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Charlie Rose: The Brain Series -
Hawking, Stephen - Greater awareness of value of herbs, supplements & diet. 9/17/2017
The Electric Brain - "What is the nature of consciousness, & how does it arise? Neuroscientist Rodolfo LlinŠs has some answers." NOVA
The Great Sensory Mix-Up - - 12/11/2011
"Vision, considered our most reliable and dominant sense, could be altered by sound or touch."

Alternative Medicine

Blueberry nutrients concentrate in brain areas relating to learning and memory. 
Blueberries may protect memory/cognition/learning of those with Parkinson's &/or Alzheimer's. 9/2006
Boron - 3.25 mg (per 2,000 daily calories) of Boron (found in plums, grapes, avocados, nuts, legumes) may work with calcium, magnesium & vitamin D (best from sunshine) to improve cognition (manual dexterity, hand-to-eye coordination, attention, perception, short/long memory) - 8/2006
Braverman, Dr Eric R  
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The Edge Effect - Reverse or Prevent Alzheimer's, Aging, Memory Loss, Weight Gain, Sexual Dysfunction and More
  pg 244+  cites supplements to boost dopamine (especially in Parkinson's disease).  Pg 271+ discusses the BEAM or Brain Electrical Activity Map. Short summary at
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  video  One of many who have built on Tony Buzan's teachings. (See below)
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ďAbout 5 years ago, manufacturers of infant milk formula began adding Martek's DHA to the formula. The decision was based on clinical trials that found infants, particularly preemies, who were fed a DHA supplement did better on cognitive tests than babies who were fed a regular formula. The babies, for instance, were better able to recognize a new face compared with 1 they had seen before
...Martek is producing a pure supply of DHA by fermenting algae in big, steel tanks...Says researcher Emily Oken of Harvard Medical School, 'that prenatal intake is (apparently) more important than post-natal intake'...Eggs contain some DHA, & organ meats such as liver & brains...Nuts and seeds such as walnuts, flax-seed & Canola oil contain omega-3s, though the body has to convert these plant sources from alpha-linolenic Acid (ALA) to DHA...Fish are loaded with a lot of DHA & protein...'The best benefit comes with eating fish that are low in mercury,' Oken says."  (Larger fish tend to have higher toxic mercury.  Also avoid bottom feeder shellfish.)
Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil, vitamin C + increased vegetable intake may improve cognition. 5/2005 Life Extension

Preventing Cognitive Decline with the supplement pregnenolone, especially for older/senior persons whose hormones have declined.  Is also cited to help those older patients with mental illness including schizophrenia.  
It is not a hormone, but a hormone precursor/building block.  Anyone who has had the change of life or hysterectomy, for example, will want to consider this.  Pregnenolone may also help reverse/defeat anxiety, depression, & phobias. 11/2007

Uridine-5'-monophosphate (UMP/disodium) is a phosphatide building block of RNA-DNA in breast milk that contributes to elderly & young brains. Other foods/supplements include PH, DHA, GPC, vinpocetine, grape seed, blueberry, ashwagandha, hops,  ginger, rosemary, & pregnenolone. summer2006/winter2007


Jason Westerfield 4/14-18/2008 RADIO #1587
Especially listen to 4/17/2008 + following week's broadcast. Healing of cognition, memory, IQ's, & brains.
Jason Westerfield #1 of 2 @ free transcript  5/19-25/2008 + TV broadcast archives @
Autobiography: God Come to Me or I'm Coming to You.
Oyedepo, David - Nigeria - Satan Get Lost @
edited_filenames/Oyedepo.Dr%20David%20!Satan%20Get%20Lost.pdf  - "My testimony is on how God gave my children wisdom from above. My children were dullards at school. By the special grace of God, I was in church when a sister testified of how God gave her daughter wisdom for excellence, resulting in her excelling in school. That same day, the Bishop said there was an impartation service in the evening & that every man should come with his or her mantle, that will be placed on our children's head for excellence. I went home that day & placed the special mantles on my 3 children.  By the special grace of God, last year, the 3 of them came 1st in their various classes, & this term they all came 1st again."
Mrs. Ekeckukwu, M.

Scripture :16-18 - 16.In the 11'th jubilee [512-18 A.M.] Jared took to himself a wife, & her name was Baraka, the daughter of R‚sŻj‚l, a daughter of his father's brother, in the 4th week of this jubilee, [522 A.M.] & she bare him a son in the 5th week, in the 4th year of the jubilee, & he called his name Enoch.
17.He was the 1st among men that are born on earth who learnt writing & knowledge & wisdom & who wrote down the signs of heaven according to the order of their months in a book, that men might know the seasons of the years according to the order of their separate months.
18.He was the 1st to write a testimony & he testified to the sons of men among the generations of the earth, & recounted the weeks of the jubilees, & made known to them the days of the years, & set in order the months & recounted the Sabbaths of the years as we made (them), known to him.


Peterson, Melody - - Click Google's "contents" in it's book review to read chapters or go to - Tough read, but vital to the health of you & your family.  "The cognition of patients with Alzheimer's disease grew worse when they took either Detrol or Ditropan.  Both bladder drugs have what doctors call anti-cholinergic effects, which means they block the action of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter.  Nerve cells release neurotransmitters to send signals to neighboring cells.  The anti-cholinergic medicines block some of these signals...The brains of the patients who had taken anti-cholinergic drugs for 2 years or longer had more that twice the level of abnormal clumps of amyloid plaque & tangled bundles of fibers as those who had not taken the drugs or had taken them for a such time...Medication-induced dementia often reverses, if it is found & the patient stops taking the offending drug."
Problems that affect bees can also affect humans. Neonicotinoids  (acetamiprid, clothianidin, imidacloprid, nitenpyram, nithiazine, thiacloprid, thiamethoxam), or nicotine-based  pesticides cause loss of one's comprehension or bearings such as is found in Alzheimer's. "Pesticides & herbicides used in farming & on suburban lawns can weaken or kill bees.
Caron said
a new class of pesticides used on plants, called neonicotinoids, donít kill bees but hamper their sense of direction. That leaves them unable to find their way back to their hives."  10/2008 movie  These nicotine pesticides were banned in France & France still has a viable industry compared to other countries.  4/2008 news Check your garden/lawn pesticide labels before purchasing.
Go organic as much as possible.
5/26/2008 Heart Disease "Bypass surgery, in which the heart's function is temporarily replaced with a mechanical pump, has long been implicated in what's commonly called 'pump head.'  A mental fog can occur even years after surgery."