Deliverance by Recognition & Revelation


Charles, RH - The Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament        
Volume I = Apocrypha Proper - excess of the Vulgate over the Hebrew Old Testament  
Volume II = Pseudepigrapha - English translation - Oxford
1-Primitive History Rewritten from Standpoint of the Law = Jubilees (Charles)
(a) The angels which kept not their 1st estate, Jude 6; 2 Peter ii.4,
are the angelic watchers who, though sent down to instruct mankind (Jubilee iv.15) fell from lusting after the (human) daughters of men.  Their fall & punishment are recorded in Jubilee iv.22, v. 1-9
(b) The demons are (evil) spirits which went forth from the souls of the (deceased/drown) giants who were the children (offspring/crossbreed) of the fallen (watcher) angels, Jubilee  v.7-9. 
These demons attacked men & ruled over them. 
Their purpose is to corrupt, lead astray & destroy...
They are subject to the (spiritual angelic) prince Mastema (Satan)...
In the New Testament the demons are disembodied (evil) spirits...
On the advent of the Millennium (1,000 Year reign) Satan will be bound."
(ASIDE: 1/3 of angels who fell (because of Satan) are now chained per & who do NOT seem to be the current culpret
but rather the disembodied spirits of crossbreed giants looking for another body to indwell/inhabit/manipulate.)

, Rabbi - Scripture -

Jeremiah 33:3 AMP - Call to Me & I will (now) answer you and show (reveal to) you great & mighty things,
(until now have been) fenced in & hidden, which you do not know
(comprehend/did not distinguish or recognize/had no foreknowledge of nor understood).

1st Corinthians 2:8 NIV None of the (human/spiritual evil) rulers of this age understood it
(the life and purpose of God's son Jesus), for if they had, they would NOT have crucified the Lord (Messiah) of glory.

Allen, Bruce - - Rosh Hashanah 2009 - "Lord Yeshua spoke to me, 'In this season I will open the eyes of my people to see hidden mysteries & hidden revelation. This is an hour when I will begin to activate the ability to discern the realm of the spirit as never before, for the hour is late & My people are perishing through lack of knowledge.'”
Allen, Bruce - Yom Kippur 2009 - He said, “I have been preparing My Body (church/bride) for this hour since before the foundation of the world What I have deposited within you is more than enough for the battle ahead.”

Noah - - The 12 Windows and their Portals - Chapter LXXVI
1 At the ends of the earth I saw 12 portals open to all the quarters (of heaven),
from which the winds go forth and blow over the earth.
2. 3 of them are open on the face (i.e. the east) of the heavens, 3 in the west,
3 on the right (i.e. the south) of the heaven, and 3 on the left (i.e. the north).
3. The 3 1st are those of the east, & 3 are of †the north, & 3 [after those on the left] of the south†, & 3 of the west.
4. Through 4 of these come winds of blessing and prosperity.  From those 8 come hurtful winds: when they are sent, they bring destruction on all the earth & on the water upon it, on all who dwell thereon, & on everything which is in the water & on the land.
5. The 1st wind from those portals, called the east wind, comes forth through the 1st portal which is in the east, inclining towards the south: From it come forth desolation, drought, heat, & destruction.
6. Through 2nd portal in the middle comes what is fitting.  From it there come rain, fruitfulness, prosperity & dew. 
    Through 3rd portal which lies toward the north come cold & drought.
7. After these come forth the south winds through 3 portals:
    Through 1st portal of them inclining to the east comes forth a hot wind.
8. Through middle portal next to it there come forth fragrant smells, dew, rain, prosperity and health.
9. Through 3rd portal lying to the west come forth dew, rain, locusts & desolation.
10. After these the north winds: from 7th portal in the east come dew, rain, locusts & desolation.
11. From middle portal come in a direct direction health, rain, dew & prosperity.
     Through 3rd portal in the west come cloud and hoar-frost, snow, rain, dew & locusts.
12. After these [4] are the west winds: Through 1st portal adjoining the north come forth dew, hoar-frost, cold, snow & frost. From the middle portal come 4th: dew, rain, prosperity and blessing. 
Through last portal which adjoins the south come forth drought, desolation, burning & destruction.
14. The 12 portals of 4 quarters of heaven are therewith completed. 
      All their laws and all their plagues & all their benefactions have I shown to thee, my son Methuselah.
The Heavenly Tablets and the Mission of Enoch -
Chapter LXXI -
1. He said unto me: 'Observe, Enoch, these heavenly tablets, read what is written thereon, & mark every individual fact.' 
2 I observed the heavenly tablets.  I read everything which was written (thereon) & understood everything.  I read the book of all the deeds of mankind, & of all the children of flesh that shall be upon the earth to the remotest generations.
3. Forthwith I blessed the great Lord the King of glory for ever, in that He has made all the works of the world. 
   I extolled the Lord because of His patience.  I blessed Him because of the children of men.
4. After that I said: 'Blessed is the man (who dies in righteousness and goodness) concerning whom there is no book of 
    unrighteousness written, & against whom no day of judgment shall be found.'
5. Those 7 holy ones brought & placed me on the earth before the door of my house, & said to me:
'Declare everything to thy son Methuselah
Show to all thy children that no flesh is righteous in the sight of the Lord, for He is their Creator.
6. 1 year we will leave thee with thy son, till thou give thy (last) commands, that thou may teach thy children, record (it) for them, & testify to all thy children.  In the 2nd year they shall take thee from their midst.
7. Let thy heart be strong, For the good shall announce righteousness TO the good.
    The righteous with the righteous shall rejoice & offer congratulation to one another.
8. But the sinners shall die with the sinners.  The apostate go down with the apostate.
9. Those who practice righteousness shall die on account of the deeds of men, & be taken away on account of the doings of the godless.'
10. In those days they ceased to speak to me. I came to my people, blessing the Lord of the world.

of Satan's Methods


Psalm 143:3
Isaiah 59:19
Jeremiah 30:14
Lamentations 1:16
Lamentations 4:12
Ezekiel 36:2
Matthew 1325
Matthew 13:28
An enemy hath done this.  (This time it is NOT me or my sin that separates me from the Trinity, from being oppressed, & from being a captive.  Job, too, experienced this problem.)


Alston, Venner - 12/32/2019 - - edited @
VENNER: Demonic carpenters is like a demonic blacksmith who constructs circumstances in your life that are designed to keep you in like a maze; that's what I see in the spirit realm a maze. I see men and women of God trying to navigate through all of this and never being able to exit on the other side to manifestation. Demonic carpenters construct these circumstances in our lives that are really designed to thwart us in the plan and the operation of God.
Literally what happens is when you're there, it's like you're in a holding pattern. You're not going forward, not going backward, not seeing the manifestation of what God has said to you.  You don't know how to break through.
Well, God has given you tools. God has given you everything that you need to fight, war and win.
You just need to know how to use your weapons. Next level teaches you how to use your weapons.
VENNER: Retribution is different than restoration...It's time for restoration...Restoration simply means I get back what was taken from me. I said, "The Bible says that if you catch the thief, the thief has to repay up to 7-fold."
Retribution is part of restoration and it is not fully manifested until you not only receive what was taken from you, but you receive interest on your loss.
VENNER: You can see demonic principalities operate from that place of the 2nd heavens. You can see what's operating from region to region. You can go into some region and maybe what happens there is a lot of gambling, maybe a lot of those kinds of things. Or you going into other regions and there's something else that's operating there. If the families are dysfunctional, if they're divided one from another, then that in turn impacts the ministry that they're connected to and everybody that they're connected to. So God's order and heart is restoration of families.
VENNER: Sometimes in our prayer, in our waiting, there's warfare in the heavens.  We have to know how to use the tools of fasting, prayer, worship, declaring the word of the Lord and having a resolve in our heart that I am not backing away until I see everything that God has promised me.

Baxter, Mary K with Lowery, TL -
The Power of the Blood - Healing for Your Spirit, Soul and Body
 - Order book #1140 -
"We recognize that Satan has not admitted defeat," especially in view that he continues to bluff most Christians. 
We DO have dominion over him by the blood of Jesus Christ, but most Christians fail to avail themselves of this power.

Bible Knowledge -   editorial Spiritual Warfare section #2 of “4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits + deliverance insights & prayer - "Demons are allowed to attack as a result of a legal right given to them by the person they have targeted...In this 2nd level, it doesn’t make any difference if this person is a Christian or nonbeliever. There are rules to the spiritual war games that are going on behind the scenes in the battle between God and the devil for all of our souls – and demons themselves have to abide by these rules.

Mel Bond - Discerning of Spirits - 8/30-31/2010 9/3/2010 - TV Broadcast - - transcript -  

Bubeck, Mark I - The Adversary - The Christian Versus Demon Activity - Moody Press  
Chapter 9 Bold Confrontation May Be Needed - Most individuals, especially Christians,
prefer NOT to notice personal demonic oppression, let alone possession of any part of their personality (soul/mind/emotions/will/preoccupation). 
Having 1st ruled out all medical and emotional causes and cures of one's illness, individuals "may find it
difficult to admit even to themselves that they are under Satan's bondage."

Burke, Vikki - 2/2008 The Believer's Voice of Victory editorial Entrapment of Kingdoms in Conflict - Dennis Burke Ministries, Arlington, Texas "Satan couldn't lay a finger on Jesus unless He said something that gave the devil access into His life.  Satan knew he needed WORDS (spoken) that were contrary to truth with which to hang Jesus."
"The Greek word for yeast...means 'something that agitates or causes fermentation; leaven (rising).'  Fermentation refers to a substance causing a state of excitement, commotion, unrest, boiling up or agitation...Satan's plan to use people or situations to agitate us...Satan will use any opportunity to agitate us, hoping to get a rise out of us emotionally so we'll lose our cool.  The moment  we allow that to happen, we have stepped out of the realm of the Spirit into the realm of the flesh where Satan rules.  This is the legal meaning of entrapments...where a person is induced or persuaded to commit an act he had no previous intention of committing...When you live in the flesh it only takes a small amount of yeast to get a big rise...Ask the Holy Spirit to help you recognize the yeast before it has its agitating effect." 

Christian Faith - - "It is important for people using the authority they have in Christ, to verbally CANCEL and BREAK all invitations (legal rights) to the devil/evil spirits they have created through sin or their ancestors have created through their sins.  Otherwise the demons may leave and then come back at an opportune time. Also, remember that deliverance is for people who want to live in fellowship with God. We need to daily seek that presence of the Holy Spirit and walk submissively to God, enquiring Him about things if we are to stay free."
Dennis Cramer - (Between dusk and dawn is Satan's playground.  Full moon, sunset, midnight and 2 hours before dawn are especially important times to worship God in order to put the spiritual enemy to flight.)
5/10-16/2010 transcript Sid reads testimony from Cramer's book, "I then saw the (evil) spirit coming into their bedroom around 3:15 (the beginning of the 4th watch) in the morning, which was exactly when she would wake up with nightmares and fear, and dread, and cold sweats...I prophesied her body was being healed."

Dickerman, Don - - Newsletter 4/2010 - "Admitting you can't do it all by yourself is NOT weakness; it is strength.  Do things with His help.  The lie of demons is to tell you that you can do it without God...Jesus clearly says in John 15:5, 'I am the vine; you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.'"  In Jesus' name "remind the demons that you are an heir of God and a joint-heir with Jesus Christ.  You are (if you have repented of your personal sins and invited Jesus Christ to come live in your heart as Lord and Savior)."
Dickerman, Don - 7/2016 newsletter @ - "The most important aspect of the (spiritual) warfare that we are engaged in is awareness of it."  Born again, Holy Spirit filled Judeo-Christians are "possessed by the (Holy) Spirit of God" but sometimes oppressed/tormented/tested on the outside by demons, NOT possessed.  James 4:7 reminds us if/when we resist Satan, he will flee.  Doing NO THING gives the devil legal grounds to stay and harass us.  Our choice.

Disinformation - Disinformation campaign that aims to delegitimize Israel

Eckhardt, John - Marine Demons -
, John - or
"Passivity is dangerous because it opens (unlocks) the door for demons to enter and operate. (Having ignorance or unpreparedness results in no self-defense, which allows Satan to take the offensive approach, as with a ball during a football game.  Scripture mentors/warns:)  We are to resist the devil (James 4:7). Religious spirits operate through passivity causing saints to receive any spirit, thinking it is the Holy Spirit, because it sounds or feels religious. We are to (1st) try (test/examine/evaluate/judge) the spirits and (preap)prove all things (1 John 4:1; 1 Thessalonians 5:21).
Passivity of body
- abandoning the body to any spirit; allowing slothfulness, laziness and tiredness to control the body; not taking authority over the body.
Passivity of emotions
- allowing moods to come and go without resistance, NOT taking authority over the soul; allowing depression, sadness, self-pity, etc. to dominate the emotions without resistance (sometimes contributing/opening
the door to depression, bipolar, and/or other DSM issues/diagnoses).

Passivity of mind
—NOT taking control of thoughts (2 Corinthians 10:5), daydreaming, fantasy, lack of concentration, drugs, alcohol; allowing anything to enter the mind (sometimes contributing/opening the door to delusion, paranoia, schizophrenia and/or other DSM issues/diagnoses with potential resultant medical consequences including ECT and/or psychiatric medication side effects).
Passivity of will
—NOT making active decisions, NOT acting on decisions made, allowing others to make all decisions; indecision, NOT exercising the will [(defensively or offensively) especially pertaining to spiritual issues relevant to self and/or children/staff.  Not the sin of commission, passivity is the sin of omission or debt (could/should of) as cited in some versions of the Lord's prayer.]" - [Obviously other wrong thinking and/or choices can result in trespassing local and/or spiritual laws, joining outlawed: gangs or armies, imprisonment, misuse of alcohol, drugs and/or tobacco. 
Having a broken soul and/or having/entertaining evil spirits may also attract wrong friends/dates/mates.]
Unclean Spirits (Foul spirits) - "Unclean spirits like foul, odious, offensive, reeking and destructive conditions to dwell in, and noxious odors to sniff. Unclean spirits are uncomfortable living in clean bodies and homes. A person who has an unclean spirit dwelling in them may be compelled by their own human spirit to clean themselves up by taking several showers or constantly washing their hands (a medical/insurance DSM diagnosis of OCD: obsessive compulsive disorder).
Sometimes unclean spirits will leave voluntarily when a person attempts to clean himself up. They will leave the place empty, swept, and garnished, but will return with seven more wicked (Matthew 12:43- 45). (@
Binding, Loosing and Knowledge, by Mary Garrison). 
Unclean creatures that are (symbolically) types of demon spirits include (non Kosher creatures) the: vulture, raven, owl, cormorant, bat, weasel, mouse, lizard, snail, swine, hawk, kite, ostrich (Leviticus 11)
Vagabond (Wanderer) - "These souls are tormented by spirits of Poverty, Restlessness, Confusion, and a host of others that need to be discerned and cast out (Psalm 107:1-7). Wandering spirits cause people to wander (Jeremiah 48:12). Curses of the Bastard and Vagabond need to be broken (Deuteronomy 23:2; Psalm 109:5- 10); Jeremiah 18:20-22; Galatians 3:13).  God loves the vagabond and records his wanderings (Psalm 56:8).

Captive Exile (Jeremiah 48:12)
- same Hebrew word for wanderer. Those held in this type of bondage need to be loosed. After breaking curses, attack spirits of Poverty, Lack, Financial Bondage, Failure, Despair, Depression, Loneliness, Wandering, Vagabond, Hopelessness, Suicide, Restlessness, Confusion, Sorrow, Hurt, Lust, Grief, and others as the Holy Spirit directs."
Vexed (Like 6:18) - Translated from the Greek word ochleo meaning to mob, harass or vex. A mob is a large disorderly crowd bent on riotous or destructive action. Demons operate in groups and usually more than one has to be cast out. (Oppression is another synonym.)
The spirit of Whoredoms takes away the heart, resulting in an inability to love the Lord (Hosea 4:11). The spirit of Whoredoms operates through the curse of Whoredoms and opens the door for spirits of Lust, Prostitution, Adultery and Fornication to operate.
Witchcraft (Galatians 3:1) - "Person or group of persons controlling or dominating the soul of another by a power other than the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit never seeks to control or dominate us in any way. There are many forms of Witchcraft, but the common denominator is the same—Control."

Evans, Mike - - "Satan declared that he would make the Temple site ground zero for his battle: 'For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north,' (Isaiah 14:13). I suppose that is why the Psalmist David declared, 'Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love Thee.' Everything in the world is based upon the Temple site (Mount Scopus). This is the (mountain) area where Abraham offered up Isaac. It is the place where virtually everything of significance has happened since God created man. (The Jewish people believe it is where man was created.)"

Ferrell, Ana Mendez + Ferrell, Emerson - Spiritual Authority - CD - - 2.26.2008
DVD #3 is marvelous!  It reveals that there is a parallel underworld comparable to both the heavenlies and the earthly.  There is sort of a carbon copy of the worldly, below and above.  However, if the heavenly is the real/original, then the other 2 are copies.  One gets the message.  Regardless, since most battles are spiritual, rather than worldly, our spirit may need to unite with the Holy Spirit and to descend into hell, as Christ did (after dying but before rising from the dead.) There in a place called captivity, He released captives into heaven - those who accepted Him as Messiah. In hell we rescue the broken pieces of the heart/mind/soul and release them into the heavenlies to be ministered to by God. 
If instructed to do so, in hell and on earth, we minister life both spiritually and physically to weakened individuals.  We need not go into hell in spirit, unless instructed to do so, but we do need to say aloud this prayer for each prisoner of Satan,
"____________ , I am calling your soul out of captivity.  Come forth ________ in the name of Jesus Christ. 
I call ___________'s soul to be established in the heavenlies with You, Father God.  ________ right now today __________ your soul is set free from captivity and established in heaven, thanks be to (You Father) God."  Mark this day on your calendar as a memento to God
Job 42:10 KJVer - The Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends (false advisors misrepresenting God's nature/character); also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity Deliverance Conference - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - Dismantling the Designs of the Enemy DVD - As God has designs/destinies for us, so does our enemy, Satan.  We need to demolish them verbally, in the name of Jesus.  We can say, "The Son of Man was manifested to destroy all the work of the enemy, all the way to this place in hell where _________ is being held captive.  In Jesus' name we come against all the designs of the enemy.  All these (evil/demonic) designs are being destroyed right now. 
(In Jesus' name, blood & resurrection power, right now, in our family tree):
River of stolen finances dry up. 
River of insufficiency, dry up. 
River of cancer dry up. 
River of mental illness dry up. 
River of bipolar, dry up. 
River of schizophrenia dry up. 
River of Pharmacia (need for medication), dry up.
River of stolen destiny, dry up. 
River of hopelessness, dry up. 
River of confusion, dry up.
River of spiritual deception, dry up.
River of isolation, dry up.  
River of loneliness, dry up. 
River of rejection, dry up. 
River of fear dry up right. 
River of nightmares, dry up. 
River of torment, dry up. 
River of lack of good counsel, dry up. 
River of _____ dry up, right.
Be replaced with all God's opposite blessings.  How awesome.  Amen." 5.15.2010
We are delighted and rejoice in Your goodness and mercy to us.  Bless Your holy name.

Graham, Jack - Scary Message 10/28/2018 @ Life Works, Power Point TV Series
(Watch about 18:38 on dial.)  Most religious denominations have demons as members. 
At least they qualify for membership as they do believe in most of the doctrine. 
They believe in God, Jesus His Son, and Holy Spirit. Their motives might differ or not.
Where they might differ (or not) is on some of the works.

Hagin, Kenneth - I Believe in Visions  - autobiography - - Chapter 4 How Satan Influences Lives Today 

Holliday, Pat - Under Sea Mysteries  Listen! - -
Recognition of sexual demons.  Recognition of water demons.
Holliday, Pat -
Holy Spirit, give us discernment, especially NOT to be quick to judge prematurely.  Instead, check out what Ana Mendez has to say on her web site.

Holliday, Pat - - DANGER  This may be toxic to your spiritual health.  Pray.
Holliday, Pat -

Hormann, Aiko - - ARROWS - Fiery Darts of the Wicked: Remedy & Prevention -
"Aiko was shown in a vision that many 'fiery darts of the wicked' (Eph. 6:16; Ps.64:3,4)
had been launched against God's people...affecting our physical bodies, finances, marital, family situations, and other areas of our lives...Fiery darts must be pulled out, rather than cast out...Examine yourself for any legal openings, remove the fiery darts, quench the fire, and protect yourself from any future attacks."
Kylstra, Chester - 1 CD - Discerning and Removing Fiery Darts -
"Ephesians 6:16 instructs us to use the shield of faith to quench fiery darts. This teaching, demonstration and activation explains what fiery darts are, how to discern and remove them, and how to pray for healing from their effects." -

Jesus "God has a hedge of protection around His people. When there is sin, the hedge is broken and a demon has permission to come in. -

Kerr, Kat - The Supernatural 2nd 2012 CD at VCMI, Suitland, MD - - Via Satan's lying signs and wonders, diseases/defects will go away + people will be able (take classes on how) to levitate.  How?  Simply by Satan removing his curses, harm is erased/replaced/exchanged for another evil curse/attachment/confusion/deception/hood-wink/darkness/control.  One willingly entertaining/watching or visiting demonic territory (such as R rated movies) one opens the door to evil spirits looking for any opportunity to pounce.  Voodoo opens the door to (spirit of) death (or issues contributing to death).

Keesee, Drenda - 1/20/2020 -  Recognize and disallow others, when they attempt to intimidate, control or trick you.  Recognize the evil spirit behind evil behavior.

Kjos, Andy & Berit - Nature and Tactics of Satan - - There are 3 types of temptation.

Lake Hamilton   After deliverance, "If The Demons Do Not Leave - No demon can resist the name of Jesus or disobey the Word of God when they are being used properly in deliverance.   If this happens, then they have a legal right before God to remain. You must search out this legal right and remove it. The person being ministered to must do their part! Generally, the right to remain has to do with what other people have done to that person or what that person has done to himself. The most common ground is un-forgiveness. Other common grounds are sins of ancestors or anyone who had authority over that person, or the personal sins of that person."

L, Robert - Demonic Legal Rights -

LeStrange, Ryan
RYAN: Many people get saved...going to what I call a nice church...loved Jesus..sang songs, but we didn't understand: breaking the power of the enemy...spiritual attacks...the realm of the spirit. So fortunately...the voice of the Lord comes to me in a service and says, "I've called you." I was then given a tape series by Norvel Hayes on the spirit of prophecy...
I am prophetically gifted but not trained. So I end up going to his Bible college. I'm there the 1st day. His daughter is directing the school and she calls me up with a word of knowledge. You see, one revelation can turn your life in a whole other direction.  That's why we need churches, ministries, Christians & people that believe in God's supernatural realm and operate in the gifts of the Spirit and the power of the anointing, and the Glory of God. Because when you have a bondage, when you're under that cloud of: attack...that marriage attack, that mind attack; you need supernatural: insight and...power to break it...
Now Sid, sometimes, people get so far under an attack that they need the help of somebody else's faith or anointing to break through and that's where I was, because I didn't know how to break through. So I'm there in Bible college, I'm called out through a word of knowledge, the attack is discerned and then it's broken just like that...
I leave that class. I go back to the place I'm staying at. The Bible says, "The thief comes immediately to steal." Immediately he comes to steal the Word.  When you get a healing the devil comes to tell you you're going to get sick again. When you get a breakthrough from a spiritual attack the devil tells you you're going to fall back into that.  Immediately he comes. Right after I get set free I'm sitting alone and the enemy says to me, "They embarrassed you. They shouldn't have called you out and prayed for you in front of everybody."  I'm warring with this in my mind, because your mind, without the Word of God, will think crazy thoughts. That's why you've got to have teaching; that's why you've got to understand how to renew your mind.  So my mind starts agreeing with the voice (projected thoughts) of the enemy and says, "That's right, they shouldn’t attack." Thank God for the voice of the Lord because the Lord says to me, "Did you come here to get free or did you come here to serve your pride?"  In that moment I got a revelation to change my whole life. When you want to be free, you're desperate, Sid. You don't care what it takes. You don't care how hard it is...
I remember one night preaching at this place; the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about breaking the spirit of [unintelligible] people...I didn't want to do it. In the realms of freedom, there are radical realms of obedience. I told the Lord, "I don't want to give this word of knowledge. I don't want to pray for people about this. This is embarrassing."  The Lord said, "Then you can do the meeting on your own." I said, "I don't want to do that, Jesus."

 There are demons of: anger...depression..fear. I had the spirit of fear.  That was one of the demons that plagued me. It's a literal spirit. The Bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear. There are classes of demon powers.  God has given us the gift of the discerning of spirits to recognize and discern these. Every believer has that.  But a spiritual attack is a coordinated series of events coming from the realm of hell to stall out destiny and to shipwreck your faith...
In Hell, they have planning sessions where they say here's how we're going to target this person. They understand the destiny declared over someone, sometimes far greater than we understand it. I had a prophetic destiny. God had called me to the realm of seeing and knowing.  So the enemy...comes with: a counterfeit...familiar spirits...dark side stuff... hypnosis; he comes to get me off track. In a spiritual attack, sometimes it begins many, many years ago; even as a child, the devil starts introducing things to you.

Absolutely. People...say, "I'm just going through this thing. I don't know how I got here. I'm having a blue Monday. I'm having a bad day. But do you know, a spiritual attack is multi-prong...He comes after your: mind...marriage...finances; the ultimate goal is to separate you from destiny. One of the strongest, greatest revelations we can have is what we were put on Planet Earth to do and the anointing, the power of the Holy Spirit is attached to our destiny. So if the enemy gets us separated from destiny, he gets us separated from the power; if we're separated from the power we're empty.  So we recognize an attack.  That's step one to breaking it, it's not random.  It's coordinated; it's got an intention to shipwreck your faith, to get you so discouraged you: don't believe in God anymore...forgot about the prophetic words...promises...
The devil is not just after your: as a child of God.
RYAN: The enemy has one opportunity with us..deception. He's been: crushed...defeated...dethroned...given all: power...authority. But if he can get us to believe he has authority then we give him authority. 
So he deceives...makes us think, "Well this is happened to you because you're out of the will of God"...
See, in a spiritual attack the devil hits you on all sides.  (Israeli King) David all of a sudden says, "Bring me an ephod...
(meaning) I'm not going to forget who I am. Bring me that garment of identity."
A spiritual attack comes to separate you from your identity. - One of the things you need to do to get free from an attack is remind yourself of who God said you are..."Keep on raising your children, whatever God has called you to do. In the midst of an attack you wrap yourself in that (Jewish prayer shawl or spiritual) ephod and you square your shoulders up for battle and say, "I am who God says I am."  That's what David did.

Ryan LeStrange - (Identity 8 Symptoms.) read chapter #1 - Spiritual father is Norvel Hayes.
LeStrange, Ryan & Joy - Impact International Apostolic Fellowship, Abingdon, Virginia
Ryan LeStrange - U Tube videos -

Lewis, CS - The Screwtape Letters - study guide of Letter # 4 - Imaginary tale illustrating how demons attempt to sabotage humans. - "Screwtape is very determined to keep us from prayer; it must be a good thing...
In the world of the Screwtape Letters, up is down, down is up, right is wrong, and wrong is right...Screw-tape comments that if the patient comes to the point of acknowledging his own weakness in prayer, but directs his prayers to the accurate vision that God has of Himself, then Wormwood is in trouble. It’s at this moment that the patient is recognizing that his prayers should be directed toward God’s self-understanding and not to his own inferior (and potentially idolatrous) conception of who God has revealed Himself to be (in Holy Scripture)."

Kevin Malarkey - 6/14/2011 testimony @ - Book @ 2007 in a car crash, Alex's skull had been (decapitated) separated from his spinal cord; his dad had been ejected from the vehicle.  In that condition the devil sat in the car seat next to Alex and told him, a 6 year old child, that the accident was his own fault.  For a while both the dad and son had to deal the false guilt.  Today they do not.

Martin, Malachi - Hostage to the Devil - Preface to the New Edition - - - "The belief that he (Lucifer) does not exist at all is an enormous advantage that he has never enjoyed to such a great degree.  It is the ultimate camouflage.  Not to believe in evil is not to be armed against it.  To disbelieve is to be disarmed. If your will does not accept the existence of evil, your are rendered incapable of resisting evil.  Those with no capacity of resistance become prime targets for Possession...Satan does what he does best - he ceases to exist in the eyes of those who do not see."  When the church of Jesus Christ is forbidden to teach or practice exorcism, the church becomes emasculated/impotent/unable legally/publicly to rescue those who are possessed/ demonized/oppressed/ nsane/mentally ill. "In the Roman Catholic Church, the Order of the Exorcist - (formerly) part of every priest's ordination...has been omitted  from the new rite of priestly ordination...after 1964 in the wake of the 2nd Vatican council."  For the public, "permission of the (Catholic) bishop is required for Exorcism to proceed" to remedy demonic Possession. - A Demon's Legal Rights - "The devil is like a bad (mad) dog on a chain. If you stay out of his reach, you will not be harmed. If you stay in Messiah, you won’t be seriously harmed. Don’t go into his territory; drugs, porno, witchcraft etc...If you don’t get involved with things that you know are bad, you will not be harmed. If you step into his territory, you give him the 'legal right' to access you.
Gal. 5:19-21
Now the deeds of the flesh are evident which are, immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissension’s, factions, envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these of which I forewarn you just as I have forewarned you that those who practice such things shall
not inherit the Kingdom of Yahveh'”

Meyer, Joyce - - "There was a man who was sick & who was confessing the Word over his body, quoting healing Scriptures and believing for his healing to manifest.  While doing so, he was intermittently attacked with thoughts of doubt.  After he had gone through a hard time & was beginning to get discouraged, God opened his eyes to the spirit world.  This is what he saw: a demon speaking lies to him, telling him that he was not going to get healed & that confessing the Word was not going to work.  But he also saw that each time he confessed the Word, light would come out of his mouth like a sword.  The demon would cower & fall backward.  As God showed him this vision, the man then understood why it was so important to keep speaking the Word.  He saw that he did have faith, which is why the demon was attacking him with doubt.  Doubt is not something God puts in us.  The Bible says that God gives every man a...measure of faith (Romans 12:3KJV).  God has placed faith in our heart, but the devil tries to negate our faith by attacking us with doubt.  Doubt comes in the form of thoughts that are in opposition to the Word of God.  This is why it is so important for us to know the Word of God.  If we know the Word, then we can recognize when the devil is lying to us. 
Be assured that he lies to us in order to steal what Jesus purchased for us through His death and resurrection."
Meyer, Joyce Cracking the Enemy’s Code 5/10/2010 -
Meyer, Joyce
Cracking the Enemy’s Code 5/11/2010 What the Devil Doesn't Want You to Know

Meyer, Joyce 
What the Devil Doesn’t Want You to Know – Q&A 
5/14/2010 Gentle approach & prayer.  Archives

Michaelsen, Johanna - Like Lambs to the Slaughter - Asking for a spirit guide or a pet ghost or an imaginary friend, brings you one, even if it happens to be a demon in disguise as an angel of light!  We have all heard of by invitation only & RSVP, please reply.  The same applies when we ask Jesus to be our savior.  The answer is always yes. 
Spiritual laws apply to both upstairs and downstairs, heaven and hell.

Moody, Gene & Earline - Legal Rights of Demons -

Nuzum, C -
Article from -
"God wants us to be as persistent in demanding the enforcement of the law of holiness and life as Satan has been in demanding the enforcement of the law of sin and death. God, because He is just, will be faithful to bring into evidence the law of holiness & life.  Many of the laws of our country are never enforced until some one demands their enforcement...
It is then our business to obey the Word of God & walk after the Spirit. Then God will be delighted to enforce for us the law of life. All sickness, disease, pain & weakness upon us is because Satan is still enforcing the old law of sin and death. We should acknowledge before God that our new birth, & obedience to God's Word has taken us out from under that old law & put us under the law of Christ's Kingdom that has none of these things in it:
we must claim
(like a pit bull and in the name of Jesus) the power of the law of life to set us free from these evil things that belong to the kingdom of Satan-Triumphs of Faith."
Nuzum, C - The Fight of Faith - -
"A good soldier does not use his sword just once & stop. If he is a good soldier he will never stop using the sword until the enemy is gone. God tells us to be good keep striking Satan with some part of the powerful sword, the (spoken) Word of God, until he is gone from us. God tells us if we (verbally) resist Satan, he will flee/leave us (James 4:7). 
God tells us we can also use the blood of Christ with the Word. He tells us in Revelation 12:11 that those who used the blood and the Word did overcome Satan. When God has given us 2 such powerful, never-failing weapons to use, what does He think of us when we neglect to always use them? Because we fail to use them, we let Satan (legally) harm us (and our family/ministry/business)."

Otis Jr, George - Recognizing and Defeating the Powers of Darkness - - -
Identificational repentance is a means of receiving God's grace toward the 1 who is praying to be freed from any consequences of the sin by others, whether past or present, to which the person praying is linked in some way... Identificational repentance is also a means of releasing God's grace on a corporate level to others which may move them to repent more freely of their personal sins & turn to Christ."
"We take (spiritual initiative or) responsibility for past sins in our family lines or the sins of our nation which we have not committed...1 Peter 2:9 says that we are a 'royal priesthood,' and there is a priestly aspect to biblical examples of identificational repentance prayer. Even in cases where we have not personally committed the corporate sins we are confessing before God, we can all (often empathize/recognize/discern) identify with the roots of any given sin."

Penn-Lewis, Jessee with Evan Roberts - - DECEPTION -
"Truth of every kind makes free, while lies bind up in bonds. Ignorance also binds up, because it gives ground to Satan. Man's ignorance is a primary and essential condition for deception by evil spirits. The ignorance of the people of God concerning the powers of darkness, has made it easy for the devil to carry out his work as deceiver. Un-fallen man in his pure state was not perfect in knowledge. Eve was ignorant of 'good and evil.'  Her ignorance was a condition which lent itself to the deception of the serpent.  The devil's great purpose, & for which he fights, is to keep the world in ignorance of himself, his ways, & his colleagues.  The Church is taking sides with him when siding with ignorance about him. Every man should keep an attitude of openness to all truth, & shun the false knowledge which has slain its 10's of 1,000's & kept the nations in the deception of the devil."
OBSESSION AND ITS CAUSE - "'Obsession' means an evil spirit, or spirits, hovering around, & influencing a man with the object of obtaining a footing in him, and gaining possession, in however small a degree. If these influences are yielded to, it must result in possession, e.g., if an evil spirit counterfeits the presence of God, and comes upon the man as an influence only, it may be described as obsession; but when a footing is gained in him, it is 'possession,' note 17 because the obsessing spirits have gained access, and possess the ground they hold, up to the extent of the ground given.  The meaning of the word obsession as given in the dictionary bears this out. It means 'to besiege.'  It is described as 'persistent' attack, especially of an evil spirit upon a person. 'The state of being molested from without, as opposed to 'possession' or control by an evil spirit from within.'  According to this description of obsession, it is evident that it is a very common form of attack by the powers of darkness upon the children of God; not to speak of the unregenerate who are already, according to the Scriptures (Eph. 2: 2), controlled from within, i.e., 'the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience' (A.v.)."
"Evil spirits 'obsess,' or persistently molest, & besiege the man, to gain possession. They obsess his mind with some dominating idea which destroys his peace, & clouds his life; or they counterfeit some Divine experience, which seems to come from God, & which the believer accepts without question. This is one dangerous form of obsession in the present day, when evil spirits seek to gain admittance to a believer by counterfeiting some exterior manifestation of God, such as a 'Presence' filling the room, and felt by the physical senses; 'waves' of 'power' pouring upon, & through the physical being; or a feeling of wind, air, or a breathing upon the outer man, apparently from Divine sources...In brief, all exterior manifestations to the believer, coming from without upon the body, have the characteristics of 'obsession,' because they may come from deceiving spirits seeking access to mind or body.
The deliverance of persons under obsession of any kind, or degree, is by truth, such as:
a.Giving them knowledge how to detect what is of God or the devil, by understanding the principles distinguishing the working of the Holy Spirit, and evil spirits.
b.Showing them that they should accept nothing from without either in suggestions note 18 to the mind, or influence of any kind coming upon the body; as God the Holy Spirit works from within the spirit of the man, illuminating and renewing his mind, and bringing the body under the believer's own control.

c.Teaching them how to stand in Christ, and resist all besieging attacks of the powers of darkness. For the deliverance of souls under the bondage of evil spirits in possession, i.e., when they have, after obsession, gained admittance in any degree; much knowledge of God and of spiritual things is needed...It is generally thought that 'casting out' note 19 the spirit or spirits, is the only method of dealing with them, but since the ground (territory/legal permit) they obtained to gain entrance, and abide in, cannot be 'cast out,' it is obvious that although the 'casting out' may avail in some cases, it is not the only (or 100% complete) means of deliverance."
COLUMN 3: WHERE THE EVIL SPIRITS ENTER - "Where evil spirits enter is the subject of the 3rd column, and the list is very brief, since the widest ramifications of their workings in man can be covered by the words spirit, soul and body, for they bury themselves in the very structure of the human frame, some acting directly upon the organs or appetites of the body, others upon the mind or intellect, sensibilities, emotions and affections, and others more immediately upon the spirit. note 12
In the body they specially locate themselves in the spinal column, nervous system, and deepest nerve centers, through which they control the whole being; from the ganglionic nerve centre located in the bowels, the emotional sensibilities, and all organs affected by them, to the cerebral nerve centre in the head, the eyes, ears, neck, jaws, tongue, muscles of the face, and delicate nerve tissues of the brain...They may obtain access gradually and insidiously, as already shown, but there are instances where they make a sudden assault, so as to rush the victim into involuntary surrender.
" note 13
THE 'BUZZ' OF EVIL SPIRITS SPEAKING - "This persistent 'buzz' in the ears, makes the victim pre-occupied, and almost unconsciously shake his head, as if shaking off something which is annoying him. It is so distracting that he is obliged to speak aloud to himself to make an impression on his own mind: he must read aloud in order to take in the sense of what he may be reading, or speak aloud to apprehend his own speech, because of the confusion caused in his mind by the inward "buzz" of the persecuting spirits. Because of this confusion, also, fresh ground is given to the powers of darkness, for deeper possession through the distraction caused by their interference...The cause of this is, that, unknowingly, the believer has lent his ears to evil spirits, listening to their words and suggestions, often because he believed he was listening to God, or listening to himself. This comes particularly when there has grown a habit of listening for an inner voice; note 25 or an alert inside 'listening' which in time enables the evil spirit to dull the outer ear, and acute attention to outer communications; or a 'listening' inwardly to 'feelings,' sensations, movements,note 26 'drawings,' whilst at the same time listening for voices, texts, and messages from without"...(Sometimes individuals prefer loud music, even hard rock - contrary to their former/ typical-nature/preferences, to "drown out" those voices/head noises.  Additionally, hymns, tongues or spiritual warfare music may distress them, whereas before that may not have been the case.)

Prince, Derek (1915-2003) - -
, Derek - - recommended - include audio clips - Click here to begin - Conclusion - Prayer of Release -
“Lord Jesus Christ, I believe You are the Son of God and the only way to God, that you died on the cross for my sins and rose again from the dead. That on the cross You were made a curse with every curse that is due to me, that I might be redeemed from the curse and enter into the blessing. Lord:
I confess any sins committed by me or by my ancestors. I ask your forgiveness.
I forgive every other person whoever harmed me or wronged me.
I forgive them as I would have God forgive me.
I forgive myself.
I renounce all contact with the occult in any form. I commit myself to get rid of any ‘contact objects.’
Now Lord, having received by faith Your forgiveness, with the authority I have as a child of God, now
I release myself and those under my authority from any curse over our lives. Right now, in the name of Jesus, I declare release. I claim it and I receive it by faith. In the name of Jesus...
Thank You Lord, thank You Lord, thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You, thank You, thank You...
Through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross we have passed out from under the curse and entered into the blessing of Abraham whom God blessed in all things...Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord...
Prince, Derek - Audio of above @
Prince, Derek -
Proclamation for Overcomer + The Divine Exchange
Prince, Derek - How To Pass From Curse to Blessing by Derek Prince complete  recommended - 11/4/2016 video with summary @ timpoiu - Deliverance to precede healing. - Generational curses are often initiated via written/spoken evil power charged words, needing to be revoked/reversed/released prior to healing prayer.  Once born-again and Holy Spirit indwelt one has Jesus, Who paid the get out of jail free fee.  However to legally acquire/access that, we need to be delivered from our curse by recognizing/renouncing and repenting of all relevant known personal &/or family sins (not already confessed/under Jesus' blood).  That removes any evil legal grounds our spiritual enemy has.  Next we revoke/release/remove all enemy claims in Jesus' name.  Next we pray for healing in the areas damaged by any curse, should there be any remaining malady.  Thus we transfer/appropriate from the legal to the experiential any blessing to which we are now entitled.
Prince, Derek - How Demons Can Cause Negative Thinking @ God'sTruthBeingTold pt.#1
6/20/2014 or whole link @ 12/8/2013 @ mannalinsky888~john_mark important
(Be reminded that failure to preach/know-about/ seek/receive the Holy Spirit baptism is perhaps the most important missing key to one's ability to function/implement/follow through as a born-again Christian. Another missing key would be the failure to hear/read/ know the ENTIRE Bible and failure to often memorize rehearse/feed/act on it.)
Prince, Derek -
Casting Down Strongholds /Derek Prince /Transcript or
@ or Love N Commission Asia LNCA
YouTube – 3/16/2015 with TRANSCRIPT @ edited - “Why is there spiritual warfare? Who is fighting who? Which side are we on? Turn 1st of all to Matthew Chapter 12. - A passage about the ministry of Jesus brings out the basic fact that there are 2 invisible spiritual kingdoms that are at war with one another. One is the kingdom of Satan.  The other is the kingdom of God. Now, I imagine that most of you have no problem with the concept that God has a kingdom. Some of you may not be aware that Satan has a kingdom, but he does.  It is most important for us as Christians that we understand the nature of his kingdom and how it operates, because if we are in the kingdom of God through Christ, we are automatically at war with the kingdom of Satan. Understand?"
Prince, Derek - To Please My Father - @  A Personal Revelation - My understanding of God as Father was revolutionized by a personal experience early in 1996.  Ruth and I had been sitting up in bed one morning, praying together as we normally do. Suddenly I became aware of a powerful force at work in my feet and lower legs. It moved upward, until my whole body was forcefully shaken by it. (Ruth told me later that the skin of my face changed to deep red.) At the same time I was aware of an arm stretched out toward my head, seeking to press down on me something like a black skull cap. For a few moments there was a conflict between these 2 forces. Then the power at work in my body prevailed and the arm with the skull cap was forcibly dispelledand vanished.  Immediately, without any mental process of reasoning, I knew that I could call God my Father.  I had used the phrase “our Father” for more than 50 years. Doctrinally, I was clear about this truth. I had even preached a series of 3 messages on “Knowing God as Father.” But what I received at that moment was a direct, personal revelation.  Let me share with you my interpretation of this experience. I was born in India and spent the first 5 years of my life there. 20 years later, after I was saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit,  I became aware of some dark shadow from India that always hung over me. I understood that it was one of India’s “gods” (estimates range from 4 million to 300 million) that had followed me through life, seeking to possess me.  There was one particular way that this “god” oppressed me. Every morning I would awake with a dark foreboding of something evil awaiting me. It was never anything precise, just some amorphous darkness. This unknown evil never actually happened, but every day the foreboding was there.  After I was baptized in the Spirit, the foreboding diminished in intensity, but it never disappeared.  I did, however, discover that if I set my mind to praise and worship the Lord, the foreboding would lift from me. Yet, it always came back next morning.  The day that black skull cap was pulled away, the foreboding vanished, never to return! From that morning, it became completely natural for me to address God as “Father” or “my Father.”  I have a personal relationship, not just a theological position.  I have now been enjoying this new relationship for about 2 years. It has given me new understanding of four scriptural truths concerning fatherhood.
Prince, Derek - Teaching Legacy - Volume 13 Issue 2 (Good Bye to Depression) - Autobiography -

Relfe, Michael - - YOU can Stop Alien & Military Abduction! -
Cancel Satan’s plan in your life
- "
Satan has a plan for everyone’s life, just as GOD has a plan for everyone’s life.
That plan has someone in charge of it and a lot of subordinate spirits directing it.
It is a very good idea to get rid of Satan’s plan AND substitute GOD’s plan.
'In the name of The Lord Jesus Christ, I bind the strongman over Satan’s plan for my life. I toss him off his throne...
I ask you to send angels to bind this strongman'...with angels singing scripture to him night and day. 
I ask you to send angels to guard that box so the demons cannot free him.
I bind all demons subordinate to the strongman over Satan’s plan for my life.
I cut you
(strongman over Satan’s plan for my life) loose from all your assignments.
I close every door that was opened to you.
I cancel every legal hold and every legal ground that you have on me.
I command all demons subordinate to the strongman over Satan’s plan for my life to leave now.
I bind all other spirits and entities under the command of the strongman over Satan’s plan for my life.
I cut you
(other spirits & entities under the command of any strongman over Satan’s plan for my life).
I cancel and reverse all your evil assignments.
I close every door that was opened to you
(evil spirits).
I cancel every legal hold and every legal ground that you have on me.
I loose you
(evil spirits) from all commands, controls, attachments, mind control, programming, agreements, oaths and bonds to the strongman over Satan’s plan for my life or any of his subordinates.
I command all demons to go where Jesus wants you to go.
I command all other entities to go home and never return.
I pray, amen

Roberts, Richard  How to Know God Wants to Heal You mini-book -  
"Sickness is an oppression of the devil...John 10:10 Jesus said, 'The thief (the devil) cometh not but for to steal...kill...destroy.'  That's what the devil's job is...His whole (evil) nature and purpose is to wreck your life...steal your and destroy your emotions...
Jesus came to take off you what the devil put on, to take out of you what the devil put in, to put back on you what the devil took off, and to put back in you what the devil took out...
To Him (Jesus) you are unique and irreplaceable...There's only 1 of you...Nobody can take your place.  Nobody...
Your life is God's gift to you and what you make of your life is your gift back to God...The devil would like to steal that potential (destiny designed from the foundation of the world) away through sickness (disability/discouragement/death)...
He (Jesus the Christ) want to heal you...Will you accept His healing...on a personal and individual level?"

Rutland, Mark - 2/3/2020 - synopysis - Inner healing or wholeness of soul prevails when 1 has the courage and transparency with Holy Spirit and often the right counselor.  Feeling bad can be due to bad circumstances, but is not necessarily depression.  Depression is more likely the experiencing of a black cloud settling and depressing/pushing/separating one down into isolation and death of intimacy.  Toxic (spiritual/emotional) rivers can flow through (the soul and body of) born-again, (water and) Holy Spirit baptized Judeo-Christians.  Courage is where/when we quit blaming and invite Holy Spirit to reveal (root) issues needing to be dealt with (typically, one at a time). Also we recognize and dissalow (or disconnect from) others who feel better or take delight in our worldiness.  That sickness' name is schadenfreude.
Toxic (spiritual/emotional/behavioral) rivers have corresponding (dysfunctional) thrones. There are 5 major thrones: 1-fear, 2-shame 3-rejection, 4-condemnation, 5-unforgiveness.  Toxic rivers flow out from underneath strongholds/ dominions/ thrones, giving power/strength/reinforcement/entrenchment to lies/deception (to demonic/twisted/excessive) feelings of unforgiveness, rejection, shame, condemnation, fear.  (Conviction requires confession and subsequent healing, whereas condemnation is harmful badgering/bullying with zero redemption.)
To deny our toxic past (to God or self) is to deny/supress a problem/beast hidden under the floorboards.  The healthy/holy therapy to usuryp the throne of shame is exposing the deception/lie/wrong/unholy/hurtful lie (typically a cause of self-sabotage) to God's Biblical Truth.  Shame can now be moved from victim (self) to the perpetrator (satan), with the end goal of balance/integration rather than disintigration/brokeneness.
Unforgiveness sits on the throne of inflated sense of justice.  Forgiveness removes tocicity inside us rather than in others.
Unforgieness needs the remedy/treatment of God's grace with the end goal of our mercy to others.  When wer receive God's grace we are freed of unforgiveness, releasing us to be merciful to others.  God's grace treats me, not others.
Fear flowos out of thron of pain (past or potential).  One attempst to insulate self at both ends (past/future) resulting in our life shrinking down. 
Fear.  A pain free life is not a Biblical goal/promise.  Christ's presence/love therapy cast out fear. We are accepted in God's Beloved.  Fear needs God's love to be overcome.  Do not try to convince God that you love Him, as though you were trying to elicit your own physical dad's love/approval...We are preapproved.
Condemnation flows from the throne of idolatry/idolization of my own sense of justice/rightness, disallowing God's forgiveness of self or others.  Worship removes the throne of condemnation.
Rejection flows from doubt about God's good nature and character.  Remedy for rejection is trust in God.

Stone, Perry - Secrets Satan Does Not Want You To Know - 1/7 -

Stone, Perry - Breaking the Power of a Satanic Hedge - 6/12/2011 - Demons feed off of sin.  It takes a spirit to fight a spirit.  One needs intercessors, plus a higher power (Jesus, Father God, Holy Spirit).

Walker, Dennis - Catching the Initiatives of Heaven - -  Chapter 5 Hindrances to Spiritual Senses - section 9 Deadly Embraces - "The Lord spoke to me in dream...about 9 deadly embraces as a strategy of the devil to lead people into (emotional, physical and spiritual) bondage...In the dream I saw a man being freed...The Lord told me,
'He is reemerging from the 9 embraces'...The Lord had me write the (progressive) list:" 
"(1st) Embrace of an offense...[The (evil) spirit comes on the heels offensive event.  The Bible says that offenses will come, but it is up to each one of us to either embrace the offense or release it immediately to God
If one embraces the (evil) spirit of offense, they have opened a door for other (evil spirit) embraces to follow. 
This is a strategy of the enemy to bring people into bondage (captivity/character defects).] 
(2nd) embracing a lying spirit of reinterpretation [exaggerates events and explains things (and motives) in a negative way]...
(3rd) embracing a spirit of accusation and judgment...
(4th) embracing a spirit of bitterness [You can tell you are in bitterness when you relive the same event (&/or emotions) over & over in your mind...and then begin to spread it to others...Now these tormentors (demons) have a (legal) right to lock you up and torment you...until such a time as you forgive.]...[The 1st 4 points you choose to embrace. 
The following 5 points embrace you, whether you want the to or not.]
(5th) embraced by a spirit of deception...[You become confused about who God is,
who you are and about all truth...The spirit of deception...keeps you locked up. 
(However) If you know the truth (Yeshua) you will come to freedom.]
(6th) embraced by a spirit of (unexplainable/uncontrollable) fear and depression...
[A person wants to hide...Fears come out of nowhere...A spirit...takes over as further torment.]
(7th) embraced by a spirit of compulsions, obsessions and addictions...
(8th)embraced by a spirit of control...[It can manifest through flattery...tears...shouting...subtle manipulation...passive... or...aggressive control.]
(9th) embraced by a suppressing (demonic) spirit [(who often overcomes/submerges/overtakes/overrides) a person's identity...
The words and actions are no longer theirs but are caused by a spirit.]
Now the Good News - "Someone who is stuck in any of those stages...
is to take (go) back to the original offense and deal with that...
Release...the offending people and events (and then) all the house of cards that the enemy has erected falls to the ground.  Allow the Holy Spirit to show where (the initial) offense came in...Release (give) it (and) all (judgment) to the Lord.
(Forgive him/her/them and repent for unforgiveness, in order to receive your own) freedom (from captivity/problems)."
PRAYER: "Lord, I am not the judge; You are the only true and righteous judge...
I give (release to) You all these and all these emotions."
After the prayer of forgiveness, in Jesus' name, "command all attached (evil) spirits to leave.  Then pray (in Jesus' name) that the Father's love fill the void."
(NEVER take back what you have released to the Lord.)  "Continue to give up to the Lord all those (recurring/repeat) thoughts and emotions related to those past events.  The devil will try to get you to embrace offense again." 
(RESIST in Jesus' name those old thoughts and emotions, and the devil must flee. 
Replace negative thoughts with holy/good thoughts (especially scripture) &/or replace with deeds (such as telling others about Jesus).

of alters
demonic &/or psychiatric

Alters - - mikal haley  - "Theta waves are frequent in children. The 4 types of waves are rated according to their wave frequencies which are delta- 1-3 cycles/sec; theta 4 to 7 cycles/sec; alpha 8 to 13 cycles/sec; and beta 13 + cycles per second.
Psychic warfare
became a branch of the Monarch Programming. This is the Theta Programming. The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler."

Illuminati - John Todd's Testimony - Highest Illuminati Defector:"Rothschilds Rule with Druid Witches"
The Traumatization & Torture of the Victim - section #2D. How MPD works  at

of cages/pits/dungeons

Isaiah 24:5-23 CJB - -
He who flees at the sound of terror will fall into the pit.  He who climbs up out of the pit will be caught in the trap.

Zechariah 9:11-12 Stern - 11."By the blood of your covenant, I release your prisoners from (the dungeon/spiritual, mental, & physical captivity) the cistern that has no (living) water (Holy Spirit) in it.  12.Return to the stronghold you prisoners with hope This day I declare to you that I will grant you double reparation (here on earth)."

, Paul - - - Biship Olu Itiola, Dubai UAE

#1 Every demonic invisible line that has been drawn around my life; be erased by the blood of Jesus.
Prayer #2 Every demonic restriction placed upon my life; receive the fire of God.
#3 Every area of my life that has been turned up side down, be turned right side up in the name of Jesus.
"There is a feeling of utter helplessness when a person is in a cage. Folks will do things to you that they ordinarily should not and you cannot defend yourself. People will take advantage of you, infringe on your fundamental human rights and you cannot do anything. Life in the cage is one of utter helplessness."
Prayer #4 Every demonic container housing my destiny, collide with the rock of ages.
#5 Every life that I have adjusted myself to, that is not of God, I reject it in the name of Jesus.
#6 O Lord, deliver me from every cage mentality in me, in Jesus name.
Declaration - God will do a new thing in my life that will lead to total independence, in Jesus name. 

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity book - Deliverance to Captives CD/DVD - - spiritual/demonic pits/places

Moore, Beth - Get Out of That Pit - emotional or situational pits

of Cords

Psalm 116:3-4,8-9,16-17 JNTP  
3The CORDS of death were all around me, Sh'ol's constrictions held me fast; I was finding only distress and anguish. 
4But I called on Your name. " ADONAI, please. save me." 8Yes, You have rescued me from death, my eyes from tears and my feet from falling.  9I will go on walking in the presence of ADONAI in the lands of the living. 
16You have removed my FETTERS.  17I will offer a sacrifice of thanks to You.

Psalm 118:10-12 Stern

10The nations (enemy/demons/troubles) all surrounded me; in the name of Adonai I cut them down
11They surrounded me on every side; in the name of Adonai I cut them down
12They surrounded me like bees, but were extinguished (quickly) as a fire in thorns. In the name of Adonai I cut them down Ecclesiastes 4:12 KJV - A 3 fold cord is not quickly broken.

1st Corinthians 6:16 KJV - "Do you not know that he who (fornicates/commits adultery) is joined to (has sexual relations with) a harlot  (prostitute/mistress/concubine) is 1 body with her.  'The 2,' He says (in Genesis 2:24), 'shall become 1 flesh'" (enabling evil spirits to transfer between them: Spiritual insight).

Jourdan, Nikki - - Hidden Bondages - (Soul Ties of all sorts) -

Silver Cords and Ley Lines - from - "The silver cord is the term they use for their out of body experiences (astral projection) when they pop in on you to spy on you or cause you harm – visibly or invisibly. If someone or something (evil or forboding) materializes in your home, cut the silver cord, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. They will disappear immediately."

Walters, Kathy - 3/12/2009 & 5/22/2012

of Curses

Walsh, Graeme - -
Indicators that Curses may be Operating in Your Life
1. Mental or emotional breakdown, such as deep depression, history of suicide, and unnatural death.
2. Repeated or chronic sicknesses, especially hereditary sickness.
3. Breakdown in relationships, such as divorce.
4. Ongoing financial lack.
5. Spiritual slumber, spiritual deadness, hard to pray and read the Word of G-d (Bible).
6. Compulsive behaviors, addictions and anger.
7. Rejection of others, self hatred.
8. Unusual or violent death.
How to get set free from these Generational Curses is in my training manual which is now available for Kindle.

                                                      of Demonic Depression/Oppression/Possession (rare)
: But there's such a deluge of the evil that is going on. I've never seen so much in my lifetime.
Tell me what symptoms parents should look for in children if it might be demonic or evil spirit intervention.
BECCA: Well obviously you start seeing drastic or even gradual personality changes...If a child is full of joy and they become fearful, if they start to withdraw, if they're starting to be drawn to want to watch shows of darkness. Even with teenagers, you'll even see their wardrobe will start to change. For girls, their makeup will change. Their hair will change. You'll even begin to feel in your home, you won't feel that freedom of relationship. There will be tension that will be there. Sometimes they'll become depressed.  You'll see a lot of depression that will begin to rest on a child or a teenager; nightmares, bad dreams, night terrors.

 of Fragmented Soul

"The Holy Spirit showed me that victims of schizophrenia need to have their minds called together."
Carrin, Charles -
Carrin, Charles + psychotherapists Donaldson, Dr. Joseph and Dipeolu, Dr. Abiola O.  important editorial  8/23/2005 - "The Holy Spirit then applied that 're-gathering' principle (of Jews to Israel and believers to Himself) to individuals (the emotionally distraught/traumatized/ broken or mentally ill) whose minds had been scattered (fragmented). (Soul layers can be taken/stolen/given away, especially during sexual assault or sexual premarital relationships, trauma or war)...
It was His will that they come to complete restoration. He then cautioned me that Deliverance Ministry was only the 2nd part of their need. 1st Before anything else, these people needed to have (pieces of) their minds (soul layers) 'called together'...We ministered deliverance successfully to these patients only AFTER the fragmented condition of their minds had been corrected...It seems that the offending spirit uses the person's mental woundedness as their consent for it to stay Once the consent-factor has been corrected, the gap closed, the darkness dispelled, the spirit can be forced out.   Until this has been done we are wasting our time in attempting deliverance...
Abiola Dipeolu, Ph.D says that  conventional, "Psychology does not have access to these keys, because they are available only to the children of the kingdom. Until now, the doors to the kingdom have pretty much been closed to these (mentally ill) individuals. However, with these keys, they will finally be re-gathered home to stay."
The Lord indicated the following prototol: "Speak very lovingly, very reassuringly, TO that specific part in hiding, to tell it the danger was gone, it no longer needed to hide, Jesus was now its savior and protector. I was NOT to command it as I would have a demon but to appeal to that tiny, frightened little girl (or boy) to turn loose...and come home...
I was to remind the traumatized part that no one else could fit into that empty place but it. That was its home. It could fit no where else. It wanted to come home. It was tired of being in hiding. Tired of separation. Tired of loneliness. All those pains would end when it slipped back into place. I would then wait. Repeat the appeal. Coax it by saying, 'Come on home...You want to...We will wait...You don't have to rush...But you do want to come home...'God has not given you the spirit of fear but of power, of love, and a sound mind.'"7.29.2015+8.25.2016 - (May any truth as it pertains to _______ be permanently remedied/reversed via you holy host in Jesus' name and power.  Thanks host.)
Carrin, Charles -
Captivity of the Mind - Spiritually Understanding Abnormal Human Behavior -

Cox, Paul - - -

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity book - Deliverance to Captives CD/DVD - - - Healing of a "broken" heart - editorials.

Pierce, Chuck D - Time to Defeat the Devil - -
"Break the power of vexation and to renew our human spirit...
The enemy seeks to vex our spirit so that we become traumatized and fragmented.
If he can block our spirit, he can stagnate our relationship with the One who created us and (attempt to) overtake our soul.  However, we have a FATHER of our human spirit Who is able to renew and nourish our spirit...
We can 'exercise' our spirit and commune with Him in a new way."
Pierce, Chuck D -
God's Unfolding Battle Plan: A Field Manual for Advancing the ... - Google - recommended -
All fragmentation in your soul comes from the war that has entered into your DNA . Satan 'speaks from his own resources' (John 8:44)."
Pierce, Chuck D - 8/7/2010 -
This is NOT a Time to be Passive but to Go to War and Worship Violently! - "Many times when we surrender our life to the Lord, we are fragmented in our soul with pieces of our life scattered here and there.  The power of scattering is linked with a curse that has (legal) right because of sin and iniquity in our life. When we sin, pieces of the person God intends for us to be are left behind connected to the time we missed the mark and acted in our own strength.  We trade purity, blessing, health, and/or a part of God's perfect plan for our lives for a moment when something of lesser significance temporarily satisfies our desire. Therefore, parts of the whole person that we should be lie scattered along the paths of our lives at each place where temptation led us to sin.  Although we in the Western world tend to compartmentalize our lives into physical, mental and spiritual (or body, soul and spirit), the fact is that a proper Biblical worldview is one of a unified, whole person in whom these parts are not separate entities, but are interconnected...1st Thessalonians 5:23 says, Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, (whole) soul, and (whole) body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Sumrall, Lester - Conscience - the Scales of Justice - -  Chapter 4 Human Conscience without God - "A conscience without God will (attempt to) destroy you.  It will beat you to pieces. 
There are people in insane asylums right now because their consciences have beaten them into that place."

You're Not Going Crazy - audio regarding mind fragmentation due to sexual violence


Franklin, Judy - Experiencing the Heavenly Realm, Keys to Accessing Supernatural Encounter - Chapter 27 Testimonies - Jeff's Story - (Pastor) "Bill wanted her (author) to escort Jeff (a cancer patient) to Heaven (and come back of course)...Judy began by praying with Jeff and the others (visiting at the hospital)...Judy said, 'Jeff, ask Jesus about your cancer.'  Jess said aloud, 'Jesus, tell me about this cancer'...(Jeff relayed to the visitors) 'I have a giant hook in my heart. 
It is a hook that has been with me since I was a little boy, when I was heartbroken'...Jeff's parents divorced when he was a baby...His mother would not intervene when he (the subsequent stepfather) was cruel.  His real father abandoned him...Judy said, 'Ask Jesus to remove the (abandonment) hook'...Finally, Jeff said that Jesus had cut off the end and pulled it out.  Jeff said, 'I have hooks all over me.'  Judy said, 'Ask Jesus to remove them all'...(He did.)  From that moment on, Jeff displayed an absolutely dramatic change in his person...pure love...The kids and I were stunned....Having his hooks cut out, did something."

Ley Lines

Cox, Paul L - Highways of Holiness -  @
"I then had the impression to feel for lines running through the worship center.  I felt lines like a grid running the length and width of the room.  I then invited the pastor to cut these lines.  Immediately the spiritual atmosphere of the worship center changed.  I then realized the importance of understanding these lines. In the secular world, these lines are called 'ley lines.'
It is said that the word 'Ley' comes from the Saxon word for cleared glade. Paul Devereux and Ian Thompson, in their book, The Ley Guide, quote from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary that the word 'ley' can be linked to "lea" meaning a 'tracked of open ground.'
Ley Lines  we're discovered on June 30, 1921 by Alfred Watkins (1855-1935), a locally well-known and respected Herefordshire businessman, who while looking at a map for features of interest noticed a straight line that passed over hill tops through various points of interest, all of which were ancient.  At the time of his discovery, Watkins had no theory about alignments but on that June afternoon saw 'in a flash' a whole pattern of lines stretching across the landscape.  4 years later, in 1925, he described his vision in a book he titled The Old Straight Track
...NASA surveys have found paths running through the mountainous rainforest of Costa Rica. These paths, which 'follow relatively straight lines' despite the difficult terrain, have been examined at ground level and have been dated to AD 500-1200...I believe there is a biblical principle we must understand before we look at any references to ley lines.  Here it is: The (spiritual) enemy cannot create anything.  He can only pervert or corrupt what the Lord has already created... 
Isaiah 35:8 - 'A highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness. The unclean will not journey on it; it will be for those who walk in that Way; wicked fools will not go about on it. No lion will be there, nor will any ferocious beast get up on it; they will not be found there. But only the redeemed will walk there'(NIV)...
Psalm 16:6 - 'The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.  Surely I have a delightful inheritance'...
The corruption of these (ley) lines by the enemy would then give permission for the enemy to utilize the (ley) lines for evil purposes.  Isaiah 34:11...'God will stretch out over Edom the measuring line of chaos and the plumb line of desolation'...
Romans 8:27 speaks of a time when we as the Children of God will take back for the Lord what the enemy had captured.
When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, we are given back authority over creation.  However, we must exercise that authority and take back what was given to the enemy."
"As we walked into the master bedroom I discerned a large “ley line” running across her bed
We had her cut the line.  That night she was able to sleep for the 1st time in her new bedroom...
crippled woman in a German village.  She had been stooped over for many years.  As they prayed for her, they learned that there were witches living on each side of her house.  They then discerned a large ley line running through her house.  As they broke the line, she immediately stood up straight.  She had been healed...Perhaps freedom in your home is tied to breaking off the evil on these lines. (Father God, in the name of Your son, Jesus Christ, we draw a blood line around our family, Your family, our possessions, our land, our property, north, south, east, west, up, down.  May any demon be electrocuted/exterminated permanently when he comes near or trespasses.  May any spirit that comes to do mischief or spy be blinded and made permanently impotent/unable to accomplish its assignment.  May any agent of Satan who plans or attempts to do harm be rendered uesless and booty of our Lord, to serve Him faithfully.  May Your angels be empowered to defeat all evil schemes.  May You Lord get continual praise, honor, and glory 24/7.  We bless You Father, we bless You Son, we bless You Holy Spirit.) from (edited)  "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I take the sword of the Lord and break all (wrong/unhealthy/evil) cords, binds, tethers, soul ties to the spirit world, ley lines or anything that is attached to me and command these to be broken. I bind every evil, witchcraft &/or divination spirit attached to me.  I command them to go in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  I command all DNA, RNA to return to what God created from the beginning of time. I command the cerebral cortex blocked to be healed, open and work properly. I command all Theta Brain Waves to connect properly.  I speak to the conscience, subconscious, any amnesia, new memories of the mind to be renewed (and aligned with God's 3rd heaven). I call forth the penial gland (now) opened to the 2nd heaven to be (now) closed to the 2nd heaven and sealed by the blood of the lamb. I also call the spirit of the Lord to heal the broken heart.  Father God, In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I proclaim and decree to the heavenies that I (and my family tree on both sides) belong to Jesus Christ of Nazareth and no longer belong to the kingdom of darkness." (Praise God,)

Geodesy (World Grid).- (secular web site) - - Labyrinths: A Journey within. - (secular web site) -

God Code Matrix - - video -

Rebecca Greenwood - Authority to Tread: A Practical Guide for Strategic-Level Warfare -
"Breaking ley lines is an effective weapon while engaging in spiritual warfare prayer."

Poyser, Fern - Prayer to Return All Curses - -
"In Jesus name, I cut and burn all ungodly silver cords and ley lines."

Sanderson, Ivan T - Invisible Residents - - underwater aliens secular theory - 10 Vile Vortices 
Vortexes seem to appear at intersections of the earth's grid, or bio-magnetic field of the earth. These intersecting strands of Earth's energy are also known as ley lines. The symbol for a vortex is a cross in a circle."

Secular/Occult site - -

2012 reversal of magnetic poles - - Very nice editorial.

Vortex? -

World Navels -
where ley-lines intersect (secular web site)

of Blood Lines

Brimm, Billye - recommended - - Watchfulness is a consistent necessity; never let down one's guard against our enemy, Satan.

 of evil portals/doors/gates
    of triggers

Ferrell, Ana & Emerson warn us NOT to blithely go on vacation/trips, lest we inadvertently step on/into one of these demonic potholes. -

Meyer, Joyce - DVD - Closing the door to Satanic Attack - -

Sanderson, Ivan T - Invisible Residents - underwater aliens secular theory -tp://
Vortexes seem to appear at intersections of the earth's grid, or bio-magnetic field of the earth. These intersecting strands of Earth's energy are also known as ley lines. The symbol for a vortex is a cross in a circle."

Wagner, Peter - by   
, Peter -
"Portals serve the same purpose as Gate Keepers: To get you from one place to another. However, portals can only teleport you to one place, whereas Gate Keepers could offer to teleport you to up to 3 different locations. Some portals have level limitations, but most do not. All portals are free to enter, unlike Gate Keepers which often charge for their service." http://forums.charismamag.comviewtopicphp?f=25&t=2822


Herzog, David - The Ancient Portals of Heaven, Glory, Favor, and Blessings - - Herzog cites numerous places and seasons, mostly Jewish, where God has open doors to heaven.  (It seems that when Papa God is near those people and places dear to His heart, that He can't help Himself, and His love (Holy Spirit/Presence/blessings/power/ miracles/resurrections/nature) just oozes out, over onto those in the same proximity.)

Hebrews 10:19-20 JNT 19We have confidence to use the way into the holiest Place opened by the blood of Yeshua. 
20He inaugurated it for us as a new and living way through the parokhet (veil), buy means of His flesh.
, Philip - -
If double click does not open audio link then use control button with the mouse click
(1st Israel used animal sacrifices; another body was required to "permanently" remove confessed sin and it's spiritual consequences.  That body, the FLESH of God's Son, was the VEIL separating us from the Trinity.  Once the veil in the temple was torn, man had permanent access to Him 24/7.)

Wagner, Peter - by 
Wagner, Peter -
"Portals serve the same purpose as Gate Keepers: To get you from one place to another. However, portals can only teleport you to one place, whereas Gate Keepers could offer to teleport you to up to 3 different locations. Some portals have level limitations, but most do not. All portals are free to enter, unlike Gate Keepers which often charge for their service." http://forums.charismamag.comviewtopicphp?f=25&t=2822
(More REBUTTAL - Holliday, Pat -
doc/21942643/Angelic-Stargates-To-Heaven-By-Dr-Pat-Holiday )
Wagner, Peter - (not Christian site) -
"We are going to open the portal to the nations...Todd you are the portal to the future...We came to align Todd Bentley.” @

of Dominion

Cox, Paul - Dominion - -

Dickerman, Don - Christ in us triumphs over all demons and their symptoms (disease/deformity/death) right NOW.
Colossians 2:8-14 NKJV Beware, lest anyone CHEAT you (of your spiritual inheritance in Christ Jesus and of your healing) through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and NOT according to Christ.  9for in Him dwells ALL the fullness of the God head bodily; 10 and you are (NOW) complete in Him, Who is the head of all principality and power.  11In Him you were also circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, by putting off the body of of the sins of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ, 12buried with Him in (adult water) baptism, in which you also were raised with Him through faith in the working of God, Who raised Him from the dead.  13And you, being dead in your trespasses and the un-circumcision of your flesh, He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses, 14having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us.  And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.
15Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it (before we were born deeding to us perfect health).
Hebrews 1:3 NKJV    When He (Jesus Messiah) had Himself purged our sins (and their consequences), sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high.

Eckhardt, John - Prayers that Rout Demons - Prayers for defeating Demons and Overthrowing the Power of Darkness -   
Section 5 Experiencing Deliverance and Release  "The word salvation means deliverance...One of the greatest revelations is the revelation of self-deliverance.  We can loose ourselves from any control in darkness (Isaiah 52:2)  We can exercise power and authority for our own lives.  Jesus told us to cast out the beam from our own eye (Luke 6:42).  The term cast out is the same word used in reference to casting out demons (ekballo)."

Ferrell, Emerson and Ana - Kingdom Authority 7/2008 DVD - - God's kingdom is inside of us and NOT out there or up there.  Not when we die or after the rapture.  Right NOW, for those (water and Holy Spirit) baptized believers in Jesus Messiah.  Remember, Jesus instructed His disciples to pray, "Father, Thy kingdom come."

, Norvel - How to Live and NOT Die - - Cleveland, Tennessee, USA
Chapter 13 Be the Head of Your House  See 2 Corinthians 12:2-4  "Jesus pulled me out of my body and into His presence...He...asked, 'How long are you going to put up with the growths on your daughter's body...You're the head
of your house!  Be the head of your house
'...I got the inside revelation from God that whatever happened at my house and on my property is MY fault...Jesus said, 'You are the head of your house!  If you will curse those growths in My name, they will die. (See Matthew 21:12-13If you will believe and NOT doubt, they will die like the fig tree did that I cursed'...I did exactly what the Lord told me to do...I cursed the toots of those growth on her body.  I told them, 'In Jesus' name, you must die!  You're in my house, and you must die'...For 30 days nothing happened; in fact, the growth looked worse.  But I kept on and on. Finally after 40 days, God's power came into my house and swept over my daughter's body...That's the way God does business."
11.16.2008 - "If you EXPECT a healing from God, He will provide it for you...
Don't take NO for an answer."
"You don't need a minister to come and pray to get God to heal your child."

Kerr, Kat - AUDIO - 9/2016- Heaven Owl City Meets @ The Revelation Zone - (3 sections) Only those with flesh dominate, have dominion, but they can cede/forfeit it to others with self-sabotaging/ignorant words. 
Dominion occurs in the atmosphere
where Satan is prince, so he takes advantage of any (uncorrected) negligence on our part.  Thus a primary  role of Christians is to take back atmosphere and rule/reign/dominate in that territory. 

Kat Kerr - Read your bible daily !! [Don't miss ] TN Radio Show interview @ Kat Kerr 2016
9/7/2016 or  We can NOT evict evil darkness from territory while at same time harboring the same entities/demons/layers/deposits/ negatives in our own soul.  We will be toothless/impotent.

MacMillan, John A - The Authority of the Believer - - audio book - "The authority of which we are speaking is the portion of every believer.  It is NOT a special gift imparted in answer to prayer, but the inherent right of the child of God, because of his elevation with Christ to the right hand of the Father. 
He has become, through the rich mercy of God, an occupant of the Throne of the Lord, with all that it implies in privilege and responsibility.  This elevation took place potentially at the resurrection of the Lord and because of the believer's inclusion in Him.  The elevation is wholly of the wisdom and grace of the Father.  We do NOT 'climb the heavenly steeps' by any act of faith or devotion on our part.  It is ours simply to recognize the fact of this position, and to take our place in humble acceptance, giving all the glory and honor to God."

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time -


Everything, every thought, every written word, every spoken word that contradicts God's Word is a lie.
Satan's best method of defeat is by deceit and deception.  There is now being developed a fabric which would render its wearers invisibility on the battlefield.  This is exactly what Satan has, invisibility.  He prefers that the general public be ignorant of the fact that he exists, what he does, and how he does it.  If we do recognize him and his methods, then he wants to render us impotent.  The other thing that Satan does NOT want us to recognize is that there is a God and that that God is alive/involved and more powerful than himself.  One will most likely not recognize truth, if he/she has never read the Bible cover to cover, at least one time.   Spiritual things are recognized first in the human spirit before they are transmitted to the human mind.  That is why (the tree of) knowledge is insufficient and sometimes dangerous.

Why do curses/diseases exist?  A disease (even if spiritually legal/scientifically-factual/has a medical label/found in the book of Deuteronomy) when repented of can be reversed, BECAUSE Christ became a curse on the cross and removed all our infirmities and took back from Satan all our rights.  Those who are ignorant of this because they have not read His book, because they have not understood, or because they have not repented, are held captive, due to their own fault - not Satan's fault.  In the name of Jesus Christ, I loose myself from this blindness and this captivity.  In the name of Jesus Christ, I loose my family from this blindness and this captivity.  In Jesus name, I do NOT receive any bad medical report.  In Jesus name I receive just the opposite, all the blessings obtained for us by Jesus Christ on the cross.

Galatians 3:13 NIV - Christ (Messiah) redeemed (rescued) us from the curse (resulting from our disobedience) of the (Old Testament) law by becoming a curse (substitute) for us, for it is written, (in Deuteronomy 21:23) "Cursed is everyone Who is hung on a tree." (Spiritual insight: This only applies when we personally go to Jesus and repent for the specific sin which triggered the specific curse.)
DELIVERANCE from CURSES - Every thing that Satan does/says/projects into our mind is a lie.  Not only that, every disease, bankruptcy, premature death is a deceit/trick/theft/deception of demons.  Cancer, you are a lie.  Premature death, you are a lie.  Deformity, you re a lie.  Insanity, you are a lie.  Mental illness, you are a lie. Chemical imbalance, you are a lie.  I recognize "you."  You are deceit.  You are not a sickness.  You are a foul evil spirit masquerading as disease. Disease has legal/medical permission to lock us up in prison and to torment us until we recognize that we have the keys to get out.  The keys are the Trinity and the master key is Jesus.  In the name of Jesus I repent of/refuse/reject/refute/ cancel/exterminate/refuse all lies/curses/disease/death/infirmity/ oppression/possession/ distorted thinking in the name of Jesus.  In the name of Jesus I receive all healing plus all the blessings which the enemy stole, only double, as Job likewise received.   My infirmity has been with me awhile, so my healing may likewise take time to dissolve from my body, but I thank and praise You in advance - daily.  In addition with Your help Father God, I will daily exercise, eat healthy food, and abstain from addictive substances (tobacco/ alcohol/illegal drugs/sex outside of marriage/porn). Amen.  Remember/recognize, we do not need to ask for healing but rather for forgiveness.  Christ already healed us 2,000
years ago on the cross.  What we need to do NOW is to avail ourselves of it, like the one who avails himself of an inheritance.  Single mindedly.  Aggressively.  In Jesus name.

Evans, Jimmy – Total Freedom - 10/24/2017
@ -
Treat harmful excessive emotions as separate enemy entities/spirits.  We do have authority over evil spirits.
We do need to use/exercise/implement our spiritual authority over evil/excessive emotions.
The majority of dark attacks are against those implanted with great Godly destinies: Christ/Jews/martyrs/you/me.  Jim references his series Exposing the Enemy based on vision directing him to share his revelation.
Jim also cites
Jennifer Crow ‘s book:

Ferrell, Ana Mendez and Emerson - The Voice of Light - 7/2007 - - "The seduction of the devil has always been to mix God's truth with his own lies in order to produce half-truths." 
Oprah Winfrey is a famous individual who promotes half truths.  She is promoting New Age veiled as truth/enlightenment.

Renner, Rick - on 10/10/2019 + on 10/4/2019 @ - "Hell is speaking through the political system today and through the media. We need to take authority over all these (deceptive/delusional) voices (released into this age/season/generation) and just command them to be still in Jesus' name...When you’ve come to the end of yourself, that’s when Jesus steps in as the benefactor and gives us a supply of the Holy Ghost bigger than anything we can ever exhaust...When a revelation takes place the Holy Spirit parts the spirit realm so you can see something that has always been there, but you can’t see it unless the Holy Spirit reveals it to you.  We are the Revelation generation the prophets prophesied about. What a privilege."
Rick Renner - October 11 at 6:09 AM "I assure you that the kingdom of darkness knows your name as well.
As a child of God, you have the legitimate authority to wield the name of Jesus like a weapon in your hand
against everything the enemy might try to throw at you. When you exercise that authority in faith,
every demon that has been sent to harass you will flee in terror! Hell knows you and trembles
when you stand in the power of the name of Jesus." @

CONFESSION: "Demons may have authority over unsaved people, but I boldly confess they do not have authority over me and others who are in Christ Jesus. I never have to fear a demonic attack like the 7 sons of Sceva experienced because the devil is the one who is running from me when I use the Spirit-empowered name of Jesus! I refuse to shrink in fear. I refuse to let the devil intimidate me, because I have the presence of the Greater One living inside me!  I declare this by faith in Jesus' name."
10/10/2019 - This word epistamai implies that the demonic spirits were spying and conducting surveillance on this newcomer who had invaded their dark stronghold, so they could stay aware of what Paul was doing and look for ways to oppose him. The word epistamai therefore carries the idea: Paul I know because I have recently become familiar with him by carefully following and observing his activities.”
October 8 at 12:15 PM
Rick Renner, John Bevere -  Forward + Intro.  For Chapter #1 A World Gone Crazy - download @
, Rick - Facebook posts @

Walters, Kathy - The Stinky Mummy - 6/3/2008 - -  "It is so sad to me to see people who should be flying high in the Spirit realm still struggling and wrestling around in the old stinky stuff, which in reality has been crucified with Christ 2000 years ago. The devil is a thief and a robber. He is liar, and he lies to you; he keeps you in bondage through his lies - religious lies - because he doesn't want you to live in the truth of what JESUS has already done for you on that cross at Calvary."

Mark 12:24 TPNT - Jesus said to them, "Are you not led astray by this, since you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God?"

Luke 19:41-44 TPNT -  41As He neared, when He saw the city (of Jerusalem) He wept for it 42, saying that, "If you even knew in this day (that your Messiah has come on your behalf) the things pertaining to (eternal/spiritual) peace (fulfilling Jewish Torah); but it has been hidden from your eyes.  43Because the days will come upon you and your enemies will (siege) cast up palisades about you; they will surround you; and they will attack you from all sides.  44Then they will dash you and your children with you to the ground.  They will not leave a stone upon a stone among you, because you did not know (recognize/acknowledge/receive) the time of your visitation (the Messiah in your generation )." (Spiritual insight: Each succeeding generation has the same obligation and opportunity to choose or reject this same Messiah, Jesus Christ. 
His peace is actually His salvation for spirit/mind/body and from evil.)

John 1:10-14 TPNT - 10He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, but the world did not know (recognize/ acknowledge/receive)  Him.  11He came among His own people (relatives/nationality/religion), but His own did not receive Him.  12And so many as did receive Him, He gave them authority to become children of God, to those who believed in His name.  13They are not from blood, not from the desire of the flesh, and not from the will of man, but were begotten from God.  14And the (Torah) Word became flesh and lived among us.
John 9:22,28-29 TPNT - 22The Jewish leaders agreed that whoever would confess Him to be Messiah would be excommunicated...28"We (the Jewish leaders) are disciples of Moses.  29We know that God had spoken to Moses, but we do not (want to) know (accept/acknowledge/recognize/understand/comprehend/fathom) where this One is from."

Revelations 3:3 TPNT - If you would not be watchful, I will come (unannounced) as a thief, and you will not know what sort of time I (your Messiah/savior) will come.

PRAYER: Father G-d, in Your son's name, Yeshua, we apologue for buying into Satan's lies and/or trading one lie for another lie.  Thank You for shining Your light onto those lies/mistaken-beliefs to expose them. 
Thank You for exposing the lies:
1.that salvation is all that we need, that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is not needed,
2.that the gifts of the Holy Spirit died with the disciples,
3.that Christians cannot have demons,
4.that mental illness and insanity are due to chemical imbalances rather than demonic oppression. 
Father G-d, we appreciate Your removing the blinders off our spiritual eyes. 
We appreciate your forgiveness and goodness. 
In Jesus' name:
1.we now reject, renounce and refuse all lies and demonic influences. 
2.we bind, evict, and reverse all demonic powers. 
3.we rededicate ourselves to the holy Trinity and to Your holy designs. 
4.we ask for and appropriate Your infilling and healing of our human spirit, mind, and body.
In much gratitude we thank You for what You accomplished for us 2,000 years ago at the cross and again now at our time of restoration.  Amen.

of Exotic Lures

There is much temptation to experience, use, own exotic things. Illegal/forbidden sex, drugs, alcohol, smokes.
Rare/one-of-a-kind gem/art/coin.  Unique/special food/dining.  Many new vitamin/herb supplements are coming onto the market.  Krill oil for instance is touted as a shellfish that reverses one's age.  Excellent, unless one is Jewish; for Krill is a non-Kosher food.  Shellfish are ocean bottom scavengers and thus contain many toxins. However, Christ lowered the bar here and gave His "permissive will" rather than His Dad's "original will."  Like with divorce, Moses was allowed to permit a divorce in certain circumstances, due to hard heartedness.  It was and is "never God's first choice" for one to divorce.  So if the Messianic Jew prays over his meal, then he can eat it, unless it contains blood or has been offered to idols.  Through saying "grace" at meal time one spiritually salts his food with the blood of Jesus in order to exorcise any demonic content.  Be reminded that the pigs rushed into the SEA, after Jesus allowed them to go out of the Gabardine. [Mark 5:13 KJV  The unclean spirits went out and entered into the swine (pigs).  The herd (about 2,000) ran violently down a steep place into the sea and choked in the sea. (Spirits never die!)]  There are marine DEMONS that infest water and will gladly infest us, if we allow. Our choice.
Holliday, Pat  
Antichrist Under the Sea  and other editorials + 
Holliday, Pat  Marine Spirits Under the Sea and Supernatural Cities Under the Sea
Read or Print
Under Sea Mysteries  Listen!
Sea Monsters - Scientists Bring 'Godzilla' Back to Life  When Monsters Ruled the Deep 
Beyond Nessie
12/2005 National Geographic magazine editorial 
Unktehila - Monsters in Native America + Hai Long - China's Good-Luck Monsters  Both editorials discuss native legends, spirituality, and fossils. 
12/2005 National Geographic magazine editorial 
Eckhardt, John    WATCH  Pride and Leviathan  3 part series (includes water spirits)  
Video on Demand NOW AVAILABLE! Pride is the nature of leviathan.
Kosher considerations -
Blood & removal from living animal are not Kosher -
Red deer antler velvet - (used as a supplement) may be OK when shed by itself, but not when taken fresh from a live animal.

Sanderson, Ivan T - Invisible Residents - underwater aliens secular theory  - Vortexes seem to appear at intersections of the earth's grid, or bio-magnetic field of the earth. These intersecting strands of Earth's energy are also known as ley lines. The symbol for a vortex is a cross in a circle."

of Negative Emotions/Feelings/Thoughts
/Firey Darts

Ephesians 6:16 CJB - Always carry the shield of trust (faith/belief/in the Trinity) with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the Evil One...For all practical purposes, negative emotions are demons, which most of us allow to boss us around.  They torment/oppress/ harass/intimidate/even possess us.  It matters not so much if they are near/on/in us, for once we recognize that FEAR or whatever emotion has to go and that it is now our time to make FEAR afraid of us, terrorized by us, intimidated by us, then we are on the road to victory and supremacy.  Let us sleeping beauties awake and take on this enemy which has until now conned us.  Let even intention of FEAR to come near us make FEAR tremble and flee from us. 
"In the name of Jesus Christ:
FEAR, or whatever negative emotion is attempting to defeat me/him/her/him , your name is mud/dung/of no consequence.  You are defeated, nothing.  You no longer have any power.  Be permanently gone.  You nor your cohorts cannot even come near, lest you be tormented by God almighty and wonderful.  I command you to loose all that you have stolen plus 7 times."
Thanks be to Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and Father God.  Amen.

Eckankar -
"In the name of Jesus, I fire back every arrow of: spiritual, physical, financial, and/or marital demotion."

Evans, Jimmy - 4/30/2018 @

How These 2 Sneaky Demonic Spirits Invaded Society—And Possibly Your Own Mind - "Evans says he used to struggle with fear until one day, the Lord prompted him to change the way he approached it.  'Rather than treating it as my emotion, I began to treat as a demonic spirit that was there to be Satan's force in my life to keep me from doing what God wanted me to do,' Evans says. 'The thing is, it worked.'  Though freedom didn't come instantly, Evans says he felt breakthrough in the weeks and months that followed. He says the same concept applies to depression.  To fight depression, Evans recommends Isaiah 61, which tells believers to put on a garment of praise for heaviness.  'But [the demon spirit of depression] attaches itself, and it's exactly like a demon spirit of fear,' Evans says. 'We don't think it's a demon spirit; we think it's our emotions. When we put on the garment of praise, which means we are focused on God and positive things and not ourselves and negative things, it says the demon spirit of heaviness leaves. Again, think about the difference in what I just said. Think about the difference of people sitting around, thinking of fear and depression as their emotions, and they're overwhelmed and defeated, and think of a person who understands that they have authority in Christ over every demon spirit and that fear and depression are demon spirits that have taken over,' he says."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Pharmakeia - - "Resist every (medical) symptom, because it is a dart from darkness."
James 4:7 says, "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

Hormann, Dr Aiko - -
ould you give more insight into the importance of massaging the tailbone (coccyx)?"
Answer: "
In the tailbone area, all the nerves are congregated at very tip of the tailbone, just like the Solar-plexus, where all the nerves are congregated. So it's very important to eliminate any accumulated toxins from negative emotions like fear, anger...
In the spirit, you can pull out fiery darts. Switching from the Solar-plexus to the belly button is very effective. When it comes to Coccyx - just massage it.
Example: A lady with many things wrong with her, had her husband help her do it at least 2-3 times a day, massaging her tailbone, and within a month she was totally healed of all kinds of problems."

"Remember the diagram of the spine? Touch the end of the tailbone (coccyx) with one hand and with the other hand touch the corresponding organ you want to be healed. You sandwich that between the lungs or heart, etc. Determine which organ corresponds to which part of the spine.  You sandwich it between the 2 points so that the energy flows between each point. You do the massaging in the Coccyx area only and you get the benefit in that particular part of the spine which correspond to the organ. All the energy and stimulation will go to that particular spot."
Brains stems are also very important to be healed, as I showed you in the Seminar. (Now) Check yourself if you have the tendency of having your head too forward.

about the miracle of a 3 yr. old boy: 'The parents of this boy took him to all kinds of specialists and to different kind of doctors, and they could not figure out why he wasn't speaking and walking.  The worst part was when they put the boy on his feet, he will collapse like a rag doll and could not even stay up. The parents asked me to look at the boy. His head was way too far forward. The Lord impressed upon me there was too much strain on the brain stem and that caused lots of problem, especially with the legs & muscles, and speech problem. I asked permission from the parents to lift his head. Then I put both palms (padded part) under his jaw line and pulled back, as I showed you in the Seminar.  The boy started to scream, but I did the procedure at least several times, with the parent's permission. By the twentieth time, the boy stopped screaming, smiled and said, 'mama', 'dada', the boy's 1st speech.  I continued to minister to the boy and more progress was observed. By next day, the parents reported back that the boy had started to stand on his own, walk, and he started to speak.The brain stem pressure is so important to eliminate to bring the normal connection from the brain to the rest of the body.'"

Jonah Lehrer -  2/28/2009 - The rational/mental/intellectual choices/decisions we make more often than not are influenced greatly by our emotional reactions/feelings...
"Behavioral economists set up 3 distinct choice environments, which allowed them to subtly bias the decision-making approach of the subjects. For instance, in condition #2 the volunteers were forced to memorize a long random string of numbers, which took up valuable cognitive space in working memory. There's a large body of evidence that such random digits make it harder to engage in 'rational' thought, & thus make it more likely for people to rely on their emotional system. The researchers then had subjects choose between a series of paired objects. For instance, people were given a choice between a 'Quick Release Micro-Light Keychain' & a 'Voice Recording Keychain with LED'.
What did they find? In all 3 conditions, subjects who relied more on their emotional system made a more consistent set of decisions. In other words, the property of transitivity, which, along with 'completeness' is 1 of the basic assumptions of rational preference relations in economic theory, seems to depend not on rational thought processes but on those subtle emotional signals emanating from the limbic system. Here's the irony:
In order to behave like a 'rational agent' one needs to rely on the emotional brain."

MacArthur, John - - Now what is it for?  (Ephesians 6:16) Verse 16, 'with which you shall be able to quench' that means to put out and extinguish, not some, not most, but 'all the fiery darts of the wicked.' So I tell you whatever it is it'll do the job, right? Whatever the shield of faith is, it's enough...It's a double protection. All of the fiery darts are quenched.
Now where do they come from? The end of verse 16 you see in the authorized...Greek...
the wicked one, who is Satan. The evil one literally...means, the bad one, the vile one, the wretched one. Satan is firing and using his demons to fire all of these fiery darts, and we are quenching them by the shield of faith...
The term the evil one or the wicked one or the bad one reminds us that this battle is not against a philosophy; it's against a personal being....In verse 11, the devil is mentioned...He is the source; we are NOT fighting an abstract impersonal thing...
When you and I write letters to stop gay stop abortion, we're NOT fighting some kind of philosophical impersonal abstraction, we're fighting against the devil & his demons who are actively involved in a aggressive attack on the truth of God & the character of God, & His people...
And so that's what Paul sees here; this thing quenches the fiery darts of the evil one. Now we need to ask ourselves, what are the fiery darts? What is it we're trying to stop?
Well in the battle of those days the archers would get their arrows and they would put some material, some, some ball of cotton or something like that on the tip and it would be soaked in pitch, which would burn rather slowly but rather hotly, and then they would have that dipped & before they would shoot the arrow they would light it, fire it & when it hit its target it would splatter the pitch.  It would start little fires on the clothing of the soldier or whatever and burn him, or burn up perhaps whatever target they had in view, if it was made of wood. So this was what was in Paul's mind, & with the deflection of a metal face on a shield or the leather that would extinguish these, there could be protection.
Now what are Satan's fiery darts? Well it's simple, isn't it? They're seducing temptations, that's all. He's simply referring to temptation. Satan fires shafts of impurity, shafts of selfishness, doubt, fear, disappointment, lust, greed, vanity, covetousness, it all comes down to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, & the pride of life.
He literally bombards the believer with the arrows, the fiery darts of seductive temptation to illicit out of us ungodly, non-Christ like, evil responses.
The only defense we have at this point, Paul says is the shield of faith. Because sometimes it just rains temptation...We must have the shield of faith.  Now what does he mean by the shield of faith? We understand the & the arrows flying around. Why is faith a shield against temptation? How does faith parry the arrows...
secure the victory?...Faith means believing God...That is the bottom line...Christianity is an act of believing that God is...a rewarder of them that diligently seek...Him...that He wrote the Bible...that Christ is God...that He died...that He rose...that He's coming...that by believing we can enter into His Kingdom...That's why:
Habakkuk 2:4 says, 'The just shall live by his faith.'
Romans 1:17 says, 'The just shall live by faith.' Galatians 3:11, 'The just shall live by faith.' Hebrews 10, 'The just shall live by faith.' 
First John 5:10 says, if you, if you doubt God you make Him a what? A liar. Is God a liar? Titus 1:2, 'God, who cannot lie.' God isn't lying. And yet every time you sin you're dumb enough to believe Satan and so am I...In other words what God said is true, if you believe it and obey it, it'll be a shield.  If you mess with it you'll suffer, see? Satan comes along and says, 'Oh well I know God said that BUT, let me add this.'  No. No, He (God) is a shield to those who put their trust in Him...
You resist the devil (and his firey darts/arrows/thoughts/temptations) by believing God...
(Let us pray,)
Oh God, I bless Thee that the issue of the battle between Thyself and Satan has never been uncertain and will end in victory.
I thank Thee that Calvary broke the dragon's head, and I contend with a vanquished foe who with all his subtlety and strength has already been overcome.  When I feel the serpent at my heel, may I remember Him whose heel was bruised, but Who when bruised broke the devil's head. My soul with inward joy extols the mighty conqueror.
Heal me oh God of any wounds received in the great conflict. If I have gathered defilement, if my faith has suffered damage, if my hope is less than bright, if my love is not fervent, if some creature comfort occupies my heart, if my soul sinks under the pressure of the fight, oh Thou Who's every promise is balm, Who's every touch is life draw near to Thy weary warrior; refresh me oh Lord that I may rise again to wage the strife and never tire till my enemy is trodden down. Give me such fellowship with Thee that I may defy Satan, unbelief, the flesh, the-world, with delight that comes not from a creature and which a creature cannot mar. Oh Lord give me a draft of the eternal fountain that lies in Thy immutable everlasting love; then shall my hand that never weaken, my feet never stumble, my sword never rust, my helmet never shatter, my breastplate never fall, my strength shall ever rest in the power of Thy might, and my faith shall shield me from
every Jesus' name we pray. Amen."
(Father, I claim Your Son as my forgiver and remover of sins, my savior and lord, my provider and my joy, my healer and deliverer, and my baptizer with water and Holy Spirit.  Thank You.  I love You.)

Mehlberg, Patricia - - "Satan is the 'prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:' Ephesians 2:2. The only power he has over a Christian is the power of suggestion. He sends thoughts that, at times, we eagerly embrace. Yes, you do! So do I. Thoughts that tell us we are being treated unfairly by friends, family, or even God. Thoughts that are fiery darts inflaming our emotions, provoking anger, despair, selfishness, self-righteousness, and a host of other negative emotions (demonic influences). The shield of faith quenches the fiery darts. (Ephesians 6:16.)
As we study the Bible to find out what God is like, we are able
to recognize these lies for what they are. As we overcome how we feel about others and begin to put the 'best construction' on their words and actions, the fire goes out of the darts. We cannot stop these 'birds of the air from flying over our heads, but we do not have to let them build nests in our hair.' The thoughts will come, but we do not have to entertain them. Recognizing their source we can IMMEDIATELY kick them out...
Many years ago I started a notebook. In it I record the date with uplifting thoughts, prayer requests and answers, meaningful Bible verses, dreams–in short, anything showing God’s love and activity in my life. WHEN the
fiery darts start to fall, I (immediately) get out my notebook and fill my mind with the blessings that God has poured out in my life.
As praise and worship rise up, faith is renewed, and there is no room for the lies of Satan, who is the 'father of lies' (John 8:44); and he slinks away to find a more willing victim. 'For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God
to the pulling down of strong holds;' 2 Corinthians 10:4Find out what God has to say. His word is truth."

Morrow, Dr. Bryan "Buddy"  6/24/2010
"As we walk in faith there is a shield around us that deflects the
fiery darts of the wicked one.  These fiery darts are thoughts that penetrate deep into our soul and bring guilt, condemnation, and/or accusations.  They also may bring us into an unforgiving attitude because of what someone did to us or said about us.  The fiery darts may be generally defined as those thoughts that are unusually difficult to take captive or remove from our thought life.  The fiery darts may also lead us into sinful behaviors, or produce negative emotions." Lake City, Florida, USA -
The Father's Heart is here to provide information and referrals for the placement of children and youth into Christian residential ministries and group homes throughout the United States." -

Przybylski, Debbie - Destroying Personal Strongholds "Firey darts assail our minds...Negative thoughts...bombard us daily...They can destroy...To avoid destruction we must learn to take every (negative/harmful/ unhealthy) thought captive to Christ and NOT listen to the lies of Satan."  (Likewise we need to capture and filter out each negative emotion/feeling/symptom/concept that does NOT line up with the mind/heart/nature/Word of God in holy scripture.) -
Przybylski, Debbie - - "Debbie Przybylski is the founder and director of Intercessors Arise International, a part of the ministry of the Elijah Company, Inc," Kansas City, Kansas, USA.

Roth, Sid - - 6/22/2015
Sid realized that his lust thoughts were foreign to his human nature, so he rejected them, in Jesus' name.

Stone, Perry - 11/10/2011 - The Spear of Satan - His Most Dangerous Weapon - important - or or or
The Spear of Satan - His Most Dangerous Weapon - Audio - 11/11/2011 - [Read More »] or
The Spear of Satan - His Most Dangerous Weapon - Video - 11/11/2011 - [Read More »]
from archives at

Washington, Denzel - -
"Some people will never like you, beause your spirit irritates their demons."

of Grief

Isaiah 53:4 KJVer - Surely He has borne our grief and carried our sorrows; yet we did esteem Him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted.

Ferrell, Ana Mendez & Emerson - Experiences in Heaven - CD#1 autobiographies -
Ana shares the different compartments of God's wounded heart + the inner room of healing.

, Walter's testimony regarding daughter's death and God's visit - Recent Death Revelation  interview by Perry Stone on Manna-Fest TV
Jesus says to not embrace grief, as He took it away on the cross.  Reject and refuse it.

of Ignorance of Holy Scripture

Ignorance of scripture and scriptural laws is NOT an excuse for us NOT to be overcome by Satan.
Not only that, numerous people with NDE
(near death experiences) have met born-again pastors in hell! - resurrection - Let's READ our Bible front to back - continually AND then live it.  Let's repent daily.  Let's be baptized in water.  Let's be baptized in the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues.  Let's have enough daily intimacy with God that He speaks with us daily and we hear Him daily, well enough so that He as our boss can instruct us daily. 
In time of war, especially, we will need that guidance.
Many wars have come and gone with unthinkable torments.
There have been many war causalities and many friendly fire causalities. 
Hell will be worse again. Satan takes many individuals as fodder/fuel/logs for his fires in hell.
Remember the virgins in the Bible who went to get more oil, but missed out when the groom arrived.  That can represent born-again Christians who are not FULL of the Holy Spirit.  We need to operate today in the earth, but also spiritually in the invisible world.  God is equipping ANYONE, who makes himself available, to do His work, sometimes by translation and sometimes by transportation in the spirit.  Glory + translation
Let's pursue God like we would a car/home/date/fiancé/patent/drug - whatever it is that drives us - turns us on - motivates us - and NEVER quit, because God becomes more and more intoxicating/addictive.  "God, please now remove the veil and let us be mightily attracted to You.  In Jesus name. Amen."

Banning the General Public from Reading the Bible by Many,
Especially by Religious Superiors -
Secrets of the Dead - Battle for the Bible - TV documentary -
secrets-of-the-dead-battle-for-the-q8629419.html Wycliffe, Tyndale, Luther Bible Battles -

Failure to Discern or Fear to Act on Insight
can result in failure to be healed
when the demonic is a root cause of a medical problem

Elvaz, Jennifer - Seeing the Supernatural with Jennifer Eivaz - Part 1 4/26/2018 Wed
Elvaz, Jennifer - Seeing the Supernatural with Jennifer Eivaz - Part 2 Thursday - For deliverance, such as from torment, we individually need to enforce/follow-through to resist/deny evil from nesting/squatting/operating in our lives.
2nd Holy Spirit will enlighten us to discern which spirit (good or bad) is broadcasting (truth or lies) often about others near us, information/feelings/thoughts which we may mistakenly accept/receive as ours.
Can Physical Ailments Have Spiritual Roots? @

of disbelief or rejection of scripture
& failure to reject evil

Martin, Malachi - Hostage to the Devil - In the book's 5th case of exorcism The Rooster and the Tortoise  (if we are to believe the revelation of the evil spirit) Father Hearty clarifies the first gate/door/toe-hold/opening to oppression/ possession/insanity/invasion of the mind. (Important Catholic textbook for those involved in deliverance or mental illness.)
"No one wants to believe in evil, really, above all, not in an evil being, an evil spirit.  Everyone wants to abolish the idea.  To admit the existence of evil means a responsibility, and no one wants that responsibility.  That (disbelief/rejection) is the (mental) opening through which Tortoise (evil/demons/deception/confusion) crawls, stilling all suspicions, making everything seem normal and natural.  This is the (1st wrong) 'thought,' the unwariness of the ordinary human being which amounts to a disinclination to believe in evil.  If you do not believe in evil, how can you believe in or ever know what good is?  Inside in his (man's) mind, this realization (familiarity with/recognization of the enemy) begins to inflate like a rubber balloon, widening and swelling in its intensity, increasing his helplessness side by side with his new understanding (perceptions/knowledge/acceptance of Satin's growing lies/dangerous doctrines/secrets/influence/distortions)."
Having recognized the (true identity of the) spiritual intruder, we pray, (In Jesus' name, blood & resurrection power):
"(Spiritual) Murderer.  Be murdered now..."Evil spirit...go  away...cease to possess...(spirit,) soul (mind) and body...Cease now."
The person is to renounce each one of his/her former consents.  Each lying vision. See it.  Reject it. 
Renounce it now in your mind if you "cannot say so in words."
"Your psychic powers (including non-self aura/non-thingness/voices/astral travel/bilocation - derived from the enemy)
"Renounce them, insofar as they are products (gifts) of the Evil One. 
In the name of Jesus...renounce them."
Remember, the evil spirit can counterfeit the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
Any spiritual gift that does not glorify Jesus Christ is not of God.
Recognize that the "psycho-biological condition of life" is NOT equivalent to one's
spiritual state/reincarnation/satori/samadhi.
The human spirit is capable of affecting and being affected by BOTH evil spirits
and the Holy Spirit. 
Jesus' dad God is ALWAYS stronger.  Those aligned with Him will always win.
"Nothing can save  you, evil spirit...Nothing can hold you against the power of Jesus...
Depart, unclean spirit.  In the name of Jesus, depart.  Go." 
One will notice the evil spirit's departure by "an abrupt sense of a 'lifting off' of (the) stifling oppression (dread)."

COMMENTARY: Fundamentalist Christians would refute that leviathan was a dinosaur.  Reformationists would refute that born-again laity can heal, deliver or do miracles.  Many seminarians would contest that there is a personal devil.  Just remember, anyone who contradicts scripture is contradicting God Himself.  If you want to defend your point of view,
make sure it does NOT contradict God's point of view; therefore, read the entire Bible, research the Hebrew/Jewish meanings, and ask the Holy Spirit to give you His insights.

Maria Woodworth Etter - read chapter 1 online - Chapter 33 Gifts for Men -
"Warning: He who knows the Lord's will, but does not do it, shall be beaten with many stripes."
Luke+12&version=WE - 7 `A servant knew what his master wanted. But he was not ready. He did not do what his master wanted him to do. So he will be beaten much.

of Veils

Dark Eye Glasses - Removing the Veil by Georgina Buchanan - 4/28//2014 - "The spirit/veil of darkness, which is the nature of Satan, causes us to believe we are something we are not. For example, this overshadowing spirit makes us feel worthless when actually we are so valuable to The Father.  He sent His only Son to remove that veil of darkness from our spirit through His blood. That veil makes us feel that we have to earn the Fathers love and approval even though we are the 'apple of His eye' and He totally delights in us. This veil of darkness (spiritual pair of dark eye glasses or contact lenses) keeps us from walking in (perceiving/recognizing) the power and might of our spiritual heritage.   Lastly, because of this veil of darkness we, the creation of God Almighty are walking around with spiritual amnesia. Through the blood of Christ that veil/spirit of darkness was removed from our eyes and our true identity is revealed to us."

of Venom

Pullings, Orrin K - The Leaders' 7 Deadly Venoms: conquering 21st Century Opposition - + - Definition #2: 
"Extreme malice and bitterness shown in someone's attitude, speech, or actions.  The spirit of venom is a psychological state of using (personal) past hurt and pain as a catalyst of venom.  It is also a defense mechanism that people use every time they notice something familiar coming along. People will often 'throw up a wall of venom,' as a means of protecting themselves. Venom is also the backlash that someone might receive,  as a result of someone else’s (bad) actions...often in the case of someone that may get into a relationship with someone new, but holds onto the offenses of the last."  (It can also be a form of witchcraft/satanic-attack/curse &/or of revenge/hate/bias/prejudice/control/manipulation/ sabotage.)

                                                               of War Games & Coup-de-tat Schemes 11/2/2020 Elections are rigged. Lieutenant General Thomas Mcinerney blows whistle on CIA software Hammer Scorecard & explains the rigged USA voting system. Your vote does not count. You are being lied to by our media & our deep state government. 

of God Things

Allen, Bruce - The Final Countdown - editorial - - Translation into heaven -
Discusses a heavenly chariot ride like those Katie Walters shares.  God created the mind to imagine holy things, to enable the human spirit to experience heavenly things while still living in the human body. 
Adam and Eve could do this before they were evicted from the garden of Eden. 
Many Christians are able to visit God every day or very often, sometimes at will, which has nothing to do with being mentally ill.  Doctors often misdiagnose one's having demonic or angelic visitations as a symptom of being insane.  One can fantasize incorrectly as with Asian meditation or with sexual partners/pornography/etc.  This is a perversion of what God intended.  Joshua Mills practiced going through walls before he actually was transported in the spirit by God to another location on the earth. 
In the 500's AD many Celtic Catholic priests could see or visit in the spirit.  Many of Sid Roth's radio and TV guests interviewed have ongoing visits to heaven.  Once one is in heaven, he gets a new perspective on life.  All relevancies realign themselves.  Traveling in the spirit to heaven and other places to help people can be a normal part of the born-again Holy-Spirit-filled Christian life.

Judges 6:34 - The Spirit of the Lord took possession of Gideon
Judges 13-24&14:6 - The woman bore a son and called his name Samson...and the Spirit of the Lord began to stir him... and the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him.
1st Samuel 10:10 - The Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him (Saul).
1st Samuel 16:14 - The Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul
2nd Samuel 23:1-2 - These are the last words of David..."The Spirit of the Lord speaks by me."
2nd Kings 2:9  Elisha said (to Elijah), "I pray you, let me inherit a double share of your spirit (Holy Spirit power)."
Job 38:1 KJVer - Then the Lord answered (replied/spoke to) Job out of the whirlwind, and said (asked)...
Job 40:6 KJVer - Then the Lord answered (replied/spoke to) Job out of the whirlwind, and said (demanded/asked)..
Job 42:5 KJVer - I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; but now my (spiritual) eye sees You.
Luke 2:41-42 TPNT - 41Feast of Passover. 42When He was 12 years old, they went up (to Jerusalem) for the feast according to their custom and for His Bar Mitzvah (footnote: The service at which a Jewish boy assumes the religious responsibilities of an adult)...
49then He said to them, "Why were you seeking Me?  Had you not known that it was necessary for Me to BE among these of My Father?"   [Spiritual insight: Other translations say, "to BE doing the work of My Heavenly Father".]
Luke 3:23 TPNT Jesus was beginning His ministry at about 30 years old. [footnote: 30 years of age is when an Aaronic priest began ministry. 
Numbers chapter 4(:3,47 - 3between 30 and 50 years of age; these are to undertake obligatory tasks in the meeting tent...
47All the men between 30 and 50 years of age who were to undertake tasks of service or transport of the meeting tent).]
COMMENTARY: God warned the entire generation of Noah, but only Noah and his immediate family (7 individuals) believed him and were rescued from the impending international flood of which they were warned.  God warned Abraham who rescued Lot.  God warned Lot and his immediate family, but only Lot and his 2 daughters believed, obeyed, and were rescued from the extermination of the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah.  2 thieves were crucified on either side of Christ.  Only one believed in Christ as Messiah and was rescued from hell. 
"Father God in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, remove each and every veil, that we too may believe and receive all Your blessings...In the name of Jesus Christ I loose from myself all deceit, lies, curses, strongholds of the enemy. 
I apologize for all complicity and all intentional involvement in sin. I now choose Jesus to be my Messiah.
I now ask the Holy Spirit to indwell me forever.  Thanks be to You Father God.  Amen."

Capps, Charles - England, Arizona, USA - Your Spiritual Authority - -
Chapter 1 Man Under Authority
  "Peter 2nd Peter 1, 'The Lord has already done it!'  He isn't going to do it someday.  In fact, the Bible tells us, God finished His work in 6 days, then rested.  Some of us have been trying to get God to work ever since.  He set it all in motion.  It was accomplished in Jesus Christ and is available to all who will receive it."
Capps, Annette - Quantum Faith #1 -

Copeland, Kenneth -
I'm Clearing My Name  "These days carry a special anointing in My plan,' saith the Lord. “These are the times that the prophets of old looked into and said, ‘Oh my, that we could be in those days.’ 1st of all, not just because of healing manifestations or miracle manifestationsthose are included,” saith the Lord. “But most of all because of the revelation of My Word, and My life, and My presence that’s flowing among you, that you find so filling and satisfying in your spirit. For you see they didn’t have that, they didn’t know that. And for you to gather together by the 100's and then the 1,000's and just feed on the revealed knowledge of My Word, why there are those in the past that would exchange places with you instantly. To have said, ‘Oh my, would that we could have been there in those days.’"

Hinn, Benny - The Glory of His Presence - Pressing past thanksgiving and praise into worship.  Orlando, Florida, USA Training for Ministry Conference: WATCH 2/25/2008 + WATCH 2/26/2008 + WATCH 2/27/2008 + WATCH 2/28/2008 
This program shares that only the spiritual mind discerns the things of God: WATCH 2/29/2008     
Hinn, Benny - God’s Power and Presence - Head knowledge, yes.  Revelation, no.  Angels/demons do NOT understand revelation.  Revelation is only available to redeemed men/women.  Whatever spiritual insight angels learn about the Trinity is revealed by us to them.  It is the Person of the Holy Spirit only Who reveals to man both on earth and in heaven the wonders of Jesus and His Dad.  The Holy Spirit is a Person.  Do NOT relate to Him as a Power or It.  Neither do we worship the Holy Spirit; thank/glorify only Jesus & His Dad. 


Maldonado, Guillermo - - DVD - "Energy is compressed matter millions of times. Scientists say a drop of matter is needed for a lake of energy. The Spirit of God starts to move and as God is being revealed, the Word starts to come out and as it comes forth, it joins the move of the Spirit. Energy is real even though it is not visible to the human eye. Everything has a frequency, but in order to hear the frequency you need to have the right antenna. The fact that we don’t see the glory, does not mean it is not there. When revelation comes, it begins to manifest itself. That is the energy to create and makes things turn into matter. There is enough energy to create a (new healthy human) kidney."

Miller, Calvin - Loving God Up Close - Rekindling Your Relationship with the Holy Spirit - "The Bible is the Holy Spirit's 'communique' enabling God it keep an ongoing conversation with the world He loves.  'All Scripture is God breathed,' reads 2 Timothy 3:16 NIV.  It seems to me that when I hold the Scriptures to my ear - in a very quiet moments when I most sense my need for God - I can hear the Holy Spirit breathing.  When I begin to read, His breath issues as confidence in my life.  God's Word is God-breathed - as real as His respiration in our lives.  We can have all of God that we want.  The Bible is God's Great cry, 'Here I am!'  The Holy Spirit lives inside us to point to Him and say, 'See, this is God, the God who loves you.'"
The King James Bible in the English language helped to establish the predominance of English as an international language.  The early translators toiled to make Bibles available to each nationality and especially to the nobodies, who needed His Word as much as did the some-bodies.  The world is greatly indebted to them.  (Another great contribution is the concordance.  Awesome help.) "I raise the chalice to God's Holy Spirit, the author of God's Book."
"Sin is a roadblock to a close relationship with God."  "It seems to me that those authors with less interest in obtaining a formal education were more likely to show an interest in pursuing a real experience with the Holy Spirit."
According to Doctor EF Scott, "'Men...have felt themselves possessed with a quickening and uplifting power, which seemed to come directly out of a higher (holy/heavenly) world.'  It is this experiential hunger that has driven me all my life to know and understand the lives of the saints.  The saints have captured a place in history, not because they had a desire to inform us about God, but because they had a driving hunger to experience God as much as God may be experienced in this present life."" 
"Saint John of the Cross said that we should pray not to have more friends, but to have enemies" so that we would "hunger for union with Christ."  This union is so dear, "because it speaks to us from the inside out and tells us exactly where we stand with our Father at all times...Union with Christ is the one great Christian value that begins in this world and continues on into the next."
"We find ourselves in this wonderful pattern of break-through into the very presence of Jesus Christ.  At such moments this presence becomes so real that we tremble with joy.  Great fear and great elation come at once, an elixir so delicious that it can lead only to the hunger to experience it again."  "Life is not defined not by what we eat, but what we hunger for...
Each time you pause to enjoy His reality, you will commune - become one with Him. 
This oneness will become the only appetite of your life that ever mattered."
4 steps  to complete union with Christ.
1-Self (absorption/satisfaction) must be cleared out of the way to make room for the approach of Jesus Christ.
2-We are to remove self  from our throne and put Jesus there instead.
We relinquish our legal rights to God, our right to be angry, bitter, unforgiving, offended, hurt; dead men don't have negative feelings.
3- Fail to plan is to plan to fail.  The real question is not how much you have, but why do you want it? 
Self crucifixion/denial of self/ego needs to be the essence of our relationship with Christ.
4-Union with Christ comes when we have come to the end of self, the beginning of our union with Christ and the beginning of our awareness of His beauty/awesomeness/power/delightfulness/heart/needs/will/wants.

Neal, Emily Gardner - God Can Heal You Now - When you use The Power of the Name (of Jesus Christ) - Stones of your faith are:
1-God wills your good health
2-Physical healing is as much a part of the Lord's ministry of salvation today as when He walked the earth.
3-God's promises are meant for YOU.
4-That realization depends only on your courage to claim (declare/pursue/contend for) them for yourself.
(Winning the lottery ticket is insufficient.  One needs to claim it.)

Ross, Hugh - 4/16/1994 - Where Did the Universe Come From - New Scientific Evidence of Existence of God

Taylor, David E. - Face to Face Appearances 5/5/2007 - awesome - -  "The Lord has been appearing to man throughout years & centuries.  This is not a new thing that He started doing in our time.  It’s new to us.  What if you could see Jesus face to face, in which He appears to you not only in a 1 time encounter but on a continual lifetime basis?  Would you want this level of relationship with Him?  What if I told you Jesus and God the Father Himself desires this kind of relationship with you more than you...
He that hath My commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth Me: and he that loveth Me shall be loved of My Father, and I will love him, and will manifest Myself to him. (John 14:21In this passage of scripture Jesus makes it plain of His covenant to 'manifest' Himself.  This is shown in Jesus' saying, 'I will love him and will manifest Myself to him.'   This word 'manifest' in this context comes from the Greek word 'emphanizo' which means, 'To appear to or show one’s self in person.'  It also means, 'To exhibit in person or to disclose oneself by words'...This is an appearance but not a face to face appearance from the Lord...We see that Jesus was very displeased with the apostles for not believing those who had seen Him or was sent to tell them that they had seen Him after His resurrection.  Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever-more.  Even today He is still displeased when His people are slow of heart to believe in His resurrected appearances.  The Bible calls this type of unbelief a manifestation of a hardness of heart in men.  Those who do not believe in this type of manifestation of the Lord are called fools by Jesus and are highly rebuked by Him.  They are upbraided by Him, as the Bible says, which is the same word for reproach, meaning 'oneidizo' in the Greek that gives the analogy of someone
being reviled or railed at by a stern rebuke.  The message is simple; don’t find yourself in this position with Jesus by your unbelief in His appearances.  Believe Him today for this level of (covenant) relationship for it is yours!"

Tikkun, YM (pseudonym) - Whispers of the Shepherd - publisher - - Spiritual impressions/insights
Reflections  "The reflection (of the mountain in the lake) is a perfect match (mirror image) of the reality, but it is upside down...Things in the natural are the reflection of spiritual things...The things of My Kingdom, when reflected, appear to be upside down to natural human understanding...As the world depletes, My Spirit repletes.  However, this law applies only for those who dwell within My Kingdom.  For those who insist on clinging to the reflection - the world's perspective - their losing will be real in both realms."


Exodus 28:15 KJV - pg 184 Dake's annotated reference Bible
1.Make a breastplate of judgment. 
19.Aaron shall bear the names of the 12 tribes of Israel in the breastplate upon his heart continually, as a memorial when he goes into the holy place.

Van Koevering, David - When David died of a heart problem, he went to heaven where G-d revealed to him the sounds, frequencies, music, and colors of the 31 Periodic Table of Elements (PTOE) and the additional 72 ones known in the 3rd heaven.
Van Koevering infers that God utilized these principles in communicating to the priest's via the stones in their breast-plate/urim/thummin.

White, Ellen - - 7th Day Adventist founder - 1870-1884 book Spirit of Prophecy Volume One  #17. The Ark of God...398 to 414 - "The priests who ministered before it were sacredly consecrated to the holy office.  They wore a breast-plate bordered with precious stones of different materials, the same as compose the 12 foundations of the city of God. Within the border were the names of the 12 tribes of Israel, graven on precious stones set in gold. This was a very rich and beautiful work, suspended from the shoulders of the priests, covering the breast."

Urim & Thummim

Exodus 28:30 KJV - pg 185 Dake's annotated reference Bible 8.They were the means of obtaining an answer from God regarding any problem which concerned Israel.

White, Ellen - - 7th Day Adventist founder - 1870-1884 book Spirit of Prophecy Volume One  #17. The Ark of God...398 to 414 - "At the right and left of the breast-plate were set 2 larger stones, which shone with great brilliancy. When difficult matters were brought to the judges, which they could not decide, they were referred to the priests, and they inquired of God, who answered them. If he favored, and if he would grant them success, a halo of light and glory especially rested upon the precious stone at the right. If he disapproved, a vapor or cloud seemed to settle upon the precious stone at the left hand. When they inquired of God in regard to going to battle, the precious stone at the right, when circled with light, said, 'Go, and prosper.'  The stone at the left, when shadowed with a cloud, said, 'Thou shalt not go; thou shalt not prosper.'
When the high priest entered within the most holy, once a year, and ministered before the ark in the awful presence of God, he inquired, and God often answered him with an audible voice. When the Lord did not answer by a voice, He let the sacred beams of light and glory rest upon the cherubim upon the right of the ark, in approbation, or favor. If their requests were refused, a cloud rested upon the cherubim at the left."

of Atonement

Bentley, Todd - The Reality of the Supernatural World - - Tod Bentley is one of many on the forefront of the next 100 year revival after Azusa (1906-1909).  His book mentors the lay person in the fact that EVERY born-again individual, regardless of age, qualifies to operate at the same level as Jesus' disciples, especially after our baptism of the Holy Spirit...We need to DAILY each morning position ourselves to receive His operation in and through us.  We need to daily ASK for and EXPECT visions, dreams, wonders, miracles, prophecy, His knowledge, His wisdom, His speaking to our spirit, to our mind or to our ears, His giving us scents of Himself or of evil - whatever He (not we) so delights to do DAILY.  What Jesus provided on the cross, resurrection and ascension was our individual access to ALL the works of the Holy Spirit, not just salvation/ forgiveness of sins...Todd also admonishes us that BEFORE we make ourselves available for spiritual adventures, that we put on the armour of God (over ourselves with the blood of Jesus Christ) so that we will be both safe and able to refuse/reject the enemy as we go through the 2nd heaven on our way to the 3rd heaven.

Pierce, Cal - - Healing Rooms video/DVD #2 in the how to minister healing series makes a resounding comment about Jesus' atonement (and subsequent resurrection).  Whenever we ask and receive it is done.  When we ask for salvation, it is done.  When we ask for healing, it is done.  When we ask for deliverance, it is done. On the cross Jesus said, "It is finished." Everything is done on the cross 2,000 years ago.  The receiving of it needs to be done in each generation.  We always rely on His truth in scripture and never on what we see, hear or experience with our physical body.  We never rely on what does or does not manifest on earth.  Truth always manifests first in the spiritual realm.  Our contradicting His truth will postpone or cancel our receiving on earth as it is in heaven.  To what degree do we BELIEVE, 49%, 51%, 100%, 101%.  That may give us some idea as to what degree we are interfering with God's ability to deliver our healings, miracles, gifts of the Holy Spirit, etc.  More aptly said, "Unbelief is our interfering with receiving the answers to our prayers."  Jesus and angels holding gifts are standing at the door knocking, but we often are bolting the door with our stinking thinking and wrong speaking.

Schlink, M. Basilea - Jesus' Offer to You editorial - "If I am in severe financial straits and learn that money has been deposited in my account, my troubles will NOT be solved until I go to the bank and withdraw the money... 
Jesus Christ is NOW making us a tremendous offer.  Through His death and resurrection, He accomplished a mighty victory over all things, and now He is offering us His powerful intervention for every situation, for every sin and problem, for every battle, so that our circumstances can be completely transformed.  But if we do NOT come to Jesus and accept His gift, namely, His offer of aid, it will NOT help us...
EXPECT all things from Him...Say to Him anew, 'Jesus, You call into existence the things that do NOT exist...You are with me.  You bring me the help I need.  I take refuge in Your heart...You are my Shield, and Your angels watch over me....I fall down at Your feet and worship You.'"

Sylvester, John - Look Back to the Back of the Book - hymn - copyright by sound III Inc.  sings God's truth
"Look back.  Look back.  Look  back to the back of the Book. 
The work's been done
and the battle is won.  Look back to the back of the Book. 
'I came and lived and died and bled and paid for your sins, and I rose from the dead. 
So don't believe a thing that the devil said
.'  Look back to the back of the Book.
Look back.  Look back.  Look  back to the back of the Book. 
The work's been done and the battle is won.
  Look back to the back of the Book. 
'When you're feeling low, don't sit and cry.  Don't sit and listen to the devil's lies. 
Just remember why I came to die
.'  Look back to the back of the Book.
Look back.  Look back.  Look back to the back of the Book.  The work's been done and the battle is won.  Look back to the back of the Book. 'Sometimes it looks like the world has won and there's no truth in what I've  done.  but look back to the back of the Book, My son.' Look back to the back of the Book.
Look back.  Look back.  Look  back to the back of the Book. 
The work's been done
and the battle is won.  Look back to the back of the Book. 
'I came and lived and died and bled and paid for your sins, and I rose from the dead. 
So don't believe a thing that the devil said
.'  Look back to the back of the Book."

Walters, Kathie - Angels - Watching Over You - booklet - - Angel and Faith  Hebrews 11:3 TPNT  The (visible) worlds were created by a spoken Word of God, so that what is seen has not come out of things which were visible (but out of invisible things).
Acts 16:31 TPNT You must believe at once in the Lord Jesus and you AND your household will be saved.
Mark 11:24  TPNT - Whatever you are asking, believe that you (already) have it and it will be there for you.
"We reminded God that we had prayed...and so we began to speak to Pops as though he was saved, because as far as we were concerned - he was.  He was saved when we prayed - he just didn't realize it yet!"  (A spiritual law applies across the board, to any situation!  Jesus' salvation/sozo/deliverance/healing can be applied to spirit, mind,
AND body. )
The Angel and My Mom  "God challenged us to receive her salvation by faith, not according to what we saw with our eyes, but according to His promise to the Philippian jailer; that salvation is for us and our house (Act 16:31)."

Wommack, Andrew -   One of the key teachings is the reminder that the Trinity obtained all our blessings (miracles/healing/deliverance/you name it) over 2,000 years ago.  We are NOT to ask God to do what His Son already did before we were born.  We inherited all His blessings when He adopted us into His family, when we repented of our sins and asked Jesus to be our savior and baptizer in the Holy Spirit.  All we have to do is recognize and receive with thanksgiving our inheritance.  There is nothing left to do but, in Jesus name, loose our inheritance our of the invisible into the visible realm.
Wommack, Andrew - - You've Already Got It, So Quit Trying To Get It - CD#5 tracts 12-13 reminds us to NOT to speak to God, but rather (reprimand like a persistent dog) speak TO our specific problem/mountain, as often as necessary to remind it that we already have our healing/deliverance/ miracle 2,000 years ago due to Christ's work on the cross and His resurrection and descent of His Holy Spirit.  Tell the issue/fig tree/trespasser/disease to die/go and stay away permanently, in the name of Jesus.  Declare adamantly, not politely.  In Jesus name, speak TO each issue/demon/evil spirit/malady by name: pain, burning, depression, loneliness, Alzheimer's, deafness, etc.

of Jesus as Messiah

COMMENTARY: 2,000 years ago the rabbis in large part did not recognize Jesus as Messiah, nor did most of that generation, nor most of successive generations.  However, people oppressed/possessed by demons did and do.  Scripture in many places cites Who Christ is, as spoken by "insane/mentally ill" persons.  Jesus as Messiah is spiritually discerned, not intellectually.  Jesus states that His Father revealed Him as Messiah to Peter, for one. 
SCRIPTURE gives other examples:

Luke 2:22-38 TPNT The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple  22When the days of their purification were completed according to the Torah of Moses [footnote = Leviticus 12:2 sets a 7 day period (prior to circumcision) and Leviticus 12:4 sets a(dds an additional) 33 period for a total of 40 days], they brought Him up to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord, 23just as it has been written in the Torah of the Lord that "Every male opening the womb will be called holy to the Lord," (Exodus 13:2,12,15) 24and to give a (ransom) offering according to that which was said in the Torah of the Lord, "A pair of turtledoves or 2 young doves." (See Numbers 3 Ransom of First-born.)
25Behold a man by the name of Simeon was in Jerusalem.  This righteous and devout man was waiting for the comforter of Israel and the Holy Spirit was upon him. 
26It was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he would see the Messiah of the Lord.  27He came to the temple in the Spirit.  His (Jesus') parents brought in the child Jesus for them to do according to the custom of the Torah concerning Him (to present the firstborn son on his 40th day).  28He (Simeon) took Him in his arms and praised God and said, 29"Now You are releasing Your servant, Lord, in peace according to Your word; 30because my eyes have seen Your Salvation, 31the One You prepared before the face of all the people, 32a Light in revelation for the heathens and the Glory of Your people Israel."  His father and mother were amazed over what was spoken concerning Him.  34Then Simeon blessed them and said to Mary His mother, "Behold, this One is appointed for the fall and rising of many in Israel and for a sign that is opposed.  35But then for you a sword will pierce your own inner being, too, as thoughts of many hearts would be revealed." 
36And Anna was a prophetess, daughter of Phanuel, from the tribe of Asher.  She had gone forward many days, living with a husband 7 years from her virginity.  37She was a widow until 85 years.  She did not leave the temple, while she was serving night and day in fasting and prayer.  38And at this time she was standing and giving thanks to God and speaking about Him to all those who were waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem.

Luke 10:24TPNT Indeed, I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see the things you are seeing, but did not see them, and to hear the things you are hearing, but did not hear them.  (Commentary: How great an agony must the Trinity then and in each successive generation suffer for man's failure to recognize and receive Yeshua as Messiah.)

Walters, David - Macon, Georgia, USA - Children Aflame  booklet
"You may read as many books abut Christ as you please, (the man was a great reader) 
but if you read all your life, this will only be in your head, and that head will perish. 
So that if you have not the love of God in your heart you will go to hell...
Pray to God...that He may give you His love...You will know it in your heart."

of a Spiritual Wheel

Cox, Paul L - Prayer to Release Me Into My God Given Influence - "There was a spiritual wheel around each person...The wheel was (is) a sphere of influence that the Lord had (has) assigned each person." 

of Other Spiritual Beings

Cox, Paul L - Heaven Trek - Daring to Go Where God Wants Us to Go - - Chapter 11 documents some of book's many paranormal experiences (most which are of God).  At Cox's "Discernment Training Schools" students "can feel...other spiritual beings appear such as cherubim, seraphim, elders, and celestial beings."
, Paul - -

of Holy and Evil Spirits

Holy Spirit

Cox, Paul L - Training Your (5) Senses: The Gift of Discernment - - -
Cox, Paul L & Holmes, Lyn - Yada and the Gift of Discernment -
Yada seems to be insider/experiential/revelation/Holy Spirit knowledge, like the intimacy of a married couple. -
"Understanding that Yada has to do with knowing through the 5 physical senses (common in the SEER and prophetic gifts)
shows us again that the Lord desires that we know Him, not only intellectually but also with our physical senses."

Johnson, Bill - The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind - - www.ibethel.ocm - Chapter 9 Learning from Your Body  - "The human body was designed to live in the glory of God...made to recognize God... God...communicates with us...through impressions of the heart, mental pictures, feelings, emotions, and physical sensations.  When we ignore our bodies, we are at least sometimes ignoring the voice of God...We can miss what God is doing...
One  day it will be normal for all Christians to discern the Kingdom with their 5 senses; but to get there, we have to train our senses."  Regarding one's body recognizing the unholy, Bill reminisces, "It got cold right where I was standing, probably 10 degrees colder than everywhere else...My brother, who is also a pastor, had (at another time) encountered a demon in his office...After this encounter, his office stayed cold for an hour...(Others would) say (to him), 'Wow, it's freezing in here.'"

Evil Spirits

5 month symptoms - revelation/9-10.htm - The Fifth Trumpet -
9They had breastplates like breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots, of many horses rushing to battle. 10They have tails like scorpions, and stings; and in their tails is their power to hurt men for 5 months.
11They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon.
COMMENTARY:  It is interesting that a 5 month symptom would result after a 5th shofar blowing.  What piked my interest regarding this time frame is the testimony of a Massachusetts woman who says something stung her while vacationing at a river marsh.  It happened so fast she could not locate the culprit.  A subsequent large high welt, labeled as a cyst by a local MD, disappeared/flattened exactly after 5 months.  Her blood tested negative for local Lyme disease, which is typically a flat circular welt.

Bakker, James - 8/2/2016
Isaiah 27:1 NKJV In that day the Lord with His severe sword, great and strong, 
will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan that twisted serpent; 
He will slay the reptile that is in the sea

Mel Bond - Discerning of Spirits - 8/30-31/2010 9/3/2010 - TV Broadcast -
transcript -  
"In the middle of the night because I heard some footsteps in my house and they started walking down the hallway, and they walked into the bedroom, and immediately that I jumped up and started swinging at them with my fist because to, you know, to protect my household, and they just began to laugh. And then immediately, of course, it was pretty obvious that these were spirits, even though it was in living color and they looked like they were physical. And so immediately faster than machine gun bullets the Lord spoke to me and He said, 'Mel, this person that you’ve praying for that has a problem with adultery, has a problem with alcohol that,' and I had been working with them for a long time trying to share the scriptures and things weren’t getting any better. He says, 'This is the root of the problem. The one (demon) the right is the spirit of adultery and the one (demon) on the left is a spirit of alcohol. Deal with the root of the problem, not the person.' I did.  Ever since that they’ve broken off of that person."
"I’m looking for demons because I’m absolutely thoroughly convinced, according to the teachings of Jesus and the Word of God, that (behind/associated with/connected to) every problem there’s a demon
Jesus said, 'If you’re not for me you’re against me.'
So we don’t have 3 choices. It’s either of God or of the devil. So if there’s a problem there’s a demon, and if you were to get to the root of the problem then the problem can be fixed."
Bond, Mel - Book - Understanding Your Worst Enemy  - CD - The Discerning of Spirits  
(Demons are opportunists and take advantage of problems, exacerbate problems, trigger problems, etc.)

Ehambe, Lufile - How to recognize demonic spirits - -
Lufile believes demons have NO bodies and can oppress &/or inhabit, whereas fallen angels can manifest.  How can you quench the Holy Spirit?  By continually loving and practicing a pet sin, suggests Lufile.

Foss, Steve - Armed for War series The Battle of the Mind - -  
Recognize the Enemy in the Spiritual Atmosphere - There is a spirit of deep hurt.  Recognize and exterminate him. (includes live internet deliverance) - 2 battlefields are on 2 fronts. 
The mind is part spirit + part heart/imagination/thoughts/soul/emotions/will, per Steve. 
In the Greek, torture is equivalent to demonic oppression.
Steve indicates that the human spirit dwelling in the mind/soul can be oppressed by demons.
Whether or not one agrees with his current doctrine/beliefs/understanding on this, Steve's methods work in eradicating evil.

Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - I Believe In Visions - autobiography -
Hagin had 8 visions where Jesus came to him in person. 
Chapter 4 How Satan Influences Lives Today
Ephesians 6:12  We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against
(1) principalities, (2) powers,
(3) rulers of the darkness of this world, (4) against wickedness in high places (in the heavenlies).
Section As the Spirit Wills  "Jesus went on to say, 'There are 4 classes of demons or evil spirits'...'There are 4 divisions: (1) principalities, (2) powers, (3) rulers of the darkness of this world, (4) and wicked spirits in high places or in the heavenlies.'"
Section Rulers of the Unsaved  " (3) The highest types of demons with which you have to deal on earth - the rulers of the darkness of this world - rule all unsaved people, that is, all those who are in darknessThey rule over them and dominate them...It is always one of these rulers of the darkness of this world that possesses a person.  They rule not only those who are within the  darkness of this world, but they also tell the powers what to do.  (2) Then the powers rule over the (1) principalities and tell them what to do.  The lowest type of demons have very little to do. 
They do very little thinking of their own and are told what to do.
Section Forgiveness for Adultery  "Jesus said, 'This evil spirit is one of the higher rulers of their world.  They are the (evil) ones that get ahold of a man and eventually possess him. There are degrees of possession, and these spirits will bring other evil spirits with them.'"
"'The devil...cannot take any place unless YOU give him permission to do so.'" 
Doing NOTHING is giving permission!  Take a rabid dog, fox or bear.  Never ignore it.  Take wild African bees. 
Never ignore them.  Sticking our head into the sand like an ostrich, will not protect us.  Know your enemy + protect yourself and your family.  "I have (already permanently) delegated My authority on the earth to the Church...
I can work only through the Church, for I am the Head of the Church
(My body/hands/feet)...YOU resist the devil and he will flee...If YOU don't do anything about rebuking the devil, then nothing will be done."

Manfredine, Shauna - Excerpt: From the Dragon's Belly - (Spirits seldom function in sexual gender but rather in function/agenda/purpose/assignment.)
There are 18 identifying characteristics of the Jezebel spirit:
1. The Jezebel spirit attacks church members with fear, causing members of Christ's Body to become immobilized and unable to function as they should. The Jezebel spirit also attacks ministers and spiritual leaders with fear.
2. The person with the Jezebel spirit will often attack leaders discrediting them and disrespecting the anointing of God upon their lives. This can ruin the leader's influence and ability to serve God effectively. 1st the Jezebel spirit kills the anointing of God upon the person.  Then it destroys the person.
3. Those operating under the Jezebel spirit are self-willed. Only their will is done, not God's. It is always about achieving THEIR agenda.
4. The person with the Jezebel spirit is a master chameleon. He or she is very good at giving the appearance of repentance and righteousness, even using convincing tears.
5. Jezebels need to be praised, elevated and noticed. They seek to be the center of attention.
6. Jezebels exert a possessive “love” that is destructive and controlling, cutting out all other relationships in their victim’s life and isolating their prey (who is often a spiritual leader).
7. They are loyal, until you disagree with them. Then they are vengeful and NEVER forgive.
8. They do all you ask of them, so long as it goes along with their own plans.
9. Jezebels plant seeds of discord in others that lead to conflict in the homes, friendships, and fellowships of God’s people.
10. They select easily manipulated “Ahab-like” people to be their “minions”, carrying out their plans.
11. They use, manipulate, and control others to accomplish their purposes; but they ultimately work alone.
12. Jezebels do not listen to anyone else. They do not respect anyone in leadership. This may not be visible at the beginning, as they work to secure their own position prior to letting this rebellion show.
13. Jezebels are very religious. They will often attend every prayer meeting, sing every song, and will appear as the most committed and sincere Christian. This puts people off of their guard. Christians can often sense that something is “off” about the Jezebel infiltrator, but they will disregard their spiritual antennae signals, because the “Christian” act put on by the Jezebel is so convincing.
14. Jezebels seek position in order to better control, discredit, and destroy the Body of Christ into which they have infiltrated.
15. Jezebels are not committed to anyone.
16. Jezebels seek affirmation and significance.
17. Jezebels illegitimately claim authority (“I'm anointed; show me your authority and anointing.”)
18. Correction brings full-blown rebellion from the Jezebel.
hat about the spirit of Delilah? The name Delilah is spelled in Hebrew as “DELIYLAH” which means “pining with desire”. The meaning of her name is self-explanatory. She pins you down with desire. Her whole being, presence, speech, look and action.  There are 18 Identifying Characteristics of the Delilah spirit:
1. Delilah is highly skilled in taming people through seduction (which may be accomplished with flattery, praise, friendship or sexual advances). Even the strongest of Christians cann be beguiled by her, if they do not stay alert in the Spirit.
Delilah especially is after people of prominence and uniqueness; people in the spot light, anointed ministers of God, gifted men and women, and those who are in effective relationships or marriages. Her assignment is to drain the power and blessing of God from your life. When this is accomplished, just as she did with Sampson long ago, the formerly anointed person is made spiritually weak and ordinary.
2. Like Jezebel, she will fool those around her by being at the worship every Sabbath, at every Bible study and every all night prayer. She will be punctual and completely involved in many if not all spiritual activities, as this is her way to get close to the spiritual leaders. She wants his head on her lap.
3. Delilah’s love money. She is the modern day gold-digger but only far wiser and refined than the average money seeker. With one need or another, she will financially drain her victim.
4. She is immoral. She is filled with ungodly and perverse sensual desires and arts. She preys upon anyone who can best be used to weaken the Body of Christ, whether they are married or not.
5. Day after day, she will keep relentlessly pursuing and pressuring her victim to leave his/her marriage partner. She may seduce the Christian to become sexually involved with her. Or she may work to induce the spiritual target to run away with her or commit any other sin with her. This she will persuade softly, even over a period of many months or years, until the target listens to her voice. Enduring such longterm pressure should be totally unnecessary, as Christians should discern this spirit quickly and respond to it appropriately, rather than enduring its pressure over a long period of time. 
6. Delilah is like a Jack of all trades. She knows the tricks, navigations, avenues, points and steps, in getting a person’s attention. She is a chameleon who purposely takes on the likes and dislikes of her target. She will appear to ardently love hiking and backpacking, if her target is an avid outdoorsman. Most deceptively, she will also appear to love God and to be deeply concerned with the salvation of souls, if her target is truly evangelistic in heart. Whatever it takes to convince her intended victim that she is his/her soul-mate or soul-sister (as the case was with us), that is what she will appear to be.
7. Delilah will try to get close to people in your life in order to demolish you. She will do this by gaining your friends’ and family members’ confidences through politeness and kindness. Then as time goes by, your loved ones might begin to open up about you and your relationship to her. She can play Miss “shoulder to cry on” and Miss “good listener”. Little by little a bond will develop and before you know it people in your life will join her in helping her pursuit of you, as her target. Great anointed men like Samson fell because of her guile.
8. Delilah works to wreck homes, marriages and relationships.
9. She is a seductress. This spirit is skilled in luring and taming men and women. You will find yourself being drawn to this sort of person without any particular reason and wonder why you are so excited to see him/her. It’s important to always put on the full Armor of God that you may stand.
10. Delilah is hellishly empowered to find out where you are strong and how to turn this strength into a vulnerability and weakness. Her assignment is to take your power, terminate your strengths and imprison you through your weaknesses. This hellish purpose is carried out (unless defeated by the power of Yahweh) so that you will be spiritually idle and ordinary like the rest of the world.
11. She has vast likeable qualities, which leave you confused on what you really like about her. Like a chameleon, she fits everywhere as a perfect, good Christian. In fact, if you were to begin to suspect her and suggest that she was at work in a person, others already under this spirit’s influence would jump to Delilah’s defense, insisting that the Delilah person is the most sincere and committed of Christians one could ever hope to meet. However those whom she has stung in the past know about her ugly side, but this track record is one she carefully covers from view. Often this is accomplished by uprooting and moving to a new area, leaving behind family and friends.
12. She is very knowledgeable about what men or women want and need emotionally and physically. Delilah knows how to treat her intended victim like a king. She’ll be willing to do everything that your spouse won’t, and she’ll do it exceptionally well.
13. She knows the vulnerable areas of her victim and how to minister to them like a mother holds and comforts her son when he has fallen down. She is polite, gentle and quiet. She will not criticize, because she realizes that this causes her target to be defensive. Rather she is qualified in the language of praise. Praise is her native tongue. You may discern this spirit in a person who praises you more than your spouse; even in petty things that do not need praise, you will find the person with this spirit praising anyway. It is because this spirit is after your relationship. She especially takes advantage of a situation wherein your partner is meeting your emotional needs.
14. She is able to make her victim feel more secure within a short space of time through her pretended gentleness. She is trained and gifted in this. Delilah builds relationships with her prey founded on safety, praise, peace and warmth. But her true motives for presenting herself in this warm and caring manner are to destroy, which is quite the opposite of how she presents herself. Remember, Delilah is after the favor of God upon you, your: family, business, ministry and marriage. She will do all she can through seduction to make sure this favor departs from you and that you are completely neutralized and left bound in shame.
15. She will make you believe that you have some kind of deep connection together and that you were meant to be best friends or soul mates. Even though this is completely inappropriate and you are already with someone, the person with this spirit will indirectly pressure you daily until you believe it.
16. This spirit is persistent. The person with this spirit will pester you daily with sweet words. Do not think a “No” will stop them from pursuing you. The only way to win is to completely cut off all lines of communication with this hellishly empowered person.
17. Make-up, beautiful hair, appealing clothes and shoes are Delilah’s physical armor, if her target is a man. Likewise a man with this spirit will be very well groomed in a sexually attractive way and usually indirectly splashing out his money or financial assets, wining and dining his intended victim. 
18. If the Delilah spirit is working in a woman, to seduce a Christian man, she will often design a secluded environment in order to trap a man into compromise with her. Only a man who flees from her will escape sin and her demonic bondage and destruction.  (Both spirits seek to isolate and thus better manipulate/control/brainwash their intended victim.)

The Kiryat Yam mermaid  - 6/2014 @ (mermaids are demonic apparitions)

Morris, Robert – Free Indeed - Beware of Demonic Spirits (attempting to influence a vulnerable area of our life) - - 4/27/2014 post @ gatewaychurchtv or or (Yes, born-again Holy-Spirit-filled Christians can be afflicted in soul &/or body but NOT spirit.  Even Jesus was harassed by Satan during His lifetime and at His death.)
Morris, Robert -
Free Indeed - Under The Influence - 9/25/2013 post -#1 of 11 (series) @  
or 9/21/2013 #1 of series Free Indeed
Morris, Robert - #11 -(Includes Deliverance PRAYER at series end) - 12/28/2013 @  - PRAYER begins approx #30 towards sermon end.
+ - (Get mentoring to maintain freedom.
If are forgiven/saved/born-again, ask Jesus to baptize us with His Holy Spirit.  If not water baptized, then pursue that, too.)
Morris, Robert - series @

Neese, Zach  -

Rick Renner, John Bevere -  Forward + Intro.  For Chapter #1 A World Gone Crazy - download @ Demons have been released from hell onto earth to deceive and water down Holy Spirit truths.

Sorger, Matt - - Is Your shadow Dangerous? - Moving in the Power Gifts MP3 CD or DVD -
There is a deliverance anointing both individual and corporate. - Selden, New York, USA Sometimes evil spirits reveal themselves via foul odors.

Stone, Perry – 11/4/2019 – The Power of Persistence in Pursuing a Promise  (of God) – (use CC closed caption)
Do NOT abort your breakthrough.  NO 2 steps forward and 1 back, or vice versa.  No relapses. 
Be persistent to pursue our scriptural God promises.  Do NOT negate with bad mouthing or scripture contradictions.
Do NOT assassinate character.  Speak the finished product NOT the work in progress.  Do NOT say “if” but rather “when”.
Do NOT allow Satan to veto us in the heavenly court by using our negative words against us and our family.
Love unconditionally.  Perry shares his personal mistakes regarding his son’s healing process in overcoming addiction.

Sumrall, Lester - Who is the devil and what are demons? From  Straight to the point about the demons - Lester Frank Sumrall - chapter 1
Sumrall, Lester - - video recommended
Dr. Lester Sumrall: Three Habitations of Devils (pdf) -
3 Habitations of Devils
Sumrall, Lester - -
From: Alien Entities. 1995, pages 131-138

Zadai, Kevin @ Edited Excerpt - "Warrior Note: A warrior needs daily revelation to be effective at countering the gates of hell. The Lord has been continually revealing things to me daily. I have had to ask Him to slow down...When Jesus took me to Heaven, He told me that this (revelation) is for everyone...In Heaven, time is different...Everything works based on what God the Father is doing at the time. If God is about to speak, then things are about to change, because God's about to speak.
When Jesus comes to visit you, it is because He knows something you do not know, & wants to give it to you...
I am going to wake up every morning before the devil wakes up. I am going to give him a hard time before he knows what is going on. I stay up late & give him a hard time so that he cannot sleep. I am not going to give him any rest. 
Jesus said that when a demon leaves a person, it goes into arid places into the desert (per Matthew 12:43).
Being in someone is what they prefer & being in desert places is something that they do not prefer.
The demons being outside of somebody is where I want them. I want them to have no the desert...the victim & not me or the people of this earth...You need to exercise your authority as a believer on this earth...
If you are having a devil problem, you do not wait until the apostle or prophet comes to town...You can go into the secret place & God will talk to you personally...Mark 16:17-18 These signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; & if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, & they will recover.
You have not been left out. As a believer, you have the power to walk in the Holy Spirit, to speak & walk from the other realm, to live in 2 realms on this earth. You are a physical being, but you are also a spiritual being...
Not only are your sins paid for, & you are going to Heaven, but as a believer we are to walk on this earth using the name & blood of Jesus, driving out devils & healing the sick. Jesus said when you lay hands on the sick, He will heal them. You do the laying on of hands; He will do the healing, which relieves you a little bit from the pressure of someone getting healed or not. It is NOT up to you; you are NOT the healer. You never will be, because it is NOT our power; it is God's power. We have the 5-fold ministers, but do NOT put them up on a pedestal to the point where you exclude yourself from walking in the supernatural, because that is NOT God's plan. There has been a problem throughout the ages. Organizations have tried to control people by excluding them & making themselves the higher-ups & then keeping the people in the dark. They even published the Bible in a (Latin) language that no one understood. People needed to come to them to hear what the Bible said. King James published the Bible all over the world, & now it is in every language. The devil cannot keep you from the Word of God now. Religious organizations will sometimes try to get a corner on everything & try to keep people under control. They tell you what you should believe, but Jesus Christ bought man. Jesus is the only mediator between God & man. The Holy Spirit was given to us on the day of Pentecost & continues coming to us. We can receive the Holy Spirit just like they did on the day of Pentecost & walk-in power to be a witness for Christ. The participation in the supernatural is really between you & God, not between you & a man or a woman. Satan has always tried to be the middleman between God & man...In the past, I always needed a Word from God because I was not feeding myself (sufficient daily scripture) & I was not giving God enough time. I did not have the tools to understand how I could hear from God myself...I learned that I was operating at 35% of what I should have been: 100%." (We need a daily combination of reading scripture out loud + praying in tongues to plug into the spiket of God's daily revelation.)

of Substance

Hebrews 11:1  - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Baker, Shelly - Tremont Temple, Tremont St, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - 2008 excerpt from Oceans of Glory 2001 - excerpts from chapters regarding creation, physics, light, sound
"In the visitation that lasted 4 hours in 1980, Jesus said to me, 'I am more scientific than science itself and science will never figure Me out.  The Father thinks at a higher speed than the speed of light.  His Divine thoughts pronounced and uttered, come forth at higher speeds of light than what is in your universe of only a mere 186,000 miles per second, which your scientists have yet to discover.  [Since that date they have declared 2 higher realms of light now known!] 
As the revolutions of those creative words wind down, moving away from their divine source, they lose speed, and matter is formed and seen
I was shown the flash of a nuclear blast in His illustration and the fallout was explained to me and more details about this process.  He then told me that uranium was not the densest substance to create fission from for such explosions.  He talked about much denser matter in the universe, and He told me that I would one day explain these things to NASA scientists.  This has now happened 3 times."
"In response to all of that visitation, I have kept my ears perked for any articles on physics concerning nanotechnology and deep space science and sound - the sounds of (that) glory create.  Recently I found...that black holes were not nebulous clusters of negative space, but rather the 'densest matter in the universe'...that...consisted of stars that had decayed and caved in upon themselves, sucking all matter within their gravitational pull into the vortex of their existence. 
If those black holes could be reversed, then huge unknown universes could come forth back out of the.  Though they appear to be dead stars, these black holes actually live in an evil, active way, continuing like quicksand to grab anything that passes by in deep space - a zillion miniature hells pulling life into them forever...In Isaiah we read about a being Lucifer, who was the keeper of light, an archangel.  He had 2 unique qualities. 
He ruled over light, or ordered it, or kept it in some celestial order...He caused there to remain a cloud of glory manifesting continuously around the secrets of God's inner chambers by another unique characteristic of his being: Sound.  Sounds of Glory.  Sounds of music...Light and Sound produced a heavenly 'substance.'  When his pride caused a fall from this grace, he shot like a (shooting) star from the heavens...A 3rd of all Heaven, the stars, beings, or angels fell with him.  The New Testament tells us they are 'black angels,' locked or sealed in 'chains of darkness' forever.  They are not demons cast to earth looking for bodies to possess.  No.  They are more dangerous and powerful than that...Black holes?"
In Selly's book Oceans of Glory one can refer to the work of Norman and Setterfield who investigated light spectrums, celestial sounds of quasars and singing stars.  They "found a cataclysmic disturbance in the consistency of the light spectrum of deep space.  One band of light still runs at 186,000 miles per second as Albert Einstein thought it did in the development of his theory of relativity, which he was able to discover in part through 15 years of meditation on the fist 5 books of Genesis from his Jewish Torah...They found that another spectrum of light exists - a band that is not consistent, but rather decayed and decaying." Black holes?  A prison containing fallen angels? testimony @

Dr. Kikuo Chishima from  Frequency Fields at the Cellular Level by Linsteadt, S. (Per Revolution of Biology and Medicine, Neo-Haematological Society Press, 1972) -  
"At the sub-atomic level matter does not exist. There is only energy; bits of photons with lots of empty space around them. DNA has been thought to be the center of the definition of life. At closer inspection we find that DNA is made up of molecules, which are made up of sub-atomic particles and we end up back at the level of bio-photons again.
It is interesting to note that, although DNA goes under the name of an acid, it is actually a salt (sodium per
Frank-Kamenetskii, M.D.; Unraveling DNA, Perseus Books, 1997·) Sodium, as we know, is 1 of the body's important electrolytes and a conductor of electromagnetism. It is a linear, one-dimensional crystal.
The cell's inner most center is made up of ribonucleic acid and proteins (all molecules).
The antenna or filament strand like configuration of DNA allows the molecules to receive and transmit
electromagnetic frequency information along its nucleotide bases, creating resonance reactions within targeted genetic or nucleotide triplets that create the template for the formation of messenger RNA (mRNA).
Once mRNA has formed it leaves the cell nucleus and attaches to structures known as ribosomes. Using raw material from the cell, the ribosomes produce proteins by following the sequence as instructed by the mRNA.
The proteins in turn go about doing their jobs inside or outside the cell based on the original instructions passed down from the electromagnetic coding to DNA to RNA and finally to the ribosomes. This process is known as transcription and provides the means for electromagnetic frequency oscillations, the body's master conductor, to interact with the cell's command center to instruct what notes to play, when, how loud, how long, etc., etc. in order to maintain the precision and harmony of the whole body's vibratory and cellular orchestra...
An interruption or distortion in the range, strength and coherency of the body's electromagnetic energy system leads to a breakdown in the body's self-healing mechanisms. Our thoughts and emotions are also frequency patterns and have a
direct relationship on the integrity of our energy field.
A disruption in our consciousness can create an area of stagnation or incoherence in our bodies that can derail DNA transcription, suppress T-cell and NK-cell activity, and other immune system functions and lead to chronic and degenerative illnesses, depression and other psychosis...
(Per Horowitz, L.G. & Puleo, J.S., Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 2001 and Lorenzen, L.; Japanese American Research Society) it has been documented that DNA repair can be activated using a frequency of 528hz.  At this precise frequency the clustered water molecules that surround and support the DNA structure form a perfect 6-sided hexagon."  (Be reminded that the Trinity is the original source of all perfection and that as the end of time draws near there will be much more counterfeits, copies of what God can do, even healings, but not redemptive for the glory of Jesus.)
(CAUTION.  Some of this research may delve into the paranormal.  TEST each spirit that we do NOT get led into diabolical knowledge, which counterfeits or copies the holy but never gives Jesus glory.  A quick fix, as from pain, may backfire, such as via an addictive drug.)

Giglio, Louie Christ & the Cell-Adhesion Molecule Laminin - 6/6/2008 
(1st close out competing music on same page)
Laminin protein cells (in the shape of a cross) holds the body parts together,
scientifically verifying Colossians 1:15-17.
Pritam Singh Sandhu -
The-Cell-Adhesion-Molecule-That-Holds-Us-Together-Is-In-The-Shape-Of-The-CROSS/Page1.html  4/8/2010 - Many more sites on web !

Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez - 11/1/2008 newsletter - "Choose to know Him in an ever-deepening way that changes...(one's)...very substance into His glorious substance."  There is a holy spiritual dimension into which we can enter prior to death.  The "yellow brick road" which leads us into that place is paved with praise and worship.    

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time -

Pierce, Chuck D- - Time to Defeat the Devil - -
Sample chapter
here - Chapter 5 Pass-Over, God's Plan for Freedom
"False worship actually created demonic structures over the land that held it in bondage...As idolatry and false worship enter a land, it forms demonic structures over the territory (like an igloo, spider-web or cocoon), which hold people in bondage...
Those demonic forces...created a sphere within which God's people could be held captive.  So before Israel could be freed, the demonic structures over the territory had to be removed.  God did that in a series of power encounters with those demonic forces...confrontations with the demonic religious structures of the land designed to break their power."

of Invisible Dark Energy

 dark energy -  
February 2007 Scientific American Magazine  A "form of energy that surrounds each of us, tugging at us ever so slightly, holding the fate of the cosmos in its grip, but to which we are almost totally blind."  - "Theoretical Physics: Dark matter and dark energy are different aspects of a single unknown force."  "Scherrer's formulation has some similarities to a unified theory proposed earlier this year by Nima Arkani-Hamed at Harvard University and his colleagues, who attempt to explain dark matter and dark energy as arising from the behavior of an invisible and omnipresent fluid that they call a 'ghost condensate.'"

of Evil Seals

MacNutt, Francis & Judith
In their Video/DVD Level 3 School of Healing Prayer program, Francis shares a healing of schizophrenia. 
The Holy Spirit revealed to her in a dream that there was a Druid priest in her blood line which was the root cause of her (family) insanity. 
One of the important program's lessons is the need to pray 7X (rather than 1-3x)
Some prayers we need to repeat 3X in order to break curses or linkages to evil that have been invoked 3X to blaspheme the Trinity.
to break a demonic/evil curse rooted in a seal (an infant consecration to Satan, adult consecration to Satan, or prior to birth - consecration to Satan).  With or without oil one can make the sign of the cross on the forehead and then confess 7X, "I break every seal of Satan, in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son Jesus Christ, and in the name of the Holy Spirit."  DELIVERANCE PRAYERS to be said OUT LOUD  in the There was also testimony by a lady (diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome) of being freed from a Freemasonry evil spirit.  When she crossed her arms over her abdomen, they became frozen.  She witnessed in her spirit a seal and repeatedly cried out, "Jesus Christ is stronger than you," thereby loosing herself from the spirit's control.
(Norvel Hayes mentions in
Understanding the Ministry of Visions that when God "means business",
He Himself will sometimes impress something upon us 3x, rather than just once.)

Schubert, Linda - Miracle Hour - A method of prayer that will change your life - Catholic booklet -
Linda mentions binding spirits of "air, fire, water, ground, underground, and nether world".  She also "In the name of Jesus Christ" seals "this room and all members of my family, relatives, associates and all sources of supply, in the Blood of Jesus Christ."  This sealing is holy, rather than evil.

Uzorma, Dr Lyke Nathan - - THE 7 OCCULT KINGDOMS (Occult Grand Master Now In Christ)
5 Cosmic Seals are 5 occult levels: Level 333, 666, 999, 1330 and 003 operating 400,000 minuet mystical degrees.
1st Cosmic Seal: (Devic Seal 333) One who has received this Cosmic Seal is empowered to control not less than 40,000 spirits.
2nd Cosmic Seal: (Seal of Kal 666) One who has received this Cosmic Seal is empowered to control not less than 160,000 spirits. Many great politicians, military commanders, etc. on earth are at this occult level of operations. This will be the occult level of the coming Antichrist.
3rd Cosmic Seal: (Shiva Seal 999 - Seal of Destruction) One who has received this Cosmic Seal is empowered to control not less than 2,500,000 spirits which depends on the mastership of one's occult and psychic projections. Women are generally kept at this level with a few women exceeding this level.
4th Cosmic Seal: (Terrestrial Seal 1330 - Seal of Ba-Vara) One who has received this Cosmic Seal (Living Grand Master of the Order of Astral and Terrestrial Hierarchy) is empowered to control not less than 100,000,000 spirits and 33,000,000 demi-gods.
5th Cosmic Seal: (Liber 003 - Seal of Tuzassotama) One who has received this Cosmic
Seal is mystically empowered to proclaim himself as "God, Lord, Universal Master or God-Incarnate" on earth and he controls all spirits of the occult kingdoms (of earth, water, fire, air).

of God's Holy Seal

Ferrell, Ana - Seated in Heavenly Places - Chapter 4 Christ a Kingdom of Love
Section Jesus' Loneliness "Every man is a spirit that come from God...(From) a part of His own heart...He had created a (human) being."
Section Within the Depth's of God's Heart "A little piece of God, that is our spirit, continues existing in every man.  A little piece of God in every human being is the seal of (God's) love (inside of each of us) that...cries out to be able to find" his Papa God, his Creator.  Song of Solomon 8:6 in the Bible echoes God's heart, "Place Me like a seal over your heart, like a seal over your arm."

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - -
Chapter 6 The DNA of the Body of Christ - His (Jesus') blood is the cleansing fountain,
the eraser of the debt of sin, and the seal of our hope of eternity."
Chapter 9 Dominion Over Time - "Mistakes...robbed him of his...inheritance.  First, he neglected to tithe to the Lord.  In doing so, he failed to register his wealth in his own name in the Heavenlies.  As a result of this, the wealth was never transferred into his name in the realm of the spirit.  By tithing he would have sealed his inheritance and rendered the devil powerless to steal any of it from him."

Haggai 2 : 23On that day,’ declares the LORD of hosts, ‘I will take you, Zerubbabel, son of Shealtiel, My servant,’ declares the LORD, ‘and I will make you like a [w](AQ)signet ring, for (AR)I have chosen you,’” declares the LORD of hosts.


McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - - Chapter 9 Dominion over Time -
"There are certain things in the spirit (world) which are inaccessible to us outside of us making a vow...a solemn promise... to God.  That vow enables God to use the words of our mouth as credit, because a vow releases God to go into our future harvest ad bring us a deposit out of that time zone into the now, and bring it to us as operating capital for whatever the need. 
Many people are in financial trouble because they never honored their vow.  Things in the spirit (world) become locked away until the vow is fully honored.  When we do NOT honor or vows, we are in a state of bad credit with God, and God cannot take us at our word...Attract and invite our future to us.  If we do not, we will always attract our past...and dress according to where we are going, not where we have been."

of Night Visions

Hayes, Norvel - Understanding the Ministry of Visions -
Chapter 5 Recognize and learn from Visions  "The ordinary way - the everyday, the most common way -
to receive a vision from God is in the nighttime while you're asleep.  If you don't know the importance of night'll run the risk of missing something important from the Lord.  Don't miss God.  Be open to receive visions (dreams) from Him...You and I call these dreams, but the Lord calls them visions in the night...See Acts 16:9, Acts 18:9...(Even) if you see something open to this being God's way of warning you of what Satan is up to.  You can discern whether visions are from  God or the devil...Realize the Lord may be exposing Satan's works to you, SO that you can DO something about them."
Introduction "Unless you respond to something (that alarm bell) in your spirit, the Holy Ghost cannot help you in that particular area."

of Death

 When one has a near death experience or resurrection, his spirit and soul depart from his body, often looking down below into the place where the body lays, before descending to hell or ascending to heaven or somewhere in-between.
No more is there concern about comfort/discomfort, luxury/poverty, assets or the lack thereof, because the flesh is dead, literally, at least for the time being, unless one returns to his/her body.  Death to self (the 5 senses of the flesh) is what occurs.  In Christianity, the death to self is the door to resurrection/birth of the spirit into God's kingdom. 
Water baptism is intended to be both a literal + a spiritual rite/entrance into Christianity/ spiritual birth/Christ/heaven, the same way circumcision and mitzvah is to be an initiation into Judaism.  Baptism is the ceremony of drowning/death to evil and birth to God.  If one has God's heavenly perspective, the human aspects/grips/agendas are negligible/decrease, whereas the spiritual become increasingly relevant/urgent.  Even if one does not have a NDE, nde obe the older one gets the more one becomes aware that this time on earth is short and the time in eternity is long.

Dickerman, Don - When Pigs Move In -     endorsed by Frank Hammond
Other books containing "some" of above more complete information are 
Serpents in the Sanctuary
and Turmoil in the Temple.
Chapter 10 The Power of the Tongue  Dickerman shares that when people die, sometimes unsuspecting family members become victims of demonic oppression, when an evil spirit leaves the deceased and finds a relative to inhabit, (attach itself to, or move into the home of).
Chapter 12 More Personal Accounts section I Now Know What to Do  Healed/delivered individuals can more readily "recognize the enemy's subtle attempts to regain strongholds...When I do recognize them, I now know what to do...I recognize, rebuke, and remain" (resist and refuse, in the name and power of Jesus Christ.)

Hinn, Benny - Total Surrender - CD  - 2005 Fort Lauderdale Youth Service Each of us need to die to self daily.

Medical News

Epigenitics - 
"Some cancers are caused by epigenetic changes - tiny chemical tags (toxins) that accumulate over time and can turn genes on or off. Unlike genetic damage, epigenetic changes (damage) can sometimes be reversed, and with treatments that are far less toxic to the patient."

Gene switches 8/1/2007
"Some genes in our genome act as switches, turning other genes on or off at different times and for different lengths of time. In an animal's embryonic stage, these gene switches play a predominant role in laying out the animal's basic body plan and perform other early functions.

Dorit Ben-Shachar  
Journal of Neural Transmission 9/28/2006 - "Schizophrenia is currently believed to result from variations in multiple genes, each contributing a subtle effect, which combines with each other and with environmental stimuli to impact both early and late brain development.
At present, schizophrenia clinical heterogeneity as well as the difficulties in relating cognitive, emotional and behavioral functions to brain substrates hinders the identification of a disease-specific anatomical, physiological, molecular or genetic abnormality.
Mitochondria play a pivotal role in many essential processes, such as energy production, intracellular calcium buffering, transmission of neurotransmitters, apoptosis and ROS production, all either leading to cell death or playing a role in synaptic plasticity.
These processes have been well established as underlying altered neuronal activity and thereby abnormal neuronal circuitry and plasticity, ultimately affecting behavioral outcomes.
The present article reviews evidence supporting a dysfunction of mitochondria in schizophrenia, including mitochondrial hypoplasia, impairments in the oxidative phosphorylation system (OXPHOS) as well as altered mitochondrial-related gene expression. Abnormalities in mitochondrial complex I, which plays a major role in controlling OXPHOS activity, are discussed. Among them are schizophrenia specific as well as disease-state-specific alterations in complex I activity in the peripheral tissue, which can be modulated by DA. In addition, CNS and peripheral abnormalities in the expression of three of complex I subunits, associated with parallel alterations in their transcription factor, specificity protein 1 (Sp1) are reviewed. Finally, this review discusses the question of disease specificity of mitochondrial pathologies and suggests that mitochondria dysfunction could cause or arise from anomalities in processes involved in brain connectivity."
[Commentary: Never dismiss the possibility that some of the invisible root causes of illness can be demonic! 
With insanity it is even rather obvious, by just observing some of the symptoms, especially if they continue on a consistent basis and all other causes (including diet) have been ruled out.]

Leaf, Caroline et al - 4/9
Leaf, Caroline et al - 4/10
Leaf, Caroline et al - 4/12
Leaf, Caroline et al - 4/13
Leaf, Caroline - 4/23
Leaf, Caroline - 4/24
Leaf, Caroline -  4/26
Leaf, Caroline -  4/27
, Caroline - from 

Martin Lenhardt and Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan - -
Ultrasonic radio waves can be recognized by the brain as sound
. -
"The Neurophone® was invented by Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan.  in 1958 when he was 14 years old. It is a precision scientific instrument with an extensive digital signal processor that encodes sound and modulates it onto ultrasonic signals.
Patrick was a child prodigy in electronics, chemistry and physics. He had discovered an entirely new way to transmit sound into the human brain. Patrick's profound invention has received 2 United States patents, #3,393,279 and #3,647,970.
It took medical science 33 years to discover how the device works.
It has been said that great inventions take 50 years before they are understood. Inner Ear In 1991, Martin Lenhardt of the University of Virginia discovered that human beings have the ability to detect ultrasonic sound when it is transmitted through the skin, bones and liquids of the body. His groundbreaking discovery was published in the prestigious journal Science, Vol. 253, 5, 1991, 82. Lenhardt had duplicated Patrick's original 1958 Neurophone® using sophisticated ultrasonic transducers and discovered that a tiny organ in the inner ear that is normally associated with balance is also a hearing organ for ultrasonic sound.
The organ is called the saccule and is about the size of a pea. It contains nerve endings, called macula, and an otolith, a gelatinous cap containing fine sand-like particles of calcium carbonate called otoconia. When the head is tilted in relation to gravity, the macula signals the vestibulocochlear nerve in the nervous system so that balance can be regained. The saccule has nerve endings that are distributed throughout the brain. Some of these nerves go to the area of the brain that computes sound. Other nerves are distributed into areas concerned with long-term memory.
The Neurophone® transmits modulated ultrasonic sound at 40,000 cycles per second (40 kHz).
When we swim with dolphins or whales, we can hear the ultrasonic energy emitted by these mammals through our saccule.
By using the Neurophone®, we can train our brain pathways so that we can "hear" through the saccule pathway.
It may be that our ancestors could communicate with whales and dolphins by the use of ultrasonic sound.
When the Neurophone® is used as an experimental listening device, these pathways are developed and appear to expand consciousness balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
People who have used the Neurophone® daily over an extended time find that it helps to relieve stress!
The GPF-1011 DSP Neurophone® has been developed and engineered to provide a means for ultrasonic waves to be interpreted by our brain as "hearing". The technology bypasses the normal audio mechanisms used by the body to hear sound and provides a direct neural stimulation directly to the brain. By bypassing the ears to hear-reading, meditating, studying and learning in general may become easier to comprehend and retain.
Generally, commercial digital speech recognition circuitry is based on a technology called dominant frequency power analysis. While speech may be recognized by such a circuit, a more effective and natural speech encoding is based on time ratios. If the phase of the frequency power analysis circuits are not correct, they will not work.
The intelligence (sound) is carried by phase information. The frequency content of the voice gives our voice a certain quality, but frequency does not contain information.
Most attempts at computer voice recognition and voice generation are only partially successful.
Until digital time-ratio encoding is used, our computers will never be able to truly talk to us.
By recognizing & using time-ratio encoding, we could transmit clear voice data through extremely narrow bandwidths.
If the Neurophone® transducers are placed on the closed eyes or on the face (such as forehead via head band), the sound can be clearly 'heard' as if it were coming from inside the brain. When the transducers are placed on the face, the sound is perceived through the trigeminal nerve.
There was an earlier test performed at Tufts University that was designed by Dr. Dwight Wayne Batteau, one of my partners in the United States Navy Dolphin Communication Project. This test was known as the 'Beat Frequency Test'.
It is well known that sound waves of 2 slightly different frequencies create a 'beat' note as the waves interfere with each other. For example, if a sound of 300 Hertz and one of 330 Hertz are played into one ear at the same time, a beat note of 30 Hertz will be perceived. This is a mechanical summation of sound in the bone structure of the inner ear.
There is another beat, sounds beat together in the corpus callosum in the center of the brain. This binaural beat is used by the Monroe Institute and others to simulate altered brain states by entraining (causing brain waves to lock on and follow the signal) the brain into high alpha or even theta brain states. These brain states are associated with creativity, lucid dreaming and other states of consciousness otherwise difficult to reach when awake.
The Neurophone® is a powerful brain entrainment device. If we play alpha or theta signals directly through the Neurophone®, we can move the brain into any state desired. Batteau's theory was that if we could place the Neurophone® transducers so that the sound was perceived as coming from one side of the head only.  If we played a 300 Hertz signal through the Neurophone®, if we also played a 330 Hertz signal through an ordinary headphone we would get a beat note if the signals were summing in the inner ear bones. When the test was conducted, we were able to perceive 2 distinct tones without beat.
This test again proved that Neurophonic hearing was not through bone conduction. The key to the Neurophone® GPF-1011 DSP is stimulation of the nerves in the skin with a digitally coded signal that carries the same time-ratio code that is recognized as sound by any nerve in the body!" Discussion of pink and white sound.

Heribert Watzke: The brain in your gut - -

Science News

Anthropic Principle/Theory - 1st of 4

Confirmation of the Big Bang. Hugh Ross explains the latest discovering of polarized light confirming the Big Bang. Audio at  2003

magnetic fields -
magnetic poles -

Why is the Big Bang Evidence that God Created the Universe? Part 1
Sunday, June 06, 2010
Why is the Big Bang Evidence that God Created the Universe? Part 2
Sunday, June 13, 2010
Why is the Big Bang Evidence that God Created the Universe? Part 3
Sunday, June 20, 2010
Why is the Big Bang Evidence that God Created the Universe? Part 4
Sunday, June 27, 2010
found at
- The Scientific 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Scientists, Past and Present
- 100 Scientists Who Shaped World History
- Science: 100 Scientists Who Changed the World
- Some Famous Scientists who were Christians

Magnetism - The Enigma 1,800 Miles Below Us 5/29/2012 from

Quantum Physics

Alain Aspect, Laboratoire Charles Fabry de l’Institut d’Optique, Palaiseau, France - Light is both a wave and a particle.

"In (modern) quantum mechanics the double-slit experiment demonstrates the inseparability of the wave and particle
natures of light and other quantum particles (wave–particle duality)" per 

Dr. Masaru Emoto - - "Emoto Masaru? (born 7/22/1943)
Japanese author & entrepreneur known for his claim that if human speech or thoughts are directed at water droplets
before they are frozen, images of the resulting water crystals will be 'beautiful' or 'ugly' depending upon whether the
words or thoughts were positive or negative

Emoto claims this can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water." - -

Feynman, Richard - "The double-slit experiment or Young's experiment
involves particle beams or coherent waves passing through 2 closely spaced slits, after which in many circumstances
they are found to interfere with each other. 
The setup used by Thomas Young, and by Newton, differs from the modern (Quantum) version."

Fosar, Grazyna & Bludorf, Franz - Vernetzte Intellegenz - English translation of German paper/chapter
DNA Can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies Russian DNA Discoveries
"Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought." also summarized by Smit's Quarks an English e-book cited below:

Garjajev, Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr - -
(paranormal science) - 
There is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and
reprogrammed by words and frequencies
WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes...
According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage
and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%,
follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which
words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms)
and the basic rules of grammar.
They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages.
So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA...
Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA.
  The bottom line was:
'Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using endogenous DNA laser radiation.'”
Garjajev, Pjotr - - "The % of our DNA which is used to build proteins
is only 10% (some sources say 2%). Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist, Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues,
joined linguists and geneticists to explore the use of the other 90% (or 98%). They explored the vibrational behavior
of the DNA and found that the alkalines of our DNA follow the basic rules of grammar with set rules
as is the
case in human languages. Living chromosomes vibrate at certain frequencies,
and the Russian scientists were actually able to modulate given frequency patterns onto a laser ray
and then used that to influence the DNA frequency and subsequently the genetic information itself.
Therefore, this research suggests that DNA are resonate structures that possess language linguistic patterns
and the vibrational frequencies which responds to light and radio waves." Language and music are in our genes.
Apparently diseased rats were able to regenerate their endocrine glands after exposure to healing wave
information (frequencies/wave programs as opposed to surgery)."

David Herzog 2012 7/2-6/2012 Messianic radio broadcast. 
Thursday 5th David shares how God's Holy Spirit joined up with sound to create matter. - Die Groot Gedagte - How the cosmos had come into existence -
"The cover of the earlier editions features a photo of M16 (also known as the Eagle Nebula).
The book is mainly about how God had planned the universe and how it is unrealistic to assume that the universe
had come into existence by mere chance. Unlike other Christian non-fiction works about cosmology and cosmogony,
Die Groot Gedagte
does not do away with the Big Bang theory, but rather suggests that the Big Bang was the result
of a greater Intelligence which had planned how the universe would turn out.
The book has received widespread positive responses, although some have criticized book for its mixture of Intelligent
Design theory and Evolution theory."  AWARDS: Murray Prize for religious publications +
1988: Insig Prize (the very 1st) for best scientific publication (which is not a text book)
in Afrikaans in the previous 10 years for Die Groot Gedagte.Andrew

Smit, Philip - - "During 2006
I picked up a book written by Gideon Joubert, a South African writer.  The title, if translated into English is –
The Big Thought
.  I discovered through this book how the invisible quantum world of physics defies the
 traditional laws of physics
, concepts almost too bizarre to really understand with a mind that was scientifically
and mathematically conditioned by traditional teachings of science. I had to re-read parts of this book several times
to recondition my logical way thinking.
I realized for the 1st time how it was possible for us to influence matter and change matter by words, faith
and thought
.  The New Age community propagated this as the power of mind over matter, but missed a higher 
truth that governs all science and spiritual matters
, the overall highest level of authority – the Jesus factor.
 He was and always will be the Creator of this universe because the Bible states in John 1:3
All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made

Trying to bypass Him leads to a pathway of trial and error on a lower level of thought and philosophy.
Understanding spiritual truths was my way of manifesting the supernatural without even knowing anything about
physics or mind science.  Today, I know that I have discovered a shortcut to spiritual power.
That path was through the spiritual doorway that God made available through Christ
After all, He was the One who walked on water...Explaining the spiritual truths and the quantum physics in one
book is a bit too much, so I decided to rather present the explanation of Quantum Physics in a separate e-Book:"  "Thoughts can influence matter on a sub-atomic level."
Humans are permanent spirits, temporary bodies, and growing/maturing souls, somewhat like rain/water/steam/
vapor/snow/clouds/ice/glaciers/etc or like the Trinity 3 & 1.  "The very fact that an event is observed influences
the appearance and time of the occurrence...According to the quantum theory, nothing is real until it is observed." 
Separate particles from same origins have potential of "knowing" and interacting with past particles at some future
time, regardless of distance, perhaps best understood by identical twins or long married couples.
Time only exists on the earth, per se.  All past/present/future things created already exist, either in the visible or
invisible realm.  Preexisting invisible particles (with anti-particles - in pairs) can materialize if external energy is
projected externally.  "We can create or change things by means of mental though(and more so by speech)...
DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words, frequencies AND thoughts according to Russian DNA discoveries."
Author surmises that group (especially spiritual) communication is the ideal way to accomplish things in a utopian
community (which may have existed in the past and may reoccur in the future, perhaps even after we depart
from the earth to operate at an invisible level elsewhere).
Smit, Philip - Entrance to Power - sample =
Part 1: Introduction - #3 -
"True (holy/effective) power means the alignment of every part of you – body, soul, spirit and with the (Triune) Creator."
Part 2: Creative Thought - #2 -
Part 3: Spiritual Power - #13 -

Van Koevering, David - Keys to Taking Your Quantum Leap - Cleveland,
TN, USA editorial - http://www.
or - "I worked with Dr. Bob Moog.
Together we gave the music world the 1st performance keyboards called Moog synthesizers.
I learned to work with electrons and photons, tiny elements that are so small they can’t be seen.
Yet these invisible elements cause all electronic devices to work.
This...led me to discover that quantum physics identifies a large part of our universe to be non-physical...
Through quantum physics and spiritual revelation, the Holy Spirit confirmed keys to understanding physical reality.
As you read this article, allow the Holy Spirit to let you hear more than I say.
There is a Non-Physical Reality
My studies in quantum mechanics led me to the works of Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and others.
Here I learned that everything we see is part of a vast ocean of infinitesimally small subatomic particles.
Under certain conditions, these subatomic structures also take on the properties of invisible waves...
I learned that these waves, or particles which make up all matter, cause that matter to blink into existence
by being observed by the experimenter...
These invisible elements, which make up all matter, can be changed from particles to waves by how they are observed...
These particles &/or waves appear to be connected. How can it be that every atomic and subatomic element is hooked up?
Is this invisible world a part of the spiritual realm?...The duality of matter being waves or particles and how
quantum mechanics attempts to explain this revolutionary idea...caused me to do my own research, which led to
the convergence of quantum mechanics and my personal spiritual revelation. I was about to take a quantum leap.
1 Corinthians 1:28 says, God (has) chosen…things which are not (the invisible) to bring to nought things which are
(the visible). This Scripture makes sense only when you understand it at the atomic and subatomic level.
Everything is made up of atoms
, which are frequencies of energy. These frequencies of energy are the voice
of Jesus causing all things to be.
Atoms are made up of subatomic particles. 
Subatomic particles are made up of superstrings
(which are toroidal vortices of energy).
are tiny donut shaped packets of energy that spin at a frequency – or sing as in a pitch.
None of this is real in this dimension, because they exist only in a state of possibilities until someone observes them.
Then, at that observation, the potential becomes a thing – a particle or a wave.
This quantum wave collapse, caused by observation, is called popping a qwiff. This is a 1st step to taking a quantum leap.
You can see or observe a God qwiff (something God shows you that is not, yet real in this dimension)
and, by observing or popping that qwiff, cause that potential to become your reality.
Be careful what you see; you are going to get it.
Be careful what you say; you will get that, too.
Light is Slowing Down
The spiritual realm operates above the speed of light. The physical realm – this dimension – has been shaped to its
current limits by the falls of both Lucifer (see Luke 10:18) and man in the Garden of Eden (see Genesis 3:7).
When man fell, the speed of light slowed down. In the beginning, when God spoke the universe into existence,
His entire bandwidth of glory was made physical. From His glory (all frequencies) and His voice (all frequencies
expressed) all light, energy, and matter became. It is believed that the speed of light is 186,000 miles/second.
Physicist Barry Setterfield
, mathematician Trevor Norman, and Canadian mathematician Alan Montgomery
have measured light and proven that the speed of light is slowing down.  That means that light may have been 10-30%
faster in the time of Christ; twice as fast in the days of Solomon; and 4x as fast in the days of Abraham. My friend
Chuck Missler
says, 'That would imply that the velocity of light was more than 10 million times faster prior to 3,000 B.C.
This possibility would also alter our concepts of time and the age of the universe.
The universe might actually be less than 10,000 years old!' That sounds like a quantum leap to me.
Before the fall, God had created one realm from gravity waves to His glory.
This present human realm is up through the electromagnetic spectrum to the speed of light.
The interesting point about the speed of light slowing down is that when Lucifer (the bearer of light) rebelled in Heaven
and was cursed and cast down – and I believe cast down from the frequencies of God’s glory – he lost his bandwidth
and fell down from his spiritual consciousness
. In the Garden of Eden, when mankind sinned,
was cursed in the fall downward, and lost upper bandwidth and spiritual consciousness, light slowed down even more.
Other Biblical events suggest that the cosmos lost bandwidth. Noah’s flood is such an example.
Light slowed down to cause just the right frequencies for the rainbow (see Genesis 9:12-17).
At Nimrod’s Tower of Babel, mankind lost the upper bandwidth to communicate (see Genesis 11:7).
Jesus Himself told His disciples that they will get their upper bandwidth back.
In John 16:13 He said, 'When He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth
and He will show you things to come
.' Jesus is saying, 'I want to show you your future.
You can know My will and My plan for your life, although right now, you don’t have the upper bandwidth to see or observe it.
But when the Spirit of truth comes, He will give you the upper bandwidth to see things to come.'
Here is a quantum leap for someone: If you know something coming from your future, let’s say a vision, a revelation,
a desire, or even a creative idea, that information has to move faster than the speed of light to reach you.
You can and must know your God-given assignment. Information flowing from your future possibilities is waiting
for you to see, observe and call those things that are not as though they are.

The quantum leap of knowing your purpose and assignment is waiting as a God qwiff for you to pop.
Matter is Frequency Being Spoken by Jesus
When God spoke and all the frequencies of His glory became manifest, the cosmos became! From the tiniest vibrating
superstring that is causing or singing the atoms that make up the table of 103 elements, all the way through everything
the Hubble telescope sees, are the vibrating frequencies of Jesus’ voice.
Colossians 1:16-17 says, 'For by Him all things were created that are in Heaven and that are on earth, visible and
invisible…He is before all things, and in Him all things consist (exist or are sustained).' The phrase 'He is before all things'
means that He is outside of our time. Jesus said to John the Revelator that He was and is the Alpha (beginning) and
Omega (ending). Jesus is outside our concept of time in His eternal now and is causing all things to be.
When we consider creation and all things eternal, our false concepts regarding time and matter limit our understanding.
Receive the concept that Jesus is outside of our time and calendar, looking in. He is observing.
He is sustaining all things in this nanosecond (one billionth of a second) and is singing the frequencies or
vibrations of your body.

If He didn’t, you would dissolve! Your electrons, particles, and subatomic structures are blinking in and out of existence.
You think you are a solid object, but quantum mechanics has confirmed that all subatomic particles ,
the stuff you are made of – are blinking in and out of this reality.
Enoch was walking so closely with God in the Spirit that he was not, for God took him (see Genesis 5:24).
Jesus simply stopped blinking Enoch into this realm!
How close are you to Jesus Christ? How far away is your healing,
your deliverance, or your miracle? He is close, for in Him you live and move and have your being.
In the next nanosecond, He sustains you or sings your frequency set. Understand that your healing or miracle is within
the next nanosecond! In the blink of a nanosecond, He can cause your healing. Observe your healing, your miracle,
your deliverance, and be filled with all Truth by observing the future God has for you.
Take that quantum leap!
When we understand that we are being created in Christ by His causing, or by Him singing our song,
our intimacy with Him will change. His song of creation was not something He did 16 billion years ago.
 He is causing you now! Because the speed of light has slowed down, because we have our upper bandwidth back,
and because He is sustaining us every nanosecond, the act of creation is happening now.
Take your quantum leap into His eternal now.
All Matter Has Memory – Your Words are Being Recorded
As a scientist and inventor, I have developed various memory retrieval systems.
In the 1970s, I developed a laser optical music system to store sounds on silver oxide film and play the sounds back
with keyboards, using modulated light beams. I was amazed when I found the Scripture in Joshua 24:27 that says,
Joshua said unto all the people, ‘Behold, this stone shall be a witness unto us; for it hath heard all the words of the LORD
which He spake unto us: it shall be therefore a witness unto you, lest you deny your God.'
Was this Old Testament quantum physicist saying that matter has memory? Is this man, who called for and observed
the sun standing still in the heavens, telling us that the stone is listening? This is the man who sounded a frequency
that cancelled the frequencies of matter in the walls of Jericho, thereby dissolving their atomic lattice structure with his
shout and song. Did this man say the rocks are listening?  Jesus said the same thing. Joshua said the stone could record,
and Jesus said in Luke 19:40 that the stones would cry out. Habakkuk 2:11 says, For the stone shall cry out of the wall,
and the beam out of the timber shall answer it
. I came to understand that all matter has memory.
The Bible says that matter can record and it will play back. How can these things be...
I learned that Gerald Feinberg, a physicist at Columbia University, named a certain subatomic particle, that he found
in Einstein’s math, after the Greek word tachys, meaning 'swift.' He called this superluminal particle a tachyon.
This particle moved faster than light.  The tachyon is not looked upon favorably by physicists. If tachyons can be proven
to exist and anything that moves faster than light can be found, scientists will have to explain how something can appear
before its cause. For instance, if a scientific test was set up to look for this elusive faster-than-light tachyon,
and the computer started at 12:00 noon counting forward through the test sequence, the test result wouldn’t be at 12:01
or later. It would show the effect before the cause at 11:59 or earlier.
Scientists don’t have computers that count backwards and don’t accept results that appear before the cause.
But wait. 2/3 of your Bible got to mankind before the event or cause! All prophecy is the result of facts before
the event.
All creativity comes before the actual physical reality! What is a vision? What is a word of knowledge?
It is seeing, knowing, getting information before the causation. There is no other source of creativity than the Holy Spirit.
All truth comes to man through the only source of truth we have, and that is the Holy Spirit. When you see your future,
you are getting information faster than the speed of light through a means of streaming superluminal particles.
The barrier of light speed is bridged from this subluminal realm to the higher bandwidth of the superluminal realm by the
Holy Spirit.  Something like Gerald Feinberg’s tachyon exists in all matter. It is just above, or faster than the speed of light.
We know it’s there because we find results of such in the very fact of prophecy, or in the concept of words of knowledge,
and even our Bible itself.
These are proofs that the potential and possibilities of future promises or information is flowing to us.
The superluminal tachyon-like connector exists.  That faster-than-light particle in all matter receives and remembers
or records photons that shine on matter as in the photoelectric effect. Modulated photons go into all matter,
reside in the vortex of superluminal faster-than-light particles, and knock electrons out
This photoelectric effect is how my modulated light musical instruments worked in the 1970s.
That is how CD players and DVD players work now.  Today, it is not difficult to believe that matter has memory,
because most of us have tiny memory sticks or memory cards that record or store information from our cameras
and computers. Information flowing into matter and recalling it is commonplace. Photons from all light sources reflect
from your body and off your belongings. Those information carrying photons go into all matter, including walls, your ring,
and your watch. This information, even what we say and think – is modulating or moving through the connectedness of
all atomic structures. This modulated photon goes in and electrons come out. That is why Joshua said,
'This stone has heard.' Every word, action, and deed done in the flesh has been recorded.
This is where yesterday went! It is all recorded in matter and will someday be played back.
This is how evil and curses reside in places or things
. Even though matter has recorded everything,
your prayer in the name of Jesus can take the effect of Christ’s blood. His blood that is eternal and beyond time –
and cancel out all evil, sin, and past sin’s memory from matter. Oh, that is a quantum leap for many.
You can speak to and erase from places all curses and evil in Jesus’ name.
Have you fixed your past? Have you removed all curses? Have you blessed the things you own? Have you blessed your
house, office, car, belongings, money, computer, and phone? Are those things and places free from your past actions,
words, and thoughts?  You or someone else can speak a blessing or curse on your things...Take a quantum leap.
Seeing Your Future as God Sees it is Quantum Faith
Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is the substance. It is the invisible substance from which your physical world was and is
being created by Jesus Christ. Annette Capps said, 'God used faith substance & word energy to create the universe.
He spoke and the vibration (sound) of His words released (caused) the substance that became stars & planets.'
God’s future potential and all the promised possibilities constantly flow through the Holy Spirit into you.

Noise on my circuit limits my ability to hear His voice and see His future for me. The noise in my inner man is not always
sin; my noise can be my gift, my ability, even that special way I am put together and wired. I can become so busy-noisy
that I am out of phase with God’s voice and vision for me.  As I get quiet and become still, I can hear and see what God’s
future is for my reality. Psalm 46:10 says, Be still and know that I am God. My future comes from God’s possibilities
and potential. I pop God’s qwiffs and my reality is! What an awesome quantum leap.
Creating Protected Places: Is Your Home Protected?
When we understand that matter has memory and that every good or evil action, word, or thought is recorded,
it is our responsibility to remove, purge, and release evil
memory. I’m also talking about evil memory that came
to you through things you inherited
. What about evil acts and words that were spoken over you? Or evil artifacts that
are in many homes and places? Imagine what evil is recorded in public places, courthouses, jails, even schools,
and the stuff in these places.  The Passover in the book of Exodus, chapter 12, is the story of a protected place.
The blood of the Passover lamb was not put on the firstborn child. It was not applied to a person. Rather, the blood
was put on the side posts and upper door posts of a place. Anoint your home, your office, your car, even public places
in the name of Jesus
. The Passover was an event where the children of God looked forward to their Messiah and His blood
for deliverance and protection. By anointing your places and belongings with oil in the name of Jesus,
you can protect them and connect our Savior’s timeless blood over your places. What a quantum leap.
Elsewhen Teaching: Where Yesterday Went and Tomorrow Comes From
is the title of my book...means over there, or a place out of town, or out there somewhere.
Elsewhen is your consciousness out
(side) of time here and into God’s upper bandwidth of cosmic consciousness.
It is to disconnect from things of this realm and become connected to ideas, visions, and input that comes directly from
your Savior, Designer, and Creator.  Elsewhen is the experience of knowing without having to learn or push yourself
to know. It is to so behold Jesus Himself, that you comprehend the root of wisdom through the Holy Spirit.
You herein have come to understand that there is a non-physical reality from which this universe and everything in it flows.
Jesus Himself is causing
your body, your spirit, and everything you have to blink into your reality. Light is slowing down
and there is upper bandwidth and knowledge through the Holy Spirit. All the things of life and their purpose for you
and your assignment are frequencies being spoken by Christ Himself at this very nanosecond.
Matter has memory, and you can change everything that has been recorded by what you observe, by the words
you declare
, or by the curses you remove and release in the name of Jesus. You can create protected places by
anointing with oil and speaking blessings
with your words of faith. Where will you start?
What quantum leaps have come up in your spirit? You have been given a new elsewhen cosmic consciousness.
Pop those God qwiffs and cause upper bandwidth to change your reality
David Van Koevering, President and Founder - Elsewhen Research
electromagnetic spectrum - Function: noun - the entire range of wavelengths or frequencies of electromagnetic radiation
extending from gamma rays to the longest radio waves and including visible light super string - Function: noun -
one of the main objects of study in a branch of theoretical physics called string theory. There are different string theories,
the most recent version being M-theory. A string is an object with a one-dimensional spatial extent, unlike an elementary
particle which is zero-dimensional.
toroidal - Function: adjective - : Shaped like a doughnut (science and technology)
band·width - Function: noun -
1 : a range within a band of wavelengths, frequencies, or energies; especially : a range of radio frequencies which
     is occupied by a modulated carrier wave, which is assigned to a service, or over which a device can operate
2 : the capacity for data transfer of an electronic communications system <graphics consume more bandwidth
     than text does>; especially : the maximum data transfer rate of such a system <a bandwidth of 56 kilobits per second>
David Van Koevering is a writer, minister, motivational speaker, quantum physicist and inventor.
     His current teachings, The Physics of Worship and The Science of God Sounds are changing lives worldwide.
     His life’s work has demonstrated his gifts as a visionary, technologist, futurist and inventor.
     He is respected internationally for his 30-year contribution to the development and marketing of advanced technology
     that has forever changed the music industry. As a visionary, he often saw future products and technology more clearly
     than others, including his competitors. His gift is the insight to see, and by this observation to cause,
     and then define and communicate what he sees to others.
     By doing so, those things that were not, became as though they were, and reality changed.
     He truly has proved with his life’s work and success that he understands where yesterday went and tomorrow comes
     from." 8/16/2008 @ -
2 of many videos: - -
David Van Koevering prays for you to understand the revelation that God gave him:
"Deut. 31:7-8 (7/15/2010 Jubilee wedding message) - "Be strong. Take courage. You will enter the land with this people,
this land that God promised their ancestors that He'd give them. You will make them the proud possessors of it.
God is striding ahead of you. He's right there with you. He won't let you down; He won't leave you. Don't be intimidated.
Don't worry."
radio @
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Neither, changing/correcting water/food/body PH nor air ionizing (at this juncture) seem to be the same mechanism as
/preventing/reversing/ changing electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, microwaves, computers, office
equipment, etc.  The electric "Elsewhen" Grounding System removes bad electro magnetic frequencies put into one's body
by mechanical and electrical equipment.  The Abundant Human Elements CD helps correct/align/realign/revert/reverse
negative elements in one's body, back to correct frequencies.
Sickness and disease lower our frequencies (as illnesses operate/thrive/reproduce at lower frequencies).  
The CD adjusts (up or to optimal) the frequencies of one's cells back to what God created (intended) in the first place.
One does not replace the CD with the machine or vice versa); use both for optimal health and healing.
Further insight @
and EMFs
. "According to the National Sleep Foundation's Sleep-2000 report [3], nearly 2/3 of American adults [62%]
now suffer from sleep problems. Americans have the most comfortable beds and the most protected sleep environments
in the world. Yet, in traditional societies where most humans sleep on animal skins, grass mats or directly on the ground,
sleep problems do not exist. [4]
As for Americans, most now sleep within 12 inches of electrical wires hidden in the wall
at the head of their bed
and with electric cords around or near the bed. All of which emanate e-fields throughout the night
and create weak electric currents in the body
To effectively restore ground contact for an extended period, test subjects slept on dissipative carbon fiber mattress pads
placed under their fitted sheets, connected via a ground wire [protected with an inline 1/100 amp fast blow fuse],
to a ground rod driven into the earth near their bedroom window. The grounded mattress pads were designed
to replicate the ground plane of the earth in the bed...
Loss of natural ground allows extraneous electricity to interfere with...normal bioelectrical activities of the body...
with natural health and sleep...(and with) the bio-electrical communications between cells...
The purpose of this work was to provide evidence that when the human body is
grounded it is naturally protected from static electricity and radiated electric fields
The meter reading of the grounded subject proved this true. The benefits of grounding
the body were expected to relax muscles and improve sleep. This also proved to be true...
Several subjects...experienced significant relief from asthmatic and respiratory conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, PMS,
sleep apnea and hypertension, while sleeping grounded...
It could also be a way forward for protection against high frequency radiation."

Van Koevering, David - The Physics of Worship awesome CD -
Van Koevering, David - The Science of God Sound CD -
Van Koevering, David - Keys to Taking Your Quantum Leap CD + transcript -
Van Koevering -
Van Koevering, David - Quantum Healing manuscript (with concentration on healing ministry)
"Satan is behind wrong frequencies.  Jesus came to set us free of sin and of Satan.  Diseases are wrong frequencies." - -
“Superstrings are the vibrations at the bottom of matter (the smallest particles)
that is the voice of God singing creation to BE.  Superstrings are the voice of Yahweh calling matter to be (into existence,
including today’s miracles/healings/deliverance). 
Today we call these (visible) vibrations the Periodic Table of Elements, which has 103 elements…they are (both)
(103) sounds and (103) frequencies…harmonic,” plus they are (103) colors.

David Van Koevering talks about Tachyons -

What Is The Science Of Haptonomy? 6/2/2011 - During the 1980s, this phenomenon (of prenatal communication
between fetus and mother) was discovered by Dr. Eric Reinhold of Stuttgart, Germany.

DECEPTION - Bait and Switch - Half Truths  
(demonic) DANGERS

(Anyone who has NOT read the Bible from cover to cover, who has not repented for his/her sins and asked the Holy Spirit to dwell inside him/her, and who does NOT test the spirits, is in grave danger of being deceived and harmed.)
"The ETS informed me that I was speaking and singing the Universal Language of the Light.
They said that everyone knows this language and the vibration goes beyond the mind
and speaks directly to the cell memories-the DNA.
Therefore, it is deeply healing as it instantly reminds people of their truth of who they are, divine light beings.
When the sounds came through me, I was in a mild trance state, and I felt like an observer.
I felt like I was serving as a radio station, broadcasting the frequency of these wonderful, divine sounds that the Arcturians were speaking and singing through me. I was so grateful that I had the courage to allow my body to be used as their vehicle of transmission for the good."
The demons spoke, "We are the Arcturians. We are from the 5th dimension and we are of the light." - NON Christian Rudolf Steiner,’s Anthroposophy agriculture course: "Force arises between opposite polarities. Electricity arises between the positive and negative polarities Magnetism arises between north & south polarities. And the 3rd force, a cohesive or formative force,
arises between point and periphery, or up and down...[Heaven and hell.  "It is believed
by Theosophists that nature spirits, elementals (gnomes, ondines, sylphs, and salamanders),
and fairies can be also be observed when the (Occultic) third eye is activated."[19] per ] Yet, it (including the effect of the solar system on plants and insects) is of the greatest importance to agriculture.  The opposite streams of this formative force are gravity and levity. Who has seen gravity?
No one. And no one sees levity. But this is the way with forces. All we see are effects. Gravity, which is lifeless or material, works toward the point pole; while levity, which is living or spiritual, works toward the periphery. Both foster organization and are formative.  However, gravity works on substances while  levity (life or spirit) works on ethers.
The ethers inter-penetrate physical substance, so it is not just that physical substances respond to gravity while etheric forms respond to levity. Living organisms, with both physical and Etheric Body, respond to both gravity and levity."
[Hugh Lovel recognizes the invisible living spiritual forces at work in plants, soil and air;
he fails to assign authorship to Father God the Creator.]
The Ether Hypothesis - "Maxwell himself in his (scientific) researches on electricity and magnetism assumed the existence of the (omnipresent invisible) incompressible and elastic ether (substance). In 1905 Albert Einstein finally disposed of the ether hypothesis." - occult healing practices

Bohome, Jakob - from -
Bohome, Jakob -  God's Handiwork - the Doctrine of Signatures -
Physical matter vibrates at different frequencies.

Callahan, Philip S - Para-magnetism - Rediscovering Nature's Secret Force of Growth -
"Para-magnetism is a physical every physics handbook...low level energy found
in good soils...not found in poor soils."  Author indicates that nature's invisible physical farming laws of invisible science are also what others attribute to gods and occult spiritual forces. 
Father God, in Jesus name, please receive all the glory, honor and praise for whatever
part You play in the goodness and mercy of nature.  Be pleased to share any information helpful to us who would employ methods to farm/garden/protect Your earth for the benefit and health of Your children.  Amen.

Davis, Paul Keith - Angels that Gather - - Chapter 9 Engaging Heaven 
"The Nicolaitan spirit will NOT appear as an enemy; rather veiled as righteous leadership, promoting seemingly appropriate agendas...
The Nicolaitan spirit's venture (goal is) to steal the believer's birthright...
The plumb line of this (one's own) ministry will be its fruit. "

Divine Coding is highly suspect as there is NO reliance on or credit to the Trinity (Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit).  By angels "I was shown the vibrational rates

of color and sound and how the varying vibrations alter every structure of our very being.  

The full spectrum of the holographic rainbow is what Divine Coding looks like to a clairvoyant."  Remember that in the last

days there will be doctrines of demons plus miracles.  Make sure your miracles are from Papa God and and NOT papa Satan! 

Satan is an excellent counterfeiter!  Bad guys trick children with candy.  Get the message! "
Sacred geometry applies to all

life, the intricacies of angelic language and coding, and divine alchemy...

"Divine Coding is a stand alone angelic healing that predates life on this earth.  The Divine angelic energy is transmitted

into the crown chakra and pours out through all chakras, the hands, eyes, and aura to the recipient.  The healer's aura

expands and holds the healing space and codes for the person involved, so that they can use the energy according to the

needs of their Divine self. This is a very powerful but non-intrusive form of healing.  During the process, one may feel the

presence of angels and the upliftment of the physical being to the level of the soul. One automatically moves into a place of

self-love and acceptance through Divine Coding because the entire being vibrates at a higher level."

"Master Dom Inacio would like Divine Coding to be described to others as:
"Divine Coding is an energetic spiritual system

that uses the symbolic language of the angels to uncover ones true essence. It works on all levels of the being and

integrates mind, body, and soul by raising ones vibration to a higher frequency

"To understand why divine coding works, it is helpful to review Bruce Lipton’s (cell biologist) research.  

In The Biology of Belief he explains how the body’s cells are either in a state of fear and self-protection or in a state of

healing and love.  Through his research, he shows how our beliefs change and shape our DNA.

It is as if our cells have antennae that receive messages from our thoughts, the environment, and our ancestors.  

If we live in  fear (even unconsciously), our body goes into defensive mode and becomes sympathetic dominant.  

This means our body is constantly in stress mode...Eventually, this (type of) negative cellular memory alters our DNA...

All health problems involve an atypical frequency in the involved cells. When the unhealthy frequency can be

changed to a healthy frequency and maintained, the cell will heal and become a positive force to all surrounding

. When the frequency, or vibration of cells within the physical body become out of sync, the body is no longer able to

communicate a healthy, love message to those cells. 

Our beliefs and emotions may actually cause the miscommunication within the body."

"We scan for over 1,000 items which include physical systems, mental/emotional components, and spiritual needs.

Then, together we will enter a meditative space where  we will create a healing space for you that

increases your vibration, and creates harmony on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)."

"The primary masters who often channel through us are as follows:

T via St Germaine and Dom Inacio and AA Gabriel + L via LMaster Djwhal Kuhl

Both...are natural medical intuitives, which means they were not taught by another human being.

They both see inside the body and are able to work energetically/spiritually with the physical components, as well

as how it relates to other aspects of the self."

"Divine Coding involves invoking the Divine to create an energetic flow which alters the vibration of cells within the body to

create a resonant frequency which re-establishes harmony in the affected cells and communication between cells.  

As a result, the ailment is significantly reduced or eliminated.  This is a Divine form of healing which originates from

Source...  Your higher self will take in as much or as little energy as needed for your situation.

If a person chooses to not accept the code, the energy will go to whomever is open to it and can utilize it."

Clinicians "are only conduits of Divine energy which is then offered to you for your body, mind, and Soul to use the way you

choose. You are doing the healing with the Divine energy...The healing energy balances the frequency and vibration of the

cells thereby creating homeostasis, so your body is able to heal itself."

Ley Lines, Power Points & Sacred Temples from source of material seems to be
Jeffrey Brackeen Koinonia Communications P. O. Box 5698 Lake Havasu City, AZ. 86404,
so please inquire of the Holy Spirit regarding spiritual contamination!

Yes, Jeff has his own theology, "As I (Jeff) have attempted to explain...After the fall of
the angels, with Lucifer, we were placed in ‘skins’ of flesh, so that we would not become incorrigible, like Satan and his angels,"
(There is a Lubbock, Texas MD with name Jeffrey Brackeen,
Anatomic & Clinical Pathologist, Pathologist.  Perhaps not a good person to be around without a chaperone!)

Paradigm Alchemy
 (Seems that there is a competition between good and evil using the same information coming to the forefront in this generation.) Author says,
The Universal Language of Light is the frequency of our Souls’ beginnings. Also known as the Language of Angels or the Language of the Cosmos, the Universal Language of Light vibration is experienced by humans through colors, symbols, words, tones, and chants.
All things - all of creation - resonate with this vibration. Connecting to the Sound Within allows you to use this energy to set space, clear energy, calm and relax, promote meditation, support harmony and metamorphosis of all the bodies, and assist in the activation of higher consciousness and awareness through direct interaction with the
Pineal gland.
Disease, emotional issues, physical issues, are all signs that we are 'out of tune.'
When we hold things in our 'memory', especially experiences that are traumatic,
they are part of our cellular memory and can manifest in the physical, causing blockages, misalignments, dis-ease, etc.  I believe that it is possible to communicate with the cells
of the human body, release the blockages, and bring them back into perfection through sound.
Many individuals agree that the human voice is the most Sacred and highest vibrational healing 'tool' on earth. The voice is the source of our own Creation - it is where we create our reality, whoa, what we want to bring into our world, how we speak our truth.
The power of our words, of our intent, and the vibration behind them, all come into play. All individuals have the innate ability to tap into their very own Soul Song and its powerful and transformational ability to heal from their heart through sound. It is just a matter of listening to your heart to hear the tune."
(Some of the Spiritual parts are convoluted/in error,
but the science/medical parts seem to be OK
See photo showing that "a human cancer cell exposed to the
Ionian scale of musical notes C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D explodes after 14 minutes."

Rick Renner, John Bevere -  Forward + Intro.  For Chapter #1 A World Gone Crazy - download @ Evil spirits have been loosed from hell with the intention to confuse and deceive mankind.


Beware even of KISSES of lovers or pastors who would woo us into - deception, failure to test the spirits, failure to be on our guard, reliance in our partners or spiritual coverings rather than in God alone.
Those who have been wounded, those who have broken hearts, those who are lonely, those who are abandoned, those who have been abuses, especially women, are especially vulnerable potential victims of deliberate abusers or self serving manipulators.

REINCARNATION (being alive before conception, especially as "another soul not your own") is another problem area especially surfacing around scientists who are delving into quantum physics and parapsychology.  Some famous inventors and thinkers in an attempt to probe the mind of God may end up probing the mind of Satan.  Let us continually test each idea and each spirit.  Satan counterfeits, so whatever is good will be better if it is a God original.  Especially test the nature of each idea.  Is it used to curse or bless, such as the atom or hydrogen bomb?  BEWARE.


Harfouche, Robin  went from New Age & Hollywood actress & dancer to wheelchair cripple 
Order book #1112 "From Hollywood to Heaven"  8/20-24/2007 Sid Roth Radio Broadcast #1553  
LISTEN to Friday's radio broadcast  shares that there is an evil spirit of pain, which is often to doorway to a majority of other infirmities.  We are to command it (and all problems it brought in with it) to leave, in Jesus name!
Harfouche, Christian & Robin - Order books #9015 "How to Receive Your Miracle" + "Healing of the Female Spirit"  
8/27-31/2007  LISTEN to archives @  
Monday's program shares how ignoring/accepting/not rejecting/not refusing fear can trigger relapse.
Wednesday's program shares that Satan can counterfeit about everything the Holy Spirit does, EXCEPT creative miracles!  Sid Roth Radio Broadcast #1554    
Christian Harfouche Ministries, Pensacola, Florida, USA - Rape/abuse prayer requests 
web address =

Eating Kosher - - "The Torah states that one who consumes non-kosher food is infected by an unclean spirit, the health benefits of kosher foods cannot be ignored. As kosher laws strictly dictate how animals are to be fed, killed and processed, kosher food remains a safe choice even among the non-Jews, especially in view of repeated cases E. coli and mad cow disease."
The minimum spiritual rule is to say out loud (or whisper) grace before meals. Remember, Jesus did allow dietary changes to Gentiles who converted to Messianic Judaism.  Eating of blood was forbidden. Otherwise, no kosher foods were disallowed to converts.

Eckhardt, John - Marine Demons - - Author is one of numerous authors who imply/believe/teach that demons either inhabit or manifest as an apparition into certain aquatic animals, especially those non-kosher species. 

Demons and Demon Groupings -  page 4

Hinn, Benny - 9/19/2016 -
Hinn, Benny - 9/20/2016 -
Hinn, Benny - 9/21/2016 -
Benny suggests a progressive spiritual downhill slide:
1.regression, 2.supression, 3.depression, 4.opression,
5.obcession (where one is fighting a demon), 6.possession (where one fails to resist).
Benny suggests 3 spiritual war weapons:1.prayer (fuel), 2.praise (like David),
3.confession (declaration of Jesus' blood and of scripture)

How Demons Enter -  

Joan Hunter 2009 #1665 radio broadcast 10/12-16/2009 -
2 books  Healing the Whole Man Handbook & Power to Heal
Wednesday the 14th's program shares both psychiatric (schizophrenia)
+ physical healing (back and heart) from cursing/eliminating the spirit of fear and trauma. 
Additionally 10/16/2009 is a more thorough discussion regarding transplants and transfusions with testimony evidencing that not only had flesh AND blood been transferred, but also specific evil spirits (such as trauma, fear, fear of death, fear of being bludgeoned to death, night terrors). 
Finally Joan shares how when transplants/transfusions are pending/imminent the team can pray and bind/ cancel/forbid all harm from coming into the recipient - plus the team can minister health/healing to the organ and transplant recipient. 
Book Power to Heal contains this discussion.
Hunter, Joan - Joan Hunter Ministries -
Daughter of Charles and Frances -
Watch archived
Joan Hunter  1/11-17/2010  TV broadcast includes healing prayer.  Often trauma triggers mental illness; it can be cursed and eradicated, thus loosing us from schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, etc. 

Milo, Paul Your Flying Car Awaits - 100 Years of Failure: 10 Technologies We Were Promised But Never Got - "The Knowledge Pill - Scientists at the University of Michigan in the early 1960s trained worms to avoid an electric shock, then noticed that other, untrained worms suddenly possessed this skill too after eating their learned cousins. It was thought that acquired skills were kept in RNA, a chemical similar to DNA that performs the genetic functions in cells. This led some to speculate that knowledge is stored in our bodies in edible form and to conclude that one day, learning Spanish would be as easy as popping a caplet or dos."

Audio Visual

Hayes, Norvel - The High Cost Of Spiritual Ignorance - video - 

Kerr, Kat - AUDIO - How the enemy attacks without your knowledge by Kat Kerr from -
As there is a river of life in us there can also be a river of death,  a sewer/cesspool.  Danger.  Be careful what u entertain, speak, expose self to, allow in one's presence. 
Deposits of green slime accumulate if one does not repent and invite Jesus to be savior and Lord.

Martin, Dave - Supernatural Preparation for End Times - CDs -
CD#3 end of tract 6 shares God's illustration of Satan's tactics and flight when found out.  A young bully Dave nicknamed Billy Bad Mouth decided to terrorize a happily married young woman with 2 young children.  He covered the phone with a cloth to disguise his voice, frequently called the woman, and threatened her and her child.  He taunted that the greater pain and suffering inflicted, the greater his financial return.  One day God revealed that the phone calls were from her neighbor's son, who she confronted and intended to prosecute fully in court.  The youth, having been found out, fled.  Likewise, Satan, when found out and confronted, in Jesus' name, will flee.

Deliverance of Children by Love

Perry, Michelle - Love Has a Face: Mascara, a Machete and One Woman's - -
Chapter 2 - "We had a possessed infant
on our hands." - read online chapter one

Deliverance of Children by Exorcism

Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae - -

Science for Children

Dangers to Children

Halloween -
Halloween - Ex-satanist John Ramirez alerts parents NOT to allow their children to celebrate satan's high holliday.

Hoff, Benjamin - The Tao of Pooh - regarding - Winnie-the-Pooh books by AA Milne
Chapter  No-where and No-thing  "What Chuang-tse, Christopher Robin, and Pooh are describing is the Great Secret, the key that unlocks the doors of wisdom, happiness, and truth.  What is the magic, mysterious something?  NOTHING.  To the Taoist, Nothing is something, and Something (at least the sort of thing that many consider to be important) is really nothing at all.  Our explanation of this will attempt to give some sort of indication of what the Taoists call T'ai Hsu, the 'Great Nothing.'  We will begin with an illustration from the writings of Chuang-tse: 'On his way back from the K'un-lun Mountains, the Yellow Emperor lost the dark pearl of Tao.  He sent Knowledge to find it, but Knowledge was unable to understand it.  He sent Distant Vision, but Distant Vision was unable to see it.  He sent Eloquence, but Eloquence was unable to describe it. 
Finally, he sent Empty Mind, and Empty Mind came back with the pearl." 
DANGER It is the EMPTY MIND (such as during meditation) that allows demons to enter the mind and get a foothold in one's mind. The donkey Eeyore frets, Piglet hesitates,  Rabbit calculates, Owl pontificates, but Pooh just IS.  Ouch.

Monster High Doll -

Ouija Boards -

Pokemon -

Kosher pair of Tefillin  A Changed Personality
"As is his custom, his (Jewish) son began to wear them (an expensive pair of Tefillin) approximately on Lag B'omer, which was 60 days before his Bar Mitzvah. Strangely enough, as his son put them on for the very first time, he began to cry (and his personality spiraled downward. 
However,)...2 days after his son began to wear a (new) kosher pair (of Tefillin), he suddenly became his normal self again, and once again began learning with great hasmodoh and displaying that great personality he had possessed before."

Dangers to Humanity

Revelation 12 TPNT - The Woman and the Dragon 
1.A great miracle was seen in heaven.  A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon beneath her feet;
2.she cried out in labor and was distressed to give birth. 
3.Another miracle was seen in heaven.  There was a great red like fire dragon (the giant, earth-girding serpent-fish called Leviathan) which had 7 heads and 10 horns (Daniel 7:7) and 7 crowns upon its heads. 
4.It's tail was raging a 3rd of the stars of the sky (fallen angels); it cast them to the earth.  (Daniel 8:10).  The dragon stood before the woman, the 1 about to give birth, so that when her child would be born, he could devour the Child. 
5.She bore a Son (Isaiah 7:14, 66:7), a male child, the One Who is going to shepherd all the heathens with an iron rod. (Psalm 2:9).  Her Child (Jesus Messiah) was caught away to God and to His throne (in heaven). 
6.The woman fled into the desert, where she has a place there that was prepared by God, so that they could feed her there 1,260 days (years).
7.There was a war in heaven.  Michael (Daniel 10:13,21 12:1) and his angels made war with the dragon.  The dragon and his angels battled,
8.but he was not strong enough and a place for them was still not found in heaven. 
9.The great dragon, the old serpent, the one called Devil land Satan, the one who deceived the entire inhabited world, was cast (down) to the earth (Isaiah 14:12).  His angels were cast with him. 
10.I heard a loud voice in heaven saying, "Now has come the salvation, the power, the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Messiah, because the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down, the one who had accused them before our God day and NIGHT. (Job 1:9-11, Zachariah 3:1) 
11.They overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb AND because of the Word of their testimony; they did not love their life even to the enduring of death itself. 
12.Because of this, you, the heavens, and those who dwell in them must constantly rejoice.  Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil, having great wrath, has come down to you,  since he has known that he has little time."
13.When the dragon saw that he was thrown (down) to the earth, he pursued the woman who gave birth to the male child.  14.The 2 wings of the great eagle were given to the woman (Exodus 19:4) so that she could fly into the desert to her place, where she was fed there time and times and ah half time (Daniel 7:25, 12:7) away from the presence of the serpent. 
15.The serpent spewed water like a river from its mouth behind the woman, so that it could make her be swept away by a stream, drowned in the waters (of the great flood of Noah, the Red Sea, the Jordan River).
16.Then the earth helped the woman; the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the river that the dragon cast from its mouth. 
17.The dragon was angered on account of the woman and left to make war with the rest of her (Jewish and spiritual) seed (offspring), of those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus (Daniel 7:7,21). 
18.Then he stood upon the sand of the sea.  
Matthew 2:13-18 TPNT - The Slaying of the Infants  16After Herod saw that he was tricked by the astrologers, he became exceedingly angry.  He sent (militia) and killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all the (neighboring) regions of it, from 2 years old and below, according to the time which he ascertained from the astrologers. 
17Then that spoken by Jeremiah the prophet was fulfilled saying, "A voice was heard in Rama. Weeping and" much "mourning; Rachel weeping for her children; she was not to be comforted, because they were not (They were deceased)." (Jeremiah 31:15)
Psalm 74:3 KJV Lift up Thy feet unto the perpetual desolations (Satan's planning/design headquarters in 2nd heaven + ).

de Lange, Susanna FM - -
4.l.3.5 Discover the Designs of Darkness in a Person's Life
- "Intercede prophetically for people, declaring that God has destroyed the works of the devil in the the depths of hell...specifically the designs God shows us (concerning the person/location for whom we are interceding)...Pray to God to manifest Jesus Christ as the Son of God in the person's life (to his/her spirit rather than to his/her mind/intellect)...Undo these (demonic) designs that bind them (him/her)...
A kingdom of Satan...(contains)...regions of darkness...called infernal places. 
Satan's designs originate from these infernal places."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity book - -
Chapter 3 Heavenly and Infernal Places - shares
that there are holy and unholy places of design where evil or good is conceived and implemented to bless or curse.  The Lord's prayer is a template for this. 
Demons declare evil, in the name of Satan, while Christians are to contradict that and declare/loose/prophesy good, in the name of Jesus: In Jesus name, Holy Father,
may Your will (concerning ________ ) now be done on earth as it is already done in heaven.  Understanding this is a major key to recovery. -
Black Hole -
12/21-23/2012 Solstice, when our whole solar system aligns perfectly in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy – a Galactic Alignment -Other religions say it’s the portal in which the demons will escape from the gates of the under-world, the rise of the Antichrist on Judgment Day.
Another possibility during a Galactic Alignment is a geomagnetic Pole Shift. In this scenario, the Earth’s polar axis “wobbles” as the
magnetic north pole becomes the south, and the South Pole becomes north. There are considerable amount of historical geological data that supports the fact that a magnetic pole reversal has indeed taken place in the course of history – even long before mankind walked the Earth. Geologists have found that the pole shift in the past has caused a major cataclysmic disaster causing the Earth’s tectonic plates to collide, triggering huge earthquakes, Super Volcanoes, and tsunamis. This pole shift has begun to take place as evidenced by the recent strange weather and earthquake activity over the years.  
openings at the poles ...are an estimated 1,400 miles across and around them is a magnetic ring. The entrances are covered by clouds most of the time, advocates claim, and the airspace is restricted by law.  When explorers searching for the North or South Pole reach this magnetic ring their compasses point straight down and they believe they are at the pole. They are not. They are at the magnetic ring which encircles the poles.."

Paganism ? (or NOT) -
(Opponents often begin to clarify/share truths better than believers do!) -
Chuck Pierce - 
Related to occult understandings 
(not Christian site). Galactic Alignments are gateways that are created by a particular alignment of the planets and stars of our universe with the Earth. When planets or stars move into a geometrical position in relationship with the Earth, it sets up a communication channel. This channel is a gateway for information to flow through. The more conscious and receptive we are of this available channel, the more we can open to receive, assimilate and utilize this energy and information in our lives

Demonic Places of Captivity of Fragmented Soul Pieces

Cox, Paul - -


Demonic oppression, infestation and possession, death and murder, disaster,
and any such diabolical event is first and foremost directed at God, then Jesus, and then their spiritual and Jewish seed.  From Genesis to Revelation we find ongoing examples of Lucifer/Satan/the devil attempting to exterminate the Holy Spirit and His work.  Insanity is just one of many demonic attempts to erase God's holy purposes. 
The greater the travesty, the greater the holy purpose for which that individual was designed, from the foundation of the world.  Wake up world.  Take back what the enemy has stolen and declare a recompense of at least double. Plunder hell to populate heaven.  Declare double trouble for hell.  Declare double power to set more captives free. 
Declare double power to bless Father God, in the name of His Son, Messiah Jesus.
Deliverance is the children's bread and our holy inheritance. Wrestle with God until you win!. 

Revelation 18:6 You (God) must now reward (repay/render to) her as she also rewarded (infected/harmed/abused/oppressed/deceived) (Psalm 137:8  Jr50:15,29) and You must immediately pay back double to her according to her (evil) deeds (works/immoralities/ iniquities/sins).  In the cup in which she mixed, You must now mix double (trouble/ consequence) to her.

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