Siritual Audacity, Tenacity, Grit, Ruling
or Being Impotent, Powerless, Dead

Gimenez, Anne - 
On 1 of her telecasts Pastor Anne Gimenez reiterates the Hebrew belief of 3 heavens
[1-earth's atmosphere + stratosphere (beginning 7 miles up from earth), 2-ionosphere, 3-God's dominion]. 
Anne believes that the 1st heaven/atmosphere was the devil's dominion until he killed the son of God
Who went to hell & retook the keys that Adam forfeited in the garden of Eden. 
When Jesus retook the keys, He took the dominion/authority/ keys of the earth
(1st heaven/atmosphere/air touching earth) back from Satan & returned them back to man. 
Man (when he finally realizes that he has dominion) has authority over demons & disease. 
Satan (who is a spirit & thus invisible) does NOT want man to realize that he is alive & kicking. 
When man does realize that demons/evil spirits are real, Satan does NOT want man to realize that man has power/control over demons; rather Satan intends to keep man in the dark (thinking that he/Satan has the upper hand). 
Christ handed the keys of the kingdom to man, but until man wakes up spiritually, he will never know about nor use them.  Man needs the baptism of water & of the Holy spirit. 
Sleeping Beauty needed a kiss from the Prince in the fairy tale in order to awake from the dead. 
We need God's kiss, so we can awake from our spiritual slumber. 
In Christ Jesus, we have all the goods, His goods, His keys.  We can take back what the enemy has stolen.
Each generation has this same opportunity.  When Christ took captives back from hell, it was the saints He rescued, those who died before He was resurrected. 
Now through the Holy Spirit/His blood/His name we have resurrection power to do everything that Christ did while on earth.
[One can also purchase her 3 Heavens TV broadcasts
(1-Keys of the Kingdom, 2-Darkness Had Its Finest Hour, 3-All That Jesus Began to Do) in DVD or CD.]

Prince, Joseph - 7/2010 -
Joseph reminds us that Satan operates in large part in the feeling/soul realm & will win when we play his game.  When we look at (believe) the emotional or physical pain (symptoms) rather than at (believe) God's word in Scripture, Satan is carrying the ball in the game of life.

                     Scripture says the prophet Ezekiel spoke TO the dead bones & they woke up.

EZEKIEL 37:1-10 TLB  - 1The power of the Lord was upon me & I was carried away (translated) by the (Holy) Spirit of the Lord to a valley full of old, dry (broken bones (bodies/minds/organs/relationsips) that were scattered everywhere across the ground (land/streets/mental institutions/hospitals/prisons/halfway houses). 
He led me around among them. 
3Then He said to (asked) me, "Son of dust, can these (bones/rejects/corpses/lepers) become people (normal/alive) again?"  I replied, "Lord, You alone know the answer to that." 
4Then He told me to speak (talk/prophesy) to the (bones/mental illness/diseases)
(command), "O dry (bones/problem), Listen to the words of God, for
5the Lord says, 'See!  I am going to make you live and breathe again. 
I will replace the flesh & muscles on you & cover you with skin. 
I will put breath
(life/human spirit/God's spirit) into you. 
You shall live & know
(acknowledge/recognize) I am the Lord.'"
7I spoke (aloud/talked) these words from God, just as He told me to
Suddenly there was a rattling noise from all across the valley. 
The (bones) of each body came together & attached to each other as they used to be. 
8As I watched, the muscles & flesh formed over the (bones), skin covered them, but the bodies had no breath (life/human spirit/eternal life). 
9Then He told me to call to the wind & say, "The Lord God says, 'Come from the 4 winds, O (Holy) Spirit.  Breathe upon these slain bodies (circumstances), that they may live again.'" 
10So I spoke to the winds as He commanded me.  The bodies began breathing. 
They lived & stood up, a very great army.  (End of scripture.) 
Notice, there were spiritual steps to revival/resurrection/power/death/disease/ fixing a problem. 
1st, spiritual life had to come from the holy Trinity (1st Father God, 2nd Jesus Christ, 3rd Holy Spirit). 
EZEKIEL 37  "I will put breath (life/human + God's spirit) into you. 
You shall live & know
(acknowledge/ recognize that) I am the Lord.
EZEKIEL 37  "Come from the 4 winds, O (Holy) Spirit, & breathe upon these slain bodies, that they may live again (be revived/cured/resurrected from the dead/healed from an infirmity/go to heaven/receive power to overcome problems.)  [The water baptism is public evidence of taking Jesus as savior. 
Baptism in the Holy Spirit, ceremony of confirmation, is public evidence of receiving power. 
Many believe that speaking in tongues is the authentic spiritual evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. 
Remember, even Jesus' disciples had to wait to receive empowerment before they could minister to others.]" - JPS Tanakh 1917 -
aith the LORD, The Holy One of Israel, & his Maker: Ask Me of the things that are to come; Concerning My sons, & concerning the work of My hands, command ye Me (via My/our heavenly army).

[Matthew 3:7,11-12 -
When he saw many of the Pharisees & Sadducees coming to where he was baptizing, he said to them...
"I baptize you with water for repentance, but after me will come One who is more powerful than I,
Whose sandals I am not fit to carry.  He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit & with fire.] 
Baptism [3rd, the death/problem had to be spoken to:]
EZEKIEL 37:4-5  Then He (God) told me to speak (talk/prophesy) to the bones. 
(command), "O dry bones, Listen to the words of God, for  5the Lord says.
GENESIS 1:3    God SAID (out loud), "Let there be light."
GENESIS 1:26 KJV  - God SAID, "Let US (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) make man in Our image, after Our likeness."   We need to speak aloud God's words: scripture.  Nothing more. 
Nothing less.  It is what God says/speaks through our mouths that changes circumstances.


Apparently when there is no immediate need there is no preparedness or awareness.
We need an emergency/crisis/disaster to arouse us out of our apathy/ignorance/complacency.
Then it may be too late, unless the Lord is/has been merciful. 
Besides, who wants to do terrorism/jungle warfare in times of peace.  No fun/incentive/adrenaline/need. 
We forget that the enemy does not want us to be prepared/aware that he exists.   That enemy could be:  Hitler/hunger/poverty/disease/war/death/Satan/joblessness/insanity/rape/abuse/etc.
2nd, even if harm hits another, as long as it is not on our doorstep, we seldom hurt or empathize.
Those dandelions crowding out a neighbor's lawn, do not encroach upon our tidy space,
until 1 morning we wake up to see that those seeds have floated over the fence & taken root in our lives...
How many of us have read the ENTIRE  Bible?
How many of us have memorized a few Bible verses & can now recite them from heart?
How many of us have memorized a few chapters of the Bible?
How many of us read the Bible practically every day?
How many of us listen to the Bible on tape daily?
We are powerless because we have no incentive & have no incentive because we are powerless.
Knowing Jesus & His word will get us into heaven, but it will not get the butter on the bread, nor solve our problems.
We need to apply that word, the butter to the bread.  We need to SPEAK ALOUD His Word to the problem.
We need to go on the offensive, as in a football game, not the defensive.
It is not God's problem to fix.  It is our problem to fix.
Jesus did the work & sat down at the right hand side of His dad.
The Trinity is waiting on us to toss the ball into the basket.
Satan in always winning until we pick up the ball, the Word of God, & run with it.
Not teach Sunday school.  Not smile at a grouch.  Yes, speak aloud the Word of God.
Joshua had legal/spiritual title to Canaan/Israel before he captured it.
However, he did not capture it in one sweep/swoop.
It took many battles/wars/years to accomplish what God had in mind.
The generation before him lost out completely, because of doubt/unbelief/fear/inaction +
unfamiliarity with God's words/heart/mind... God did not hand the land of Israel to Moses & Joshua. 
Moses had to contend with Pharaoh to allow the Hebrews to leave Egypt. 
After Moses died, Joshua had to battle nation by nation to conquer the promised land, which belonged to others who did not want to let go without a fight.  Neither will our enemy, Satan, let go without a fight. 
Nonetheless, Satan has already lost the war. 
It is for us to wake up & take back what Satan has stolen.  If we claim nothing, then we will gain nothing. 
The choice is ours. 
(If your relatives leave you an inheritance, do you sit & do nothing, or do you go & chase after it with all your might?  The Bible has promised us much.  Thank you Jesus.  It is finished.  I already have it. It is legally mine. 
The: deed...title...ownership is mine.  I claim it.  Enemy, take your hands off the inheritance.  It is mine. 
I praise You, Lord.) 
Praise is a shortcut to healing...For further encouragement see - Applying the Word of God...
Postscript - There is a current author (whose name we do not remember) who God instructed to read the entire Book of Acts aloud on his knees, perhaps 3x, until he received what he needed. 
He did receive...What is our reality?  What we see?  What we feel?  What the doctors tell us? 
When we more and more rely ONLY on what Jesus & His father God say in scripture & ignore what the flesh perceives, then we can know that at long last we are beginning to obtain our heart's desire.
Angel Wood's autobiography Angel a Walking Miracle shares that when her parents received a bad report from her teachers, they would write on each school paper that they did NOT accept that report; rather, they proclaimed that, in the name of Jesus Christ, Angel was healed of mental retardation by the stripes of Jesus, according to 1st Peter 2:24 and Isaiah 53:5-6
Guess what?  Angel did receive her healing!  Why?  God's methods are different from man's. 
hen we get to the end of our methods, we can try God's, unless we are already in the grave. 
Remember Moses' congregation?  They went around in circles 40 years AND died there, when they could have crossed the dessert in 11, yes, 11 days.
Gary Wood 12/24-30/2007 TV Show 1 + Gary and Angel Wood 12/31/2007-1/6/2008 TV Show 2  

Holy Scripture

Exodus 14:15-20 NIV -
15.The Lord said to Moses, "Why are you crying out to Me?  (You) Tell the Israelites to move on
16.(You) Raise your staff and (you) stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water, so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground
17.I will harden the hearts of the Egyptians, so that they will go in after them.  
I will gain glory
through Pharaoh & all his army, through his chariots & his horsemen

18.The Egyptians will know that I am the Lord when I gain glory through Pharaoh, his chariots & his horsemen." 
19.Then the angel of God, who had been traveling in front of Israel's army, withdrew & went behind them. 
The pillar of cloud also moved from in front & stood behind them, 20.coming between the armies of Egypt & Israel.

Psalm 118:10-14,15 NKJV  10.In the name of the Lord I will destroy them. 
11.They surrounded me.  Yes, they surrounded me, but in the name of the Lord I will destroy them. 
12.They surrounded me like bees; they were quenched like a fire of thorns. 
In the name of the Lord, I will destroy them

13.You (enemy/demon/Satan) pushed me violently, that I might fall, but the Lord helped me. 
14.The Lord is my strength & song. He has become my salvation...
19.I will praise the Lord
20This is the gate of the Lord, through which the righteous shall enter.

Mark 16:15-18 NKJV   15.He said to them...
17"These signs SHALL follow them that believe; in My name shall they cast out devils. 
They shall speak with new tongues. 
18.they will take up serpents.  If they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them. 
They shall lay hands on the sick, & SHALL recover
. (Commentary -
#1 Sincerely repent of all sins of self, family & ancestors - that now come to mind. 
#2 Ask Jesus to baptize you in His Holy Spirit.  (These 2 prerequisites will qualify us to DO Mark 16.)

Luke 10:19 - Look, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy
& you can walk among snakes & scorpions & crush them. No thing will injure you.

acts/1-8.htm - The Ascension -
Jesus replied, “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by His own authority.
But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
After He had said this, they watched as He was taken up & a cloud hid Him from their sight."
Acts 2:3 TEV
 - They saw what looked like tongues of fire which spread out & touched each person there. 
They were all filled with the Holy Spirit&d began to talk in other (unlearned/recognizable) languages, as the (Holy) Spirit enabled them to speak
(Spiritual insight: They were speaking Words/thoughts of God, not their own native words/language/thoughts.  Woman touched Jesus hem.  Women had Jesus bless their children. 
Fathers sought Jesus to heal others.  Friends put bed down through roof. 
Woman knocked on judge's door.  Those who persistently demand a fish of God do not get a stone.)

Revelation 3:5 KJV He that overcometh, the same will be clothed in white.
I will NOT blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before My Father
& before His angels.


Allen, AA - (1911-1970) - God's Guarantee to Heal You - republished by Caption -
Thus Saith the Lord, the God of David thy Father, I have heard thy prayer; I have seen thy tears. 
Behold, I will heal thee

KJV - "There was more power in Peter's shadow than in the bodies of many of those who claim to be his successors in ministering to the church of Jesus Christ (see Acts 5). 
There was more power in handkerchiefs & aprons which had come in contact with the body of Paul than in many great 'fundamental' religious bodies today (see Acts 19:11-12).  Has God changed?  No."

Barnett, Matthew - -
Los Angeles, California rehabilitation Dream Center for gangs

Bentley, Todd - The Reality of the Supernatural World - Exploring Heavenly Realms & Prophetic Experiences - - This book is a must read for all Christians who are not yet personally experiencing the book of Acts.  It explains that as salvation is activated/obtained by an act of the will & faith in Christ, so is healing, prophecy, dreams, visions & all the other aspects of the book of Acts.  Not only that, God wants & expects us to hound/wrestle with Him until He blesses you, as did Jacob who wrestled with the angel. 
The supernatural world/nature has 5 senses, as does the natural. 
We need to create a lifestyle of using these 5 spiritual senses daily.  Bentley will mentor us...
This brings to mind the TV special where blind individuals by clicking their tongues can hear echoes which tell them the location of objects.  This is called echolocation.  Bats & dolphins use this system. 
In the human, this procedure activates the visual part of the brain, even though the eyeball cannot respond. 
In other words, there a 2 visual sources.  1 is from the eyeball.  1 is from the ear... 
Additionally, there can be one from touch.  What a marvelous body that God created. 
Spiritual vision is of course not quite the same, but the end result is superior...
We read Scripture to understand God.   However, if we ask God, He will send Holy Spirit to give us spiritual knowledge/wisdom/ understanding.  Spiritual insight does NOT depend on any human organ. 
The spiritual man inside us contains any/all spiritual info downloaded by the Holy Spirit. 
Thus we have human vision or spiritual vision.
Chapter 2 Levels of Prophetic Revelation
shares a wonderful story from the ministry of John Paul Jackson (once) headquartered in New Hampshire.  
An old isolated man in Mexico was weeping before the Lord in hopes he could be used by Him. 
God "transported" him spirit, body, soul to the bedside of Pastor Jackson & prayed for him, resulting in a needed healing for Jackson. 
God did not send Jesus, an angel, or pastor to minister to Jackson, but a weeping old man. 
You may have heard of this story before, but even so, how inspiring to the feeble nobodies, like you & me.   
Todd Bentley  The Reality of the Supernatural World radio broad2006 radio broadcast archives.  
Todd Bentley   Printable Teachings Available by date - 11/10/2003 through 8/8/2006




The Fragrant Oil of Worship - Part 1 + The Fragrant Oil of Worship - Part 2    
The Reality of the Holy Spirit - Part 1 + The Reality of the Holy Spirit - Part 2  
Field of Dreams - Part 1 + Field of Dreams - Part 2   
Supernatural Grace - Part 1 + Supernatural Grace - Part 2         
 (11/10/2003 -earliest posting)

Bevere, Lisa - 2/19/2015
Lisa Bevere always saw herself as a behind the scenes person - a soccer mom. 
But God saw a lioness & raised her up for a purpose, that includes YOU.

Branham, William - -
"The angel explained that the 1st pull began in 1946 when Bill discerned sickness by grasping a person‘s hand & detecting the vibrations of any germ-caused disease.
The 2nd pull started in 1949 when he began to discern sickness & other problems by seeing them enacted in a vision.
The 3rd pull of his ministry was approaching. Then the scene changed. Now Bill was standing in the air, looking down on a crowd assembled inside a huge tent or cathedral. It looked like 1 of his faith-healing campaigns, only much larger. A little wooden building stood on the platform to the right of the pulpit.
The pillar of fire descended into that little building & the angel of the Lord said, 'I'll meet you in there.
This is the 3rd pull.  Unlike the 1st 3 pulls of your ministry, the 3rd pull won‟t be a public show...
Bill (Branham) taught that Joshua actually had more to do than Moses. Joshua had to conquer the Promised Land in steps, & at the same time divide it fairly among his people. When Moses led the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt, he typed Jesus Christ delivering his children out of the bondage of sin. When Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan River into the Promised Land, he typed the Holy Spirit leading Christians into a spirit-filled life, where they can live victoriously, according to God‘s Word despite all of Satan‘s efforts to defeat them.
The Promised Land that Joshua entered was not a type of heaven, nor was it a type of the millennial reign of Christ; it couldn‘t be, because the Israelites had to battle for it step by step. Conquering the Promised Land was a type of Christians struggling to inherit all the promises of God, from the baptism with the Holy Ghost to the rapture of the bride of Jesus Christ. Bill mentioned how Moses made mistakes, yet God still used him because he was ordained for his task. Then Bill confessed his own mistake, telling his congregation how the Lord had revealed to him that he had been emphasizing the signpost more than the destination.
God had given him 3 specific commissions during his years of ministering the Gospel.
The 1st was to take a gift of divine healing to the people of the world.
His 2nd commission was to do the work of an evangelist, with an emphasis upon sound doctrine.
His 3rd commission was to show the church her spiritual inheritance.
The addition of this 3rd commission did not alter the other 2.
Somehow he had strayed slightly from his original commission, which was to pray for the sick, simply pray. 
Bill said, 'God can never get away from His commission.'”

Bubeck, Mark I. The Adversary - - Chapter 11 Tools for Warfare

Burt, Arthur - No Ebb (with endnotes) pdf - prepublication manuscript - Important -
Chapter 12 Is My Life Giving That Transparency? - "Does my voice effectively declare (transmit/echo/mirror) the sound" of God's voice, boldness, heart of Pentecost? 
Of God the Father through Christ through me so that others see me; NO, see His glory?

Capps, Charles - England, Arizona, USA   Your Spiritual Authority
Chapter 1 Man Under Authority - "Peter 2nd Peter 1, 'The Lord has already done it.' 
He isn't going to do it someday.  In fact, the Bible tells us, God finished His work in 6 days, then rested. 
Some of us have been trying to get God to work ever since. 
He set it all in motion.  It was accomplished in Jesus Christ and is available to all who will receive it."
Chapter 16 One with God 
"A man with authority...can call to the region of the damned & tell them to loose & let go. 
He can call into the spirit world & bring back the spirit into the body, because of what Jesus did for us."
Capps, Charles - England, Arizona, USA - The  Tongue, a Creative Force @

Chavda, Mahesh - The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer @
Chapter 8 Breaking the Enemy's Grip cites 15 hindrances to healing. 1-Ignorance of Scripture,
2-Unbelief, 3-Unforgiveness, 4-Lethargy, 5-Pride, 6-Lack of persistence, 7-Unconfessed sin, 8-Neglect of the poor, 9-Rejection of the Holy Spirit, 10-Involvent with the occult -
Introduction  "Many believers suffer unnecessarily because they fail to exercise their authority...
Satan has been defeated tor false religions, 11-Presence of evil spirits, 12-Negative confessions,
13-Need to see before trusting, 14-Family curse, 15-Anti-Semitism.

Cerullo, Morris -
Cerullo, Morris @
Introduction + Chapter 1. - Chapter 26 Spiritual Firepower - "Until you are willing to lose every (negative) feeling (offense) you have, until you are willing to die (to self), instead of trying to assert yourself, trying to put that 'I'...we will never take this world for Jesus Christ...
Whenever we go out (respond) in mind power, in the spirit of self, we struggle."
"There are many people who are only half filled...An effective individual can & must be filled to the tip...
There come a little jabbering (in tongues), but not (Holy Spirit) power...
Trying to make (yourself) instant spiritual giants...cannot be done... The word 'tarry' means 'just receive.' 
All you have to do is sit there & instantly receive (HIS power, NOT ours)...
Be willing to spend all night (week/month/year)...until He endues us with (HIS) power from on hi
"The disciples...humbled themselves...until He baptized them with the Holy Ghost. 
Then & only then were they equipped with the food force that could win over the evil force. 
Then & only then were they filled with the (dynamos/resurrection) power of God that is able to overthrow every power of Satan."
(2nd) "The (Messianic) sacrifice was not enough; the application of the blood had to take place, or (else) the eldest son would have occurred as it did to the Egyptians...
The application of that (holy) blood (for sin atonement) has to be made to the door of the human heart, in order to cleanse it from sin & remove from it the specter of eternal (punishment &) death."
(The mezuzah applied to door frames symbolizes Jesus' blood over our homes.)
(3rd) "The Old Testament required that the (sacrificed) blood be sprinkled upon the mercy seat...
Leviticus 16:14. 
(After Jesus' blood had been applied to the heavenly mercy seat) "the devil could not hold Him, the grave could not keep Him (nor) death could not swallow Him up (any longer)...
Satan knows better than most Christians that they have the power & the authority to defeat him, but that does NOT worry him.  Only when he sees them go to war against him does he become afraid...
Go to war against him, in the Name of Jesus
... Invade the kingdom of Satan...
We have an anti-Satan defense system that he cannot penetrate, if we will use it."
Chapter 27 A Great Crowd of Witnesses -
 It is NOT enough to have it in your grasp; you must begin to use it... (Many congregants) are NOT backsliders.  They simply had never in their lives received (asked/invited) Christ (into their hearts)...
Holy Spirit can do more in 1 split second than we can do by our efforts in a lifetime...
The New Anointing is NOT for ministers only...
These (blessings & powers)...are for all who...will claim (and use) them (in Jesus' name).
Cerullo, Morris - Marked for God's Commanded Blessing.  I am a Child of God. isaiah/45-11.htm

Dickow, Gregory - Placing a Demand On the Covenant - 5/27/2011

Randy DeMain - 9/24/2012  TV broadcast & transcript - radio interview here - - newsletter articles -
Book - Dominion Surges - DVD - Activating Dominion Surges + CD Activating Your Angels of Inheritance

Duplantis, Jesse - -
editorial from 10/2010 magazine. - - 20 yr old 10/8/2010
TV rebroadcast Boldness where Jessee performed exorcism on woman in plane.
Perhaps Dominion Camp Meeting 2010 Highlights, Pt 2  @ -
Blog transcript reads:
Jesse Duplantis, @ 9:30-10am on Christian TV, told how he was on a flight to Seattle & discerned that a woman, sitting 3 seats behind him, was demon possessed, but he felt restricted on a plane
God said, 'Are you going to leave that woman demon-possessed?'  Jessee said, 'I'm on a
plane now.'
God said, 'You don't have to move to cast the demon out.' J
esse said, 'Why don't you do it Lord?'
God said, 'You are My hands & feet here: I choose to work thru you.'  So
Jesse began softly speaking in tongues.  The guy in the next seat said, 'What?'  (Jesse's response) 'I'm speaking in the language of Heaven: it's OK.'  
Then, in English,
Jesse softly said, 'Demon, I adjure you, in Jesus' name, to come out of her.'  
His neighbor kinda freaked.
Jesse said, 'I'm doing an exorcism for a woman back there who's demon possessed.'   She began to manifest as the demon came out of her, then slumped unconscious.
(The other man said, 'You killed her.')  The pilot put the
plane on auto-pilot & came to investigate. 
(Pilot invited Jesse into cockpit)  He was a Charismatic & joined
Jesse in tongues."

Eckhardt, John - Prayers That Rout Demons through the cross. 
Principalities and powers have been spoiled (Colossians 2:15). 
We are enforcing this victory through our prayers.  We are executing the judgments written."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places - Ruling from the Heaven - -
Audacity in seeking Him & ruling with Him on earth.
Chapter 1 God Is a God of Designs - section 2nd Design - the Union of the Heavens & Earth -
"God is choosing in this new reformation those who will govern with Him now (on earth) & forever...
Many around the world are being caught up to the 3rd heaven...where God has been training them."

Fluitt, Clarice - Monroe, Louisiana -  Ridiculous Miracles - Recommended
Chapter 15 Champions Live Differently than Other People -
"This time I felt like Clark Kent (superman) looking for a telephone booth. 
I called the (Oriental) hospital & said, 'I want to speak to Mae Ling.'  'Oh no; she is very sick. 
She dying,' they told me.  I said, 'My name is Clarice Fluitt. 
I am from the United States of America & sent by the most high, sovereign God into this country to talk to Mae Ling.'  The person on the other end of the line said, 'We put her on phone right now.'  'This Mae Ling; hello.' 
I said, 'In the authority of the name of Jesus Christ, I call you healed.'  Mae Ling said, 'I believe.' 
Her response got me very excited.  I was ready for the evening meeting...
At the end of that day, Mae Ling was healed (of brain cancer), her (3) children were saved & the (3) Buddhist priests professed Jesus as their Lord & savior...
Choose to be a champion & go the distance, even when your flesh is complaining."
Chapter 16 God Has a Plan - (NOT yours, but His) - "In Manilla...for a Benny Hinn crusade...
The minister invited the (comfort) ladies from Hong Kong...
He threw his jacket on them & said, 'Receive Jesus. 
I absolve you of your sins
.'  I thought, 'Can he do that...He is really messing with my theology.' 
(Apparently having been slain in the Holy Spirit) the Ladies were squirming around trying to get back up, when he came back, threw his jacket again & said, 'Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit'...
I thought, 'You did not even talk to them about (recognizing/renouncing/repenting of) sin'...
The next thing I heard was the sound of a new prayer language bubbling up from the Hong King ladies...
I asked, 'Lord Lord, what do you want me to tell them?'  He said, 'Tell them I love them.' 
I said, 'Then can I tell them about sin?' 
He said, 'Never speak of it. You just tell them (that) I love them.  Mean it...
(Into my spiel) the Lord interrupted me, 'What are you doing?'  I said, 'I am praying the sinner's prayer.' 
He said...'Go down & touch every one of them...You do what's possible.  I'll do what's impossible'...
I got to the 10th girl & was feeling good when the Lord asked me, 'What are you doing?'
I am getting these people saved.' 
He said, 'You must pray for them to be get the baptism of the Holy Spirit.' 
Lord, they don't understand,' I told Him.  He replied, 'Neither do you'...
I learned you have to catch a fish before you can clean it."
Fluitt, Clarice -
, Clarice - - -
, George, Jr -
TRACT%20104%20MY%20LIFE.pdf 2004 - "
We are careful to give glory to the Lord for any & all of our successes, as it is from Him, that any giftings have been given.  Without the Lord we are nothing but with the Lord He has made us, along with the 'Body of Christ,' to be everlasting 'Sons of God.'"

Garlock, HB with Ruthanne - Before We Kill and Eat You - Tales of Faith in the Face of Certain Death -
Liberia, W. Africa - -
"I cautiously opened my eyes & wondered whether I could believe what I saw. 
Before me stood some of the men with their weapons upraised ready to strike...
but all of them were frozen in their tracks, including my would-be executioner. 
They stood motionless, without a sound...See Daniel 6:22...
In answer to our prayers, we saw God do what reasoning & persuasion could not do." 
books at - editorials @

Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - The Believer's Authority - book - #1/8  or
Hagin, Kenneth E - The Believer's Authority 4 CDs 7/8/2008 RADIO -
& Hagin had a chat where Hagin was informed that even though He (Jesus) had been handed by Father God the authority over demons. 
He (Jesus) had subsequently delegated that authority (to rebuke/bind/cast out) demons over to mankind - the church.  Bottom line. 
Neither God nor Jesus will rebuke the devil, as it is now the responsibility of born-again Christians. excellent teaching 
(REMINDER to always replace any evicted demon with a new tenant, the Holy Spirit.)
Hagin, Kenneth W - Tulsa, Oklahoma 24/7 internet broadcasts
Kenneth E Hagin - father of Ken W - publications
Hagin, Kenneth - I Believe in Visions  - autobiography -  a must read -
Godly visions.dreams.visits

Hagin, Kenneth Jr - Faith Takes Back What the Devil's Stolen - booklet -  wonderful read
"Things have to be taken in the spiritual realm.  They don't just fall on you. 
You have to reach out and (tenaciously/aggressively/violently) take them...
Did salvation just fall on you or did you respond & reach out & take the (free) gift...
How many businessmen...just (idly/impotently) sit back in their offices...
Receive (take/wrest from the devil & the heavenly storehouses) what (inheritance/escrow) God (already) has for you...
2,000 years ago when Jesus Christ Himself...on that rugged cross, said, 'It is finished.'" 
Read full transcript online. good
Hagin, Kenneth E - Full book online. or The Believer's Authority by Kenneth E - Restored to Freedom or
Hagin, Kenneth E -
How to Keep Your Healing, Kenneth Hagin, 36pg.pdf - Spiritual Warfare

Hagin (Juior, Kenneth W. @ BELOW

Another Look at Faith – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Avoiding the Trap of Being Offe – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Create the World You Want to Se – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Built to Last – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Blueprint for Building Strong F – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
God’s Geater Glory, Bringing Re – Kenneth Hagin Jr_.epub 
Commanding Power – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub  -
It's NOT up to God. God already did all the commanding He's ever going to do when He commanded the Holy Spirit to come & be the power of God on this earth.
He did all He's ever going to do when He gave all power & authority to Jesus.
(Jesus turned around & gave that power & authority to us). It's up to you whether Satan rules & reigns or not.
It's NOT up to God any longer. You & I are always praying, 'God do this. Jesus do this.  God do the other,' BUT the Bible says to command (cancer, you go, storms, you depart, torment, you leave) in the Name of Jesus.
Demand in the Name of Jesus."

Come Out of the Valley – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Faith Takes Back What the Devil – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Faith Worketh by Love – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Get Acquainted with God – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
God’s Irresistible Word – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
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Man’s Impossibility – God’s Pos – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Itching Ears – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Ministering to the Brokenhearte – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Showdown With the Devil – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Seven Hindrances to Healing – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
The Healer’s in Your House – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
The Answer for Oppression – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
The Past Tense of God’s Word – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
The Key to the Supernatural – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub  +
Where Do We Go From Here – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
You Can Make It!_ Winning in Tr – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
The Prison Door is Open – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub 
Unforgiveness – Kenneth W Hagin JR.epub

Hayes, Norvel - God's Medicine of Faith - the Word - soft-cover - -
There are 2 pills to take. 
to to believe and not be double minded. 
is to TALK as though our healing/answer/deliverance has already arrived. 
Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the (legal) EVIDENCE of things NOT seen...
God's WORD is the EVIDENCE & not our 5 senses. 
All lies come from the enemy & those who believe him. 
All truth comes from God & those who believe Him. 
It is NEVER a lie to tell God's truth, even though it contradicts what the doctors say. 
"Unless we give out (to others), we will become stagnant & dead in our experience with God." 
"God will NOT tell us to do anything that He will not qualify us to do." 
"It's not how much we know, but how much we put into practice that really counts." 
How much we believe & act on that belief.
Hayes, Norvel - How to Live and NOT Die - soft-cover - -
Hayes was an understudy of Lester Sumrall.
Chapter 11 You Take Authority Over the Devil -
"God wants you to learn to take authority over anything the devil tries to put on you...
Learn to take authority over things that buffet or oppress you from the outside the very moment you detect them...
If the devil has come to visit you in the form of disease, you can take authority over him (if you're born again by the Spirit of God). 
You can pray & believe for your own healing.  Don't put your faith in some-body else.
Put your faith in the Jesus you read about in the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, & be healed. 
Be mindful of the fact that you've got power and authority over the devil. 
Jesus gave it to us when we got saved, 'Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents & scorpions and over all the power of the enemy: & nothing shall by any means hurt you.' 
Luke 10:19
...'God stops cancer,' you may say.  No, I mean how you & I stop it in Jesus' name...
It's up to us to tell crippled legs, bad hearts, sick bodies & empty pocketbooks to straighten out...
People who ask, 'why do I have to resist the devil? 
Why do I have to cast out devils?'  Are people who've...left the Jesus-kind of authority...
Say, 'Devil, you turn this person loose.  I command you, in Jesus' name, to come out of him...
I do it all the time, nearly every day. 
I know if I don't get the devil out of the person, it will kill them....Jesus isn't nice to the devil."
"Don't Listen to your body (or your negative feelings)...Your body lies (or is selfish)...
I heard a little voice talking to me.  I knew it wasn't God because it was from my body. 
My body rose up & said, 'I want a cigarette'...It started screaming...'I want 1 right now'...
But I had to resist my body & its desires, just as I have to resist Satan & his suggestions. 
I learned that the only way I could gain control over my body was to deny it, to make it serve me rather than for me to be a slave to it...Learn to say, 'No,' to disease just as you say, 'No,' to your body. 
But remember don't go by what your body says. 
When a disease tries to rest in your body, resist the disease. 
Say, 'No; disease, I take authority over you, in Jesus name.  Come out of me.'"
Hayes, Norvel - Training Camp for the Army of God - softcover - -
"God...said...'I have a job for every 1 of them to do, IF they let Me mold them & train them...
I have never made 2 faces alike
; I have never made 2 mouths alike.  
I've never made 2 snowflakes alike; I have never made 2 personalities alike
DEDICATE yourself.  "I open my heart to You, Jesus. 
I ask You to come & do a work in me (us/my mate, my children, my ministry). 
Put me/us through God's BOOT CAMP regardless of the cost. 
Burn out the pride & embarrassment in me (us). 
I (we) do not want to be ashamed of God (nor Him of me).  Satan has NO authority over me (us). 
Satan, I command you, in Jesus' name, to take your hands off my (our) mind. 
Go from me (us) in Jesus' name.  Jesus, I am willing to be trained. 
I am willing to go through God's boot camp.  I want to see people healed & set free by the authority in me, as I speak in Your name & believe in my heart that You will perform Your works through me (us). 
I claim that I (we) will be made a warrior for God
I (we) will go forth with holy boldness to obey the Gospel. 
I (we) will not play games or play church. 
I (we) will work for God.  God, change me (us) into another person,
so that Your Spirit can go forth from me (us) to a world of darkness & set the captives free." 1.19.9
Hayes, Norvel - Understanding the Ministry of Visions - -
Chapter 5 Visions Can Impart Knowledge 
"There's NO cheap way to victory.  You're going to have to pay the price to get it.  I'm warning you. 
If you don't pay the price, you're NOT going to get it.  I can't change it for you. 
Neither can anybody else (another pastor/intercessor). 
You're going to have to pray & change it yourself."   [Paying the price would include things such as martyrdom, ongoing spiritual warfare (fasting, intercession, praying in tongues, praise & worship),
+ sometimes torture/mental & physical abuse/imprisonment by opponents.] 
"You AND the Holy Spirit CAN change that situation."

Jacobs, Judy - Take It by Force by Judy Jacobs - here read Chapter 1.
Jacobs, Judy -  Stand Strong by Judy Jacobs - here read Chapter 1.
Jacobs, Judy - Don't Miss Your Moment by Judy Jacobs - here read Chapter 1.

Jones, David - Humble is the Way - - Chapter 3 Uzziah's Sudden Decline
"When you're weak, it's normal to be humble, but when you become strong, look out... Uzziah was now strong. 
Suddenly (in pride/arrogance/self-sufficiency) he decided to do something that he was not qualified or authorized to do... You have to know your place (anointing/position/authority in God)." 
This seems to be the biography of William Branham who went from a healing ministry to a teaching ministry, getting out of his anointing/assigned calling by God. 
Also, one needs spiritual intercessors & should never venture out alone.

  - Click Here to Download Chapter 1 Free - Environmental politics are a front to an agenda. 2015
Joyner, Rick - 
Being good or democratic is NOT godly reign. 
Chapter 7 - Spiritual Authority in the Last Days - includes Overcoming the Fear of Man
+ inviting the heavenly host Removing Unnecessary Stumbling Blocks + Handling the Glory 

Kennedy, Sandra - - 2/10/2014 - "God is living, powerful & wants you to challenge Him to prove His Word...Prove God?
It means coming boldly before the throne of grace & presenting our case to Him based on His Word. 
God will oversee His Word to perform it & bring it to pass."

MacMillan, John A - - Full online booklet.
, John A - The Authority of the Believer -  audio book - "The authority of which we are speaking is the portion of every believer. 
It is NOT a special gift imparted in answer to prayer, but the inherent right of the child of God, because of his elevation with Christ to the right hand of the Father.  He has become, through the rich mercy of God, an occupant of the Throne of the Lord, with all that it implies in privilege and responsibility. 
This elevation took place potentially at the resurrection of the Lord & because of the believer's inclusion in Him.  The elevation is wholly of the wisdom & grace of the Father. 
We do NOT 'climb the heavenly steeps' by any act of faith or devotion on our part. 
It is ours simply to recognize the fact of this position & to take our place in humble acceptance, giving all the glory & honor to God."
MacMillan, John A
"The concept of the believer's authority was also taught in germinal form by (Arthur T.) Pierson's friend
, John A - Authority Poem - Billye Brim Ministries 2/8/2021

A.B. Simpson
, founder of The Christian & Missionary Alliance (Weekly, 4/23/1938, 263)
in an article entitled The Authority of Faith:" 
 "The word 'power' should be frequently translated 'authority,' in the New Testament.
'Behold, I give unto you authority,' Christ says, 'to tread on serpents & scorpions & over all the power of the enemy; & nothing shall by any means hurt you.' 
He did not promise the disciples power 1st, but the authority 1st. 
As they used the authority, the power would be made manifest.  Results would follow. 
Faith steps out to act with the authority of God's Word, seeing no sign of the promised power, but believing & acting as if it were real.
As it speaks the word of authority and command & puts its foot without fear upon the head of its conquered foes, lo, their power is disarmed, & all the forces of the heavenly world are there to make the victory complete. 
This was the secret of Christ's power that He spake with authority, prayed with authority, commanded with authority, & the power followed. The reason we do not see more power is because we do not claim the authority Christ has given us. The adversary has no power over us if we do not fear him, but the moment we acknowledge his power, he becomes all that we believe him to be.
He is only a braggart if we will dare to defy him, but our unbelief clothes him with an omnipotence he does not rightly possess. God has given us the right to claim deliverance over all his attacks, but we must step out & put our foot upon his neck as Joshua taught the children of Israel to put their feet upon the necks of the conquered Canaanites & faith will find our adversaries as weak as we believe them to be.
Let's claim the authority & the faith victory for all that Christ has purchased & promised for our bodies, spirits, &/or His work."

MacMillan, John A - "
“Lord, I accept Thy gracious word. I believe...
I do now take my seat in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus at Thy right hand. 
Teach me how to fulfill this sacred ministry, how to exercise the authority which Thou has entrusted to me.
Train me day by the full stature of the perfect man in Christ, so that in me Thy purpose...may be fulfilled... God gave believers a divine instrument. People have to develop a ‘divine wrath’ against sin & the enemy. 
Such a person will be an Over-comer.  Preachers should NOT make people dependant on their ministry, but make them bold, warriors who can fight for themselves. They have to be equipped to get mad at sin, to get mad at their oppressor, the Devil & his foul evil spirits followers.”

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - -
Chapter 5 -
10. CONCLUSION - "Only where the Gospel is not ‘watered-down’, but preached in the Spirit of Truth, it will open the eyes of the blind, take them out of the Kingdom of Darkness & position them into the Kingdom of Light... Those born of God, immerged in His Holy Spirit cannot (do not deliberately & consistently) sin... Jesus did not go after people & adapt (bend) the Gospel to their (own) needs. 
A man-made Gospel is keeping the Church in the bondage of the Devil...
People must see themselves as God see them...the filthiness of their souls. 
Sinners have to recognize what they have done to Christ. 
Sinners have to repent: that they have crucified the LORD through their (un-repented personal) sin
(& un-repented family/national/tribal iniquity)...
After (1) the assurance that the sinner is accepted by God through grace by faith, the Preacher has to (2) execute (exterminate/evict/exorcise) every demonic force that dwells in the person ('s spirit, soul & body) to come out in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (& most important, then to) call to God to be filled (or refilled) with His Holy Spirit.  (This is a continuous refilling to overflowing!)...
Preaching a luke-warm watered-down (toothless/ineffective) Gospel is going to take many people straight to hell & the Preacher will be responsible for it... This is the reason why Christians have to little power against the Devil.
The (full/correctly understood) Gospel of Truth transforms lives & brings demon-possessed people to salvation (freedom/liberty)."
Chapter 6 -
"By letting evil express its nature without restraint, it works God’s ultimate triumph...
In Jesus, God personally faced the antagonism & hatred of fallen man, presenting enough love to neutralize our murderous rejection of Him by accepting it without resistance...
Jesus Christ changed the meaning of death by rising from it. 
In that way, His sacrifice abolished the barrier between God & man...
Jesus brought eternity (eternal life/absence of death/extermination potential of disease/defect/demons/disability) into history & when He rose from the dead He ended the rule of death over humanity."

Oyedepo, David - Nigeria -  Satan Get Lost - excellent
 - "You are worth several things. 
You are worth a terror in the world! Carry a consciousness of the authority that is in you.
Use it to promote the kingdom of God here on earth. Be the one harassing the devil. 
Walk in power & authority... The day you gave your life to Jesus, you received another life.
ou had human life before, now you have eternal life, which is the God-order of life. 
You now operate the God-order of life within the form of an ordinary structure. 
Carry the understanding therefore, that the same way Moses confronted Pharaoh, is the same way you are to handle Satan, in anyway he presents himself...
Friend, another life has been infused & injected into you.  It is eternal life, the very life of God. 
2 Corinthians 4:7
in the Bible calls it 'this treasure in earthen vessels'.  If you approach spiritual battles as a human being, you are bound to fail, because the flesh profiteth nothing. 
It is the spirit that quickeneth. By strength shall no man prevail.  Isaiah 59:19 says:
'When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him'.
Not a man's height, status or the strength of his natural muscles, but the Spirit of God on the inside of him.
This is the only way man can successfully put the enemy, Satan, where he belongs. 
Psalms 82:6 says, 'I have said, Ye are gods
; & all of you are children of the most High.' 
All of you that are the children of the Most High God are gods. I mean all, not some, not a few.
But because you don't know this, you are prone to die like men & fall like 1 of the princes. 
You must know that by virtue of your new birth, you are no longer a mere being, but a peculiar being in human form. Everybody is free to be plagued by diseases, not you.
Everybody is free to be frustrated in their various endeavors, except you.
The nobles of the earth may have no place to put their seats, not you.  'I have said, Ye are gods.' 
You must understand in depth how this revelation is to affect your daily lifestyle. 
Besides, you must put it into practice
Ye are gods.  Know it. Understand it. Walk in the reality of it. Work it out
Be Conscious Of It
- The knowledge of the Holy God, & the consciousness of His nature flowing in your veins, is your staff of office on the earth. Without it, you lose control.  You have the infallible nature of God that determines His own course & destiny, in your heart.  You need to awaken your spiritual consciousness, & call off religion.  We have been called to exhibit the transformed life on the earth. It's time to show the devil that Jesus is still alive in us.  For your Pharaohs to submit to you, you must walk in the consciousness of the truth that says, 'Ye are gods.' For diseases to obey you, for sicknesses to bow to you, for poverty to give way to you, you must carry this consciousness about, that you are indeed a god in the form of a man
Go & discover your roots, & live well.  From now on, every mountain will obey you. 
You were once natural but now you are divine, because the life that makes for divinity now flows in you. 
Right now, whatever mountain you confront with this truth will obey you.  Get ready.
Stop struggling.  Start walking in the light of this revelation, & in no time at all, you will know that God who gives you dominion, backs it up with power.  You can dominate your circumstances. 
You can send sickness away from your house.  You can send poverty away from your territory.
You can have what you please, as long as it is covered by the covenant. 
You shall no longer lose control, in Jesus name."
(This attitude is NOT to be confused with such ideology as New Age which does NOT acknowledge Jesus as Messiah & son of God.  Jesus is NOT a way but the way.)

Derek Prince - Quote from the AUDIO message, "Grace of Yielding." -
Your cross is the place where you can make the decision not to please yourself

I could tell you time after time after time when I’ve had that inner struggle & made the right decision, blessing follows.  I cannot minister as long as I’m pleasing myself.  The old ego in me has nothing to give to anybody.
He has to be dealt with before any ministry of God can flow out of my life.

Roberson, Dave - [PDF] The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power - The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues -
Chapter 2 My Personal Journey to Revelation Knowledge reveals the master key to remedy all maladies & to expose God's will for our lives.  That key is praying in tongues.  An old saying is, "God helps those who help themselves." 
God has provided a way for us to help in our spiritual maturity.  The way is by praying in tongues
.  Praying in tongues is the power switch that allows the Holy Spirit to minister to our human spirit. 
We have control over our tongue. 
Praying in tongues is to be spoken/sung daily, driving to work, cooking a meal, washing dishes/laundry, mowing/plowing the property, in the rest-room/lavatory/shower, waking up in the middle of the night, & (if need be) even under our breath at church during group hymns & recitations.
Dave quit his job & spent 8 hours per day for 3 months in a prayer closet, praying in tongues. 
It was a miserable experience, but at the end miracles began happening all around him. 
Certainly the unemployed/retired/bedridden & home/wheelchair/prison/hospital bound could copy that example, at least in some capacity.
Roberson, Dave is brother of
Donner Roberson 6/12-16/2006 radio @

Roberts, Frances J - Come Away My Beloved - Chapter Lovest Thou Me? Section Dependence on God -
"Ye cannot grow unless I do bring into your lives these proving & testing experiences... Trust NOT in thine own increasing strength, for verily, it is NOT thy strength but rather My strength within ye that ye fee. 
Ye are as vulnerable to the treachery of the enemy & as frail as ever...Always allow Me to walk ahead
Chapter & Section Learn to Reign -
"Come into that place where ye share My authority & thus I will be able to manifest forth My glory through you.  This is My greatest joy, to lift man out of enemy territory & seat him in the heavenlies with Me
Where am I?   Even at the right hand of the are seated with Me, far above all principalities & powers. 
Through Me ye have inherited all.  Ye can lay claim to that inheritance NOW because I have already died. 
Because I have already died, ye can enter in NOW. 
You do NOT gain an inheritance when you die (& go to heaven), but when (Christ Jesus, Messiah) the testator dies.   
Take it, My people.  It is yours NOW.  It is yours because of Calvary...
Think of My love...the tie-in between Calvary & this sharing of My throne life
(right NOW on earth). 
I want you with Me.  I want you seated beside Me, because I want you near Me, because I love you
(We have been deputized to function on earth on His behalf, not impotently, but with audacity, in Jesus' name) 
I have vested you with authority, also...Recognize your privilege to do so...
Move out in the power of the Spirit into that realm where I would have you to live & move & in Me continually & not that ye be moving in & out of this place. 
I would have you live continually in the center of the Kingdom of God, just as I have place the Kingdom within the very center of your being
(when God's Holy Spirit impregnates your human spirit when you are born again. 
Water & Holy Spirit baptism further empowers one's spirit man). 
You bring this Kingdom into operation in you own life by an act of faith...
There are works which I must yet do through My body, the Church, which I could not possibly have accomplished through My own physical body in My earthly ministry...
There are sufferings yet to be accomplished in the body of the Church that I was not able to suffer on the cross
... Yea, & Praise Me when the most difficult thing to do is Praise.  This is the victory that over-cometh the world...
Faith rejoicing for victories claimed in advance...the very fabric of things hoped for...the raw material in My hands... I am happiest there, & shall make the enemy most unhappy...
This (praise) is the most powerful weapon ye can use against him
(Satan).  So praise is like a 2-edged sword, the 1 side bringing health to your own spirit & the other side cutting down the enemy."

Rogers, Eddie - Supernatural - Living Under an Open Heaven -
Prologue "Most Christians live in theory.  Involve your faith pressing in for something now." 
"Religion cant's keep me safe; only Jesus."  "The Kingdom work is often confrontational."
Chapter 2 An Open Heaven 
"Certain individuals can carry a special authority (mantle) from God to open the heavens in localities." 
It may cost "a great deal personally to go to the place of an open heaven."
Chapter 3 Overcoming Doctrinal Limitations  "Heresy hunters seem bent on destroying anything they cannot rationally explain or understand."   "Often seek the presence of God in the early morning hours...
The difference between releasing the Word with information & with power is intimacy with God...
The difference between worldly mysticism & Christian mysticism is that 1 seeks to discover the inner self, while the other seeks to discover the inner Christ, the very portal of Heaven."
Chapter 4 Doin' the Stuff - "The Holy Spirit...said, "I had a word for her & you weren't listening." 
"To be used by God in miracles, signs & wonders on a consistent basis, it is imperative to have been baptized in the Holy Spirit....You need to be aware...of the Holy Spirit's leadings & then obey them precisely...exactly...when He says to do it...He has already made available to you everything you need...
Realize it is His desire & plan to equip you completely, without lack in area, to do His will...
The opportunity to minister is available every time you walk out your door."
Chapter 5 Angels We Have Heard on High 
"God has a calling, a destiny & a purpose for every soul that is born...So does Satan." 
Immediate "obedience to God determines whether we completely, or partially, fulfill His plan...
We must obey in the smallest details, whether we understand them or not." 
God dreams are "a kind of night vision in which God simply speaks directly Spirit to (human) spirit."
Chapter 6 Out of Africa  Regarding prophet TB Joshua (Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos, Nigeria), God said, 'This is the standard I've set for My church.'  4 other mighty Africans are Ugandan Robert Kayanja, Samuel Vagalas Kanco (of Accra, Ghanna, Africa), S. African Rodney Howard-Browne, S. African Elijah Maswangany & Uganda, African ron Ssali.. "Here in America, we counsel & drug our demons, rather than cast them out." 
We need to "not compromise."  We need daily "a fresh baptism of His blood & anointing." 
There is "a price involved to that same level of power with God." 
oly Spirit is saying to us, "Allow Me to do in you what I did in him (them).
I will release through you, what I released in him
Because God is a spirit, when He speaks, His words become law
God cannot do anything on earth without the cooperation of a human. 
Man is God's legal agency & access to earth."
Chapter 7 Overcoming Ministry Paradigms - Whose Kingdom Are We Building? -
"Knowledge without experience is fruitless."
Epilogue  "The Longer the Preparation the Greater the Purpose. 
Don't anticipate your phone to ring off the hook...when you find yourself in the desert. 
Our voice has been silences that the voice of the Lord comes through with the greatest clarity...
We have been hard of hearing... Don't automatically assume that the wilderness is from the enemy...
After His desert experience...He began His earthly ministry...A test...40 days or years. 
Only God knows the exact time required to prepare each of us for the power to accomplish His purpose...
There is always a price to be paid for the anointing...called enduring the preparation."

Smit, Philip - Entrance to Power - -
"Boldness does NOT ask, 'If it be Thy will'... The bold kind of faith commands."  "Combine your speech, creative thought (visualization/imagination) & faith... Be in agreement with God's Word, NOT scientific facts. 
If God's Word states, 'By His stripes we were healed' (1 Peter 2:24) means that in God's mind our right to healing was already achieved & completed 2,000 years ago."
(Excellent mentoring in some concepts, but not healthy in other occult aspects.)

Sumrall, Lester
Sumrall, Lester - Video @ Book @

Sumrall, Lester
Sumrall, Lester -

Tavolacci, Elaine - Calling Down Fire from Heaven by Elaine Tavolacci - 
I will raise up those who will know how to call down fire from heaven to destroy the works of the enemy.
I will train them how to thwart the strategies of the kingdom of darkness & cancel their assignments.
They will dismantle his works of destruction by their authority from Me & the words or their mouths.
I will teach them how to walk in divine wisdom, release revelation & have keen discernment.
The sword of My word will be in their mouths because they are unwavering in their faith & their strength in Me
(a prophetic word)
1 Corinthians 2:45 And my speech & my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit & power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.
Other - Use
What is In Your Hand? by Elaine Tavolacci - or or

Toledo, Jennifer Miller - Living on the Edge - editorial - 

Trimm, Cindy - The Art of War for Spiritual Battle by Cindy Trimm - Read chapter one here.
or -
It is not always in Satan’s interest to block such prayers from coming to pass.
If the devil did, you might just pray all the more determined. So what he would rather do is let you convince yourself that prayer should always be this easy, then you will never learn to persevere in it.
You will pray for something a few times, but when the answer doesn’t manifest as others have before, you will begin to question things. You will wonder if your faith is just not strong enough, or if you have interpreted the Scripture correctly, or you become convinced it is just not God’s will.
So your determination wavers.  You begin to hedge your bets by praying artificially spiritual things like, 'Your will be done,' so that if your prayer doesn’t get answered, you can always blame it on God’s will rather than anything that was within your control. 
Satan knows that if he can let you convince yourself that everything that comes from God is always spectacular & easy, then you will begin to overlook the supernatural for gimmicks & tricks.
You will be “tossed to & fro & carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting” (Eph. 4:14).
You will remain children who think everything that is good in life comes on your birthday or Christmas & you never learn to work for anything. Satan doesn’t really care if you become a Christian & get blessed every once in a while, as long as he can keep you from truly understanding how to exercise your authority in Christ.
Because of this, he doesn’t mind letting a casual prayer though here & there, as long is it keeps you convinced that prayer is like a vending machine where you put in your faith, push a button & immediately your answer pops out.
In fact, it probably gives him a laugh, because as you jump up & down, he is already envisioning your doubts & discouragement when he later hinders something bigger you will pray for. 
He knows you will give up just short of seeing it manifested. 
What Satan really doesn’t want is a persistent, methodical, importunistic believer who lives by prayer. 
He doesn’t want someone who is so disciplined & tenacious in prayer that once that person begins to pray, Satan knows, no matter how long he fights to delay the answer, he has no hope of winning.
If we had more Christians who prayed like that, then there would be an inevitable, unstoppable, step-by-step, day-by-day dismantling of the kingdom of darkness that he could never withstand.
The end of his kingdom of bondage, disease, deformities, & emotional torment would be written on the wall. 
So he is quite content to keep us thinking that all the big things are really in God’s hands alone, so we never need to worry about much more than our own needs & those of our immediate family...
Many people think that engaging in this level of spiritual warfare is something for only a select few, but there is no gift of prayer or office of intercessor mentioned in the Bible.
What this means is that each of us has a part to play in manifesting God’s kingdom on the earth."

Wigglesworth, Smith - Unpublished Sermons complied by Roberts Liardon -
Chapter 9 Praying for the Sick - "Are you lose yourself in God today, so that you will NOT claim your earthly rights, but claim the rights of your heavenly Father...We may be free from all sin, sickness, disease & death.  It is 1 of the greatest positions that God has for us...
To reign means that you are standing on the Rock & everything is under your feet
Jesus has made a place of victory for all of us, that we may reign over our bodies in every way & over all thoughts of evil."

Woodworth-Etter, Maria - Signs & Wonders - Chapter 41 Unity of the Saints -
"The hardest place God sends you to is just the place where He is going to give you the greatest victory."


Anne Ballard: "God Is Meeting Us In Our Faith" ( 3/14/2021- Texas -
"In addition to the armor God has given us, He is generously giving wisdom & discernment to those who humbly ask for it...equipping His sons & daughters for battle & leading the way forward.
You have been empowered to intentionally speak life over yourself & your situations.

, Yolanda -
Ambassadors of Great Authority by Yolanda Ballard - 12/16/2013 - Recommended. -
For yes, you are My ambassadors in the earth
Arrest the charge that is to come against you from the evil one. 
Declare it null & void, for I say to you this day that NO weapon formed against you shall prosper, for you are My beloved servants.  I watch over & protect you. 
Whatever you shall say, I will do
, because I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy. 
If you shall say 'Go,' they shall obey you; that is, the demonic hosts

If you shall say 'Come,' they shall obey you; that is, the
(holy army) angelic hosts that I call to do warfare on your behalf For this is the day that I have made. 
You shall rejoice & be glad in it.  If you go out in 1 way against the enemy, they will scatter in 7 ways. 
For I have given you charge over all the power of the enemy.  You must use My power to declare peace over the land, to declare authority over the leadership of the land.  For I am the One who puts kings into thrones to do My bidding in the land to bring judgment, but I also put them into office so that they will bring blessing over My people. 
Whatever you shall say, you shall have
If you declare peace, you shall have it.  If you declare strife in war, you shall have that. 
You must watch the words that come forth out of your mouth
, for they have great strength in creating the things that take place in the atmosphere. 
Now I want you to listen closely, for I have something to say that you must take to heart & apply to every area of your life. 
You must be assured that whatever I allow in your life, whether good or bad, (for) it is for your good in conforming you into My image.  For I have a great work for you to do. 
Whatever place you find yourself in, whatever difficulty you are exposed to, I will use it in conforming My dear Son's image in you.  I will give you the words to say that have great strength against the evil one. 
Do not fear what men can do to you.  Look to Me the author & finisher of your faith. 
I will give you the words to say against your oppressor. They will have much conviction upon them & repentance, that whoever hears them will become pricked to their heart, turn & follow Me. 
Yes, I will turn the Sauls into My Pauls, but you must allow My love to flow through you.
(However) If you allow fear & hate to flow, you will be working as if you are of the evil one. 
You will knock off
(disconnect) My plan & purposes (now working) through you.
They will become null & void.  My words would not flow to create what I sent them to do. 
I will have to raise up another to finish My task that I started through you. You would not receive My
(highest) blessing upon your life [to do (or finish) what you were created to do, from the foundation of the earth.]

Bonnke, Reinhard -
"If you are doing nothing, God doesn’t need to give you any help in doing nothing.
Go out and do something impossible for Jesus, & then God will help you."

Brim, Billye - - How to Pray in the End of Days - book recommended -
Brim, Billye - Authority in Prayer -
"Jesus operates as
the Lamb & the Lion.  Love & Power.  The King: POWER, balanced by the Priest: LOVE.  We are ONE with Him, His Body, so we operate in the same way. 
Praise God.  Ruling & Reigning. Praying & Proclaiming. 
All in the Spirit, as He works the Word of Life, the Scriptures, in our lips
We pray, rule & reign from New Jerusalem, where we are born from & work from by Faith in Jesus Christ, in the Spirit (Hebrews 10-11).  John 3:3, Hebrews 12:22-26, & Galatians 4:26 speak to us of a Higher Order of Authority in Prayer & Power.  Jesus said, Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven & what things you loose on earth are loosed in Heaven (Matthew 16:19, 18:18)."
Brim, Billye - 
12/6/2017 -
Word of Knowledge -
The Day President Trump Announced Moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
"Yes, blessings shall come, cursing shall be averted, & the prayers of the saints have made the way.
 The Lord would say unto you today, '
Prayer changes more than you know. 
It changes the future & the way your nation, your churches, your lives should go. 
It is difficult for you to understand how that could be, when I sit in eternity & know the flow.
It’s past your understanding.
It is past your ability to know, but prayer does exactly what I said in the Word it would do.
So, you can rely on what I said & when you, your duty do. 
You can rely that the answer will come. My foreknowledge is past your knowledge to know.
But I do know before how your prayers will go, but it does not take away the necessity that you did pray. 
1 day in the distant future you’ll understand these things.
You will see how it all works. But in this day & in this age just do what is written on the page. 
You will see the outcome that it promises you. So you see, dear prayer warriors, how I have raised up thee, My Prayer Force, legally, I can do according to what you pray through from the realm of the spirit into the realm of the known.  These things born of Me, in My heart, at My throne can come into vision & into view in the land where you live.  You can see too: as it is done on earth as it is willed in heaven. Know that your prayers matter. 
Yea, your prayers are important to Me; I need you
, sayeth the Lord, as much as you need me.' 
Praise You Lord. Praise You Lord."

Chambers, Dr. Pete C. @ - The Remnant 'A Team' Ministry -
"Many are called, but only a remnant is chosen by God (per) Ephesians 1...

In my estimation, the mortally wounded soldier, who has made peace with God knowing all things work together for good to those called according to His purpose, & can yet still return effective fire, is the most dangerous fighter on the battlefield...This new fight we face will result in casualties of war, we accept that.
Now it's up to us to put on the full armor of God & stand in the gap...for humanity." ~ Doc Pete
Connor, Bobby - - 7/14/2009 -
“You must acknowledge that you have an adversary whose chief aim is to destroy you
(John 10:10).  ‘
The thief does not come except to steal, kill, & destroy.
I have come that they may have life, & that they may have it more abundantly.’
Consider these powerful words:
steal, kill, destroy. The enemy pulls no punches. 
He fights dirty, through stealth, as the best thief on the planet, with thousands
of years of experience. He wants to eliminate you from the face of the earth…
You must acknowledge that you have a ferocious enemy whose intent is to destroy everything you are, everyone you love & every hope you cherish.   He is a ‘roaring lion" seeking whom he may devour’ (I Pet. 5:8)…
We are in a war but we know the victory has already been won by the Captain of the Hosts.
You must not only acknowledge that you have an enemy, but you must also
discern the adversary's attacks against your faith… Anything that is not in harmony with righteousness, peace, joy, love, patience, goodness, kindness & self-control is falling prey to the enemy's tactics. 
Be angry but do not sin in that anger.  Fear & tremble, but fear God only, with a contrite heart…
The writer of Hebrew exhorts us:
Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy & find grace to help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)
You must recognize that as soon as you step out in faith to believe God's incomparable promises, the enemy will most certainly try to distract you, tempt you to lose hope or offend you so you will enter into unforgiveness, so that your prayers will not be heard. 
The enemy may try to send you running, but you have a promise that our beloved High Priest Christ Jesus is working behind the scenes for you. He ever lives to make intercession for you at the right hand of the Father (Romans 8:27). 
Your responsibility is to keep your heart right before God & choose to believe His Word, nothing wavering.
In other words, you must make a quality decision to
stand firm
This is the stand we must take when the accuser of the brethren is tempting us to recant:
‘Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, & having done all, to stand’ (Eph. 6:13)… Take a stand today & choose to believe His promises. He is worthy of your trust. 
Stay the course the Lord has set for you. Grab hold of the promises of God & make a life-changing decision:
Decide to stand no matter the devil sends your way. This type of faith is
invincible. Why?
‘Jesus said to him, "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes."’ (Mark 9:23). 

Take a stand:
in your prayer your Bible study your acts of service & giving to others...
& see the salvation & provision of the Lord in every area of your life.  Having done all,
Pray this prayer with me: Dear Lord, (Father God, in Jesus' name) thank You for Your promise to bring me through to victory in every circumstance of my life. I ask for Your strength as I take a stand to do what is right according to Your Word, trusting in Your promises.  I know Your hand of blessing is upon my every act of obedience. I bless Your holy name & seek to better serve You in all I do today. Amen.’

Connor, Bobby - -  4/5/2013 @ -
The Spirit of God is now at work to 'harvest the harvesters'...
Scripture declares in the book of Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong & of good courage;
do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go...
This confidence can only come from factual, experiential union with Christ.
By abiding in His manifested presence, we become bold & are able to stand firm; knowing who we are in Christ & who Christ is within us (Proverbs 28:1 & Col. 2:9-10). God’s Word declares that the fullness of the Godhead is in Christ & that we are complete in Him (Col. 2:9-10)...
Truly, as promised in Esther 4:14, we are in the Kingdom for such a time as this.  Rejoice, for you can know for certain that the Kingdom is in you for such a day as this. Be confident: you are born for this day.
Do not delay to move forward by faith, walking in victory & ta-king your place as an over-comer, embracing fully the destiny God has planned for you (Eph. 5:14-16).”

, Kenneth -  - significant -
Taking Your Authority on 6/25/2007, at 1984 Southwest Believers’ Convention @ Prophecy - "I am ready to throw the Body of Christ into vast battle array. into the face of darkness, cripple the demons of darkness & cause them to crawl on their belly at the feet of the Body of Christ.
Once this occurs the devil will never rise to his feet again until after the catching away of the Church
I Am & will. I have said it. I will accomplish it
,” saith the Lord. “I will have a glorious Church. 
The gates & authority of hell will not prevail against it

Degraw, Kathy - -
The Lord says, "
Activate it (our voice).  Fight

de Lange, Susanna Francina Maria - - Thesis -
Chapter 2 Supreme Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance - section 4.1.5 Weapons of Spiritual Warfare -
"Battle...for our own souls (mind, emotions & will) to protect the souls of our loved-ones & to war for every living soul in the world...There is NO room for a passive spirit in God's army.  Passivity will create a psychological prison around the believer, which actually holds them hostage to his/her other sin problems."

Fluitt, Clarice - "I Receive, I Believe - So I Must Achieve!" - “In a captivating & humorous manner, Dr. Clarice Fluitt preaches the Word & even breaks into spontaneous song as she drives home this message. Clarice states, ‘The true prophetic word is to create (activate), within the individual receiving the word, the power to become what they already are.’ 
We are all uniquely different & designed by God for His (preprogrammed/designed) purpose; therefore, we must resist all attempts to try to be something that we are not. Our job description is to administrate the estate of God & to invade every aspect of society, without compromising who God has uniquely created us to be.” (Thus we are the legal executor of His estate.)
Fluitt, Clarice - 9/8/2019
+ (edited)
CLARICE:  The kingdom of God is a kingdom of (God's scripture) words that must be voice activated...
Whatever (kingdom) you (verbally) magnify, you create (birth/manifest)...
(When) we (born-again kids) walk with the full armor of God, the devil doesn't know us from God...
Whatever you honor, you draw to yourself...I mean if you're going to give word (voice)... verbiage to it, then it's because that's what you believe. For out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth is speaking.
You may say, "I believe that Jesus is the Son of God," but I want to remind you, dear, the devil believes Jesus is the Son. God is not going to get him healed or filled (with the Holy Spirit) or anything...
You've got to be able to say what you want. The will of God is always creative. 
The word of God activates the creative will of God. We are ambassadors on this earth releasing (activating/enforcing via our army host & angels) the word of God. Our angelic air power (superior to satan's spiritual army) are responding to the word of God (voice activated by us).
You & I are a launching pad of the infallible inherent & awesome word of God.
This is a great day to be alive in the kingdom of God.
CLARICE: I was sick. I had tuberculosis.
I had Lyme disease. I had all kinds of crazy things that were going on in my life...
We say, "I'm saved." I thought that meant I didn't have to go to hell. I believed Jesus was the Son of God.
I didn't know that all the extras that went with it, like deliverance, prosperity, healing & all these good things.
I had heard that there was this woman that prayed for the sick. 
My husband assured me that God didn't use women.  So what he feared came upon him.
CLARICE: We went to this meeting and there was about 3,000-4,000 people there...
Kathryn Kuhlman comes out ...put her hands on me & said, "Dear Jesus, such as I have, I give it to her."
I landed 15 feet away from her...This was in 1971. I was healed from that moment to this.
(I received) that impartation of praying for: the sick, healings & deliverance.
SID: (A hospitalized) woman is dying. She is worshiping God, praying in tongues. 
The amount of energy that was measured scientifically (by her doctor) was how large?
CLARICE: It was 55 times greater than the broadcasting system that would go around the world.
SID: Every time we speak (contradict hell with) the opposite of God's word, it affects hell & your entire life.
CLARICE: We either agree with our (negative) circumstances or our covenant with God. 
When we begin to say, I'm sick, oppressed, down, out, weak, all of those negative things you release an invitation (to evil) into the atmosphere. It's like a (permone) scent that is released in hell of unbelief. 
All of hell says, "The sons of God say they're sick & that their children are in drugs and alcohol.
The sons of God have all (super) power, but now we...
Hell can't do anything until the redeemed say the negative. That's why we have to agree with God (24/7).
CLARICE: The scripture says that, "Are the angels not ministering spirits sent forth from God to aid us who the heirs of salvation."  
When you & I speak the word of God, we agree with His truth to the degree that we comprehend it.
Then the angel says, "The God living in you, we hear speaking."
You become a launching pad of the antidote to the antichrist...
ngels harken to perform the word of God that has spoken. so you have superior air power.
CLAIRCE:  Nothing happens until we speak...God didn't think us into existence.
He didn't just hum (us &/or things) into existence. He said, "Light be, & light jumped up...
Jesus is the word of God made flesh.  We are flesh being made into the word of God. 
You are a (manifested) word from the mouth of God.  You reflect & absorb glory as no other person does.
(As spiritual adopted sons, offspring) we release the infallible, inherent & awesome word of God.
That's being a launching pad.
CLARICE: Understand.  Negative thoughts (sometimes) come out of nowhere. 
(If) you're thinking something just crazy, then you need to say, "I resist that." 
(Then) you (replace) fill your mind with positive thoughts, because your thoughts are going to lead to your words, & your words are going to produce your action.
CLARICE: I learned declaration from Kathryn Kuhlman...
(An opressesed unkempt woman) was coming down the aisle. I said, "You come to me." She backed off.
I said, "No, you come to me now." You have to encourage people. She starts towards me.
I said, "You are the righteousness of Christ. When I look at you, all I see is Jesus.
You are the healed...delivered... prosperous...beloved...the apple of God's eye."
She kept walking toward me...Then I ran toward her, grabbed her, put her in my arms & said, "Say with me, I believe Jesus is the Son of God." She says, "I believe Jesus is the son of God." 
Sometimes your faith has to be infused into another person so that they can have the strength to walk in this.
We impart. When Paul said, "Oh I long to be with you that I can impart to you a spiritual blessing that will equip you to the end." This woman was instantly changed.
She got born again, baptized in the Holy Ghost & got free of drugs.
CLARICE: I certainly did. I'm almost 80. I have just found out that I'm not getting older, I'm getting better, I'm getting stronger.  The infallible word of God is inside of me. My brain is amazing.
That my words flow out of me because God has... He says, "I want you to live full & die empty."
CLARICE: This is my theology 101, God is good, devil is bad. Pick 1. Don't make this hard.
CLARICE: Boil it all down to that. You can study & you can have more degrees than a thermometer, but the reality is don't make this complicated. The only thing God's got to work with is people...
So whatever is in you, (good or bad) you will draw it to yourself.
(So frequently LOOSE the negative & BIND to soul God's opposite virtues/character traits). 
You'll find your tribe & there'll be people, men & women that are anointed in this season to bring forth (God's plans).
CLARICE:  You need to quit saying, I haven't got & I can't get. This is (a new) time.
Your past is over, it's time to forget. No more trying to get what you've already got.
It's time to move beyond your past."
For this is what the Lord would say in the day, I am God almighty, I am the great Yahweh.
So, my beloved, begin to lay hands upon yourself, don't get left on yesterday's shelf. 
Begin to agree with the word of truth. Open your mouth & turn indwelling Holy Spirit loose
CLARICE:  Lord says, "What do you want? What are you complaining about?"
I said, "You know what I want. I don't have food...transportation...anything.
i've got the promises of God.  I'd like to know where You are."
He said, "Well, if you want groceries, go get them, but do not go out looking like that."
He said, "You need to look like you belong to the child of a King." I knew I had to go get all fixed up.
He's always said, you don't get a chance to make a 1st impression except 1 time.
So I put on my fur coat, I put on this & I go.
CLARICE: (At the grocery store) this man walks up behind me... He's an attorney in town...
He says, "Thank God I don't have to feed that brood that you've got."
He said, "I wish I could hear from God the way you & your husband do." 
I said, "Well, have you asked him?"
He said, "Oh, sure, just ask Him." I said, "That's the way it works for me."
He said, "God, talk to me”...Then he said, "Oh no." I said, "What happened?"
He said, "I heard His voice." I said, "Well, good."
He said, "No. He told me to pay for all your groceries."

Foy, Terri Savelle - +

Gambill, Charlotte -
Gambill, Charlotte - -
It all comes down to the price we are willing to pay
Gambill, Charlotte - -

Goll, James 6/24/2018 - + (edited)
JAMES:  I got caught up into a heavenly experience & in this I was invited to a hill. 
I went in this visitation & was invited to sit down at a table.  Across from me is sitting an important person from Heaven looking right at me. I went through cancer 3x over 9 years.
I've had my kidneys virtually almost shut down. I've had 4 near-death encounters.
I sit down in this heavenly encounter at the table of the Lord.  Across from me is a very important person. This messenger from Heaven looks right at me with fierceness & philosophy, like called Faith that Fights, looks right into my soul & says, "For the next 20 years of your life, I want you to terrorize the devil, terrorize the devil."

Greenig, Angela - Quantum Acceleration has Already Begun by Angela Greenig 1/20/2014
2014 is a year of Quantum Acceleration. The Lord says that you will quantum leap into your past & take back the dreams & promises that God the Father has promised you. 
Then you can leap forward into your present time that will set up your future…
On Passover and also the Feast of Tabernacles of 2014 & 2015, there will be Blood Moons. 
This has not happened in a long time, or especially back to back in so many years. 
These are signs from the Throne Room of Heaven. We cannot overlook these Signs. 
We must Pass-over into the Promised Land & step into the Holy of Holies with full access & assurance of our role & what is asked of us…
I had a vision...An Angel of the Lord flew from Heaven. He had a Horn in his right hand.
A Shofar Horn full of oil. As he got closer I could smell this aroma, like  I have never smelled before. 
This fragrance, once released, demolished darkness as pure light was illuminating for what looked like miles & miles. It hit the air-waves like an atomic bomb going off. 
As he poured out the oil, for what seemed only to be a drop, it released strategic regions here on earth. Strongholds were no more.
What once was barren will now bring forth 30, 60 & 100-fold back into whatever seed you have sown
You may feel like it's the Winter months, but soon it will be Springtime. 
I said to the Angel, ‘Who are you, & what is your name?’
When he opened his mouth I heard the sound of many rushing waters, but a still faint voice broke through the torrents.  He said, ‘
Tell God's people to get ready. It is time for the Saints of God to possess the land.
This is our time to be a voice where there has only been a faint sound. You are that the Shofar.
The Oil & Anointing of God is upon you
.’ He then answered, ‘My name Victorious
Listen, as I was with King David I will be with you too.
You will be like David in battle & will destroy all the powers of darkness with the most obscure weapon
I pondered in my heart for a second & realized the weapon is Faith.
Faith is what it will take in this next, new season. That, my friends, is you & me.”

Hammond, Lynn - Taking Your Authority - Activate Our Authority - Your Authority Has Not Changed - Exercise Your Authority - Posts @ + (source: Kenneth Copeland) 
Scroll Down to Bottom of Page.)

Leif Hetland 12/10/2017 (edited)

LEIF:  What are you called to do?  What is your destiny?
Often the very giant where the serpent has bitten
you is where you have (acquire) the greatest authority.  A giant often stands between your identity & destiny. 
The key is to get back into the identity of who you are (in God). 
This is how I (God) see you.  But to do that, you need to know Who God is to you.  
Then when you see Him, you see yourself.  Now you can speak TO the giant instead of about the giant, because you have the clarity of the authority that comes from His identity.  This is who I am, what God has called me to do.
I am 1 with Him, in covenant with a covenant-keeping God.  This (evil) giant is not the problem…
(Both the blessed/ awesome & the cursed/thorny) different people around my life all give me an upgrade (as I say yes instead of no & cooperate with Holy Spirit).
LEIF:  I think there's 4 primary things about fatigue.
The enemy is trying to wear us out & he continues to hound over & over. 
When fatigue comes in, then fear comes in, then failure.  The enemy tricks you to feel you've failed. 
You feel you are the only one that is here.  You feel forsaken. 
The enemy (who comes to kill, steal & destroy) tries to isolate you as part of his strategy.
SID:  You get offended with all your best friends; now you're isolated.
LEIF:  He (tries to) isolate you. It's so important sometimes for us to enter into the hard work of rest, so rest can become our weapon of warfare. So even there, rest is the lamb's nature.
LEIF:  Enter into rest is just when I have a tendency to lean forward to fight & it's wearing me out. 
I just lean back & find rest.  When I become a resting place, where the presence of God can rest upon me. 
His rest renews, recharges, fills up, sometimes just your emotional tank, especially when you've had this battle going on for a long time.  
The 2nd very important thing is memory stones, where the enemy never can take away.
So right before I came to talk to you, I remembered when Randy Clark prayed for me.
I looked at one of my greatest creative miracles I had ever seen where this guy is totally bend over for 17 years.  Jesus straightened it out.
I had a whole bag full of pictures with me, each just a memory stone about what God did.
I will go back again to those memory stones & talk about God’s past faithfulness, goodness, kindness.  
When I'm looking at those memory stones my (spiritual) hearing always comes back.
After a while, my (spiritual) vision comes back. 
Then I take a new look at the same giant, but now I don't see how big the giant is, but I see how big God is.
So this is another key that I have learned over & over again because in a matter of moments, (joy/courage) from…a promise…(can catapult into terror/doubt/fear/dismay) a…dark cloud…
Suddenly you lose your vision…your hearing (spiritual discernment). 
Then the: fatigue, fear, failure, & forsaking comes in.  Stop… Find your memory stone (perhaps such as this hand ring, whose stone represents) the spirit of adoption supernaturally given to me.  
Everything I have is a memory stone about what God has done. 
When I then stop to rehearse (ruminate on) those memory stones, (spiritual) hearing & vision (revives) come back.  In the next moment as a giant slayer, you don't see how big Goliath is, but how big God is.
At that moment you're ready to move forward again…not burning flesh (human ingenuity)…but (Holy Spirit) oil. 

Holtz, Scott - A DIFFERENT SPIRIT - 5/1/2012 - good - "When the 10 spies make mention of the demonic race of Giants (Anakim) & the Fallen Ones (Nephilim Gen. 6:4) that is also in the land before them, immediately all the people get panic stricken with phobia & want to go back to Egypt (slavery) rather than go to war.
The people care more about their self-preservation & prodigy than believing the voice of the prophetic minority (Joshua & Caleb) who want to obey God fully & ruthlessly...

Caleb is singled out due to having a 'different spirit' & one who followed the Lord fully. 
I looked up this word 'different spirit' in Hebrew & it is not the word for soul (nephesh) but rather the same word for the wind & Spirit of God (Ruach).
This warrior, whose name means "dog" in Hebrew, received an impartation of the Spirit of God because he was windward for war & battle...before anyone could be Born from Above through the blood of Jesus. (John 3:3, II Cor. 5:17)!"

Robert Hotchkin @ 12/10/2018 21:21 - “If we get blessed with a battle that's bigger & longer than we expected, that doesn't mean the devil's winning. It means we're taking more territory in the spirit & we're laying a bigger foundation than we realize. When we get that perspective in our soul & go from being discouraged about how things have been to really encouraged & excited about what it's going to be & we declare from that place, we make decrees from that place, we have the power Holy Spirit gives us the power to make that shift & we'll feel it.”

Israel Military Bibles -

Jacobs, Cindy -
"Many of you have been feeling like you are in a pressure cooker, a crucible.
The Lord would say to you, 'My child, you are going to come out of this as pure gold, for this is a season of refining.  This is a season where I am asking people, Would you choose the difficult jobs in life for My kingdom? Would you be willing to go to the high places rather than to walk in low places where you just get by & you just take care of yourself & a few others?  Ask Me for nations.  Ask Me for large things. Don't be content with living a small life.  I want you to live a large life, for I have plans for you. I have destinies for you.'” 2018
Jacobs, Cindy - Cindy Jacobs: The Lord Says to Stop Sleeping and Start Speaking to Your Mountain! ...
(TO your disease, infection, wart, drippy nose, curse, inherited malady, addiction, virus, parasite, mold, fungus, bad bacteria, demon.) 10/3/2017 @

, Mary - - (2/8/1909-11/24/2011) She went to heaven at age 102.  "When Jenkins was about 3 years-old, she received a prophecy from Smith Wigglesworth that his spiritual gifting would be passed to her, but that it would not come to fruition until she was in her 60's.  Mary (M) Jenkins heads Joy of Life Ministries (Inc) in Stamford, Connecticut."

Jeremiah Johnson - Prophetic Warning: 'Demonic Strategies Rising Up Against Pioneers' 10/22/2018 
There is a demonic strategy set up against every pioneer in their generation that is not only aimed at destroying them, but also scattering the followers.
If Satan's attack is successful, everyone involved will come out of the battle hurt & wounded.
Remember, Satan uses people to attack, criticize & question pioneers so that those who are getting set free, refreshed & empowered by their life and ministry will become confused, disoriented & stop listening altogether to the emerging pioneers.Pioneers, you cannot allow yourself to become so easily manipulated by people's criticisms & attacks.  Do not try to maintain peace in your heart & life based on whether people accept or reject you.
From my own personal experiences, most of the time God will not deliver you from your accusers, but rather He will actually save you by killing the part of you that is vulnerable to the devil by using the accusations themselves. 
As a pioneer, you must recognize that both God & the devil want you to die, but for different reasons...
Satan wants to destroy you through attacks & criticisms & then drain you by your unwavering need to explain yourself & your side of the story. (Please stop wasting your time & energy doing this).
On the other hand, God wants to crucify that part in you that was so easily exploited by the devil to begin with.
The rest & peace you so desire in your life & ministry will only come when you finally die to what people say & think about you. 
Pioneers, in order to deliver you from the praise of men, God will baptize you in their criticisms & attacks.
It is painful. You will lose many friendships along the way, & the misunderstandings will be many.
You will pay a price that most around you will never see or understand.  You are speaking a language of reform & awakening that many in the body of Christ don't have an eye or ear for yet. Do not grow discouraged...
Most of all, do not be surprised when the attacks & criticisms come. Rather than rushing to defend or explain yourself, my advice would be to go before the Lord & ask Him, "What inside me are you exposing through the accusation & attacks of others that needs to die?"
visit or

Jones-Pothier, Kimberly - known as Real Talk Kim, Fayetteville, GA, USA 30215 - @ - Get out of habit of faking it till I make it.  Divorce come back kid.
"What God has placed upon YOU is GREATER than the hell that was placed against you"

Kat Kerr – The Kings – June 2014 When we are born again we receive a deposit of Jesus' anointing & a light emitting stone (diamond/engagement ring) from the Father's heart
The greater the intimacy the brighter the light.  The goal is to blind & terrify the enemy, to just walk by a building (hospital/institution) & everyone inside will be healed.  Peter released God's anointing so often that it became an atmosphere about him, rather than a shadow as stated in scripture. 
A spiritual king is one authority level from which he speaks to affect a nation, as there is NO distance or time in the spirit.  Every king has weapons (anointing, eg.) 
isaiah/10-27.htm It shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder & his yoke from off thy neck, & the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.
Verbalize the honor & privilege it is to be born for such a time as this to war for others.
Regarding Luke 10:19 we take authority BEFORE we go anywhere.
Kerr, Kat
Let's terrorize the terrorizer.
Kat Kerr - August 13, 2015 - Facebook: "Father said to me, 'In all your ruling, manifesting, stripping power (and platforms) from the (spiritual) enemy, working with Heaven's (angelic) armies, you must never forget those who are broken, wounded, fearful & in pain from grief. When they question the shift of your focus from love to ruling, tell them you do it BECAUSE of them & what Satan has done to bring devastation to their lives. Let them know that I have commissioned you to give yourself to rule violently against evil so that change can come & my children will learn to take power over ALL the power of the (spiritual) enemy & then nothing by any means shall harm them.'
So, because of His Love, we must Rule with Christ in the spirit & push back (spiritual) darkness until it flees from us.   I have seen the future & it is filled with whole regions of Light."
Kat Kerr - August 27, 2015ush back darkness.  Torment the enemy with your very presence. 
Do not tolerate the darkness operating around you at anytime or place.
REMEMBER, you DO have Power over all the power of the enemy because Christ gave it to you.
So enforce it by declaring it & by demonstrating it
Kat Kerr - October 11, 2015 - Face-book: "The Body of Christ is taking possession of planet earth BUT there is NOTHING they can do to stop it. Father & all of Heaven is yelling:
'GET YOUR CROWN ON.' Are you wearing yours as the throne & the scepter are being put in OUR hands by OUR King. Rule with Him, not against His plans as He is doing a sequel to 3rd Day in Hell & we are part of the action to SPOIL the darkness on this earth. Whoo.

The Kat Kerr - June 14 - Heaven's Invite - (edited) & of audio: (In Jesus' name) 
I/we are to
take power and authority over all the evil power of the enemy in each area/situation/circumstance/location pertaining to __________.
remove any evil residue and (disconnect) strip away all evil power of the enemy.
remove the power of the enemy to operate in this area to exercise fear/terror/evil.
I/we command/invite/
enlist you heavenly host to remove all evil beings ruling from platforms above, controlling/manipulating people to do evil acts. 
I/we command/invite/
enlist you holy heavenly host to go & shred all the platforms .
There will be no platform (or enemy camp) left from which to continue evil.
We thank you host of heaven for going there &
removing any chaff of the enemy camp.
There will be no evil repeat/copy-cat situation or activity extending from this/any evil event. 
I/we (cancel) shut that _______ (evil assignment) down in Jesus' name.
We speak peace and love to victims & their family members. 
(We invite) Let angels go & inhabit & walk through victims' homes. 
Father God, touch (bless/heal) all the lives of those involved in this travesty (violence). 
be removed and cast to the ground. 
There will be no (permanent/remaining) trauma to ruin the destiny of family members. 
pull down any spirits of fear; we trash, bash & throw them in a dry place.
Father God, I/we thank You for our weapons, especially the host of heaven.
We do
not tolerate the enemy showing up in our family, territory, city, country, or any place we go, in Jesus' name.  We do not tolerate evil destruction of any kind. 
May the holy host of heaven go with you (us) in our Lord's holy authority & as His (our) weapon, which He has placed in our hand... As of 6/1/2016 we speak double blessings/restoration/family unity & love. 
(Please refer to any remaining online actual/original transcript; listen from about 10:00.)

Chester & Betsy Kylstra - Overcoming the Hidden Joy Killer - 9/1/2000 @ "Shame can be easily destroyed if the SFC victim will make a paradigm shift & treat this stronghold as his enemy rather than as part of himself…
In the past, shame killed its victim. Now, the demonic stronghold must be destroyed & eliminated…
He can then disassemble the stronghold by confessing (exposing) its presence & (repenting for) its underlying sins. He can then demolish the stronghold by replacing it with believing what God says about him & can achieve victory in a short time…
Continually submit to the process as did the Israelites as they took possession of the Promised Land.
(Exodus 23:30 NIV) 'Little by little I will drive them (your enemies) out before you, until you have increased enough (in maturity and numbers) to take possession of the land.'  God has great things for us, as we appropriate His Promises like the 1 in Isaiah 61:7 (NIV). 'Instead of their shame My people will receive a double portion, & instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance; so they will inherit a double portion in their land, & everlasting joy will be theirs.'  If we really let Jesus heal us, we will 'never be put to shame.' (1 Peter 2:6 NIV)"

Lusky, Gal at - - "Lusky was born in 1968 on the northern Kibbutz Hokok... Recently, she brought four 3D printers to an undisclosed conflict zone & taught doctors how to print prosthetic limbs. 
(Her) Israeli Flying Aid brings undercover rescue volunteers to countries that don’t have diplomatic relations with Israel or will not accept foreign disaster relief... Lusky does reveal that El Al Israeli Airlines, which owns Arkia, allows her to fly cargo for free to disaster sites in friendly countries such as Nepal, where Israeli Flying Aid’s unreported mission was dedicated to the memory of volunteer Ohad Shemesh, a paratroop reservist killed in Operation Protective Edge last summer. 
'My volunteers embrace my agenda & choose to risk their lives instead of living the rest of their life with no compassion,' says Lusky.  'Our slogan is, ‘Nobody asks permission to kill; we don’t ask permission to save lives.’ 
This is a moral value that should be viral.'   She dreams of creating Al Qaida-like global dormant cells of daring do-gooders.  'We would give them basic training to deliver lifesaving aid & teach them how to find their way into any country.  They’d just have to land in that country with funding and volunteers and meet us there. We would give them a dossier of all the rest: translators, maps, networking, suppliers. All they have to have is motivation.”  Money. Fundraising is difficult, given that donors & the missions they fund remain secret. 'We need to find donors who don’t care about getting any credit,' says Lusky.  'Any time money comes in we deploy a mission.' 
Israeli Flying Aid has zero overhead. Lusky & some 1,200 volunteer specialists in medical aid, mass-feeding & logistics, search-and-rescue, emotional trauma relief & training don’t expect compensation.
Lusky ekes out a living from giving lectures about international aid & the volunteering spirit of Israel."  

Marbach, Nichole - Authority to Heal by Nichole Marbach - -
"I asked the boy if I could pray for him to be healed, as I got rid of the lies that were filling my head telling me all the reasons why I should not lay hands on the boy & see him healed. He said, "Yes."
As I started to pray for him, he started making noises as he was being healed. 
I commanded his body to be healed in the name of Jesus.  He was healed. 
The police officer watched in amazement.  The boy was also amazed & got up off the ground & walked away. 
This dream impacted me deeply & gave me a boldness to go out & watch sick people be healed.
We are called to heal the sick. It is imperative that we get rid of fear & go for it. We need to ignore the lies of the enemy & realize it's Jesus through us, not us. We are just the vessels he is longing to use. You may not see every person healed that you pray for, even though healing is a finished work that we receive as our inheritance, but don't let that stop you. I remember Andrew Wommack who sees miraculous healings on a regular basis, was at a meeting in a foreign country & he was asked to pray for a brother & sister. Andrew prayed for about 10 minutes for the boy's deaf ears to open up, but his healing did not manifest that day, but Andrew had to continue praying for others. He started praying for the boy's sister's blind eyes to open & she was instantly healed & saw her mother for the 1st time. If Andrew had questioned why the boy wasn't healed, he would not have seen the girl be healed.
In the same way, we can't let fear and experiences get in the way of the truth of God's word which is more real than any thing & His Word says in Isaiah 53:5 that we are already healed because of what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross, due to His extremely passionate love for His kids.  All healing is an act of love. It is an act of love on our part to step out.  It is the love of God that made healing a finished work of the cross."

Meeder, Kin - TV 6/18/2019 Spiritual Audacity
, Kim -
“Don’t worry, kiddo,” he said. “
If you don’t act like prey, you won’t become prey.” 
Jesus, what are You trying to tell me? Speak, Lord.  What happened next is difficult to describe. 
Rising over the fray was the voice of my King: 
The enemy has moved (back) into My land. He is attacking My people. He is killing My children.
Enough of his attacks
. I am calling all those who are Mine to stand up & fight.
I am calling My people to take back the land My Son gave His life to defend.
Rise up
, My people, Rise up & take back the land. Take back the land. Take back the land.

Claire Musters 4/8/2015 @

Daniel Olukoya - The Madness Of Faith - Scripture: Luke 6:26 - "If as a Christian, nobody has ever accused you of being a fanatic, it means that you are not yet serious (enough) with your Christian life. Anyone who is serious with his Christian life operates sometimes in a way that is not logical. If unbelievers call you a fan Read Full Sermon "
By Strength Shall No Man Prevail - Daniel Olukoya - 1 Samuel 2:9 Deuteronomy 28:13 - -
If you do not
allow God fight your battles for you, you will (could) end up in a ditch (from time to time).

1. Every spirit of the tail, what are you doing in my life? I bind you, in Jesus’ name.
2. My destiny (in Christ), come alive by (Holy Spirit) fire, in Jesus’ name.
3. Every cage of the tail, break, in Jesus’ name.
4. Every witchcraft cauldron, break, in Jesus’ name.
5. My Father, if I am ( ____ is) in the wrong position, change me (him/her) now,
in Jesus’ name.
6. I claim divine re-arrangement by fire, in Jesus’ name.
7. The power that moved Moses forward in the Red Sea, move me ( _____ ) forward by fire, in Jesus’ name.
8. Sing these songs to thank the Lord: “There is no mountain that we cannot climb.
There is no problem that we cannot solve. 
When I say we, I mean Jesus & I.  There is no mountain that we (I/ _____ ) cannot climb.” 
“Our God can do all things, amen, He can do all things, amen.

Pierce, Chuck D - - 8/7/2010 -
"The restoration of David's Tabernacle is advancing in the earth realm in this generation.
You should read Amos 9 as well as Acts 15, and then the book of Revelation. One expresses prophetically, another expresses historically, & the latter reveals to us the present expression of the war in the Heavens.
When you read more closely, you see how we, as God's army in the earth, will co-labor with the Host of Heaven to express a Holy God's overcoming power throughout the nations of the earth.
This will unlock a global harvest. Your violent praise is preparing a storehouse for Kingdom harvest. 
As you praise 'violently,' you are releasing the Roar of the Lord that has been held captive in God's people.
Let me explain the "Roar of the Lord." God's sound permeates from Heaven & orders much of what goes on in the earthly realm. When He is ready to bring restoration to Earth, He releases His sound.
Judah goes 1st. Judah roars. The roar of God is within us. Judah means 'praise Yahweh.'"

Renner, Rick - Illegitimate Authority 10/11/2020 @ Sparkling Gems @
Looking at Acts 19, we find the evil spirit in this man was inflamed by the 7 'exorcists’ feeble & ineffective attempts to cast it out.
The evil spirit unexpectedly seized the full use of the possessed man’s body to physically attack & injure them.
Acts 19:16 tells us, 'The man in whom the evil spirit was, leaped on, overcame & prevailed against them.'
Those exorcists had encroached on demonic territory that they didn’t know how to handle. Let’s look at those words leaped, overcame & prevailed, because they tell a huge part of this story.  When the text says the man 'leaped' on them, it is the Greek word ephallomai, which means to leap uponto jump upon, or to pounce upon, as a panther leaps on a weak & defenseless animal. This word carries the idea of abruptly taking a victim by surprise, which means these exorcists were completely taken off guard by this attack.
Not only did the demon-possessed man leap on them, but the verse also says that he 'overcame & prevailed against them.'”

Savelle, Jerry - Fight For What Is Yours - Paraphrased:
Satan cannot steal from us any longer. Tell him, “You’ve defeated us for the last time.
We are entitled to be blessed, to health & to prosperity. You’re not stealing it from us any longer.” 
We are world overcomers, not losers anymore. We’re winners in Christ Jesus.
All we have to do is shake our Bible at the devil & tell him, “It is written, we are more than a conqueror in Jesus Name.”
You Are Hand-picked by God - Enemy Tactics - Decide to Win - Every Good Thing -
God Will Turn Your Life Around - Always! + Forgive - 5 Steps to Success - No More Condemnation

Smithyman, Candice - - (paraphrased) -
Remember the story of the Promised Land and the Israelites who were called out of Egypt to go into a land overflowing with milk and honey. After crossing the Red Sea they were instructed to send out 12 spies to survey the Promised Land of Canaan. The 12 spies (1 from each tribe/family-tree) brought back fruit that was exceedingly huge and good, but most of them also brought back reports of the huge giants that lived there. 
The Istaelites were scared. This was not what they expected. They didn't want to fight the giants.
They wanted the promise without opposition
Only 2 men, Caleb & Joshua, could see the goodness of the Lord that existed in the Promised Land. 
They knew that God was with them & were willing to fight & claim what the Lord had promised. 
The other 10 spies saw themselves as grasshoppers; they let fear overtake them…
Rosh Hashanah 2020 takes place at sundown on September 18…Think about the promise, our destiny & future God has for us. God is calling us to go to the next level…The Hebrew year, 5781, begins at sundown on Rosh Hashanah…Let’s step into the place of promise…Let’s begin
(remembering it is NEVER in our own power/skill, but ALWAYS in God's. 
2nd this is celestial season/time in 2020 when 4 blood moons align with 4 high holy Jewish feasts).

Sorger, Matt - October 2010 - OVERCOMING YOUR GOLIATH -
Pray this prayer with me, 'Lord, I submit & surrender every area of my life to you. I make the choice to live in a way that pleases You. Forgive me of all my sin & transgression. Show me any areas of my life that have grieved you.  Release a godly sorrow & brokenness in my heart. May I care most about what You feel.
Give me the strength to endure & the godly brokenness I need to sustain Your increase in my life.
Lord may the adversary have nothing in me
. In Jesus name: I take authority over every Goliath in my life that is trying to intimidate me & hold me back. I command it to come down now in. Amen.'”

Trimm, Cindy - Rules of Engagement #1 interview @ 
I was born to unlock the hidden God-given potential in people, to help them maximize their leadership potential & to inspire them towards spiritual growth & innovative activities that leave the world a better place for the next generation. I exist to provide a service to humanity by being a leader of leaders & providing mentorship in this hour...I'm just a regular person and I strive to be very humble...Personally, I am a British-American, born on a little island...Bermuda...Samuel…had dinner with the prophet, but later he had to return to his own realm of residence. We must be grateful for the opportunity to taste the realm where the man or woman of God lives. We may have to return to our present or current realm, but at least we had the experience of their realm, so that we have something to aspire to. It's important to decide whether we want to make the sacrifice to live in that realm after we've tasted of it. The moment we get rid of excuses for not doing, being, or having what God has already said for our lives, we can go to the next level and another realm of greatness. The question is, are we prepared to make...the sacrifice to become excellent in character, attitude, activities, and service. 
Are we willing to abandon self destructive behaviors & cast down old paradigms in order to go, have, & be what God has already said we would be.
Sometimes people confuse sacrifice with suffering.  Suffering for Christ sake is not lack, or being poor.
Suffering is when you have your own agenda & it encounters a 'Garden of Gethsemane experience.'
In other words, sacrifice is when you can truly say, 'Not my will, but Thine will be done.' It's the act of breaking your own will by ridding yourself of fear, unbelief, disobedience, & submitting your total self to Jesus. 
Sacrifice is not just about what you give up, but it's about under-standing that your sacrifice is equivalent to your future greatness… Let me say this, God doesn't need your money, so sacrifice is not about that.
There are laws that are at work: what you do, or sacrifice, should be done as unto the Lord.
Whatever you do, it should be so that the Father is pleased with you.
For me, I care about what the Father thinks of me, not what man thinks.
When you get to that place, you awaken every morning to unlimited possibilities...
Prayer is an essential tool for individuals who expect to do something extraordinary for God
Prayer allows Heaven to eclipse earth…
It is the solar eclipse of heaven's power upon the darkness of evil on the earth
Prayer is the atomic power of God.
Prayer gives God permission to intervene on Earth.
Prayer alters the environment, while bringing demonic climates into alignment.
Prayer is the absolute difference between life & death.
Prayer diffuses confusion to become cooperation.
Trim, Cindy - 2/13/2016- -
The Art of War for Spiritual Battle (edited) "Prepare for battle. Soldiers at attention. Present arms. Advance.
Turn your shovels into swords; turn your hoes into spears. 
Let the weak one throw out his chest & say, 'I'm tough, I'm a fighter.
Joel 3:9-10 MSG...
It is in prayer that we probe spiritual realities, communicate with God, access the arsenal of Heaven, & expand God's Kingdom on the earth. It is as simple as pulling aside to a quiet place & opening our heart to God, & as dynamic as tapping into the power and imagination that created the cosmos. 
As with God, so it is that through prayer, nothing is implausible. 
Prayer gives Heaven permission to invade earth. Through this discipline, we are able to pray Heaven down to keep Hell from rising.
You must fully embrace that God will never abandon you but is ever-present wanting to work His will in your life.
As Theresa of Avila said: 'All difficulties in prayer can be traced to one cause: praying as if God were absent.'
God is right here living inside of you, ready to release His Kingdom through you, because The Kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21). 
Every Believer is equipped with an arsenal of incredible life-altering & world-changing power.
For those who rightly esteem the privilege of accessing God's armory of possibilities, each word spoken through or by that person holds enormous, innovative potential & creative power.
The Father has entreated each 1 of us to be involved in a dialogue that marshals angels & sets forth war weaponry that impacts the spiritual realm & affects how events unfold in the natural world. 
God is waiting for those who have the courage to step up & take their place in the highest ranks of His army. 
God has enough privates.  What He desires today are generals who will pay the price of dedication & discipline to hear His divine strategies & implement them upon the earth. By going into prayer, rather than striving with those around you (rather than using worldly tactics hampered & confused by human motives) you signal your dependence on God & your trust in Him as the source of all real hope.
You acknowledge that the only things that will last are those born in His strategic command center of throne room. 
Communicating with God declares your commitment to seek His strategies and care for the objects of His affection. 
God's communication with you marks the anticipated change of regime as: The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord & of his Christ (Revelation 11:15). It shows our intention as Believers to annihilate barriers & hindrances: those things that divide the army of God into factions & divisions (the devil can manipulate & keep ineffective). Let's refuse to erect our own throne & kingdom where only His is intended to be. 
Our times of intense prayer will not only affect present circumstances & conditions, it will also give a future hope. 
Whatever God births through you in prayer, He is also required to sustain. 
You see, it doesn't matter what human beings formulate, plan & strategize upon the earth, for all of it will ultimately come to nothing.  Our heavenly Father is a big God who created a big world for you to do something big in.
He is always trying to communicate with you.
Prayer is the means by which you engage Him in the affairs of our life & of this world. 
There is a big conversation going on. God is sharing some big ideas. 
What you need is to get in on the big conversation going on in Heaven's war room right now.
According to Jeremiah 7:13, God is always speaking. Are you listening?  If you participate in prayer correctly, consistently, faithfully, & persistently, God will let you listen in on that conversation & overhear exactly what it is you need to do to continually advance in our life, fulfill our purpose, & maximize our potential.
The problem is, as with any form of communication, correctly interpreting what you are hearing can be tricky. 
The communication of Heaven is seamless & eternal. 
Yet Heaven's communication is easily lost here where we live in the massive stream of constant stimuli & static. 
This is why you must consistently clear your calendar & reconfigure your daily agenda so that you can learn the art of strategic prayer.
This will allow you
to plumb the depths of the Spirit, to navigate new spiritual terrain & to conquer old enemies of your soul.
Develop within you the 'knowing' that you have received the messages sent.
Prayer creates hedges of protection that keep you and loved ones safe, provides the strategies of Heaven that will give you victory, knits you together with others of like precious faith to form the army of God, & builds within you the strength of character to see the battles through to their victorious end. 
Without these principles & practices, you can argue with people until you are blue in the face about the truths of God, & all they will do is laugh, but by utilizing our prayer arsenal you grant God permission to intervene so that even the most hard-hearted will topple to their knees before His throne. 
There is a war being waged for the souls of the earth. 
If you haven't stopped to look lately, the good guys aren't gaining much ground. 
The only way to turn that tide is to fight again like the evangelists and revivalists of old did. 
I'm not saying we need to go back to their methods necessarily, but we do need to get God's strategic directives for our time just as they did for theirs.  God is looking for leaders, for generals, to organize & lead that charge, but He 1st needs to know that they are skilled & disciplined in the art of spiritual war. 
Are you willing to do what it takes to be among them? 
I believe that we are in a generation that will again see great generals of prayer, but it will not come easily.
Like the 5 virgins (who ran out of oil waiting for the bridegroom to come they missed the wedding celebration) this call will pass over those who are not filled with the Spirit to the point of having more than enough. 
Will you be one who grabs hold of the strategic concepts of spiritual war to change your:
city, state, nation, & world? 
Or, when Christ calls, will you be caught ignorant, unprepared, & lacking? 
God is waiting for you to step up & become a disciplined leader in His army who knows how to employ His tactics with precision & unleash His cosmic weapons of mass salvation.
Are you ready to enlist in the ranks of God's generals of prayer? Training begins now. 

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:
(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds;)
Casting down imaginations, & every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; & having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when our obedience is fulfilled
. 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 
, Cindy -
The important thing is faith, the kind of faith that works through love.- Galatians 5:6 ERV
The integrity of the upright guides them. Proverbs 11:3 NIV - Take stock of who you are becoming:
Be willing to speak the truth to yourself in love: (We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love Him. - Romans 8:28 NCV ) remembering God is faithful...
He who has begun a good work in you will complete it.-
Philippians 1:6 -
Integrity is defined as moral uprightness, virtue, honor, righteousness & good character. 
It is also defined as the state of being whole & undivided, not double-minded or 'duplicitous.' 
Those who are double-minded will receive nothing from the Lord. (James 1:6-8.) (CAUTION -
This pertains to each/any specific area were 1 is broken/sick in his spirit, soul or body & NOT necessarily to the whole person)...
He who has begun a good work in you will complete it.
Philippians 1:6 - God will build your capacity to walk in greater degrees of honor, righteousness and love by strengthening the integrity of your character."

, Arthur - Healing the Waters #3 - (edited) - "These men, the sons of the prophets, had evidently not come to the place with God where they realized that He & the Spirit of the Lord were to be trusted. 
This probably accounts for their reticence & reluctance to press through with a God they did not fully trust.
If we suspect or fear that perhaps God will rob us of the best, or perhaps put us in a situation with which we will be unable to cope, or put demands upon us which we cannot possibly bear, we cannot go through with a God like that.  We cannot trust ourselves to a Spirit who behaves in that manner...
We should never get it into our heads that the Baptism in the Spirit is a sort of optional addendum, a sort of extra blessing to salvation. It is an integral part of salvation.
The problem is, that many Christians have not entered into salvation as God intended them to enjoy it & yet all these blessings are in Christ.  The moment I come to Jesus in faith & repentance, I receive Him.  When I receive Christ, I receive potentially all that God has for me, because He has no blessings outside of Christ.
They are all in Christ, but experientially
I may have far too little
It is entirely possible to be a multi-millionaire & to live like a pauper, if you fail to draw on your inheritance.
If you don't know how to write a check on your bank account then you can live as a pauper...
What on earth is the good of having blessings on paper...
What a tragedy when we do not appropriate our possessions in Christ...
God was saying, 'I have no more giving to do. But my, you've got a lot of possessing to do.
Go in & possess what I have given you, it is yours.'"

Walters, Kathie - Following the Wild Goose (Canada-USA-Wales, UK) by Kathie Walters - 9/1/2014 -
Being the wild army of God. 11/17/2012 -
Apprehend the things He is giving to us and making available to us.
"He taught me to raise my hands.
I did He would put something into my hands & say, 'Apprehend it, grasp it'...
I was holding my hands in the air & suddenly the Lord put apples, 1 in each hand.
They were green & crisp & sweet.  He told me to give 1 to Margaret, my friend who was sitting next to me.
I passed 1 to her & by faith she put it to her mouth. 
She said the aroma of apples filled the space around her & she tasted it in her mouth.
After that He gave me pears & strawberries & grapes. He kept saying, 'Take it, apprehend it.'"

Wigglesworth, Smith - -
"Fear looks; faith jumps.  Faith never fails to obtain its object.  
If I leave you as I found you, I am not God's channel.
I am not here to entertain you, but to get you to the place where you can laugh at the impossible."

Wommack, Andrew @
/06_Authority_of_the_Believer_condensed_version.pdf - Level 2 Lesson 6 @ - edited excerpt - "Scripture does say that Satan is the god of this world, but it’s not because God made him the god of this world. God never put Satan in a position above mankind. He gave mankind dominion & authority over this earth. The only reason Satan has ever been able to oppress, dominate, or cause the problems he does is because people yield their God-given authority to him.
This posed a real problem for God, because He was a Spirit, & He had given authority over this earth to physical human beings. Only people who had a physical body (flesh) had the authority & power to rule & exercise influence in this earth. Satan had to come to us & get us to yield our authority to him.
That’s the reason that he likes to inhabit a body.
In Scripture, demons had to have a body to possess because Satan can’t do anything unless he is using a physical human body to work through.
Because God was a Spirit & had given authority to physical human beings, now in a sense He had His hands tied.  It wasn’t because God didn’t have power & authority but because of His integrity.
He gave authority to physical human beings, & to be true to His own Word, He couldn’t just take it back & say, “This isn’t the way I wanted it. Time out, stop, we’re going to do it over.”
No, God bound Himself by His own Word. Throughout history He looked for someone He could flow through, but the problem was that all men were corrupted & had yielded themselves to Satan.
So what was He to do? What God finally did was come to the earth Himself & become a man.
his is tremendous when you understand it, because now the devil was in big trouble. He had been using mankind’s power, & God couldn’t intervene directly to solve all these problems, because man was willfully, legally yielding his God-given authority to Satan. Satan was wrong in what he did, but man gave him the authority & power that was theirs to give. But now, here came God, & He was no longer only the Spirit but was in the form of physical flesh. This put the devil in a bad situation, because God not only had authority in heaven, but becoming a man gave Him authority on the earth. Jesus said in John 5:26-27, “For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself; & hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.” He was referring to His physical body. Jesus came & exercised God-given authority. The devil tempted Him, & Jesus never yielded to him. Satan lost in every battle with Him. Then Jesus took our sins, died for them, went to hell, rose again, & said in Matthew 28:18, “All authority is given unto me in heaven & in earth.” He won back the authority God had given mankind, which 92 man misused, & as God in the flesh, Jesus now had all authority in heaven & in earth. In the very next verse He said, “Now you go, & you do these things.” In effect He was saying, “I now have all authority in heaven & earth & I’m sharing it with you.”
This time, however, there’s a unique difference in the authority God has given back to us as believers.
It is joint authority between us & the Lord Jesus Christ.
It’s no longer given to us solely as it was to Adam & Eve. They could give the authority away, allow the devil to oppress them, & basically be hopeless, but today our authority is shared with the Lord Jesus Christ.
It’s like having a joint bank account that requires both signatures in order to cash a check.
Our authority is shared with the Lord Jesus & His authority is shared with the church.
Although we may fail, God is never again going to sign this authority over to the devil.
Satan is absolutely powerless.
He has no ability to do anything in your life except what he deceives you in & what you voluntarily yield to.
You may give him authority in your life, you may suffer personally for it, but the God-given authority that was given to man will never again pass solely to the devil. It is now shared between us & the Lord Jesus.
He will remain faithful regardless. You need to recognize that you’re the one who now has authority & power.
Satan is fighting you with thoughts, & your weapons are such that you can take these thoughts captive. You can recognize that it’s wrong for the devil to oppress you physically & find out what the Scripture has to say about healing. John 8:32 says, “Ye shall know the truth & the truth shall make you free.”
You’re the one who has power & authority. God has given it to you & the only thing that keeps you from exercising it is that you haven’t yet taken your thoughts captive. 
You haven’t used these spiritual weapons to renew your mind & to realize what you have.
It’s encouraging to find out that you’re 1 with authority & power.
I pray that you’ll take this, meditate on it & God will give you the revelation that you’re the 1 Satan trembles at.
You shouldn’t be trembling at Satan
, because you are the 1 who has God-given power & authority.
If you resist the devil, he will flee from you (James 4:7)."

Audio/CD/Radio + DVD/Video

Gill, AL & Joyce - 2013 audio @ @ Lord, open our spiritual eyes to see the knowledge of Your glory.
Habakkuk 2:14
14The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.
(We individually &/or corporately have spiritual authority over our own realm/turf.)
Gill, AL -
Entering into the Glory realm 2014 video @ @

Jenkins, Mary (Mama) DOD 2011 - - 4/10/2010 -

Kat Kerr – The Kings – June 2014 AUDIO @
We are to evict every demon from destination prior to arrival.  God's atmosphere/anointing/presence in us terrorizes/burns up the enemy.  We need to consistently decree the positive designs God has for us & our families/business/ministries/ neighborhood/nation. 
With our mouth, we are to create, the positive outcomes, in Jesus' name. 
1st we are to read it to know, talk & walk in it. 
People who operate as kings will be backed by God & show evidence via spiritual authority.
They will have paid a price for it.

Kerr, Kat - Revealing Heaven on the Heavenly Cruise 3. (November 16-23, 2014 Kat Kerr) AUDIO
We are NOT to flee, but rather to rule & reign, until the Lord comes, unless directed otherwise to do so by the Holy Spirit.  We decree that we are fearfully & wonderfully made with the evidence following that we are Your offspring.
We can become free of the legal right of the enemy to touch us or (our family).
We can have fun allowing Him to manifest in each emergency.
Kat Kerr 10/7/2015 post - AUDIO - Begin to visualize yourself operating in the supernatural. -
God's will is to manifest Himself through those who consistently choose to be chosen.  I choose to be chosen, to make a difference during my time on this earth, for which time You God chose for me to be on earth.
We have been set aside for such a time as this. 
Be willing to be part of a team, as God is using teams/zones/regions in this spiritual season. 
God says, "If you obey, it will (turn out) be all OK" (at least from heaven's perspective)

God is about ready to repeat the show His Son did in hell on the 3rd day just before Jesus' Spirit returned (from visiting hell) to his tomb & resurrected His body.
, Kat - audio 2/2/2016 Sunday Morning
Once can have spiritual authority over the spiritual enemy when one has nothing inside of him self in common with the enemy.  Thus he does not make it a
habit of doing things pleasing to his enemy. 
Any inherited or personal sin which Holy Spirit reveals, is dealt with & eradicated. 
The enemy bullies us us to deter us from discovering who we are in Christ & to attempt to thwart us from sharing our revelation with others, lest God's kids know he is a toothless tiger.
Kat kerr Sermons : Revealing Heaven in Greenville, South Carolina , March 17th ,2016 AUDIO -
End of program challenges us to bully/intimidate/terrorize the enemy, for when we assault him with Godly praise/worship/boldness the enemy gets headaches from arrows in its head & scorching from the fire of God. 
Our seed will reverse death & allow entire regions to reign with God's glory. 
Those living now will not experience the Perilous times afterwards, just before the Tribulation. 
Choose/volunteer/enlist to qualify, for God qualifies His chosen.
Kerr, Kat - AUDIO @ The Revelation Zone 9/4/2016 post -
Heaven owl city meets
- This is the season to decapitate evil rather than vice versa (like Shea Muslim law-lessness).
Kerr, Kat 2/22/2023 @ 
Beginning of 2/3 portion of episode Kat declares our inheritance & love in the Trinity that terrorizes the enemy.

Maloney, James - 3/6/2003 LISTEN to Thursday broadcast @

Web Sites

Aglow - -
Our Authority in Christ - Part 1 - Our Authority in Christ - Part 2 -
Look at the principle of delegated authority and how it applies to us.

Assad, Michele Rigby -
Former CIA agent, Michele Rigby Assad, & her dangerous (10 year) life in service. Program starts around #21:21

Ballard, Yolanda 10/7/2007 Final Cry of the Hour - Will You Receive the Call? -
"Determine in your heart this day the price that you are willing to pay to receive My anointing flowing through you freely.  Are you willing to give up those things that you have allowed to distract you from having My intimate presence, or will you continue to allow them to rule & reign in your life?  For this is the day that I am doing a work separating the men from the boys, that is those who are mature enough to say, 'No' to their flesh, those who are willing to say, 'No' to the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, & the pride of life, & are willing to pick up their cross & follow Me.  This is the day that I am calling My loved ones to My side that they may be mighty, & that they may succeed in every work that I will call them to do. 
No more will they be called 'defeated,' but they will be called 'mighty conquerors, the righteous ones.' 
Are you willing to pay that price? Are you willing to crucify your flesh so that you will have My resurrection power flow through you? Well, that’s what it will take this day & this hour. 
You can’t have both the satisfaction of appeasing your flesh and still have My anointing flowing freely. 
You might have an occasional happening where I was able to use you, but that is not what it is all about. 
I want to be able to live My life through you. 
I want others to receive My love radiating through you at all times to set the captives free, to heal the sick, cleanse the leper & yes, to raise the dead, both spiritual & physical. 
This is the time & the hour where I want to use your feet to carry My body to where I desire to go throughout the whole world.
Yes, I want to wake up My body to the seriousness of the hour, for many will be left to the wayside because I was not able to use them in the great end time harvest of souls.
Many will be brought into My kingdom by the multitudes as a result of the signs & wonders following My words flowing through My loved ones.  Yes, My great end time army will rise up & be strong & take over the land. 
The enemy no longer will appear to be in control, because My people were willing to pay the cost. 
They were willing to pray that My will be done, My kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven. 
If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves & pray & repent of their wicked ways, then only then will I be able to hear their prayer & heal their land. 
If they continue to go the way that they’ve been going, they will dry up, they will lose desire for Me & My word. 
For beware this is the day of the great falling away. 
You can’t both have Me & mammon, Me & the world, Me & serving your flesh.  There is a price to pay.
Do you want it bad enough?  Or is it something you think that you want?  
This is the hour of decision for I am calling forth My army of worshipers.
I am ready to release My heart cry so that I can bring in the harvest & through you, My holy ones, I will travail, but you must be ready.  I am calling you this hour.
Don’t let this call pass you by, for this will be the greatest move of My Spirit ever. I want you by My side. 
For I love everyone of you, My precious ones.
I am crying out to you this hour. Will you reply, 'Yes, Lord,' or will you let it
(this once in a lifetime opportunity) pass you by?"

Brim, Billy - Tapping into the Dunamis Power of God - - - 4/30/2010  The Blood and the Glory book -
You plead your legal case with the blood & name of Jesus against the designs, works & thoughts of the devil. 
A Christian has legal authority to rout the enemy.
Brim, Billy - Friday, February 15, 2013 - Don't become discouraged over unanswered prayer. 
Our prayers are stored up like blood in a bank for future use. 
If our intercession is NOT received when the answer/remedy is made available by God's angels, then they become wrath during the time of the tribulation. 
+ our prayers of intercession are available to our seed/family, if not used beforehand.
, Billy - -
Jim Bakker Show 2018   Show# 3570 - Aired 10/17/2018
A Morningside Studios Production -
Billye Brim & Hannah Brim talk about their recent trip to Washington DC to gather in prayer over the Kavanaugh hearings.  Emphasis on our authority as believers & our daily access to the Trinity on the throne, as the body of Christ.  Recommended.

Boldness is a
spiritual muscle requiring a spiritual download from heaven, which we need to 1st initiate/plug in to heaven, so God can begin to flow into the issue.Boldness 6/2/2023 @

Bonnke, Reinhard - - Taking Action - -
"Bonnke begins with an overview of the importance of being baptized in the Spirit, then goes into greater detail describing each of the gifts of the Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12 & 14...
There is an appeal for Christians to get back to the Bible & to measure all experience by it (especially medical experiences such as visits to hospitals, nursing homes & funeral parlors). 
At the same time, Bonnke wants readers to avoid being legalistic, which would strangle the grace of God & the Spirit’s freedom."

Capps, Charles - Authority & Dominion - /
Authority Of Man & Jesus, Part 1 + Authority Of Man & Jesus, Part 2 + Authority Series
@ - 5/4-18/2015

Carpenter, Ron - Enemy Series @
+ book excerpt @ or -
"Here’s why I say an enemy is a necessity:

There’s a Goliath, a Pharaoh, a Satan standing between you and who you are destined to become.
As you move through life and ascend to new levels of potential and breakthrough, you’ll discover that your enemies are just as essential as your friends; in fact, they may be even more critical in your times of transition, if you’ll recognize them for the stepstools they are for you.
Enemies are indicators to you that God is planning movement in your life, and transition is right around the corner.
I do want to make a couple of things clear: My intent here is not to turn you into an obsessive enemy hunter.
The Bible teaches us to watch, not to search, for trouble. It can happen that the Enemy will use a demonic spirit to  challenge your purpose and rob you of your potential, but I believe this is rare. The vast majority of the time, your enemy will show up in the form of a person, a mindset, a situation, or an internal struggle.
The remainder of the book explains all of this. I want to issue a particular heads-up to husbands & wives + moms & dads. The enemy is not your spouse or your child.
Marriage & parenthood are examples of a covenant relationship. These are meant to go the distance in life.
They are usually incredibly challenging relationships and require huge amounts of work.

I will give you this—there are times when it seems like a spouse or child is the enemy. But he or she is not.
The enemy is the issue between you that may be driving you crazy.
Our responsibility is to fight the problem, not the person.

As a result of my journey, I want you to know that if you are in crisis or feeling beaten down for any reason, life has not handed you something sour just because life doesn’t like you.
Life has handed you an opportunity to open a great door. But you need a correct perspective on your difficulty.
This is how I like to describe it:
An enemy arising in your life is a key indicator that the next stage of your future is about to be born.

That’s what this book is about. This is a perspective out of the Word of God that saved my life.
I had to learn that an enemy can be a blessing, not a curse. I journeyed through the Bible to make sure that this principle is consistent throughout Scripture. I found that in the life of many great Bible heroes, it was a great enemy that catapulted each of them to a great place and multiplied their influence.

• It was Potiphar’s wife, through her false accusations, who sent Joseph to prison & ultimately opened the door for him to become a prince (Genesis 39).
• It was Pharaoh whose persecution served to multiply the Israelites into a mighty nation (Exodus 1).
• It was also Pharaoh who, by multiplying the power and influence of Moses, forced this fugitive to become the historic leader of a mighty nation (Exodus 5–12).
• It was Delilah who caused Samson to renew his strength & multiply his influence by killing more Philistines in his second season than he did in his 1st (Judges 13–16). 
• It was Goliath who took David from obscurity to notoriety, from sheepherder to king (1 Samuel 17–18).
• It was a shipwreck that enabled Paul to share the gospel with the inhabitants of an entire island (Acts 27–28).
• Even Jesus Himself had to fight the enemy of His own will in the Garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22:39–45) to receive a name above all names, that at His name every knee would bow & every tongue confess that He is Lord (Philippians 2:9–11).
I reached the lowest point of my life during this series of events, but when I knew for certain that I wasn’t going through pain for the sake of pain, I found hope. I discovered I was going through pain for the sake of promotion.
There’s something about facing life’s enemies that enlarges your capacity. I’m not just talking about external challenges. I’m talking about internal changes that increase our ability to grow stronger, to have the 'fuel' for future battles. You can see what battles with enemies did for Joseph, Moses, Samson, David, Paul, and others.
For me, by God’s grace and mercy, this biblical principle fueled me to overcome great days of adversity & changed my  perspective on life, family, ministry, & my future.

Overcoming these enemies creates such a great internal strength that you become like Joshua & Caleb who, after looking at the giants in the land, said in so many words, 'Aw, they’re just bread for us. We will eat these giants.' The other ten spies were scared, but Joshua & Caleb saw the giants that would become the fuel for power & strength (Numbers 14:9).
In my darkest day, when I felt I had no friends, I opened the Word of God and found many friends with many similarities.
Then I understood why the Bible says we’re “surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1).

I could hear the cheers of David, Joshua, Moses, & others ringing in my ears: “Get up, Ron. Get up.
This is NOT your worst day. This is God’s greatest opportunity.” That’s why there’s a necessity for an enemy."

Carter, Howard & Sumrall, Lester - -
Carter, Howard -
"As a British citizen & conscientious objector in world war I, he was placed in solitary confinement for 2 years (1916-1918), where God protected & mentored him...
In 1924 he was a founding member of the Assemblies of God church."

Copeland, Kenneth -
"That’s not where it ended either. He said, 'Therefore you go into all the world.  
You take My Name
.  You lay hands on the sick & they’ll recover.  You cast out the devil.
I whipped him
; you go enforce it.' (See Mark 16:15-18.)  How do we do it? 
Jesus said, 'If ye abide in Me, & My words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, & it shall be done unto you.'  (John 15:7).  We abide in Him by filling ourselves with the Word, so that we bring its promises & authority into every situation that comes before us."

Aliss Cresswell - 3/17/2014 -
Download a free transcript of the interview - Listen to Sid's radio interviews with Aliss Cresswell

ROBBY DAWKINS: AFGHANISTAN WILL BE A CHRISTIAN NATION! - YouTube within 8 years, by 2029 - 8/19/2021 
Dawkins, Robby @ - Afghanistan underground church ministry - 8/2021
Dawkins, Robby @ +

Dollar, Creflo - What Happens When Fear Becomes Bondage - Episode 2 2/22/2023 -
@ - Defeat disease audaciously

, Johnny @ 6/26/2023 - We have a now assignment to mentor/model the upcoming generation to take back & hold territory until Christ returns.  Otherwise, the enemy will con/overwhealm/overtake our kids/family/assets/inheritance/destiny in God. Romans 8

Fay, Terri Savelle - 5 Steps to Success - 3/16/2001
Fay, Terri Savelle - 3/17/2014 - - NGOs are spied upon.

Ana Mendez Ferrell - (click here to watch a special testimony of Ana Mendez Ferrell re Morris Cerillo)

Fluitt, Clarice - 2/29/2016 - (Re: Israel's prime minister)
CLARICE: I hear music. I had never heard music before, never. 
We didn’t have a radio, didn’t have TV, nothing like that. 
I heard music.  To my little mind it must be the rodeo, something about the rodeo.
Suddenly this guy opened, a golden staircase came down...on the Washita River...
He says, “What are you doing?”  I said, “I’m making stuff out of dirt.”
He says, “I’ve done that before.”  I said, “Hey Mister, are you with the rodeo?” 
He says, “I’m here for a roundup.”  I said, “How did you come down those stairs?”
He said, “You see that stair...Someday you will bring millions of people up this staircase.” 
I said, “Well what’s your name? What am I gonna call you?” 
He says, “I’m your friend.  You’ll never be lonely again.”
Now that was 70 years ago. I’ve been a happy, clappy person since then...
CLARICE: 1984...It was...September...We were singing a song in church. 
Suddenly I began to (prophesy) tell that (what) God said,
“The Almighty had a little Bibi that was a man with a plan in the midst the land.”
“Now is the time as never before, he’ll be like David & he knows what’s in store.
His cry will be night & day. You cannot have the land, you cannot take it away. I have a little Bibi. 
He has in store more powerful than a nuclear war head, because this little man will do what God said.”

Foy, Terri Savelle - 5 Steps to Success or 
3/16/201 @
Foy, Terri Savelle - 3/17/14 -
Foy, Terri Savelle - 4/6/2017 - Good.
Nice mentoring program for developing a lifestyle of nurturing habits.
[Terri testifies how the blood of Jesus erased her inability to receive forgiveness plus gave her supernatural amnesia regarding the self-sabotaging negatives concerning her past.]

Franklin, Jentezen - Believe That You Can #1 -  
positive thinking admonishment
Franklin, Jentezen - Believe That You Can #2 -

Gates, Judith - Sydney, Australia House of Worship  

Angela Greenig or angela-greenig-ministries - -
Greenig, Angela - -
angela-t-greenig - -

Gruber, Henry - 11/4/2018 See this extended version.
Gruber, Henry -
Prayer Walking
the nations - 3/15/2018 @ 1961 at age 18 the Lord began to mentor Henry.  Whatever you notice do not take it personally, but rather talk to the Lord about it. 
If I notice an evil thought/thing/situation, ask God to remit/forgive it (John 20:23).
(also 7/27/2013 @ ) -
Never proceed without a psalm & peace.

Hagin, Kenneth E - -
RHEMA Bible training center in Tulsa, Oklahoma is free and includes:
Kenneth E.
Hagin's Believer's Authority Class 1 + Believer's Authority Class 2 +
Believer's Authority Class 3 + Believer's Authority Class 4
Brad Allen's Blood Covenant Class 1 + Blood Covenant Class 2 + Blood Covenant Class 3 +
Blood Covenant Class 4 + Blood Covenant Class 5
Also pertinent to one’s spiritual maturity: Free AUDIO which is aligned with free workbook

Hickey, Marilyn - Spiritual Authority - Part 1 5/2/2016 + #2 - 5/3/2016 Remind us it is imperative to bind the enemy POWERS regarding our families/homes/ministry/territory according to Ephesians+6%3A10-20 & to disallow/forbid enemy interference, in Jesus' name.

Hinn, Benny - How to Pray for the Salvation of Your Lost Loved Ones #4  WATCH   1/31/2008 -
The BEST of the best.  A MUST watch. 
Reminds us of our authority in Christ & shows us how to go on the attack.  Explains that our loved ones cannot defend themselves; but that it is our responsibility to fight for them & NOT quit.  Notes that there is an evil spirit called the "mind blinder", over which we have authority. 
We are to terrorize the terrorizer, capture the captor, oppress the oppressor, dominate the dominator, victimize the victimizer, torment the tormentor, intimidate the intimidator, & cripple the crippler.  We are to be like the offensive side of a football team, & attack the attacker, Satan.  We are NOT to sit back & ask God to do our work. 
Christ already made us kings to reign & priests to intercede.  His work was done at Calvary. 
Now in each generation our work is to use the powers & keys He obtained, through the Holy Spirit & in His Name, not forgetting to apply His blood on each specific individual that we name for whom we contest in battle.
Hinn, Benny - 1/27/2016
Hinn, Benny -
1/28/2016 - God initiates/originates, whereas we implement/enforce/activate/access via prayer/voicing God's words/thoughts, including loosing God's angels via our declarations of scripture.
Hinn, Benny - 1/29/2016

Jackson, John Paul @
5/1/2020 - Authority preempts Power, a spiritual gift.  Both grow.

Jakes, TD -  1/1/2012 -
ministry/the-potters-house/coming-out-head-first-part-1-249533.html With a new mind your body will follow.
Jakes, TD - February 2012
Fat in Him
God has preprogrammed great potential/inventions/ideas/commissions into us
before the foundation of the world, for which we will be accountable.
Jakes, TD - +

Keesee, Drenda @ Especially for women.

Kelfer, Russell - Discipleship Tape Ministries, Inc - 
Russell has some good insights into God saying, "Wait," rather than yes or no.

Kennedy, Sandra -
 "I flew in home & on the way home I heard the word of the Lord say, "
Tell your mama there is no sickness in Heaven," & He quoted the 1st part of the Lord's Prayer, "Our Father which art in Heaven hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is Heaven."
Now…I knew there was more to that prayer. My mama was a good old Southern Baptist.
I was raised Southern Baptist & I had never heard anybody say that... I came home.
I sat with my mother; she was in a coma. She did not even know I was there.
They gave her less than 24 hours to live. obedient young person, brought my chair, put it right by her bed, sat right there for 5 hours...
I just kept quoting what He said:
Our Father which art in Heaven hallowed be Thy name. 
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 
Then said, 'Mama, there is NO sickness in Heaven.' 5 hours. Never stopped it: 
'Our Father which art in Heaven hallowed be Thy name.
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.'
Next thing I know, she's wide awake…This thought popped in my mind: to anoint her with oil.
I had never seen anybody anointed with oil in my entire life...
We didn't have any oil in the house...but we had some Crisco."
Kennedy, Sandra @ 5/6/2021
+ 2019 - New Fingers, Toes, Lip. 

Kerr, Kat - New Brighton, PA June 2013
posted 2/8/2016 - Shiloh Assembly Ministries, 112 3rd Ave 15066 -
Effective 8AM Easter 2012 in Kansas at the center of USA God's Kingdom Age began. 
His kids/army/citizens are to declare/decree against situations, cleanse territory & pray/sing in unknown tongues, which Satan does not comprehend. 
There are 3 stages: #1 Revelation (spring), #2 Preparation (summer), #3 Soaking (fall).
In this era God's spiritual pioneers will have dominion & kids will radically pastor. 
Demons will get scorched if near
God's cities of refuge or citizens. 
A spiritual acceleration has begun on the earth of both earthly blessings & consequences.
Kerr, Kat - Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours 2014
When we receive Jesus as savior, we receive a deposit of His anointing,
which we need to USE/activate/pour-out-on-others & refill daily. 
The spiritually violent take back God's kingdom by violence. Matthew+11&version=KJV

From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, & the violent take it by force.

God's greater works include commanding the spirit of the deceased to reenter the cremated body + reversing tsunami, volcano, or earthquake damage + reversing/reviving desserts + reversing gender-change operations + reversing airplane crashes, in Jesus' name & power.
PRAYER: "I love You so much.  Thank You for making me.  I am wonderfully & perfectly made. 
My birth was NOT a mistake.  You have wonderful plans for me.  You wrote every wonderful day of my life in a book before I began to breathe.  You knew me before I was knot together in my mother's womb, because I was with You (as a spirit).  You chose when to send me, when You would need me.  Please use me, take me, let my life count for You.  Let me help You write 1 of the greatest things You will do on this earth.  You said they will sing in eternity about these days of greater glory, because the darkness will NEVER be greater than the Light. 
Christ in me is the hope of glory this world needs.  May my life & everything in it bring You glory. 
This is NOT about me, the body; this is about You, the price You paid, that made a way to the Father for all eternity.  This life is a vapor compared to eternity; but I thank You with everything in me, that I (& my family) will live in the Kingdom Age.  May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Amen.  Halleluiah
I as a believer have authority over all the power of the enemy by the power of God.  
"Lord, help me to believe (& act upon) it."
Kerr, Kat - An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2) @
You who have the indwelling Holy Spirit & anointing of the Messiah do have spiritual authority over the enemy.  Disallow him in your atmosphere.  Expose, terrorize & displace him wherever you tread, in Jesus' name. 
Expect success on your turf on your watch.  Let the enemy know that you know he is under your feet. 
Lord, confirm this insight to us Your kids, that Your anointing in us/clothing breaks the yoke, everywhere we go.
Kerr, Kat - God's words spoken by you release angels. 8/24/2015 AUDIO
Revelation for What is Coming -

Kerr, Kat - 1/8/2016 + 1/9/2016 -
Every time you intercede, there is someone in the heavenly intercession war room praying with you. 
Our prayers give the heavenly host ammunition with which to do battle. 
Thus the enemy would defeat us if he could. 
We choose: Jesus, Holy Spirit, & to rule & reign with them, meaning we allow them to rule/reign through us; we invite holy Host of heaven to be part of that team, allowing part of Michael's army to be assigned to us to fight & pull down evil strongholds, more-so as we take our inherited spiritual authority on earth & to assist other angels, such as courier angels bringing body parts to earth.
Kat kerr Sermons : Revealing Heaven in Greenville, South Carolina , March 17th ,2016 AUDIO -
Father God having deposited a diamond stone from His heart into our spirit, Holy Spirit having traded a layer of Himself with a layer our soul, plus Jesus' depositing His anointing inside us at the time we received Him as Messiah, the Trinity awaits our deliberate releasing Their kingdom, their resurrection glory & power everywhere (before/during/after our presence).  The Kingdom anointing/cloud/shadow will never wear or wash off. 
Anything that it touches will be consumed by God's anointing:
soul-wounds/curses/lack.  God's
anointing in us is 1 of our spiritual weapons
We are to lay hands on people & say, "Be whole, in Jesus' name."

Kat Kerr - Details on Jesus' Father Joseph Kat Kerr Author 6/1/2016
We are to taste of the Powers to come, to begin to do (use/appropriate) some of His wonderful wonders (powers).   Each of us were planned to be here now in this spiritual season. 
Stop warring against/judging the flesh (others & self). We are His body/family. 
We are willing/available in the day of Your Power to push back darkness.
Stop tolerating (spiritual) darkness in your realm/presence/territory. 
Rule/reign/torch the
(spiritual) enemy.   The anointing/salvation deposits dangerous light into you. 
Home developers will design/build encounter rooms/chapels.  I receive. 
The Trinity & the host, I invite You into my home.  Do not walk in or buy from occult stores. 
Loose from you what you pick up from (visiting) such.  God’s 7 Spirits are 7 beings who serve God
24 Elders are eternal beings are not human.
The Kat Kerr - July 8 at 1:19am - Terrorism/Violence commissioning of heavenly host: (edited/paraphrased) -
Father God, in Jesus' name:
I take Your power over all the power of the enemy attacking _______ right now.
I command (invite) you (holy) host of heaven to pull down every demonic:
strong hold, plot, plan, and entity controlling (manipulating) _______ right now.
I do/will not tolerate (evil) darkness operating in person/place in (my) country/territory.
I do/will not tolerate (evil) darkness attacking anyone in my/the city/neighborhood/family.
I say, "Host of heaven, shred every demonic platform of the (demonic) enemy (manipulating) controlling this person/situation" (shooting/violence/genocide).
You: shred platforms, pull down strongholds + rip away demonic influence, regarding evil situations (via commissioned holy heavenly host).
I command (you holy) heavenly host to go & do that right now.  (Thanks in advance.)
I declare great holy fear & confusion, "Fall upon _______ when the power of the enemy is (removed) taken from the perpetrators (puppets of the spiritual enemy). 
If the _______ (shooter/murderer) has not been found,
I command you host of heaven to go & expose where they are (he/she is) hiding.
Reveal every hidden lie (deception & every sinister bomb/explosive/plot). 
Trap every enemy coming against (just/honorable) police, military, &/or any intended victim in _______ .
I will neither tolerate nor participate in any way by being in fear regarding this violence.
I declare, "Fear, you leave _______ right now; you will have no control over _______ ."
Justice & liberty is coming to my _______ , starting now, because I will no longer tolerate it. 
Believer, do not be in fear.  Take power over all the power of the enemy
Christ gave His power to us.  Stand up & activate it now.  
in your city (& family):
I will no longer tolerate enemy acts in my _______ (child/mate/family/city/state/nation).
I now command you holy host of heaven, 1 of my mighty weapons to tear down strong holds. 
We were sent to earth to execute dominion & authority, rather than to run in fear.
I declare this day _______.
"Father, Your power will move in _______ who/that is now free & will now move in freedom, justice & liberty for all."
I declare today, "The reign/rule of the enemy is over, in Jesus' name, according to the power & high level of authority You gave me, Christ, to rule in the spirit realm.
I do not have to tolerate the enemy attacking my _______ .
I say in Jesus' name, "This is ended.  Justice & liberty will come (sprout) from it."
I loose peace upon those who have been ______ (shot) & upon their families.

Lord, I thank You for comforting police, military & others who stand for righteousness & defend our liberty & freedom.
I declare over their lives: blessing, awareness & supernatural discernment. 
Thank you host of heaven for even going there & speaking into their ears: actions to be taken. 
We have (spiritual) authority to enlist God's holy host of heaven to do such feats.
I thank You Father for allowing Your children (who trust & believe in You) to have dominion & authority in our country, even over the entire world, to stand up & be who we were meant to be (from the foundation of the world).
Stop warring against the (human) flesh (against individuals) & start warring in the Holy Spirit. 
Use your weapon of (tongues & heavenly host).  In Jesus' name, I declare it to be so.  Amen. 
I expect you host of heaven to go forth & be successful
I expect a quick end to all of this (crisis).  In Jesus' name.  Halleluiah.

The Kat Kerr - October 12 at 7:55pm - Fort Mill, SC -
Revelation on Holy Spirit Fire dominion training to be dangerous to enemy (very short clip) -
The Kat Kerr - Wonder Women Movement 11-03-2017 #1
We will disallow, blind & push back the enemy, who is our doormat. 
Pets that we love go to heaven, too.  People are getting beat up who do not know something.
We will have trouble (insufficiency/storms/disease) as long as we put up with it.  Name your $ seed.
True meaning of Halloween is reformation, which Satan claims for his high holiday.
It represents death.  Whatever you enter into, inters into you. Danger.  Test every spirit.
In the 3rd heaven courtroom, God is judge & Jesus is our lawyer.  Men: Dread Champions. 
We 1st invite/thank the host to be our army
Then we command daily our heavenly host, who shape shift & fight our battles, so we will not get beat up. 
It multiplies with use.
The Kat Kerr 11/3/2017 Wonder Women Movement part 2 #2
Kerr, Kat - God’s weather warrior team
Command milli-bars (air pressure) to rise & storm to dissipate, in Jesus name.
Command a low to form to bring rain to put out fires, in Jesus name.
Kerr, Kat with Lim, Ben -  
or 3/26/2020
Let us stop allowing negative things to move us.  Let us start moving negative things.

Kerr, Kat -
Kat Kerr with Steve Shultz – We are to take authority over each negative, in Jesus’ name. 
No depression. 
No oppression. No virus. 5/21/2020.  The more unified a family is the more dangerous they are to Satan.
1st question in heaven: "What did you do with your family?"  Use quarantine as opportunity to seed family (mate 1st, kid’s 2nd ).  Nonetheless, seek to know/love/romance the Trinity FIRST consistently.
Bind God to one’s heart.  Take dominion, rule, put on crown.  Wish to know God better than anyone else on earth.  Wish to be just like Him to allow Him the honor/credit.  At least 100 years before perilous times.
Jesus mentioned a possibility of 110 longevity years to Kevin Zadai.)  
We can even evict evil from cities, where His glory exist.  5 major diseases (including cancer) will go. 
Manifest God.  Rule with/as Him. 
Kerr, Kat 6/11/2020 -
1-Salvation, 2 - Water Baptism, 3- Holy Spirit Baptism, 4 - Baptism of Fire - wipes away al
l junk from the walls of our heart/soul & brings boldness to strip away the demonic powers controlling victims & evil plotters on earth.  Ask for each/all. (meeting host: Dr. Greshom Sikaala + post by
or )
Kerr, Kat 7/14/2021 Episode #33 with Steve Shultz @
Kay Kerr! | GoMZ 9/10/2022 on Vimeo + Kat Kerr! Spirit Force 9/15/2022 on Vimeo 
Gateway On Mt. Zion | GoMZ’s Videos on Vimeo Very Long + Very Excellent for Women

Larson, Susie - 1/24/2013 - recommended -
from - - Live The Promise Radio - - -

Mack, Aubrey (most of week)
Utterly awesome week.  Aubrey Mack is an utterly awesome mentor.

Maddox, Jay - The Room of Total Abandonment - -  
"The following vision occurred upon waking from an afternoon nap 10/19/2007.
As I awoke I felt myself being transported somewhere
I knew I was still in bed, but I also had the sensation of moving.
As I was moving through darkness, I heard the Lord begin to speak. 'I have heard the cries from My chosen...
My prophets. I have heard their pleas for more: anointing, power, accuracy, confirmation. 
I have seen some of My prophets begin to be downcast for what they term as a lack of power in their ministries & in their lives. They say to Me that the enemy’s power has seemed to increase & they feel like in some areas they are being overwhelmed. My prophets are crying out for an Elijah anointing, yet cannot understand why this hasn’t come
.'  As the Lord paused, I began to see light ahead. 
I then noticed I was in a beautiful green valley heading upward toward an enormous castle on a mountain.
I asked the Lord, 'What is this place?'  He replied, 'My castle'...
As we entered in, we moved at great speed through the corridors, going past many, many rooms. 
The Lord continued speaking as we moved.
'I will reveal to you a mystery today; a room very few of My chosen have ever discovered in My castle.'
As we stopped, I saw what appeared to be a very, very small room ahead of us.
I asked what was in this room. He said, 'This is the Room of Total Abandonment'...
The Lord continued to speak, 'So many of My chosen reach high levels in Me, levels that enable them to do great things through Me in the spirit realms.
Yet the vast majority cannot attain the ultimate levels of power & anointing, because they have never found this room.  Some have found it, but could not enter in. Some have found it, but WOULD not enter in.
But I tell you, in this small room contains the secret for great power
.' I then noticed the door to the room.
It was so small, I knew I couldn’t fit through it. I wondered how anyone could fit through it.
The Lord, knowing my thoughts, replied, 'The only way to enter the door is to leave yourself outside'... Immediately, my eyes opened.
I was back in bed, but the Lord continued to speak, 'Total abandonment to Me is the key so many are looking for.  It is the last piece of the puzzle for many ministries to operate in total Elijah power.
Many have THOUGHT they were totally surrendered, but I tell you, "NO."
For it is a truth, the more you give of yourself to Me, the more I can give of Myself to you
The Lord continued, 'Many will wonder how this surrender can take place...
how to find this room.
I tell you, KEYS to this room are being prepared even now to be distributed to My chosen.
They will be delivered in various ways.
Some by words of wisdom, some by visions, some by dreams, some by revelation knowledge, & even some by angels themselves, but all will contain what My chosen need to know for complete & total abandonment to Me & My will.  When My chosen act on this, the very foundations of earth will be shaken with the outpouring of power & anointing I will release. Total Abandonment to ME is what I require

Moore, Beth - 4/3/2013 @ 
Shall we miss the mark of our destiny/high-calling for which we were born/created, due to fear/timidity, or shall we like Christ say, "Yes." @
Moore, Beth - 3/2/2016 - @ #2

Morris, Father Jonathan - - Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Savelle-Foy, Terri - 1/2014 AUDIO
Savelle-Foy, Terri - -
Savelle-Foy, Terri - -
Savelle-Foy, Terri - -
God may call us to be accountable for what we were created to be, rather than for what we did or failed to do, not relevant to our destiny in God. 
[Caution.  Reject (do not incubate/hatch/own) directives/thoughts/goals not originating from your Creator.]  
Praise is the key to future doors.
Savelle daughters -
TV Source @
The Power of a Decision
Audacious Faith, From Amen To There It Is ,
&/or 12/7/2015
Beware the Dream Killer - Many seniors are inventors. by daughters
The Power of a Decision - Audacious Faith - From Amen To There It Is – 11/30/2015
Dreams, Destiny & Opportunities #4 - Name dream & tithe $ seed towards it.

Seng, Yeap Chee -
"When a Christian falls sick, it does not mean that Isaiah 53:4 is no longer valid.
The problem does not lie in Isaiah 53:4. The problem lies in the enforcement of it.
Who are the ones who have to enforce it? We are. 
As Christians we have been given all the powers on heaven & on earth. 
God has given us everything we need to enforce his rule on earth.  
We have the authority to enforce
." 4/23/2008

Sheets, Dutch - Armed and Dangerous with Dutch Sheets -
#1 -
Sheets, Dutch - Armed & Dangerous with Dutch Sheets -
#2 -
There is a difference between spiritual power and spiritual authority.
Christ removed the authority from Satan which he had stolen from Adam & gave it back to man. 
Spiritual authority, POA, power of attorney comes in degrees, as God can trust us.
Power Satan still has, but God's power is greater.  Satan's power will be stripped when Christ comes again.
3/11/2008 broadcast shares an inspiri
ng testimony about a girl chained to a tree due to insanity. 
God instructed Dutch to deliver her long distance during a church service.  Be sure to watch program.

Archives - 
Archives - 
Sheets, Tim @
Our spoken holy words/declarations/decrees are spiritual seeds which angel armies take & enforce. 8/17/2023 Ohio.  The army host AWAIT our orders/commands to do G-d's will on earth as it is in heaven, esp. right now.

Souza, Katie - Ep. 24 - What makes up Dunamis Pt. 1 + Ep. 25 - What makes up Dunamis Pt. 2  +
Ep. 26 - What makes up Dunamis Pt. 3 + Ep. 27 - What makes up Dunamis Pt. 4 +
Ep. 30 - Exousia Pt. 1 + Ep. 31 - Exousia Pt. 2 + Ep. 32 - Exousia Pt. 3 + Ep. 33 - Exousia Pt. 4

Spiritual Dominion - Authority

Sumrall, Lester- 10 online videos @

Shuttlesworth, Ted - If our spiritual enemy is afraid of us then we need NOT be afraid of him.
Video Archives @

Graeme Walsh - transcript  9/17-21/2012  
SID, "You know, a lot of people are afraid of the demonic.
Well, you should understand...what the Messiah did for you. 
That’s why Graham always has communion before he prays these prayers.
But tell me about the vision you had of your authority."
GRAEME, I’m blessed that God speaks to me in some visions...
I was just standing in the car park & the devil walked up to me.
He said, 'Huh! Graham Walsh, I can deal with you.'
In the vision he looked over my shoulder, saw the Lord standing behind me, & got a bit of a twitch.
Then he looked over my left shoulder & saw the Holy Spirit standing there.
Then he looked over my head & saw God the Father standing there.
Then he looked over the shoulder of the Lord & saw the legions of angels standing behind Him.
Then he looked over the shoulder of the Holy Spirit & saw the thousands of martyrs standing behind Him.
Then he looked behind the angels & saw the heavenly creatures. 
Then he looked behind the martyrs & saints that have gone ahead of us.
I said, 'Lord, what are You showing me?  Why are You showing me this?' 
The Lord said, 'Graeme, I am enough, but when you confront the devil, the fullness of heaven is standing behind you.'"

Wigglesworth, Smith - 1/1/2020 - good

        Staking a Claim                                       

                                                                        Contending for One's Rights

Ruth 4:7,11 NKJV -
Now this was the custom in former times in Israel concerning redeeming & exchanging to confirm anything. 
One took off his sandal & gave it to the other, & this was a confirmation in Israel...
11All the people who were at the gate, & the elders, said, "We are witnesses."

Abel, Robert -

Copeland, Gloria - God's Love Empowers You to be a Blessing -
12/11/2008 broadcast of
Great Lakes Believers' Convention 12/4/2008 message - We need to verbally respond to others, that in the name of Jesus we believe that we are healed, regardless of evidence to the contrary or the taking of medication.

Dollar, Creflo - Know & Exercise Your Authority - Read - Print -
oldly say, 'By the authority of Jesus Christ & through & by His blood, I command you Satan to stop this attack.
I command you to stop your maneuvers through this person or this situation.'"

Hayes, Norvel -
The Number One Way To Fight The Devil - booklet - -
The "Best of the Best" in applying the Word of God to the enemy as a sword. 
Booklet shares how a couple (who, when at long last, applied 24/7 for 2 weeks the principle to quoting Scripture to God & especially quoting Scripture to the devil) obtained their hearts desire regarding their missing daughter...
Hayes, Norvel & Hayes-Cornelison, Zona - Stand in the Gap for Your Children - 1991 booklet -
Chapter 2 God Dealt with Me to Love Zona More  "The Lord began to speak..."Your daughter is in so much darkness and her faith is so weak that she will never be able to get out of that darkness...
Your faith has been wavering & it won't work... You have been wondering why I don't hurry up and do it...
I have to be pleased with your faith before I can do what you are asking. 
Stand in the gap for your daughter with an unwavering faith & I will come to her...
You haven't been loving her right... I want you to tell her how much you love her
Chapter 3 My Story 
"If you do not want their blood on your hands, pray for them (your children) & confess God's Word over them."
Chapter 5 The Long Road Back  "God has shown me (daughter Zona), that to seek His heart, you (the patient) have to pray for the mind of Christ, the heart of Christ, & the mouth (words/speech/thoughts) of Christ. 
So do parents (who are praying for their children)...have to have the total nature of Christ. 
1st the heart of Christ, then the mind of Christ.  Next they have to get the mouth of Christ. 
When they get their (spoken) words lined up with God's Word, their children will come back into the Kingdom of God, as I did."
Chapter 7 How You Can Stand in the Gap for Your Children -
I (Norvel) had stood for 2 years thinking I was doing right...
God told me I had been wavering...Wavering faith doesn't please God.  To have to please Him...
If you wonder when or try to reason how, you are in doubt...Believe God's Word & stand on it...
Believe that you have it before you get it...Take control of your mouth...Love and (do) NOT condemn...
If you meet God's conditions for one who can stand in the gap, He has an obligation to perform His Word." 
It took another (a 3rd) year (of doing it right) for Norvel to show God (& Zona) that neither his faith nor his love were wavering.
Chapter 8 Prayers for parents.  Prayer for one's own salvation includes renunciation:
"I renounce my past life with Satan & close the door to any of his devices."  Prayer for child's salvation includes binding: In the name of Jesus, "Satan, I bind you and break your power over my child.  You are a defeated foe. 
I loose the angels of God to minister to my child.  I loose laborers to present Jesus Christ to my child. 
Holy Spirit, I ask that You draw my child to Jesus Christ & into a close, personal relationship.  Thank You, Lord... Amen."
Hayes, Norvel -
Confession Brings Possession - booklet - -
All God's promises belong to the believing Christian.  Whether we receive them or not is our choice. 
God said
, "My children do NOT obey that (scripture Mark 11:23). 
They do not talk to the mountain.  They want to talk to Me about their mountains.  This is unscriptural." 
If Christians are ever going to have anything, they will need to speak things into existence, or they will not have them... Personalize scripture; substitute your personal words. 
Regarding Mark 11:23 "Say to this
mountain, 'Be removed.'" 
Instead say, "
Cancer/aids/insanity, be removed, in the name of Jesus Christ"  
Regarding cursing the fig tree in Matthew 21:21-22 Jesus taught Norvel, "If you will curse the roots of those growths on your daughter's body, they will die and disappear.  That is, if you believe & not doubt." 
Jesus spoke
again to Norvel, "All the promises of Mine are yours.  Tell the church, son, ALL the promises."  
"You can speak to confusion to go.  'Spirit of confusion, go from me.  You cannot live in my mind. 
Confusion, you must go from me.  I command you to be removed, in Jesus' name. 
I am talking to you, spirit of confusion. (Depart & never return, in Jesus name.)'" 
1st Corinthians 14:33
  God is not the author of confusion, but peace.
Open your mouth & claim your rights in Christ Jesus.  Why don't we have all the promises?  We need to take (wrestle) them away from the devil.  After praying or being prayed for, we need to continue to thank God & to continue to confess: to speak into existence what we need.  We must learn to speak TO our mountains/problems, to confront/bind Satan & loose things he has stolen, & to do these things for & by ourselves, depending on God's promises to be true.  Do not wait on God or a holy pastor.  God is waiting on you...on me. 
We are the spiritual covering for our children.  Norvel (unwittingly) had allowed the devil to get the upper hand.

Hinn, Benny - The Purpose of Pentecost in Today’s World #1 -
Christ's blood on the cross opened the door for the Gentiles (dogs) to receive the blessings (salvation/healing/deliverance/miracles) that began with (were originally available only to) the Jews. 
The Trinity (Father God/Jesus/Holy Spirit) encourages/loves holy contending/ audacity & even bends/breaks His rules to accommodate it, as illustrated in scripture: [Matthew 15:21-28 + Mark 7:27-30 -
A Gentile (from northern coastal Canaan/Canaanite/west of the Jordan River/Syrophoenecian)
mother is/was tenacious to have Jesus deliver her daughter (harassed by an evil spirit).]
Hinn, Benny - The Purpose of Pentecost in Today’s World #2
Hinn, Benny - The Purpose of Pentecost in Today’s World #3

Lamb, Marcus and Joni on Daystar TV (4/2010) have placed names & addresses on wooden stakes (like grave markers) on a lot (land) where they are praying over them to loose blessings, especially financial.

Meyer, Joyce - 2/1/2010  Realistic Expectations #1
Believe that God can do BIG things & that He can do them through you.
Learn how to have God-sized expectations in your life, DAILY. 
Speak your good expectations OUT LOUD every day.

Toledo, Jennifer - The Missing Key to Your Breakthrough -
"As a young adult, Jennifer was directed by God to go & minister in the blistering Turkana Desert of Africa to a tribe known to have a blood covenant with Satan... God can move on your behalf regardless of your circumstances." Persistence is 1 rule. 
Messianic radio broadcast #1651 - 7/6-10/2009 @

Wommack, Andrew - 4/14/2022 @ -
One needs to agressively GRAB what is available & offered to us by the Trinity.

Commissioning/Partnering with/Speaking to

Goll, James W & Michal Ann - Angelic Encounters - Engaging Help from Heaven - - Christians can, in the name of Jesus, enlist angels to do God's work on earth.  Shares unique excerpts from book of Rolland Smith Watchman Ministry Manual regarding God sending His angelic army to trusted individuals to work with them to permanently take back that which was stolen by the enemy in each prior generation.

Hayes, Norvel - Biblical Keys To Financial Prosperity - Chapter 20 -
ctivating the Angels

Hicks, Roy - Guardian Angels -  How to Activate Their Ministry in Your Life - Testimony is shared where 2 giant angels protected 2 Panamanian missionaries & the enemy, who intended to kill them, was thwarted by fear.

Huber, Georges My Angel Will Go Before You (Catholic) publication by The Guernsey Press Co. Ltd. good
Pope Pius XI mentored Monsignor Roncalli to have frequent recourse to his guardian angel, especially, "Whenever we have to speak with someone who is rather closed to our argument & with whom therefore the conversation needs to be very persuasive...
We ask him (our guardian angel) to take it up with the guardian angel of the person we have to see. 
Once the 2 angels establish an understanding, the pope's conversation with his visitor is much easier." 
Regarding "the pope's 'aides-de-camp' Pious XI had a great devotion (recourse) to the guardian angels. 
1st to his own, then to the angels whom the knew were in charge of the ecclesiastical positions (dioceses) & territories...
In particularly difficult situations, he invoked the guardian angel of his interviewee, asking him to enlighten...& put him (guest/client/ dignitary) at ease" in order to dispel prejudice, reduce obstacles & obtain favor. 
We get the guardian angels "to intervene to influence the minds & wills of people...
Each of us has his guardian angel, & each of us can speak to other people's guardian angels" influence the outcome to line up with the perfect will of God. 
"I ask my angel to come to an agreement with the angel of the other person, so as to influence his attitude." 
Remember that angels continue to share "in the government of the world."

Kerr, Kat - We initially invite our army holy host & then daily commission/assign them.

                                                                              Written Decrees

Jesus is revealing to His church that WRITTEN DECREES work.  The epistles in the Bible are still effective today. 
God's written Words, in what ever method delivered, still contain His power. 
Ana Mendez Ferrell shares that God's backing is with those who WRITE directives to angels to prepare the spiritual soil before ministry.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Ruling in the Spirit #1 English/Espańol  Revelations 4
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Ruling in the Spirit #2 English/Espańol -
We can rule when we perceive that He is ruling from inside us.  We can WRITE to the angels of countries to do His work.  When our identity in God & our relationship with His Holy Spirit is in alignment with the mind of Christ, then we can begin to WRITE to angels to do His bidding.

Revelation 1:8 JNTP 
"I am the 'A' and the 'Z'", says ADONAI, God of heaven's armies, the One Who is, was & is coming. 
Revelation 1:10 JNTP
  I came to be, in the Spirit, on the day of the Lord.
I hard behind me a loud voice, like a trumpet, 11saying, "Write down what you see on a scroll & send it to the 7 Messianic communities - Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia & Laodicea."
Revelation 1:12-16 JNTP
  12.I saw 7 gold menorahs; 13& among the menorahs was someone like a Son of Man, wearing a robe down to His feet & a old band around His waist. 
14His had & hair were as white as snow-white wood, His eyes like a fiery flame,
15His feet like burnished brass refined in a furnace, & His voice like the sound of rushing waters. 
16In His right hand He held 7 stars, out of His mouth went a sharp double-edged sword & His face was like the sun shining in full strength.
Revelation 2:1 JNTP
  To the angel of the Messianic Community in Ephesus, write,
"Here is the message from the One who holds the 7 stars in His right hand & walks among the 7 gold menorahs."
Revelation 2:8 JNTP To the angel of the Messianic Community in Smyrna, write,
"Here is the message from the First & Last, who died & came alive again."
Revelation 2:12 JNTP The angel of the Messianic Community in Pergamum, write,
"Here is the message from the One who has the sharp double-edged sword."
Revelation 2:18 JNTP To the angel of the Messianic Community in Thyatira, write,
"Here is the message from the Son of God, whose eyes are like a firey flame & whose feet are like burnished brass."
Revelation 3:1 JNTP To the angel of the Messianic community in Sardis, write,
"Here is the message from the one who has the 7-fold Spirit of God & the 7 stars."
Revelation 3:7 JNTP To the angel of the Messianic Community in Philadelphia, write,
"Here is the message of HaKadosh, the True One, the One who has the key of David,
, if He opens something, no one else can shut it, & if He closes something, none else can open it
Revelation 3:14 JNTP To the angel of the Messianic Community in Laodicea, write,
"Here is the message from the Amen, the faithful & true witness, the Ruler of God's creation."

                                                                                War Cry
                             A Rising/Eruption of Rage/Indignation/Anger Within One's Soul
                                                    Sufficient to Wage War Against the Enemy
                                                                       A Laying Down of                                                                                           Complacency/Complicity/Victimization/Waiting on the Lord

Brown, Tom - -
"Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin said, 'A lack of understanding of righteousness holds more people in bondage than perhaps anything else. Not understanding righteousness almost cost me my life.'  
Kenneth was BORN with a deformed heart, an incurable blood disease & became paralyzed (& bedridden).
However, at the age of 16 the Bible gave him hope to be healed.
He started to read the Bible & discovered that God answers prayers.  As he crossed referenced the subject of prayer, he came to the passage in James 5:15 about the prayer of faith will save the sick.
His heart leaped for joy because this is exactly what he needed to hear. As he continued to read, he came to the passage that says, 'The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.' (James 5:16, KJV
He says the devil took advantage of his lack of understanding true righteousness.
While he did not know it was the devil talking to his mind, he thought, 'Oh, no, I can’t pray the prayer of faith & be healed, because I am not a righteous man.'  At that time he remembered all the bad things he did as a boy... He began to sob, 'Oh God, if I could only live longer I could perhaps become a righteous man someday.'
But he feared it would be too late. He closed the Bible in discouragement.
Months later while being confined to his bed because of his illness, he tried the Bible again.
He picked up to the place where he last read & proceeded to read the next verse:
'Elias [Elijah] was a man subject to like passions as we are, & he prayed earnestly that it might not rain:
It rained not on the earth by the space of 31/2 years
(James 5:17, KJV).
He thought since Elijah was the example of a righteous man he would study him in the Bible.
He was surprised in what he found out.
He saw how on numerous occasions Elijah failed God, especially concerning Jezebel. Instead of being willing to confront her, he ran for his life in fear. The more Kenneth read about Elijah the more he noticed that he made mistakes like everyone else. Then it dawned on him what James said, 'Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are.' That was a fancy way of saying that 'Elijah was a man (emotionally vulnerable) just like us.' 
At that point, Kenneth realized that being righteous is not the same as being sinless.
So he studied more about righteousness & discovered that through the blood of Jesus Christ all believers have become righteous in God’s sight. 1 scripture in particular helped him, 'God made Him who had no sin to be sin
for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.' (2 Corinthians 5:21).
He figured if he had become (in God's eyes) the 'righteousness of God' he could not have a better righteousness.
How can you get something better than God’s own righteousness?
At this revelation [of how God perceives us when we apologize for our sins & ask His Son Jesus to reign in our lives (mind/body/spirit)], Kenneth Hagin in boldness told the devil to get his hands off his body & claimed his healing. (Not immediately, but) a few months later all his symptoms disappeared & he was healed by the power of God.
He continued to live out a long life until...the age of 86.
1 of the greatest needs of the hour is to understand righteousness.
So what is righteousness?  It is 'right standing' before God.
When a person stands trial in court & is pronounced 'not guilty,' then the person is in right standing before the judge and is released from the allegation, & all charges are dropped. This is what Christ did for us at the cross.
By bearing all of our sins, He took away the charges against us & nailed them all to the cross.

Cerullo, Morris was told by God, "Son, Build Me an Army."
When we come to Christ & make Him Lord, His righteousness becomes ours.
(God adopts us and we come into His spiritual blood line with all the legal benefits & inheritances of sonship. 
Adoptive parents rarely ask a child for consent to join the family.
It is Jesus' death on the cross & His resurrection that qualifies us & provides our spiritual birth certificate into His spiritual family.  We DO need to say, 'Yes; I believe; I receive this holy gift, right now.  Thank You Jesus.  Amen)...
Paul makes clear the differences between works & righteousness: 'Now when a man works, his wages are not credited to him as a gift, but as an obligation. However, to the man who does not work but trusts God who justifies the wicked, his faith is credited as righteousness.' (Romans 4:4-5
Notice that his faith is 'credited as righteousness'...You can be bold today by using your faith (a credit card) & use the credit that is in your account in heaven to receive the blessings now."

Eckhardt, John - Daily Declarations for Spiritual Warfare -

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - The Making of a Prophet - 1/2007 DVD #1004 - the climbing of Mt Everest - - God accomplishes His designs through willing & available individuals.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Entering into His Fullness  DVD  excellent
Determined by the steps we are willing to take & by the degree we are willing to sacrifice, we grow into spiritual authority (over the enemy, in Jesus' name).  We need to quit putting up with/allowing problems, to be fed-up enough to act, to have nothing human to retreat to when cornered, & to never quit.  Never. 
We need to (die to self & family) & to declare war on the devil. 
The devil will attack whatever/whoever we are holding onto.

Rivers In The Desert, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA - Holtz - 
"Where are all the believers who know how to cast out devils but do not go to the next level & take out the strong man of terror over here in the Middle East."
"Desert Shepherd Warrior paradigm of Kingdom warfare, OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET was birthed in 2003 to face the challenges of 21st Century terrorism... God is not looking in this new 911 hour for 'professional' ministers, but exclusively for simple believers that will allow Him to mold them into robust bondservants that will rise up & tactically flow in this end time wave of His Spirit known as the 'Spirit of Justice' (Isaiah 11 & 42).
The sound of surgical tactical confrontation is (the shofar)."
3/12/2011 "
This morning here in Israel we awoke to the horrifying news of another terror attack of the most brutal kind in recent years.  Islamic terrorists snuck into a Jewish town under the cover of nightfall on Shabbat & with knives brutally killed a family (father, mother, 2 children, & a newborn infant) & were brutally hacked up while they slept.  Even now as you read this EMM (Early Morning Manna newsletter), special CT units throughout Israel are on a massive manhunt to find these serial killers.  That's right...
they are serial killers and are funded by serial killers & the nations worldwide purposely do not call them this."
Holtz, Scott & Dalit - Exercising Controlled Obedience In All Things - Trumpet update - - 6/26/2011- for those who love to bike -
Often Holy Spirit will take over (especially for His holy purposes) when we come to the end of ourselves.  Hooray. = Counter Terrorism | Tactical Exploits | Teachings | Reconnaissance | Glory Highlights - The best defense is (spiritual) offense.

Mack, Audrey @ 1/11/2023 Episode 8
@ - Andrew Wommack Healing is Here Conference 

Shuttlesworth, Jonathan @ January 2023

Torrefuerte, Ana Mercedes

"Ana Mendez (Ferrell) proclaimed word calling to her people a holy convocation in that place, the sounds of the trumpets in heavens were heard & for the new generation to move forward in their own understanding & to bring themselves in tune into what God is doing in the present. The Spirit of God spoke to His church through His prophetic voice exclaiming (asking) to what point would we let Him work in our lives?
To what point would we allow Him to transform us
? How far into the impossible would we go for Him? How far are we willing to follow Him & not man? 'Enter into the secret place,' said the Lord '& render your life to Me, search for the truth.'
I emphasize that when the prophets were speaking, because they could hear the wounds of the Bleeding Father."

Trimm, Cindy - The Prayer Warrior's Way -

Walters, David - Radical Living in a Godless Society - booklet - -
"If radical Muslims are brainwashing their children to become terrorists & suicide bombers, then surely the Christian (parents &) church can train & equip our children." 
(Let's) Give them "opportunities to minister alongside the adults. Take seriously what God is doing...
If we lose it, our next generation will be taken by the devil...
Let our #1 priority be to train up our children to know God.  Prepare is better than repair...
Proverbs NOT a suggestion; it's a command." More Videos by David Walters - 1/28/2010
Walters, David - 12/2015 -
"When I was at Kansas City years ago God showed me a vision of children in the Middle East being trained as terrorists. 
Shooting guns & being taught the highest call is become a suicide bomber.  Some were just 6-7 years old.  
He said, "
They are part of Satan's army."  Then he showed me a vision of Christian children in the west being entertained with music, arts & crafts, games & Bible stories. 
He said. "
Satan is preparing his army and My church is entertaining her children."  
Then He told me to take action, which I did. The children I saw in this vision are today's terrorists.
This is a serious word from the Lord (to us as parents, grandparents, & teachers)."  

David Walters InJesus List Archives of e-mail newsletters

Wigglesworth, Smith -
"Smith had an exceptionally powerful healing ministry, which reached its greatest prominence in the 1920’s & 1930’s.  He had a faith in prayer for healing that was far beyond bold.  It was insistent.
It was absolutely DEMANDING. However, don’t misunderstand his demanding faith.
He was not demanding anything of God.  As he prayed, his faith demanded that sickness, disease & devils bow to the victory Christ won against them at Calvary & depart the minds & bodies of the suffering.
His friends referred to him as an 'Apostle of Faith'.”

Delores Winder, Radio Show 1 of 2  #1632 - week 1 (2/23-27/9009) @ - medical editorial  book Joy Comes in the Morning
"Plagued with pseudo arthrosis for 19.5 years, Delores Winder was preparing for her funeral. 
Then she attended a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting & received 1 of the greatest healing miracles of the 20th century." 
2/24/2009 radio broadcast shares that on her death bed a sudden unexpected rage rose up & propelled her into God's perfect will.

Winston, Bill - - Videos for bill winston your day of justice - -
, Bill - Enforcing Justice - 2 Transcripts:
#1 -
#2 -


Some desperate or well monied individuals can chase every famous healer in his generation & yet NOT obtain the desired or "demanded healing".  Expectation is great if one looks to Papa God, but not so smart if one is looking to the mailman, the minister, the deliverer of God's word.  Anger & indignation is a red flag of our spiritual poverty & arrogance.  We are stepping on God's toes.  He is crying, "Ouch." 
If we continue to seek the gift & NOT the giver or the mail man & not the Holy Sender, then we are no better than the prodigal son who insisted that he get his & get it NOW - up front. 
Consider your own sons, who tend to want your money & not you, who have an attitude of entitlement.
There is a fine line between greed & need.  Lord, we Your sons & daughters repent for our stinking thinking, our being unappreciative of our daily blessings, like sight when some do not have vision or eyes, like feet when some do not have limbs, like family when orphans have none, etc.  Lord, we kneel in shame & embarrassment. 
Please forgive us.  Please reprogram our hearts to be in tune with Yours. 
Holy Spirit & guardian angel we enlist Your daily help.  Thanks, thanks, thanks.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.
There is one illustration of how the Trinity operates. 
Consider that They are the batteries inside, allowing us to work when turned on. 
The size of the battery AAA, AA, A, C + the type (nickel/lead/lithium) contribute to their operation inside. 
For instance, a flashlight will not work unless its batteries are properly installed + turned on.  Bottom line. 
Holy Trinity (Father & Son via Holy Spirit) need to be inside, in order for Them to operate inside of us for God's blessings/power/purposes/fame/ love to flow into our circumstances/health/family/crisis/curse/emergency.
2nd, batteries leak like us, so we need to replace them with new, to refill continually/daily with Him. 
One dose of medicine will not do; we need to take the whole prescription.
The manna (meal/communion) in the dessert was a daily dose, sufficient only for that day. 
Lord we ask with anticipation and gratitude for Your daily GRACE to sustain us.  Thanks... If we acquire & dress in our army uniform, but fail to war with it, then it is of NO use to us in God's spiritual kingdom. 
We thus are like the Wizard of Oz characters who initially failed to walk in their assignments/design, having lots of head insight but impotent to follow through, waiting on others & on God to rescue us, failing to SHOUT out & STAND VIOLENTLY on God's Word, enlisting our army host to battle with the ammunition of God's Word spoken by us 24/7.  Let us wake up from our spiritual slumber/coma like sleeping beauty & WAR, rule & reign, dismissing our feelings & visual lack of evidence.

Authority (is NOT Audacity)

Munroe, Myles - 2/5/2011 - SFMS: Rediscovering the Kingdom concept of Authority -
The Power of Authority II -
@ Maldonado, Apostle Guillermo -

Hrvoje Sirovina
- -
"There are different areas of authority over: yourself, finances, demons, sickness & disease, regions or nations, & to overthrow the strong man of a nation... True authority over cities, regions & nations is NOT gained by salvation. It's a result of faithful stewardship. God observes what we do with the authority realm that has been assigned to us.  We only receive more authority if we handle our given authority well.
Increasing in authority clearly is a process."

Authority over the Weather

The Kat Ker
19 hrs 10/6/2016 - We are over the weather.
The Kat Kerr @ 2 hrs - Take It By Force - 10/7/2016 "Your own words count."
The Kat Kerr - about a week ago 9/2017 - Weather Warriors, Let's do this. 
Do not just agree with weather man or minister.
Downgrade the storm. Command. “Millibars be raised.  Storm be dissipated/downgraded.” 
The Kat Kerr - about a week ago · Crushing the storm –
The Kat Kerr - last Friday · Weather Warriors -
Session 2 (edited)
Ruling the weather is the right of every Believer, because Christ stopped the storm.
When you are just starting to step out against impossible odds/forecasts you must make a stand:
We are changing the normal & stepping into the Supernatural.
If you want to really make an impact, declare every couple of hours:
"I command the millibars to RISE in (hurricane) Irma, to downgrade it." 
That building of high pressure in the core of the storm will devastate its power. 
We can also speak to the winds to begin to slow down. 

Weather Warriors who are minors still living with parents or guardians,
“If you are in the storm’s path, please honor their requests, if they are protecting you out of Love. 
God gave them the responsibility to care for you & raise you. 
It does not mean you are stepping back or not fully taking authority, because Christ hears your words & you are honoring Him with your desire to be over the Weather.” 
We are doing this together as the Body of Christ to let the enemy know he will NO longer be in charge of our world or our lives.  Let's right now hit Irma & begin to knock it to the north out to sea where it will become nothing. 
We will again around (2 hours) hit the storm to the North East.
Thank you all for stepping into this new time where we will occupy & take dominion with the King of Kings. 

The Kat Kerr - last Saturday 9/9/2017 - Weather Warriors - session 3 – Teamwork is best. 
Throughout the night I continued along with others to command the millibars to rise in the storm. 
This morning they had gone from 924-948 & is now a category 3 instead of a 5.  (Good job bashing & hitting it early.)  Our (initial) trajectory for this storm was (for it) to go NE out into the open ocean, but I was not aware that there has been a drought in SW coast of Florida where many people have been praying for rain. 
It is always ok to command the Weather, but let’s also see if God would use a down-graded version to answer prayers.  Keep the storm downgrading to a 2 & then a 1. We are truly over the Weather not under it.
All glory to our King Jesus Christ for giving us authority to Rule.

                                                                                    Kat Kerr Summary
                                                          Take DOMINION over the weather
Dense weather bands close to storm’s eye are fed by storm.
Command: Weather bands, become wider/separated/weaker.  Millibars rise, no destruction.
Rain be sufficient to raise water table & put out forest fires in the W. 
We call forth reconstruction/restoration of recent hurricane island destruction.
Locals begin to speak to your weather & take control, giving God all the glory.
We receive Kat’s impartation of Your greater power/authority.  (In Jesus’ name)
We remove the demonic off of the weather.
We take authority over hurricane _____.  It is under us not over us.
We command the eye of the storm to remain offshore, allowing a soaking rain.
We command the millibars to rise.
We hit the storm over the state of ________ setting it on a course towards any forest fires
We call a low down to the area affected with forest fires.
We remove all fear from the state of _______ so that the residents may rejoice at what God has done.

The Kat Kerr - on Sunday 9/10/2017 - Weather Warriors - session 4
Locals have the most power.  We are over the weather & the enemy plans. 
We choose with our will, out loud, as the body of Christ, to come against the storm that is attacking (the state of) Florida.
We take power over all the power of the spiritual enemy that is controlling that storm (a person, place or thing) or using the spirit of fear. 
We strip away that evil power
We command the host of heaven to go now, pull down every stronghold, shred every platform, strip the storm, have it become nothing.
We command the millibars in the storm to rise, rise, rise to crush that storm.
(Seated in Christ at the right hand of the Father in the 3rd heaven) 
Storm/weather, we are over you, not under you. 
We crush you.  The destruction will stop. You will dissipate.  We will no longer tolerate you. 
We will no longer be controlled by the weather.  In Jesus’ name, we DECLARE this. 
Woo Hoo.  Keep smashing the storm.

The Kat Kerr - on Monday 9/11/2017 - Weather Warriors - Session 5 – Atlanta, Georgia
Keep ruling over the storm which has been downgraded again. We have made a major step forward as forerunners in this new Kingdom time on earth, by taking power over all the power of the enemy who has been driving these destructive storms for generations with almost no actual resistance from the Body of Christ.
Now, however, we will stand against them as Christ demonstrated to his disciples.
We will do the same works He did & then Greator Works.
Let's rule together with the King of Kings. The devil DOES NOT have dominion; we do.
We are Kings & Priests unto our God, but Satan is our doormat (quoting the Holy Spirit).
Let us crush (hurricane) Jose storm, too.

Summary:  Hit low pressure system.  Command hurricane & milli-bars to rise. 
Separate & shred bands.  Satan is our doormat.  We command restoration.  Bless responders.  Bless land.
The Kat Kerr was live. - 8 hours ago 9/14/2017 · Weather Warriors -  
It is a powerful thing to CHOOSE the 'New Thing' of God.  When you do, you have chosen His plan.
Beginning of taking authority over any storm/earthquake/fire/tornado - movement.
Flood-water dry up, cause no damage, quick restoration.
Command a low pressure system to form & bring rain to hose down/drown fires.
Speak for land to be healed.  We are to rule with Him.  Command animals to come to peace with us.
Hit in eye, command hurricane milli-bars & air pressure to rise. 
Wonder women movement is to begin in Jacksonville, Fl.  Dread champions are the men’s movement. 
[It is a joy to see commanded rain wait to water the land during the night, leaving daytime storm free, with God’s consent, of course. 
As we do this we will become empowered to do likewise against virus/bacteria/germs/diseases/defects.]

The Kat Kerr - June 1 2019 - Alert Weather Warriors, Please start taking authority over the severe weather system... Make sure you send the Host to shred the storm system from 1 end to the other. 
Command the winds to dissipate along with the rains.

[COMMENTARY: We do NO thing alone. 
Instead we (as flesh) PARTNER with indwelling Holy Spirit AND our army host, in Jesus' name.]

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Hall, Ryan - 7/14/2012 - 2019 Movie - “Adam Carolla & radio talk show host Dennis Prager travel the country, talking to experts & advocates on the left & right, tour college campuses…
The First Amendment & the very idea of free speech are under attack in America today.”
No Safe Spaces reveals how identity politics & the suppression of free speech are spreading & interfering with intellectual/emotional maturity & ethical/moral backbone. 

Not Quitting - Phoenix/Yeast/Rising Syndrome 

Brady, Sheryl -  very short video of encouragement
Chapter 1  starting over

                                               Training the Next Generation to Spiritualy Rule & Reign -  

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