DELIVERANCE cautions DANGERS precautions

Where or when demons are cast out; it may be a throw away victory for those (prior or subsequently)
not grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ AND in self-defense, because Satan will attempt to reoccupy. 
It is of little use to: save the intellect/brain & lose the spirit/soul (mind/emotions/willpower);
to win the battle & lose the war.
Also once one has invited Jesus to be his forgiver/savior/deliverer, do NOT allow the spiritual enemy to continually bully/harass one 24/7 regarding his PAST FORGIVEN issues now erased & under Jesus' blood covering, without pushing back/rebuking/dismissing/evicting him in Jesus' name/blood/resurrection power
& then replacing those lies/false accusations with God's scriptural Truth.
Finally, after one has invited God's Son to be his forgiver/savior, he needs to also invite Jesus to be his baptizer in the Holy Spirit, so Holy Spirit can fill/indwell/join to his human spirit, allowing him to have a 24/7 in-house counselor/comforter/psychiatrist/mentor to help him all the days & nights of his life. 
Then read one's Bilble out loud, daily if possible, even for 5 minutes.  That feeds your spirit & soul,
as well as (daily/weekly/monthly pew) confession & receiving of holy communion.

                                                                          Matthew 12:44-45 KJV
When he (the exorcised demon) is come (back), he findeth it (the man/house/temple) empty, swept & garnished. 

Then goeth he, and taketh with himself 7 other spirits more wicked than himself, & they (return) enter in & dwell (oppress/possess/torment/afflict) there; & the last state (disease/addiction/insanity/plight) of that man is worse than the 1st.


Allen, AA (1911-1970)  Demon Possession Today and How to Be Free - - Reprinted by Schambach, RW - Chapter 2 Are Demons Real? shares the importance of being covered with the blood of Jesus & prayers, forbidding demons (who are cast out) to indwell any object or person attending the ministry, commanding demons where to go &/or doing other protective/preventative actions prior to ministry. Allen ministered to a person deaf (in 1 ear).
The demon left the bad ear & moved into the good ear, making it deaf.  Upon eviction it went into a woman in the congregation, deafening both her ears.  The deaf spirit had to be evicted from her, too...
Regarding deliverance, Allen had a "liberation night, a special night when I (Allen) laid hand on all who were oppressed, vexed, bound, or possessed by unclean spirits or demon powers." 
1 such night Allen "said to the ministers who were praying with me (Allen), 'This is NOT the woman speaking. 
It is the demons inside.  Back me up in prayer."
It is imperative NOT to go it alone, not to minister without the Holy Spirit + a congregation praying with & for you.  Jesus sent them out 2 by 2.
Chapter 3 The Origin and Nature of Demons and chapter 10 Insurance against Demon Possession warn loudly that it is imperative for one to have Jesus as his/her personal Forgiver of sins + Baptizer in the Holy Spirit.  
If one has not received Jesus as water baptizer
and Holy Spirit baptizer, + does not have a daily intimate walk with the Trinity, then his human spirit has a door open to a mob of demons.   When the human body (temple) and mind are FULL of the Holy Spirit, there is NO ROOM at the INN for any demons to enter, visit, occupy, possess, squat, rent, or infest.  Like a car gasoline tank, we need to fill our human mind and spirit daily with Scripture.  We can eat daily communion to feed our human spirit.  We need to daily chat/fellowship with God in prayer, praise & worship.  We need to foster a love relation-ship with the Trinity that overflows to bless others.  Both Gentile & new Christian need the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  This is especially true after a deliverance from evil spirits, when the demons have fled from the mind, body &/or human spirit. 
Matthew 12:44-45
warns us that exorcism will reap 7x the trouble if the man delivered has not protected himself with both salvation & the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Thus, man should never be on empty. 
This includes emptying oneself during meditation.  DANGER...
Salvation is an engagement ring. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is the wedding ring. 
Salvation only invites Jesus to live in one room, the heart.  Baptism in the Holy Spirit, invites Jesus to occupy the whole house: body, mind, & human spirit.  When the house is full, there is no room for evil occupancy; although demons will, like rats, try to sneak in any open back door.  Christians have a marriage contract with Jesus;
that relationship must be maintained daily, just like a human marriage or business contract should be. 

Bentley, Todd - The Reality of the Supernatural World - Exploring Heavenly Realms and Prophetic Experiences - - Chapter 2 Levels of Prophetic Revelation shares a section Translated in the Spirit
Satan has a counterfeit operation where human spirits can "astra travel" without the body, as does the Holy Spirit have a legal operation where the human spirit can travel without the body.  If or when a witch/warlock translates into your room, all you have to do is call out, "Leave or I'll cut your "silver cord", in the name of Jesus." 
The silver cord seems to be the umbilical cord connecting the body to the spirit; separation would mean death to the body.  Danger, you do NOT want to murder anyone. What you DO want to do is sever the "link" between Satan & the witch & NOT the link between God & the witch. God Himself explained that a translated witch is NOT a demon, although demons do allow that experience.  A demon does not need to be exorcised when you see an apparition/translated witch/human spirit of a living person...
Ecclesiastes 12:6-7
 - Remember your Creator before the silver chord is loosed, the  golden bowl is broken, the pitcher shatter4ed at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the well. 
Then the dust will return to the earth as it was; the spirit will return to God Who gave it
Silver Cords and Lay Lines - Invisable things to Cut/Sever and burn - Lay (ley) lines is the term used by witches, etc, to communicate with each other telepathically.  High occultists follow Ley Lines around the world.
Occultists believe that certain Ley Lines form Portals or Vortexes allow inter-dimensional travel and transfer.
A silver cord is the term they use for their out of body experiences (astral projection)...
A separate issue, being "transported in the spirit", is when human spirit (+ body and soul travel together) to another part of the world supernaturally.

Bonnke, Reinhard - Evangelism by Fire - 

"Many believers could not distinguish between the Holy Spirit’s authentic 'word of knowledge' & the occult world’s 'psychic premonition.' To the uninformed these 2 look much alike, but their difference is gravely critical...
The psychics are not merely predicting them; they are causing them.
Through their evil prophecies, they fulfill the devil's will...'How do I get out of this?'...
Ask Jesus to forgive you. Tell Him you want to be born-again... Commit your life to Him...
The difference between a psychic premonition and the Holy Spirit’s word of knowledge is that God’s message always provides grace for a way of escape. His word comes with love & mercy; Satan’s word always demands unchangeable, inescapable death & disaster. Even when disguised with the promise of good fortune & favor there is an incredibly high price to pay. If you ever receive a(n evil) dream or not accept it.
It may destroy you or someone you love. God gave you the authority to cancel its effect in your life. Romans 16:20. Luke 10:17-19. Mark 16:17-20. I Peter 5:9. Revelation 12:10,11. Be alert. Be informed.
Most importantly of all, be victorious. Know the difference between God's 'words of knowledge' & the devil's 'psychic deceptions.' Your life depends on it. Don't become another victim of Hell's deceit...
Jesus...said, 'I give you the authority to trample on serpents & scorpions & over all the power of the enemy & nothing shall by any means hurt you. Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.' Luke 10:19-21"  (Pray the Lord's prayer:
Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven...Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Amen.)

Cho, David Yonggi - The 4th Dimension -  publisher - Chapter 2 The 4th Dimension mentions that in the Orient there are many healers, many evil.  The human spirit (subconscious/inner man) can meditate/incubate/brood/ visualize in the 4th spiritual dimension & heal in the 3rd human dimension. 
Additionally the human spirit can join forces with the evil spirit or the Holy Spirit, believes Cho. 
This would be true in yoga, Buddhism & Japanese Sokagakkaism, where demons are enlisted (knowingly or unknowingly) to remove medical problems...Cho contends that imagination/dreams/visions are the language of the spirit world.  (Let ours be the language of the Holy Spirit, rather than the evil spirit. 
Be reminded, Satan is a copy cat; but his work is always inferior.)
Cho, David Yonggi - The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner publisher
Subtitle Understanding the Holy Spirit & His Gifts - including author's personal testimony
Chapter 7 Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit - seeking & ministering warnings
1- "People who've asked amiss have sometimes received a different spirit, such as the spirit of covetousness, rather than the Holy Spirit."
2- A "pessimistic and inclined to keep a dark solitude in his or her heart...type of long oppressed unwittingly by a negative spirit" who "tries to pray hastily for the Spirit of God without 1st completely cleansing himself of that negative spirit... can fall into agony and be overtaken by another morbid spirit."
3- "A long continuing sickness which wears away the body is often followed by the oppression of the devil. 
Those who are weak both in mind & body, having been harassed by sickness a long time, should be cleansed by the precious blood of Jesus again; if they are inclined to be oppressed by the devil, when they pray earnestly to receive the Holy Spirit, they could be oppressed again by the devil."
Acts 10:38 KJV God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost & with power, Who went about doing good & healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him.
"I have almost always been hindered by the devil when I prayed with those weak in mind & body to receive the Holy Spirit (baptism).  Knowing this, people who have been oppressed by Satan should pray to receive the Holy Spirit, laying special claim to the precious blood of Jesus."
4- Those persons who served the devil long before they came to the Lord should be especially careful...
(1st) they should bury (terminate/reject/renounce) all the past relationships with had with the devil, repent of their sins fully, & have the victory all believers can have over the devil." 
As some individuals "may still be vulnerable subconsciously (to demonic oppression) if they open their hearts," cover with the blood of Christ & enlist the Holy Spirit to protect/minister to/heal the subconscious.
5- Never in zeal to receive the Holy Spirit "permit just anyone to lay hands on them (or self) in prayer. 
An evil spirit, like an epidemic, is very contagious. 
I have seen numerous people taken by unclean spirits when someone with evil spirits laid hands on them. 
When they were seized by that spirit they experienced terrible suffering until they received deliverance...
Always be sure that the person who is going to lay hands on them is a person full of the Spirit of truth."
6- Be wary of going alone to a mountain or a cave for prayer." 
Trying to imitate a person of great faith may backfire if one is not bold & becomes frightened & oppressed by evil spirits who love to take advantage of moments of fear.

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - - Ana warns both Gentiles & Christians to avoid randomly visiting tourist sites, patients in hospitals, amusement parks, cemeteries, etc. unless the Lord has specifically indicated that one do such - after 1st covering oneself (& family/associates) with the blood of Christ, for beginners.  These places can be or have gates to the shadow of death & other terrors/horrors/ entrapments/illnesses/maladies.  "If you must go to a hospital, you must immediately close the gates of death & Sheol & spiritually cut all the currents of death & the spiritual tunnels coming from the cemeteries. 
In Jesus, we have the keys of Sheol land close (to defend) & open (to rescue captives)."
[Ferrell, Ana Mendez wrote sub title Safe from Counterattack to counter John Paul Jackson's book & other individuals who do not fully comprehend that Satan is already defeated & do not fully comprehend that "It Is Finished" is a truth Christians have yet to walk in, due to spiritual immaturity, etc. Obviously one would want to never do deliverance solo.  It takes a mature spiritual army to do such spiritual war.]

, Norvel - How to Cast Out Devils (formerly Jesus Taught Me to Cast Out Devils) - -
Chapter 7 The College Boy Who Lost His Mind shares that (BEFORE ANY DELIVERANCE -
BEFORE BEING LOOSED FROM THE ENEMY - BEFORE BEING LEFT ON ONE'S OWN) it is imperative to have already set in place a ministry to which the delivered can/will go individually or go as a family/group for follow up, a place which has the knowledge, power, & obedience to the Trinity, able & willing to cast out demons, raise the dead, praise & worship, minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit, etc to keep its members/ attendees full of the Holy Spirit so there is NO room for the evil spirits, only terror when demons come near.  (Additionally, the delivered needs to be taught in advance how to defend himself + what demonic potholes to look out for.)

Holliday, Pat in her book Deliverance warns us to lead the person in a confession of his specific sins, which he needs to renounce, as they have been open doors for the spirits to enter, & are spiritual roots that need to be specifically rejected & placed under the feet of Jesus. Pat calls this breaking Satan's legal right or entitlement to oppress us. Jesus needs to occupy the heart of the individual, for one will not have the wisdom, skill, nor the strength to resist the return of the enemy.  If one's heart is empty of a spirit, there is a vacant sign on the door of the heart.  If the Holy Spirit occupies the heart, then we have a 24 hour a day policeman on duty.  2nd, per Pat, before deliverance, the individual needs a prayer partner to walk & pray with daily, to cover him with prayers of protection. + He needs to be given the tools to resist the enemy when he comes & tries to reenter.  For instance, the baptism of the Holy Spirit is protection. 
Pat contends that we war with both the fallen human spirit or human nature & the evil spirit. 
She says the way to distinguish between the 2 is to recognize that an evil spirit will (1) enslave, (2) defile &/or (3) torment, especially at night when our defenses are down.  Alot of oppressed people have night terrors. 
If the Person has Jesus in his heart, we can command the demons to go, in the name of Jesus. 
However, demons go, not because we may know their name, but because we know the name of Jesus.

Jackson, John Paul - Needless Casualties of War - 
"Apparently" God revealed to John Paul that born-again Christians that they ought NOT to do spiritual warfare in the 2nd heavens, lest they fall victim to incurable maladies. 
(BEWARE - A mature Christian needs to resist Satan.)
Jackson, John Paul - Needless Causalities of War - video - 4/15/2013 - -
Jackson, John Paul - book -
[Ferrell, Ana Mendez wrote sub title Safe from Counterattack to counter Jackson's book & other individuals who do not fully comprehend that Satan is already defeated & do not fully comprehend that "It Is Finished" is a truth Christians have yet to walk in, due to spiritual immaturity, etc. Obviously one would want to never do deliverance solo.  It takes a mature spiritual army to do such spiritual war.]

Joyner, Rick -
Chapter 8 The Tree and It's Fruit "Every time you displace the devil, or one of his strongholds, he will try to return & if he can he will come back many times more powerful...
Your must ever destroy the work of the devil unless you can replace it with the works of God. 
If you destroy a planting of the devil, you had better plant that which is of God in its place & be ready to defend it."
luke/11-24.htm -
When an unclean spirit comes out of a man, it passes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it.
Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’

On its return, it finds the house swept clean and put in order.
26Then it goes and brings seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they go in and dwell there. And the final plight of that man is worse than the first.”

Kanco, Bishop Vagalas says in Witch doctor & the Man, 4th Generation Witch Doctor Finds Christ that Esphesians shows the chain of command after Satan (1): principalities (2) are the strongmen in the heavenlies (2nd/middle heaven) over the strongman/stronghold in the person...
The Strongman needs to be bound 1st per Matthew 12:29 - How can one enter a STRONG MAN's house & plunder his goods, unless he first BINDS THE STRONG MAN?  Then he will plunder his house.
Mark 3:26-27 - If Satan rise up against himself, he is divided, cannot stand & is finished. 
No man can enter into a STRONG MAN's house & plunder his goods, except he 1st BIND THE STRONG MAN; then he can spoil his house.  (The strong man who desires to plunder our lives is Satan.) (See Luke 11:21-22)...
Then comes (3) powers, (4) rulers, & finally (5) wickedness.  All are invisible spiritual entities. 
However, God has His own invisible army which is always superior to Satan's. 
Finally, one will notice that the invisible spirits are no longer invisible to more & more of mankind. 
We will discover from reading & eventually we will discover in our own private prayer life, that the invisible becomes visible, not after we are dead, but now as God readies, not to deliver just a few, but the entire world...
Demons will not molest anyone spiritually stronger than themselves, lest the curse/spell backfire on them, per Kanco.  Demons can tell by the amount of Jesus light radiating from the person. 
However, most so called Christians need to be delivered immediately after salvation to rid themselves of the demons who dwell in them due to family curses or past sins/strongholds that have not been renounced. 
For instance, if a born again person smokes or drinks hard liquor from time to time, as a small example, then he still considers himself to be born again & not demon possessed.  Anything which got a foothold in the person before salvation is a sin, is of the flesh, & will need to be bound & cast out. 
To the degree that Christ is foremost and the flesh is least, will be the degree that one has liberty. 
Perhaps anger is more apt. 
If I allow my anger to erupt from time to time so that I hurt my child out of rage & not out of love, then I am allowing the demon of rage in me to be in control. Satan is in control of all negative hurtful emotions. 
Kanco, Bishop Vagalas - The Witch Doctor & the Man @ - Visit Our Site of
, Pat - Under Sea Mysteries  Listen!
Recognition of sexual demons.
There were, are & will be "spiritual" "experiences" that appear to be wonderful & amazing, but are NOT of God. 
Even "accepted" spiritual experiences within the traditional Christian or Jewish church need to be tested against scripture.  The "experience" can be wonderful, but the fruit can be awful.  Beware. 
As extraterrestrials may be demonic, so may be "move in" spirits (supposedly from another deceased person). Do not innocently open yourself to a person dabbling in the spirit world, such as going for message therapy to such a "therapist".  Demons have NO conscience.  They do NOT care if you consent or NOT. 
If you do get yourself entrapped, go immediately to confession & receive communion. 
Do NOT wait & fail to repent, as Judas did...
also warns us that each Yoga position is sign language saying yes to demons.
According to Bishop Samuel Vagalas Kanco's book Witch Doctor & the Man the following may lead one into demonic oppression & possession, so  STAY AWAY from the following:
TV programs     : Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy the Teenage Vampire, Charmed.
Movies such as : The Craft, Practical Magic, The Rainbow & the Serpent
Books such as  : Teen Witch, The Little Book of Hexes for Women.
Spas/programs : Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts.

Popoff, Peter - Signs and Wonders - - by Norman Geisler - ‎2004 - "On the (prayer request) paper was the name. disease, doctor & sometimes an address...
God has a female voice & that it sounds very much like Popoff's wife's voice" which in fact was true in their deception of their congregation.
Exposing Peter Popoff @ - Audio intercept.
In 1986, James Randi teamed up with a surveillance expert to expose faith healer Peter Popoff's sleight of hand.

Prince, Derek
in They Shall Expel Demons has some ground rules for praying for "deliverance" for others: be under authority, minister at least in pairs (Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs.), never minister alone to the opposite sex, rely on the atonement of Christ & not on our authority, & speak the word of God to the enemy.  Better still, read this book, for 1, before ever attempting deliverance on behalf of another. 
Chapter 20 Demons of Sickness & Infirmity shares a few testimonies of diseases cured by deliverance from demons + healing prayers, rather than by traditional healing prayers only:
Epilepsy, Blindness, Deafness, Muteness, Arthritis, Death, Multiple Sclerosis & Stroke.  Prince likes to locate the door of a demon's entry into a life, so the door can be closed.  Sometimes only the Lord can reveal this.

Prince, Derek
mentored Benny Hinn, as Benny came to realize the validity of a deliverance ministry. 
Benny mentions that in 1973 a demon left him, a Christian.  Benny believes that a Christian can be oppressed but not possessed. Benny's wife Suzanne inherited the mantle of her mom, who with her husband had a deliverance ministry, given to them by God Himself.  Benny Hinn says there is sometimes a different anointing for a healing ministry than for a deliverance ministry & it can be at times perceived in the atmosphere.
Regarding Ephesians 6:11-12KJV Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles (schemes/trickery) of the devil, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, & spiritual wickedness in high places.

Roo, Grace Ryerson - Visions & Voices + Spiritual Warfare 

Sumrall, Lester - Witch Doctor - - According to former Brazilian witch doctor Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveria, witch doctors (through evil spirits/demons) can do much of what the Holy Spirit does. 
Heal.  Speak in unknown tongues.  That is why we are mandated in scripture to test the spirits. 
1st John 4:1-3 NIV - Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.  This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God. 
Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit (demon/religion/church/pastor/ministry) that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. 
This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming & even now is already in the world.
Matthew 7:21-23 NIV - "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father Who is in heaven.  Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, in Your name drive out demons & perform many miracles?' 
Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you.  Away from Me, you evildoers

Walters, Kathie - Parenting by the Spirit - -
"Tiny tots can be in need of deliverance because of occult toys & cartoons. 
We have witnessed very small children experiencing deliverance from demonic activity."


1/2008 CFAN Impact publication testimony.  "Each night (Reinhard) Bonnke had prayed against curses, tearing down spiritual strongholds, telling the people that they should bring such things (witchcraft 'juju' items: idols, fetishes, animal skulls, & bottles of herbal medicine) so that they could be publicly burned.  '
Do NOT simply burn such things.' he had told a group of visiting evangelists.
'BURN THEM & make sure they have been totally DESTROYED.'"

12/2003 Charisma magazine has had reports that Nigerian healer T B Joshua is using demonic power. 

5/5/2006 editorial Program Pushes Doctors, Healers to Fight AIDS Together -
United States' President Bush is pushing a model medical AIDS program in Durban, Africa to enlist native healers to encourage their patients to be tested & treated for AIDS with conventional medications in addition to their own proto-calls.  Helping to spearhead this program is Nokusho Bhengu, a healer & medium, who took the mantle of her father, after he appeared to her as a mustaschioed snake & told her to leave her children & study or choose not to obey & have things go badly for her...
1 of the problems of Africa is the promotion of the idea that if you sleep with a virgin, you will get rid of AIDS. 
Many healers do not believe in contagion, but witchcraft as a cause of disease. 
Some healers teach that if you violate social norms you can bring disease upon yourself. 
If you do the wrong thing, the ancestors will abandon you...
Bongi Nkomo-Gwala became a healing medium after falling into a trance and walking 200 miles to a senior healer. 
After consulting with her ancestors, she was told that they were not familiar with AIDS.
They gave her remedies to treat the symptoms rather than cure it. 
Later her ancestors appeared to her in dreams & gave her successful remedies for AIDS. 
However, she is not sure if the remedy will cause a cure or a remission, especially if a curse is involved. 
She encourages her patients to eat organic/healthy foods rather than fast food... 
Intellectual property rights (over such things as cures) may be bought/sold/bartered/traded (for such as a cow), subject to the ancestors' approval. 
Then the key ingredient/herb is shown (growing wild in the forest) to the buyer. 
Another problem for American doctors/medicine is that there are no presenting symptoms such as vomiting & memory loss in the Zulu language, because most healers to not think that way. 
They do not consult with the patients, but rather with the ancestors, who prescribe the remedy. 
In serious situations, the patient will live with the healer for awhile.
(Critique: The issue here is obvious.  Both the doctors & the healers are correct. 
More likely than not, the issue is both medical & demonic. 
Those who have read Smith Wigglesworth & Derek Prince will understand. 
Old Testament forbids a Jew to consult with mediums, so at least for a Jew, working with a healing medium is sin.)

Chappell, John - - Bartow, Florida, USA -
Dangers in High Level Warfare
- "To bring revival to cities, regions & nations, Spiritual warfare at the territorial level is necessary, but must be done correctly. 
Such warfare can be dangerous & has resulted in many unnecessary casualties.
The great majority of Christians, who engage in spiritual warfare at this level do it improperly, often with terrible consequences. In most of my meetings, I find 1 or 2 who have been injured by such warfare.
Peter Wagner describes in his book Warfare Prayer P. 182, the dangers of high level warfare.
He and his wife, Doris, began going out to the front line in Argentina in 1990. 'Within months,' he stated:
1) We had the worst family fight in 40 years of marriage.
2) We had a severe problem with one of our closest intercessors &
3) Doris was incapacitated for almost 5 months with blown-out disks, back surgery, & knee surgery...
a direct backlash from the spirits riled up by our invading their territory (in high level, territorial warfare).”
other articles @
[Wagner is rumored to have said that he had written books that he did not agree with anymore, because he saw things from a different understanding now, than when he wrote his books.  
He didn’t know what to do with all those books that are out there that he wrote, accept apologize... 
We need a 2nd opinion.  We need a spiritual village.  We need a spiritual covering. We need to test the spirits. 
But most of all, w
e need to go to the Lord & ask Him, 'Lord, is this material/thought/teaching/idea of you?' ]

David Yonggi Cho - Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, S Korea - -
This church may be a huge blessing or a huge curse.  Do your research & pray.

Dickerman, Don - 3/2012 newsletter from
There are 1st heaven & 2nd heaven spiritual wars; we are to operate in the earthly realm, per Dickerman. 
(If/when one would do otherwise necessitates he/she be under the covering of a reputable & qualified ministry.)

Hammond, Frank - Check List of Dangers -

Hassell, E. Keith - 2000 - - helpful -
(John Paul Jackson says level of authority is based on level of closeness to & intimacy with God.)

Islam - “TAOS, N.M. (AP) - A severely disabled Georgia boy who authorities say was kidnapped by his father and marked for an exorcism was found buried at the ramshackle compound in the New Mexico desert that has been the focus of investigators for the past week, the toddler’s grandfather said Thursday.  New Mexico authorities, however, said they had yet to identify the remains, discovered Monday. Prosecutors said they were awaiting word on the cause of death before deciding on any charges.  The boy, Abdul-ghani Wahhaj, would have turned 4 Monday.
Prosecutors said he was snatched from his mother in December in Jonesboro, Georgia, near Atlanta. 
The search for him led authorities to New Mexico, where 11 hungry children & a youngster’s remains were found in recent days at a filthy compound shielded by old tires, wooden pallets & earthen wall studded with broken glass. 
The missing boy’s grandfather, Siraj Wahhaj, a (famous) Muslim cleric who leads a well-known New York City mosque, told reporters he had learned from other family members that the remains were his grandson’s.” “TAOS, N.M. (Reuters) - A 3-year-old (kidnapped disabled) boy found buried at a New Mexico desert compound died in a ritual to “cast out demonic spirits,” but his extended family believed he would “return as Jesus” to identify “corrupt” targets for them to attack, prosecutors said in court on Monday (8/13/2018).” [NOTE:  Exorcism can be successful, if one evicts an evil spirit while working with God's Holy Spirit, at the right time when the individual is spiritually, intellectually & emotionally ready, + has a team/village/family available to do the walk out with him/her as needed.]

Now in this generation there seems to be a hidden evil, or underground demonic secret society, whereby humans are kidnapped & reprogrammed to do evil. (Army holy heavenly Host, we command you to bind these spiritual generals with their underlings in the 2nd heaven, to strip their platforms, & to make toast of them & their agendas, replacing with God's strongholds, platforms & agendas, in Jesus' name.)

Peck, Scott - A Summary Critique: The Works of M. Scott Peck by Howard Pepper -
Peck, Scott - Biography - -
"He also maintained that some people are evil, and that their treatment should include exorcism of demons." -{2DDB1224-AC06-4EDC-BFF2-D37B722B8213}&notoc=1
Review: JAE123 A SUMMARY CRITIQUE:A TALE OF 2 EXORCISMS a book review of Glimpses of the Devil:
A Psychiatrist’s Personal Accounts of Possession, Exorcism & Redemption
by M. Scott Peck (Free Press, 2005) This review 1st appeared in the Christian Research Journal, volume 29, number 2 (2006).
For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to: 
Correctly, "Peck... writes, 'The demonic is evil, & if we know nothing else about Satan, demons, or evil people, it is that they lie''... In addition, Peck is cautious in his diagnosis of demonic possession, indicating 'genuine possession is a very rare phenomenon'."
Peck, Scott - per Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D. Anger, Madness, & the Daimonic - "Peck's equation of human evil with 1 specific sort of psychopathology--pathological narcissism--is accurate up to a point...
But human evil can never be simply distilled to 1 particular psychiatric diagnosis, as Peck proposes."
Peck, Scott - People of the Lie - chapter 5 Possession & Exorcism  critiqued above

Walsh, Graeme & Sabrina - International House of Prayer, Kansas, USA -
Talk to Jesus, Not to Demons
(This is the preferred way, but not necessarily the only way; obey the leading of the Holy Spirit, always.)


Kat Kerr May 18, 2014 @ - Tribulation Now RADIO -
BEFORE we can begin to evict demons from others or territory, we must 1ST evict them & their natures from ourselves.

Souza, Katie - #00084 recommended - Satan, demons, & their various evil manifestations such as invisible spiritual snakes often have a legal right to afflict due to what is in the soul
Jesus said there was NO THING IN HIM COMMON TO THE ENEMY. 
Thus, the enemy had NO legal grounds to afflict Jesus at any time, except as permitted by Father God for His eternal wise purposes, hidden from the enemy. -
29"Now I have told you before it happens, so that when it happens, you may believe.
30"I will not speak much more with you, for the ruler of the world is coming & he has nothing in Me;
31but so that the world may know that I love the Father, I do exactly as the Father commanded Me
Katie admonishes us to be soul descaled (NOT descaling of evil spirits).  She contends we are NOT to do battle with demons.  Rather we are to repent of unconfessed personal & inherited sins, apply/appropriate the blood atonement of Jesus & then soak the related soul wound in the healing laser light (dynamos power) of the Holy Spirit.  God's holy fire will burn up things in common with any demonic entity + it will flush out any evil creature, such as a spiritual snake
With the evil now exposed, all we have to do next is crush/decapitate its head &/or evict/remove it by whatever method the Lord reveals, as there are NO longer any legal rights for it to remain.
[Commentary - Katie, like many alcoholics, see snakes instead of other evil creatures that may (oppress or) inhabit individuals or the demonic kingdom.] 
Katie mentions that this "snake" phenomena, began in the garden of Eden when Adam & Eve lived there. 
(We can commission a holy army host and then assign them DAILY in Jesus' name, to BIND all evil/bad strongholds & strip all evil/bad platforms + replace with God's opposites, so that there is NO vacancy. Source: Kat Kerr.)


Hinn, Benny - 1/7/2016 -
Demons continually return to test/look/investigate if there is any legal loophole allowing them to return.

Horman, Dr. Aiko - We must ALWAYS evict demons from the 3rd heaven, above the 2nd & 1st heaven.

Jackson, John Paul + Dickerman, Don -
We must NOT practice geographic exorcism, lest we get attacked spiritually. 
(They don't seem to be aware of some spiritual safeguards available for born-again citizens of heaven.)

Kerr, Kat @ Episode 59 Steve Schultx with Kat Kerr - 2022 -
Kat says born-again Christians have the most authority in their own homes/realm, unless there is a situation that God assigns to them whem they are away in another area.  Otherwise it is best/safer/wiser to NOT attempt to approach a higher evil entity without 1st being assigned by God & 2nd have been trained for that LEVEL of warfare.  Reminder, one does NOT attempt to do spiritual warfare against a person, nor enlist his host to do that.  Host too have levels/permissions/boundaries...
Kat cites Derek Prince having to dispose of inherited (5 toed) dragon wall pictures he loved, which had caused family malady. 
Good dragons have 4 toes.  (Aside: During certain spiritual warfare, Ana Mendez-Ferrell used to insist her crew must be strictly obedient to her oversight, lest they be in danger.)

Multiple Personalities

MacNutt, Francis  Deliverance from Evil Spirits chapter 5 How Do We Know If an Evil Spirit Is Really Present warns us to tread carefully, if the Holy Spirit has not told us definitely what the root issue is,
for we can further fracture the multiple personalities.  Chapter 17 Satanic Ritual Abuse again warns us that most people with multiple personalities (alters) do NOT have demons that need to be cast out, at least initially. 
READ THIS CHAPTER.  A MP may be God's method for a terrorized/victimized person to survive. 
MP persons need TLC first & foremost.
MacNutt, Francis - Why Should I Take a Course in Healing Prayer? - 6/2002 -
"I have known men in the healing ministry who believed that all depression is caused by demons & proceeded to pray to cast out a demon of depression from every depressed person. Were they right? 
 Others who have ministered to persons who suffer from split personalities have tried to cast out all the various 'alters' as if they were demons & have ended up nearly destroying an already fractured personality.
These simplistic procedures have resulted in harming people rather than helping them.
The sad result is that many (secular) counselors & psychiatrists advise their patients not to go to a Christian group in search of healing prayer."

Some Catholic Dangers

The Catholic church is very particular regarding the ministry of exorcism and healing services.
Refer to following web site for particulars.
The following Catholic web site is DANGEROUS because it teaches that deceased souls are ghosts who inhabit unsuspecting people to create mental illness.  That is a lie from hell. 
Demons pretend to be ghosts, as seen is spiritualism, seances or reincarnation.
A DANGEROUS reincarnation ministry is that of Mother Clare Watts author of Giving Birth to God The author's experiences are real, but they are from the enemy and NOT from the Holy Spirit, as she believes.  Always test the spirits, having 1st read the entire Holy Bible. 
One needs to NOT read literature that contradicts scripture, but also to destroy it, so as not to house an evil spirit in one's home & thus bring a potential curse into the family...
Frank Hammond was instructed by God NOT to even go to the library to research schizophrenia, after his wife Ida Mae was given by God the schizophrenia cause & remedy.
Exorcism is not always a work of the Holy Spirit.
In some parts of the world exorcism may be used to transfer demons from one person to another...
Assembly of God Headquarters has written "Position Papers" that born-again Christians cannot have demons.

Walters, Kathie - Druid Spirits - 6/7/2008 post -
"I believe that the Lord showed us that the same Druid Wales a few years ago Lakeland. 
I believe this spirit does have power to take people out if they are not watching & protected by prayer.
They also do have power to call up storms & tornadoes etc...
There are so many negative words being released & spoken against this healing move...
These words are empowering the Druid spirit.
If you don’t understand how the Druids worked against the Christians, read my 2 Celtic Books:
Columba the Celtic Dove & Celtic Flames...
I am not trying to be an alarmist but there is an invasion of the enemy into Florida right now. Thanks for praying."

Scripture Says to Test the Spirits

1st John 4:1-3 NIV - Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.  This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God. 
Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit (demon/religion/church/pastor/ministry) that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. 
This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming & even now is already in the  world.

Matthew 7:21-23 NIV - "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father Who is in heaven.  Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, in Your name drive out demons & perform many miracles?' 
Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you.  Away from Me, you evildoers.

But 1st test the fruit.
   Be reminded that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are NOT the fruit.

Bell, Steven - Key Ministries, Euless, Texas, USA - -
Steve ministered with Frank Hammond of The Children's Bread Ministries. (See below.)
The Key Ministry has a half-way house/motel accommodations for those seriously interested in finding part/full time work locally & daily walking out their long term deliverance.  Advance reservations required. 
One needs to plan to stay for an extended period to learn how to prevent relapse... Steve separated from the Hammonds in part due to the belief that he had a higher revelation, in that he agrees with the Catholic psychiatrist Kenneth McAll in one's need to (apologize for) confess to God the sins of one's ancestors. 
(Before visiting, please procure & read McAll's Sheldon Press Healing the Family Tree on which Father John Hampsch bases his California healing ministry & book with similar name.
Why would one repent for his relatives' sins?  Because Satan is a legalist. 
Satan has a legal right to continue a family curse/disease generation after generation, until a family member stands in the gap & repents for any relevant sin which trigged the family malady.  Take alcoholism for instance. 
I may be an alcoholic, but it may also be a family trait. 
Thus, I would need to repent for my own sin, + the sin of my ancestors. 
That will help prevent relapse, but also help to keep this malady from my descendants...
Bell also agrees with Carol Balizet (See Healing in the Zion & shuns all medical assistance and all drugs, relying entirely on God for provision (as do many ministries)...
Another foundation stone of this ministry is the teaching that one needs to be under the umbrella/headship/ covering of another, the wife under the mate, the mate under a church & the church under God.

Brim, Billye - July 2009  a must read -
"When a thought, voice, or manifestation comes, I ask, 'Do you confess Jesus Christ come kin the flesh?' 
If the source is the Lord, He will always answer & continue.  If it is not the Lord, all manifestation stops."

Holliday, Pat - Under Sea Mysteries  Listen!  
Recognition of sexual demons.

Johnson, Cheryl - Test Not by Word or Deed but by Spirit @
My child, test if things are of Me, not by Word or Deed but by Spirit.  It is possible for a person who is not of My Spirit to speak My word or to do a good deed. However, it is absolutely impossible for someone who is (FULL) of My Spirit to speak out of alignment with My word or to do a deed that is not of Me. That is why I ask you to test the false prophet by Spirit not word or deed (1 John 4:1-3). You test the spirit of man by My Spirit because no one knows the spirit of man but the Spirit of God (Rom 8:16).  If you test based upon the word alone, even if it is in Scripture, you will be deceived. Satan knows & uses Scripture.  How did Jesus know not to be deceived by the temptations in the desert? Satan used Scripture, did he not?  Jesus knew because He tested by Spirit.
Many of you decide that if it is a quote from the Bible then the person must be My messenger.
You do not test if things are of Me by word; you test by Spirit because no one knows the thoughts of God except the
(Holy) Spirit of God... Turn away from man’s ways & ask of Me; I will equip you to test by My Spirit.
You are My sheep.  My sheep know My voice. You hear My voice in and by My Spirit. The hour to live by Spirit alone has come upon you. I ask you to repent now. I will wipe all sin from you in an instant. I will open your eyes and I will strengthen you and enable you to test by My Spirit. You have My word, now receive My Spirit.
The hour is late my child. Do not procrastinate; do not take lightly what I am saying. I have already told you, every sin & blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 
These are the days when things are at work to deceive even the elect, if that were possible...
For every true Kingdom reality (the reality that I require you to walk in) there is a clever & deceiving counterfeit. How can you tell the difference? By reading about it? By studying about it? By looking at the words spoken, the lyrics sung, the actions taken?  No;
you can only survive what is coming upon you if you know My voice & are in (DAILY) fellowship with Me and so test by My Spirit. This is what My elect will do...
This is a time of light, of great signs and wonders. I am calling you forth to walk in My glory."

Doctrines of Demons

Hanegraaff, Hank - The Covering - God's Plan to Protect You from Evil - is a wonderful book if you are a born-again fundamentalist.  This book is not for those baptized in the Holy Spirit, nor for those who believe all mentally ill patients can be cured/remediated with medicine.  Those are wonderful believers who are ignorant that Jesus' salvation includes healing, miracles, & deliverance, NOW.

Jerry Meade, LCSW - - Even though Satan need's God's permission (& our believing/cooperating with his lies) to trouble/ test/oppress/possess us, permission is still granted via sins/iniquity/curses/inheritances of ancestors NOT being dealt with spiritually, as well as curses/spells by enemies NOT spiritually being dealt with, as well as our own personal un-forgiven sins NOT being dealt with, as well as NOT being under the cover/protection of the blood of Jesus via salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit, church/temple affiliation, daily intimate relationship with Christ, &/or a godly mate/parents/home/headship/accountability person.

Pranic Healing/Deliverance -
PRANIC healing or deliverance brings demons - danger

Price, Fred (senior) - "Price also promotes the idea that Jesus died spiritually by taking on the nature of Satan on the cross. He then went to hell to serve our sentence & was tortured before He was born again...'The thing that redeemed us was not Jesus being nailed to the cross.
His spirit & soul went into Hades.'  It is here that Price denies one of the core doctrines of the faith. 
'Satan was seated on his throne with sickening grin on his face with his lip twisted in grotesque triumph and all the imps of hell were dancing a jig & the word came we got him now we defeated the plan of god & the devil was sitting there saying, “I told you if you follow me I’d lead you to victory we got him now & they wrapped their grimy hands & the chains of hell itself around Jesus & they consigned him to 1 of the cells in Hades section of the underworld. Then Satan & his demons hordes went on a 3 day drunk, they thought they had him.
They have defeated & thwarted the plan of almighty God. Jesus sat there as it were immobile not saying a word not doing anything except serving our sentence.” How Price knows this explicit nonsense is left up to the imagination of the hearer. I have heard of embellished stories to enforce a point, but his is not what he is doing. One thing a Berean would know, It's not found in our Bible or any Bible with the accurate printed word...
Price is not alone in this Halloween type depiction, but he is 1 of the main promoters of what many see as the worst false doctrine of our century, & possibly the Church's history.''
Price explains, 'Do you think that the punishment for our sin was to die on a cross?
If that were the case, the 2 thieves could have paid your price. No, the punishment was to go into hell itself & to serve time in hell separated from God...Satan and all the demons of hell thought that they had Him bound.
They threw a net over Jesus and they dragged Him down to the very pit of hell itself to serve our sentence
(Ever Increasing Faith Messenger [June 1980], 7; quoted in D.R. McConnell, A Different Gospel, 1988 120.)
How he knows this he’s not sharing, but 1 thing for sure God has not shared such a thing in his word, EVER... Where is this found in the Bible?  It tells us the atonement, the punishment was completed on the cross. in this Price preaches a different gospel & a different Jesus....
Fredrick Price teaches that Jesus Christ was died spiritually-not on the cross, but rather in the Garden of Gethsemane: 'Somewhere between the time He [Jesus] was nailed to the cross & when He was in the Garden of Gethsemane-somewhere in there-He died spiritually. Personally, I believe it was while He was in the garden.' Price, admittingly reared in a Jehovah’s Witness environment adopts the Mormon Apostle James E. Talmage, who taught the same thing in his book Jesus the Christ. (Frederick K. C. Price, Identification #3 (Inglewood, CA: Ever Increasing Faith Ministries, 1980), tape #FP545, side 1."

Smit, Philip - Entrance to Power - - Part 3 Spiritual Power - section 23 Enter the Kingdom - (Ask the Holy Spirit to give discernment.) - Smit contends that like Jesus and in fact all manifestations, everything existed prior to the foundation of the earth, including you & me.  Some of us came to earth with permission to begin anew (without memory) & to make choices, for the purpose of being tested & when passing to rule & reign with Christ.  That theory seems to differ from the story of the Messiah Who was/is/& is to come, never changing in holy character/nature.  We like the angels can miss the mark & fail; not so with Christ. 
Maybe the soul of Christ had to mature, but definitely not His Human spirit, which was born-again/connected to God' s Holy Spirit at conception, at water baptism & especially at confirmation. 
Even John the Baptist testified to that (a) in the womb and (b) in the Jordan River.

Soul Fragmentation
                                              According to Paranormal NON-Christian sources

1. Soul Fragmentation Explained (Part 1 of 2)
2. Three Rules Governing Soul Fragmentation #2
1. "Fragmented aspects do not degrade or dissolve. If anything they increase in coherency & complexity,
2. All parts of you will express themselves – with or without your awareness,
3. Soul fragments are irreplaceable; the Self is irreducible."
"I experimented with idea of simply having them recreated by my Higher Self who, I theorized, should have the 'blueprint' for everything I came in with.
Despite having an increasingly strong working connection with my HS, that approach was never successful." 
(Author currently advocates theory of reincarnation. 8/17/2009)
3. Englightenment, Salvation and the Rejection of Power Notice the smear campaign, "Enlightenment & salvation are not all they’re cracked up to be, although the (author's) truth of the matter will crack you up."
4. Soul Fragmentation, Neg Interference and the Paranormal
5. The Law of Attraction and the Mobile Soul
6. Adding a New Dimension to Your Perception
7. Hints for Smoother Integration
(Author would do well to check out ) - Dr. Baldwin & Dr. Modi are known to deal with soul fragmentation using light rays..."The procedure for retrieving your own fragments is nearly the same. 
Ask the angels (of God) to follow the cord from your body to locate the missing fragment, arrange for its release if held by satanic beings, cleanse the fragment & cord, heal the trauma that caused the fragmentation & integrate the fragment back into yourself...'Archangel Michael suggested that every person should routinely request the angels to locate & bring back their lost soul parts & cleanse, heal & integrate them with their main body of the soul.  He suggested that we should add this request to our routine protection prayers.'
(Remarkable Healings, p. 367)"  (In the body of the editorial we find contaminated information & half truths. 
For instance, both good & bad angels are enlisted, thus using double agents/spies to fix one's problem.) - Soul Fragmentation - views of Dr. Modi -

SHOFAR warfare

Blowing the Shofar -

Heidler, Robert D - The Messianic Church Arising - Restoring the Church to Our Covenant Roots -
"God's instruction for observing this feast (of Trumpets) is to HEAR the sound of a shofar (a ram's horn)...
God designed the sound of the shofar to awaken something in your spirit"...
"Go & listen to the shofar" in a "church or messianic synagogue that celebrates this feast...
If you don't know of a place where a shofar will be blown, listen to a CD of a shofar blast."

Sheets, Dutch - Authority in Prayer - Praying with Power & Purpose - - -
Chapter 9 The Sword shares that on a certain day at a certain time the Lord said, "Now is the time." 
An individual blew the shofar battle cry into the heavens. 
Strength & courage came as a spiritual leader began to verbally dismantle the strongman over the Indian Reservation.  No more suicide attempts or actual suicides occurred for almost 3 years.

Zeitler, Rabbi Michael - The Sound of the Shofar - Get Ready to Receive Your

Transference of Evil Spirits ?

Eckhardt, John -
"The dictionary defines transference as: To convey from 1 person, place, or situation to another; to cause to pass from 1 to another...Spirits can be transferred from 1 individual to another through the bloodline (inheritance)by association (soul ties), through laying on of hands & even without physical contact (i.e., psychic prayers, witch-craft, curses).  Elisha received a double portion of Elijah's spirit (2 Kings 2:15).
Moses transferred the spirit of Wisdom to Joshua through the laying on of hands (Deuteronomy 34:9)...
False teachers can transfer another spirit to believers through their teachings (2 Corinthians 11:4)...
Absalom transferred his rebellious spirit to Israel through seduction (2 Samuel 15).
When ministering deliverance it is sometimes necessary to bind any transfer of spirits between the workers & those being prayed for...Demons in 1 person can give strength to demons in another through transference.
Sometimes demons can transfer without 2 people touching.
In this case, ask the Lord to send angels to seal off (or remove) any transfer."

MacNutt, Francis and Judith - -
They pray before and after ministry to eradicate any evil spirit transference.

Ness, Alexander William - G.R. Welch Company, Limited, Burlington, Ontario ISBN: 0-919532-77-2 - Transference of Spirits - -
"It is possible for a group of people, or person or spirit-being who inspires thought, feeling or emotion to 'transfer or transmit' spirits, good or evil, if our spiritual capacities are open for such reception?
...Because you have listened & received their spirit does not necessarily mean that you are possessed by evil spirits. Transference of spirits and influences can be removed by getting the facts, by recognizing & abstaining from further exposure, by believing the truth & repenting for having listened to evil & by renouncing or taking back the territory given to Satan by allowing one's self to be affected by evil...
That does not require a deliverance session though the prayer of a godly person would do no harm.
Influences & effects of transferred spirits can be removed by an old fashioned godly repentance with tears in sincerity. Promising God to abstain from evil & asking Him for daily guidance (spiritual muscle & angelic help) will set a liberated soul well on its way to happy & successful Christian living."

Jesse Penn-Lewis with Evan Roberts - -
- Contrary to many, these 2 authors contend that, "There is NO danger of the evil spirit when cast out, entering into, or being transmitted to the one who has dealt with them, unless there is ground for their doing so, or consent note 27 is obtained for their entry by trick of the enemy.
Believers called upon to deal with evil spirits in others should deliberately declare their stand upon the Calvary basis of Romans 6: 6-11, ere they do so, as the only safe way of dealing with the basic ground of the old creation, which may give place to the enemy...
The casting out of an evil spirit from another may also be an occasion for the manifestation of one hidden unknowingly note 28 in the believer who is dealing with the other possessed person.
If this is so, when he finds an immediate manifestation of the enemy's workings in himself he is liable to attribute it to a transmission to himself, or an attack upon himself, of the expelled spirit...
Through this wrong interpretation note 29 he now seeks deliverance from the supposed "transmission," & thereby gives new ground to the deceiving spirit, because he does not seek for the cause of the manifestation in his past life; that is, he deals with it as an "attack," instead of a symptom & hence the cause, or ground, is left undealt with & undiscovered. 
Neither does the laying on of hands by a person unknowingly possessed, transmit evil spirits.
If it appears so, it is but an occasion for an evil spirit already hidden in the person, to manifest itself & then to suggest a wrong cause for the manifestation, so as to throw him off the track in the discovery of ground.
In brief, if there are already deceiving spirits in possession, the conditions are favorable for their manifestation, for ALL MANIFESTATION OF EVIL SPIRITS IN A PERSON MEANS GROUND note 30 for their occupation, which should be dealt with at once. If a symptomatic manifestation is called an "attack" from outside, no deliverance will be known until the true cause is recognized...
It may be said at this point that whatever signification there may be in the "laying on of hands," the result should be spiritual & in the spirit, not in physical sensations, or any conscious feelings in the Senses. note 31"

Location Location Location

Aiko Hormann - The Heavenly Perspective - @ - important - We need to minister in the Holy Spirit & from the Throne Room in the 3rd Heaven, lest we become victimized by evil. 
[This is the rebuttal/remedy to John Paul Jackson's & Don Dickerman's worries/prohibitions/concerns.]


A few side notes.  Vomiting is a common phenomena in deliverance ministries. 
However, one can command the demons to come out quietly without making a disturbance and without entering anyone around, but to go under Jesus feet (or under your feet or to a dry place), in Jesus name.  Sometimes vomiting indicates a body's rejection to drugs or vitamins or foods, which can be temporarily removed or slowly titered down or dosage readjusted.  Sometimes deliverance prayers for ourselves or for others may cause vomiting.  Vomiting is not necessarily due to food poisoning, a virus passing by, or symptoms of an illness. If you think demons may have exited, then out loud in prayer close all spiritual doors opened to the exiting demons; post a warrior/guardian angel to prevent any return + invite the Holy Spirit to come & occupy that vacated place.

Para-Normal Science ???

Skeptic: Demon-Haunted Brain  3/2003 Scientific American Magazine  Michael Shermer
"5 centuries ago demons haunted our world, with incubi & succubi tormenting victims as they lay asleep.
2 centuries ago spirits haunted our world, with ghosts & ghouls harassing sufferers during all hours of the night. This past century aliens haunted our world, with grays & greens abducting captives & whisking them away for probing & prodding. Nowadays people are reporting out-of-body experiences, floating above their beds.
What is going on here? Are these elusive creatures & mysterious phenomena in our world or in our minds?
New evidence adds weight to the notion that they are, in fact, products of the brain.
Neuroscientist Michael Persinger, in his laboratory at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, 
Eg., can induce all these perceptions in subjects by subjecting their temporal lobes to patterns of magnetic fields.  (I tried it myself and had a mild out-of-body experience.)"

9/2019, 2002 Nature "reported that neuroscientist Olaf Blanke of Geneva University Hospital in Switzerland & his colleagues were able to bring about out-of-body experiences through electrical stimulation of the right angular gyrus in the temporal lobe of a 43-yearold woman suffering from severe epileptic seizures.
With initial mild stimulation, she felt she was "sinking into the bed" or 'falling from a height.'  With more intense stimulation, she said she could 'see myself lying in bed, from above, but I only see my legs & lower trunk.' Another trial induced an instantaneous feeling of 'lightness' & 'floating' about 2 meters above the bed, close to the ceiling." - C.J.
- Scientific American, 2003 -  

Charisma magazine has had reports that Nigerian healer T B Joshua is using demonic power.  12/2003 

David Yonggi Cho's Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, S Korea - -
This church may be a huge blessing or a huge curse.  Do your research & pray. - The Body Electric, part 4: Ascension Harmonics -
References love, book of Revelation, etc.  Is this use or misuse of Scripture?  Half truth?  CAUTION.

Secrets of the Dead PBS television case file The Witches Curse  VHS format item # SEDE921 - Excellent case study on the ergot fungus that may have caused psychosis & death in many towns.  Many victims may have been burned at the stake as witches. 
Ergot is a fungus found on rye grain, especially during damp weather. 
Bread made from this grain may have been contaminated with ergot.

Rye ergot can cause temporary mental illness & even subsequent death.  Ergot is a rye grain fungus that forms hallucinogenic drugs in bread.  Whole villages may have been affected in the past, exterminating the majority of residents.  Many executed witches may, in fact, may have been victims of accidental ergot poisoning. 
There are many website discussions regarding ergot, including
Now the drug industry is attempting to use ergot derivatives. 
Beware. -
Ergot is in many grain products, but can be decontaminated by adding vitamin C upon opening according to Hulda Regehr Clark's The Cure For All Diseases.  Food mold, particularly ergot, has the opposite effect of niacin; niacin opens blood vessels rather than closing blood vessels. 
Hawthorn berry also opens blood vessels. ...
Note of interest: The protection of stored maize against Sitophilus zeamais by use of essential oils of spices from Cameroon revealed that (black pepper) Piper nigrum, was able to kill more than 96% of weevil with in 48 hours after the contact. Pub Med
Ngamo 2001 ...
Vitamin C added immediately to purchased honey will detoxify any ergot mold existing in the container. (Added vitamin E may help extend life of honey.)

Winter 2004, 3rd quater,Volume 19, #3 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine editorial The Energy System Creating Life and Cancer from Inanimate Compounds cites that insanity & out-of body-experiences are caused by poisoning with DL-methionine DL-sulfoximine, which can be remediated with methionine IV injections. 
The report originated from an incident where the British government donated to Indians, after World War 2, grain spoilt by the fumicide nitrogen trichloride, which created methionine sulfoximine.
(Issue also discusses brain diseases such as cancer.)

Now in this generation there seems to be a hidden evil, or underground demonic secret society, whereby humans are kidnapped & reprogrammed to do evil. - Harry Potter books can be very dangerous, by seducing children to become Wiccans (white Witches) & teaching how to cast actual spells & by opening doors by which demons can more easily attemp to influence them.

NOTE - The Catholic church is very particular regarding the ministry of exorcism & healing services. 
Refer to following web site for particulars.

Amorth, Gabriele - An Exorcist - More Stories - (Amorth is the Vatican's chief exorcist.) Excerpt
"The Power of Satan" @ -
"It is also wrong to accept the prevalent opinion that there are spiritual beings that are not mentioned in the Bible. These are the invention of spiritists, of followers of the occult, of those who espouse reincarnation, or of those who believe in "wandering souls".
There are no good spirits other than angels; there are no evil spirits other than demons.
2 Councils of the Church (Lyons and Florence) tell us that the souls of those who die go immediately to heaven or to hell or to purgatory. The souls of the dead who are present during seances or the souls of the dead who are present in living bodies to torture them are none other than demons. God allows a soul to return to earth only in very rare, exceptional cases, but we recognize that this subject is still full of unknowns.

If one's experience does not agree with scripture, then in all likelihood, deceit of the enemy is operating in that experience.  Any truth that contradicts scripture is a lie from the enemy...
Dangerous books that encourage one to meditate and open oneself to a higher power, who is NOT God as presented, but rather a demon, an evil spirit, NOT the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes the spirit who they look to is called a divine being or avatar, who they of their own free will allow to walk into their bodies. 
Then they become demonized and loose some of their free will/insight...
Avoid such books as A Course in Miracles by Helen Schuchman, Enter the Supermind by Dr. Maurie D Pressman or Twin Souls by Pressman & Patricia Joudry.  

Jehovah Witness church discourages their membership to be prayed for or to receive healings. 
They teach members that unauthorized healing is from Satan/bad angels/evil spirits, which is displeasing to God. They only encourage prayer from the membership.  Rather they wait for their redemption/utopia/healing when God sets up His heaven on earth, later on, perhaps after they die.  The scripture they cite is Matthew 7:21-23.  Out of fear, they do not allow themselves the healings/miracles promised in scripture to each generation.

Facilitated Communication CAN WORK with autistic and other individuals disabled with communication problems, but BEWARE of the information downloaded/conveyed.  Test the spirits.  
is NOT from God nor from the human spirit.  Rather it is a download from an evil spirit.

Exorcism by NON-Christians
and by Misguided Christians

Isaacson, Rupert - The Horse Boy - a Memoir of Healing - healing autism by alternative medicine - - - "In 2007 Rowan, his dad & mother (Kristin Neff, a psychology professor at the University of Texas) took a journey across Mongolia on horseback, going from traditional healer to traditional healer, shaman to shaman, looking for healing.
They went out with a child still tantrumming, still un-toilet trained, & cut off from other children.
They came back with a child no longer tantrumming, toilet trained & able to make friends."
- Not so much about horses as about shamanism & Buddhism.  BEWARE.

Kat Kerr Day 1 2015 Heaven Touching Earth @                  We DO have authority over them when there is NONE of them inside us (our soul, no un-evicted soul deposits/squatters/contamination/pollution remaining) to attract the same kind or give legal permission (a key to the front or back door).  When darkness shows up, throw it out, immediately. 
There will be NO backlash; we are to terrorize the terrorizer, so he will flee from us, NOT attack.         
Acts+19%3A11-20&version=ESV -
11 God was doing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, 12 so that even handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched his skin were carried away to the sick, & their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them. 13 Then some of the itinerant Jewish exorcists undertook to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits, saying, “I adjure you by the Jesus whom Paul proclaims.” 14 Seven (7) sons of a Jewish high priest named Sceva were doing this. 15 But the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know. Paul I recognize, but who are you?” 16 The man in whom was the evil spirit leaped on them, mastered all[a] of them & overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked & wounded. 17 This became known to all the residents of Ephesus, both Jews & Greeks. Fear fell upon them all, & the name of the Lord Jesus was extolled. 18 Also many of those who were now believers came, confessing & divulging their practices. 19 A number of those who had practiced magic arts brought their books together & burned them in the sight of all. They counted the value of them & found it came to 50,000 pieces of silver. 20
So the word of the Lord
continued to increase & prevail mightily.

MacNutt -
"She now realizes she was afflicted because her grandfather-he’s supposed to be a Catholic-used to do this work of exorcism in his spare time through the power of a god called Hanuman.
He’s the monkey god, very popular in India. He would free a person through Hanuman’s help & then transfer the spell somewhere else. He would say to the spirit, “Now go on the road & let the 1st person who come your way come under your spell.” She was telling me that her grandfather had hurt many people that way & that’s why all this backlash has come into her whole family.  She further told me that her father has been getting up every night during the past month screaming that someone was choking him.
Anyone who stays overnight at their home also feels someone choking them."

Ness, Alexander William - Transference of (evil) Spirits -
(This book, though excellent, can engender paralyzing fear as to thwart the violent work of the Holy Spirit.)
BEWARE of you laying on hands on another or allowing one to lay hands on you, without the appropriate unction of the Holy Spirit and the proper headship/covering/authorization/commissioning. 
In addition be sure you cover self before and after each prayer session with the blood of Jesus & be sure to reject of any evil attachment, in Jesus name. 
Book is recommended as part of a pastoral deliverance/healing ministry library.

2/19/2007 - Priest jailed for exorcism death -
"A Romanian priest has been jailed for 14 years for conducting an exorcism that led to the death of a nun who he believed was possessed by devils. 
Irina Cornici, 23, died after being starved & chained to a cross at a secluded convent in the north-east.
The ritual in 2005 was led by Daniel Petru Corogeanu, 31, the priest at the Holy Trinity convent in Tanacu village. 
He and 4 nuns were convicted of manslaughter. The nuns got jail terms ranging from 5-8 years. 
Nicoleta Arcalianu got eight years, while Adina Cepraga, Elena Otel & Simona Bardana were given 5-year sentences.  All the defendants plan to appeal against the verdict in a case which has shocked Romania...
The Orthodox Church, which described the Tanacu incident as 'abominable', has promised reforms, including psychological tests for those seeking to enter monasteries... It banned Corogeanu from the priesthood & excommunicated the 4 nuns...In 1999, when the Vatican issued its 1st new guidelines since 1614 for driving out devils, it urged priests to take modern psychiatry into account in deciding who should be exorcised."

Marion Knox - Sodomy -

Weaver, John - The Failure of Evangelical Mental health Care: Treatments that Harm -
[Disillusioned, author, patients (or their family) who do not find a cure via deliverance or any other Christian modality often resort to finger pointing:]

Witch Hunts

5/21/2009 editorial editorial regarding child abuse by the church
Children Forced into exorcisms - in Congo, pastors subject kids to rituals that include beating, burning

In The name Of Jesus: Child Witches (1 of 2) @   
In The name Of Jesus- Child Witches (2 of 2) @
Child Witches Accused in the Name of Jesus ABC News
Congo's child witches  
Child Witches - Nigeria  
Nigeria's child 'witches' - 19 Aug 2008 -
Christian Witch Children of Africa 1 @
African Witch Children Pt 2 (2008) @
CRARN only Nigerian refuge for children labeled as witches
African Witch Children Pt 3 (2008) @
African Witch Children Pt5 @
African Witch Children Pt 6 (2008) @
African Witch Children Pt7 @
NEW UPDATE 2009 The African Witch Children @
Saving Africa's Witch Children Part 3 @
Children of Congo: From War to Witches
Angolans blame misfortunes on their 'witch' children @
The Lost Children - 52 min Documentary @
Rwanda, Angola Pastor accuses children of witchcraft and demand money to perform exorcisms. @ 
ABC news - child watches - Children at Risk - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Dan Harris reporting.
Is the above not reminiscent of the Salem, Massachusetts area witch hunts, the Spanish, German & Catholic inquisition/'holy' crusades against the Jews, tribal genocide, abortion of rejected fetuses, institutionalization of defective individuals & Muslim jihad, just for beginners?  For the most part, what we are actually witnessing is the manifestation of evil spirits of rejection, murder, hatred, fear, pride, etc.  One can recognize a wild animal, or a pest by its droppings & its footprints... Witches & paranormal activity can be quite real and quite evil.   
Nonetheless, the power of Jesus Christ is always superior.  The above documentaries reveal no evidence of those (clergy/congregations) who profess Jesus to carry His power to bless those who may or may not be involved in witchcraft. (NOTE.  Children can inherit evil spiritual powers and/or be trained in witchcraft.  Children can be oppressed or possessed, but they should NEVER be harmed during deliverance.  It is the evil spirits, the evil powers, which one wants to destroy  & NOT the actual children.  Anyone can be healed/helped/delivered.)
Yes, Father God did originally require execution/ extermination of certain tribes carrying the DNA of fallen angels.  See Genesis 6.  Failure to obey God resulted in infecting the genome of the disobedient with both physical & spiritual defects.  For instance, wicked giants came upon the earth.  What helped eradicate such problems?
The flood's exterminating an entire civilization except for 1 family, Noah's + Jesus being born & becoming the sacrificial lamb for mankind;  What helps today?  One's repenting for own & ancestors' sins; asking Jesus to be one's savior & baptizer in the Holy Spirit; obeying scripture. 

7th Heaven - -
Can any of us be 100% sure of what we believe concerning who occupies what and where the dangers lie?

In the name and resurrection power of Jesus Christ
we in Your family tree
cover our: selves, family, territory, media, atmosphere, angels, army host
with Your blood
& enlist Your holy heavenly help to to attend to our
health, healing, deliverance, salvation, provision, protection, destiny
+ attend to those who would attempt to thwart You & Yours
so that all Your created would bow to, bless & love You
rather than attempt a coup d'e-tat.

The secretive Black Mass is a satanic a sadistic sexual mockery of the Catholic/Christian mass/holy communion. 
Satan copies & perverts what God has intended to be holy, creating an ugly/perverted shadow of God's wonderments.

The Bewitched Black Mass Lyrics by Vargher (below) based on the 23rd Psalm is 1 such insult to God
Notice how the author capitalizes words such as His, to mean Satan, rather than Holy God/Jesus Christ. 
Such is an abomination to our Heavenly creator.  Satan is a counterfeiter/copier/thief/con-artist/fake.
The Devil is my father, I shall live in sin.
He guides me in the paths of evil, for His name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of light, I will not bow before god
For you are with me; thy strength & thy pride, they comfort me.
Trust in Satan & do evil; dwell in the land & enjoy sin.
Delight yourself in the Devil and He will give you the desires of your heart.
I desire to do your will, O lord Satan; your law is within my heart.
For Satan is the King of the Earth; sing to Him a psalm of praise.
Satan reigns over the nations; He is seated on His unholy throne.
The Mighty One, Lucifer, Lord, speaks & summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets.
Satan comes & will not be silent; a fire devours before Him & around Him a tempest rages.
He destroy the heavens above.
Remember, Lucifer had his wings clipped twice, once when he got evicted from heaven & once when God's Son Jesus Christ took back what he had stolen from Adam & Eve, dominion over all the earth. 
Lucifer, now called Satan or the Devil continuously lies that he has all the authority, when in fact only those humans (who believe in & represent by legal power-of-attorney the Messiah Christ) have the superior power.  Praise God.

Acts 13:10 KJVer - O full of all subtilty & all mischief, you child of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, will you not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord?

Granger, John  Looking for God in Harry Potter
Page 152 showcases the black mass perversion in Harry Potter book Goblet of Fire  graveyard scene where Voldemort is reborn.

DANGEROUS demonic book =


"Dennis and Rita Bennett [1971] assert that hypnosis allows demonic forces access to the unconscious mind.
They believe that it also involves control of 1 person by another rather than by the Holy Spirit.
To the Bennetts, Hypnosis puts the Soul in jeopardy by placing it in a passive receptive state, opening the door to morbid spiritual influences...They offer Biblical support to their assertions by quoting Deuteronomy 18:10-11."  12/11/2009 
Unfortunately "
the (secular) American Counseling Association [A.C.A.] has recommended revising its 1995 Code of Ethics, because it is not an all inclusive document."

Assault on Children


Harry Potter - Witchcraft/Wizzard Indoctrination


Dungeons and Dragons + Pokémon - -
The maker of the Pokemon U. S. trading cards is the (Washington state, USA) Seattle-based company Wizards of the Coast, owner of the Dungeons and Dragons game and creator owner of a card game called Magic:
The Gathering
, which is played by an estimated 6 million people. Many of these preteens and teens are learned in the art of casting spells and summoning spirits.  Hasbro, a toy company, bought Wizards of the Coast for $325 million.   Nintendo introduced Pokémon to the children of America and spent $20 million on just the marketing. Nintendo has sold more than 14 million Pokemon-related video games according to a recent Family PC magazine review.¹  Wouldn't it be fair to ask, 'What the real motive is for distributing these games?'  Sales of the Pokemon products have reached the $1 billion mark for Nintendo... Other philosophies are also evident in Pokemon & these are the demonstration of occultic powers in the games & cards.  We also find the influences of New Age Cults, Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism & Satanism in this game. In the practice of witchcraft, spirits are summoned & called to stay in a circle until needed to fight off bad spirits.  In these practices they develop relationships with the so-called 'good spirits' to fight the bad ones.  This is totally against scripture as the only spirit we are to call on is the Holy Spirit to combat evil spirits with His Holy Angels.  In essence, these  guardians or 'spirit guides' that are used in Pokemon actually encourage children in the ways of witchcraft (forbidden in Scripture).
In the Bible 1 of Israel's kings, Manasseh, was guilty of witchcraft & other sins & he was brought into bondage (spiritual consequence) because of it... 
2 Chronicles 33:6: He (Manasseh) caused his children to pass through the fire in the valley of the son of Hinnom: also he observed times & used enchantments & used witchcraft & dealt with a familiar spirit & with wizards: he wrought much evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke Him to anger...
Some schools in the nation have even banned Pokemon from their schools when trading resulted in kids trading lunches, stealing back packs, and threatening bodily harm for deals gone bad.  Some parents are also saying that they are concerned about disturbing behavior changes since their children started playing the Pokemon games. They are seeing their children fight & display anti-social skills instead of the proper ones.  Instead of this game just being one of imaginative fun, it has become addictive & changed the emotional disposition of children.
Some children even complain that they don't feel good after playing the game. Since it is a role playing game, some of the characters are not good and this opens the door for children to receive evil influences & even demonic invasion.  Children can receive
demon spirits by opening themselves up to the spirits behind Pokemon. When it was first released in Japan in 1997, it was reported that over 600 children went into epileptic seizures while watching the Pokemon cartoons²...The epileptic seizures were said to be caused by the incessant flashing lights in the cartoon overloading the optical nerves & inciting seizure; however, seizures can also be caused by demonic attack"... [God strictly FORBIDS involvement in the occult.  Disobedience has a consequence. 
If  “IT looks, smells, tastes, sounds, or acts like a DEMON then in all likelihood IT is (or has one). 
Why buy UGLY
violent naughty toys & monsters for our kids?  Only God’s enemy would approve.]  6/6/2008 - "Pokemon, (pronounced POH-kaymahn), is short for pocket demons. The Devil loving phenomenon began in Japan over 20 years ago.
A young boy summoned an evil demon to kill his entire family because they wouldn't buy him a stick of chewing gum at the supermarket. The demon came & brought with it, other pokemons who jumped into the parents mouths while they were sleeping, and lodged themselves in their tracheas, suffocating an entire family & setting the boy free to steal their money & buy gum.  The whole idea behind Pokemon is to show a child that they can become a 'powerful evil force & they don't have to listen to their parents.''
Landover occult expert, Jonathan Edwards said, "Kids look for different Pokemon demons, find them & utilize their specific powers to create chaos in the home...
'See the Devil's hand in this. 3 of the Pokemon characters sprouts horns.''
Another concern, he said, is that children exploring a Pokemon Web site can click to other games, including 'Magic: the Gathering,' a Satanic game similar to 'Dungeons & Dragons.'" 

6/5/2008 - satire of the invisible spiritual truth -
“1 last thing that is proof that Pokemon is demon-born.
None of them talk. Well they talk, but they can only say their name.
So Pikachu walks around muttering "Pikachu. Pikachu. Pikachu." like a sad, deranged grandfather high on helium. But the kids, somehow, understand this. They get it. They run around spouting "Pikachu. Machop. Eevee." & then others respond.  'Psyduck. Diglett. Jigglypuff.' Nonsense to us, but to them, the code of the apocolypse.”

Wagner, Doris - Some Gleanings from Grandma -  6/4/2008
Peterson, Brett
 - Pokemon - the true power behind Pocket Monsters Pokemon games & Pokemon cards -In "the official Pokemon guide...the 'Pokemon Tower' portion of the game, the Pokemon creatures cannot 'fight' with the game's characters because they are possessed with evil spirits.  In fact, the text 'I can't fight now, I'm possessed', actually appears on the Game Boy screen."


SMURFS: (German word for demon) can cause demonic possession (oppression/problems) in children. -
"Papa Smurf is a wizard who casts spells and mixes potions & often refers to Beelzebub (Satan) in the cartoons.
He practices sorcery and witchcraft. 
Wizards & witches were put to death in the Old Testament.
Paying heed to them, however amusing or cute & innocent they seem to be, gives respectability to that which God forbids. He knows it leads to one opening up oneself to satanic bondage. Ignore & Renounce (in Jesus' name)." @ PS - turn audio OFF
[We do NOT need to be ignorant or fearful. BUT we DO need to apply the blood of Jesus daily to our family.] - Cape Town, Africa - (Regarding the troll doll and demons resembling that toy.)
(If a toy or object seems to be from hell, then do not allow it in your home or gift it to others.)

This (troll) image was about a quarter of a metre in height, with eyes as big as saucers & blue hair.
As it stood looking at me, I noticed that its power was hidden in its eyes. Whatever it looked upon was exactly what mom described as ‘liquid lava burning & scorching anything & everything in sight.’
Reader, what enormous evil radiates such scorching powers? I understood that the Beast had sent him.
Could this be the next rank or level of EMF coming from the Beast? 
(In Jesus' name, blood & resurrection power) “Troll, the Blood of Jesus draw out all your virtue, all, all your virtue & cast you into the bottomless pit”...
Father dropped it into her Spirit, “
My Son Whom I have sent to die for you carried My Blood in His veins. 
He brought My Power in My Blood. My Son has My Blood. He brought My Blood. All of the Godhead is in My Son’s Blood.”  Mom raised her hands & prayed, “In the Name of Jesus, I cancel every assignment that it (assault) will not come every hour or so. In the Name of Jesus, every assignment from the Beast is canceled by the Blood of Jesus Christ, never to return, in Jesus’ Name.”  Reader, we thank the Lord that it was instantly DONE in Jesus’ Name.

Assaults on Evil Entities

Kerr, Kat - 2015 AUDIO - We become dangerous, NOT to people, but to the demonic when we are full of the Trinity, stand our ground & take the offensive with God's host of heaven.

Wommack, Andrew - 1/6/2020 - You've Already Got It, Holy Spirit power to enforce God's Word and evict biting demons.
Wommack, Andrew - Testimonies @

Dangerous Geography/Places/Locations
(dangerous places NOT to go to, per non Christian web link, unless God has assigned you to go.)

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - - Horror rides & houses in amusement  parks that deliberately attempt to frighten & terrorize the paying customers for a "thrill," horror movies & books, haunted houses such as those at Halloween & such activities & places that demons use to capture/trap/fracture the soul of the unsuspecting child...
Additionally there are cities & locations that are spiritual gates, traps & spiritual cesspools which could be dangerous places (to visit, tour or dwell unless one was well marinated in the oil of the Holy Spirit) such as sewers, jails, Babylon, places in Hawaii, or in the womb when one's parent attempts abortion...
There can be dangerous times for the soul, such as as when one is a patient in a hospital, under anesthesia or when one is brokenhearted in a cemetery...
(There are many methods to protect self such as daily communion/prayer/covering self with blood of Jesus/mezuzah/etc.  Instead, be proactive using preventative medicine by just NOT going to such places whenever you have opportunity to say, "NO," unless God has you there on His assignment. 
Ferrell,AnaMendez -Seated in Heavely Places -
As there are spiritually treacherous places, so are there holy places.  Patmos is 1 of those holy places.

Gondwe, Eric - Spiritual Warfare book 1: Major Spiritual Warfare Principles: Biblical Do’s and Don’ts of Warfare - - Lulu Press, Inc
© 2008 - Chapter 3 Heavenly Access - Prohibited and Permitted Areas -
Sub-Topics: A Prohibited Areas - B Exception for Heavenly Access: Permitted Areas
A - Prohibited Areas :
“'The highest heavens belong to the Lord, but the earth he has given to man,' Psalm 115:16.
The (2nd) heavens or the spirit world, or the unseen world, are a restricted territory to us human beings.
Our primary business is here on earth as the scripture above says...
The Lord closed our (human physical) eyes, ears & other senses from having any contact with the spirit world. The main reason is that it’s His business to handle matters in the spirit world (of the 2nd heavens) while it’s our business to focus on matters on earth (& the 1st heavens which is our atmosphere)...
John (Paul) Jackson in his book, Needless Casualties of War, distinguishes between terrestrial (earthly) & celestial (heavenly) realms, showing were our jurisdiction lies & where it does not. He shows where our given authority is, the earthly (terrestrial) realm. Jackson says, 'Sending us into the world to preach the Gospel, Jesus commissioned us to cast out demons, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers & raise the dead (which are) all warfare activities in the terrestrial (earthly) sphere'... It may be easy for some to understand this distinction between the 2 realms. The Lord is keeping you from danger in a good way. For some of us, understanding may have come through associating the avoidable experiences encountered in the years of active duty in the erroneous spiritual warfare and deliverance teachings. We’re able to see that certain types of 'spiritual warfare prayers,' & 'deliverance seminars,' are unscriptural and dangerous.  (It can also be that one launches out on his own without a proper spiritual covering or without Godly permission/authorization/directive/commissioning of the Holy Spirit)... Most of the erroneous spiritual warfare & deliverance teachings trespass into celestial (heavenly) realms (enemy territory) that are outside our domain (legal permit/passport).
Jackson says, 'Only God has power to command (demons/powers dwelling in) His (2nd) heavenly realms. Therefore, we who at present remain a little lower than the angels ought not to presume to command those spiritual beings (godly angels or ungodly demons) who are higher ranking in the created order.
This includes all of God’s heavenly hosts: Michael, Gabriel, or even any lesser angel...
'Why do we think we can speak presumptively to command celestial beings?….
Since scripture is clear that angels only follow commands from God, neither will their counterparts in the 2nd Heaven (i.e. principalities, etc.) respond to our commands.
The consequences of such behavior may be grave.' (Needless Casualties of War, p. 92-93)...
The Bible says that destruction will come upon people who 'speak abusively against whatever they do not understand.'  It says, 'These dreamers pollute their own bodies, reject authority and slander celestial beings.
But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, 'The Lord rebuke you.' Yet these men speak abusively against whatever they do not understand; & what things they do understand by instinct, like unreasoning animals. - These are the very things that destroy them.' Jude 1:8-10...The scripture above...also refers to sincere believers, since the people mainly mentioned are 'dreamers' who pollute their own bodies (with sin) & reject authority (including in the heavenly realm). But those who 'slander celestial beings,' end up falling in the same category because they 'speak abusively against whatever they do not understand.'
This sin may not take us to hell... However it still brings destruction in our lives because we operate outside the will of God by trying to confront these celestial beings ourselves (without proper covering or authorization.  It is like an air plane straying/sneaking into FORBIDDEN enemy/military airspace.)
God’s setup in his heavenly government is that He is the One to deal directly with the spiritual forces while we mind our business here on earth (which includes the 1st heaven), living the Christian life...
Another similar scripture to the one given earlier from the book of Jude is in 2 Peter. It says, 'Bold & arrogant, these men are not afraid to slander celestial beings; yet even angels, although they are stronger & more powerful, do not bring slanderous accusations against such beings in the presence of the Lord.
But these men blaspheme in matters they do not understand. They are like brute beasts, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, & like beasts they too will perish,' 2 Peter 2:10-12...
Satan’s territory (in the 2nd heaven) is therefore outside our given realm of authority.
Ours is on earth & only God has power & authority over the celestial beings in heavenly realms or the spirit world.
Anything done outside our given realm of authority is, as the book of Jude says, considered rejection of authority.
It is rejection of God’s authority on the limited spheres of influence he gave us...
B - Exception for Heavenly Access: Permitted Areas - The kingdom of God is the only celestial (heavenly) realm we have access to. Our Lord Jesus even gave us the keys to God’s heavenly kingdom: 'I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in (the 1st &/or 2nd) heaven & whatever you loose on earth will be (has already been) loosed in (the 1st &/or 2nd) heaven,' Matthew 16:19.
(On what binding and loosing means according to the bible, please read the previous chapter
(#2), Our Territory and Nature of Our Christian Authority.- Some in the body of Christ recently began to assume it implied binding and loosing evil spirits in geographical territories, in the heavenly realms or the spirit world).
'I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven.' Matthew 16:19. This means that there’re certain places & matters that unbelievers and Satan’s hosts cannot have access to in heaven (the invisible spiritual realms.  However,)  It’s our Father’s house that only His (born-again Holy Spirit filled) children have access to. 
(NOTE.  Seems to be a contradiction of to do or not to do for God's kids.  Nonetheless, John Paul Jackson got his revelation via a dream/revelation directly from God.

Beast Prophets

Once Satan or his kingdom is threatened, Satan has no qualms about lying, deceiving, intimidating or doing anything necessary to retake his turf, to be in control, to have the upper hand.  You will recognize his nature (fear, doubt, concern, worry, etc.)  The born-again, Holy Spirit-filled/baptized, tongues-speaking Christians labeled as Masons and/or beast prophets by Sherry Shriner's web site are a threat to Satan & NOT to you. - Once you become a threat to Satan, Satan will try to defame you, too. 
If Satan steps on you, let the fragrance of your flower be perfume & not rottenness to God's nostrils. 
Additionally Satan will twist an incident or accentuate the negative crumb of a wonderful meal. 
Do not throw out the baby with the bath water.  Do not reject a man of God for the quip of a troublemaker. 
More than that, do not reject God, nor His workings in your generation. 
If God wants to instruct us through the mouth of a mule, so be it.  Test every man, but also every spirit. 
No human is 100% correct 100% of the time.  Be teachable by the Holy Spirit.

                        End Times FALSE Ministries, Ministers, Teachings, Healings,

                                                                              Signs & Wonders, Going Under the Power, & Deliverances

Hinn, Benny - Freedom from Deception #1 -        
Tod Bentley in Florida is labeled a "false prophet".  Those who expound on heavenly visitations are labeled to be false prophets.  The key message is for one to know his Bible and to read it daily, so as not to be deceived by: an apparition, demonic visitation or experience not backed up by scripture.
Hinn, Benny - Freedom from Deception #2 -
Hinn, Benny - Freedom from Deception #3 -
Hinn, Benny - Freedom from Deception  DVD #d108 of 3 broadcasts for $15.

Demonic Occult Practices

Tibetan Chod/Buddhism - -
DANGEROUS misguided advise that can lead to insanity (demonic infestation/infection/oppression) & possession.
Tibetan Chod/Buddhism -
The Dreadful Mystic Banquet - -
A spiritual offering up of all one's own organs as food to demons, a (demonic/occult/satanic) play on (reenactment of) the body & blood of Jesus (church/synagogue sacramental communion).
- - (secular editorial)
"Chöd literally means 'cutting through'. It cuts through hindrances and obscuration, sometimes called 'demons' or 'gods'. Examples of (Tibetan) demons are ignorance, anger and, in particular, the dualism of perceiving the self as inherently meaningful, contrary to the Buddhist doctrine of no-self...
The meaning of Chöd is offering our negative parts to demons (to devour/canabalize) and the positive things, like good virtues & good merit, for bodhisattvas & Buddhas... Chöd means that we cut the root of our ignorance." 
(Obviously this is spiritual misinformation, for it is the Holy Spirit who reveals & uproots evil & the evil spirit who deceives & entraps.  It is the Holy Spirit who should infill us & NOT the evil spirits. 
It is the Holy Spirit to whom we offer ourselves & not to demons.)

Tibet - The Dreadful Mystic Banquet - - self cannibalism -
"Alexandra David-Neel tells of a rite practiced in old Tibet called chöd, which she had witnessed & into which she herself had been partially initiated. It is a kind of mystery play with one actor only, the celebrant.
It has been so devised to terrify the participants that one hears of men who have suddenly gone mad or died while engaged in its performance...
The rite is designed to stir up the occult forces or conscious beings which may exist in such places."

Energy Medicine such as by Chiropractor - Acupuncture, Kinesiology/Muscle Testing, etc. - 5/27/2018 -

A significant point must be made...can the test results be consistently confirmed by other accepted scientific means?  "Muscle testing is nothing more than Satan’s repackaged form of divination in a more palatable fashion.
It is simply using the body as a Ouija Board. Scriptures strongly condemns the practice of divination (Isaiah 2:6).” - "Why does every Catholic diocese have an exorcist?"
This site is 51% dangerous.  Although some of their intellectual info is correct, the spiritual aspect is toxic,
in that scripture forbids occult psychic readings with potential penalty of death (physical &/or spiritual). 
Regarding their method of exorcism, Satan cannot cast out Satan, according to scripture.


Any author who triggered a huge negative response in you, is the one for whom you can pray and ask God to reverse all harm done to & by them, to bless their socks off, and to propel them into eternal life. Thanks...
Cutting edge new technologies/arts/modalities, often pioneered by the occult practitioners are often either counterfeit of holy real deals &/or the real deal using satanic/demonic/evil spirits/powers.  The church is often slow to recognize God made technology/science kidnapped/showcased by the paranormal practitioners.
  When the church wakes up & cooperates with the Holy Spirit, it operates in superior power than that of it's competitors.  A good example is that of Moses & Aaron who had ongoing contests with Pharos magicians.  Using/cooperating with the wrong spirit will bring curses, whereas working with God brings blessings. 
There are holy & demonic: praying in tongues, frequencies, fragrances, energy, etc. 
Continually invite the Holy Spirit & your guardian angel to be your rear guard/counselor/psychiatrist to give you discernment, spiritual muscle & protection.

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