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Allen, AA - Is It God's Will to Heal Us? + Casting Out The Spirit of Infirmity - Video#900 -    
Allen, AA - The Key To Deliverance + You Shall Know The Truth & The Truth Shall Make You Free - Video#905 
Allen, AA - How To Have Authority Over Devils +  It Pays to Serve The Devil - Video#908

Allen, AA - Having A Form Of Godliness But Denying The Power Thereof + Curse Of Madness - CD #CT004  
, AA - Video #VT019 Demonology - Infirm Spirits - Luke 13:10-13 + Allen singing his sermon "What Then?"
Allen, AA - Video #VT021  Victory Over the Devil - Romans 6:14 + Good News - Isaiah 61:1-2
Allen, AA - I Am Lucifer + Crying Demons - Demon Possession CD  #CT013 -

Baxter, Betty - The Story of Betty Baxter - DVD @ -

Bismark, Tudor - videos @

Bloomer, George G - Demon in My Bedroom skit for born-again spirit-filled young adults - clip - - (Subsequent to instructive play is ministry to staff.  End is typical request for $.) - Battle Pan conference - 18 strategies re demonic freedom -

Bottari, Pablo - Facing the Enemy - 10 Step Deliverance Model - audio - -
Bottari is Argentina's Carlos Annacondia's former Message of Salvation crusade trainer & coordinator.

Bridges, Kynan 11/2022 Overcoming Familiar Spirits @

Brim, Billye - The Unseen Realm - the Kingdoms of Light and Darkness - CD/DVD - - Included topics:
The Mind the Battlefield
- Satan's Tactics to Capture - Wizards, familiar spirits, drugs - Tattoos, games, books -

Bronner, Dale C - Dressed to Win Pt. 1 Dressed to Win Pt. 2 Dressed to Win Pt. 3 Dressed to Win Pt. 4 Dressed to Win #5 (#071014 rebroadcast 1/11/20115) - Eviction of 19 demonic horse flies freed woman to hear & receive Christ & deliverance. Source: - Other media resources at or woffwc- archives -

Brown, Tom - The Bondage Breaker - the 6th Sense  
Learn the difference between the voice of our mind & our spirit. Webcast
Brown, Tom - -
"Psychologists try to explain these Scriptures (Mark 1:21-27) by saying that the people in Jesus’ day did not know anything about mental disorders, so they blamed demons for people’s mental sicknesses.
However, it was not just the people in those days who believed in demon possession.
Jesus also believed in the reality of demon possession & by casting demons out of people, they were cured. 
If demons are not real, then how did Jesus get good results?...Demons are real & exorcism is real...
Exorcism should NOT be anyone’s specialty.
Every minister should specialize in teaching the Word of God to people. 
Then when the need arises, they can drive out demons...
It seems that the exit for evil spirits is through the mouth.
After all, it is usually our big mouth which became the open door for demons, so it stands to reason, that the mouth is the exit as well. Coughing & vomiting are manifestations of the mouth...
You may ask a demon its name IF they refuse to depart, but it’s NOT wise to hold a conversation with them.
Ordinarily, Jesus shut the mouths of demons. This is the normal way of deliverance...
'You should not hold conversations with demons. By doing that, you prolong the deliverance.
Simply, take your authority over the spirits and cast them out'...
Jesus expelled demons with simply His Word. He used nothing else.
The only method you need is your Words
Your (Scriptural) Words (in Jesus' name and power) can drive out demons...
Yet, when people try to perform an exorcism, they bring out the holy water, a crucifix, candles, incense, prayer beads, a blessed Bible, a prayer book, and anything else they think will be effective to drive out the demons.
But they lack 1 thing: (audacious) faith (emboldened & empowered by the Holy Spirit). 
Listen, if you want to be successful at driving out demons, then take all your religious paraphernalia & find the nearest garbage can & dump all the unnecessary accessories in it. Then you’ll be ready to drive out demons."

Bryant, Pastor Jamal - 11/1/2008
@ -
"The assignment of the enemy dies tonight...I came to kill a demon tonight...Demons tremble at the name & sound of Jesus...If I fix my mouth to say 'Jesus,' the enemy trembles.  Made the mistake of following me into the sanctuary. The enemy messed up because he forgot this holy ground, whatever lie thats been out on you,  Whatever rumor been out on you,  Whatever scandal that has been connected to you its gone die tonight (when you open up your mouth & worship)."

Carver, John - The Healing  Movement - 6 Cassette set #JWC100
Actual voice recordings of John Alexander Dowie, F.F. Bosworth, Raymond T. Richey,
Donald Gee, William Branham, Gordon Lindsay, William Freeman, T.L. Osborn, A. A. Allen, Jack Coe, David Nunn, Clifton Erickson, Finis Dake, P.C. Nelson, Rudy Cerullo, Joseph DeGrado + others.

Cerullo, Morris -
2010 TV transcript archives -
Cerullo, Morris -
you tube videos Strategies of Satan

Clark, Randy Pepperill, MA - Questions & Answers on Deliverance - DVD/CD -

Cogan, Jeff F - Demon Possession Handbook part 1 - Demon Possession Defined & Explained -
Title should read oppression/demonization and NOT possession
Cogan, Jeff F - Demon Possession Handbook part 2 - Demon Possession -
Causes & Effects

Cresswell, Aliss - 8/1/2016 (edited)

ALISS:  I was having...recurring dreams where...scary looking monsters would be chasing me.
It would be in houses & there would be lots of stairs.
I was trying to run away from these scary looking creatures & trying to escape out the windows or whatever...
After a while...I thought, I think that’s kind of a spiritual thing going on.
So next time I said, “Lord, can you help me in my dreams.”
So the next dream I had, in my dream, instead of running away, I actually stood my ground. 
Then the dream after that I was facing these demonic looking creatures. 
The next dream I’m actually chasing them. I’ve got this big sword. 
I’m coming at them.  I’m chasing them through these dark places.  They’re screaming. 
Then I’m lopping their heads off...It’s Jesus they’re afraid of actually...He’s in me...
I realized from the dreams, the Lord was teaching me that in everyday life we have authority over the demonic. Jesus says He gives us all authority.  (Casting out demons) is just part of everyday life.
You don’t have to go into a special place to help somebody get free.  Demons often will sort of pop out of people just when you go near them, because of Jesus' presence you carry when you follow Jesus.

This woman did not know anything about Jesus. She had been in bed virtually the whole time for 10 years; apparently.  She was suffering from a condition called MA, which is like chronic fatigue, in pain, lots of tiredness. 
A friend of hers gave her my book, “The Normal Supernatural Christian Life”. 
She goes to bed that  night and starts to read it. It has a lot of different chapters:
a lot of different things, the Holy Spirit, healing. She gets to the chapter on demons.
As she’s reading the chapter on demons, some demons begin to manifest. Something starts to happen & she’s like, she’s thinking,  I’ve got to keep reading to find out what to do about these demons.
Anyway, they start manifesting and she reads what to do. So she says, you know, “In Jesus name.” 
She didn’t even know Jesus at that point. But she says, “In Jesus’ name leave me now.” She read what to do.
As she said that in the middle of the night, these demons left her & she realized she was completely well. 
She gets up that morning.
She hardly slept because she had been reading my book all night. She then comes into our shop the next morning, I just happen to be in there.  She starts telling what had just happened, “For these 10 years I’ve hardly been into the city center, because I [can’t] get there.”  It was only 2 miles away from where she lived. 
She told me...“I want to give my life to Jesus.  What do I need to do?” 
I just told her about Jesus & she gave her life to Jesus. Amazing.

Deere, Jack - audio podcasts
Deere, Jack - 7/04/2010 -
Casting Out Demons
Deere, Jack - 7/18/2010 -
Casting Out Demons Pt. II
Deere, Jack - 9/05/2010 -
Casting Out Demons Pt. III -
Deere, Jack - 9/12/2010 -
Winning the Battles of our Minds, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 -
Deere, Jack - 9/12/2010 -
Theology 101: How Can I Trust the Bible?, Michael Rowntree
Deere, Jack - 7/04/2010 -
How to Believe, Michael Rowntree

DeGraw, Kathy @ Deliverance Teaching & Prayer
3/27/2021 video + video
9/29/2021 @ @ Michigan, USA e-church
* pray against the spirit of racism.  Father God, in Jesus' name:
I cancel demonic activities in the atmospheric realms (in my/our zip codes/regions).
I dispel spirits of suicide, murder, death & darkness in this region.
I break their power over this world/region as it relates to racism. 
I command: Skepticism be bound, uprooted & destroyed.
I break demonic barriers between law enforcement & the public.
Father, give us our region on behalf of Your inheritance.
Father, give us the ends of the earth for Your possession (Ps. 3:8). 
Surround our region with favor like a shield (Ps. 5:12) (& cover it like an iron dome).
I proclaim our region to exhibit & produce a heavenly calm & stillness implanted by love & unity.
I annihilate the forces of fear, chaos, panic, havoc, disunity, dissension, distraction, murder, suicide, death & destruction with Your blood, Jesus.
I detach (& disallow) all demonic networks in our region.
I command revival fire to come forth & be set ablaze in this land.
I demolish you powers of darkness & desecrate your communication & frequency channels.
Send forth Your lightning in abundance.  Dispense Your peace & unity to those in opposition to You.
I call forth leaders to come together & work in unity & harmony for Your kingdom. 
I command each sluggish, critical & judgmental spirit to be bound & cast out from our region.
I bind & command anger, hate, rage & violence to depart from our region.
The spoiler will not come & desensitize this region nor abort God's plan for spiritual renewal.
I command: Each argumentative principality in this region, abort your assignment against this region.
Dissension & disunity, be bound. Python spirit, uncoil & loose yourself from this region.
Atmospheric & demonic realm, shift & turn your orders upon yourself to utterly destroy the plans sent against this region.
I call forth the sounds of heaven to be released & dispatched.
I call (holy) angels (& army host), Go forth & destroy the enemy orders against assigned revival.
I call forth Your love, God, to saturate this region.
Your goodness & power shall prevail.  The gates of heaven shall open on behalf of this land.
Penetrate this region, God, with the magnificence of Your presence & power.
Show Your greatness demonstrated.
We call forth you hurting (innocent), Come & know You (holy Trinity) in a real & profound way.
3/26/2020 - Warfare Declarations (edited) - (In Jesus' name, blood & resurrection power)
I destroy & completely abolish every demonic system set in operation against the financial system of the U.S. & world. Every evil perpetrator trying to extinguish monetary success & economic abundance, I rebuke.
I diffuse your plans & purposes against our economy & financial structure.
I command every disease agent, virus & pandemic to be utterly abolished, completely done.
I order, direct & command every disease & spirit of infirmity operating through this virus & pandemic to dissolve & disappear.
I speak & announce that we are covered in the blood of the Lamb & by His stripes, we are healed.
Every dark force operating & fueling the spirit of destruction, death & illness over this world:
I annihilate your powers. I bind & restrict you. I prevent you from infiltrating more human bodies.
I instruct, direct & order you to be paralyzed, unable to function or further move forward.
(Be accomplished/executed, in Your name Yeshua our Messiah).
I command every word curse, false diagnosis, fleshy predictions & false scenarios by government officials, scientists, health professionals & general public to be incinerated in the spiritual realm.
Cease in activating, in Jesus' name.
I declare that every negative word constructed in the spiritual realm, affecting the natural world, is now deconstructed, no longer established, in Jesus' name.
I command: every evil spirit be prevented from going forth & wreaking havoc upon this earth.
Every evil force sending disturbance & disruption in the natural: I abort (you &) your assignments.
I command them to stop now before completion, in Your name of Yahweh.
Every familiar spirit attempting to repeat cycles & patterns of illness, death & destruction in the world,
I call off your assignment.  I take authority over you.  I command: Be permanently disabled from activating.
I extinguish, end & wipe out your power & existence (to harm).     
I desecrate every demonic supply line & frequency channel in the spiritual atmosphere.
I order you to desist & rescind your demonic assignment, in Jesus' name.
I eradicate, eliminate & destroy completely every spirit of fear, paranoia, panic, stress, anxiety & worry.
I cast you out of people. (I command) Release their minds.  Torment them no more.
I expel every mind-binding spirit that would lure people into an unproductive unfruitful way of thinking.
I command every demonic spirit & strongman that is in full operation & fueling sickness & health ailments across the world: Dissipate.  I root out & nullify every spirit of death. I decree that people will live & not die.
Spirits of destruction, go now, in Jesus' name.
I abort every demonic assignment sending health ailments my/our way. I say, Be abolished.
I put a formal end to your assignment to penetrate my health with afflictions.
I annihilate & defeat overwhelmingly, every demonic deployment against my/our health.
I declare: Demonic orders be rescinded by Jesus' blood.
I proclaim they are removed, canceled & void of evil effect & activation. 
I command your (evil) assignment of sickness & disease attempting to infiltrate my/our body to cease & desist.
I proclaim you will suspend every demonic activity against me/us.
I confine & restrict (you) devil & his demons from deploying & activating against me/us.
I renounce & repent of any sin, entry points or legal rights that I/we have opened up in my/our life that has given you devil a foothold. I rebuke you adversary & your plan of action against me/us.
I speak & decree that your orders are rescinded & abolished.  I incinerate the blueprints of hell against me/us.
I call forth Your fire, God, to burn up every written instruction & order in the demonic realm against my/our life. 
I interrupt your enemy plans to steal, kill & destroy.  I claim & command an abundant life. (John 10:10) 
I abolish & completely cast out all spirits of worry, anxiety, fear, panic & torment (in our family tree).
I/we have been given a spirit of power, love, not fear (2 Tim. 1:7) (& a sound mind).
I will walk in Your strength, Lord, & the faith You has given me/us.
I speak & decree that my/our prophetic destiny is set in motion.
I/he/she/we/they will not be detoured or delayed in our/their prophetic kingdom assignment. 
(Thanks holy angels, host & Holy Trinity.  Amen.)

Demola, David T - On Demand broadcasts - Satan Your Assignment Is Cancelled -
Uncovering Satan's Strategies Part 1 - Uncovering Satan's Strategies Part 2 -
- Sept 15-30, 2011 What to Do When Satan Attacks - broadcast - Impart your immunity to Satan's attacks by praying in tongues.

Dickerman, Don - 1st hour 5/15/2009 radio broadcast - -
Texas deliverance ministry - - Texas, USA - After logging
onto web site, click onto triangle at left to listen to "last" 45 minutes of "1st" hour. on&id=11328&Itemid=139  audio
Dickerman, Don  It's Supernatural TV broadcast 8/3/2009 -
or TV Transcript @   
Dickerman, Don - Courtroom of Freedom - a must have personal deliverance - DVD which is copy-able 15 minute self-deliverance DVD with Don illustrating our legal rights because of Christ our attorney in us. 
DVD is for those who confess Christ as Savior.  IMPORTANT -
Pray, "In the NAME of JESUS," with EACH prayer when watching alone or mentoring others.
If necessary put DVD on pause...
Book When Pigs Move In is recommended as necessary prerequisite or follow up, in addition to auto/home worship (music especially during sleep). - DVD mentions that Christians who have previously forgiven, may have neglected (to, in Jesus name, bind and) permanently cast out into the abyss those demons that came in with unforgiveness.  They may have neglected to confess as sin all unforgiveness.  Christians may have neglected to forgive all their ancestor's sins (known & unknown).  They may have neglected to, in Jesus name, close all doors/gates/entries opened that allowed "flies"/demons/evil to enter.  We invite demons/bugs/pets/wild animals to enter when the doors are left open.  Another discussion is that there is NO need of counseling or medication to eradicate demons, only revelation of who we are in Christ and how we are to exterminate them. Deliverance insight assists us with adverbs - why, when, how.  Rather than medication or counseling, one needs confrontation - of demon entities.  Meds and counseling do NOT affect the spiritual domain, only the mental and physical domain...If demons are the root problem, then there may be consistently less need for meds or counseling after the demons are evicted.
Dickerman, Don -
Courtroom of Freedom #1 - - Christians can have "accepted" colds, "unconfessed" sin AND "unopposed" demons who give us bad thoughts.  Recognize, repent/confess, evict/ reject/cancel/command/speak TO negative symptoms to leave, in Jesus' name.  Confront demons.  Neither counsel nor medicate them out.  Remove their legal rights to stay, evict, AND lock the doors behind them, in Jesus' name [If long standing problems (especially psychiatric) have not already NOT been fixed/reversed by the “so called Professionals”, now is the time to act NOT in our own power, but in His.  Jesus is a gentle giant, Who is more than able, once we recognize what He ALREADY did for us 2,000 years ago.  Our problems, suffering, labels, are deceased right NOW, when we allow Holy Spirit to act through our mouth right NOW.]
Dickerman, Don -
Courtroom of Freedom #2 - - Medication and counseling may help the soul/mind/body, but never will those methods remove a demon from harassing, nor remove nightmares or intrusive thoughts.  Mentoring prayer included; repeat out loud with Don.
A (partial) transcript of the prayer is as follows [if you would like to read it (OUT LOUD)] :
'Father (God),
I thank You for Jesus and for my salvation through Him. He is the Savior.
I am the sinner (as long as I retain the sin and do not nail it to Your cross).
I am so grateful to be washed in His blood. And because You have forgiven me,
I choose to forgive others; everyone who has hurt me, lied to me or disappointed me,
I forgive.
I repent of unforgiveness, I know it is sin.
I forgive myself and apply (accept/take/appropriate) Your great forgiveness to my life.
(I accept Your eyeglasses & view myself through Your eyes.)
I repent of anger, bitterness & hatred; of rebellion, resentment & revenge, of envy, jealousy & strife, doubt, unbelief & skepticism, of lust, witchcraft & idolatry & all the (unholy) works of the flesh.
I denounce the sins of my ancestors.
I totally separate myself from generational curses.
I renounce all unholy vows, pledges oaths or ceremonies (even though I may not know about them).
I choose to be free from all permission of secret societies curses.
I denounce all (past & present) unholy soul ties (relationships) & confess them as sin.
For Jesus Christ is my Savior & Lord. He's my deliverer, my healer.
He broke the power of the curses (2,000 years ago).
I choose to be free. I will be free in the name (& power) of Jesus.'"  Thanks & amen.
Dickerman, Don - -

Dickerman, Don - When Pigs Move In #1 - -
Can Christians have demons?  Yes, says Don in his book. good  - "Lives have been transformed because someone looked the devil right in the eye and commanded, 'In Jesus' name, get OUT. Examples include David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), Mark David Chapman (the man who shot John Lennon), Ed Ferncombe (one of Ireland's worst criminals) & others who have been delivered & set free." - (Recommended for those in prison ministry.)
Dickerman, Don -
When Pigs Move Out #1 - -
You can live in freedom says Don.  Major open doorways for demons to have interred one's life is unforgiveness, lingering anger, believing unscriptural doctrines, trauma, surgery. 
3 R's are to IMMEDIATELY recognize, repent (confess to God) & resist (remain free of) the oppressive nature of evil in one's life. 
4th R is to replace the negative with the positive, especially God's scriptural Truth.
(A synonym for demon can be a disease, a medical label, a mental illness, a temptation. 
For instance, one can speak TO suicide without calling in a demon. 
Say, "In Jesus' name, Suicide, go and do not return.") 
Dickerman, Don - When Pigs Move Out #2 -
Relapse prevention. good - (PS - As a rule of thumb, territorial warfare is best done with/under the covering of a ministry with that specific assignment by God.)
Dickerman, Don - Introduction to Deliverance #1 -
Dickerman, Don - Introduction to Deliverance #2 -
can help marriages & family relationships

Dickow, Gregory - Video on Demand @
Dickow, Gregory - Archives or

Eckhardt, John - AIM - School of Deliverance - 8 CD -
Eckhardt, John - Deliverance Training 101 - 8 CD -
Eckhardt, John - Demons and Deliverance - 3 CD -
Eckhardt, John - Schizophrenia - 8 CD -  Appropriate only for those baptized in the HS.
CD#1 - schizophrenia or double-Midedness Based on Ida Mae Hammond's Pigs in the Parlor book, there are 2 false/demonic/dominant personalities (rejection + rebellion) which the patient needs to fall out of agreement with + the original God given personality which has not yet fully developed (and which has been or can be saved. Salvation is a must for perso/nality development. 
Personality development is a must.  Spiritual/personality development typically takes time.)
Patient also needs to fall out of agreement with bitterness, be willing to forgive, no matter what. 
Patient must be willing to HATE his illness enough to cooperate with the church in his/her "ongoing" deliverance. 
CD#2 The Spirit of Rejection - the Gate Keeper       
, Win in Proper Names of Demons cites other names for schizophrenia - Damnable Deed, Schizo, Control Demon, Double Mindedness (James 1:8), Split (false) Personality (soul), undeveloped/underdeveloped real self.  Fall out of agreement with rejection.  A type of 3 fold cord can occur in various demonic allegiances.  For instance, actual rejection can invite other demons in - of self-rejection, & fear of rejection. Sexual deviation often originates in infant rejection from 1 or both parents, due to disappointment over sex of child at birth.  Discussion of Gerry McGee's Clearing the Land book. Schizophrenia/double-mindedness has a control demon by the same name...
James 1:8
He is a double-minded man, unstable in al his ways. + Amos 3:3 TNAB Do 2 walk together, unless they have agreedRejection can be a root/gate/door/trigger/spiritual cause of schizophrenia.
CD#3 The Principle of Kingdoms - God showed Ida Mae that demons tend to work in pairs/opposites, especially in schizophrenia.  God used a pair of hands as an illustration to demonstrate 2 false personalities, the control/root demons (rejection & rebellion) with underlying/ supporting/reinforcing stronghold/kingdom/nation/demon pairings (illustrated as fingers) that need to be split apart/separated.  For instance self-accusation pairs with accusation-of-others or suicide pairs with murder.  The rejection &/or rebellion personalities of those evil spirits take over, often when the person is young, leaving the real true self underdeveloped. Those ministering to the true self need to allow TIME for the real self to mature into the image of Christ, having first dealt with the false personalities...Deuteronomy 7:22 TNAB He will dislodge these nations (demons) before you little by little. 
You cannot exterminate them all at once, lest the wild beasts become too numerous for you. 
The Lord, your God, will deliver them up to you & will rout them utterly until they are annihilated. 
Exodus 23:30 TNAB Instead, I will drive them (evil/enemy/demons) out little by little before you, until you have grown numerous (strong) enough to take possession of the land.
Meanwhile, the patient needs to fully cooperate & fellowship with the church that is ministering to him/her...
CD#4 The Inability to Excel - The nature/description of a demon is its name
(EG: To experience terror is to be oppressed by a demon called terror
To experience shame is to be molested by a demon named shame.
Thus we come into agreement with this demon.) 
To defeat the demon, to defeat the need for a particular medication & to defeat the symptoms, one must "fall out of agreement" with that negative hindering emotion &/or with that demon...
There is discussion of rejection being a (frequent) root cause of schizophrenia. 
In the Old Testament, the 1st wife of Jacob was rejected.  Her dad tricked Jacob into marrying her instead of her sister (his 1st love, who later became his 2nd wife).  The spirit of rejection seems to have also infected the 1st-born (in the womb onward).  Rejection seems to have affected Reuben's personality, because he subsequently committed incest (which either triggered or was the consequence of insanity/ schizophrenia). 
Refer to Genesis 49:3-4 KJV  3Reuben, thou art my first-born, my might...4Unstable as water, thou shalt not excel, because thou wentest up to thy father's bed; then defiledst thou the one who ascended my couch. - Superior CD due to fact that there are healing/deliverance ministry/prayers on audio tracts 10-16...
CD#5 The Kingdom of Bitterness    Self absorption/isolation is NOT safe nor healthy. 
Psychological/psychiatric labels are in fact demonic manifestations & NOT anti-social/inappropriate temperaments.
Many saved individuals need deliverance from demons. 
One can recognize them by the fruit (anger/bitterness/hatred/fear/unforgiveness/etc.) 
We are evicting families/kingdoms of demons rather than single devils.  Prayer/deliverance ministry regarding God's grace to supplant self sufficiency & bitterness on audio tracts 11-15.
CD#6 The Grace to Release Bitterness & Unforgiveness - Great (tract 3) mentoring on asking God for & receiving grace in the areas of our weaknesses.  (The worst part of Jesus' abuse was that what He did was to benefit us. 
He did good to/for us, but the consequence to Him was harm. 
The payback was NOT recognized until after Jesus went to Hell, rose from the dead,
carried the keys of hell to heaven, returned to earth & finally sat on the throne in heaven.
Any personal offense or harm is nothing compared to the hurts Christ received. 
Unforgiveness & bitterness must be avoided like a plague, lest it destroy you with disease & insanity.) 
"Bitterness is Satan's pain killer." Take note that much of our mental & physical problems can be due to curses, inherited from our ancestors.  Exterminate those nasty roots; flee to God & plead for His grace to forgive, (heal) & love. Ministry is on tracts 13-15. (Always cover self & room occupants, prior to listening to CD. 
After ministry, always invite the Holy Spirit to occupy space vacated by the enemy
CD#7 Rejection - the Root of Bitterness  CD culminates with excellent personal ministry.
This single CD is recommended over the 3 CD set sold under title of "Spirit of Rejection," especially for those being ministered to. Other set is more for mature pastors baptized in the Holy Spirit...
Eckhardt reminds us that, especially for Schizophrenia, deliverance is progressive & often parallel with the growth/maturity of one's true/original God imparted personality + binding/eviction/casting out of (coming out of agreement with) any false demonic personality (especially rejection & rebellion). 
In order to effectively fulfill one's God designed destiny, one needs deliverance. 
This will not only impact one personally, but also his family, his seed in all subsequent generations, & possibly significantly affect multitudes of others for centuries.  Additionally, take note that some-how Satan seems to know who has a great destiny & will go out of his way to deter & destroy both us & God's plans. 
Take heart when you are assaulted; this is a true indication of the jewel you are to God
Do NOT give in, quit, or allow Satan to continue his intimidation...
CD#8 Rejection - a Defeated Foe  Deliverance exposes the invisible (curses/bacteria/germs/ infections/diseases/demons) & exposes God's invisible magnificence, power & methods of healing/deliverance/extermination/exorcism.  Jesus suffered rejection & overcame it on our behalf. 
Rejection is a demon, a weapon of Satan.  (We with the sword of Scripture can defeat rejection.) Do NOT accept rejection.  We need to reject rejection (but not reject the person).  Do NOT be surprised when you are attacked by rejection.  Christians are NOT exempt from rejection.   Christians may even attract rejection, as did Jesus. 
Never personalize rejection.  Rejection is part of demonic warfare.  It was His own neighbors + the clergy (holier than thou) that rejected Jesus.  Not only that, Jesus on the cross FELT rejected by God.  But God did deliver. (Ministry on CD tracts 11-14 includes prayer for restoration/reuniting/wholeness of fragmented/destroyed years/generations/soul/mind/will/ emotions.) 12.14.2008...
Eckhardt, John - The Spirit of Rejection - 3 CD -  includes deliverance prayers -
Be sure to pray BEFORE listening.  Cover self and people in room with blood of Jesus. 
Ask Holy Spirit to fill any vacancy due to evil departing.  Praise God after listening to CD.
(Especially suitable for black/African congregations whose ancestors were slaves. 
Suitable for those who have already been baptized in the Holy Spirit. 
We recommend 2 rejection CDs in above Schizophrenia set to be used prior to (instead of) this set.)
John Eckhardt talk radio programs by Apostle Johnson  
John Eckhardt covering for  
Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Ehambe, Lufile - The Occult on Table Talk with Joni Lamb #1 @ -
Pastor believes that evil spirits/demons cannot but that fallen angels do/can materialize.
Pastor also believes a 21 day fast helps in difficult deliverances. (program repeat 12/3/2015)
Pastor believes that a born-again person's spirit is awakened/sensitive to the super-natural, & thus without the baptism of the Holy Spirit, more vulnerable to satanic deception/deceit.
Ehambe, Lufile - T
he Occult on Table Talk with Joni Lamb #2 - 2 parts
Ehambe, Lufile - The Occult on Table Talk with Joni Lamb #3 - 2 parts
Ehambe, Lufile - The Occult on Table Talk with Joni Lamb #4 -
Ehambe, Lufile - The Occult on Table Talk with Joni Lamb #5 -
Ehambe, Lufile - The Occult on Table Talk with Joni Lamb #6 -
Ehambe, Lufile - - - Irving, Texas
Ehambe, Lufile - Soul Ties - How to overcome struggle (audio)

Evans, David G. - 10/13/2011 - The Altar of Deliverance Pt.2 -
Evans, David G. - 10/20/2011 -
Breakthrough at the Altar

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - The Power of Communion - CD -
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Power & benefits available in communion. Radio broadcast 6/11-15/2007        
LISTEN by clicking onto Sid Roth's Radio archives  
7/22/2008 or or
Ana's Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood book + The Power of His Blood CD #9012  
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - -
Everybody has a place in their soul where there is captivity.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Lyonell is delivered -
#1 (2 parts in #1)
#2 (same video as #1)
Includes deliverance ministry impartation prayer!
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Ana Mendez-Ferrell - Her Testimony - DVD - - or
#1 -
Doctor Jesus did NOT abandon Ana, but came to heal her & other patients in a mental institution.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez + Ferrell, Emerson - Spiritual Authority  - CD - -
DVD #3 is marvelous
CD reveals that there is a parallel underworld comparable to both the heavenlies & earthly. 
Let us say aloud this prayer for each prisoner of Satan,
"I am calling your soul (your God given personality) out of captivity.  Come forth, in the name of Jesus Christ.  I call ______'s soul to be established in the heavenlies with You, Father God.     ______ right now today ______ your soul is set free from captivity & established in heaven, thanks be to God."  Mark this day on your calendar as a memento to God.
, Ana Mendez & Emerson - Regions of Captivity - Deliverance conference -
DVD - - In 2 DVDs Ana shares how to minister to spiritual captives. 
Impartation prayer is also given for those wishing to enter the deliverance ministry.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez & Emerson -
of Captivity - Deliverance conference, Houston, Texas, USA
 2009 - DVD - 
The shadow of death, a pit or prison, is a place of demonic designs on you. 
Every individual, especially each Christian, is under the assignment of a devil. 
Demons are continually whispering, "Let it be done on earth as it is done in hell."  Daily we need to say the Lord's prayer, contradicting the devil & quoting God, "Let it be done one on earth, as it is done in heaven."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez & Emerson -
of Captivity - Deliverance conference, Washington DC, USA
 2009 -DVD - 
DVD.1.1 Be encouraged to insert the captive's name in the Lord's prayer: 
Lord, may Your will (designs) be done in _______'s life on earth as it (Your will) is done in heaven. 
(Lord, May the enemy's designs be permanently demolished in _______ 's life, in Jesus' name we pray.  Amen.) 
2nd, be encouraged to violently declare (as in an Indian war dance) to the enemy (the captor) that the Son of God was manifested to the depths of hell to destroy the designs (evil works) of the devil.  Most Christians' theology stop at the cross & neglect the work done the 3 days in hell, where Christ took captivity captive. 
It is now up to us to enforce that, in Jesus' name.
(1 of the reasons our own deliverance by famous healers does NOT occur is because we are in a school of training to deliver others in the area of our own captivity, & His time for our own personal deliverance has not yet arrived. We are never to rely on a super-man/pastor, only on God for healing or deliverance.)
DVD.1.2 In Group deliverance one can proclaim, "in Jesus name, ______ , _____ , _____ , _____ (cite specific health/deliverance issues) be destroyed."
DVD.Captivity.2 reminds us that we can self-deliver if we work from a position where Christ dwells within a (healthy or healed) part of the soul.  We can go with Christ &/or His angels to gather and reestablish our captive (broken/fractured) soul parts.  Jesus in me operate as 1. 
We need to speak aloud to each soul part that is hurt/shattered & ask it to reach out & grab onto Jesus/the angels who will move the broken pieces up to the lap of God, to be mended & then reunited/integrated/glued back.
In Jesus name, close & lock former gates of places/prison/captivity. 
In Jesus' name, cancel existing designs of hell & replace with God's designs.
2nd part of this DVD concentrates on malice & designs of medicine demons (Pharmacia). 
DVD#2 includes group ministry.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez -
Voice of the Light - Regions of Captivity Deliverance Conference 01-PT08,2f5bca0393e7df1403ea/Voice-of-the-Light-Regions-of-Captivity-Delievernce-Conference-01-PT08.html  You Tube - Supernatural Manifestation of God´s Power in Deliverance Conference-Jacksonville, Florida, USA - Regions of Captivity conference 11/24/2009 or
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Manifesting the Light in the Darkness - 2009 Jacksonville, Florida - Regions of Captivity conference DVD - - excellent -
Anna explains captivity & illustrates how to deliver self or others.  Citation of relevant scriptures.
Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez -
Voice of Light 03 The Power of the Kingdom PT06
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Breaking Loose from the Powers of Darkness -  Video
- "Such as sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, being bound in affliction & iron...Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble & He saved them out of their distresses, brought them out of darkness & the shadow of death & broke their bands." Psalms 107:10-14
, Emerson & Ana Mendez -
Voice of Light 03 The Power of the Kingdom PT08
Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez -
Voice of Light 03 The Power of the Kingdom PT09
2002 Regions of Captivity - Deliverance conference -
Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez - audio podcasts -
Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez - radio -
Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez -
current videos @

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Dismantling the Designs of the Enemy - DVD - 2.16.2010
Significant - Program begins with impartation of Resurrection power.  Program ends with group deliverance.   

Foss, Steve - Armed for War - discipleship course live on line -   
Degree of spiritual power is in proportion to one's intimacy with Jesus. 
We, like a nursing child, need to linger/worship + demand/draw out of Him what we need.
We are like cell phones that need to daily be recharged & plugged into the electric source. - Recognize the Enemy in the Spiritual Atmosphere    
There is a spirit of deep hurt.  Recognize & exterminate him. (includes live internet deliverance) - 2 battlefields are on 2 fronts. 
The mind is part spirit + part heart/imagination/thoughts/soul/emotions/will, per Steve. 
In the Greek, torture is equivalent to demonic oppression.
Steve indicates that the human spirit dwelling in the mind/soul can be oppressed by demons. 
Whether or not one agrees with his current doctrine/beliefs/understanding on this, Steve's methods work in eradicating evil.

Juennine - The Battle of the Mind - CD -
audio broadcast 8/7-11/2006  Listen by clicking onto radio archives.

Frangipane, Francis
- Heartbeat of the Creator -
Frangipane, Francis - Deliverance From PMS -
Frangipane, Francis - 2007 On-Site Seminar - CD or DVD -
Frangipane, Francis - Pulling Down Strongholds - CD or MP3 Download -

Frankena, Martin - Rushing Streams Ministries -
4/2007 teaching seminar CD set available from  
CD 4-B has 1 track with actual deliverance ministry, which one can use personally or with a group.

French, Mikel - Breaking the Back of Satan's Attack 12/28/2008 -
audio @ - Armed & Dangerous - DVD - "Wage war in the spirit for your family, friends, health & business.  She reveals the schemes & tactics of the demonic realm & teaches you to identify them by the manifestations they produce." - Seems that one can play online without downloading.

Gill, Joyce - @
Audio - Often an incurable disease is caused by an evil spirit.

Greenwood, Rebecca - Elijah List - Rebecca Greenwood Interview - - 2008 -
Rebecca uses a minimum of 5 intercessors/spiritual covering/accountability prior to entering into warfare prayer.  Knowing an assignment is not being released into it.
Repent of premature warfare and break off demonic counterattacks, in Jesus' name.
Greenwood, Rebecca - 1/16/2012 - +
Greenwood, Rebecca - Let Our Children Go - 9/27/2011 - important book for parents -
"Rebecca is a core faculty member of the Wagner Leadership Institute under C. Peter & Doris Wagner.
Greenwood, Rebecca - Stitcher RADIO - 4/21/2015 -

"Through a process that she describes in this podcast, Rebecca learned how to break free from these strongholds through uncovering their root causes, allowing God to heal them.
" or of the Mind - click onto AUDIO icon

Nick Griemsmann - 100% Healed of Schizophrenia  TV interview with Sid Roth
Nick Griemsmann - Supernatural Encounters Episode video with Sid Roth in 2014
I HATE THE DEVIL - Nick Griemsmann's personal testimony of overcoming "incurable" schizophrenia CD.
Nick Griemsmann - Freedom through Self Deliverance (DVD)
Nick Griemsmann - Your True Identity or Nick Griemsmann - Faith & Identity
@ Father's Friends ministry @

Hagee, John - Triumph through the cross  - -
deliverance from curses - John Hagee Today TV broadcast The Triumph Of The Cross: Deliverance Through The Cross Part 3 -
John Hagee Exposing And Expelling Demons Part 2 , JAN 08, 2015
Hagee, John -
John Hagee - The 3 Heavens: Invasion of Demons Part 1 - 10/14/2016
@ (Also see related videos.)

6th (see related prior videos)
Sermon Transcript @ re Genesis 6:1-4
book interview @

2nd book interview @ 10/5/2015 with Jim Robison
Chapter #1 - NDE testimony

, Kenneth E - The Believer's Authority 4 CDs 7/8/2008 radio broadcast - Jesus & Hagin had a chat where Hagin was informed that even though He (Jesus) had been handed by Father God the authority over demons, He (Jesus) had subsequently delegated that authority over (to rebuke/bind/ cast out) demons to mankind - the church.  Bottom line.  Neither God nor Jesus will rebuke the devil, as it is the responsibility of born-again Christians. excellent  (REMINDER to always replace any demonic eviction with a new tenant, the Holy Spirit. binding + loosing  DELIVERANCE DANGERS)
Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - Demonic Influence - 4 CDs -
Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - Deliverance from Demonic Influence - 4 CDs -  
Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - Victory over Darkness and All the Power of the Enemy - DVD  
Kenneth E Hagin   (senior) - publications
Hagin, Kenneth W (junior) - Tulsa, Oklahoma 24/7 internet broadcasts
Hagin, Kenneth W (junior) - 12/9-10/2008 radio broadcasts remind us that Jesus responded to Satan's demands by speaking, "It is written."  We have to verbalize, contend with negative accusing/lying/cunning/deceitful/ distorted thoughts from the pits of hell, from a defeated enemy. 
Hagin reminds us that (when 1 or more demons come against us) we can (neither recognize) nor retaliate in such an offensive/aggressive/self-assertive manner, IF we ourselves do NOT know God's Word in scripture. 
(God expects us to have read His textbook, so we can then pass any test. 
If we have NOT done our homework, like read His Book, how can we expect to know the material, get a passing grade, go on to the next level?  It is no wonder that we get stuck in kindergarten.
Even if we do know how to read, we do NOT read. 
It is no wonder that born-again Christians are useless to themselves or to God. 
It is no wonder that Christians & Messianic Jews are acting like gentiles. 
Demons are suppose to be afraid of us; instead, we are afraid of them
Hagin, Kenneth E  Listen To The Message @ "speaks about encountering great demonic opposition against himself personally and God’s will in the earth.
He speaks about our victory over all satanic forces & his personal victory over satanic forces" by including speaking/singing in tongues as part of our praying.
Hagin, Kenneth E -
"Rev. Kenneth E Hagin speaks about encountering great demonic opposition against himself personally & God’s will in the earth. He speaks about our victory over all satanic forces & his personal victory over satanic forces."
Hagin, Kenneth E @ Kenneth Hagin Vision: Jesus Teaching on Demons - YouTube
Chapter 4 Audio Transcript - 8/1/2022 post

Hammond, Frank D - VH11 - The Schizophrenia Revelation, Part I - video - (Former web link.)
Hammond, Frank D - H109 - The Schizophrenia Revelation, Part I - audio     
Part #1 is overview of revelation to Ida Mae Hammond from God on what the problem was with her friend.
Hammond, Frank D - VH12 - The Schizophrenia Revelation, Part II - video     
Hammond, Frank D - H110 - The Schizophrenia Revelation, Part II - audio     
Part #2 is instruction on how to conduct group deliverance.

, Frank D & Bell, Steve - Deliverance school filmed on CD or DVD 
@ or
See PDF illustration of hands explained TO: Hammonds by God @ +
#1 #2 #3 - 8/2013
/ - (Texas deliverance ministry is NOT to be confused with Ohio medical ministry is another web link for Steve Bell,
Euless, Texas, USA. -
It may be preferable to read/view the Hammond insights from God, but to receive local ministry/oversight.

78LHCD12-17 – Frank Hammond – AUDIO - SCHIZOPHRENIA - "What is schizophrenia? How does the schizophrenic come out of his tangled mess? There is help available and God has given the Hammonds a specific revelation to aid the deliverance minister in dealing with this common, but oftentimes unsolved, problem.
The 3 main areas to conquer are rejection, rebellion, & the root of bitterness.
82LHCD6-22A – Frank Hammond – AUDIO -
Schizophrenia 1-of-2 + 82LHCD6-22B Hammond, Frank – Schizophrenia 2-of-2
"So much of the personality of the schizophrenic is not his real self, but a nest of demonic behaviors that have flourished, having been cultivated from the birth of rejection within the individual.
As deliverance begins, the 'real self' must have Jesus and He must begin to form His personality in them. Deliverance is the only answer for the schizophrenic."

97DELTRCD-3 – Frank Hammond – AUDIO -
SCHIZOPHRENIA REVELATION - "The definition of schizophrenia that the Lord gave the Hammonds is a disturbance or a distortion or a disintegration of one’s personality.
This definition shows the differing degrees of severity with this demonic affliction. Bro. Frank shares the revelation they received of the network of spirits in operation in these cases & how the real self has to be liberated.  Deliverance ministry is included on this message."
79LHCD9-6 – Frank Hammond – AUDIO -
Rejection -"Destruction comes to many Christians due to rejection.
Until they are delivered from this spirit, their lives are a merry-go-round of attempts to grasp for true love.
Hidden deep within the Christian, this monster works on its prey, trying to gratify it with perversity, insanity, or whatever means it can use to block the victim from truly getting a hold of God’s love.
Deliverance service concludes this message."
82LHCD6-24 – Frank Hammond – AUDIO -
Keeping Your Deliverance -"1 of your strongest weapons against Satan is for you to 'love not your life unto death.'  Has your life truly been given over to the Lord? More & more we need to rejoice in what we have in the Lord & what He has done for us." @
Lake Hamelton Bible Camp - recommended -

Hamon, Jane - Understanding Serpent Spirits (Python & Leviathan) - audio - 1-850-231-2660
Hamon, Jane - The Roots of Jezebel (Queen of Heaven & Jezebel spirits) - audio
Hamon, Jane - The Workings of Absalom, Antichrist & Behemoth Spirits - audio
Christian International Family Church, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, USA

Hampsch, Father John H - The Evil Spirit of Infirmity - audio - 

Hausar, Tom  Harrisburg, PA. School of Healing & Impartation   DVD
Healing Through Deliverance
+ Removing the Fear & Mystery of Confrontation with Darkness                

Hayes, Norvel - How To Make The Devil Leave You Alone - 4-CD's - SUPERIOR - Ignorant, timid, & silent sheep make excellent prey for the devil.  Growl at the enemy.  Intimidate him. 
The enemy will leave, if you are willing to NOT quit, to hang in there until he exits taking with him your diseases, insanity & wrong thinking.
Read healing Scripture TO cancer & TO demons. 
Feed Scripture to them
until they vomit them out, as did those in the desert. 
Look to Him not to healing pastors to heal you.  In Jesus' name run the demons off our children & property even if it takes 3 years.  Never yield.  Never waver. Do NOT be double minded. 
Jesus said to wait for each of His promises, including (praying/singing in) tongues (to communicate with God & to recharge spirit)/power to overcome demons/baptism of the Holy Spirit/power to grow new legs. 
God believes/notices what we do (that is our motive/in our heart) over what we say. 
High priestess initiation to Satan to receive demonic power may include:
sex with all men in congregation, drink blood, kill a child. 
Surround with 40 tongue praying individuals.  Continue praying (without ceasing) until deliverance comes.
Hayes, Norvel - Don't Give The Devil A Choice - video
Hayes, Norvel - Laugh At The Devil - video
Hayes, Norvel - The High Cost Of Spiritual Ignorance - video 
Hayes, Norvel - How Jesus Taught Me to Cast out Devils - audio - -
The Lord admonished Norvel to cast rather than pray out devils, in His (Jesus) name. (Exorcism/binding & casting out is to be done only with person's & head pastor's consent, after the Lord has initiated the action, having 1st put in place/making provision/allowing for ongoing spiritual follow up/mentoring.
(Poor audio.  Transcript would be better choice.) - Online Bible = 5/2-6/2011
Dr. Norvel Hayes How to break the Power of the Devil (1986 Satellite Seminar) YouTube  @ LesliK7
Hayes, Norvel - 1/4 @ JehToday 1/16/2013
Hayes, Norvel - 2/4 50 Norvel Hayes - Demonology Pt 2 of 4
2/4 on demonology Log on required

Hayes, Norvel - 3/4 52 Norvel Hayes - Demonology Pt 3 of 4
Hayes, Norvel - 4/4 53 Norvel Hayes - Demonology Pt 4 of 4

Heidler, Robert - book - Set Yourself Free - - Subtitle: A Deliverance manual
5/15/2006 Radio Broadcast Interview #1487 -
Heidler, Robert - audio - Arise & Be Restored. + Breaking Generational Curses + Breaking the Power of Hope Deferred @

Hickey, Marilyn - CD - Dealing with Your Daddy's Demons -
Hickey, Marilyn @ or
Jehovah Rophe -
Marilyn shares ministry deliverance of girl from biting/scratching demon.

Hinn, Benny - CDs - 2006 Toronto Training for Ministry Conference - 
Deliverance session is excellent, identifying 12 strongmen and their underlings.
Benny admonishes us to intercede before casting out.  However, we can bind before we cast out.
Intercession is strongest weapon when we speak the Word of God.
It releases angels.  It releases others from bondage. 
It allows the the Holy Spirit to come in & knock the evil spirit out.  It is shameless persistence. 
Benny says to ignore the underlings & go for the strongman
Many label an underling as the strongman.  That can be why the problem still exists. 
All disease is under the strongman "infirmity", so there is no need to speak to cancer. 
Terror is under the strongman of fear.  Epilepsy is under the "deaf & dumb" strongman. 
Associations are found in scripture.  Also Benny Hinn web links below:
Hinn, Benny - 2 CDs - Demonology and Deliverance -  
Hinn, Benny - Derek Prince/Hinn CD/CD deliverance combo -
Hinn, Benny - Derek Prince/Hinn CD/DVD deliverance combo -
Hinn, Benny - Total Liberty from Bondage - 2 CDs - - 2nd CD is an incredulous report that the earth is billions of years old, Satan's underlings (a 3rd of the angels under Lucifer) are locked up, invisible demons are a cross between man & animal looking for a body to inhabit, dinosaurs did exist before the ice age, giants existed due to angelic intercourse with earthly women, Satan (formerly Lucifer) continually attempts to sabotage the bloodline of Messiah, all gentile newborns are prey for demons because their parents do not have the blood covenant protection as would Judeo/Christian parents. 
Regardless, those belonging to Christ Jesus have dominance over demons, to be delivered of them, if they feed on God's word DAILY, for scripture is God's medicine, in the same manner that manna kept Moses & his nation free from disease, in the same manner that daily communion feeds the spirit & heals the body. 

, Pat - - or
, Pat - or or
, Pat - Internet Radio (Latest on top, so scroll down.)
Holliday, Pat @
Pat speaks & writes about water spirits/demons including locusts coming out of the sea/pit abyss/smoke (Revelations 9:3). 
(Joel 22:25) scripture that reminds us that God will restore what the locusts have stolen? 
Here we can know that, for some, demonic spiritual terrorists/tormentors have a name, locusts
What do we do with terrorists?  We identify, bind & exterminate them, in the name of Jesus.
Another reminder.  Pat mentions that Satan falls off his throne at the mention of the name Jesus
Well, then, let us speak that wonderful name, often.
Holliday -
Delivered from the powers of Darkness
Holliday -
Basic Deliverance - A
Holliday -
Basic Deliverance - B
Holliday - Defending Yourself
Holliday, Pat - One free book via e-mail -

Horrobin, Peter - - download cost
Horrobin, Peter - - download cost

Jackson, John Paul - Effective Spiritual Warfare - audio - -
Jackson believes that open door to demonization is thinking or saying, "I want"...
Once Satan knows what we want, then he presents evil as something we would want through lies, deceit or trickery.  For instance he often presents lust as love, God as dead, demons as fairy tales, Ouija board or dungeons & dragons as innocent games & homosexuality as normal...
3 warnings for those in the deliverance ministry:  Do NOT close your eyes when praying. 
Conversation should not be controlled by client... Never allow fear to drive what you do.

Jakes, TD - 4/8/2014 - Spell-Breaker
another video resource

Johnson, Jeremiah @ 3/20/2023 Monday's 9-9:30PM ET @

Kelly, Earthquake Curtis -

Kanco, Bishop - - deliverance ministry
FIRST cover self & room occupants with blood of Jesus BEFORE watching.

Kerr, Kat - How the enemy attacks without your knowledge by Kat Kerr 12/17/2014
@ +
Kerr, Kat - An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2) @ (edited)
Father in Jesus' name, I take authority over all darkness here.  No evil will operate in my presence. 
I will not tolerate you being in my presence (or family).  Sickness, I am not tolerating you in my body (or family).
Father, I just release Your anointing into _________ to drive out every sickness/disease/infirmity.
We say, you will not attack the body of Christ.  IT is ending, in Jesus' name. 
Father, thanks for reminding us who we are in Your Son. 
Thank You Holy Spirit for teaching us Your things & for revelation. Thank You Father for loving & trusting us. 
It is an honor to be able to share Your revelations, Your Truths...
Any time you are attacked, do not hold it in your soul.  Do NOT allow it to remain in your soul to build a strong hold.  You choose (continually) with your will (not your emotions) to stay free.  Father will back you up. 
Father allow us to be dangerous to the enemy by having holy fun & laughter + by blessing those who deliberately abuse us, in Jesus' name. 
Daddy God picked this time (age) for you to be here for Him in this Kingdom Age for His agenda. 
 You are special to Him.  You have a special assignment to do in this generation. 
There is a great cost to oneself to die to self to live for Him, but He is the pearl of great price, the prize.
An evening with Wendy ( ) 2 hr episodes - -
Episode 3 - Annie Chikhwaza + Episode 1 - Kat Kerr + Episode 2 - Kat Kerr
Kerr, Kat - The Temple - Spirit, Soul & Body -  DVD 2012 - When deliverance has failed, sometimes it is due to evil deposits left in/on/between soul layers, failure to remove soul layers received from unholy things/places/persons, failure to take back one's own soul layers taken/given/stolen &/or failure to replace unhealthy soul layers &/or vacant spaces with God's healing & blessings...
Since our born-again spirit man is familiar with & functional in the supernatural realm, our soul can cooperate with & in the heavens, especially during sleep...Thus we can be translated to help/ minister to others nation wise & they will see & remember us, as their human soul & body witness our ministry in the flesh...
(Yes, a bit confusing, as some say in the spirit, some say in the soul, & some say in the body, but the apostle Paul said he did NOT know which was the truth, except for the fact that he was translated...
Bottom line is that we are able to minister to others whether awake or asleep, in Jesus' name & power.)
Kerr, Kat - 4/7/21 #19
Not funeral but party celebration + evict demonic from doorways, places & clothing

Kuhlman, Kathryn - A Tribute to Kathryn Kuhlman - DVD
@ -   
Testimony of how the Holy Spirit progressively led him to defeat & remove 1 stronghold of control after another. Then listen to the surprising connection between Jerusalem & God's call to Holiness." - - Echo Mountain Inn, Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA home of the Restoring the Foundations International Training Center

Lake Hamelton Bible Camp - Free Online Audios - - recommended -
Lake Hamelton Bible Camp - AUDIO

Larson, Bob, Phoenix, Arizona, USA - DVDs at -
related links - - - -
Larson, Bob - Step by Step Deliverance - Complete Guide to Deliverance & Inner Healing DVD
1-Introduction, 2-3Preparation, Inner Healing & Deliverance
Larson, Bob - International Exorcism package - DVD -
Exorcisms in Australia, Germany, Africa, New Zealand & E Europe (1st cover self with blood.)
Larson, Bob - Spiritual Warfare - Practical tips on resisting the devil in every area of life -
1-What, 2-Where, 3-When, 4-How - DVD -

LeStrange, Ryan - 7/30/2011 How to Cast Out Demons @ #3 #4 from  
, Ryan - other videos -
LeStrange, Ryan - Spiritually mentored by Novell Hayes. -

Lozano, Neal - Freedom Conference - Heart of the Father Ministries -
CD Sessions from Lozano's Freedom Conference +  testimonies.                                 
, Neal - Overcoming Obstacles to Healing & Deliverance -

Heart of the Father Ministries - CD of Lozano's Freedom Catholic Conference

Lowery, TL - 40 Day Fast - Dr Lowery -
Lowery, TL - Impartation - -

MacMillan, John A - The Authority of the Believer - CD - -
Encounter with Darkness
 - reading on 3rd + 4th CD  
warns us never to enlist/speak to/call upon/communicate with angels, lest we encounter unknowingly demons disguised as good heavenly angels.
Chapter 1 Demon Possession Necromancy is forbidden.  Lack of knowledge does NOT provide an exemption from Satanic assault/curses. (Catatonic) patient/client is called being in a coma. 
Willful sin invites in (opens the door to) every other sin (appetite/temptation).

MacNutt, Francis & Judith (edited) In their Video/DVD
Level 3 School of Healing Prayer program, Francis MacNutt shares a healing of paranoid schizophrenia. 
Holy Spirit
revealed to a woman in a dream that there was a Druid priest in her blood line which was the root cause of her (family) insanity. 
After repentance for present & ancestral sins, all prior & present generational blood line were cleansed, this generation was sealed (with the blood of Jesus), a generational mass was held & a prayer was offered for blessing all present & future generations.  One needs to do what God created us to do, or it will never be done (unless, out of necessity, God chooses another to do it).
One of the important program's lessons is the need to pray 7X (rather than 1-3x) 
Some prayers we need to repeat 3X in order to break curses or linkages to evil that have been invoked 3X to blaspheme the Trinity.  Helpful to break a demonic/evil curse rooted in a seal (an infant consecration to Satan, adult consecration to Satan, or prior to birth - consecration to Satan). 
With or without oil one can make the sign of the cross on the forehead. 
Then confess 7X, "I break every seal of Satan, in Your name, Father, in Your name, Jesus Christ & in Your name, Holy Spirit
2.6.2019" DELIVERANCE PRAYERS to be said OUT LOUD  in the - There was also testimony by a lady (diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome) of being freed from a Freemasonry evil spirit
When she crossed her arms over her abdomen, they became frozen. 
She witnessed in her human spirit a seal & repeatedly cried out, "Jesus Christ is stronger than you," thereby loosing herself from the spirit's control.  Regarding unveiling hidden root issues, pray in tongues, invite memories to surface for healing.  Invite Holy Spirit to comfort & heal.  Demons are NOT hard of hearing & will submit to authority, in the name of Jesus.  Regardless of how little authority individuals have, the Trinity inside of us always has almighty authority.  Demons never like light & like roaches, will flee when exposed.  Fill void/vacancy with God's love.  The greater the spiritual knowledge, the greater the responsibility.  Always bind the relevant demons before praying in Jesus' name.  If we take away the legal right of a demon to remain, then he has to go. 
Send to Jesus & command not to return, in Jesus' name.  Never minister unless you have 1st gone to confession. 
Jesus' suffering did not terminate; He continues to suffer now; tears can be a gift.  Beware. 
Sometimes parents (& those who want to control) tell us what we should feed. 
Take each identifiable memory & unattach its negative emotion.  Isolation helps Satan to take us out.

Maldonado, Guillermo - founder of  “El Rey Jesus”, known as the 2nd church; doctorate completed through Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI). - Spanish at - Saturdays at - Miami, Florida, USA - - Home/tabid/36/ctl/Edit/mid/457/PastorGuillermoMaldonado/tabid/77/Default.aspx 5/5/2011 broadcast says not to go to secular psychiatrists & psychologists but rather to Jesus the deliverer from demons who are the root causes of so called chemical imbalances, depression, etc.
Guillermo Maldonado -
founder King Jesus International Ministry -
MA in Practical Theology from Oral Roberts University and a Doctorate in Divinity
Maldonado, Guillermo - 4/25/2011 - 700 Club download -
Guillermo Maldonado - Healing - 4/16/2012 It's Supernatural TV broadcast -

Marocco, James - Church services.  Audio (esp. 1st half) poor but sermon at last half of (selected) video is transcribed below pastor.
Marocco, James - Celebration - Table Talk - on Daystar TV - 10/15/2009, 3/3-4/2011, 11/28/2011 -
Marocco, James - Related audio -

Mentally ill Man Healed By Jesus

Meyer, Joyce - Closing the Door to Satanic Attack - CD#A240 -
Meyer, Joyce - Dealing With the Devil - video #V180 or DVD#d180 - -
Caption = He's not going to quit.  You shouldn't either.
Meyer, Joyce - Deliverance from Being Double-Minded - CD#c242 -  
Meyer, Joyce - Enforcing Your Authority over the Enemy - DVD -   
Meyer, Joyce - Interrupting Satan's Plan - CD#c226 -
Meyer, Joyce - Keep on Walking when the Devil Is Stalking - CD#c241 -  
Joyce - Mental Strongholds and Mindsets - CD#c81 -
Meyer, Joyce - Resist the Devil & He Will Flee - CD#c245 -
Meyer, Joyce - The Root of Rejection - CD#c90 &/or book#bk9 -

McLean, Renny - The Next Manifestations of the Kingdom - 10/7/2009 - If the enemy sees himself in us (in our identity) then he does not have to accept our eviction papers on him to go out/leave & not return. - great - u-tube

Morford, Bill - 4/14/2014 eve of Passover - There is deliverance provided in communion.

Well if you want to stay in the New Testament, you can.
Luke 22 has Jesus at the (Jewish Passover) Seder, & it records 3 instances, 3 blessings there.
The 1st cup actually comes from Exodus 6:6, & it's, 'I will bring you out of Egypt.' 
Jesus lifts that & says the blessing over the wine. Then He says the blessing over the bread. 
With the bread that means you're eating the meal & with the meal they're having a 2nd cup of wine & that cup, in Exodus 6:6, says, 'I will rescue you from your bondage.'
So when we take the bread in our communion, we are actually celebrating his taking us out of our bondage.
In other words, all deliverance has been done. It's over

Morris, Robert (Southlake, Texas, USA) 6/21-25/2010 Living Free broadcasts and transcripts archives @
21st transcript  22nd transcript  (25th transcript is repeat of 21st)
audio archives at
do NOT appear to major on deliverance.  Morris is current pastor to James Robison.
6/21/2010 -
Robert Morris: A New Bible -   
6/22/2010 -
Robert Morris: Living Free -
6/23/2010 -
James Robison and Robert Morris: You Can Be Free! -

6/24/2010 - Jill Monaco: Spiritually Crippled -
Spiritual insights on REJECTION.
Archives @
Mulkey, Monty - Spirits of Insanity  CD #402 + Spirits of Schizophrenia CD #406 @  

Ndifon, Charles - The Greatness of Our Salvation - CD#2 2005 -
Ndifon, Charles - Reigning in Life Through Revelation - CD#2 2005 -
You turn on the faith/identity/divinity that/Who lives in you when you respond to/act on/believe it/Him.
1st part of CD discusses deliverance.  Ndifon ministry will inform & embolden you.

Oats, Kathi - Healing the Broken Hearted  2CDs &/or 9/2005 radio broadcast -
Kathi implies that part of the personality (human spirit/heart/soul) can break off, when the heart is wounded (broken/chipped).  Not only that, Satan has a legal right to any person due to trauma (known or unrecognized, such as conception out of wedlock), until such time that the wound is covered with the blood of Christ. 
That means that the Holy Spirit has to intervene on our behalf with insight, mercy, supernatural revelation, power, healing, & deliverance.  When self image is affected, it seems to create disease, which often disappears when healing of the heart occurs. Her ADD disappeared when her emotions were healed.

Carlos A. Oliveira - 4/21/2016 - -
Heal thyself via diet &/or deliverance prayer. - lists deliverance ministries

Osborn, TL - The Miracle Worker - DVD -
Film from T.L.Osborn's miracle crusade in the Bull Ring, in Juarez, Mexico.

Phillips, Ron - 3/25/2012 - Tearing Down Strongholds, Part 1 from Series Tearing Down Strongholds @
Phillips, Ron -
4/01/2012 - Tearing Down Strongholds, Part 2 -
Phillips, Ron - Topics to choose from - America - Angels - Demons & Spiritual Warfare -
Everyday Living - Healing - Holiday - Holy Spirit - Marriage & Family - Mystery - Prophecy -

Prince, Derek @ - Breaking Generational Curses -
Derek - Do You Realize How Valuable You Are? - free CD # CD4411C -
Prince, Derek - How to Identify the Enemy -
Prince, Derek - How to Expel the Enemy -
Prince, Derek - How to Be Delivered -
Derek Prince  @
Prince, Derek @ - 10/1988
The Structure of Satan's Kingdom - Derek Prince The Enemies We Face #1  (scroll down to see other Prince posts)
Prince, Derek @ Chapters are cited beneath video. 4/8/2013

Ramirez, John @ 9/4/2023

Robison, James & Morris, Robert 6/21-25/2010 Living Free broadcasts archived at 
2 pastors testify of their deliverance from demonic oppression. 
They learned that NOT all thoughts originate from oneself.
Psalm 74:1-3 addresses the born-again Christian. 
Psalm 74:3 CJB (Lord,) Hurry Your steps to these endless ruins, to the sanctuary (synagogue/church/me the dwelling place of Your Holy Spirit) devastated by the enemy (Satan/demons/evil spirits).
Robison, James - 1/4/2010 audio
found at

Ruth, Peggy Joyce - Mental Warfare - Keys to a Victorious Life - CD set - awesome -
Important teaching. -
Peggy reminds us that Satan often speaks to us using 1st person pronouns (I, me, myself) as a major method of deception.  He speaks to our minds most often via thoughts
His thoughts can be recognized as they contradict, water down or compromise scripture.
We can refute, reject & refuse demonic thoughts by recognizing them & speaking aloud the relevant scripture that contradicts & corrects the demonic error or lie.  [Negative emotions can on occassion result from a positive response to negative thoughts, especially when a demon has the upper hand in 1 area of one's life. 
For instance, if we say, NO, to an addiction (another drink/smoke/drug/ chocolate/1-night stand) that desire may pout, even have a tantrum.] Repent.  Place negative thoughts under the blood & feet of Jesus. 
Any thought which does NOT line up with the Word of God is either our incorrect intellectual reasoning (or our inappropriate emotional response) or of an evil origin.  Thoughts have 3 major origins - God, self, Satan.  Lord we pray that daily our thoughts will more & more align with Yours, through the mercy & power of Your Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Rutland, Mark - Dealing With Life's Issues - Dealing With The Devil (mp3) -

Schizophrenia - The Result of Rejection - Receive The Only + Schizophrenia Sunday Montys Story +
Schizophrenia prayers

Sorger, Matt - - Is Your shadow Dangerous? - Moving in the Power Gifts - MP3 CD or DVD -
There is a deliverance anointing both individual and corporate. - Selden, New York, USA
Sorger, Matt - - Angels, the Discerning of Spirits & Overcoming Spiritual Warfare - CD -
Once you have the discernment of an evil spirit, you have the authority over it.
Use that authority, in Jesus' name, (to expose/bind/evict it, depending on the Lord's leading. 
God needs to be able to trust you with other's secrets. 
Discernment is often given to enlist us to travail in prayer for him/her)...
CD#4 What traumas/sufferings/hardships/sicknesses/shakings we
walk through is what we
(our ministry)
may eventually have the spiritual greatest authority/anointing/promotion in/over. 
Additionally, angels are assigned to help us walk throughout our testing/trials & ministry for which we were created before the earth's foundation.  We need to rejoice in God's holy destiny/design/assignment/potential. 
Be reminded that Satan would NEVER have crucified Christ had he known that his action would boomerang & cause the opposite of what he intended. 
We (will) go in His, NOT our own strength. 
There is/will be a 'mass deliverance' anointing.  Our breakthrough is an opening for someone else to be delivered. 
He, not we, will get ALL the credit.

Katie Souza 5/31-6/6/2010
@ - TV
Katie Souza - Healing School - Messianic Radio 10/18-22/2010 - excellent
Souza, Katie - video

Ep. 34 - Demonic ranks and orders Pt. 1 + Ep. 35 - Demonic ranks and orders Pt. 2 +
Ep. 36 - Demonic ranks and orders Pt. 3
Souza, Katie 5/15/2023 @ - video -
Demolish all legal landing spots for spiritual enemy to land on/in our body organs.

Ofosuware, Dr Shadrach - Breaking Strongholds - - 7/19/2009 - -
at Freedom Centre International,
London, England

Smith, Michael - The Daily Dozen 7: Authority Over the Enemy from
Smith, Michael  -  The Daily Dozen 9: A Disciplined and Controlled Thought-Life

Stone, Perry
"Perry (Stone')'s personal testimony of a 6-month mental attack at age 18 by demonic spirits." DVD -
Radio on net (audio poor) Purging Your House

1/6/11 TV broadcast - Satan will use what you see & feel - against you.  Use the Word of God against Satan.
Stone, Perry -
Secrets Satan Does Not Want You To Know
@ 1st of 7
Stone, Perry - #1 - How to Reverse a Satanic Attack -
Manna Fest 345 - 6/9/2008 @
Stone, Perry - #2 - David & his men killed evil/demonic giants/seed of Satan. @
Stone, Perry - #3 - How to Reverse a Satanic Attack
Stone, Perry - #1 - Freedom from Demonic Influences
@ 5/16/2008
Stone, Perry - #2 - Freedom from Demonic Influences
@ Fast 3 days prior to deliverance.
Stone, Perry
- #3 - Freedom from Demonic Influences

, Rev William - Prayers of Deliverance #1 - CDs - -
Forgiveness, Soul Ties and the cures of Premature Death
, Rev William - Prayers of Deliverance #2 - CDs - -
Breaking the "16" Main Strongholds
Sudduth, Rev William - Prayers of Deliverance #3 - CDs - -
Breaking the Curses of Freemasonry
Volume 1/2/3 = Interactive CDs for self deliverance or small groups
(Ministry recommended by Hammonds & John Eckhardt)
Sudduth, Rev William - Ahab & Jezebel - CD -
Sudduth, Rev William - Christ Our Healer  - CD -
Sudduth, Rev William - Deliverance 101 - CD -
Sudduth, Rev William - The Target - Bummer of a Birth Mark - CD -
Sudduth, Rev William - Christ Our Healer - CD -

Sumrall, Lester - The Pressures of Destiny  (1979) audio (How Satan will enter us via TV) -
South Bend, Indiana, USA -
Sumrall, Lester - The Invisible Boy -
DVD - Film of the boy who became invisible, as the demons controlled him. - DVD -             
Sumrall, Lester -
Truth-Exorcism - audio -  
Sumrall, Lester - Truth-Demon Possession - audio -  
Sumrall, Lester - Demonology & Deliverance volume #1 & #2 - CDs or DVD (computer not TV ready) recommended - Deliverance is for the babe in Christ.  It is NOT optional. 
How to deliver is NOT for hoarding but for sharing & implementing with others.
Most of the devil's power is assumed (bluff/stolen) rather than actual power.
VOLUME #1 - Origin of Satan & demons, Biblical names for Satan, where to recognize demon power, areas of demon domination, demons working in the Old Testament, Christian authority over demons, demon spirits cause sickness & disease, destroy demon power emblems.  Can Christians be demon possessed? 
How I learned exorcism of devils. 
7 steps toward demon possession, Communication with devils is forbidden by divine decree. 
The church replaces Lucifer.  
VOLUME #2 - Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?  What God says about principalities & powers. 
Why do millions seek demon power? 
Babylon's sorcerers & wizards, sex & satanic ritual, mystery of reincarnation. 
Are there spirit world monsters?  Are curses real?  Can witches stop witches? 
Haunted houses & ghosts, black & white magic, questions & answers, cabala. 
Do starts influence humans?  Hypnosis, demons & disease, exorcism, apocalyptic times.      

Sumrall, Lester - The Truth: Astrology Hypnosis Reincarnation & Witchcraft - audio   
Sumrall, Lester - Demons: The Answer Book Tapes -
Sumrall, Lester - Commanding Spirits That Rule the Hearts of Men - audio -
Lester - Film or 
Bitten by Demons
- DVD @
The story of Clarita Villanueva. -  
2/6/2018 Jehovah Rophe - Marilyn Hickey shares (an identical/twin testimony of Lester Sumrall, in) that a young woman was delivered by God from biting demons.]
Sumrall, Lester @ RECOMMENDED - 24 videos
Bottom line key is for client to agree & to follow through on RESISTING/denying the spiritual enemy's return.
Sumrall, Lester @ RECOMMENDED - 27 videos

Thompson, Robb - Get a Grip on Your Thinking - 4 CDs or cassette -  
Thompson, Robb - Breaking Free - 1 CD or booklet -  
Robb, saved in a mental institution, encourages us to confess out loud daily/continually God's Word. 
EG: "I am healed by His stripes, according to chapter & verse xyz.
I have a sound mind, according to chapter & verse xyz."

Trimm, Cindy - Breakthrough #1 -
10 realms to dominate
Trimm, Cindy - Breakthrough #2 -
strongholds & soul ties; the devil is guilty of identity theft.
Trimm, Cindy - Breakthrough #3 -
Trimm, Cindy - Breakthrough #4 - impartation/establishing/birthing/commissioning/decrees - excellent -
30 day consecration/7 day fast/breaking of habits/appetites -
Prayer is a 2 way speaking from the mind/meditation is a speaking to/from the heart -
1st sin was related/from food - It's not what you eat, but what's eating you. -
Trimm, Cindy - Rules of Engagement #2 - #3 -

Vera, Rich - Listen on internet - -
(Vera, a mighty man of God, is young/immature/opinionated.  Be patient & pray for him.) Casting out Devils 2011 -
Approx 75 minutes. - We minimize God & maximize Satan regarding mental/physical ailments. 
Authority is about perception.  Symptoms will leave, but will return if root remains. 
If a demon is rooted in your life and family, it will stay until destroyed
.  What you magnify (focus on) will rule.  Jesus did not clean out hospitals; instead He followed the leading of His Father.  (There are exceptions to what Rich teaches, but his principles are basically true as general guide lines, the typical nature/methods of Jesus.  Rich is young, has a specific spiritual assignment, and being used mightily of God.)  To keep your freedom after deliverance, you need to be discipled. Likewise, same principle applies to keeping one's healing. 
Do NOT deliver & dump!  Motivation must be compassion and love.  Devils must be directed where to go. 
Devils must be ordered never to return to the person and his/her family again, in Jesus' name

Ask Jesus, "What is it?" before you cast it out.  Wait for God's discernment & unction (which Satan can see)...
Healing the Sick - Casting Out Demons 2011 - Spiritual revelation of God, established in one's heart, allows the Holy Spirit to rise up inside us to act in the name of Jesus Christ and to exorcise demons.  Revelation brings manifestation.  Demons must recognize who we are in Christ, in order to obey us, Christ's representatives. 
Satan can see our authority in Christ. 
It was not the shadow, but rather God's presence emanating from inside Peter, that healed. (Acts 5:15-16 KJV -
They brought forth the sick into the streets & laid them on beds & couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them. There came also a multitude out of the cities round abut Jerusalem, bringing sick folks & them which were vexed with unclean spirits.  They were healed every one.) 
Allow the power of the Lord present in His word dwelling inside our temple (body/mind/spirit) to manifest.
Never rely on self, nor solely on angels. 
The arm of the Lord represents God, not man.  Praying in tongues stirs up the Holy Spirit inside us. 
We need the Holy Spirit baptism to operate/function with unction.  Reversal of Satan's robbery is effectual. 
You may have difficulty believing unless God's holy word (seed) is revealed/rooted/planted/growing/imparted inside of you.  Demons obey directives/authority/commands & not our pleading/begging.
Demons obey speech & touch.  God's Holy Spirit indwelling us intimidates/ terrorizes/electrocutes demons. 
God affirms us before He allows Satan to test us. 
Christ's bride/body/church dwells in a position of (non sexual) relationship/intimacy. 
Enlist His presence before doing ministry.  His presence releases His gifts/prophecy/atmosphere. 
Sickness may return without His blood protection in one's life. 
Command in Jesus' name problem/cancer/pain to go & never return.  When we notice His presence in our presence, we must act immediately, lest we forfeit/lose His visitation/power/blessing.

Walters, Kathie - Exposing the Connection Between Fraternities and Freemasonry audio Walters, Kathie - Opening the Doors on Secret Societies - audio @
Walters, Kathie - Spiritual Strategies - 3 CDs -  
2nd CD gives deep insights into evil demons & heavenly angels.  Kathie discusses water spirits which affect humans.  They originate/come from living under the water, especially from an ocean fissure (between Africa & Bermuda), necessitating that anyone living near water bless/pray over the nearby shores in order to protect those using/residing in that neighborhood/seashore.
(Dolls/toys/pets can contain such spirits; pray before you purchase/give/receive a toy/pet.)
3rd CD reminds us to recognize/come against demonic hindrances, but especially to cancel any demonic assignments that are trying to prevent/short-circuit/harm/slow-down the will/1st-choice/preference of God in our lives.  For corroboration see:
Kelley, Earthquake - Order book #1122 "Bound to Lose, Destined to Win" -   
Vagalas, Bishop - The Witch Doctor and the Man -

Whyte, HA Maxwell - audio -

Wright, Henry W - Accusing Spirits - audio -

Zeitler, Rabbi Michael - The Sound of the Shofar; Get ready to Receive Your Breakthrough excellent shofar ministry CD -
Rabbi Michael Zeitler on Sid Roth's Radio Show" - 2007 -
Rabbi Michael Zeitler on Sid Roth's Radio Show" - 2010
Bi-polar nervousness gone -
Baruch Ha Shem Messianic Ministries International
Newsletter - 04-10-2010 - Highland, New York, USA

Web Sites

Audio files for Deliverance and training - IN MP3 FORMAT

Saint Antony -   
Paragraphs 22-29 give much insight into demons & deliverance. 
"81 The fame of Antony came even unto kings.  
For Constantine Augustus, & his sons Constantius & Constans the Augusti wrote letters to him, as to a father"...

"48 When therefore he (Saint Antony) had retired & determined to fix a time, after which neither to go forth himself nor admit anybody, Martinian, a military officer, came & disturbed Antony.
For he had a daughter afflicted with an evil spirit. But when he continued for a long while knocking at the door & asking him to come out & pray to God for his child, Antony, not bearing to open, looked out from above & said, 'Man, why dost thou call on me? I also am a man even as you.
But if you believe on Christ whom I serve, go & according as you believe, pray to God & it shall come to pass.' Straightway, therefore, he departed, believing & calling upon Christ.  He received his daughter cleansed from the devil. Many other things also through Antony the Lord did, who saith, 'Seek & it shall be given unto you [16].'
For many of the sufferers, when he would not open his door, slept outside his cell & by their faith & sincere prayers were healed."
"63. Afterwards, on another occasion, having descended to the outer cells, he was asked to enter a vessel & pray with the monks, & he alone perceived an exceedingly unpleasant smell. But those on board said that the stench arose from the fish and salt meat in the ship. He replied however, the smell was different from that.
While he was speaking, a youth with an evil spirit, who had come & hidden himself in the ship, cried out.
But the demon being rebuked in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ departed from him. 
The man became whole & (subsequently) all (also) knew that the evil smell arose from the demon."
"64. Another, a person of rank, came to him, possessed by a demon.  The demon was so terrible that the man possessed did not know that he was coming to Antony.  But he even ate the excreta from his body.
So those who brought him besought Antony to pray for him. And Antony pitying the young man prayed & kept watch with him all the night. About dawn the young man suddenly attacked Antony & gave him a push.
But when those who came with him were angry, Antony said, 'Be not angry with the young man, for it is not he, but the demon which is in him. And being rebuked & commanded to go into dry places, the demon became raging mad & he has done this. *(Wherefore give thanks to the Lord, for his attack on me thus is a sign of the departure of the evil spirit.' When Antony had said this, straightway) the young man had become whole & having come at last to his right mind, knew where he was, and saluted the old man & gave thanks to God."
*(Nowadays we know we can disallow such physical attacks, in the name of Jesus Christ. 
Although we can send demons to dry places, we can also or preferably send them permanently into the abyss, in Jesus name. )
"71. He was departing.  We were setting him forth on his way.  As we [2] arrived at the gate, a woman from behind cried out, 'Stay, thou man of God, my daughter is grievously vexed by a devil. Stay, I beseech thee, lest I too harm myself with running.'  The old man when he heard her, & was asked by us, willingly stayed. 
When the woman drew near, the child was cast on the ground. But when Antony had prayed & called upon the name of Christ, the child was raised whole, for the unclean spirit was gone forth. 
The mother blessed God, & all gave thanks. 
Antony himself also rejoiced, departing to the mountain as though it were to his own home."
72 "They departed with wonder, for they saw that even demons feared Antony."
78 "We by the mention of Christ crucified put all demons to flight, whom you fear as if they were gods."
80 "There are here some vexed with demons.  Now there were certain who had come to him very disquieted by demons, and bringing them into the midst he said, 'Do you cleanse them either by arguments & by whatever art or magic you choose, calling upon your idols, or if you are unable, put away your strife with us & you shall see the power of the Cross of Christ.' 
Having said this he called upon Christ, & signed the sufferers 2-3 times with the sign of the Cross. 
Immediately the men stood up whole
& in their right mind & forthwith gave thanks unto the Lord.
The philosophers, as they are called, wondered & were astonished exceedingly at the understanding of the man & at the sign which had been wrought.  But Antony said, 'Why marvel ye at this? 
We are not the doers of these things, but it is Christ who worketh them by means of those who believe on Him.
Believe, therefore, also yourselves.'"

Badolato, Lou & Gwen - Kingdom Life Ministries, Salem, Massachusetts, USA -  - 
God Does Heal

Baxter, Betty - Marry K Baxter on Heaven and Hell Part 2 - You Tube
Baxter, Betty - entire books at

Bell, Stephen - - Recommend spiritual oversight when using this ministry. 
Bell, Stephen -
Basics of Deliverance 1 - audio @ 

John Benefiel: The Statue of Liberty Is a "Demonic Idol"
John Benefiel: Washington DC Is The "District of Christ"
Sid Roth TV Interview with Apostle John

daniel%203&version=KJV (edited) audio reading of scripture available. 
In Daniel 3:2 one notes areas/aspects of governance:
 "2Then Nebuchadnezzar the king sent to gather together the: princes, governors, captains, judges, treasurers, counselors, sheriffs, & all province rulers, to come to the dedication of the image which Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up."  These can represent human levels &/or spiritual levels of governance (including demonic powers).

Videos of exorcisms done the old fashioned way.  Keep children & pets out of room when viewing. 
Cover self with blood of Jesus, at beginning & end of viewing. 
Due to current bitterness, sometimes we have to speak on behalf of our ancestors. 
"I John on behalf of my (Jewish) ancestors forgive Hitler." -
(There are many other U tube links regarding exorcism. 
For safety & accountability, remember it is imperative to have a personal intimacy with Christ, to spend daily time with Him, to fellowship with a church/synagogue, & especially to daily praise Him.)

Bloomer, George
Bloomer, George
Bloomer, George
Bloomer, George Recommended.
Bloomer, George
Benny teaches on and exorcises 12 strongmen (evil spirits).

Mel Bond - Discerning of Spirits 2011 - 2/28/2011-3/4/2011 Messianic radio or order CD Discerning of (evil) Spirits or book Understanding Your Worst Enemy - Friday's program shares that our authority over demons is valid 24/7 & is based on what He did & NOT on what we did or do.
2010 It's Supernatural TV - 8/30/2010 -
Mel Bond - Discerning of Spirits video or transcript -
8/9/2010 -
Mel Bond - Releasing Anointing video or transcript - "Mel Bond has seen creative miracles including eyeballs materializing in front of many witnesses. In 1984, Mel had a vision of Jesus explaining how to release His anointing to see instant miracles." -
Bond, Mel - The Demon is Coming Back (and what to do) - 10/3/2010 - Agape Church

Ten Boom
, Corrie - -
Authority Over Demons

Brown, Tom - - -  El Paso, Texas, USA

Brim, Billy - Tapping into the Dunamis Power of God - -  4/30/2010  The Blood and the Glory book -
You plead your legal case with the blood & name of Jesus against the designs, works & thoughts of the devil. 
Additionally, Satan 24/7 stirs up accusations against us & others. 
Beware of & demolish his tactics, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Charles Carrin Ministries  Florida, USA 
Charles Carrin  3/18/02-3/22/2002  (Sid Roth radio broadcast on schizophrenia)

Cerullo, Morris
Cerullo, Morris - -

Colbert, Dr Don and Mary Medical Breakthroughs for Healthy Living #1 -
Colbert, Dr Don and Mary Medical Breakthroughs for Healthy Living #2 - - excellent - 3/1/2011
Colbert, Dr Don and Mary Medical Breakthroughs for Healthy Living #3 -
Colbert, Dr Don and Mary Medical Breakthroughs for Healthy Living #4 -

Cox, Paul - Celestial Beings   Deliverance from those beings belonging to Satan
Cox, Paul 
Reiki & Biblical Discernment -
Reiki message therapy is a NO NO.
Cox, Paul  Entering the Rest of the Lord -
I was in the San Jose area  doing deliverance for a lady.  There were 5 of us present. 
As I began, out of my mouth came these words, 'Now, you need to understand, I did not plan to say these things. 
You understand this don't you?  
Lord, take us to the 4th dimension for this deliverance
.'  All of a sudden it was like we were in an elevator & we started going up.  The power of God hit this woman & she started shaking. 
So we all just sat there while the Lord did deliverance on her.  I wasn’t needed any more...
I was trying to worry, but I couldn't.  I thought, "What is this place?"  So I said to the other 4 people, 'Try to worry right now.'  They started laughing & said, 'We can't worry.'  We had gone to another place. 
Follow me now.  The Bible says we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, not in a place. 
The scientific and mathematical names for those places are dimensions.  That is biblical. 
But we are not there all the time.  Positionally we should be there, but in our soul & spirit we are not always there." 
Cox, Paul L -
The Absalom Spirit -
Cox, Paul L
@ - -

Dickerman, Don - Online Deliverance Messages - - excellent resource 
, USA ministry
Glimpse At Deliverance    
About Deliverance (First Page of Deliverance Request Form)
Forgiveness Is Not An Option If You Want To Be Free
Qualifications For Deliverance
The Three R's Of Walking In Freedom
Walking In Freedom
7 Bad Days For The Devil
Appointed, Anointed, Ordained Times
Dealing With The Past
Understanding Your Enemy
Common Question: "How Can Evil Spirits Live In A Believer?"
Healing Scripture
Understanding Demons
Possible Evidence of Spiritual Oppression
The Big Lie
Tearing Down Strongholds by Gaye Moss
Rejection Remedy by Frank Hammond
Demon Doorways by Don Dickerman
Common Misconceptions About Bondage by Neil Anderson
Believer's Victory Over Satan by Mark I. Bubeck
Forgiveness by Tom White
Deliverance Accounts
Who Am I In Christ by Don Dickerman
Evil Spirits Identified In Scripture
Agreeing With God
Dickerman, Don - Courtroom of Freedom #1 -
Christians can HAVE “accepted” colds, “unconfessed” sin AND “unopposed” demons who give us bad thoughts & negative medical symptoms.  Don urges Christians - to recognize that demons operate in our lives, to apologize to God, & to speak-TO/evict/reject/resist/cancel/command our demons with their negative medical natures to permanently leave, in Jesus' name
Don says we are to confront our personal demons/negative problems OUT LOUD, in Jesus’ name. 
Don says we are to neither counsel nor medicate them out.  Rather, we are to remove their legal rights, in Jesus’ name to evict, in Jesus’ name & to spiritually lock the doors behind them, in Jesus' name & power
[If long standing problems have not already NOT been fixed/reversed by our “so called Professionals”, now is the time to spiritually act NOT in our own power, but in His. 
Jesus is a gentle giant, Who is more than able, once we recognize what He has ALREADY cured/freed us 2,000 years ago.  Our problems/suffering/labels are deceased/cancelled/reversed right NOW, when we wield the sword of Holy Spirit MD to legislate/operate through our mouth.]
 Dickerman, Don - Courtroom of Freedom #2
Medication & counseling may help the soul/mind/body, but never will those methods remove a demon from harassing, nor remove nightmares or intrusive/obsessive thoughts.  Mentoring prayer included on - tube.
One can repeat out loud with Don while watching u-tube; pause &/or rewind as needed.
 "A (partial) transcript of the prayer is as follows […to read it (OUT LOUD)] : 'Father (God),
 I thank You for Jesus & for my salvation through Him. He is the Savior.
 I am the sinner (as long as I retain the sin & do not nail it to Your cross).
 I am so grateful to be washed in His blood. Because You have forgiven me.
 I choose to forgive others; everyone who has hurt me, lied to me or disappointed me.
 I forgive.
 I repent of unforgiveness, I know it is sin.
 I forgive myself and apply (accept/take/appropriate) Your great forgiveness to my life.
(I accept Your eyeglasses & view myself through Your eyes.)
 I repent of: anger, bitterness & hatred; of rebellion, resentment & revenge, of envy, jealousy & strife, doubt, unbelief & skepticism, lust, witchcraft & idolatry & all the (unholy) works of the flesh.
 I denounce the sins of my ancestors.
 I totally separate myself from generational curses.
 I renounce all unholy vows, pledges oaths or ceremonies (even though I may not know about them) &
 I choose to be free from all permission of secret societies curses.
 I denounce all (past & present) unholy soul ties (relationships) & confess them as sin.
 For Jesus Christ is my Savior & Lord. He's my deliverer & healer. He broke the power of the curses (2,000 years ago, but we each in each generation need to recognize, receive & appropriate that spiritual truth).
 I choose to be free. I will be free in the name (& power) of Jesus.'"  (Thanks. Amen.)

Dickow, Gregory -  archives

Eckhardt, John - WATCH  Pride and Leviathan  3 part series (includes water spirits) -
Video on Demand NOW AVAILABLE!  Scroll down to bottom.
Pride is the nature of leviathan. (One can Download Paul L. Cox's 40 day prayer to exterminate pride )  Pride's spiritual cohorts [anger, anti-submissiveness, arrogance, boasting, conceit, control, contention, cursing, defiance, destruction, disobedience, domination, independence, intellectualism, perfection, prejudice, puffed up, rage rebellion, scorn, self (ishness/centered/exaltation/importance/promotion/righteousness) shame, strife, stubbornness, unbending, uncooperative, unwilling to (admit wrong/apologize/change) unyielding, vanity, wrath, witchcraft]...
Broadcast #2 shares Frank Hammond's The Children's Bread 1/1993 newsletter where Holy Spirit revealed that leviathan was hidden under scales (layers of demons) which had 1st to be stripped away to expose/bind/exterminate the strongman during 1 deliverance ministry.
Eckhardt, John - Short clip on Marine Demons - +
Eckhardt, John with Hinn, Benny - 10/21/2019 - Prayers that Rout Demons, Part 1 -
Eckhardt, John with Hinn, Benny - 10/22/2019 - Prayers that Rout Demons, Part 2 -
Eckhardt, John with Hinn, Benny - 10/23/2019 - Powerful Prayers of Deliverance -

Ehambe, Lufile Kasongo - - Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas, USA - 2009 listings -
1 - A Transformed Mind Video - - English 1-6
2 - How to overcome struggle in your life? Part 3 -
3 - What is my purpose in my local church? -
4 - The Importance of Love -
5 - How to recognize a demonic spirit -
6 -
Deliverance From demon spirits @
Audio - Subtitle - How to deal with demon spirits during deliverance session
Actual content discusses motives of those wanting to participate in deliverance ministry

Ehambe says Jesus is NOT our covering (unless we are FULL of the Holy Spirit).  We need deliverance often. 
To use God's power [without (knowing/being taught) the Word of God] is nothing (foolhardy). 
Demons have to be invited or fed (in order to function).
1 -
Dangers of African Sorcery Video (en Français/French)
2 - La Puissance de la Deliverance Video (en Français/French) -
3 - Live From Brussels Belgium (en Français/French)
4 - L'importance Du Jeune Dans La Du Croyant (en Français/French) -
Copyright permission granted for all ministry. Donations welcome.
Daystar Interview -
Pastor Lufile Ehambe discusses the Occult on Table Talk with Joni Lamb #6 2 parts to program -
Psalm 111:10 Walk in the fear of God.  Your holy gift/anointing will not protect you. 
Rather, Holy Spirit fruit coming out of you will protect you from the occult or demonic attacks. Galatians 5:22 
Ehambe, Lufile Kasongo - 2014 -video=3504243106001 + 2015 -video=4582624569001 Occult #1

End Time Revelations -

Evans, David - The Altar of Deliverance Pt.2 -

Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez - 24/7 TV (English/Spanish)
Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez - -
Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez - - videos
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - videos
Ferrell, Ana Mendez -
Traditional methods of deliverance requires time, dedication, physical & spiritual strength.
This is a price few are willing to pay. Jesus taught & demonstrated a profound (different) way." 11/20/2009 superior

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - 11/2009 -
Regions of Deliverance Conference - Houston, Texas, USA
Satan is a liar.  Every sickness is a lie.  Every symptom is a lie.  When we believe a lie, then Satan has permission to deceive & injure us.  Fear is a satanic weapon used to control people & thwart them from entering the Kingdom of God & fulfilling the destiny God created them for (where one can terrorize & demolish demons & disease).
We need to take on the mind of Jesus, so that we become the new Jerusalem, the spiritual Israel. 
Jesus' 2nd coming is to judge not to rescue.  Jesus already rescued us 2,000 years ago.
2512145-voice-of-the-light-regions-of-deleiverance-conference-houston-02 -
An important program. -
The empire/government of demons' purpose is to take prisoners into a region of spiritual captivity, effectively rendering them useless to God's kingdom of heaven. 
There is a stinking/wrong way of thinking which is an internal soulish/mental prison. 
There is also an actual spiritual prison located in the abyss/Abadon/hell/Sheol where broken soul/mind fragments are actually held captive. 
That portion of the soul needs to be rescued by another; however, consent is needed.

Ephesians 4:8-9 TNAB 8Scripture (Psalm 68:19) says, "When He ascended on high, He took (delivered/ rescued/freed/unlocked) a host of captives & gave gifts to men." [Spiritual insight: Between His death & resurrection, Jesus descended into the pits, ministered salvation to body, spirit, & mind (soul/emotions/will) to past (BC - died before Christ), present & future generations, because in the spirit there is NO time.]
Ferrell, Ana Mendez & Emerson - 
Ferrell, Ana Mendez & Emerson - Weekly PM programs -
Home churches may get a web cam & be part of the weekly broadcast audience, sometimes receiving prophecy. - Contact Emerson by e-mail/mail/phone.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez  biography @
or - 7/5/2002 - "Before becoming a Christian, Mendez Haiti's Voodoo cult. She became psychiatrically ill, & landed in a clinic in Mexico...
'While I was locked in the hospital, classified crazy, Jesus showed me His glory.
I repented, & the Lord filled me with His Spirit.
In 14 days following my salvation, almost 80% of the patients were healed by God's hand.
I was no famous preacher, & only a few days old in the faith, but the demons left, the lame & others suffering terrible illnesses were healed
Gonzalez, Flory (1of 5 DVDs) hones in on Forgiveness which appears to be a major root cause of a majority of both gentile & Christian problems including disease, premature death, & lack of spiritual maturity.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez + Ferrell, Emerson
Ferrell, Ana Mendez + Ferrell, Emerson   
Ferrell, Ana Mendez
  Supernatural Manifestation of God´s Power in Deliverance at  superior
Voice of the Light - Ana Mendez Ferrell - Testimony PT01  important spiritual education series -
Voice of the Light - Ana Mendez Ferrell - Testimony PT02

Voice of the Light - Ana Mendez Ferrell - Testimony PT03 
Voice of the Light - Ana Mendez Ferrell - Testimony PT04  
Voice of the Light - Ana Mendez Ferrell - Testimony PT05 
Voice of the Light - Ana Mendez Ferrell - Testimony PT06
Voice of the Light - Ana Mendez Ferrell - Testimony PT07
- great - Repent
(Repentance is less of sin & more of crucifying our Lord.) 
The blood of Jesus washes you from all sin from which you repent & refrain from consistently repeating. 
Command every demonic force that dwells in you will come out right now, in Jesus name. 
Then invite Jesus' Holy Spirit to come inside of you this very moment. 
If you continue to remain in Jesus, if you refrain from consistent deliberate sin, then the devil will not touch/harm you, except/only to test you from time to time.
Voice of the Light - Ana Mendez Ferrell - Testimony PT08
Remember, the most possessed/insane person has control of his will and can be delivered, if he so chooses.

Voice of the Light - Ana Mendez Ferrell - Testimony PT09
@ excellent -
After the caged mental patient was given 1 minute to repent for being obedient to things that "the man in black" demanded, Ana said, "Now, the Blood of Jesus cleanse this man & every demonic force come out of him."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez -
Regions of Captivity Jacksonville, Florida Conference @  One can be free in 1 night.  Very brief overview.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez -,2f5bca0393e7df1403ea/Voice-of-the-Light-
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Voice of the Light - Ruling in the Spirit PT06 or,a8025213d1a872da03ea/Voice-of-the-Light-Ruling-in-the-Spirit-PT06.html "From before the foundations of the earth, you were called to govern as a KING together with GOD, but because of the religious systems that have influenced your life & spirit, you have become like a beggar & void of freedom." 11/21/2009 important
Ferrell, Ana Mendez  True Worship  Voice of The Light "Ambassador of Kingdom" PT10 12/10/2009 or,98d5137a7cc234f803ea/Voice-of-The-Light-Ambassador-of-Kingdom-PT10.html

Fordham - Medieval Sourcebook - Adamnan's Life of St Columba - 
Book 2 chapter 43  delves into mysteries of extinct dinosaurs/monsters/demons/phenomena. 
Cormac, grandson of Lethan, made a 3rd voyage attempting to discover an ocean desert extended beyond the limits of nautical maps.  The ships were covered with leather & equipped with sails & oars. 
Apparently in the vicinity of  the forewarned Orcadian (Orkney) islands, suddenly the sailors were swarmed with "a multitude of loathsome & annoying insects, such as had never been seen before...about the size of frogs" which would penetrate boat & oar, swim, plus sting, but not fly.  Columba successfully interceded by prayer (having foreknowledge by the Holy Spirit) & thanked God for His mercy & kindness.

Foss, Steve  Guest: Steve Foss - Demonic Spirits  June 29-July 3, 2009 - Messianic Vision Show #1650 
There are 2 spirits from which many other evil spirits draw power = insecurity & inferiority.
Satan's Dirty Little Secret exposes these 2 spirits & helps us exterminate them.
Audio - Video - TV

Frangipane, Francis - Deliverance from Strongholds  3/23/2007 - TV -  
Also watch 3/26/2007 &  3/29/2007 archives at - Frangipane teaches that 3 main sources for strongholds to obtain a foothold are tradition, religious experiences & wounds.  “These strongholds can become habitations,” Frangipane said, “which can be influenced by demons."
Where there is hopelessness there is a stronghold of an unfulfilled heart's desire. Generational/indoctrinational/ wounding thoughts can become houses for demons/ strong-holds. 
Our soul/mind can consist of our negative reactions to events.  Events have a voice.  Evil spirits stay entrenched/ defend themselves by our negative thoughts.  Benny's father-in-law was healed of a kidney/cancer problem caused in part due to molestation by an aunt when he was 5 years old.  Benny has found that many Christians are carrying unresolved wounds of rejection.  We need to identify/recognize and then renounce the underlying negative emotions (fear/shame) triggering negative behavior. Otherwise, Satin may manipulate our generational/ indoctrinational/wounding thoughts to cause a later failure/harm/time released curse.  A doctor Rambo found freedom/healing by talking to her dead dad who she imagined was sitting in a chair before her. (This was a 1 time experience, not an ongoing practice.)  We can also write a letter to God/Jesus (& then burn it in the fireplace). 
We can also pick up the phone & talk to God.  Psychotherapists do not heal; rather talk therapy is what does the healing.  An unforgiving heart & family secrets allow the (spiritual) torturer to harass/torment us. 
Whatever is hidden in darkness has power; the prince of light can destroy what is exposed.  
Derick Prince contends that if your prayers for others' deliverance are not answered, then there may be one of 5 causes: 1st unforgiveness, 2nd occult, 3rd control, 4th abortions, not confessed as murder, 5th homosexuality.
Rick Warren contends that we or others may think that we are mistakes, but God has a purpose for each of us.   [Even though Benny Hinn endorses his publications & ministry, those who seem to be his spiritual foundational basis consist of the following - Andrew Murray  Brother Lawrence  CS Lewis  Watchman Nee .  Other endorsers of Frangipane's ICIT (In Christ's Image) ministry are Reinhard Bonnke  Rick Joyner Dutch Sheets

Franklin, Jentezen - The (snake/evil) Spirit of Python (demonic dragon)  3/10/2009  excellent -
Senior Pastor of Free Chapel in both Gainesville, Georgia, & Orange County, California, USA
This large snake does not bite or spit venom.  Rather it constricts in an attempt to eliminate the breath of both physical & spiritual life; whereas the purpose of God's Holy Spirit is to impart both physical & spiritual life. 
If allowed the python snake can become a dragon in our lives...Acts 16:16 TPNT A certain servant girl who had a spirit of divination (python) met us, who, acting as seer, was bringing a lot of profit to her masters.

Angela Greenig or angela-greenig-ministries @ - (without release/ authority/timing from the Holy Spirit) Always replace with the opposite of what has been evicted. 
Never charge for deliverance; it is His work - though us.

griemsmann, Nick - -
12/2013 - Self Deliverance - Important - Video 11/18/2013 - - radio 11/11-15/2013 - 2/18/2012 -
We must allow only what is in heaven & disallow on earth all that is NOT in heaven, in Jesus' name.

Gwinn, Lisa - This Satanic High Priestess Was No Match for God 1998 - post 8/16/2017

hadaway, bart- - Soul wounds give legal access to evil. 
When we are born-again, our spirit-man is OK, but our soul-man (mind/emotions/will) & hu-man (body) have yet to receive sanctification, which is typically a growth (walking-out) process.  (Short video includes prayer.)
Hadaway, Bart - -
Anticipate good/redemption.
Meet Jesus

Hagee, John @ Invasion of Demons - Bing video or Invasion of Demons - YouTube - Demons can interfere with 1 area of a Christian's life, & thus we need to recognize, take authority, reject & replace in Jesus' name. 
Master Key is FORGIVENESS. 10/28/2021

Hagin, Kenneth - The Triumphant Church, pg 61-63 as pertains to: Lowe, Gareth - 2002 sermon - edited - Casting out Demons1 @ (edited)
As he was talking, the Holy Spirit showed me that in his case 3 demons were involved.
I knew that by the word of knowledge.
You have to depend on the Holy Spirit in these areas.
You won’t know what’s operating against a person unless the Holy Spirit shows you. 
I answered him, 'I can help you. I perceive that there’s not just 1 spirit driving you, but there are really 3 spirits involved. 1st, there is a spirit of deception that’s gotten a hold of you.
Then there’s a spirit of lying. There is also an unclean spirit involved.
I can cast all 3 of these spirits out of you, but it won’t do a bit of good unless you do something yourself about the situation.'  When people sin, they have to repent and completely turn away from wrongdoing before you can help them. Anyone can be set free from an evil spirit if he’s willing.
But what a person does after he’s delivered of evil spirits is of the utmost importance. 
Is he going to feed his mind on the Word of God?  Is he going to get & garnished' (Matt. 12:44)?
If a person is delivered from an evil spirit
& isn’t taught the Word of God, evil spirits can enter back into him...
Also, you can’t (especially permanently) cast an evil spirit out of someone who does NOT want to be delivered.  If a person wants to keep an evil spirit, he can. You won’t be able to go against someone else’s will & get him delivered if he wants to keep an evil spirit. That’s why you don’t just indiscriminately try to cast devils out of people.  If a person really has a demon, you would do him an injustice (& harm) to cast the demon out of him unless you teach him to get filled with the Word and the Holy Spirit. It’s the Word and the Holy Spirit dwelling in him that will enable him to resist (current & subsequent) Satan’s attacks. If he doesn’t get himself filled up with the Word and if he isn’t taught how not to give place to the devil, the Bible says he can end up worse than he was before (Matt. 12:43-45).  So I told this retired professor, 'If you give me permission, I can exercise my authority over these 3 evil spirits for you. But as soon as you leave here, you’ll have to take a stand against the devil for yourself.'  'You see there’s no use casting evil spirits out of you and getting you delivered, unless you are going to do something about this situation yourself. Otherwise, the devil will come back & find your house empty, & you’ll end up worse off than you were before.' I showed him Matthew 12:43-45
I told him, 'In this scripture it says the man’s house was clean, swept & garnished, but empty.
It hadn’t been filled with anything.  'What do you fill a house with after it’s been cleaned?  
Word 1st.  Prayer 2nd. Never put prayer before God's Word.  Prayer must always be in line with the Word of God"... God’s...exceeding great and precious promises, are given to us so we can escape the corruption of world...
way we partake of the divine nature is by feeding on God’s Word.  I told this retired professor, 'I’m not going to do a thing for you. I’m not even going to pray for you unless you promise me you will do 3 things.' 
He said, 'I’ll do whatever you say.'  I said, '1st, burn those books. 2nd, don’t ever read books like that again, because that’s how you let the devil in. You opened your mind to evil spirits.
, Read the Word of God & pray in other tongues every day.  Keep full of: His Word + Holy Spirit'...
A person can get saved, but if he’s not going to walk with God, read the Bible, go to church & fellowship with other Christians, he’ll never amount to anything spiritually (significant).
He’ll (with minimal spiritual backbone & insight) always be open to the attacks of the devil
He'll (thus more easily)
backslide (or stay stuck). It’s what a person does after he’s saved & filled (bapatized) with the Holy Spirit that determines how successfully he can stand against (resist &/or annihilate) the devil. 
I taught this man how to keep from giving the devil access to him.  Then I cast those evil spirits out of him.
I never even got out of my chair. I just pointed my finger toward him & said very calmly, “'I command all 3 of you evil spirits to come out of the man in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.' 
In the spirit realm through the discerning of spirits, I saw those 3 spirits leave, just like birds flying away.
It is NOT necessary to see anything in order to effectively deal with evil spirits. The man didn’t see anything, nor did his or my wife. But I was seeing into the realm of the spirit because the gift of discerning of spirits was in operation. However, in the natural there was no physical manifestation in the man whatsoever. 
About a year later, this man & his wife came to 1 of our meetings. They were back together, smiling & holding hands. He told me, 'Brother Hagin, I haven’t had a bit of trouble, praise God.
I did just what you said to do. I burned every single 1 of those (occult/unholy) books.
I’ve stayed in the Word & prayed in tongues every day.
I’ve never had another bit of trouble or even been tempted in that area. It’s all gone.'”
Hagin, Kenneth E - - Fire on You editorial -
"Kenneth Hagin says, 'He went on instruct me that when I would pray & lay hands upon the sick I was to lay 1 hand on each body side.
If I felt the fire jump from hand to hand, & evil spirit or demon was present in
the body causing the affliction…
If the fire, or anointing, in my hand does not jump from hand to hand, it is a case of healing only...
When the fire, or the anointing, leaves my hands & goes into his body, I will know he is healed.'
Hagin, Kenneth, I Believe In Visions, p. 51.)"  (Read this editorial with caution, enlisting Holy Spirit's enlightenment.)
(Likewise read with caution, as these editorials are caustic.)
Hagin, Kenneth E - Health Food Devotions - important editorial -

Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae (deceased) - Deliverance video series @
Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae internet video Schizophrenia Revelation Stephen Bell presenter - 4/11/2009 Schizophrenia is a disturbance/destruction/distortion of personality.  Rejection leaves us with inability to give/receive love.  Rebellion blames/projects.  Fear can result from lack of rootedness in Father God's love.   
(Stephen Bell was mentored by the Hammonds, but later transitioned to his own ministry.)

Harfouche, Robin - went from New Age & Hollywood actress & dancer to wheelchair cripple 
LISTEN to 8/20-24/2007 Sid Roth Radio Broadcast archive #1553 @  
Friday's radio broadcast shares that there is an evil spirit of pain,
which is often to doorway to a majority of other infirmities. 
We are to command it
(& all problems it brought in with it) to leave, in Jesus name.
to 8/27-31/2007 Sid Roth Radio Broadcast archive #1554 @
Monday's program shares how ignoring/accepting/not rejecting/not refusing fear can trigger relapse.
Christian Harfouche Ministries, Pensacola, Florida, USA      
Rape/abuse prayer requests 
web address =
Be sure to get copy of 9/2007 Mishpochah newsletter editorial
Spirit of Pain.
doctor-robin-harfouche-and-christie-a -

Hayes, Norvel - How Jesus Taught Me To Cast Out Devils-(38.5MB-MP3)  Internet audio   significant audio @
Includes a Lester Sumrall story (& healing of a withered hand).  One has to bind headache/ migraine pain, break the power, release the individual, make it leave, take authority over, cast it out, command it to be quiet, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, without quitting, until it is gone.  Might take 2 hours, for instance...
Jesus reminded Norvel, "
I told you in My word to cast them out & NOT pray them MY name...
In scripture Jesus cast out demons in 2 ways, "Go" & "Come out."
Mark  9 KJVer 
Now when Jesus was risen (from the tomb/dead) early the 1st day of the week, He appeared 1st to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast 7 devils.
Deuteronomy 28:7 Harkavy
The Lord shall cause thine (evil demonic) enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face; they shall come out against thee one way, & flee before thee 7 ways.
Mark 12 KJVer 
After that He appeared in another form to 2 of them, as they walked & went into the country.
Mark 14-16 KJVer
14Afterward He appeared to the 11 as they sat at meat & upbraided them with wither unbelief & hardness of heart, because they believed not them when had seen Him after He was risen. 
He said to them, "Go you into all the world & preach the gospel to every creature. 
16He who believes AND is baptized shall be saved, but he who believes not shall be damned."
Mark 16:17-18 KJVer
  17"These signs shall follow them that believe: (1st & foremost) In My name shall they cast out devils, (2nd) they shall speak with new tongues, 18(3rd) they shall take up serpents, & (4th) if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them, (5th) they shall lay hands on the sick & they shall recover." 
[This all happened BEFORE Pentecost (50 days after Christ's resurrection) when Jesus baptized with His Holy Spirit those believers in Messiah who were expectantly waiting.]

Hayes, Norvel - 1/4 -
50 Norvel Hayes - Demonology Pt 2 of 4 @ JehToday
52 Norvel Hayes - Demonology Pt 3 of 4
53 Norvel Hayes - Demonology Pt 4 of 4

Hee, Kong - 3/20/2013 Faith and Spiritual Warfare (Part 1) + 3/27/2013 - (superior) @ -
&/or archives
Part 2  is superior summary of Lester Sumrall in Philippines

Hickey, Marilyn - Shattered Mind NOT Demon Possessed -  + - Part #1 - Testimony begins at end approx 23:23 where Marilyn shares that William Branham told her mom to place her tear stained handkerchief on her husband to allow God to heal him, that he was NOT demon possessed but rather had a shattered mind (like a mirror/fractured fragmented like a bone/cracked like an egg/broken like a heart/traumatized like a soul).
Hickey, Marilyn - 4/21/2011 (at end of broadcast)
shares testimony of anointed cloth (being laid on dad by mom) healing dad from being mentally ill
+ 2nd testimony of God healing/delivering young man having mental illness under Francis Hunter ministry.
Hickey, Marilyn & Sarah @
Health & Healing Ministry Day
3/27/2014 @  -
Resist demons, in Jesus name & by His blood (& word spoken out loud from scripture), for demons are the source of all evil.  Demons have a voice (which we can begin to recognize through their nature in the same manner we can begin to recognize God’s nature/voice/thoughts in our minds...As each human must say yes to Jesus regarding salvation of his soul so must each human say no to (resist/refute/refuse) Satan regarding daily evil or wrong thoughts & actions contrary to God’s nature as well as yes to God’s voice & thoughts, daily...
His pastor cannot stand in the gap for him, where/when he is required to make a personal choice or take a personal stand although he may need prayer partners, holy angels, & others to help/ undergird/minister. 
If a pastor has initiated successful deliverance, it is still the responsibility for the freed person to prevent the re-entry of the demon/disease/malady/curse.  Self-defense skills may require ongoing backup support/ministry/ training/mentoring/ discipleship.  Caution, spiritual &/or secular counseling should not be forever, but only a temporary schooling, with perhaps refresher courses.  Co-dependency should only be between our spirit & the Holy Spirit.  Thus our goal daily is to date the Trinity, to chase God until He catches us.)
Hickey, Marilyn and Sarah - 8/24/2017 -
Jehovah Rophe - Marilyn shares that anyone,
even Christians, can have/pick-up/attract/inherit demons that need to be EVICTED by us,
in same manner we would evict a tenant who is in violation of lease terms.

, Benny - - London, England & Pensacola, Florida 2006 training classes:
1/23/2007  Demons are attracted by sight, sound, smell &/or sound.  Destroy cursed/demonic objects.
1/24/2007  You never fight demons with experience, rather with the Word of God.
1/25/2007  There are12 strongmen/spirits/devils under which all demonic activity exists =
(Remember Jesus had 12 disciples.) 
Go for the strongman rather than the underlings when you bind, cast out & refuse their return.. 
(1) strongman of jealousy (Numbers 5:11-14; Proverbs 6:34-35) rage/murder/revenge
(2) lying spirit (religious/control/stubborn/forceful/pushy-nature/filthy/in-your-face) 2nd Chronicles 18:22
(3) familiar (occult/divination/astrology/fortune telling/horoscope) 1st Samuel 28:7; Deuteronomy 18:10-12
(4) perverse (lust/lies-spoken/hidden-hate/twist-truth/hypocrisy)
Isaiah 19:14; Proverbs 14:2; 23:33; Acts 13:10
When the substance of Christ's presence comes to you, it/He will allow you then to do whatever you say. 
Wait for His presence, before you speak/act.  The anointing sets men free.
(5) hoardom (prostitution/idolatry/idol worship/soap opera addiction) Hosea 4:12; Ezekiel 16:28-39
(6) heaviness (depression/grief/gluttony/self-pity/despair/hopelessness/have-been-abused-emotionally/gloom) Isaiah 61:3
(7) infirmity (sickness) Luke 13:11
(8) deaf & dumb (epilepsy/seizures/suicide/insanity/lunatic/anorexia/weak-due-to-underweight)
Mark 9:17-26; Mat 17:14-17
(9) fear (torment/terror/inferiority/nightmares/bad dreams/inadequacy/phobias/fears of height &/or dark)
2nd Timothy 1:7; Job 4:14
(10) pride (division/wrath/control/contention/fighting/self-righteousness) Proverbs 13:10; 16:18;  21:24
(11) bondage (addictions) Romans 8:15
(12) antichrist (terrorism/denies Christ is the Messiah/denies that Christ came in the flesh)  
Hinn, Benny  How to Pray for the Salvation of Your Lost Loved Ones #4  1/31/2008 A MUST watch
Reminds us of our authority in Christ + shows us how to go on the attack.
Explains that our loved ones can't defend themselves; but that it is our responsibility to fight for them & NOT quit.
Hinn, Benny -
Spiritual Victory in Today’s World #1 -
Hinn, Benny - Spiritual Victory in Today’s World #2 - -
There are 5 angelic divisions:
1.Seraphim with 6 wings. Isaiah 6:2    
2.Cherubim with 4 faces & 4 wings.  Ezekiel 1
3.Living Creatures (eg. each having 1 face: lion/ox/man/or ox.  Each with 6 wings covered with eyes: Revelation 4. 
4.Arch-angels (eg. Gabriel or Michael) 5.Hosts
Colossians 2:9-10 TNAB In Christ...Who is the head of every principality & power.
Ephesians 6:12 TNAB gives 4 of 5 satanic divisions: 
Our battle is...against (evil) principalities (demon spirits) & powers, (authorities/sergeants) the (human agents) rulers of this world of darkness, the (fallen angels) evil spirits in regions above.
Also chiefs. (For New Testament refer to Greek renderings.  Also consult your concordance.)
Hinn, Benny - Spiritual Victory in Today’s World #3 -
Hinn, Benny - Spiritual Victory in Today’s World #4 -
The Holy Spirit comes when we apologize to God and invite Jesus to be our Savior & Lord. 
However, the Holy Spirit's hands are tied until we fill up daily with the listening to &/or reading of God's Word.  John calls Jesus the Word of God.  WHEN we back our prayers with the "spoken" Word of God (true intercession), the Word becomes a sword/tool/weapon wielded in the hands of the Holy Spirit, Who immediately enlists angels & destroys demons & demonic strongholds. excellent
Hinn, Benny -
Deliverance From Demons - 1x2 - 3/21/2011
@ -
When demons bring up your past, you bring up their future.

Hinn, Benny - Deliverance From Demons  - 2x2 - 3/21/2011
Hinn, Benny & George G. Bloomer, Bethel Family Worship Center, Durham, N Carolina, USA
Hinn, Benny &
George G. Bloomer, Bethel Family Worship Center, Durham, N Carolina, USA
, Benny &
George G. Bloomer, Bethel Family Worship Center, Durham, N Carolina, USA
, Benny &
George G. Bloomer, Bethel Family Worship Center, Durham, N Carolina, USA
, Benny &
George G. Bloomer, Bethel Family Worship Center, Durham, N Carolina, USA - (Ignore what rubs you the wrong way, but take/apply that part that will help free you & your loved ones from satanic influences)
Hinn, Benny - Demons and Demonology, Part 1 - 7/31/2012 - excellent
Hinn, Benny - Spiritual Warfare, Part 2 - 8/1/2012
Hinn, Benny - Spiritual Warfare, Part 3 - 8/2/2012
Hinn, Benny - Spiritual Warfare, Part 4 - 8/3/2012
@ -
"What does it mean to take spiritual authority & to cast demons out? We are told in Luke 10:19 'Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents & scorpions, & over all the power of the enemy: & nothing shall by any means hurt you.' Believers are at war. The Bible makes it clear that our foes are not of this world: 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places' (Ephesians 6:12)." 
The Bible says that ignorance is no excuse for allowing any curse to remain in or on our lives. 
In other words, a curse has a legal right to stay until it’s root cause is discovered & removed, in Jesus’ name.)

Hinn, Benny with Bloomer, George
Hinn, Benny with Bloomer, George
Hinn, Benny with Bloomer, George
Hinn, Benny with Bloomer, George - Recommended.
Hinn, Benny with Bloomer, George
Benny teaches on & exorcises 12 strongmen (evil spirits).
Hinn, Benny @
Although God & we forgive/forget/overlook sins, demons do NOT.
Beware of their evil persistence & attempt at mind contamination.

Hinn, Henry - Henry Hinn - Paris - Casting Out Demons of cancer etc.

Hinn, Benny - 9/19/2016 @

Hinn, Benny - 9/20/2016 @

Hinn, Benny - 9/21/2016 @
Benny suggests a progressive spiritual downhill slide: 1.regression, 2.supression, 3.depression, 4.opression, 5.obcession (where one is fighting a demon), 6.possession (where one fails to resist).  Benny suggests 3 spiritual war weapons:1.prayer (fuel), 2.praise (like David), 3.confession (declaration of Jesus' blood & of scripture) - Terrifying the Rulers of Darkness - 6/25/2000 -
Demons/evil spirits maintain “lease extensions”
or “tenancy rights” by numerous methods including:
(a) "Rituals and festivals.  Authority (legal permission/POA/power of attorney) is transferred to demons through rituals, festivals, pilgrimages, marches, fasts, initiation rites, E.g. Halloween, Gay pride marches, Ramadan, Hajj to Mecca, pilgrimage & washing in Ganges."
(b) "Physical markers.  (The) Devil likes to mark his territory: Individually through clothes, necklaces, jewelry, rings, tattoos, body-piercing (& Corporately through “power points” that indicate satanic strongholds (places that export darkness & repel light)
E.g. literal idols, totem poles etc, sensual or demonic art, ungodly statues or monuments, Masonic lodges, cult buildings, temples for false religions, occult bookshops, pornography shops, homosexual bars, brothels, witches covens, ancestral sites, crime or gang centres." (Regardless, God is the landlord, Who always has the final superior power/authority.  We are the temple.  We choose who occupies - the Holy Spirit or the evil spirit.)

Holliday, Pat - + Dr Pat Holliday on Sid Roth Show

Dr. Aiko Hormann - Heavenly Perspective - or
(May need to sign in to watch.) - IMPORTANT -  We MUST be seated in God's throne room in heavenly places ABOVE negative circumstances from where we minister or do spiritual warfare, in order NOT to be adversely affected by curses/demons.  "It is important for us to be in the spirit before we take authority in the physical realm, otherwise we can not win. We need to become aware of not only who we are, but also where we are in Christ."

Hunter, Francis - Watch 12/25-31/2006 Sid Roth interview Francis on TV archives @ - Francis shares that she learned that it is important (in the name of Jesus) to curse both the seed and the root of any infirmity (such as cancer) that modern medicine cannot cure; there is a high probability that there is a demonic cause.

Joan Hunter 2009 (daughter of Frances)   #1665 radio broadcast 10/12-16/2009 -
2 books -
Healing the Whole Man Handbook & Power to Heal -
Wednesday the 14th's program testifies of both psychiatric (schizophrenia)
+ physical HEALING (back and heart) from cursing/eliminating the spirit of fear & trauma
10/16/2009 broadcast is a more thorough discussion regarding transplants & transfusions with testimony evidencing that not only had flesh AND blood been transferred, but also specific evil spirits (such as trauma, fear, fear of death, fear of being bludgeoned to death, night terrors).  Finally Joan shares how when transplants/transfusions are pending/imminent the team can pray and bind/cancel/forbid all harm from coming into the recipient + the team can minister health/healing to the organ and recipient.
Hunter, Joan - Joan Hunter Ministries - -
Daughter of Charles and Frances - Watch archived
2/19/2007 TV Messianic Vision Broadcast &/or Joan Hunter  1/11-17/2010  TV broadcast includes healing prayer.  
Often trauma triggers mental illness; it can be cursed and eradicated, thus loosing us from schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, etc. 

Jackson, John Paul - WSTK-ITV - Breaking Down Strongholds (Part 1) Awe TV
Jackson, John Paul - WSTK-ITV - Breaking Down Strongholds Part 2 - Awe TV
Jackson, John Paul + Mapes, Patty - YouTube - WSTK-ITV - Breaking Down Strongholds (#1) Awe TV 
Mental Strong-holds (thought patterns) -
Strongholds are open doors which need to be closed. 
It takes 21-30 days of declarations, declaring God's word, to accomplish His work in our life. 
Cast out demons, but pull down demonic strongholds/lies.  Disagreement with God is agreement with Satan.  Strongholds twist/cloud perceptions. Strongholds trigger spiritual paralysis + distorted: opinions, reasoning, offenses, failure. Strongholds alienate us from our destiny in life.  Reaching Your Destiny in God course.
Jackson, John Paul + Mapes, Patty Strongholds (#2) - 11/16/2007 - The battlefield is in our mind; we need to change our mind, take every incorrect thought captive.  We need to agree with God about our destiny, why we were created. 
Strongholds adversely affect our views.  We need to stop contradicting/denying what God says in Scripture about us.  We are to take a spiritual rather than an intellectual view. 
Strongholds attempt to steal our spiritual medicine, which is faith/hope.  Thorns are the enemy's attempts to destroy us, but God's attempts to train us for the fantastic purpose for which we were born...
Generation problems resolved in our generation will be resolved in our seed.
Let us repent & come out of agreement with family curses. 

Jakes, TD - Free Your Mind - 1/2/2011 -
Jakes, TD - Liberation 7/2012
After one is raised from the dead by Jesus, he still needs to be unbound (spiritually & emotionally + with practical help such as mentoring or assisting getting a job) by His helpers, as was Lazarus in the physical loosed from his restraining grave wrappings.
Jakes, TD -
Spiritual Warfare FIGHTING Demons 10/1/2014 @

Jones, Bishop Noel, pastor of 10,000-member City of Refuge Church, Los Angeles, California, USA
& author of book, The Battle for the Mind.
On this Benny Hinn TV broadcast, Bishop Jones reveals how renewing the mind is critical for survival. 
3/27/2007  Life-Changing Answers in the Battle for Your Mind
Also watch 3/28/2007 archive at
The soul/mind is the fulcrum/middle of the sea-saw which needs equal time with spirit & with body to be balanced.  Where the soul leans is where the control is; whoever/whatever controls e scales upwards to heaven. 
We need to believe/take God at His Word rather than to believe/pay attention to our hurtful circumstances/facts.  God can make lemonade out of lemons, if we allow.

Jones, Bob and Davis, Paul Keith  editorials   Look for named spirits.
The Religious Spirit - The Spirit of Compromise - The Season of the Basilisk -
Spirit of the Nicolaitans - Strongholds and Dominions - Phinehas-An Anointing of Jealousy

Jordan, Manasseh - God Wants to Pull You Out of Your Pit @ "The Lord is looking for servants who are broken & ready to be used."

Kamphausen, Erhard -
The Function of Pentecostalism in the Context of Socio-Economic Transformation Processes
A Ghanaian Case Study
  Part 2  (Also see Pat Holliday's book Marine Spirits - City Under the Sea )
"It has frequently been reported...that...Pentecostal communities like the Assemblies of God, the Church of Pentecost & the break-away E.P. Church of Ghana are exhorted by their preachers not to buy & consume market commodities without proper spiritual protection...These commodities may contain dangerous spiritual ingredients that may cause harm to the consumer. All church members are called upon, reports the ethnologist Birgit Meyer, to say a silent prayer before using any object bought at the local market in Ho. They are asked by their preachers to purify these commodities so that indwelling demonic spiritual forces may be neutralized & driven out. This ceremony is intended to check destructive powers inherent in these products & to keep them from harming the health & the lives of their owners...
According to this belief, certain commodities which are sold at the local market are 'animated', i.e 'inhabited by evil spirits'. At the same time spiritual counter-measures are recommended which enable the believer to transform the 'animated objects' back into normal & profane consumer items...
This prayerful act of purification is structurally similar to the concept of 'defetishisation' which was practiced by Christian missionaries when they invaded the religio-cultural belief systems of the Ewe people in the last century...
But unlike the missionaries, Pentecostals understand the modern global economy as being bewitched by satanic spirits.  They claim to have the spiritual powers to break the spells of evil inherent in objects produced under the conditions of globalization...
Ghanaian Pentecostal Churches...offer an elaborated discourse on evil spirits, i.e. spiritual beings & fetishes which formerly were venerated & worshiped by the "pagans" as lower and higher deities or ancestors. This also deals with  the phenomena of witchcraft, sorcery, traditional & "modern" practices of (black) magic & the existence of mermaids living on the bottom of the sea. All these supernatural beings are said to be servants of the devil, who uses these (evil) spirits to penetrate into the body & soul of human beings causing evil deeds & self-destruction.
The obsession with demonology is the most outstanding mark of the new Ghanian pentecostal churches.
'Man kann sogar sagen, daß es der Glaube an die Existenz Satans ist. der die Christen in Ghana spaltet.'[3] According to Angelika Veddeler who worked in Ho during the days of turmoil in the E.P.Church, Ghana the attraction the charismatic movement enjoyed among African Presbyterians was largely based on its claim to offer effective help and spiritual assistance in combating the powers of Satan and his demonic following.
According to the official "orthodox" theology of the E.P. Church, however, the existence of Satan is denied & the religious practices of Pentecostals are rejected as superstition & paganism. 
In Ghana...Pentecostal preachers use their power effectively to protect their adherents from the possible infiltration of evil spirits. They also claim to be able to avert spiritual attacks of jealous relatives & neighbors who cast covetous glances at successful believers. During Pentecostal services members of the congregation who feel spiritually weak are called to come to the front & confess their guilt. When they are believed to be possessed by evil spirits exorcists try to liberate them from the powers of darkness & 'refill' them with the Holy Spirit...
The rites of exorcism & the ministry of deliverance are not reduced to the healing of an individual person.
It is much more a public affair insofar as the casting out of the demon takes place in the assembly of believers.
During the public performances of exorcism, victims of the powers of darkness reveal (share) ghastly adventures & 'journeys' they experienced before the diabolical spells were taken from them.
In Ghana a new genre/form of literature has come into existence...sometimes in the form of video recordings.'
Many Ghanaian Pentecostals, especially women...fear...that frightening things happen in the market place which are invisible but which might have serious consequences in the physical world.
It is generally believed that 'below' the visible market there exists another market where witches sell meat which in a 'spiritual way' was taken from living human beings.
This meat is devoured by witches & causes sickness & even death to the person the meat was taken from.
It is also a common belief that jealousy is the prime motive of witches in their efforts to destroy successful traders & to nip potentially successful enterprises in the bud. This is why market women have to be particularly careful not to become victims of the witches. Pentecostals believe that Holy Spirit is the only power which gives protection against the onslaught of witchcraft...
Another danger operating in the market place emanates from market women who are suspected of having made a 'pact' or agreement with occult powers. Rumors are spread that certain women traders nurse serpents in their vagina, which make them prosper in business.  In return for their success these women have renounced their ability to give birth to children. Other market women are said to keep snakes on the bottom of the pots in which they cook the food for sale. Customers buying from them become addicted to the food so that they are unwilling to buy from any other market women. There is a story that a Pentecostal preacher exorcised a market women publicly exposing her snake as a servant of the devil...

One of the most popular books sold...all over Africa is the story of D.D. Kaniaki and Evangelist Mukendi titled 'Snatched from Satan's Claws: an amazing deliverance by Christ'.[5] 
The preacher, Evangelist Mukendi, tells the story of his life from the time he was weaned by a mermaid & pledged to Satan by his father, himself a witch.
Mukendi, now born again in Christ, records the appalling experiences he had in his years as a witch.
He describes how he travelled throughout the witches' underworld which, he claims, contains complexes of modern institutions created & used by witches, including universities & even international airports. In this...underworld of sorcery, he records how 'every town or village in the world has some hidden human activities under the water nearby. Here, the spirits of people who in life were controlled by the fallen angels, the agents of evil, congregate & communicate with the 'witch doctors, sorcerers & magicians' still living in the town.[6]  In their underwater lairs, the agents of the Devil feast on human flesh. They 'promote sorcerers, magicians & witch doctors to high positions in the towns above ground, in the visible world. They manufacture diabolic objects underground, including 'cars, clothes, perfumes, money, radios & television sets' which they peddle above ground trying to 'distort & destroy the lives of those who purchase such items'.
There are even underground scientists employed by the fallen angels. The ultimate purpose of all satanic activity of this type is 'to steal, kill & destroy'.[7] According to Mukendi, who claims personal experience of these matters, some major underground cities are located in former Zaire, 1 near the Inga dam & another near Matadi.
Here there are diabolical underground conference centers 'where many decisions affecting countries & continent of Africa are effected'. These are on a large high-way which connects them to other parts of Zaire & to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.[8]
Zaire even has a 'very busy international airport for all sorts of sorcerers & magicians, flying in & out'.[9]
Some of the users of the witches' airport are Africans who transform themselves into white people.
These false white persons will then get out of their planes & enter into bigger ones awaiting at Makamba Lake destined for Europe, America or any other country of the 'developed' world.
Mukendi claims to have taken part in such trips while he was a witch. The witches have a government, organized just like a visible government except that those in charge are women.  Ghanaian Pentecostals argue that persons using the magic of this underworld to become prosperous will finally be overpowered by evil spirits who turn against them, making them poor or even causing mental derangements...
In addition to the rumors pertaining to the dangers of the market, Ghanaian Pentecostals refer to dangers which are inherent in the very items of consumption. These stories are published in popular magazines & journals & are taken up in songs & public sermons. They very often make reference to spiritual powers which are supposed to exist on the bottom of the sea. For the Ocean is believed to be the habitat of Mami Wata spirits or mermaids which transform themselves into beautiful human beings.  They seduce males or females into marriage, but these marriages will not be blessed with offspring. In return, the water spirits will collect the riches of the bottom of the sea & present them to their human spouses. This tradition which is popular all over the west coast of Africa was taken up by Ghanaian Pentecostals who integrated the mythology of Mami Wata into their demonology, maintaining that the Mami Wata spirits are manifestations of the Devil.
In this context the confession of the Nigerian Pentecostal Emmanuel Eni plays an important role. His book Delivered from the Powers of Darkness is just as widely read as Evangelist
Mukendi's biographical story. Eni's reports are of particular interest as he, just like Mukendi, was an authentic eyewitness of events that took place in the kingdom of darkness before he became a born again Christian.[11] 
In his confession Eni makes some significant statements concerning the spiritual connections between the Devil &  consumption of goods bought at local markets:
He also tells the story of his arrival in the underwater reign of the Mami Wata spirits on the bottom of the sea. There he discovered laboratories in which scientists & psychiatrists in joint ventures produced 'flashy cars', 'the latest weapons', 'clothes, perfumes & assorted types of cosmetics' as well as 'electronics, computers & alarms'.[12] Eni keeps stressing the fact that the Devil informed him, that 'since man likes flashy & fanciful things he would continue to manufacture these things & make sure man has no time for his God...'[13].
Eni found out that an important area of satanic activity was the secondary schools & he is sure that the Devil intends to seduce school girls with the help of 'cosmetics, dresses, underwear, books, provisions & money.'[14] In addition Eni gives his readers a strong warning concerning dangers of the market:
'The market is 1 of the major areas of the operations of Satan...
Certain fanciful products sold in the market e.g. necklaces, lipsticks, perfumes & food items such as sardines 'queen of the coast' etc. have 'strange origin.'[15]
...Most people are not aware of the demonic dimensions of commodities & tend to regard them as harmless objects. Pentecostal preachers, therefore, keep insisting that commodities have to be deprived of their evil past & 'de-fetished' by prayer...(However, luckily)
By transforming human beings into vessels of the Holy Spirit, 'born again' believers are empowered to combat Satan & his diabolical spirits, thus enabling the faithful to change potential fetishes into harmless items."

Samuel Kanco - 8/12/2004 Messianic Vision radio broadcast - Witch Doctor and the Man, 4th Generation Witch Doctor Finds Christ - Listen by clicking onto radio archives at
Samuel Kanco - 5/3/2004 It's Supernatural TV broadcast - 5/3-9/2004 Watch     
Samuel Kanco + Surprise Suthole - 5/17/2004 It's Supernatural TV  5/17-23/2004 Watch -
2 African men, 1 a former witch doctor, the other with a background in witchcraft, reveal mysteries of the invisible realm.  Kanco reveals how the positions of yoga are sign-language solicitations for demons to enter oneself.  DANGER.
Most understand that typical modern meditation also invites demons, as the door of the mind is left OPEN to anything wanting to enter. REMINDER.
Kanco - deliverance at Miracle Outreach Ministries,
Jacksonville, Florida - - 12/22/2006
Kanco -
Warn Radio - City Under the Sea
Kanco -
Antichrist Under the Sea
Bishop Vagalas Kanco - Star Marine Demon City Under the Sea  #1-3 - radio broadcasts from

Kelley, Earthquake - 1  LISTEN Messianic Vision radio broadcast archive #1558 -
Earthquake Kelley is a former heavyweight boxer who has visited both heaven & hell.
Kelley, Earthquake -  2   LISTEN to Messianic Vision radio broadcast archive #1559 - Order book #1122 "Bound to Lose, Destined to Win"
Earthquake Kelley -  1 - 10/15-21/2007 - @
Earthquake Kelley -  2 - 10/22-28/2007 - @
Kelley, Earthquake    EarthQuake Kelly part one or
Kelley, Earthquake -
Earthquake Kelly On Sid Roth on Heaven Part 2
, Earthquake -
EarthQuake Kelly Part three 
God's view on abortions.
Kelley, Earthquake   
EarthQuake Kelly Part four  newbeginningschapel
Kelley, Earthquake     EarthQuake Kelly Part five
Kelley, Earthquake - Manna Fest TV broadcast
interview by Perry Stone @
Kelley, Earthquake -   

Kerr, Kat - Evicting Darkness source
Kat Kerr- Recent God Movements, heaven revelations 8/10/13 from
We are to evict from our soul any darkness, trauma, fear, sadness, offense, unforgiveness.
Our soul impacts our entire being.  Learn to be dangerous to your enemy, not his puppet, especially with our mouth.  If you knew what you inherited & carry on the inside of you, the enemy would be so terrified of you, they would flee from your city.  What we watch, we approve of, so when in doubt, don't.  If it is NOT in heaven, then it is disallowed on earth; simple.  Don't know, then read your entire Bible, for beginners.

King, Patricia - 
, Patricia -
King, Patricia - other videos - 
King, Patricia -
Cocaine Deliverance - -
personal ministry

Carol Kornacki Testimony -
Carol Kornacki Testimony #2 - -
She was in and out of mental institutions.

Hank Kunneman 12/2004 Messianic Vision radio broadcast
Hank Kunneman 2011 - Messianic Vision radio broadcast - Barrier Breakers - The Serpent Crusher -

Lake Hamilton - audio files -

Jennifer LeClaire Ministries - 7/12/2018 #1 of series
Signs You May Need Deliverance Ministry: The Brick Wall -
“You can be demonized in your (soul) emotions, in your mind (&/or) in your body or your physical lusts.
But how can you tell if you need deliverance?”  
LeClair, Jennifer -
Breaking Toxic Soul Ties and Alignments
LeClair, Jennifer - with Sid Roth 5/19/2013
LeClair, Jennifer - online classes such as: @

Liengu Cult (Mermaid Cult)-
"The Liengu cult is primarily as a medicinal rite that leads to the induction of the patient into the powerful mermaid cult."  There are mainly 3 "types of Liengu rites:
1 LIENGU LA NDIVA (ndiva: ‘deep water’).
It is the rite that retains the closest connection with water spirits...
3 LIENGU LA VEFEA. It reduces the procedure to essentially to the killing of a goat & young cock & drinking of the vomiting medicine followed by food taboos. The medicine is the same in all rites."

Lowe, Gareth - - Grahamstown Africa
Breaking Curses1 - Can I Lose My Salvation - Casting out Demons1 + Haunted Houses1 -
How To Cast Out Demons - Understanding Demonisation1 -
Uprooting Bitter Roots

T L Lowery - Cleveland, Tennessee, USA -
Our warfare, in Jesus' name is offensive, not defensive.

MacNutt, Francis & Judith -  editorials
MacNutt - Excellent - Deliverance From Evil Spirits - pg 281-282 -
Lowe, Gareth  2002 sermon Casting out Demons1 - "My very 1st case of deliverance took place 3/7/1976.
It happened during a prayer meeting held in Bombay where between 200-300 people were present & we were on our break time.  Suddenly we heard a shout & screaming.  We all went over to see what was happening.
I saw there a young girl on a chair who was screeching & flinging her arms all about.
I asked someone what was happening & was told that she was possessed.
It was the 1st time I had ever met such a person, said to be possessed. (oppressed/demonized)
Something inside of me inspired me to say, 'I command you in the name of Jesus to leave her.'
At that very moment she stopped doing all those things.  Her eyes opened & she gave me a beautiful smile.
I absolutely didn't know what I was doing. Later she told me how for 10 years she had been afflicted by evil spirits & had been going to a Muslim shrine, but now she felt freed. 
In the 2 years since that time I have prayed for between 400-500 cases of deliverance.
About 1/3 of these were deliverances from so-called Hindu gods & goddesses.
I have been led to believe from my experiences that many of these gods & goddesses in Hindu mythology are nothing other than demons. The reason I think this is that in a 3rd of the cases, when we asked the demons to identify themselves, they gave their names as Hindu gods or goddesses.
On 1 occasion a woman even gave me the name of Krishna, which was a shock to me. 
[I'm not saying that Krishna is a demon...
In this 1 woman who was brought before the cross the (evil) spirit identified itself as Krishna.]
There are certain gods and goddesses who turn up frequently in these cases of deliverance.
1 in particular is a god called Andarvar. He's a god who, according to popular belief, is a very evil spirit who possesses women; he's very lustful & wants to rape women. These afflicted women actually experience this god coming during the night time & raping them. They all say it's not a dream. They say it was as if they were awake. Speaking to their husbands, I have been led to believe that what they say may be true.
Another thing I would like to share with you is that many people get possessed on the festival days of these gods & goddesses. My own cousin was an officer in the army many, many years ago.
He went out on a Hindu festival day, & when he came back he fell sick with a fever, the doctors could not diagnose it & within a week's time he died. Another cousin also died in the same mysterious circumstances.
(My mother used to warn us when we were small never to go out of the house on the day of Hindu festivals.)
I've found that in many cases of possession, evil spirit attacks become far more intense on festival days.

Madubuko, Anselm - internet church -
Deliverance Service 8am-2pm every Saturday -
Revival Assembly, 1-7 Revival Close, Cocoa Industries Rd, Off Akilo Rd, Ogba, Lagos State,
Nigeria, W Africa

, Anselm -
, Anselm - archives -   
, Anselm  10-28-07  video   Breaking Strongholds 1
Madubuko, Anselm  11-04-07  video  Breaking Strongholds 2
Madubuko, Anselm  11-11-07  video  Breaking Strongholds 3
Madubuko, Anselm   09-23-07 audio  The Cost of Your Sacrifice
Madubuko, Anselm   10-14-07 audio  Fruitfullness   
Apostle Anselm Madubuko tells us that one major reason we cannot make any progress after we have done it all as born again, spirit filled, baptized Christians, is that demonic covenants made by our ancestors have not been repented of, demolished, & replaced with altars & (continual) sacrifices (eg/ praise/worship/thanks/tithing) to God.
He mentions that Africans understand much about the devil, whereas Americans understand little.  
Luckily for Satan, the less one knows the happier Satan is & the more Satan can accomplish, because ignorance is not a legal reason to not be used or abused. In the past African chiefs had both demonic power & control over others, mostly by reason of more murders of opponents and deals with the devil.  These deals dealt with deeding over 1st born sons & the like, throughout generations, & sealed with covenants, alters, sacrifices, etc.  
Therefore if one has a family curse/recurring disaster/disease/death generation after generation, it cannot be terminated except through the blood of Christ, via confession & verbally tearing down contracts of ancestors.

Guillermo Maldonado - Healing - 4/16/2012 It's Supernatural TV broadcast -

Marocco, James - Overcoming Defilement - - video sermon regarding his book - In law, one is an accessory, if he witnesses a crime, but does nothing.
Satan has legal access to anyone who does not refute/refuse/reject him.
Dispose of gifts from past sexual partners or occult relationships. 
In prayer ministry, in Jesus name, break off every defilement, including nightmares.  Different churches have the same demon, so one cannot escape evil designs by moving.  Get rid of defilement where you are now.
- - video sermon archive

McLean, Renny - Transition to Glory Audio (download or audio snippet of 1st part) -
"The 1st part of this series, Tombs deals with  the memories & problems that keep us from the Glory.
The 2nd part of this series deal with the Glory of God."

Meyer, Joyce - 3/17/2011 TV broadcast - Are you affecting (positively) or infecting (negatively) others? 
Are relationships affecting or infecting you?  Do not depend on self too much; rather, depend on God. 
It is good for you to have something impossible to do; however, we fail to notice that it is impossible to do anything right without God and His timing.  God can use our worst mistakes for His best results in our lives. - good
, Joyce -
Are You Too Busy? - Pt 2 - 12/30/2008 - - Joyce has a one sentence quip that possibly one cannot have much authority over demons if in fact he/she has no authority over dirty dishes. 
1 rhetorical response to this is that perhaps the individual with the dirty dishes has authority only over the lower level demons.
Meyer, Joyce
Cracking the Enemy’s Code 5/10/2010 recommended

Meyer, Joyce
Cracking the Enemy’s Code 5/11/2010 - What the Devil Doesn't Want You to Know -  recommended
Meyer, Joyce  How to Build a Fortress of Faith  5/12/2010
Meyer, Joyce 
How to Build a Fortress of Faith  5/13/2010
Meyer, Joyce 
What the Devil Doesn’t Want You to Know – Q&A  5/14/2010 Gentle approach & prayer. -
Meyer, Joyce -
The Test of Faithfulness, 2  12/16/2010 The Going-Through Test 12/17/2010 -
Some of us cannot even get rid of the dirt/mess in our cars/dishes/homes & we are out trying to cast out demons.
Meyers, Joyce shares from time to time that her mom had mental illness challenges. 2022

Moody - - superior - schizophrenia

Morgan, Julie - 12/1/2006 - Forgiveness + reading scripture to Satan un-hunts a house. -
Julie Morgan: A Spiritual Housecleaning  Evil spirits can dwell in objects, pets, & people. 

Bill Morford - 11/7-11/2011 - It's Supernatural TV or TV transcript
BILL: In the New Testament...Luke 22 has Jesus at the Seder, & it records 3 instances, 3 blessings there.
The 1st cup actually comes from Exodus 6:6, and it's, "I will bring you out of Egypt."
Jesus lifts that and says the blessing over the wine. Then He says the blessing over the bread. 
With the bread that means you're eating the meal & with the meal they're having a 2nd cup of wine & that cup, in Exodus 6:6, says, "I will rescue you from your bondage." So that when we take the bread in our communion, we are actually celebrating his taking us out of our bondage
In other words, all deliverance has been done. It's over.
(All we do is to say, “Yes”, and appropriate it, like medicine, each time we take communion.)
BILL: The 3rd cup is amazing because this is from Exodus 6:6.  Jesus lifts that cup & said, "This is the renewed covenant of my blood which is being shed for you." What Exodus 6:6 has for the 3rd cup is the cup of redemption. So this is the blood of our kinsman redeemer Who has come.
: Passover has been hijacked from the (Christian) church.
Bill Morford - 11/7-11/2011 - Messianic Vision radio
Morford, William - Read Matthew online -

Mukoko-Mokeba, Magnus P - Philosophical Basis for Bakweri Mysticism -   

Mulkey, Monty - Who Helps God's Deliverers? 
Mulkey, Monty
 - - excellent -
Mulkey, Monty
Mulkey, Monty -  Thousand Oaks, California, USA & Westlake Village, California, USA
Mulkey, Monte - CD #406 Spirits of Schizophrenia - from

Mumba, Ramson - Daystar Interview @ @

Nash, Aquilla - videos - -
Nash, Aquilla - 4/7/2013 -
The Lord helped Aquilla understand a spiritual principal regarding spiritual efficiency (delegated power & authority). 
If one owns & sits in his car, until he turns on the ignition, the car will not move/run, even if there is a tank full of gas & a good engine.  The born-again spirit-filled Christian needs to (continuously) ACT on the Word of God. 
Yes we can & should (bind) rebuke (tormenting) demons (unclean spirits), in Jesus' name, rather than be impotent, passive (especially when/if they come personally, such as nightmares). 
Includes personal ministry/prayer. 
One needs to AGREE in his heart, giving holy angels permission to do war against the area of oppression in one's life.

Nessee, Zach - - 4/3/2014 posted

Ndifon, Charles and Donna - Christ Love Ministries -
Ndifon, Charles and Donna - International Miracle Ministries - -
2005 Power School of Miracles - volume 1 includes 3 CD's on Casting Out Demons. 
These are of NO value without the preceding CD's explaining our supernatural identity/power. 
The Trinity is united to your spirit and is confronting the evil spirit, using your voice/mouth/tongue /obedience/authority.  You do not need to wait on God or a pastor to act.  God is waiting on you.  
Demons have to flee when you speak ALOUD God's words to them (not to the person). 
You need only speak once.  You need not argue.

Joni – Tabernacle – Zach Neese (J1014)  7/25/2013 + Joni – Entertaining Demons – Zach Neese (J1015) - 7/26/2013 @

Nightmares: Freedom from Demonic Strongholds - -
"Beginning at age 12, a young Nigerian named Tope started to be haunted by a recurring nightmare. See how Jesus Christ changed his life. "

Nutt, Diane - guest on Radio Broadcast 4/16-20/2007  Intimacy with God
LISTEN by clicking onto radio archives. 
To order ONE free copy, please call Sid Roth's order only line 1-800-548-1918.
Former drug addict, now hug addict who permits God's presence in her to heal/deliver others with a word, a hug, a song, or just being in someone's presence.  God was able to minister love to her, after she 1st forgave herself.  Thursday's broadcast shares that a woman was delivered from evil spirits by just listening to music being sung by Diane.

Ndondondume a'mbenga'a maliwa (The sea monster/creature) edited
"There was a very pretty girl, Molonga. Her...long neck, & walk reminded everyone of a graceful antelope... Suitors came from all the Mokpe villages from Mwangai to Mokunda, from Wonadikombo to Wonakanda.
She had
1 defect: pride

Ofege, Ntemfac - Namondo. Child of the Water Spirits  "Is the (African) story of an exquisite,
yet lethal, water spirit or
mermaid of the Bakweri people.  
"Chaos reigned in the firmament, until the ageless spirit Ovase Lova breathed & created...
River gods now dispatch Namondo, a liengu-la-nwanja or water spirit, to the land.
The child of the water spirits, alongside her twin brother, has come to purge the land of
an evil cult. Namondo uses her magic ring to accomplish her task, but disaster strikes.
The fearsome ring of the water spirits must return to her son...This mythological narrative is rooted in...Africa, land of vicious serpents & elephant -doubles.  Ripe with transfigurations & transformations."
"Bakweri people...dwell...below the Fako Mountain (Mount Cameroon)." @

Osteen, Joel - - 7/6/2010 TV broadcast -
Satan is attacking you
, not because of your situation, but because of your destiny.  
Before Satan could curse you, God put a blessing on you. 

Online Demon Encyclopedia -
1st Pray to see if Holy Spirit wants you to visit this site.

Oyedepo, David - Nigeria - Covenant Code For Full Delivery - 11/1/2009 -

Pen Star - Demon Possession Handbook #2 - -
Multiple-personalities (MPD), schizophrenia, and hearing voices

Perez, Benny  You Tube  See conferences which include deliverance for youth on U2. 
Additionally listen to Messianic Vision Tuesday radio broadcast 2/5/2008. 
Perez, Benny is the pastor of a church in Las Vegas.

Phillips, Ron @ God TV
Podcast options -
Center Point Audio Programs - 
Title Samples:
Everyone's Guide to Demons & Spiritual Warfare - 8/23/2010-9/3/2010 - 10 audio programs
Exposing the Enemy's Strategies - 9/20/2010-10/1/2010 - 10 audio programs
Outmaneuvering Satan
- 9/6-17/2010 - 10 audio programs
2011 - Demons & Spiritual Warfare audio series
2011 -
Outmaneuvering Satan at audio series
2/28/2011 -
Outmaneuvering Satan, Day 1
3/01/2011 -
Outmaneuvering Satan, Day 2
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Outmaneuvering Satan, Day 3
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Outmaneuvering Satan, Day 7
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Outmaneuvering Satan, Day 8
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Outmaneuvering Satan, Day 9
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Outmaneuvering Satan, Day 10

Conquering Hidden Spirits - 6/2010 - Shake off the Snakes: Leviathan, Jezebel, Absent, Cain, Python -
Python Squeeze
- Broadcast #10
To linger in the past can empower the python spirit; allowing negative circumstances to pile up can enable the python spirit.  Continual affiliation with wrong relationships can expose self to python attacks.
How To Handle Depression & Discouragement - 1/2010
Outmaneuvering Satan - 9/2010 #10 - "14 symptoms of demonic operation" -
When meds &/or therapy fail, then demons may be involved. 
A person can have a shattered personality, behind which demons try to hide. 
Suicide ideation can indicate demonic influence (to those who are a threat to him). 

Turn Back The Enemy - 2/2009 - Broadcast #20
"7 ways you should respond when Satan makes his challenge" - Psalm 56 -

Phillips, Ron - Everyone's Guide to Demons & Spiritual Warfare - - good book overview video -
or -
Video series - - good -
Facing the Reality of Your Enemy #1 - Ignoring the enemy will not eradicate his destruction.
Arming Yourself for Victory Over the Enemy - "An angel said, 'Are you going to believe report of the enemy & your circumstances or are you going to speak the Word of faith?'" 
This world is NOT our home.  We have an opportunity to be trained for the world to come. 
The battlefield is the mind.  Satan wants Christians to be defeated through discouragement. 
Facing the Reality of Your Enemy #2 - Knowing & NOT ignoring the Truth will help set you free. 
Dea-mon means through the mind (thoughts) which is the gateway to evil spirits. 
Speak directly TO (reject) the demon (in Jesus name). 
Possible demonic SYMPTOMs: feelings of drowning, non medical illnesses, addictions, abnormal behaviors.
Tracing the History of Your Enemy - Satan is the ultimate terrorist. 
To verbalize/declare God's scriptural truths is to disarm the enemy. 
Jerusalem may house the original garden of Eden. 
The fall of Lucifer created an earthly catastrophe. 
8/2010 - Broadcast #10 - Understanding the Dynasty of Your Enemy - Demons (fallen angels &/or spirits of half-breed giants) are spiritual terrorists in our life with the intention to blow up our life.  When demons are not living in a host they act like flies. 
When they are at rest we are not, especially at night (when they are attempting to terrorize us). 
They can communicate using our mind via thoughts and our mouth via speech. 
We need to declare foreclosure on a demon's residence & take back our home bought by the blood of Christ. 
If you give a demon an inch he will buy a lot, build a house & invite others. 
Unforgiven/unrepented sins give Satan a foothold.  Otherwise he is just calling your bluff. 
Satan MUST bow the the name and blood of Jesus + our position in Christ, regardless of his whining. 
Dismiss demons verbally.  Fill up that vacated space with the Holy Spirit baptism, if not already filled; then suit up with the full armor of God, to prevent re-infestation...Ends with DELIVERANCE prayer #1.
Knowing the Strategies of Your Enemy - Evil illegitimate/witchcraft/controlling evil-spirit of Jezebel is to be exposed & exterminated.  She will work through temper tantrums, crocodile tears, manipulation, silent treatment, moodiness, cunning, craftiness, exploitation, sexual lure, enticement, pressing other agendas, etc. to take you & your business/ministry down.  You cannot negotiate with this spirit.  It will ruin all relationships & trigger mutiny. 
Confront & challenge such a spirit, so as not to be taken out yourself...
Enforcing the Victory Over Your Enemy - A stronghold is a place where demons hide & control you. 
Stinking thinking/sin/ lies will allow demonic infestation/spirit of infirmity/spirit of fear/spirit of divination/ spirit of whoredom/spirit of bondage/ spirit of pride/spirit of perversion/spirit of antichrist/spirit of heaviness/spirit of lying/spirit of jealousy/spirit of slumber.  Allowing a demon to be a squatter & torment is evidence that you need to recognize & repent of root issue & its related sins. 
If you are not sure you are saved then settle that right now today with God. 
Repent of allowing past & its chains from holding you back from fulfilling your destiny. 
(Make sure you have forgiven self.)  Ask God to set you free from any demonic stronghold. 
Make any necessary restitution, to prevent enemy from having any legal grounds/rights...
The war battle is already won; you need to continually enforce it, in the name of Jesus.
Maintaining the Victory over Your Enemy #1 - Old or family (familiar spirits passed down) habits may be ancient (mental or physical) curses (strongholds). One can break them off self/family for 4 generations. 
Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue.  Proverbs 26:2 Like a bird, a curse without a cause, will not land/nest in your family tree (paraphrased).  What you receive & believe will also affect the enemy's ability to affect you.  Wrong vows need to be renounced & repented of, in order to be loosed from unrelenting bondages.  Repent of speaking any word that contradicts scripture.  Finger pointing/judgment/criticism incriminates/contaminates one's life, often in the same area, prior to repentance...
A spoken curse can be defamation of a child, spoken in indignation/weariness/exasperation. 
A curse can be prophesying/forecasting negatives such as you can/should never. 
A curse is believing/receiving/ internalizing & acting on a lie about yourself because of believing other's false attitudes/actions/words.  A curse ties evil ropes about self to something in past & will not let you loose. 
Invisible curses can be inherited.  Possible SYMPTOMs: Deuteronomy 28:28 mental/emotional issues:
blindness (lack of insight/discernment)/madness/heart confusion; hereditary conditions; psychosomatic issues/those for which medical science has no diagnosis; infertility; spiritually captive offspring; financial insufficiency, especially due to failure to tithe - Malachi 3:9; accident/disaster prone.
Maintaining the Victory over Your Enemy #2 - Curses triggered by oneself.  Demons can hear what comes out of our mouth & enforce a spoken curse.  Things we do outside the Kingdom of God are seen by demons & give them legal permission to act in our lives; this includes our failure to do Godly mandates/ requirements such as forgive. 
Curses "follow" rebellion; disobedience permits invisible demonic/occult forces to operate. 
Curses (if they are not reversed, in Jesus name) "follow" injustice, molestation, racism, anti-Semitism, self-sufficiency/righteousness, theft, perversion, defamation.
To permanently exterminate a curse one needs to: know he/she is saved, confess out loud that your body is the home/temple of the Holy Spirit, & know that all doors to demons are closed.
#1 Repent for rebellion & disobedience; this may include/necessitate a personal apology to another person.
#2 Forgive, even the deceased; bring all past hurts/traumas to God. 
With Jesus we pray, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do," from Your spiritual perspective. 
#3 Cancel wrong vows/ judgments/words. Confess out loud that Jesus has borne (took/removed/traded/healed) every sin/hurt/curse for me.  Galatians 3:13 Christ has redeemed us.  In Jesus name renounce & command to leave every torturing spirit that entered/gained access through the trauma & through our wrong response to that wound.  Receive deliverance; accept God's forgiveness/healing.  Begin to praise God.  Ignore contrary feelings.
Final portion of series ends with Group DELIVERANCE & includes (paraphrased) prayer:
Father, "I have given the enemy ground in my life by permitting each evil dominating curse, habit, attitude & unforgiving spirit.  I repent.  Right now Lord, I give notice to & command to leave:
every tormenting spirit, negative force, demonic voice, that has had access to my life." 
(All evil entities,) "right now be gone, in Jesus name."  Any thing that comes to mind tell it to leave, in Jesus name. From now on do NOT receive any past/present/future name calling.
You are who God designed you to be, from the earth's foundation.
Say, "I am a child of God; I belong to Jesus; nothing formed against me will prosper.  My house/temple is clean.
I am filled with the Holy Ghost; there is NO room/access for curses & demonic spirits." 
Read Psalm 34 out loud & then rejoice. -
Hixson, Tennessee, USA
Phillips, Ron -
Taking Authority over Your Enemy  10/21/2012 from Our Hebrew Heritage @ Sermon Archives
Phillips, Ron -  A Dream Come True 1/20/2013 + Defeating the Strategies of the Enemy 1/27/2013
Demons & Spiritual Warfare
Phillips, Ron -  On Demand video clips @
6/8/2014  - Breaking Curses & Building Hedges
8/3/2014 - Taking Authority Over Your Enemy
1/1/2015 - Defeating the Strategies of the Enemy
2/8/2015 - Battle Fatigues for the Winning Warrior
6/7/2015 - Exposing Your Stealth Enemies
6/15/2015 - Angels All Around
6/21/2015 - Angels On The Job
6/28/2015 -
The Operation of Demons

Pittman, Howard - audio testimony - 
Pittman, Howard - audio - Placebo -
reading from various portions of author's book regarding NDE in 1979.

, Derek - 
How to Pray & Get What You Pray For @
Derek Prince - How to Overcome Evil - all in one - parts 01 - 10 @ Derek Prince Video
Prince, Derek –
The Structure of Satan's Kingdom -
¼ @ @
Prince, Derek - The Structure of Satan's Kingdom - 2/6 -
Prince, Derek - The Structure of Satan's Kingdom - 3/6 -
Prince, Derek - The Structure of Satan's Kingdom - 4/6 -
Prince, Derek - The Structure of Satan's Kingdom -
5/6 -
Prince, Derek - The Structure of Satan's Kingdom - 6/6 -
Prince, Derek - Witchcraft -
Prince, Derek - Demonized Christians - - Inspirational - Testimony of cancer deliverance.
Prince, Derek - Demon Gangs - 1/5
@ excellent -
1 Demon Gangs - Derek Prince or
Prince, Derek - Demon Gangs - 2/5
Prince, Derek - Demon Gangs - 3/5
@ Thoughts - 
If depression, confusion, suicide exist, then the root is typically occult involvement by self or others.
This needs to be confessed, renounced, revoked, in Jesus name.
Prince, Derek - Demon Gangs - 4/5
@ -
Homosexuals may need to confess that a demon is a root/cause/reason.
Prince, Derek - Demon Gangs - 5/5
@ - excellent
Prince, Derek - Authority of God’s Word #1
Prince, Derek - Authority of God’s Word #2
Prince, Derek - The Cross in My Life
@ - Important
All provision past present future is provided via the cross. 
The cross is the provision of Satan’s total defeat, past/present/future. 
Galatians 3:1  Witchcraft & legalism can mess up the minds of spirit filled born again Christians.
Prince, Derek -
Protection against Discouragement #1
Prince, Derek - Protection against Discouragement #2

Ramirez, John @ 2/4/2019 @ 2/5/2019 - We can only spiritually destroy what we can identify.

Ray, Alan & Sharon with Sid Roth 12/20/2017 - Ex-Satanist Reveals Real Horrors of Satanism @

Renner, Rick @

Ministries - The Definition of Strongholds
"A stronghold is a demonic fortress of thoughts housing evil spirits that:
(1) control, dictate, & influence your attitudes & behavior; (2) oppress & discourage you;
(3) filter & color how you view or react to situations, circumstances, or people....
(1) Satanic-inspired THOUGHTS are introduced into your mind.
(2) Entertaining these thoughts brings on EMOTIONS.
(3) Giving in to emotions eventually leads to taking some sort of ACTION.
(4) Continual participation in this behavior causes you to develop a HABIT.
(5) Once a habit is developed, a STRONGHOLD is built by that spirit...
When fortresses of demonic influence:
strongholds, have been built in our mind, will & emotions, our HEARING from God is altered.
BELIEF in God is shaken. DESIRES are distorted. ACTIONS are disobedient. RELATIONSHIPS are debased...
Recall that spiritual strongholds are:
(1) inherited from past generations;
(2) established when you try to meet any of the 7 basic needs that God created in you through (inappropriate) ways that are contrary to His will;
(3) maintained when you live in a state of unrepentance.
The end result is demonic influence in areas of your mind, will, & emotions...
Types of Strongholds...& their related symptoms (recognizable by their evil/harmful nature)...
BITTERNESS (Resentment, Racism, Unforgiveness, Anger/Hatred, Begrudging, Violence, Revenge, Chronic Grumbling, Presumption)
DECEIT (Lying, Fantasies, Delusions, Rationalization, Wrong Doctrine/Misuse of Scripture, Flattery, Syncretism)
[Depression, Despair, Self-pity, Loneliness, Unconfessed Sin, Suicidal Thoughts, (oppression)]
JEALOUSY (Spiteful, Gossip/Slander, Betrayal, Critical Nature, Judgmental, Suspicious, UnChristlike Competition, Cruelty)
CONFUSION - DOUBT & UNBELIEF [Suspicious, Apprehensive, Indecisive/Double-minded ( schizophrenic/bipolar/manic-depressive) Skeptical, Unsettled, Easily Distracted, Lack of Commitment, No Love of Truth, Distorted Judgment]
(Insensitive, Aloof, Selfish Ambition, Devil’s advocate, Withdrawn, Makes Excuses, Lack of Trust, Willful)
CONTROL [Manipulative, Striving, Lack of Trust, Devil’s Advocate, Insensitive, Desiring Recognition, Seductive Empowerment, Cursing, Emotional Outbursts. Schemes, Intrigues, (witchcraft)]
WITCHCRAFT/FAMILIAR SPIRIT [Blasphemy, Preoccupied with Evil, Psychic Experiences, Rebellious (schizophrenic), Manipulation, (control), Devalues Life, Identifies with Sinful Nature, Fixated on Future]REJECTION [Addictive Behavior, Compulsions, Seeks Acceptance, Unworthiness, Withdrawal, Shallow Relationships, Loneliness, (schizophrenic]
STUPOR & PRAYERLESSNESS (Distanced From God, 'Cold' Love, Hardened Heart, Distracted Spiritual Blindness, Laziness, Deceived Self-appraisal, Unresponsive)
SEXUAL IMPURITY (Lust, Sensual Enticement, Denial/Rationalization, Control, Masturbation, Fornication, Adultery, Frigidity, Homosexuality, Pornography/Fantasy)
INFIRMITY/DESTROYING [(severe/continual/ongoing/prolonged/excessive:) Physical Manifestations, Unconfessed Sin, Abuses Body, Devalues Life, Chronic Grumbling, Suicide Thoughts, Drawn to Danger]
(Leviathan spieir [Ungrateful, Self-righteous, Self-centered (self serving), Insensitive, Materialistic (greedy/covetous), Seeks Positions, Stubborn, Mocking, Vain, Spiritual Adultery, Impatient] REBELLION [Self-willed, Stubborn/Insolent, Pouting, Strife, Factious, Divisive, Anger Leads to Argument, Independent, Unteachable, Ungodly Influence, Lawless, (schizophrenic]
IDOLATRY/WORLDLINESS (Worldly Values, Frustrated, Hopeless, Greedy/Selfish, Financial Problems, Wrong Goals/Decisions, Living a Lie, Apathetic, Pleasure in Wickedness, Syncretistic)
RELIGIOSITY/SPIRITUAL LETHARGY (Religious Busyness, Knowledge Without Love, No Spiritual Power, Spiritual Blindness, Hypocritical, Legalistic Perversion, Presumes on Grace)
FEAR & INSECURITY (Inferiority. Inadequacy, Timidity, Pleasing People, Not God, Lack of Trust/Worry, Phobias, Anxiety Over Injury, Death, Perfectionism, Dread of Failure, Inability to Set Goals, 'Motor-mouth')
[Denies Jesus as God & Man, Bondage to Man-made Teaching, Manipulation (control/witchcraft), Prophecy for Pay, Prey to Cults, Heresies, Encourages Lawlessness, Contrives Dreams/Visions, Counterfeit Miracles. (According to Robin Harfouche, demons can heal in some capacity, but NOT do creative miracles)]...When...symptoms of a particular stronghold are habitually present in our life, it’s a strong indication that the stronghold is in operation in our soul...
Strongholds are demonic forces working to influence & control your soul (i.e., your mind, will & emotions).
The most common goal of all strongholds is to destroy relationships. Unclean spirits
(as the Bible often calls them) not only block you from knowing & experiencing God’s truth & love.
They also prevent you from giving & receiving love, understanding & acceptance in other relation-ships.
The more intimate the relationship you have (...with God, our spouse, family & those in your home fellowship), the more the demonic spiritual forces will attempt to destroy these relation-ships...
If you don’t have access to family members or someone else close to you, the steps we suggest (to permanently eliminate strongholds) may be done by yourself. It’s the authority of the Name of Jesus that makes the difference, not the companion-ship (and accountability of the significant person holding you up in prayer)...
Deal with this stronghold (of DECEIT) 1st. Satan’s initial interaction with mankind involved deception.
Since our soul (...mind, will & emotions) is the battleground, you need to see clearly the nature of those areas you have yielded to the enemy...
REMEMBER - You are dealing with demonic spirits & fortresses that occupy (or oppress) your soul.
Don’t delay in praying for your own deliverance. Keep going.  Demonic forces will do all they can to delay or stop their eviction.  Your earnest follow-through is critical at this time.
If you don’t recognize (& immediately repent for) the hurt you’ve caused (yourself, others & God), you won’t take heart-felt responsibility for it & God’s way...You’ll return to the same sins 'like a dog to its vomit.' 
You’ll fall prey to the same pattern of ungodly thoughts > ungodly emotions > ungodly actions > habitual action, which then becomes a controlling stronghold in your mind, will & emotions. Jesus warns what will happen if you are delivered from an evil spirit but don’t fill in that (vacated) sin area God’s way: When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest & does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean & put in order. Then it goes & takes with it 7 other spirits more wicked than itself.  They go in & live there. The final condition of that man is worse than the 1st.
That is how it will be with this wicked generation
(Matthew 12:43-45; emphasis added)...
Continue to stay immediately repentant throughout your life. A heart that is ready to repent is harder for demons to seduce. Be quick to confess your sin when you fail, & turn away from further tempting situations.  Unrepentance will lead you back to stronghold development...
Hold on to this rich truth because of the shed blood of Jesus:
'If we confess our sins, he is faithful, just & will forgive us our sins & purify us from all unrighteousness'...
Each follower of Jesus (who has repented & asked Christ to be his/her Lord & Savior) has the power of Holy Spirit to renounce spiritual strongholds with the authority of the Name of Jesus our Lord (especially if he/she has been baptized/immersed in water + been confirmed, baptized with Holy Spirit). We 'have divine power to demolish strongholds' (2 Corinthians 10:4). After you’ve examined the symptoms that identify the strongholds, renounce each stronghold by name. Confess any sins of which the Holy Spirit convicts you that you (or your family has) committed under that (evil) spirit’s influence. Pray, relying on the authority of the Name of the Lord Jesus & the power of His shed blood to demolish these strongholds...Consider something like this:
'Father in heaven, I come before you, in the Name of Jesus.
I recognize the power You have given me by the shed blood of Jesus to demolish spiritual strongholds in my life.
I confess that I have given a foothold to the sin(s) of ____ . (List them:) _____ , _____ , _____ .
I renounce the stronghold(s) of _____ , _____ , _____ , _____ , _____ , _____ , _____ , _____ .
By the authority of the Name of Jesus Christ according to Your Word (in scripture)
I take back through Your power that ground that I surrendered to the enemy.
I pray that You will fill me with...Your Holy Spirit
so life will (begin to) be in conformity to the image of Christ. Amen
If you’ve renounced your spiritual strongholds through reliance on the authority of Jesus’ Name & have fully repented of your sins, you’re free. However, we want to warn you once more that Satan will try to convince you nothing has changed in your mind, will & emotions.
He’ll try to deceive you
that you’re still a slave to those (familiar) spirits. Remember: God’s Word is true.
You have overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb & you will walk in freedom (enforced) by the Word of Your testimony (declaring scripture out loud that contradicts all former evils)...
Continue renouncing Satanic thoughts (ideas/emotions/negative feelings that contradict God's mind)
Begin now to make a lifelong habit of taking captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.
(See 2 Corinthians 10:5). None can do this for you.  It’s your personal responsibility to keep walking in freedom...
Keeping your thought life obedient to Jesus
will help you grow into Christ’s likeness.
The apostle Paul confronted the same insidious demonic trickery that you’ll face...
Let’s rephrase Paul’s words in regard to your own soul: 'You cannot entertain thoughts of Jesus & thoughts influenced by demons at the same time; the Lord & demons cannot occupy your soul (house) together. 
(There may be rooms where you have not yet done your cleaning - appetite/lust/greed/etc.)
You will become like
(infected by) whomever (whatever - porn/fantasy/ masturbation/soda) you allow to influence your thoughts.'  Be alert. Don’t let the cycle of thoughts, emotions, actions, habits & strongholds begin again in your soul. When you’re being tempted or harassed by demonic voices, renounce those thoughts in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Cry out to our Lord for help, asking Him to (re)direct your mind on that which is noble, good & praiseworthy. Don’t give Satan a foothold by entertaining (feeding) demonic spirits (thoughts/habits)
It’s critical from this day on that you (daily read out loud &) apply the Bible to all areas of your life...
Extended spiritual family who meet together in each other’s homes is the Hebraic model in the Bible.
They’ll help you live in righteousness & not let you drift back into sin & strongholds.
As long as the...7 (basic soul) needs are not met God’s way, you’ll be increasingly vulnerable to further satanic temptation in these areas...Learn to Biblically Confront Others.
Remember that many of your close relationships, your family & faith community, are influenced by the same prevalent strongholds that once held you captive.
These spirits’ influence will try to trap you into despising those who are still imprisoned.
People who are still captive to strongholds will tend to steer you toward bitterness & resentment, especially toward your family members...
(Nonetheless, as a freed captive) the freedom you’ve received in Jesus must be taken to others....
As you help others, it will be more difficult for demonic forces to ensnare you. 
Even now you can make copies of ( strongholds & symptoms) pages...& share them with your family & relatives. They’re probably not familiar with generational strongholds, so you can offer them insight into the demonic forces that have hurt & hindered their lives...
Don’t be afraid to go back & Demolish Strongholds whenever anything is blocking the Truth & Love of Jesus in your life... When you live under the (negative) influence of can pray in agreement with the Holy Spirit for God to (demolish the strongholds & replaced with)...His spiritual truths in you.
Through His grace you can reclaim the previously surrendered ground of your soul.
REMEMBER: The spirits dwelling in their strongholds strongly impacted certain areas of your mind, will & emotions. Again, those areas of your life that you surrendered to sin were the fertile ground for demonic spirits to influence your thoughts, feelings & decisions. As your thoughts were distorted by those spirits, they were able to construct a fortress around that area of your soul (personality). The truths of God did not penetrate the barrier that your sinful choices allowed to stand. When the influence of the spirits in these strongholds has been renounced by the power & authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, you’re able to (recognize deceptions &) discern the truths that God wants to reveal to you... Take back that ground where the enemy has sown depression, loneliness, self-pity, the 'ashes' of hopelessness & pray for God to plant in you a heart willing to rejoice in Him.
As you express songs of praise to God for Who He is, He will deliver you from all your fears:
'I will extol the Lord at all times. His praise will always be on my lips. My soul will boast in the Lord.
Let the afflicted hear & rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.
I sought the Lord & He answered & delivered me from all my fears.' (Psalm 34:1-4).
You’ll receive comfort & strength from the One Who has promised to be with you always. By drawing near to Him in obedient trust, you’ll see more & more of His character transforming you; more reason to praise Him...
Sacrificial love seeks to benefit others even at a cost to yourself: 'Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves,' (Philippians 2:3).
You must choose to turn away from gossip, slander, & godless chatter in order to build up others...
Be sure to examine your inner motives in all you say & do & ask yourself, 'Would Jesus say or do this?'
God Who is your Creator knows your every fiber. He understands when you’re weary & weak.
He is the One Who sustains you when you feel lost & downcast. Reclaim that ground the enemy built upon by praying for 'the spirit of wisdom & revelation, so that you may know Him better.' 
(Ephesians 1:17). Earnestly seek Him in the Word & prayer. Be encouraged...
How could you be any more acceptable to our Father, Who has declared you to be His own treasure, empowered by His Spirit to declare His praise! Praise God for this irrevocable truth.
He has great & mighty plans & purposes for your life.
Always remember to thank God for the grace that He has promised to you as you humble yourself before His Lordship.  See yourself as a servant to others, as though you were serving Christ Himself.
Be sure that your heart attitude is pure...
As you suffer, Satan may convince you that your suffering is a sign of God’s rejection.
Coldness & distance toward God may enter your relationship with Him. (2) Even after you’ve confessed your sins & they’re forgiven, Satan may use 'false guilt' to keep you from drawing near to God.
The Adversary will remind you of your past sin & try to convince you that you need to earn back God’s love. The truth of the matter is that the sacrificial shed blood of Jesus enables you to approach God in your time of need. When you’re feeling distant from your Father, cry out to the Holy Spirit to help you...
Take your eyes off your perceived inadequacies (or forgiven sins) & focus on...God.
Cast all your worries & anxieties on your Father, firmly trusting that He cares for you (see 1 Peter 5:7). 
(God LOVES to use the unlovely/inadequate to shame the self-righteous.  It is He, not we, who do His will. 
He is our adequacy.  God uses those who are dead to them-selves, so they can begin to use Him instead of themselves.  Not self-reliance, but God reliance.  Yes & amen. )...
Our Lord gives His children only one step of guidance at a time.
If you’re looking for the whole plan to be laid out for you, stop. It will never be given to you.
Your frustration will make you vulnerable to the return of demonic spirits. 
1 step is far enough for anyone’s faith to see.
Take that (baby) step before you seek the next step on the journey.
May God deliver you from all your strongholds & fill you with the truth of His Spirit."

Roberson, Dave - audio on the web -

Robison, James - - 4/26/12 Janine Crossley & Pastor Robert Morris -
Pastors need both healing AND deliverance as does their congregation.
Robison, James - 4/21/2014 -
, James - 4/22/2014 -
, James - 4/23/2014 - great good -
explains Christians can be harassed by demons
, James - 4/24/2014 - great  -
Find this truth in Scripture.
, James -
Thursday, December 17, 2015 - -
Last half of program:
Personal deliverance ministry of born-again Christians who are stuck & ready for God to rescue them. Recommended.
James and Betty Robison Guest:
Robert Morris - Prior interview In the Battle Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ruth, Peggy Joyce - Mental Warfare - Keys to a Victorious Life - CD - awesome
Ruth, Peggy Joyce - short audios online -
files/304_Controlling_the_Mind_Part_2_edited_by_janiceCD.mp3 +
Interview with Sid Roth -
or 11/22/2010 -
Ruth, Peggy Joyce - God's Shield of Protection - excerpts
Ruth, Peggy Joyce - Covenant of Protection - editorial 6/12/2007

Schambach  Prisoners Go Free 5/2010 includes editorial about a prisoner (set free by Jesus) who testified to Schambach "at a campground in Ashland, Virginia. -
I was with my dear friend Brother Wallace Heflin who is now home with Jesus."

"While the work of salvation is immediate, sometimes the process of deliverance continues through-out the life of the believer.  Deliverance is linked to the amount of truth a person receives & his faith to trust Jesus for a breakthrough in a specific area.  For instance, when a person hears the good news about the Lord's deliverance from sin, he repents & begins to walk in newness of life. 
Later, as the Bible opens up to that individual, he may learn he can also be set free from sickness or disease by trusting Jesus, & receive healing in his body.
Usually the day of salvation is the beginning of deliverance for the believer. 
As a person comes to know Jesus more fully and understands the completeness of His triumph at the cross, he or she can continue on the pathway to deliverance, being set free from the prisons of oppression, bad habits or fear."
Schambach - RELAPSE PREVENTION 7 Keys to Supernatural Increase 5/2010 editorial
"1-Hear & obey the voice of God...
2-Have revelation about who we are before God...
3-Have increased revelation of the kind of God we serve...
4-Sow into the promise:
a) Pray for the nations. God may give a burden for a specific nation or people group.
b) Give into missions projects.  Release our substance into the work of God as seed for the future.
c) Volunteer on a missions trip.
Accompany those who have done the work before & while serving, learn as much as possible...

5-Learn to sow diligently, even in the time of famine...
6-Re-dig the watering wells of our spiritual fathers...
If we are feeling parched, it’s time to prime the pump.  Start singing; open up your heart in praise;
minister to the Lord with other tongues (in the Spirit) & with your understanding.
Obey the Lord in times of intercession. This is the refreshing...
7-Find your place of broad expansion in the Kingdom of God...Do what God has given you to do.
It doesn’t matter what others think, if you know who you are in God.  If you have heard from Him & obey Him. 
If you have been sowing into the promise He gave you despite all negative circumstances. 
If you are doing it by the power of the Spirit.  He will bring you into a place that has elbow room.
You shall be fruitful."

Schneider, Rabbi Kirt A - #1 Self Deliverance: The Reality - 6/21/2015 - -

We each need to RELEASE offenses/offenders. 
Otherwise we hold open a door of unforgiveness, allowing self-sabotage/nightmares/illness (physical/emotional).

Schneider, Rabbi Kirt A - #2 Self Deliverance: The Invisible Enemy
- 6/28/2015 @ or -
2 short successive segments: 
2nd segment includes pertinent DREAM of demons squatting in his new home, while he occupies an old home, due to his fear to face his evil enemy &/or root issue, easily routed, once we recognize, repent & reject thoughts perpetrated upon us, which we in past mistakenly accepted as our own ideas/beliefs which were not in alignment with God's thoughts/truths about circumstances, ourselves, others & Him.
Schneider, Rabbi Kirt A - #3 Self Deliverance: How Demons Enter - 7/5/2015 or
Self Deliverance - How Demons Enter - July 5, 2015
Schneider, Rabbi Kirt A - #4 Self Deliverance: Unforgiveness, Woundedness & Trauma 7/12/2015 -

Self Deliverance - Unforgiveness, Woundedness and Trauma - July 12, 2015 or
Schneider, Rabbi Kirt A - #5 Self Deliverance: Occupying Space 7/19/2015
Schneider, Rabbi Kirt A - #6 Self Deliverance: Are Demons for Real 7/26/2015 -
Schneider, Rabbi Kirt A #7
Self Deliverance - If The Son Makes You Free - August 2, 2015
Schneider, Rabbi Kirt A #8 Self Deliverance - Victory - August 9, 2015

Schneider, Rabbi Kirt A - web address -
By year @
Schneider has a sweet spirit & will help us remove the torn in our foot, to remove the ouch in our heart, & allow us to place the enemy's neck under our foot, for that victory is our inheritance from Jesus our savior.  Thanks Lord.
Schneider, Rabbi Kirt A - How Do We Drive Demons from Our Lives?  @ -4/12/2018 @ Discovering the Jewish Jesus with Rabbi Schneider Lots of other links.

Silvoso, Ed - Harvest Evangelism - - Swatting the Fly - - "The life cycle of the adult fly is 21 days in summer.  The larva stage of the fly is a few days & the pupa state is 3-7 days...
If you can get rid of a fly & it's offspring, then the cycle of the fly's generation is broken & you will be rid of all flies. 
The Lord then told him (Ed) to proclaim truth for 40 days.  Specifically...take an area of your life in which you want freedom.  Find 40 key Biblical verses in that area and proclaim them as truth for 40 days."
REJECTION is a major issue in SCHIZOPHRENIA. 
Paul L Cox provides 33 (out of 40) Bible versus for this purpose.  Swatting the Fly of Rejection - Proclaim the Truth for 40 Days
Daughter of Grace website provides 40 scriptures on trust/faith.
Why 40 Days pg 6 shares same story with different slant. 
"As he thought about the (barrage of pesky flies), Holy Spirit asked him, 'What are the names of Satan?'...
Then it struck him (a pastor in California). Beelzebub is 1 of the names of Satan & means 'lord of flies'...
He soon found that the life cycle of a fly is typically 40 days. 
Therefore, 40 days of sustained treatment is needed to wipe out an infestation of flies."

Sheets, Dutch - Armed & Dangerous with Dutch Sheets - Part 1   3/10/2008
Sheets, Dutch - Armed & Dangerous with Dutch Sheets - Part 2   3/11/2008 -
Download Podcast or Load (audio only)
There is a difference between spiritual power & spiritual authority.
Christ removed the authority from Satan which he had stolen from Adam & gave it back to man.
Spiritual authority, POA, power of attorney comes in degrees, as God can trust us.
Power Satan still has, but God's power is greater. 
Satan's power will be stripped when Christ comes again.
3/11/2008 broadcast shares an inspiri
ng testimony about a girl chained to a tree due to insanity. 
God instructed Dutch to deliver her long distance during a church service.  Be sure to watch program:

Shreve, Mike - edited excerpt
Mike Shreve - TV Transcript -
MIKE: "I was confronted with a situation where I was outnumbered, too. In India & preached to an audience of thousands of Hindus that, for the most part, had never heard the Gospel before. 
I felt this tremendous pressure on me. In fact, toward the end of my message, it was almost like invisible hands were choking me, demonic hands. I was having to force every word out.
Right at the critical moment, a word of knowledge dropped in my spirit &
God said, "Call for the deaf & tell them if what you preached is true, every deaf person will hear again.
If what you preached is not true, they will not hear & they can throw you out of their cit
MIKE: "God showed me is I needed to start accepting those (Paul's God breathed) prayers as a done deal.
I started saying, 'Lord, I receive the spirit of revelation. I receive that power right now.'"
MIKE: It's the inheritance of every child of God. Now you may not immediately get a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom to act on, but we can still act on the written word, because that's power.
But Jesus, the Word made flesh, resorted to the written word when he faced off with the devil. 
So any believer can say it is written, it is written, it is written.
MIKE: "The Hosanna Prayer ushered in the New Covenant...
In the name of Jesus, I'm going to show Hosanna over every person that is watching/reading this.
Shout Hosanna ['Ha shana'... means, 'Lord save, we beseech Thee.' (Who saves, we beseech Thee)] Right now.
Father, in the name of Jesus, we come to You on basis of what has already been written in Your word

You've already said, 'It is written, I give you power over all the power of the enemy.'
So we shatter the whole of the enemy right now. We take a authority over strongholds.

Cripples are being healed & getting up out of wheelchairs.  Deaf people are hearing again.
Blind people are seeing again. I feel that radiance of the anointing, Lord.
I speak that Your anointing destroys the yoke. I feel it radiating through the audience. This audience ought to be praising God with the word 'Hosanna' in the highest. Lord, save us. Hosanna in the highest."
MIKE: "Lord, we believe in You saving us from: sin, sickness, bondage, mental pressure
We lift our hands up. Hosanna to You right now, Lord. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

Michael W. Smith 
Web video discusses the Planos (Mental Illness) Spirits Smith teaches at the House of Healing in
Phoenix, Arizona
.  Click E-mail Ministry tab « to contact Mike.
Michael W. Smith 
@ Familiar Spirits
Michael W. Smith 
@ The Spirit World

Sorger, Matt - Deliverance -  

Souza, Katie - Transforming Captivity Into Promise -
Chapter 1: The Arrest
Chapter 2: Forced Submission
Souza, Katie - Angels - 
Angelic forces called the 'Hornets'...fight demonic kings.
Receive impartation of the same (hornet) angels
that serve this ministry."
6/25/2010 -
Sid Roth welcomes Katie Souza
Souza, Katie - I Tunes
Katie Souza - Healing School - 10/18-22/2010 - excellent 5 ***** -
Messianic Vision radio interview at
Partnering With The Angelic - Katie Souza - audio clips & downloads for $1.00 each tract - "Receive help from angelic forces called the 'hornets' who fight demonic kings that are over mental disorders & physical disease."
Katie Souza Partnering With The Angelic CD track #4 deals with demonic -
Souza, Katie -  =
Link for entire page not individual video lessons:
The Glory Light of Jesus #2 - The Glory light provides healing -
Unhealed soul (mind/emotions/will) wounds in us permit legal rights for demons.  Sin inside us (from acts of others or self) permit demonic kings in territory (having same nature) to cause symptoms of sickness etc.
The Glory Light of Jesus #4 – Jesus’ laser beams of light can heal soul wounds.  Your eye is your soul.
2-Focus on Jesus’ Light
3-Dream/Receive God’s revelation concerning what’s broken (or Jesus has healed) in you
4-Receive confirmation in scripture & other
5-Command demonic to leave (healed) soul (fragments)
6-Press in/decree/expect
Souza, Katie - 3/1/2010 2hr Radio - excellent - -
Use your captivity time to prepare for your expected deliverance/freedom/destiny in God. 
Healing/deliverance of mind/body/spirit includes the removal of mental illness.
Malachi - Tithe opens a gate. Psalm – Consistent/daily thanks & praise opens gates to heaven.
Contend/redirect/focus on Jesus accelerates our entrance to heaven &/or creates a peaceful/holy/charged atmosphere.  Certain daily activities help: dancing, praying in tongues, repentance. 
Immediately journal your revelations/ insights.
Malachi 4:2 – Healing in His wings.  2x a day for 15 minutes focus the Glory light upon wounds & declare that Jesus is healing the wound & removing the attached demons.  There is NO time in heaven.
Transcript : - 3/8/2010 2 hr Radio - excellent  
Souza, Katie - - Katie’s TV videos on Blocked Healing
How to eliminate soul wounds - Blocked Healing can be due to demonic kings & lack of presence of Jesus.
Demonic kings cause physical diseases, mental disorders & financial lack...Become a carrier of the presence of King Jesus, the King over every (demonic) king…Jesus can heal your mind, body & soul.”
Souza, Katie - “God can use prison time to prepare people for their purpose.” TV broadcast from
Katie Souza 1/11/11 TV -
NewsArticle&id=9695&security=1041&news_iv_ctrl=1141 Transcript - -

Below may be almost mirror program.  Excellent.
Souza, Katie – 1/28-2/6/2011-  TV
excellent - transcript + (edited) - ”Pray effectively. 
Use Glory Light of Jesus to break the power
of the enemy over your life.” 
to in-depth 5-day radio interview here or watch TV interview here on ascending into the super-natural.)
There’s something called soul wounds...hurts, etc., that we’ve carried with us our whole life…
This Glory Light…is the…tool that Jesus is imparting now in this season for us to be able to put on people’s soul wounds to get accelerated healing…
Soul wounds are formed by sin. Someone either sinned against you or you sinned against yourself…
Because they’re formed by sin they give the demonic the legal right to torment you.
That torment can manifest in physical diseases
I was going on tour in Virginia.  I pulled up into the airport.  As soon as I arrived in this territory I had never been in before, I started to get sick: had a 103-degree temperature and sore throat, had a very severe bladder & yeast infection, could barely think. In the past if I were to get sick that fast I would be roaring & rebuking the demonic. But now I understand what Jesus was talking about in John 14. He said, ‘
The prince of this world is coming, but he has nothing in me that’s in
common with him, so he has NO power over me.’ You see, Jesus came as a man.
He had a soul, too, and a spirit. But he had no sin in Him…no wounds in His soul formed by sin.
So there was nothing in Him (that Satan could legally wound).…
When I saw that teaching I knew that if we can begin to be like Jesus & apply His Glory Light to our soul (to use God's laser surgery on the soul wounds on our soul layers). 
Then there will be nothing in us that’s in common with the demonic, so the demonic will have no (legal) power over us. This is what we’ve been missing. We’ve been rebuking, fighting & warring.  We’re not winning the war & wonder why. Well if you still have a wound inside your soul formed by sin the demonic still has a legal right to harass you...
So here I am getting sick. I’m thinking, okay, there must be something in my soul, a wound formed by sin that’s in common with the demonic in this region, that’s giving them a legal right to make me sick.  Okay, so instead of warring, I lay down &
position myself to receive Glory Light on my
I begin to put the Glory Light on my soul. I saw a vision: 5 wounded beings hiding in rooms. They represented different rooms inside of my soul. God said, ‘Go in, get them & bring them out, into the Glory Light.’ 
So I got them all out of these closets & they were all gathered together.
Suddenly the Spirit of the Lord just surrounded & healed them with glory light…
Okay, now those (soul) wounds are healed...Now (next) I can fight (evict) the demonic
I began to call that (evil) spirit to come up & get out of me…
It came up and it spoke to me in an audible voice…It was the freakiest encounter I ever had. 
It spoke in a voice so loud it would fill this entire studio. It came up & said this to me, it said, ‘What do you want?’
I said, ‘I want you to get out in Jesus’ name.’  He came up out of my body, but as he did I felt his tentacles. 
(I didn’t even know were there) wrapped around my body, ripping off (from) my body.
I was healed (physically of all the sickness symptoms)… Glory Light restores us to the way Adam was…
It goes back
systematically through time to every place where you are wounded:
when somebody hurt, abandoned or molested you.
If you got off of drugs or alcohol, it can go back & you put the blood (of Christ) on the sin
+ the
Glory Light on the wound, so you get healed.
You know (in holy scripture) the man of (tormented by) the spirit of legion...was able to be under the power of that spirit…because he lived out of (buckled under) his soul wounds…(which the evil spirits legally took advantage of).  He lived among the tombs…night & day...It says (Scripture repeats) that 3 times…(Tomb) means, ‘a monument set up to cause a perpetual remembrance’…That’s what’s buried in our souls, that (bad) memory…
The Glory Light burns out that (negative/ painful) memory (on our soul layers)…In that same chapter when Jesus meets up with that spirit of legion, that spirit says…’Oh Jesus, what is there in common between us?
Do not begin to torment me.’ Remember what Jesus said, right? ‘The (evil) prince’s rule is coming, but there’s nothing in Me that’s in common with him.’  So he has no power over me. That spirit recognized, ‘Hmmm, this man Jesus has something different about Him. He’s got NO soul wounds. There’s nothing in (side) His soul that’s in common with me, so I can’t (legally) torment Him.’”  [However, on the cross, Jesus took away our sin (& wounds) from our soul layers & placed it onto His soul layers, giving Satan (tempoary) legal acess to torment Him physically to accomplish God's purpose of redemption (forgiveness/salvation/healing/deliverance) for all past/present/future generations]... PRAYER (in Jesus’ name and resurrection power):
I decree right now that the Glory Light is literally going back in time through your soul to every place where you were wounded." Maybe someone abandoned you or deserted you. 
Maybe a friendship hurt you. Maybe something your husband or your wife has done.
The Glory Light is gonna go right now to that place.
1st The
blood of Jesus (our scapegoat leviticus/16-10.htm + isaiah/53-5.htm ) will take care of the (confessed/ renounced/abandoned/repented of) sin, but 2nd the Glory Light will then heal that (soul) wound. 
I command that every wound inside your soul get systematically more & more healed in the glory until you’re completely healed (whole) every part of your soul: mind, will & emotions.
I speak to the demonic that’s been tormenting you, that’s been attached to those wounds inside your soul
I say to you now, I release King Jesus on you. King Jesus is the king of kings.  There is no king higher than Him. 
Every king and every power master (evil) spirit that’s attached to the wounds in your soul is gonna have to go when those wounds are healed in the Glory Light.
I command (holy) angels (& host) to come & shine light into your soul & to escort out to the pit the enemy that would assail your physical body & soul. These (physical, emotional & mental disorders) are all are gonna be healed right now as God takes His Glory Light & puts it in your soul. In Jesus’ name:
“Bi-polar diseases & depression be healed.
People say they feel like a hand scooping through & clearing out their mind. 
When people soak in the Glory Light they come out talking & looking different…
Mental disorders (originate in) your mind & that’s part of your soul (mind/emotions/will-powerwhere) the enemy can come, if you have a wound in your soul (the enemy) can come & manifest a disease (until you irradiate the problem area with God’s glory light).” -
Lyme Disease
healing - (edited) -
“My mom had been really sick for like 25 years. She got bit by a lyme tick & it releases spiral bacteria into her body.  Then she got severe (lyme) rheumatoid (arthritis). 
It started to eat the bones & the cartilage in her body. She lost her knees.  They were replaced with artificial ones in. She lost her left hip.  It was replaced by an artificial 1, but the disease ate the plastic parts of the man-made hip…When I put my hands on her I felt this heat generating that I had never felt before.
I got excited & thinking, yeah, she’s gonna jump up & be healed.  I prayed & prayed & nothing happened. 
The next day nothing happens. 3rd day, the same thing...
Then my father came back from the emergency room.  They had scheduled him for 2 major surgeries on his prostate.  When he came back, I laid hands on him.  He was instantly healed. 2 weeks later he went to the doctor who canceled his surgery…So I’m asking God that question, like what’s going on?  He said,
I want you to read that scripture in Matthew 10 about the anointing he just got. Look at the order in which Jesus talks about the anointing.’ I looked.  It said, ‘Jesus gave them the anointing, 1st drive out demons & 2nd heal the sick.’ 
When I saw that, the Lord said
, ‘Sometimes you got to 1st drive out demonic powers that are making people sick, before you can then heal the sick.’ All right. I’m going to do that. 
I started praying every demon off of Mom on the face of the planet.  Nothing happens...
Ok, God, what’s going on now?  He said,
Well you’re fighting. You’re doing the right thing.
But now it’s about order.  You’re fighting the enemy in the wrong order
You see, the kingdom of darkness operates like an army & it has ranks.  The Lord told me,
You can’t fight your way from the bottom of the ranks up...Learn how to start from the top & go down.’  
hen He said that He took me to Ephesians 6:12.  The amplified (version) shows the order in which the demonic kingdom operates. It says that, ‘We wrestle NOT against flesh & blood, but against (1st) the despots of (2nd) the powers & (3rd) the master spirits.’ The Lord says, ‘That’s the order.’  So what’s a despot, because that’s the 1st thing in the order. It’s a tyrant king.  No king is a king unless he has a kingdom underneath him
So who’s in his kingdom? The next 2 on the list (are) the powers and master spirits.
The word ‘powers’ in Webster’s means ‘orders of angels’.  So there’s ranks.  When I saw that I go, okay.
God said, ‘
If you’ll learn how to fight & defeat the king, then the powers & master spirits underneath him in his kingdoms will just submit to you.’  Ok, then. Where’s that in the Bible? He said, In David & Goliath.’  I went to the story & saw proof of what God was saying. It said that the Israelites & Philistines were lined up in battle ready to fight, but they were fighting because they had a champion, a top dog doing the fighting for them.  Every day Goliath would come up & say, “Choose a man from amongst yourselves.  If he can come down and defeat me, then we,” meaning me & my army, “will submit to you.”  That’s what happened. David goes & cuts Goliath’s head off right in the front of the Philistine army, which symbolizes the removal of his headship of his covering.  The very next verse says, ‘When the Philistines saw their champion was dead they fled.’  They didn’t rise up & fight, Sid. When they their champion of their headship of the covering was dead they fled without a fight. That’s the way the demonic kingdom works.
If we learn how to go to the top & remove these kings from the position of power then the powers & master spirits underneath them will just have to submit to us. It’s way easier that way…
Jesus said, If you take out the strong man then you can ransack his house. So Jesus did it, too. 
Ephesians 6
shows us the order: despots, powers & master spirits. Despots are kings.
No king is a king unless he has a kingdom underneath him.
So you go to the top & then the rest will begin to just submit to you.
This is 1 of the keys to mass deliverance, to be able to do things, deliverance on an accelerated manner.
With Mom, she was our example & we learned from her. There was something blocking her healing. 
When I asked the Lord what it was, He began to give me this download.
She’s not the only 1 that’s having a blocked healing.  I asked God to show me who is the specific king that’s over Mom right now. I got quiet in my mind. I heard Isaiah 14…about...a satanic king of Babylon. 
Now in the natural Nebekenezer, King of Babylon was the king that took the Israelites into physical captivity.
Right?  In the supernatural the satanic king of Babylon does the same job. He takes God’s people into physical captivity through sickness & disease...Isaiah 14's words show his job description...totally tied in with physical disorders. It says that he, 'weakens...causes us pain & lays prostrate'. 
It means he is a king whose assignment is to cause us to be in physical captivity
When I got this revelation about him I was like, okay God, I don’t even know how to fight him, which the stuff we’re offering today, we give step by step medical instructions so they’ll know exactly how to…
I had the most important thing. I had the Word of God. So I took Isaiah 14.
I said okay, I’m gonna fight this king. I’m gonna win with the scripture.
I began to decree it against him in the position of warfare. 
My whole body started to just be on fire. My back was on fire. My legs were on fire.
1 of the things it says in Isaiah 14 is that we can take a taunt up against him & command him to fall from his position in power… In 2nd heavens ‘cause that’s where his throne is. So I began to do that.
I commanded
him, 'Fall in the name of Jesus. Fall, Fall, Fall. 'Suddenly in an open-eyed vision I saw this being.
It was him falling down through the clouds from the sky to the ground.  I was like, wow God, what is that? 
The Lord reminded me of this story when Jesus set up the 72 with the Matthew 10 anointing, the same anointing I had gotten at Bethel.  It says that when they came back they said, ‘Even demons submitted to us in your name.’
Jesus said this
: I saw Satan fall like lightening from the sky.’ 
He knew that Satan’s kingdoms, his kings in the kingdoms, had fallen from the positions of power when his disciples when out with this anointing…
6 months later…She had 1st gotten healed of an addiction to
Dilaudid…a prescription equivalent of heroin. 
When she got healed of that, then there are all these other people that we removed the Babylonian king off. 
They begin to get major breakthroughs.  Instant healing of viruses
Malachi 4:2
says, ‘The center of righteousness,’ meaning Jesus the Messiah ‘arises with the healing in his wings & his beams.’ The beams there are talking about beams of light & the wings that represents the prayer shawl, which represents the Glory Cloud.  So Jesus arises with healing in his glory & his light. 
You were talking about Australia earlier. Well when I went to Australia the Lord said, ‘Now I want you to start moving in that revelation & releasing light.’ You can even release it long distance ‘cause light travels 186,000 miles per second, right? So he said, ‘I want you to start releasing Glory Light on your mom’s hip,’ the other hip she had…From Australia… I began to press into my faith to release the Glory Light. So I called her 2 days later.
Now she doesn’t know I’m doing this.  She goes, ‘I’ve had this angelic being coming into my room beaming light into me.’   I was like that’s what I’ve been praying for.  The Lord began to show me how her other hip, which they were going to take out because it was being degenerated by disease, was being restored.
So I’m in the plane. God’s saying that hip is being restored in His Glory Light.
He goes, ‘But now the leg bone is out of the socket.’  He says, ‘So now I want you to do some thundering.’ 
I said, ‘Thundering?’ So I go, ‘Okay, what’s thundering?’ I did a word search in Bible Gateway. 
In the scripture about the valley of dry bones...says, ‘
There was a thundering, a shaking & a rattling. 
The bones came together, bone fits
bone.’  So I fly home. I run into her house.
I don’t even tell her what I’m doing.  I began to command the bones to come together, bone fits bone so that the leg bone would go into the hip socket. She’s laying there. She has no idea what I’m doing & she goes, ‘Ow.  Ow.’  I go, ‘What’s going on?’  She goes, ‘I have a pain.’   I said, ‘What kind of pain?’  She goes, ‘Well it wasn’t really a pain. It was more like the feeling of when the ball of a truck goes into the hitch of
a trailer.’   
Didn’t have to touch her anything.  The bones came together.” 
[Ezekiel 37:1-11 KJV -
4Again He said to me, “Prophesy (speak) upon (over) these (separated/broken/fractured) bones & say to them, ‘O you dry bones (disease, defect, deformity & /or fractured soul pieces), hear the Word of the Lord.’ 
5Thus says the Lord God to these bones, ‘Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, & you shall live
I will lay sinews upon you, & will bring up flesh upon you, cover you with skin & put breath in you. 
You shall live & you shall know that I am the Lord
9Then He said to me, ‘Prophesy to the wind
Thus says the Lord God, ‘Come from the 4 winds, O breath, & breathe upon these slain, that they may live.
11Then He said to me, “Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel.  Behold, they say, ‘Our bones are dried & our hope is lost.  We (traumatized/shattered/broken/fractured/stolen soul pieces captured in hell) are cut off from our (healthy/free/intact soul) parts (origins/freedom/eternal life/health/sanity).’ 
12Therefore prophesy & say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God, ‘Behold, O My people,
I will open your graves & cause you to come up out of your
(& or spiritual) graves (in hell), & bring you (out of captivity, the designs of the enemy) into the land of Israel (the designs of the Lord).
13You shall know that I am the Lord, when I have opened your graves, O My people, & brought you up out of your graves (captivity)
14& shall put My Spirit in you, & you shall live, & I shall place you (your hurt/ broken/wounded parts back together) in (side) your own land (mind/body/family/nation). 
Then you shall know that I the Lord have spoken & performed it,’ says the Lord.”2.2.2011
(For more corroboration & insight refer to Ana Mendez Ferrell's captivity teaching - )

1st apply Jesus blood to the doorposts/sin/root issue.  Repent of + forgive for (Assault/crime/deceipt/etc.)
2nd apply God's Glory Light/laser-surgery to the soul wound/hurt that resulted from the original unrepented sin.
Soul debris/wounds allow mental and physical disease to take root & grow. 
Above steps allow disease/damage reversal.
Holy Spirit is layered, like a loaf of Wonder bread.  Jesus is the bread of life/Holy Communion. 
When we are Holy Spirit baptized, Holy Spirit gives us 1 slice/layer of Himself & unites with our human spirit, creating a kid (fetus) with 3rd heaven Kingdom citizenship & passport, especially empowerment.

Souza, Katie - Demonic Kings Who Hinder Healing
Katie Souza - Blocked Healing #1 -
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Katie Souza - Ep. 46 - Binding the Strongman Pt. 1 +  Ep. 47 - Binding the Strongman Pt. 2
Ep. 48 - Binding the Strongman Pt. 3 + Ep. 49 - Binding the Strongman Pt. 4


Stacey, James & Tina - #1 - 5/16/2006 #2 - web video
Book Schizophrenia Defeated
"James & Tina Stacey oversee the ministry of PUSH. They came by the name PUSH in that each letter in P-U-S-H gives HUGE INSIGHT into how Christians need to realize that demonic strongholds need to have persistent prayer launched against those strongholds UNTIL those demonic strongholds are torn down by God.  In PUSH:
P - stands for PRAY.  U - stands for UNTIL. S stands for SCHIZOPHRENIA. H stands for HEALS, or HEALING.
Though the ministry of PUSH has originated out of James deliverance from 26 years of being held in the demonic bondage of Schizophrenia... PUSH applies to EVERY area of bondage a Christian encounters.
Prayer is not something we always do just ONE TIME & assume that is enough for God to get the job done.
Some demonic strongholds in a persons life needs MANY people praying down that stronghold, & not QUIT persistent praying until the stronghold is torn down in the spirit realm.
Other times it DOES involve mostly just the person who is being inflicted with demonic harrasment.
That person needs to realize that PERSISTING PRAYER until total deliverance & healing comes is absolutely NECESSARY to be set free.
Sometimes even FASTING is required along with prayer to break a demonic stronghold in a person or situation.
Being in tune with Holy Spirit is crucially important in each & EVERY situation when we engage demonic forces who are trying to put us in bondage, or keep us in bondage.
To go to the website of James & Tina: WWW.SCHIZOPHRENIADEFEATED.COM
To go to the website of this evangelistic ministry: WWW.PRECIOUS-TESTIMONIES.COM
We wish to thank TBN immensely for allowing us to make this DVD of James & Tina Stacey available to TANGLE (formerly GodTube) so others can be encouraged & ministered to by it.
We ask that you pray for TBN as well as TANGLE for making it possible to place video footage like this on the Internet.  We also ask that you keep James & Tina lifted up in prayer, & PRECIOUS TESTIMONIES as well. Thanks."  

Stone, Fred  Manna Fest 326 Freedom From Demonic Influences ... -  excellent

, Perry - Manna Fest 345 How to Reverse a Satanic Attack 1 of 3 -
Stone, Perry -
Manna Fest 345 How to Reverse a Satanic Attack 2 of 3 -
, Perry 
Manna Fest 345 How to Reverse a Satanic Attack ...
Manna Fest 345 How to Reverse a Satanic Attack 3 of 3 -
Stone, Perry - Manna Fest 326 Freedom From Demonic Influences 1 of 3 s7s - 11/6/2010 excellent - 11/6/2010

"Perry Stone tells the symptoms of demon possessed people." 
After fasting, Fred Stone delivered his dad, Perry's granddad, from mental illness.

Fred had his dad say, "Jesus," continually during a window of sanity. 
The Lord had told Fred that his dad needed deliverance, not healing.

Perry,'s uncle Lewis was a witness to the deliverance.
Stone, Perry - 11/6/2010
Discussion of impartation to peers & to the next generation by spiritual generals.
Stone, Perry - 11/6/2010
Stone, Perry - 11/10/2011 - The Spear of Satan - His Most Dangerous Weapon - important - or or
The Spear of Satan - His Most Dangerous Weapon - Audio - 11/11/2011 - [Read More »]
The Spear of Satan - His Most Dangerous Weapon - Video - 11/11/2011 - [Read More »] @

, Bill - Deliverance from Demons & How to Break Curses - online video -

Subritzky, Bill & Pat - How to Break Curses @ (edited) - Father God, in the name of Jesus, my messiah"
"I believe that at Your Cross, Jesus, I (or _____ ) was delivered from EVERY curse of the law.
I call upon You, Jesus, to set me ( _____ ) free, from devery demonic power that has affected me.
I now recounce you Satan & all your (evil) works & demons.  I count you my enemies.
I loose myself ( _____ ) from any/every (evil/satanic) dark, influence, bondage, spirit in me that is not of Holy Spirit.
I command all such (alien) spirits to leave me ( _____ ) now.
I call upon You Lord Jesus to set me ( _____ ) free from every demonic power that has affected me.
I command every demonic power that has oppressed or lived within me ( _____ ) now GO.
I declare that I am ( _____ is) a child of God. 
Satan, you have NO right to oppress or inhabit any part of me ( _____ ).
I thank You, Lord Jesus.  I give You Father God all the glory. Amen."

Subritzky, Bill & Pat -
Keys to Healing and Deliverance
+ Deliverance from Demons & how to break curses
, Bill - Video archives @ @

, Lester - commentary (no video) -Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira of Brazil was a powerful witch doctor that for many years worked in the office of the President of Brazil, in the Ministry of War & other government agencies of that nation, but 1 day he was delivered from the powers of darkness that worked in him & through him. Here is part of his story:
Arlindo was dedicated to the devil before he was born. His mother, a Macumba spiritist, dedicated him to a special & strong demon prince before his birth. A few days before Arlindo's birth, a reputable witch doctor put hot chicken blood (The chicken's head was cut off before the ceremony) on his mother's stomach.
The blood was placed in the form of a cross. (Spiritists often use religious symbols, even Christian symbols, in their rituals; but with perverted meanings.) Arlindo's mother then heard a masculine voice from her belly saying:
'He is my son'.  By the time Arlindo was 3 years old, alien entities were moving within him very strongly.
He was unruly & disobedient.  A spirit manifested in him called Dr. Reubenstein.
(The spirit said it had manifested in a German doctor in a former life.)
When the spirit manifested, Arlindo, at 3 years of age, would write prescriptions in Latin. 
(Spiritism teaches people not to believe in Judgment Day or the end of the world.
Instead, it teaches reincarnation.)  Read more in Witch Doctor by Lester Sumrall."
Sumrall, Lester - Alien Entities - testimony re Carlita Villanueva deliverance in Philippines good
Sumrall, Lester -
Dr Lester Sumrall Demolology Preparation For Action #1 -
Dr Lester Sumrall Demolology #2 - Dr Lester Sumrall Demolology #3 
Sumrall, Lester -
Dr. Sumrall - Christian Authority, Part 1 -
Dr. Lester Sumrall - Christian Authority #2 


Sumrall, Lester - TBN TV broadcasts - -
, Lester -  audio -
from (video + audio)
Demons_and_Deliverance_I_Part01_of_21_Introduction.mp469.2 MB
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Demons_and_Deliverance_II_Part27_of_27_Apocalyptic_Times.mp478.68 MB

, Gary -
Inside Exorcism - 2/26/2014 @ Converging Zone
Mark Selland interview - skype @ IBC.Leigh - from - (edited) - Sacred Heart church, Saratoga, Florida, USA -
Matt Baglio's biography of Catholic Father Gary Thomas called Rite - Baglio:
"What is interesting about exorcism is that it is a sacramental, not a sacrament.
As such it doesn’t carry as much weight in the Church as say the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
For me this was really what helped to put exorcism in context.
Exorcism is more about an individual’s personal relationship with God.
Has he or she done things to cut off or weaken that relationship?
In extreme cases, the Church says a person can distance him or herself so much from God that a demon can “take possession” of them.   However, it’s said that this can be avoided by a person practicing their faith.
So in the bigger picture, the sacraments are much more important than an exorcism.
In fact, this is really the driving principal behind an exorcism & something I discuss at length in my book."  
PROLOGUE 1 - chapter four Know Your Enemy - chapter five Opening the Door - chapter six I In My Name 69  
chapter nine I Discernment - Page 108  - "Several mental illnesses could mask themselves as demonic possession. 
(For those who were not saved & baptized in the Holy Spirit, for those whose root issues were not demonic, for those who were not equipped & ready to defend themselves from subsequent demonic attacks & for those who had no 'village' to love & walk along with them, a ministry or pastor) performing exorcisms on people with severe mental disease would most likely harm them,' fixing' them in this state...
That might add to a person's pain, by making an existing condition worse." 
chapter ten I Crossing Over -
chapter twelve Suffering of the Soul - 
chapter thirteen A Pastoral Approach  - chapter fourteen Windows to the Soul 173   
chapter sixteen Organizing the Ministry - chapter seventeen I The Exorcist 221 - Copyright - 1/17/2011 -
"I was training under Father Carmine De the book...1 of the 9 exorcists in Rome...
The gospels of Matthew & Mark, in particular, are fraught with many, many clear examples of demonic possession, & Jesus as the exorcist who comes & delivers people from the throes of Satan & demons...
a lot of biblical scholars saw exorcisms as really a metaphor for evil that really was unexplainable & sometimes would think of possessions or the manifestations of possessions as being related to diseases that had yet to be discovered per se...Satan hasn’t go away. He is relevant in & out of season...
I have exorcised 5 people in my 3 years as an exorcist.  I would say that there was 1 particular situation that would probably be pretty similar to what you just played in terms of the movie.
I don’t use the word 'compel', but I do certainly say, 'In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I demand you to leave'. 
I will say that repeatedly in the midst of the prayers of exorcism from the Solemn Rite that I pray over the people...
Full possessions are very, very rare. However, less than full possessions are not quite as rare, although they are not normative.  What we would call an oppression or an obsession that sometimes does exist with people where they’re able on the 1 level to function but on another level they have opened a door or someone else has opened a door for them where a demon does have some serious influence. I would like to stress, though, you really have to invite the demon in. Or, someone else has to invite the demon in. Lots of times, though, people, out of fear, go, 'What do we have to do to protect ourselves?' What I say back is largely, 'Continue having a relationship with the Lord. Stay close to God in prayer, & refrain from being involved in things that would be considered to be the New Age, rituals of the New Age, rituals of the occult, things such as Wicca, or tarot cards, Ouija boards, superstitious practices, black magic, white magic, anything that would really be idolatrous.'
I think as long as people have a relationship with God & stay close to God, they really don’t have anything to fear in the sense of any of the kinds of things that we’re specifically talking about...
I have a team.  On my team, my exorcism team, I have a trained clinical psychologist, a psychiatrist & a physician, all of whom are practicing Catholics, & all of whom believe in the possibility of Satan’s existence; but they’re not people who say there’s a demon under every rock or chair.  I have 2 clergy, 2 priests, who are on the team as well. So, as a person, as a priest, who’s not a therapist, much of what I do involves what we would call discernment.
How do we discern the spirit? Well, we discern the spirit by, 1st of all, asking a lot of probing questions. 
Then, you know, some of those questions involve not just their own personal spiritual life but the things they’ve been exposed to.  Then you simply pray prayers of deliverance, really as a starting point & encourage people, if they don’t have a sacramental life, to return to the sacramental life.
Then you pray with them over the course of time...
Sometimes it’s very clear when people come in that there really isn’t any particular diabolical doorway that they’ve opened; but sometimes you’re drawn to conclude that (entertain the possibility of the diabolical), because nothing else seems to make any sense or explain away their problems. So that’s why you have therapists. Sometimes I use a therapist. Sometimes I don’t...Sometimes people will say that they feel that they’ve had a curse put on them. 
Then you ask them questions in which they can’t give you any definitive answers (regarding) either the person who put the curse on them, any reason why someone would have put the curse on them, (or) any evidence that a curse has been put on them. Then you (may) simply conclude, 'Well, no curse has been put on you.
You simply have chosen to believe that'...
There are things that happen that we can’t explain. When people, though, show signs of some kind of demoniacal manifestation, such as foaming at the mouth, rolling of the eyes, taking on the appearance of a serpent or sometimes or speaking in a language that they have no competency in but all of a sudden do, those are the classical (diabolical) signs. But again, that doesn’t always come in the first go-around...
There’s a protection prayer that I pray, then an authority prayer that I pray over the person, but the protection prayer is for the person, anyone else who is in the room & myself. 
Then the authority prayer is to take authority in the name of Christ over the demons. 
Then you begin...Whether it’s the formal rite or whether it is just deliverance prayers, this is just standard operating for me. So at the very beginning you pray protection prayers...
It is a profoundly healing type of ministry. The people who come to me, in 1 way or another they all have, whether it’s something diabolical or whether it’s psychological, these are mostly people who are enduring great suffering...
But, it’s really Christ who’s the exorcist...I’m the vessel through whom Christ works.
It’s incredibly important that in my role (I learned this when I was in the course in Rome) that the exorcist always remain a truly humble prayerful person, because when you begin to see how the prayers you use agitate demons & sometimes deliver people from them, human nature being what it is can sometimes bloat. 
Satan is also part of that in the bloating of the exorcist’s ego in ways that can sometimes really assist the exorcist in losing his own effectiveness, cause he thinks that he’s the one responsible, but it’s really Christ
The movie is hopefully going to come out. The book, again, Matt really help educate the average Catholic & the average person about what the Roman Catholic Church is trying to do in this area...
 do think it’s a good read...very informative...
The book was sent to every bishop in the United States by my request with a letter from me & every rector of every seminary in the U.S. with a letter from me.  So I communicated with every rector & every bishop in the U.S., encouraging them, a) to train an exorcist, which is what John Paul II asked us before he died, & b) to help the seminary rectors begin to take this on information, because there’s very, very few priests who have any exposure to this... I got into it providentially. I think a lot of guys today have the inclination to do this but sometimes it’s a matter of: a) having the confidence & b) recognizing that you don’t have to be afraid of the demons. 
You have to respect them but you don’t have to be afraid."
audio -'  
read online

Mark Virkler    1/25-29/2010  Prayers that Heal the Heart  8 CD's
1/26/2010 discusses removing demon's legal rights prior to their eviction in our lives.
, Mark - audio
Prayers That Heal the Heart - Prayers That Heal the Heart TV broadcast
Show #1680
Radio show # 1701 - 6/21-25/2010 -
God showed Mark that there are 7 prayers one can say to remove all legal rights (anchors) to demons.
One needs to repent 1st prior to one's eviction of demons.  
If the faith, hope &/or love of Corinthians is missing in one's heart, then that exposes the existence of the opposite, a demonic presence, negative emotions/feelings that rise up, grip, control &/or push.
Radio archives

Virkler, Mark
 Spirit Born Creativity audio
Mark Virkler - It's Supernatural TV or transcript or Messianic radio here 7/18-22/2011 - "After 20 years of ministry, Mark Virkler finally experienced complete emotional & spiritual transformation. Mark discovered 7 supernatural prayers that remove the legal right of the demonic & usher in healing for the spirit, soul, & body."

DORIS WAGNER - Deliverance: Who Needs It? -
A brief video introduction to deliverance & clues to indicate if deliverance is needed i
n the life of a believer.

Walters, Kathie  12/24/2008 - The SHOWER with the GOLDEN WATER - An invitation for deliverance  God taught, helped & reminded Kathie that His blessings need to be requested/taken/ received.  Salvation, healing, & deliverance are separate requests/gifts as is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  "Most demonic spirits are earthbound & cannot move through the air like some of the higher spirits. 
They are reliant on attaching themselves to things & people." 
To travel they need to hitchhike onto us, our pets, or planes, eg. @ 

Weise, Bill - Hell Is Real !!! (Part 1 of 3)  author of 23 Minutes in Hell
Weise, Bill -
Hell is Real Part II - 
God is coming back very soon.
Weise, Bill -
Hell Is Real !!! (Part 3 of 3)   
Weise, Bill -
Bill Wiese: The man God took to Hell and back. ...

Werner, Ana - Seeing Behind the Veil with Ana Werner – Part 1 by Web Admin 4/29/2019 (Marilyn & Sarah Hickey TV interview) - Ana shares that she had ovary pain that lab/medical tests did not identify root cause of.  During shower time, the Lord shared that the pain/attacks did NOT have a physical but rather a spiritual root & to NOT be afraid.  Then Ana commanded the pain (& spiritual attacks/attackers) to go (be permanently uprooted, in Jesus’ name & resurrection power.)  (Likewise, we can via indwelling Holy Spirit superpower, bind & place evil enemy attacks under our/His feet.  That is our part.  He ALREADY did His part. 
We with His army host need to enforce what He accomplished, 200 years ago. 
Otherwise, we are giving consent to being spiritually bullied by a toothless trickster.)
Seeing Behind the Veil with Ana Werner – Part 2 By Web Admin -
April 30th, 2019 - Worship BREAKS off oppression/hurt/pain (both physical & emotional)
Werner, Ana -
Rejection - Out of the Shackles of Rejection You Shall Arise! “I saw DNA strands in Heaven being rewired…words “Self-rejection” & “Self-Hatred” being pulled off & out of the DNA of people. 
Arise my Bride & Walk freely & with Confidence. You were made to Soar,
I heard the Lord say…
1. Believe (and receive hope) that you are going to start feeling different in your relationships towards others.
You will begin to see them in a different light & perspective because rejection is no longer influencing & fueling these relationships.
2. Breaking out of this prison will affect the way you carry yourself before the Father as well.
You will step into new measures of His Presence with EASE because of a Kingdom confidence you will now feel & embrace. You will gain unstoppable boldness to draw close.
3. Your perspective on promotion is shifting. Promotion is not necessarily a negative thing, as long as it is embraced with humility & responsibility. Even the way you may have looked at “promotion” before is being transformed. The pain of past times of not being promoted when others were & even the jealousy of that, is being melted away, as the root of rejection is being stripped off. Get ready for Promotion.
4. Stress is being pulled off of your body right now. The balancing act has to stop. Even the Fear of failing is being broken away from you. As you step into the Father’s deep loving embrace, fear of failure is melted.  
It’s the Father’s embrace that declares over you,
I love you No matter what
that sets you to SOAR.
Your Date with Destiny  
[Llike Ester in (Esther 4:14)
Now is the Lord’s time for us to reject fear & step into our destiny.]
Your Season to “STEP UP”–Destiny is at Hand. - Esther stepped up when she could have stayed beaten down.
This is your season to STEP UP. You are not destroyed. You are not defeated. Discouragement is not your portion. The Lord is for YOU & your date with destiny is at hand! As you attain promotion or expansion of opportunities in this season, do not coward back in fear. Boldness & courage are your “access” keys right now.
Werner, Ana - @ @
Werner, Ana - videos: also:
Ana Werner 1/1/2017 (Interview with Sid Roth)
Unforgiveness, bitterness, things that we hold on to.  Sometimes I might see a word, like "unforgiveness" or "bitterness" over someone. I'll know that's the root, where the enemy has got them, why sickness is on them.  

:  There are angels with (healing) Heavenly packages they want to deliver to you. 
1st You ask. 2nd you shall receive.
Ana Werner
11/11/2018 -

Darren Wilson - transcript

Wommack, Andrew - The Believer's Authority - audio series -
We're In A Spiritual War 
Real  MP3  Who Made Satan  Real  MP3  
With Authority Comes Responsibility #1
Real  MP3
With Authority Comes Responsibility #2  
Real  MP3 
Law Enforcement
Real  MP3  
The War Is In Your Mind
Wommack, Andrew - 5/30/2014 -
Andrew refutes many of the deliverance ministry methods (that omit the teaching/ministering of God's Truth as the primary weapon against evil).
Wommack, Andrew - 1/6/2020
+ 1/7/2020
+ 1/8/2020
+ 1/9/2020
+ 1/10/2020
(especially 1/9-10/2020)

Worley, Win - Jesus and The Cross  audio

XL Strongholds #1
XL Strongholds #2
XL Strongholds #3

Yoder, Barbara - Breaker Anointing - 8/26/2013
Mica 2:
13 "The breaker goes up before them; They break out, pass through the gate & go out by it.
So their king goes on before them, & the LORD at their head."
Shout to shatter the blockages in the 2nd heaven. 
The right sound has supernatural power.
Matthew 11:12 From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence. 
The violent take it by force.

Vs 17. You don’t receive an anointing without conflict (pushback).
“When the Philistines heard that David was anointed (then they rose up).”
Listen! Satan's greatest opposition comes at the point of your breakthrough.~
When you engage confrontation in the spirit realm something is released & received...
Vs 24 When you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, cause yourself to be active, move quickly. Rise to action. For then the Lord has gone out before you

Free audio/visual clips 


Chuck Missler  12/14-20/2009 Sid Roth's It's Supernatural TV broadcast - Book Return of the Nephilim


Badolato, Lou & Gwen - Supernatural Life radio - - Salem, Massachusetts, USA -

BBC 11/25/2013 - -
"Vladimir Hernandez follows the Mexican priests who believe they can fight the evil of drug trafficking through the ancient Catholic practice of exorcism. It is estimated that 60,000 people have died in Mexico in the 'drug wars' linked to the narco-traffickers, who are among the most vicious criminals in the world. To some Catholic priests & believers, this is clear evidence that the Devil has taken hold among much of the population. They also point to the popularity of cults like that of 'Santa Muerte', the saint of death, who is a figure of popular veneration among some of the narco-gangs.  The priests are responding by practicing exorcisms, both in private & public, as they seek to expunge this evil. Vladimir watches dramatic individual and mass exorcisms, hears from those who have been through the rite & talks to critics & supporters of the practice. Producers: Keith Morris & Mark Savage."

John Benefiel - 11/26-30/2012 radio broadcast from - DVD Binding the Strongman & radio broadcast share legal verbal directives of eviction & freedom from chief demon + releasing of angels to implement this.  He also utilizes the divorce decree.

Episode 503 - Charles J Costello - LIVE Deliverance - Play in your default player -
Download this episode - 10/10/2011 -

Evans, Tony - Radio archives @ @
Knowing God's Names, volume #1
Adonai - The Owner of All, Part 1 - Monday, 4/8/2013
Adonai - The Owner of All, Part 2 - Tuesday, Apr 9, 2013
Jehovah Jireh - The Lord Will Provide - Wed - 4/10/2013
El Shaddai - Mighty Sufficient One - Thursday, 4/11/2013
El Elion - The Most High Ruler - Friday, 4/12/2013 - re: Captivity getting out of a deep pit:

Rebecca Greenwood - 11/21-25/2011 - Listen to Sid Roth's Messianic radio
Greenwood, Rebecca - Let Our Children Go - DVD & Book set - 11/1/11 @

Hagee, John - Invasion of Demons - book interview - 10/24/2011
on - archives @

Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae @

Hopkins, Ivory -
2/5/2013 - John 2:23-25

Kelley, Earthquake - 1  LISTEN Messianic Vision radio broadcast archive #1558 
Earthquake Kelley is a former heavyweight boxer who has visited both heaven and hell.
Kelley, Earthquake -  2   LISTEN to Messianic Vision radio broadcast archive #1559  Order book #1122 "Bound to Lose, Destined to Win"

Guillermo Maldonado - 1/30/2/3/2012 week 1 with Sid Roth on Messianic Vision - excellent - Florida, USA
Guillermo Maldonado - Healing 2/6-10/2012 week 2 with Sid Roth on Messianic Vision - excellent -

David Martin 2012 - 1/2/2012 Messianic Vision radio broadcast -
There is an evil spirit by the name of Deception.  In this testimony, it was related to Mormonism.

Mulkey, Monty -  episode-677-spirits-of-insanity.mp3 5/22/2012 (starts about 53:30 on internet dial) @

Pittman, Howard O -
Pittman, Howard O -  good listing of various topics

Schambach, RW - Power Today radio on web - or at Tyler, Texas, USA
Schambach, Donna -
07-25-2010 CD or radio - Confronting The Unseen World from


End of Days (1999)
Repossessed (1990)
The Exorcist (1973) - In the Grip of Evil - VHS- - Interviews & discussion of exorcism, including interview of priest involved in exorcism of person on whom movie the Exorcist is based.

Eko, Lyombe - Elephant People or A Visit to the Maalé: A Festival of the Mokpe Secret Society of the Elephant + - "In the documentary, we learn that the Mahlé is “based on the African philosophy of transilience, the belief that each human has an animal side to their nature & can transform into an animal & (return) back as the need arises...The elephant is the Bakweri totem.”
The documentary showcases "the most enduring aspect of the Wakpe culture” which “survived 125 years of colonial & missionary effort to stamp it out”.
Lyombe Eko teaches courses in Media Law & Ethics, Comparative Communication & Video
Production at the University of Iowa’s School of Journalism & Mass Communications." 
Secular understanding of spiritual activities.  Good review.
Maalé: A Festival of the Mokpe Secret Society of the Elephant
The elephant is more than a mascot. 
Click here to print or download complete article in PDF format

Avatar Mania - The Beautiful Side of Evil - in India - FILM  by Christopher St John -

Superman - Old original movie/TV/u-tube shows often depict superman as overcoming evil, each scenario often in the form of an occult dilemma, such as the: underground world, mummy, monsters, giant, magnetic telescope. 
In reality such root issues are demonic & can be over-come by the Holy Spirit, because both depict spiritual invisible powers at war with each other over us human beings.  Unless we are aware of the real spiritual warfare & victor, it is safer not to have such media in our homes.  Where/when we cannot dispose of such, then often we can share with viewer, the symbolism of war between the unholy 2nd & holy 3rd heaven.


Amorth, Father Gabriele - So You Want to Perform an Exorcism: Here Is What it Takes  9/7/2005
"I speak with the devil every day," says Father Gabriele Amorth, Rome's official exorcist.
"I talk to him in Latin. He answers in Italian. I have been wrestling with him, day in day out, for 14 years."
"Says Father Giulio Savoldi, who has been Milan's official exorcist for more than 2 decades...
'Know how to distinguish between a mental illness & a possession.'"

BBC News: Vatican Issues New Exorcism Rules -  1/27/1999
BBC News: Rome Priests Get Exorcism Lessons - 2/17/2005 -
"A Vatican-backed (Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum) college is launching a new course for exorcists - Roman Catholic priests who cast out evil spirits from the possessed."

Clayton, Ion - Demon Possession @
?v=-iwPFSfQPH0&annotation_id=annotation_334873&feature=iv - - New Zealand

Exorcism - - Multiple Personality Disorder -  
In 1994, the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-IV replaced the designation of MPD with DID: dissociative identity disorder. The label may have changed, but the list of symptoms remained essentially the same." 
(One can see that illnesses keep getting redefined according to socially acceptable labels & scientific understanding & slowly disassociated/divorced from Scriptural diagnoses where sin or demons are involved.)

King, Patricia - Evil Spirit of Leviathan - 2/2015 - Twisted Serpent of our carnal nature is an angry opportunist after we take his former territory or when we attempt to take (retake) his (our new) territory.  Evil spirit intentionally confuses/twists comprehension & communication. 
Decree aloud God's word to war against this evil.  Always end in violent praise.

Pittman, Howard O - Demons: An Eyewitness Account - - full text -
Chapter 11 - Dealing with Demons - Casting Them Out - - @ 5/2003 - Foreign Energy Interference / Spirit Attachments  Secular/NON-Christian links - "The Foreign Energy Interference (FEI) is a fascinating emerging field.  It offers explanations to a phenomenon, which continues to puzzle the scientific & especially the medical establishment. Meanwhile, not only (non-Christian) hypno-therapists, but also more & more psychiatrists & psychologists, familiar with (occult) techniques of hypnosis, are discovering attached entities in the subconscious realm of patients or clients. Spirit possession or entity attachment, the most known type of Foreign Energy Interference, is a full or partial take-over of a living human body by discarnate being. Although it is not well known in today's western contemporary society, the phenomenon is as old as humanity.
In all cultures & in every era, there are references to (evil) spirit possession in 90% of societies there are records of it.
Those who study the Bible might recall the countless occasions in which Jesus was healing people by casting out unclean spirits. Also, the Old Testament references interference by evil spirits. Today, extensive contemporary clinical evidence suggests that discarnate (stripped of flesh) beings, the spirits (or more correctly, souls or soul fragments) of deceased humans can attach to living people on the level of the subtle energy bodies, imposing detrimental physical, emotional or mental conditions & symptoms.
The (deceased human &/or the evil demon) spirit attachment is still widely denied by the drug oriented psychiatric establishment. Nevertheless, a reference can be found in the "DSM-IV-TR"," the official diagnostic criteria reference of the American Psychiatric Association. Under the code # 300.15 - Dissociative Disorders Not Other Specified, paragraph 4, it is stated: "4. Dissociative trance disorder: single or episodic disturbance in the state of consciousness, identity, or memory that are indigenous to particular location & cultures. Dissociative trance involves narrowing of awareness of immediate surroundings or stereotyped behaviors or movements that are experienced as being beyond one's control. Possession trance involves replacement of the customary sense of personal identity by a new identity, attributed to the influence of a spirit, power, deity, or another person, & associated with stereotyped "involuntary" movements or amnesia & is perhaps the most common Dissociative Disorder in Asia. Examples include amok (Indonesia), bebainan (Indonesia), latah (Malaysia), pibloktoq (Arctic), ataque de nervos (Latin America), & possession (India). The dissociative or trance disorder is not (professed to be) a normal part of a broadly accepted collective cultural or religious practice (but rather a private or secretive ritual occurring often at family/village ceremonies)." The message appears to be: "it exists, but not here". Are we so different? The DSM-IV-TR" certainly understates the extent of the FEI in mental health.
As an example, in a 389-page doctoral dissertation by Craig T. Isaacs (1985) states, in the then present DSM-III, that categories of psychopathology are inadequate to describe the cases of demonic possession that he studied & described. It is important to recognize that the DSM-IV-TR" refers to rather severe cases of FEI such as crimes committed under temporary insanity."
[Footnote: Webster's 1979 dictionary says of the the non-Christian religion of Spiritualism:
"The belief that the dead survive as spirits which can communicate with the living, especially with the help of a 3rd party, called a medium." 
Also be reminded that Catholics, especially in 3rd world countries, pay much attention to their deceased relatives (as well as Catholic saints, whose human spirits are believed to visit the living.) 
There is also another phenomena regarding ghosts of the departed souls. 
These are believed to haunt a building, especially at night.  Most documented tales are believed by born-again Christians to be the activity of demons rather than of departed human souls. 
It is understood that demons like to masquerade as deceased human spirits, to deceive & torment individuals. 
To test a spirit, ask it, "Did Jesus the Christ come in the flesh? 
A (good) spirit must always answer with a yes.   Additionally, do all that would protect
you including: call on the name of Jesus, cover self with blood of Jesus, praise/worship
the Lord, bind the enemy in Jesus name, visit/phone a spiritual mentor, take communion, read Scripture out loud.]

Ten Golden Rules: A Key To The Revised Rite Of (Catholic) Exorcism -
(Many non Catholic Pentecostals would have a problem with the following.) 
"1-The exorcist must be sure he is dealing with a possessed person, not someone with psychological problems.
2-To do this, he must distinguish possession from superstition.
Sometimes people believe they have been affected by the "evil eye" or some other form of black magic.
They should not be denied spiritual aid, but no exorcism should be carried out in such cases.
3-The following are signs of possession: a sudden capacity to speak unknown languages; abnormal physical strength; the disclosure of hidden occurrences or events; & a vehement aversion to God, the Virgin Mary, the saints, sacramental rites & religious images, especially the cross."

Catholic Encyclopedia -

Cyber Exorcism - Do It Yourself - -
Catholic - There are 2 kinds of Catholic exorcisms: 
Solemn to be done or authorized by a bishop, & simple to be done by clergy or laity

Demon Stories - -
Doug Perry - -
Demonology - Series

Exorcists and Exorcisms Proliferate Across U.S. -   
"In January 1999, the Vatican issued a revised Catholic rite of exorcism for the 1st time since 1614, essentially reaffirming that Satan exists. The new rules (amendments) call for church-approved exorcists to consult modern medicine & to rule out the possibility of a mental or physical disorder." 11/28/2000

Guidelines from The Roman Ritual - -
guide to exorcism for priests - 

How Stuff Works

How to Perform a Christian Exorcism -

How to Perform an Exorcism - The Exorcist and True Exorcism 73 - - Catholic

Jackson, John Paul - Needless Causalities of War - - 4/15/2013 -
Jackson, John Paul - book -

Mueller, Father Joerg - -
"'Over past year alone I have received requests from around 350 people who think they are possessed by an evil spirit,' says Father Joerg Mueller, who heads a group of priests, doctors & therapists to deal with the problem.
'Therapy hasn't worked for them; they want exorcism: a prayer that can free them.' 
Father Mueller, who is based in a Bavarian monastery, was talking to a team from WDR, the state radio network, which was allowed to record extracts from 8 exorcisms.
A Polish exorcist, named only as Father Wiktor, suggested that this was only a fraction of the actual number seeking help. 'I would say that every day at least 1 person is undergoing a full-scale exorcism,' he told WDR.
This has come as a shock to the Catholic Church in Germany, which has shied away from exorcism since the tragic case of Anneliese Michel in 1973.  Ms Michel, 23, from a strongly Catholic Bavarian village, had epilepsy & suffered from hallucinations. 2 priests were authorized to perform an exorcism. 
They performed the ritual 67 times until she died, having starved herself to 31kg (68lb). 
After her death the priests & her parents were sentenced to 6-months' suspended jail sentences for not referring her for medical treatment.  That verdict & the publicity (that) 2 films were made about the case including The Exorcism of Emily Rose in 2005, scared the Church hierarchy.
Permission for a full exorcism now has to be granted by a bishop, but few permits have been given.
In a poll of German dioceses, only Paderborn admitted to having authorized 3 exorcisms.
Frustrated by the lack of exorcists in their own country, disturbed Germans are turning to esoteric spiritual healers & priests in Switzerland & Poland. Andrzej Trojanowski, a Polish priest, even has plans to set up an exorcism centre in Poczernin, on the Polish-German border.
WDR broadcast some of the sessions of the exorcists with Ms Michel. She is heard growling & barking.
'Tell the truth in the name of the Holy Trinity & the Blessed Virgin Mary.' commands Father Arnold Renz
The answer comes in the form of a long, terrifying scream.
The recording is making the Church leadership more reluctant to address the needs of the supposedly possessed. Yet by doing so the bishops are flying in the face of the Pope, who urged a convention of exorcists to 'carry on your important work in the service of the Church'.
Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican exorcist-in-chief, has performed the ritual more than 40,000 times.
The Vatican aim appears to be to place at least 1 exorcist in each diocese to ensure that the distressed do not drift away from the Church.  In Germany, however, that drift is already happening.
'I would say that 90% of those who think they are possessed by the Devil are mentally ill,' said Father Mueller.
A large number of them have suffered sexual abuse as children. Some think that an exorcism is easier than long years of psychotherapy.  He added: 'But about 10% of the people who approach us have some sign of demonic possession & then you have to turn to special, charismatic men & women who have the gift of being able to feel & recognize if demons have entered someone.'”

National Geographic - Manila, Philippines
@ -

National Geographic -
Exorcism In India -
http://www. - 

Origen (AD 203-250) - - Re: the charism of casting out of demons, Origen says, "for the most part, it is unlettered persons who perform this work."

Religious Demonology - - Catholic laity exorcism manual

Rabbi Schneider - Rabbi tells evil spirits to "Get out!!"

Solo Auditing As Exorcism - -
Scientology is cited to believe in
auditing out (exorcising) body thetans (BTs or deluded aliens).

U.K TO LEGITIMIZE EXORCISM THERAPY - Jonathan Petre - National Post - 9/27/1999 @ - Promoting Mental Health: The Role of Faith Communities
"'A report citing U.S. research suggesting a strong link between religious belief & well-being, was prepared for the Health Education Authority. According to newspaper reports, the British government plans to accept the report & recognize exorcism of demons as therapy for mental illness. While the report warns that, 'An emphasis on demons & demon possession can be very damaging to people who are vulnerable & there is an important distinction to be drawn between evil & mental ill-health.' Nonetheless, it goes on to say: 'At the same time, some hold that a deliverance ministry is an important part of their belief in prayer & some people have found exorcism & similar approaches helpful.' The report urges doctors to be sensitive to people's religious beliefs & if their patients report seeing visions, hearing voices or speaking in tongues, they should not automatically be diagnosed as mentally ill. The report is part of a government campaign to reduce the stigma that often accompanies mental illness."

Vatican @

Wommack, Andrew - beginning
@ although whole month is great re:
You Already Have It
.  Andrew shares how most deliverance practices are quite unnecessary & counterproductive.  
He shares how God revealed to him that 1 squatter demon had haunted his grandmother's bedroom for about a generation, making it inhabitable/ unusable, until he discovered it was only a tiny demon with a big mouth.
So he evicted it, permanently.  Ha.  Satan is a defeated foe with only 1 trick: deception & thus intimidation.

Win Worley - books - - excellent audio web links including
SATAN'S GROUND - MASS DELIVERANCE - 1980 group deliverance last half of program -
If spiritual victim/captive is confused, in Jesus name, bind/silence his/her evil angelic/demonic counselors.
Worley, Win – Deliverance – Video (00:57:32) Interview With Win Worley
Worley, Win – Deliverance – Video (02:00:58)
Mass Deliverance – Live Footage
Worley, Win – Deliverance – Video (00:57:42)
What To Bind And Loose from

Cook, John Linden - My Deliverance & Exorcism From demons Through Jesus Christ - WARNING DISTURBING - radio broadcast 

Self Deliverance

Hickey, Marilyn & Sarah - 11/2/2017
Let us each practice saying, "No & go, in Jesus' name," developing our spiritual muscles.
We speak TO our mountain/problem/cancer/hate/chocolate cake.

Hogue, Rodney - 5/18/2020
+ (edited)
RODNEY: The (Baptist seminary) class (about demons) was over...A pastor was telling us about his day, "Today we ministered to 3 people who had demons...2 of them were Christians". I go, "Oh no."
RODNEY: I just had this strong thought, I just don't believe in this.
Now I realize those thoughts weren't my thoughts, but at that time, I thought those were my thoughts.
RODNEY: I said, "I don't believe in this." I had to get out of there. I made an excuse, Oh my goodness, I need to go home. I'm in my car driving home & thinking, How does a Christian have a demon? I'm just wondering. 
Then the Holy Spirit invades my thinking & speaks to me so clearly, not audible, but pretty close & says, "Rodney, that's what you have."
RODNEY: Well, I just got mad & said, "You (demon) can't have me. You (demon) don't belong to me.  
In the name of Jesus Christ I command
you to leave me."  I felt this (evil/foreign/unnatural) thing leave me.

Zadai, Kevin - Use Your Power Words #2
Satan Hates This Power Word #1
+ #2

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