So You Want to Be in Control
of Others
of Yourself
of Your Family
of Your Church
of Your Business
of the Holy Spirit


Judges 7:2

Philippians 2:3-4 NASB Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit,
but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves;
do not merely look out or your own personal interests, but also for others' interests.

1 Peter 5:6 KJV -
yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.


MacNutt, Francis & Judith - Healing the Compulsion to Control - (1992) CD -
A wonderful course for those who struggle with the issue of control, particularly those with addictions.
Topics covered include: Control: The Root of Addiction & Codependence; How Therapists Can Help Clients Deal with Control Issues in the Church; Codependency: An Effect of Over-Raising Children; How to Deal Specifically with Unspoken Issues & Fears that Block Healing and Intimacy; 12-Step Recovery; & Healing Control Needs of the Fearful Inner Child."

Maldonado, Guillermo - - DVD -
"Apostles and Prophets were substituted by good administrators...with no spirituality...Their experience is secular and theyíre running the church. People without discernment...without power...Who took them out? Jezebel."
Maldonado, Guillermo - - Ministry RESTORATION: In 1940′s of Evangelists "came to earth", 1950′s-60′s of Pastors, 70′s of Teachers, 80′s of Prophets, 90′s Ė 2000 of Apostle.
Maldonado, Guillermo @

Spiritual Strategies - 3 CDís - Religious & control spirits work together as groups.
Spiritual Abortion opens the door to Elitism, control, Jezebel spirit...Get rid of it in your life. - 2 CD s

Kylstra, Chester - 1 CD - Dethroning Jezebel - - "Occult religious spirits...desire to use you to oppress becom(e)...'unwitting instruments' in the hands of the enemy." -
Kylstra, Chester - 3 CD or 1 MP3 CD - Knowing and Releasing Your Authority - - "
Transform...your organization: i.e. your home, business or church, as you apply God's delegated authority in your situations...
1st identify principalities...then work with the Holy Spirit to defeat & remove them."

Something You Should Know radio - 11/28/2014 - Interview with Harriet Braiker, author of
Who's Pulling Your Strings?: How to Break the Cycle of Manipulation and Regain Control of Your Life @ - "Manipulators manipulate through the promise of a big gain, so there's usually something you really want &/or something you're very afraid of losing."


Allen, AA - (1911-1970) - God's Guarantee to Heal You - republished by
Caption - Thus Saith the Lord, the God of David thy Father, I have heard thy prayer; I have seen thy tears.  Behold, I will heal thee.  King James Version 
"There was more power in Peter's shadow than in the bodies of many of those who claim to be his successors in ministering to the church of Jesus Christ (see Acts 5). 
There was more power in handkerchiefs & aprons which had come in contact with the body of Paul than in many great 'fundamental' religious bodies today (see Acts 19:11-12).  Has God changed?  No!"
Allen, AA - The Price of God's Miracle Working Power - - Chapter 9 Who Has Power to Cast Out Devils?  "Many declare that only God has authority over devils and to cure diseases...It is also true that God chose to delegate that authority to His Son....Before He returned to Heaven, Jesus delegated that same authority to those who believe in His name...The believer has NO power of his own and can do NOTHING in his own name, but all things are subject to the name of Jesus.  Those who attempt to use this name without being qualified to use it by believing and being obedient to Jesus, not only will find that no results come, but may be penalized for forgery, as were the 7 sons of Sceva (see Acts 19:14-16)...Jesus did NOT pray for the sick - He healed the sick and commanded the demons to depart.  Peter and John did not pray for the man at the beautiful gate of the Temple - They commanded him, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to rise up & walk (see Acts 3:6)...
Jesus did NOT say, 'Pray for the demon oppressed & demon possessed.'  He said, 'Cast out demons.'" 
His disciples 'were much distressed by the apparent failure of the authority which they understood to be theirs...They inquired of Him why they had failed.  Jesus replied, 'Because of your unbelief...
This kind goeth not out but by prayer & fasting
.' (Matthew17:20-21)...But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.' (Acts 1:8)...People today desire to exercise this (exorcism) power, yet reject the source of that power, the baptism of the Holy Ghost."

Baker, Heidi - Compelled by Love - - Heidi contends that God, for most intents and purposes, only uses those who become nobodies, who come to the end of themselves, who are desperate not for self or things but for God.  When we are empty, then He can fill us up with Himself.  He, not we, get all the glory.  wonderful book 
Baker, Heidi - Learning to Love - Chapter 1
"Who will stop for this one? Who will make a difference in her life? Who will be the hands of Jesus to her? 
This little girl, Elaina, taught me that love looks like something
What is love if it does not look like something (good to the one who is suffering)...
I have learned: I am not qualified to do what I do. I am far from perfect.  In & of myself, I can do nothing.
It is only Christ in me that empowers
me to stop for the one & then do something practical for that person. But I have found that as I make the decision simply to stop & pay attention,  Jesus unleashes miraculous power beyond my imagining.  This is how I know, without doubt, that He can do the same through you...Wherever you find yourself on your journey with God today, please know that He can use you to do something amazing.
All that is required is a simple act of obedience on your part. Do what only you can do, because you are there. God will do what only He can do...2012"  (One need not necessarily reach out personally, as we can often reach out via our churches/temples.  The recipients need to look to & thank God, rather than us, esp. when/if they like leeches are tempted to take advantage-of/prey-on our kindnesses.)

Bevington, G. C. - Remarkable Miracles - excerpt - -
"Well, as the meeting progressed, these 4 said several times that I must come over into their neighborhood, to which I paid no attention as my hands were full there. But they kept urging me until finally I said...'Well, have you the permission of your pastor for me to hold a meeting in said church...
It belongs to the M. E. Conference & you would have to get permission.'
So I went up to my room & got on my face.  I lay there for 26 hours, & then felt led to go over.
I kept trudging on in the snow & it was very cold, so cold that men were cutting solid ice 22" thick out of a pond. I soon got tired, set the grips down, & said, 'Lord, where am I going?'
'Whatís that to thee? Follow thou Me.' was all I got in answer.  I said, 'Right,' picked up the grips and started on... I said again, 'O God, where am I going?' Again came the answer, 'Whatís that to thee?' So on I trudged...& soon ran into it; but it proved to be a straw stack. A voice said, 'This is the place.' I said, 'All right,' threw off my coat, & went to pulling straw, at which I got nicely warmed up. I pulled straw until I was back in the stack some 12 feet, about 3 feet from the ground, so as to be warm. Then I packed the straw all out, took in my grips, put on my coat, used 1 of the grips for a pillow, dropped down on my back,  said, 'Well, praise God, I donít reckon Jesus ever had much better than this, and probably most of the time not nearly so good.' At that the straw stack was lighted up so that I saw the most beautiful sight I ever saw. It looked just like crystallized straw, nearly as large as my little finger, lying in all positions, crossing each other  forming a beautiful net work.
Well, I was frightened, as I feared that I had gotten a match lighted while pulling straw; my fear was soon banished, for I threw up my hands & there were the cold, damp straws.  Oh, beloved, I will never be able, this side of Heaven, to draw a worthy picture of that scene & also of the dazzlings going on down in the soul.
I have often thought that was a foretaste of what Heaven is going to be. We are taught down here to view things according to (earthly) laws.  The appearance of those straws did not allow the working of natural laws, as each was apart from the others, & they did not appear to touch one another. I have thought many times that is the trouble with us: We must see things down here as under the lights of natural laws, while God often breaks through the natural order of things completely setting the natural aside; hence we fail to get the real import of His designs. That experience in that cold straw stack has been a great help to me many & many a time, enabling me to accept things that before I would have rejected on philosophical grounds. While God works through natural laws very much, yet I have found that He has special lessons for us which go far beyond the natural laws.
I have learned that ruts are dangerous channels to travel in. God wants us so pliable that He can twist us up, or throw us here or yonder, & that we will recognize His hand though in other garbs or along other lines than those in which similar incidents have appeared. There is no doubt but that God would give us wonderful revelations if He could get us in condition to receive them; I am well assured that the deeper lessons which God wants us to have are all in line of the apparently ridiculous. They are not on the public highway. The casual traveler never sees them, for they are not on his route. ĎTis on the unreasonable, out-of-the-ordinary route that these lessons are to be learned, generally routes similar to my getting into this straw stack I learned invaluable lessons from that. As I told this to dear Revelation John Fleming one time, he burst out crying, & said, 'Brother Bevington, I would have given $100 to see that straw stack when it was so luminously lit up.' Had I appealed to reason as I came up against that stack, I would have taken the ground that to go in there when the thermometer was registering below twenty would be altogether out of reason. Everything would have stood against such proceeding. I would have produced about this sort of an argument: God has set forth His laws & demands of us obedience, relative to taking care of our bodies. So I canít accept this as the place where God wants me, as He has called me to preach. He said that the laborer is worthy of his hire. I am His child; &, Mr. Devil, I am NOT going to allow you to run me into such a place as this, on such extravagant lines, to bring on a tremendous cold &, probably, pneumonia which would more than likely cause a premature death. So I could quite logically have reasoned this all out; though had I done so, I would have lost 1 of the grandest lessons of my life. So we need to get where we will be willing to break all laws in order to get some of the private lessons the Lord has for us.
Just those few words of acquiescence to His will, when I said, 'Well, I suppose Jesus never had a better bed than this,' gave me 1 of the grandest visions I have ever beheld. Yes, those few words spoke volumes which have enabled me to store up great quantities of knowledge of His will relative to me."

Burt, Arthur - How to Be Ordinary -
Chapter 7 Now the amazing thing wasÖHe did it with nobodies. "Although she was nobody, although she was just a thin little waif of a girl not 20 years old, being wonderfully used of God, it seemed as if she couldnít bear it. The time came when Lizzy began to think she was the meeting. Rather than seeing that the Spirit of God was the only supreme operator in the meeting, she saw how she was being used & slowly it began to creep up on her, 'Well, this meeting doesnít begin until I come into it.'  The Spirit (of God) lifted off her & picked up 1 or 2 others in the meeting & the same outstanding ministry was demonstrated...God visited. She couldnít bear it. She became off ended. Slowly but surely things changed. Before she died in December 2002, I visited her many times in an old peopleís home. She was in her 70s.  When I talked to her about those days, she just said, 'Did I? Did I? 
DID I?' God seemed to have erased from her memory every trace of the visitation. Every trace.
She went out into normal Christian circles & joined a mission somewhere else. She moved out, moved on & God safeguarded His glory & erased from her memory every trace. She became a little old lady, so deaf you had to shout to make her hear your words. She had no memory of the past. None."
Chapter 14 How many in the Church are spiritual freaks and don't know it? -
"Spiritual freaks...not only fulfill their own function or ministry, but they encroach on other peoples...
They boast about 'my ministry' when in truth they're trespassing on your ministry...Every member has a dormant function in the Body of Christ.  Neglect NOT the gift that is in thee. ... Many people are being passively entertained in the Church (who) have slumbering, latent, neglected gifts... A dozen people on the platform will dominate...The rest are only spectators...
You get the big 1-man show... If you want to develop, don't neglect exercise...
Many people are in a spiritual limbo, because they don't get any exercise."
Chapter 15 How important is order? - "Uncover; discover your ministry.  In a jig-saw puzzle, every piece is essential... The Lord Jesus needs...the ordinary nobodies to value and to declare the glory of God...
Scripture says the head cannot say to the feet, 'I have NO need of you.'" ...
If (in pride)...I touch God's glory...Then God (negatively) touches His jealousy; He will NOT give the glory, the credit, to another.  Only with the (humble) ordinary is divine power safe... How many recognize that the treasure within is NOT of me, not of us?  This is the danger." Genesis 3:3;Leviticus 12:4
Chapter 16
The entrance back into my birthright is to humble myself to the truth: I am ordinary

"The the Church.  In the Church, there is only One.  Our Lord Jesus is the Head of the Body. 
We lose our identity...I need to know my recognize it. 
There will be unction on my function, but there will be NO consciousness of myself...
All Jesus ever did, Jesus NEVER did.  The glory is (Father) God's." 
"God has rebuked me (Arthur Burt) again & again by saying, 'If you do not consult Me, you insult Me.'"
Chapter 17 What will it cost me to buy the truth? - "
If I am not willing to (believe &) demonstrate my ordinariness, will I ever be ready to (NEITHER covet NOR steal, but rather) demonstrate Godís extraordinariness? Am I not a danger to the glory of God?  Am I not a target for the ruthless jealousy of God who smites the Uzzahs. , brings insanity to the Nebuchadnezzars & smites the pompous, arrogant Herod's arrayed in royal apparel with worms & curses? Is this not the truth? I believe it is." 
(Ordinary is a SAFE place to be. 
God came to a womb & to a nasty stable NOT to a palace, NOT to a hospital.)
"The (flaming) Sword of the Spirit (which guards the Tree of Life) which is the Word of God will try me & burn up my rubble & leave me with nothing, but gold" [which is NOT mine, but His.  The crumbs of gold (washed through tons of dirt and water) are treasures, but only His, His workings THROUGH me].
Chapter 18 How many lives are out of order? - "If you're full of yourself, you've NO room for God...& God becomes my enemy because of His jealousy."
Burt, Arthur 
- The Lost Key 
Chapter 4 - "If you are seeking your own glory, you are robbing God of His Glory.  You are a thief & a robber."
Chapter 5 - "Pride is now seen to be the treason of the creature against it's creator...
He made Himself of NO reputation
. "

Chapter 6 - "The Son of God who operated in fulness declares john/5-30.htm I can of my own self do nothing & it is the Father that dwelleth in Me; He doeth the works john/14-10.htm God is ALL in ALL! In the end it shall be manifest what IS and even the Son shall be subject.  In fact He always has been! 1_corinthians/15-8.htm
The Holy Spirit has a Himself, a 'Me' a personality that does not operate on His own (He shall not speak OF HIMSELF) john/16-13.htm  He is subject! Whatsoever He shall hear that shall He speak. The Lord Jesus has a Himself, a 'Me', a personality that does not operate on His own. I can of MY OWN SELF do nothing, as I hear I judge! He is subject! So then in the Trinity there are 3 speakers & 3 doers. These are 2 listeners. They do not pool their differences. They have none because they are One. God the Father is ALL in ALL or, if you like, ALL in 3.  ďOf HimĒ are all things. So then in fullness this is the key. Neither the Son or the Holy Ghost do anything of themselves. Only One operates in the Trinity: the Father. The Father (God) that dwelleth in Me. HE DOETH THE WORKS. This is the secret of the mystery of God.  If the Glory is all Godís, then the work is all Godís."
"Jesus declared He could do nothing & then did everything, by the power of another: substitution."
"He purposes to be all in all,  In other words to FILL all 3 parts of you."
"Jesus has gone to the Father and will never be satisfied until He sees of the travail of His soul in His brethren.  He must finish the job Father has given Him to do! He declared, 'I will build My Church and the GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT. The lost key of the Universe is the Fatherís glory in my heart.
Thine is the Glory!  Jesus said, 'I and My Father are One.' He will never be satisfied until there are others who can say this IN TRUTH! Whose lives come into order instead of dis-order, the order of God, an ordered life. Everything moving down 1 place: salvation, healing, deliverance, blessing & 1,000 other things that this shall be in the 1st place, the glory of God."
Burt, Arthur 8/28/2014 DOD -
No Ebb (with endnotes) pdf - manuscript copy prior to printing. -
Chapter 2 The Moment of Blessing, the Moment of Danger shares that a local prostitute became the instrument of the Holy Spirit, but slowly forfeited & lost the memory of that as she became more self-important & He less
Pride, the (toxic spiritual) leaven is birthed NOT out of failure, but success. 
It's the most dangerous time.  Decay sets in & rottenness is the result."
Chapter 7 - The One-Man Show Is Over - "Body ministry is a safeguard. 
Body ministry will prevent me & prevent you from failure which has come because of my pride. 
When I exalted myself, God withdrew His grace.  When He withdraws His grace, I find I am vulnerable. 
I'm open to failure, & failure is related to ebb, Ichabod.  Samuel 4:21 NKJV the glory has departed."

Chambers, Oswald - cited by Wallis, Arthur - Healing the Waters #3 - - "Pride in its most estimable as well as its most debased form is self-deification; it is not a yielding to temptation from without, but a distinct alteration of relationships within. Watch where you are not willing to give up your self-confident obstinacy in little things, & you will know how much pride there is in your heart, how much you will set your moral teeth against God's providential order- 'I won't yield; I won't for a second allow anyone to usurp my rights.'"

Davis, Paul Keith - Angels that Gather - - Chapter 8  Engaging Heaven 
"God will NOT share His glory with another."  We are "to point believers to the Lord & encourage them to cultivate deep & passionate roots with the Lord Himself."  Leaders greatest desire should "be to see others equal & even surpass the spiritual standards they themselves enjoy...with 1 objective, to espouse the people to Jesus."

Dobbins, Dr Richard - Invisible Imprint - - Christian psychiatrist, Naples, Florida, USA
Some physically unattractive people are popular while some beautiful and handsome are miserable to be around, because of their "presence - the feelings they create in others. This book makes you aware of your presence & the role good & evil play in defining it. Your presence is the product of your choices over time...
You will also discover the role your will plays in the formation & changing of your presence...
Applying the principles (below) you will learn will make you more comfortable with yourself" & others around you.

, Dr Richard   9 methods

Hagin - Believer's Authority - per  
"(Brother Hagin Vision, 'Believer's Authority) Jesus explained, 'This means you are not to give the devil any place in you. He cannot take any place unless you give him permission to do so.
You would have to have authority over him or this wouldnít be true

Harrington, Ken & Jeanne - Shift - Moving from the Natural to the Supernatural   Chapter 7  Get Your Life in Line - "We let our human compassion dictate what we should do.  Jesus NEVER acted out of His own compassion. ...He didn't heal any of them except the 1 lame man.  Why didn't Jesus heal those in obvious need?  because, in the Spirit, He only saw God healing the 1 man.  Obedience is defined not by intent but by action...Slow obedience is not obedience at all.  It is disobedience... Resistance to obey (God can be) is an attempt to maintain our independence...
Unsanctified mercy is just that: unsanctified...the work of the flesh...
Evil...won't flee because of us; he will flee because of the authority we have in Jesus, when we are submitted to (deputized by) God...
The ability to release God into a difficult situation created by others hinges on our ability to obey God ourselves...
If we submit, then God enters in & can work on all other disobedience that affects our lives...
God is setting up a Kingdom.  He is just checking out who should rule it for Him. 
This is the testing ground where each of us decides whether we want to participate...
He (Jesus) learned obedience by the things which He suffered.  Hebrews 5:8 NKJV...
To shift from the natural to the supernatural in ways that align with Christ's ways, we must shift from the standard of our (emotional/distorted/selfish) feelings and apply what we know is Truth...wisdom. 
Our authority grows as our obedience is perfected...
With your faith compromised, there will always be a place or situation in which Satan can tempt you to turn your back on God."

Hicks, Tommy - - "In this last hour as the world has never known. These men & women are of all walks of life, degrees will mean nothing. I saw these workers as they were going over the face of the earth. When one would stumble & fall, another would come & pick him up.
There were no 'big I' & 'little you.'"

Howells, Rees - The Art of War for Spiritual Battle by Cindy Trimm - Read chapter #1 here or -
"Rees Howells, an intercessor in Wales in the early 20th century. He had spearheaded a very successful mission outreach to the local coal miners, of which he was 1, but over several months his closest compatriot in the mission was considering leaving because he didnít want to be second fiddle to Rees. Rees took the matter to prayer. God answered very matter-of-factly: Rees was to turn the leadership of the mission over to his friend, step down from the pulpit, go behind the scenes to become an intercessor & pray that the mission would have greater success in the hands of his friend than itíd had in his own.
Rees eventually reluctantly agreed, & the mission exploded in attendance in the coming months.
Following that, God gave Rees an even greater challenge that seemed even more obscure. He was to pray for the son of a benefactor who had gone off to war and fallen away from God. Rees agreed that he would pray that the young officer would not return to the front without returning to God. This would not be a prayer for a matter of hours, or even days, either. Reesís shift in the coal mine was from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 6 days a week.
He would then come home, eat dinner, & go to his room and spend from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on his knees before God reading his Bible & praying for the young man. He did this for 6 months. In that time the manís son was discharged from the army and moved to Canada, never returning to the front, but also not yet returning to God. Eventually Rees received the conviction in his heart that his intercession had been answered. 
He left this vigil to pray for other things, telling his benefactor the work was done in the spirit. It would be another 12 years, though, before the manís salvation manifested & he turned his life back over to God.
It happened just weeks before his father passed away. In all that time Rees never budged from the conviction that the manís salvation was already accomplished in heaven as God had promised him in prayer.4

Jones, David - Humble is the Way - -
Chapter 4 Herod's Fateful Arrogance 
Acts 12:23 TLB Kwikscan Immediately the angel of the Lord smote him with a sickness so that he was filled with maggots and died, because he accepted the people's worship instead of giving the glory to God.
"I said (to the congregation), 'Would you stop that (praise).  Do you want to bet me killed?'"
"This is a deadly serious business. I wasn't about to lose my blessing (from God) because of these people's ignorance."
Chapter 6  Naaman's Turnaround -
2nd Kings 5:12
  He turned and went away in a rage.                 
"PRIDE is not necessarily deadly if it's recognized and repented of in time...Naaman...was   walking away angry and still a leper.  Would he miss his day of visitation?  If we're not willing to do things God's way, then we cannot receive what we're believing Him for."
Chapter 10 Learning Humility through Discipline section Submitting to the Bishop      
"I later asked the Lord why submission to someone I didn't consider to be very Christ-like was so important. 
He reminded me of the case of Saul & David... David...would not touch him (Saul) because he was God's 'anointed'... God showed me that it was not about the man... It was about Him. 
When we oppose a man or woman of God...we're not opposing a person; we're actually opposing God."
"I heard the Lord whispering to me, 'If you will hold your peace (mouth), I'll always fight for you.' 
If we never see God move in this way (regarding our spiritual headship), it's because we move Him out of the way & demand to handle things ourselves...I made the serious mistake of contradicting the pastor...
I  just told him that I didn't agree with something he had said...but God wouldn't let me off the hook (until I apologized both personally and publicly)...I would have to get deliverance (cured) from that spirit of pride before I could go forward."
Chapter 11 Humility and Marriage section What if She's the One Who's Wrong?  "The problem is when, because of pride, you refuse to be reconciled to each other, & you hold grudges, resent each other & lose respect for each other.  Did you misunderstand...Then confess that & seek reconciliation...Keep loving each other...
You must come to the point that you're sick and tire of you, not sick & tired of your spouse. 
Deliverance comes when you begin to see yourself as the problem."
Chapter 12 Humility & Child Raising  "A parent who tolerates a child correcting or attempting to correct them is doing that child a serious disservice, & both will pay the price."
1st Samuel 15:23 Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, & stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry.
"Scowling looks, if left unanswered, turn into scowling words, and scowling words, if left unanswered, turn into scowling deeds...Observed the countenance...Watch their faces & don't let them get away with wrong looks.  Conquer those looks now before they become something much more serious. 
Ask a child, 'Are you frowning at me?' 
If they are, catch them now & (tactfully) correct them while you still have time."
Chapter 13 Humility and the Local Church   Proverbs 15:32 He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul (character).
 "If you can't submit yourself at home, if you can't submit yourself to your spouse, then you'll probably also find it difficult to submit yourself to a spiritual leader, & that is deadly (literally)...
When you oppose God's men, you're actually opposing God Himself."
Underlings are NOT to reprimand their overseers, especially in the church. 
God is the one Who decides who & when to send His messenger. 
When we overstep our spiritual boundaries, we may trip over a spiritual detonator and get ourselves killed.
1st Samuel 24:6 The Lord forbid that I should do this thing unto my master (King Saul), the Lord's anointed, to stretch forth mine hand against him, seeing he is anointed of the Lord. 
Out of ignorance men may have reprimanded others, but no longer.  "They may have been perfectly right in what they were saying, but they were wrong in saying it, because that was not their place. 
Drop your critical spirit and come to church to learn (what God has to teach you now in this time in your life).

Kolenda, Daniel - Your Kingdom Come - Unlocking the Miraculous through Faith & Prayer -
Intercession is mandatory.  No pastor/minister/missionary can/should go solo. 
It takes a village, is a typical saying.  Even the Trinity is a 3 person endeavor.

Lake, Brian - Romancing the King - - Chapter 7 The Friendship of the Holy Spirit 
"People will not receive the Holy Spirit if they want to maintain control over everything in their lives."

MacMillan, John A - (1873-1956) - The Authority of the Believer - Encounter with Darkness
Chapter 1 Demon Possession  
Chapter 2 The Satanic System  
Chapter 3 Satanic Workings through the Ages
Chapter 4 Who Are the Demons?  
Chapter 5 Forms of Demon Approach  
Chapter 6 The Reality of Possession - Pastor Ethan Allen had a reputation of casting out demons.
Chapter 7 Modern Demon Possession  
Chapter 8 Demonology and Religion  
Chapter 9 The Way of Deliverance
Book on audio/CD  read by David Oaks Includes original editorials The Authority of the Intercessor or
& Encounter with Darkness
Authority is something we inherit in Jesus, not acquire or deserve/merit on our own. 
Anyway, it is His authority and not our own.
He is the One Who acquired & wields it today/now- in & through us in each situation & each generation.

Maldonado, Guillermo - How to Walk in the Supernatural Power God - -
Chapter 4 Jesus ad the Cross, the Only Legal Source of Supernatural Power - "The cross (allows us to be) delivered...from  'self.'  The ego is the part of the soul where the 'self' dwells.  It is where 'I want' & 'I think' can be found."  Neither our mate, kids, staff, subjects nor "Jesus exists to please us; rather" we exist "to please Him."  (Dwelling on 'me, myself & I' and performance sets us up for becoming) "a victim of the spirit of witchcraft, which uses ego to exercise (legal) dominion & lordship by force. 
When you apply the cross (of Jesus') to your ego, Satan cannot touch you. 
The cross (of God's divine exchange) is the only safe place to be" (each day; for the rest of our lives we need to eat 'humble pie')  "If we come in contact with the enemy on any subject other than the cross (of Jesus) we can be defeated... Faith is the way we appropriate the benefits of the cross."

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - - Chapter 4 Perceiving the Realm of the Miraculous - If the head of the house arrives after the corporate body has ascended in worship, then the leader is NOT truly in tune with what is going on in the service.  Herein lies an opportunity for the enemy. (Jealousy & territorial ownership are just 2 of the greatest tools he uses)...A worship leader who is in the realm of (corporate) hearing what the spirit is saying & is in tune with what God wants to do."
If the "pastor enters (late) with his own cloud, which is not conducive to the cloud in the house, the results are more like thunderstorms than...rain showers" because he failed to participate "in the corporate ascent...
Unity is destroyed, the service has lost the Glory, & the people are left to wonder why."

Nunes, Dr. Winston - Driven By the Spirit - excerpt - - "That's the secret of authority. We do not function from a place of authority; we function from a place under authority. Everybody wants to be the boss. There is something in most of us that wants to be in charge. But unless we submit to God & all of those that he places over us, we will never know true authority."

Pierce, Chuck D. - 40 DAYS OF WILDERNESS LEADING TO POWER! - article excerpt - "We all are destined for wilderness seasons. This is a Biblical principle. We find Biblical wilderness seasons had a duration. The wilderness is likened to our word for desert, but, in Biblical times the wilderness was usually a rocky, dry wasteland.
We also find in the Bible that wildernesses included oases. Even though we many times find ourselves in a wilderness season, in the midst of this season we can usually find a time of refreshing & a cool drink from the Lord."  "Jesus was baptized (in water and the Holy Spirit) to fulfill all righteousness & then entered (as our scapegoat) into a 40 day wilderness period (to once & for all withstand all of our temptations).
However, the Father had a release.  (Jesus came out more empowered than when He entered.)"
Chuck Pierce - - Time to Defeat the Devil - - Sample chapter
here -
Chapter 8 The Word Key - "We must pass or cross over from 1 place of faith to our next dimension of glory. 
In this crossing-over time, there is always a wilderness through which we must journey...a key to our being established in the new place of promise & anointing...To enter your destiny, your faith needs to grow. 
Faith grows when it is tested, so God (Himself) will (allow or) put you in situations where your faith is tested, & that takes place in the wilderness."  (Even the most healthy plants have had to endure a more hardy or traumatic environment.)
Chapter 9 Sinai - God Establishes a New Order - 1
"Declare an open window of heaven & look for the sign from the Lord that your wilderness is ending."
2 "Declare that the power of loss & robbing must end." 
5 "Be willing to change & take what God has given you, & invest in a new way."
6 "Use the time to change your mind & think the way God thinks. 
Allow the Lord to place  His finger on what you must turn from."
7 "Past mistakes can be rectified...Look for your 2nd-chance times." 
10"Jesus He would stay alert to the enemy."
"God had a boundary for them (Israelis) to rule...Learn to rule in that move little by little until they had fully taken dominion & established His authority in the aura they had been given to rule."
"It's not just getting in your promise, & not just getting the deed of your promise, but keeping the deed to your promise...Be sure your possession is filled with God's Glory."

Randolph, Larry - The Coming Shift -
Chapter 11 Significance Shift  "A Savior...possessed all the legal rights belonging to a king...also declared in
John 8:50 "I seek not Mine own glory." KJV
"The Lord quietly replied, 'The moment it became your church, it stopped being My church'...
Christ's headship...had been replaced by my own need for significance.  Unintentionally, I had compromised in a way similar to Lucifer's original sin & exalted myself above the boundaries of my spiritual authority."
"Men who are driven by their need to be 'somebody' become 1 of the most dangerous threats to the advancement of God's kingdom."
"True fathers...are motivated by the investment they can make in the lives of other people...
Their ceiling truly becomes the floor on which the next generation stands." 
We need to transition "from church mentality" (catch, restrain & own) "to a kingdom mentality" (catch, equip, reproduce, and release).
Chapter 13 Relational Shift   It is our/His goal to attract others to Him & not to us.

Sithole, Surprise - Faith to Raise the Dead - - Chapter 6 Visions & Dreams -
"The city was very beautiful, but the people in it were strange looking, as if all of them were working with a tree in their head...He said, 'What you see is the seed of the tree of knowledge of good & evil that has grown in the mind of the people'...It will be difficult for them to enter though the Narrow Gate...
The only poison that will kill this tree is Humility."

Smit, Philip - - Entrance to Power chapter Rule Over Spirits - "The spiritual dimension is not limited by distance or time.  (Long distance into the atmosphere) I spoke out loud, calling the person by name..., 'Mr. so & so, a controlling spirit of anger and manipulation is operating through your character...
I now command that worldly spirit to submit to the Spirit of God in me.  You shall not oppose nor rule over me.
I rule over you, & the fear of God shall come over you, in the presence of the Spirit of Christ that is in me, from this moment on.'"

Tikkun, YM (pseudonym) - Whispers of the Lord - publisher - -

Thompson, Steve - You May All Prophesy - -
4/2-8/2007 TV Interview - - God's slow "process is designed to deal with the  character issues that would ultimately destroy us & the people to whom we minister...
rue spiritual authority does not depend on us or our giftedness; it depends on God's choice."

Walters, David - Revelation of Amazing Truths 1997-2015 - Article 15 - Is the Bible the Word of God?
"Churches should exist for 3 reasons only.
1. An embassy - representing the interests of God:
2. A military training center - where spiritual troops are trained for spiritual warfare.
3. A safe refuge - where immigrants looking for asylum can be given a safe haven for deliverance, healing & find out how they can become legal residents in the kingdom of God."

Wearing the Yolk 

Winder, Delores with Keith, Bill - Joy Comes in the Morning - -
Fellowship Foundation, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA - Chapter 6 The Surrender The Lord says to each of His children, "I bring a whole load...for each one of you, & all you do is take a little nibble...why aren't you taking it?"  Like Jesus, we need to do everything Father God has ordained for us, & not what we want, to fulfill the propose for which we were born.

Young, Sarah - Jesus Lives - Section: Control - publisher - "Entrust your loved ones to Me. 
They are much safer with Me than in your clinging hands.  Sometimes you confuse loving others with rescuing them.  when a loved one has a problem, you often feel responsible to come up with a solution. 
Then you plunge headlong into problem solving mode, as if you're obligated to provide sound advice. 
I want to help you stop feeling responsible to fix people since that is My role, not yours."


Clark, Pam - Dealing with Your Issues By Pam Clark @

Ferrell, Emerson - Next Generation of Leaders -
Ferrell, Emerson - Assume the Position (of submission) -

Hammond, Lynne 4/27/2015 "Jesus has warned us well in advance that in these last days as lawlessness increases, 'most peopleís love will grow cold' (Matt. 24:12). We also have the sobering example of the Ephesian church in which the believers were very strong in upholding truth, and yet, had lost their 1st love (Rev. 2:2-4). No matter how much knowledge we may have, or how right we may be, if we lose our love for God & others, we have lost everything (1 Cor. 13:1-3). As Godís people, our lives are to be marked by love & with 'a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience' (Col. 4:12-14)." 

Phillilps, Ron - Seven Demons That Attack the Church -
1-Spirit of Religion (Revelation 2:4Ė5, 7)
2-Spirit of Intimidation (Revelation 2:10Ė11)
3-Spirit of Compromise (Revelation 2:12, 14Ė17)
4-Spirit of Jezebel (
Control) (Revelation 2:18-20, 26)
5-Spirit of Traditionalism (Revelation 3:1Ė6)
6-Spirit of Inferiority (Revelation 3:7Ė8, 12)
7-Spirit of Pride (Revelation 3:14Ė17, 21)

Renner, Rick 10/30/2020 @

Russell, Corey - Witchcraft and The seek of Control - Jezebel Spirit Part 1 - Jezebel Spirit Part 2

Sandford, John L & Paula - - Spiritual Sicknesses and Sins - 7. Shrikism: a need to establish personal righteousness at the expense of others.
Sandford, John L & Paula - (occult link) - 11/1/2007 - "A shrike is a bird which impales its victim on a thorn & then tears it apart muscle by muscle. In human terms, a shrike is a person who so gathers all the righteousness to himself or herself that everyone else must act out wickedness. Then in the very act of seeming to try to help, the shrike actually destroys the other bit by bit. Worse, the shrike actually thinks he or she is truly trying to be loving & helpful... (by John and Paula Sandford in Healing the Wounded Spirit )  The essence of shrikism is that it establishes personal righteousness at the expense of others. Not all performance-oriented people are shrikes, but all shrikes are performance-oriented. Having bought the lie that they must perform well to be loved, yet insecure about their performance, they are driven unconsciously to contrast themselves with others; others must look bad in order for the shrike to look good. The shrike fears rejection more than anything else, yet in his striving to outperform everyone, he gathers righteousness to himself. Without knowing it, he does the very things which make him almost impossible to live with. His end is rejection."
(Same info is cited in Sandfords' God's Power to Change chapter 6 Identifications ad Shrikism.)

Sax -
Sax, Dr. Leonard - family physician and psychologist - 1/25/2016 -
Premature Role Reversal or Why kids today are out of shape, disrespectful, and in charge - His book
The Collapse of Parenting: How We Hurt Our Kids When We Treat Them Like Grown-Ups
is about "The transfer of authority from parents to kids...not...abdication of authority."
Book - chapter 1 -

Shaw, Gwen -  End Time Handmaidens & Servants - Cult 10/2009 negative editorial
(Which author is deceived?  Maybe both have some error in their theologies. 
It seems some of Gwen's theology was influenced/infected by Mormonism.) 
"While at Engeltal, Mrs. Shaw repeatedly stated that all who have spoken out against her or opposed her, have met with 'judgment from God.' A favorite Bible verse of hers to back up her statements is in 1 Chronicles 16:22: Touch not mine anointed, & do my prophets no harm. As far as I know, no one has ever tried to physically harm ('touch') her & I definitely know that she is no prophet. She repeatedly stated that all who leave E.T.H.& S. are in danger of going into 'spiritual darkness.' We (staff size was about 25) were told that we would be in great spiritual danger if we left Engeltal when it was not the will of God for us to do so. 
On 2 occasions she had 'dreams from the Lord' that one of us would die or be killed if we left.
Both of these 'dreams' occurred a day or 2 before people actually did leave. (No deaths occurred.)"

Yount, Bill - Honoring Our Stretcher Bearers and Prayer Warriors by Bill Yount - or It Takes a Village, a Flock, a Herd a School

Walters, David - 11/29/2011 -

Walters, Kathie  2/27/2008 - GETTING FREE FROM  CONTROL & HOW TO MOVE ON
from -
"Have you ever been involved in a church or ministry where there was a move  of the Spirit and it got aborted?  Hungry, hopeful people were left dazed, disappointed, grieved & sometimes traumatized... How did that happen?  I am a great believer in getting people to understand how & why things happen or donít happen.
For example, people love to read accounts of revival. The famous Welsh revival of 1904 or Hebrides Revival 1948. Wonderful, amazing  things happened, the glory of God fell on whole towns & villages.
Everyone was saved as the Presence of God chased people )
*See ďBright & Shining RevivalĒ on my website, but we need to understand why those revivals came to an untimely end.  Very often the leadership becomes controlling. Control doesnít come in through control, it often comes in though Elitism. It comes where there is some success, even a move of the Spirit.
You can see a shifting in the atmosphere - a subtle change in the spirit.
As God moves, the thinking goes from ďGOD is moving among us,Ē  to ďLOOK whatís happening God is moving among us,Ē  to ďLook whatís happening, God is moving among US.Ē Then people tend to think "Well we must have done something right" and forget it's 100% the grace of God That is the seed of Elitism and the seed of death is already in it. Itís just a question of time after that before there is some kind of collapse or split.
Then many hurt people who were previously enjoying such liberty & freedom of the Spirit.
'Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there IS liberty.'
For a while there is excitement because God is moving and unusual things are happening.
Where there is life there are bound to be a few messes. 'Where no oxen is, the crib is clean.'
But if you want an Ox (life) in the stall, he is going to make a mess sometimes.
I have spoken to many leaders who have told me that they couldnít handle the messes.
So they ended up trying to control everything & everyone. But basically you can be spirit led & the Holy Spirit will control it,  if you keep in faith & He will correct the wrong turns.
If you never want to make a mistake, donít do anything, itís that simple.
If you want everything decently & in  order I suggest that next Sunday morning you take one of those little fold up stools and take your Bible & go sit in a graveyard. No one gets out of order there.
I was birthed into the Spirit realm in a wonderful revival in the south of London. Everyone was moving in the Spirit under the anointing. It was powerful & the glory of God was on everyone. I remember one Sunday morning a young lad got up  in the meeting;  Steven, he was about 10 years old. He put his Bible on the floor & stood on it because he had read something about ďstanding on the Word.Ē  Then he put a handkerchief on his head  (not sure why he did that) and sang, 'I will bless the Lord at all times, his praise shall continually be in my mouth.' As he sang the 1st couple of lines a wind rushed into the building and knocked 200 people off their chairs onto the floor.  Many wonderful things happened.  Sometimes when you went to the meetings you had to step over people outside in the street. They were laid out under the power of God.
But sometimes we missed it - we missed the Spirit, and sometimes it was too late to get back into the flow.
The horse had bolted so to speak. We had no program to fall back on. You can have a great lively program and if God doesnít show up no one really notices because the arenít dependant on the Presence.
If we missed it there was NOTHING.  Well we learned not to take ourselves so seriously.
Thereís always another meeting.  So we would 'have a cup of  tea', forget the 'meeting' & have some fun.
No one died because the meeting wasn't great.
My son in law, David, ministers a lot to people in the street or restaurant or store.
He prophesies and prays for the sick. I asked him 1 time if he ever missed it & he said 'Oh yes of course.'
When I asked him what he did when he missed it and maybe gave a wrong word to someone he said, ďOh I say ĎI'm sorryí but then I find someone else to minister to.Ē Thatís a good thing, we canít sit down forever because we miss it a few times. If you don't want to miss it, don't do anything, that' simple.
So the point is that Elitism & control comes in if we are too hung up on putting on the perfect church meeting -
(show sometimes) but you know if someone misses it, if some-one gives something thatís not quite ďin the flowĒ no one is going to die, not 1 is going to lose their salvation.
You donít have to correct everything & everyone in sight & become a kind of un-appointed spiritual policeman.
Sometimes the Body corrects itself under the leading of the Spirit. I remember 1 meeting when this man got up to share something.  Iit was OK but was taking us way off course as far as what God was saying. We waited.
The elders & pastors did not feel it was all up to them to correct everything all the time. As this man was starting to preach his little sermon a lady the other side of the room suddenly said, ďthat reminds of a song, ĎHis love has no limits,í do you know it brother?Ē Everyone began to sing the song.  The man sat down & joined in.
Sure there are leaders, elders & pastors but their responsibility is to take authority over that which comes against (not over) the sheep. Their responsibility is to make sure there is green pasture & a table laid so that people can eat FROM THE TABLE, not from their own hand. In case you think I came up overnight with the mushrooms, I didn't. We birthed, raised up & pastored churches, led thousands of young people to the Lord in schools & colleges in UK.  So I've been there, done that, got the T shirt. Sold the T shirt, got another T shirt.
The point is that leaders are supposed to teach people to hear from God for them-selves. A lady pastor wrote us asking what I was about, as someone in her church wanted to come to my conference in PA.  She said she had to decide if she would give them permission? Hello. Not saying she shouldnít check things, but as a leader you canít be the Holy Spirit to people.  You canít be God to control Jesus'ep. They are after all, His sheep & answerable to Him for what they do with the anointing He has deposited in their life. Everyone has the witness in the Spirit in them to teach them.
When the move of the spirit is aborted that spirit (of abortion) leaves a trail of grief. It hangs around & begins to abort other things in your life: Finances, relationships, ministry efforts that donít seem to get off the ground...Find out more...on...(our ministry) CD... Spiritual Abortion...
Jezebel often is also around. I have seen Jezebel twice,  it is a male (evil) spirit, very beautiful with golden hair. Looks like an angel, but he has knife. Jezebel doesnít come to mess you up.  Rather, he is out to destroy & put you out of action + cripple your ministry. (Our) Spiritual Strategies CD set will tell you about that too.
You have to have someone pull out that knife in your chest. Itís a real thing & you can feel it come out.
I donít know why people think that Jezebel just goes after leaders. It does of course, but sometimes IT OPERATES THROUGH LEADERS in the form of control.  Many people with great giftings & callings are out there right now, not functioning, or functioning on 1 cylinder instead of 8, because they have been attacked by a Jezebel control spirit. Maybe I should have a 'knife pulling' conference? That would be fun. (After the knife pulling we can all get drunk on the Holy Spirit.  Everyone needs to get drunk in the Holy Spirit, by the way.
A pastor friend of mine in CA said to me 1 time (as people were getting drunk in the sprit & falling down, because an Angel was giving them Meade), 'We donít do this any more, because we are mature now.' I responded, 'Pastor, thatís not maturity, thatís stupidity, because you need those people drunk. Drunk people love each other. Drunk people donít run around full of resentment. Drunk people are very generous.'  Sometimes  leaders have said to me, (Speaking of sheep who have tried to speak up about something), 'the Word says, ďTouch not Mine anointed.Ē' I say, 'Thatís true, but the sheep are also Godís anointed & you need to be careful how you treat God's sheep.'Ē

Walters, Kathie - How to Not Burn Out in Ministry 5/10/2010
@ (edited)
"Every revival I have ever studied (& I studied quite a lot from 2nd century upwards Ďtil now) has always ended in control and/or false responsibility
Control is control & we all know what that is, but false responsibility it much more subtle.
It's subtle because itís a crafty thing that catches up to you. Many people find them-selves coming under this spirit. Many leaders are subject to it themselves. People in ministry fall prey to it and even produce teaching that bring others into subjection to it. God uses us because He loves us and we are His family & we like to feel we are able to help people and we make ourselves available. Isnít that what being a Christian is all about? Doing good? Helping? Ministering? Giving?
Well yes and no - Have you ever thought about how Jesus didnít minister to everyone He saw? There were hundreds of people around Him all the time. But you see Jesus didnít minister to need- He ministered to the Father and as a by-product many needs were met. Jesus did what the Father told Him to do, He said what the Father told Him to say & went where the Father told Him to go. Thatís all He ever did. He didnít minister to everyone He saw, He didnít try & meet every need He observed.
Your 1st calling is to enjoy God & fellowship with Him. He will let you know where HE wants you go & what HE wants you to do. You can't do everything, you can't minister to everyone, you aren't able to meet all the needs.  You are not meant to, you arenít called to. If you try, you will have a nervous breakdown or make yourself sick. Isnít it a great thing that you arenít God. You donít have to be the Holy Spirit to everyone. Now, isn't that a relief.  Many great men have had great gifts that flowed through them: gifts of healing, miracles, great visions & power. But you see the gifts didnít belong to them; the ministries & gifts are TO the Body.
The one they flow through is not the one that owns them.
God's people are still inclined to put ministries on a pedestal, lift them up because of their gifting.
We treat them sometimes as little gods. I am not saying that we are not to honor the men & women of God, of course we should. But a man with a great gift is still just a man & a brother or sister like you & I.
When people pull & pull on you, the gifted men & women of God end up thinking they are the special one.
It's very easy because we all like to think we are special.  Guess what? YOU ARE special, not because of a gift (which is not yours anyway) but because Jesus died & shed His precious blood for you.
He called you & chose you to cherish & love through eternity.
He gave His life that you might have a wonderful relationship as a son & daughter of the Most High God. Selah
When I studied many revivals & great ministries, so many went off the rails because they couldnít say "no".
They felt they had to meet every need. Like William Branham who prayed for people until 4-5 am sometimes & then when he got to his house there were people camped on the front lawn waiting.
No one can do that for long & Jesus never did that: He only every did 3 things:  He did what the Father told Him to do. He went where the Father told Him to go. He said what the Father told Him to say.
Even Roberts was a wonderful young man of God in Wales. God used him in an awesome way when he was just 26 years old. The Glory of God covered Wales as Evan & others like him brought people into the presence of God. The pubs closed, cinemas closed.  There were no sports, nor shows, because everyone was in church. Godís presence came in a remarkable way. Evan was just a vehicle who allowed God to move upon the people.
But, after about a year a change began to happen. If people didnít respond to God as Evan thought they should, he would leave the meeting, close the meeting or scold everyone. But you see Evan wasnít the Holy Spirit & how the people responded to God, was between them & God. It wasn't Evan's responsibility. In the end, Evan Roberts went through 5 nervous breakdowns. You see, we are not supposed to try to be God.
We are to be led by God. Our responsibility is to offer what God gives us.  You or I can't change anyone. 
We can't make people do anything.  Jesus never ministered to need.  If He did then He would have run to Lazarus house as fast as he could, not waiting for 2 days after being told His friend Lazarus was dying. 
False responsibility is a killer, eventually causing: nervous breakdowns, heart attacks, insomnia, panic attacks.
In Hebrews chapter four, it talks about entering into "His rest". "He that has entered into His rest has ceased from his own works":  good works, bad works, church works. Itís not about us working for Jesus. 
He hasnít called you to work for Him; He has called you to be a son or daughter. Itís His Spirit working through you.  Jesus said "the works you see Me do are not My works but the Father's Who sent me".
Striving & trying will take you right out of the Spirit realm. Some Christians feel guilty if they are not doing something for God all the time. But He doesnít want you do things for Him, He wants to love & fellowship with you.  As a by-product His Spirit will flow through you, allowing/empowering you to do HIS works.
The glory of God will never come on what you do, but rather, the glory comes on what He does.
Oh its so easy.  Our problem is that we are used to earning something or 'qualifying' for something or working for something. There is no point in running around trying to do things you have no real anointing for.
God doesnít have to use you all the time.  Sometimes He wants to use someone else. Sometimes He wants to use Himself.  This is such a problem in the church that, I am working on a booklet about false responsibility...
Peace. Chill out.  Take a break. Let Him talk to & love on you.  You have things to do & places to go, but by the Spirit of God.
Booklet The Spirit of Elitism tells how the false shepherding/control spirit enters a church to destroy it & tells what spirits to break off you.
Walters, Kathie -
.  YOU ARE A BIG PART OF 2011 (and thereafter) IF YOU GET THE VISION (of God)."


Is Your Yoke Broke? - Loosing from Domination - Prayer - "In he name of Jesus Christ, I now renounce, break and loose myself from all demonic subjection to my parents, grandparents, or any other human beings, living or dead, who have dominated me in any way.  I thank You, Lord, for setting me free."  Amen.  


Dr. Jamal Bryant - - Book World War Me -
Author explores how to deal with pressure, survive emotionally, defeat the past, fight for control, use prayer in your arsenal, & become a mighty warrior for God."

Bloomer, George @ -
pastor, Bethel Family Worship Center, North Carolina, USA
Bloomer, George - - Witchcraft in the Pews

Budd, Rev. Joel - Open Bible Fellowship; Tulsa, Oklahoma - The Absalom Spirit  
Absalom self-sufficiency evil spirit is rooted in pride and can manifest in false humility and betrayal. 
The subsequent
Ahithophel evil spirit joins in/attaches to the Absalom spirit to do mischief to God's kingdom.

Evans, Jimmy -

Ferrell, Emerson  Proclaiming the Name of Jesus  2/7/2009 ministry letter -
Most traditional churches & denominations at some point experienced a visitation by the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, the visitation was made into a ritual or religion much like the Jews did with the law.
Rather than using the visitation as a kingdom manifestation of Christ & pursue His power & authority to change society it (the denominational church) has been used as a way to control people."

Ken & Jeanne Harrington  book and 2/22-26/2010 Messianic Vision - radio broadcast 1684  Shift

Hinn, Benny - Benny discusses the 3rd level or dimension of anointing. 7/16/2014 There is an one anointing on your heart & one on your ministry/office.  Service anointing has 3 dimensions; it can be transferred. 
Anointing for service is based on trust-worthiness & is for spiritual war.  Ministry anointing is not annullable. 
Acts 2 miracle impartation.  Acts 4 shadow heals.  3rd dimension is too hard for most humans. 
Only 3rd level will destroy evil spirit of Jezebel (unholy family & business control).

Howell, Rees - @ Rees Howells, Intercessor - "The Spirit also made it clear that Rees Howells was to 'live out the Bible' to the people.
If their clothes were plainer than his, he was to dress down. As so many of those he would be used of God to minister to were in need, the Spirit asked him to live out the Sermon on the Mount. 'Whoever is in need has a claim on you. You have given Me all. I tell you it is all for the people, & they have as much right to it as you have.' As he continued in obedience to the calling on him, cold hard hearts melted in the face of such love & concern."

Jakes, TD - From time to time TD will spout that it is not the destiny at each step in our lives so much, as it is the lessons we learn getting there.
MEDIA = or
Jakes, TD -
Get Delivered From the Spirit of Manipulation -

Leviathan - #4 by carriedoneagleswings

Meyer, Joyce - 1/11-12/2010  Spiritual Maturity - Learn to delegate & to recognize pride. excellent + +
Meyer, Joyce - 9/8/2011 There is a time to pray & a time to respectfully confront (such things such as a sexual abuser or to confront oneself, once you recognize that you yourself are moody/not stable/not in alignment with God's good character designs).  
Those who are emotionally out of control often attempt to control others using their emotions.

Morris, Robert - - 10/14/2011 - "Be under authority in order to wield authority."

Rebellion -

The Red Dragon - Leviathan Ministries -

Toledo, Jennifer - 3/13-19/2006 (+ 7/2009) radio
Jonatan and
Jennifer Toledo are directors of Global Childrenís Movement +

You Must Control the Devil -

Lance Wallnau 10/29/2016 - +

LANCE:  The race riots...are manifestations of demons...stirring up flesh...Here's how the spirit works.
It is a world ruling class spirit. There are spiritual principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness of this world. This is a world ruler.  It is the prince behind mind control. So when you're in like propaganda stuff like Nazi Germany or in Communist Mao, this spirit works through mind control on a mass level. It works in order to divide people against people. So Satan knows that he can create poor against rich, male against female, young against old, black against white, heterosexual - homosexual.
The more division he can create the more power he can consolidate
This spirit is an expert at serving Lucifer in sowing division to divide people to create new power structures.

SID: The word "writhe" means twisting serpent, like a crocodile or an alligator.
LANCE:  It's referred in Job as a creature of the Nile, so we really do know it's talking about the species.
The way that it operates is 40% of the crocodile is teeth. So that tells you that this spirit mostly is in the mouth. It's mostly a communicating spirit. +  

Walters, Kathie 7/27/2009 Leaving Salem Village (Salem, Massachusetts, USA) - -   "In 1692
Hundreds of people were put in jail and over 30 people were drowned or killed in some other way and accused of witchcraft...This is Jezebel in full operation with the spirit of death. Jezebel by  the way does not attack you to interfere with you but to put you out of action and destroy your ministry, I have seen Jezebel twice and it is a male spirit.  He is  very beautiful with golden hair. The first time I saw him for a split second I thought it was an angel - only for a split second though. His eyes were full of hatred & murder....
Unfortunately the court at that time accepted spectral evidence.
Spectral evidence is evidence that is seen in the spiritual realm by one or 2 people but unseen by others so there is no real evidence except for the word of those one or 2. It would be like if I said  to you, 'In my spirit I saw Pastor Smith stealing money.'  I am sure you would require more evidence than my vision to convict him, but unfortunately not so in Salem...
If you are in the middle of a church situation where there is strife & division and you have this icky feeling as its getting kinda ugly - then come out of it. This is not being disloyal or unfaithful.

We donít always have the  anointing to take on these powerful strongholds.
The same evil spirit that was in Salem years ago that accused good people of witchcraft will arise again & cause  children to accuse Christian day care workers of molestation...
The False Memory syndrome that swept the country also came for the same spirit source, false accusation...
Guess what? God doesn't always use you. Sometimes you just get to do nothing and other times He will drop that anointing on you and Powww; you break all kinds of bad spiritual powers. Over people, over towns, over cities. But God doesnít use you 24/7.  You arenít God; thank God youíre not God...
So for some people reading this article - Leave Salem Village, God will deal with those things.
For someone, it's already affecting your family in a negative way."
Walters, Kathie 1/9/2010
TAMPA WORD PT 2 - Humility/Submission. What does that mean?  
'I broke off all kinds of control, false shepherding spirits, false yokes & false brotherhood spirits.
Then out of my mouth came some words that definitely didnít come from my mind. I said, 'Come out of her you
spirit of rebellion.' When I said it I was shocked...I began to speak again, 'Yes but in your submission to men, you didnít do what God told you to do.'"
The Spirit of Diotrophes and How We Fell Into it's Trap - by Edwin Osera posted by Kathie Walters - They set up kings without my consent; they choose princes without my approval.
With their silver & gold they make idols for themselves to their own destruction." Hosea 8:4
Edwin quotes from David Orton's Snakes in the Temple - excerpts at and 11/28/2011
Walters, Kathie - Spirit of False Submission - QL8 12/27/2014
- No Striving or trying or working at it - 12/31/2014
Walters, Kathie - - 6/25/2015 God Takes Over - Hands Off -

Wommack, Andrew - Whose Righteousness?
Wommack, Andrew - Discipleship Evangelism from Week 35

Preach yourself out of a job.  Train others with what you have been endowed/know.


Voice of the Martyrs 


ENTITLEMENT can be a heart attitude (welfare mentality) problem, especially an American problem, or a problem where one grew up under permissive or aggressive or wealthy conditions.  If a child is taught to take and to achieve/succeed but not to give back to God, society, & to the destitute, his perspective mirrors that of Satan. 
Wake up.  Immediately repent, even if you "suspect" such an upbringing or have that problem in your ancestral line.  It is definitely a problem for American immigrants whose main goal is to make money & for their children to make high academic grades. 
It is definitely even a problem for born-again families where one is taught to become everything wonderful & then to reap the difference in heaven. 
One has thus gone through life becoming perfect, while ignoring or even running over/trampling others. 
Even those who are born-again may have the mind set of using people and thus God to get whatever they need.  They work & pray for blessings & protection for ME/MYSELF/MINE.  Businesses in many countries deliberately ignore/hide the harmful toxins resulting from their products in order to compete & increase their profitability.   This is called having a blind eye.  Yes, one is blind both to God and to Satan.  If one is floating in his own little beautiful bubble, it will eventually burst/pop. Senior citizens wake up - immediately; share your assets/ knowledge talents with & pray for those the Lord allows you to notice each day in the remaining sunset of your life.  If repentance is the order of the day, never be ashamed to repent. 
It will close the door to Satan & open it to God.  Now that will make an excellent sunset in the close of one's life...
Lining up with God + under a spiritual covering (pastor/mentor/person to whom we will be accountable) allows an open heaven from time to time as the needs arise.  God's allowing us to cross the path of a spiritual giant sometimes permits a heavenly shadow to fall on us, a heavenly window or door to open, a mantle to fall, &/or an impartation to be bequeathed.  At other times all humans remind us that in the end it is the Trinity to whom we are & will be accountable, with Whom a daily relationship is mandatory, & from Whom all healing/deliverance/ wisdom/power is derived.

False Responsibility

Hunter, Joan - - episode -

or 8/19/xx
Also check out
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Walters, Kathie interview with Sid Roth - Transcript @ 1/30/xx

False Responsibility

Being a people pleaser due to NOT wanting to offend/disappoint/be disliked/fail/bullied/rejected (by man or God)/etc. can be a major reason people manipulate/take advantage of oneself or cause one to make a majority of mistakes against one's destiny in God, choice of a mate/college/career/even a purchase (home/vehicle/garment).
For instance, if I get or had an abortion to accomodate a family member/boyfriend/fear/false narrative, rather than heeding Holy Spirit's attempts to steer me in God's direction, it is a mistake that can HAUNT me for most of my life, even if I later repent & receive God's forgiveness & might become a cause for personal instability & need of deliverance ministry.


Self Publishing -

Free On Line Education - -
Warning.  Steer clear of role playing options!

Audio Visual Help

Talking Bibles - 10/16/2010 - -

 Spirit of Control/Manipulation

Rick Godwin - Exposing Witchcraft in the Church -

Wommack, Andrew - - 5/18/2011 - Pastors who manipulate/fleece/ attempt to control their income & our tithing/stewardship is not the right tactic.  [God looks at the heart/motive - theirs & ours. Remember, God is our source.
Yes, do tithe, often, but unto God.  Yes, tithe into your church/synagogue where you are a member, yes, at 10%but any extra is to be to those (ministries) who feed you spiritually or (missions) who you want to bless but not to those who beg/plead/whine out of greed or need. Typically, God does NOT meet need but rather expectancy, like baby birds with their mouths open.]- WATCH  5/18/2011 Wednesday's Financial Stewardship -
Week 17b - 5/2/2011 Week 18 - 5/9/2011 Week 19 - 5/16/2011 Week 20 -

Jezebel Spirit

Jackson, John Paul - Entire printable book at
Jackson, John Paul -
Jackson, John Paul - 3/7-11/2011 - Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit - Table Talk -
, John Paul - 4/2011 - Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit - Table Talk -
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Walters, Kathy - Jezebel - Part 1 - -
Jezebel tries to put you out of action and cripple your ministry.

Walters, Kathy - Jezebel - part 2 - 
Jezebel is very crafty & will put you out of action, if possible, using ways that you never though of.

Eating Humble Pie

Kat Kerr Ė Passionate Power / God Gave Gifts to Men / Mantle of Humility @ 3rd Part -


Franklin, Jentezen -Acres of Diamonds - 8/3/2020 @
Grass is NOT always greener on the other side.  True story of African farmer.  (Always invite Holy Spirit to counsel.)

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