. The 3 exorcisms which begin the sacrament of Baptism are quite explicit:

The Lord layeth thee (Satan) under ban, O Devil…I adjure thee(Satan) by God…begone & depart from this creature, and return not again, neither hid thyself in him/her, neither seek thou to meet him/her, nor to influence him/her, either by night or by day (in Jesus' name)…(1st Exorcism, Manley, p. 272)

O Devil…[God] doth command thee, with all thy (evil) confederate hosts to depart hence, from him/her who hath been newly sealed in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our true God.  (2nd Exorcism, Manley, p. 272)

O Lord of Sabaoth, the God of Israel, who healest every malady & every infirmity: Look upon thy servant; prove him/her and search him/her, & root out of him/her every operation of the Devil. (I, in Jesus' name) rebuke & expel the unclean spirits & purify the works of thy hands…(3rd Exorcism, Manley, p. 273)

Thus the contemporary practice of deliverance is essentially an attempt to ensure that the exorcisms of Baptism are fully implemented in the life of a Christian.

In the Chrismation which follows Baptism, the opening prayer from the priest includes:
'Keep him/her in thy sanctification; confirm him/her in the Orthodox faith.
Deliver him/her from the Evil One & from all the machinations of the same.' (Manley, p. 281).
It is only after this prayer that the newly baptized person is sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit, an important point in the context of exorcism and deliverance, because the evil spirits are thrown out before the Holy Spirit is then called into the person.
Furthermore, in both the Gospels & in Acts there are many explicit examples of healing & deliverance (or exorcism), as in Acts 19.12, when the handkerchiefs or aprons of Paul were “carried from his body to the sick & the diseases left them & (lecture page 25) the evil spirits went out'.

It would appear then that the approach of Pigs in the Parlor is fully in keeping with Orthodox tradition, especially in the context of exorcism.

(lecture page 25) Appendix 3: Healing the 8 Stages of Life In their book Healing the Eight Stages of Life (New York: Paulist Press, 1988) and numerous other studies21, Matthew Linn, SJ, Dennis Linn & wife, Shelia Fabricant Linn have linked the work of the psychologist, Erik Erikson, especially his The Life Cycle Completed (New York: W. W. Norton, 1982), to their faith as Christians & their confidence in the power of prayer.
As the Linns' explain, Erikson‟s emphasis upon striving for mature social relationships (rather than sexual fulfillment) offers a framework in which childhood hurts can be healed within a process of lifelong human growth 'with ever new opportunities to discover gifts of loving' (Linns, pp. 14-16). For the Linns & many other Christians, this framework is deepened by an awareness that “the Holy Spirit is always renewing us & leading us to a fuller life” (p. 15).

Erikson suggests that there are 8 stages of life in which key conflicts must be faced and resolved to live life fully (see Linns, p.23 & Erickson, pp. 32-33):

Stage and Age Crisis to Be Faced Virtue to Be Gained 22

1. Infancy (until age 2) trust vs. mistrust Hope

2. Early childhood (2-3) autonomy vs. shame & doubt Will

3. Play age (3-5) initiative vs. guilt Purpose

4. School age (6-12) industry vs. inferiority Competence

5. Adolescence (12-18) identity vs. identity confusion Fidelity

6. Young adult (19-35) intimacy vs. isolation Love

7. Adult (35-65) generativity vs. stagnation Care

8. Old age (after 65) integrity vs. despair Wisdom

Strikingly, if we fail to resolve some crisis at one stage of our life, we can still experience healing later “to the extent we let [our hurts] be touched by unconditional love” (Linns, Healing the Purpose of Your Life, New York: Paulist Press, 1999).23

[21 See especially their Sleeping with Bread: Holding What Gives You Life (New York: Paulist Press, 1995), Good Goats: Healing Our Image of God (New York: Paulist Press, 1994), Healing the Purpose of Your Life (New York: Paulist Press, 1999) and Simple Ways to Pray for Healing (New York: Paulist Press, 1998).

22 For each stage, Erikson links the conflict to a “radius of significant relations” i. e. 1=Maternal Person;

2=Parental Persons; 3=Basic Family; 4=Neighbourhood, School; 5=Peer groups and outgroups; models of leadership; 6Partners in friendship, sex, competition & cooperation; 7=Divided labour & shared household; & 8= “Humankind” or “My kind (of people)”]

(lecture page 26)

The theology underlying this approach to healing is that of Romans 8.28: We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to God's purpose. For the Linns, the implication is clear: 'God has a special purpose for each of us, and…God will use our hurts and mistakes to accomplish that good purpose' (Healing the Purpose of Your Life, pp. 64-65). This is in keeping with the Roman Catholic theologian, Bernard Häring‟s idea that 'it is only when we grasp our unique identity that we can make a fundamental option for God‟s will in our lives' (Healing the Purpose of Your Life, p. 18). The contemporary Presbyterian author, Frederick Buechner, suggests that we find this unique personal vocation, this “place God calls you … where your deep gladness and the world‟s deep hunger meet” (p. 32).

This approach to healing requires considerable personal reflection on one's strengths and weaknesses.
The Linns stress 'the examen' or 'examination of conscience' (linked to the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola), in which a person or a small group end the day by lighting a candle, becoming “aware of God‟s loving presence” and asking two questions about the day: “For what am I most grateful? For what am I least grateful? (Linns, Sleeping with Bread: Holding What Gives You Life, pp. 3, 6-8, passim). As Matthew Linn explains, the aim is highly practical: 'I need the examen to help me notice not only what goes wrong but also what goes right.
Each night I first get in touch with what I am grateful for from the day & I give thanks. Then I ask what I am not grateful for, I name it, feel it, and appreciate that I am not denying it & God is with me in it. Healing occurs to the degree I welcome all my feelings and let myself be loved in them. 
This way I honestly acknowledge pain & I take in love. Then I can usually fall asleep with a grateful heart.' (p. 10)

There is the further benefit that whatever one is 'thinking about when falling asleep continues to be processed in [the] unconscious during the night' and is often resolved by the morning (p. 11, p. 65).

The manner in which the Linns have taken Erikson‟s understanding of the life cycle and placed it within a Christian perspective is attractive. However, their reliance upon the examen as a means of guidance in finding one‟s personal vocation is somewhat subjective. For those interested in reflecting further on the question of how to

lecture page 27) find their personal vocations, the 8 essays gathered by Ann Mitsakos Bezzerides in Christ at Work: Orthodox Christian Perspectives on Vocation (Brookline, MA: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2006) are most helpful.

[23 This perspective in which problems can be faced & resolved after they have long been present is also relevant in the context of personal relationships at work when “the problem itself became the catalyst for the creation of even greater trust” as people tackled “the issues head-on & worked through the difficult problem in a way that restored confidence…. Transparency is an essential tool in this process”.
See Stephen M. R. Covey & Rebecca R. Merrill, The Speed of Trust:
The One Thing That Changes Everything (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2006), pp. 305-306

( The Linns would certainly agree with her definition that “Vocation is one‟s ongoing and unique way of being in the world that is a response to Christ‟s call to love God with heart, soul, mind & strength & one's neighbor as oneself” (Introduction, p. 10). There would also be general agreement in many Christian communities with the Orthodox perspective that vocation is “our response to God‟s initiative in first creating & loving us & in offering his only begotten Son for the salvation of our souls”; & that this 'response of love…engages the entire being: heart, soul, mind and strength' (p. 10, emphasis in original). Bezzerides adds: 'God-given vocation is borne out in community because it is a response to the call to love the neighbor. Vocation must entail discovering how each of us will uniquely love our neighbor: both the neighbor within the same socio-economic or faith group & also the neighbor that is not of the same tribe,' ethnic group, socio-economic class or geographic region, especially the neighbor in need…The ongoing process of discovering this unique response requires careful, ongoing discernment that may be guided well by the Orthodox cycle of feasts & fasts & prayer, repentance, confession & Communion, all of which invite us to a rich life in Christ. (p. 11)

It is this confrontation with 'the neighbor in need', whether the need is physical, emotional or spiritual, that can be linked to the sacramental life and then draws Christians to find their unique personal vocations.

Whether any of the 3 approaches to healing described in these appendices work for a particular person, either as a healer or in being healed, is essentially a matter of experience. Each is sufficiently Biblically-based & Orthodox that each can be tasted and tested, preferably with the support of a friend or pastor. Just as one icon speaks to one person and another icon communicates to another person, so personal healing & deliverance are unique experiences that we each mould in our own relationships, prayer lives & sacramental opportunities."

Catholic, Roman

Fortea, Fr. Jose Antonio - -
"A theology graduate of Navarre University in Spain, Father Fortea wrote a thesis there on exorcism.
He has been a practicing exorcist for several decades."
Fortea, Fr. Jose Antonio -
Fortea, Fr. Jose Antonio @
"There are 9 hierarchies of angels (from highest to lowest): seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels & angels. The superior hierarchies are more powerful, beautiful & intelligent than the inferior ones...Because some angels from each of the 9 hierarchies sinned & transformed themselves into demons, a demonic hierarchy exists. In other words, there are demons that are principalities, virtues, powers, etc. Even though they are demons, they retain their particular angelic power & intelligence...a more powerful demon can prevent a less powerful one from leaving the body of a possessed person during an exorcism.
Even though the weaker demon is suffering & wants to leave, the stronger one may impede it."
Fortea, Fr. Jose Antonio -


Exorcism - include the following recommendations:
Lester Sumrall - Dr. Lester pastor and evangelist, ministered for over 55 years in more than 110 countries, including Soviet Siberia, Russia, Tibet & China. He established Feed the Hungry in 1987...
His evangelistic association, LeSEA, headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, is still actively spreading God's Word. Dr. Sumrall's goal was to win 1,000,000 souls for the kingdom of God & the ministry continues this vision.
LeSEA ministry includes such outreaches as the World Harvest Bible College...
Sumrall also founded LeSEA Broadcasting. 

Demons: The Answer Book - From the Scriptures, Lester Sumrall - (60 Things God Said about Sex)
shows that we can wage war on the devil and that we can win through the power given to us by Jesus Christ!


Doris M. Wagner - serves as CEO of Global Harvest Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Over the past 20 years, she has personally walked hundreds of individuals through deliverance and has taught on the subject throughout the United States and abroad...Doris and her husband, Peter, are both ordained ministers.
How to Cast Out Demons: A Guide to the Basics - "This manual teaches Christians how to take & break soul ties; how to break bondages of rejection, addiction, lust & more; & how to set free those whom the enemy has held captive."


Whyte, Maxwell @ read online

                                       UFO  - FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Following material is NEITHER endorsed NOR rejected.
Always test every spirit, especially against Scripture.

Fox, Beverly @ - 1996 - Roswell, New Mexico -
The Agenda
Table of Contents
1.Angels, Demons, and UFOs - an Overview 2.Origins 3.All the Giants Must Die 4.The Five Compartments of Hell
Vanished! 6.Angels of Light 7.Demons 8.Aerial Phenomenon - "There are several different types of aliens...
In history references to trolls, fairies, little people, elves, and fairy ships were what we would now refer to as UFOs and their occupants."
Human/Alien Relationships
"These creatures may not be fallen angels or demons, but they appear to have some of
the same goals. However the July 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, proves these creatures may be well advanced beyond us in technology, but are still vulnerable enough
to make mistakes. They can crash, burn and die. The fallen angels and devils do not have this weakness.
These aliens have the advantage of superior techniques of mind control.
All through the years that abductions have been recorded, almost all abductees relate having eggs, semen & even fetuses taken from them. It seems all these various aliens are now doing what fallen angels once did.
They want to change genetically, evolve, and become a part of the race of man. Their approach is even more insidious & devious because some of these hybrids could be indistinguishable from anyone else.
Their ‘victims’ are left with posthypnotic messages of misinformation. The most common are these:
1. Mankind is going to become sterile.
2. They (the aliens) are physically related to man.
3. They are DEPENDENT UPON MEN for the reproduction of their own species.
4. They are conducting a genetic engineering program with Earth’s life forms for preservation purposes.
5. There will be a drastic shifting of the Earth’s surface brought on by devastating earthquakes, diseases, wars & other disasters in the near future.
This goes directly against what Scripture tells us."
"The one world religion the aliens create will be defeated by the Antichrist in the middle of the Tribulation, when Satan changes his allegiance from them to his human representative on the Earth, so even they are victims of deception. All will succumb to the one world religion and later to the Antichrist, except for the Jews and those around the world who choose to follow God.
These people will be persecuted mercilessly by the aliens, demons & the Antichrist as stated in Scripture."
"If this (abduction) area was underground & she (abductee, Betty Andreasson Luca, was) in an ‘out of body’ state, it is possible she was in the area of hell called Paradise,
which was deserted and left empty two thousand years ago when Christ took the righteous occupants to their permanent home in heaven. This is strictly a matter of conjecture on my part."
"Fallen angels (who are bound in the heavenlies) may no longer mate with human women, but have been cloning humans and using organic robots that are occupied by earth bound demons. Demons are the spirit remains of the first civilization on Earth ruled by Lucifer. They seek embodiment & will possess, obsess, influence humans anyway that's open to them. Using an organic robot or cloned being gives them the advantage of not having to contend with the will of a host. I believe this is what was left behind in the Roswell crash and perhaps other crashes."

The Alien Agenda  "Fallen angels are bound in the heavenlies and the demons are earth bound.
Demons are the spirit remains of the 1st civilization ruled by Lucifer who became Satan.
That civilization was perhaps billions of years old before Lucifer fell."

Ezekiel’s Wheels    12. Man’s Dominion    13. Fire!    14. Will the World End?    15. Surrounded by Enemies    16. Future World  17. Updates  Epilogue        etc
Kidnapped + www.chapter_twenty_six.htm 
Phil laid his lift hand on the boy & raised his right hand toward Heaven.
'In Jesus name, spirit of death, depart from this boy." He repeated the command several times with Dan echoing him. "I command life into this child by the blood & in the name of Jesus.
You say it, too, Dan.'  Both of them spoke together.  The boy stirred in Dan's arms.
Color returned to his face. He blinked his eyes."
"Suddenly he understood. 'By His stripes we were healed,' Dan murmured.
'When we learn to use our faith & His Word mixed with compassion, then we become the masterpiece of God with Jesus as the head & we are the body...His voice, legs, hands on the earth.
That's what they (aliens/demons/fallen angels) are so afraid of (us knowing and acting upon).'"

The Agenda may be read entirely for free online.
The bound edition (ISBN 1-57502-310-5) may be purchased online from ,
or purchased by mail directly from the author by mailing $8.00 to: 
Beverly Fox PO Box 552 Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913 USA

Sumrall, Lester - See Above -                                                 Also see editorial below: "
Lester Sumrall testimony of Clarita Villaneuva, Alien Entities pg 131.
Clarita Villanueva, a 17-year-old Filipino girl, had known a life of tragedy. She did not remember her father.
She did not know if he had died or had deserted her mother.
Her mother was a spiritist and a fortuneteller by vocation. The girl was brought up watching her mother holding séances, communicating with the dead & using clairvoyance to predict to sinful people what they could expect in the future. Her mother took money from people for her services, and then laughed at them behind their backs.
To her it was all just a game, a means of making a living by duping unsuspecting and gullible people.
When Clarita was still very young, about 12 years old, her mother died. Since she did not have any immediate family to take her in and care for her, she became a vagabond. She fell into the hands of harlots & at the tender age of 12 was selling her body as a prostitute. The harlots taught her how to handle men, how to get money for her services. Clarita worked her way up from her island home to the capital city of Manila. The big city was a hiding place, a center of money and vice for her business. The local harlots became her teachers and she learned the night life in the big capital city. In Manila there were more men to seduce. By the time she was 17 years old, Clarita was frequenting the bars and taverns of Manila, living the 'gay (happy/good/financially productive) life' by soliciting men for harlotry. But one morning at 2 a.m. on the streets of downtown Manila, Clarita made the mistake of offering her services to a plainclothes police officer. The policeman called for a vehicle and Clarita was taken to the ancient Bilibid Prison, used as the city jail. Bilibid has been a prison for over 300 years. It was built by the Spanish and used by the Americans, the Filipinos, and the Japanese as a prison and a place of torment.
2 days after Clarita was incarcerated, there struck the strangest phenomenon to ever hit Bilibid Prison in its 300-year history. This young harlot was bitten severely on her body by unseen & unknown alien entities.
There were 2 of them: a huge monster-like spirit & a smaller 1. They sunk their fangs & teeth deep into her flesh making deep indentations. They would bite her neck, back, legs & arms simultaneously, Blood flowed, mostly underneath her skin, from the bites. The 17-year-old girt screamed in horror & fainted.
The guards and medics heard the commotion & came running to the women's division of the prison.
The other female inmates pointed to the writhing, tormented girl on a cot.
The girl was taken to the prison hospital for observation and treatment where all the doctors declared that they had never seen anything like it. These strange demonic bitings began to occur daily, baffling all who saw it.
Dr. Lara, the prison physician, appealed for help through the media and permitted many to view the strange phenomenon.  Filipino, Chinese and American doctors, university professors & other professionals were called in to analyze the situation. The news media soon caught wind of the occurrence & sent reporters out to investigate.
The newspapers, radio stations and magazines found it their kind of story & began to publicize it.
Even the cartoonists were soon drawing pictures of the entities from Clarita's descriptions, as the bitings continued day by day.  The UFI & other world news services began to report the phenomenon worldwide.
In my travels throughout the world, I have not been in any country in which the newspapers did not give this story front-page coverage. Switzerland, France, Germany, England, Canada, the United States, everywhere this strange phenomenon was front-page news at the time. 1 doctor accused the girl of putting on an act in order only to get publicity. Clarita gazed at the doctor. With her snake-like eyes she said, 'You wilt die.'
He didn't feel anything at the moment, but the following day the doctor expired without even getting sick.
He simply died. Fear struck the city when that news was spread about. The girl was not only a harlot, they said, she was also a witch who could speak curses upon human beings & they would die.
The chief jailer had a confrontation with the girl. He had kicked her for something she had done wrong while rebelling against him. Clarita looked at the jailer in cold, inhuman hate & said, 'You will die. 
Within 4 days the man was dead & buried, the 2nd person to fall victim to her curse.
I walked into Bilibid Prison just as the funeral cortege moved out. The prison guards had paid their last respects to their chief.   Dr. Lara, the chief medical officer, and his staff were deeply concerned. They had a prisoner who certainly was not crazy, but who was being wildly attacked by unseen entities and being bitten deeply on all parts of her body by creatures no one else could see. I have never seen such a fearful and perplexed group of people as those I met in that prison that day. They were afraid that this thing would kill them as it had the 2 others who dared cross it. It was their responsibility to do something for the girl, yet they had no earthly idea what to do about the situation. It was beyond their medical knowledge.
Who were these alien entities? The large one, Qarita said, was a monster in size. He was black and very hairy.
He had fangs that came down on each side of his mouth, plus a set of buck-teeth all the way around.
The doctors verified her description by the teeth marks on her body: buckteeth solid, all the way around the bite, rather than sharp teeth in the front. The smaller entity was almost like a dwarf. He would climb up her body to bite her upper torso. Both of these spirits liked to bite her where there was a lot of flesh, like the back of her leg, the back of her neck, the fleshy part of her upper arms.  They would bite deep into her, leaving ugly, painful bruises.
Dr. Lara and his medical assistants called in all sorts of observers, medical doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists & professors from the Far East University and the University of Santo Tomas. No one had ever witnessed such strange and demonic behavior. Nor did they know any solution to the problem. They all wondered who would be the next victim of her curse. Dr. Lara and his staff sent out word everywhere, 'Come and help us. Please help us.' They received 3,000 cables from heathen countries suggesting possible cures, but not one from a Christian country. Do you see how we Christians have been asleep? The word went out over the world. 3,000 telegrams came in, mostly from Japan and India, telling them what to do with an invisible biting monster.
But not 1 Christian nation had any solution to the problem.   They asked in Manila for somebody to come & help. The only group who turned up were the spiritists who said it was John the Baptist biting her. The officials asked the spiritists to leave. I was the next one to come upon the scene. After 3 awful weeks of this torture,
a radio reporter came to Bilibid and taped a session while the doctors were violently struggling with the demonized harlot. The reporter immediately released his story on a local radio station, just after the 10 o'clock news.
This was the first I had heard of the hell in Bilibid Prison.
The newspapers had given it front-page coverage, but I was too busy building a church to read the newspapers. That's what the devil would like for us to do, to get so involved in taking care of our own little mission that we allow him a free rein to do anything he wants to do.
When the Bible says to be vigilant, this is what it means: to see what the devil is doing in the world; to keep up with him; to resist him and fight him in whatever he might be doing.
I stayed up all night praying and weeping before the Lord. I was interceding for the city, for the girt and for myself. I was living in a city that had a great need and I was not helping to meet that need.
I was so busy putting up our church building & doing my own thing that I was not involved in the tragedy of Bilibid.
The next morning God spoke to me and told me to go to that prison and pray for the demonized girl.
I did not want to go, but God assured me that He had no one else in the city to send. Therefore I went.
Because I was a foreigner in the Philippines, I went to the mayor's office and asked permission to see Clarita.
He granted me his permission but warned me that several people had been injured by the girl & that 2 had been cursed & were dead. I went with the understanding that I would not sue the government if I was hurt & that I would not complain if mistreated.   When I arrived at the prison, the head doctor of 6 physicians.
Dr. Lara, was skeptical of this foreign minister, but he finally permitted me to see the girl.
Clarita was brought into a special room where I was waiting with a large group of news reporters, foreign members of the press, university professors, and medical doctors, who had been invited by Dr. Lara.
As Clarita was being led into the room, she looked at them & said nothing, but when she saw me she screamed violently, 'I hate you.'  Instantly I inserted, 'I know you hate me. I have come to cast you out.'
That was the beginning of the confrontation. There was a raging battle with the girl blaspheming God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Her eyes were burning coals of fire & full of hate. I commanded the evil spirit to loose her.  After a 3-day confrontation with the devil in her, the miracle of God came upon her.
She relaxed, smiled, and said, 'He's gone.'   'Where did he go?' I asked.   'He went out that way,' she replied. '
He's gone.'    (He/they returned 11-12 times, so the Lord had Sumrall teach her how to defend/protect herself & reject the demons by herself.)   The local newspapers, magazines & radio told the story. 
One headline read, 'He dies; the devil is dead.' Another 1 said, 'Devil loses round 1.'"
[This (final) incident led to the breaking open of the Philippines to the gospel.
A 6 week crusade was organized as a direct result of this in which 150 000 people gave their lives to the Lord!]
Sumrall Editorial - from Alien Entities -
SiteFiles/100620/Content/Alien%20Entities%20Outline%20and%20Notes.pdf - "What are Alien Entities?...The devil is alien to earth...Military chain of command among demons.  Principality is an area over which a prince rules.
A satanic prince is given a special assignment and authority to function in the name of Satan. He accomplishes a special job that Satan has given him to carry out. Each entity can perform only ONE job. 'I have found this to be true all over the world.'  The strongest entities are the warring entities. They look like human, except much larger.  2nd looks like ordinary human persons. They travel only in groups and are always in 2nd place as to authority. Some of their names are greed, hate, lust and strife. Greed is chief among the group. 
3rd were half human-half animal. Responsible for directing witchcraft, spiritism  & all pagan activity.
In the witchcraft area of demon spirits are the spirits of fear, suicide, self-destruction. 
4th look like known animals & unknown creatures.  They are murder, brutality, etc."
Sumrall Editorial - from Alien Entities -
[One main point of this biography is that  Clarita Villaneuva had to practice saying NO to her spiritual enemy, in order to receive and retain her own sanity/deliverance/healing.]

Video 8/2023
Aliens, UFOs, & many wonders in the sky can be demonic.  CAUTION.

                                      Government - Military

Kathleen Sullivan - Unshackled- A Survivor's Story of Mind Control - autobiography - -
Sullivan, Kathleen - 2/222/2005 -
Interview with Kathleen Sullivan
(Part One) -  -
Sullivan, Kathleen interviews by Greene interviews-
Interview with Kathleen Sullivan (Part One) -
Interview with Kathleen Sullivan (Part Two) -
Interview with Kathleen Sullivan (Part Three) - Interview with Kathleen Sullivan (Part 4)

                                             Geographic Locations

John Benefiel- book - Binding the Strongman Over America - -
Chapters: 1: This Isn’t Much Like Heaven,
2: Ancient Thrones of Iniquity, 3: The Government of the City by John Ward,
4: Slaves In a Free Society by Jerry Mash, 5: Peace Chief and Warrior by Jay Swallow,
6: Strong Covenant, Strong Covering by Negiel Bigpond, 7: Following the Leader, 8: The State Takes a Shift,
9: Touching the Nation, 10: God’s Government, 11: Unmasking Idolatry,
12: Contending for the Land by Chuck D. Pierce,
13: Signs of Transformation (2012 C. Peter Wagner says, "This is the best book on spiritual warfare available today.")

Jones, E. Stanley - The Unshakable Kingdom and the Unchanging Person - (It seems that an angel instructed Alan Vincent to read this book.)
The-Unshakable-Kingdom-Unchanging-Person/dp/0964585847#reader_0964585847 -
Renown Methodist missionary to India - excellent -
Jones’ approach to evangelism would not be to attack the non-Christian faiths, but to present Christ as the universal Son of Man without the trappings of Western culture.  This new approach to evangelism was directed at the high caste & educated persons of India who responded favorably to this mess