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Hypoglycemia "is metabolic disorder
resulting in an excessive accumulation of homo-cysteine in the blood and urine...
Homocysteinuria can result in
Mental retardation and seizures.

Medical Science Research News

Buttar, Rashid -   "Autism is nothing more than a predisposition, a genetic predisposition, for the inability to secrete metals (esp. mercury).  The people that say that thimerosal does not have a relationship in autism. They are trying to argue that a poison is not a poison. I have a material safety data sheet from Eli Lilly from June,1991 that clearly states that thimerosal is not only known to cause significant neurological impairments, but is also known to cause mental retardation...Mercury is the 2nd most destructive substance known to man, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control, according to any person that knows anything about toxicity, mercury is the second most toxic substance known to man. (Asked 'After what?') 'Uranium is 1st.'  He talks about thimerosal discovered in four vials marked as 'thimerosal free' and lead to congressional hearings. Says Burton and Diane Watson of California wanted criminal sanctions. Dr. Buttar goes into the fact that thimerosal does not have to be disclosed if it enters through the manufacturing process instead of being added as perservative which would be disclosed. 1
Buttar says mitochondrial damage is 1 of 3 mechanisms that mercury does its damage."

"Herpes simplex ulcerations on the lateral plantar surface of an infant's foot.  Women who acquire genital herpes during pregnancy can transmit the virus to their babies. Untreated Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) infections in newborns can result in mental retardation and death."  from: CDC/Judith Faulk © 2015 Doctor's Guide

12/21/2016 - -
"The diagnostic term 'mental retardation' is finally being eliminated in the upcoming international classifications of diseases and disorders. The term 'mental retardation' was introduced by the American Association on Mental Retardation in 1961 and soon afterwards was adopted by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-5).[1,2] Mental retardation replaced older terms such as feeblemindedness, idiocy, and mental subnormality that had become pejorative. Now, over 5 decades later, the term 'mental retardation' is being eliminated for similar reasons."
9/2010 - Mentally Retarded label replaced with Intellectual Disability by President Obama for all USA federal health/education/labor laws/benefits.
"Language terminology in federal law consistent will more closely ascribe with that used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the health arm of the United Nations and the White House" "to materially destroy the USA to make it a less powerful member of the European Union to alter our mental health definitions to fit the UNís needs." - Print -
"A 2002 Supreme Court ruling allowed states to set their own definitions of mental retardation to decide who meets the criteria for execution. Instead of adopting the Supreme Courtís accepted clinical standards for mental retardation, Texas has granted heavy leeway to psychologist evaluations. Now one psychologist, George Denkowski, is facing scrutiny over methods that critics say unfairly send mentally retarded prisoners to death row...Go to the to see the video and read the article."
Legal News
Texas Finds A Way to Execute a Mentally Challenged Inmate - 8/10/2012 - "The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that killing those with diminished mental capacity violates a clause in the U.S. Constitution forbidding cruel and unusual punishment."
Political Advocacy Outrage News
Rivera, Geraldo - - "Willowbrook: The Last Great Disgrace."Fox Nation's documentary series "I am Geraldo: 50 years"  + in New York

Alternative Medicine

Brownstein, Dr David  Iodine -Why You Need It.  Why You Can't Live Without It  W Bloomfield, Michigan, USA  "The World Health Organization (WHO 11/12/1998) has recognized that iodine deficiency is the world's greatest single cause of preventable mental retardation...Iodization of salt was introduced solely to decrease the rate of goiter and mental retardation (cretinism)."  In addition to regular consumption of seaweed and iodized salt one may want to consider 2 daily drops of Lugol's Iodine (5% iodine + 10% potassium iodide in H20) or a daily Iodoral tablet form of Lugol's solution, especially if one's Armour thyroid prescription is insufficient.  (Lack of sufficient iodine can also trigger depression in some individuals.  Be reminded to include seafood such as fish, seaweed, sea salt in your weekly diet.)
Vitamin C facilitates enzymes necessary for tryosine (and other body amino acids) metabolism.  "Tryosine is required...for the production of the hormones thyroxine and adrenaline, and it is also the source for the pigment melanin.  Without it (tryosine), then, one uses body fuel too slowly and the marks of cretinism (arrested mental and physical development) can be a consequence."  Burtis, C. Edward  Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest  Arco publishing


Chavda, Mahesh - South Carolina, USA - The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting -
read online chapter #1 What Is the Answer for Stevie? (with Down's syndrome)
Mahesh did 1, 7, 13, 14, 21 & 40 days fasts, and continues to do them, as the Lord leads. 
His 1st
fast began with 3 days of neither food nor water, followed by 13 days of water only.  Day 14 he was allowed to pray for Stevie, resulting in Stevie's healing from Down's syndrome & self-mutilation.
[This 3 day fast might be looked upon as (1) Christ was buried in the tomb 3 days/nights, (2) Jonah was in the belly of the giant fish 3 days, and (3) there are 3 persons in the Trinity. (Sometimes to undo a curse, things need to be done/said 3 times, to counteract the counterfeit activity of Satan.  Some prayers we need to repeat 3X in order to break curses or linkages to evil that have been invoked 3X to blaspheme the Trinity.  We can pray to end a curse: in the name of the Father.  Repeat the prayer in the name of the Son; repeat prayer again in the name of the Holy Spirit.  Otherwise, we can repeat the prayer 3x, each time ending with: in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost/Spirit.  Actually we can/should command "the curse" to be broken, rather than asking God to do it. 
"Curse, be broken, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."

Regarding the 21 day fasts, one can refer to when Daniel sought the Lord and got a message from an angel that he had been fighting his way to bring a message to Daniel. Daniel 10:12-14 12He said to me, "Fear not, Daniel, for from the 1st day you set your heart to understand & chasten (perhaps by fasting?) yourself before God, your words were heard. 
I have come because of your words (prayers). 
13The prince (strongman/ evil spirit/Satan's representative) of the kingdom of Persia withstood me
21 days
Lo, Michael, one of the chief princes (holy angels) came to help me & I remained there with the kings of Persia. 
14Now I have come to make you understand."  Most know that Jesus was tempted by Satan after a 40 day
Matthew, chapter 4.)]
Mahesh says, "For the first 19 (of 29 40-day fasts), I limited my intake to water only. 
After that, the Lord allowed me to drink juices."  
(The quote does not appear to mean water only for 19 days, followed by juice 21 days for a total of 40 days.)

(An aside, eating was part of the original road to sin by the first people, Adam and Eve. 
Eating (pacifying one's emotions/appetite) may be a giant vulnerability in the human race. 
That may be part of the reason why fasting is so effective in the spiritual world.)
Honorata, Charlie (Virginia/Mozambique) Week of 3/20-26/2011 Healing Is Always God's Will For You or from archives -
WATCH 3/25/2011 testimony of hydrocephalus healing
4 minute clip at end of Friday's TV broadcast
Jonathan Welton 12/13-18/2009
author of
The School of the Seers Wed 16th radio program shares healing story of 7 year old Davi Silva healed of Down's Syndrome in Brazil.  In 2009 Davie is approx 40 years old & is renown worship leader.
Silva, Davi - Casa de Davi (House of David), Brazil -
Davi was healed of down's syndrome at the age of 6 and is now a pastor in Brazil.
English language link is
Hagin, Kenneth E  How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God Chapter12 Effects of the Spirit's Indwelling shares "A girl I will call Mary.  Her mentality was increased by at least 90%...Mary came to the altar.  There she received  eternal life: the nature of God.  A drastic change occurred instantly."  Before "she behaved like a 2-year old." 
Now she "behaved like any other 18-year old young lady....Her mentality seemed to have increased overnight."
Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae A Manual for Children's Deliverance
Owen Jorgensen in Supernatural-The Life of William Branham, book 4,
The Evangelist & His Acclamation
shares Branham's testimony of God healing a retarded, deformed man
McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - - Chapter 12
Religion Conforms to Earth
- "In Maine...a mentally retarded (man)...God showed me how to deal with... 
God told me, '
Hold his hand and just run with him...You speak first & then you think afterwards
The reverse is just as true As you act, your thinking will catch up Tell him to run'...
He ran & we watched his mind come back.  He had
lost his mind through the use of drugs."
Wommack, Andrew - Parents testify of reversal of Downs Syndrome - 8/13/2018 
Watch end of broadcast:

Encouragement  12/9/2009 - Businesses Owned By People with Down Syndrome

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