Lewy body disease is a kind of dementia 
"In 1912, while Frederick Lewy was examining the brains of people with Parkinson's disease, he discovered irregularities in the cells in the mid-brain region. These abnormal structures (microscopic protein deposits found in deteriorating nerve cells) became known as Lewy bodies. Since that time, the presence of Lewy bodies in the mid-brain has been recognized as a hallmark of Parkinson's disease. In the 1960s, researchers found Lewy bodies in the cortex (the outer layer of gray matter) of the brains of some people who had dementia. Lewy bodies in the cortex are known as cortical Lewy bodies or diffuse Lewy bodies. (That's why Lewy body disease is sometimes called cortical Lewy body disease or diffuse Lewy body disease.) Cortical Lewy bodies were thought to be rare, until the 1980s when improved methodologies showed that Lewy body disease was more common than previously realized.
People with Lewy body disease have Lewy bodies in the mid-brain region (like those with Parkinson's disease) & in the cortex of the brain. It's believed that they usually also have the "plaques & tangles" of the brain that characterize Alzheimer's disease. Conversely, it's believed that many people with Alzheimer's disease also have cortical Lewy bodies. Because of the overlap, it's likely that many people with Lewy body disease are misdiagnosed (at least initially) as having either Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease."

Alterntive Medicine

A genetic marker e4 allele may indicate a risk for dementia in 15% of the American population. 
A 2nd test can be taken for levels of vitamin B-12. 
B12 supplementation is a simple safe way to fight dementia. 10/2004 Well Being Journal +
B-1 (Thiamine) @ Hiding in Plain Sight: Modern Thiamine Deficiency - PMC (
Beneficial B-1 sources include: Vitamin B complex, Raw Fresh or Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly, Organic Raw Oat or Rice Bran, & Organic Nutritional Yeast.
B3 - Abram Hoffer, MD & Morton Walker, MD believe supplements, such as vitamin B3, & exercise can prevent & reverse senility.  Hoffer reversed senility in his own mother, per book Smart Nutrients  1-416-733-2117 -
Vitamin B3
may protect against age related cognitive decline per 8/2004
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. 11/2004
B-12 - Consider utilizing low dose multi B vitamin regime.
Braverman, Dr Eric R  
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The Edge Effect - Reverse or Prevent Alzheimer's, Aging, Memory Loss, Weight Gain, Sexual Dysfunction & More
  pg 244+  cites supplements (eg. to boost dopamine, especially in Parkinson's disease).  Pg 271+ discusses the BEAM or Brain Electrical Activity Map. Short summary at ..\deliverance_by_recognition.htm
Exercise How Exercise Makes Your Brain Better  1/31/2008  Listen Read
John Ratey, M.D. (Little, Brown) Book:
Spark the Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain               
Taking huperzine A orally may improve memory, cognitive function, & behavioral function in Alzheimer's, multi-infarct, & senile dementia.  Huperzine A is an alkaloid isolated from Chinese club moss (huperzia serrata) & from Lycopodium selago. Huperzine A is thought to be beneficial due to its effects on acetylcholine levels.
L-arginine is a nitric oxide neurotransmitter precursor helping with learning, memory, & brain blood vessel dilation. Winter 2002 newsletter
Moringa leaves, pods & flowers may be a miracle medicinal food in the 3rd world tropical climates where it flourishes, providing protein, energy, vitamin C & A, iron, calcium & potassium.  Moringa detoxifies water + contributes to the elimination of high blood pressure, headaches, diabetes, arthritis pain, tumors & ulcers.  
Sanford Holst  Moringa, Nature's Medicine Cabinet  Sierra Sunrise Books - 14622 Venture Blvd #800, Sherman Oaks, California, USA 91403
Natural Astaxanthin - -
"Astaxanthin supplementation results in improved (red blood cells) erythrocyte antioxidant status & decreased [phospholipid hydroperoxide] levels, which may contribute to the prevention of dementia."
Red Light Therapy: Effectiveness, Treatment, and Risks ( 5/2022
Ribose & cysteine  - Nagasawa, H. T. created a method to Enhance Delivery of Glutathione & ATP Levels in Cells by using ribose and cysteine. -
Advocate is
Colbert, Dr Don & Mary - Medical Breakthroughs for Healthy Living #2 - - 3/1/2011
L-cysteine [2(RS)-D-ribo-(1′, 2′, 3′, 4′-Tetrahydroxybutyl)thiazolidine-4(R)-carboxylic acid (Ribose-Cysteine, RibCys)] @ -
RiboCeine™ is the
amino acid cysteine fused with the sugar ribose...
Cysteine itself is neurotoxic when administered to mammals, & is rapidly degraded. Dr Nagsawa spent years of research testing various compounds to find 1 which safely & effectively delivered the fragile cysteine molecule inside the cell, with the bonus effect of providing ribose for ATP production.

Liver cell tests show RibCeine™ is 300% more effective in raising glutathione levels than N-Acytl-Cysteine, which is used in MaxGXL Demand Release.  We’ve all heard of time release vitamins (with toxic binders)...
MaxONE takes it to the next level with on-demand release.
The RiboCeine is absorbed into the cells where it waits. When the body needs to make more glutathione & separates it into the cysteine & ribose which are then used for glutathione & ATP production."

L-glutathione - - N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) helps support  healthy cellular levels of glutathione (GSH) needed for good overall health. 4/2011 4/2011 - Breakthrough findings - Fish oil, vitamin D, carnosine, multivitamins + healthy lifestyle have been shown to reverse death, re-activate the enzyme telomerase, re-activate & lengthen telomeres at the end of their chromosomes, & reverse neuro-degeneration - in lab mice.
Rosemary, the herb may help reduce dementia. (Even the plant's fragrance is beneficial.)
Vol 8 # 8 The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living


Aluminum @
7 atypical antipsychotic meds - Zyprexa, Risperdal, Symbyax, Seroquel, Clozaril, Geodon & Abilify are used to treat psychiatric conditions, like schizophrenia, but are now used  "off label" to treat dementia behavioral disorders, resulting in stroke, infections & death. 4/12/2005 Wall St Journal
1 of the typical 4 symptoms of Lewy body disease is hallucinations. An antipsychotic medication, such as Zyprexa, might be prescribed. This kind of medication can worsen motor problems, though.
Also note 2005
FDA warning.
Peterson, Melody - - Click Google's "contents" in it's book review to read chapters or go to -
Tough read, but vital to the health of you & your family.
"The cognition of patients with Alzheimer's disease grew worse when they took either Detrol or Ditropan. 
Both bladder drugs have what doctors call anti-cholinergic effects, which means they block the action of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter.  Nerve cells release neurotransmitters to send signals to neighboring cells. 
The anti-cholinergic medicines block some of these signals...The brains of the patients who had taken anti-cholinergic drugs for 2 years or longer had more that twice the level of abnormal clumps of amyloid plaque & tangled bundles of fibers as those who had not taken the drugs or had taken them for a such time...
Medication-induced dementia
often reverses, if it is found & the patient stops taking the offending drug."
Pseudo-dementia means dementia is curable since the cause is not senility. Anemia, mild strokes, depression, institutionalization, nutrition lacking B vitamins or zinc, & drugs may cause confusion. Known drugs causing confusion are psycho-actives (sedatives, tranquilizers, lithium), anit-hypertensives (methyldopa, clonidine, beta-blockers), anticonvulsants (phenytoin, barbiturates), anti-cholinergics (atropine, antispasmodics), plus narcotics, steroids, digitalis, diuretics, anti-inflammatories, disulfiram). Rodale Press -
The Prevention Total Health System - Aging Slowly


Graboys, Dr Thomas  My Daily Battle Boston Glove magazine editorial about Parkinson's & Lewy body disease.  Thomas discusses his nightmares which terrorize him + other aspects of his disabilities of which he (for the most part) is a keen observer. 3/23/2008


Healing Prayer for BRAINS  Jason Westerfield #1  
Jason Westerfield #2  LISTEN  4/25/2008 Awesome prayer for BRAINS.
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Leviticus 20:12 KJV -12 If a man lie with his daughter in law, both of them shall surely be put to death:
They have wrought (mental) confusion; their blood shall be upon them.
(We repent.  Thanks holy Trinity for forgiving/reversing harm/curses & replacing with Your blessings.)