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Betaine, an amino acid from raw red beet roots, may be helpful in autism & Down's syndrome. It stimulates the production of SAM-e (S-adenosl-methionine)  Sam-e is converted in the liver into glutathione to assist in liver detoxification (and thus is good for alcoholics).  It supports methylation (process of exchanging a hydrogen atom (H) for a methyl group (DH3).  It helps reduce homocysteine and thus may help in cardiovascular disease.  It can boost the body hormones such as dopamine & serotonin, and may be an extremely good anti-depressant.  2/20-26/2006 - (Take after 3PM.)
Everybody's cell has an extra chromosome. Both early onset Alzheimer's and downs' syndrome have a 21st gene problem per Dr K McAll A guide to Healing the Family Tree Trisomy 21 results from 3 copies of chromosome 21, usually maternal,
and due to failure of chromosomal segregation during meiosis. Reduction of homocysteine and increase in folate by pregnant mother may reduce risk of Down syndrome. 10/99 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  4/19/05
Abram Hoffer's Hoffer's Laws of Natural Nutrition cites Dr Henry Turkel's Medical Treatment of Down's "Syndrome" showing amazing improvements through nutrition   1-416-733-2117
Iodine taken prenatally via unrefined sea salt and sea vegetables plus fish can help prevent both goiter and mental retardation. "Dr Basil Hetzel AC (born 1922) is an Australian medical researcher who has made a major contribution to combating iodine deficiency, a major cause of goitre & cretinism world wide."
Len and Joe radio - 2/22/2008  WMA RM broadcast -
R.J Thiel,ND,California   normalizes facial features
Magnesium may prevent mental retardation in fetus - PCRM magazine  winter 1998
McLeod, Kent president of  Nutri-Chem Ltd, Ottawa, Canada specializing in supplements for down syndrome (001) 613-820 9065
Vitamin L-Glutamine - pg 29 Balch's Prescription for Nutritional Healing


Brooks, Steven - Divine Visitations CD  superior  gives an impartation - Live Streaming 6PM Sundays, South Carolina - time zone
Sid Roth TV - 4/13-19/2009 -
transcript -   
"The Lord caught me up into the heavenly realm. I met William Seymour & was allowed to talk with him. 
William Seymour...said, 'You must pray for the young children, particularly the children that suffer from Down's Syndrome, mental retardation. The Lord will heal these children.'"
Chavda, Mahesh - The Hidden Power of Prayer & Fasting  Chapter One - excellent - with
at source ) or
This is Chapter 1 (What Is the Answer for Stevie?) of Mahesh Chavda’s The Hidden Power of Prayer & Fasting book
Feel free to send this Acrobat file to a friend.  Book can be purchased from Mahesh Chavda Ministries at 1-800-730-6264 or - ISBN 0-7684-2017-2 - Copyright 1998 -
Hinn, Benny prophesies to woman NOT to accept doctor's prognosis of water on the brain
for daughter about to be born. - 1/4/2012

Hunter, Joan @ Freedom Beyond Comprehension – Part 1 - 5/11/2021 - Today with Marilyn and Sarah, 25 minutes or short version - Rosemary Peterson and her son Joel
(born with Down Syndrome) discuss Joel’s accomplishments. Show # 225, 04/24/2008  Joel shows his dancing skills. 



Chavda, Mahesh  The Hidden Power of Prayer & Fasting  Read Chapter One  Awesome!

Chavda, Mahesh - -
Deliverance of Stevie a self-mutilator who had downs syndrome
. - Mahesh was not allowed to drink water for 3 days or eat food for 14 days (but only to pray in tongues).  After, when he was with Stevie, he commanded the evil "spirit of abuse...
'In the name of Jesus you foul spirit of mutilations, come out of him now!'" setting Stevie free at long last.  Praise God.
Chavda, Mahesh  The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer chapter 6
Entering the Miracle Dimension
shares God's healing of mentally retarded children
through the obedience of Chavda.
Chavda, Mahesh  Only Love Can Make a Miracle 
Chapter 9 By Prayer and Fasting shares the healing of a Down's Syndrome/mongolism boy aged 16 with the IQ of under 2.
Clark, Randy - Testimony of healing of hydrocephalic fluid on brain of Tammy Ferguson
per chapters 2 and 12 in There Is More - Reclaiming the Power of Impartation @ - Sid Roth's Monday's radio program shares a healing of hydrocephalus. LISTEN  especially to Monday by clicking onto TV archives
Copeland, Kenneth - Week of 3/20-26/2011 Healing Is Always God's Will For You

from archives - - WATCH 3/25/2011
testimony of hydrocephalus healing
- aired last 7 minutes of Friday's TV broadcast
Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae A Manual for Children's Deliverance @ - Testimony is given where 2 mongoloids' (a 4 year old + a teenager) functioning immediately improved after prayer.  Satan takes advantage of genetic disabilities, which need miracle cures. Deliverance helps to get rid of vexing spirits, which contribute to behavioral problems..
Herzog, David  Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled 
Chapter 5 A Revival of Wisdom shares testimony of Renny McLean who saw Jesus heal a retarded boy.
Marilyn Hickey - Messianic radio broadcast / 2012 shares Bill Gothard's testimony of mental retardation reversal via scripture memorization and meditation.
Hinn, Benny - 6/15/2009  Benny Hinn Ministry testimony 6/15/2009 tv broadcast - Aunt testifies of her newborn niece (now 18 years old) healing of enormous head & missing brain.  2 doctors have reexamined her annually for 18 years.  She is a medical marvel.
Hunter, Joan   Healing the Whole Man handbook chapter 13 Prayers for Various Conditions  Down Syndrome ministry:  1.Cast out the spirit of Down Syndrome, in Jesus' name.  2.Lay hands on head and command a new brain, in Jesus' name.  3.Command brain cells to revert to the correct number of chromosomes & for any extra 21st chromosome to go, in Jesus' name.  4.Command body to be healed & function normally, in Jesus' name.  5.Command facial features to be normal, in Jesus' name.  [6.Thank God DAILY as the person (instantaneously or gradually) begins to manifest God's handiwork.  Let us base our faith in what God says (in scripture) & not in what medical science says.]
Johnson, Bill - Living a life full of God's supernatural and healing miracles.  7/23-27/2007 - LISTEN - click onto TV archives - Monday shares the healing of a mentally retarded child.
MacNutt, Francis - The Prayer that Heals - Praying for Healing in the Family - Jacksonville, Florida #2 Through You - "Occasionally someone we pray for is totally healed, but mostly it's gradual, like Marianne, a 9 year old girl who was profoundly retarded & whose body didn't move properly as a result of an overdose of flu vaccine, a administered hen she was 3."
McKenna, Sister Briege - - Sr.Briege & The Eucharistic Miracle - El Paso, Texas dump on Mexican border - 1972 - "Before the Mass, Sr. Briege saw a mother bringing in a Down Syndrome baby.
The mother was a young girl, and she had this beautiful little baby in her arms, but it had all the appearances of having Down Syndrome. She and Fr. Rick (Thomas) prayed over the child. At the end of the Mass, the child’s mother came running up to her, saying, 'Look at my baby!' Her baby was now perfect."
Pearce, Joan - Through a miracle of God, Joan was able to read instantly.
 12/26/2005-1/1/ 2006 by clicking onto TV archives
Sharon Rivas @ - "Unborn daughter, diagnosed with Down syndrome" was healed.
Roberts, Ricky & Dot  A Walk Through Tears  Book  #1017 - Autobiography of Ricky, a moron turned genius by God.
God told Ricky He will  remove this gift if he intentionally/continually walks in sin. - Watch TV 12/19-25/2005 broadcast by clicking onto TV archives
Silva, Davi  was healed of down's syndrome at 6 years of age per Gary Oates  in book There Is More by Randy Clark.  Also see Rutz, James - Mega Shift  pg 29
Jonathan Welton 12/14-18/2009
author of The School of the Seers Wed 16th radio program shares healing story of 7 year
old Davi Silva healed of Down's Syndrome in Brazil. 
In 2009 Davie is approx 40 years old and is renown worship leader.
"Davi Silva was born with Downs Syndrome. At 7 years old he saw Jesus walk into his bedroom, reach out and touch him, and his mind was completely healed. So he’s now in his mid-40s. He’s one of the main worship leaders in Brazil.  He still looks like he has Downs Syndrome, but his mind is completely healed."
Silva, Davi - Casa de Davi (House of David), Brazil - - Davi was healed of down's syndrome at the age of 6 & is now a pastor in Brazil.  English language link is -
Trover, Nathaniel -
"The doctor said that there were several factors that clearly indicated that the baby would be born with Down syndrome...In the face of this negative report of a medical reality in the natural, Steve, standing on faith in God's word, took his authority and rejected the diagnosis. 'I cancel this diagnosis in the name of Jesus. We don't believe these things that were spoken over our child and we don't accept it'...Steve rebuked...(Subsequently) the doctor threw up her hands; she couldn't offer any explanation for the transformation she saw in the Trover's baby."
other testimonies at
Wommack, Andrew - God Wants You Well 5/21/2010 testimony - -
Parents applied the spiritual principle of NOT agreeing with a report that contradicts God's mind in scripture. 
Scientific result is that the bad medical diagnosis was cancelled, made null & void, in Jesus name.
Diagnosis Canceled - Nathaniel Alexander Trover born a perfect work of God -  + - 7/26/2009
Wommack, Andrew - 1/21/2014 - 2014 Archives - Steve & Holly -
Son Daniel (diagnosed with downs syndrome) is born perfect.
Wood, Gary & Angel  Messianic Vision 11/26-30/2007 radio broadcast @
or LISTEN to 11/29-30/2007
radio archive @ - 
Angel 1-2814914836 -
Book = 
Order Gary's "A Place Called Heaven" + daughter's "Angel - A Walking Miracle"
Gary was raised from the dead while Angel, his daughter, was healed by God of down's syndrome
Listen to Thurs/Friday: There is a room in heaven with a sign on the door that reads, "Unclaimed Blessings." 
Sugar Land, Texas
Gary Wood 12/24-30/2007 TV Show 1 + Gary and Angel Wood 12/31/2007-1/6/2008 TV Show 2   
Angel Wood's autobiography Angel a Walking Miracle shares that when her parents received a bad report from her teachers, they would write on each school paper that they did NOT accept that report; rather, they proclaimed that, in the name of Jesus Christ, Angel was healed of mental retardation by the stripes of Jesus, according to 1st Peter 2:24 and Isaiah 53:5-6
Guess what?  Angel did receive her healing!  Why?  God's methods are different from man's. 
So, when we get to the end of our methods, we can try God's, unless we are already in the grave. 
Remember Moses' congregation?  They went around in circles 40 years AND died there,
when they could have crossed the dessert in 11, yes, 11 days!

ENCOURAGEMENT - Down Syndrome Teen Crowned - 2010 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Beck, Martha  Expecting Adam - A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic.  Autobiography and encouragement for every mom not to abort her fetus diagnosed with down's syndrome.
Leigh, Emma @ Woman Adopted Abandoned Baby With 3 Percent of Brain, Giving Her a Home While She Lived ( 1/20/2021
Simon, Rachel - fiction -
Smith, Lisa   Denton Bible Church, Austin, Texas, USA  Downs Syndrome youth signs hymns
Spiritual encouragement - hope radio archives 4/28/2008 broadcast shares that a new wave of healing is coming where burn patients & down's syndrome individuals will bask in God's glory becoming cured by the end of the services.
Michael Zuckoff's nonfiction book Choosing Naia


Prenatal test is available for 2nd trimester per 2/6/04 Wall St Journal's Health
Brain Gardening 10/10/2007 
Blocking a brain chemical in some people with mental retardation (fragile x syndrome/fxs) makes their neurons grow like healthy plants.  Excessive grown of spines cause static in the brain connections.  Blocking a brain chemical reduces the growth of these spines. MIT research. Early intervention is imperative. 
MIT researchers reverse retardation in mice
"'Fragile X is a disorder of excess--excess synaptic connectivity, protein synthesis, memory extinction, body growth, excitability--and remarkably, all these excesses can be reduced by reducing mGluR5,' said Bear, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator...Individuals with FXS have mutations in the X chromosome's FMR1 gene, which encodes the fragile X mental retardation protein, FMRP. The MIT study found that FMRP and mGluR5 are at opposite ends of a kind of molecular seesaw. They keep each other in check and, without FMRP, mGluR5 signals run rampant...Synapses are the brain's connectors & their modifications are the basis for all learning and memory. There's a growing consensus among researchers that developmental brain disorders such as FXS, autism and schizophrenia should be considered "synapsopathies", diseases of synaptic development and plasticity (the ability to change in response to experience). 
Dendritic spines--little nubs on neurons' branchlike projections--receive many of the synaptic inputs from other neurons. Abnormal spines have long been associated with various forms of human mental retardation. In FXS, spines are more numerous, longer & more spindly than they should be. Thin spines tend to form weak connections. 
The research team found that a 50% reduction in mGluR5 fixed multiple defects in the fragile X mice. In addition to correcting dendritic spines, reduced mGluR5 improved altered brain development & memory, restored normal body growth & reduced seizures--many of the symptoms experienced by humans with FXS."
"Earlier this year, MIT Picower Institute researcher Susumu Tonegawa" & others effectively used "a different approach to reversing FXS symptoms. Tonegawa & colleagues identified a key enzyme called p21-activated kinase, or PAK, that affects the number, size & shape of connections between neurons."
FRAXA, a Fragile X research foundation


The State Boy's Rebellion at Fennel School, Massachusetts, USA by Michael DeAntonio
Historical  biography of students there 2004
Channel 4 Chronicle did TV special 8/10/2004  Discussed community embracement of eugenics movement to improve gene pool, at inception of the Fennel School, + the fact that many children were abandoned there during the great 1930's American economic depression .

Legal - In USA "medical retardation" is NO longer kosher/politically-correct.


Mozambique Phases Out Leaded Gas - August 2004 - "Most (toxic) lead exposure is to airborne lead & lead in dust & soil. Excessive lead exposure is associated with cognitive impairment, stunted growth, & permanent brain damage and mental retardation. Lead has been found in vegetables grown in urban African gardens at levels higher than U.S. EPA allowable limits." -