Human Trinity of Man
(Invisible) SPIRIT & SOUL (heart/mind/will/emotions) + (visible) BODY


Copeland, Kenneth - Monday, October 13, 2014 or Week @ Once The Force of Faith -
At time of this 5/1989 broadcast, Kenneth advocated that physical bodies of both born-again & those not will be reunited with their spirit & soul, at time of Jesus' reappearance.
This phenomenon may have caused Satan to covet Moses' body (& may be 1 reason the occult seek to take a personal item of the living with which to cast evil spells). 
The human body is the vehicle that carries/transports the invisible spirit & soul in/on earth. 
God designed man to have earthly authority, available when man is in alignment with the Trinity. 
Every spirit legally needs a body through which to exercise authority on earth
That is why God's Spirit took on flesh, (from Mary's egg/DNA & why evil spirits cohabited with women), & why evil spirits want to manipulate or inhabit human bodies.

, Kenneth - 4/8/2019
Let THE BLESSING Do the Work -
Day #1 of college – shares how God said, “BE” face to face to the empty human form/silhouette/shell. 
God showed Ken this in a vision.  (On further reflection, maybe this would be our spirit/soul man, because at conception, we are not fully grown, unless this was Adam, not Jesus, Who was downloaded to earth as a fetus.)
Also consider 2 New Testament scriptures: John 1:14 KJV The (spoken) Word (of God) was made flesh. 
Hebrews 10:5 KJV
A (visible physical) body Thou (Father God) hast prepared (for) Me (messiah the Christ).

Dollar, Creflo @  - 3/7/2023 - Commentary:
Demons (evil spirits) are HOMELESS & want/NEED a body to function/act/perform properly on earth.
Demons will attempt to deceive/trick/cajole/con to inhabit any consenting or innocent body who does NOT recognize/evict/reject that occupation/squatter. 
Likewise, the Trinity needed a body in order to take back what Adam & Eve gave to Lucifer (who became Satan). 
A body was prepared for our Messiah, Jesus, Who took back the keys to man's freedoms & spiritual inheritance.  BUT we need to partner with the Trinity & our army host in order to enforce that redemption.
Program ends by reminding us NOT to dwell/live in the past (esp. where forgiven sins/mistakes NO longer esist in Father God's memory, because they are coved with the blood of His Son Yeshua).

Kerr, Kat - - Vol #1 - Travel in the spirit - - Jesus "came in & told me that the Father & He had decided to take me on tours of Heaven.
Since 1996 they've been taking me.  They still take me.
If you think I could ever run out of things to say about Heaven, you're wrong. 
I could never stop talking about things I've seen, places I have literally visited, not in a dream, not in a vision.  I am caught up by the Spirit of God like John was in the Book of Revelation.
Actually there were several people in the Word who were caught up by the Spirit. 
You can't tell if you're in the Spirit."

Kerr, Kat - What Does Jesus Look Like? Short transcripts: 17 pages of links http://www. (edited excerpt)
"In His natural state, when He lived on the earth, because you know He can change His size and is as tall as He wants to be.  I've seen Him appear as a lion, lamb, & eagle. 
They all represent things, but in His natural state, He's 6 foot tall.
I know because my husband is just about 6 foot tall, & He's about the same height as my husband. 
He has dark curls all over His head, about down to His shoulder (not) straight hair split down the middle. 
I don't like those paintings. He is not milky, meek, or mild looking in any way whatsoever. 
He is very strong, very muscular.  He was a carpenter on this earth, & He lifted trees. 
A lot of these pictures they share with not what He looks like. 
He looks like a king, who is about to rule & reign over His people. 
The glory of God comes from His face. He has the ability to turn on that glory till it looks like a million diamonds, that you can see a mile away coming across Heaven. 
The closer He gets to you, He begins to dim that, until He's standing face to face to you...
His eyes are the most beautiful thing about Him.
If you ever once look in His eyes, when you get to Heaven, you are never coming back.
You are never coming back. 
You are consumed with waves of holy, pure, unlimited, unbridled love that begin to consume you, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.  You never want to be apart from Him again. 
He will step on the inside of you.  You're spirit beings. He'll turn around & look out of your eyes. 
You'll begin to burn with that same love for everybody in Heaven. It is a supernatural thing.
He is beautiful. He's got a beard, a mustache. A neatly trimmed beard & mustache. 
The holes are here; they're not in the middle of the palm.
They're right here, because it would have ripped right through His hand.
Those holes are about this big around; you can literally put your finger through them. 
If the breeze blows in Heaven, you can see His hair move.
You can see all the holes where the crown of thorns were in Him. 
He is the only one in Heaven that bears scars on Himself.
If you ever have scars or anything on you now, they'll be gone when you go to Heaven.
You will not have tattoos on you. People ask me all of the time. But you know God is going to tattoo you Himself.
Some people are really shocked.  That's what the Word says.
He's going to put His mark on your head & in your hand. Guess who copied that? 
It never has failed to amaze me how many things Satan has taken & defiled on this earth.
Why do you think He picked those places?   Because God Himself said, '
I'm going to mark My people with the name of My city, & the name of your God in your hand & on your forehead, exactly where the mark of the beast is going to be
Kerr, Kat - #69 - Seeing the Father & Jesus - "
He picked the name (book title) Revealing Heaven, cause that's what it does.  That beautiful light you see from the corner, that's what God's face looks like. It's brilliant. 
If you stand close enough & stand there long enough, you see the outline of His face.
You can see His eyes filled with this blue fire, passion for you. If you ever get that close, you're undone.
You're NOT going anywhere.  You ever get that close to Him, you don't ever want to come back.
You can't even think of yourself living apart from Him.  That's how people feel when they go home to Heaven. 
The 1st time Jesus walks up to you, you will fall so in love with Him.
You'll be so consumed by Him, & His presence. How awesomely beautiful He is. 
People talk about His eyes that have seen Him. They are the most beautiful thing about Him.
Because there's so much love in them for you. You know what He does? 
The most amazing thing, He steps inside of you...
I could be gone from here for 3 seconds & have been in Heaven for what seemed like for hours, because there is no time."
Kerr, Kat - Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours 2014 -
Satan does NOT use body of a deceased person. 
He needs a human spirit, willing soul & living body to oppress or indwell & manipulate like a puppet. 
What you watch/smell/touch/hear/taste stays with you as a deposit in your soul, unless you discontinue such contamination.  We need to continuously expose our 5 senses/gates to God things found in heaven, not hell.
Kerr, Kat -
Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 1/2/2015 -
At the time our physical bodies are resurrected, they will put on immortality & become glorified. 
1 Corinthians 15:52
In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump:
for the trumpet shall sound, the dead shall be raised incorruptible, & we shall be changed.

Kat - 2/2/2016 - Sunday AM -
Life begins at conception, but viable life begins when God attaches your human spirit to the flesh (fertilized egg).

Sumrall, Lester - The Human Body booklet #2 from The Total Man Series - -
God thought of Jesus before He spoke a Word which came forth as human Flesh. 
 John 1:14 KJV The Word (of God) was made flesh. 
Hebrews 10:5 KJV
A body Thou (God) hast prepared (for) Me.
Chapter 4 The Human Body of Jesus - "God sent a body down from heaven.  His name is Jesus...
John 6:53 KJV Then Jesus said unto them, 'Verily verily I say unto you, "Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man & drink His blood, ye have no life in you."' 
Your salvation is related to His body, His flesh & His blood...holy communion."

Maldonado, Guillermo - How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God
Chapter 10 Jesus Manifesting His Supernatural Power through the Believer "Jesus...depends on us to operate in this (earthly) dimension.  When Jesus came to earth, He Himself needed a body to carry out His Father's will...
He has delegated His gospel, (kingdom) authority & (super) power to His body (church/congregation/bride, with Him as the head.)   Furthermore, since the kingdom is within us, this makes us extremely valuable...
To operate His body (is) the requirement of interdependence."  "2 types of prayer...God will never answer:
When we ask Him to do - (1) what He has already done and... (2) what we are supposed to do as His church."

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - - The CAPTIVITY of the
(physical) BODY
(in the) the body [(includes) addictions]:

originates from the  spirit of man (at conception) which is passed onto the soul of man (soul hurts derive from spirit hurts), building evil structures of behavior (eg. addictions/substance prisons). 
There is a hidden world of trauma, & (thus) many  suffer (consequences/curses) from un-forgiveness.
The soul is the bridge between the spirit & the body.  God gave humanity the tool of 'free will.'”
4.3.5 The DWELLINGS of  INIQUITY/EVIL DERIVING from the FLESH "All evil (as well as holy) structures/designs develop energy fields, which attract to them what they display. The church main job is to undo evil dwellings places in the soul & spirit of believers & establish a dwelling place for God in the believer...
Before dwellings of iniquity/stronghold can be broken, it must be recognized, admitted, repented of & cancelled.
The counselor (individual) must find out what influences & controls the person’s life...
(1)Sins of the fathers, (2)soul/spirit hurts & (3)ungodly beliefs form a 3-fold negative cord that is only broken by:
(1) our understanding, (2) our faith & (3) the appropriation of our freedom.
Ungodly beliefs will provide legal grounds for demons
wherever a covenant is made with the enemy.
Sin gives Satan a legal right to oppress
or to possess a person...
Ungodly beliefs (thoughts that do NOT align with God's thoughts/Words in holy scripture) are integrally related to the sins of the fathers & its resulting Curses affecting a person’s life, causing deception, clouded minds, rationalization & unbelief in the same sin areas...
Many people relapse back into sin, because they did not deal with (recognize & repent of) the (tap root/ beginning/open door) 'origin/dwelling place of iniquity' in that (sin/oppression/problem) area & thereafter should be filled by God’s Holy Spirit, as part of the transformation process of sanctification." 
(Often just going to confession, will remedy this. 
If one finds a "family pattern" of sin, it indicates a curse or sin in need of repentance.)

Myles, Francis - edited excerpt @
_Ill_tell_you_the_Court_of_Heaven_as_the_Lord_really_brought_it_to_me-1.pdf @
video 6/18/2023
+ 6/19/2023 more video @
Dr. Francis Myles: 1 of the most unusual demonic attacks that I've ever had in my life...came out of 1 of the most powerful pivotal revelations bringing breakthrough people around the world.
In 2015 I went to Zambia for the home going celebrations of my mother, Esther, who had just transitioned into Heaven...I got a phone call from an American missionary, who's got a church in Zimbabwe, to wish me condolences & invite me the following week to...speak to 5,000 delegates at his conference.
I accepted...I had to fly there...I was picked up by an apostle friend of mine. 
(While) driving to the airport...45 minutes (away)...I knew I was in trouble, like I've never been before.
I have had demonic attacks.  When you're on the front lines of the battlefield in ministry, you get attacks from the enemy. That's part of the job. But this was (at) another level. It felt like somebody had taken a shovel & was digging dirt.  It started with my feet & kept going up... I begin to pray in tongues... I felt weaker & weaker.
It finally got to my loins. By the time I get to the airport, I'm like an unhealthy 90-year-old. I could hardly walk.
I told my friend, I'm under severe attack. I've never felt like this. Part of my mind thinks I need to get out of here. Maybe these are territorial spirits trying to kill me...I couldn't wait to get on the plane.
But before I could get to the plane, Holy Spirit said, "If you get on the plane, you'll die...
There is a demonic attack that has come against you... You need to allow Me to help you break it before you leave
." That's when I knew I was in trouble. I've never been in a hospital in my life. But they rushed me into a hospital called St. John's Medical Center in Lusaka, Zambia where I was admitted.  The doctor said, "This man is in trouble." She put the tubes around me, all kinds of medication...I could hardly walk 3 steps without breathing heavily. They put 1 of my young brothers in the room to keep me company if I had to go to the restroom.
At 2:00 AM in the hospital, I hear the voice of Holy Spirit say, "Francis, get up. Go outside into the hospital yard"... I get to the flower bed. 
Holy Spirit said, "Francis, it's time for Me to deliver you now...Pick up the dirt." I picked up the dirt in my hands & said, "God, I've got the dirt." He said, "The witch's that are trying to kill you spoke TO the dirt & commanded the earth to swallow your body in premature death. This is why you are feeling the soil going up. If it gets to your head, you are dead... Speak TO the earth & give it a different instruction.
Tell the earth who you are in the kingdom & that I need you.  Reverse the curse & you'll live
Under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, for the 1st time in my life, even though my mind was feeling weird, my spirit was excited, but my theological mind (was) looking for the theology for this.  But my spirit knows this is God.
I will obey God anyway. I took the dirt.  The spirit of prophecy comes upon me & I say..."Earth, earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord"...the scripture from Jeremiah 22, 29. Earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord. I began to prophesy TO the earth about who I was & It was not my time to die.
I reversed the curse of the witches: "You're going to let me go."  The Lord said to me, "Francis, she has heard... Put it back & watch what happens." I took the dirt & put it back in the soil...
The dirt (that) had been filling all the way up to my waist now, fell to the ground with a thud. 
(Now instead) Out of my toes, the power of God began to percolate from my toes.
By the time it got to my forehead, I could run a mile. I went back in the hospital, I was like, Elijah.
Dr. Francis Myles: I could've died that day. I got (back) into the hospital. Abhed, my brother, said, "What happened?  I said, "I don't know, but I'm delivered."  I told him, "Go to sleep because the Lord & I have some business to do." I love prophetic experiences, but the word of God means more to me.
Dr. Francis Myles: So the Lord began to talk to me, "Francis, the earth is alive. If you & My body do not understand that & do NOT speak TO the earth, you'll be victims of witches who understand the mystery of the earth on the planet.  Until you know that you can speak TO creation & (that) creation can listen to your voice & begin to move in your favor" (you'll be victims of witches).
Sid Roth: See how Satan is (tempoarily) allowed legal access to the Courts of Heaven to accuse & prosecute/persecute believers day & night according to Revelation 12:10. But you can silence his voice, get a verdict of innocent, & contend with power against the blocking spirits that are delaying & preventing your healings, miracles, & full destiny. Get armed with 22 powerful prayers that are written right from the rabbinical tradition of Jesus. With Dr. Francis Myles book, speak TO the Earth.
Francis Myles: As a theologian I had a theological quagmire when I came to the Book of Job.
I couldn't hardly believe it because in the Book of Job it says that Satan shows up in the 3rd Heaven,
before the glory of the Shekinah.
Dr. Francis Myles: With angels, he (satan) shows up... I'm saying, "Lord, there's something wrong here."
Jesus tells us, "I beheld Satan fall from Heaven like lightning." We know he (Lucifer/satan) was cast out of Heaven.
I'm saying, "Lord, I don't get it. Why is Lucifer in Heaven?"  Somebody must be fired at the borders of Heaven.  Who let this guy cross over? This is not America. Come on, Sir. This is Heaven...
I was expecting God to say, "Satan, what are you doing here?" Instead, the Lord does not ask Satan what he is doing there in Heaven. He asked him, "Where on earth have you been?" God is seeming to acknowledge that Satan's presence was legal. I just didn't get it. 1 day God said, "Francis, I know this is a theological quagmire for you, but it's really simple. Yes, Satan was cast out of Heaven. He has no residency here anymore, but he has been given a temporary access to 1 aspect of the Kingdom of God, the Court of Heaven, because how can we have a trial if the prosecutor is not seated?"  Satan is a prosecutor so he is the one who brings accusations. Jesus can't/does NOT bring accusations against you.  You (have) only 1 accuser (spiritual enemy who) has been given access to the Court of Heaven, until the age of sin comes to an end.
He has a legal right to come before the Court of heaven, until that time when God puts (him) in the lake of fire...
Dr. Francis Myles: We're going to do a prophetic act. Because...the earth is alive & can actually swallow the witchcraft against you. The earth can swallow any unemployment in your life because every resource you ever need is in the earth...& made by God... Holy Spirit said, Go to the book of Revelation chapter 12: 15-16.
Dr. Francis Myles: Yes. I'm going to say it in a personalized way: The serpent, dragon, Satan spews the flood out of his mouth in order to drown the woman (who I believe is Israel & the church). Right after that, the Bible says,  the earth rose up to help the woman by swallowing the flood of the dragon.
Dr. Francis Myles: So now I want to read it in a personalized way... The witches (demon controlled people), howled curses like a river out of their mouth after me, that I might be swept away, but the earth helped me & the earth opened its mouth & swallowed up the curses...(previously) howled out of their mouths.
Dr. Francis Myles: (Let's) take some dirt in our hands. I'm going to do it for/with you as a prophetic act.
Get ready to see/receive miracles in your life right now, because we are going to command the earth to swallow the witchcraft, unemployment, debt (all evil/unholy curses/maladies) in your life.
We're going to command the earth to bring forth prosperity, increase, favor in your life because...the earth is alive.
Dr. Francis Myles: Miracles are going to come forth in your life. 
Your earth body (genesis/2-7.htm)  is going to vomit diseases it just swallowed.
In Jesus name. Heavenly Father, I thank You for this miracle moment, in Jesus name.
Earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord.
As a man of God today, I command you earth, earth, earth
to rise up, open your mouth, for God gave you a mouth.
I command you earth, earth, earth
to swallow every form of witchcraft that is working against the destiny of God's people around the world.
In Jesus name, earth, earth, earth,
I command you to swallow unemployment, for the Bible says the earth is full of God's fullness, not unemployment.
In Jesus name, I command you earth to swallow debt around God's people.
I command you earth right now to vomit (curses) & bring forth blessings of favor, increase, real estate, breakthrough jobs, (health, relationships, sanity, peace) in Jesus name, in the lives of God's people.
I also command your earth body because our body comes from dirt.
It hears the voice of God the same way the earth hears the voice of God.
I command you earth body to vomit that: cancer, diabetes, disease, (excess bad bacteria, virus, demon, curse, injury, plague, soul wound, hurt, pain at the root) in Yeshua's mighty name (& be replaced with blessings). Amen.

DNA - Flesh

Genesis 1:26-27 NKJV 26God said, Let US (Father/Son Jesus/Holy Spirit) make man in (to have) OUR image (spiritual nature), according to (having access to/containing in their flesh) OUR likeness (superior powers).
Let them have (spiritual) dominion...
27 So God created man (humans) in (as containers of) His own image (Holy Spirit) -
in the (mirror) image of God He created him, male & female He created them.
(Both the Trinity & man are 3 parts.  Our flesh resembles/operates as Yeshua's.)
- dust thou art; & unto dust shalt thou return.
Genesis%202:7 -
 The Lord God formed [that is, created the body of (a male hu)] man from the dust of the ground, & breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; & the man became a living being [an individual complete in body & spirit (with its attached spiritual soul)].

Isaiah 53:5
- But it was for our sins He was wounded, & for our evil doings He was crushed:
He took the punishment by which we have peace, & by His wounds we are made well. BBE
@  [This also hurt/assailed his soul (mind/emotions/will)]

Matthew 19:4-6 KJVer
 - He answered, "Have you not read, that He Who made them at the beginning made them male & female & said, 'For this cause shall a man leave father & mother & shall cling to his wife.
The 2 shall become 1 flesh
?'  They are no more 2 but 1 flesh
What God has joined together, let no man put asunder!
(Food for thought: If 1+1=1 then a mate could have the audacity to bind & cast out evil, not only in oneself, but also in his/her sexual partner, at least for venial sins, those of the flesh, those which do not lead to death. 

1st John 5:16-17 TPNT 
16.If someone would see his brother committing a sin not to death, if he will ask, then He will give life to him, to those who do not sin to death.  There is a sin to death; I am not saying that he should ask concerning that. 
17.Every unrighteousness is sin, but there is sin not to death
 (of body &/or spirit/soul/citizenship in 3rd heaven).
Even more audacious is possibility of repenting for, not only, our deceased ancestors, but also for our offspring.
Job is our excellent example here.  However, we can take 1 more additional bold step by BINDing & casting out. 
We would only want to consider such action if the objects of our prayers were born-again spirit-filled Christians, so they could resist Satan when he comes again to tempt them.  We can always BIND without casting out, which would be the course of action, until the other person comes into alignment with Christ's plans for him/her. 
Repenting of ancestral sins helps to break off inherited family curses. 
After repenting, one can break off the family curse.  l strong liklihood of sin unto death, might be one's continual rejection of Jesus' as God's son & messiah, even upon one's death bed.]

John 1:14,17 TPNT
- 14The (spoken) WORD (or nature of God) became FLESH & lived among us. 
We saw His GLORY (Holy Spirit manifested via supernatural miracles/wonders/healing/uncommon wisdom & knowledge/ super power/luminescence), glory in the same manner as the only (original/first) child of the Father, full of grace & truth.
17The grace and the truth came through Jesus Messiah. 
[Spiritual insight: Jesus was on earth what God intended Adam & his seed to be on earth: perfect (100% Holy Spirit inside + 100% holy soul/mind/emotions + 100% healthy body). 
Jesus as our role model opened the door to heaven (closed by Adam) for us to be able to imitate Jesus as we allow the Holy spirit
(1) to be our mentor &
(2) to operate through our flesh working supernatural wonders.]

Capps, Charles - Authority of Man and Jesus #2 - 8/12/2019 @ -
If any spirit does NOT acknowledge that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, it is NOT of God. 
On earth, NO one can (legally/spiritually) reign or defeat satan, unless he is in the flesh. 
That is why Jesus had to come IN THE FLESH.  God gave Adam & Eve legal title/deed to earth, which they relinquished to Lucifer/Satan, who then had to be defeated by Jesus, who now has the keys. 
When we reign with Him, we also have the keys.
Book Kicking Over Sacred Cows Program #40 - # 8040 DVD of Program -

Kerr, Katt - Daddy's Girls 2010 CD #2 - - Man becomes a human being at conception.
Father God can declare that He is our legal parent, because He implanted us from Himself into our mother's womb. 
(Our spiritual DNA comes from Father God Who is Spirit.)
[COMMENTARY: Other ministry teachings:
Kat Kerr says evil spirits need to act on earth via flesh (either outside manipulation or interior). 
Likewise God became comprehensible/visible to man via His becoming man or putting on flesh/clothing/camouflaging Himself in the body of His son, Yeshua/Jesus. 
Jesus became fully operational as God when He received the baptism/infilling of the Holy Spirit. 
Each human has that same potential to be filled with God's Holy Spirit, eg. via the sacrament of confirmation.]

Wommack, Andrew @ 12/17/2021 Friday's week #1 of The Word Became Flesh - explains relevancy/how/why of God's Son coming to earth in a suit of flesh, at least a hint from 1 perspective.  Wommack contends that God's spoken Word is a seed that needs to be planted/implanted. Wommack thinks there was NO suitable vehicle/recipient available until Mary, but Kat Kerr says there is a time line in the throne room floor.  Perhaps both. 
Garden/farm seeds need to be planted & then to have the right soil, temperature & water.

Body Replacement Parts Heavenly Warehouse

Kat Kerr's Revelation Realm MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT BE WITH YOU! - 9/25/2018 -
There can be an appointed time for healing for some. 
Some healings are expedited via intercessor's faith, by recipient's taking faith &/or by the healing atmosphere.
1st we are to REQUISITION/request a body part.
2nd if body part or harm reversal is approved for now, it is time stamped, released, gift wrapped & angel delivered.
3rd Delivery angel goes through recipient, depositing gift box into person's (human) spirit & exits without box.
We are NOW on the precipice of an appointed time when (born-again Holy Spirit baptized) Christians will no longer have sickness or handicaps.
The old time ended 2012 Easter, when a new spiritual era began.  In Jesus' name:
we claim/stand-in-the-gap/call-forth this appointed time. We cancel/remove all evil reports/assignments/media-violence empowering disease/premature-death. We evict/command sickness to leave.  We declare healing. 
We disallow sympathy/empathy/consolation/compromise to enable infirmity to remain.

Resurrection BODY

Matthew 27:50-53 NIV - At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from tip to bottom. 
The earth shook and the rocks split.  The tombs broke open & bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. 
They came out of the tombs & after Jesus' resurrection they went into the holy city & appeared to many people.   
Matthew 28:5-7 NIV -
The angel said to the women, "Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, Who was crucified. 
He is not here.  He has risen, just as He said.  Come & see the place where He lay. 
Then go quickly and tell His disciples.  He has risen from the dead & is going ahead of you into Galilee. 
There you will see him.  Now I have told you."
Luke 24:40-43 NIV - He showed them His hands & feet.  While they still did not believe it because of joy & amazement, He asked them, "Do you have anything here to eat?"  They gave Him a piece of broiled fish. 
He took it & ate it in their presence.
John 20:19 NIV - When the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came (appeared) & stood among them.
Acts 1:9-10NIV - After He (Jesus) said this, He was taken up before their very eyes & a cloud hid Him from their sight.  They were looking intently up into the sky as He was going.

Human Body, NOT Holy Spirit Indwelt &/or
DNA Contaminated by Iniquity/Sin/Violation

Branham, William - -
"'Brother Branham, how can you say that Cain was not Adam‘s son? Genesis 4:1 says, Adam knew Eve his wife; she conceived & bare Cain, & said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.'26

'Brother Eddie, that is exactly the truth; all life comes from the Lord. But you need to read the next verse:
She again bare his brother Abel
. Cain & Abel were twins. They had the same mother, but not the same father.
The Bible is careful to say Adam knew his wife once, yet 2 children were born.
Remember, at 1st the serpent wasn‘t a reptile.
At 1st he was a mammal, a beast, so close in relationship to man that he could talk; so close that his seed could cross with  human seed.  After Adam & Eve sinned, God changed the serpent into a reptile.
In Genesis 3:15 God said to the serpent, I will put enmity between thee & the woman + between thy seed & her seed.
Notice how the 1st enmity in the Bible was between Cain & his brother Abel. All you have to do is look at their natures to see which man was Adam‘s seed & which was the serpent‘s seed. So in the very beginning the serpent added his genes to the human race.  It was this mixing of genes that put a beastly nature into mankind. That is why a person needs to be born again by the spirit of God.
When we become Christians, God gives us a new nature because our old nature is flawed.38 Brother Ed, these things come by divine revelation. Just be sincere & pray about it.
I believe He will reveal it to you.'" [Others contend that it was some the Watcher tribe angels (during the time of Noah) who impregnated women, NOT Satan or his Worship tribe angels, who contamanated the human race's genome/DNA (after their eviction from the 3rd heaven).]

                                                      Human Body

Holy Spirit Indwelt &/or
Uncontaminated by Sexual Sin/Violation

Wommack, Andrew - 8/13/2019 -
Andrew suggests the Bible Old Testament man (after the fall of Adam and especially after Noah) was a different species  (at least in the spiritual realm)than the New Testament "born-again" man. 
Thus the "eye for an eye" consequence of the Old Testament  (unless mercy was applied) was just/honorable. whereas there were/are differerent laws/rules/ potential/resources/ inheritance/citizenship for the man regenerate in/adopted by God through the death & resurrection of His Son Jesus.
[COMMENTARY: There are 2 issues here.  1st Adam lost his spiritual prowess, ability to walk in both earthly & spiritual realms at same time, after he heeded Lucifer's deception. 
2nd When the fallen watchers transgressed & mated with women, the subsequent giants had corrupted DNA, causing the need for a flood to drown out all bad blood. 
Messiah could have NO corrupt genome.   Thus Mary's family tree was pure, thanks to Noah's obedience.]
Wommack, Andrew - 1/18/2021 @ God's spoken Word (Jesus) was the sperm/seed that impregnated Mary ('s egg) & became our visible Messiah.


Dr. Aiko Hormann - 3 Brains - (Head, GI system & skin/touch)

Olukoya, D K - Deliverance of the Brain - Deliverance of the Head -

Matt Sorger - Three Brains in One Body or -
Our human (1) head, (2) heart & (3) GI system has brain neurons (last half of video)

Souza, Katie 1/24/2014 - Healing Your Soul
"Switch on Your Brain Switch on Your Brain, 'Bad Choices Lead to Toxic Thinking.'" 
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Triune Brain of head (core interior reptilian brain, limbic emotional middle brain, neo-cortex exterior thinking)
Reptilian - (Secular view)
Components of the "Triune" Brain
                  2. Triggers of the Reptilian Brain  (R complex)
                  3. Strengthening the Thinking Brain
                  4. Decisions, Personality and the Triune Brain
                  5. Triune Brain Personalities
                  6. Concluding Remarks
                  7. Videos      

Character Reprogramming/Reversal

Hagin, Kenneth E @
Excelllent, except should have used word "soul" rather than "spirit". 
Bible translators often interchange word spirit & soul when referring to spiritual portion of a man. 
The human soul is layered & consists of the spiritual emotions, mind & willpower & NOT the physial brain.
A human spirit is perfect/perfected when born-again, whereas the soul is not & needs training for spiritual reigning.

, Kat @ 2/8/2023 IMPORTANT

, Jim - (edited)
SID: You told me that God was in process of replacing all your: selfishness, greed, lust with love. Explain.
JIM: I don't think a human, a soul or spirit can go through this experience & not be profoundly changed.
I feel as though I have been truly born again.
Not only have I come back from the grave, my soul has come back from despair.
My spirit has found God again. I will be eternally grateful.

Numerous spiritual mentors teach that it is our soul that needs reprogramming (rather than our human spirit, which needs to be perfected by being born-again via sin repentance & inviting Jesus to be our savior).
Kerr, Kat is especially succinct on what/when/how to accomplish making our soul whole, free of present & past mistakes. 
Learn About Heaven - The Revelation Zone - Official Blog of Kat Kerr


du Bois, Clare @ 11/20/2016 -
From the dawning of time, I (God) have worked through the conscience of men, women & children.
They need not be told what to do, they know it in their hearts.
But you are there to help them discover that & get a confirmation from Me.
Never insist that you alone have the answers.
 Pride is abhorrent to Me & much damage is done to tender souls when pressure is exerted inappropriately

, Francis - 8/5/2014 -
adapted from Pastor Frangipane's book The Three Battlegrounds.
The war against principalities involves displacement: Christ filling the spiritual territories once held by Satan
Who will control reality on earth, Heaven or hell?  When it comes to angelic & demonic warfare, the battle rests not in physical weaponry but in the power of agreement between mankind and the spirit realm.
We read in Ephesians 6 (NKJV) that 'principalities' & 'powers' occupy the 'heavenly places' (v. 12).
But we read in Ephesians 1:10 that it is the Father’s expressed purpose to sum up all things in Christ, 'things in the heavens & things on the earth.' Ephesians 3:10 reveals God’s glorious plan, that 'through the church' God has purposed to make known His manifold wisdom to the principalities & powers 'in the heavenly places.'
You see, as the body of Christ on earth agrees with its Head in Heaven, the Spirit of Christ Himself displaces the powers of darkness in the heavenly places. In other words, when the church on earth is aggressive in its agreement with the will and Word of God, then the presence of God increases in the spiritual realm, proportionally displacing the influence of hell on earth. Shortly thereafter, manifesting in the world of men, we see revivals, healings & miracles. But when the church is passive, indifferent or carnal, the powers of hell increase their rule over the affairs of men: marriages break up, crime increases, & wantonness becomes unbridled. 
We must see that our prayers, attitudes, & agreement with God are an integral part of establishing the reality of the kingdom of God on earth...
Satan is unmasked in Scripture as 'a liar & the father of lies' (John 8:44).
His realm of operation is the spirit world that immediately surrounds & blankets the consciousness of mankind.  This realm is known as the 'heavenly places' in the Bible (Eph. 6:12).
From this spiritual realm Satan works to corrupt & control the mind of man through illusions built from mankind’s carnal desires & fears.
But the power of the lie is not merely the speaking of falsehoods, nor is it that this world is an illusion.
The lie of the enemy appears most powerfully when men believe that this world, as it is, is the only world we can live in
. The truth is, of course, that God is establishing His kingdom, & ultimately, every other reality will submit to & be ruled by that kingdom. (See Heb. 12:26-28; Rev. 11:15)...
Paul taught that spiritual warfare deals specifically with the 'pulling down of strongholds.'
But what are those strongholds?
They are lies the devil has sown into our thought-processes which, as we accepted & believed them, became reality to us.  We do not fall in sin as much as we are seduced by it.  Every sin is cloaked in some measure of deception.
But as these lies are uncovered & destroyed, as our thought-processes are freed from illusions, we will discover the blamelessness, perfection & truth of Christ in us, the hope of glory (see Col. 1:27)...
To be successful in life, therefore, we must know the Word of God. For all things come into being through the (read/spoken/declared/enforced) Word. Yes, it is the Word made alive in our hearts, germinated by our faith, that wins the war over reality." (Have each of us read & regularly re-read God's Word?  Otherwise how can we recognize & refute the deceptions in each generation?  Does any doctrine contradict holy scripture?)

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - - Chapter 4 INIQUITY - CONSCIENCE (THE SPIRITUAL DISCERNING ORGAN) - "Conscience [Spiritual Discerning organ to Witness; (part of the spirit man)]:70 (70 Deuteronomy 2:30; Romans 8:16; I Corinthians 5:3)  The believers’ conscience bears witness of God; can discern between right and wrong, & can judge the secret things of men.
The Conscience is closely tied to the heart of men; therefore the fear of the Lord resides in it.
When man sins, his heart hardens, & the fear of the Lord departs from him.  Just as the 'Ark of Testimony' kept the 10 Commandments & the 2 tablets of law silently accused/ excused the doings of Israel; just the same with the believers conscience, on which God has written the law of God, bearing witness 71 (
71 Romans 9:1) for or against the believer.72 [72 Nee, Watchmen (1968) The Spiritual Man. Richmond, Virginia, USA p 69]

Olukoya, D K - Deliverance of the Conscience: - Google

Sumrall, Lester - Conscience - the Scales of Justice - -
Chapter 1 - What is Conscience? - Conscience has a voice & needs to exercise. 
"Man's conscience is in his soulical part, not his spirit...
Kenneth Taylor translated in his Living Bible that the tree Adam & Eve ate of was the 'Tree of Conscience'...
Man understands what is right &...wrong by his inner man, his conscience...
The devil is always offering something (non-existent or counterfeit) that he does not have... (Unrepentant sinners') consciences will accuse them for the  rest of their lives.  There is no (earthly) medicine to heal the conscience.  (Illicit) drugs bring only temporary relief...
The human conscience, when born again, is the Holy Spirit & through the Word of God...through the newborn (born-again) spirit dwelling within you."
Chapter 2 - Does God Have a Conscience? - "Conscience, with the knowledge of good & evil...awakened & came into mighty activity at the time of (Adam & Eve's) transgression... Conscience is a soulical power &...function. 
It cannot be taken out.  If a person goes to hell, his conscience will be there."
Chapter 5 - Reborn Conscience - "Your mind, emotions, & conscience change when you are born again...become pure by the blood of Jesus. (Hebrews 9:14) It cannot be cleansed by resolutions.  You cannot talk yourself out of it, or go to a psychiatrist & have him give you reasons out of your past."  (Jesus is our only scapegoat.)

Shane Warren video or - Galatians 4 says, "You can be an heir of everything, but if you have a mindset of a child, then Satan will (mis)treat you like a slave."  So many of the children of God are living like slaves because they're ignorant of basic Biblical principles that tell us who we are in Jesus Christ & how to access the heavenlies…
There's only 1 Voice that will really (beneficially) change your life, & so every believer needs to practice hearing the voice of God & learn how to hear the voice of God…
Bob Sorti, great preacher, came to the church & began to teach on worship. 
He started giving me keys of things that God had been showing me. 
I just didn't know how to put it in words.  But it's really simple.
In Hebrews, chapter 4, the Bible says, "We have access into the presence of God by the blood of Jesus." 
Every believer because of the blood & the sacrificial work of Christ has access into the Throne Room.
Hebrews, chapter 10 says,
"That by the sprinkling of blood that we can come into the holiest place in the universe."
The holiest place in the universe is not just the Throne Room. Angels are in the Throne Room. 
But those of us who have been redeemed get to go deeper. There's a whole other relationship with the redeemer. So we get to go not to the Throne Room, but we're invited to come be seated in Christ in heavenly places to the throne itself.  So I simply, in my private time, I say, "Lord," I quote Hebrews, chapter 10, "Lord, sprinkle my conscience with your blood." #1 thing that keeps people out of the presence of God is they fail on a daily basis & their evil conscience tells them they're not worthy to come into God's presence.
But the blood of Jesus is what makes us worthy to come into the presence of God.
So I say, "Lord, sprinkle me with that blood, fresh new & wash my conscience."
And then I just ascend & make my way.  I say, "Daddy, here I am. I'm back. I'm back to be in your presence"…
Everything spiritual is accessed by faith. It doesn't have to be understood to be partaken of.
Why do we have to always explain the mysterious. Sometimes God just wants us to step out in faith & enter into those places that some men just fear to try. So what I've done is I've just said, I'm normal enough to believe that God said I can have this. I'm going to have it.  So I say, "Lord, by the blood, You said to come boldly to the throne of grace." I don't have to back in. I don't have to be scared of anything. Jesus died on the cross to give me access to the very Throne of God, to obtain mercy & health in a time of trouble. So just by the blood, I just barge in. You know, when my son at 22 years old comes to my house, he doesn't knock on my door. 
He doesn't ask me if he can get anything out of the refrigerator.  He just barges in & gets it.
Do you know why? Because he understands the power of son-ship. When you understand the power of being a son & what the blood has bought for you, you can make your way into his presence at any time.
You can do it at the factory while you're working on the line. You can do it in the car driving down the road.
You can do it in church or you can do it in your house in the kitchen while you're washing dishes.
I do it all the time.  Every believer has that right. This is the right of every [unintelligible]...
The Bible tells me what the holiest place of the universe is.
In John, chapter 1, the Bible says, "Jesus dwelt in the bosom, the lap of the Father."
I said, you mean I've been given an invitation by the blood of Jesus to the holiest place in the universe & the holiest place in the universe is the lap of daddy? 
Well when I used to be a kid.  I would get off the bus, I would run to my grandfather who sat on the front porch, just to jump into his lap. It was my greatest joy. God the Father said to me, "Well you're a son. 
Then why can't you just run by (via) the blood to the throne & jump in my lap like you did your grandfather, because I'm better than your grandfather.  I'm a better father than your grandfather or your dad.
I've given you this invitation
."  We have an invitation by the blood of Jesus into the holiest place of the universe. 
When you get there, God is talking to the Son & the Son is talking to the Father.  Then you can do what Jesus did.
Jesus said, "I don't do anything lest I hear the Father say it.  I don't do anything that I don't see him do."
That's how Jesus lived & how every believer needs to live.

Wommack, Andrew - week beginning 12/26/2018 on conscience Andrew believes the human conscience was either activated or acquired after Adam & Eve disobeyed God.  The human conscience can be the one who condemns/accuses, in addition to Satan/demons. 
Holy Spirit convicts rather than condemns. 
Thus our family/church can indoctrinate us to view ourselves/others through dark glasses of a critical/negative view-point.    

(can house our soul, spirit-man or both)

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 NIV - Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is One. 
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, & with all your strength. 
These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts.  Impress them on your children. 
Talk about them when you sit at home, when you walk along the road, when you lie down & get up. 
Tie them as symbols on your hands & bind them on your foreheads. 
Write them on the doorframes of your houses & on your gates.

1st Samuel 16:7 NIV - but the Lord looks at the heart

1st Chronicles 28:9 NIV - for the Lord searches every heart

Psalm 51:10 NIV - Create in me a pure heart, O God
Psalm 119:11 NIV - I have hidden Your Word in my heart
Psalm 139:23 NIV - Search me, O God, & know my heart (soul or mind/emotions/will)
per Kat Kerr )

Jeremiah 29:13 NIV - when you seek Me with all your heart

Ezekeil 36:26 NIV -
(God) will give you (O house of Israel/the people of Israel) a new heart & put a new spirit in you. 
I will remove from you your heart of stone & give you a heart of flesh.  I will put My Spirit in you

Matthew 22:37 NIV
 - Jesus replied, "Love the Lord your God with all your: heart, soul, & mind. 
This is the 1st & greatest commandment."

Mark 12:29-30 NIV - "The most important 1,"
answered Jesus, "is this: 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.  Love the Lord your God with all your: heart, soul, mind & strength.' "

Acts 5:3 NIV -
Peter said, "Ananias, how is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit?"

Romans 10:10 NIV - It is with your heart that you believe

2+Corinthians+1%3A21-23&version=CJB -
Moreover, it is God who sets both us & you in firm union with the Messiah.  He has anointed us,

put his seal on us, & given us his Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee for the future.


Allen, Bruce D - -
Book Preface @ -
Chapter 6 The Living Body of Christ - Regarding our seeing into God's heavenly realm, "If you're born-again & washed in the blood (of Yeshua), you have NO past; you have a pure heart" (qualifying you to enter behind the veil separating visible earth & invisible heaven).

Brim, Billye 5/12/2008 -
Billye says that the (spiritual) heart is the (born-again) human spirit (full of God's love).
Part 3 Forgiving by Faith 1/9/2017

Capps, Annette @

Clement, Kim - Purifying Your Soul -
words/display_word.html?ID=12732 -
- Is Your Soul Whole?
Our souls are constantly being saved, restored, purified, and renewed.
1st • Saved
- James 1:21 Therefore lay aside all filthiness & overflow of wickedness, & receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to SAVE YOUR SOULS.
2nd •Restored -

Psalm 23:3
He RESTORES MY SOUL and leads me in the right path for His name's sake.
3rd • Purified -
Our souls are purified by obedience...
1 Peter 1:22
Since you have purified your souls in OBEYING the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of your spiritual family.
4th • Renewed  - 2 Corinthians 4:16 Therefore we do not lose heart.
Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man (soul) is being RENEWED day by day.

• So When Am I Truly Saved? Most of us realize that forgiveness of sins & eternal life are received the minute we call to God & receive Jesus Christ (as our savior/messiah/lord).
However, we have to live on this earth with our imperfect aging bodies AND our souls.
To assume that the condition of your soul does NOT have an effect on your brain, mind, body, relationships, social life, industry, your environment, & existence is ludicrous. Your soul (heart) is the very core of your being. 
It should be cared for as much as we care for our bodies.  King David called his soul, my darling (Psalm 35).
God's Intentions – Are God's Intentions Ours?-
We have to discover the intentions of God & then judge the intentions of our soul. Do they differ? 
If so, we have to teach our soul the desire & purpose of God, & if necessary make adjustments in our mind so as to remove any ill intentions. 
You have to defeat your soul's evil designs (originating from hell/Satan) & checkmate the WILL..
Something also to understand is that when God speaks to you 
He states His INTENTIONS for you as a whole person.
You may be a broken person when He speaks to you, but the implanted Word,
as written by James, will save your soul thereby making you whole.
His intentions may not always end up being His actions. This is proven throughout Scriptures.
Man's will plays an important role & can, by obedience, fulfill God's intentions.
Disobedience & rebellion can possibly change God's mind. There are many examples of this in the Bible. 
Isaiah prophesied that Hezekiah the King would die from the tumor he had.
Hezekiah threw himself against the wall, prayed fervently with tears & reminded God of his existence as a good king.  (Thereby presenting himself as a whole person.)  By this I mean that Hezekiah's soul was whole.
God changes His mind & sends Isaiah back to predict an extra 15 years to Hezekiah's life.
Spiritual Warfare? - The enemy aims to do is lead your soul away from its natural & divine inclination,
which is what you were designed to be.  Substance, not appearance, is what matters.
We were created in the image AND likeness of God...
An actor can play the part of a great hero while, in reality, he is a weak character & not anything like the hero he depicts.  His appearance can convince you of his heroism when actually he may be the complete opposite...
James 1:22-24 Be doers of the Word, & not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.
For if anyone is a hearer of the Word & not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror;
for he observes himself, goes away, & immediately forgets what kind of man he was

Self-Deception - The Greek word for deceive is Paralogizomai: 'To make a false reckoning; delude, circumvent.'
Quite frankly, deception is paralysis. It paralyzes your progress & steals your TIME.
Another fact is that GOOD PEOPLE are the easiest to fool. Good people are sheep in the midst of wolves & so in the training of the soul we are to temper the innocence of the dove with the wisdom of the serpent...
This is where the discerning of spirits plays a huge role in the realm of perception in your life. 
This gift of the discerning of spirits is NOT the gift of judging others, but rather seeing the substance & not the appearance.  If you want to prosper in life & in the world you live in, your soul has to prosper.
Your soul has a capacity for goodness, which is assisted by art & can triumph over evil... I say, 'assisted by art'...
You must create an environment that inspires you to pray, worship, & many times conduct spiritual combat.
David said these words in 1 of his Psalms, My heart is fixed, oh God, my heart is steadfast.
I WILL sing praises yes I will sing praises
(Psalm 57). He willed to do this.
However, in that same Psalm he says the following:
Awake my soul, awake my harp, I will awaken the dawn
. He wanted a divine production to inspire him.
That is why I created a garden that stimulates me to linger longer & be with God. 
The art in my prayer garden assists me.
Evil is done without effort, naturally, it is the working of fate, (but) GOOD is always the product of an art.
Charles Baudelaire
Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare His glory & the skies declare His handiwork.
A great example of the effect of art on your soul is when you watch a movie, attend a play, enjoy the scenery, etc. Your soul is taken into that world. "No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader."
So your artistic environment can assist your soul's goodness.
Temper (preserve; guard) the innocence of your soul with (against) the wisdom of a(n evil) serpent.
Purify Your Soul By An Act of Obedience -
1 Peter 1:22
Since you have purified your souls in OBEYING the truth through the Spirit.
We are committed to serving you the finest of God's revelation & speaking a word in season to those who are weary. Pray & ask God what you should do & then act. Be a doer & not only a hearer.
Your act of obedience will bring purification & prosper your soul.
Remember, Prosper & be in health as your soul prospers."

Creflo Dollar is another pastor who considers the word subconscious to be a synonym for heart, per 4/2011 broadcasts with Kenneth Copeland + .

Duplantis, Jesse - 8/15/2019 - Hearing God's Voice Part 2 @ -
Jesse says that Father God is the Heart of the Trinity, Jesus is His Face, Holy Spirit is His mouth. 
We His bride or church are His hands.  Both Holy Spirit and His bride are on earth, whereas Father God & Son Jesus are in heaven.  Father speaks to Jesus, Who speaks to Holy Spirit, Who speaks to His bride, who hears & (hopefully) acts to accomplish God's will on earth as it is already in heaven.  [Remember Holy Spirit speaks to our (born-again) spirit, which speaks to our soul (mind/emotions/will-power), which speaks to our body.]

Eivaz, Jennifer - His Healing Hugs - edited -
JENNIFER: We are going from glory to glory. Experiences are going to continue to unfold that we didn't even know existed. That's what happened to me...I'm sound asleep...
The Lord, the Holy Spirit, visited me in the night in the strangest but most tender way he picked me up out of the bed, brought me to his chest, almost like a quick embrace.
When He did that, something from Him dropped into my physical emotions, the very core of me.  Something from Him dropped into that place. I was undone.  Like I have never been undone before.
JENNIFER: He was healing the dead places of my heart.
I did not know, I would describe it as half of my heart...emotions...the core of me had died & I didn't know it.
It died from grief, life, pain, betrayal, all those things ...
JENNIFER: My heart had died. I had lost feeling in those places. I no longer cared.
There was no compassion. But what's deceptive is you don't feel that you don't feel.
JENNIFER: He was waking that (dead protion of my heart) back up. Of course, I needed to be healed after.
I had to work through work through it. There was process, but He was waking that (dead portion of my heart) back up, because I could not experience His glory in places I can't feel & heal.
I couldn't (yet) be led where the Spirit of God is leading me. It revolutionized my life.
JENNIFER: I began to share the story & pray for everybody everywhere. 
It's a completely transferable anointing that resuscitates your heart. It brings you back to life. 
You can experience the glory on levels you've never experienced it.
SID: When Lazarus came back alive, he was all wrapped up. I believe Jennifer's going to get you unwrapped. 
JENNIFER: Preceding that event that happened to me, Holy Spirit began to lead me into a prayer.
Psalm 51 verse 10, Create in me a clean heart
I wasn't a bad person...didn't have a double life, but He was preparing me in prayer that my heart needed to be changed.  I was praying that prayer, Created me a clean heart.
I began to realize I can't change my own heart. He has to change it. 
Out of this experience, I began to focus on the heart, because Jesus concerns Himself with the condition of the heart. 
I began to learn that out of the heart flow the issues of life, that our whole life is determined by what's inside of our heart.
JENNIFER: I began to read the scriptures Psalm 1:19, where the prayer is, "Enlarge my heart so I can obey Your commandments." 
We have a small, fearful, cold, hard heart. We can't obey the Lord.  It's not that we don't want to. 
We just don't have the heart for it. 
I have to surrender my heart to Holy Spirit so He can architect what He wants to.  In a journey together He begins to re-craft my heart so that I can obey & love Him, feel what He is feeling & do what He is doing.
: (Let's) lift our hands right now as an act of faith and surrender. I'm going to pray for you:
Heavenly father, I just thank You that You are the resuscitator of dead hearts. Holy Spirit, begin to invade every person's life.  Every person that is receiving this prayer right now.
I command your hearts to wake up in Jesus' name.  Every dead place of your heart come alive
Stony heart to be turned to flesh, for a resuscitation, for every feeling that has died, come back to life.
You are going to (begin to) feel (safe/forgiven/peace/joy/hapiness/contentment/hope) again...have compassion again.
Most importantly, you're going to flow with the (resurrection) glory of the Spirit of God because you can feel where He's going & know what He's doing from your inside out, in Jesus' mighty name.
Jennifer Eivaz
- edited facebook -

July 4, 2017  I prophesy to our dead places.  I command resurrection life to our soul.  He restoures our soul.
I command resurrection life to our heart.  He heales the broken hearted.  You will feel again.  Begin again. 
I see light & new life entering our dark, dead places.  Get ready (expect) experience new beginnings.

Elvaz, Jennifer -

, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places - - Chapter 10 The Governing Church -
"The heart is the bond (glue/connector/bridge) between the (human) spirit and the conscience...
A carnal heart cannot be a channel for the pure Light that comes from the (Holy) Spirit, because all of their circuits...are in disarray & are atrophied...
The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit...because they are spiritually discerned.
1 Corinthians 2:14
...Intellect cannot process it, because it seems crazy."
"Walls (in the human heart) built by decisions of self-protection...displaces love...
This is the corruption of the soul" holding individuals "prisoner" so they cannot enter the supernatural kingdom of God. 
This process of wall building needs to be relentlessly and aggressively reversed, regardless of the personal pain
(as might be experienced by a runner in a race) in order to reach the destiny for which God has designed us. 
"This is the time in which all past generations desired to live, but that God is giving to us."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - - 8/2011 -
Your heart is the door of your spirit.

, L Emerson - The Supernatural Believing the Consciousness of Christ - -
Chapter 2 Sin Consciousness Versus Christ Consciousness - "Once Jesus stepped out of the river Jordan & the Holy Spirit descended upon Him, the process of sanctification had begun."  Emerson seems to indicate that the human spirit is connected by the heart (conscience) to the soul (will/emotions), & that the soul (will/emotions) is connected by the mind (imagination/thoughts) to the body.  His experience is that salvation begins in the spirit, works its way to the soul (by perfecting one's character) & then finishes off with the body (health). 
(If understood correctly, one's body is connected to the mind (imaginations/thoughts) which is connected to the soul (will/ emotions) which is connected to the heart (conscience) which is connected to the regenerated human spirit, which is connected to the Holy Spirit?  We recommend you do your own investigation.)

Ferrell, L Emerson - Quantum Fasting - Food for Thought - Chapter 5 Quantum Fasting & the Supernatural -
"The SPIRIT of man is the source of faith, but faith without love will NOT change circumstances in the natural (physical) world.  The HEART is the source of love, because it originated from the HEART of God.  Love is heaven's (highest/fastest) frequency, because it is the DNA of the creator & the substance (origination, germinated seed) of all things... The HEART of man was designed to be God's (earthly) tabernacle & to have dominion over his soul (thinking/mind) & body... Until this transformations occurs...thoughts will be at the frequency of the material world, not God's... Our HEART [or (human) SPIRIT as the Bible calls it] produces the strongest frequencies."

Ferrell, L Emerson - 2005 The Unity of the Spirit, Soul and Body DVD -
The human heart is the connector between human spirit & soul. 
It is with the heart rather than the soul/mind that one believes God. 
The greatest desire of God is for humans to believe what Jesus accomplished on the cross (& resurrection) in order to receive the blessings for one's spirit, soul AND body.  The sufferings of the body & mind are symptoms of unbelief (legally allowed for Satan to put on us - until we agree with God & align our mentality with His. 
If we ARE in alignment with the heart & mind of God, and symptoms still remain, then we need to identify & rout any curses arising from inherited ancestry, spiritual enemies &/or spiritual territory kings.)

Followers of the Way - A Little Prayer Book (edited)
Mark Virkler ( and
and Katie Souza ( )

12. Removing Idols

“Lord God, these are the idols in my life that I am aware of: ________ , ________ .
(Holy) Spirit, reveal to me now the other idols in my heart that I have built an altar for,
offering devotion on an inner shrine: ________ , ________ , ________ .
“Mighty God, I give myself completely over to You.
I present these idols to you. I give You permission to destroy them.
By Your righteous right hand, bring down and obliterate each of these idols,
so that they no longer rule in my heart & life.”

II. Filling to Wholeness
- 1. Alignment Prayer
In Jesus’ name:
command my: body, submit to my soul.  
Soul, submit to my spirit.Spirit, submit to the Holy Spirit of the Living God & no other.”
I choose to be a person who walks in & by You Holy Spirit
, so that the spiritual becomes supreme & dominant over the physical, that the internal governs & guides the external, & that the eternal becomes the true reality more than the temporal.”

3a.Setting Your Spiritual Heart Free

I choose (with my will) to totally submit my imagination to (You) Jesus.
I choose (with my will) to have You (Lord God) deliver me from Satan in my imagination.
I want (You) Jesus to be the only One Who rules in my imagination, from this day forward.
I ask (You) Jesus to place in my memory the true person (spirit man) that Jesus created me to be in heaven before I was born.
I want this true person to rule and reign in my memory.
I do not want the false person (identity/wound/deposit) that Satan has put into my memory (soul), to rule & reign in any way in my life from this day forth.
I ask (You) Jesus & the true person (identity) in my memory to go into my (soul's) mind & emotions,
& (to remove from) me from all the (negative unholy) thoughts & emotions that Satan has placed in my soul.
I invite (both You) Jesus & Holy Spirit to fill my soul with (Your) true (holy/healthy/healed) thoughts & emotions, that come (originate) from Your kingdom.
I choose from this day forth, that what I have just prayed will forever be (my reality which is in alignment with God's reality.  Thanks & amen.)
In everything that I think & do, from this day forth, & forever more (be in alignment with the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, according to Matthew 6:10). Amen."
PRAYER to Enlighten the Heart
“Glorious Father, provide for me Holy Spirit of wisdom & revelation,
so I may know You better, that the
eyes of my heart may be enlightened.
May I know the (spiritual) hope/inheritance/glory/power to which You have called me.
I believe.  I receive.  As a result, (by faith) I now walk (operate) in (Your) wisdom, power & glory.
I have within my possession everything that God has for me.”

(both the gift & the battery installed.  All I need to do is turn on the switch, to ACT.)

4. Light & Glory

“My purposeful intent is to turn to You Lord by Your Holy Spirit.
I ask You Lord to remove the veil that covers my heart (spiritual sight/insight).
I know that only in (You) Christ is the (spiritual) veil over my heart taken away.
I am completely dependent upon You Lord to remove this veil that covers my heart.
I agree with You Lord that this is (now) done.
I am confident that You Father God are Spirit, & where You are Lord there is freedom.
I declare my freedom, in Your name (& power), Jesus Christ; to You be glory, Righteous Father.
Lord shine Your light in my heart to cleanse my soul & renew my mind (& emotions).
I seek Your glory with an unveiled face.  I reflect Your glory.  I look at You Lord & I reflect what I see.
As You Lord shine on me the light of the knowledge of Your glory, I am now transformed into Your likeness Lord with ever-increasing glory.
Now, as I am transformed into Your image (may) I manifest (loose) Your (anointing/ virtue:) light & (resurrection) glory everywhere I go.” (In Jesus' name I pray.)

Hamp, Bob - - - The Hidden Heart -

Hegstrum, Paul - The Brain CD - -
In holy scripture one can substitute the word subconscious for heart.

Hunter, Joan - Healing the Whole Man - NEW with Joan Hunter - Part 1 6/30/15 +
Healing the Heart NEW - with Joan Hunter - Part 2 - 7/1/2015
Hunter, Joan -
In addition to untieing/cutting/loosing us from former mate soul ties, after a divorce, one is to cancel the marriage vows/ covenant, in Jesus' name, in order to disconnect in spirit, soul & body from the partner.

#196) Kat Kerr - Where We Came From - Alive_Again Dec 23, 2012 
"Where did Adam's spirit come from God? He breathed out from Himself.
Everyone of you came from inside God
. We were spirits. Little spirits. We were His offspring. 
Is that what the Word says? You're His offspring.
You lived some place before you came to this earth. It was inside God. Inside God is eternity. 
He doesn't have organs like us. He's not human.
If you stepped in(to) Him, you'd see the most beautiful land you've ever seen.  The holy mount of God.
The stones of fire are inside Him.
The stones of fire are the heart of God
14"You were the anointed cherub who covers, & I placed you there.
You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked in the midst of the stones of fire."
Kat Kerr June 15, 2014 or
@ Tribulation Now radio By
admin End Time Prophecy part 2  @
+ - (Inside God are heart stones/jewels.) 
When we invite Jesus to be our savoir, God places a diamond stone of fire from His heart into our spirit, igniting/making us come alive to Him; we are washed by Jesus' blood which changes our DNA.
Kerr, Kat - An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2) @
Your heart is your core.  [Some people call it our belly (out of which flow living waters).]
Kerr, Kat - Basic Training in the Spirit Realm (Spirit Realm Boot Camp #1 - 3/25/2016)
Princess Reka or @ Joan Hunter, Texas -  
Heart and soul are synonyms, at the center of one's (born again) spirit.
Kat Kerr Author - How To Survive In The Future #1 - 6/30/2016 - - Your soul is your spiritual heart (or vice versa).
The heart of Father God consists of gems, especially diamonds; that is the reason why engagement rings are often diamonds representing love & emitting rainbows (whereas Jesus emits glory). 
It is the Father Who put the rainbow in the sky, as His promise/ reminder of never flooding the entire earth again. 
(Likewise we have authority over destructive weather; we are not "under the weather".) 
[This is the time we get to torment the demons.  Ruling is a lifestyle of warring using heaven's army to sick/shred/over-power the power of the power of the enemy. recommended -
1996 the Trinity gave Kat a 3 year apprenticeship/ preparation for training, esp. in obedience assignments. 
In heaven animals talk & plants/buildings sing.]
Kat Kerr Author - Kat Kerr - How To Survive In The Future P2 (very nice) .
Kerr, Kat - 2/15/2017
We can and are spiritually responsible/accountable to (as needed/consistently/regularly/ weekly/immediately) LOOSE from our soul any junk such as porn, addiction, homosexuality or media contamination.)
The soul & spiritual heart are identical/the same/me/myself/I.
Kerr, Kat @ WEDNESDAYS WITH KAT AND STEVE - Episode 70 - YouTube - 3/30/2022 -
When scripture mentions "heart" it means, is translated: soul (mind/will/emotions).

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - -
"All communication with God occurs in man’s spirit...hearing the voice of God, seeing visions, receiving revelations & experiencing God’s presence."
4.5.1 THE OPERATION OF INIQUITY - "Iniquity is a heart condition...
Be serious to work with Him to remove the iniquity from our hearts."

McTernan, John - 
eradicate depression & loneliness & broken heart
McTernan, John - chrome’s disease

- 3/2/2017 - Heart/soul which has un-removed impurities becomes as a liver.

Pierce, Chuck D - Time to Defeat the Devil - -
"The (human) spirit & heart are interchangeable many times in scripture" (as are spirit & soul, depending on the translation.  Thus one needs to refer to the original Hebrew & original Greek plus to the Holy Spirit!)

Stone, Perry - What Happened in My Brain when the Tempter Came? - 12/27/2013 - Our physical heart can perceive nature/vibes/vibrations/nature/character from another at a distance of 5 feet away (which if not understood, can be mistaken for one's own thoughts/ideas/feelings.)

Sumrall, Lester - Conscience - the Scales of Justice - -
Chapter 3 The Dispensation of Conscience "We now live in the Dispensation of Grace  when the Lord Jesus speaks to man through his heart & through the word of God, the Bible."

Wommack, Andrew - Hardness of Heart - - 5/12/2015 - Also consider: "1 of the secrets of a seed is that it has to stay planted to germinate.
You can't just keep it in the ground 2 days a week & expect it to bring forth fruit.
Likewise, God's Word is a seed. It needs to abide in your heart continually to produce results.
Consistency...accomplished on a daily basis, is the key to bringing forth those results."
Wommack, Andrew - Hardness of Heart 5/29/2015
For the believer, fasting will strengthen the heart muscle towards God.


Allen, Bruce D - -
Book Preface @
Chapter 2 The Sanctified Imagination: Eyes on Him - All of creation began with an IMAGE in His mind. 
(1) He saw it in His IMAGINATION
(2) He meditated and mulled over what He was seeing...
(3) The images and ideas...dropped into His heart...
(4) He spoke...
(5) Jesus the Word of God went forth from Father's heart.
(6) The Holy Spirit anointed and empowered Jesus to accomplish what Father had spoken.
"Because we are created in the image of God, we operate in the same manner. 
It is NOT a sin to have thoughts that are unclean or contrary to Scripture. 
Thoughts are NOT the problem. 
Engaging those thoughts & meditating on them will cause them to drop into your heart where they become sinful attitudes that (may) lead to (provide the ammunition for) sinful behavior. 
Your mind is the major battleground...Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5)."
(1st determine the origin of every thought.  Rotten Thoughts:
If there is a rotten potato in the bag, throw it out before it infects the other vegetables.) 
"Our imagination must be renewed or sanctified (aligned with God's perspective)
by the Holy Spirit; then it will become a weapon in your arsenal, that can be used."
"The bridge between the soul & (human) spirit, between the natural & supernatural, is a sanctified imagination."
Chapter 4 The Sanctified Imagination: Activating Adventure -
"A the...1960's began to get a revelation...
The Lord said, 'Son, would you just spend time with Me as friend? 
I don't have anyone who will just spend time with Me as a friend. 
Everyone always comes with a petition, with intercession, with various requests, but they never just want to be with Me for Who I am.
About a year later...the Lord said, 'Because your were willing to spend this time with Me as a friend, & because you practiced this (imagination by sitting & chatting with Me) principle...from this day forward, you will see Me clearly everywhere you go, for the rest of your life."

Barnard, Jerry @ - 5/5/2013 - God says we are on edge of greatness (subject to His timing & our proper preparation, which includes our visualization).

Galloway, Jamie - 8/6/2018 -
JAMIE: Part of the seer is the secret of imagination. 
Your imagination is no longer your pretend center as a believer.  We have the mind of Christ.
Because of that, when we think something He says, "Commit your works to the Lord & your (spoken sanctified) thoughts will be established."

Goddard, Neville - - Extremely important, except be reminded to align one's thoughts with God's heart & words in scripture, & then to give Him ALL the credit for each victory. 
Do NOT even take 1% credit.
Basic premise is when lying on bed before sleep to imagine/visualize self/other as well or having desire, to the extent one can FEEL/experience his wish as being true. 
Do this daily/consistently, until the dream becomes a reality.  Then give God the giver high praises.
[Final chapter is blasphemy/heresy/arrogance/delusion, & clarifies the mistake author (&/or Satan) is attempting to perpetrate upon readers. 
The I AM is Father/Son/Holy-Spirit: Trinity, & is not each of us, a created spirit who is given a soul & body at arrival in the womb.]
Chapter Twenty One + Chapter Twenty Two
Chapter Twenty Three seem to be only viable/safe reading in book, which is otherwise occult.

Chad Gonzales - Sid Roth – It’s Supernatural! | 7/11/2022
+ Microsoft Word - Sid Roth 1157 Gonzales.docx
(Our spiritual enemy says we are defective/boken/dying/ declining/diseased/in need of Pharmacia/dying/broken.
Ascending into Daddy God's lap/presence in heaven often results in mutual hugs/health/happiness, having 1st recognized our identity in Father God's family & DNA.)
CHAD: A lot of people they die on their deathbed confessing healing scriptures, because they don't see themselves from that alternate reality, the heavenly reality, heaven's perspective, because we think we don't have it.
We're seeing it from a sinner's perspective that, "I don't have it."
But the heavenly perspective is, "I already have it. I just need to manifest it."
CHAD: The former witch doctor said, "#2, all disease, sickness & disease, is a spiritual thing. Most people look at it as a physical thing." He said, "Spiritual. It's a spiritual thing." Well, most Christians still think it's a physical thing.
He said, "Spiritual. When people would come to us, we couldn't take away the disease, because Satan isn't a creator.  We couldn't take it away, but we would manipulate it. We would change it."
If they came to us with cancer, we would just change it to diabetes.
CHAD: He said, "We would just manipulate it.
3rd, Satan cannot make a Christian sick unless a Christian gives him the authority that God gave them."
CHAD: Essentially, we're the prophet (spokeman) of our own life in 1 sense. God's given us this creative ability & power. Jesus says, "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." Well, this is a soul thing.
A lot of times we think it's a faith problem. But in reality, it's an imagination problem.
Because even when the pain, the ache, the symptom, the hurt comes, what does that turn into? It's a thought. "Oh, all of a sudden, I was having heart pains.  Well my dad & grandpa had had heart disease...
Well, maybe that's what's going on." Maybe there's a bump or a lump.
Well, I automatically think it's cancer. Or I've got the sniffles...just a little cold.
CHAD: This is 1 situation. I don't get sick. I'm not saying that just to sound spiritual. I don't get sick, but there was a moment a few years ago I got into fear about finances. We were dealing with a massive building project and we needed a lot of money. So I'm usually faith man, but for a few days, I let my mind run wild.
About 11 o'clock at night I get into the shower, go to put soap in my arm, look down & broke out in hives.
Now I didn't know what it was, but ir was like leprosy? What's going on? I've got bumps & a rash all in my body.
Then my throat started to swell up & I was having a hard time breathing & swallowing.
CHAD: So I screamed up for my go to the emergency room. So we're driving to the emergency room.
Now I'm mad at myself because I realized what had taken place. I brought this on myself. I got into fear.
So we pull into the parking lot. I said, "Stop. Look, give me 10 minutes to practice what I preach."
CHAD: So I'm sitting there in the chair just imagining, I'm seeing myself before the throne,
taking John chapter 15 & verses 4-6, "I'm the vine & you are the branch."
(I'm) just beginning to see His power & life flowing out of Him into me.
I'm NOT trying to get healed.  I'm trying to get my soul reconnected back to Him
CHAD: I didn't hit that 10 minute mark because within a few minutes, all of a sudden I felt my throat just open up.
I was able to breathe clearly for the 1st time in probably about 30 minutes. 
I looked down, all of that mess was gone...
So we went home...I didn't realize at the time that if you get hives, that doesn't just disappear immediately.
Sometimes it's there weeks, months. But even in that moment, I was NOT trying to work something.
I was coming back to this place of abiding & dwelling.
The things that happened then I learned there with that former witch doctor.
I started using this in some services & healing congresses (with much resulting spiritual & physical blessing.)

Herman's House -

Kat Kerr 10/7/2015 post - AUDIO - Begin to visualize yourself operating in the supernatural.
God's will is to manifest Himself through those who choose to be chosen.  I choose to be chosen. 
Be willing to be part of a (God) team, as God is using teams/zones/regions in this spiritual season.

Kirkwood, Kerry -
The Power of Imagination - 1/2012 - "T
he devil can only take what God creates and pervert it." -
Chapter 1
"When God formed man from the dust of the earth, He made physical man...a body but not a being.
The 2nd level of creation occurred when God breathed into the body the substance that did not exist upon this earth, which was God Himself.
He breathed into man & resuscitated him: Man became a living being. We carry the spiritual DNA of God.
The inner self is the part that is the resemblance of God the Father. 
He has breathed into us the sensitivity to be like Him.  We also carry an imagination of the (Holy) Spirit." 
A veil lies over their heart; but whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.
Now the Lord is the Spirit, & where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit
(2 Corinthians 3:14-18)...
The mind is very limited in what it can believe the Lord will provide. 
The mind is always thinking in terms of the experiential, 'Here has been my experience.'
But God says, 'I am not going to move according to your experience.
I am going to move according to My image
(view/perspective). I have an image to uphold.'
Verse 18 in 2nd Corinthians 3 says we are transformed into the same image of what we are looking or focused on.
Holy Spirit wants us to see the image of a loving Father who has good things in store for His children. 
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty that comes to transform us, the freedom to imagine all God has prepared for those who love Him.  The transformation is into the image (blueprint) of God. 
Paul confirmed the transformation that comes by the renewing or resuscitating of the mind (see Rom. 12:2).
When the mind allows the imagination to lead by the Holy Spirit, change does come" (via His supernatural transformation, as we cling onto God's Truth/potential/possibilities, rather than ours).

Mills, Joshua - mentally & physically practiced going through walls, from the natural into the supernatural, just before God actually translated him. [Obviously Joshua didn't actually break down a wall, but he did bump into a wall.  His faith became a spiritual substance per Hebrews 11:1 (like a seed, which sprouts into a plant or a fetus who births into visibility.)]

Sumrall, Lester - @ -
Chapter 1 The Hidden Force of Human Destiny is our fantasy/imagination harnessed to God's designs for our life. 
Fantasy/imagination harnessed to Satan's designs for our life is disaster & self-sabotage.
Chapter 2 I Have Imagination -
"Imagination originates in thoughts...Imagination can taught...increase...
Learn the (spiritual) source from which imagination comes & the guidance that is available." 
(Be reminded that thoughts originate from either our human spirit, evil spirits, or the Holy Spirit. 
Scripture commands us to filter each thought & capture any wrong idea, only allowing those that align with the mind of Christ.)
Chapter 3 The Birth of Human Imagination - "Human imagination is function of the conscious mind...not from your subliminal... unconscious mind; nor is it your...dream-world mind...
A deliberate action.  You call it into being." 
(One conceives/birth's God's ideas & our destiny, 1st in our imagination.)
Chapter 4 Creative Imagination - "In creative iagination (like God) can create your own well-being...
As he thinks in his own heart, so is he" per scripture.  "Imagination is the mother of invention." 
(Holy) Scripture (Trinity focused) "meditation is 1 great source of of bringing imagination into being."
Chapter 5 Passive Imagination - Never leave "your mind as an (empty or) idle shop; put something constructive in there."  (The bad/unhealthy fantasy remove & replace with holy imagination.) 
"Passive imagination can bring...mental depression...or...result in suicide, by the devil saying to your mind, 'You are not wanted; nobody cares for you. 
You are worthless.'  That is Satan's lie...Your imagination is being manipulated by the devil...
Anything that is not relative to (God's) Truth ought to be cast down. 
You should not permit it to exist in any form whatsoever... Passive imagination means...waiting for some power to activate it... Having a blank mind is a great danger, because when it is blank, the devil can put any evil in it. 
Your imagination must never go blank...A Christian must exercise his imaginative power...
Worry (+ flightiness & vacillation) can be a type of inactivity."
Chapter 6 Imagination of the Ungodly - Negative preoccupation with hate, lust, sorrow, self-absorption, self-adulation, & failure are ungodly imaginations. 
"Psychologists & psychiatrists tell us that if you are still (daily/violently/emotionally out of control) mourning 90 (consecutive) days after a tragedy, it is (sometimes) self-interest & self-pity (& Satan's opportunity). 
You are feeling sorry for yourself."  Do not "permit your imagination to overwhelm you in sorrow."
Chapter 7 Spiritual Imagination - "There are degrees of imagination...
You must see (visualize) yourself well...see your depression gone...
You 1st see it on the inside and then 1 day you realize it on the outside...
The devil knows this...& puts counterfeits in the human mind...
Alcoholic beverage is taken in order to hallucinate (find an alternate/less painful reality)...
Drugs create images & mental suggestions that are not normal or bring you into a nether world, or underworld, of hideous creatures...called delirium tremens...
He sees demons all around...running...piercing...poking...grinning...
You resist Satan by directing your (born-again) human spirit by the Holy Spirit. 
Your imagination should flow from your spirit into your mind...
A spiritual battle...should be directed through your spirit... God leaves the responsibility to you, NOT to Him. 
He tells YOU to cast down (wrong/self-defeating) imaginations. 
He has already saved you. He has already given you the authority. 
God shouts, 'You cast it down'" (In Jesus' name & Holy Spirit indwelling power).
Sumrall, Lester - 7 online videos @ -

Thompson, Adam @ - Read On-Line -
Chapter #7 - Sanctified Imagination (of a person who has invited Jesus to be his forgiver, Lord & Holy Spirit baptizer)
Chapter #8 - "I believe Peter, James & John experienced an anticlimax after the experience on the mountain. 
They weren't in faith.  They did NOT (begin to) know (until Penticost) how to bring the glory down from the mountaintop & be cariers of it (to/through others.  Christians need heavenly encounters, which become a lifestyle, which fathers many Jesus, operating on earth, as it is in heaven, wonders that the occult can not duplicate)...
I position myself with the Lord. (1)I worship Him. (2)I engage my imagination. (3)I soak in His presence.
(4)I go into a (thought) place where I wait upon Him. (Then) in this trance-like sleep, the Lord downloads what He wants me to do.  (Then obey.  Practie perfects.  We are to plant, fertilize & water the seed of God's Word. 
Doing nothing results in nothing.)
When I get downloads from God, I snap out of the vision & immediately write the images, visions & words down. 
God will show what He wants me to do.  Then I go back to soaking.  I start exercising my imagination...
I will imagine myself stepping out, laying hands on...& praying for... I will see (visualize healing)...
I will build up this image, until it becomes real to me. 
Our spiritual eyes & imagination play a big the miraculous (initiated from the 3rd heaven. 
Rather than thinking of onself a fraud, consider the dry-run as a flight-sinulator enabling one to obey God & bless others.  John 5:19 - We copy/obey/act on what Father God FIRST shows us.)
Chapter 9 - We Role-Play/enact/create a paradigm/platform from which we prophesy/decree God's Word/Intentions/plans.
(Having 1st repented) we can strike the ground/DNA/territory, break off curses, (consistently) forecast blessings.

Van Koevering, David - Quantum Entrepreneur - Cleveland, Tennessee, USA

Wommack, Andrew - Don't Limit God series - Imagination is the spiritual womb of birthing God ideas. 4/25/2018
Wommack, Andrew - 10/11/2019 - Andrew perceives Imagination (when on steroids) as an active 6th sense that is more aware of God's invisible realm than of earth's physical realm (as with Adam & Eve before they sinned). 
Thus Andrew believes in a "holy" 6th or spiritual sense (which is Andrew's equivalent or synonym for God's glory realm.  This is NOT the evil eye or evil 6th sense, the counterfeit dark spiritual realm.)
Wommack @ 2/23/20200
In order to be prepared to enforce God's promises it is wise to FIRST imagine the relevant scripture.


Matthew 22:37 NIV - Jesus replied, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul & mind
This is the 1st & greatest commandment."
Mark 12:29-30 NIV - "The most important 1," answered Jesus, "is this: 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, is one.  Love the Lord your God with all your: heart, soul, mind, & strength.' "

1_corinthians/2-16.htm - We have the mind of Christ.  
[Confess out loud this daily upon waking.  (Eg) for example, in the name of Jesus,
 _________has the mind of Christ. 
 ________ has the mind of Jesus. 
 ________ has the mind of Christ. 
I thank, praise & worship You.]

Phillipians 2:5  In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus:

Bible-Verses-About-The-Mind of Christ -

Mind Resources

Alsobrook, David - The Mind of Christ -

Chapter 10 - Brain Neurotransmitters -

"Holy Spirit answered, impressing me with 3 specific Scripture subjects & showing their application to the people’s needs.
Each Bible verse spoke of God’s 're-gathering' His people. It was a wonderful revelation, one I prize to this day.
The Scriptures were:
1. God's restoration of Israel to their land & to His grace: Amos 9:11-15. Romans 11:25-36.
2. The final gathering of the elect: Matthew 24:31.
3. Identification of double-minds & its cure: James 1:7
The Lord then emphasized it was always His purpose to re-gather His people from wher-ever they had been scattered.  That applied to nations, families, or individuals, who had become fragmented.
Through the prophecy of Amos, God emphasized that He would make a final gathering of Jews to their mother-country.  Jesus spoke of a 'gathering' of God’s elect & their reunion in Heaven.
Holy Spirit then applied that 're-gathering' principle to individuals whose minds had been scattered.
It was His will that they come to complete restoration.
He then cautioned me that Deliverance Ministry was only the 2nd part of their need.
Before anything else, these people needed to have their minds (soul layers re-gathered) 'called together'"
(Similar God-diagnosis for Marilyn Hickey's dad, during his hospitilization.)

Ferrell, Emerson and Anna Mendez  9/24/2008 - paraphrased below:
The soul/mind needs a habitation/spiritual dwelling. 
The mind of Christ is a dwelling place, the kingdom of God, the 7 spirits of God. 
Souls dwell inside a habitation/balloon/mould/frame of voices (holy or unholy) (positive or negative) (truth or lies). 
Adam (before he sinned) & Christ both dwelt in God.  Likewise, man can dwell in God, more & more, as he (brick by brick) pursues intimacy with God.  When the soul is dwelling in God, it can function at 100%, even to the degree of overcoming disease, for one has the mind of Christ...
The mind/soul/spiritual substance charges/gives electricity to the brain... No spirit can control the mind. 
Neither the Holy Spirit nor the Devil can control the free will, but one can yield it (to either).

Rebecca Greenwood -
chapter #1 @
Defeating Strongholds of the Mind: A Believer…'s Guide to Breaking Free

Jakes, T D - Free Your Mind -

Thompson, Adam -
Read on-line @ -
Chapter 7- Thompson believes the brain is part of the body, the mind is part of the soul. 
The subconssious is the human spirit (or part thereof).  

Kerr, Kat - 2014 - 2:17 Hangout Video interview with Kat Kerr
@ - People do NOT just accidentally act out in a wrong way.
Most have filled their memory bank in their soul (mind/will/ emotions) with error/violence (perhaps by watching wrong/unhealthy movies/TV/internet).  Life is NOT so much as crossing a line into enemy territory, so much as it is about soul layers.  We inadvertently give to the enemy (& illicit sexual partners) layers of oneself. 
When one gives self to sin in 1 area (such as porn/masturbation/gluttony, areas of selfishness/self-pleasuring/pacifying comforting oneself) 1 also gives/sheds/forfeits/surrenders a soul slice. 
That soul layer we gave away to the enemy is like a puppet string, controlled by the enemy, legally permitting the enemy to begin to pull one into depression, oppression, etc. 
Repentance begins our freedom from a defeated lifestyle of addiction/ control/manipulation by others/things. 
Also the enemy makes a deposit IN our soul, sort of a trade. 
The longer a detrimental soul deposit/slice is there, the tougher to remove, like a stain, + it tends to attract same type of issues/people/problems, like a sponge or magnet. 
(Thus if we divorce an alcoholic, we have a high change of marrying another alcoholic, unless we have recognized, dealt with, evicted & replaced the root cause, in Jesus' name). 
On the other hand, we can become so saturated with God that evil soul deposits begin to just fall off us. 
We have the free will and, as a citizen of heaven, legal spiritual authority to demand/command a detrimental issue/soul deposit &/or layer to depart from our soul. 
Our soul can be so polluted with that which is contrary to God's choices for us, that when when are 51%-99% filled with darkness, there is a danger that we can reject/ surrender our salvation, or at least not fulfill our destiny in God on earth. 
A desperate man ALWAYS has sufficient free will to choose to evict an addiction from his soul, in Jesus' name. 
Danger #1 is to isolate
one self, from others & God; it is an open door to deception, defeat, depression, doubt, despair & despising God.  AUDIO
Kat kerr Sermons : Revealing Heaven in Greenville, South Carolina , March 17th ,2016
Ends with prayers helpful to becoming whole: trading/sending+calling back soul layers.

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - -
"God doesn't explain Himself through man's reasoning: Never will man come to know God through rationalism.68 
Since the 'Anointing of God’s Holy Spirit' teaches believers everything, Christians don't require other men to instruct them." The MIND of the
(human) SPIRIT - The spiritual "mind consists of various parts:
spiritual understanding, intelligence, the wisdom
& knowledge of God...
To receive the mind of Christ is part of the believer’s spiritual inheritance, which is location of our spiritual genetics (DNA)."

Moody, Gene & Earline - -
) - "Start with basic deliverance in subconscious mind & conscious mind (Rejection, Bitterness & Rebellion). 
Then call for demon spirits that went in from the abuser (Spirits of Abuse). 
Call out the Victim Spirit (advertises to be victimized/attracts victimization)."

Mullicoat, Helen - Little Lost Sheep @ "Another time my mind was wandering to no seeming profit. 
I found myself speaking with great authority, 'Mind, come back here & get inot my head & it is lying right here on my millow.'  It was the voice of my Master speaking through me. 
Immediately my thoughts became reverant & rejoiceful. 
Soon I was a sleep.  Since these 2 times. almost always, my mind is under control."
@ Listen for the Lord 1977 Hallmark booklet - (Shows significance of us personally allowing Holy Spirit to speak out loud through our mouth TO problems/body-parts/satan/circumstances.) 

John Osteen's Win the Battle of the Mind! (1987) or post 9/27/2014


John Osteen's Guarding Your Mind Part 1 (1995) or #1 Osteen - #2 @       Osteen - #3 @  

Osteen - #4 @

Sumrall, Lester - Imagination - -
Chapter 4 Creative Imagination One's mind includes 4 elements: thought, learning (of facts), understanding (comprehension/knowing how to apply facts) & imagination (forming mental pictures).
Chapter 5 Passive Imagination - "Our mind is our organ of thought."  Ephesians 4:23
Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.  "If your mind is empty, the devil will activate it...
The strongest force you have is your mind, so Satan comes a
gainst your mind."
(Many addictions affect the mind: alcohol, drugs, lust, porn, fantasy.)

2/28/2013 @
February Series,
Mind Matters and Miracles -
Here is a side note: renewing the mind is not information getting put into your head.
Renewing the mind is not a mental process it is a spiritual process
Memorizing the Bible is not mind renewal.
Mind renewal in your heart is when the light of God dawns on your spirit & you automatically think differently. 
Put these 2 verses in proximity of 1 another: 

Romans 10:17 (ESV)
Faith comes from hearing, & hearing through the word of Christ.
Psalm 119:130 (ESV)
The unfolding of your words gives light and imparts understanding to the simple.
What do we have in these 2 verses?  Faith comes from hearing.  The unfolding of that Word you heard gives light. 
These are all actions that take place in the heart. 
When the light dawns, when you see it: (You had revelation.  You know what that is.)
When you have an ‘ah haw moment’, when the Spirit unfolds or guides you into the Word & revelation dawns on your heart faith is there right at that moment."

Wommack, Andrew -  
7/29/2013 - There r 3 responses to personal sin.
#1-God does NOT look at REPENTED sin. 
Nor is there schizophrenia in a born-again/spirit filled person’s human regenerated spirit
issues are in the soul (mind/emotions/will) which can be re-aligned as one aligns his mind with the mind of Christ.
#2-The devil will contradict what Jesus & the Holy Spirit already accomplished (on the cross
+ at Pentecost – in our lives). 
Venial & mortal temptations affect/afflict the non-born-again person 24/7 & the born-again individual who does NOT consistently resist them with spiritual tools: tongues, hymns, prayer, declarations, Bible study, fellowship with Christians, fasting.
#3-Individuals conned by Satan in theological issues will often join-in/parrot/echo Satan’s lies.
Wommack, Andrew @
7/6/2015 - When we are born-again the old evil nature is replaced with the new holy nature.
There are NOT 2 natures indwelling/fighting for control. 
The problem/dysfunction is in the mind, which still has old formatting/operating system. 
The human mind needs to be reformatted to come into alignment with God's mind/nature. 
[Apparently that is a daily/lifelong process, which some call sanctification. 
Perhaps the new nature pertains to the regenerated human spirit, whereas one's spiritual maturity pertains to the soul (mind/will/emotions) which needs regular maintenance, like a car.] 
A divided mind is schizophrenic, meaning of 2 minds, not in agreement. 
This dilemma comes from the conflict of not discerning that the old original mind is living with the new spiritual nature (not the old human nature) not understanding that the human mind needs to get up to speed with the new spirit nature, not knowing that one's identity needs to begin to conform to who we really are now with a new spirit father, God, & incorrectly perceiving today's self as the former (basket case of maladies, originating from the former spirit father, Satan).


Jesse Penn-Lewis with Evan Roberts - EVIL SPIRITS SUBSTITUTE FOR SELF - -

"In like manner, evil spirits will not only endeavor to substitute their own workings in a man's life in the place of God, on the ground of the believer's misconception of the true way of co-acting with God; but they will also seek to substitute their workings for all the mental faculties of the man, i.e., the mind, the reason, the memory, the imagination, the judgment. This is a counterfeit of self through substitution.
The person thinks it is himself all the time.
note 41 
[This is because the evil spirit uses the word "I" to trick the individual.]

This substitution by evil spirits of themselves on the ground of the passive surrender to non-use of any part of the inner, or outer, life of the believer, is the basis of deep deception & possession (oppression) among the most 'surrendered' children of God; the deception & possession (oppression) taking an entirely spiritual form at 1st, such as the man having an exaggerated sense of his importance in the Church, his 'world-wide ministry,' his lofty position of influence arising out of his 'divine commission,' his abnormal height of spirituality + definite & almost unprecedented 'experience,' which makes him feel he has been placed far above other men. 
But a tremendous & inevitable fall awaits such an one. He ascends his pinnacle, pushed by the enemy, without any power whatsoever to control the inevitable descent, which must follow when he is undeceived, a crash being the result, shaking the things that can be shaken.
Then he experiences awful darkness & the effects of possession (oppression) in its true results.
The effect of demon possession (oppression) in its fullest climax is darkness; nothing but darkness; darkness within, darkness without; intense darkness; darkness over the past; darkness enveloping the future.
Darkness surrounding God and all His ways.
Here many sink under the horror that they (believe they) have committed the 'unpardonable sin.'
Some, however, discover that their bitter experience may be turned into light for the Church in its fight with sin & Satan, and as those who have been in the camp of the enemy & heard all his secrets, they (subsequently) become a terror to the forces of evil on their emergence to liberty, with the result that they (the demons) are assailed with intensified malignity on account of their (insider) knowledge of the (evil) foe (& his treachery/trickery/deceit/ cunning)."

Kerr, Kat - 2/15/2017 - The self if mainly the soul (emotions/will/mind) or spiritual heart. @


Deuteronomy 6:4-9 NIV    Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is One. 
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, & with all your strength. 
These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts.  Impress them on your children. 
Talk about them when you sit at home, when you walk along the road, when you lie down & get up.  
Tie them as symbols on your hands & bind them on your foreheads. 
Write them on the doorframes of your houses & on your gates.
Psalm 16:9 KJV - You (God) will not leave My soul in hell; nether will You allow Your Holy One to see corruption.
Psalm 23:3 NIV - He restores my (broken/fractured/fragmented) soul (or soul fragments, piece by piece, wound by wound) 
[Lord, You restore my soul (emotions, will & mind). 
Thank You Lord for restoring our: sanity/peace/family/relationships/joy. 
Thank You Lord for restoring the years the locusts have stolen (from me, from _______ ): Joel 2:25]

Psalm 30:2-5 Alexander Harkavy  2I will extol Thee, O Lord, for Thou hast lifted me up...
3.Thou hast healed me. 
4O Lord, Thou hast brought up my soul (broken mind) from the grave (captivity).
Thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to (remain in/return to) the pit
5Sing unto the Lord, O ye godly ones of His and give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness.
Psalm 34:23 Alexander Harkavy 23The Lord redeemeth (from captivity) the soul of His servants;
and none of them that trust in Him shall be (permanently) desolate.  
Psalm 35:9-10 Alexander Harkavy -

9My soul shall be joyful in the Lord; it shall rejoice in His salvation. 
10All my bones shall say, "Lord, Who is like unto Thee, Who deliverest."
Psalm 121:7-8  The Lord will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul
The Lord will guard your going out & your coming in, from this time forth & forever.

Isaiah 51:14 NAB The oppressed (pieces of your soul/mind/emotions) shall soon be released (from captivity). 
They shall not die & go down into
(remain in) the pit.
(Spiritual insight: Scripture can have more than 1 valid meaning/time.)
Isaiah 51:16 NAB - I have put My words into your mouth & shielded you in the shadow of My hand.

Lamentations 3:11 Alexander Harkavy - He (God) hath (allowed me to be) turned aside my ways & pulled me in pieces; he hath made me desolate.  (The enemy of God does havoc. 
The whole chapter of Lamentations is a bemoaning of the desolation of Jerusalem & its inhabitants + can be a simile or synonym of one in the grip of Satan/demons/hell/ insanity/misery/defeat/desolatio

Ezekiel-Chapter-18/ 20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die.
The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son:
the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, & the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.

joel/2-25.htm - King James Bible - I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, caterpiller, & palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

Jubilees 07:32 
 And suffer not the soul to be eaten with the flesh, that your blood, which is your life,
may not be required at the hand of any flesh that sheds (it) on the earth.
21:18 Do not eat any blood for it is the soul; eat no blood whatever. -

Matthew 10:28 NIV - "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul (eternal life TPNT). 
Rather, be afraid of the One Who can destroy both soul (life TPNT) & body in hell (Gehenna TPNT)."
Matthew 11:29 NIV -
Take My yoke upon you & learn from Me, for I am gentle & humble in heart, & you will find rest for your souls."

Matthew 16:26 NIV - "What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world & yet forfeits his soul?"
Matthew 22:37 NIV - Jesus replied, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, & all your mind.  This is the first & greatest commandment."

Mark 12:29-30 NIV - "The most important 1," answered Jesus, "is this: 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is 1.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, mind, & (human) strength.' " John 1:2&version=JUB -
2 Beloved, I wish that thou be prospered in all things (spirit/soul/body) & be sound (in health), even as thy soul (mind/will/emotions) prospers.

Revelation 6:9-11 NIV    "When he (the angel) opened the 5th seal, I (John) saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God & the testimony they had maintained.  They called out in a loud voice, 'How long, Sovereign Lord, holy & true, until You judge the inhabitants of the earth & avenge our blood?'  Then each of them was given a white robe & told to wait a little longer until the number of their fellow servants & brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed." -
Old Testament Hebrew word soul is sometimes mistranslated as spirit. Some translators of the Greek New Testament mistakenly apply the word soul instead of spirit.

Soul Captivity - It’s up to the individual soul & what they are willing to offer You.
But You came to set the captives free? Oh Lord, I’m confused.  "Don’t be, I haven’t changed a thing.
What I have allowed, though dreadfully painful, is nonetheless working to bring forth a harvest of righteousness."
"In some cases, where the oppression is extreme, I release the captives.
In others, where the soul is functioning, it becomes like an investment; a portion of your life set aside that is earning interest that will be cashed in when I take you home to Myself
Oh, Clare, you know & understand so well the mechanics of redemption, not just the saving of the soul but their sanctification as well.  Are you going back on what I have taught you?" 
I always want to remain open to deeper truths You might want to reveal to me, my Beloved. 
"Yes & I do love that about you." He said, "What you have learned is the ultimate truth:
Deny yourself, pick up your cross & follow Me. Are you doing that?"...
"Good, then steady as she goes. Not all are called to this deliverance ministry.
Clare, haven’t you figured it out yet, you're not a warrior, you’re a lover?"
"I created you to love and through your love, I work the miracles.
Yes, yes, I know what you will say, that it is My love at work through you. 
That is true enough. But your cooperation in the outpouring of My heart upon others.  Well, that is a sublime gift.
I do not want you to veer to the right or the left. Keep your heart purely for Me, tend to Me, Clare. Meet My needs."
what He's talking about there is worship. Worship & keeping Him company, just being there for the Lord above all other things.  You know, there's conquests that we can go on, there's all kinds of things we can do for the Lord. But the 1 thing that He values SO much, aside from setting the captives free, because that's part of our job as Christians - is our company. Our loving company & being there, being present to Him. 
He continued..."There is a point where you become impervious to these have seen it in certain saints & martyrs of old.  It is called total surrender to what-ever I allow.
When the soul rivets their loving gaze on Me, all that is going on around them they know to be allowed by Me & it makes no difference to them, because they are so in love with Me.
They reason, 'Whatever You allow, My Holy God. Nothing could be more perfect than what You have allowed.' 
"Thus the fight is gone & conquered by love alone. Do you understand?"  I could not answer.
I was struggling with my own interior pain. 
"You needn’t answer, My Love. You know My ways well indeed. Acquiescence is everything"...
"It’s like a dance. Sometimes you move forward, then backwards and side to side.
It is the variety that makes life rich & interesting. 
If one were to be always moving forward, they would soon be bored...
No challenge in that. But with ups & downs your life becomes richer & fuller.
As it is written, there is a time & a season for everything under heaven."  But Heaven is constant forward motion. 
It is never boring, right? 
"In Heaven, it is another kind of dance, a dance of joy, worship & eternal thanksgiving for the living wonders of God through the fabric of your now supernatural life. You have served your term, so to speak.
You have sought your higher ground, & now you are graduated into supreme bliss.
But what good you have done on Earth goes on & on and on, continuing to bring forth fruit."

Soul Captivity

                                                         Scripture to study BEFORE deliverance:

Isaiah 7:6 Harkavy  Let us go against Judah and vex it; let us make a breach (gap/break/crack) therein for us.
(Spiritual insight: Trauma can trigger/create soul pieces.)
Jeremiah 14:16-17 Harkavy 
Give glory to the Lord your God, before He cause darkness & before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains.
While ye look for light, He turn it into the shadow of death & make it gross darkness. 
17...The Lord's flock is carried away captive.
Psalm 23:4 Harkavy
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.
Psalm 25:15 Harkavy  He shall pluck my feet out of the net.
Psalm 35:7 Harkavy 
Without cause have they hid for me their net in a pit, which without cause they have dug for my soul.
Psalm 40:3 Harkavy  He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay,
& set my feet upon a rock (Jesus) and established my goings.
Psalm 44:20 Harkavy
Thou hast sore broken us in the place of dragons & covered us with the shadow of death.
Psalm 72:4
He (God)...shall break into pieces the oppressor. [as the oppressor (Satan) has broken into pieces the soul]
Psalm 74:3 Harkavy Lift up Thy feet unto the perpetual desolations.
74:20 Harkavy Have respect unto the covenant, for the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty.
Psalm 88:4-13 Harkavy  4My soul is full of troubles.  My life draweth nigh unto the grave
5I am counted with them that go down into the pit.  I am as a man that hath no strength. 
6Free among the dead, like the slain that lie in the grave, whom Thou rememberest no more.
 They are cut off from Thy hand. 
7Thou hast laid me in the lowest pit, in darkness, in the depths
8Thy wrath lieth hard upon me. Thou hast afflicted me with all Thy waves. 
9Thou hast put away mine acquaintance far from me.
Thou hast made me an abomination unto them.  I am shut up & I cannot come forth
10Mine eye languish by reason of affliction.  Lord, I have called daily upon Thee. 
I have stretched out my hands unto Thee
11Wilt Thou shew wonders to the dead?  Shall the dead arise & praise Thee? 
Shall Thy loving kindness be declared in the grave or Thy faithfulness in the place of destruction
13Shall Thy wonders be known in the dark & thy righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?
Psalm 107:10 Harkavy Such as sit in darkness & in the shadow of death, being bound in affliction & iron.
Psalm 107:20 Harkavy 
20They mount up to the heaven; they go down again to the depths
Their soul is melted because of trouble
Psalm 142:8 Harkavy  Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise Thy name.
Psalm 143:3-4 Harkavy  3The enemy hath persecuted my soul; he hath smitten my life down to the ground.   He hath made me to dell in darkness, as those that have been long dead. 
4Therefore is my spirit overwhelmed within me; my heart within me is benumbed.
Psalm 143:7 Harkavy  7Hide not Thy face from me, lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit.
Psalm 143:11 Harkavy  11For Thy righteousness' sake bring my soul out of trouble
12In Thy mercy cut off mine enemies & destroy all them that afflict my soul; for I am Thy servant.
                                                         Scripture to declare during DELIVERANCE

Isaiah 49:8-9 Harkavy  Thus saith the Lord, "In an acceptable time have I heard thee, & in a day of salvation have I helped thee.  I will preserve & give thee for a covenant of the people to establish the earth, to cause to inherit the desolate heritages. 
9That thou mayest say to the prisoners, 'Go forth.'  To them that are in darkness, 'Shew yourselves.' 
They shall feed in the ways & their pastures shall be in all high places
Isaiah 49:17 KJV
Thy children shall make haste.  Thy destroyers & they that made thee waste shall go forth of (from) thee.
Isaiah 6l:1-3 Harkavy  He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, & the deliverance to them that are bound;
2to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, & the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;
3to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.
Psalm 9:14 Harkavy Thou that liftest me up from the gates of death.

                                                             Scripture to declare AFTER deliverance:

Psalm 30:3-4,10 Hakavy  O Lord my God, I cried unto Thee & Thou hast healed me. 
4.O Lord, Thou hast brought up my soul from the grave; Thou hast kept me alive, that I should NOT go (stay/remain/return) down to the pit...10What profit is there in my blood, when I go (back) down to the pit?

Soul Literature

Basansky, Bill @

Transforming Thoughts, Unlock Your Thinking
@ -
"The laying on of hands doesn’t always work. Why is that the case?
If the persons’ soul is in a mess, it won’t matter how many hands get laid on them, their soul still remains messed up.  It could be that the person doesn’t realize that their own soul needs restoring & that requires them laying hold of their own thoughts, so they may experience a shift in their emotions & attitudes.
No other (human) person can take care of your soul." (But God.)

Capps, Annette @
(Substitue the word "spirit" for "soul".)

Dehaeme - Reading in the Brain, Stanislas Dehaene, Book - Barnes & Noble - 2/19/2010 -
"The brain contains pathways that are specialized for recognizing...
The brain is much more than the seat of the soul. 
It's also the the neural machinery that translates marks on paper into language, sound & meaning." 
(Some physicians say that the "soul of the brain" is where all neuro-pathways intersect.)

Dividing the Soul and the Spirit - The Triune Man -

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Shaking the Heavens - chapter 10 Open Wounds That Cry Out to Heaven section Evil Rooted in History - "The soul of a child can be profoundly marked by circumstances that occur while it is in the womb."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - - ATA video Spirit of Man shares that the soul is the connector/translator/ communicator between spirit & body (between 2 dimensions: heavenly & earthly).  
2nd, the human soul consists of the same substance (DNA) as that of the human spirit.

Clarice Fluitt .org – Control Your Soul from Understanding the Times -
5/8/2013 - Spiritual kingdoms (both + and -) are voice activated.
Fluitt, Clarice - Chapter 1 @ - Chapter 7 - God is a God of Restoration -
"'How long will this dark night of my soul continue?' 
His response was always the same, 'Until it doesn't bother you any-more. Then you will be a victor & not a victim.'"
2015/01/27/the-wellness-journey-live-ridiculous-miracles-wdr-clarice-fluitt 2/29/2016 Sid Roth interview
Joan Hunter, Clarice Fluitt & Joan Gieson 9/4/2016 Sid Roth interview

Hollman, Rick – Deliverance - Video (00:08:43) All Christians Need Deliverance @ - Existing soul wounds give Satan legal rights to oppress us, if not during the day then at night when we are asleep via nightmares.

Timothy Holt - cleansing the soul declarations Katt Kerr - Duration- 17 minutes -

Hormann, Dr. Aiko - -
"The soul (mind/emotions/will) can be hunted, branded, torn into pieces, snatched away or imprisoned" by our spiritual enemy...
Hormann, Dr. Aiko -
Dr Aiko Hormann received a revelation about the Word of God in Hebrews 4:12.
The Word of God is alive & powerful sharper than any 2-edged sword.
She asked, “Lord what is sharper than a 2 edged sword?”
Instantly she saw a ‘vision’ of a laser beam coming out of her mouth, showing it has ‘cutting edge’ all around, 360 degree.  This was confirmed by God’s Word John 1:5, “God is light”.
James 1:17, “Every act of good giving & every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights”
& Heb. 12:29,
“Our God is indeed a consuming (destroying) fire”...
"Prayer For Healing: Disintegrate: tumours, cancer, scar tissue, parasites, viruses, candida, clogged arteries, calcium deposits in arthritis, allergies etc.  Heavenly Father,
I ask you to assign ministering spirits to aim the laser beams of Your Word at the specific spots (tumours, scar tissue etc.) & specify the particular frequency of the laser beam for the purpose of disintegrating them.
Your Word, Heavenly Father, coming out of my mouth will be energized by the breath of the Holy Spirit within me (all in the name & power of Jesus:)
It is written
, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might undo & destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).
Therefore, I destroy the works of the devil in the form of _________ (e.g. tumour, virus etc.) (In our family tree.)
It is written
, “Our God is a consuming fire” (Heb. 12:29) therefore, God is consuming & destroying all the malignant cells, disease causing germs & viruses, candida, parasites & everything else in this body that is abnormal & destructive.
It is written
, “This body is a temple where the Holy Spirit lives”, (1 Cor. 6:19). 
Therefore, I ask you, Holy Spirit, to cleanse & restore this body (temple) to be totally normal; conforming to the pattern of perfection YOU originally designed for this body (DNA).
It is written,
“The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made _______ free from the law of sin & death.”
(Rom. 8:2) Therefore, I decree that ______ is free from the law of sin & death and is now operating in the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.
It is written,
“Jesus HIMSELF took our infirmities & bore our sickness & pains.”
(Matt 8:17)  Therefore satan has no right to put upon _______ that which was already laid on Jesus.
I command you satan & spirits of darkness, to pack up all your symptoms & diseases & leave this body NOW, in the name of Jesus & become part of His footstool. 
Thank you Heavenly father, for Your faithfulness to Your Word, watching over Your Word to perform it.
I call this body healed, according to Romans 4:17."
In Jesus Name I RECEIVE.
Hormann, Aiko - http://www.aikohormann.orgSoul Restoration Series - 6 DVDs -
1.Overview; Log Jam Analogy; Heavenly Perspective
2.Triggering Mechanisms; Self-Defense Walls; Spirit, Soul & Body Alignment
3.Find the Root Cause; Abortion Spirits; 5 Areas of the Brain
4.5 Areas of the Brain (continued); Gut Brain & Heart Brain; 'Switch'
5.Brain Injury Healing; Laser Beams of God's Word; Divine Healing
6.Neck & Back Healing; Adrenal Burnout; The Bride of Christ - God's Habitation
- God has a soul (thoughts/emotions/will) per Quantum Field Miracles #1 - source -
The Quantum Field is the sub-atomic arena/bridge between the 3rd heaven & earth.
(Reminder: ALWAYS pray/minister FROM the highest dimension - the throne/court room
of heaven to avoid harm to self/others & to receive blessings.)
U may also like #2 & #3

Hotchkin, Robert @ - "The (spiritual, emotional & physical) battle has always been in the (spiritual) soul [containing mind (NOT brain), emotions & willpower].  Not just for you & me, but for everyone who has ever walked with the Lord."
(Like God we are a trinity.  1-spirit  2-soul  3-DNA.  Human spirit + soul return to God at time of death.)
or Diagram -
"Just as your physical body did NOT get re-created when you were born-again
(repented & invited Jesus to indwell our heart by His Holy Spirit), your soul also DID NOT get re-created (as did our human spirit).
Our soul wounds remain unhealed until (root issues are revealed,) processed with & healed by Jesus
(typically 1 at a time as we are able to cope with His help).
Soul wounds are injuries to
(& subsequent deposits/scabs in) our soul that were created by sin(s).
Sin includes what others did to you, or did not provide that you needed, & what you did to yourself.
(This includes inherited family iniquity, for which we also need to repent & evict in Jesus’ name.)
The medical doctor & psychologist are NOT trained in spiritual issues.
The deliverance (healing) minister (clergy) is the 1 anointed & trained to help you forgive
& bless (others/God/self), confess & repent & ask Jesus to forgive, cleanse & heal."

Kairos -

Kat Kerr - What You Do With Your Soul Pt 1 - Hope Center The Church Presents
Kat Kerr Pt 1 (edited)
Alive_Again,  Dec 18, 2012 @

"Your soul has to be whole (with no layers missing, no layers added)
It has to be well
(with no toxic deposits).
There has to be no darkness in you.
Remember what Jesus said?
There is none of him in Me.
That's where He wants us to get. You have to do that by the decisions you make (with the will)...
Begin to understand that some of the decisions you make will: make your soul sick (&) enter into darkness...
Body of Christ get a clue...
(Do not) get in line...with the world, & watch things that would never be permitted in Heaven...
Read the Word of God (which) says to come out & be ye different...
It's not necessarily the way you the pink hair." john/14-30.htm 
Douay-Rheims Bible The prince of this world cometh, & in Me he hath not any thing.
Aramaic Bible in Plain English - The Prince of the world is coming & he has *nothing to use against Me."
[*no toxic (demonic) soul deposits or layers]
Kat Kerr - What You Do With Your Soul Pt 2 - Hope Center
The Church Presents Kat Kerr Pt 2
Alive_Again - Dec 18, 2012 - (edited)
"God says, He wants you whole. So we're sticking all of these things (Trojan horses) in the layers of our soul, until it gets sick; sometimes it causes your physical body to be sick. 
People are saying: 'Why doesn't Jesus heal me?
I need to be healed.' They do all these things to get healed according to the Word, except for 1 thing.
Their soul is not prospering. I desire that you be in health, means living in divine health.
That's what He desires, but we choose our life, what we do, what we see & where we go, so our soul becomes not well.  God's just not wanting to heal your body (but the soul as well).
Sometimes your soul (mind/emotions/will) gets well, & people get well instantly.
Because then your souls prospering. So don't give layers of your soul away...
You give a layer away, because (for instance) you go watch something that belongs to him (the enemy). 
Some people have nightmares, torments & tortures. It's not their spirit or their body...
(If it is not an evil spirit, sometimes) it is a layer of their soul (either a toxic soul deposit or a soul layer they have received, such as from another with whom they have had an illicit sexual relationship, which they have not yet repented of & returned to sender + retrieved/taken back their own stolen or given soul layer, in Jesus' name).
(Soul layers, need to be returned.  Otherwise, the remaining carbon copies/layers of the prior sexual partners will ATTRACT like kind of sexual trouble/torment reflecting character deficits of each sexual partner &/or his demons.)

Ana Menendez Ferrell
has a HUGE revelation on the soul.
I was reading 1 of her books, where she said that God showed her somebody going on a mummy ride...
She had a vision of this happening:
This youth had given (&/or traded) a layer of himself, left it on the mummy ride with the enemy.
That's like descending into Hell.
've never been there or seen it, but...he willingly entered into the darkness of what that (joy ride) represented...
of his own free will.  When you do that
(perhaps unwittingly, like signing a consent form), you willingly give permission to the enemy to come in & do things. So make sure you're not entering into the things of darkness. I'm not saying that you can't have fun & ride on (Disney world amusement) rides. Just make sure it's not (a dark sinister 1 or) Harry Potter... Then (by default) you're asking witchcraft to enter into your life...
In our public library, if our kids read all of the series, they gave our child a certificate that says so & so just completed Witchcraft 101
. They (the Harry Potter books) were sent by the author to all the public libraries. Don't be blinded." (When in doubt, don't.
Much of Halloween & Day of the Dead activity is demonic.) 
proverbs/26-2.htm - 2Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, So a curse without cause does not alight.

#92) Kat Kerr - (Talking about Harry Potter and movies like it.) Part 1 -
# Hope Center The Church Presents Kat Kerr Pt 2 -
Alive_Again - Dec 18, 2012 @ (edited) "God said even the very elect could be deceived.  Because they were already seeded.  So be careful where you go...
People, if they wouldn't have it in Heaven, don't have it in your life.  I could not picture Heaven with witchcraft...
If you want His will done in your life as it is in Heaven, then make sure you don't let it in your life.
You get to choose.  He wants your soul whole
He wants all of that junk pulled out of the layers of your soul.
That's why we (humans) represent the Holy Spirit, because He's a layered being.
He's everywhere all at the same time. He is revealing things to you that you need to change in your life...
We are totally in a new time...
That means things that were tolerated in the past, by God, will no longer be tolerated.
We are (entering) in (to) an accelerated time.
This is what He told me. He said: 'As of resurrection morning (Easter 2012), a fullness of time had come.
I was talking about that timeline when I was in Heaven the last time I went. It was
almost touching. That next dot was almost right there.  That next dot, right underneath it, it says:
Heaven Invasion
Joel 2&#8221.  Down the line, quite a ways, is another one that says: The Perilous Times.
So we're not in the perilous times.  The earth is shaking right now, because it is in travail, crying out, tribulating, crying out for the manifestation of the sons & daughters of God."
Kat Kerr- Recent God Movements, heaven revelations 8/10/13 @
The body is often a reflection of the condition of the soul. 
A diseased/distraught/dismayed body or mind is frequently a symptom of a soul condition.
Every spoken word gets deposited in our soul, affecting our entire being. 
Negative words kill & can bring about premature death. 
(Even plants respond to words.)  Disallow our enemy to be our puppeteer.
Kat Kerr- Recent God Movements, heaven revelations 8/10/13 @
For those soul deposits we collect from others/situations we repent/renounce/reject/evict.
For those soul layers of self we gave away we repent & recall.
For those soul layers which were stolen, we take back, in Jesus' name.
Kerr, Kat - 4 Corners Conference Part 1 3/22/2014 with Joan Hunter - 
@ Your spirit and soul do NOT sleep.
In Jesus' name, you can loose from you whatever garbage is in your soul, including family curses & negative life experiences/traumas. 
One can bind the devil, but also (by choosing wrongly) binds to one's soul evil/rubbish/harm/self-sabotage. 
How to discern.  If it is not in heaven, then it is NOT to be allowed in our life & home.  In Jesus' name I, as (legal &) spiritual head, nullify/cancel/forbid the interference of spiritual evil power in our (family) territory. 
In Jesus' name, I declare/decree you can NO longer control or use them for your demonic purposes.
Kerr, Kat -
Kat Kerr – The Kings – June 2014 from
Kat Kerr -Heaven & The Kingdom Age (6.10.2014) from
There are souls under the Throne, because there are intercession rooms beneath. - The Fifth Seal: Martyrs -
9When the Lamb broke the 5th seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the Word of God, & because of the Testimony which they had maintained.
they cried out with a loud voice.
Kerr, Kat - 7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2)
@ - 5th hr - Every word we speak is deposited into our soul. 
We need to be careful what we say. 
Our own worst enemy could be our own mouth.  One can begin to prosper, when his/her soul prospers.
KAT KERR – Recorded on 21st June 2014 at FirstLove Kansas City – Part 2 @ -
What our free will chooses becomes deposited between our soul pages
Our spirit & soul never sleep, so those deposits affect us 24/7.

Adam became a living soul, & subsequently had to choose; before that, he was a spirit indwelling the Father. 
Father God spoke.  Then Jesus the Word acted on that speech and created man/Adam out of the dust.
Originally man lived in God via the human spirit; today God lives in man via the Holy Spirit. 
1 day all will be one as the Trinity is 1, living together, symbiotically. 
Created beings are lovely, but we are His offspring.  He put us in a human womb of amniotic water, to help us acclimate to earth, for we (our spirits) came from an area of living water, from His womb.
As parent/guardian we can loose junk put upon our kids that were bullied at school/ traumatized/etc. 
Daily ask for & receive grace for abundant life. Nasty soul deposits are NOT necessarily generational curses. 
Both can be passed on/inherited if not dealt with
PRAYER - "Father, I am Your child.  I receive Your son Jesus Christ in my life. 
You made perfectly & wonderfully.  You designed my soul (mind/will/emotions). 
You gave me the keys to Your kingdom.
  What is bound on earth is bound in heaven. 
What I loose on earth is loosed in heaven.
Right now as an act of my will, I choose to loose all: darkness, fear, hate, offense, unforgiveness, any drug/medication addiction/dependency, porn, deceit, anything not of You, abuse in me, lust, rejection in me. 
Soul-ties. I break them right now in Jesus' name. 
Right now, as I wait and soak in You. Any poverty, lack I loose from my soul. Go.  Amen."

Whatever you gave away, you gave a layer of your soul away to.  You need to call it back.
PRAYER: "Father, now, in Jesus' name: I choose as an act of my will to call back any layers of my soul that I gave to any person/place/thing that was NOT You.  Come back in Jesus' name, now."
I choose as an act of my will to bind Your love/life/light/presence/plans/joy to my soul.
I choose to release Your love/life/light/presence/plans/joy into the souls of my family.
I receive this day all You have/give me/us. Halleluiah." 6.16.2015

"Father, You desire above all things that I be in health and prosper, even as my soul is in health & prospers. 
My soul is now whole.  From this day forward, it will prosper, so bring it down;
I receive whatever You have for me (& my family), in Jesus' name.  Amen." 
Make it a weekly/immediate/frequent habit of loosing from your soul: darkness that has attached itself to you.)
Father, I choose with my will to loose from me all hurting words, as though it never happened. 
That is how we can be made & stay free from contaminating soul attachments/deposits.

I will not talk with you much more, for the prince (evil genius/ruler) of the world is coming.
He has no claim on Me.

[He has nothing in common with Me; there is NOthing in(side of) Me that belongs to him.  
(Thus) he has NO power over Me.] 

But [[d]Satan is coming &] I do as the Father has commanded Me, so that the world may know (be convinced) that I love the Father & that I do only what the Father has instructed Me to do. [I act in full agreement with His orders.]  Hold your hands out to God daily before you get out of bed and pray, (for me/mine/Yours)
"Father, in Jesus' name, I ask for and receive grace sufficient for this day.
KAT KERR – Recorded on 22/6/2014 at FirstLoveKC @ - Great verbal illustration of soul. 
To be void of or reduced in emotion, can be the result of haven given most of one's emotion/soul-pieces/pages away to others. 
When we are born-again, we give a soul transparent slice/piece/page to God Who seats it with Him in heavenly places
.  Each soul piece is a (genetic/DNA) copy/duplicate of us. 
It is spiritually imperative that we regularly, by a free act of our will, in Jesus' name, loose from us, (from our mate, & from our seed) all unholy things (past/present/ future) put upon us by others or our wrong choices. 
7 throne rooms: include: general, commissioning, court, board, intercessory. 
Books: include commissioning, manifesting. 
When God gives you a mantle, He will go get that soul layer to stand before Him to be commissioned:
PRAYER: "Father, I stand here as your child. 
I understand this is Your time to release the glory over the whole earth. 
I choose with my will and sound mind to manifest for You in this time. 
I give You permission with my will to process any part of me any way You want to. 
May Your will be done, may You way be done, in my life, so I may make a difference in this world. 
Let my life shine filled with Jesus Christ, carrying the glory, till it blinds the enemy, & draws people to You. 
I receive
it.  Amen. Halleluiah."  Pastor lays hands on and says, "MANIFEST."  We respond, "Yes. Lord,
(I receive by faith Your fire, processing & subsequent manifesting, expectancy & excitement in me). 
According to Romans 8."
6.12.2015  Every morning we say, "I take authority over this day.  I give it to You."
Kat Kerr, September 28, 2014. Part 2 of 2 - At death a born-again person's soul & spirit, both originally from heaven, return to heaven, whereas the unregenerate soul with its spirit go to hell.  At conception the spirit & soul are knit together by the Holy Spirit & implanted into the flesh to prevent premature death of the body.  The soul seems to be the master-mind/self/rudder of the human spirit.
Kerr, Kat - 2014 -
Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours  
Kerr, Kat - An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2) @
Our soul has layers (like an air filter) which is connected to our will (center core). 
Between those layers, deposits are made

Whom/what ever you give yourself to, you give a layer of your soul to.
You also exchange/receive a layer/deposit from that person/thing. 
Our soul is made in the image of the Holy Spirit, Who is a layered being
Holy Spirit layers of Himself sent to us are 101% Him, whereas our spirit layers sent to Him and especially to others are only (single pages/broken off) portions of self.  When we are indwelt with the Holy Spirit, we receive 1 layer of His Self, which extends to heaven, where we sit with Him in heavenly places. 
At salvation the Holy Spirit walks beside us, whereas at the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, He moves to the inside & indwells us.  [Jesus' salvation is to us like an engagement ring, whereas Holy Spirit baptism is like a wedding ring.]
Our physical body represents God in the flesh or Jesus.  Our human spirit represents Father God Who is Spirit, Who has Rivers of Life coming from Him (as we likewise in part have rivers of life inside our born-again being).
Whatever we allow through our 5 sense gates (speech/touch/sight/hearing/smell)
is deposited between our soul layers.  BEWARE.  Disallow; evict in Jesus' name.
Kat Kerr Day 1 2015 Heaven Touching Earth @
There is a layer of our soul seated with Him in holy heavenly places
Picture that reality when you are thinking/talking of/to/about Him.
The revelations sealed up in Daniel's time are for this time on earth.
Every word/thing we speak/hear/watch is deposited in our soul; beware of self-sabotage.
Do NOT agree with the enemy/doom-&-gloom; instead call those things that are not as though they were, in Jesus' name.  Most of our going up from glory to glory is based on our spoken words. 
If we dislike what we are experiencing, we need to change our vocabulary.
Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 1/2/2015 - When God initially sends a spirit from within Himself to earth to be implanted into a womb, the soul is already contained inside/with/as part of that spirit.
CD's/DVD's are recommended as they typically include personal/group ministry.
Kerr, Kat - The Temple - Spirit, Soul and Body DVD 2012 - - edited -
The soul is a replica of Holy Spirit Who is multilayered, & Who infill's us with a duplicate layer of Himself when we receive the Holy Spirit baptism.  Our soul is also layered & often unwittingly we give to & receive from others:
transparent soul layers, somewhat like a gingerbread cookie or paper doll. 
The human soul is located approximately in the "belly" location, that is above the belly button or mid section of the torso.
Kerr, Kat - Invite Heaven's Army - 2015 CD - The soul layer of us in heaven is an identical image of us on earth. 
This layer ascends to the throne room when we repent & invite Jesus to be our savior & Lord.
Kerr, Kat - Cleansing the Soul audio - awesome @ or
cleansing the soul declarations Katt Kerr
or or
@ Timothy Holt @
Kerr, Kat - Kat Kerr on Heaven -
Kerr, Kat - God's words spoken by you release warring angels. 12/7/2014 Audio - Revelation for What is Coming - - We can be accelerated. 
We can progress - go from glory to glory. 
We can loose from our own soul layers any negatives, which deter/hinder/harm us. 
If they show up we ask them if they are from heaven or hell; we need to continually test.

Kerr, Kat -  AUDIO with photography &/or art - 6/4/2015 -
Your soul, which is in the middle of your spirit, goes to heaven when your body dies. @
Chris the Joy Man
Kerr, Kat - 2/21/2015 AUDIO - - Holy Spirit is layered. 
After we are born-again one layer of our layered soul will be able to travel to heaven.
Kerr, Kat - New Brighton, PA 6/2013 posted 2/8/2016 -
At conception the soul (will, emotions, mind) is knit to the spirit, that formerly resided inside of God & volunteered to fulfill a specific destiny on earth. 
The human soul is not activated/tuned into God until the human spirit receives a diamond/deposit from God's heart, becoming born-again, reawakened/reconnected to God.  Inside God in heaven our spirit did not need a soul
, but on earth, disconnected from God, our spirit needs a soul to facilitate mental & emotional choices. 
With our spirit switched on to the God channel, the soul can better choose the holy & reject the unholy.

Kerr, Kat - Basic Training in the Spirit Realm (Spirit Realm Boot Camp #1 - 3/25/2016) @ Princess Reka or @ Joan Hunter, Texas -or
SomeLittleShoe @ Joan Hunter, Texas -
Our soul operates like an engine, which needs to be fed/infused with the correct fuel/food & kept clean or it will not function correctly.  Wrong emotions will be emitted from wrong input. 
Wrong input results in wrong output.  A wrong teaching is that man is a living spirit living in a body with a soul. 
Right: man is a living soul which God came to save. 
If we are wounded/offended/ oppressed/fearful, then we need a soul check up. 
Emotions/feelings are 1/3 of the soul.

Kerr, Kat - Declarations & prayer -
At any impartation, we say, "I RECEIVE, in Jesus' name." 10/6/2016 post - God matches our declarations.  
Expect others not to comprehend/reject, especially initially. 
Instead, reject LOOSE rejection regularly, in Jesus' name, BEFORE bedtime.
Kat kerr Star - Movements God, Heaven - 6/13/2016 - Simi Valley, CA - video (paraphrased) -
Every word we speak is deposited into our soul.  Negative words will kill you and others. 
Words misused will be used by the enemy, allowing us to become puppets in his hands. 
Do NOT make a habit of criticizing/rehashing/critiquing/condemning/exposing other's wrongs/mistakes/faults (but rather intercede for them).  
We will not be alive during the Perilous times, so it is imperative that we prepare/equip the upcoming generations to terrify/intimidate the enemy to flee from them in the Perilous times.19/15 xxx
The Kat Kerr - March 17 at 8:31pm - The Soul - Okolona, MS - Saturday afternoon (edited)
April 17 at 2:29pm @ The Kat KerrThe Kat Kerr
The Soul Recorded on 3/17/2017 at New Freedom Fellowship in Okolona, MS. -
God wrote our destiny on our will, the center column of our layered spiritual soul/heart. 
We need a weekly soul check up, choose to loose what we dislike + bind God's virtues.
Satan can replay any junk not loosed from our soul
.  We become dangerous to the spiritual enemy via inner healing by loosing (evil) & binding (God's holy character/virtues). 
Plan ahead for spiritual ruling/reigning...Priests & kings are spiritual levels...
Spiritual accountability is based on individual's free informed consent/awareness of his willfully choosing evil. 
It is protocol to invite each person in the Trinity: Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit into our heart/life. 
Arriving in heaven we receive from God a diamond & a nickname. 
The amniotic fluid in the womb helps acclimate us from the River inside God to the earth.  Torments & addictions can be gone INSTANTLY via loosing, in Jesus' name.  (approx: 20.20) For self/minor/person for whom you are interceding once can cover with Jesus' blood, take to throne room of God, & LOOSE from our (heart/intent) soul: words/ curses spoken over us, bad images, so the enemy cannot bring them back to haunt me. 
Don't let the sun go down on your wrath/offense/anything that would feed a nightmare or interfere with sweet sleep.  Nightly loose each negative encounter & then bind the opposite God replacement. 
Persecution (initiated/accommodated by the spiritual enemy) is our evidence that God is winning/victorious/ prospering in/through our lives.  Every book you read goes into your soul:
[Do not read Harry Potter (witchcraft/necromancy/evil powers), the Koran, the Satanic bible or any other religious book that does not align with the Bible, or it will clutter the soul. 
Loose such debris from one's soul.  We take power over all the evil power controlling/manipulating individuals. 
We nullify evil power by loosing the "junk in our trunk" (ammunition) the enemy uses against us.]  1 John 2:27
The anointing is a weapon, a deposit of which lives in us and which we can tangibly loose when we walk/touch. 
We can take power over all the spiritual evil power concerning both us & our family tree, in Jesus' name. 
Persecution often is a sign we are walking in alignment with God.]
The anointing breaks the yoke, when we (even non believers) say, "In Jesus' name." (approx. 9.40 on program)
In Jesus' name, Father, I choose as an act of my will to LOOSE from the layers of my soul all: hate/fear/lack/witchcraft/sadness/depression/porn/nightmares/unforgiveness/mania/ bipolar/schizophrenia/oppression/agony/oppression/despair/hopelessness/anger/
(wasteful/defiling/critical/gossiping/backbiting) words/(suicidal or wicked) thoughts/gloom & doom/addiction (to a person, place or thing)/evil (heard/spoken/watched)/evil allusions/ magic around me or practiced by me.
I loose and sever any unholy soul-ties due to others wickedness/abuse of me physically/sexually/emotionally.
I loose from my soul (family tree) all: poverty mentality/escapism/unfounded fear that has attached itself to me.
I loose from my soul all x rated media not in alignment with heaven, that I heard/read/watched.
I renounce and loose from my soul all words spoken over or against me, at any time since conception. 
I will not believe or receive those words.  I renounce & loose from my soul (family tree) every spell & evil act done to or over me regarding my/our future/destiny/purposes.  I let it go.  I am free, in Jesus' name. 
Double happiness.  Double thanks.   Heaven, thanks for taking the junk out.
In Jesus' name, Father God, I choose as an act of my will to BIND to my soul layers what is available in Your word: Your: mind/Presence/Spirit/love/life/shalom/fun/health/healing/deliverance/youth/power/energy/insight/
Your: plans and purposes, kingdom keys, worship which damages the 2nd heaven & attracts You,
I BIND to my soul Your vision You have given to me for my life/mate/seed.  Now my/our soul prospers.  Amen.  Halleluiah.  (What you walk in, you can impart to others.  They say, "I receive," esp. to His fire.)

Kerr, Kat - 7/2/2016 Snippets: Your Soul, Cleansing and Repair for Abundance short AUDIO @
LOOSING removes soul-deposits/addictions/ bad habits/memory-repeats/replays/rewinds
Whatever we notice, we command to go daily, weekly, regularly, in Jesus' name. 
Then we replace it with God's opposite.  We bind that God virtue to ourself. 
We LOOSE/sever from ourself any old/wrong soul-tie.
Then we call back all pieces of self given away, in Jesus name. 
As our children's covering/legal-guardian we choose to sever & LOOSE all junk/deposits/bullying.
We choose to receive & download into our souls Your life/love: making us whole.
This BINDING and LOOSING is one of our heavenly weapons.  We adore & thank You Lord for this.

, BetsyCD - Soul Battles - -
Often "we carry childhood battles into our adult life... Surrender the unwinnable stop the war."

Maldonado, Guillermo - How to Walk in the Supernatural Power God - -
Chapter 4 Jesus and the Cross, the Only Legal Source of Supernatural Power -
"The cross (allows us to be) delivered...from 'self.' 
The ego is the part of the soul where the 'self' dwells.  It is where 'I want' & 'I think' can be found." 
Neither our mate, kids, staff, subjects nor "Jesus exists to please us.  Rather" we exist "to please Him." 
(Dwelling on 'me, myself and I' & performance sets us up for becoming) "a victim of the spirit of witchcraft, which uses ego to exercise (legal) dominion & lordship by force.  When you apply the cross (of Jesus') to your ego, Satan cannot touch you.  The cross (of God's divine exchange) is the only safe place to be" (daily; for the rest of our lives we need to eat 'humble pie')  "If we come in contact with the enemy on any subject other than the cross (of Jesus) we can be defeated...Faith is the way we appropriate the benefits of the cross."

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - -

"The soul of a person is called his 'self-conscious', which is the seat of their personality.
The 3 Main Faculties that constitute man’s SOUL are, his:
(1) will, (2) mind and (3) emotions.82  
Other elements which forms part of a person’s personality are, his: intellect, thoughts, ideals, love, emotions, discernment, choice, decisions, etc. According to the view of Watchman Nee, free will reveals the power to choose & express man’s authority on earth.
The mind is the instrument of thoughts & manifests his intellectual power.
is the instrument
revealing mans’ likes & dislikes" .
(83 Nee, Watchmen (1968) The Spiritual Man. Volume II. Richmond, Virginia, USA p. 36)
"Pittman notes that when his spirit was lifted from his body, his soul came with it. The simplest way is to define the soul is to say that it is one’s personality...In the Spiritual realm nobody communicates with their mouths, but rather, they communicate with their minds. It was like projecting a person’s words on thought waves & receiving the answers the same way. The (holy) angels could read your mind."

Mohr, Greg - - Soul Gates/Doors - Scripture speaks of Jesus standing at the door of a church, a born-again person's heart, or actually at the door of man's soul (mind/will/emotions). 
If Jesus is stuck in our spirit, outside of our daily life, or left in the foyer, it is because we have not invited Him inside, not allowed Him to align Himself with us or us to align with Him.  If we are stuck without our healing or help, perhaps we have neglected to align our spirit man with God, our soul with Holy Spirit, & our body with Jesus' body.  Perhaps we have not taken time out or created daily time to honeymoon the Trinity & to marinate our mind in His scripture.
revelation/3-20.htm - Message to the Church in Laodicea
19'Those whom I love, I reprove & discipline.  Therefore be zealous & repent.
20'Behold, I stand at the door & knock.
If anyone hears My voice & opens the door, I will come in to him & will dine with him, & he with Me

21'He who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with Me on My throne, as I also overcame & sat down with My Father on His throne
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Mohr, Greg - A Prosperous Soul with Greg Mohr - Part 1
, Greg - A Prosperous Soul with Greg Mohr – Part 1 4/22/2019 - God reverses thyroid cancer AFTER soul is healed.  - “Our financial prosperity & physical health are directly linked to the prosperity of our soul. 
What constitutes a prosperous soul?  Marilyn & Sarah welcome back Greg Mohr to discuss this.” 
Let us NOT value our loss greater than Jesus’ cross. 
Daily, let us value more what Jesus did for us, more than what people did to us.

Mohr, Greg -
A Prosperous Soul with Greg Mohr - Part 2 8/22/2017

Daniel Olukoya - The Soul Traders - (CAUTION. Invite the Holy Spirit to counsel your insights.)
"Soul traders are those who
buy and sell the souls of men." Ezekiel 13:18 says,
'Say, Thus saith the Lord God; Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes:
Read Full Sermon -

"Without this physical body, you cannot be earth-bound (your born-again spirit man rises up to God, like a helium balloon).
The difference between spirit beings & human beings is that men have bodies through which they can express themselves, while spirit beings are bodiless. The soul (mind/emotion/will) is the seat of intellect...
Other spirits can summon a specific spirit out of the body. Sometimes, what some people refer to as dreams are not.  They are records of actions happening in the spirit world.
But because the soul was there, the person could see what was going on. 
If the spirit that is called out is prevented from reentering the body, death occurs.
God gave that spirit a soul.  The soul is that part of you which makes you an individual.
With the soul you can exercise your will.
The personality of a person is a reflection of the soul through the physical body.
That is why  2 people cannot be exactly of the same personality. It is the soul that makes the difference. 
soul actually came in when the spirit entered the body of man.
So, the
soul belongs to the spirit not to the body. 
When a
man dies, his spirit will retain the soul or the personality.
spirit that is the real you, takes the soul along with it.
As a Christian when you die, your physical body will be discarded, but will be resurrected to a spiritual body on the return of Jesus Christ. 
Then your soul will go with your spirit man either to heaven or to hell. So, the soul is the central part of man...
There are powers that traffic in men, just as people traffic in drugs...
No individual can fight & defeat the devil successfully without the authority & power of Jesus Christ.
These powers trade in the souls of men just like gamblers in the streets. 
That is why the scripture laments in Joel 3:3 saying,
They have cast lots for my people, have given a boy for an harlot, & sold a girl for wine, that they might drink
Amos 2: 6 states, Thus saith the Lord; For 3 transgressions of Israel, and for 4, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they sold the righteous for silver, & the poor for a pair of shoes
This means that some people’s (souls:) minds, will, emotions & intellect have been traded off, & will only return to them on the day of judgment. 
Only God can deliver any mind that is caged in a demonic trap
A person whose mind is demonically caged will never achieve his or her potentials in life...
(unless there is a miracle, inner-healing, healing &/or deliverance).

1. Such persons will notice that anytime something good is coming their way, 1 tragedy will just happen to stop it. 
Somehow they know within them that really they should be on top, but a force keeps dragging them down. 
The soul (layer) of somebody’s spouse could be sold & the partner would be wondering what happened to his wife or her husband.  Many
soul traders come to wedding ceremonies.
Difficulty in getting baptized in the Holy Spirit is (could be) a sign that your soul may have been traded off.
3. If you are always
seeing slow animals in your dreams, for example, snails, tortoise, etc.  
It shows that (possibly) something within you that can make you run fast has been removed.
4. If you
dream of being lost in the market or forest & you are not able to find your way before waking, it is a sign that your soul (layer) has (possibly) been traded off (and thus needs to be spiritually retrieved).
5. If you discover that you have a
double personality or unpredictable personality traits, or you walk about feeling lifeless as if all your energy have been drained off, or you are married but cannot detach your mind from your former girlfriend/boyfriend.  Then your soul (layer possibly) has been traded off.  (Sold. 
If "traded" then there is an exchange, where one needs to reject/return/loose any unholy/wrong soul layer.)
6. When you discover that your
mind cannot focus on 1 thing for a long time, & you also find it difficult to concentrate in thinking through solutions to a problem without digressing, or in your dream you always see 2-3 people, or somebody looking exactly like your figure just starring at you...
When a person’s real
emotion & intellect are polluted, he has a great problem.
That is why you find some
zombie (robot) wives & husbands who can hardly take independent decisions.
souls (soul layers) need to be called back & healed completely through the divine intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ.
1. BY PERSONAL DECISION: A person may decide to sell his own soul. In Isaiah 50:1, it is written,
Thus saith the Lord, 'Where is the bill of your mother’s divorcement, whom I have put away? 
Or which of my creditors is it to whom I have sold you?
Behold, for your iniquities have ye sold yourselves, & for your transgressions is your mother put away
Isaiah 52: 3 says,
For thus saith the Lord, Ye have sold yourselves for nought; & ye shall be redeemed without money”...
best laboratory in the universe is inside the seas.
It excels in sophistication when compared with what we have here on earth.
Over there, they pass human beings through that laboratory, form them properly, & send them up here to buy souls.   When you see them at the bus stops, they are spotlessly clean, & naturally good-looking.
Any person [having affairs with these so-called beautiful human beings (impersonators)] has been bought.
(Such a demonic being may)...never be available again, even though the person (zombie) is still around physically.
So, any man who sleeps with such girls, has sold his soul and the result is sorrows.
Such a man would (might) not be able to gather himself together again (with the help of medical science. 
However, with the help of doctor Jesus, all things are possible).
If a woman should sleep with a man from this laboratory, she has sold her soul. It is like the story of a secondary school boy, who went to a disco party where he met (such) a girl. After the party, he accompanied the girl home.
She introduced herself as Ronke & the boy promised to visit her the following day at a given time. 
At the agreed time, he went to the place and inquired about the girl. The 1st woman he met was stupefied.
She called the attention of other people & asked him to describe her.
So, he did & they all screamed saying, 'Ah Ronke died 3 years ago.
Where did you see her?'  He said, 'At a party,' and they promptly advised him to go & do something about himself. 
This boy, by that singular exercise, has sold his own soul.
2. BY ONE’S PARENTS: Your parents may sell you.
Parents may hand over the souls of their children to the devil or to the oppressors even before their birth. They usually do this in ignorance.  Sometimes, the soul of a child could be traded off through the type of toys he or she is playing with.  When a child begins to play with demonic toys, within a short time, he will be playing with them in his dreams too.
powers living in these toys will soon begin to talk with the child and through that the soul of the child could be exchanged.
Once this begins to happen, a lot of things would be affected, for example, the child’s heath, academics etc.
A child could be sold off with the toys bought for him.
3. LACK OF PROTECTION: Soul hunters could capture unprotected souls. These hunters do this sometimes, in order to gain promotion in the demonic world. They are powers around hunting for the souls of men day & night.
I know the case of a demonic woman who wanted more powers & promotion. So, the devil asked her to bring 999 souls of men in exchange for her desires. She was able to get 998 souls. She only ran into trouble when the last person she was desperately after, happened to be a born again Christian. She could not kill him.
Unfortunately, their many attacks on the children of God in the spiritual world sometimes work against them.
The Bible says, 'Touch not my anointed & do my prophet no harm.'
When the anointed is being touched & the prophet is being harmed, then 3 things have to be checked:
a. Is he or she really anointed?
b. If yes, is the anointed one living in sin?
c. Has she broken down God’s hedge of protection?
If God says that He that touches you touches the apple of His eye & now they are
touching you, it is left for you to check whether you are still the apple of His eyes.
summon people’s spirits. It's worse when somebody’s spirit is summoned & he is not aware. Those whose spirits have been summoned out of the body before, often see themselves in strange gatherings at night when they are asleep. They are heavy sleepers. 
Such people could make suicidal attempts or have suicidal thoughts.
They suffer from unexplainable sicknesses, constant tiredness & restlessness.
They feel things moving around their bodies & they are afraid of being alone.
They sometimes get unnecessarily aggressive & angry.
2. THE USE of PENTECOSTAL WITCHES: These are agents of soul traders distributed amongst churches
to recruit souls. They control people through demonic prophecies & visions.
With their
witchcraft powers, they are able to tell people their life history.
With this, people are deceived into believing their witchcraft prophecies, thereby selling their souls to them. 
If you got your name or your children’s names from these fake prophets, you have to
renounce them.
A friend of mine went to such & the (false) prophet began to scream, 'Give me the baby, give me the baby.
I want to name the baby.'  So, they gave the baby to this shaking prophet.
He said, 'Call him so & so name according to the book of Daniel chapter 28.'
Then my friend who was a stubborn person said, 'Prophet, the book of Daniel has only 12 chapters.' 
Then the prophet said that he was quoting from the Bible that is in heaven.
In England, I was invited to a church to preach. I did not want to go, but the Lord urged me to do so.
On getting there, I was asked to remove my shoes. Then I asked if I could leave my socks on.
They said yes, as the preacher, I could do that.
When it was time for me to preach, there was a man standing on my right hand & another one on my left.
I asked their leader why they were standing there, he said that they were watching over me. So, I said, 'Let us go into the book of 2 Kings chapter 2.' To my amazement, every body was looking at me. Then their leader came to me & asked which page. I asked them which version of the Bible they had, and they said Good News.
Then I told them the page.  That was how they found where the book of 2 Kings was.
 Yet there were some Masters degree holders sitting down there.
Most of them were asked not to sleep in their houses again because they have cases in court.
They were instructed to be sleeping on the floor of the church.
Many people abroad are in bondage looking for people to set them free.
When I asked 1 of them to pack all her candles & give them to me, she brought 360 candles.
She said, 'I have a case in the court & they said that if I do not sleep on the floor of that church for 3 months, I will not be free.'  I told her that she would get out without sleeping on that floor again.
I asked her if she committed the offence, she said yes.
So, I instructed her to kneel down & ask the Lord for forgiveness.
4 of them were in the same trouble but only this girl got out. The others were still sleeping on the floor. 
If you have slept on the bare floor before candles & incense, your soul (may) have been traded off.
3. FALSE PREACHERS: They are agents of the devil, who
recruit souls. These are preachers with multiple wives (divorces). They preach success & prosperity without holiness. They teach people how to make money but not how to make heaven. They equate the level of spirituality to personal possessions. They will preach God’s love & kindness, but never mention God’s judgment. These are preachers who belong to secret societies. 
Sometime ago, we went for a burial ceremony at a cemetery.
I arrived in company of another pastor who was to conduct the service.  I told him to make it very brief.
As he was trying to hurry up, sweating in the sun, suddenly, a man came up in a priestly garment & asked to take over the service.  Without consulting any paper, he knew all those things that are said at the cemetery.
He was just reading offhand, what my friend was struggling to read from the paper.
He had memorized all the funeral proceedings.  They are those who trade in souls.
They have traded so many souls away & they know the scriptural memory verses with which to bury them.
Many people will continue to recite their catechism and psalms, while their blood is being sucked away right where they are singing choruses.  The same people who are sucking them will come to sing the same thing at their burial.
Such preachers are more interested in financial contributions than the spiritual life of the members.
If you are in such a place, I advise you to get out before it is too late.
4. DIRECT SATANIC AGENTS: They walk around like men but they are
not human beings.
Sometimes, they dress haggardly, so that people will laugh at them & get into trouble.  They are all over the place. Unfortunately, just as many Christians cannot discern angels, they cannot also discern their presence.
Some people would say that they saw a person & after speaking to him or her, their heads got swollen.
These are
agents dispatched to recruit bodies & souls of men.
These are those who
communicate by magic with the dead in order to learn about the future.
If you go to them, all you are doing is trading your soul.
Maybe somebody died & you wanted to know who killed him. 
They called up the spirit of the person & the spirit answered you.
What you
heard was not the voice of the dead relative, but the voice of a satanic agent.
If you have ever been involved in such practice, your soul has been traded off.
6. THOSE WHO RENEW THEIR LIVES: These people use other people’s lives to keep themselves young.
A young man of 25 years having affairs with a woman of 65, should know that he is doing a life exchange program with her.  A young girl doing it with an old man will suffer the same fate.
Men & women who engage in this kind of thing normally have
short life-span.
Sisters should be made to know that there are some men seeking for girls to dis-virgin.  They need that
Once they
get it, such girls should forget about marriage because they have been sold off.
7. MONEY IDOLS: Human beings are being kidnapped & rendered useless daily.
souls are donated to the demon called mammon, who in turn would give money in exchange.
If you have been
kidnapped or hypnotized before, they must have done injury to your soul.
ou should cry to God in prayers. Such people
never remain balanced unless they pray very well.
8. SOUL TIE: This is an ungodly (unholy/unhealthy/unnatural) link to an old father, old boyfriend, etc.
When you are just unexplainably attached to a particular individual, that too is a strategy of the traders of souls.
9. SATANIC BANKS: This is where they
store the things captured from people’s lives while they wait for them to come to them for help.  They would demand for a soul before the things are released (traded/bartered/exchanged/loosed).
10. FALLING into DEMONIC TRANCE: Some people call it entering into the spirit.
If you have danced in circles in incense & candle stuffed church in the name of being in the spirit, you (may) have sold your soul. 
These things as highlighted above, are
some of the reasons why Jesus Himself had to be sold.
He was sold for 30 pieces of silver, as written in Matthew 26.
Since Jesus has been sold, He is then a substituted sacrifice. 
We do not have to be sold again.
Rather we have (already) been bought back by the Lord’s sacrifice.
Beloved, the devil hates messages like this, because it exposes him & tells people how to get their freedom.
There is only one way to freedom and this is by departing from sin & aggressive praying.
PRAYER POINTS - God, in the Name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost, I break:
1. Every unprofitable oath I made consciously or unconsciously in the spiritual world that is now affecting my life negatively. (After we have said that 3x, then you will be saying, 'Break, in the name of Jesus,' continuously).
Every unprofitable oath I made consciously or unconsciously in the spiritual world that is now affecting my life negatively.
Every unprofitable oath I made consciously or unconsciously in the spiritual world that is now affecting my life negatively.
2. You evil soul traders, release _______ your captive today.
(After you have said that 3x you will be saying, 'Release your captive,' continuously).
You evil soul traders, release _______ your captive today.
You evil soul traders, release _______ your captive today.
3. I command spiritual healing on my spirit being now.
4. Let every
fragmented soul (piece) of mine, be gathered together
5. (Lay your 2 hands on your head and pray thus:)
Oh Lord, restore my body, soul & spirit to the original perfect one you made for me."
[CAUTION.  The prognosis is NOT (or seldom is) as dire as indicated. 
Nowadays, there are many superior deliverance & inner healing ministries who DO
help fractured/damaged individuals.  Do NOT despair.  Seek the Lord with all your heart. 
Do not quit.  He will respond.  He will bless.  The Lord does minister and help,
even when one is in a coma or in transit on his/her way to heaven.
2nd, what author labels soul trading/snatching may have otherlabels/names/manifestations depending on the demonic entity, culture/nation/time in history.]

Daniel Olukoya - Termites Of The Soul -
Matthew 12:22-12:24
"Christ offers comfort for the grieving and cleansing for the guilty, so if you haven’t any compassion in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. Because compassion offers what is necessary to heal the hurts of others."

Pierce, Chuck D - Time to Defeat the Devil - - Chapter 18 A Renewed Spirit -
"Demons...are spirits.  As demons inhabit our soul they are...set against...the Holy Spirit...Confess any sin...
Declare that the Holy Spirit will blow the adverse winds of your soul completely out of your body," in Jesus' name.

Pittman, Howard -
Pittman, Howard - -
"Since we are all made in the image of God, we would all be mirror images of one another with out our earthly, physical bodies. Therefore, we were given a soul to separate us from one an other to make us an individual. 
(According to Pitman) animals in this world also have a soul.
The only difference between their souls & ours is that our soul belongs to the spirit. 
Their (animal) souls belongs to the body. When their body perishes, their souls perishes with it.
When our body perishes, the soul (mind/will/personality) remains with the spirit...
(Author had no revelation of animals/pets being in heaven.)  The angels were there & they took my spirit from my body... The angels did not attempt to help me until I had resisted Satan with my own will...
The voice I was hearing belonged to Satan and not to God. Whether or not to obey that voice was my choice. 
When the angels lifted my spirit from my body, they carried me immediately to the 2nd Heaven...
We entered there in that same room where my body was, just by passing through a dimension wall. 
It is a wall which flesh cannot pass through, only spirit...We were given a soul to separate us from one another (person/human being) to make us an individual... When the spirit was lifted from my body, my soul came with it.
I suppose the simplest way to identify the soul would be to say that it is one's personality.
The entire time I was away from my body I remained an individual, that is, I retained my own personality.
I retained all my faculties. In fact, they were greatly enhanced...
I was aware that I was traveling (through the 2nd heaven) in that spirit world (I was) under the protection of the Holy Spirit & that the angels who were escorting me were also moving about under the protection of the Holy Spirit."
Pittman, Howard - Demons: An Eyewitness Account -
full text
Chapter 1 The Clone - "When 1st created, all spirits were duplications of the creator...
God added a 2nd dimension to that clone by giving him a soul.  (Genesis 2:7) 
The soul is that part of our being that makes us, as spirits, become an individual.
With the soul came man's ability to exercise his sovereign will...
We see the a person's personality, (mind & will)."
Chapter 12 - Overview - "Demons (who) have the ability to reveal their forms to humans  (via)...a 'ghostly apparition,' in most of the cases...will be from the 3rd order."  According to Pittman, "The only way any (evil or holy) spirit has of communicating clear messages to the flesh is through a physical body...
(On earth) the demon spirit speaks to the unconscious mind of man & sends it on to the conscious mind where it will appear as sound heard by the physical ears." 
(Pittman's spirit was in a hospital watching & listening to humans, who did not see nor hear his invisible spirit man.) 'Spirit...communication is always done via 'telepathy' to the unconscious mind...
When...(one's spirit man) is separated from the physical (body), it is his unconscious mind (soul) that he uses. 
The unconscious mind of man has all of the attributes of the image of God... most open to the direct influence of the altered sate of consciousness...between the conscious & unconscious (especially during mystic Eastern meditation, yoga, etc)...
In this condition, man can receive from his conscious mind and his unconscious mind, & remember with both...
Spirit beings have the ability to block from the conscious (but NOT the subconscious) mind of man their (demonic) involvement with that mind...which is why they (demons) never come to man (in person) even in his unconscious, in their own name (real identity): (Ongoing subliminal indoctrination.) 

Sanford, John L & Paula - Growing Pains - - chapter 3 Cuddle Time -
"A person's soul (as we understand it) is that structure of character & personality
in which his (human) spirit resides.  If that (spiritual) structure has been imperfectly formed...the (human) spirit* may fail to develop or lack equipment or express itself healthily.  In adult life he will (may) be crippled in his capacity to receive and contain spiritual nurture...incapable to do so no matter how hard he tries. 
The answer lies in consistent repeated prayers for the spirit of the inner man to be held in the Father's arms, for the (Holy) Spirit of the Living God to flow into him with life-giving power to affirm, to quicken, to resurrect, to bring him into all fullness of life in the Father (Ephesians 3:19)...
Rely on the simple working of the Holy Spirit in the heart of people (for whom you pray)."
*[Some prefer to label the above cited human spirit as the (fractured, broken, wounded) soul.
Some use the words soul & spirit interchangeably.]

Savard, Liberty - soul workbook - Summer 2013 magazine - Rabbi Moshe Bleich of Wellesley/Weston,MA,USA.
Chabad shares that the Kabbalist view of Shiva (7 day of mourning a death) is due to a 7 day transition of a soul to heaven (1 fragment at a time).  (Majority of Judeo/Christians do NOT concur. 
Scripture says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.)

Souza, Katie - Healing Your Soul Episode 01 with Katie Souza - YouTube Maricopa, Arizona, USA
Souza, Katie - Healing Your Soul Episode 02 with Katie Souza - YouTube
Souza, Katie - #3
Souza, Katie - Healing Your Soul Episode 04 Katie Souza - YouTube
For $
For $ - 9/26/2015
Souza, Katie - -
Parkinson’s disease, which according to science, comes from the basal ganglia, also known as the Reptile brain
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Katie Souza - Katie Souza: How to Break the Spirit of Legion's Grip on Your Body 7/25/2018 good
I didn't understand why I had gotten sick or why I was healed. Then, 5-6 years later,
I began having similar symptoms again. I had vertigo and flu-like symptoms every other week.
It was horrible. I would get a prescription for powerful antibiotics, but they wouldn't help.
At the end of the round of meds, I was sicker than when I started them.
That's when I learned that you can't medicate a demon."

Souza, Katie @b Healing the Wounded Soul -

Stone, Perry - chapter #1 online
@ -
Holes in the Soul
- "2
people with holes in their emotions can never make each other whole or complete. 
The holes in our souls must be sealed off before wholeness can occur. 
The more holes in our souls, the more prayer & seeking God it takes to seal up the leaky emotions.
The good news is that repenting of our sins & placing our faith in Christ bring not only deliverance from our bondages but also wholeness to our inner soul." (Swiss cheese effect.) 
"I once heard a pastor from North Carolina explain the 4 things a person must do to bring deliverance & release to his or her spirit (&/or soul). 
1. Face it. Do not deny your feelings & don’t blame others for your negative emotions.
Face it as a man or woman who loves God. You will never change what you permit and never face what you deny. 
2. Trace it. After you face it, then you must trace it. Get to the root of your conflict. Was it pride on your part?
Did you reject godly advice? Was it the enemy attempting to create a rift?
Did you misunderstand someone’s comment? Realize what the root was, not just the surface circumstance. 
3. Erase it by asking forgiveness,  At times you may even write a letter or face a person directly to ask forgiveness. 
You are, in reality, erasing the offense. God will blot it from any record in heaven & will help to cleanse it out of your spirit [&/or soul (mind/emotions/will]. The enemy may attempt to bring back a memory for a season, but Holy Spirit will remind you that you need not remember a sin that God has forgotten.  
(CAUTION.  Typically it is best to tear up/burn/destroy the letter, rather than mailing it.) 
4. Replace it. Old images can be replaced with new pictures.  Make fresh memories. 
Build new relationships. Get on with your life as you leave behind your past."

Soul - Wikipedia - Jewish ideas are unique such as "extra soul states":
"Ruach HaKodesh – a state of the soul that makes prophecy possible...
Neshamah Yeteira
– The supplemental soul that a Jew experiences on (Saturday services) Shabbat...
Neshamah Kedosha
– Provided to Jews at the age of (puberty/adulthood) majority (13 for boys, 12 for girls), & related to the study & fulfillment of the Torah commandments."

Katie Souza - 2/2/2011 - from -
Sid explores testimonies from people who have experienced extraordinary
healings, miracles, and personal encounters with God.
Experience an intimate and supernatural relationship with the Lord.
(Programmes, It's Supernatural!, Recently added, Healing, S ...
Katie Souza - 5/16/2011 - Sid explores testimonies from people who have experienced extraordinary healings, miracles, and personal encounters with God. Experience an intimate and supernatural relationship with the Lord. (Programmes, It's Supernatural!, Recently added, Sid Roth)
Souza, Katie - - -
"Katie Souza's Healing You Soul, Real Keys to the Miraculous! Katie Souza of Expected End Ministries will teach & equip you how to move in the supernatural & cause the Kingdom of Heaven to manifest on earth."
(See play buttons above, after clicking web link.)
Important - 2 step process: a. Forgiveness.  b. Infilling of dynamos power.
Free material for one who is in prison @
Katie Souza - 1/9/2014 - from God TV @
Souza from Expected End Ministries shares her vision of the 'Man of Fire' found ...
, Katie - The Wounded Soul - 1/31/2014 @
Katie Souza speaks about the soul and its very real effect on our day to day life. ... -
Souza, Katie @ -
Healing School 7 - Glory Light of Jesus -
1. Spend focused amount of time in repentance & forgiveness.

2. Focus your attention on the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Pay attention to your dreams & vision
"Receive this prayer if you are not able to dream, have a vision or do not remember your dreams.
'Father in the name of Jesus:
I declare that you will dream, will have visions with your open eye and you will remember your dreams.
I break up every resistance and every obstacle that prevents you from having visions and dreams.
I decree that Jesus will give you dreams, visions & the interpretation related to the wounds in your soul.
You will recognize the wounds that Jesus reveals to you through dreams and visions. Amen.
I declare that you will dream, you will have visions with your open eye.  You will remember your dreams.
I break up every resistance and every obstacle that prevents you from having visions & dreams.
I decree that Jesus will give you dreams, visions & the interpretation related to the wounds in your soul.
You will recognize the wounds that Jesus reveals to you through dreams & visions. Amen.'" 
4. Don’t shift your focus away from the glory light of Jesus
5. Expect God to reveal to you unhealthy soul ties
6. Wait on God for confirmation of your wounds being healed.  
7. Once the wounded part is healed, then you can command the demonic to come out.

"Remember, the wounds in your soul were created by sin & sin gives the legal right to the demonic.
Once that wound is healed then you can begin to make war with the demonic and it is going to be easier.
While you are getting those wounds healed, the demonic will try to discourage you from getting the healing.
You (1st repent & apply) put the blood (of Jesus sacrifice on the cross) on the sin that creates the wound; but until the wound itself is healed, the demonic still has the (legal) right to be there. 
Remember, (2nd) you put the (dynamos/resurrection) glory light on the wound.
When the wound is healed, then (3rd) the demonic can be (cut) taken off (exorcised). 
Manifestations of the Demonic
You have a right to bind the demonic manifestations while your soul wounds are being healed. You may have to deal with spirits during your soul wound healing process.
God will give you the grace.  One of the spirits that you’re going to have to deal with is witchcraft.
Why witchcraft? Because this spirit is easily attached to the soul wound.
1 Samuel 15:23 says For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, & stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry.
Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft & it bewitches your mind.
If you start feeling confused, anxiety & physical distress, etc, you are being attacked by the spirit of witchcraft who enters through the sins of rebellion. You are not being healed, you are manifesting.
You have the right to bind the demonic spirit in the name of Jesus until your wounds have been healed."
Receive this prayer for deliverance of manifestations
(backaches, neck ache, tummy ache, sore throat etc)
I speak TO the demonic right now: (In Jesus' name)
I command all (unholy/unhealthy) manifestations to stop.
I put the grace on the temple right now. Zechariah 2 -
Grace, grace was spoken in the temple.
I decree that the wound that you (enemy) are attached to & is causing you (enemy)
to manifest will be healed in the light & you will have to go.
I send the angels right now to bind you (enemy) & put you (unholy one) under torment.
(Spiritual oppressor) Stop manifesting now; stop tormenting now. Amen."
Souza, Katie - Other transcripts:
Katie Souza's Healing School 2 - Revelation of Demonic Kings -
Revelation 1:
David and Goliath- the first Tyrant King 1st Samuel 17.8--9
Revelation 2: Goliath is the pattern of every single Demonic King. 1 Samuel 17:43-51
Jesus had dominion of all the power in the demonic realm. Matthew 4: 8-10.
Satan didn’t recognize Jesus as the Christ.
There are many Kings in the Satanic Kingdoms:
Isaiah 14: 4-7.  Basic Steps to take Dominion over Demonic Kings.
1. Develop a deeper revelation of Jesus.
Become a carrier of the greatest King Jesus who will back you up & dethrone kings.
2. Carve out a realm of dominion by Fasting: 40 day fast, 3 day emergency fast etc.
40 day fast counteracts Goliath’s decrees. Flies grow to maturity & die every 40 days.
Satan is called the Lord of the Flies.
3. Put on the armor of God. Ephesians 6:12.
4. Focus your attack on the main place that Demons operate in:
1st heaven (earth) & the 2nd heaven (the air, the sky);
3rd heaven is (God’s Throne room-Universe).
In Mark 4, Jesus calmed the storm, but He arose & rebuked the wind.
5. Attack with your mouth. Make decrees over & take authority over the thrones
    of the Demonic Kings seated in the earth’s atmosphere.
6. Dethrone Demonic Kings from the 2nd Heaven (Matthew 10 King Killer Anointing)
and command him to fall. Jesus gave his disciples authority to drive out demons + heal the sick.
Matthew 10:1 says Jesus called unto Him his 12 disciples. 
He gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out + to heal all manner of sickness & all manner of disease.  As ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.
Receive the Matthew 10 King-Killer Anointing Prayer -
I impart to you the Matthew 10 anointing to cause Kings to fall from the sky.
Receive it now & walk into it. In Jesus’ name. Amen
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Souza, Katie - From series, Life Edited: 2/1/2016 A Hole in the Soul - Part Two

Souza, Katie - 12/31/2016 -
Although Jesus' blood may have been applied to our repented of sin, the wound may still remain. 
Thus, we need to continuously/consistently apply dynamos resurrection power to the soul, until the wound is removed via Holy Spirit laser surgery.  [Repentance/Salvation via Jesus' shed blood is step #1, whereas removal of soul wounds via baptism in the Holy Spirit is (typically) step #2 (although not always in that order), indicate significance of incorporating both spiritual sacraments into our lives, either privately or publically, but sincerely in our heart, which God notices.]
archives @
episodes @

Springer, Rebecca Rutter -
"Many hundred...minds, unenlightened as they were when they 1st came to heaven is as beautiful & happy place as it is to any who have ascended higher, simply because we can enjoy only in the capacity to which our souls can reach.  There are none of us who have not much yet to learn of this wonderful (heavenly) country...
(Just like maturing/growing in the womb, and after birth, in heaven one's soul expands.)
"Moment by moment, hour by hour, our souls grew, expanded and opened to receive fresh draughts of divine instruction...constantly lifting us nearer to the source of all perfection."  (Much of this spiritual maturity/transformation/blossoming is from/via a daily/frequent immersion in God's River of Life.)

Sumrall, Lester - Alien Entities - Chapter 3 The Origin of Alien Entities - -
"You and I have corporeality - flesh & bone. 
Angels are spirits, with souls, but NO corporeality (flesh & bone)...
There is one devil, but many demons...There are NO 'good' demon spirits...
There are demons who rule over large areas as lords or leaders & governors in the evil spirit world...
A demon is neither male nor female; it is only the manifestation that elects to be known as male or female."

Trimm, Cindy - 5/5/2014 - 
Trimm, Cindy - Listen to Sid's radio interviews with Cindy Trimm -
Download a free transcript of the interview - CINDY: God is calling each one of us. 
We have a way that we dismiss the super natural because it's taught out of us.
If it's not empirical, if it's not something that we touch, scientists say that it can be real.
But I often think about my kidneys.  I've never seen my kidneys. But just because I can't see it, doesn't mean that it's not there. I know that it's there because if I didn't have my kidneys I would not be functioning like this.
If I didn't have my heart, I would not be breathing like this.
If I didn't have my lungs I could not exhale like this.
So sometimes, we try to dismiss things that we know is real. Then it was confirmed.
CINDY: A soul wound is those things that are in our lives that at a subconscious level are hidden in our memories, experiences that have hurt us, wounded us that we may not even be able to recall.
they could be memories that we can recall and we rehearse it over and over in our mind.
We want to get rid of them, but we don't know how to get rid of them.
They're stuck there. They affect everything about us. They affect us while we're awake.
They affect how we respond to things people do to us or say to us. They affect how we live.
The quality of our lives is affected by these things, memories, things that are suppressed...repressed. 
They're like a cancer to our soul & people want to get rid of it
SID: Soul wounds literally sabotage your life.
CINDY: Sabotage relationships. I didn't know that though...It's not about the things that you know.
It's the things that you don't know.  There's a statement that I always make:
Could things be the way they are because you are the way you are? 
What 1 thing can you change that can change everything?
You could change the way you look at yourself, the way you feel about yourself.
It starts by looking at the Word of God.  The Word of God is our measuring rod for how we should live.
CINDY: The soul is the part of ourselves that gives us the ability to know that we're separate from everything else that is around us.  The soul gives us our identity, our personality, our temperament.
It allows us to know where we end and someone else starts. The soul is the spiritual aspect of who you are.
It's separate from your body because your soul gives you or gives the body its animation & energizing.
So the soul energizes the body, animates the body. This is why when you die the body decomposes,
but the soul doesn't. So the soul is the eternal part of you that gives the ability to know that you exist.
It gives you your consciousness, your mind, your will & your emotion separate from the spirit
CINDY: Okay. The soul separating that you can connect to that He can heal you of anything that's contaminating your spirit, toxic, causing toxicity in your soul...detoxifying & decontaminating your very soul from memories, hurts, and pains that we really need to get over, that sabotage our:
progress, future, happiness, life in God.
When these wounds are healed, it then causes you to have a pure connection through your spirit with God...that...takes care of your emotional problems (&)...your physical...
SID: Now words are very, very important. Words affect that you speak with your own mouth, your body believes it & words that people speak about you. What do you do about it? 
Philippians says, "Everything is true and lovely, & honest, & just, and praiseworthy."
There are 8 specific things that qualify for what you accept as something that you replay in your mind. 
If it doesn't align with those 8 different categories, you've got to reject (renounce) it.
Then you can superimpose words over things that have hurt you, words that hurt you in your past.
"Thou shall decree & it shall be established."
"Life and death is in the power of the tongue."  We have to believe those things.
"By faith we understand the world framed by the Word of God." "Paying [money] makes a picture a valuable or it devalues it." So we give our lives value or we devalue our lives by the words that we speak. 
Words don't disappear or dissipate.  Words have power, presence, provocations...
You renounce it (any word or thought that does NOT align itself with God's Word/nature). 
You renounce it; then you superimpose the Word of God. If you don't want to see it, don't say it.
But if you've said it, you can superimpose an alternative word. 
You can renounce it and then you can speak the Word of God over that situation, over
that personality. If you've said things that hurt people, you can always say, I'm sorry.
Now it's not what you're eating that is affecting you...
CINDY: Things that sabotaged me in my past, many that I did not know about, do not sabotage me any longer. 
I can say with all sincerity that I no longer am a product of my environment.
Now when I walk into communities & environments, I don't have to adjust to accommodate the environment, but the environment adjusts to accommodate me.  I'm not a product of my environment anymore.
Trimm, Cindy - chapter 1 -

Soul Audio-Visual

Gatewood, Kylie Oaks + cousin Gerard - AUDIO
Recognize all thoughts are not equal or mine +
/proverbs/26-2.htm *
2Like a sparrow
in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, So a curse without cause does not alight

Soul Control 1 - 9/16/2013 or Soul Control (1) -
Soul Control 2 - 9/17/2013 or Soul Control (2) - 2/10/2015
Soul Control 3 - 9/18/2013 or Soul Control (3) - 2/11/2015
Soul Control 4 - 9/19/2013 or Soul Control (4) - 2/12/2015
Soul Control 5 - 9/20/2013 or Soul Control (5) - 2/13/2015 $15.00 2 book options

Soul Arrows/Darts/

Copeland, Gloria & Kellie - 10/9/2018
When something flares up, someone does something to you, it is a devil poke in an area where we have believed a (white/black/grey) lie that belongs to him, until recognized/repented-of/rejected, in Jesus' name, & replaced with God's love.  [This pertains to old wounds resurfacing & our allowing the past (wound/judgment) to control/interfere with the present, esp. our alignment with God.  We are not to allow bitterness to produce sour fruit in our heart.  We are not to allow the (forgiven) past to sabotage/short-circuit/infect our present/future/destiny/family.]

Soul Chaff/Deposits

Followers of the Way - A Little Prayer Book (edited)
Mark Virkler ( & (edited)
& Katie Souza ( )

5. Being with God
(Father) “God (in Jesus' name & power:)
I remove ______ , ______  everything that would keep me from a deeper union with You.
I give You permission to further remove all paraphernalia
from my soul
that keeps me from Your presence & Your purposes.
I confess (for the times) that I have been stubborn & self-seeking.
I repent, asking You to forgive & cleanse me of seeking my own way, not Yours.
Renew my heart that I may prefer Your interests over mine…
I pray that I would be able to speak to You face to face, as a person speaks to a friend.
I thank & praise You in advance.”

Kerr, Kat - The Ancient Paths - CD/DVD 2010 - At the time of salvation when one repents of (family &/or) own sins he/she receives a deposit of God's virtue/anointing, which needs to be activated/invited & continually stirred-up/released/ sent by us like electricity to persons/places/things. 
It is NOT taught.  Rather it is a spiritual weapon. 
God's anointing does NOT wash or wear off, once released/applied. 
Like a muscle, God's anointing will become stronger with DAILY use.
Kat reminds us of Norvel Hayes' testimony of an insane woman healed by eating
M&M candy anointed in Norvel's jacket pocket during a week of ministry.
Kerr, Kat – 1 -Do not wound the wounded. + 2 The Soul + 3 Relationships in Heaven - 2/2/2013 -

Kerr, Kat - New Brighton, PA 6/2013
posted 2/8/2016 -
Unless violated, with our free will we make unholy deposits between our soul layers. 
These negative soul deposits are often the root cause of mental illness/instability, rather than demon oppression/demonization/possession
Thus, accountability is when a child or adult knows/discerns/freely allows a bad consequence due to his choice. 
(Obviously one rarely fully appreciates the progressive evil he has chosen, eg. drug addiction. 
Plus there is the issue of iniquity, inherited curses, which need to be repented of & uprooted, in Jesus' name.  Trauma/abuse cause additional soul wounds per Katie Souza or deposits/soul layers per Kat. 
Either way, they need to be removed/loosed from the soul.) 
Kerr, Kat - 7/2/2015 post -
Snippets: Your Soul, Cleansing and Repair for Abundance - @ -
Kat Kerr - Facebook: 3/28/2016 - 14 hrs
"What you say is what you get" deposited between your soul layers.  Ouch.  "
Every word you hear, read or say goes into your own soul which will cause (influence) you to think on, choose and speak those words. 
If they are negative, hurtful, despising words, your soul will begin to be filled with (attract) wounds &/or darkness. If you want to clean out your soul, then say what the Father taught me to keep my soul free of fear or sadness, so that I could prosper:
'Father, I choose as an act of My Will to Loose all negative/hateful/hurting/bashing/ trashing/angry/judgmental/wasteful words &/or images from my soul right now in Jesus name. 
I will no longer participate with anything that brings death, fear or defilement, nor tolerate them in my life.' 
After you have done that and meant it, say this to fill your soul with Life.
'Father, I now choose as an Act of my Will, to have You download into my soul:
Your: Love, Presence, Joy, Life, Power, Plans & Hope, so that I can manifest for You & cause my soul to prosper, in Jesus name.  I RECEIVE IT
.'  When we speak Life, not only will our souls prosper, but so will others.
Now thank Him for giving us the choice to forgive & be forgiven.
GOD WANTS OUR SOULS to PROSPER, BUT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for GUARDING our SOUL (HEART), for OUT OF IT WILL FLOW (a cesspool or living water infecting/cursing or blessing/healing) the WAY WE LIVE OUR LIVES.
We all need to do a SOUL CHECK-UP at least once a week (including declaring individually over each of our children's souls. 
Each time they have been bullied, place your hands on their heads & loose any deposits off of them). 
Do not forget to include loosing fear too.
This can also be used to loose any grief, despair, torment, confusion, witchcraft curses, addictions or traumas, even if they happened long ago.  It really works, if we choose with our Will & receive by Faith.
I love you all.  May your souls prosper exceedingly so that you will prosper,
BE in health, so our lights will blind the (spiritual) enemy.
Our souls have layers (which are also our emotions) that collect both light or darkness. 
Our Will is in the center of our soul, along with the Mind, so whatever we feed it,
we will become; so fill yours with Glorious Light & Love...
Your soul is wonderfully made by Father & is a spiritual part of you, but you choose each day what will go into it."
[Daily/weekly/frequent loosing off of self/family/staff is a cleansing like that of communion or confession, freeing us up. 
It is a contaminated soul that allows disease/defect/injury/ repetition of sin/addictions/rumination/regurgitation of old injuries.  Loosing soul deposits & layers disallows hurt to resurface & re-infect. 
It sends back to sender any harm. 
Remember, remove the dirt & replace with the opposite of God's virtues, leaving no dark holes/vacancy in the heart/soul, that would look like Swiss cheese, when/if we neglect to  relinquish evil.]
Kat kerr Sermons : Revealing Heaven in Greenville, South Carolina , March 17th ,2016 AUDIO -
When we give self to something, a
deposit of it is put in our soul, subsequently affecting: thoughts/choices/addictions.  The eye is a gate. Moreso the tongue can spew evil or bless. 
Be alerted;
every spoken word is engraved/deposited/recorded in one's own soul
Kerr, Kat - AUDIO @ The Revelation Zone
9/4/2016 post - Heaven owl city meets - The soul is a collector (of holy light or darkness). 
The more light we collect, the more we glow/manifest.
Kat Kerr 2017
- Early 9am Service Kat Kerr 2017 - 2/15/2017 post (edited loosing/binding)

Father, in Jesus' name: I choose as an act of my free will, to loose from my soul (from me/my family tree) all:
anger, addictions to a person/place/thing/drug, people bashing/trashing, fear, hate, mean words, confusion, criticizing, depression, despair, grief, judgmental attitudes, misunderstanding, offense, oppression, suicidal thoughts, unforgiveness, witchcraft operating against (or in) me or my family
I choose as an act of my free will, to loose from my soul (any/all unholy things
I have seen/heard/watched/enjoined including) graphic violence, unholy movies.
I choose as an act of my will, to loose from my soul any sickness, infirmity spirits, disease
I choose as an act of my free will, to loose from my soul any mentality regarding: poverty, stinginess; hiding, hoarding or misusing money.  These have no place in me. 
They are gone/pulled out of me, right now in Jesus name.
Father, in Jesus' name, as an act of my will: I choose right now to bind to my soul: (our family & Your family)
Your: life, love, presence, joy, excitement, expectancy, creativity.
I bind to my soul, Your plans, ways, goals for my destiny and thoughts You have of me.
I bind to my soul, Your justice, liberty, freedom & life You have for me.
I bind to my soul, Your songs you have sung over me, greatness for Your kingdom;
I bind to my soul: You, Your Son, Holy Spirit, so that I will hear, love & obey You more.
I bind to my soul Your goodness, Your love for others & bravery to witness in truth & demonstration.
I thank You Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit for Your plans for my country.  Amen.  Hallelujah.
Kerr, Kat - The Soul  3-17-17
Until we LOOSE crap/unholy soul deposits, the enemy has opportunity to replay, like a record, anything stuck to our soul layers.  Then to our emptied soul layers we BIND/replace that junk with God's opposite virtues.
Kerr, Kat -
Sound of Heaven - May 7LOOSING YOUR OWN SOUL of dark deposits & wrong soul layers. (YouTube) -
I LOOSE FROM MY (his/her/their/our family tree on both sides) SOUL ALL (wrong) WORDS.  
I LOOSE (from my soul) ANY (evil) ACTIVITIES FROM THE (spiritual) ENEMY.
I LOOSE FROM MY (our) SOUL ALL PAST (& present) WITCHCRAFT (& satanic) RULE. 
I LOOSE (from my soul) (soft & hard) PORN,  HOMOSEXUALITY,  ANY (each/every/all) PAST or CURRENT TRAUMAS.
I DON’T WANT IT THERE. (Go, in Jesus name.)
8.11.2017 (Be replaced with the opposite virtues.)
(Darkness is going/flying out, even traumas you experienced as a child. 
Even just seeing traumatic things is going to go. (NO triggers.)
Grief that has been controlling your life is going.  
Do (LOOSING from the soul) with your kids as soon as they are old enough to know. 
You can LOOSE any bullying from their soul.  You can lay your hands on their head.
Say 'I choose as a watcher of my child’s soul to LOOSE every harsh, unkind, mean, hateful word or action against my child’s soul.  I LOOSE it right now, in Jesus’ name.  Abuse that happened (now lodged) in the soul, is going. You (can visually) go back to those same (abusive) people, again, because what-ever you give yourself to has a piece of your soul; those deposits (wounds.  Their soul-layers) are also in your soul.
Picture it (hurt/abuse) leaving you.  You LOOSE anything from your soul that you do not want there.
You do not have to keep any kind of: anguish, suffering, lack, sickness, mental thing wrong with you, tortures, grief, fear; anything of the enemy; any darkness from watching a lot of (unholy) images that get deposited in your soul or ungodly music-that gets deposited into your soul.  Hidden: wounds & sin will hurt you. 
The enemy has a (legal) right to torment your soul, making you unhappy & conflicted. 
The enemy will (attempt to) use it (your mood/emotions/feelings) against you.
Your soul contains your will, emotions, thoughts, & is pretty much YOU. 
Whatever is in there (your soul), that is what you are going to manifest.
[A soul tie (or wrong soul layer) is just a little bit stronger (than a soul deposit).  If you made a soul tie with a person who is NOT your spouse, or an abusive previous relationship, you actually give (away/traded) a layer of your (own) soul to that person + you got a layer of their soul in (side of) you.]  What some people think are generational curses or (evil) things, are actually soul ties passed down from generation to generation) (needing to be repented of, LOOSED & replaced with God's healing + opposite virtues, which we BIND to our soul.)
Jesus is so excited for you, that you are giving your mind, will, & emotions to God. 
(Layers/Part of) your soul was lost, but now you can rejoice, it can be full, it can be whole.
You are not whole when you give layers of your soul away, so right now we are going to call all (your soul layers) back right now, because you want to be whole (not like Swiss cheese).
(Transparent images of you are stepping through the wall, returning to you right now. Your soul is being made whole.  It is so important for your soul to be made whole, because it cannot prosper unless it is made whole.
No depression, no addictions, whatever they 'gave themselves to' whether it is homosexuality, they loosed that deposit from their soul, they broke that soul tie with that spirit, that thing that they gave themselves to.  Whatever you read, watch, listen to, what is spoken around you, whatever you speak, will go into your soul.
NO more nightmares, no torments, because whatever was in your soul is gone. 
It affects your mind, so your mind is being made whole, your will is being made whole, your emotions are now going to reflect what Heaven has to give you). Now look up & say this:
Father God, in Jesus' name:
God needs you whole, prospered, empowered.  He needs you dangerous & free from anything (evil). 
He gave us the authority to rule & reign, kingdom living on earth as it is in Heaven. 
He wants you totally free from all darkness. Whatever (evil) is there in (your soul) will manifest.
This is the Kingdom Age & the Father wants you to manifest (good blessings) for God, totally free from all darkness, so it cannot affect you in your thinking, choices, or your emotions.
He wants you (full of) self-confidence, not (full of) low self esteem, knowing who (& Whose) you are in Christ.
About once a week, have a soul check-up, if you feel miserable, angry, stay working with your soul until you are able to get rid of it.  Ask yourself (questions, such as), 'What have I been saying (especially to myself).
What am I unhappy with? Am I unhappy? Do I even like myself?
It works if you are ever being bombarded by ugly, mean people, or if accused wrongly, if people are bashing you, ask, (a disarming foolish question to change the subject) 'With their expert discernment, if they know what night Cracker Barrel (restaurant) has cornbread dressing because, I really like that, & maybe you would like to join me?' Ha.  Throw fun at people, something crazy like that, they won’t know how to respond & will leave you alone. 
Some people's (souls) have anywhere from 5 to thousands of layers, & they are big.
One of the keys to the kingdom, is whatever you BIND on earth shall be BOUND in Heaven.
Whatsoever you LOOSE on earth, shall be LOOSED in Heaven.
One way to use the keys to the kingdom, is to bind the things of God to your soul.
You have to say it (out loud, at least in a whisper). 
You can’t think it, you have to say it. God didn’t create by thinking, He did it by speaking, it’s very important to say things to God, we are going to bind some things to us.  We can because He said that we can.  
Now your soul is whole
@ Loosing Your Own Soul by Kat Kerr or
The Body of Christ needs a Soul Check-up 6/10/2016 from
Kat Kerr Fan
(Wrong soul deposits & layers are spiritual antigens which cause spiritual wars.)
Kerr, Kat - -
Kerr, Kat - 11/1/2017 post - - Soul cleansing prayer declarations AUDIO - WE are made in image of the Trinity.  Our soul is layaered like that of Holy Spirit. 
Our DNA is like Jesus' as both have a body. 
Our human sspirit is like that of God Who is Spirit.  In Jesus' name, by an act of our will (power) we can daily/weekly LOOSE the debris/deposits of junk (not aligned with God's Kingdom) that have attached themselves between the spaces in our soul layers + BIND to our soul opposite holy virtues. 
At salvation, a layer of our soul is seated with God in heaven.
Holy Spirit descends to walk
beside of us.  When Jesus baptizes us, Holy Spirit gives us a (soul) layer of Himself. 
(Catholics  call this sacrament Confirmation, as opposed to water or infant baptism.) 
Our soul can be made whole & prosper.  (Many other excellent links posted here.)
Kerr, Kat - 11/21/2017 post - -

etting your soul free from darkness to light
It is time to manifest His light rather than pain in our lives. 
Soul wounds, bruises, hurts can be removed, sometimes resulting in immediate healings.

Savard, Liberty - 7/4/2010 Independence Day For Our Soul   (edited) @ (edited) "Our soul contains Toxic waste all the back to childhood...stored in your soul. 
The 1st time someone said you weren’t good enough.  The 1st time you did not get the love you needed. 
The 1st time someone you relied on for everything betrayed you.  The 1st time you felt like you were the cause of the problems with your parents.  The list goes on & on...churning around, those terrible toxic memories...we really do want to forget.  Those memories, & hurtful emotions tied to them, are stored in your UN-SURRENDERED SOUL 
They continue to torture you, even more after you are saved.
[They are the record which satan replays in your mind over & over, until you LOOSE them from your soul. 
They are what you have in common with satan, as long as they remain.  A toxic dump. 
NOTICE author says FIRST time.  Typically, the 1st incident/trauma is that which gives seed/root/legal ground to satan/demons in the court of heaven & in our bodies & minds, unless or until when we disallow/diasavow/refute/ refuse/repent/LOOSE from our soul layers & replace with the opposite Godly spiritual & physical/emotioal blessing.]
We can BIND our will to God’s will...
We can BIND our minds to the mind of Jesus Christ...
We can BIND our feet to the pathways that God has always ordained for us to walk.
We can BIND our hands to the work He has for each of us to do.
We can BIND our emotions to the (emotions) of the Holy Spirit...
When we BIND ourselves to God, good things begin to happen.
He can finally start helping to guide our path. 
He can finally start helping our soul to heal. 
He can finally open up those doors that have been closed for so long.
We BIND ourselves to these good (holy heavenly) things.
Next we must LOOSE those bad things from our souls.
We can LOOSE any wrong/preconceived ideas we have (including) things we have been asking God to help us with (that He expects us to do).
We can LOOSE wrong toxic agreements/soul-ties we may have with any person/place/thing.
It is very good to LOOSE those, to bring freedom to everyone involved.
We can LOOSE our stronghold thinking behind most of the garbage that goes through our minds, causing us to justify, rationalize & deny.
We can LOOSE all the pain we have been carrying. Go, in Jesus' name.
We can LOOSE any addictions we have: Bad habits, word curses, generational bondage’s.
They can all be LOOSED.
Once we have LOOSED all these bad things, we can fill our souls with the good things God has for us: 
blessings, guidance, love, hope, faith, joy. 
These binding and loosing prayers can change your soul, FREE it.  Will you try?"

, Katie - Destroying the Serpents @ Soul Time newsletter 2016 -
Matthew 3:7-12 NASB - 11 I baptize you [a]with water for repentance (water baptism), but He (Yeshua) Who is coming after me is mightier than I. 
I am not fit to remove His sandals. 
He will baptize you [b]with the Holy Spirit (baptism) and fire (baptism).

12 His winnowing fork is in His hand. He will thoroughly clear His threshing floor.
He will
gather His wheat into the barn, but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”

chaff is the junk (wounds) in our souls that (attracts like a magnet and) allows (spiritual) demonic serpents to invade & control our lives." 
[Holy Spirit, especially His fire baptism, burns up those ungodly deposits attempting to manipulate our lives, especially those former traumas, embedded in our souls (mind/emotions/will). 
Holy Trinity, we invite You to DAILY come & invade our lives, to the degree that we can tolerate & cooperate. We are willing to be willing.  Thanks. Amen.]  See Video:
Ep. 80 - Dunamis On Crack!
, Katie -
Ep. 81 - It's In The Great Commission! or
/watch-videos/?v=hIM7LgLpaiw&t=Ep.%2081%20-%20It%27s%20In%20The%20Great%20Commission! 1/13/2017 - Dynamos power on steroids/crack burns up the chaff in our soul & refines/purifies the remaining, as thought the soul (or snake) were in a furnace/fire.  We grab the serpent, throw into the abyss & command:
'Burn & never return."
matthew/3-12.htm -
I (John) baptize you with water for repentance, but after me will come One more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry.  He (Jewish Jesus) will baptize you with the Holy Spirit & with fire.
His winnowing fork is in His hand to clear His threshing floor and to gather His wheat into the barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” 
Also it exposes & deposes the hiding snakes attached to us:
Paul gathered a bundle of sticks. 
As he laid them on the fire, a viper, driven out by the heat, fastened itself to his hand.
When the islanders saw the creature hanging from his hand, they said to one another, “Surely this man is a murderer. Although he was saved from the sea, Justice has not allowed him to live.”
But Paul shook the creature off into the fire & suffered no ill effects. 
mark/16-18.htm Jesus said, "
.These signs will accompany those who believe: In My name they will drive out demons.
They will speak in new tongues
they will pick up (both physically and spiritually remove off/away from) snakes with their hands.
If they drink any deadly poison, it will not harm them
hey will lay their hands on the sick, & they will be made well.”
19After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, He was taken up into heaven & sat down at the right hand of God.
Snakes have legal rights, when we have a wound/something in common with them. 
The hidden/allowed snake gives us a disease. 
Playing Katie's fire soaking CD during sleep allows the snake/wound to be exposed. 
When we see the snake head, then we can prophetically grab & it & dispose of the snake into the abyss, never to return, in Jesus' name. 
This allows the dynamos fire of God to also heal our soul wound & then our physical wound.
We can not get rid of problems in (1st) self or (2nd) others until we 1st eradicate the snakes in common. 
Like Islamists/Jihadists, we are to burn/decapitate: demonic snakes.
Our spoken word of God commissions angels to accomplish this, in Jesus' name & power.
29 “Is not My word like fire,” declares the Lord, “& like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?
See video:
Ep. 79 - Authority To Trample on Serpents and Scorpions!
See video:
Ep. 82 - The Staff of Moses: Removing @
luke/10-19.htm 18So He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.
I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy.
Nothing will harm you.

Nevertheless, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

Soul Layers

Kerr, Kat - New Brighton, PA 6/2013 - posted 2/8/2016 -
The human soul (attached/knit to one's human spirit at conception) & Holy Spirit are layered spiritual entities. 
The soul's layers radiate around a center core which is our will. 
Each layer is a transparent copy of self
(perhaps our spiritual DNA). 
When we/man became a living soul, God cut His apron strings, requiring us to fend/choose for ourselves. 
When we give ourselves to another person or thing, we also exchange a soul layer with it/him.
After repenting to God, we need to (be an "Indian giver" &) return/loose from our self/soul those negative soul layers/deposits to sender + retrieve/take back our own soul layers
from addictions/fornication/adultery/rape/incest/homosexuality/trauma/abuse/ ravages of war/neglect/ abandonment/incompetence/institutionalization/Pharmacia/genocide/whatever Holy Spirit shares. 
(3rd step is to forgive and bless/pray for any abuser.) 
4th we are to resist/refute, in Jesus' name, any return of symptoms wanting to return. 
5th we are to invite the Trinity to deposit in us any healing/blessing needed to finish well the destiny for which He created us.  Bottom line: Deliverance can be as simple as loosing, 1 of God's Kingdom Keys.
When we invite Jesus to forgive and live inside us, Holy Spirit walks along side us,
but when we invite Jesus to be our Holy Spirit baptizer, Holy Spirit TRADES a layer of Himself with us.
Our layer is seated with Jesus in heavenly places.  This is a divine exchange. 
At salvation we do receive a diamond stone into our spirit, that enlivens (reawakens) us to Father God.
We may be deceived/think our prayers have failed, if wrong temptations/symptoms/ thoughts return;
we are to renounce/reject such subterfuge, in Jesus' name.
Kat Kerr New Day Church at High Point N Carolina - Saturday 3/12/2016 valuable @
Kat Kerr - New Day Church at High Point N Carolina - Sunday 3/13/2016 - valuable @

Kerr, Kat - Facebook -
Kerr, Kat - Boot Camp #1 -3/25/16  God creates in layers.  His voice has layers. 
In heaven many sounds come from one voice.
Kerr, Kat -
Q&A Spirit Realm BootCamp (2. March 26, 2016) @ Princess
Kerr, Kat - 9/4/2016 post Heaven owl city meets
Our souls are layered just as is Holy Spirit, allowing us to be seated in heavenly places and to be made whole/healed immediately by:
(1) loosing deposits and/or layers from our soul that are contaminants,
(2) binding to our soul the virtues of the Trinity &
(3) retrieving soul layers given/stolen.  Thus even mental illness can be reversed and sanity/ stability begun, by an act of one's will, DAILY, so that the spiritual oppressor becomes oppressed.
Kat Kerr 2016 - Divine Design of the Soul @ Kat Kerr Heaven - (Paraphrased) In Jesus' name, we invite/activate/loose/command our weapon, heaven's holy army, into your daily assignment to pull down and bash/trash/demolish every evil plot/plan/darkness/scheme/deception/stronghold/agenda that the enemy has built against Father God's and our self/family/business/territory + shred (& replace with God's) every platform the enemy has been ruling from. Begin to expose & dispose any defilement in our relationships & government. 
Heavenly army, you are the most.  Go & make the enemy toast.

The Kat Kerr - October 12 at 7:55pm -
Fort Mill, S Carolina - The core of our soul is our will, whereas the rolodex layers are (basically) our emotions, on which the enemy deposits crap, which attract more junk. 
When Jesus baptizes us with Holy Spirit, especially with Holy Fire, then as we aggressively pursue/allow/choose/receive God & His resurrection power, Holy Spirit begins to burn off these contaminants which interfere with our following through with the holy desires that our mind & heart want, rather than caving into negative self-destructive habits/addictions/seductions.
Kerr, Kat - 2017 approx 25:35
When we invite Holy Spirit to live inside of us (our heart/soul) He gives our soul a layer of Himself.
11/20/2016 post - Ends in sweet apt prayer.
One of (author of Revealing Heaven I & II) Kat Kerr’s prayers:  “Father…I choose to be completely whole.
As an act of my will, I command and LOOSE from each layer of my soul, any form of darkness, all demonic (relationships, activities or) games (each named) which I became addicted to.  
All demonic (or 2nd best/unholy/unhealthy) soul ties with…any/every-thing that is not of You that I made with a person, (place) or thing, I (sever &) command to go immediately in Jesus’ Name.” 
“Father, thank You for cleansing my soul from all demonic games (issues).  
Now as an act of my will, I choose to call back every part of myself, any layer of my
that I gave to these demonic games (involvements). Come back in Jesus’ Name.” 
(Right NOW.)  “Father, thank You for restoring my soul to be Rapture-Ready…
I rejoice that every layer of my soul is completely whole.
I break off any power the enemy had over my soul (mind/emotions/will/thought life) or my body.  
I am free in Jesus’ Name.”  “Father, my soul is cleansed; please fill it with Your: Light, Life, Love & Passion.
I receive (and BIND) it (Your virtues & assets to my soul) as an act of my will right now, in Jesus’ Name.” 
“Father,  3_john/1-2.htm says, You desire above all things that I prosper & be helped, even as my soul prospers.
My soul is prospering…in Jesus’ Name. Amen.” 

Indeed, Father responded; immediately, the atmosphere took on a complete change says post link author.) 

Kerr's Revelation Realm MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT BE WITH YOU!
- 9/25/2018
Soul layers look just like you.  We are seated in heaven via a soul layer. 
At times during our sleep we are sent to earth to preach/minister, but do not remember such when we are awake/done.  Believers (rather than our army host) typically time travel backward/forward into past/future. 
On occasion a believer may be assigned to reverse past evil, esp. against a saint, but memory of such activity may be erased.
Kerr, Kat - The Kat Kerr - 23 hrs - Wonder Women 11/1-3/2018 -
Each soul (mind/will/ emotions) layer consists of carbon copy of oneself.
Kerr, Kat @ Episode 81 with Steve (soul/spirit layers discussion approx #30-40 on dial) 6/15/2022 - When we repent & accept Christ as our Messiah/savior, we give l soul layer which goes to heaven & is seated in/with Christ but returned to us when we die & go to heaven. 
That is how we rule & reign with Christ in heaven.
(When one is born-again &/or Holy Spirit filled/baptized) Christ sends a layer of Himself to live in our layered spirit man (so in all liklihood this is 1 Holy Spirit layer). Recommended CD Born Again -

Lynch, Barbara - Wyoming, Delaware, USA - 4/1/2009
notes from Ana Mendez-Ferrell's High Level Warfare book -
"Ana Mendez says...'In 2004 the Lord led us on a spiritual warfare expedition the the North Pole...Bottomless Pit. 
Spirits of Insanity
then burst forth from that place
& were released upon the earth'...
Apostle Fernando Orihuela, from Bolivia, told me that the Holy Spirit had been revealing to him the importance of the poles in the spiritual world. 
He (God) had shown him that the entrance to the face of the Abyss was at the North Pole. 
When he told me this, what we had gone through there, made more sense. 
The Abyss is made up of deep pits of water (which could indicate involvement of water spirits). 
(Human) Souls are trapped in some of them. (Each soul layer is a DNA/duplicate/exact copy of the person, per Kat Kerr:  The soul consists of 3 parts: emotion/will/mind.)
In others (Abyss pits), we find demons that are to be loosed when the 5th trumpet is blown, according to the book of
Revelation 9:1-3. 
1The 5th angel sounded his trumpet
I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth.
The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss.

2 When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace.
The sun and sky were darkened
by the smoke from the Abyss.

3 Out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth & were given power like that of scorpions of the earth.
4 They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree,
but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads.
] (mRNA COVID virus vaccination?)

Souza, Katie The God of Layers Lesson 3 @ "What God reveals belongs to us and our children forever...Hebrews 4:12 (NKJV) tells us 'The word of God is living and powerful, it is sharper than any 2-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.' which tells me that, when we receive the word into our soul, it enables us to separate the spirit from the soul, dispels confusion, & helps us discern what is going on inside our heart.
It shows us why we are thinking & acting certain ways, & it clarifies what is going on in our soul, which brings things into the light...Then we are able to understand there are unhealed areas in our soul...
If we know there is a wound, then we have a target for healing...I am quick to bring all that pain to Jesus.
I don’t despise the pain of an old soul wound like I used to. I look at it as an opportunity for healing
God showed me
Joshua 3 ...Put it on repeat & meditate."

1st Corinthians, chapter 6 @ -
15 - Do you (born-again Judeo-Christians) not know that your bodies are members of Christ? 
Shall I then take the members of Christ & make them members of a prostitute? Never.
16 -
Or do you not know that he who is joined to a prostitute becomes 1 body (DNA/flesh/genome) with her?
For, as it is written, "The 2 will become 1 flesh"
(whether via marriage, fornication, adultery, incest or sodomy)
17 - But he who is joined to the Lord (Jesus) becomes 1 spirit (soul) with Him
(when perhaps each trades a layer of his soul with the other). Kat Kerr: What Happens When You Are Born Again - YouTube

18 - Flee from sexual immorality.
Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.
19 - Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God?
You are not your own,
20 -
for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

[Scripture COMMENTARY: Whether marriied or NOT, sexual intercourse creates a SOUL TIE, per above scripture & Kat Kerr + Elijah Streams: WEDNESDAYS WITH KAT AND STEVE - Episode 81 (
(Also see below prayers.) EVERY sexual relationship creates a SOUL TIE. 
Thus, when there is a history of premarital sexual relationships which have NOT been UN-TIED, REPENTED of & LOOSED from one's soul, there will be soul/character damage, not only in oneself, but also in one's partner & offspring.  Ouch.  After repentance, the individual also needs to TAKE BACK his/her own traded soul layer. 
Every couple exchanges/trades a soul layer during a sexual intimate relationship, even if it is a one "night stand" or rape.  The soul is LAYERED.  Each layer is an identical copy of self.  That is why individuals may become bewildered/confused after an illicit sexual encounter.  They are dealing NOT only with their own ID, but now with their partner's ID, but also with any un-repented of or un-shed soul layers of perhaps generations of sexual partners, messing up their thoughts/mind/identity.
Some may be feel or act like one who has multiple-personalities, due to influence of so many soul layers messing up their minds.  Confusion is NOT always just a neediness to be loved, a people pleaser, bullying, manipulation, brain disease or lack of nutrition (such as vitamin B complex).
At conception the soul is attached to one's human spirit. psalms/139-13.htm 
They function as a team inside one's body.
When we repent of sin & invite Jesus to be our savior, a layer of our human soul ascends into heaven & sits with Christ in heaven. 
(At salvation or more likely at Holy Spirit baptism) a layer of Holy Spirit descends & attaches to our human spirit (& possibly a trade). 
It is God's Holy Spirit Who flies us to heaven when we die & Who took Jesus out of hell after He died on the cross.
It is the Holy Spirit baptism/layer that empowers us to do God's will when we are impotent to do so ourselves.
If a human with a born-again spirit is thwarted by a soul that is out of alignment with heaven, it can sabotage that person until he/she repents, looses the wrong soul layers, calls back his/her own soul layers, invites the Trinity to heal/repair & thus becomes whole in soul, once again, able to better hear & obey the whispers of the indwelling Holy Spirit.   When we notice self/others/pastors disobeying scripture, then we know
we/they are not yet whole in soul... NO. 
None of us are perfect, so we need to daily/consistently realign with heaven, even in our senior years & NOt become isolated or vulnerable to opportunists. 
The Trinity does NOT divorce us, so let's NOT quit/faint, but rather decree Psalm 91.KJV as we also invite & command you our army host to make toast of all that would attempt to harm Father God's citizens, us & ours, in Jesus' name, blood & resurrectio  power. 

Acts 19:2
and asked, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became believers” (is Jewish Jesus the promised Messiah)?  “No,” they answered. “We have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit...
Acts 19:5On hearing this, they were baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus..
(NOTICE: We NEED God's indwelling Holy Spirit layer to function well & safely on earth.
Yes, we have our key to our heavenly mansion, but we also need a key to our earthly endeavors.
Best to be like the 5 virgins who had extra Holy Spirit oil, than the 5 or 50% who did NOT.]

Soul Prayers

Kerr, Kat - New Brighton, PA 6/2013
posted 2/8/2016 - (paraphrased)
Father G-d, it is my will that I have NO darkness in me, NO: fear, unbelief, offense.
In Jesus' name I command all enemy darkness [not of You, that I accidentally or deliberately chose (or inherited)] to be loosed/evicted from my soul.  Get out of me (and my family tree.) 
Father G-d, I choose to sever each soul tie & send back to sender - each layer of anyone that I may have retained from experience or life relationships.  Go, right now, in Jesus' name.
Father G-d, as an act of my will, I choose to call back each soul layer that I gave away to a person/place/thing.  Come back NOW, in Jesus' name, thanks to the blood of Your son Yeshua.
Father G-d, I ask You to download Your love/light/fire into my soul (& family) right now.
I decree, in Jesus' name my soul is NOW whole, healthy & prosperous. 
I no longer have any evil seeds remaining, NO offense;  (I have nothing in me in common with the enemy.)
I give You Father, Yeshua, Holy Spirit & holy heavenly host all thanks, praise, credit, glory.
Kat Kerr - Sat PM March 12 at 7:33pm New Day Church at High Point - recommended - (Approximately @ 2:44:33 on video:)
(paraphrased) PRAYER for healing/deliverance/wellness/soundness/wholeness of soul:
FATHER, I am your child.  I/we receive Jesus Christ as my/our savior. 
I/we will NO longer tolerate the (spiritual) enemy messing with my/our soul. 
I/we choose as an act of my/our will to loose from my/our soul right now any and all:
shredding/unforgiveness/lie about me/us.
I/we break any soul ties that tied/abused me/us with harmful persons/places/things.
Any images that were put in my/our soul by my/our own choice or without my/our permission be loosed right now from me/us/family, in Jesus' name.
FATHER, I/we choose right now as an act of my/our will to bind to my/our soul Your waves of creativity/joy/life/love/ plans/power/presence/protection/resources/Spirit/wealth/ word/divine health. 
I/we receive and seed/tithe into it in Jesus' name. Whoa. 3.28.2016EasterMonday
FATHER, thank You.  Jesus, thank You.  Holy Spirit, thank You. 3_john/1-2.htm -
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health,
even as thy soul
FATHER, Your word says that I/we prosper & BE in health. 
Because our soul now prospers [we now are (expect to BE) in health, as there are NO longer any soul wounds in us with which the spiritual enemy can use to legally harm us spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically.]
Kat Kerr - Sun AM March 13 at 10:16pm New Day Church at High Point -

Kat kerr Sermons : Revealing Heaven in Greenville, South Carolina , March 17th ,2016 AUDIO
Father, please show me/us a family movie of past/ancient time: when my/our spirit played on glory rays inside of You, when I/we sat in Your hand and listened to stories that made me/us laugh, & when You shared the future with me/us, preserving me/us for an awesome destiny.
Father, thank You for revealing who we really are in You & revealing that in the center of our spirit we have a core will surrounded by many transparent soul layers (identical DNA copies).
Father, thank You that when our spirits living on the earth are born-again (reawaken to You), 1 transparent soul layer (clone of oneself) is seated with Christ in heavenly places. 
Father, thank You that we each were made for a unique purpose & that our individual will is significantly important & competent to choose between helping You or the enemy.
Father, from today forward, help Your Bride to only choose Your things of life/light & not of enemy darkness. 
In Jesus' name, right now I/we choose with my/our will to
from my/our soul/family/blood-line: darkness/addictions/doubt/fear/lack/offense/torment, any soul ties, anything belonging to the enemy. 
I/we do not need/want them anymore. 
I/we want to be free to do things for You/others/self.  I/we need/want to be whole, so my/our soul will prosper. 
So I/we declare that all the darkness has to go now permanently in Jesus' name. 
What is loosed now on earth is also loosed in heaven this day _________.  Amen.
Father, as an act of my/our will, I/we choose to call back all those parts of my/our soul,
I/we gave away to a person/place/thing.  Come back now in Jesus name.
Father, as an act of my/our will, I/we choose/invite You to deposit in my/our soul (emptied of darkness):
Your holy fire/forgiveness/glory/life/joy/love/passion/peace/plans/ power/presence.
Father, now that I am (we are) whole, NO past hurt/trauma/wound can adversely control me/us.
Father, let us release into this world Your indwelling glory/anointing that incinerates all curses. 
Burn and blind the spiritual enemy with Your indwelling fire, that emanated from Peter like a shadow to heal & that emanated through Yeshua's prayer shawl to do miracles.

The Kat Kerr - May 4 at 5:24pm(edited) Final REPOST #12 is a most important message concerning our future & the operations of our souls. - 3/28/2016 at 7:07am 
"The Body of Christ needs a Soul Check-up. If you do not like what you have been reading, hearing or even saying yourself about the elections or anything else : Trashing, Bashing, Judging, Despising or even Hating 1 another just because you believe or choose differently from each other.
Then you NEED to do the following, so that your soul can prosper.
Every word you hear, read or say goes into your own soul, which will cause you to think on those words, choose those words and speak those words.  If they are negative, hurtful, despising words, your soul will begin to be filled with wounds and/or darkness. If you want to clean out your soul, then say (out loud) what the Father taught me, to keep my soul free of fear or sadness so that I could prosper:
(In Jesus' name,)
'Father, I choose as an act of My Will to Loose all negative, hateful, hurting, bashing, trashing, angry, judgmental, wasteful words &/or images from my soul, right now, in Jesus name.
I will no longer participate with anything that brings death, fear or defilement, nor tolerate them in my life
After you have done that and meant it, say this to fill your soul with Life: (In Jesus' name) 'Father, I now choose as an Act of my Will, to have You download into my soul, Your: Love, Presence, Joy, Life, Power, Plans & Hope so that I can manifest for You & cause my soul may prosper. In Jesus name I RECEIVE IT.'
When we speak Life, not only will our souls prosper but so will others. Now thank Him for giving us the choice to forgive and be forgiven. GOD WANTS OUR SOULS to PROSPER, BUT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for GUARDING OUR SOUL (HEART).for OUT of IT WILL FLOW the WAY WE LIVE OUR LIVES.'
We all need to do a SOUL CHECK-UP at least once a week (including declaring individually over each of our children's souls). 
Do not forget to include loosing fear too. This can also be used to loose any grief, despair, torment, confusion, witchcraft or curses, addictions or traumas even if they happened long ago.
It really works if we choose with our Will and receive by Faith. I will also add to that list:
thoughts of suicide
or thoughts or desires of homosexuality (which is not the image of God, but a trap from Satan using unclean spirits)...Be set free from both of these traps...
May your souls prosper exceedingly so that you will prosper, Be in health & so our (indwelling spiritual) lights will blind the enemy.
(Like Holy Spirit) our souls have layers (which are also our emotions) that collect both light or darkness. 
Our Will is in the center of our soul along with the Mind (and emotions), so whatever we feed it, we will become; so fill yours with (Father God's) Glorious Light & Love...
A prosperous wonderfully made by the Father & is a spiritual part of you, but you choose this day what will go into it."

Souza, Katie -

Soul Shalom/Restoration

COMMENTARY - Soul wholeness is readily available per Kat Kerr, Katie Souza, etc.
However, soul mendedness/repair/replacement is insufficient, without Holy Spirit's healing presence/health/virtues which impart God's ever present peace/characteristics/love/joy/ comfort/trust/happiness/contentment/laughter: those childlike serendipities that allow resiliency/amusement/glee/smiles/grins/expectation of good/blessings.
Father, in Jesus' name, we invite Your soul shalom.  Triple thanks.  Amen.

Hormann, Dr. Aiko - + $ video course or Inner Healing Book: @

, Dr. Aiko -

The Kat Kerr - March 17 at 8:31pm - The Soul - Okolona, MS - Saturday afternoon (edited)
April 17 at 2:29pm @ The Kat KerrThe Kat Kerr
The Soul Recorded on 3/17/2017 at New Freedom Fellowship in Okolona, MS. -
God wrote our destiny on our will, the center column of our layered spiritual soul/heart. 
We need a weekly soul check up, choose to loose what we dislike + bind God's virtues.
Satan can replay any junk not loosed from our soul
.  We become dangerous to the spiritual enemy via inner healing by loosing (evil) & binding (God's holy character/virtues). 
Plan ahead for spiritual ruling/reigning...

, Kat - Soul Doctor @ 2/8/2023 IMPORTANT

Wommack, Andrew - 5/17/2019
When we apologize for our sins & invite Jesus to be our savior, our spirit man becomes knit to God's & becomes cleansed/whole, making 1/3 of our humanity perfected/OK. 
However, we need to next invite Jesus to become our baptizer, so Holy Spirit can begin to DAILY renovate our soul (willpower/emotions/mindset) which influences our physical health (the remaining 2 other parts of our humanity).

Soul Strongholds

DeGraw, Kathy - 2019-06-18 (edited) (Sometimes) We don't realize it is a demonic attack, when the enemy binds us. 
We think it is life's (bad) happenings & don't know how to move. If you can't seem to move up & forward, perhaps there is a demonic entity preventing you from doing so. Receive freedom by casting the demonic spirit out of your soul as Jesus did when He released the ministry of deliverance over people. We need to stop & (out loud) say, "Spirit of anger or spirit of rejection, go in Jesus' name." Are you plagued with irritability, guilt or condemnation? Those emotions can become (or empower) a spiritual stronghold
When we cast out an evil spirit attached to them, it assists us in removing guilt, condemnation & irritability from our lives by renewing our mind, living in peace & changing our thought patterns.
Once the bondage of the enemy is revealed, exposed & rebuked, (in Jesus’ name) we can move forward.
Take a step back & evaluate where you haven't been able to receive breakthrough & have felt stuck.
Pray, discern & ask Holy Spirit to reveal any strongholds that may have gotten in your back door. 
Then rise up, take your authority & cast them out in Jesus' name.
(Each strong hold often has same name & nature as each negative harmful emotion
.) or

 Soul Ties
 - Unhealthy Co-Dependency

Bunuan, SFCC Sister Ignazia - 2008 - Chapter 15  - The Role of Family Caregivers -
The Big Dig of Life: Fixing Potholes of the Soul - To Heal with the Touch of Christ -  Sometimes family caregivers have a "martyr syndrome" where they say yes when they should say no & vice versa to family members.

Clark, Jonas - SÉx, Soul Ties and Jezebel’s Seducing Spirit - THE BAIT OF JEZEBEL
When Jezebel releases the spirit of séduction
a “spiritual force” is released against your mind, imagination & emotions.   Just as a fisherman may use various baits & lures so does the Jezebel spirit.
Her baits & lures are all séductive in nature.  Séduction is the bait.
You are the fish. 
The purpose of the séduction is to create a soul tie that can be used to control you.
A soul tie is a spiritual or emotional attachment to another person.
In this case the (evil) bond (glue/cord/tie) is with a demonic spirit called Jezebel.
Soul ties can be created in a myriad of ways such as:
Séxual relationships
2.Emotional manipulation
3.Shared life experiences
4.Personal tragedies
5.Loss of a loved one
6.Flattery of the prideful
7.Consoling another
8.Reaching out to the lonely
9.Agreeing with Jezebel’s offenses, hurts, wounds & unforgiveness towards those in authority or leadership.
10.Financial crisis.
Clark, Dennis & Jennifer - - 5/7/2019

Soul ties can be to a person, place or thing.  Open doors typically refer to our emotions/feelings.
(Fatal attraction:) "I watched...2 people who didn't know each other, make a B line for each other.
God said, "That is a seducing spirit.
That's that invisible umbilical cord.  Both of them have wide open doors in their life.

(Like magnets)
They attract each other
." It made me very conscious that these (invisible) seducing spirits are purposely trying to sabotage people's destiny by getting them in the wrong relationships. 
In most cases, these were highly gifted people."

Collins - -
Soul Ties
- 12/4/2017
HAKEEM:  Well a soul tie is basically mutual bonding, knitting or tie of the soul (emotions/mind/will). 
It has to be 2 parties that are coming together in agreement. A soul tie can also be something financial. 
You can have a financial soul tie. Soul ties are established verbally, contractually.
SID:  When I hear that someone had an intimate relationship before they were married
and they say, "Well I guess it's over", that (old-relationship) can be affecting them even today.
HAKEEM:  Exactly. You know, a sexual encounter can establish a soul tie.
Biblically when we think about a covenant, a (spiritual) legal soul tie is established by a man and a woman in marriage. But there are those who have been in past relationships who may have moved on to a new relationship & they're feeling the effects or the trauma from that past 1, even though they have a new one.
Sometimes we have to break, sever (& loose) those pasts or even present soul ties & soul agreements because they had impacted our lives now.  There are those who are now in new relationships that are affected by hurt, abuse, verbal abuse, all those things that have happened because of what is established in the past.
SID:  Unless you know how to break that cycle you're in trouble. Another thing the Bible talks specifically about how bad a sexual sin outside of marriage is. It's so bad, because you become one with that partner & every demon they have, (still)
has legal access to enter you (until you repent/renounce/reject/return soul layer back to lover + take back one’s own soul layer formerly given to/traded/exchanged with former lover. in prayer).  It's not that God is trying to hurt you.  He's trying to help you, by letting you know this.

Eckhardt, John -
.pdf or  -
"A bond between 2 individuals. Souls (mind/will/emotions) of individuals knit or joined together.
A bond, a joining together of souls for good or evil. There are godly & ungodly soul ties. 
Soul ties will cause 1 person to follow another (Ruth 1:14-16);
a person to fulfill the desires of another (1 Samuel 20:4);
a person to surrender his goods to another (1 Samuel 18:4);
react in anger when the person soul tied to is attacked (1 Samuel 20:34);
protect another in times of danger (1 Samuel 20:35-40);
loyalty between a leader and his followers (2 Samuel 20:2). 
Ungodly soul ties can be formed through fornication (Genesis 34:1-3);
cause you to have a check in your spirit (2 Chronicles 18:1-6);
cause your works to be destroyed (2 Chronicles 20:35-37);
formed through Witchcraft (Galatians 3:1,4:17);
turn a person's heart away from God (1 Kings 11:1-4).
Good soul ties can be destroyed (damaged/wounded) via Witchcraft (Galatians 4:15- 16).
There is also a demonic spirit that destroys good soul ties called, 'Good Soul Tie Breaker'.
There are also spirits of False Love that cause people who are not in love to marry, thus forming a bad soul tie.
Ungodly soul ties are relationships that are based on Lust, Witchcraft, Domination and Bondage."

, Terri Savelle -
4 Indicators Of Wrong Soul Ties - Breaking Soul-Ties @

Hormann, Dr. Aiko - -
“Dr. Aiko Hormann is both a scientist and a minister who specializes in inner healing.
Dr. Hormann’s knowledge & conclusions are arrived at through a combination of scientific & spiritual research (revelation).
The teachings of Aiko Hormann state that we have a heart-brain, a head-brain & a gut-brain, all (3) with distinct memories. 
As you clap in the ministry of releasing souls attached to you, you disconnect those soul ties
It’s a spiritual as well as a physical act.  By doing this, you break (off/disconnect) all of the (unholy/broken/expired) agreements & ties with that person.  Whatever is yours stays. 
Whatever is theirs returns to them.
Some people actually feel different kinds of physical or emotional things happen to them, as they are released from these individuals & their souls (or soul pieces) are reconnected.
(This ministry can now also free/liberate the other loosed person/date/mate in this same area where they have have been stuck/handicapped, too, to improve their own relationship with both others & God.)
You Tube videos: @ Did We Love

Hunter, Joan @ 1/11-12/2021 Joan shares that until she RENOUNCED & broke off her soul ties to her former mate, in addition to repenting, rejecting, etc. she continued to have character problems. 
One also needs to replace old emotions/behavior with new/Christ's virtues, in Jesus' name/power. 
2nd, one needs to break off any death assignment over one's destiny foreordained by God.

Kat Kerr June 15, 2014 or
from Tribulation Now radio By
admin End Time Prophecy part 2
from + - Binding & Loosing
are significant kingdom keys even nonbelievers can use in this kingdom age. 
We loose from ourselves any trauma, even prenatal or infant trauma,
in name and power of Jesus Christ.  "Father, in Jesus' name,
I choose as an act of my will, to loose
(& renounce any association with) the trauma/abuse that I experienced as a child.
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the drug addiction that is in my soul.
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the pornography that I have been feeding on.
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the fear that is tormenting me.
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the anger, wrath, & hate that is tormenting me.
I choose as an act of my will, to loose offense, un-forgiveness that I have been living in.
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the homosexuality
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the night terrors
[or perhaps:
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the lust, gluttony
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the masturbation
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the greed
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the insanity, mental illness, depression, PTS
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the disease, defect, autism, ADD, mongolism
I choose as an act of my will, to loose the ___________________
I choose as an act of my will, to loose these in my soul & family tree.]
Thank You Father (in Jesus' name and power): I choose to bind/download deposits of Your love/presence/life/joy/(DNA) to my soul (mind/will/emotions).  The problem can no longer legally torment your soul.
Heaven cannot resist.  The root cause is pulled out of the soul (even out of the bloodline.)
The soul can now resist rather than crave/attract evil, should the enemy try to return.
Divorced/abused individuals need to break soul ties with (renounce association with,
loose/detach a soul layer/deposit/attachment from) former mate/individual (at least negative aspects).
a-In Jesus name, loose/remove from self: that former mate/abuser given/implanted soul part/layer.
b-In Jesus name, call back/reinstate given/kidnapped soul part/piece that is true to self.
c-In Jesus' name, break/cancel any negative effect/harm (on her/mate/seed) of the former soul layer existence in her.
d-In Jesus' name give/rededicate self to Trinity, & begin to download His fruit
   (peace/love/joy/longsuffering/light/etc. to reprogram/reformat our DNA).
Kerr, Kat - The Temple - Spirit, Soul and Body DVD 2012 - 
Soul ties
pertain to most everything relevant to our godly fruitfulness or the lack thereof.
Spiritual soul ties relate to every thing/person/place we set out feet. 
Our souls attract or reject both good and evil.  We often exchange soul layers. 
If evil they need to be repented of, renounced, rejected, & replaced with holy, in Jesus' name & power. 
Premarital sexual encounters require elimination of the sexual partner's soul layer
and the taking back of our soul layer from them, allowing us to be complete once again. 
Being in an evil atmosphere/place often deeds Satan legal grounds to deposit evil between/on our soul layers
or to take a soul layer & seat it in demonic places from which Satan may afflict us.
When we are born-again, a soul layer is seated with the Trinity in heavenly places, allowing the Holy Spirit to walk beside us. It is NOT until we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit that we receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit. 
Holy Spirit is a layered being, Who can fill everything & everyone with a layer of Himself. 
Each layer is 101% complete DNA duplicate/portion of Himself.
A key here is to bind & loose evil from oneself, + to replace curses with blessings.
Kerr, Kat - New Brighton, PA 6/2013
posted 2/8/2016 - Marriage is a soul tie.  (Thus, if divorced, one would need to reverse this.) 
If we are bewildered by our own behavior or repeat behavior, it may pertain to our exchange of soul layers:
the soul layer of a former mate may be unknowingly adversely affecting us. 
Father God, in Jesus' name we loose from ourselves all soul deposits & layers that are not of You, that are adversely affecting us, our mates, &/or our seed.  Be loosed from us & returned to sender. 
We repent for our participation allowing such sin; we repent for any offender/ violater. 
Now we retrieve each soul layer that was given away or taken from us, in Jesus' name. 
We invite You holy Trinity to restore us to wholeness.  Much thanks dear Lord. 
We declare in Jesus' name, we will no longer act out in unpredictable unholy ways.  Amen.

Myles, Francis - The Negative effect of a Soul Tie -
"(Some unhealthy/old/un-severed) Soul ties can also be used for the devil’s advantage.
Soul ties formed from sex outside of marriage cause a person to become defiled.
'Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw, took, lay with & defiled her.
His soul cleaved unto Dinah the daughter of Jacob. 
He loved the damsel & spoke kindly unto the damsel.' (Genesis 34:2-3, KJV). 
This is why it is so common for a person to still have 'feelings' towards an ex-lover that they have no (longer any) right to be attracted to in that way.
Even 20 years down the road, a person may still think of their 1st lover, even if he or she is across the country & has their own family, all because of a soul tie!  The following is an example of the result of an ungodly (un-severed) soul tie.  Demonic spirits can also take advantage of ungodly soul ties & use them to transfer (evil) spirits between person to another.  I remember 1 young man I led through deliverance (ministry).
He was facing severe demonic visitations and torment (nightmares), all thanks to an ungodly soul tie.
I led him to (verbally & spiritually repent, renounce &) break the soul tie, & the attacks stopped completely.”
(Article @ )
Myles, Francis - The Bait of Jezebel that Creates Soul Ties -

The following article, written by Apostle Jonas Clark, clearly explains the process of the Jezebel spirit creating soul ties in a person: “When Jezebel releases the spirit of seduction, a 'spiritual force' is released against your mind, imagination, & emotions.  Just as a fisherman may use various baits & lures so does the Jezebel spirit.
Her baits & lures are all seductive in nature. Seduction is the bait that leads to a soul tie. You are the fish. 
The purpose of the seduction is to create soul ties that can be used to control you.
A soul tie is a spiritual, emotional (and/or physical) attachment to another person.
In this case, the bond is with a demonic spirit called Jezebel.
Soul ties can be created in a myriad of ways such as:
1 - sexual relationships
2 - emotional manipulation
3 - shared life experiences
4 - personal tragedies
5 - loss of a loved one
6 - flattery of the prideful
7 - consoling another
8 - reaching out to the lonely
9 - agreeing with Jezebel's offenses, hurts, wounds & offenses towards those in authority or leadership.
10 - financial crisis
Once soul ties have been established, Jezebel’s victim becomes a eunuch.
A eunuch is a child of the Jezebel spirit. This has nothing to do with the male gender.
A castrated male, for example, is a eunuch.
In other words, a eunuch is a person without strength that can no longer reproduce.
A Jezebel eunuch has no (minimal) life outside the controlling world of Jezebel. Again, a eunuch has no (reduced) strength of their own, looks to the Jezebel spirit for approval, instruction, validation, & companionship”...
Myles, Francis - Idol Worship - Holy Spirit revealed:
You and most of my children around the world are Idol worshippers.  You worship the future.  Anytime a child of God is more worried about what the future will bring to such an extent that they fail to enjoy the ‘Presence of God in the Now.’  They are worshipping the future.” (Secular/conventional article -
Thus, we need to develop a deeper/helping/healing/indwelling relationship with Holy Spirit.)
Co-dependency can also occurr between provider/guardian/doctor/therapist & client.

Souza, Katie - - 
5. Expect God to reveal to you unhealthy soul ties.

As you soak in the light, you will have dreams, visions, revelations concerning old boyfriends or girlfriends, ex-husbands or ex-wives, children, people you have developed a soul tie with. What is a soul tie? It is a linkage of the:
soul, emotions, like-mindedness & will of 2 people. Soul ties can have positive or negative effects.
I Sam 18, David & Jonathan developed a positive soul tie... It was the love that David had in his soul for Jonathan that caused him to take care of his children after his death. Another positive effect of a soul tie is a godly marriage.
According to Matthew 19:5, He wants couples to be united in soul; to be like-minded in emotions, in their wills & in ability to choose things. It is the binding of their souls that creates an awesome marriage...
Some ungodly soul ties are formed through sin outside of marriage. Genesis 34:2-4 says “When Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw Dinah, Leah’s daughter, he took her, lay with her, & defiled her. 
His soul clave unto, loved, spake kindly unto Dinah the daughter of Jacob.” Schechem violated Jacob’s daughter.  Afterwards, it caused a soul tie with Dinah.
COMMENT (Picture a soul tie like a pet on a leash, or a puppet on a string, with God, Satan, you, family, boss, government, king or all attempting to maneuver/manipulate.)

Soul Wounds

Eldredge, John - You Have What It Takes Dad -
"You simply invite Jesus into your (soul) enter into the broken and unhealed places of your heart...
Ask Him to release you from all (haunting/hurting) bondage & captivity...
Grieve (& then LOOSE any loss/injury/choice/mistake/trauma that allowed that wound)...
Then let God love you... Next you must forgive your father (mother/mate/offender, God & yourself)...
The last step is to ask God to Father you...Begin to say to your children what you never said to them...
It's NEVER too late."

Hormann, Dr. Aiko- How to Get Rid of  Traumatic Memories - 6/27/2017

Kerr, Kat - All Things Restored (2/6/2016) AUDIO -
Baptism may burn up many soul wounds.
Others may become allergic to us due to our subsequent increased zeal for God & His kingdom.
Matthew 3:11 KJV - "He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost & with fire." 
And with fire is a 2nd baptism. or
acts/2-3.htm - The Holy Spirit at Pentecost
2Suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind. 
It filled the whole house wh
ere they were sitting.
3There appeared to them tongues as of fire distributing & resting on each one of them.
Kerr, Kat - 4/15/2016 post
Beloved, I pray that in every way you may prosper and enjoy good health, as your soul also prospers. @ 3_john/1-2.htm - The health of the soul (emotions/mind/will) precedes that of the body (especially regarding the retention of a healing).
Our soul dwells in the center of our spiritual being & is inseparable from our spirit, even at death of the body.
Kerr, Kat - The Kat Kerr - 23 hrs - Wonder Women 11/1-3/2018 -
Disallow soul wounds to stay & infest/infest our flesh/mind/emotions. 
Recognize & loose soul wounds immediately.  Walking in the spirit realm is a spirit PLACE.

Mohr, Greg - blog - article
"It seems the enemy uses the 'pile up' method to attempt to move us off our assigned place in the kingdom.
The only thing that kept us sane during the emotional, financial, & relationship pressures we faced was daily, intimate time with Jesus & our relation-ships with close kingdom friends & mentors. Our relationship with Pastor Bob and Joy Nichols, of Calvary Cathedral in Ft. Worth, Texas was a special lifeline for us during this time. 
While I was thinking about these (personal & ministry tumultuous) events for the 'umpteenth' time  day, I began to unintentionally defend myself to myself regarding all the unfounded accusations former friends had brought against me.  I then began to bring these things before the Lord.
Immediately I heard God speak clearly with this question, 'Whose father is speaking these things about you?'
I responded with, 'What do you mean, Lord?' 
He answered, 'It’s not Me who is saying these things of you, so it is NOT necessary for you to respond to them. They are NOT true of you.'”
(Daily/consistently/often/regularly) come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, & I will give you rest.
Take My yoke upon you, & learn from Me, for I am gentle & lowly in heart, & you will find rest for your souls.
For My yoke is easy & My burden is light
. (Matthew 11:28-30)
[Satan always accuses, whereas Holy spirit always tenderly convicts.]
Mohr, Greg - video
Mohr, Greg - A Prosperous Soul with Greg Mohr - Part 1 8/21/2017
Mohr, Greg -
A Prosperous Soul with Greg Mohr - Part 1 - video - Greg was healed of a cancerous neck tumor. 
God healed it when the root soul issues were dealt with.  Bitterness has  roots.  All spiritual weeds have roots. 
The fruit is often psychiatric or physical symptoms/ illness. 
When self or others continually: distort, deflect blame, are volatile/discontent/delusional/explosive, then that is a red flag that the soul (emotions/mind/will) is sick/full of pus/infection/wounds/hurts/unforgiveness/whatever gives Satan opportunity to use as an ingredient/legal grounds for torment/disease/distress/captivity.

Mohr, Greg - 10/20/2016

Souza, Katie @ HOW TO LIVE (HOLY - Experiencing Jesus Christ...
or - The Glory Light of Jesus - 3/29/2010 -
"God has shown me a powerful revelation about your soul that can usher in miraculous healing for your body.
When you are born again, your spirit man is instantly made perfect.

The Bible says that the same Spirit that lives in Messiah Jesus lives in you.
However, upon your regeneration in Messiah, your soul man is not instantly made perfect.
In fact, it’s most likely a mess.  Sin causes wounds within our souls.
Either someone sinned against you or you sinned against yourself.

Maybe you were abandoned, molested, robbed or abused in some way.
Possibly, you sinned against yourself by doing drugs, committing adultery or maybe you abused someone else. Either way, sin creates these soul wounds.
Some are even passed on
(inherited) from the (unconfessed) sins of ancestors (not yet under the blood of Messiah). 
Since the (soul) wounds on your soul were created by (unconfessed) sin, they give the demonic realm the legal right to torment you.  (Unrepented) sin is an open door for the enemy.
1 of the reasons why the enemy did not possess power over Jesus was because He was without sin & therefore had no wounds in His soul
(Job confessed often for sins of his children + priests & kings for their subjects.)
There was nothing in Jesus' (soul) that gave the enemy a legal right to afflict Him.
Listen to what Jesus says about this:
'I will not talk with you much more, for the prince (evil genius, ruler) of the world is coming.
He has no claim on Me. [He has nothing in common with Me. 
There is nothing in Me that belongs to him & he has no power over Me
]' (John 14:30 AMP)... 
(Mark 5:6-7 AMP.):
In this story, a man with the spirit of Legion meets Jesus as He comes into the region of Gerasenes.
The Scripture says, 'When from a distance he saw Jesus, he ran & fell on his knees before Him in homage, & crying out with a loud voice, he said, What have You to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?'...
Remember what Jesus said in John 14:30,
'The prince of the world is coming…[He has nothing in common with Me…He has no power over Me.]'
The spirit of Legion recognized there was something different about this man Jesus.
Legion knew there was no thing in Jesus’ soul that was in common with the dark kingdom, so it possessed no power to torment Jesus. However, Jesus could torment it.
That is why Legion begged Jesus, 'I solemnly implore you by God, do not begin to torment me.' (Mark 5:7). 
Do you desire complete dominion over the enemy?
Then, there must be no thing in your soul that is in common with Satan
There were 2 men in the story of Mark 5.
1 was Jesus & the other was the man who was totally under the power of the spirit of Legion.
What enabled Legion to have total dominion over him? The wounds in his soul
. Let me prove it.
Mark writes, 'As soon as He got out of the boat, there met Him out of the tombs a man [under the power] of an unclean spirit.
This man continually lived among the tombs… Night & day [he was] among the tombs' (Mark 5:2-3,5 AMP.). 
3x the Scripture mentions that this man lived among the tombs.
The word 'tomb' in the Greek means to recall or remember.
It also means a monument set up to cause a perpetual remembrance.
This is what a soul wound is: a monument set up inside of you that causes your (soul, consisting of") mind, will & emotions to be continually affected & controlled by a horrible event in your life.
The man in Mark 5 lived among the tombs. He lived out of the wounded parts in his soul
Because soul wounds are formed by sin, it gave the spirit of Legion the legal right to torment (remind/curse/ confuse/afflict) him.
Healing of the Body & Soul - What does this have to do with physical healing?  3 John 1:2 says,
'Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things & be in health, just as (when) your soul prospers.' 
Your physical health is directly connected to your soul’s health. If there is a wound in your soul, that was formed through sin, it will give the demonic the legal right to bring sickness & disease into your (mind &) body... On tour, we visited a state where I had never been before. As soon as we got off the plane, I felt sick.
Within 2 hours I had a high temperature, could barely think, my throat hurt.
I developed a severe bladder infection, along with a yeast infection. Instantly, I knew that in order for the demonic to be able to make me so sick, there must have been something in my soul that was in common with the demonic powers of that region. So instead of rebuking & getting nowhere,
I lay down on the floor & let the (resurrection) Glory Light of Jesus flood my soul.
While I was lying there, the Lord gave me a vision. He showed me 5 rooms inside of my soul where old wounds were hiding. I saw myself walk into each room in order to bring them out.
Suddenly, they were all covered with the Glory Light of Jesus.  Each 1 was instantly healed. 
Once the wounds were healed, I could effectively make war against the demonic forces because their legal right to make me sick was gone
I commanded the demonic to come off me.  That nasty spirit came up. Its name was 'Legion' & it spoke to me in an audible voice, so immense it would fill a large 2-story room. It demanded, 'What do you want?' 
I screamed, 'In Jesus Name, I want you to get out.'  
It left.  While it was leaving, I literally felt its tentacles rip from my body.  I was completely healed."
Souza, Katie - -
"Everyone has a problem or affliction that just won’t seem to go away, no matter how much we repent, pray, rebuke, fast & decree. 
All of us probably know someone who may have struggled with the same issues for years, even decades...
Katie Souza brings...revelation to expose the hidden blocks in our lives...
Katie... felt led to help a friend with Parkinson’s disease, which according to science, comes from the basal ganglia, also known as the Reptile brainThe Bible says we are given power to trample on serpents.  Nothing will harm us... Learn how to be healed and delivered of Leviathan, Python, deaf-adder spirit, religious brood-of-vipers spirit & an assortment of other serpents that are causing everything from Parkinson’s to cancer to infertility to addictions of every kind." - CD The Serpent And The Soul... +
MP3 download The Serpent And The Soul  &/or The Serpent And The Soul FIRE SOAK +
Souza, Katie - or 3/24/2016 editorial
Holy Spirit fire "burns away the chaff (sin/iniquity/wounds/hurts/demonic snake) in our soul that afflicts us & allows (gives legal right for) demonic spirits to attack us...
Ask God to put the blood of Jesus on every sin (and soul wound/deposit/layer) you have in common with any serpent.  Then (soak) spend time (even via hymns during sleep) in the fiery presence of the Lord...
Drive the snake out of hiding and destroy it" (in Jesus' name.) john/14-30.htm -
I will not talk with you much more, for the prince (evil genius, ruler) of the world is coming.
He has no claim on Me. [He has nothing in common with Me.
There is nothing in Me that belongs to him, & (thus/therefore) he has no (legal) power over Me.]

Souza, Katie - 2016
"In the following (expired) video, Souza explains that 1 reason people aren’t being healed is because demonic kings are hindering it. This is what she says you have to do to deliverance or receive healing," per 2011
Seems that the brain can be divided into 3rds, 1 of which is the basal ganglia, which controls movements, & involves the hormone dopamine.
Even reptiles have this brain part.  Demonic entities can affect this brain part and thus trigger Parkinson's. 
Demons can manifest as or infest scorpions & reptiles (often spoken of in scripture as snakes & dragons). 
(An aside.  This CD also mentions that ammonia on the brain can trigger Alzheimer's. 
Both ailments can be cured by Christ.) Souza, Katie - CD #00084 -
Souza, Katie -  10/30/2015 -
They (soul wounds) are the living dead.
They are stuff that happened in the past that were supposed to die a long time ago, but they are still alive, kicking, making trouble & trying to eat you & your money. The wounds gobble up your inheritance.
The wounds are there controlling our will. 
We need to get our wounds healed so that we can prosper & be in good health. 
When your soul prospers you are going to be free to make right decisions. 
Wounds within your soul control
your mind, will & emotions...
The blood cleanses the sin.  Sin wounds the soul.  Dynamos power heals the wound that came from the sin...
1st - PRAYER FOR SINS:  Dear Father God, in Jesus' name,
"I ask forgiveness for any sin (especially _____ ) that I committed that wounded my soul.
Wash me clean of all: my sins, sins of my ancestors, and any sins committed against me.
I put Your blood on those sins.  I also forgive people (especially ____ ) who have hurt me.
Leviticus 17 says Your blood atones for my soul, so I believe that Your blood washes me (us) clean of every sin in my (our) soul right now.  I receive Your forgiveness (& invite/re-invite Your Son & Holy Spirit into my life). AMEN."
2nd - PRAYER FOR SOUL: Put your hand on your stomach & say, Father, in Jesus' name:
"Sin has wounded my soul, but Your dynamos power can heal every wound inside of me/we.
I have already been resurrected in a new life in You (by repenting, inviting Jesus to be my savior + Holy Spirit to indwell me), so Your Dynamos (power) lives in my spirit. 
I decree it's flowing into my soul right now & causing me to be excellent of soul.
Heal every wound inside of me.  Cause my soul to be excellent in every place where I’ve been injured. 
Fill me with Your resurrection power, in both my soul & body.
I know that when my soul gets healed, I will be prosperous in my finances & health, even as my soul prospers; so I receive my healing now.  (Thanks &) AMEN."

Souza, Katie -
CDs share that Parkinson's can sometimes be attributed to soul wounds (personal or inherited) that need healing.  Program is not for the faint of heart, but for those who have tried everything else & are desperate or destitute.  The end result should be good.
Katie Souza - - Dunamis Activ8 3/18/2016
(short clip) "
Scripture shows us that Dunamis is made up of His Glory
+ His Light & is a power tool available to heal our souls, relationships, finances & physical bodies." 
(Recommended: prayer in 2nd parts.  3rd part clarifies further.  Full: Episode 24-27)
Souza, Katie - -
"The wounds in our souls control us.
They drive people to drink or to go back to it even after they've broken free.
They drive people back to drugs when they've lived clean  for years.
The wounds drive people back to pornography, even though they've tried desperately to get out of it."
Souza, Katie - -
#3 - "
A wound is like a phonographic scratch. It keeps playing over & over again.
If you get a repeated dream, that is a wound in your soul playing over & over again."

#7 "Once the wounded part is healed, then you can command the demonic to come out."
Prayer for deliverance of manifestations: backaches, neck ache, tummy ache, sore throat:
I speak to the demonic right now. 
I command all (medical/physical/psychiatric) manifestations to stop. I put the grace on the temple right now.
Zechariah 2 Grace was spoken in the temple. I decree that the (soul) wound that you (demon) are attached to & is causing you (ache/symptom) to manifest will be healed in the (spiritually applied dynamos resurrection) light & you (demon) will have to go.  I send the angels (heavenly host) right now to bind you & put you under torment.
Stop manifesting now.  Stop tormenting now in the Name of Jesus. Amen".

, Katie 10/5/2011 -
Souza, Katie - 4/2016 Soul Time Newsletter - Releasing the Light of Christ -
"The will is part of the soul.  Some people can NOT repent because the wounds in their souls, created by sin (personal and/or inherited) are giving the enemy the legal right to control their will. 
According to this Scripture (
2_timothy/2-26.htm the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.)  
The (spiritual) enemy has now taken them captive to do his will, which is why they can't & don't want to repent (change/reverse direction). 
We must repent for them; Jesus has given us the legal right to do it. (
Jesus was saying,
'Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.')

Stop getting mad at your rebellious loved ones. 
They can't repent because the enemy has taken their will captive

(1st) Start repenting for them...(2nd) releasing the (resurrection dynamos) light you have in you towards them to heal their soul (mind/emotions/will)... You are filled with the light of Christ. 
You don't even have to be in the same room or even the same country as them for this to work." 
(If that is a problem for you, begin with own soul wounds.)
Souza, Katie
Souza, Katie @
or August-September 2016
The Landing Strip in Your Soul
Jesus Never Failed
#3 Taking Dominion
Living Among The Tombs
Supernaturally Immune
Join the Army

Souza, Katie -
media archives
Souza, Katie - Healing the Soul - Ep. 1 – Soul 101 Basics Pt. 1 +
Ep. 2 – Soul 101 Basics Pt. 2 +
Ep. 3 – Soul 101 Basics Pt. 3 + Ep. 4 – Soul 101 Basics Pt. 4 +
Ep. 5 – Soul 101 Basics Pt. 5 + Miracles from the
Souza, Katie - 2/6/2017
– 3 John 1:2  Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. "God began to pour into my spirit revelation concerning not only how a wounded soul can (adversely) affect a person’s life, but also how it can open the door to demonic attack...
Holy Spirit taught me that the Blood of Jesus, His Glory, His Light & Dunamis (resurrection) power can heal broken areas in a person’s soul...
Healing power is literally bottled up in the Word and is there for anyone who would take it...&...decree...over self...
As the Word of God healed my soul, I began to experience incredible supernatural breakthrough in my health & finances... Every day & especially at night while I slept, I listened to those recordings & the healings rolled in.
As I continued soaking in these Scriptures and decrees, I soon found that I was no longer suffering from the flu or chronic bladder infections.  Even the monthly yeast infections I had battled since I was a teen-ager subsided.
Praise the Lord, I also overcame the food addictions I had struggled with all my life.
In fact, I was seeing so much fruit in my life from them."
Souza, Katie - Keep Fighting the Good Fight - Lesson #19

Believer’s Walk of Faith with Bill Winston – Healing Your Wounded Soul 12/10/2018 post - - good -
Satan has NO legal right to God's born-again kids, unless they are ignorant or passive.
A saved Holy Spirit baptized Christian's spirit is possessed by Holy Spirit & can NOT be possessed by an evil spirit. 
However one can be oppressed in soul &/or body [if he does not resist spiritual evil bullying & ventriloquism (Satan’s thoughts camouflaged as God’s or our own). 
Scripture alerts us to RESIST the devil, so he WILL flee. Scripture also alerts us to TEST EVERY SPIRIT. 
A good way to say that is to: Test every internal/interior voice, especially thoughts called self-talk.
See 1st John 4:1-4.  We can ask ourselves if the NATURE of that thought is holy or harmful.]
 1_john/4-1.htm -
Testing the Spirits
Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits (thoughts/ideas/impressions)
to see whether they are from God. For many false prophets have gone out into the world.

By this you will know the Spirit of God:
Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God
and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming, and is already in the world at this time.
You, little children, are from God and have overcome them,
because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.

Zadai, Kevin L - Heavenly Visitation - 11/2016 Mishpochah newsletter -
"I saw...a black vest...from my chest to my stomach. 
I immediately understood that the black area was my soul...the center of the (core) will & (layered) emotions...connected directly to the beautiful glorified body (or born-again spirit man).
The black vest...was made up of untrue words that had been spoken over me. 
He explained,
'This is a lifetime of words spoken against you...They continue to affect you...
We need to deal with the hurt caused by these words
...affecting you'...
He said, 'Don't speak against people.  Your words can bind them & hinder My work in their lives...
Do not even speak against unsaved people, because I am working to bring them to a point of repentance & salvation.  Your (wrong) words can slow down the process'...
He showed me...He was working through angels & humans to bring people into His Kingdom...
Words help or hinder that activity...
In 1992...Jesus...said (that) words are of utmost importance to the operation of the realm of the supernatural...
The supernatural realm responds to me when I speak (pray/sing) by the Holy Spirit...
The single most important thing I could do to participate in the supernatural realm was to pray
(whisper or sing out loud) in tongues.

COMMENTARY:  A number of ministries are sharing how Jesus heals/restores wounded souls, 1 method being by a deliberate act of one's will, one repents, LOOSES from his own soul such things as trauma and unforgiveness, then BINDS to his soul God's virtues, typically the opposite of the hurt. Generally we can do likewise for our minor children, over whom we have guardianship, pus our mate, with whom we are 1 flesh.
Regarding our adult children, let us also consider the same possibility & attempt in faith to do likewise for mistakes we ourselves have made or allowed or have transpired under our prior guardianship. 
Thus if our children are now gone from the nest, but damages occurred during our watch, perhaps we can now LOOSE from our adult children, those damages that occurred under our former oversight (or lack thereof).  Perhaps we can pray something like this:
Father God, in Jesus' name, now that I am aware of these spiritual principles, of which I was formerly ignorant, I now repent for any issue, which is not now forgiven/under the blood of Jesus. 
Those hurts which occurred under my guardianship, intentional or not,
I now LOOSE from our children's souls and DNA, erasing/healing all damage & replacing with all Your opposite virtues. 
I now BIND to their souls Your heart (mind/emotions/will), health, Spirit & destiny for which each was created. 
Thank You for being a super Man who can make something out of nothing + nothing out of something, erasing all wrongs.  How awesome are You.  Double thanks.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.

Silver Cord

Ecclesiastes 12:6 NIV - Remember Him before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken...& the dust returns to the ground it came from & the (human) spirit returns to God, Who gave it.

, Ana Mendez - - ATA video Spirit of Man shares
that a silver cord connects the human spirit to the human body, preventing death. 
(Satan can use the unregenerate human spirit to participate in astral projection, using the safety of the silver cord. 
Per some advocates, "
Astral projection refers to an out-of-body-experience (OBE)
during which the soul leaves the physical body and travels to the astral plane.

We see here that some people interchange the word soul for spirit. 
The bottom line is not the name/label, but rather the: function, purpose, & source of the power - evil or holy.)
Ana also notes per above scripture that our golden bowl is our interior but invisible spiritual container of either the evil spirit or preferably the Holy Spirit (especially at the time when we become married to Jesus, when we take His name/identity/check-book, which for most comes after: salvation/new-birth & Holy Spirit baptism, when He begins to walk in our lives performing miracles & when we begin to hear & obey Him better, with great love + when we begin to walk at the same time in 2 dimensions: heavenly as well as earthly, when we bring heaven to earth, in Jesus' name).


Hormann, Dr Aiko - Plumbline of God: to Align with God's Will - CD -
"The 'Plumb-line of God' represents all that Jesus is, & what He has accomplished, to provide for our victorious, abundant life."

Kerr, Kat - Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours 2014 
Kerr, Kat - An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2)
Your will CAN override your flesh (human-nature or fallen-nature). 
With choose with our free will to loose current & future offense/rejection/emotional-pain/hurt from our soul. 
Father God wants us 101% free. He will remove that which we release/allow Him to take-out/burn-up.
"Father, I choose with an act of my will to evict/loose now all pain/rejection/abandonment/fear/hurt/concerns.
I choose to cancel & loose IT, in Jesus' name. 
I thank You heaven for removing it from me (us) completely/totally/utter ally. 
I can be whole; I receive it right now in Jesus' name, as You Holy Spirit are pulling IT out of me (we), out of my soul Father I choose to loose from my soul those things/memories/wounds which I do not want:
I choose of my own free will to LOOSE IT in Jesus' name. 
I will be free from my childhood up, (even from conception up). 
Lord, thanks for bringing this to pass from heaven.
Thanks for our freedom & dominion, in Jesus' name and power. Amen.  In Jesus' name,
I break all soul-ties with (between) those who have abused me & those who I have abused. 
(I take back any soul piece given or taken,
+ I give back any soul piece/deposit in me from them, in Jesus' name.)"
"I choose as an act of my will to BIND the love/life/presence/JOY of God to my soul (& family).
I choose with my will to BIND the purposes/plans of God to my (our) soul.
I receive IT in Jesus' name & no thing can ever take IT away.
Now I declare and decree that my (our) soul is whole.
You desire above all things that I (we) prosper & be in health even as our soul prospers.
Thank You Lord that this day my (our) soul prospers.  I thank You for showing me how to:
receive Your love, fill myself with You & life, declare & decree the things You think about me (us), because I (we) belong to You."  You can be & stay free.  Make it a weekly habit of loosing harm & binding His blessings.6.25.2015.
Thank You Father for giving us kingdom keys.
Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 1/2/2015 audio @ -
Our will is our free will that chooses/allows/decides/permits. 
When we elect to attend a move, we allow the negative/demonic to be transmitted/deposited into our soul as we watch it.  The more full of darkness the soul, is the harder it is to hear/discern God's voice &
the easier it is to be drawn back into old ways of thinking/behaving.  That is how addictions occur.
(Thus we may need to censor our viewing, pay attention to film ratings + avail ourselves of internet filters/fire-walls.) - To override/overrule/reverse these wrong choices & subsequent evil deposits we can pray,
"Father, as an act of my will,
I NO longer want this.
I No longer want to be a part of this. 
I don't want this to be a part of me.  (In Jesus' name)
I loose from my soul
(and family tree) as an act of my will this addiction/hate/ pornography/violence/(disease/defect/curse/rejection/gluttony/Pharmacia/_________)." 
Whatever we loose on earth, God will loose/exterminate in 2nd heaven. 
Once it is loosed from our soul, it cannot pull us back into that same junk.  Likewise,
"Father, in Jesus' name, we bind to ourselves, Your love/mind/life/light/peace/Word,
which in turn we release to others to provide victory over defeat."  Thanks Lord.  Amen
Kerr, Kat - 11/15/2015 - Our will is at
the core of our soul, which is knit to our human spirit when we are placed in the womb.
Kerr, Kat - Basic Training in the Spirit Realm  - (Spirit Realm BootCamp 1. March 25, 2016) or @ Princess Reka or @ Joan Hunter, Texas -
The will is the central core of the soul, which is the core of the human spirit. 
We choose/accept/reject or fail to reject with our will 24/7 what is deposited onto our soul, via what we intake with our 5 senses, as our soul is layered like a filter, which becomes easily contaminated/polluted, thus cursing (or blessing) our behavior/mood/self-talk.

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - - The WILL (Is) the SPIRITUAL SEAT of POWER
"The seat of power [(for man is the) Spiritual Authority organ (of) Free Will to Govern with Christ in Righteousness & Judgment]"

Nesbitt, Sharon @
It Starts in Your Mind Chapter 3 of The Scarlet Thread -

O'Neill, Barbara - @ 9/30/2018
Includes chapter on Limbic system @
(Other chapters are cited at above link.) This series ties into below series as it pertains to the will:

@ - 10/13/2021 -

Pittman, Howard - Demons: An Eyewitness Account - - full text - Chapter 1 The Clone -
"When 1st created, all spirits were duplications of the creator...
God added a 2nd dimension to that clone by giving him a soul.  (Genesis 2:7) 
The soul is that part of our being that makes us, as spirits, become an individual.
With the soul came man's ability to exercise his sovereign will...
We see the a person's personality...
You may choose to believe God, or you may choose to believe Satan...& not even acknowledge his existence." 
(Our believing the lies of Satan or his demons or even NOT believing in their existence, opens the door for their indwelling us & manipulating us from the inside, as they need a body through which to express their personalities & purposes.)
Chapter 12 - Overview - When a man willingly, even by default, allows demons legal access to his body, "he willfully hands over the control of that flesh body...until they are cast out" in the name & power of Jesus.

Souza, Katie - 4/2016 Soul Time Newsletter - Releasing the Light of Christ -
"The will is part of the soul.  Some people can't repent because the wounds in their souls, created by sin (personal or inherited) are giving the enemy the legal right to control their will.  According to this Scripture (
2_timothy/2-26.htm the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.)  the (spiritual) enemy has now taken them captive to do his will, which is why they can't and don't want to repent (change/reverse direction). 
We must repent for them; Jesus has given us the legal right to do it. (
luke/23-34.htm Jesus was saying, 'Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.') Stop getting mad at your rebellious loved ones. 
They can't repent because the enemy has taken their will captive.  Start repenting for them. 
NEXT, pray for them, by releasing the (resurrection dynamos) light you have in you towards them to heal their soul... You are filled with the light of Christ.  You don't even have to be in the same room or even the same country as them for this to work."  (if that is a problem for you, then begin with own soul wounds.)

Sumrall, Lester @ edited/paraphrsed -
"Your will, like your mind, must be renewed. If the will is to be what Jesus wants it to be, it must be born again, along with the rest of your soul (willpower+emotions+mind)..At the time of spiritual conversion, when he’s born-again, man comes into a dramatic change in his will. He chooses to receive Christ as his Savior & becomes a new creature. His process of will is changed; it is different that it was before he was born-again.
Will is involved in your receiving the (indwelling) Holy Spirit. There are some people who have the will to be saved, but do not have the will to go further in God.  It ceases at salvation. But the Bible explicitly tells us in 1 John that there are 3 witnesses to God in the earth: the blood, water & Holy Spirit (v. 5:8).
Some people stop at the blood.  Some people stop at the blood & water. Some get all the way through to the Spirit. When you apprehend all 3, you inevitably will be that which God desires. Not only is the will an important factor in receiving the Holy Spirit (baptism), but also in receiving & operating in the gifts & ministries of the Holy Spirit.  Willpower is already there.  If you do not will to have them, they will not function through you.
Will is a source of desire. It is a source of hope (& activation)...
"Satan cannot violate your will because he does not have the proper power to do so.
God made the human will so strong that Satan must ask your permission before he can have it.
You 1st must grant it to him. Regarding your will & your guardian angel, you 1st determine your decisions. 
Then your guardian angel can act for you. You 1st must stress your own willpower & move in a certain direction before your angel can act on your behalf. Angels are not permitted to control human will.
Only you can control your will. Demons seek to control your destiny by your will.
In their attempt to control the human will or to weaken it, demons can make sin attractive & desirable.
They try to break down willpower by saying, 'This/that won’t hurt you.  This/that won’t take you to hell.'
They seek to break down your will to serve the Lord Jesus.
Demons use deceit & trickery against the human will to bring it under their subjection.
To be protected, the human will must live in the Word & worship of God...
Possibly the supreme message of this hour is the comprehension of God’s will, man’s will, & the devil’s will.
The devil wants to take us all to Armageddon & kill us...Until a Christian can differentiate between God’s will & his own, he most likely will live in the lower realm of his own will & not in God's spiritual realm, the upper realm, of God’s will."  (To help us begin to have spiritual and practical vicory we can pray with Leter Sumrall the following.)
Dear Lord Jesus, I believe that You died & rose from the dead (in order) to save me from my sins.
I want to be
(adopted into Your Family) forever. Please forgive me of all my sins committed (& omitted).
I now ask You to come into my heart as Lord and Savior.
(I also ask You to) Baptize me in Your Spirit.
(I believe.  I receive. 
Thank You.) Amen
.  "Now that you have given your life to Christ, it is important to DAILY pray & read the Bible.
It also is important to attend a Bible-believing church regularly."

Broken Heart
Double Minded
Fragmented Soul
Multiple Personality

Brim, Billye -  4/2012 -

, Charles  8/2002 
Victims of Childhood Abuse and Gifts of the Spirit -  
"The Holy Spirit showed me that victims of schizophrenia need to have their minds called together."
(perhaps like the egg Humpty Dumpty who was broken/fractured)
Carrin, Charles + psychotherapists Donaldson, Dr. Joseph and Dipeolu, Dr. Abiola O.  important editorial  8/23/2005+2.2.2016
"The Holy Spirit then applied that 're-gathering' principle (of Jews to Israel & believers to Himself) to individuals (the mentally ill) whose minds had been scattered (fragmented). It was His will that they come to complete restoration.  He then cautioned me that Deliverance Ministry was only the 2nd part of their need.
anything else, these people needed to have their minds '(soul layers) called (back) together'...
We ministered deliverance successfully to these patients only AFTER the fragmented condition of their minds had been corrected...
It seems that the offending spirit uses the person's mental woundedness as their consent for it to stay.
Once the consent-factor has been corrected, the gap closed, the darkness dispelled, the spirit can be forced out.  Until this has been done we are wasting our time in attempting deliverance
Abiola Dipeolu, Ph.D says that  conventional, "Psychology does not have access to these keys because they are available only to the children of the kingdom. Until now, the doors to the kingdom have pretty much been closed to these (mentally ill) individuals. However, with these keys, they will finally be re-gathered home to stay."
The Lord indicated the following prototol: "Speak very lovingly, very reassuringly, TO that specific part in hiding, to tell it the danger was gone, it no longer needed to hide, Jesus was now its savior and protector.
I was NOT to command it as I would have a demon
but to appeal to that tiny, frightened little girl (or boy) to turn loose...& come home...
I was to remind the traumatized part that no one else could fit into that empty place but it.
That was its home. It could fit no where else.  It wanted to come home. It was tired of being in hiding.
Tired of separation. Tired of loneliness.  All those pains would end when it slipped back into place.

I would then wait. Repeat the appeal. Coax it by saying, 'Come on home...You want to...
We will wait...You don't have to rush...But you do want to come home...
'God has not given you the spirit of fear but of power, of love & a sound mind.'"
Carrin, Charles
MINISTERING TO SCHIZOPHRENIA AND OTHER MENTAL DISORDERS - "The Holy Spirit answered, impressing me with 3 specific Scripture subjects & showing their application to the people’s needs.
Each Bible verse spoke of God’s 're-gathering' His people. 
It was a wonderful revelation, one I prize to this day. The Scriptures were:
1. God's restoration of Israel to their land & to His grace: Amos 9:11-15. Romans 11:25-36.
2. The final gathering of the elect: Matthew 24:31.
3. Identification of double-minds & its cure: James 1:7
The Lord then emphasized it was always His purpose to re-gather His people from wher-ever they had been scattered.
That applied to nations, families, or individuals, who had become fragmented. Through the prophecy of Amos, God emphasized that He would make a final gathering of Jews to their mother-country.
Jesus spoke of a 'gathering' of God’s elect & their reunion in Heaven.
Holy Spirit then applied that 're-gathering' principle to individuals whose minds had been scattered.
It was His will that they come to complete restoration.
He then cautioned me that Deliverance Ministry was only the 2nd part of their need.
Before anything else, these people needed to have their minds (re-gathered) 'called together'.
I will never forget the 1st patient who came, a young woman who had been under psycho-therapy for 2 years.
In the 1st minutes of ministry the Lord showed me a picture of her as a little girl, probably 4 years old,
hiding under an old wicker sofa with her arms & legs locked tightly into its springs & under-structure.
She refused to turn loose & come out. It would have been impossible to remove her without injury.
The Lord explained, 'What you are seeing is that part of her mind that is still hiding.'
I understood this was a visible picture of schizophrenia.
The woman who was sitting in my office was, in part, still a 4 year-old hiding behind the sofa. In that moment,
I understood the Apostle James description of a 'double minded' person, James 1:8. 4:8. who is 'unstable in all his ways.'  In the Greek text, 'double minded' is translated from dipsuchos, literally, '2 souls' or '2 psyches.'
In the woman’s case, 2 'souls' were living competitively in the same brain angrily refusing to talk to each other.
In effect, 1 part was protecting itself from a fear which no longer existed.
The other part had become amnesic to any memory of it.

The woman’s need at this point was NOT deliverance, even though demons seemed to be rampaging.
What she needed was for that hidden part of her mind to be coaxed out of hiding. This was key.
Non-communicating parts needed to be reconnected. Deliverance ministry at this point might have appeared successful but she would have quickly returned to her tormented state.
I remember praying desperately saying, 'Lord, what do we do?'
The answer I received was to speak very lovingly, very reassuringly, to that specific part in hiding, to tell it the danger was gone, it no longer needed to hide, Jesus was now its savior and protector.
I was not to command it as I would have a demon, but to appeal to that tiny, frightened little girl to turn loose of the sofa & come home (to Jesus)... I need to emphasize this point:
We ministered deliverance successfully to these patients only after the fragmented condition of their minds had been corrected...Deliverance Ministry is not a 1-time experience. There must be follow-up with all patients.
Each must be warned that deliverance can bring immediate results but the renewal of their mind is a process.
One without the other is not only futile but dangerous.
Jesus taught that demons (attempt to) return to unprotected houses.
Matthew 12:44. Everyone undergoing this type of ministry must defend themselves from spiritual re-infestation.
They must become active in a full-gospel church, stay in fellowship with other believers, daily nurture themselves in the Scripture, & maintain a loving relationship with the Lord. This is absolutely mandatory." 4/14/2013
Father God, in Jesus' name, we call, like Humpty Dumpty, all _______'s broken/separated/disjointed/missing mind/soul pieces back together. 
Be rejoined, like positive & negative battery parts, allowing communication/reconnection/recognition/life/DNA/ neurons/ electrical-magnetic frequencies to flow & come into alignment with Your mind/heart/ health. 
Double thanks holy Trinity.  Amen.2.21.2017]

Copeland, Kenneth 2/14/2010 TV broadcast reminds us to consecrate ourselves daily to God & highlights Psalm 23: He restoreth my (broken/fragmented) soul.

Cox, Paul L. -
"Please remove me (us) from any ungodly place in the depth where parts of me (us) are trapped by sonar. 
Release your righteous sound that will neutralize that ungodly sonar.
Please free all of my (our) trapped parts & fragments. (Parts/fragments be free.)
Please break all ungodly ties & connections between myself & the Rephaim or any other person’s soul parts. 
Remove those connectors. (Connectors, be removed.)
I renounce & repent for those in my (our) family line who traded their souls for favors from the enemy.
Please, through the Blood of Jesus, return all scattered soul parts back to my (our) family line & me.
I command Beelzebub to leave (our family DNA).
I ask, You Lord Jesus, to come as the Son of Man & remove all fallen sons of God from my family line & me.
Please disconnect me (us) from Abaddon. 
Remove any parts of me (us) from the bottomless pit. (Thank You...)
(A better way could be to command, in Jesus' name & power for such to occur,
or to command our army host to do such on behalf of our family tree.)4.14.2021
Cox, Paul @

Father, please rescue me (us/our family tree on both sides) from every ungodly place to which I’ve been scattered in my lifetime & make me complete. Please retrieve every part of me that is entrapped in the ungodly width, length, depth & height, time, the stars, the zodiac or on the ungodly grid.
Please disconnect me from all ungodly spiritual beings & return to me, through Your blood, every shattered part of my soul & spirit.
Lord, I desperately desire to have an undivided heart so that I may be united with myself, others, & with You. 
Lord, please release the sound of Your roar as the Lion of Judah to dislodge all scattered spirit & soul parts entrapped in every ungodly heavenly place.  Please send the chariots of fire & horsemen of Israel
[i] to retrieve every scattered part so they can be reunited & or integrated.
I declare that I desire for Jesus to be at the center of my life & all that I am.
Please unite my scattered parts with Your centripetal force
In Jesus name, I now give each scattered part permission to (safely) feel &  express all the emotions bottled up inside of me/us.4.14.2121

Durham, James @ - 1/13/2018  -
I was carried in a vision to the courts of the Temple in Heaven.
In the vision, I was standing in front of a huge painting on 1 wall.
It was a very unusual painting. It was divided into many sections & there was little evidence of how all these things fit together. There was 1 common thing in each section of the painting. It was as if the colors of the painting were bleeding down mixed with something like rust & blood. Then the Holy Spirit helped me to understand.
We are living in fragmented times among a fragmented people in a fragmented world.
It is difficult for us to understand the message of the Lord while we are caught up in the process.
We are being called to pull back from our circumstances & seek the Lord’s help

Eckhardt, John - - psalms/7-1.htm - I Take Refuge in You -
1O LORD my God, in You I have taken refuge; Save me from all those who pursue me, & deliver me,
2Or he will tear my soul like a lion, Dragging me away, while there is none to deliver.

The enemy plots to persecute & take the souls of the saints when there is none to deliver.
He preys upon those who are weak. 
Deliverance is (one potential) very important (tool) in destroying & canceling the plans of the wicked."
Eckhardt, John -
Wounded spirit (Proverbs 18:14) - The
word wounded (from the Hebrew word, naka)
means smitten, afflicted, broken, stricken, wounded. Individuals with Wounded Spirits need deliverance from spirits of Hurt, Deep Hurt, Rejection, Sadness, Grief, etc. 
A person can receive a Wounded Spirit through bad relationships, divorce, tragedies, rape, molestation, words, failure (i.e., an emotional wound that will not heal (Jeremiah 15:18)).
—a person who has been rejected (Jeremiah 30:17); causes much grief & hurt (Jeremiah 10:19).
Deliverance is the (or can be 1 significant) key (Psalm 109:21-22)."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity -
Chapter 5 Spiritual Realms Revealed section Trance in God Versus Astral Projections states
that a heavenly trance is a low level vision where the prophet has control of his own spirit. 
When one is "in the spirit" during heavenly translation, God is in control of that person's spirit. 
In astral projection the individual has surrendered his spirit to demons who in large part control the person during the time the spirit is out of the body. 
Chapter 6 The Different Regions of Captivity
"Spiritual prisons are divided into different zones inside of the kingdom of evil. 
The fragmented soul is brought to these regions, so the designs of the devil can be manifested in this person's life... A soul may belong to God...but nevertheless fragments held captive. 
This produces illness...& breakdowns, that WILL respond to prayer."
Section The Place of Darkness - "There are people who have repented, but are still in darkness."
"When a person's soul is terrorized by some extreme event, this (front) gate (of darkness) opens
& the fragmented soul is taken captive (by evil)."  Other gate openers are occult ceremonies & pain. 
The Abyss, the Pits and the Deep Places
 - "The Abyss is...1 of the gates of the N. Pole...
Spirits of insanity then burst forth from that place and were released upon the earth... sons of God...has the ability to call his own (fragmented/broken) soul (pieces) out (of captivity
).  God has given you the power to overcome the gates of hell...Open them. 
Command your (captive/damaged) soul (fragments) to leave those places...
Position yourself (your broken parts to reside high up) in heavenly places

The whole of creation is enslaved in those regions."
"Before the foundation of the world, He was spiritually slain to redeem our SPIRIT. Revelation 13:8. 
With the pain of His SOUL, He paid for our pain. 
In His BODY He took sickness & iniquity...Through death, He conquered death."
Places of Death, Sheol, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death  There is a "difference between demons, ghosts, spirits of the dead" & angels... Conversation with the dead is an attempt of the devil to trap one's soul...
The dead are not demons, but human spirits...
The Holy Spirit...said, 'Order My angels to take them (their haunting ghosts that wander in this zone of the shadow of death, since they are not demons) to their eternal dwellings.'"
(Commentary - Here the author leaves us more confused rather than less confused.  Needs further clarification.)
Chapter 7 Setting the Captives Free -
"The word 'oppressed' in the original Hebrew means those with their souls torn apart...
Each part of the SOUL must be established in heavenly places, our character, our will, our emotions, the sexual areas, our thoughts, & every captive fragment

We must surrender our SOUL to Jesus & be ministered to from heaven piece-by piece
The process of setting a person free from captivity is simpler than delivering someone demon possessed...
Every (Scripture) healing, miracle or deliverance was done (1st) in the spiritual world."
Finally, "It is important to close the door of captivity.  Declare that place forever closed to that person
Once the SOUL
is established in heaven, it will be ministered to by heaven. 
Health will be restored and...torment will be gone

Sometimes you must set the same person free from different places...Teach them to depend on God not you."
Section Prophetic Deliverance from Regions of Captivity  "1st...enter into deep worship...
Next ask for authorization & angels to accompany us to rescue captives...
Ask God for armor and weapons... Do NOT enter this level until God releases you."  Daily take communion. 
Exchange one organ at a time in your "body for Jesus' organs, heart, kidneys, lungs, everything."
(Spiritually captured soul pieces seem to be stuck in a time warp at the age of trauma.) 
Chapter 8 - A Gadarene (testimony of deceased Flory Gonzalez
"He declared that his father had raped him & had given him to a 'babalao' (a Brazilian witch doctor) at the age of 6... At another cave...was a prison of rape. 
We saw the fragment of the soul that...was the same young man, but he was only 6 years old...
At a 3rd cave we found the next fragment of the young man's soul...
The (holy) angel took the boy into his arms &...carried him out of that cave. 
Upon leaving, he turned into a small baby & was united with Jesus.  I
 understood the rejection had imprisoned him from the time he was in his mother's womb."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - S. Pole & Leviathan - video @ @

Fragmented Soul - Restoration Prayer - also -
Loosing the Mind prayer

Hickey, Marilyn -  3/26/2012
from 2.2.2016
"William Branham told Marilyn's mom that her institutionalized husband was NOT demon possessed but rather that he had a
Shattered Mind; if she would take her tear soaked handkerchief & lay it on him, he would be healed, which occurred." - important -
Hickey, Marilyn -
Broken Be Made Whole - Part 1 + Broken Be Made Whole - Part 2 +
Broken Be Made Whole - Part 3 + Broken Be Made Whole - Part 4 (#4 re: deliverance)

Holderman, Michelle @
The Beautiful Breaking Process of God (Deeply Cut) by Michelle Holderman
Divine Brilliance by Michelle Holderman

Snow Revelations - Part 1 by Michelle Holderman

Snow Revelations - Part 2 (The Bride) by Michelle Holderman
Broken Pianos and Mending Hearts by Michelle Holderman
Holy Sparks are Going to Fly - A Prophetic Word for 2015 by Michelle Holderman  
God's DNA and Your Identity in Him by Michelle Holderman  
Why the Weary World Rejoices by Michelle Holderman  
Winter Seasons Produce Stronger Roots by Michelle Holderman  

Hormann, Dr Aiko - Shattered Dreams, Relations & Expectations CD "Wounded or shattered soul conditions can cause us to lose blessings already received, or repeat the same detrimental behavior. Prayer session allows the Lord to put the 'shattered' pieces back together again & make you whole."
, Dr Aiko - Spirit, Soul & Body Alignment: Left & Right Brain Harmony CD 
"Occult involvement & emotional trauma are just some of the causes for the spirit, soul & body to become misaligned...Correct this misalignment by His supernatural power." 
, Dr Aiko -
Spirit Soul Body Alignment excellent web video -
, Dr Aiko - Healing Deep Layers of Your Soul - CD - "Use (Holy) Spirit-directed
imagination to allow the Lord Jesus, the Bishop of your soul, to deal with hidden fears, anger, guilt & wounds.
Different layers of your subconscious & unconscious memories are dealt with, 1 level at a time."
(This method seems to be similar to what MacNutt - & others who recommend Jesus' entering one's present & past to heal soul wounds.)
, Dr Aiko
- Shattered Dreams - Fragmented -

Hutton, Larry - Messianic Vision radio 7/25-29/2011
See Sid Roth TV or radio archives or check out -
7/29/2011 broadcast shares that worry is perverted imagination based on self sufficiency thus telling the Lord you will handle it yourself. 
Worry opens the door for symptoms. Worry divides us from God.  Worry cuts/tears self apart into pieces.

Kerr, Kat - video - 
8/10/2013 significant video @ -
Our souls & spirits have layers, like book pages.  We call back those soul layers/pages, which we have given away (or have been stolen).  The Trinity has 3 parts/operations, as do humans. 
The human spirit operates like Father God Who is a Spirit.  The flesh operates like Jesus Who is the Word of God.  The human soul operates like the Holy Spirit, in that it is has many layers. 
When we have an addiction (lust) that addiction impregnates (makes a deposit in) 1 page of our soul
When we are born again, a page/layer/transparent-image of our self/soul goes & sits in heavenly places with Jesus & vice versa, we get a piece/deposit of His anointing.  But, when we invite the Holy Spirit to indwell us, He moves in & fills us with a layer of Himself (operating at 101% capacity). 
We now can hear His thoughts all the time inside of us.
Kerr, Kat - 7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2)
@ Binding & Loosing -
In Jesus' name and resurrection power, we loose from our own soul any negatives (evil deposits/traumas/seeds, which record, replay, reproduce and attract more of the same); in Jesus' name we download/bind to our soul the positives, such as the mind of God.  We both give a piece/layer of our soul to God to sit in heavenly places, when we are born-again, but also we call back those parts of self/soul which were incorrectly stolen/given away, esp. before we were born-again, so we can become a whole person/have a whole healed soul, no longer fractured/broken. 
You trade back the soul layers exchanged in spiritually illegal sexual encounters prior to one's rebirth.
In Jesus' name & power, daily as the need arises, LOOSE from oneself any depression, rejection, bullying, etc. (which would attempt to attach itself).
In Jesus' name & power, daily as the need arises, take any negatives captive.
Make it a weekly habit to loose any contamination from one's soul, (perhaps during mass/church/synagogue).
What ever is NOT in heaven, we are to disallow on earth, in Jesus' name.
Ask God to send you mature holy friends/prayer partners, aligned with the mind of God.
There is NO soul nor spirit sleep in heaven. - - "Have you ever heard the expression, I sold my soul to the devil?
Do you believe a person actually would sell their soul? Well I did."
1/30/2012 - Carol Kornacki on Joni's Table Talk -

MacNutt, Francis - Deliverance from Evil Spirits -

Chapter #5 How to Pray for Deliverance - Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) -
Multiple Personalities
“Splitting off into other personalities is actually a God-given gif enabling children to survive…
Treating these ‘alters’ (the technical term for multiple personalities) as if they were (evil) spirits to be cast out by exorcism is an awful mistake… Alters are parts of the person’s real personality that need to be put back together. 
The destruction wrought by some well meaning exorcists has so harmed people with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder), known as DID (MPD), that some states (like Virginia) will revoke the license of any psychotherapist who attempts exorcism on a patient…
These (personality) splits (fragments) are not truly separate entities, but are all parts of the entire person (soul: mind/will/emotions) that need to be integrated…Alters are mostly fragments of the person’s  personality. 
Such rough treatment (exorcism if not needed) will (could/may) only fragment the person into more multiples.” 
Deliverance may be a useful  tool
, but at the end rather than the beginning of therapy for most victims of SRA.

Maldonado, Guillermo - (approx. 12/27/2011 Anointing that Breaks the Yolks #2) program on Rejection presented by Teacher Ondina Laszlo -
The heart can be broken due to rejection, a deep wound with symptoms of being unable to relate, feelings of alienation & disqualification. -

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - - The CAPTIVITY of the SOUL
"Iniquity (implanted at conception) derives from the spirit of human beings (subsequently) influencing areas of the soul (emotions, mind or will) forming overwhelming muddy prisons of:
(1) influence, (2) control & (3) dominance
over the person.120
(120: Psalms 69:1-4; Psalm 88:3, 6-8b; Psalms 55:3-5)
Sometimes the soul can be even fragmented."

McMannus, Erwin - testimony
@ Christian musician based on community rather than isolation

McTernan, John - 
eradicate depression & loneliness & broken heart
McTernan, John chrome’s disease

Myles, Francis - Healing from Soul Fragmentation in the NOW (edited)
Levels of Soul Fragmentation:
1 - Removal of your consciousness
2 - Breaking of your will
3 - Stripping of your connection to God
4 - Creating empty slots for (evil) spirits to reside (oppression)
5 - Evil spirit possession: (where) there will be no (minimal) 'you' in your body, only them..
"In the USA when a person is sent to prison, they are described as 'serving or doing time.' 
By this definition, a prisoner is a person whose freedom has been taken away so they can 'serve TIME' behind bars.  The Holy Spirit dropped an explosive revelation in my spirit that I had not considered before.
He said to me that the body of Christ is also full of 'spiritual prisoners' who are 'serving or doing TIME' behind the bars of certain PAST events that they have failed to surrender completely to Jesus Christ.
Mankind was never created to serve TIME, for that’s what prisoners do.
We were created to serve God, while 'TIME' was created by God to 'serve us.'
But the tragic fall of Adam and Eve from: 'Consciousness' and their God given place of dominion reversed 'TIME’s' God ordained role towards all mankind.  Consequently, it behooves us to enter into a higher level of consciousness to be rescued from living in the kingdom (mentality) where Christ is not king to a 'Kingdom' where Christ is King...
Your vehicle (body) will (begin to) belong to (your mindset).  This (demonic attempted) takeover is a slow one. 
Unless you start with some conscious decisions of claiming back your free will, it will (has a potential to) escalate into an almost unstoppable snowball effect...
Soul fragmentation is the separation or the creation of a separate compartment in your soul from where influence can be exerted
People fail to see that emotions are generated & can be influenced & controlled in all ways.
Most fragmentation occurs from an emotionally manipulated aspect or rather some overpowering experience.
Emotions are the most important aspect by which we, as people, function....
'That which hath been is now & that which is to be hath already been;
God requireth that which is past.' (Ecclesiastes 3: 15, KJV)
(God's timeline is inscribed on His throne room floor, per Kat Kerr.)
Praise God that there is healing for soul fragmentation in the moment called 'Now'.
We have already made it clear in a previous chapter that the only point on the timeline, which is synonymous with 'eternity' is the moment on the timeline called 'Now or Present.'
The word 'Present' is a derivative of the word 'Presence.'  Consequently, the moment called 'Now' has the highest concentration of the 'Presence of God.'  This is because God is a God Who created time but does not live in it.
God has no immediate past or future because He is not governed by TIME. 
God exists in the zone of timelessness. So if we want to meet with God’s glory, presence & power we must seek such an experience in the moment called 'Now.'  God is our refuge & strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1, KJV).  Much of the 'Soul Fragmentation' that people go through happens within the 'Timeline' of Time continuum. This is how the process of soul fragmentation normally happens:
Person A goes through a relationship breakdown or any other trauma. 
A piece of his/her soul remains stuck to that past painful event. If these types of incidences repeat themselves a couple of times, soul fragmentation happens to Person A.   Person A, who has now gone through these vicious life cycles suddenly has several past life events that collectively hold a piece of his/her soul...
Let us now suppose that Person A behaves like most humans. Person A, reacting to past painful events decides to make a vow in order to protect themselves from being hurt again. The only problem with such a vow is that no human being is capable of protecting oneself without imprisoning himself or herself in the same shell they choose to hide in to avoid being hurt by others. The LORD is the only One who can truly protect us from others & ourselves. Since 'Vows' always involve the future, in order to sustain a vow the person making the vow must make a conscious choice to sell pieces of their soul to securing the future event to which they are projecting their soul. Some time later, the Lord spoke to Abram in a vision & said to him, 'Do not be afraid, Abram, for I will protect you. Your reward will be great' (Genesis 15:1).  The cumulative effect of having soul pieces of Person A stuck to the 'Past or Future' creates a condition of serious 'Soul Fragmentation,' resulting in the removal of 'consciousness' in the life of Person A.  A person such as this, no matter how sincere, cannot achieve 'full consciousness,' because too much of their soul is not present in the 'Now' where they can fully engage the presence of God. But if such a person can begin to (verbally spiritually) call (back) all of their soul pieces that are stuck to the past or future into the 'Now' through the Blood of Christ, their healing will begin immediately.  There is soul restoration in the 'Now' because it is the only point in the timeline where mankind can truly engage the presence, power & glory of the Living of God.
It is time for you to live in the 'Now' & enjoy maximum exposure to the presence of God."

Pierce, Chuck D Time to Defeat the Devil - Chapter 13 The Need for Mending
Proverbs 18:14 CJB Stern - A person's spirit can sustain him when ill, but a crushed spirit, who can bear it
(Webster New Word Hebrew Dictionary translates spirit as alcohol or soul. 
A more accurate understanding is that the soul, rather than the spirit, is fractured/broken/captured.) 
"Trauma affects our DNA & weakens our spirit (soul)...
A broken spirit occurs when life's difficulties crush our abilities to resist.  Jesus came to heal...however."
Siblings respond differently to trauma, because each has "a different emotional tie with" the relative or person in the traumatic situation.  'Fragmentation attempts to keep us scattered...
Within our souls...brokenness...can result from injustices & our mistakes...We become fragmented. 
The scattered pieces of our soul must be gathered for us to be whole.' 
Much "of our soul operates subconsciously...
When trauma occurs you lose a portion of your soul or a portion of your soul is captured...
Your personality copes by compartmentalizing your thoughts relative to the emotional hurt (& typically stays stuck at the emotional age of capture)...
This portion of our soul can be lost...or...captive...within our overall personality...a submerged identity...
Many are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but in reality they need to be healed & reintegrated into  wholeness...(Often) they condemn this area of self, instead of submitting it for redemption the cross, the blood...
(Without being rectified) it becomes dark or is passed on in the bloodline for other generation to contend with." 
Especially with children, "instead of just casting out that portion of the child's spirit (broken off soul portion),
we must refill or liberate what the enemy has stolen and held captive."  
Chapter 14 - God's Plan for Wholeness - There is "a process of exchanging...early, fragmented life for a wholeness" in God, to realign oneself with God, to realign our mind/soul/emotions/will with God's & our body/organs/brain/electrical & chemical frequencies with God's. 
As in oil/gas drilling, we need to "allow the Lord to 'frac' us."  The Holy Spirit seems to be saying that this is a season of fracking, withdrawing the untapped/hidden treasures/reserves latent in both us & Him. 
"It is time for us to declare to the reserve in us to 'come forth and come up.'" 
In the past much deliverance consisted of the restoring of fractured identities by closing up fractures; now deliverance focuses on the opening up fractures (cracks) to recover & release reserve. 
"What the enemy sought to capture (keep submerged/hidden/ imprisoned), I (God) am recovering (loosing). 
I am bringing forth the oil
(reserves/kidnapped greatness in you) from the fractures." 
This Godly spiritual process may be traumatic (the same way surgery may help save a life) but this time it will be good/redeeming. Do not quit or faint.
Chapter 16 Guard Against the Enemy's Tools - "Blind spots (can) bring down leaders & devastate...followers...
When we allow fragmentation of soul and continue, the enemy finds a way to hook into our faults...
Anointing and character development are 2 (and sometimes opposing) dimensions...
Leaders who have never dealt with fragmentation of their soul bring only a piece of what God wants...
Many even carry bipolar structures into the ministry...The anointing can work in the bipolar realm. 
The anointing will flow through 1 portion of the redeemed personality...while the demonic subdues itself in a portion that is not sanctified. 
Then the demonic comes alive at an opportune time & works to...create confusion. 
We judge individuals based upon their wholeness as opposed to how God is working through their fragmentation... Break spiritual forces that could destroy our future
We must submit to apostolic authority (oversight but NOT control/manipulation) & mature...
Ministry should not be our only goal."
Pierce, Chuck D - - Recently a tongues message came forth.
I heard the Lord say (to my mind): "Your life is like a mosaic. In the midst of Me piecing you together, the enemy has inserted pieces of informity & used your circumstances to fragment your soul. He has tried to keep the brokenness in you so you cannot form the new picture & vision for your future.
But I am your Abba, Father. I am the One who knew you from the beginning.
I know how to piece you together.
I am the One who knew the plan & pattern for your best to come forth.
Though the
enemy has placed other pieces within you, I am doing surgery to remove these miscoded pieces
This is a difficult time for you, for it is a season of removal & separation.
I love you & will remove & replace the fragmented, war torn pieces with My love & wisdom
Get ready, for My manifold goodness & wisdom will now be seen in you in a new way.
You will display your colorful power TO the demonic realm that has held you captive. 

Arise, shine & radiate
. I am filling the boundaries of My inheritance with glory. You will hear a new call.
I am revealing some places where My inheritance is not filled with glory & where curses are in operation.
To enlarge your sphere, I will have to overtake those places.
Procrastination, not making the most of My time, is a great competitor of My purposes.
This is competing with you wearing the prosperity I have for you now & in days ahead. 
Infirmity is working against the strength of My people.
Rise up, awaken the dawn, shake out the evil workers, put your hand to the plow & advance in the field that I am setting before you. New passion is coming alive in you…
Arise & awaken to My passion & strength

Sandford, John Loren and Paula - God's Power to Change: Healing the Wounded Spirit -

"We do foolish & immature things, because within us a part of us has not grown up. 

Psychologists speak of this as fragmentation, or lack of integration & as dated or fixed emotions."

Souza, Katie – 1/28-2/6/2011- excellent -  TV or
transcript: (edited excerpts)
"If you still have a wound inside your soul formed by sin, the demonic still has a legal right to harass you.  So here I am getting sick & thinking, 'Okay, there must be something in my soul, a wound formed by sin that’s in common with the demonic in this region, giving them a legal right to make me sick.' 
Okay, so instead of warring, I lay down &
position myself to receive Glory Light on my
So I begin to put the Glory Light on my soul. I saw a vision. I saw 5* wounded beings hiding in rooms.
They represented different rooms inside of my soul
God said, ‘Go in, get & bring them out, into the Glory Light.’   
So I got them all out of these closets; they were all gathered together.
Suddenly the Spirit of the Lord just surrounded them with glory & light; they were healed…
I was like, okay, now those wounds are healed.
Glory Light restores us to the way Adam wasIt goes back
Systematically it can go (back) through every place where you (& even our ancestors/offspring/ mate) are wounded, when somebody abandoned, molested, or did something to hurt you. 
If you got off of drugs or alcohol, it (addiction/demon) can go back (return). 
You put the BLOOD on the SIN & the GLORY (lazer surgical) Light on the WOUND; & you (we) get healed.
You know (in holy scripture) the man of the spirit of legion...was able to be under the power of that (evil) spirit…because he lived out of his wounds & soul…He lived among the tombs…night & day...It says that 3x…
I looked it up.  It (tomb) means, ‘a monument set up to cause a perpetual remembrance’… That’s what’s buried into our souls, that memory…(However) The (applied) Glory Light burns out that (negative/painful) memory…
In that same chapter when Jesus meets up with that spirit of legion, that spirit says…’
Oh Jesus, What is there in common between us? Do not begin to torment me.’  Remember what Jesus said...‘The (evil) prince’s rule is coming, but there’s nothing in Me that’s in common with him.’  
So he has no power over me. That spirit recognized, ‘Hmmm, this man Jesus has some thing different about Him.
He’s got
NO soul wounds. There’s nothing in His soul that’s in common with me, so I can’t torment Him.’” 
Number #5 has spiritual Biblical significance:
5 scrolls/books of Moses
Genesis 14:9 - 4 kings with 5
Genesis 18:28 - destroy all for lack (shortage/reduction/want) of 5
Joshua 13:3 - 5 lords of Philis
Judges 3:3
Isaiah 19:18 - 5 cities speak language of Can
Isaiah 30:17 Stern - 1,000 will flee at the threat of 1,
you (enemy/evil doers) all will flee at the threat (rebuke) of 5.
1Samuel 17:40 - David chose 5 smooth stones
Matthew 14:17 - we have here but 5 loaves
Matthew 25:2 - 5 of them wise and 5 foolish
PRAYER (in Jesus’ name)
I decree right now that the Glory Light is literally going back in time through your soul to every place where you were wounded.  Maybe someone abandoned you or deserted you.  Maybe a friendship hurt you.
Maybe something your husband or your wife has done.  The Glory Light is gonna go right now to that place.
The blood of Jesus will take care of the sin, but the Glory Light will then heal that wound. 
I command that every wound inside your soul get systematically more & more healed in the glory until you’re completely healed, & every part of your mind, will & emotions.
I speak to the demonic that’s been tormenting you, that’s been attached to those
wounds inside your soul. I say to you now, I release King Jesus on you. King Jesus,
He is the king of kings. There is no king higher than Him.  Every king and every power master spirit that’s attached to the wounds in your soul is gonna have to go when those wounds are healed in the Glory Light.
I command angels to come & shine light into your soul & for them to escort out to the pit the enemy that would assail your physical body, your emotions, mental disorders. These (physical, emotional & mental disorders) are all gonna be healed right now as God takes His Glory Light & puts it in your soul right now in Jesus’ name”…
“Bi-polar diseases have been healed. Depression has been healed.
People say they feel like a hand scooping through their mind & clearing out their mind.
When people soak in the Glory Light they come out, talk & look different… Mental disorders (originate in) your mind.  That’s part of your soul (mind/emotions/will where) the enemy can come, if you have a wound in your soul (the enemy) can come & manifest a disease (until you irradiate the problem area with God’s glory light).”
Souza, Katie – (edited excerpt) -
Lyme Disease
healing -
“My mom had been really sick for like 25 years.
She got bit by a lyme tick & it releases spiral bacteria into her body.  Then she got severe rheumatoid (arthritis). 
It started to eat the bones & cartilage in her body. She lost her knees.  They put artificial ones in. 
She lost her left hip.  They put an artificial 1 in. 
Then they had to take it out because the disease ate the plastic parts of the man-made hip…
When I put my hands on her I felt this heat generating that I had never felt before.
So I’m getting excited & thinking, yeah, she’s gonna jump up & be healed. I pray & pray.  Nothing happens.
The next day nothing happens. 3rd day, the same thing.  Then my father came back from the emergency room.  They had scheduled him for 2 major surgeries on his prostate.  When he came back, I laid hands on him. 
He was instantly healed.
2 weeks later he goes to the doctor & they cancel the surgeries… I’m asking God what’s going on?
He said,
I want you to read that scripture in Matthew 10 about the anointing he just got & look at the order in which Jesus talks about the anointing.’
So I looked.  It said, ‘Jesus gave them the anointing, #1 drive out demons. #2 heal the sick.’
When I saw that the Lord said
, ‘Sometimes you got to 1st drive out demonic powers that are making people sick BEFORE you can then heal the sick.’ So I’m like, all right. I’m going to do that.
So I started praying every demon off of Mom on the face of the planet. 
Nothing happens.  So I’m like, okay God, what’s going on now?
He said,
Well you’re fighting. You’re doing the right thing. But now it’s about order. 
You’re fighting the enemy in the wrong order
You see, the kingdom of darkness operates like an army & has ranks.
The Lord told me,
You can’t fight your way from the bottom of the ranks up.
You've got to learn how to start from the top & go down
hen He said that He took me to that Ephesians scripture in 6:12, in the amplified it shows the order in which the demonic kingdom operates.
It says that, ‘We wrest on the flesh & blood, but against the despites of the powers & the master spirits.’
The Lord says, ‘
That’s the order.’  So what’s a despite (despot), because that’s the 1st thing in the order.
It’s a tyrant king. No king is a king unless he has a kingdom underneath him. So who’s in his kingdom?
The next 2 on the list, the powers & master spirits.
I mean, the word ‘powers’ in Webster’s means ‘orders of angels’.  
So there’s the ranks.  When I saw that I go, okay, God spoke & said this.
He said, ‘
If you’ll learn how to fight & defeat the king; then the powers & master spirits underneath him in his kingdoms will just submit to you.’  I’m like, okay then. Where’s that in the Bible? 
He said,
In David & Goliath.’   
I went to the story. I saw proof of what God was saying. It said that the Israelites & Philistines were lined up in battle, ready to fight, but they were fighting, because they had a champion, a top dog doing the fighting for them. 
Every day Goliath would come up & say this, “Choose a man from amongst yourselves; he can come down & defeat me.  Then we,” meaning I & my army, “will submit to you.” That’s what happened. David goes.
He cuts Goliath’s head off right in the front of the Philistine army, which symbolizes the removal of his headship of his covering.  The very next verse says, ‘When the Philistines saw their champion was dead they fled.’ 
They didn’t rise up & fight. When their champion headship covering was dead they fled without a fight.
That’s the way the demonic kingdom works. If we learn how to go to the top & remove these (spiritual demonic) kings from the position of power, then the powers & master spirits underneath them  (underlings) will just have to submit to us. It’s way easier that way…
Go to the top. Jesus said if you take out the strong man (top dog) then you can ransack his house.
So Jesus did it, too.                                         (despots)
In Ephesians 6 it shows us the order: (Evil:) despites (kings), powers & master spirits. Despites are kings.
No king is a king unless he has a kingdom (& army) underneath him.  Go to the top. 
Then the rest will begin to just submit to you. This is 1 of the keys to mass deliverance, to be able to do deliverance on an accelerated manner. With Mom, she was our example.  We learned from her.

, Lester - The Human Spirit - -
Chapter 2 - The Birth of the Human Spirit -
Psalm 34:18 KJV
The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart.
"Whenever God does not rule in the man's (human) spirit, the spiritual personality lies dormant, is not productive & does not produce a glorious, happy, fruitful Christian" (even if the individual is born-again & Holy Spirit baptized).
Chapter 3 Life in the Spirit - "If the (human) soul becomes the king & ruler, it will destroy what the (human)
spirit builds.  The soul must be broken before the (human & Holy) spirit can be released & flow through a person's soul & body" (to heal/help/deliver.  God's wave length is a higher frequency than ours.)
Chapter 5 The Human Spirit - "Meekness & stubbornness in the same person reveals a (possible) split between the soul & spirit" (a lack of the Holy Spirit's flowing in areas of dysfunction).
Sumrall, Lester - Conscience - the Scales of Justice -
Chapter 4 Human Conscience without God - "A conscience without God will (attempt to) destroy you. 
It will beat you to pieces. 
There are people in insane asylums right now because their consciences have beaten them into that place."

Vawser, Lana - - I Am Sealing Holes in Your Soul - Enemy Access Denied by Lana 7/22/2015 - - "The number five typified semi-completion.
The dimensions of the curtain of the Holy of Holies were 4 ells by 5;
the altar in the court covered a surface of 5 square ells; and there were 5 pillars at the entrance to the Tabernacle."

Worley, Win - Mind Control - (booklet)


Fragment - (We are to)
"Loose angels (or preferably our heavenly holy host army) to fragment the mind, will, & emotions of the (spiritual) enemy & hide the fragments so they will never be found...[The (spiritual) enemy fragments us, & the same can be done in return]."

Dr. Bern Zumpano, Former Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Professor of Neurosurgery (retired),
Oral Roberts University School of Medicine, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - 1999 -  
In Romans 7 and 8, St. Paul refers to the soul as the mind, will & emotions.
In Romans 12:1, 2 he tells us that we must have a renewed mind in Christ.
The mind is the soul, according to scripture. When you see people who have mental disturbance or impaired mental function after trauma, defilement, demonic oppression from any cause, or from a possession, scripture states the soul has become fragmented. Indeed, practicing experienced witches even boast about projecting their souls into the mind of vulnerable individuals and 'stealing' soul fragments. Satanists can do this also.
I once ministered to a young man who escaped a satanic cult and became a born-again Christian.
He moved out-of-state in order to escape those who were controlling him.
In his new location, he was able to discern that the satanists had projected themselves by soul-projection (what occultists call astral travel) into the living room of his home where they would talk to him in his thoughts & tell him that they were waiting for him to return & that they believed that he would come back to them.  He was even able to recognize the voice of the individual person that he knew was projecting into his thoughts
Occultists even claim to be able to take soul fragments & to keep them in captivity in jars or bottles
To say the least, the Christian believer who becomes experienced in spiritual warfare & in dealing with the chaotic world of Satan & the demonic, will quickly come to realize how bizarre & unusual it is, if not surrealistic in human terms.
The best discussion that I have seen on soul fragmentation & the scriptural basis for soul fragmentation, is in the writings of Pastor Win Worley, whose entire church is dedicated to the deliverance ministry.
Let us suffice to say that the importance of soul fragmentation is to recognize that it is probably a consequence of all major spiritual or demonic attack & involves demonic oppression or possession. There is a scriptural basis for it and it has myriad causes (Ps.7: 2; Ezek. 13: 20). The important thing is that as part of renewing of the mind, or as part of healing or immediately upon completion of deliverance, the soul fragments need to be retrieved & reintegrated into the person’s soul.
This is done by commissioning angels of the Lord Jesus Christ to go forth to do so, through the spirit of power & might of the Holy Spirit.
3/20/2012 - (One Can) Pray something like this:
'Father, in Christ Jesus’ Name, I commission warrior angels of the Lord Jesus Christ to go forth to retrieve all soul fragments of (name of person), wherever they are, to take them by force, & to cause them to be immediately returned & reintegrated into the soul of (name of person), all through the spirit of power & might of Your Spirit, for Your glory, Father. I call all soul fragments back & restored, & his/her mind renewed, all in Christ Jesus’ Name. Warrior angels & watcher angels of the Lord Christ Jesus, go forth immediately to cause this prayer to be.'  Many people who appear & behave in a lost & forlorn manner from demonic oppression, or from trauma of any kind, may need to have this prayed over them.
The time that passes afterward, & the fruits of persistent effort will certainly reveal if it was necessary.

The believer who ministers this type of prayer should do so discreetly, even in the absence of the person being prayed for, in order not to further traumatize the person at a time when they are emotionally & spiritually still vulnerable.  Prayer for discernment, seeking the Lord’s guidance, will provide revelation as to when this is needed."

Holy Trinity

Branham, William - - "The word trinity is not in the Bible.
I do not believe there are 3 individual gods.
I believe there is 1 God in 3 offices: Father, Son & Holy Ghost, which is God condescending to men...
God cannot be 3 persons; neither can Jesus be His own Father. Both extremes are wrong.
Isaiah said, 'The Lord Himself shall give you a sign: Behold, a virgin shall conceive & bear a son, & shall call his name Immanuel,‘ which means: God with us.‘35 So, the Messiah will be God. Then it happened, just like Isaiah prophesied: the great Jehovah overshadowed a woman, created an egg in her & through that blood cell came forth the body of Christ. Jesus was neither Jew nor Gentile.  We are saved by the Blood of God.
Therefore when we come to the altar and by faith put our hand upon His head & feel His tearing and agony at Calvary, & confess our sins, believing that we are wrong & that He died in our place, then His Life comes back upon us. The Bible says that life is in the blood.36 When Jesus died and His blood cells broke, it wasn‘t merely the blood of a man spilling; God‘s life was released. When the worshipper lays his hands by faith upon the Son of God & confesses his sins, the Life of God (not the life of another man) comes back into the believer.
The Greek word for this life is zoe, which is translated as eternal life, but literally means God's own life.
Then we can recognize ourselves as sons & daughters of God. God is a Spirit...& He created little Jehovah.
He could have come as a full-grown man, but instead He came as a baby. Jehovah playing like a boy.
Jehovah working as a carpenter. Jehovah hanging between heaven and earth, dying to redeem His children.
Not another person, but God Himself in the office of a Son. Next He became God in us.
We are part of Him. On the day of Pentecost the Pillar of Fire separated Himself amongst His church.37
Jesus said in John 14:20, 'At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, ye in Me & I in you.' 
Now can you understand the Father, Son & Holy Ghost? God condescending...
Jehovah God back there couldn‘t touch the human race because of His own law of holiness.
So Jehovah God became sin for us & paid the price that the same Jehovah God could come & live in us.
It is God above us, God with us, God in us, not 3 gods, but 1 God.
Professors go crazy trying to figure it out, because it is a (spiritual rather than an intellectual) revelation.
It has to be revealed (spiritually, from His Spirit to your spirit) to you...
To summarize the mystery of the Godhead: I believe that God our Father overshadowed a virgin called Mary & created in her a blood cell which brought forth Jesus Christ. He was the Son of God, the tabernacle in which God veiled Himself in flesh, manifesting Himself among us. God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. That blood cell was broken at Calvary for the remission of our sins & the (Holy) Spirit went out of Him and came back upon the Church (made available at Penticost).
The Holy Spirit (Christ, the Logos) is in (side of) us now by the Holy Ghost baptism, Christ separated Himself, giving (a slice of) His life to each 1 of us that we might be the church (Bride/tabernacle) of God...
On top of the hill sat what looked like a huge bowl with 2 rainbows coming out of it. The rainbows were about 30 feet tall and stood side-by-side, forming a double arch, with 1 stem from each rainbow disappearing into the bowl. Taking off his hat and setting down his rifle, Bill raised his hands and walked toward the phenomenon.
Soon he could see it wasn‘t a double-arch after all, but rather a triple-arch.
A 3rd rainbow came out of the bowl at a 120-degree angle from the other 2...
 Bill screamed, 'O God, what would You have Your servant know?' Like a rumble of thunder, a Voice answered, 'Jehovah of the Old Testament is Jesus of the New Testament. He just changed His mask from Spirit to man. Remain faithful'...
In my home, I am a husband to my wife; a father to my daughter; and a grandfather to my grandson.
So, I am husband, father, and grandfather, all in one. My wife has no claim on me as father or grandfather.
She has a claim on me alone as her husband. My daughter has no claim on me as husband or grandfather.
She is my child. Yet all 3 of these offices are in the same person. That is like God: Father, Son & Holy Ghost are just a dispensational claim. God is the same; He just changes His form. In Philippians 2, Paul said, 'Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God...took upon Him the form of a servant & was made in the likeness of men.'
The Greek phrase for describing this is en morphe, which means that He changed Himself. He changed his mask.39... Another example of en morphe: When Shakespeare wrote his great drama Macbeth, he had 1 person play several parts.  To do this an actor had to change his mask & costume during the play."
(RED FLAG.  Kat Kerr, it seems, says that Jesus took her to meet the/His Father God. 
Thus both ideas can be correct, that the Trinity is/are 3 offices, but also 3 people


Holy Spirit

Genesis 1:2 NIV - the Spirit of God was hovering

Psalm 51:11-12 NIV - "Do not cast me from Your presence or take Your Holy Spirit from me. 
Restore to me the joy of Your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.
1st Samuel 16:13 NIV - Samuel took the horn of oil & anointed him in the presence of his brothers. 
From that day the Spirit of the Lord came upon David in power. 

1st Samuel 16:14 NIV - Now the (Holy) Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul & an evil spirit (allowed) from the Lord tormented him.

Ezekeil 36:26 NIV - I (God) will give you (O house of Israel/the people of Israel) a new heart & put a new spirit in you.  I will remove from you your heart of stone & give you a heart of flesh.  I will put My Spirit insude you.

Matthew 1:18 NIV - to be with child through the Holy Spirit
Matthew 3:16 NIV - He saw the Spirit of God descending
Mathew 28:19 NIV - "Therefore go & make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name
(1) of the Father and (2) of the Son & (3) of the Holy Spirit.

John 14:16-17 KJV - I will pray the Father, & He shall give you another comforter, that He may abide WITH you forever; even the Spirit of truth; Whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him: but ye know Him; for He (now) dwelleth WITH you & shall be IN (inside) you (when you are baptized IN the Holy Spirit).
John 14:26 NIV - but the Counselor, the Holy Spirit
John 20:22 NIV - & said, "Receive the Holy Spirit

Acts 1:5 NIV - will be baptized with the Holy Spirit
Acts 1:8 KJV
 - Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come UPON you; ye shall be My witnesses.
Acts 2:4 NIV - of them were filled with the Holy Spirit
Acts 2:38 NIV - will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit

Romans 8:16 KJV
 - His (Holy) Spirit joins with our (human) spirit to affirm that we are God's children.
Romans 8:26 NIV - the Spirit helps us in our weakness.
1st Corinthians 2:10 NIV - God has revealed it to us (our human spirit via) by His Spirit
1st Corinthians 6:19 NIV- Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you,
you have received from God?

Galatians 5:22 NIV - But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Against such things there is no law. 
Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions & desires. 
Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit
Let us not become conceited, provoking & envying each other.

Ephesians 5:18 NIV - Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. 
Instead, be filled with the Spirit. (via confirmation sacrament/baptism of Holy Spirit) Some translators of the Hebrew Old Testament mistakenly apply the word soul instead of spirit.  Human spirit typically is not capitalized, whereas God's Holy Spirit is. -
Some translators of the Greek New Testament mistakenly apply the word soul instead of spirit.


Barbie Breathitt - Not of this World by Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt -
Believers are 1 with the disciples, the great cloud of (deceased) witnesses who have (already permanently) gone before (to heaven), with Jesus the Word, Father, & Holy Spirit. 
Even as Jesus is in the Father & the Father is in Him as One.
(1st) Father pours His knowledge into Jesus,
(2nd) Who transfers it to Holy Spirit
(3rd) Who releases revelation knowledge to us (our human spirit
(4th) which transfers revelation knowledge to our soul
(5th) which transfers it to our body, beginning with our physical brain), so we can return praise unto the Father.
We are in the loop. Thus the mysterious circle of disclosure remains unbroken.
Barbie Breathitt - Revelation Knowledge by Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt - (Spiritual) revelation is not learned through the intellect (gnosis assumption or scientific, methodical knowledge).  It is imparted (by Holy Spirit) into the depths of the (human) spirit's (epignosis) intuition, which brings an exact, truthful knowledge. To know God is to experience God.  The Spirit of God cannot be known by the intellect; for the intellect can only know His attributes.
(Spiritual) revelation comes from the Greek word apokalypsis. It means the unveiling of mysteries, which have been hidden or concealed, that are revealed or discovered by removing a covering. 
(Holy Spirit to human spirit communication is a different wave length, per se, compared to human intellectual comprehension/skill/acumen.)  Revelation comes to bring an accelerated transformation.
Revelation knowledge births change in the soul; awakening an unmediated spiritual awareness, that forwards one's movements on a higher plane, to grant a quickening of their faith's actions in the Spirit.
The spirit realm moves at a much greater speed than the natural realm to allow creative miracles to occur. 
The mind cannot comprehend the manifestation of the revelation knowledge of the glory of the Lord that is covering the earth (Habakkuk 2:14) but the spirit can...
Without revelation knowledge we will never progress to the next dimension of super natural glory. 
The glory realm requires a humble (human) spirit that is motivated by total dependence upon the leading of
Holy Spirit.

Capps, Annette @

Howells, Rees @ Howells, Rees @ Intercession - Principles of Intercessory Prayer ( (edited).”
On the 1st morning he was listening to Evan Hopkins speaking on Ephesians 2:1-6  

God loved us keven when we were dead in trespasses, lmade us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), 
6 & raised us up together, & made us sit together 
min the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.]
Howells realized that he had not (yet) been raised up to sit with Him in the heavenly places
At this realization he saw the Glorified Lord.

“As really as I
had seen the Crucified & the Risen Christ, I saw the Glorified Christ. 
The voice in the train said, ‘
Would you like to sit there with Him? There is a place for you
ll that night I was
(in the heavenly places) in the presence of God AND my glorified Savior.” 
Howells met Holy Spirit
. “I saw Him as a Person apart from flesh & blood. He said to me,
As the Savior had a body, so I dwell in the cleansed temple of the believer. I am a Person.
I a
m God. I am come to ask you to give your body to Me that I may work through it
He made it very plain that He would never share my life.
I saw the honor He gave me in offering to indwell me, but there were many things very dear to me.
I knew He wouldn’t keep 1 of them.  The change He would make was very clear:
It meant that every bit of my fallen nature was to go to the Cross & (then) He would bring in His own life & nature.”

It took Howells 5 days to decide.  Those days he spent with God.
“Holy Spirit went on dealing with me,
exposing the root of my (fallen) nature, which was self. 
You can only get
(evict) out of a thing what is in its root (&/or seed). Sin was cancelled. 
It wasn't sin He was dealing with.  It was
self (absorption/preference) which came from the Fall.
He was not going to take any superficial surrender. He put His finger on each part of my self-life.
I had to decide in cold blood.  He could never take a thing away until I gave my consent.
Then the moment, I gave it, some (supernatural) purging took place & I could never touch that thing again.”

What died those 5 days were his LOVE of money, his right to a (1st) choice in making a home, his ambition, his reputation & finally the most difficult thing of all: his free will (versus God's will).
Within 1 hour of this process Holy Spirit had come in.
“Having therefore boldness to enter into the Holiest by the blood of Jesus,  immediately, I was transported into another realm, within that sacred veil, where  the Father, Savior & Holy Ghost live.  There I heard God speaking to me &
I have lived there ever since
When the Holy Ghost enters, He comes in to 'abide forever

KAT KERR – Recorded on 22/6/2014 at FirstLoveKC +
KAT KERR – Recorded on 21st June 2014 at FirstLove Kansas City – Part 2
@ - Holy Spirit has unlimited layers. 
The soul looks like an open book (or rolodex with the will as the center/core). 
When a person asks for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, He gives a layer of Himself to that individual. 
It is a Whole (not hole) of Himself, Who inhabits/indwells the inside of us,
who are his His temple/office/base from where he operates/works.  However He,
as a citizen of heaven, lives/sits in heaven (with us) at the left side of Father God.
Kerr, Kat - Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours
2014 @ - The 7 Spirits of God are NOT
character facets, but actual 7 creatures/beings/people/entities who serve Him 24/7.
24 elders are eternal beings not 12 disciples or 12 leaders of Israel. 
Their great joy is to serve us to know the Trinity better.
Kat Kerr Author - How To Survive In The Future #1 - 6/30/2016 - - Holy Spirit is many layered, allowing Him to be anywhere and everywhere.  Each layer is a whole of Himself.  [His current headquarters is on the earth.] 
Each of us NEED to invite Holy Spirit to indwell us.  When you become born-again (saved), Jesus via God's Holy Spirit walks BESIDE you, but when you invite Holy Spirit inside, He indwells you (via confirmation/Holy-Spirit-baptism/Pentecost), & you become the temple of the Holy Spirit, because God gives you a layer of His Spirit, which is a complete/whole/DNA/seed/sperm/clone of Himself. 
[At that time you give/exchange a layer of your soul/self to God allowing your spirit man to sit with Christ, on the right side of Father God. 
Holy Spirit sits on the left side of the Father, where there is oil for the angels, but because Holy Spirit is layered, He is many places at the same time.]

Sandford, John & Paula - The Elijah Task, a Call to Today's Prophets and Intercessors
Chapter 17 The Summun Bonum - "Holy Spirit more and more is exorcising mankind and earth. 
Satan must surface & be revealed...Holy Spirit was causing the enemy to surface and be revealed. 
That is the last step before complete healing.  The increase of evil all about us may well be the result of the Holy Spirit at work in the deep mind of mankind, to bring to the surface what is really there. 
Satan...remains hidden controlling mankind through unconscious levers...
When the real me surfaces...I must look...
Some...mistakenly believe that this surfacing is evil & should be avoided...
It is the mercy of God to reveal sin.  It is the work of Satan to conceal...
Satan's delusions have honeycombed the mind & heart...
See it, admit (confess/renounce/reject) it, & be made whole (in the soul)...
Expose evil directly or cause it to surface, that it might be repented of.  The axe is still cutting to the root...
God's psychiatry at work...Light uncovers what the darkness hides."
(The hidden enemy may be demons, Satan, but most often include character flaws that leak out/erupt/sprout & sabotage us when we least expect. 
Then we recognize there is a tap root/weed issue that needs to be uprooted. 
Embarrassment/humiliation/shame is good if it exposes issues needing immediate attention & remind us that God & not we are the backbone of all success/sanity/good.)

Spirit of God - - One can better understand Father God from the Aramaic.

Wommack, Andrew - Spirit, Soul & Body, episode #1 - - 11/4/2019 - Regarding Salvation, it is our human spirit that is 101% saved, but NOT our soul (mind/emotions/will-power) nor DNA/body, both which need redemption/ remediation. 
Thus the need for Jesus to baptize/infill us with His Holy Spirit to begin to fix the ill parts of our human nature.


Psalm 31:5 NIV - Into Your (Father God's) hands I (the Messiah) commit My spirit

Ezekiel 36:26 NIV - I (God) will give you (O house of Israel/the people of Israel)
a new heart and put a new spirit in you. 
I will remove from you your heart of stone & give you a heart of flesh.  I will put My Spirit in you.

Daniel 3:86 TNAB- Spirits and souls of the just, bless the Lord.
Praise and exalt Him above all forever (yesterday before birth/today in life/tomorrow after death). 
[Ephesians 1:4 TNAB - God chose us in Him (Messiah) before the (foundation of the) world began.]

Matthew 5:3 NIV - saying, "Blessed are the poor in spirit 
Matthew 26:41 NIV - the spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

Romans 8:16 KJV - His (Holy) Spirit joins with our (human) spirit to affirm that we are God's children.

Born Again Saved
Human Spirit

Gatewood, Kylie Oaks - Winning the Mind Battle, Gaining control of Your Soul -  Kylie's being raped as a child led her down a slippery slope into mental hospitals & being labeled as bipolar.  Her family prayed her into health & sanity. 
Chapter 2 Your Mind, Will and Emotions section Spirit, Soul & Body, shares that the human soul consists of mind, will and emotions, whereas the human spirit (when born-again/regenerated) is the conductor of the personality that needs spiritual oversight of the soul, in order for the individual to flourish. 
Holy Spirit (when invited and indwelling) unites to our human spirit & needs to leak out & marinate/influence/ rehabilitate/heal the soul, which in turn influences/inoculates/heals the body. Not only do we need to daily shower/bathe/ clothe ourselves in God's word, but we also need to resist/oppose/terrorize evil/devils. 
Nice girls need to say, "NO" and also push back when confronted, whether by bad thoughts or bad men.
Gatewood, Kylie Oaks - -
The human spirit man needs to be born again & fed, which in turn is a funnel for God to feed our soul.
1/3/2017 Part #1 The Renewing of Your Mind +
Part 3
@ Forgiving by Faith

Jackson, John Paul - e-newsletters: or

Kat Kerr Author - How To Survive In The Future #1 - 6/30/2016 - - Your spirit man is made of light. 
The more of God inside of you, the brighter your spirit man shines. 
At death one's spirit & soul vacate the dead body & ascend to the 3rd heaven.
The body is resurrected at a later date.  [One's image is how HE & thus we operate in His kingdom.]
Kat Kerr - God actually becomes a sea that goes all over Heaven ! 12/31/2016 - Approx. 1:21:21 When we invite Jesus to be our savior, we become born-again/citizens of heaven & lose our hell citizenship; our name gets written in gold in the book of life.  Then the blood of Jesus covers AND erases our (repented) sin from both our soul & God's memory.  Disallow Satan from tormenting us with (nonexistent) sins for which we have repented. 
At salvation Christ moves into us, but we must place Him on the throne of our heart. 
At salvation Holy Spirit walks alongside us (until we ask for Jesus to baptize us with/in the Holy Spirit, when Holy Spirit moves into us.) 
At salvation, our spiritual/physical/emotional DNA has changed/come into alignment with God's. 
We receive a diamond from God's heart into ours.  (The human spirit & soul go to heaven together.) 
No God will never divorce us, unless we 1st divorce Him, consistently to/through death. 
We did not get born again to get hell insurance. 
At salvation we acquire all of God's potential/credentials when we receive His Son Yeshua. 
We were made to rule/shift earth at very high levels, to move shifts, to open time portals, to bring heavenly things down to earth, to create earthquakes in hell. Know that you are now dangerous to the enemy.  Speech/repetition/rumination places things into our soul, so focus on/echo/recite God's mind/words/ideas/thoughts not the enemy's or those who would contradict Him.  Loose your grief/suffering.  Allow/invite resurrection rejoicing power to inhabit you.

Sorger, Mat - A Divine Fusion Takes Place @ You Have Divine DNA Inside of You! by Matt Sorger.  
"Recently God gave me a vision of what happens to us at salvation and it radically altered the way I see myself.
I saw the moment God encountered Mary in Luke 1:31-35 telling her she would bear the Christ Child.
I saw the Person of the Holy Spirit overshadow her.
I saw Mary's DNA and the Holy Spirit's DNA.
I saw them intertwine and become 1, creating Jesus in her womb, fully God and fully man.
Then the vision shifted to me.  I saw myself at salvation. I saw the Holy Spirit over shadow me and fill me.
My body became the temple of the Holy Spirit. I also saw my spirit man's DNA and the Holy Spirit's DNA.
I saw them intertwine and become one. I saw the Holy Spirit wrap around my human spirit like 2 DNA strands coming together as 1, just like when the DNA from a father & mother mix together to form a new baby.
It looked like the Double Helix. As the Holy Spirit wrapped around my human spirit, they fused together, becoming 1 & forming a brand new creation. This fusion of Holy Spirit and my human spirit formed Christ in me.
Heavenly DNA - Divine Nature -
1 Corinthians 6:17 declares, 'But the person who is united to the Lord becomes 1 spirit with Him.' This revelation was in scripture the whole time. I became one spirit with the Holy Spirit & I now have a new holy, divine nature. This is Christ in me, the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27, 2 Peter 1:4) Divine DNA from God was fused into my human spirit causing me to become a partaker of God's divine nature.
I was truly a brand new creation. As Holy Spirit became 1 with my human spirit, I was 'born again' & Christ was formed inside of me. I was much more than a better version of myself.  I was something brand new.
When you receive Christ as your Savior & Holy Spirit takes up residence inside of you, He actually fuses Himself together with your spirit.  You become 1 with God. You have His divine nature inside of you.
You are a brand new creation, with new desires & a new life. Your core identity is completely transformed.
Christ's very nature & identity is now completely formed in your spirit. It's a glorious transformation.
This is why you are holy, righteous & clean. Having divine DNA in your spirit has so many affects on your life as you become transformed in your spirit, soul & body
5/11/2016 - other editorials:
[Kat Kerr seems to teach that the above occurs at confirmation (baptism in Holy Spirit) rather than salvation (repentance/water/baptism of John).  Notice Kat mentions that Holy Spirit & human spirit exchange a (DNA) soul layer at the time of fusion/conception of new life (whether physical &/or spiritual).  Kat contends that at salvation (repentance time & saying yes to Messiah) Holy Spirit walks alongside us rather than inside us.
Then/when Father God places a diamond engagement ring/rock deposit/inside us. Holy Spirit, we invite Your Truth/revelation.  Thanks.]

Sumrall, Lester - Don't Quit 1996 1205 VBI - @ word3out -
God revealed to Sumrall that at conception our human spirit is dead (like a car battery) & is our human nature when we become born-again.  Our new/born-again spirit indwells our belly & begins to influence our soul (mind/emotions/ will).  Our relationship with God is via our spirit. 

Not the flesh nor the soul, but the spirit is the part of Adam that died in the garden when he ate forbidden fruit.

Wommack, Andrew - 3/30/2016 -
Like the Trinity, the human has 3 parts: body, soul, spirit. 
When we repent for our personal sins, acknowledge Jesus to be our saviour/lord & invite Him into our heart, God responds by depositing a piece of His heart into our spiritual heart. 
In actuality, God takes a piece of His diamond heart & deposits into our spirit. 
It is a spiritual occurrence, reminding us of when we become engaged & receive a diamond ring:
Holy Spirit to human spirit happening. 
To help comprehend this, imagine/picture/visualize/think of it in another way:
God impregnates us (our spirit/womb/egg/ovum) with His sperm.
Thus we have a viable living fetus, which is 101% spiritually perfect.  Our human spirit becomes perfect/holy. 
This initial spiritual event may or may not be noticed/experienced by our body/flesh or even our soul (mind/will/emotions); there may or may not be immediate fireworks/ rainbows/paranormal revelations.  Conception of a human child often is in secret, too, not recognized/evidenced until later.
2nd, The part that is seldom understood is that the soul, attached to the spirit at the time of physical conception, needs to walk out this wonder. 
The process is called sanctification/maturity/growing up or character development. 
The soul is 3 parts: emotions/will/mind
We are to align/bind our soul parts to that of the Trinity, in Jesus' name:
our emotions to His, our mind to His, and our will to His - daily.  The good consequence of this scriptural process is that the body will come into alignment, too.  Our body, youth, health & brain will improve as our soul prospers.
3_john/1-2.htm - Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prosper.
Matthew 9:12 - When Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole (in soul)
need not a physician, but they that are sick
(in body). [Most of the time, emotional & physical problems are rooted in one's soul NOT being whole/healthy.]  It is our spirit man who goes to heaven when we die, but the soul accompanies the spirit, leaving the body behind until it is resurrected/perfected/glorified at a later time.
Wommack, Andrew - 4/1/2016
The Judeo/Christian whose human spirit has awakened to God's Holy Spirit (via a kiss, if we apply the story of Snow White); our born-again spirit has it ALL, Jesus' full inheritance, ready to be litigated/appropriated/executed.  We prisoners have our own keys, which we are not aware of, often. 
Satan is more than willing to "pull the wool over our eyes" to ensure we remain:
We need to recognize that we have God's Jewish spiritual blood in our DNA, that we are of His royal lineage, & begin to reign, in Jesus' name.
Wommack, Andrew 5/17/2019 @
It is our human spirit or 1/3 of our humanity that is perfected.  Next step after receiving forgiveness for our sins & inviting Jesus to be our Lord is to invite Jesus to baptize us with God's Holy Spirit, the beginning of our DAILY renovation of our soul, enabling our body/DNA then to be renewed.

Wommack, Andrew @ 6/5/2023 It is the spirit that is saved & made perfect & whole, whereas the soul & body need to improve with God’s help every day @ Spirit, Soul, Body series

Human Spirit Pre-existence with Go

Selvaraj, Sadhu Sundar - Did We Exist Before We Were Born @ -
The human spirit dwelt with/inside Father God BEFORE it was planted into a woman's womb. 
[Likewise, it will live after the death of the body, in heaven, if it accepts Jesus (as messiah & God's resurrected son) or live with satan in hell.]

Human Spirit Surviving Death

Kerr, Kat @
Book Volume #1 - - Chapter 6 - The Face of a Child - Heaven’s Nurseries -
"This chapter is somewhat bittersweet. Sweet because that is what babies are. 
They are kept in 1 of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in Heaven. Bitter because it is 1 of the most populated places in Heaven, thanks to the abortion clinics’ business over the past 40 years.
How accountable are we all for the mass abuse of these tiny babies? 
They are human lives swept under the carpet & remembered no more.
Heaven knows how many of their lives were shredded. 
They know, because they have ALL of them there. NOT a one was lost or discarded by our Heavenly Father.
Only because of His great mercy & Christ’s blood is there forgiveness & healing available for this sin.
Even the children, when grown to the age of a toddler, go through a ceremony where they receive Jesus & forgive the ones who took their lives.  Yes, they know who their parents are & are conscious of what happened to them when they 1st arrive in Heaven. They do not understand why they were not wanted, but they do forgive it. 
These (heavenly) nurseries hold all the babies which are miscarried or aborted. They are received by Jesus.
He heals the wounds
of their hearts (& glorified bodies). 
They are cared for by angelic beings who sing to them as they rock them in their arms.
The breath of God nourishes them as they grow ever so slowly.
Because of the goodness of God, a 20 year old mother could miscarry her baby & 50 years later die & go to Heaven; her baby would only be around 3 years old (in earth years).
She is given her baby when she arrives & she gets to raise it.
How wonderful for all the parents who thought they had completely lost that privilege. 
The mercy of God allows the same thing for those who have aborted their babies;
then repent, come to know Christ and make it to Heaven. For this reason alone, a 2nd chance to hold your child in your arms & love and raise it as your own; wouldn’t you want to make it there?  Many will and they can experience the joy of watching their child (once destroyed & now restored) grow & become a happy, complete being.
God desires this restoration in families.  The 1st illustration is of the angel, Rahmee & a baby named Precious, who was miscarried in 2006. This baby girl was wanted very badly by the parents.  1 day she will be restored to them, because they have received Jesus as their Savior. She will be treated like a princess until their arrival in Heaven. There will be many surprised women, who did not know they had miscarried a baby, because it was so early in the pregnancy. What a shock when they arrive & find a little ‘package’ waiting for them. 
The facilities where these babies are cared for are very beautiful.
There are arched ceilings with openings at the top which cause the rooms to be bathed in a warm peachy glow.
Flowers are growing right out of the walls; tiny birds come & perch on the branches to sing for the babies.
The babies ‘beds’ have the appearances of beautiful sea shells that come out from niches in the wall.
Every baby’s name is etched in the wall above them: embellished onto lovely ribbons if it is a girl & on stately shields if they are boys.
If you have a baby in Heaven and haven’t named it, please do so. Not only does it show Heaven you accept the fact that your baby lives there, but your child knows you cared enough to give it a name.  Some of the angels (I saw) appeared to be male and some female but they all wore soft ivory gowns with pale colored sashes.
They held the ‘tiny’ babies (some only inches long) in the palm of their hands & the bigger ones against their chests.  As they sang to them, the breath of God nourished their little spirits.  Even though these babies (residing in heaven) are tiny, they are different than the babies here, because they do not necessarily need to sleep.
They do rest, but they also play. They already have the ability to ‘know’ things, & they can communicate. 
They are raised in the perfect love of God; joy is an automatic part of their lives.
It was a most beautiful place, filled with the peace of God.
Their little faces reflect the Glory of God & will know Him, as we all should know Him.
There are other places in Heaven for the older toddlers & children where they can play & learn.
1 place allows them to play games with the animals & actually slide down rainbows.
Some of the landscape in the children’s area is similar to different parts of earth, so they will be in familiar surroundings while they adapt to being in Heaven.  It is a fun & exciting thing to be a child & live in Heaven.
There will never be rejection, pain, illness or loneliness in their lives.  Family members come to see them often & eventually, when they are big enough, are sent home with them to await the arrival of their parents.
Please be sure to make the right choice with your life.  Your (predeceased) children are waiting."
#168)  Kerr, Katt - Some Babies? - Alive_Again  Dec 23, 2012 -
Heaven Invasion III Disc 2 @ -
All life comes from God. When there is conception, He takes 1 of those little spirits & places it in the body (flesh) of those babies, & they become a human being. No matter what time, these little babies, if they die (prematurely) whether miscarriage or abortion, they're taken to Heaven.
#228) Kat Kerr - The Babies!  from Dunamis - What Do You Want to Know About Heaven
- Alive_Again  Dec 30, 2012 @ -
(In heaven babies) "grow very, very, slowly.
Whatever in your mind you picture that baby being, the age you continually picture them being. 
That's how old they'll be when they get to Heaven. Most of them stay babies. 
You get to help that finish raising that child grow. 
They'll laugh, play, sing, no diaper changes (women), no all night feedings. None of that.
They don't need any of that.  They already know who you are. They go & sing to their parents.
They'll be carried to the portal.  They'll sing to their parents. 
If you aborted the baby
, this is the best news God has for you.  If you've already asked for forgiveness, don't let the devil beat you up any more, because they actually forgive the people who did that.
Jesus greets all aborted babies when they to come to Heaven
, & heals that little part of them.
Because they know they weren't wanted. They actually forgive their parents.
They forgive the people who performed the abortion. They totally forgive them.  Because the Father lets them, 1 of the things these little babies get to do in Heaven, is to go & sit on Jesus' lap; they receive Him as their savior. These babies are in 1 of the most beautiful places in Heaven where they're cared for; the angels will rock them & sing; the breath of God nourishes their little spirit.  Jesus comes & has parties with them. They don't sleep.
Forget that. Because your baby is never going to sleep.  I have pictures of the nursery wall. 1 of the nursery walls. I'm a sketch artist.  My artist took it & made them all laying down. (You're going to have to change that, Walter, because they were hanging off these things.) Climbing up them. Living roses & flowers grow out.
The birds come & take them for rides.
The deer come in from the meadow, put them on their back, & take them for rides into the meadows & forest.
They live an amazing life, but the thing they want the most is for you to come home to Heaven.
Name them if you never named your baby. If you don't know what it was, pick a girl name or a boy name.
It's got to be one of them.  Do you know what the Father does?
I don't care if it was 30 years ago, He goes & sends for them, puts them on His lap.
He says, 'Your parent just named you. This is now your name, because the angels give them nicknames when they get there, & their name is embellished over their, their beds are these alabaster shelves
Mother of pearl coating on the inside of them. The most glorious fabrics.
They actually sing, even their blankets sing to them. But they don't stay in there very long.  That's what they do. They play a lot in Heaven."
#265) Kat Kerr - Kids Have the Most Fun from Westgate Vineyard - Alive_Again  Mar 3, 2013
@ -
"Kids have the most fun in Heaven? They love being with Jesus. Jesus comes & spends time just with them. 
He loves them. Even the little babies.
He spends time with the little babies. He has little parties. Little tea parties with all of the little girl babies...
Even little babies...sing, play, talk.  They know who their parents are.
They very much want you to come to Heaven.
They even have a ceremony in the Throne Room where they can come & receive Jesus as their Savior because they want to."
Kerr, Kat -
Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours
If they died prematurely (were minors) you have opportunity to raise them when you get to heaven.

Kat Kerr May 18, 2014 @ - Tribulation Now RADIO -
Regarding miscarriages and abortions, at the moment of death the departed fetus' spirit leaves; it is perfect, healthy and happy.  If deliberately aborted, it forgives both the parent & any aborter, as it is now incubated in God's love.  It knows if the mother aborted intentionally or was forced to abort.  It knows if it was wanted or not. 
If the mother subsequently is born-again & repents, she can raise that child when her spirit goes to live in heaven. 
2nd, if the mother later names that child, then God & angels change the nick-name over the crib. - Revelation 21:4 - Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) -
He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will no longer be any death, mourning, crying or pain; because the old order has passed away.”
An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2)
@ - Make sure you name your deceased child. 
You will raise it when you arrive in heaven.  It will be age you perceive it to be.  Your choice. 
Jesus has already healed its heart & body.  It has forgiven you & loves you now.
Kerr, Kat - 1/2/2015 -
Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 2nd half of program
@ - excellent -
From the moment of conception we have/are a 101% human being, regardless of appearances, because our spirit man is complete & would go to heaven if fetus were aborted &/or pregnancy prematurely terminated for any reason.
If you have repented & received Jesus as your savior, you will be able to raise your predeceased child in heaven.
Kerr, Kat - CD#1 & 2 - Warning, Heaven Rocks - 10/2/2015 -
Mom's who have miscarried or aborted a child & repented will raise their own child when they die & go to heaven, if they have asked God's son to be their Savior, (Messiah & baptizer in the Holy Spirit). 
Yes, mom's get a 2nd chance; they can raise their aborted child in the 3rd heaven.
There are NO special needs or handicapped children in heaven.  Defect is left behind.
Kerr, Kat - 
Q&A Spirit Realm BootCamp (2. March 26, 2016)  @ Princess Reka
or @ Joan Hunter, Texas - Miscarried/aborted/
premature babies in heaven are able to play & receive Jesus as their personal saviour.

Springer Rebecca Ruter- Intra Muros or My Dream of Heaven - pgs 10-12 Edited Excerpt @ recommended or full @ adobe or cache or -
his book is a description of Heaven that was written around 1898.
Whether it was an actual vision or just a long dream, she does not really know.
The only thing she knows & states, is that instead of the memory of the ‘dream’ dimming over the years, it had actually become more vivid... Many churches give this book out to grieving family members."

Spirits Have Eyes & all 5 senses

Ezekiel 1:15-16,18,20 NIV -
15As I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the ground beside each with it's 4 faces. 
16This was the appearance and structure of the wheels: they sparkled like chrysolite.  All 4 looked alike. 
Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel..
18Their rims were high & awesome.  All 4 rims were full of eyes all around...
20Wherever the spirit would go, they would go. 
The wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.

Revelation 4:8 NIV -
Each of the 4 living creatures had 6 wings & was covered with eyes all around, even under his wings
Day & night they never stop saying, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was, is, & is to come."

Spiritual Eye Sight

Buchanan, Georgina - To See, or Not To See by Georgina Buchanan - -
"We cannot receive the fullness of God if we filter the actions of His Spirit through the filter of the natural mind.
It cannot & will not work. We are the creation of our Heavenly Father therefore we are subject to him. When Satan came to Adam & Eve he was able to put his way of thinking into their minds because they believed what he told them. That is the sin nature. Thinking & looking at life the way Satan does, which is the opposite of the mindset of God Almighty, has allowed Satan to take control of God's creation. By the 'renewing of our minds' (Romans 12:2) through the washing of the blood of Christ we are released from the sin filled way of thinking.
Though we may have received Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior, we are still thinking with our old mind.
That is why we can hear the word of God but yet do not live in His Word because we do not believe his Word.
We do not see because we do not believe. 
We do not believe because we are filtering the Word of God through our carnal mind set. 
It is as simple as that. We must have a 'renewing' of our minds in order to See, Hear & Live in the Word of God. 
That will require the releasing of our understanding to the Holy Spirit's direction."

Fenn, John  Activating Your 5 Spiritual Senses -
2CDs, book and/or 11/9-13/2009 radio broadcast #1669
Your spirit man can touch, taste, smell, see, and hear? In 1986, John Fenn had a supernatural encounter that changed his life forever.
Jesus appeared to him, & taught him how to hear His voice & have his 5 spiritual senses activated." 
The soul (mind/will/emotions) is the fulcrum/filter/antenna between body & spirit. 

CD is awesome.  We recommend.
2nd CD has us look at God as Spirit, the Holy Spirit as His soul, & Jesus as His body.  Holy Spirit is the One Who connects us to God, now that Jesus is in heaven.  The Holy Spirit is the fulcrum between God & man, the only One remaining on earth (or between earth & heaven) doing God's ministry (here on earth as He indwells each believer).

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - The Eyes of Our Understanding -
DVD requires HEAVY concentration.  This is an "approximate" rendering:
We are the kingdom/Jerusalem/design of the Trinity where the 3rd heaven & earth unite, a matter not so much of Him inside us as that of us inside of Him.  Satan builds up Babylonian structures/governments/hierarchies/designs through which he governs in an attempt to unite his heaven & earth.
This DVD confuses rather than clarifies, 1 reason being that the things of the spirit are spiritually not intellectually discerned.  Nonetheless, the Holy Spirit is doing His ministry at end of program.

Burt, Arthur - per Kathie Walters -
Wales -
"Are you listening to the Fanatic in the Attic or the Fella in the cella?  The Fanatic in the Attic represents your spirit man.  The neat thing is that He has a great view. He can see a long way off. He can see round corners. The fanatic in the attic is always excited. giving directions according to what HE can see.  
The fella in the cella represents the mind realm which can only reason & see, what's immediately in sight.
Burt, Arthur -The fella in the cellar and the fanatic in the attic 2/18/2016 - “Each of us is like a house.
We each have a spirit that is made alive by the Holy Spirit of God. We call that spirit the “fanatic in the attic.”
This fanatic can see from the heights & around corners with unlimited vision from its bird’s eye view.
Each of us also has a mind, which may be brilliant in the natural realm.
We call it the 'fella in the cellar' because it cannot see above ground level.  It cannot see in the Spirit.
The fella in the cellar knows nothing about the future & can only make decisions according to its sense knowledge.
It is a servant but would like to be the boss.  There also is the 'guy in the middle', the heart or soul.
The heart must decide which to follow: the fella in the cellar that shouts the loudest or the fanatic in the attic. 
 The fanatic in the attic sees in the Spirit & wants to follow God’s call, but the fella in the cellar with its limited sight fearfully struggles against the fanatic.  The heart will have to choose which to obey.
As we grow in the Lord & begin to delight in His will, our hearts will learn to follow after the Spirit.
Thus, the mind realm bows to 3rd place but eventually becomes enlightened with the revelation.
The Spirit allows the light to enter, & the revelation reaches the mind with illumination.
Burt, Arthur - 2/16/2014 another reminiscence @

but Fully Functional Substance of Spirits

Allen, Bruce D - - Book Preface @
Chapter 2 Seeing: a Face to Face Reality - "You look like in the sprit...a being of overwhelming light...
Matthew 5:14...We are beings of light; when your spiritual eyes are activated you begin to comprehend...
It can be toned down by sins not confessed. 
It can be hidden in obscurity, because we want to 'blend in'...rather than stand out...
It is so vitally important to be quick to repent and apply the blood of Jesus."
Begins around 19:50 in audio @ link page top.  Anderson, Dr. Reggie - - 3/31/2014

Bailey, Father (Roman Catholic) view concerning deceased human spirits:
The Difference - Spirits Crossed and Un-crossed 
Bailey, Father (Roman Catholic) view concerning
Question of Human Spirits or Ghosts -
(Most born-again/Holy-Spirit-baptized Christians do NOT agree with above theology & DO equate ghosts with demons/evil-spirits/fallen-angels.)

Copeland, Kenneth - Friday, October 17, 2014 - -
No spirit can ever die.  We humans are the highest spirits ever created by God. 
(God's Holy Spirit was NOT created.)  

Danforth, Michael - Engaging With Your Spirit Man or @ -
Have you ever seen your spirit man?
Have you ever caught a glimpse of your eternal state? Just recently, I was watching a video of a brief teaching I had done making sure the recording was ok, before being posted.
Suddenly, while looking at myself, my spirit man appeared before me.
I was overwhelmed by my supernatural state. I saw and heard my spirit man speaking.
It wasn’t me, the natural me, it was the other me. It was the eternal me. It was as though Father opened a door in the Spirit for me to see my true state in the kingdom of heaven.  I have actually experienced this before, but this time it was far more intense than all the times. The only way to describe it is that I was seeing & hearing my spirit man, which looked like me, but bore a perfected presence & knowledge that was beyond this realm."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - - ATA video internet class Spirit of Man shares that the spirit man has parts identical to the human body, as does the soul, which is the transmitter translator/communicator to the body from the supernatural realm/dimension (according to Ana).
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - introduction to book

Healy, Blake K, director of Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry (or BASM)
Healy’s book
The Veil; An Invitation to the Unseen Realm:

Chapter #1 – “I ASKED God what a spirit was.  He said that a spirit is ‘raw identity,’
the genetic code that tells everything else how to exist. 
Your spirit exists outside of time & is everything you will ever be. 
In fact, everything you are is so unique & complex that it is only fully expressed over the course of your entire life. 
You would probably say that you are a different person now than you were 5, 10 or 50 years ago. 
Your spirit is all of that, all at once, & is everything you will ever be. 
Your life is an expression of the spirit that God created. 
Life certainly isn’t perfect, but knowing that the original blueprint is always available convinces me that it most certainly could be.”

Hermans, Olga - How Can You Recognize the Voice of the Lord? @ - 11/24/2010
"The primary way God communicates is not with my brain but with my spirit.
That’s why I make sure there are times when I pray in tongues & do nothing with my mind on purpose...
The Holy Spirit is supplying the language, all right, but it is your human spirit that is doing the praying. 
You see, we are a part of the Body of Christ, and Jesus is the Head.
Wherever His Body is present in this earth, the Head has authority.
When the Holy Spirit transfers that supernatural language to your human spirit
, He also transfers the authority. 
Now you as a member of the Body of Christ are praying a prayer that the Holy Spirit gave you with the authority to change things on this earth...
I was in my prayer closet edifying myself in tongues. Suddenly it seemed like some kind of invisible dome settled over me–as if I was in the Holy of Holies. Everything got very quiet as I slid over into the realm of the Spirit. God was about to teach me some profound truths about distinguishing His voice.  In the Spirit I saw the physical  anatomy of a man. Then I saw what appeared to be a 'glow' on the inside of the man’s body. I understood the glow to be the outline of the inner spirit man, which was encased by the outer man–wall to wall, hands to hands, eyes to eyes.  In that moment of revelation, I learned something I hadn’t understood before about the spirit man. 
If I had the ability to have my spirit man step out & stand next to my physical man, you would see that my inner man has hands, eyes, a nose, ears, & hair. He also has a brain that fits inside my natural brain. In fact, my spirit man looks exactly like my physical man, minus age & defects.   But I had more to learn. In this vision I saw the  spirit man’s mind.
Then I saw the Holy Spirit literally creating tongues within the spiritual mind, which was bathed in that heavenly glow. The moment the Holy Spirit created the tongues, they came outward to the outer man’s mind & then out of his mouth. I realized I was seeing the part of the spirit from which the Holy Spirit speaks...
The hidden man of the heart–the spirit man–has a brain just like your physical body does & that spiritual brain fits  in your natural brain. God does not move out of your spirit man’s brain & go down to the belly button region to talk to you. He communicates with your spiritual mind, & that spiritual mind is in your head...
The spiritual mind, of course, lies beneath the natural mind.
This explains why it appears that the voice of the Holy Spirit is coming from 'way down somewhere' when it is actually coming from the deep recesses of your spiritual mind.
My outer man gives my spirit man the authority to operate in a natural world.
Because I am 'wearing' my physical body, I can contact physical things.
In the same way, my physical brain allows my spiritual brain to operate in a natural world & translate what I am receiving in the spirit into a natural operation, such as languages. 
So your spiritual brain is the part of you with which the Holy Spirit communicates.
The more you pray in tongues, the more you are going to familiarize yourself with the part of you where He actually creates that supernatural language.  It is the same part of you where you will hear the inner witness or hear Him in your native language in such a way that you can hear God’s voice.  Now, let me help you isolate this part of your spirit.
I suggest that you do what God instructed me to do on that particular day.
He had me pray out loud for a while in the Holy Spirit.  Then He impressed me to stop.
I stopped praying out loud, but the tongues did not stop because the Holy Spirit was continuing to create the words on the inside of my spiritual mind. When I didn’t let the words come out of my mouth, they just floated up to my natural mind. I could hear them. For a while, the Holy Spirit kept creating the words. I kept on hearing them. 
If you respond to the Holy Spirit and say, 'I want to pray in tongues,' immediately He will supply the language.
If you don’t open your mouth, you will notice that you can hear those tongues being created somewhere on the inside of you. You are hearing God’s voice with the ear of your spirit. What is God saying? Tongues.
Where is He saying it? In your spirit.  So let me suggest that you forcefully pray in tongues for a few minutes.
Then stop abruptly.  In doing this, you will create a river that will continue to flow up to your natural mind even after you stop speaking. Listen to where this language is created in your spirit for a moment.
Familiarize yourself with it, for that is the exact same part of you that you will need to monitor in order to distinguish the voice of the Holy Spirit.
The more you pray in tongues, the more familiar you will become with the source of Holy Spirit’s language & how He talks to you.  So start learning to listen. Make it your highest priority to learn how to hear the voice of God.
There is no better way to prepare yourself for the times to come.
Whatever the future might hold for the world, YOUR future will be bright as you grow in close fellowship with Him."

Josey, Jo Ann - Living the Supernatural Lifestyle - Kingdom Living - Parasites Not Me
@ 10/24/2013
@ -
"The Holy Spirit, God has shown me that (often) at the root of (most) every (treatment-resistant) disease is a parasite."
(Try home page or to purchase.)
or -
Book excerpt says there seem to be 2 major reasons for medical problems: acid PH & parasites.
Book excerpt also points us to Genesis where ALL HUMAN SPIRITS were created inside Father God on day #6 of creation. 
However, they were not deposited onto the earth, until the rigth earth time.  Kat Kerr may concur with this.
Josey, Jo Ann -
24E6DE390E5156CBE51124E6DE390E5156CBE511&view=detail&FORM=VIRE - 1/27/2012

Mentions that yoga & reiki practices were stolen by Satan & misappropriated/misused, but can be repurposed for God.  (Caution with some of body positions, which are evil positions of sign language of summoning demons.)
friend says JoAnn reversed her mom's vegetative state by implementing the insights shown her by Holy Spirit.)
Josey, Jo Ann -
Rounding Up the Rebels - Exalting the Victor by Ian Johnson -"
In 1922 Smith Wigglesworth declared in his sermon in the Wellington town hall, 'Step out of your soul and into your spirit'...How do we Step out of our soul and into our spirit...My Spirit must rise and say, 'Holy Spirit I need your sword' to divide my motivation of heart, and to bring these other 2 rebels into line.
This is where you need to discern the difference between the voice of the Holy Spirit & the voice of a religious spirit. It is in this tender place before God that religious spirits love to steal and rob sons of their true inheritance & intimacy with God & send you off on some works driven by a wild goose chase.
The best way to discern is to look at the fruit...
Holy Spirit must become the discerner of the thoughts & intents of the heart.
Otherwise the rebels will maintain control of our throne & the fruit will be lusts of the flesh or religious nonsense...
Your Spirit knows the realm of God and wants to enter that realm, but in most cases the 2 rebels (soul & flesh) have control of the reigns of your heart. As your (human) spirit bows low to the (Holy) Spirit of Truth the rebels won’t see the sword coming, & by faith your (human) spirit enters into the heart of God un-opposed."
New Zealand ministry -

#56) Kat Kerr - Little Spirits Coming Out of the Father from The Ancient Paths
"If you stand there long enough, you'll see these (human) spirits coming in & out of the Father. 
You can hear them talking. They ride on the beams of glory, that emanate from Him. They can't go around. 
They go in & out of Him. They all say, 'Send me. Send me so I can live for you on this earth.
Send me so I can let people know about you.
That You love them.' You know He won't send anyone until they ask.
So at 1 time, everyone of you asked to come here. He has to send you really loving you.
Wanting you to come home. If you could ever feel that love coming from Him you could understand why He wants the vilest sinner set free. That blood of His Son can cover, demolish, erase, eradicate & evaporate any sin.
Any sin. There's nothing greater that He cannot take care of. But He wants you to come home.
We couldn't call Him our Father if we didn't come from Him. It says in the Word of God that we are
His offspring." 
(Wait.  If human soul rejects Christ or fails to make a choice, then what happens to this spirit? 
Does it join the soul in hell?)

#196) Kat Kerr - Where We Came From - Alive_Again Dec 23, 2012  -
"Where did Adam's spirit come from God? He breathed out from Himself.
Everyone of you came from inside God
.  We were little spirits.
We were His offspring. Is that what the Word says? You're His offspring.
You lived some place before you came to this earth. It was inside God.
Inside God is eternity.  He doesn't have organs like us.  He's not human.
If you stepped in(to) Him, you'd see the most beautiful land you've ever seen.
The holy mount of God. The stones of fire are inside Him. The stones of fire are the heart of God."
14"You were the anointed cherub who covers, & I placed you there.
You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked in the midst of the stones of fire."
Kat Kerr – March 2013 Kansas Resurrection Sunday @ -
Our spirit man came from the inside of God.  We were knit together in our mother's womb;
the spirit was knit to our flesh, so it would not detach & go back to God. -

For You created my inmost being;  
You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

KAT KERR – Recorded on 21st June 2014 at FirstLove Kansas City – Part 2 @ -
Adam became a living soul, and subsequently had to choose; before that he was a spirit indwelling the Father. 
Father God spoke and then Jesus the Word acted on that & created man/Adam out of the dust.  Originally man lived in God via the (human) spirit; today God lives in man via the Holy Spirit.  1 day all will be 1 as the Trinity is 1, living together, symbiotically.  Created beings (angels & creatures) are lovely, but we are His offspring. 
He put us in a human womb of amniotic water, to help us acclimate to earth, for we (our spirits) came from an area of living water, from His womb. Man became a (living) spirit at the moment of conception when God knit the spirit of man to the flesh of man, so the spirit would NOT float back up to God.
Both eternity & all spirits originate inside Father God, Who takes one & places it into a womb at the time of conception.
ephesians/1-4.htm -
3Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,
4just as He chose us in (inside of) Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy & blameless before Him. In love
5He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to
(come to earth & then return to) Himself, according to the kind intention of His will.
Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 1/2/2015 - When God initially sends a spirit from within Himself to earth to be implanted into a womb, the soul is already contained inside/with/as part of that spirit.
Kerr, Kat - The Temple - Spirit, Soul & Body DVD 2012 - 
Our human spirit existed and indwelt God prior to our conception
Our human spirit is a portion of God Who is Spirit.  Our human spirit represents God's Spirit. 
Both we & God are a Trinity.  We each are a spirit with a soul & body. 
Jesus was the Word Who became Christ when He put on flesh.  Our soul & the Holy Spirit both have layers. 
Our human spirit is immortal & will never die.  Other spirit beings are eternal, rather than immortal. 
Human spirits born on earth (with a soul & body) must chose whether or not to become God's sons.
Kerr, Kat -
Kat Kerr - Preaching Sermons & Word of God  from One's spirit can grow so large it overtakes/outgrows the body/will, having supremacy, coming (more) into alignment with God's will. 
(Less of self & more of God.) Satan cannot use a dead person.
u have the most authority n your own family than any other individual.
We can also stand in the gap for our loved ones. 
Some cremated people will b resurrected at funerals. 
U have now spiritual authority n this spiritual kingdom age, over the demonic, including over ISIS. 
Angels harken to God’s word in our mouth.  Watcher angles had flesh, whose job was to instruct man.
The angelic order of Melchezadeck 1st priest & then king, as was Christ. 
Habitation of heaven on earth, not revival. 
Spiritual dominion during kingdom age before next age.  Glory is resurrection power covering 2/3 of earth. 
God is allowing hard times to kill our human nature.
Kerr, Kat - 2/2/2016 - Sunday AM - -
The human being has a fully functional spirit man inside of him, which looks like him. 
If the young die you can command the spirit to go back into the body, in Jesus' name, otherwise release them, especially if they are born-again & have finished their destiny/race on earth.
Kerr, Kat - 2016 - audio
Adored pets which go to heaven may have a(n un-regenerated) spirit, which makes them alive.
Our human spirits never sleep, (so God & angels can minister to us when we are asleep).
Kerr, Kat - New Brighton, PA 6/2013 - posted 2/8/2016 -
At conception the soul (will/emotions/mind) is knit to the spirit, that formerly resided inside of God & volunteered to fulfill a specific destiny on earth.  The human soul is not activated/tuned into God until the human spirit receives a diamond/deposit from God's heart, becoming born-again, reawakened/reconnected to God. 
Inside God in heaven our spirit did not need a soul
, but on earth, disconnected from God, our spirit needs a soul to facilitate mental & emotional choices.  With our spirit switched on to the God channel, the soul can better choose the holy and reject the unholy.  Jesus is the light of the world. 
Once our spirit man is rekindled, our spirit begins to glow.
This light is noticeable in the spiritual world & sometimes in the visible world.
Kat Kerr - New Day Church at High Point 3/12/2016 -
Everyone has a fully functional spirit body inside his/her physical body...
Being IN the SPIRIT is a PLACE in God.  Pray that you receive it.  Say, "I receive it."
Kerr, Kat - Basic Training in the Spirit Realm (Spirit Realm Boot Camp #1 - 3/25/2016)
Princess Reka or @ Joan Hunter, Texas -  
Everything in the spiritual realm has/is a literal substance, made up of light: angels/food.

Liardon, Roberts - Roberts Liardon Ministries - I Saw Heaven -
i-saw-heaven.pdf - Scribd - - Chapter 2 - Caught Up to Heaven -
"The real me, the Roberts Liardon who is a (human) spirit being & occupies this body (2nd Corinthians 5:1-10), was moving through the heavens at a high rate of speed...The 1st heaven is earth's atmosphere...the 2nd heavens are...where Satan and his demons have lived since being cast out of the 3rd heaven (Revelation 12:4).  The 3rd heaven is the place where God lives."  Speak as though you have a relationship with heaven & soon you will begin to have that.  We send out verbal invitations to the Trinity, to heaven. 
Eventually earth will begin to witness heaven on earth to a greater degree. - Prayer Strategy - Address the Human Spirit

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - -
"The (human) spirit is an invisible substance...
The spirit man is complex with different parts, of which the
3 MAIN PARTS includes:
communion, intuition & conscience.

Different spiritual body parts of the spirit have different functions, just as those of the physical body parts."

"I went to sleep on a bed that was on the floor. And all of a sudden, the room, I was in, was filled with the most brilliant white light I've ever seen in my life. It was the manifestation of the Glory of God.
That white light filled into me from my head down to the sole of my feet & the literally in seconds, unzipped my body like opening up a luggage. My spirit stood up. I could see my lifeless body on the floor, on the bed.
I could see everything. I was aware of everything around me, & my spirit looked like my body, you know.
Suddenly, the Glory of God lifted me up. I found myself on top of the roof of the house we were living in. 
I could see the neighborhood. Then all of a sudden, in front of me on top of the house, I see this demonic prince."

Owens, Jan - Never Give Up -

Penn-Lewis, Jessie - Soul & Spirit - chapter #1 @
Ignorance of Christians concerning the distinction between 'soul' & 'spirit' is very general & is a primary cause of the lack of full growth in the spiritual life in many devoted and earnest believers. 
G.H. Pember points out as the cause of this ignorance the popular phraseology of 'soul and body', which has caused a deficiency in the English language...Nouns 'spirit & soul'...are too often treated as synonyms...
Of course Greek scholars know well the different words in the original (New Testament writings) which stand for spirit pneuma; soul-psuche; flesh-sarx; but to the generality of Christians these distinctions are veiled, with the result that they are unable to discriminate...

he fallen Archangel *Satan, with his superhuman wisdom, knows the make-up of human beings & is now...counterfeiting the working of Holy Spirit."  *(This & rendition below omit the name Satan?)
Penn-Lewis, Jessie - Soul & Spirit - chapters #1-11,%20JESSIE/SOUL
Penn-Lewis, Jessie -
Satan's work on deceiving mankind, especially the saints (born-again Christians). 
God's Spirit works from the spirit to the soul to the body, whereas Satan works in reverse from flesh, to soul, to spirit (oppression/possession/demonization).

Pittman, Howard - Demons: An Eyewitness Account @ - full text Chapter 1 The Clone -
"When 1st created, all spirits were duplications of the creator...
God added a 2nd dimension to that clone by giving him a soul.  (Genesis 2:7) 
The soul is that part of our being that makes us, as spirits, become an individual. 
With the soul came man's ability to exercise his sovereign will...
We see the a person's personality, (mind & will)."

, Howard - Demons: An Eyewitness Account - - full text - Chapter 12 Overview
According to Pittman, "For angels to communicate with the physical world they...must do so through a physical body.  They (the holy angels) have the ability to take on (manifest) a body which as all the attributes of the physical flesh (the 5 senses).  When their assignment is over, they have the ability to put off that body. 
(If & when demons manifest in visible form outside of the human body, they typically appear as ghosts or apparitions)...Demons (evil spirits/fallen angels) once enjoyed this same privilege, but they violated the restrictions placed on the use of that body. (2 Peter 2:4) (perhaps pertaining to Genesis 6; perhaps pertaining to a time prior to that at the time of the original fall of Lucifer) & (some of those demons) were taken prisoner immediately & locked in chains. 
The remaining demons were then denied the use of a body any more.  The only way a demon can use a physical (human) body now is for him to obtain it from the individual spirit of a man, who has the legal right to that body.  The demon cannot take it by force, so he takes it by cunning" (until it is evicted in Jesus' name & power). 
[When the soul (will/mind/ intellect/emotions) reign (has veto power) over the human spirit &/or body, then it often opens the door to/invites trouble/injustices/evil-spirits/things that do NOT align with the Holy Spirit.]

Sandford, John Loren and Paula -
posted by Alberto Vazquez Botello - Healing Prenatal Wounds and Sins +
The Slumbering
(human) Spirit – 1985 from -
(Sometimes scripture translators interchange soul and spirit. 
Regardless, to a large degree, the basic spiritual principles would apply.)
Sandfords contend that no one is human until his spirit comes alive & stays alive/awake. 
Healing requires a small intimate Judeo-Christian group to love-on each slumbering spirit. 
Ask the Lord who He would put on our hearts to love deeply, including deep soaking prayer.
Sandford, John Loren and Paula -
Sandford, John Loren and Paula - -
prayer to awaken sleeping spirit @

Stein, Karl - Being Slain in the Holy Spirit is NOT being spiritually asleep as this Stein video professes:  In fact, falling under the power/influence/ministry of the Holy Spirit is actually just the opposite.  Maybe it is just a wrong/misguided label.

Walters, Kathie - The Breaths of God - 9/11/2014 - In Jesus blog - Your spirit man is the real you isn’t it?  
Because He is eternal and the eternal spirit dwells in you. Your spirit man lives in the spirit realm. 
He doesn’t jump in and out.  He always lives in the spiritual realm. 
Your spirit man prophesies all the time, because He is prophetic.
Your spirit man has visions continually because He lives and dwells in that realm.
Your spirit man lives in the heavenly places, so it’s not unusual for us to have visitations from God & visitations to heavenly places.  After all that’s your home.

Wilkerson, David - 6/5/1985 - A Spirit of Slumber! (Spiritual Coma)

Wommack, Andrew - 1/7/2015 - -
At salvation the human spirit becomes born-again/new/perfect, but soul & body need.
to come into that alignment &/or to appropriate/act on Holy Spirit Truths as they are revealed.
Wommack, Andrew - 9/24/2015 Andrew reminds us that when our spirit man is born-again, initially the soul & body often do NOT recognize that new-birth/aliveness/entity, as the spirit occupies a different reality/ dimension than the physical, with which one is typically more familiar.  For spiritual leg muscles to mature, the spirit man needs to feed on the Word of God, as one main source of nourishment.

COMMENTARY (Since our human spirit is fully functional, although invisible on earth, the deaf person can hear God speak & the blind person can see God; thus humans can while physically handicapped/incapacitated can still communicate/interact with the spiritual world.)

Resurrected Human Spirit
(between Christ's resurrection & ascension)

Dickerman, Don - OCTOBER 2014  newsletter @ -
Jesus, when He had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost (his human spirit).
Behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; the earth did quake & the rocks rent; the graves were opened; many (resurrected) bodies of the saints which slept arose, came out of the graves after his resurrection, went into the holy city & appeared unto many.
Now when the centurion & they that were with him, watching J
esus, saw the earthquake & those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God." Matthew 27:50
"I believe (rather than, according to what a majority of Judeo-Christians confess, that) 
they were, rather some later saints, such as Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist,
John the Baptist himself, perhaps Simeon, (Luke 2), Joseph the husband of Mary & others, well known to persons that were then alive... Maybe they were people who lived during Christ’s days on earth." 
[COMMENT: Other religions and cults, such as Scientology adhere to idea that deceased human spirits float about, haunt, or even re-inhabit bodies (reincarnation) or objects such as totem poles or idols. 
Typically such apparitions are demonic Halloween infestations, which can be bound & evicted permanently in Jesus' name.  (Individuals need to resist evil + be filled with God's Holy Spirit.) 
Keep in mind that any human spirit that is a citizen of heaven, has a holy passport, good forever, for a spirit never dies.  The spirit of a human who has rejected Jesus as Messiah, is rejected from entry into heaven.
His passport is for hell, upon the death of his body. 
There is NO longer a place called Limbo, Limbo Patrick or Purgatory. 
Dickerman obviously believes these cited above were born-again individuals and the holy predecessors were not yet, as they had not spoken directly to Christ.  However, he fails to note 2 things. 
The spirit of man is always alive to/in the invisible realm. 
As such they would have heard, understood & accepted Christ's teaching.  The spirit man has all 5 senses. 
2nd all provision would have been made by Messiah for their full redemption, available after the 1st resurrection. 
Even Enoch availed himself of God's merits, before Messiah's death and resurrection.]

Kerr, Kat - -
Volume #1 -
Kerr, Kat - transcripts @ -
Smells From the Portal @ Devine Encounter #2 -
"You cannot be a witness, unless you are seeing & hearing something.
Since God is the One would said, there is a cloud of witnesses, which means they're in Heaven.
If they are witnesses, they can see & hear you. He took me to this place, so you would know about it & see.
Your family & friends go to see and hear you on earth whenever they want to.
There's no reason to keep things back from people in Heaven. 
They're already been approved by Him to be there. Everything that is up there is revealed for you to enjoy, to partake of.  He does not separate them completely from you. Even though you can't see them, I'm sure some people have felt the presence of their family members, when you feel that, they are at this place watching you.  Because when they go there and look down, they can see and hear you as close as that ceiling.
Not millions of miles away...I know a woman, her daughter loved brownies. She used to make them all of the time & she knows when her daughter goes to the portal to see her, because she smells brownies.
I've heard wives & husbands say, they can smell their husband's cologne, or their wife's perfume.
That doesn't mean they're wearing it, that's just a kiss from Heaven to let you know they still care
Because they do.  You don't become a robot. You're not a disembodied spirit floating through walls."

Human Spirit
- More Resources

Carrin, Charles - - February 2011 Newsletter -
"Years ago I met a saintly old man whom I immediately recognized was trustworthy in his love for God & his Christian testimony.
As we talked privately, he told about an illness that not only put him in the hospital but caused his death.
Of that event, he half-whispered to me,
'I realized I was dead when I discovered that I could swing my legs down through the mattress.'
Though the statement was shocking there was nothing unbelievable about him or his description of his death-encounter.
Over the years I have met numerous others–just as believable as he-who had such death-bed or out-of-body experiences.  What happened in his case was that death momentarily separated him from his body.
While his physical-part lay motionless on the bed, his spiritual-part was totally free & independent of it.
There is a 'natural body' & there is a 'spiritual body.'
Corinthians 15:44. It was the spiritual aspect of his being that was unhindered by the material substance of the bed & enabled him to swing his legs through it. We have a parallel of this the day of the Resurrection when Jesus appeared in the closed room where the disciples were meeting.
Without effect on Himself or the wall, He simply passed through the material substance of the building in the same way the old man’s spiritual legs swung through the hospital mattress. John 20:22." Prayer for Slumbering human spirit
However, it would be more in alignment with God Truth to pray for the Slumbering human soul or more correctly for slumbering human soul layers.  Just substitue the word soul or better still, soul layer, for the word spirit, especially when praying for a born-again Christian.

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - Chapter 10 The Deliverance of Philip
by Gabriel & Rose DuRoi, USA - Rescued from Autism, Mental & Physical Deficiency
"Philip's father began to ask forgiveness for the iniquity of his ancestors & to cancel the curses...
Part of his (Philip's human) spirit was trapped...
As he prayed the (the written generational curses) began to disappear...
He took authority, as his father, & commanded that prison to open...
Then I (Ana) took the boy spiritually from his cell...
Then his father took him in his arms and blessed if he were being born in that moment. 
They commanded his spirit to integrate with his being & for his soul & his body to come into alignment...
Philip's spirit had not been able to properly assemble with his soul & body because it had been held captive...
I had instructed them to call Philip's spirit every day & to command & to fill his body & soul, until there was total victory... They blew life into his spirit... They declared that the mind of Christ be established in him...
Today, he plays, laughs, runs, ride a bicycle & goes to
The work of God is not complete in him, but they continue to see daily progress." 
Chapter 11 My Father's Resurrection by Pastor Joan Manuel Reyes Acosta, Oaxaca, Mexico -
he Lord took him (my father) out of the Captivity of Death (a spiritual demonic place).
"God said, 'Death...has the legal rights...Now...begin to bind it...Break the decrees that the enemy has in his hands & that gives him the right over your father...since 1945, when he cursed his parents'...She said to the devil, 'I command Satan & the spirit of death, in the name of Jesus...that you will not take my father...
I declare life to my father. I break the designs, covenants & decrees that my father made. (He was a Mason)...
The Lord added, 'Now take him from the captivity of death'...
I saw my father as a child...Jesus continued, 'That is a part (or layer) of his SOUL that was wounded. 
Open the door of that prison of death'
The angel that was with me said, 'This is why the son of Man came, to rescue those who are lost. 
Now the Son of God is glorified, because He descended to hell to take from Satan the keys of death & captivity'... God gave me [(Joan) the victory over (my dad's) death."
Whether right or wrong, above prior ministry application applies to the human spirit rather than to the soul.  Here, it seems that the spirit, rather than the soul is fragmented, fractured, or missing a puzzle piece, unless there needs to be a substitution of the word soul, or unless both/either spirit/soul would/could apply, such as possibly with multiple personality issues, or maybe multiple demons ?
Nowadays, most would minister to the fragmented soul & NOT to the human spirit, which most consider to be united to the Trinity when a person born-again. 
(Ana ministered to her born-again twin sister’s spirit in following manner.)
Kat Kerr contends that Jesus stays with (but outside) the person at salvation (water baptism) & inside the person at their Holy Spirit baptism (confirmation).
Holy Spirit, we invite You to give discernment to author & to Your Bride, so that we may not go into deception or error, but always be on the cutting edge.  Thanks, Lord.]

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places - -
Chapter 1 - God Is a God of Designs -
"When I understand that I am a spirit, I don't have to exert a lot of effort in order to be spiritual...
If...I believe that i am a being of flesh & bone that has a spirit, it will be much harder to believe that I can be spiritual...
God...knows us from before the foundation of the world, because we were in Him and we came from Him...
Before coming to Christ (in salvation) our spirit is awake to the spiritual world of darkness, but dead to God due to sin.  When we come to Him through a genuine conversion by means of a sincere repentance & accepting the sacrifice of the cress, our spirit come alive again for God...
Joined to the Lord (1Corinthians 6;17) are 1 spirit with Jesus...not 2 separate spirits
Man 'does NOT have a spirit inside of him; man is spirit.' 
Man is a spirit that lives in a body (house/temple) & communicates & perceives the exterior world through his soul (mind)... (Sounds like union of man & woman at marriage when 2 beome 1.  Now Holy Spirit & Human spirit mesh.)  As the human being matures in his relationship (with) & in his knowledge of God, the spiritual world (invisible Kingdom of God) becomes much more easily perceived, (accessed & utilized to bring glory to God & blessings to mankind).
Chapter 6 The Dwelling of the Spirit & Heavenly Places -
"Every (human) spirit that has been joined with God has the total ability to see Him, hear Him & to move in Him. 
Our (born-again) spirit is composed of 3 main parts: intuition, conscience, & communion with God.
"Everything that Jesus conquered for us is NOT automatic. 
We have to enter into possession of EACH (spiritual) truth...
Each person has to embrace the sacrifice of the cross & enter into the plan of salvation...
(Subsequently) believers have to proclaim that victory to the (demonic) powers of darkness...
The Lord won the battle for us, so that we could be in those positions of authority & revelation, but we must take possession of them.   Outside of salvation, which is by grace, everything else has a price tag that must be paid...
Having spiritual authority has 1 of the highest price tags."

Ferrell, L Emerson - Quantum Fasting - Food for Thought -
Chapter 5 Quantum Fasting and the Supernatural - "The SPIRIT of man is the source of faith, but faith without love will NOT change circumstances in the natural (physical) world."

Ferrell, L. Emerson & Ana - Born of the Spirit - -

Hinn, Benny - Week 6/17-21/13
from - Benny speaks of death (shriveling/coma/sleep)
of human spirit due to neglect/absence of such things a Bible reading.

Jackson, John Paul - -
"It is the will of God for you to live with your (human) spirit in heaven while you are physically on earth.
The (invisible) spirit part of a believer is the only part of him that presently can experience God (a Spirit) & His (spiritual) kingdom since it is the only part of him that is alive to God because of righteousness...
Elisha lived in the spirit & natural realms simultaneously...
You start off by let your imagination visualizing the Word (will) of God.
If your visualization is not based on the Word of God it is fantasizing, which is deception.
Visualizing the Word of God is a high level of meditation on the Word. 
You imagine yourself in the vision of the Word. If you do it frequently enough, persevering in it, you will start to walk in the reality of the Word & you will enter into the rest of God. Holy Spirit (the Helper) will help you. Everybody knows how to imagine things.  This is just disciplining the focus of your imagination (heart)."

Kennedy, Sandra - - 9/23-27/2013 - inspiring & mentoring -
"I heard the word of the Lord say, 'Tell your mama.' He quoted the 1st part of the Lord's Prayer,
'Our Father which art in Heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come,
Thy will be done on Earth as it is Heaven
. And tell her there is NO sickness in Heaven.'" 
(When ministering, esp. to person in coma, we need to speak/whisper aloud to his/her spirit, per Sandra.)
Radio - 9/2-6/2013

Kerr, Kat - Kat Kerr – The Kings – June 2014 from -
When we are born-again, Father God deposits a burning diamond stone from His heart into our human spirit, to ignite/enliven/illuminate/awaken our spirit to His. 14 -
"You were the anointed cherub who covers. I placed you there. You were on the holy mountain of God;
You walked in the midst of the stones of fire
"  Jesus imparts a deposit of His anointing.
Kerr, Kat - 7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2)
Before conception our spirits look like fire flies flying in & out of Father God. 
God placed us in our mother's womb, because we came from His womb/inwards. 
He knit our spirit to our soul, so it would not float back to Him, prematurely. 
Apparently, at death both spirit & soul go to heaven (or hell).

Kunneman, Hank  The Revealer of Secrets - God in heaven wants you to know His secrets. 
Learn to hear them.  Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Chapter 4 Lessons in Hearing God's Secrets - When we are born-again our invisible inner spirit man can hear, see, touch, taste, & smell as we exercise/stretch our spiritual muscles & tune into & line up with God on a daily basis. 
Spend lots of time daily in a secret place with God, allowing Him to share His secrets with you.

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - -
"The (human) spirit is an invisible substance...
The spirit man is complex...
3 MAIN PARTS include: communion, intuition and conscience.
The different spiritual body parts of the spirit have different functions, just as those of the physical body parts." SPIRITUAL SENSES (SPIRITUAL FAITH ORGAN) -
Like human soul which has 5 senses, there are 5 "spiritual senses (Spiritual Faith organs to Experience God):
Spiritual discernment is for those who are spiritually matured, for those who have exercised to discern good from evil.76 Every human spirit has (5) spiritual senses: vision, hearing, taste, touch & smell.
Although a believer may have experienced deliverance from sin, he may be powerless to overcome his natural man with all its emotions.77 Wherever a person is controlled by his emotions & not by God’ Holy Spirit, the believer is in need of the deep work of the cross.  Only God can remove 'the (inherited iniquity) body of sin'”.
 (78 Romans 6:6. “Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with Him that the 'BODY OF SIN' might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.”) SPIRITUAL DNA - (Spiritual genetics - Inheritance)
"Just as the (human) material body stores genetic information in the Chromosomes of the cell, called the DNA, the same is found in the spiritual body where all the information of Iniquity is stored on spiritual genetic/DNA level. 
Watchmen Nee
(80 Nee, Watchmen (1968) The Spiritual Man.
Volume II. pp. 57-58)
warns that when a child of God becomes spiritual he is (more violently)
subjected to the influences of the supernatural world (both holy & evil).
Deception occurs when man does not know (discern/test) the difference between (holy) spiritual & the (evil) phenomena of the supernatural."
(This is especially true for anyone who is neither continuously reading his Bible, cover to cover, nor fellowshipping with believers.)

Jerame Nelson shares how you can activate your (5) spiritual senses to experience & hear from God in new & powerful ways! - 11/12/2012 -

Pierce, Chuck D - Time to Defeat the Devil @ -
"Break the power of vexation and to renew our human spirit...
The enemy seeks to vex our spirit so that we become traumatized & fragmented.
If he can block our spirit, he can stagnate our relationship with the One who created us & (attempt to) overtake our soul (mind). However, we have a FATHER of our human spirit who is able to renew & nourish our spirit...
We can 'exercise' our spirit & commune with Him in a new way."
Chuck Pierce -
Friday's 8/26/2011 Messianic radio broadcast -
Book review deals with spirit man rather than soul.
Chapter 4 Doorways to Going Beyond contends our spirit man is NOT perfect/perfected when we are born again.  He contends that Jesus said/indicated to the
Pharisees that, "You must also know My Spirit & what My Spirit is capable of doing in you, or your (human) spirit will never form properly.  If it does not form properly, it will never come into the strength I've ordained for it. 
I will not be able to strengthen your soul
(will/mind/emotions), & you will be unable to ascend in new ways to accomplish My will...You have to go beyond this (water) baptism (into the baptism in the Holy Spirit)."
(Does Chuck sometimes mean soul instead of spirit & character instead of soul? 
Most teach that it is the soul that becomes fragmented.)
Chapter 18 A Renewed Spirit - "Pray...'Bring me back into alignment with You, so I'm communing,
so I'm gaining testimony, so my intuition (inner knowing) is working
In Hebrews 4:12 the soul & spirit are very similar to each other,
except the (born-again human) spirit has power & a supernatural ability. 
Intuition is where God's anointing (insight/revelation knowledge begins) arises within us."
Chuck Pierce December 2011 12/30/2011 Friday's Sid Roth Messianic radio broadcast shares that one can rescue/renew/revive/empower the human spirit.  [Redeeming the human soul (will/mind/emotions/feelings) is great, but often insufficient/incomplete for us to continually overcome/bloom.] significant -

Pittman, Howard - -
"We were given a soul to separate us from one another to make us an individual...
Our soul (mind/will/personality) belongs to the spirit (even at death)." 
Pittman, Howard - Demons: An Eyewitness Account - -
full text
Chapter 11 - Dealing with Demons - Casting Them Out - "As soon as they (God's angels) took me through that dimension wall, I knew what that wall was, & I knew where we were going. 
I knew how to communicate (human spirit) to (angel) spirit, to travel at the speed of thought, to travel as if floating on air.   I knew I was traveling (through the human flesh, hospital wall, 1st heaven & 2nd heaven to the gate of the 3rd heaven) under the protection of the Holy Spirit."

Sissom, Pastor Carolyn 
"May 2, 2009, Kathie Walters was ministering on Chariots, Angels and our Inheritance
I closed my eyes & saw an angel sitting beside me on the platform. 
I slid off the pew because the presence & anointing was very strong. 
The angel’s garments were prominent in the vision.  He was dressed in flowing robes of violet, purple & royal blue.  A chariot appeared.  A door was opened for me to enter. 
On entering, the chariot began to rise perpendicular ascending in a swirling motion. 
My natural inclination was to try to find a steering wheel,
(None was there.) or at least hold on to the sides. 
I couldn’t do either.  As we ascended into Clouds of Glory, 2 angels took my spirit & were helping me to fly. 
I then
was left to fly alone, because my spirit was 1 with Holy Spirit." 
1 Corinthians 6:17:  But he that is joined unto the Lord is 1 Spirit.

Sumrall, Lester - The Human Spirit -
Chapter 1 The Human Spirit - "The (New Testament) Greek word 'pneuma' means...human spirit
(Whereas) the Greek word ''psuche' defines the human soul...
In your soulish part, you have your intellectual being...
Inside of you, you (as a Christian) have a throne over your soulical being (in the mind) & a throne (in your belly) over the spiritual man.
[One must choose (between the 2) who is to reign - his/her soul/mind/emotions or his/her (born-again) human spirit (containing conscience, insight, revelation & intuition)]"  "God does not respond to your brain" (but rather to your spirit man.  Also realize that) "your conscience (found in your spirit) can grow."
Chapter 2 - The Birth of the Human Spirit - When "the new birth comes & this 3rd person (of the Trinity) moves (in and resides) inside of you (& unites with your previously dormant human spirit), you can...(begin to) experience the kingdom of God...(When) your spirit...(becomes) dominant..(it) knows more, because it (now) relates to both (physical and spiritual or seen & unseen) worlds.  It (the human spirit) is (now) related to God & knows (recognizes) the mind (thoughts) of God (the same way an infant discerns his parent's voice)...
Your (human) mind, emotions & will absolutely cannot reach up, magnify God & praise God like He wants...
He (God) wants the spirit of man to do that."  Man like God is "tripartite: will, mind & emotions." 
Man's human spirit is "also divided into 3 compartments: intuition (knowing without thinking it out as the intellect has to do in the soul)... communion [fellowship with the Father, His Son (& His Holy Spirit)]...
and conscience (inner witness to the Word of God."  "The spirit is the (actual invisible) substance of God...
The born-again experience...(allows) your spirit to come...alive"
[to God, the same way a sperm (fuses with/possesses) makes an ovum become a living/viable fetus]. 
1 Corinthians 6:17 KJV
He that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.
The spirit's conscience when exposed to the mind/thoughts/heart of Christ, would receive that revelation & transmit it to the soul, which in turn would enforce any spiritual law. 
The spirit can be God-conscious, soul self-conscious, & body world-conscious.
Chapter 4 How the Spirit Man Operates - "Your (human born-again) spirit has personality that nobody else each snowflake...or as every fingerprint...God forms the spirit that is within us by our reactions to His movings in our lives...The spirit of man has to keep moving & living (dancing with God) so that the rest of our personality can (come into alignment with) function in God." 
"Your potential (especially in God) cannot really realize...through your brain."
Chapter 5 The Abundant Life - "A part of our spirit man...knows without learning...
Knowledge without reason...comes by the way of revelation. 
Your receive & perceive it, but it did not come through your mental facilities. 
It came through your spirit man," an inner knowing. 
Notice Satan always always has a counterfeit, so for 1 test the fruit.  "We send forth (and receive) God's (Holy ministering/healing) Spirit to others by our (human) spirit.  Sometimes it is received and sometimes it is not."

Everything is temporal. It is made of spiritual realm, manifested.
Something must be in the spiritual realm 1st before it exists in the natural."

Walker, Dennis - Catching the Initiatives of Heaven -
The Key to Accessing the Power of Heaven for Every Need on Earth
- -
Chapter 4 Spiritual Senses - significant -
"Spiritual senses are regenerated when we receive our new birth in Christ...
Spiritual senses are activated...What was dead now becomes alive."
section Activating the Spiritual Senses - Regarding Matthew 25:1-12 "the 5 foolish virgins were the ones with only 5 natural senses & the 5 wise virgins were the ones with all 10 senses activated, including the 5 spiritual senses...Spiritual senses are sharpened through being filled with the Holy be baptized in the Holy Spirit & then be in-filled again & again...Spiritual senses grow as we saturate or 'soak' in His presence."
section Spiritual Maturity - "The milk of the Word is information only, while the meat of the Word is doing."
section Spiritual Hearing - "Hearing is a gateway sense. 
Adam & Eve lost spiritual sight in the garden of Eden, but retained spiritual hearing...
After they sinned, they didn't see God walking in the garden. 
They only heard Him...Even the unbelieving, unregenerate can hear the voice of God...
Lazarus heard the voice of Jesus, even though he was dead in the tomb...
Isaiah 30:21
says, 'Your (spiritual) ears shall hear a Word behind you, saying, "This is the way, walk in it"'...
Always look for the ongoing still, small voice of the Lord...
Hearing in the spirit, you are hearing in the heart...John 10:27 
Our whole relationship with God is built on hearing Him (in our heart)...
I asked the Lord, 'Why is it that the way I hear Your voice is so much like I hear my own thoughts"' 
He told me, 'I created see & hear on the inside as a means of communication'...
If we all had to hear the audible voice (of God) would be a noisy world, because God wants to communicate with all of us at the same time...
You can lose your ability to hear...through lack of exercise...lack of use...To you who hear, more will be given."
(Remember, there is already much atmospheric spiritual chatter of 1-our own thoughts, 2-of demons, 3-of holy thoughts.  We need to tune out wrong thoughts and tune in right thoughts, those that line up with Scripture.) 
section Spiritual Sense of Touch - Danger. 
Do NOT allow "your (arrogant or negative) image of who you are to come between" self & Jesus.
Allow NO thing to come between the 2 of you.
section Ministering by the Sense of Touch -
"Spiritual touch is the ability to touch heaven & also touch others with the power of God."
"Spiritual a disease that causes people to lose the ability to feel or sense touch...
They cannot feel good sensations nor can they feel where they are being hurt. 
Damage comes...because of lack of feeling."

Walters, David - - -
Once an individual is conceived, especially when he/she becomes born-again, he/she can HEAR (comprehend/ understand) God's Words.  What is THE he/she we are talking about? 
It is the spirit man of our trinity.  Man/woman is spirit, body & soul (mind/emotions/will). 
Actually, man IS an eternal spirit and HAS a soul and a body (temporary house or earth residence). 
When a parent or pastor speaks God's words found in scripture or sings hymns to a fetus in the womb, that fetus' human spirit is feeding on that anointed nutritious manna.  An infant does the same. 
Is is NOT a waste to have children receive "adult" ministry, for anyone at any age can do what Jesus did when they receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  God's Holy Spirit that we receive does NOT grow up. 
Yes we grow, but Jesus is 101% mature inside both the toddler & adult. 
Jesus inside of us can do whatever, even raise the dead.

Womack, Andrew - 5/14/2013
@ 5/13-17/2013 How to Follow God's Will -
Week 20 - The born-again spirit has the mind of Christ.
Womack, Andrew -
May 14 - Revelation Knowledge @ 2013

Wyatt, Ryan - School of the Supernatural - Chapter 8
Supernatural Experiences "On Earth as It Is in Heaven"#2
- -
"Your spiritual eyes are in the image (imagination) center of your brain."

COMMENT: Spiritual creation of manifested things frequently occurs with the speaking
of them.  God spoke the earth and all its contents into visible existence. 
Life or resurrection life occurs when God breathes into something, as into Adam genesis/2-7.htm
7Then the LORD God formed man of (jewels/diamonds/gold) dust from the ground,
and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; & man became a living being

or when man declares God's Words as to the dry bones in Ezekiel. ezekiel/37-4.htm
4 He said to me, "Prophesy over these bones & say to them, 'O dry bones, hear the word of the LORD.'
5"Thus says the Lord GOD to these bones, 'Behold, I will cause breath to enter you that you may come to life.…
According to Kat Kerr conception occurs when God breaths a consenting spirit
inside of Him into a womb & adds the soul and the flesh. psalms/139-13.htm
13 For You (Father God) formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb.

Evil Spirit

1st Samuel 16:14 NIV    Now the (Holy) Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul & an evil spirit (allowed) from the Lord tormented him.
1st John 4:1 NIV    Dear friends, "Do not believe every spirit."

[The evil spirit allows the human spirit to perceive by what humans label the 3rd Eye, 6th Sense, Clairvoyance, Psychic Vision, ESP, etc. 
NONE of those spiritual abilities are ethical, good or approved by God.  They always trigger a curse.]

Revelation+16&version=KJV 13 I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast & out of the mouth of the false prophet.
For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth & of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. 
(Both Holy Spirit and evil spirits travel on airwaves via our speech.)

Ghost - "There ia a confusion amongst most people, even clergy, about the (human) Soul and the (human) Spirit. They tend to blend the 2 into 1. However Holy Scripture, The (Catholic) Holy Bible (or rather, it's clergy) teach that these are 2 different states. This is how we may arrive at the conclusion of the existences of 'ghosts' which some individuals have witnessed. The 'ghost' is that unhappy state of existence separated from the body  (meaning the deceased departed human spirits with attached souls are in transition to Purgatory, awaiting judgment, & need human assistance/prayers to transport them from the earthly realm.) & the other (meaning, evil unholy spirits); other ghosts may also be an evil 'familiar spirit' unholy angel pretending to be a friend or family member to the persons appearing to (such as found in séances).
Here are some of the Holy Scriptures found written in the Bible:
1st Thessalonians Chapter 5: Verse 23
"Now may the God of peace himself make you completely holy & may your spirit & soul & body be kept entirely blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ".
Hebrews Chapter 4: Verse 12:
"For the word of God is living, active & sharper than any double edged sword, piercing even to the point of dividing soul from spirit, & joints from marrow. 
It is able to judge the desires & thoughts of the heart".
Gospel of Saint Matthew Chapter 12: Verse 43: "When an unclean spirit goes out of a person, it passes through waterless places looking for rest but does not find it".
This verse has historically considered as applied to the unclean evil angels, but also should apply to the unclean evil dead spirit.
Our Blessed Lord made no distinction between evil dead & evil angel in the context of possession, other than to classify them as "unclean spirits". 
It was the unclean spirits which made the distinction whether they were fallen angels."
(Theology or doctrine of Catholic church )

Testing the Spirits

Moore, Beth - 1/18/2012 - Spiritual Discernment #4 @
or archives -
Wednesdays with Beth - @

Prince, Derek - Protection from Deception - preview book

Walker, Dennis @
Catching the Initiatives of Heaven - The Key to Accessing the Power of Heaven for Every Need on Earth
- - Chapter 4 Spiritual Senses - section Spiritual Taste & Smell -
"What about the sense of smell?  The Lord Jesus began to speak to my heart saying, 'When I created mankind, I placed your nose above your mouth for a that everything going into your mouth must pass by discernment 1stYour spiritual sense of smell is spiritual discernment' discern good from evil...
Jesus rebuked Peter...because of his lack of discernment in the Spirit
Peter was walking in man's emotion & thoughts, which agreed with Satan...
Jesus had to rebuke Peter as though Satan had spoken...
Later, when Peter was filled (baptized) with the Holy Spirit, he would understand this."
"When I shower in the natural, I also ask the Lord to cleanse me in the spirit
from any filth I might have been exposed to from the environment."
(Negativity & evil attracts demons.  God's fragrance attracts others to Christ.)
section Discerning Good and Evil - "Nothing contrary to the Word of God should be tolerated...
Nothing added to the Word of God can be mandatory."  Test self & others by the fruit. 
"Be in an accountable relationship with other mature Christians."

Human Trinity

Baxter, Mary - A Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm - Publisher is
Chapter 8 A Tangible Terror shares Jesus' words spoken to Baxter, "Demons cannot get into your spirit if you are a child of Mine...Your spirit is the real you...the place where I dwell...As long as I dwell there, a demon cannot cohabit with Me...Your help is My (Holy) Spirit, My power, & My angels.  Righteous forces can never be defeated!"  
Remember, we are human spirit, mind and body, 3 parts.  The enemy loves to make trouble in the mind & body. 
Baxter's book is a military manual for spiritual warfare, especially against forces attacking the mind.

Bentley, Todd - - The Reality of the Supernatural World - Exploring Heavenly Realms & Prophetic Experiences - Chapter 6 Third Heaven
shares Bentley's 3rd heaven experience where God's rays of light & music healed the broken places in his heart
God's heavenly choir sang lullabies, "I love you; you are accepted; you are beautiful; you are worthy."

Baxter, Mary K with Lowery, TL - The Power of the Blood - Healing for Your Spirit, Soul & Body -
Order book #1140 - - Chapter 11 Deliverance through the Blood
God showed Baxter an arm-like passageway with a small door at the front. 
It connected/went between/bridged a witch's crystal ball & Baxter's home. 
Pleading Christ's blood can close those demonic doors & disconnect/blow up
those crystal balls
Colossians 2:15 NKJV 
Having disarmed principalities & powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.

Bentley, Todd - The Reality of the Supernatural World - Exploring Heavenly Realms and Prophetic Experiences - -
Chapter 1 The Reality of the Supernatural "God made man of 2 different substances. 
He took the dust of the earth, a natural element & then He breathed into him the breath of life, a spiritual element, thus creating a spiritual/natural being. 
Although we are members of both worlds, our spirit-man doesn't come alive until we are born again."

Bond, Mel - - Wentzville, Missouri, USA -
Mel Bond - Worst Enemy Understanding Your Worst Enemy (Book)
Bond, Mel - Releasing God's Anointing -
Chapter 1 - The Vision of Christ section Praying with Your Whole Heart -
"Your (invisible) heart is your spirit & the only way to think spiritually is with spiritual substance..the eternal word of God.  So, think what God thinks & says about you."

Bonnke, Reinhard - Mighty Manifestations - - Chapter 2 God Has Taken the Field  - "The Father's will is spoken by the Word (Jesus visible in the flesh and in  holy Scripture) & performed by the (Holy) Spirit." 

Bubeck, Mark I. - The Adversary - The Christian Versus Demon Activity - Moody Press
Mark implies that Christ had to and contends that DAILY we have to overcome the flesh, even though we in Christ through the Father & Holy Spirit overcame Satan & his kingdom at Jesus' cross & resurrection.
This is because of our fleshly inheritance of the Adamic nature which is 100% unredeemable. 
Those, who have repented of their sins and asked Jesus to be their savior, must DAILY die to (refuse) this original nature & DAILY put on (appropriate) their new Christly nature.
This is different than one's defending self against daily demonic assaults of the body, mind, & spirit.
Recognizing and dealing with one's fallen Adamic nature is good, but going on the assault against demonic designs is spiritual warfare, rather than self-defense. 
Thus, Mark appears to interpret the inherited incorrigible original nature different than demonic assaults.
Chapter 6 Understand & Don't Be Afraid 
Satan's invisible spiritual helpers "will try to increase their areas of hold through more deceivings and more lessening of your own will to the substitution of theirs. 
These are real
spirit beings who have minds, wills, & emotions of their own. 
They desire to cause you (their victim) to feel with their emotions, think their thoughts & will to do what is their will.  They will be so clever as to make it almost impossible to separate your own mind, will & emotions from theirs.
In helping people get free of deep demonic affliction, I have seen people radically changed when the dictating powers are dispatched (in the name of Jesus) to the place the Lord Jesus Christ send them. 
The thoughts that torment their minds cease, the feelings that surged through their emotions are gone & the will that controlled their will is broken."
Bubeck "believes 'a believer may be (demonically) afflicted or even controlled in certain areas of his being, but he can never be owned or totally controlled as an unbeliever can.  The moment a person becomes a believer (in Christ) the Holy Spirit brings (spiritual/heavenly) birth to his (human) spirit...
The (human)
spirit of the (new) Christian is reborn, regenerated, POSSESSED, & sealed by the Holy Spirit...
A believer's
soul (personality), containing his: mind, will & emotions, is in the process of being transformed...a lifelong process."

Burt, Arthur - Surrender Your Key to Spiritual Success -
Chapter 9 The Divine Plan  "Man is a triune being...3 parts of us - body, soul & spirit."
"When Elizabeth greeted her after she had conceived Jesus, Mary said, 'My soul doth magnify the Lord & my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior' Luke 1:46-47...
This statement indicated that 2 parts of Mary's being - soul, & spirit, were filled with God. 
Later, when Jesus told her that He must be about His Father's business, Mary 'understood not the saying', but kept it 'in her heart' Luke 2:49-51...
With the heart man believes.  So 3 parts of Mary - soul, spirit & heart (in a body) were at 1 with God."
Burt, Arthur - Around the World in 88 Years -
Chapter 4 Pastor Burt  "Holy Ghost invasions...divine anesthetic temporarily put men's hearts out of action, allowing God to go directly to their (human) spirit without an objection from the heart.  Then God would show each man in his spirit, the (untenable rotten) truth about himself - completely, absolutely, transparently...
The anointing on them preceded a (God) work in them, as the Holy Spirit gave the heart an anesthetic. 
Why the heart?  Because it is man's trouble spot.  God says, 'Let not your heart be troubled.' (John 14:1)...
The Bible says, 'Let the peace of God rule in your hearts.' (Colossians 3:15) &
'That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith.' (Ephesians 3:17)
When He rules in the heart, the heart bows to His authority & truth. 
This (repentant/renewed heart) allows God's Spirit to rule the man's spirit."

Cerullo, Morris - The Elijah Institute Training Elishas to Be Elijahs publication series Strategies of Jesus -
How to Defeat Satan - booklet or DVD Releasing the Might of the Word
(While on the earth) "Jesus...did NOT draw upon His divine abilities to heal the sick, cast out demons, or do any of the other miracles...
He humbled & stripped Himself of His (heavenly supernatural) ability (to illustrate that we too can do the same as He did on the earth.  He performed all the miraculous deeds) the power of Holy Spirit
(Before He ascended into heaven)...while He was on earth, Jesus sent His disciples in the power & authority of His Name." 
(In other words, while Jesus was on vacation here on earth, He left His super-powers behind at His heavenly home. 
He taught his disciples to delegate His power by using His name. 
After returning home He left instructions for His followers to wait for & work with another Person named Holy Spirit when healing/doctoring, delivering, helping or fixing people &/or problems.)

Cho, Paul Yonggi - The Ho