Excess fatty body tissue (of animals/fowl/people) tends to hoard fat-soluble toxins such as dioxins, phthalates, DDT and chlorine, per Dr. Don Colbert in Toxic Relief.


"Microwave ovens emit radiation in the form of radio frequencies and...destroy...vitamins, minerals & enzymes in food.  Rubin, Jordan  Perfect Weight 
[Even public restaurants (especially for fast food) & hospital wards use microwave ovens. 
Organic food is no longer viable if heated in a microwave.  Making a habit of consuming "dead" food may be an easy way to speed up one's own death or at least a method to invite disease.] 


Shellfish are ground feeders & thus readily contaminated.  The Old Testament forbids them for good reason.
Another SPIRITUAL consideration is that a majority of demonic water entities dwell in these ugly looking creatures or appear in apparition as such.  Why chance consuming a demon? 
At the very least, remember to say grace before your meal. 
On the humorous side, 'Why would a black lobster turn red when boiled? 
Because it is a demon cooked before his time.'


Currently there are numerous safety levels of organic products to consider in addition to the concerns regarding non-organic dangers.  
1-animals/fowl with or without antibiotics,
2-animals/fowl air washed/dried or water washed using recycled water. 
   Products become water logged & sometimes contaminated from other meat/fowl.
3-animals/fowl/spices/herbs/vitamins/fruit/vegetables irradiated (especially imported) or not (especially local).
4-animals/fowl fed with animal products included in feed or not. 
5-animals/fowl allowed to feed outdoors in pastures/outside cages or not. 
6-plants/seeds genetically altered or not. 
7-water source tested for toxins or not.
8-Fertilizers used have reputation for causing disease and birth defects + harming insects and birds or not . 
9-Soil  tested for toxins or not. 
10-Soil rotation in effect or not.  Soil tested for nutrient content or not.
11-organic certification reliable or not (especially regarding imports, such as from China). 
12-sprayed with chemicals or not. 13-fish is it farm raised or wild. 
     Is it a large fish that eats other fish or small with less likelihood of consuming toxins?
Food Inc movie - overview of unethical food (meat & poultry) production industry practices in USA


Braverman, Dr Eric, Founder of PATH (The Place for Achieving Total Health Clinic) New York City
+ Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.
BOOKS: The Amazing Way to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally - The Rainbow Diet - Recipes - The Edge Effect @  
Younger You  
Younger You #1 
Younger You #2 
Younger You #3  
Younger You #4  
Younger You #5  
Younger You #6
Free DVD of Braverman interview; request by WRITING to Benny Hinn Ministry
This Is Your Day. Weekend Edition  9/14/2008
From Israel with Braverman - Reversing the Aging Process  9/24/2008 @
From Israel with Dr. Eric Braverman - Younger You 9/25/2008 
From Israel with Dr. Eric Braverman 9/29/2008 @
Loss of appetite &/or refusal/inability to eat - Royal Jelly (Add to yogurt.) &/or raw organic sesame seed Tahini (sandwich) are super-foods that help reverse malnutrition.
In 3rd world countries, these foods would exponentially help. esp. in times of famine/crisis,
if available fresh/locally by farmers &/or beekeepers.
Moringa -
2009 Discovery Channel - Documentary of Moringa Oleifera -
Moringa - Documentary #1 -  #2 -
The term given an herb or food that increases the flow or production of breast milk is galactogogue.
Moringa act as galactogogues & increases the flow or production of breast milk...
The Moringa Leaves are incomparable source of the sulphur-containing amino acids methionine & cystine, which are often in short supply."
Moringa - 2011 – Filipino delight
Moringa -  Spanish: hydroponics farming
Moringa - -
Moringa - (water filtration/purification)
#1 -
#2 - 
Moringa oleifera - + 
(A major problem with sourcing moringa is the pesticide prevention contamination, in addition to the GMO non organic varities.  Thus this Dry Sea source might be work considering.)
Dead Sea Moringa is grown in S. Israel near the Dead Sea, making it THE MOST POTENT form of Moringa on the market...

Moringa leaf powder (is used) to prevent/cure malnutrition in pregnant & breastfeeding women & their children in S/W Senegal."
Additional purported benefits:

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

·   Type 2 Diabetes

·   High Cholesterol

·   Hypothyroidism

·   Asthma

·   High blood pressure

·   The negative effects of radiation and chemotherapy

·   Osteoporosis

·   Skin diseases

·   Headaches/Migraines

·   Hair loss

·   Loss of Mental clarity & alertness @

My Olive Tree Supports Moringa Farms in Africa - 8/24/2015 @ Togo Africa
Buy One Get One Tree campaign
- -
"1 of our scientists at Dead Sea Moringa discovered that moringa trees grown in the mineral-rich soil of the Dead Sea region have 300% higher concentrations of certain vitamins & minerals than their counterparts around the world. 
Because of this amazing find, the government of Israel has given us permission to begin an Herbal Medicine research school near the Dead Sea to study the reaction of more than 120 different plant varieties which have either medicinal or super-food qualities. 
We began this process in 2015/2016 where we identified 40 plants that thrived in the arid conditions."
The American Herbalists Guild (AHG),
- authored by one who is resistant to alternative medicine, having a bias towards Pharmacia.
Oriental/Middle East grocery products available to help infants & geriatrics improve nutrition - cereals: Wheatgrass instant cereal, Snow fungus instant cereal 
5 black (sesame, rice, soybean, fungus, date) instant cereal - +
Royal Jelly - -
Royal jelly is composed of a complex mixture of water (50%), proteins (approximately
15%), sugars, lipids, vitamins, pheromones, amino acids & minerals.
Other bioactive compounds have been identified using high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection & other electro-phoretic & chromatographic techniques.
4 , 5
Fatty acids (including hydroxydecanoic acids) & sterols (including sito-sterol, desmo-sterol & methylene-cholesterol), tryptophan, organic acid glycosides and mono-glucosides glycopeptides, N-glycans, adenosine monophosphate N-oxide, apisimin & a variety of major royal jelly proteins (including MRJP 1 to 9) have been identified.
6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13"
Royal Jelly - -
"Royal jelly contains all the B vitamins and is especially rich in pantothenic acid.8   It contains phytosterols (mainly beta-sitosterol) & enzymes, as well as acetylcholine & hormones including estradiol & testosterone.10   All of these compounds help lower cholesterol. A review of controlled studies concluded that in humans, 50-100 mg royal jelly per day decreased total cholesterol by 14% & triglycerides by 10%.10  Royal jelly at a dose of 15 mg/kg body weight also slowed the development of atherosclerosis in rabbits fed high-fat diets.1"
Royal jelly - Eat immediately or freeze. - proteins

3rd World Nutrition

Coconut water -  (Raw unprocessed organic is best.)  "Coconut water is extracted from young green coconuts at approximately 7 months, before the liquid hardens and forms the white fleshy part of the coconut. The fleshy part is where the fat and calories reside & because this part hasn’t yet developed, coconut water has no fat or cholesterol. The chemical composition of coconut water is similar to human plasma. In fact, coconut water was used as an emergency IV solution during World War II and the Vietnam War...Coconut water contains all 5 of the essential electrolytes (calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and sodium) needed for effective rehydration. 
Coconut water is especially rich in potassium.  It has 14 times the amount of potassium as most sports & energy drinks.  Coconut water contains lauric acid, which is present in human breast milk
The taste of coconut water is light and naturally sweet.
" 2012
The Heinz Micronutrient Campaign a program of the H.J. Heinz - -
"Working with governments & non-government organizations, the HMC distributes single-serve supplements to children at risk of malnutrition. The packets contain a multivitamin & mineral powder that can be easily added to a child’s food without affecting the taste. As few as 60 sachets per year can treat anemia & other vitamin & mineral deficiencies...The 3 most common vitamin & mineral deficiencies are: vitamin A, iron & iodine, which cause increased childbirth mortality rates, impaired growth & cognitive development & increased risk of disease & death... Since 2001, when Heinz first pledged its support to Dr. Stanley Zlotkin of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children & his development of Sprinkles™...
It only costs $1.50 to cure a child of anemia & make a difference in his or her life."
Moringa -  (A major problem with sourcing moringa is the pesticide prevention contamination, in addition to the GMO non organic varieties.  Thus this Dry Sea source might be work considering.) "Dead SeaMoringa is grown in the southern region of Israel near the Dead Sea, making it THE MOST POTENT form of Moringa on the market...
Moringa leaf powder (is used) to prevent/cure malnutrition in pregnant & breastfeeding women & their children in south-western Senegal."
Sumrall, Lester -
Dr. Stanley Zlotkin - - -
"About 14 years ago, he was challenged by UNICEF to come up with a solution to combat iron deficiency, a nutritional problem affecting millions of children worldwide.
His solution, Sprinkles, took him on a journey around the world researching and advocating for the product & creating partnerships for production, delivery & implementation." 
(China already has/is using this concept in cereals, teas & packaging, but it has not promoted or understood its potential for eradicating international malnutrition.)