So You want to Minister?
So You Want to Be a Missionary?
So You Want to Be God's Minister?

Old Testament Scripture

Judges 6:13 KJV - Where be all His miracles which our fathers told us of?

Psalm 2:8 KJV -
I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance & the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession

Ezekiel 3:18 KJV - "His blood will I require at thine hand."
Ezekiel 33:31-32 Stern 
31"So when they come to you...sit in front of you as My people, & hear your words;
but they don't act on them
For with their mouths they flatter you, but their hearts are set on their own self-interest (self-sabotage/satisfying the soul &/or flesh rather than their spirit or God's Spirit).
32so for them you are like a love-songs sung by someone with a nice voice who can play an instrument well -
They hear your words, but they don't act on them
[Due to addictions, demonic interference, not being born-again, not being baptized in the Holy Spirit, unhealed traumas, etc.  (Remember how king Saul was tamed but not cured by David's music?)]

Joel 3:14 NIV - Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision.
For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.

New Testament

Matthew 24:14 - This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for (with) a witness (miraculous evidence/signs & wonders) unto all nations; & then shall the end come."   

Mark 10:29-30 TPNT - 29Jesus said, "Truly I say to you, there is no one who left house,
brothers, sisters, mother, father, children or farms because of Me and because of the Good News,
30who would not take (receive)100 times as much now in this time, houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children & farms, with persecutions, & in the coming age eternal life."
Mark 16:17-18
  "These signs shall follow them that believe; in My Name shall they cast out devils...
They shall lay hands on the sick, & they shall recover
Mark 16:20 - They went forth & preached everywhere, the Lord working with them & confirming the Word with signs following.

John 2:23 - Many believed in His Name, when they saw the miracles which He did.
John 6:2 -
A great multitude followed Him, because they saw His miracles which He did on them that were diseased.
John 20:22 KJV - Receive ye the Holy Ghost.

Acts 1:8 KJV - "Ye shall receive power (dynamis/dynamite), after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you. 
Ye shall be
(an expert/legal) witnesses (providing proof/evidence/testimony) unto Me...unto the uttermost part of the earth."
Acts 19:2 KJV -
Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed (in Jesus Christ as savior, Messiah, God's son)?
Acts 26:15 NIV - 15"I am Jesus, whom you (Paul) are persecuting...
17I am (equipping &) sending you to to them
18to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light & from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Me."
Acts 26:16 KJV - "Stand upon thy feet, for I have appeared unto thee for this purpose, to make thee a minister and a witness (with evidence), to open the eyes of the Gentiles, to turn them from darkness unto light, & from the power of Satan unto God."

Romans 10:14 - How shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? 
How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?  How shall they hear without a preacher?
Romans 15:19-22 NIV - 19.I (Paul) have fully (with signs following) proclaimed of Christ. 
20.It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation. 
.Rather, as it is written, "Those who were not told about Him will see.
Those who have not heard will understand."
(Isaiah 52:15) 22.This is why I have often been hindered from coming to you. 
[Spiritual insight: The majority of salvations/healings/deliverances/revivals are the result of (the answer to) others' prayers, often over many past generations.]

1st Corinthians 2:4-5 NIV - 4My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power,
so that your faith might not rest on men's  wisdom, but on God's power.


Allen, A A - The Price of God's Miracle Working Power - #B590  autobiography 
Chapter 1 - The Price of God's Miracle Working Power shares that salvation provides access to the baptism in the Holy Spirit, & that Holy Spirit baptism provides access to God's power, typically in that sequence. 
Whereas our cost to receive forgiveness of sins is the effort to ask, the cost to receive the Holy Spirit baptism & it's subsequent power gifts can be a costly & ongoing process, due to the daily time and persistence needed + willingness to prioritize God over food, self, family & work. 
People were healed when he preached, but he realized he "did not possess this power in the fullness God had promised."  He had to be hungry/determined/desperate enough to violently pursue God.
Even after God did respond, Allen had to eliminate 13 road blocks God exposed to him, taking years, not days to accomplish.  God requires a lifetime of pursuit of Him in intimacy & power. 
There is NO quitting or thinking we have arrived.
Others will see some of our progress by the fruit we bear (patience/kindness) & the gifts we operate in (healing/deliverance/miracles). 
However, most of our sufferings/wrestling/walk/dancing with Him will be hidden in the bedroom/closet with Him during our intimate times.
Chapter 13  Personal Things  "Consecration has much to do with personal things...the putting off & out of our lives - of 101 'little things' that in themselves, may not be sin, but which, if allowed to remain, take the place that Christ should have.  EG: many professing Christians admit that they do not read their Bible as much as they should. 
They say they are so busy."

Andrew, Brother (pseudonym) - The Calling - -

Cresswell, Aliss - 8/1/2016

He had been on liquid morphine for 14 years, but still had all this pain in his body.
So I said, “You know the (Holy) Spirit of Jesus you could feel coming out of me...
Would you like a little bit of that power, just a little bit to go into your body & heal you?” 
He was like, “Don’t mind if I do”...Sitting there, I just put my finger on his shoulder...
I said, “I release the spirit of the (healing) power of
In Jesus’ name be healed.” All the bones go back together. He had metal rods in his back.
I said, “Metal come out; all pain go in Jesus’ name.” Then I said to him, “What are you feeling?”
Because I always like to ask. It’s always a scary part, but I do ask what is the person feeling. 
He’s like, “Nothing.” I said, “What do you mean nothing”...He says, “No, you don’t understand.
For 14 years, I have been in constant pain.  Now I feel nothing.”
He said, “3 of my vertebrae” in his back were crushed. They thought he was going to die.
He’s actually lost, he said, he lost four inches in height because his back was crushed. 
He broke all his jaw and he actually lost all his teeth.
They had to reconstruct his jaw. The top part of his mouth they had to put a new one in.
He had bruising on his brain.  He had epileptic fits now.
He had pain in his body all down his legs, sciatic nerve & everything. 
He would wake up very often in the morning with blood in his mouth.  His arms & legs were numb...
They told him he was going to be in a wheelchair very soon & his hands were shaking like this ever since the accident.  So I said, “Well Jesus can heal you.  Can I pray for you?” 
He didn’t know anything about Jesus, but he was amazing.  He said, “Yeah, have a go.” 
I don’t know if he believed or not that it was going to work.  But I started to pray. 
The power of God just came in such a mighty way. His knees started to buckle & he started to fall over...
He’s like “The pain is gone.” He sat for a while. I said, “Come on, just jump up.” 
He said, “Last night I went to the movies.
It took me 20 minutes to get up from my seat.” He said, “I can’t just jump up.”
I said, “Jump up in the name of Jesus, because the name of Jesus is so, so powerful.”
He literally jumps up out of his seat & he’s still crying, “I’ve grown. I’ve grown. I’m taller.”
Because he was 4 inches short, he said. He said, “I feel taller.” 
We prayed for his jaw & it went numb.  He said he feels it moving around & his hands stopped shaking.
They were just perfectly still.  He stayed in the shop for maybe another couple of hours.
He was so overwhelmed; he prayed to God & said, “God, thank You for healing me. 
Please come into my life. Come & fill me with your Holy Spirit.”

ALISS: I just felt the Holy Spirit tell me that people watching this show are going to be activated right now. 
So I want to release that supernatural faith. That’s 1 thing the Lord Jesus wants you to do is to release supernatural faith & to activate people in the miraculous in healings & in the whole supernatural realm of Heaven. So I release that for you now.  I want to give you some homework if that’s okay, that I would ask you to step out in faith.  In fact right now, I ask the Holy Spirit that You would come into that person’s room, for all of those watching that something is going to happen tangible right now wherever you are, whether it’s a healing.
I release that now for you, healing in Jesus’ name or whether some kind of manifestation of the Holy Spirit that you really sense the presence of Jesus right now (or both). 
He’s going to tell you something; then you need to step out in faith & go activate the whole miraculous realm in your life that you would do it today (or) let’s say by the end of tomorrow, in the name of Jesus.

Dunham, Karen - 1/8/2017 recommended -
Her life before intimacy with the Trinity was NOT nice, but a school of hard knocks for the awesome destiny she now has in Christ Jesus.  Lovely.

Hattaway, Paul -

Sumrall, Lester @ Read online without downloading.
"As my hometown faded back of me & I could hear the roar of the iron wheels beneath me, I realized I was completely on my own. I had no church to sponsor me nor had I communicated with any organization or denomination. I had no source of finances whatsoever. God had called me supernaturally to go & I must go.
In reality, I am not a person with unequaled abilities. However, if I do have a quality that is a little outstanding, it is that I refuse to quit. This tenaciousness possibly came to me through my mother, who was a very strong person. When she went to do something, she wouldn’t quit until the work was done. Maybe it is like what the Apostle Paul said to Timothy, that the virtues Timothy received were from his grandmother & mother. Whatever the case, I simply know that built inside of me is a desire never to quit doing what God has me to do.
The words of the Apostle Paul to Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:7-8 are very exciting & keep me moving on the inside. Written at the end of his life, when he was ready to go to heaven, he made a dramatic declaration.
'I have fought a good fight.'” (Notice he said FOUGHT a FIGHT, NOT politician, audition, contest, because upon getting heavenly citizinship, we are enlisted as soldiers in a spiritual war 24/7 for the rest of our lives. 
Nonetheless, the victory is already ours, as Jesus has already won the war.  All we have to do is to enforce it, 24/7.  That is why we are to invite & enlist His army host to partner with us every morning, in the same manner we would receive daily communion + rehearse/declare/decree scripture + pray in tongues

Wentland, Winfried -
Wentland, Winfried - - "When I fly from Europe to black Africa, I am flying home.  The same is true the other way round, when I fly from Africa to Germany.
In a way, it’s like my 2 legs. I cannot easily do without 1 or other of them."
Wentland, Winfried - video - Interview with Win + sharing subsequent USA crusades

Yohannan, K P - Revolution in World Missions - -
The goal is to train & fund indigenous missionaries.
Yohannan, K P - No Longer a Slum Dog -


Rees Howells: How One Man’s Faith Prevailed During Global Crisis — Justice House of Prayer DC ( #1 (edited excerpt)
"In 1915, Rees & his wife Elizabeth had answered the Lord’s call to missions just as World War I had begun. Germany had declared the waters around Britain to be a zone of war & every ocean vessel was considered an enemy target.
2 months before...
Howells during World War II, captures an uncommon faith, prayer life & vision that the church desperately needs to rediscover today.
God used Mr. Howells & the young people with him at the Bible College of Wales in a mighty way to shape international events & the destiny of nations through their prayers.
The world was in crisis, & this company of faith-filled believers became intercessors fully committed to be part of the solution...
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 NKJV)..

God loves the process of revealing Himself in our daily lives, but the fires of adversity must test us.
Rees Howells would say, “You may preach anything & everything without proving anything, which is nothing but spectacular theory.

Faith must become substance before it becomes evidence.” (Maton, “Samuel, Son & Successor” 73)
It is in the testing of our faith when we learn that God really is who is says He is.
We need experiential knowledge of God because theories are impossible to lean on in dark days. 
Holy Spirit led Rees Howells into a life of faith built line upon line, experience upon experience.
We must learn to recognize the leading of Holy Spirit each day & respond by abiding in Him & His promises.
Only an abiding faith can overcome the challenges to our obedience:
If you abide in me & my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, & it will be done for you.
By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit & so prove to be my disciples. (John 15:7-8 ESV)
- Proving God in small things, then larger things led to an ever-increasing faith to stand in the face of insurmountable odds.
1 area of faith that was put to the test throughout Howells’ life was in the area of praying for the supernatural provision of finances... “Unless you can prove God to answer in an emergency & in a test case, it is nothing but talk in a very big way. The ‘old man’ can sound very convincing but he does not see his folly.
You can never exercise real faith for £100 unless you’ve had £50, nor for £50 unless you’ve proved God for £20, nor for £10 unless you’ve proved God for £5.
You only give mental assent & imagine these things, unless you have had an experience with God in the impossible.  Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.” (Maton, “Samuel, Son & Successor” 73) -
This simple growth process of faith led Howells to greater & greater pursuits as he followed the Lord’s leading into a world that was about to erupt in 2 world wars.

When I read about the life of this man, I see simple but radical obedience.
As Holy Spirit would make His direction known to Rees there would be an honest wrestling with the weakness of his flesh in order to enter into a life truly led by the Spirit:
“The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
(Matthew 26:41 ESV)
Whether we admit it or not we are way too concerned about man’s opinion, our personal prosperity and an easier way of life free from danger. These fears are jagged obstacles in the path of obedience. Fear-based decisions actually increase the danger level of our lives, though they easily masquerade as so-called wisdom.  The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will.   
Again, this is all just spectacular theory until it’s put to the test.
How important it is to be obedient to the Lord & remain in the center of His will.
It not only impacts your own life.  It likely impacts the destiny of countless lives around you.
FAITH TO MOVE MOUNTAINS - In 1924, Rees Howells founded the Bible College of Wales with the aim of training and sending laborers into the harvest field who had learned not only theology but also a practical life of faith. Students were required to “pray through” for victory in their daily needs & burdens whether that was for a needed toothbrush or for tuition. Inspired by George Müller, Rees set the standard for his community as he contended in prayer to acquire the massive properties needed for the school to be established. 
Leonard Ravenhill gave insight into Rees’ hidden life of faith, obedience & prayer in this area: 
“After I spoke at a session in the Bible School of Wales, Mrs. Rees Howells called me for a private talk. 
We stood on the veranda of her home overlooking beautiful Swansea Bay I can see her finger upheld as she said, ‘Many talk of my husband’s buying this place with a shilling (14 cents) in his pocket.
What they forget is that he prayed 12 hours a day for 11 months to know the mind of God.’
Brethren, that’s discipline.” (Ravenhill)...

2-dimensional promises written on the pages of your Bible have to take on 3-dimensional reality in your broken life in spite of your failures & weaknesses.  We have to learn that God is: love, a father, a healer, a provider. 
Rees Howells: How Prayers Played a Role in Ending Hitler's Reign of Death ( #2 - 2/12/2016 -
"12/26/1934 Rees Howells received a vision from Holy Spirit in the middle of the night.
It was 3am, & the Lord began to call him into faith for world evangelization & completion of the Great Commission.
Rees Howells: How Prayers Played a Role in Ending Hitler's Reign of Death — Charisma News 2/29/2016
Howells, Samuel
Rees Howells: The Legacy of Prayer and Intercession – By Faith, Christian Inspiration, ByFaith Media 1912-2004 -
A heavy burden came upon Samuel during the 6-Day War & the Yom Kippur War, when Israel was fighting for its very survival.
He called his team to intense intercession & rejoiced after saying, “If God hadn’t intervened in the Sinai Desert. 
If He hadn’t intervened in the Golan Heights everything would have been over.
Do you see how close things came…who saved that nation?  It was the Lord.
Is it possible for the Holy Spirit to make us alive to these things? There is a tremendous conflict going on in the heavenlies.” Concerning the constant attacks on Israel over the years, Samuel said, “What does the enemy desire to do? To destroy Israel & in the event of destroying Israel, the prophecies in the Word of God will not be fulfilled.” Samuel believed every attack on Israel’s existence was the evil one trying to hinder God’s end-time prophetic purposes for the world & only intercession can prevail to defeat the actual enemy in the heavenlies.
“We know that God has not changed,” he said, “all He is looking for these days is people of the calibre of the prophets, who are prepared to believe Him in the impossible.
Not to look to the threats of man, but to look to God & God alone.
We’ve gone back to God in our extremity & we have seen the hand of God working.”“Samuel Rees Howells proved in his life that our battle is not against flesh & blood, but against the principalities & powers operating in the heavenly realms,” said Mathew Backholer, from the publisher By Faith Media. “Samuel was a hidden intercessor, a man of faith who had learnt from Rees Howells how to pray-through & prevail in intercession.”Nearing the end of 25 years of intense intercession for the demise of Communism worldwide, Samuel had the assurance from the Holy Spirit that the intercession was complete & he wrote to an intercessor in the United States proclaiming:
‘The day of fulfilment is dawning & the whole world is going to feel the impact.’ 9 months later the Berlin Wall fell & the Soviet Union soon collapsed.“When we consider 20th century history, it is clear God has been working & intervening in international events for His glory,” said Mathew Backholer. “The sudden solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Fall of the Berlin Wall & the revivals in Korea, China, Argentina & in Africa all indicate that God has been working on an international level.
Now, it’s incredible to read how God led Samuel Rees Howells & his team of intercessors to pray in these situations.”
Howells, Rees @ A Great Promise! - For God's Glory Alone Ministries ( - "Rees Howells was a coal miner, 

of the harshest jobs a man could do in the early 20th century in his native country

of Wales...a deeply religious man who was touched by Holy Spirit during the famous Welch Revival of 1904. 
In 1906, he received a call from God to leave the coal mines & become a missionary.
In obedience he declared to God, “I do believe that you are better able to keep me than that mining company.
Rees Howells ( -
"This account of Rees Howells life is taken from ‘Rees Howells Intercessor’ by Norman Grubb."
The Intercession of Rees Howells - Kindle edition by Ruscoe, Doris. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Chapter 1 online -
Rees Howells Biography | Read 'Rees Howells: Intercessor' Book Here! (

Principles of Intercessory Prayer ( -
Rees Howells and Intercession from The Intercession of Rees Howells - Zerubabbel Press (
The Power of Prophetic Praise and Worship – By Faith, Christian Inspiration, ByFaith Media
@ Rees Howells: The New Book – By Faith, Christian Inspiration, ByFaith Media
Rees Howells – A Life Inspired by the Intercessor and Man of Faith – By Faith, Christian Inspiration, ByFaith Media
+ Rees Howells – His Letters, Thoughts and Prayers during Trials – By Faith, Christian Inspiration, ByFaith Media
+ Rees Howells Intercessor, Intercession, Revival and the Bible College of Wales – By Faith, Christian Inspiration, ByFaith Media
+ Samuel Rees Howells, The Quiet Intercessor – By Faith, Christian Inspiration, ByFaith Media

Mears, Henrietta - 8/6/2018 Matt Brown -
This Woman's 100-Year Legacy Impacts You, and You Probably Don't Even Know Her Name
"Henrietta's roots actually go back to Minnesota...where for many years she taught in the Minneapolis
public school system while also serving at 1st Baptist Church downtown in Sunday school.
In the middle of her life, she took a year off, & during some time down in Southern California,
was tapped to be the Christian Education director at Hollywood Presbyterian Church.
This proves to be a significant turning point for her,
as God began to use her in the lives of young people in the region. 
The group, consisting of young people &
college students at that time, was several hundred students but quickly grew into the thousands of young people who gathered to hear her teach the Word of God." 
Her students included: Bill & Vonette Bright, Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, Dawson Trotman, Founder of the Navigators, Jim Rayburn, Founder of Young Life, Richard Halverson, who served as the U.S. Senate chaplain for 15 years, as well as the chairman of World Vision for 20 years, Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States, and Billy Graham who communicated the gospel of Jesus to more people than anyone in human history, leading to the conversion of Louis Zamperini & other famous people in the area. 
"If you feel ordinary, you are exactly the type of person God is looking for...
Allow Him to fill you with faith, the Holy Spirit, & His heart of love for the people around you."


Allen, Paul A - 2002 @ - #1
Allen, Paul A - 2002 @ - #2

Andrew, Brother (pseudonym) - Unlock Your Hidden Prayer Power - intercession booklet -
Open Doors with Brother Andrew ministry, Santa Ana, California, USA - Ministry to non-Christian regions especially those under dictatorships &/or those areas deprived of freedom of worship & deprived of access to adequate daily necessities such as food/clothing/shelter/employment/ education/transportation/clean water/medical care.
Andrew, Brother (pseudonym) - The Calling - autobiography - -
Andrew, Brother - -
Andrew van der Bijl was born on May 11, 1928 as a son of a blacksmith in Sint Pancras, Netherlands.(van der Bijl 7)."
Andrew, Brother - -
"My heart was racing. Not with the excitement of the crossing, but with the excitement of having caught such a spectacular glimpse of God at work."
Andrew, Brother - chapter 1 -

Kiko Argüello - chapter 1 Interview -
The 3 Angels
chapter/section - " a work done by Holy so much to inspire those who preach...but rather to enter the one who is listening, so that he may believe the announcement." 
(Those outside the church or who left the church have ears closed to the gospel, so that it takes the supernatural work, awakening & love to open ears, closed to God's gospel. 
Often this requires us to walk alongside the destitute & hurting, rather than to lecture, scold, proselytize, to go the 2nd & 3rd mile etc.  This is a Catholic even militant approach to a modern day spiritual dilemma.)

Bacon, David - by daughter Avid Bodin

Baker, HA (Harold Armstrong Baker + Josephine Baker) - Visions Beyond the Veil -
Baker, H.A. - read online or print - recommended -
(Holy Spirit baptism of Chinese street children) -
This book shows God healing, minds, bodies & hearts of Chinese orphans & taking them to heaven to show them their new houses. God also revealed Himself in visions & dreams to the children, impartially, regardless of character, age, seniority, merit, or the lack of it. 
Baker shares that God Himself told the children how to wait on Him & how to seek the Holy Spirit, "When the Spirit is among you, do not open your eyes, for that will make it more difficult for you."
Baker, HA -  - 2008 edition.
Elisha Baker is converting H. A. Baker’s writings to e-book format for free distribution.
Email Baker at  for further information.
Baker, HA -  God in Ka Do Land @
Baker, HA - by Rolland Baker - A Missionary Legacy
11/21/2001 or

A Missionary Legacy - "The rocks are slippery in the dark.
I slide, catch myself & notice with my dimming flashlight that I’m at the edge of a cliff.
The footpath gets steeper & even rockier.
I come to streams & choose stepping stones carefully. I.5 dozen others press on down the mountainside.
I just follow the leader. It’s late and getting very cold. We crash through bushes & inch along, carefully keeping our balance as the trail gets narrow.
The ground rises comfortingly on our right, but disappears into blackness on our left.  'It’s just ahead.' I’m told.
Only another half-mile. We’ll be right there.' On we go. I can’t picture our surroundings at all.
My feet are cracking and hurting, even with good hiking shoes. We cross more streams & balance on more sharp rocks. I’m carrying a camera bag and just trying not to get hurt. There would be no medical help if I did. 
Finally, hours into the night, the path levels into a small clearing. Tall bamboo trees arc overhead.
There’s a hut of some kind before us, with a dim light. We hear shouts of excitement.
They’ve heard us coming & run out to meet us. We get led through a low doorway into a courtyard. 
Then there are hugs, greetings & bows all around.  Everyone is grinning hugely.
These people have been waiting years for this day. H.A. Baker’s grandson has arrived. 
I feel like I have reached the ends of the earth.
I’m deep inside China, high up in an incredibly remote mountain valley among a nearly forgotten minority tribe. 
I have come to my grand-father’s home of 15 years, his beloved Ka Do land. Not since the communists forced him to leave more than 50 years ago has anyone seen a foreigner here. My father was never able to make the trip.
Now that government restrictions have lifted, I have come to taste & see for myself the world of my grandfather’s books, accounts of God at work among the poor, meek & lowly of the earth. 
I started this trip from Africa, where I was meeting with our famine-stricken Malawi pastors.
I flew my plane back to central Mozambique, then to our home in Maputo to the south & on to Nelspruit in South Africa.  After a commuter flight to Johannesburg, I endured an eighteen-hour leg to Atlanta & then continued to Pennsylvania where Heidi & I met & participated in a conference. She went her way. 
After stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo & Hong Kong, I arrived in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province in southwest China & the place of my birth. 
It took most of a day in a rented van to reach Mojiang, the 1st main town into the mountains from Kunming.
There I connected with an old man, Li Shu Yi, 83 years old. He’s the only one left of all the orphans written about in Visions Beyond the Veil, my grandfather’s account of an intensely wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirit in his orphanage back in Kunming.  Li Shu Yi’s parents died when he was little. 
He was adopted by his rich uncle & aunt who had no children of their own.
But they were cruel to him. One day when he was only six his aunt lost her temper & fiercely beat him until her stick broke, his clothes were torn & he lost his body functions.
He escaped to the streets, lost, afraid & crying his heart out.
In the night he was robbed of his clothes & left with the filthy, smelly rags of a beggar. My grandfather took him in.
My grandmother gave him a bath & changed his clothes, bursting into tears when she saw his bruises & wounds.  Li Shu Yi became a devoted son to my grandparents, never leaving them all their days in China.
In 1926 when he was nine the Holy Spirit fell on the orphans. 
As they described what they were seeing while in visions, Li Shu Yi translated their local dialect for my grandfather, who wrote down all that he heard for his book.
This went on for months, a time of rare & privileged revelation that has enriched the faith of believers all over the world who have read the story. 
In 1929 my grandfather began making long, arduous journeys into the mountains to preach to the Ka Do minority tribe. There were no roads or buses in those days. 
My grandfather would be gone for months, climbing ridges & descending into valleys every day on foot.
The mountain people were wild and rough. Many were thieves & bandits. He wore their coarse peasant clothes, ate their simple, meager food & walked in their thin cotton shoes, whatever the terrain.
Always, wherever he went, there was Li Shu Yi with him, his constant walking companion, translator & helper. 
In 1935 my grandparents moved to a beautiful valley deep in Ka Dao land, where I am today.
The journey from Kunming took seventeen days. From here my grandfather itinerated in all directions, preaching the gospel to poor villages clinging to terraced mountainsides.
He might walk 20 miles a day, each day in a different village.  He bore great fruit.
Thousands all over his own valley came to Jesus.  In time he was regularly traveling a circuit of 40 churches.
The Holy Spirit fell on these simple people, written about in another of my grandfather’s many books,
God in Ka Do Land.  Later I would listen to my grandfather tell endless stories of those days.
He opened up to me a super-natural reality filled with angels, demons, Holy Spirit power & the presence of Jesus. 
Tonight I am in Li Shu Yi’s house, which my grandfather helped to build right next to his own.
It’s a typical mountain peasant hut, nearly bare, built around a small courtyard. The stars overhead are clear. 
The night gets colder.  We pull rough wooden benches up to a pot of hot coals to keep warm.
We talk of years gone by, when the suffering & endurance of 1 foreigner was used by God to bring mercy & hope to faraway lost sheep in an entire region.  The village administrator joins us, along with the village’s several teachers.
Are they Christians?  No, they would lose their government jobs if they were. Later, later.
But they want to hear more about this Jesus.  My friend Ken Zhao from Shanghai is with me on this trip. 
Together we give out the Good News.  We read John 3:16. Jesus is worth everything.
We live & move by His Spirit, & in Him we inherit all things.
1 teacher has never read the Bible at all & we give him a copy.  He is excited.
We tell stories of what God has done for us.  Everyone is concentrating intently on our words.
Li Shu Yi fervently affirms us.  It is late & our guests have to leave.  They are moved. 
If they choose Jesus, they may pay a very high price in this persecuted society.
China’s cultural revolution & communist repression put out free expression of Christian worship.
Even now most believers remain careful & low-key, treasuring what they know quietly in their hearts. 
The intense revival my grandfather saw is subdued after 2 generations.
But Li Shu Yi prays his heart out for his people & land, grief-stricken at the blindness of China’s new & materialistic society.  He has suffered in prison for his faith & service to my grandfather & threatened with execution.
Unafraid of death, he kept insisting on leading my grandfather’s churches after 1949.
The government tried hard to bring accusations against him, but could find no evidence of wrongdoing.
He has been allowed to register his churches legally.
Today these 40 churches have come 80 & Li Shu Yi is still their spiritual father.
Other revival movements in China prefer to remain unregistered & suffer the consequences, but we must be grateful for what Li Shu Yi has been able to accomplish. 
I sleep on Li Shu Yi’s own bed, a short, hard straw mattress. Even under a thick quilt & fully dressed, I am so cold.
The household is up before dawn & soon I emerge to find a fire blazing in the courtyard.
We have noodles, peanuts & fruit for breakfast.
Li Shu Yi’s son & family keep the house now & they spare no effort to honor my visit. 
Ken & I are taken around the hillside & shown what my grandfather planted & built. 
We walk his paths & stand in his gardens.
We see his prayer mountain, a high peak overlooking his valley where he took hundreds of believers at a time to fast & pray.
In the far-off haze among the rice paddies & vegetable gardens we spot the villages in which every family came to know Jesus. All around the valley stand more peaks that complete the physical grandeur of this rich, fruitful field of mission.  Li Shu Yi talks as we walk. His eyes fill with tears over & over as he remembers my grandfather’s sufferings. He is so moved by God’s grace working through the love of this foreigner for the Ka Do mountain people. He tells me how my grandfather would lean on his stick against the hillside when he was sick & in pain, always: pressing on, praying for healing, trusting God for everything. Jesus would be with him & carry him forward. During World War II no support could come from America, so Li Shu Yi & my grandfather planted peppers in their garden & traded them for food.  Li Shu Yi made hats with my grandmother’s sewing machine & sold those. 
My grandmother wrote many letters.
Everywhere my grandfather traveled, he was somehow writing more books, true treasures of spirituality. 
It’s late in the morning and time to go. I have a conference back in Africa.
Ken & I start the climb out of the valley, accompanied by Li Shu Yi & his grandson & granddaughter.
This old man still walks everywhere, just like my grandfather did until he was 90.
We finally make it to a little town high on the ridge, rocky, windswept & so far away from all that we know. It’s market day, & the little streets & alleys are jammed with goods in stalls & on the ground, all carried in by great effort over long distances across the mountains.
We climb into our tiny hired van, made in China & then for hours struggle, bounce & lurch over a fiercely rough dirt road.  Rocks, ditches & mud hinder us all the way. Often we get out & push.
We get to a tar road, but it is torn up & winds so tightly that it still takes us 3 hours to travel 40 miles. 
 Eventually that night we arrive in Mojiang & we say good-bye to Li Shu Yi.
His churches & people need help.  We must return. Jesus will not forget them. 
A 7-hour bus journey the next morning brings us back to Kunming.
I cannot comprehend how my grandfather made that trip on foot over & over, year after year. 
How could a foreigner endure that much isolation & deprivation? 
No other missionary wanted to join him. Only Li Shu Yi stayed with him every step of the way.
Today I have my grandfather’s hardwood walking stick, carved by Li Shu Yi & worn down many inches.
It is a testament in my hands of what our King & Lord will do with one willing servant lover. 
Now I am back in Africa among people even more poverty-stricken than Chinese country peasants.
Only a few years ago Mozambique was also repressed terribly by a communist regime.
Today it cries out in desperation for Jesus & the gospel, & only a small band of missionaries are trying to pull in a harvest of millions of souls. Conditions in most of the country are primitive beyond Western imagination, but we have freedom to preach. 'Who will endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus?' (2 Timothy 2:3) Who will say with Paul, “I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race & complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me, the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace?” (Acts 20:24) 
God used my grandfather’s life to inspire and encourage my father & mother in their lives of missionary service. Now He continues to do the same with Heidi & me.  I doubt that I would ever have considered working with orphans & the poor in forgotten, nonstrategic corners of the world without my grandfather’s example.
But in his life I see the Good Shepherd, who lays down His life for the sheep (John 10:11).
May such glory invade all our lives until we see His face & are safely home with Him in His heavenly Kingdom." -
Rolland Baker, Pemba, Africa 11/2001
Baker, Rolland & Heidi - There Is Always Enough - - The Bakers share a vision where Jesus gives a piece of his flesh as food plus some of His blood and water as drink to Heidi to share with her orphans. 
Later when the Bakers needed to feed hundreds of children with a neighbor's gift of 1 meal, the meal multiplied in her hands, so that every child was fed. 
The Bakers learned that Jesus is always enough, because His heart, love, & power is big enough. 
In the updated book, they share that intimacy with Christ is imperative, for the end times has begun. 
In 2005 they shared that there are so many people being raised from the dead in Africa that their native pastors forget to tell them; it is so common.
Baker, Rolland and Heidi - The Hungry Always Get Fed - A Year of Miracles 4/2005-4/2006
Chapter 3 Hungry for Jesus  Church planting/home churches -
An indigenous pastor in Patrus, Momoomba near Maputo explains how Iris works, "We have a lot of home cell groups.  If the people grow their group to around 20, we plant a church. 
Each day during the week, we go & visit the cell groups...But, on Sunday we all come together...
Spend your time pressing in for the Presence. 
Become so intimate with Jesus, so full of Him, that it does not matter what challenges in life present themselves to you.  You will be so spiritually full that you can feed a multitude of other people's needs."
Chapter 4 Christ of the Rubbish Dump (7-8/2005 blog) 
"If you go to where the poor & desperate will be used far beyond what you could ever hope for or imagine.  It will not be because you are worthy, but because you went & when you do, you will never be the same again."  (Go under the umbrella of a ministry; if you go alone Satan will try to pick you off.)
Chapter 5 Revival Fire for the Poor in Spirit  "God is not about using the mighty, but the willing. 
He is not into using amazing people, just ones who are prepared to lay their lives down to Him. 
God is not looking for extraordinary, exceptionally gifted people, just laid-down lover of Jesus who will carry His  glory with transparence & not take it for them-selves."
Baker, Rolland & Heidi - Reckless Devotion - Day 34/365 1 Christ In You -
"God, who began to work in you before you were even born...will not leave you unfinished...
1 unforgettable day, Jesus took a wrecking all to my heart. 
He stood in front of me, in all the beauty of His presence & held out a poor man's cup, a half-a-cocout cup. 
He asked me, 'This is the cup of suffering & joy.  Will you drink it'...
You are not big enough, strong enough, prepared enough or spiritual enough to do the work God wants you to do.  But He is (in & through us, as we cooperate with Him DAILY).
Day 60/365 -
"God said to me, 'Heidi, it's about love.  It's NOT always about victory.' 
Our whole life cannot be about victory & glory, but it must be about love.  Love is patient & king & long-suffering."
Day 79/365 Pure Religion - -
also the gospel per Mother Theresa, Catholic missionary, ministering TO Jesus inside others -
"The reason I (Heidi am in Africa...the reason I am alive, is for this purpose...alone: to learn how to love as Jesus loved.  Every day Jesus meets me in unexpected ways...
He is an orphan...a widow...another lost & broken person...Every day I see Him in a new way."
Baker, Rolland & Heidi -
Learning to love: passion, compassion & the essence of the gospel
- - Missions training for Youth -
Missionary Biography Questions Level 5, Quarter -
Missionary Biography Questions. Level 5, Quarter B - Rolland & Heidi Baker.
Integrate these questions and activities into your Disciple Land.

Baker, Heidi - Compelled by Love - - Chapter 2 Blessed Are Those Who Mourn 
"Ministry, however, is simply about loving the person in front of you. 
It's about stopping for the 1 & being the very fragrance of loving like Jesus."
Baker, Heidi - Want to volunteer?
Baker, Heidi - Birthing the Miraculous -
Baker, Heidi with Pradhan, Shara - Compelled by Love -

Baker, Shelly - 
(5/25/2008) Issue #13 Ground Zero Prayer Shield Newsletter  editorial/review of Missing "Revival" or not? How to Ride the Next Wave -
chapter 13 The Riptide - Important discussion of needing understanding of spiritual highs & lows & need for spiritual undergirding, lest one fall & not finish the course. See book pages 159-160.  excellent

, George - Revolution - - -
Learn how to have a home church & be on God's cutting edge.

Barnett, Matthew - The Church That Never Sleeps @
Dream Center, Los Angeles, California, USA - International street ministry to the homeless. 
Gold told Matthew not to aspire to be a success, but rather to aspire to be a blessing.
Short term missions will mentor you.
Outreach ministries =
School opportunity =

Beiting, Father Ralph W - Frontier of the Heart -
Booklet of Catholic Christian Appalachian Project, Lancaster, Kentucky   1606-792-3051

Bevere, John - Driven by Eternity - - John contends that we may be judged by what we were called/designed/born to do, not by what else we did or failed to do.

Bonnke, Reinhardt - (edited) -
I discovered the general ungodliness of our clan.
I became amazed that my grandfather and my father stood out as men of faith
in a spiritually barren landscape.
I turned to my father, who was a Pentecostal preacher & asked, “How did God break into the Bonnke family?” 
My father’s answer has marked my life & ministry to this day.
He told me the story of Luis Graf coming to our village in 1922, 18 years before I was born.
Luis was a German-born gunsmith who had immigrated to America
as a young man.
There, he had amassed a personal fortune through hard work & self-discipline.
Following retirement, he returned to his homeland in the power of the Holy Spirit, after experiencing a life-changing baptism with speaking in tongues
“A good day to you, sir,” he said, extending his hand with an energetic smile.
“I am Luis Graf, a servant of God.” 
The baker slowly wiped his hands on his apron before taking Luis’ hand.
He spoke in a cautious tone.  “I am Gerhard, & we are all Lutherans here.”  
“Lutherans will do. Lutherans need Jesus.
I was baptized Lutheran myself, but I have since met the Lord & received the 2nd Pentecost.
Have you received the 2nd Pentecost
The man shook his head. He had no reason to know of such a thing. 
“Well, I must tell you about that, because there is nothing more important to the times in which we live, my friend.  But 1st, I was on my way to Königsberg.  It appears I have lost my way.
Can you tell me what village I have found?”  “This is Trunz.”  “Trunz. I’m not sure I’ve heard of it.”
He chuckled good-naturedly. “I’m more lost than I knew. But that’s not a problem.
I am sure the Lord has led me here to preach the gospel. Hallelujah.”
“I told you we are Lutherans,” the man replied coldly. 
In the meantime, a young man on a bicycle had ridden up & was now inspecting the Mercedes with awe & curiosity.  Luis felt a trembling excitement in his chest.
He often felt this vibration when the Holy Spirit spoke to his heart.
A still small voice told him that bondages would soon be broken in this place. He nodded to the baker.
“I can see that my preaching here will have to wait until you have been made ready to hear it.
These are the last days, Gerhard. Woe is me if I do not preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Tell me, is anyone sick in this village?”  “Sick? Are you a doctor, too?”
“No, I am a preacher. But I represent the Great Physician. Let me ask you something, Gerhard.
If I pray for someone who is sick & you see them healed, will you believe that I have been sent here to preach the gospel? Will you listen to me?”  Slowly, the baker began to smile & nod.
“Yes. Yes, I would listen.” The baker knew something that Luis could not have known.
Everyone in Trunz knew there was someone horribly sick there. Gerhard was smiling because this naļve American was about to leave the village in utter defeat. He would never have to endure listening to his gospel sermon.
“In fact there is someone sick here,” he said. “Someone very sick. Listen.”
He pointed toward the village and then cupped his hands behind his ears. Luis did the same.
At 1st he could hear nothing but the sighing of the wind driving the arms of the windmill above him.
Then, after a few moments he heard it.  “AaAArrgh!!”  He felt the hair rise at the back of his neck.
The sound came from the far & of the village.
It was something he might have imagined on a moonless night in the darkest wood.
Perhaps a sound of demonic origin.
Chapter 3
His 1st instinct was to leap into his car & accelerate toward another village. But he held his ground, rebuking the impulse of spiritual cowardice. The cry could be nothing if not the voice of a man.
A sick man.   Suffering as a man would suffer on a torturer’s bench.  “Who is that?” 
“His name is August Bonnke,” Gerhard replied quietly. “He is the Müller-meister here.
He owns this mill & bakery & is the leading man in Trunz. A great man who has been struck down by a terrible disease. Gout or rheumatism or some such thing. No one knows what it truly is.
He has suffered for years.  The doctors can do nothing. He cries out in pain night & day.”  “AaaaaaAAAAAAAArrgh!”  The terrible cry sounded again, but this time Luis heard it through ears of compassion.
The elements of pain, desperation & rage coming from the man in the house at the far end of the village were sounds translated in his heart by the Holy Spirit.
Here was a soul trapped by Satan. A soul Christ had died to set free. Here was a desperate cry to God for deliverance. The kind of cry that would not be held back by pride or stoicism or German will power. 
This was the kind of cry God never refused. Luis immediately understood that God had arranged for him to become lost on his way to Königsberg for this divine appointment in Trunz. 
“I would like very much to pray for Herr Bonnke,” Luis said. “Do you think he would allow me to pray for him?”  The baker shrugged. He turned & called to the young man who was still enthralled with the automobile.
“Hermann, come here.”  The young man picked up his bicycle and walked it to where both men stood.
“Yes, Gerhard.”  “Hermann, tell your father that a preacher is here to pray for him.”
Hermann looked in puzzlement from 1 man to the other, obviously surprised, not understanding what was going on.  The baker turned again to Luis. “What kind of preacher should we say that you are, Reverend Graf?
A Lutheran?   A Catholic? Evangelical?”  Luis thought for a moment. “Have you heard of Azusa Street?  
The revival in America? In Los Angeles?”  Gerhard & the young man shook their heads.
They had never heard of it.  “It does not matter. Tell Herr Bonnke that I am a man filled with the Holy Ghost.
When I pray for him it will not be like when a priest prays for him. 
I will pray in the power of the Holy Spirit, & his body will be healed. Tell him that.” 
The baker turned to young Hermann & nodded that he should go & tell his father these things.
The young man jumped on his bicycle and began to ride quickly toward the house at the far end of the village.
That young man on the bicycle was Hermann Bonnke, my father, just 17 years of age at the time.
The sick man, August Bonnke, was my grandfather...
The Bonnke clan lived in an isolated area of Germany called Ostpreussen, or East Prussia.
Our enclave had been created by international treaty at the end of World War I.  It had been artificially cut off from the rest of Germany.  It faced the Baltic States and the Russian Empire to the east.
Along our western border something called a “Polish Corridor” extended from modern Poland to the port city of Danzig on the Baltic Sea.  Today, Ostpreussen no longer exists.
Following World War II, all Germans were ethnically cleansed from this region

In this isolated, cold, damp, & forested land in the spring of 1922, however, the flaming torch of the Holy Spirit would soon be passed. Luis Graf carried that fire, the fire of Pentecost that would eventually consume my life. 
Luis Graf entered August Bonnke’s household like a blazing lantern in a dismal cavern.
Cobwebs of religious doubt & stagnation were swept aside as he moved toward the bed where the Müllermeister, “the best man in Trunz,” lay writhing in agony. He proclaimed liberty to the downtrodden, healing to the sick & salvation to the poor needy sinner:  Lutheran or otherwise.
He announced that Holy Spirit had been sent for a demonstration of God's power that could make all things new.
Divine healings were signs & wonders to confirm the preaching of the gospel.
He took the sick man by the hand & commanded that he rise & be made whole in the name of Jesus. 
August felt a jolt of heaven’s power surge through his body.
He leapt from his sickbed & stood trembling like a criminal around whom the walls of a prison had just fallen.
He looked at his arms & legs as if iron chains had just been struck from them.
He felt his once swollen & inflamed joints, renewed to a supple & youthful state.
His wife, Marie, who had been at his bedside for years, began to weep. 
He began to walk, then to run, then to leap, then to shout.
He grabbed his wife & embraced her with tears running freely down his face.
A moment ago he had been unable to endure the slightest touch on his skin.
Now, he was a man set free of pain. He was free indeed.  He could embrace life again. Embrace it he did. 
A new life of health & vigor had been given to a man condemned by an evil & tormenting disease.
August Bonnke would never be the same & would never, until the day he died, fail to testify of what God had done for him that day in Trunz...
In 1922, Luis Graf did not see the great harvest he had hoped to see after the dramatic healing of August Bonnke.  Spiritually, Germany was hard & bitter soil. Just 2 accepted Christ as Savior that day.
August & his grateful wife, Marie. Luis led them in the sinner’s prayer.
Then he laid his hands on them (& Jesus baptized Bonnke’s grandparents with the infilling of the Holy Spirit, evidenced with speaking in tongues. 
2 generations later Bonkee became a pastor, following his dad’s profession.)
Chapter 5 
Peace & safety then sudden destruction. It was 1945 in Stablack, East Prussia.
World War II was drawing to a close and Hitler’s armies were beginning to collapse.

Borlase, Craig - William Seymour - publisher - Seymour is the African American who sparked the Azusa Street, California, USA 1906 revival.  Initially reads more like a history textbook of the civil war. Mention is made of Ivan Efimocich Voronaev, Baptist preacher, martyred (1943) in the Soviet Union after spear-heading the Russian Pentecostal movement & starting 350 churches. 
Another, David Yonggi Cho in Japanese occupied Korea, converted from Buddhism by Mary Rumsey an Azusa Mission attendee.

Boudreaux, Megan - or Monday, July 27, 2015 7/27/2015 - - -
God continued to woo American born Megan to Haiti until language barrier presented itself. 
Whereas God miraculously allowed her to both understand & speak the local language without an interpreter & without an instructor. read chapter 1 online
Megan Boudreaux & Hayley Cresswell

Brim, Billye - The Hearing Heart (Mini-book) Ministry success depending on hearing and obeying God.

Burt, Arthur 8/28/2014 DOD - No Ebb (with endnotes) pdf - manuscript copy prior to printing. -
Chapter 2 The Moment of Blessing, the Moment of Danger shares that a local prostitute became the instrument of the Holy Spirit, but slowly forfeited & lost the memory of that as she became more self-important & He less
Pride, the (toxic spiritual) leaven is birthed NOT out of failure, but success. 
It's the most dangerous time.  Decay sets in & rottenness is the result."
Chapter 7 - The One-Man Show Is Over - "Body ministry is a safeguard. 
Body ministry will prevent me & prevent you from failure which has come because of my pride. 
When I exalted myself, God withdrew His grace.  When He withdraws His grace, I find I am vulnerable, I'm open to failure & failure is related to ebb, Ichabod: Samuel 4:21 NKJV the glory has departed."

Burt, Arthur (read online) Boomerang.pdf + HowToBeOrdinary.pdf + SilentYears.pdf + thelostkey.pdf

Butain, Bonnie (daughter) - My Dad's Best Sermons & Poems -   
Butain-Long, Bonnie - The Cry
Butain, Huldah (mother/doctor) @
Pathway to the Impossible -
Before it became incredible, it was impossible! - 
Butain, Huldah - Treasures in Heaven - autobiography
Butain, Huldah - Woman of Courage - autobiography - larger print

Carrin, Charles - Sunrise of David, Sunset of Paul - Burkhart Books - source
"One day while exploring an ocean reef at low tide, I found a young moray eel that had been stranded in a small coral rock pool & left to die. The out-going tide had trapped him & he was already lifeless when I arrived.
My heart hurt for him for he was just inches from the water he desperately needed.
But while I was wishing that I had arrived soon enough to help, another fact came to mind.
I could not have rescued him anyway. 
Had I attempted to pick him up, he would have misunderstood my motive.
Instinctively, he would have fought me, thinking I was an enemy who would bring harm.
In that tragic confusion he would have chosen death rather than life, not because death was necessary, but because he would not have recognized the danger he was in or that rescue was genuinely possible. 
I came away from the reef that day with a deep impression in my heart.
It was as if the Lord were saying, 'What you have seen in the eel is the circumstance of my Christian children too. Many do not realize that they are in pools that will soon be dry. Since they refuse to look beyond the reef of their own churches, they cannot see how much their water level has fallen.
Warn them what the receding tide really means. Tell them they are in the final days.
Even when they distrust your motive & mistake you for an enemy, offer your help.
Love them. Keep on loving them. Let your love encourage them to believe that my Spirit, like an ocean of living water is ready to come as a tidal wave upon them. They need not perish in the dried up pools of their own reef.
I am willing to give my Spirit to those who ask me.  It will become a river of living water flowing out of them.'"

Cho, Rev David Yonggi of Seoul, Korea - Books = Successful Home Cell Groups 
+  The Home Cell Group Study Guide #1  +  More than Numbers
 - Successful Home Cell Groups 
(Chapter 2) shares that it is God's will to have home churches, (chapter 3) using women deacons. 
Cho will pay for Bible school if student agrees to be a licensed pastor under his supervision for 3 years. 
Great book for a startup ministry or new pastor.
Cho, David Yonggi -
author's testimony publisher
The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner - Understanding the Holy Spirit & His Gifts

Introduction - Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, "If you want your church to grow, you must develop a greater communion & fellowship with Me.  Don't preach about the Holy Spirit as an experience only. 
He is an awesome person!   Preach about the person. 
Develop a communion & fellowship by waiting in My presence after prayer.  I want to talk to you also
Since my conversion, I would say meeting the Holy Spirit & learning to know Him in an intimate way has been the greatest experience of my life.  My senior partner & I...fellowship every day."

Clark, Randy - There Is More - Reclaiming the Power of Impartation - -
The Bakers need help urgently in Africa.  Randy (&/or ministry) will train you, especially if you are a youth.

Comfort, Ray - Living Waters ministry -
Ray equips us to minister "permanent" salvation to others. 

Copeland, Kenneth - LOVE -

Cunningham, Loren; Hamilton, David J; Rogers, Janice - Why Not Women? -
Loren is co-founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) portion of his book is found in
Make the Most of What He Gave You
5/2006 magazine Enjoying Everyday Life article states that a woman must seize her destiny/purpose in life, even though God planned/programmed it into her DNA/potential at conception. 
(Same idea would apply to obtaining salvation/healing purchased for us 2,000 years ago on the cross. 
Our destiny/spiritual reason for living is there for the taking. .
It is like a ripe fruit on a vine ready to be picked. Let us not miss the reason we were born.)
Also see
 - "While he was in the United States, Duncan met Loren Cunningham & his wife who were prayerfully seeking guidance on setting up a place in Europe for training in evangelism & he willingly agreed to help in every way he could. It was through his cooperation on this venture that Duncan was invited to lecture at the school when it was opened at Lausanne in Switzerland & it was a great joy to him to spend his last years preparing young men & women for the task of evangelism."

David, Brother with Gilbert Lela - Walking the Hard Road - Wang Ming Tao -
Open Doors with Brother Andrew ministry

David, Brother with Wooding and Bruce, Sara - God's Smuggler to China -

Open Doors with Brother Andrew ministry

Katie J. Davis with Beth Clark - chapter 1 online
Davis, Katie J. - web home
(Author & ministry very similar to that of Heidi Baker.) a delightful read
Davis, Katie J. - - video book introduction by Katie 7/15/2011
Davis, Katie J. - Blog - or
Davis-Majors, Katie -

Davis, June Newman - Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living - ministry book -
She cites scriptures to use when ministering such as for Delegated Authority
or the Greek word Exousia or scripture for when we need to talk back to circumstances.
POBox 6559, Denver, Colorado, USA 80206-0559 -

Davis, Paul Keith - Angels that Gather - - Chapter 6 As I Was with Moses -
"The Lord informed 1 ministry leader that he 'was in a rat race & even if he won the race, he was still a rat.'"   "Kingdom aspire simply to bless their individual churches, but to change the spiritual atmosphere of their touch Heaven and bring His Kingdom revelation to earth."
Chapter 7 Where Champions Are Born  "My predominant calling was NOT to seek ministry, but to seek Him.  
The Lord communicated to me, 'You cannot meet the needs of the people, until you have met the need of God'... Fellowship with His people.  His tremendous sufferings were for that cause... It is the consummation. 
Much prayer & sacrifice...many seeds of revival & spiritual outpouring have been sown. 
Our legacy is as benefactors of a great spiritual inheritance &, as the Bible prophesied, reaping from vineyards  we did not plant.   Even so, Jesus declared, those who sow & those who reap will rejoice together."
The woman (whom Satan had successfully messed up) was now at the well (John 4).
However she had had her God designed "destiny imparted to her BEFORE the foundation of the world. 
The Lord had an appointment with this woman," as He has with each of us, in each generation, esp. now in these end times.  "This woman was the Lord's choice...Champions. 
They presently do not have a champion's appearance or resumes, but like this woman, they carry a seed of purpose & destiny."
Chapter Engaging Heaven  "God will NOT share His glory with another."  We are "to point believers to the Lord & encourage them to cultivate deep & passionate roots with the Lord Himself." 
Leaders greatest desire should "be to see others equal & even surpass the spiritual standards they themselves enjoy...with 1 objective - to espouse the people to Jesus."
Chapter 10 The Full Measure of His Reward  1st & foremost, it is HIS reward. 
2nd it is our joint reward (those who have gone before, us & then those who have come after). 
Each generation has a fork in the road, not only to chose or reject Him, but also to wage war with Him or not.
Chapter 11 Signs of the Times  "We are successful in God's kingdom only to extent that we yield ourselves to the Spirit's leadership & handiwork.  He imparts the virtues we need to confront the spiritual opposition of our day." 
On the "day of visitation, the attributes of the 4 living creatures will be imparted to God's people to empower them."
J Hudson Taylor reminds us, "Many Christians estimate difficulties in the light of their own resources & thus attempt little & often fail in the little they attempt. 
All of God's giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on His power & Presence."  Awesome reminder.
Chapter 12 The Master of Breakthrough 
The angel called Breakthrough" speaks "about God's end-time strategy... The angel responded...
'We are going to work with ordinary people who have fully yielded their spirit, soul & body to the Lord'...
Those used most...will NOT boast in their wisdom or might, but in knowing the Lord intimately."

Dickerman, Don - When Pigs Move In - - endorsed by Frank Hammond -
Other books containing "some" of above more complete information are Serpents in the Sanctuary & Turmoil in the Temple.
Chapter 21 Audience or Army?  The Lord's prayer says, "Father, forgive us as we forgive." 
It also says, "Father, forgive us our debts (failures/omissions), as we forgive." 
The latter is of vital concern to the pastor who ministers without the baptism of the Holy Spirit, without the fruit of the Holy Spirit, & without the gifts of the Holy Spirit, including healing AND deliverance. 
God may hold accountable those who omit the full gospel & full commission of Christ when ministering to their congregations.  Both healing and deliverance are mandates.  Man has 3 parts: spirit, body, & mind. 
Jesus ministered to all 3 parts & expects us to do likewise.
For pastors to say that "'demons' were just mental problems that people had...because the people
in Jesus' time on Earth believed they were evil borderline blasphemy." 
If you "believe that demonic spirits do not have chosen not to believe the Word of God."
One does not pick & choose the part of the Bible that is comfortable or agreeable to the intellect.  It is all. 
No putting the peas under the table.  "Every pastor should go through deliverance... Your people are in bondage." 
"Pastor, why are you not laying hands on the sick & expecting them to be healed? 
Why are you not teaching your people who are sick to call for the elders of the church to let them pray over them, anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord?  Do you not believe that the prayer of faith will bring healing to the sick?  Are you afraid it might not happen?... The blood paid for more than we are claiming...
Jesus defeated Satan with the same Word I have today."
Dickerman, Don - Keep the Pigs Out - -

Dvorak, Becky -
Chapter #1 & 2

Enlow, John -
introduction & 12 chapters

Garlock, HB with Ruthanne - Before We Kill and Eat You - Tales of Faith in the Face of Certain Death
Liberia, W. Africa - -
"King Tho was impressed by all he had seen & heard about Christianity...
On 1 occasion he said...'Why did not your father or his father come to tell my fathers the story?'" -
books at @

Gedamu, Rabbi Kokeb - Journey Beyond Imagination @ - Ethopian autobiography -

Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) - I Believe in Visions - -
Chapter 7 A Hospital Visitor section The Prophet's Ministry
"When Christ calls & sends someone, he is an apostle of Christ."
Section The Place of the Missionary  "The ministry of a missionary is involved in the calling of an apostle. 
It is a ministry, but not necessarily an office...
If he were really sent out by the Holy Spirit, he would be an apostle to the people."

Harvey, David P. - African Tales - -
"The dark continent as a way of stealing one's heart." 
May God "continue to inspire...even greater exploits of love & service...
Did they (the natives/locals) all have 'camel knees' as the Apostle James was reputed to have had (when praying)... Satan, the big Snake, had wrapped himself around these people & was squeezing them to death, so to speak  they needed to be set free,  Only the truth of the gospel could do it."

Hayes, Norvel - How to Pass God's Test - booklet - -
One MUST make Christ their ministry/business partner & make time to thank + worship Him daily. 
Additionally one must daily claim all the Bible promises with tenacity & audacity, in the name of Jesus, regardless of physical/natural/contrary evidence. 
Hayes, Norvel -

Heflin, Ruth Ward -
"Keep our eyes on the heavenlies, God is going to do the work for us.
Let us see the eternal, the invisible things of God.  Because God is anointing us more & more to look into the unseen realm, look for the eternal in every service. Look for the glory.
Look for the manifestation of it. Let God anoint you unto the excellence of this new day. 
Be lifted up in the Spirit. Rise to the challenge of the hour.
Be the man or woman that God needs to serve as the channel of His blessing in this revival hour."  Be available...
"Lord, We decree, in the name of excellence of spirit beyond anything they have ever flowed in before.  Lord, You’re raising us up for Your eternal purposes. 
You’re raising us up, Lord, in this day & hour for revival.
We will not falter, & we will not fail. We will not stumble.
We will be lifted up into the realms that You have prepared for us for revival glory. 
We lay aside the temporal and take on the eternal.  Praise your name, Lord

Hickey, Marilyn - -
A lady took telephone directory & phoned every person in it so as to introduce to them to Yeshua.

Day, Dorothy (1980 DOD) - The Long Loneliness - Autobiography. 
Founder of the Catholic Worker Movement.

, Catherine de Hueck (1900 DOB)   Fragments of My Life -
Madonna House, Combermere, Ontario, Canada   
Autobiography of a Russian born mother turned Catholic inner city missionary

Elliot, Elisabeth - Through the Gates of Splendor -
Biography of Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming, & Jim Elliot.
Elliot, Elisabeth - Shadow of the Almighty - Biography of Jim Elliot, martyr and husband of Elisabeth
Elliot, Elisabeth - The Savage My Kinsman - Elisabeth's 1st year with Indians in Equador who killed her husband Jim in 1956.

Hayes, Norvel - Understanding The Ministry Of Visions -
God told Norvel NOT to go to Bible school, but rather allow Him to personally train him,
like He did Paul and John the Baptist.  Yet later on God did have Norvel start his own Bible school.

Hefley, James & Marti - God's Tribesman - The Rochunga Pudaite Story
Rochunga is a member of the Hmar tribe, formerly Indian Manipur headhunters. 
Ro is involved in Bibles for the World. 
Hefley, James and Marti   
Christ in Bangladesh - The Liberated Palestinian

Harvey T. Hoekstra - Knotted Strings" To Talking Bibles - "God takes a young boy from a small farm in Minnesota to Africa & uses him & his wife in the Sudan & Ethiopia to translate the Bible in written & audio form.
Career missionary & missiologist, Harvey & Lavina's story overflows with testimony to God's direction, empowerment, provision & sustaining love as 2 people impact the lives of thousands in Africa & beyond.
This missionary biography is full of joy & wonder."
Heokstra, Harvey T. - 
"Now 15 people are listening to the Word of God & said that they could understand the Bible clearly & that it is a blessing to their family.  1 day we were listening to the 5th chapter of Mark’s Gospel.
A woman came & asked us to pray for her.
Her problem was similar to the woman who touched the garment of Jesus Christ.
She listened to that portion of the Gospel & trusted Christ.
After this incident she started to come to our church regularly.
After a week’s time she told us that she was healed of her sickness.  She fully accepted Jesus & took baptism.
This is a great miracle that took place during our Bible-listening session."
Hoekstra, Harvey T. @ -
What a great tithing opportunity. 
"When Dr. Hoekstra realized that most of the people he worked amongst could not read, the changed his focus to include them.  In 1967, he began making audio recordings for non-readers.
As a result, many more people had access to God's Word in their own language & came to faith in Christ...
Things changed when Mark Hoekstra, Harvey's son, created the Talking Bible:
a self-contained listening device created to look like a printed Bible.
The Talking Bible contains an entire New Testament.
It has revolutionized the way illiterate people can be reached with the Word of God.
To place this powerful evangelism tool in the hands of millions,
Paul Hoekstra formed the Adopt-a-Village ministry in 1998. Within a few years this program resulted in the placement of Bible listening kits in nearly 20,000 villages in India alone."
Hoekstra, Harvey T. -
Hoekstra, Harvey T. -

Johnson, Bill - The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind -
Chapter 1 Change Your Mind shares, "people who are out of sync with the mind of Christ seldom get used (to do healing & other miracles), no matter how available they are, because their thoughts conflict with the mind of Christ.  They are self-appointed in their mission & not in  submission to the primary mission. 
As a result, they are working entirely outside God's intended commission."

Joly, Reona Peterson - Tomorrow You Die - -
Chapter 15 Strive Together in Your Prayers to God for Me -
"William Tyndale was burned at the stake for smuggling Bibles into England." 
Footnote reads, "Tyndale brought in the Bibles in bales of wool & cloth, in barrels, & in sacks of flour. 
By the time he was arrested in 1536, they had been distributed throughout the country. 
His dying words were, 'Lord, open the king of England's eyes.'"

Jordan, Mary & Sullivan, Kevin - The Prison Angel - Mother Antonia's Life of Service in a Mexican Jail 
Pulitzer prize book
- Brief mention is made of the mentally ill in chapter 4 & 5.

Kane, J. Herbert - Life and Work on the Mission Field - a Baker publication

Kidder, Tracy - Mountains beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World -
A biography of the heroic life of Dr. Paul Farmer who provided health care for hundreds of thousands in a remote, impoverished region of Haiti.

King, Patricia - Spiritual Revolution  - -
Chapter 8 Pitfalls & Activation - "When you receive a powerful touch from the Lord's hand, it says nothing about you.  It doesn't endorse your character or your ministry. 
It does, however, say something about the Lord.  It says He is mighty.  He is loving and merciful."

Kunneman, Hank - The Revealer of Secrets - There Is a God in Heaven Who Wants You to Know His Secrets - Learn to Hear Them - -  Omaha, Nebraska, USA -
Chapter 7 - Prophets: God's Prepared Gift to the Church -
"There are 3 physical locations where Elijah went that represent his season of hiding...
(1Kings 17:3)...Many great men of God received their preparation in a wilderness, including Elijah...
In this secret place of learn to prophesy (declare) to your destiny & to maintain your relationship with God, regardless of how dry you feel
You learn how NOT to base your life on feeling, but upon His promised destiny for you.
(1 Kings 17:9)...We may feel that the heat of preparation is greater than we can bear...
Many feel as though they have been forgotten.  This is where God develops character. 
The prophet...learns how mercy triumphs over judgment...
(1 Kings 19:3-10) In Hebrew, this place means 'the place of the well or pit'...
Elijah had to learn to overcome the feeling of loneliness & isolation...rejection & feeling like he wanted to quit, then...self-pity."

Keefauver, Larry -The 77 Irrefutable Truths of Ministry -
Published by Your Ministry Counseling Services (YMCS) - Lake Mary, FL 32795 - -

MacArthur, E. Mairi - Columba's Island - Iona from Past to Present -
Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, Scotland - skeptical historical analysis
Chapter 1 The Island Now Called I-Colm Kill  "Prophecy foretells that 7 years before the day of judgment, the ocean will sweep over both Ireland and Islay.  Yet, the Isle (island) of St Columba (I-Colm Kill/Sanct Colm's Ile/island of Iona/Icholum chille) will swim above the waters."
Chapter 2 A Man of Blessed Memory "The saint was born in Donegal (Ireland) in 521 into the Cenel Conaill -
1 of the royal household of the day...He studied for the monastic life under various teachers...
Less is documenter for the 40 or so years before he left Ireland...
Depending on which chronicler you follow, it was either Conall (1 of his relations, king of the Dal Riatan Scotts) who gifted Iona to him as a base or it was Brude, king of the northern Picts...
There may be an element of truth in both accounts." 
Major contributors to Columba's spiritual legacy are Adomnan's Life of Columba & Abbott Cummene's Life.
Chapter 3 The Legacy of Colum Cille  "It was customary in early monastic times to erect
a cross...1 of wood or unadorned stone, at the spot where an event of significance occurred & Adomnan does imply that this happened at Iona...An act was indeed passed by the General Assembly of 1640 that 'idolatrous monuments' be demolished, especially in the north of Scotland."
"Although Colum Cille is the early Celtic church, he was not of course alone. 
Much too was achieved through...Brendan of Clonfert on Tiree...Donnan on Eigg, & Moluag on Lismore."

Maldonado, Guillermo - How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God - -
Chapter 9 Principles, Concepts, and Revelations for Operating in the Supernatural -
"Jesus' prayer life and his intimate relationship with the Father, produced a supernatural atmosphere to loosen miracles...All men of God who walk in the supernatural 'walk on their knees'...During this time spent in His presence the Holy Spirit gives me instruction on what He wants to do...& how He wants to do it...I always write down His instructions, when He wants to heal...when He wants to baptize in the Holy Spirit, or when He gives...speci
al prophetic words."
Chapter 10 Jesus Manifesting His Supernatural Power Through the Believer -
"The only ability God seeks in mankind is (total) availability."
"The (supernatural) life of the kingdom...has been made available, by faith, to every believer...
We can also minister that life of resurrection to others to (allow Jesus' in-dwelling Holy Spirit to save,) heal & deliver them.  Many believers are incapable of manifesting of Jesus because they have yet to 'die to self'...(the soul-led, emotional life)...
To manifest the life of Jesus, this is the only requirement."  [Jesus was planted as a seed. 
He died, but His death produced many seeds with His DNA (spiritual potential/abilities). 
In order for us to spiritually reproduce, we too need to die - to self.]

McGavarn, Dr Donald - Church Growth -
McGavarn testifies how he lost the greatest opportunity of his 50 years of missionary service in India when God opened a temporary window of opportunity called a "people movement" where the Holy Sprit worked in such a way that almost every one in 1 particular area of India was responsive to the gospel, rather than normally unresponsive.  The Missionary agency did not recruit others to come from other Indian locations to help reap the harvest of souls; when the window of opportunity had closed, few souls were saved, due to lack of harvesters.  (Now such a window of opportunity exists in Mozambique, Africa.)

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - -
Chapter 3 The Realm of Prophetic Vision - 6 basic principles are found in Hebrews 6:1-2.
Leaving the (foundational) principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, faith toward god, doctrine of baptisms, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, & of eternal judgment. 
"Essentially these (scriptural/Biblical) principles of Christ are very specifically identified as the responsibilities of the babes in Christ...
In Hebrews 5:12 the 'baby' saints are being disciplined...
The faith of those present (must) make a demand on Him to heal." 
In other words, what the church calls extraordinary should be ordinary in this generation.  Extraordinary should be the norm, the baseline, the bottom of the ladder, the minimum, boring, for those in the kingdom of God.
Chapter 13 Breakthrough - "When God calls someone, the 1st thing He imparts is a breakthrough - a sudden burst of advanced knowledge.  There are (obvious) signs telling whether a person has changed or not. 
We know...Truth causes a thing to be. What you see and feel is of NO consequence."

Kelly Minter -

Muller, Sophie - His Voice Shakes the Wilderness - South American missionary autobiography

Nazarine ministry via multiple staff @

Olson, Bruce - Bruchko by Bruce Olson - here read Chapter 1 - "What happens when a teenage boy leaves home and heads into the jungles to evangelize a murderous tribe of South American Indians?
For Bruce Olsen it meant capture, disease, terror, loneliness, kidnapping & torture.
But what he discovered by trial & error has revolutionized the world of missions. Living with the Motilone Indians since 1961, Olson's efforts have sent a spiritual ripple around the world that reaches deep into the hearts of mission-minded Christians & anthropologists as well as the government of Colombia."

Reina Olmeda - chapter 1 online

Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - Frontier Evangelism - 
"Here are the points which have convinced Catholics, Mohammedans, Buddhists, Shintoists, Hindus & fetish-worshipers by the thousands to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ...bringing healing & deliverance...
The sacrifice of Jesus Christ at Calvary paid the price of redemption for every heathen soul on earth. 
Their salvation is fully provided...
To possess such a treasure, should we not 'sell all' & "violently/aggressively/dangerously claim these souls for God in each generation. 
Beware, "The miracle (and signs) ministry of Christ is the only method of evangelism through which the heathen will believe on Jesus Christ." 
Individuals (using God's tell & show method) can take the initiative, using native interpreters & do what many mission groups have failed to do over the centuries...Without miracles, evangelism can never succeed. 
Without evangelism, miracles lose their Scriptural objective - to convince."  One's ministry must be "approved by miracles."  We cannot "delegate" evangelism to missionaries who do NOT have the baptism in the Holy Spirit, do NOT walk in power, do NOT raise the dead, & do NOT all that Christ & His disciples did...
"1 man preaching the Gospel today on mission fields, with 'signs following' his ministry, can win whole tribes to Christ... Souls are the 'pearl of great price,' the 'treasure hid in a field' for which a man must sell 'all that he hath' to go & buy."  Matthew 13:44-46 
The  baptism of the Holy Spirit equips/endues us "with the same 'virtue' that flowed from Jesus Christ into the little woman who touched His garment.  Her sickness was instantly cured...
The hour has come when believers must use the power given to them to liberate men & women from Satan's bondage and to effectively witness...The human mind demands evidence before making a decision...
I had preached the Gospel for 7 years before I saw the sick healed before my eyes...
My life & ministry were changed...I began to proclaim His promises. 
I began to act on His word.  I began to cast out devils & to command the sick to be whole in His Name...
God only uses men to the extent of their consecration to Him." 
"Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice before everyone has heard it once?... The whole world is waiting to believe the Gospel proclaimed by one whose preaching is confirmed by the demonstration of the Spirit & of power."
, Tommy Lee (TL) - Healing en Masse -  
, Tommy Lee (TL) - Impact - 
, TL - Miracles - Proof of God's Love - - The preface says it ALL. 
TL's grandson Tommy after asking Jesus to come into his heart, found & read ALOUD his grandparents' original book transcripts.  This republished book's preface shares that any missionary is mostly dead/unfruitful without signs/miracles/ wonders following or preceding the spoken Word of God.
Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - Purpose of Pentecost - booklet - 
Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL) - Why? Tragedy, Trauma, Triumph - 
The missionary highlights of Daisy Osborn, deceased wife of TL. 
A unique section on dealing with witchcraft is found in chapter 3 The Final Good-bye
Another wonderful section on dealing with Moslems is found in chapter 6 Witnesses Chosen of God.
Osborn ministry protocol:  In each ministry area Osborn collects local pastors & teaches them for 7 days. 
Then he demonstrates God's wonders for 4 days.  Then he has public ministry. 

Curt Landry  7/16-20/2007
- LISTEN to Thursday's RADIO archive. 

Perry, Michele - 

Prince, Derek  Rules of Engagement - Preparing for Your Role in the Spiritual Battle
Chapter 26 Character That Stands the Test notes that "The 1st evidence of an apostolic ministry is not miracles but perseverance."  The Lord said, "Simon, Simon. Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat; but I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail." Luke 22:31-32 
Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord upholds him with His hand.
 Psalm 37:24

Pullinger, Jackie with Quickie, Andrew - Chasing the Dragon -
Missionary to the Hong Kong sum area poor & addicts.  The Bakers worked with her awhile. "Opium & heroin abuse, Chasing the Dragon, was, & still is, an epidemic in the Walled City. In a 1989 interview, Jackie recalled:
'I could walk down the street & see 100 people chasing the dragon.
You had to climb over their legs. I wanted something real to offer them…not just treatment in a centre.'" 
Jackie "with the help of a couple of American missionaries, set up the St Stephen’s Society, which continues its work in Hong Kong & south-east Asia today."

Roberson, Dave - The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power - The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues - - Portrait Version - Printer Friendly Version - God ordains, but the Holy Spirit trains. 
The continual/constant praying in tongues is the fuel that empowers one for any spiritual office. 
Ordination by man does not qualify/entitle us to move in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Roberts, Oral - When You See the Invisible, You Can Do the Impossible -  
Chapter 5 How I Learned to Become an Original continues to share secrets of how to pastor according to God's will and God's power.   Not my will.  Not dad's will.  Not mom's will.  Not the denomination's will.
1 of God's direct instructions was to read the 4 Gospels + Acts, 3x, consecutively, in 30 days, on the knees, to help Oral understand how to be/heal/deliver like Jesus. 
The Lord also revealed that Jesus' ministry was a trinity (part preaching, part teaching, & part healing/deliverance), so that a pastor was not to exclude one nor be excessive in 1 aspect.
Chapter 8 How I Learned to Preach with the Anointing Every Time mentors us on the urgency & necessity of never preaching unless one is under God's anointing. 
(For beginners, one can "feel" the anointing in/on his body.  Never speak for God without it. 
Always ask God for His anointing before attempting to do anything for God.)
Chapter 15 How I Faced the Controversy of the $8 Million & Dog-Track Man
God told Oral to send medical missionary teams to open difficult nations to the gospel.
(Insight: Allow God to deal with each man according to His own wishes. 
Some may be moved to use medication only.  Some may be moved to use faith only. 
Some may be moved to use both faith & medicine.  Let us not judge neither man nor God.)

Roseveare, Helen - Living Faith - WEC International publisher -
Missionary Doctor Roseveare
shares the story of God answering the prayers of Congo children for a hot water bottle to save the life of a newborn and a doll to befriend it's 2 year old sibling, both who lost their mother during childbirth.  God answered these specific prayers 5 months prior to the requests. 
Not only that, the answers had to come the exact day of request in order to save the baby. 
Marvelous testimony. + -
1 of the places where a snapshot of this story is shared is in
chapter 9 Answer Me - The Prayer of Elijah - 1st Kings 18:37
of Dave Earley's The 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible, a superior, easy to read book.   
A Little Girl's Prayer - Best Inspiration from the Net from ...

Saint, Steve - The End of the Spear book/movie/CD -
Steve forgave the man who killed his missionary father, eventually resulting in the whole tribe coming to Christ (& later with the assistance of another family member).

Sandford, John L & Paula - Letting Go of Your Past - - Chapter 1 Growing Up Again In Christ - recommended book - Authors contend that one's (esp. father's) 1st spiritual priority needs to be ministry to one's own young (infants & school age) children, over/rather than spiritual ministry to others. 
This applies to time, energy and availability.  Sandfords hint that God will judge us on our relationship to our family members over all other relationships, awards, honors, etc., regarding His recognition/rewards. 
Also, if we neglect/fail at our own family, then we may be automatically disqualified to mentor others; a "lemon warning" needs to be attached to any ministry, unless prior family issues have been remedied, healed, &/or placed under Jesus' blood (especially our own part/mistakes/sins).  Past un-remediated error in us will always attempt to sabotage or prevent the ministry to another with same sin/wound/hurt issues.  Often personal or inherited family iniquity or "sinfulness is so evil it cannot be healed; it can only be slain," placed on Jesus' cross. 
[All hidden/secret evil needs to be exposed & burned out by the fire of the Holy Spirit and replaced with the opposite: illegal sex for virginity, disease for health, forgiveness for hate, etc.  The death to self is a life long progress, but each poison weed nailed to His cross allows His resurrection life to root and blossom in that area.]  The Sandfords contend that (initially until the person becomes born-again or more stable) they take on or become the "conduit" for their client's sin to pass "through" them to Jesus' cross, as they are part of the church body of Christ.  (Definitely, this approach can be a priestly problem during Catholic exorcism.) 
[Yes, one can stand in the gap both in prayer & counsel, + (initially) help, such as providing clothing via the church.  1 such as can do unique deliverance ministry of spiritual captives. 
However, it is Christ Who is one's intercessor.  It is the work of God's Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of individuals on the earth & to provide His resurrection light, insight, healing, deliverance & power.]

Savelle-Fox, Terri - Get Aggressive - good @

Schubert, Linda - 5 Minute Miracles booklet -
Chapter 3 Prayer of Preparation shares that it is best to minister in 2's. 
Since personalities often interfere one might ask, "Do you have anything against me?"
prior to each ministry undertaking. 
ALWAYS focus on the fact that it is His ministry & His healing that is at issue, not ours.
Chapter 7 Learning from Each Other  " community, submitted to authority. 
Be careful to not become a long ranger."
Schubert, Linda - Precious Power - booklet -
In a vision of God's throne room the Lord showed Linda through a doorway a long line of people prepared to help her on the next stage of her spiritual journey.

Sheets, Dutch & Ford III, William - History Makers -
Chapter 6 notes that William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army foresaw the following
1. Religion without the Holy Spirit
2. Forgiveness without repentance
3. Conversion without the new birth
4. Christianity without Christ
5. Politics without God
6. Heaven without hell

Sithole, Surprise - Rush Hour - Book - Iris Ministries, Africa - Testimony of the "call to a lifestyle of following Jesus anywhere at anytime, regardless of the cost."

Sumrall, Lester - All for Jesus: The life story of Wesley Rowland Steelberg +
Sumrall, Lester - Lillian Trasher - Nile Mother (of Egyptian orphans)
Believer’s Handbook, The (5 in 1 Anthology): God’s Miracle Power for Your Life - Kindle edition by Sumrall, Lester. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Discusses NAMES of God at beginning of book.

Tari, Mel - Like a Mighty Wind - Awesome autobiography.  Miraculous miracles reported in Indonesia.

Thompson, Steve - You May All Prophesy - - 4/2-8/2007 TV Interview @
"The Lord not only allows, but expects us to make mistakes as we begin in ministry...
More people are making mistakes by not moving in faith than by sincere, though immature, efforts to follow God's leading... If we fail to step out in faith, people who need our ministry will not be touched." 
Exodus 3:12
NAS "After you've done what I've told you to do, you will know that it was Me who told you to do it."  "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.  While this is offensive to perfectionists, it is a powerful truth. 
Some people want to be excellent in ministry before they ever begin ministering.
But that's not how it works... Be willing to do it poorly before we can do it with excellence.
The key is to just get started. The sooner we start, the quicker we can become excellent." 
Look for "a safe environment" in which to try your newly discovered "wings."
Steve goes on to remind us NEVER to usurp protocol/legal or spiritual hierarchy/friendship, but to always in meekness to offer our prophetic manna when solicited to the proper headship & for the purpose of building UP of others & NOT of ourselves.  (Typically when we feel COMPELLED it is NOT of the Lord.)
"With whom we share" and our "authority in the church does NOT come from revelation; it comes from responsibility."  Next, we are to "tell it like it is" not as we perceive or want to convey it. 
If we have a Godly impression, then we are NOT to tell, "God told me." 
When sharing holy impressions/revelations/insights we ASK permission, kneel, & smile.
Neither do we touch (lay on hands) without permission.

Tozer - Wingspread - Biography of AB Simpson, founder of The Christian  Missionary Alliance

Uwizera, Christine M - The Blazing Holy Fire -
Christine Uwizera survivor of the Rwandan holocaust.  Book's chapter 15 Fire of Testing and Persecution discusses mostly psychiatric/emotional/ soul torments (due to being a disciple of Christ), although author herself did go through a harrowing time of family devastation during the Rwandan holocaust. 
Basically, one who is on fire for Christ, needs to expect that the kingdom of Satan is threatened; 
Satin will counter attack, using any method on any weakness/ vulnerability we have. 
One needs to silently stick to Christ, even if the end result is martyrdom. 
Excellent chapter for those beginning a ministry.
Chapter 11 A Flame of Fire rocks our boat by suggesting that if our congregation is dead, we too are probably dead, or nearly dead, without the flame of the Holy Spirit (which/Who produces miracles/signs/wonders). 
It is a red flag/warning for us to get red hot for God (to spend time on our knees until such time that God appears & ignites/reignites His life us). 
Thus, if there are no salvations, no healings, no miracles, no resurrections, then the Holy Spirit has departed as He did King Saul.  If the flame in the fire place is only embers, quickly put on a log, lest the fire go out. 
It is an emergency: both to us & to our congregation.

Wurmbrand, Richard - Tortured for Christ - - Founder Voice of the Martyrs
Wurmbrand, Richard - In God's Underground -
Wurmbrand, Richard - The Soviet Saints -
Wurmbrand, Richard - Sermons in Solitary Confinement -
Wurmbrand, Richard - Christ on the Jewish Road -
Wurmbrand, Richard - Reaching Toward the Heights -
Wurmbrand, Richard - If Prison Walls Could Speak -

Wurmbrand, Richard - If That Were Christ, would You Give Him Your Blanket?

Lukasse, Jeannette  A Cry from the Streets - Rescuing Brazil's Forgotten Children - - International Adventures -

Peterson-Joly, Reona  Tomorrow You Die - You are a traitor & traitors are shot. - - International Adventures -

Wagner, C Peter - chapter 1 -

, Franklin (senior)   autobiography - A must read
The Unmistakable, Visible Anointing- Following God's Calling for over One-Half Century
Chapter 1 My Heritage of Faith  "Both my parents passed this same anointing down to me...
My parents persevered for the anointing in the Holy Spirit...
When my Dad received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, everyone thought he had gone insane. 
In fact, Grand father Bell wanted to take an insane asylum, because he thought he was crazy. 
Daddy was in the Spirit for 6 days and 6 nights...
My Daddy couldn't read or write & he had to sign his name with an 'X' mark.  Yet, he...was a mighty man of faith."  "My Dad...would tell me about the time the Lord spoke to him while I was in my Mother's womb & said, 'I'm going to give you a son, he's going to be a minister, & he's going to preach My Word.  He's going to reach out to people with a ministry that will bring them into a place where they can be healed soul, mind & body.'"

Wallis, Arthur - In the Day of Thy Power -
Wallis, Arthur - Paying the Price -

Walters, Kathie - Parenting by the Spirit -
"Everyone is called to some kind of ministry, even if you have a full time job...
Ask Him to tell you about His call on the life of your child... I have always asked Him to speak very specifically.  Usually through someone who does not know about the present situation." 

Wyatt, Ryan - School Of The Supernatural - Live The Life That God Created You To Live -

Yohannan, KP - Touching Godliness through Submission - Carroliton, Texas, USA
, KP - Revolution in World Missions - -
"The native missionary evangelists...many of them walk barefoot...or work in flimsy sandals. 
Their threadbare cotton garments would not be acceptable as cleaning rags in the United States...
Years I traveled & worked with only the clothes on my back." 
"The secret of following God's will, I discovered, usually is wrapped up in rejecting the good for God's best... No matter what you do, never take yourself too seriously.  Paul Smith, founder of Bible Translations on Tape, was the 1st executive to say that to me... "The majority of the world's 1 billion illiterates live in Asia.
The Gospel often must be proclaimed to them without using literature...through...visual aids...
"I am particularly talking about the Dalits, or the 'Untouchables' - the lowest caste of India." 
Mastering "inductive Bible study" is a prerequisite to GFA seminary graduation.
Free resources at - Missionary video - [COMMENTARY RE:  "Rejecting the good for God's best" is apt.  Often we, our mate or our kids settle for 2nd best.  For example Adam agreed with Eve and the snake, ignoring God's opinion.  Abraham agreed with Sarah & took her maid as a mate in order to conceive a child, hoping to help God out in expediting matters.  Later we kick ourselves, our relatives & hopefully Satan for coercion.
ord, we do repent.  May it be so that we will never again, or at least less often & in less serious circumstances be corralled into sin, rebellion, mistakes, 2nd best.  May You holy Trinity make lemonade out of our lemons. 
We enlist Your holy angels to help us.  Allow us to hear & obey You better from now on. 
Help us to align our spirit, soul & body with Yours, so that more & more You might be pleasured. 
In Jesus' name we pray.  Amen.

YWAM - Stepping Out - A Guide to Short Term Missions - -
(An aside - YWAM does NOT provide funding/financing. 
Each missionary needs to raise ALL his/her own work/living expenses. 
Warning: Never become emotionally or financially dependent on any one revelation/dream/individual.
Rather become dependent on God & His Word.)


Allen, AA - So You Want to Be a Preacher? - from My Cross -

Baker, Rolland @ excellent appendixes

Bolz, Shawn -[L%20-%20Z]/PROCESS%20OF%20PERSONAL%20BREAKTHROUGH%20[Shawn%20Bolz]%205-18-06].pdf 5/18/2006 "There is a generation of revivalists coming up out of the wilderness right now. These revivalists will not be the stereo-typical, hyper-charismatic personalities, just known for preaching a fiery message to stir up the masses.
These revivalists will be empowered to bring individuals, regions, countries, continents & the world, into a true conversion experience, to look like what God desired from the beginning:
A full manifestation of His nature on the earth through the ones He loves--us."

Biography of Robert Brainerd Ekvall & 2 transcripts @ Missionary to China

Charisma Magazine 4/2/2022
We are to allow Holy Spirit to change another & NOT interfere, at least in the natural.

Clark, Jonas - 6 Signs: Apostle or Want-A-Be? - 1.Called by Christ  2.Get people filled with the Holy Ghost 
3.Are spiritual fathers  4.Are sent ones  5.Apostles are builders  6.Apostles suffer

Contending for More By Pam Clark - What Is God Saying? - "The Bible is a Spiritual book which is why you don't just read it once & know it; there are layers & layers of life in it.  You can have 1 perspective one time & another at another time. Some days, verses stand out, some days paragraphs & whole chapters do! God really does have a lot to say if we are open for it.  But the process is getting away from yourself (while still having proper Godly respect for yourself & others as the norm) & on to 'what the Father is doing' like Jesus did. 
Now I know there are "experts" out there that will be quick to tell you 'all about it,' but I have found that the Lord reveals things day by day & even minute by minute. 
The deeper you are willing to go with Him, the greater your perspective of things can become & you can meet others on many different levels rather than demanding that they come up to yours."

David, Loren 4/25/2006 editorial @ Second Chance - In Africa, Preacher Draws Audiences He Can't at Home - Africans receive miracles by the thousands.  Not so in USA. -
(for subscribers)

Davis, Paul Keith - Evening Time Light May 2013 - recommended -

du Bois, Clare @ - 11/25/2016 - edited - Prophecy: "But when one resorts to the comfort of their family, it's over As it is written: 
A man's enemies will be the members of his own household. Anyone who loves his father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me; & anyone who does not take up his cross & follow Me is not worthy of Me....anyone who does not take up his cross & follow Me is not worthy of Me." Matthew 10:36-37
These are not just 'pretty' words, these are a rule of life.
When you were contemplating entering a monastery, & giving up your children, I revealed to you that it was NOT My will, NOR My plan for your life, & you continued to be their mother. Everything hinges on obedience
When the conscience of a soul is corrupted by the world, they must constantly have a failsafe net beneath them, & so they continue to belong to the world while on the outside pretending to belong to Me.
Their life is a confused mess, because they are trying to serve 2 masters, God & Mammon...or the world & money. 
So, I work with them as closely as they will permit. Coming through for them time after time.
But there comes a point where I must let them off the hook, so to speak & allow them to go their own way without hindrance. I grieve over this because I see what could have been & the souls they could have brought back into My kingdom before it was too late for them. 
"So, they go back into the world, being led again by their own ideas. For many, it is too late.
For others, I will try again & again, but each time their heart grows harder. Their lives are entirely taken up with their own personal drama which they create in abundance & that's what steers their life. 
Oh, how I wish I could have been at the helm, but they would NOT have it.
I sent them the best of My counselors lest they sin by blaming Me, 'But I did NOT know'...
Is a common cry which condemns them as I show the many people I sent to guide.
'But how could I tell if they were right?' is always the next objection. Then I play the tape for them:
the time I visited them in the spirit & confirmed solidly that direction, over & over again.
I show them how they did indeed 'know' & chose their own way, nonetheless. 
Do you see, Clare? I spare nothing bringing the rebellious into My service, but when they refuse to have Me, there is nothing more for Me to do but find another vessel who truly loves Me enough to lay down their lives for Me, & give that assignment to them. 
Concerning the present situation, there was a stronghold of legalism in that town I was sending them.
There were young people crying out for understanding & older people injured by the many false ways & rules of men. The fresh perspective & anointing I had given that vessel would have been very fruitful.
But he did not trust Me to care for his needs
Rather, he ran to the comfort of his family & returned to the world. 
"Perhaps there will come another opportunity, perhaps not. But with each successive attempt, the heart hardens, grace is lost. One becomes more set & comfortable in their own ways.  Yet not only is it My nature to be merciful, but also to never give up but to send more vessels, fasting, praying, counseling & guiding.
But as I told you from the very beginning of this situation, this one's
heart does not belong to Me.
But the talk is holy, Lord?  "The mouth utters many things, but a man is proven by his fruits.
Here there is nothing but disorder & confusion. 
My people, please do NOT sign up to be My vessel unless you are willing to be broken & ground into fine powder, then rehydrated by the living waters of My Spirit & reformed by My very own fingers. 
The making of a vessel unto honor is a messy business.
The pot must be broken & every vestige of the old life must be given up & ground to a powder,
if not given up in fact & in practice, at least given up by resolution & continued attempts in obedience. 
A potter must work the mass with his hands & slam the clay down on the slab to remove the hidden air bubbles: the Pride, which will cause the vessel to burst in the pressure & temperatures of the kiln.
Unless that lump of clay is willing to be slammed down repeatedly, with great injury done to their pride, that clay is useless to Me. It will only explode under pressure & pressure is what is necessary to bring that vessel to completion & into My service. 
So, I entreat you, if you are showing up & offering yourselves to serve Me, & are not prepared to sustain heavy losses. Losses of all you are, all you could be, all you have been in the world, if you are NOT willing to have the pride pounded out of you, please do NOT weary Me with a double mind.
Rather stay in the world until you are fully sick to death of it & truly are willing to go through anything to serve Me. 
I will still love you, I will still hope for you, I will still be there for you, but we will NOT have a working relationship, NOR the sweet fellowship I enjoy with My Bride. Nonetheless, I will love & provide for you. Nothing will change. I will still take you to Heaven. But your life will be lackluster, lukewarm & dull.
There will be piercing remorse when you see others promoted & doing what you once dreamed of doing, you may even fall to envy & jealousy, which reflects a hidden desire in you that you were NEVER willing to die to have.  My people, many are called, few are chosen. Sadly, much to My dismay, even fewer respond
+ 11/27/2016 @ for serious contenders

Gleeson, Irene - - 2nd career in Uganda, Africa -

Gruver, Henry - -
I enthusiastically started fulfilling that vow on January 1, 1961.  By the end of February I was walking the streets of Skid Row & passing out tracts as I had promised the Lord that I would; but I was very discouraged. 
My tracts wound up blowing about, getting soaked by the rain & tossed aside as common trash.
I cried out to the Lord & asked for something different to happen. What I was doing was not producing fruit for the Lord, just jobs for the trash collectors.  The Holy Spirit challenged me with a very simple statement, 'When you walk & give out tracts, only walk where & when you have full peace; & only give out tracts in the same peace' (which became a spiritual principle on how to cooperate with Holy Spirit)"...
"I asked Jesus what I should say to him, & only these words came to me...
Each time I patiently listened to his litany of cursing & bitterness, waiting for him to come to a halt.
With his face in front of mine, I would cry out in my spirit, 'Lord, how do I reach him?
He seems to have a legitimate complaint. I just don’t know how to answer him.' 
But when he would finally stop (venting), all I could say to him were the same (Holy Spirit inspired) words, '_____, I just had to come & tell you that Jesus loves you'...
My mind may have wrestled with obedience; but my spirit had made the commitment with the Lord to walk(acquiesce/ follow) in His peace and song. I had both, so I continued walking & praying.
Nothing seemed to be happening, so I talked to the Lord about it."
(As Henry practiced questioning/listening/chatting/obeying, the Lord led him well.)

Hamon, Bill @ video 11/27/2021
We have entered into the beginning of the new/final 3rd era of GROUP ministry, rather of inidividual ministry to usher in heaven on earth & the return of Jesus to receive His Bride. 
A good 13 more years of ministry for Bill, aged 87.
Biography @ @
Activating the Prophetic video @ @

Holtz, Scott & Dalit - 
"It is time to either find a new fellowship to worship in that allows the freedom of Holy Spirit & His mysterious ways or if there is not 1 in your city then go to your house & start 1 in your living room."

Kostelnik, Joseph - 1/2009 - "If you encounter difficulties while serving God, don’t despair. Those problems only serve to prove how dangerous you are becoming to the devil. Through prayer, press through to newer & greater victories."

Leetch, Donald - Gospel Outreach - -
Ministers with Soiled Hands
- In 20th century Christendom, we have a 2-class system called ministry & laity. 
This system is almost universally & unquestionably accepted, although it's not to be found in a 1st-century church.  The word 'minister' is a perfectly good word, rich in meaning; but the word & even the modern concept of 'layman' is not found there. The concept behind the word layman is negative.
It simply means one not belonging to some particular profession.  This contains a 2-fold error.
1st, it implies that the ministry...of God's people is the profession of a few rather than the calling of the total body of believers. 
2nd, it indicates that the masses of Christians are to be passive while only a few minister. 
We believe that 1 great reason for apostasy & passivity within the church of Christ is the determined fostering of this false distinction within the body of Christ.

Marocco, James - Discipleship Wesley & G-12 Style -

Meehan, John editorial The Savior of Shanghai -

Robert Jacquinot
, SJ, and his safety zone in a city at war, 1937
Spring 2006 vol 23 # 3 Company Jesuit magazine
During the Japanese assault on China, French Jesuit Jacquinot de Besange (1878-1446)
set up a safety zone in Shanghai, saving 250,000 residents.

Meyer, Joyce - Enjoying Everyday Life magazine editorial by Loren Cunningham [co-founder Youth with a Mission (YWAM)] Women in Leadership.  Editorial cites the world's largest church, Yoido Full Gospel church, Seoul, Korea.  35 years ago pastor Dr. Yonggi Cho had a problem as how to use his mother-in-law's talents, as women are not allowed in the pulpit.  Cunningham loaned him his American mom Jewell as a preface to sliding his mother-in-law into the pulpit.  It worked.  The congregation loved both.  His church membership increased from 6,000 to 760,000

Perez, Benny - Upside-Down - book - -  

Plymire, Victor - To Eclipse all Sorrow by George O Wood - China & Tibet Missionary + by nephew +
David V. Plymire @
hard archives +
"While on furlough, he & his wife began to go to Pentecostal services & received a baptism of the Spirit. 
He left the Christian & Missionary Alliance & was ordained into Assemblies of God in 1920."
Breaking the Betrayal Barrier - Part 1 + Breaking the Betrayal Barrier - Part 2 3/30-31/2015
@ Testimony of Plymire's feet being healed.

Renner, Rick- 10/23/2020 @ +
10/21/2020 @

Rice, Mildred - In Time of War - fall 2006 editorial -
Chinese missionary autobiography following Japanese invasion of China in 1937. 
From Mildred's diary (1912-2006).  "The 2nd World War began in China 7/7/1937."

Rogers, Bob @ -
"My father pastored a little church in Owensboro, KY.  As he was praying & asking God for the city, God spoke to him that if he wanted to reach the city he needed to bring in the people that God was using...
(In desperation) I was praying (& fasting) that God would release power in my life with signs, wonders & miracles. It was winter, very cold & I... felt awful. I was miserable. I didn’t feel like the power of God was present in my life at all. That night at our regular mid-week service, while I was sitting on the platform, God spoke to me a word of knowledge. It was the 1st time that the gift of knowledge ever through me.
It was a word of knowledge for healing of deafness...
If you want God to use you in signs, wonders & miraculous powers, this is the same desire that Jesus had."

Full Gospel Businessmen's Voice magazine 3/2006 Thomas Hamill testimony - Escape in Iraq -

Taylor, Hudson -

Trasher, Lillian - Nile Mother -

Wallis, Arthur - Healing the Waters #3 - -
"There is always a remedy to every situation; there is no problem He cannot deal with; there is no chain He can not break; there is no sickness of spirit, mind or body that He cannot heal. So if we have that kind of a need I am sure we shall see that God has provided a way through, a way into victory & release, a way of healing & blessing. 
The 2nd thrust is the revelation that God can use those of us moving in His will to meet the needs of others.
We can be the channel of the grace of God flowing through our lives to meet the needs of men...
'In Christ, in Him, in Christ Jesus.' What does it mean? In my opinion I believe that the parable of the vine & branches helps us best to understand what it means to be 'in Christ.' As the branch is in the vine, so is the believer in Christ.  The branch is joined, united to the vine, the believer is united to Christ. 
As the life of the vine flows through the branch, so the life of Christ is pulsating through the life of the believer. 
In Ephesians 1:3 Paul says, 'We are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus.' 
The result of this glorious union is simply that I am in the line of God's full blessing, because He has blessed us with every blessing in Christ. But we should remind our hearts that there are NO blessings for the child of God outside of Christ, they (we) are all (one) in (side of) Christ...
Go back in faith; go back looking to Him, trusting Him in the situation, you will know what to do.
You will take the bowl & the salt & speak the word of faith.  Then the Lord will do what you cannot do, what religionists, theologians, philosophers & psychologists cannot do, which the living God delights to do through a humble earthen vessel made available to Him. I am so glad the Bible says that God hath chosen the weak, foolish, base, despised nonentities, things that are not, to do His work."

Walters, Kathie - 9/1/2012 - Kick down the door of the Pigeon Coup by Chris Naylor (UK) THE DEVIL IS A LIAR -
"Satan is no longer able to prevent God from revealing Jesus to us; he is not able to prevent us from reading about the incredible life that God has provided for us once we invite Jesus into our lives, but he can make sure we never actually experience any of itThe word of God says in John 10 verse 10, 'The thief comes only to steal, kill & destroy; I came that they may have life & have it abundantly'. 
If the Devil is looking to
steal what God has given you, he must be very aware of how great the gift is. He knows, far more than most Christians do the incredible impact that we can have in the area, town, city we live & the world around us, if we begin to believe what the word of God is saying & expect God to use us in an amazing way...
The devil loves it when we are preoccupied with Church & meetings because that¯'s not really going to be of any danger to him & unlikely it will have any life changing effect on the world around us...
Remember, NOW is the time to make change, NOW is the time to start being expectant, NOT tomorrow."

Mentors: The Good, The Bad, The Awful By Barbara Wentroble - Beware of Toxic Mentors -
"Finding the right mentor is not always easy. There are many instances where mentors have caused serious problems and brought pain to the ones they were mentoring. These mentors are what I call "toxic mentors" & can be like poison to the protégé. Following are some of the different types of toxic mentors.
The Busy Bee.
  This type of mentor reminds you that you are 1 in a multitude of people needing her help.
She will fit you in only when it is convenient to her schedule.  The mentoree fights feelings of "taking a number."
Surely all the other people in the life of the Busy Bee are more important than she is.
Busy schedules are easy to understand. When possible, schedule phone calls & visits.
This will help both parties. However, emergencies do happen.
What I have told the people I have mentored through the years is:
"If you can't get help when you really need it, what good is the mentor?"
The Slave Master.
The Bible speaks of leaders having the heart of a servant.
The Slave Master interprets this as permission to use the mentoree as her personal slave.
The mentoree ends up as a glorified "gopher" of sorts-running errands, babysitting, doing chores & other tasks. Learning the Word of God & prayer can get lost in the many everyday jobs that the mentoree is expected to do.
This dysfunction causes abusive "master/slave" relationships.
The Controller.
The mentor wants to know about every decision & the location of the mentoree at all times. Permission must be granted for all decisions in life. Should the mentoree make a decision without permission, the mentor usually responds in a couple of different ways. Sometimes the mentor will lash out in anger.
is a powerful tool (manipulator) that keeps the protégé fearful & insecure. If anger doesn't work, the mentor will use guilt, condemnation & whatever else it takes to keep the mentoree under her/his control.
The Critic.
This mentor finds fault with every leader & mentor she has known both past & present.
All other mentors fall short of your mentor. Her gifts are the only perfect ones. Your gifts are very insignificant & could never measure up to hers. For your own protection, you need to stay under her mentoring & hope to someday arrive at the level where she is. Your calling & destiny in God's plan seem unobtainable.
Healthy Mentors
There are other types of toxic mentors, but the above list gives you an idea of what I am talking about.
Not all mentors fall into those categories. Some mentors are exactly what each of us need in our lives.
Following are some of the characteristics of good mentors.
Same Spiritual DNA.
Medical experts have been using DNA testing for a number of years.
They do this to determine who a person is & who their offspring are.
Children have the same DNA as their parents & exhibit some of the same physical & emotional characteristics.
A mentoree will usually have the same "spiritual DNA" as her mentor.
They have the same vision, purpose in life, character & spiritual giftings.
Sees Your Potential.
The mentor sees beyond where you are today.
She sees things in you that you may not see in yourself.
She sees things that your family, teachers & friends may not see. 
The mentor does not limit you to your past.
She sees not just where you have been, but where you are going.
She is able to see the great potential in you & refuses to give up until that potential is released."

Wood, Gary - - "Gary Wood described houses made of gold & wood.  Diamonds the size of house bricks can be set into the foundations.  You get 1 for each soul you lead to the Lord. Gary Wood saw his house in the Southern Colonial style.  If you're still alive on the Earth, your house is still being worked on.
On some houses the angels are busy, but on others there is no work being done.
This reflects the amount of effort the person is currently putting in for the Kingdom of Heaven."

Woodworth-Etter, Maria - web post 7/19/2014 - LIZZIE, OUR OLDEST CHILD, AGE 16 WAS ALL WE HAD LEFT OF 6 SWEET CHILDREN.  “In all these trials God was preparing me & opening the way for the great battle against the Enemy of souls. Now the great desire of my heart was to work for Jesus."
Chapter 3 page 17 of Signs & Wonders book. - “I thought I would go through a course of study & prepare for the work, thinking the Lord would make my husband & people willing in some way to let me go out & work. 
But I could not get my mind fixed on my study.  Everything seemed empty & vacant. I was restless & uneasy.
The dear Savior stood by me 1 night in a vision & talked face-to-face with me & asked what I was doing on earth. 
I felt condemned & said, 'Lord, I am going to work in thy vineyard.' The Lord said, 'When?'
I answered, 'When I get prepared for the work.'
Then the Lord said, 'Don’t you know that while you getting ready, souls are perishing? Go now. I will be with you.'
I told Him that I could not talk to the people. I did not know what to say.  They would not listen to me.
Jesus said, 'You can tell the people what the Lord has done for your soul; tell of the glory of God & the love of Jesus; tell sinners to repent & prepare for death & the judgment. I will be with you.'
Still I made 1 excuse after another. Jesus would answer, 'Go, I will be with you.'
'I told Him I wanted to study the Bible; that I did not understand it well enough.
Then there appeared upon the wall a large open Bible & verses stood out in raised letters.
The glory of God shone around & upon the book.
I looked & could understand it all. Then Jesus said again, 'Go. I will be with you.'
I cried, 'Lord, I will go.  Where shall I go?' Jesus said, 'Go here, go there, wherever souls are perishing.'”

Other Publications

Lutheran Women's Missionary League, P O Box 39348, St Louis, Missouri, USA 63139-8348 has missionary autobiographies that share their constant need to protect themselves & their families from parasites/worms with traditional American medicines.

Another superior publication is the US Army Survival Manual (part #FM 21-76) published by Dorset Press with Platinum Press Inc. Includes photos of edible/dangerous insects/plants/animals.
Also see Small Wars Manual - United States Marine Corps - 1940 - includes unique items as care of pack mules (never feed fresh grass to an overheated animal), battling guerillas, rebuilding civilian infrastructure.


Kay Kerr! | GoMZ 9/10/2022 on Vimeo + Kat Kerr! Spirit Force 9/15/2022 on Vimeo
Gateway On Mt. Zion | GoMZ’s Videos on Vimeo Long but women wonderful - Guest is Kat Kerr


Cho, Dr. David Yonggi - Learn How to Pray Tabernacle Prayer -
Many jewels hidden.  At very end video shares the difference between logos & rhema word of God regarding eliminating diabetes meds & walking on water & thus shows difference between obeying or not pastoral/ scriptural directives + explains that His Word needs 1 more ingredient:
His Holy Spirit as leaven to make the Word come alive/pertinent to oneself.

Hickey, Marilyn - Confidence-Call to Ministry 9/27/2012

Discouragement/Lost Hope/Late Bloomer

Brown, Rebecca - 11/22/2010 - - You & Your Dreams -
"Your dream may be so dried up that all you do is wish you were dead like Peter.
Maybe your dream is at the point of death like the Nobleman’s son.
Possibly your dream has died like Jairus’ daughter.
Or your dream could be dead, prepared for burial & on the way to cemetery like the widow of Nain’s.
Perhaps you’re as bad off as Lazarus & your dream is dead, buried & nothing more than a stinking memory.
You need to understand this. Jesus told Lazarus’ sister, Martha, 'I AM THE RESURRECTION & THE LIFE.'
There is no pit so deep that Jesus isn’t deeper still.
The resurrection ofyour dream is a simple thing for Him, if only you’ll believe.
Stay away from fear. Don’t believe the devil’s lies that it is over.
If you have not yet asked Jesus, the Redeemer, to be the Lord of your life, you can do that right now.
Say, “Jesus, I choose you as the Lord of my life. I ask you to come into my heart right now.
Be my Lord and be my Savior, be my Master, be my Dream resurrector.”
By praying this Prayer, you became a member of God’s Eternal Family.
You are now entitled to call God “FATHER” (Matt. 6:1, 4, 6)
'Father, I thought it was over until now. I see now it’s never to late.
I believe you can raise my hopes & my dreams from the dead.
I believe you can resurrect my life to be what You called me to be
. With Your resurrection power I know I can be restored to life in its fullest I ask this in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST my SAVIOR & RESTORER. AMEN...
Lord God, when all my strength is gone, it is You that I will run to.
As I throw myself helplessly before Your throne of grace, I ask You to fill me with Your love, mercy, grace, & Truth. Do a work in me that will lift me from the pit of despair & raise me up to give You glory through my trials of life.
When all hope is gone, I will refocus my heart & place all of my hope in You.
I will cling to the hope that comes through trusting in You alone, for I know that the true hope I have in You will never disappoint me.  Heavenly Father, You are all I need whenever I am in need. It is Your joy that is my strength.
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.'"
What we must remember in our darkest moments of life is that God has often led us to the very place in which we now the midst of a parted Red Sea. He has done so to teach us a much needed lesson in our walk of faith; we cannot deliver ourselves from a crisis that God Himself has orchestrated.
Often, it is by His design that we are in the midst of our overwhelming situation.
We so quickly become focused upon the seemingly insurmountable circumstances, instead of our supernatural God. The outcome of our trial depends upon one thing: our faith in God.
The question is: 'Will your faith stand this test...& the next 1...& the next 1?'
God brings you through test after test in order to build a testimony in you that says, "My God is faithful.
Don't be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today. Exodus 14:13 (NLT)
"You shall eat the fruit and be filled by the very words that come out of your own mouth.
Whether it is life or death. That is what you will get...
Jesus said as much in Mark 11:23, but shall believe that those things which he saith
shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith.

You shall have exactly what you speak. You will literally “eat” the fruit of your lips.
You will reap a harvest of the seeds you have been planting...
Jeremiah 1:12 I will hasten My Word to perform it. - Isaiah 43:26 Put Me in remembrance .
"The devil is also listening eager to accommodate us when we speak words of fear, doubt & unbelief.
James 3:2
tells us that a very large ship is actually steered by a very small rudder & compares rudder to the human tongue. Though it be a small member of the physical body, it steers us in direction of the words we speak. Your future depends on what you speak today.
In Matthew 12:36, Jesus said we will have to give an account of every idle words.
That word 'idle' means useless. Useless conversation does not build up; it doesn’t edify anyone.
It doesn’t produce anything good in your life.
You may have to ask God to forgive you for speaking things that are wrong.
You may need to apply the name of Jesus to destroy any potential harvests coming you way from useless & unbelieving words that you have sown in the past.
You will then need to begin to plant words of faith & discipline yourself to only speak Godly, faith-building words.  Begin to sow toward your future the harvests you desire.
Hebrews 10:23 says, Let us hold fast the profession [confession] of our faith.
Begin today sowing for your future of abundance, health, wealth & fulfillment of God’s purposes in your life." 
(We can stab others in the back with our tongue, but we can also sabotage ourselves; recognize; repent; receive forgiveness.)

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - -
chapter 14 Knowledge of the Glory - "When you put a (spiritual) demand on the Pastor ('s anointing), they (the congregation) will grow overnight, because the manifestation resident in their (own & pastor's) spirit. 
This is why the church can come to a place where the pastor feels like or she is burning out
Why?  People are NO longer pulling from their pastor.
When the people are no longer (spiritually expecting) pulling, the service will become a drag...
If the body does not call upon these offices & giftings, then they will be the ones to lose out on all of the (latent/invisible/ spiritual) benefits in (side) them."

Wommack, Andrew - Don't Limit God x10 - 9/4/2013 @ This Week's TV
Wommack, Andrew - God Wants You to Succeed - 10/13/2014 excellent

So You Want to Minister, but It's Too Late

Baker, Heidi - Here's Why Not to Give Up by Heidi Baker -

Haymond, Dottie - Kenya -
autobiography at end of program 12/29/2015

Omartian, Stormie - Find Your Destiny in God Through Prayer By Stormie Omartian
I did everything late. I came to the Lord late. I got married late. I had children late.
I didn't start writing professionally until I was more than 40. The greatest part of my ministry happened in my 50s.
I believe my best years are ahead.  Trust me, if you are still breathing, God has a purpose for you, & it is good.
But God won't move you into the big things He has for you to do unless you have proven faithful in the small things He has given you. If you are doing what you deem to be small things right now, rejoice.
God is getting you ready for the big things ahead."

Osteen, Dodie - - Texas Drive Through Ministry -
"Houston's Lakewood Church & Pastor Joel Osteen have changed the way a lot of people worship, & now Lakewood is starting a new service designed for people too ill to come to church.
It's the idea of Dodie Osteen, Joel's mother & widow of the late John Osteen who founded Lakewood.
Her ministry is healing & she's doing it outside the church walls - literally... For Dodie, it's personal. It goes back to 1981 when Lakewood, founded by her late husband, Pastor John Osteen, was growing into the church it is today. She was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer & given a few weeks to live. She says she prayed without wavering for a full recovery. There was. She is now (2/8/2010) a vibrant 76 years old."

Walters, Kathie - @
Walters, Kathie - 6/3/2020 - 
Walters, Kathie - 6/3/2020 -  

Children's  Publications
 Highly Recommended

The Arch Book Bible Story Library - booklet series for the very young - Bible heroes done in poetry -
Concordia Publishers

YWAM - Heroes for Young Readers - book series - biographies done in poetry -

Audio Visual

AARP - Bright ideas often come from real needs -

Baker, Rolland and Heidi -

Butain, Mark - Calcutta Mercy Ministries, India - 8 sermons on CD - -

Gilman, John - 9/2006 film - Dayasagar and the Life of Christ in India -

Global Recordings Network  - - 7/25/2006 (GRN), founded in Los Angeles in 1939, has produced audio Bible stories in over 5,500 languages.
GRN wants to record in every language on earth. 
GRN distributes recordings + ultra-low-tech hand-wind players, in isolated regions & among displaced migrant workers.  GRN calls their target audience "the tailenders" for they are the last to be reached.
Check Local Listings  
For Educators

Hinn, Benny - Preparation for Ministry - CD -
Hinn, Benny Laying on of Hands  WebCasts -
5/14, 2007 - 5/15, 2007 - 5/16, 2007 - 5/17, 2007 -
1st Timothy 5:22 TPNT  You must not ever lay hands quickly on anyone & not share another's sins. 
You must habitually keep yourself pure.
1st Timothy 1:18 TPNT  I set this command before you, (spiritual) son Timothy, according to the prophecies that went over you earlier (upon your commissioning/baptism of the Holy Spirit with laying on of hands), that by them you would (be able to) fight the good warfare.
1st Timothy 1:20 TPNT  Hymenaeus and Alexander... I gave over to Satan, so that they would be disciplined.
1st Timothy 4:14 TPNT  You must not never neglect the spiritual gift in you, which was given to you through prophecy with the laying on of hands by the elders.
2nd Timothy 1:6 TPNT
I am reminding you to rekindle the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.
Benny Hinn  warns us when ministering never to allow strangers to lay hands on us nor to suddenly lay hands on strangers, because we can take on others' demons/problems/sins/curses & because the Lord may allow evil consequences. 
He also admonishes no laying on of hands without the accompanying preaching/teaching of the gospel. 
What advantage is there to save/minister to the body & lose the soul/spirit to hell? 
Remember, there is the final judgment (or at least the awarding of prizes or the lack thereof). 
When we get to heaven & are judged for taking on the sin of another through our own disobedience/ignorance of scripture; we are guilty even though we did not commit the sin/sins of another.  (It is sort of like when we join ourselves in marriage or prostitution, becoming 1 flesh, & possibly taking on their unforgiven/unrepented/ unconfessed sins.)  We need both God's blood/protection & His anointing before we act/lay hands on another or have them lay hands on us. (Our present life may be full of trouble due to this one error. 
Quickly, go to the altar, repent, turn around from one's old methods & allow the Lord to lead 24/7.)

Hoekstra, Harvey T - Knotted Strings @ - Brazil -

Partow, Donna - - 4/27/2014 "Listen to 1-hour audio or watch Rekindle the Fire 
The last time this class was offered, a missionary to Africa's ministry grew from 200 children to more than a MILLION.  (Her testimony on audio above).  What will God do in YOUR life?"

The Epic Journey - trailer - Scroll down - 25 testimonies.

Toledo, Jeniifer & Jonatan CD's -
Also see their web site Global Children's Movement at and hear Sid Roth's
1/9-13/2006 or 12/26/2006 RADIO interview with the Toledos regarding: God's Compassion - Listen @ Messianic Vision archives They share a WONDERFUL miracle of a child, a twin, being rescued from the womb of a dead woman as she was being buried.  This orphan child nursed off the animals' milk (goats & camels) to stay alive.  God appeared to Richard, at about age 6, & revealed Jesus to him. 
Now, Richard, an African youth, like so many wounded/broken children, has become a vehicle of God's healing other children, when he prays for them.  Rather than exclusively using priests & adults, God more & more is raising up children to be His arms, legs, heart & power.

Ndifon, Charles - Adventures in Miracles - -
Charles is a Nigerian who has trained thousands of ordinary people to walk in the super
natural miracles of God. 10/
9-15/2006 (Windows Media) + 10/16-22/2006 
(Windows Media)

 to God

Brimm, Billye - 4/19/2012 - God has a mission and we are His missionaries.

Caine, Christine - 2/17/2014 @
Caine, Christine - 1/13/2016 @ +
Failure according to man's eyeglasses is seldom failure to God.

angela-t-greenig -

Hinn, Benny - The Year of Answered Prayer #1
Hinn, Benny - The Year of Answered Prayer #2
Hinn, Benny - The Year of Answered Prayer #3
God looks at our personal secret morality rather than at our public anointed ministry, where He gets all the credit.
Hinn, Benny - The Year of Answered Prayer #4

Kelly Minter -


Dabbs, Reggie - Monday, February 22, 2016 -
Just Keep Breathing - Inspirational Autobiography

Dollar, Creflo - -
We each need to be Holy Spirit baptized PRIOR to beginning ministry.

Fontaine, Leon -  - 12/22/2016 - Turning people on rather than off to Jesus -

Spirit Contemporary with Leon Fontaine #1
Spirit Contemporary with Leon Fontaine #2
Spirit Contemporary with Leon Fontaine #3
Spirit Contemporary with Leon Fontaine #4
Spirit Contemporary with Leon Fontaine #5
6/27/2014 @

Hickey, Marilyn - Blessed To Be A Blessing 9/15/2017

Wyatt, Ryan - TV host -


Kerr, Kat - Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 1/2/2015 @ -
We are accountable to God for our family BEFORE our ministry or job.

Missions Radio

The JAARS Vernacular Media Services Department (VMS) MegaVoice Player or Saber players
Audio Bibles in Ethiopia or Audio Scripture Players

Testimonies are getting too magnificent & too numerous.
Most missions have openings for volunteers & temporary mission trips.

Andrew, Brother - Open Doors - - Founded by Brother Andrew  God's Smuggler

Andy Andrews 4/8/2011 from - The Butterfly Effect -

Annacondia, Carlos Alberto - - Argentina - - great -
(25 minutes) Many cures including schizophrenia.
Annacondia, Carlos Alberto - Listen to Me Satan - transcript excerpts at -
Awesome forgiveness testimony plus prayer. 
Continue reading through appendix A and especially appendix B regarding the deliverance tent.
Book overview - Make sure person being interviewed has open eyes and is able to exert his own free will. If need be, command, "Human Spirit, In Right NOW in Jesus name take control over you mind, memory, & body now in Jesus name." 
We then can
"ask the individual if he wants to be set free." 
Important editorial (or book especially) for those doing deliverance.

Anyone Can Work Miracles 4/2013

Baker, Heidi -
Baker, Heidi - Pemba - -

Baker, Heidi -

Bethke, Jef - Everybody is a somebody to God.

Bosman, John W - - Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA -

Brimm, Billye - Watchfulness is a consistent necessity; never let down one's guard against our enemy, Satan. - recommended -  

Copeland, Kenneth - - click onto archives web page -
Moore, Keith Growing Up In God  series 2/12-14/2007 - The pastor is to equip the congregation so that the congregation can and should do all that Christ's disciples did per 2/15/2007 program.  
Copeland, Kenneth - Thursday, December 12, 2013 - God taught pastor to teach the teachers what he was attempting to teach the congregation from the pulpit, enabling staff to teach the children & thus avoiding to have to re-teach the youth what they might have otherwise missed growing up.

Dawson, Joy - missionary - 10/2/2007 - TV broadcast interview -
Is a mentor to other missionaries, due to fact that she never moves without first consulting her own boss, God. 
She HEARS from Him.  Has book Jesus the Model

Emmanuel Gospel Center, Boston, MA  A How 2 Do video - Mentoring for start up - churches/ministries -
As a bonus, make it a point to get acquainted with
ELIJAH KIM, director of Vitality Project.
A real spiritual treat.

Ferrell, Ana and Emerson - Destiny - - 2008 -
If we are a king/queen, then we have a spiritual territory, a royal destiny, an original Godly design, to have spiritual dominion, a  mentoring/tutoring/apprenticeship/training/equipping/school of hard knocks, an intimacy with the Trinity, & a holy passion/fire/identification/ empathy/assignment. 
Video ends with equipping/commissioning prayer

Freidzon, Claudio & Beatriz T.S. - Argentina

Fischer, Becky - Kids in Ministry International -
Boltz, Shawn - Kids in Ministry International -

Gleason, Irene from Sidney, Australia - video missionary 5 minute biography at end of 20 minute program  9/4/2009 
In 1991 She founded Childcare Titcomb Centre + Gloryland Junction for AIDs patients in North Uganda, Africa. 
She has agreed to minister to another tribe that has come out of hiding (in the mountains since 1962 from the massacres of war).  (Deceased)
Gleeson, Irene good clip
Irene teaches the youth with the red T-shirts that they are covered/protected with the blood of Christ. good good
2010 - A tribe of 16,000 has come out of hiding in the mountains & asked her to rescue them. 
Autobiography - video - good
Autobiography - book -
Foundation - in-depth article
Le-Sea partner -
“All our children wear blood-red T-shirts & they know that means they are blood brothers with Jesus Christ,” Irene explains.  “There is protection in that.”

Australian aid worker Irene Gleeson dedicated more than 20 years of her life to helping an estimated 6000 orphans in Uganda, many whom had been abducted by Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army. 
The 68-year-old died in Sydney last week after a 14-month battle with cancer.
Her tireless work in health, education, HIV awareness & vocational training was recognized when she was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2009.
Her missionary work in Uganda began in 1991 when she sold her Northern Beaches home in Sydney, said goodbye to her 4 grown children and 13 grandchildren, & towed her caravan 500 kilometres from Kampala to the Sudanese town of Kitgum... Her Christian-based 
Irene Gleeson Foundation now supports 8000 children through 450 working staff supported by funds from Australian & American donors" -
Irene Gleeson Tribute from Irene Gleeson Foundation on Vimeo.

Grubb, Norman, director World Evangelism Crusade

Hayford, Jack - Spirit Formed with Pastor Jack Hayford 11/6/2011 -
Typically there is a day to dedicate one's career &/or life, in addition to the day of salvation.

Hazlett, Bob -
Hazlett, Bob -
"There was one time I went to a place where I remember there being a log truck, a logging truck, there are these logs on top & the log fell off and it crushed a guy’s face.
I went up to this person & I went to pray for him. I saw people standing around crying & weeping.
I said, “If I pray for this man in the name of Jesus & he’s healed, will you serve Jesus?”
I prayed for him.  Immediately his jaw snapped into place & people came running & giving their life to Jesus.
An audible voice spoke to me & said, 'That’s how you start a church in 1 day.'” 
(Prophetic dream/vision given to Bob.)

Hee, Kong -
11/7/2007 - SEND TO FRIEND -

Hinn, Benny   2/14/2007 - Santo Domingo’s Estadio Olimpico -
Benny Hinn shares his revelation that Sickness cannot live in the Presence of the Trinity (Father God/Jesus/Holy Spirit)  
Hinn, Benny  10 Tests to Move You from Called to Chosen #1 -
Hinn, Benny  10 Tests to Move You from Called to Chosen #2 -
Hinn, Benny  10 Tests to Move You from Called to Chosen #3 -
Hinn, Benny  10 Tests to Move You from Called to Chosen #4 -

Hinn, Benny  10 Tests to Move You from Called to Chosen #5 -
Everyone is called, but to be chosen one needs to be tested (as is a pot fired in the furnace) to see whether
or not he will cling to Christ.  Includes mentoring on choice of a mate for those who desire to be in ministry.
Hinn, Benny - Desire & Desperation - God hides on purpose.
television/watchprograms/how-to-walk-in-the-spirit-and-be-released-from-limitations-part-3/?prg=08/29/2012 -
Let us likewise not abandon the chase for God until He uses us & then CONTINUE to fellowship daily with Him for the rest of our lives.

Hoekstra, Harvey @ Knotted Strings -  
audio autobiography

Hong Kong - Go Mobile in-house training for street ministry -

Hunter, Charles & Frances -

Canadian based Galcom International sells radios at $20.oo each to missionary groups. 
Some missionary groups do air drops of radios. - 7/2000 Cached page -

Calcutta Mercy Ministries ( - a partnership with Benny Hinn 
read more... or go to

Evangelicals Now - - Christian News Worldwide

Indigenous Tribes -

Jackson, John Paul - Streams Ministries - - Many Christian ministries have schools of training to mentor & impart anointings for those wishing to minister to others.

Joel News - JN461-1.
TYPICALLY GOD: Peace comes to the spear throwers - 11/28/2003  Ethiopia's 50,000 people group Me'en have found Christ through demon deliverance.  Esther, Gebre's stepsister, was tormented by demons. It seemed certain that she would die. The entire clan was afraid, but Gebre proclaimed Jesus as Lord, commanding the demons to leave her & Esther was freed on the spot.
Joel News provides a search engine to find what is happening in the mission fields.

Kimn, Dayoung & Jeanne - Eagle's Nest Foundation          
Mukilteo, Washington state, USA -
Contact: E-mail:
Mercy ministries to North Korea -
Profile -,1.html
King’s Kids Next Generation web page: -

King, Patricia - -
Yes, God can do miracles, through you.

Kendall, RT - 6/4/2012 -

Livingston, David -

Law, Terry - World Compassion -
World compassion assists churches minister in/to areas "where most ministers of the Gospel fear to go because of political, religious, and/or economic instability." - +

Guillermo Maldonado - Each generation is to pass on/release it's spiritual ministry/equipping/giftings.

Meyer, Joyce -–_VIEWERS_CHOICE_4 - Our spiritual muscle must be EXERCISED to develop good character & good fruit. 
Operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, without good character, is dangerous to self & others.

Minter, Kelly - videos or
Minter, Kelly -
Justice and Mercy International or
Minter, Kelly - Mentoring of Amazon jungle pastors -
Kelly Minter -

Moore, Beth - 5/28/2008 - The God of All Comforts - part 3 - Mission trips are a must for the most of us, material God uses to do His work in us. +

Olson, Bruce (Bruchko) @
Missionary to Columbia, South America, Motilone-Bari people - "When the men failed to retrieve the lost spirit, they dropped to the ground in total despair.  It was because they had been 'deceived by the false prophet.'
The false prophet was the explanation for all their problems. God had departed.  In frustration, 1 of the younger men chopped a short section from a nearby banana plant and tossed it on the ground in front of them.
Banana trees are very soft, layered like an onion, & usually filled with water. Once cut, the layers separate easily.
A moment later, still angered, the one with the machete hit the banana section again-this time lengthwise & it fell apart. When it opened, its layers separated like pages in a book. For a moment they all stared at it.
Suddenly, Bruce grabbed his Bible & laid it open beside the banana. Like a flash, truth broke through.
This was it. The Motilones had been waiting for God to come to them from a book. The Bible. The sight was so convincing that one of the men snatched the Bible from Bruce’s hands, ripped pages from it, stuffed them into his mouth & frantically began eating them. He wanted the God who was in the banana-Book to come into him.
Bruce instantly explained that it was not eating the pages but believing what was written on the pages that brought the banana-Book God into their lives. From that moment on, they knew Bruce was the 'One' who could show them the trail that led to the horizon & the book he held was the one they had foreseen in the banana log.
Bruce had a wide-open opportunity to speak to the Motilones about Jesus Christ:
The God who had departed was back & they could receive Him into their hearts by faith."

Prince, Joseph - 12/7/2016 - #461 - Living Under God's Constant Supply Of Miracles (1 of 4) - God knows the love language of each of us.  When we invite Him, He will help us via our heart strings.  The same applies to those we are interceding for or witnessing to.  Satin is in the business of condemning, but God is in the business of saving. (2016 Archives not available in all formats.)

theresa-phillips - - Ministerial code of ethics -

Roberts, Evan -  - This is NOT a healing, but a salvation revival. - "The story of Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival of 1904-5 is the most thrilling, but also the most sad and sobering in all revival history. On the one hand we see one hundred thousand souls in Wales coming to Christ in just 9 months, from November 1904 to August 1905. This was the beginning of a world-wide revival that ushered hundreds of thousands more into the Kingdom of God. On the other hand, we see Evan Roberts, the principle revivalist of this move of God, becoming deceived, deluded & finally suffering a nervous breakdown which took him out of the public limelight to live the life of a recluse. Furthermore, the fruits of the revival in Wales (but not world-wide) were soon lost through criticism, fears of deception & a Welsh theology which suppressed the assurance of salvation. Within a generation there were no signs that a revival had ever occurred." 
[Be warned that one's healing (which one is chasing after by continually visiting every new evangelist) will unlikely stick/stay without both baptisms.

Shaw, Gwen  End Time Handmaidens & Servants - consecration vows -
End Time Handmaidens & Servants -
End Time Handmaidens & Servants -
End Time Handmaidens & Servants -
"God had poured out His Spirit. Miracles of healing had taken place. People had seen angels. God had come down to be with us. As...I lay on my bed. I looked up to God & asked Him a question. 'God, how can you use me?
I am nothing. I make mistakes. I am far from perfect. Yet I have seen Your glory like a trail of fire following me everywhere. How? Why?'  He answered me! '
It's because you are willing to do anything I ask you to do.' 
'Is that all, Lord? Then You could use anyone, any woman, who, like myself, would be totally surrendered to You.'  '
Yes, My child, I could,' He answered.  'Then, Lord, raise up 10,000 women-women just like myself, who will pay any price, make any sacrifice, be totally obedient to Your will.' The year was 1966." 
"I beg you, please don't waste your life.  Answer that call of God upon your life which has been there since you were in your mother's womb.  God's Word says to you, "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; & before thou came forth out of the womb I sanctified thee. 
I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." (Jeremiah 1:5) You say, "I can't do it. 
God says, "
Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee. 
Whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak
." (verse 7)You say, "I'm not talented. I have no gift to preach. 
God says, "
Behold, I have put My words in thy mouth." (verse 9)"
"God has given me supernatural strength to fulfill a supernatural calling.
But, as hard as I work & as fast as I run, I can't keep up with it... I can understand the heart's cry of Moses when he said, 'I am not able to bear all this people alone, because it is too heavy for me.' (Numbers 11: 14)...
Then I hear God say to me what He said to Moses, '
I will take of the spirit which is upon thee, & will put it upon them; & they shall bear the burden of the people with thee, that thou bear it not thyself alone.' (Numbers 11:17)" 

Gwen Bergman Schmidt Shaw autobiography

Brother Bakht Singh -
Brother Bakht Singh -

Taylor, Hudson @,%20A%20Missionary,%20Hudson%20Taylor.htm

The Miraculous Then and Now

Toledo, Jennifer Miller -  (+ many other ministries)
3/13-19/2006 testimony
7/5-10/2009 Messianic Vision radio archived testimony
Jennifer's testimony
Jennifer Toledo 2009 - 11/23/2009 TV broadcast - "Jennifer Toledo has witnessed the supernatural favor of God in some of the most inhospitable places.  As a young adult, Jennifer was directed by God to go & minister in the blistering Turkana Desert of Africa to a tribe known to have a blood covenant with Satan."
TV transcript   
Living on the Edge
Ministry to children
The Weeping Room audio -
room of intimacy in His heart

TWR or Trans Word Radio - Cary, North Carolina or London, Ontario

Walters, Kathie - The Almont Tree Challenge - 3/21/2008
Walters, Kathie -
We do NOT work for God, rather, He works through us.  He is our peace. 12/2014
Walters, Kathy - 4/5/2014 -
Kathie Walters at the "Prophetic Seers Conference" at The Oasis  nice + short -
Satan’s evil qualifying spirit sits on the back of most of us, until persistently evicted.

What is God Doing in India -  

Wilkerson, Ralph - Beyond and Back - book & movie -
Chapter 7 "Wesley Will Return to Us," but He Didn't
"If a doctor puts you on medication, he alone (rather than a minister) should be 1 who takes you off it. 
1 of the most famous evangelists who prayed for the sick was sued for practicing medicine without a license during a crusade.  He told a 7 year old boy, who was a polio victim, to remove his brace.  Under the law of that state, it was interpreted that the evangelist, who was in his 30iss, was prescribing instead of praying for the sick. 
Again I emphasize the importance of a physician attesting one's healing, for it strengthens the testimony."

World Teach - - to equip Christian teachers in Indonesia

World Vision weekly radio Report: Doc in a Box   5/2007 - Laurie Garrett believes
container clinics
ultimately could make portable medicine a reality for those countries that need .


Back to Jerusalem ministry -
Yun, Brother with Hattaway, Paul - The Heavenly Man - autobiography of Chinese man who God resurrected from death in prison

 - Find a YWAM missionary - YWAM Operating Location Profile

Mission School Finder

Russian incarcerated children

40 Days of Attack  Why 40 Days? : 
pg 6 shares, "As he thought about the (barrage of pesky flies), the Holy Spirit asked him, 'What are the names of Satan?'... Then it struck him (a pastor in California). Beelzebub is 1 of the names of Satan & it means 'lord of flies.'...He soon found that the life cycle of a fly is typically 40 days. 
 Therefore, 40 days of sustained treatment is needed to wipe out an infestation of flies."


Kerr, Kat - Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours 2014 @
Father, I see in Your word, that You are NOT done with us yet; that is OK with me. 
Only You decide; we can't change that.  So I have decided, I'm going to run with Your plan, because I want Your will done on this earth as it is in heaven.  NOT my will, not the government's will, not the enemy's will. 
I want Your will done.  We have been saying it (the Lord's prayer) for 2,000 years; it's about time it happened. 
I'm going to help make it happen.  I want to carry Your glory; it is Christ in me that is the hope of glory. 
I want to help write Your story, about how You took this earth out of the hands of the enemy & for a long season, we, the body of Christ, will carry the glory, take dominion & push darkness out of our lives, homes & cities. 
I want You to know, You have my permission to use me any way You want to."


Jake, TD shares how he preached to animals in the woods (the same way others have & the same way some preached to dolls) in preparation to deliver His word to people...
God gave TD insight to dwell in the secret place of his heart with Him, the place of safety, free from fear of rejection.  Listen to end of program 6/27/2011.
He-Motions, Pt 2 - 6/19/2011 He-Motions, Pt 1

McLean, Marina - Understanding Process - CD -
Marina discusses, for one, the importance of rehearsing what it is in our heart that we perceive God wants us to do in the future. She also discusses the importance of networking.

Wommack, Andrew - -
God trains us up in baby steps.  Do not expect to be superman without having to go through the: training, maturation, growth process, being obedient in the little/insignificant things.

Medical Missionaries

Brand, Dr Paul Wilson - Noted Surgeon and Author Paul Brand Dies at Age 89 -
biography -
"Born to missionary parents in the mountains of southwestern India in 1914, Brand attended London University, where he met his wife, Margaret Berry. The 2 surgeons returned to Vellore, India, to teach at the
Christian Medical College & Hospital.  While working as the school's 1st professor of orthopedics & hand research, Brand pioneered surgical work with those suffering from Hansen's disease, a bacterial infection more commonly known as leprosy. He was the 1st surgeon to use reconstructive surgery to correct deformities caused by the disease in the hands & feet, & developed many other forms of prevention & healing from the disease.
Before Brand, it was widely believed that those suffering from Hansen's Disease lost their fingers & feet because of rotting flesh. Instead, Brand discovered, such deformities were due to the loss of ability to feel pain." 7/2003
Brand, Dr Paul Wilson - Ten Fingers for God - by Dorothy Clarke Wilson -
Reader's Digest book condensation
Sahib Doctor - The Healing Surgeon of Vellore

Butain, Huldah - Mercy Ministries, Calcutta, India -      
6/9/2008 - +
Wife Huldah + daughter Bonnie share work of Mark (deceased missionary/doctor/founder). 
Mark casually passed a mentally ill boy chained to a tree.  He casually spoke in passing, "It is time for you (demon/ possession/oppression/insanity) to go, now."  The boy immediately became well/delivered...
Hospital land given to them was sitting on sea water. 
Mark had staff & family hold hands & pray around dug wet basement.

He lowered (tied to a string) the small Bible (which he always carried) into the hole. 

He spoke TO the water commanding it to recede.  It obeyed.  The land became permanently dry.

, Huldah - Treasures in Heaven - -
authored by Donaldson & BW Company - insightful and encouraging
Butain, Huldah - Huldah Butain - Woman of Courage - - authored by Donaldson & Dobson
Long, Bonnie Butain - My Dad's Best Sermons & Peoms -
Long, Bonnie Butain - The Cry - - authored by Yasmin D'Souza
Butain, Mark - Mark Buntain - Friend of God, Friend of Calcutta - DVD -  
Butain, Mark - section HEART @

Panjabi, Raj - Last Mile Health Back Pack - - - -
Last Mile Health is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization with offices in Boston, MA & Liberia. Tax ID #: 261401736 (Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA.)


If you have been financially burned by others or if you have abused others financially,
you need to repent and/or forgive others and self + pray for others and self.  Take your neediness & wounds to the Lord.  Grow up in the areas that are wanting. Be transparent; submit yourself to at least 1 mentor/counselor/ superior/peer.  Otherwise you have left open a door for which Satin to enter & act up later in your life. 
We have found that those missionaries/pastors who enlist at a very young age (such as priests/nuns), those who enlist immediately after finding the Lord (such as drug addicts/prostitutes/street people/prisoners), those from 3rd world countries, + the very rich, all tend to have wrong thinking that handicaps them, especially as they work their way up into administration & places of power/authority.  Most have few work skills & bad work ethic.
Seldom do they have adequate business/financial skills to operate a ministry. 
You may have heard the statement that they are so heavenly good that they are no earthly good. 
Many tend to be like a spoiled brat, expecting their congregation /underlings/donors to bankroll them, while they spend with impunity, lacking accountability and insight.  Many tend to have the attitude of entitlement. 
Some even go so far as to interpret their visions, "God told me that you would take care of me (parent me financially & emotionally)!"  If you do not have the needed ministry skills, then get a good team/family around you which has the skills that you are lacking, at least until you acquire the credentials/expertise. 
The body of Christ is NOT one person.  It is a church of many parts. 
Be sure to join the financial accountability organizations that will monitor your ministry & help you tow the mark.  Plug into the other ministries that likewise will mentor/assist you. 
Satin will pick off a loner, like a wolf will pick off a stray sheep

Additionally, Father God will parent you, & the Holy Spirit will be your counselor, but you need to ask. 
2nd, the Trinity most often works through people. 
We know this because of Jesus' example, God's coming & operating in the flesh. 
So if others, such as your parents, have failed you, or if you have failed others & yourself,
drop to your knees & allow God to begin to meet your needs. 
After all, it is He Who wants to use you, to meet His needs on earth...
Remember Jesus was a member of God's family (born again) from day #1, but He did NOT begin a public ministry until he had pursued and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 
(We understand that a rabbi could not begin to practice until he was 30, the age at which Jesus began to minister.) Next, Jesus formed a business, a team of ministry, a dozen co-laborers, which He 1st trained/mentored. 
He did not work solo.  Let Jesus be our business role model... Ministry work is spiritual parenting.
 One has conception & growing pains, plus birthing pains, & then often pains of mentoring. 
One's human spirit can feel all these pains, but also those joys, even dancing feet.
1 key is NOT: to recoil, to fail to act, to fail to go forward, to abort what God is doing. 
Then we have failed His test of obedience. 
Then God has to use the next AVAILABLE person, & pass us by. NOT QUALIFIED, just AVAILABLE. 
We must never rely on our fear or timidity or negative thoughts.
Neither must we rely on what is NORMAL for us.  For instance, that means that if we typically FEEL comfortable going to a Catholic church & God impresses us to go to synagogue or to a protestant church,
then we OBEY Him & NOT our emotions.  We are going for Him or them & NOT for us/me. 
In Christ, we are dead. If we are dead, then there is NO shame or embarrassment.
We must train our spiritual ears to recognize God's voice in our heart & OBEY it...
One has heard the saying, "Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.' 
Likewise, youth, "Do not throw out the elders with the bathwater." 
The elders and the youth need each other, with the Trinity as your head boss. 
After all, it is His NOT our business/church/ministry, we are runing & His legacy/glory/fame we are protecting.

Some of Our Fore-Fathers in Christ

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich -

ten Boom, Corrie - Each New Day - 365 daily meditations - Barbour publisher - (born in Holland)

Carter, Howard & Sumrall, Lester -
December 18, 1931, the night of my 2nd vision, far away in London, England, Howard Carter was praying.
He was so moved by what he sensed God
telling him that he wrote the words of the message down:
''I have found a (ministry) companion for thee; I have called a worker to stand beside thee...
He is called & chosen & shall join thee. Behold he cometh; he cometh from afar. He cometh to help thee to carry thy burden & be a strength at thy side, & thou shall find pleasure in his service & shall delight in his fellowship
Lester Sumrall was that companion.  What ensued was a relationship not unlike that of Paul & Timothy's & a ministry that changed the course of the world. Together, the 2 men forged new territory in the arena of spiritual warfare as they cast out devils, won new converts, established churches, & instructed men & women of God from Australia to England. After growing in the grace & knowledge of God, & meeting pioneers of faith such as Smith Wigglesworth, World War II separated" them. Free Bible - - - -

Hicks, Tom -
Hicks, Tom -
Hicks, Tom - by Peter Wagner
"Throughout the history of Protestant missions to Latin America, Argentina has been 1 of the more resistant nations. With the exception of the Tommy Hicks
crusade & its aftermath in the early 1950s, the evangelical movement in Argentina has been pretty lackadaisical."

Shores III, Leland -
(1962-2011) Uganda, Africa ministry

Spurgeon, CH - Evening by Evening - 365 daily meditations - Whitaker House publisher

Sumrall, Lester - Lillian Trasher - Nile Mother - -
Sumrall, Lester - Biography -
Lester Sumrall (1913-1996) was a world-renowned pastor and evangelist, entering full-time service for God after experiencing what he recalls as the most dramatic & significant thing that ever happened to him.
At the age of 17, as he lay on a deathbed suffering from tuberculosis, he received a vision.
Suspended in midair to the right of his bed was a casket; on his left was a large open Bible.
He heard these words: 'Lester Sumrall, which of these will you choose tonight?'
He made his decision; he would preach the Gospel as long as he lived.
When Lester Sumrall awoke the next morning, he was completely healed & served the Lord for 65 years...
"My mother had decided, even before I was born, that I was going to be a preacher.
She had prayed for me fervently while I was in her womb, back when I couldn't do anything about it, except kick a little. I was born at home, child number 6 & completely unplanned.'"
"God showed him, through a vision, the next step he was to take. The vision revealed multitudes, men & women of various nationalities, going to Hell, & their blood was on the young preacher's hands.
This vision, in much the same way as the 1st, took Lester's life in an entirely new direction."
"12/18/1931, the night of my 2nd vision, far away in London, England, Howard Carter was praying.
He was so moved by what he sensed God telling him that he wrote the words of the message down:
'I have found a companion for thee; I have called a worker to stand beside thee...
He is called & chosen & shalt join thee
. Behold he cometh; he cometh from afar.
He cometh to help thee
to carry thy burden & be a strength at thy side,
& thou shalt find pleasure in his service & shalt delight in his fellowship.'
Lester Sumrall was that companion. What ensued was a relationship not unlike that of Paul & Timothy's & a ministry that changed the course of the world. Together, the 2 men forged new territory in the arena of spiritual warfare as they cast out devils, won new converts, established churches & instructed men & women of God from Australia to England.  After growing in the grace & knowledge of God, and meeting pioneers of faith such as Smith Wigglesworth, World War II separated Lester from his friends in England. Fortunately, the war also served to unite him to a woman (Louise Layman) with whom he would spend the majority of his years...
Lester Sumrall, with the help & support of his family & many friends, founded LeSEA
(Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association) in 1957."
Sumrall, Lester -2nd half friendship with Wigglesworth 2nd half is   Jesus is the Lord's glory. good
, Lillian - LTO Orphanage -   
, Lillian - LTO Easter -
, Lillian - Ministry to Egyptian orphanages - #1 -
, Lillian - Ministry to Egyptian orphanages - #2 @
, Lillian - Ministry to Egyptian orphanages - #3 -
Trasher, Lillian - Ministry to Egyptian orphanages - #4 -
Trasher, Lillian - Ministry to Egyptian orphanages - #5 -
Trasher, Lillian - (1887-1961) - Publications - - - - good -

Wesley, John - biography - - 339

Whitefield, George - biography - - 340

Williamstown, Massachusetts - The Haystack Revival - CBN TV - Video -

What About Spiritual Covering?

Barmy, Army  - -
Understanding the concept of spiritual authority & how to be a man or woman under authority is perhaps the most important lesson that Christians need to learn. It was the failure of Adam & Eve to operate properly in the authority that was given to them that has led the whole world into bondage. Jesus, through His death, burial, & resurrection has regained that authority & delegated it to the Body & in particular, to His disciples. 
Jesus Himself operated as a man under authority during His earthly ministry & because of His obedience all the way to death the Father has exalted Him to the very highest place.
In the paragraphs that follow we will take a whirlwind look at biblical authority.
I encourage you to learn all you can on this topic, for it is 1 of the major keys to a powerful Holy Spirit ministry ."

Bevington, G. C. - Remarkable Miracles - excerpt @ -
"Well, as the meeting progressed, these 4 said several times that I must come over into their neighborhood,
to which I paid no attention as my hands were full there.  But they kept urging me until finally I said...
'Well, have you the permission of your pastor for me to hold a meeting in said church...
It belongs to the M. E. Conference, & you would have to get permission.'
So I went up to my room & got on my face. I lay there for 26 hours, & then felt led to go over.
I kept trudging on in the snow & it was very cold, so cold that men were cutting solid ice 22" thick out of a pond.
I soon got tired, set the grips down & said, 'Lord, where am I going?'
'What’s that to thee? Follow thou Me.' was all I got in answer.
I said, 'Right,' picked up the grips & started on...
I said again, 'O God, where am I going?' & again came the answer, 'What’s that to thee?'
So on I trudged...& soon ran into it; but it proved to be a straw stack. A voice said, 'This is the place.'
I said, 'All right,' threw off my coat, & went to pulling straw, at which I got nicely warmed up.
I pulled straw until I was back in the stack some 12 feet, about 3 feet from the ground, so as to be warm.
Then I packed the straw all out, took in my grips, put on my coat, used 1 of the grips for a pillow, dropped down on my back & said, 'Well, praise God, I don’t reckon Jesus ever had much better than this, & probably most of the time not nearly so good.' At that the straw stack was lighted up so that I saw the most beautiful sight I ever saw.
It looked just like crystallized straw, nearly as large as my little finger, lying in all positions, crossing each other & forming a beautiful net work.
Well, I was frightened, as I feared that I had gotten a match lighted while pulling straw.
My fear was soon banished, for I threw up my hands and there were the cold, damp straws. 
Oh, beloved, I will never be able.
This side of Heaven, to draw a worthy picture of that scene and also of the dazzlings going on down in the soul. 
I have often thought that was a foretaste of what Heaven is going to be.
We are taught down here to view things according to (earthly) laws. 
The appearance of those straws did not allow the working of natural laws, as each was apart from the others & they did not appear to touch one another. I have thought many times that is the trouble with us:
We must see things down here as under the lights of natural laws, while God often breaks through the natural order of things completely setting the natural aside; hence we fail to get the real import of His designs.
That experience in that cold straw stack has been a great help to me many & many a time, enabling me to accept things that before I would have rejected on philosophical grounds. While God works through natural laws very much, yet I have found that He has special lessons for us which go far beyond the natural laws.
I have learned that ruts are dangerous channels to travel in.
God wants us so pliable that He can twist us up, or throw us here or yonder & that we will recognize His hand though in other garbs or along other lines than those in which similar incidents have appeared.
There is no doubt but that God would give us wonderful revelations if He could get us in condition to receive them. I am well assured that the deeper lessons which God wants us to have are all in line of the apparently ridiculous. They are not on the public highway.  The casual traveler never sees them, for they are not on his route.
‘Tis on the unreasonable, out-of-the-ordinary route that these lessons are to be learned, generally routes similar to my getting into this straw stack.  I learned invaluable lessons from that.
As I told this to dear Revelation John Fleming one time, he burst out crying, & said, 'Brother Bevington, I would have given $100.00 to see that straw stack when it was so luminously lit up.' Had I appealed to reason as I came up against that stack, I would have taken the ground that to go in there when the thermometer was registering below twenty would be altogether out of reason. Everything would have stood against such proceeding.
I would have produced about this sort of an argument: God has set forth His laws & demands of us obedience, relative to taking care of our bodies. So I can’t accept this as the place where God wants me,
as He has called me to preach. He said that the laborer is worthy of his hire. I am His child.
Mr. Devil, I am not going to allow you to run me into such a place as this, on such extravagant lines,
to bring on a tremendous cold & probably, pneumonia which would more than likely cause a premature death. 
So I could quite logically have reasoned this all out.
Though had I done so, I would have lost 1 of the grandest lessons of my life.
So we need to get where we will be willing to break all laws in order to get some of the private lessons the Lord has for us. Just those few words of acquiescence to His will, when I said, 'Well, I suppose Jesus never had a better bed than this,' gave me 1 of the grandest visions I have ever beheld. Yes, those few words spoke volumes which have enabled me to store up great quantities of knowledge of His will relative to me."

2007 Ferrell, Ana Mendez + Emerson - -
The Voice of Light Ministry explains in part what its' "membership (or spiritual covering)" requirements are. 
This ministry is heavily Spanish & ministers mostly in South America. 
It is also heavily involved with spiritual warfare.
2008 Ferrell, Ana Mendez + Emerson - Apostolic Impartation 3 DVDs
for those wanting to come under the covering of  The Voice of Light Ministry. -
Recommended for seasoned Christians who want to do spiritual warfare & are not afraid to stand alone with God, as did Noah.
2009 Mendez-Ferrell (among other pastors/ministries) have now come under conviction that God rather than man/ministry is to be one's spiritual covering. Emphasis is now on the Holy Spirit directly downloading into/covering/mentoring the individual, with the ministry being like a conductor of a symphony. 
Ana is under the covering of Dr. Rony Chaves, Costa Rica & C. Peter Wagner in US & Europe.
"Apostle John Eckhardt is" Emerson's "covering" per
, Ana Mendez - High Level Warfare - Safe from Counter Attack -
Chapter 5 Casualties of War -
We all need to be accountable to a local pastor; if doing larger (such as national) warfare we need to be released by our local pastor (to affiliate with & be accountable to the respective reputable deliverance ministry) for specific endeavors.  Beforehand, we need to "study the characteristic of the strongman we are going to fight...
See which of these traits are present in our own lies."  One must eradicate his own defects (especially those similar/identical to those of the territory's stronghold) before attempting warfare, lest he/she become the victim/defeated/ineffectual/unprotected. IMPORTANT.

Jones, Noel - 2009 - Covering -

Maldonado, Guillermo - How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God - - recommended - Miami, Florida, USA - Chapter 6 The Anointing - the 2nd Dimension of the Supernatural -
"The mantle, or anointing, is our covering while we reside on earth...
The anointing comes from God to man, but impartation is given from 1 man to another by God's will...
Gifts & talents without the anointing will never bring glory to God...
The anointing is activated by faith that demands action." 
Chapter 7 Glory - The 3rd Dimension of the Supernatural -
Maldonado, Guillermo - 9/12/2019 TV - When Holy Spirit is operating His gifts through us to perform healings, deliverance, miracles, it is NOT (necessarily) God's affirmation of us personally but of God's ability, especially when we are operating solo, not under another, not accountable to another, not under submission to another spiritual person/ministry. (Yes, checks and balances are important, as long as one is NOT required to submit to another as though he/it were a dictator, such as to a denomination that dismisses portions of scripture. 
Once scripture becomes a law, so that one does NOT act out of love, then it automatically violates/breaks/wounds/hurts God's heart. 
Same would apply to a demand/requirement for $.)  Program ends with impartation prayer.

Morris, Robert - - 10/14/2011 - "Be under authority in order to wield authority."

Morrow, Zona Hayes - Avenge Me of My Adversary - book & spring 2008 newsletter -
"When I left the covering of my husband, I gave the devil an opportunity to attack me...the Lord said...
'Tell him you are coming home, because I never told you to leave."

Stone, Perry - Mentoring Program -
Stone, Perry - Breaking the Power of a Satanic Hedge - 6/12/2011
@ -
Never minister without spiritual covering & intercessors.

Spiritual Mantles Scripture

Numbers 20:24-27 TLB Kwikscan 23The Lord said to Moses & Aaron at the border of the land of Edom,
24"The time has come for Aaron to die, for he shall NOT enter the land I have given the people of Israel,
for the 2 of you rebelled against My instructions concerning the water at Meribah

25Now take Aaron & his son Eleazar and lead them up onto Mount Hor
26There you you shall remove Aaron's priestly garments from him & put them on Eleazar his son.
Aaron shall die there
27So Moses did as the Lord commanded him.

Deuteronomy 34:9 TLB Kwikscan 9Joshua (son of Num) was full of the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hands upon him; so the people of Israel obeyed him.

Mantles Resources

Adamnan - The Life of Columba - an abridged translation by John Gregory, Floris Books, Edinburgh
Adamnan's Preface  Columba "was given the same name as the prophet Jonah.  For the Hebrew word Iona, the Greek name Peristera and the Latin term Columba ALL have the same meaning of dove." 
Scripture reveals "that the Holy Spirit came down in the form of a dove."
"Many years before his (Adaman's) birth...a stranger of British race, a holy man & a disciple of the holy Bishop (saint) Patrick, named Mauchte, made the following prophecy, 'In the last years of the world...there will be born a son whose name Columba will become famous through all the provinces of the islands of the Ocean. 
He will shed a bright light over the last years of the earth.'"
"An angel of the Lord appeared one night in a dream to the venerable man's mother, between his conception & birth; & standing beside her presented her, as it seemed, with a robe of wonderful beauty, on which fair colours, as of every kind of flower, could be seen portrayed.  After a brief pause, he asked for it back and took it from her hands; & lifting it & spreading it out, he let it go in the empty air. 
Grieving that it was taken from her, she spoke to the man of venerable demeanour as follows,
'Why do you take this delightful robe a way from me so quickly?' 
He then said, 'It is because this cloak is so greatly honoured that you will be able to keep it no loner.'
After he said this, the woman saw the aforesaid robe gradually flying further away from her & growing larger, so that it stretched beyond the breath of the plains and rose above the mountains & woods with its greater stature.  She heard a voce afterwards that spoke as follows, 'Woman, do not grieve.  For to the husband to whom you are jointed in the bond of matrimony, you will bear a son so gifted, that he will be counted as one of the great prophets of God.  He is predestined by God to lead countless souls to the country of heaven.' 
On hearing this voice, the woman awoke."
Book #1 - The Prophecies, Book #2 - the Miracles, Book #3 - The Visions

Brooks, Steven 12/29/2008-1/2/2009 radio
Brooks, Steven - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - radio broadcast #1624 + book  superior
"Steven Brooks shares about the release of spiritual mantles" (representing "the presence & power of God on your life to fulfill your destiny").  We each have a destiny for which we were created. 
However there are destinies of ancestors & other clergy that failed to complete &/or failed to pass on their mantles.  These too are available to us.  Additionally, we are to pass on our mantles. 
Also do not fail to become intimate with the great saints of old. 
Much of their spiritual history has been buried & covered over. 
Discover & savor their greatness.  There are levels of anointing/ power. 
At which floor in God's house are you? There are 3 baptisms -water/Holy Spirit/Fire (+ likely suffering).
The fire burns out the impurities of our hearts + sets us  running (& demons fleeing). 
Chapter 2 What Is a mantle?  "The presence and power of the Holy Spirit upon one's accomplish what God has called you to do.  Every born-again believer has an anointing within...
Be faithful to operate in the anointing that you currently have" & qualify yourself for a new mantle by spending intimate time with the Trinity.
Chapter 3 The Biblical Pattern  "Often when you are at your lowest point is when you are closest to receiving your miracle...Nothing from Heaven comes cheap." 
The greater the anointing the greater the personal cost and testing (by both Satan and God).
Chapter 5 A New Testament View of Mantles  "Find your place of anointing and do what ever it is with all your heart that God has called you to do."  If you recognize a great man of God, take every opportunity to serve him, even if it means washing his ministry toilets.  Rejoice that you have this opportunity.
Chapter 6 Examples Throughout Church History "A call to a ministry office is also a calling that usually runs down the family line.  The children might not accept it, but it is available nonetheless " to them or successive generations. 
Often those who practice the occult are those who have a spiritual/Godly calling on their lives, but have misunderstood & misused their giftings.
Chapter 8 Guidelines for Receiving a Mantle  "What you listen to (heed/imitate/read/watch/admire/visit) the most will have the greatest influence in your life."  Sometimes the electronic equipment will refuse to work because of demonic interference or even natural causes; however sometimes God intervenes to shield our physical & spiritual ears.  Today's wine has a much higher alcoholic content than in Old Testament times
Our liberty to drink in public may hurt another's conscience.  Beware of wounding a brother in Christ.
Chapter 9 Let the Holy Spirit choose Your Mantle  "Valuable mantles that have been captured & placed in the enemy's camp are being taken back.  You may be surprised what God want to give to you...
Much has been lost through default."
Chapter 10 How I Receive My First Mantle  Transference of holy mantles often come via "serving, close association, dreams, visions, or angelic visitations."  The Lord told Steven, "My people...when they left this world, no one ever claimed their mantles.  They are waiting to be claimed."  "The Lord has a (special) mantle for you to receive...
When the Lord gives you a mantle, a special anointing'  It will identify with who God made you to be." 

Be continually prepared & be continually expectant for your mantle(s).
Brooks, Steven - Divine Visitations CD - superior  gives an impartation
Live Streaming 6PM Sundays, South Carolina - time zone
Sid Roth TV - 4/13-19/2009
"Steven Brooks was instructed by God to write a book about the transference of mantles."
"I laid down that night, but late into the evening the Lord came & took me up into the heavenly realm, the spiritual atmosphere up above us, about 6 miles straight up.
I was able to look.  The Lord placed me behind a rock outcropping in the spirit realm.  I was able to look down into a valley & saw an enemy camp. I saw demonic beings marching around the camp protecting something. 
Over the top of this camp I saw 2 huge demonic creatures flying.
They looked like bats with wings, patrolling the airwaves, guarding something.
The demonic beings had enormous spears with sharp razor pointed tips.
I was so wanting to see what they were protecting down there. 
As I was looking at that, wondering what it was, suddenly over my left shoulder 2 huge white angels swept down right over my shoulder & down into the enemy camp. They circled around the camp with tremendous speed & stirred all the evil spirits into a frenzy.  Like a lightning bolt, like a Blue Angel jet fighter plane, those 2 angels took off with tremendous speed.  The whole enemy camp took off & followed those 2 angels...
I heard the voice of the Lord say, 'Go quickly.  Those are My 2 decoy angels.'
It cleared out the entire camp. I ran down that valley as fast as I could.
I ran up, to my surprise, to a stack of clothing. 
It was stacked up 5 feet high, about 8 feet long.  It looked like a rectangular block.
I saw thousands upon thousands of pieces of clothing, hats, gloves, scarves, boots.
In puzzlement, I said, 'Lord, what is this?'  The Lord said, 'These are unclaimed mantles
Many of My saints who have walked with Me in times past have come home with Me. 
Many times nobody ever claimed their mantle.  There's also situations where mantles cannot be transferred, because there's nobody qualified to receive them at that time or in that generation'...
They're available for ministers...I somehow knew that my mantle was in there.
I somehow knew where it was at, because in the spirit realm knowledge flows very very quickly. 
I stuck my right hand into the center of the pile. 
I stuck it so far in the clothing came up to my shoulder & grabbed it & yanked it out of the pile. 
It was the mantle the Lord for me.  I held it up.  It was a blue sweatshirt. 
You have to understand, blue is my favorite color.  It represents the prophetic ministry & realm.
The Lord's called me to the ministry of a prophet.  I've always loved wearing sweatshirts. 
When I'm not ministering but when I'm traveling, I always want to dress comfortable, so for me that was my favorite thing to wear. 
So I pulled it over my head, pushed my arms through the sleeves & it was an absolute perfect fit. 
Then the voice of the Lord spoke to me & said the name of the minister who used to wear it.
He said 'He (Saint Columba) was one of My trusted prophets.' He told me where he used to live...
He said he lived right off the coast of Scotland & named a small island...The Lord told me this man lived 1400 years ago.  I found a book as I began to research that had traveled down through the Catholic church about the life of this man's ministry. 2 weeks later after I'd received that mantle, the same types of things began to happen to me that I read happened to that man on a regular basis. 
I began having angelic visitations.  Words of knowledge began to flow with such detail."
"Steven prays corporately.  When people read his book, they come into position to receive these mantles."
"Many times even without seeing into the spirit realm, people are conscious of a tangible weight that comes on them over their shoulders. Felt like a cloth.  In the Old Testament, a mantle was a cloth or an animal skin that they wore, but in the New Testament it's the anointing, but it can still have a weight.
People have said 'Something came over my shoulder.'  Many times even a heat going along.
They feel a heat, a weightiness come upon them & receive an anointing from the Lord, a fresh new mantle...
It's time for the release of these mantles These anointings are coming upon this great end time harvest that we're facing we need these anointings to do the works God has assigned us to do...
(PRAYER) Heavenly Father, I thank You for those that are watching (listening/reading this) today.
Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You that You have an anointing, a mantle to fit the calling & the walk that You have assigned to this person watching (listening/reading this) right now. 
Father, in Jesus' name, I speak release of the mantle of the anointing that God has held in store just for you. 
Now put up your hands, receive & take by faith the anointing & the mantle from heaven that God is now bestowing upon your life & walk in it & do the works God has called you to do.  Hallelujah."
6.10.2010+10.6.20222 ...
"We're going to see an anointing greater than that because He has saved the best wine for last.
We're going to walk in the mantles of some of the greatest saints that ever walked on the planet.
Not only ministers but musicians are going to receive mantles, businessmen are going to receive mantles, teachers are going to receive mantles. They're going to fall like never before."
Brooks, Steven -
Where are the Mantles? -

Cerullo, Morris - Passing on the Mantle -
Elijah institute booklets and CD/DVD series -
"Every month as my God's Victorious Army Partner, you will receive...your next installment of The Elijah Institute training series, Strategies of Satan Against Believers." 
Some Cerullo transcripts can be obtained for free by signing up at

Durham, James 10/8/2020 @

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Seated in Heavenly Places - -
Chapter 1 - God Is a God of Designs - Revelation 19:10 The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. 
"A prophetic mantel of revelation is falling upon the Church, called to be the spouse of the Lamb...
"God wants to raise up a...people whose power & authority are the fruit of an intimate & revealed knowledge of Christ in that in that revelation the heavens & the earth operate in 1 united realty by Christ Jesus (as it did before Adam & Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden, simultaneously walking in 2 realms).

Freed, Sandie - The War Mantle to Defeat Athaliah Who Targets Our Generations By Dr. Sandie Freed -
"It is time for war concerning the generations. Abraham had to go to war over his family & so must many of us.  Recalling the story, Lot was taken captive by several kings & Abraham had to gather an army to go to war to free Lot. (See Genesis 14)."

Fordham - Medieval Sourcebook - Adamnan - Life of St Columba - -
Chapter 3 - Ernene, son of Crasen "came forward stealthily, that he might touch unperceived even the hem of the cloak which the blessed man wore."  St Columba "putting his hand behind him, he seized the boy...
He said, 'My son, open thy mouth & put out thy tongue'...
Carefully blessing it (St Columba) pronounced his prophecy...
'Though this body appears to you now very contemptible & worthless, let none on that account despise him. 
For from this hour, not only will he not displease you, but he will give you every satisfaction.
From day to day he shall advance in degrees in good conduct & in the virtues of the soul. 
From this day, wisdom & prudence shall be more & more increased in him.
Great shall be his progress in this your community. 
His tongue also shall receive from God the gift of both wholesome doctrine & eloquence

, Anne - 6/2008 newsletter + at current web home page -
"One day in prayer, I told the Lord, 'The mantle is too big & too heavy.  The responsibility is too great.'  
He spoke to my heart saying, 'I did not make the mantle to fit you.  I am making you to fit the mantle.'"

Grable, Steve - Mantle of Jeremiah - "I heard the Spirit say, 'The higher the calling, the greater the cost'... God does indeed give prophetic mantles today. However, the cost is not just significant, but rather the cost is everything." -

Hallam, Walter's testimony regarding daughter's death & God's visit  
Recent Death Revelation - inter-view by Perry Stone on Manna-Fest TV - Discussion by Christ of Saul's taking up of Steven's mantle.

Hinn, Benny  Anointing of the Holy Spirit  2/28-29/2008
Times Square, Marriott Marquis, New York conference & subsequent broadcasts
"Elisha asked for a double portion of what was on Elijah’s life...
The double portion (is) the birthright of the...born (again)...
Jesus is not interested in those who are reluctant to follow...Run after the anointing.
Give up associations that are draining you & keeping you from the double portion."
4/21/2008 -    
4/22/2008 -

Hinn, Benny - - "4 locations throughout the Holy Land, including Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho, and the Jordan River...represent...the greatest lessons of life: faith, surrender, winning the war & a fresh vision, that are required before God can use you effectively."

Hunter, Charles & Frances - application for Ordination  @  
(1 among many ministries who do this. 
Be foreWARNED, avoid free ordination from organizations to which you do not adhere!)

KAT KERR – Recorded on 22/6/2014 at FirstLoveKC @ - recommended - Manifestation Mantle -
Kerr, Kat - An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2) @
When you are born-again, you give God a soul layer that is a transparent self image, which God seats in heavenly places; you now have a self-representative seated in heaven. 
For any spiritual commissioning, that soul layer on earth as well as in heaven receives a mantle.
matthew/6-10.htm -
10'Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.

Maldonado, Guillermo - Lima Session 3: The Mantle and Authority - 3/5/2011 -
During the 3rd session Apostle Maldonado spoke about the mantle vs. authority."
Maldonado, Guillermo - - 10/9/2012 - good -
"Elijah’s weapon was his mantle, which represents the anointing...When we transfer our mantle, it is because we are ready to go to heaven. The anointing, the mantle cannot be taken to heaven.
It must be transferred & left here on earth.
It cannot be transferred before God instructs because if you give it up before time, you can die.
The mantle transfers impartation of virtue, authority, power, grace. The impartation adds to your mantle, anointing...If you disconnect from the person you got it from, the mantle will start to dry up. Why? Who knows. The Apostle specifically prayed for something over & over again, but God never answered him. Then He answered through someone else. Apostle asked God why & God answered saying, 'If I always speak directly to you,
I am going
to build up your independence' [(self sufficiency). God needs us to be only sufficient in Him.]
"Boldness comes from God; is the supernatural courage to be daring...
When people are possessed by supernatural boldness, God is attracted to your steps of faith & confirms with miracles, signs & wonders... Don’t settle for mediocrity. Rise up & be a Giant Killer.
Inspire others to be bold, take risks so that your children will look up to you & want to be like you.
If  that does not touch you, then you are dead...
Take risks. How do you know you are taking a risk? You are making mistakes...
Form a culture of risk in the church. Do not settle with being the same person day after day.
The more you take risks, the more God imparts His power into you. Receive His power & go."

McLean, Renny - Media - -
Go to archives to select broadcast. -
"The Cloud Builders Network (CBN) is a community of ministers that are in covenant relationship with" Global Glory Ministries.

Pelletier, Prema - -
Rivers of Living Water Church Scarborough, Toronto, Canada -
"Many times, a spiritual Mantle is thrown over my shoulders.
It is like someone standing behind me and throwing a cloak over my shoulders. 
 know Who that Someone is. Praise the Lord."

Sep-99 - Prayer Coverings from

Stone, Perry - -
t the time of Dad’s passing.  Jason had wanted Dad to impart a special blessing to him, but because of his schedule & Dad’s condition, it seemed it would not occur. But this particular day, the Lord told him that, instead of going to lunch, he should immediately go see Fred at Life Care.
When I entered the room, Jason had been crying, & he was being moved by the Glory of the Lord.
He said, 'I was disappointed that Fred never was able to pray for me.
But while I was driving here the Lord kept giving me the verse He gave to Elisha when Elijah was about to depart, 'If you shall see me when I am taken up, you shall receive.'
Moments before Dad departed, Jason had spoken in Dad’s ear, telling him that the words he preached would not fall to the ground & would be carried on by the next generation. Dad’s lips began to move as though he was trying to say something. Within moments, Dad breathed his final breath. That is when the anointing came over Jason... I was upset that I had not been in the room, but I heard a word from deep in my spirit that I know was the voice of the precious Holy Spirit: 'Son, you already received a special impartation from Rufus Dunford at age 18, & you carry the DNA of your father. He prayed thousands of prayers for you from the time you were born. His impartation must go to others that will be linked to where I am leading you in the future.'”

Surbeck, Ueli - VISION @ "The Father (G-d) said IN the VOICE of the GENERAL, "THEY HAVE MISSED the HOUR of THEIR VISITATION". HE SAID IT 3 times consecutively:
They missed the hour of My visitation.  They think they are somebody, but in fact they are blind & naked.
As the prophets fell out & lost their mantles, I saw the Father pick up the mantles & give them to the faithful prophets of the hour that had NOT missed The HOUR of THEIR VISITATION." (Switzerland)

Thompson, Steve - You May All Prophesy - 101 textbook on how to - -
Chapter 3 How God Speaks - "Prophets were often called 'seers' in the Old Testament.  In II Kings 3...Elisha receives a double portion of (Holy) Spirit that was upon him & he also receives Elijah's mantle for ministry."

Walden, Franklin (senior) - The Unmistakable, Visible Anointing- Following God's Calling for over 1/2 Century -   autobiography - A must read
 Chapter 1 My Heritage of Faith 
"I believe my Daddy had a gift of faith and this gift of faith was transferred to me upon his death. 
I also believe it will be transferred to my son, Franklin, Jr., upon my death, along with my own faith."
Chapter 2 My Childhood  Praying in the woods with his Dad at the age of 3 taught him "the importance of spending time with God.  Most of all it taught me I as born for a purpose. 
Being born for a purpose doesn't mean Satan thinks you're special. 
To the contrary, he tries to kill you & intercept your future influence as a man of God. 
He (Satan) won't just destroy you, but he will destroy your faith & shipwreck your life, if you let him...
As soon as I (at age 12) accepted the (1st visitation &) call of God on my life, all hell broke loose...
For example Satan was so determined to kill Jesus, he caused Herod to kill all babies under 2 years of age...
Satan tormented & tortured Job, trying to make him deny God."
Chapter 5 Running with God  "Dad had told me on many occasions that while my mother was carrying me in her womb, that the anointing would come upon mother when he prayed & I would leap in her womb."
Chapter 8 Family Time 
"I didn't understand why God had shown me the vision about Newana's birth in such detail until 1 day, after being in my prayer room, He revealed to me that she was a special baby & would one day marry a minister. 
I believe when you are born for a purpose, God is in control of your life...
I believe all my children were born for a purpose & predestinated of God."
Chapter 12 Duplicating God's Power  The "purpose in ministry is to duplicate the anoint of God upon my life to younger men who are serious about the call of God upon their life. 
I call it soul-winning multiplication."  We "pour Jesus in people, who in turn, pour Jesus into others. 
Many of my Timothys are deliverances ministers...they cast out demons."
Chapter 15 My Father's Lifestyle of Faith - Franklin Walden, Jr
"When I look at Dad, I don't just see the man, Franklin Walden, Sr.  I see all the people that were healed...
Dad called me up & he said, 'Do what Daddy does,' & so I stuck my fingers in their ear.
I prayed for them; & they were healed.  That's how he instilled in me that I would have the same walk of faith that he has.  He taught by example.  Over the years he's done it more & more. 
Now when we work in services together, we flow in the gifts together."

Walker, Dennis - Catching the Initiatives of Heaven -
The Key to Accessing the Power of Heaven for Every Need on Earth
- -
Chapter 3 The Tent - a New Beginning section Increase Your Connection -
"Prophets impart the prophetic.  Those who move in healing carry a mantle of healing that extends to those around them. Whatever anointing you hang around will grow on you...
(With abandonment) give out what you have, so flow will increase."

Welton, Jonathan - -
"Well Revelation 3:19 says, 'There’s an anointing for the eyes that they would see.' 
Many times as I pray for you right now you’ll probably feel heat in your eyes. 
This is a sign of the Lord touching you.
I speak over your eyes right now in Jesus’ name that you would receive an activation of your spiritual eyes that they would begin to function, that they would begin to open, that they would begin to operate as they never have before.  That you’d have discerning of spirits released in your life. That you’d move up into this gift, that you bring healing to others, healing to yourself, & that you’d be able to release the presence of the Holy Spirit over your eyes right now. I speak that in Jesus’ name."  TV

Wommack, Andrew -

Passing of the Baton of Spiritual Leadership to the Next Generation

Holtz, Scott - -
"Prepare your hearts & minds for the long haul & a lengthy campaign of battle we all are in right now.  
Keep your bearings on the vision & prophecies Abba has given you in times past.  
They will come to pass at their appointed time… Though it tarries wait for it (
Hab. 2).  
Don’t give up your post
& run back to the comforts of the world system.  
Guard those prophecies He has given you with the strength of a maximum security facility & praise Him in the midst of this military campaign extended tour of duty we all are on.  The fact that you are doing everything to be faithful to what He has entrusted to you will be the purifying joy that will keep your conscience squeaky clean to navigate you away from the graveyard of shipwrecks all around us in this late hour.  
The unfathomable joy of ruthless obedience to the Master is the greatest endorphin known to the human race.  Remember before all the dust settles & the rough seas start to calm…
We have already won because He has Risen."

Huch, Larry and Tiz - - 1/19/2015 TV Broadcast shares that some good mentors can pass on their anti-Semitism bias, which can be a curse in our lives & ministry.

McLean, Renny - The Process of Greatness Audio - download or audio snippet - -
"This is a series for anyone that is going through a process of change, challenge or character. 
This series will answer the question of why you do the things you do, why am I alone in my struggle?
Who am I carrying?"

Parsley, Rod - -
radio/audio - - A Renaissance Generation 7/21/2011

Sumrall, Lester - friendship with Wigglesworth - 2nd half good - Jesus is the Lord's glory. 1st part
Wigglesworth, Smith - Cry of the Spirit (unpublished Sermons) a biography compiled by Roberts Liardon -
Wigglesworth "laid his hand over on me (Lester Sumrall) & pulled me close...
He cried (tears), 'God, O god, let all of the faith that is within my heart be within his heart. 
Let the knowledge of God that reside in me also reside in him...
Let all the gifts of the Spirit that function in my ministry function in his life'...
I felt the holy anointing of the Most High God as it flowed from him into me."


Hazlett, Bob -
, Bob -
I think thinking like Heaven starts with thinking about Heaven.  1 of the examples of Heaven that I love in the Bible, it says, it’s God’s throne.  Heaven is His throne & He’s enthroned on the praises of His people. 
It’s not where God lives, but it’s a place where He interacts with us.
He wants to interact with us from Heaven to Earth...
The practical way is this, is that whenever you have a thought you play it out to its end. 
So if you’re getting on an airplane, you’re thinking, oh boy, I hope this doesn’t crash. 
Boy, I hope there’s no turbulence. But instead, why don’t we think of the best ending, because the word “hope” is actually God’s expected ending. So worry is using your imagination in a negative way, but hope is using your God thoughts in a way that will show you God’s expected ending.
We can do that with any circumstance in our life.  If we take a moment we focus on God’s atmosphere of Heaven. God can speak to you right now if you’re going through a situation in your home or your family, you’re going through a relationship problem. What does God say about it, because He’s looking down to invite you to a place where you can experience the atmosphere of Heaven & think like Him...
Ask the Lord what He wants to say to you.

Wommack, Andrew - 10/16/2014 -
One's imagination is his spiritual womb.  We (especially men) think in pictures or mental photos. 
1 can become spiritually pregnant if he allows God's Holy Spirit to impregnate his imagination.

Most ministries nowadays have impartation services for their congregations/students.

Ellers, Flo - 11/4/2014 - begin approx @ 10:10
To be a leader you need to serve a leader and NOT be offended to wash toilets. Jasper, Arkansas, USA

Ferrell, Ana Mendez and Emerson - Regions of Captivity - 5 DVD's -
In 2 DVDs Ana shares how to minister to captives (those brainwashed/disturbed/terrorized/oppressed by demons). Impartation prayer is also given for those wishing to enter the deliverance ministry. 
(This ministry is only for those with backbone, tenacity, & audacity, + are willing to enlist & submit to spiritual supervision.) 

Chapter 2 At Death's Door cites "Apostle Rony Chaves, the person in authority over (covering) me."
Ferrell, Ana Mendez -
Voice of Light 02 The Hour of Your Destiny Harvest from War PT07 - awesome impartation -

Fluitt, Clarice -
@ video 2/2016
"Kathryn stopped, pointed her finger & says, 'Oh this woman is so stubborn. She’ll need a sign.' 
It was like the top of my head opened up and I had the St. Vitus Dance. I was shaking all over." 
Kathryn Kuhlman
"put both hands (on me), & she says, 'Oh such as I have I give it to you.' 
I thought, well wonder what that means. Immediately I was thrown across, some invisible force picked me up, threw me 15 feet across the room. I landed under Dino’s piano. 
It was the sweetest place I had ever been. Immediately my life changed. Immediately...
I was instantly healed in 197.  The (tuberculosis, asthma, & allergies) never come back."
Here is the amazing thing. She got more than a healing. Guess what happened?  She goes into an elevator.
Now remember, she knows nothing about being overcome by the Spirit or it’s called slain in the Spirit.

Well they had about 10 people in the elevator...When I stepped in, all 10 of them fell to the floor.
I didn’t know what that was. I thought eventually I’m going to have to have shields made for my hands.
If I bumped into anybody they fell I decided to take the stairs.
We had about 20 people fall down the stairs when I would just pass by.  That lasted for 6 weeks.
I (initially) didn’t know what to do with it (God's anointing/glory).

Hinn, Benny - Benny Hinn - FIRE Fall on Kids (2) Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA 12/2007 or
Benny passes on the mantle of his healing ministry to his grandson Benny.
Benny is 10 & will begin his ministry (destiny) at age 45. @  
Benny Hinn prays for son

Kerr, Kat - Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours 2014 -
"Father right now I receive Your lightening bolt.  Let it strike us with Your love. 
Thank You for Your passion to burn on the inside of me. 
Let my family, friends & world see it, in Jesus' name.  Amen."
"Father, right now I open my spirit to receive from You revelation & Truth. 
I expect to be changed forever, and I thank You now for it.  Amen."
The Kat Kerr - September 27 at 12:35am - Prayer and Declarations recommended -
We always need to say, "I receive it, in Jesus' name.  I bind it to my soul (all the God things imparted to us)."

Maldonado, Guillermo - DVD - Understanding Kingdom Supernatural Power - - - Guest speaker for Munroe, Myles - Bahamas Faith Ministry Fellowship International,
Ministry & impartation training for congregation & pastors.  recommended -

Martin, David - works with the east African Revival Ministries (ARM) mission.  David Ndaruhutse (son of Isaiah) "threw his jacket over his nephew Edmond to pass on the tribal anointing, who now heads up the ministry."  Six Page Article by David Maritn on the Mountaintop and the Shining Ones
Now David has been commissioned to carry the mantle & impart its responsibilities & powers to others.

n walking around the (air plane) wreckage she (a widow) was attracted to a window blown out of the airplane.
As she picked it up she said, 'It was like electricity was flowing though it.'
As soon as she said that, I felt impressed in my spirit with, 'It is a prophetic picture of a window I'm opening in heaven, & I am going to pour out My spirit'”...
In the dream I saw the Bible story of Elisha's bones portrayed with a dead man thrown into a cave onto a pile of bones & he came alive. I suddenly sat up on my bed. As I did God said to me, 'There is a similar resurrection anointing at the grave site on the mountaintop where the great men are buried.'
"'I again had a similar out-of-body experience. Again the anointing was incredible, but this time God told me what I was seeing. It was 'self & spirit fighting.' He said, 'They have been fighting since the beginning.
But I am sending David Martin to that grave sight he told you about.

I am going to release to him a resurrection anointing that will cause spirit to overtake self.'”

Maswanganyi, Dr. Elijah - -
Per Eddie Rogers in his book Supernatural - Living Under an Open Heaven,
Dr. Elijah commented, 'Every nation I go to, God shows me 1 man to release my anointing upon.'"

Moyo, Andrew - Working the Works of God - -
Subtitle - The Keys to Supernatural Ministry Are in Your Hands
Chapter 5 Extravagant Devotion  "How do you gain this (spiritual) power you desire? 
'Impartation' is the transfer or bestowing of power and anointing...
, the passing of the mantle endowed with power from on high, is vital. 
The a conduit for signs & wonders...
To receive an impartation, you must find a mature believer...
Passionately hunger & thirst for the mantle, be available, & be willing & ready to pay the price."
Romans 1:11 I many impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established.
1st Thessalonians 2:8 We were well pleased to impart to you.

Prince, Derek - Transmitting God’s Power to Others - Laying on of Hands of students &/or next generation @

Rogers, Eddie - The Power of Impartation -

Roth, Sid - Mishpochah 5/2008 newsletter 
Westerfield, Jason editorial - God, come to Me...or I'm Coming to You! - Jason includes (for listeners) an impartation prayer for the anointing that is on him in his CDs offered by Sid Roth.

Schambach, RW - Personal one on one ministry, especially for ministers, Flint, Texas, USA - - 2011

Stone, Perry - -
t the time of Dad’s passing.  Jason had wanted Dad to impart a special blessing to him, but because of his schedule & Dad’s condition, it seemed it would not occur.  But this particular day, the Lord told him that, instead of going to lunch, he should immediately go see Fred at Life Care.
When I entered the room, Jason had been crying & he was being moved by the Glory of the Lord.
He said, 'I was disappointed that Fred never was able to pray for me. But while I was driving here the Lord kept giving me the verse He gave to Elisha when Elijah was about to depart, 'If you shall see me when I am taken up, you shall receive.' Moments before Dad departed, Jason had spoken in Dad’s ear, telling him that the words he preached would not fall to the ground & would be carried on by the next generation. 
Dad’s lips began to move as though he was trying to say something.
Within moments, Dad breathed his final breath. That is when the anointing came over Jason.
I was upset that I had not been in the room, but I heard a word from deep in my spirit that I know was the voice of the precious Holy Spirit: 'Son, you already received a special impartation from Rufus Dunford at age 18, & you carry the DNA of your father. He prayed thousands of prayers for you from the time you were born.
His impartation must go to others that will be linked to where I am leading you in the future

, Katie -
Katie Souza Dunamis Power Activation @ also watch 11/12/2016 TV - Discussion of her mom being the seed that died to produce a harvest, lessons regarding physical healing via eliminating soul wounds.  Lyme disease ruined mom's health.  Ends with Katie commanding/imparting God's anointing/dynamos/excousa power into those who accept/take/receive it.
Trim, Cindy @

, Cindy -
Trim, Cindy -
loosing of blessings & mantles - 

Turner, David - Receive Resurrection Power #1 -
Turner, David - Receive Resurrection Power #2 -
Turner, David - Receive Resurrection Power #3 -
Turner, David - Phoenix, Arizona, USA -

Wyatt, Ryan - The Impartation of Miracles Ministry - Knoxville, Tennessee, USA - 4/7/2008 -
Wyatt, Ryan -


Bradford, Joe & Denise -
radford, Joe & Denise - Movie "Unconditional"

Kerr, Kat - 4 Corners Conference Part 1 3/22/2014 with Joan Hunter - @ -
Once you receive an impartation, you can pass it on to others. 
lightning power impartation strikes & burns up many of the physical-defects/diseases/infirmities/character-defects inside you, especially your heart/soul (mind/emotions/will). 
(Eventually there is NO thing remaining in us that Satan can use against us to legally attack us.)
30 I will not talk with you much more, for the prince (evil genius, ruler) of the world is coming.
He has no claim on Me. [He has nothing in common with Me. 
There is nothing in Me that belongs to him, & he has no power over Me

But [
[d]Satan is coming &] I do as the Father has commanded Me, so that the world may know (be convinced) that I love the Father & that I do only what the Father has instructed Me to do.
[I act in full agreement with His orders.]

Roundtree, Anna - 9/2014 An Impartation - -
"We know that an impartation may be given by the laying on of hands.
Also, many have heard of or have received an impartation through someone blowing on them.
The Bible, Acts 5:15-16, tells of people being placed in the street so that Peter’s shadow might fall on the sick & those tormented by “unclean spirits.” In Acts 19:11 & 12 we read of pieces of cloth being carried from Paul to the ill.  In heaven, there is another means also. I tell of this in HEAVEN AWAITS THE BRIDE, chapter 6, page 52.
I am showing you the drawings from the experience that depicts that impartation.
It took place on May 15, 1995. The pictures are from my personal journal."

Ruonala, Katherine - - There can be joy in your life & ministry.
Listen to Sid's radio interviews with Katherine Ruonala
Download a free transcript of the interview 6/26-27/2014  
"I believe in asking for help. God is so good at helping us. So I asked Him, could you teach me about that.
I said, 'I have this little ganglion cyst on my wrist. Would you heal me of that?'
I said. 'Would you take away the fear that I have that my husband would die?'...
I said, 'Set me free from this fear.'  I didn't realize it was the tip of a huge iceberg.
But it was an invitation, an invitation for the Holy Spirit to come & do incredible work

I pressed Him, 'Lord, I want you to baptize me with fire'...
It's as we present our weakness, in our weakness He is strong.
The more that I can present to him, the more ashes I can bring, the more faith, the beauty I can receive by faith.  If I bring my sin, He brings his forgiveness.
If I bring my weakness and my fears, He brings the answer to all my needs.
The Bible says, 'The Holy Spirit is our ever present help in time of need.'
I've discovered my time of need is all the time. I am so needy.
I'm so needy for love. You know, I have a wonderful husband. We've been married 23 years.
But there isn't a man on the planet that could meet the need that I have.
In fact, there isn't anybody that can meet anybody's love needs because we were created to need to the perfect love of God.
When we present that need to Him on a daily basis, the more we open, the more we need, the more we need Him, the more we receive.  I remember having a vision once of a big jagged piece cut out of my life.
I was just complaining to God saying, 'Lord, I'm so needy'.
I saw a picture of that same piece cut in exactly the same shape as my hole in my life come down & fit right down to the level of the deepest cut. 
I believe every day if we present our need to God, He wants to fill us to overflowing."

Internet Church - Free church resources -

Simpson, Wolfgang - Houses that Change the World

Find out how to stream your church's services worldwide over the Internet.


Cerullo, Morris - Son, Build Me an Army - - chapter 6 - To reach the world it would be necessary to (anoint with oil and) "transfer the (Holy Spirit's) anointing to the Nationals we ministered to &...train them in evangelism with a period of intensive (on the job/boot camp) training" (each visit to their country). 
Subsequently, nationals will be mentoring their own native people. 
By having contributors sponsor/fund individual overseas pastors, crusades, & churches, the spiritual leaders would be equipped with essential spiritual weaponry & not be left with their own inadequate resources.  Ephesians 4:11-12 By providing additional advanced training in the offices of the Holy Spirit (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher) the natives could work cooperatively/ efficiently as a team.  Meeting this need precipitated an international school of ministry headquarters with satellite off shore monthly training + ongoing televised crusades. 
A new initiative was begun to gather in homes & strategically target with prayer the world's regions needing salvation Matthew 24:14 + to pray for the soon return of Jesus to meet with us in the air. Revelation 22:20  God instructed him not only to have nationals mentor their own, but also Jews to reach their own + to initiate correspondence courses.

David, Paul Keith - Angels that Gather - Introduction
"T.L. Osborn later reported that the Lord spoke to him that fateful evening in 1947 & said, 'You can do that.' 
[Branham (had the night before) rebuked the (evil) spirits & said, 'Satan, because you have challenged the servant of God before this great congregation, you must bow before me. 
In the name of Jesus Christ, you shall fall at my feet.']
Osborn further testified that as he sat in William Branham's meeting, it was as though 10,000 voices spoke to him at once when God commissioned him into his healing & deliverance ministry."

Dixon, Timothy @ @ 11/14/2021
Commissioning & passport into City of Refuge in the Heavenlies @

Fresh fire conference Nashville TN/Angel of the Lord Came

Jansen, Jeff - - 10/13/2011 - The Lord told Bob (Jones) to reach down into the sands of time to pull up a box, but Bob said, "Lord, they are all empty," but the Lord told Bob to open up the shoe box anyway.  
As Bob opened his box he was surprised to see draft notices in it.
They said, "
Greetings, you have been drafted into the Army of God."
Then the Lord told Bob: "
I will begin to send these letters out to My leaders when it costs 20 cents to mail a letter." At the time of the vision, it cost only 11 cents to mail a letter.
No one ever thought that the price would go up again.
October 13, 1981
, it cost 20 cents to mail a letter & the Lord said: 
Everyone that was conceived (that was in the womb, or 9 months prior) was literally the army of God.  The 1st would be leaders & the 2nd would be the greatest army that nothing could ever stop, & when they reach the age of maturity I am going to begin to release them in power.
I will arm them out of My armory in Heaven. There is no gift that I will deny them.
They will literally pull down the warehouse of God & they will have no fear of the enemy.
They will glorify Me beyond anything that has ever been.
They will represent Me in My holiness & compassion
 October 13, 2011, will mark 30 years from the date. The age of 30 is representative of the age of maturity...
 This end time Army of God is coming of age in this season in preparation for what I believe will be 1 of the greatest revivals to ever sweep the world. Like Jesus did, they are reaching an "Age of Maturity," being baptized both by the Word & the Spirit. He went down into the waters of baptism in the Jordan River as the Word of God & when He came up the Spirit of God filled Him & He came out that day a mature Huios Son of God.
Word & Spirit came together... There is coming a mature family of Sons on the earth, a Glory Generation that will be so filled with the Word & Spirit of God it will usher in the greatest End Time Revival the world will ever see...
We are in the season of the new, & now is the time that this army of dread champions will arise.

Joyner, Rick -
Chapter 12 The Covering -

"Then 2 of them approached with a large purple cape which had the same kind of gold border as the saddle.
They gave it to the Lord. He examined it & then put it on me, locking the clasp at the front.
It was so large that it not only covered me, but covered the horse’s entire body. 
I looked around at the crowd & then looked back at the cape.  I was astonished that it was now a bright red.
When I closed my eyes & opened them, it had turned into a blue more glorious than I had ever seen.
I closed my eyes again & opened them & it had turned to a pure white. All of these had the same gold border.
This is your covering,' the Lord said.  'It will cover you & your mission. Only here can you see it as you do now. 
In the realm of earth it looks very different. On earth it is very humble.
This is what protects your heart & the heart of your mission.
As long as you wear this, you will walk in My grace & authority. Remember this cloak as it really is.
 It will protect you from the coldness of the evil times that you must walk through
, Rick - C
ommissioning to Ministry @ Chapter 10 Pharaoh, Moses & Spiritual Authority

"All members of the body of Christ are called to be ministers.
Everyone has a definite function which is essential to the body as a whole.
But just because we have been called to a ministry does not mean we are ready for it. There may be many years between the time when our calling is given & the time when we are actually commissioned.
This time between the calling & the commissioning is an essential time of preparation.
If we prematurely begin to walk in our ministry before being commissioned by the Holy Spirit, we are most likely hindering the fulfillment of that ministry. The will of man can never accomplish the purposes of God.
It is not by might, nor by power, nor by the most noble human intentions, but only by His Spirit that the work of God is accomplished. 
Each miracle of Jesus had prophetic significance. When He turned the water into wine, His 1st miracle, He was demonstrating one of the most important, initial lessons we should learn as we start to follow Him.  The vessels were set aside and filled with water. Water is often symbolic of the Word of God (see Ephesians 5:26). This was the period of preparation in which they were to be 'filled to the brim' with His teaching.
fter we have received God’s calling, there must be a period of time in which we are set aside & filled.
It is not enough to be partially filled; we must be completely full.  It is not enough to be filled with just teaching either. The water must be turned into wine; our knowledge must become life. Only then are we ready to be poured out. Those who are poured out too soon seldom ever become 'wine' or walk in the fullness of the anointing to which they have been called. The 'water' they serve is refreshing & may bless many, but with patience the finest wine will be served.  
Those who have waited to become wine have shaken the world. 
Moses is an excellent example of the Lord’s preparation. He must have suspected a call to help the Israelites when he slew an Egyptian in their defense, but it was not God’s time.
He fled Egypt in seeming defeat. Then he spent 40 years in the wilderness as a shepherd,
the most humble profession of the time, before God ordained him for His work. It has been said that Satan builds a man up so he can tear him down. The Lord tears a man down so that He can build him up.
There are no shortcuts to anointed ministry.
Diplomas and titles may command the respect of men, but they do not impress the Lord.
Once we
have tasted the wine of God, water will never satisfy. 
The nature of the Lord is creative. No 2 people are alike, & no 2 ministries are alike.
Every prophet in the Bible was strikingly unique, as were all of the apostles.
When the Lord calls us to a specific ministry, we may be somewhat patterned after another ministry, but only in a very general sense.
Each of
us is very different from everyone else, whether in Scripture, history, or among contemporaries.  
For this reason, we cannot fashion ourselves into a ministry; only the Lord can do this.
The Lord is the One who is building His church & fashioning each stone.
We must allow the Lord to make us as He will.  We must be willing to be very different from any others.
Those who race off to fulfill their calling before the proper time inevitably become cheap imitations.
Those who determine just to be different & have not been shaped by God are even more pitiful."

Kat Kerr May 18, 2014 from -
Tribulation Now RADIO - There is a commissioning throne room. 
When we are born-again, a slice/piece/transparent-page of our soul is taken to heaven for commissioning.
Kerr, Kat - Everything you need to know about Heaven (Kat Kerr Compilation #3) 8 Hours
2014 video from - When you are commissioned on earth, at the same time your transparent soul piece is in a heavenly commissioning room receiving a mantle. 
We excite God when we believe & act on His Word.  Jesus is our savior, but only our Lord, when we obey Him. 
We occupy & take dominion, until He shows up in person.
Kerr, Kat - An Evening with Wendy… Guest Kat Kerr (Day 2) @
When you are born-again, you give God a soul layer that is a transparent self image, which God seats in heavenly places.   You now have a self-representative seated in heaven. 
For any spiritual commissioning, that soul layer receives a mantle. 
The Kat Kerr - May 6 at 5:04am"A job sustains you but a Commission gives you a whole new lifestyle as well as prospers you beyond what any ordinary job could. MADE IN AMERICA, is about how the Father will use the Marketplace to introduce Heaven Culture & use Hollywood to reveal truth about the spirit realm & introduce us to the angelic activity against the darkness & how they make connections & open the doors."

Rogers, Eddie - Supernatural - Living Under an Open Heaven -
The Holy Spirit asked permission of Eddie, "Allow Me to do in you what I did in him
(African Prophet T.B. Joshua)."  We surmise that Eddie has consented.
Bahamas Faith Ministries International Minister Myles Munroe clarifies.  
"Because God is a spirit, & when He speaks, His words become law
His integrity will not permit Him to violate or break His word; therefore, whatever He speaks becomes a law even unto God.  He will never break His word nor violate His principles...
God in His sovereignty has decided to delegate authority & dominion in the earth to mankind, a spirit in a body.  This is why God cannot do anything on earth without the cooperation of a human
Man is God's legal agency
(power of attorney) & access to earth."

Rutland, Dr. Mark 8/2/2010 @
Part One @
Rutland, Dr. Mark 8/3/2010 - Part Two @
- The reluctant missionary who HEARS & OBEYS God.  Sweet prayer to help us hear & obey God quickly.

Stewart, Don - 9/2013 -
Watch the Video or So if you need a miracle or a healing then watch this episode and get yourself a testimony ( Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)

Lester Frank Sumrall - chapter 1
6. How Does a Human Receive an Alien Entity?
  A. At Birth. This has happened in lands where the devil is worshipped.
  B. At a Place of Pagan Worship.
  C. By Giving the Flesh Dominance. 
[Ie: When a person gives himself to illicit sex, a strong power comes upon him.
      He cannot resist this alien entity & becomes enslaved to immorality.
      When any person goes into the devil’s territory, alien entities have rights & privileges they do not otherwise have
  D. By Inheritance.
Shockingly...many times children look forward to inheriting the “power” that their parents have walked in.
  E. By Pagan Dancing.
  F. By Wrong Meditation.
Chapter 2 - "God spoke to me on the mission field and told me to come home. 
He said the time would come when there would be 100 million Americans who would need to be set free."
Introduction: "God told me to go, take authority in His Name, & set humanity free.
That is my ministry now.  It is your ministry too, if you are a born-again, Spirit-filled believer. 
Our BUSINESS as Christians is to set humanity free."

, Andrew -
Discipleship Evangelism from Week 35 - Preach yourself out of a job.  Train others with what you have been endowed/know.

House Churches

Ames, Joni - edited
"Gate Keeper churches determine what comes in or out of a church, city, or region...
It starts in your own heart, life, & home. We are all doorkeepers for our own life & family...
There are churches & even businesses that are assigned to specific gates in cities & regions...
Your assignment begins when you see a vision & determine whether that's your heart.
If so, whether you want to do it on your own or team up with others to accomplish it. 
Then you consider the cost & whether you are willing to pay the price.  Fair warning:
Better not to vow a vow than to make it & not keep it. 
Think of a Gatekeeper church as a team, because it is. 
If you are part of a team, you realize you are only a PART of the vision & that the rest of the team is of equal importance. There is no 'I' in the word 'team.'"

Victor Choudhrie is a cancer surgeon by profession.
He is a Senior Fellow of the American & British Colleges of Surgeons.
He left his position as Director & CEO of the Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, Punjab, India,
in 1992, to take up a full-time Church planting ministry in central India.
His wife, Bindu, is also in a full-time church planting ministry, equipping women to be house-church leaders & trainers.  They now have disciples making disciples in some 40 countries.
Theirs is presently amongst the fastest growing movements deploying volunteers with no paid workers in the field. 
Pentecost 2010 they baptized over 1 million people through grassroots leaders they have trained.
They have raised up 10's of thousands of house church in India & other countries.
Books written by Victor Choudhrie include: The Ekklesia, Greet the Church in your House ;
The Apostolic Gardens
; The Prayer Warrior;
Teaching Cards and From Mega Church to Meta (Beyond) Church soon to be published.
Electronic copies are available on payment of US $10 via PayPal:
21 Home Church Steps -
Mega to Mini-Church-Part 1 of 2 (Victor Choudhrie) 1/3/2014
The Church video clips -
Sermons video or text -
Medical (?)

Dale, Felicity - An Army of Ordinary People -       
Dale, Felicity  & Tony - Simply Church -  
Dale, Felicity - Getting Started -

Dawn Ministries (North America) -

Eckhardt, John - Ordinary People, Extraordinary Power by John Eckhardt -
Click here to read the 1st chapter.

Fenn, John - -
God instructed him to initiate house churches - to help members mature spiritually & in character.

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - - Florida, USA

New Frontiers - -
"New Frontiers churches have traditionally placed a low emphasis on buildings.
In doing so they have moved away from the traditional view of equating the church with the venue.
Instead they have emphasized that church is defined by the community of believers that gather together to worship. Consequently New Frontiers churches meet in a variety of venues, with the building having less significance than in traditional church denominations."

Village Jungle Ministry

Bringing Solutions to the Developing World - from

Pretoris, Peter - - The Rural Evangelism Model - CD Program -
"50 hours of teaching material was recorded for the multi-lingual CDP program onto DVD .
All teachings were then translated and dubbed into 66 different African languages.
All churches in the village are encouraged to participate. Through committees of participating village pastors, CDP centers are established in a mutually agreed upon central village location.
Each teaching centre receives a DVD player, a TV monitor, an power generator and a set of DVD teaching discs with 8 language choices, specific to the region. These DVD stations will be encrypted to prevent abuse & only allow the use of discs supplied by Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach... 'People have been baptized in water, baptized in the Holy Spirit, & some people have begun to be used in the gifts of the Spirit.
These are some of the changes I have seen in the church through CDP.' Pastor Michael."
Donating from (or ordering for) various nations currency exchanges for $2,000 CDP fee per village.

"The story took place in a mountain village above the town of Hermosa, Mexico.
I was part of a group of would be missionaries that went on a mission trip from Melody-land Christian center.
It was in 1972 during the Jesus movement following the charismatic clinic.
Guest speakers had been people like Mel Tare, Kathryn Kuhlman, Fred Price, Dr. Frost, James Spillman...
I was healed in a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting & could hear out of my left ear for the 1st time in my life.
My leg grew out in the Fred Price
meeting and when I was forced to pray for sick people mainly because of the habit I wore as a sister people were getting slain in the spirit, even little kids.
That was completely new to me. I came to realize that these were a lot of strange happenings...
I thought, 'The pastor is right, we can¯'t get across (the village river),' but then the Lord got more deeply involved.
I audibly heard Him say, '
Come.' I was standing at the edge of the water, & being a person of so much (ha ha) faith I said, 'What are You going to do.? Are You going to part it like the Red Sea?' Again I heard Him say, 'COME'.
Now this was getting serious. 'Ok God, where is the BOAT? Even Noah got a boat.' 
I did look around. Then I heard Him say, '
COME PETER.' Well that settled it.
I was overcome with the knowledge that I could do nothing else but obey.
I took off my shoes, hiked up my habit & stepped into the water.
(Since then I have changed several habits ha ha.) 
At first the water was not very deep but suddenly I started to sink.
I said to the Lord (& I meant it from the bottom of my heart) 'Father whether I live or die I am coming.' 
My feet immediately stepped up onto sand.  Boy was I excited.
I was singing all the faith songs like, 'Jesus loves the little children' & 'A mighty fortress is our God.'
(Remember this was all new to me & God really is no respecter of persons.)
As I walked the huge things that were coming toward me were suddenly moved to the side.
I was walking in a circle of calm water. Later I realized just what the scripture means when it says, 'He leads me beside the still waters; He restores my soul.'
From behind me I could hear the group saying, 'What are you doing sister?  You are going to drown.'
But I kept on walking. In the middle of the river there was a dirt mound. I stepped up on it.
I started to get back into the river when I heard 'NO.' 
'Ok. God what is this all about? You get me to the middle and now You tell me, No.' 
I said, 'If You don'¯t want me to cross here, then You have to show me, because I will not take another step without You.'  I felt actual physical hands go on my feet & turn them further down the dirt bar.
I walked about 10-15 feet & the hands turned me back to the river.
'Ok if you want me to cross here then you have to show me.' My feet were placed 1 after the other on the sand where the water did not go above my ankles. I made it to the other side in a state of undeniable joy.
I looked back across the river at the group standing there.  I shouted, 'Come on, just walk where I walked.'"

 Counseling School - Lakeland, Florida, USA
Group class meets every Wednesday evening from 7-8:30pm at The Covenant Center
beginning on September 7 for the 2011-2012 Apprenticeship Program."

Dance School - - Lakeland, Florida, USA

Partnering/Ministering with Holy Spirit via Tongues

Halverson, Philip & Fern - - 5/29/2020 -
"Someone I (Billye Brim) consider to be the most powerful man of prayer I’ve ever known, Brother Phillip Halverson, lived in St Paul. (This is just my opinion for I am not one divinely commissioned to rate pray-ers.)
Lynne Hammond & I learned from this man who prayed on a level, & in a realm of the Spirit few have ever touched. In a recent blog I wrote about the space scientist Clyde McGee. Brother Halverson was used by the Lord to pray over 'the birds' before he met Clyde. When the 2 met they discovered Phil had been praying over the ground-breaking technology God was revealing to Clyde & 2 other men. When I prayed with Brother Halverson it was difficult to pray. This was because I was listening. As he moved in (praying in) the Spirit (tongues), words in English would come out. Often he prayed about something.  You would see it in the news some weeks later.  Included here (in editorial) is a video (link) so (one) can see how this man prayed" (interchanging tongues with English).

Persecution + Martyrdom

Voice of the Martyrs

Ministry in Israel desert - - 11/7/2011 - Scott -
Live & work in the desert like the early Palmach pioneers who started this country, so too there of many who subscribe to our teachings because they have been driven by God away from the luke warm atmospherics of destiny messages, to instead be the remnant of warriors preserved by God unto Himself to be champions of war and not heroes to the flesh & blood masses.
This is why we have preached all these years on the subject of the holiness, radical discipleship, spontaneous prophetic worship, wild special drive-by operations, radical begging to give, scum of the earth motif, becoming physically fit, and people of the wind, & now have moved into the Middle East to get His people ready for what is coming on the earth in these exciting days."

Jakes, TD 1/11/2017 broadcast implicates those who attack those who bless them.
Basically that is what happened when Jesus & His disciples ministered blessings.
Scripture says for us not to be surprised (even if it is those from our own household).
1_peter/4-12.htm -
Suffering as Christians
11If anyone speaks, he should speak as one conveying the words of God. If anyone serves, he should serve with the strength God supplies, so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory & the power forever & ever. Amen. 12
Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial that has come upon you, as though something strange were happening to you. 13But rejoice that you share in the sufferings
of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed at the revelation of His glory.


KAT KERR – Recorded on 22/6/2014 at FirstLoveKC +
KAT KERR – Recorded on 21st June 2014 at FirstLove Kansas City – Part 2
@ - The higher the spiritual level, the greater His furnace firing of our clay bodies in His kiln to burn out our impurities & our self-consciousness.
The Kat Kerr approx. 8/1/2018
Rise Up Conference: Global Fire Ministries Saturday evening session edited
We disallow aging/DNA deterioration/disease.
We have superpowers & dual citizenship: heaven + earth.
We came from God’s diamond heart, whereas angels were created via speech.
Baptism of fire is coming.  It entails burning out of us all not of Him.  Divine protection is coming.
Extended lifetimes is coming at a cost of being in alignment with God.
Never giving up on relatives’ salvation will defeat Satan in their lives, esp. re salvation/eternal life.
Thus, declare family destiny/blessings and NOT the past evil facts/history.
Father God places a gift in our heavenly mansion each birthday.
We were born to be dangerous against hell on this earth.
On our worst day we are to worship, so God can open a porthole, look down, smile & help.
Let past go; keep glory & light, so we can race forward today.
Now we are in the beginning of the season of heaven on earth.
Angelic armies need to be commanded by us to route demons.
Our weapons are army host, who have waited eons to deal with demons.
We are not to deal with demons, but our armies are.
What words/afflictions you allow to stick, can increase your early demise.
Loose from self/soul/body every bad wound/word/germ/disease/evil design, in Jesus’ name.
You feed your soul (& every demon) with every bad word.  Nullify junk/clutter, in Jesus’ name.
Watching violence downloads bad frequencies & invites demons. 
Do not do/allow media violence in same room/premise when standing for healing.
Expect/be passionate/violent for miracles.  Be intolerant of spiritual abuse/demons/disease
Be forerunners.  Run before.  Much revelation.  Much required.  Host have been downloaded to USA.
Enlistment is mandatory. 
Receive the forerunner anointing & a measure of the fire now, which is transferrable.
Say, “I receive

Wommack, Andrew - Impatience -
Program is a bit extreme, but impressive in it’s mentoring on self-restraint and taking consistent baby steps.

Financial & Corporate Considerations

Dr. Roy Harthern, Benny Hinn’s father-in-law, Orlando, Florida, USA - 
(1998%20-%20Present%20Date) - Pastor was denied renewal of tax exempt status as a church due to its NOT having a fixed location for weekly meetings.

Jackson, John Paul - Code of Conduct @
Jackson, John Paul - Streams Training @

Legal Considerations,shop.browse/category_id,7/

Sound systems -
Bonnke indicated that he uses this brand which moves with wind/air movement.
However, one may need to implement other systems or effective methods to prevent mold/rust which quickly destroy one's expensive purchases (due to lots of rain/humidity/spores/heat).
(Let us call upon the Lord to share His best sources & resources in the natural & then to protect/renew in perpetuity the existing equipment, the way He did the shoes the 40 years Moses & his followers were in the dessert.)

Innovative Tithing

Solar Radios -
$40.00 each - Gospel for Asia radio - Free resources

Parachutes for Columbia, S America @


Brim, Billye - 11/28/2011 newsletter reminds us of her 7/16/1980 ordination & commissioning by Kenneth E Hagin - 

Copeland, Kenneth - 2008 Autumn Assembly Tent Meeting -
Ordination & its significance discussed at Billy Brim's Prayer Mountain gathering in the Ozarks.

Hazlett, Bob @
Hazlett, Bob -  (Edited)
I was one of the ministers ministering to these pastors.  The Lord spoke to me, “I want you to get at the end of the line & get ministry, receive ministry.”  When I got in the line the head pastor, the apostle, & there was a prophet from Argentina, they were actually anointing people with this jar. I thought it was water.
I’m like, why are they sprinkling water on people?  Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Don’t worry about your hair, because they’re going to pour that over your head.” They came to me, stood in front of me, & said, “You’ve been traveling as a prophet, but you’ve never been ordained as a prophet. Today is your ordination.
We’re your presbytery
.”  They dumped what was a gallon of oil all over my hair & clothes...
BOB: It was quite an experience. I went into a vision at this ordination. What I saw was a vast army of soldiers, but I knew they were angels dressed in like warrior garb; they took & put me on this horse. 
When I pointed, an angel would fly & put eyes in a man with no eyes, I pointed again & they put ears on a woman with no ears. I know now that God was showing me that God actually works together with us to release healing through the angelic, that the super-natural world is real.  It can change the world we live in. 
I believe that’s available for all of us

Hunter, Joan - ORDINATION

McLean, Renny - Ordination (Chinese) 10/30/2009-

Woodworth-Etter, Maria - Signs and Wonders - Chapter 41 Unity of the Saints -
"Sister Etter...was NOT (commissioning) sending them out with license to preach,
but that she did believe there were gifts lying dormant in many & that she thought part of her mission was to stir up the gifts in her Brothers...She said, 'I have NO authority to send you out. 
My prayer is that God will give you authority...We don't want to run ahead of the Lord or lag behind. 
Let us get deep in the Spirit, so the power will come on us'...
Everyone was committed to God & made to feel his (own) responsibility to God."


Rutland, Mark - -
"House of Grace - was started as a place of refuge for young ethnic
Akha girls at risk of becoming ensnared in the lucrative Southeast Asian sex slave trade.[5]"
Rutland, Mark -


Stamman, Tom & Teresa - Impact Ministries @ from

Time & Priorities

Divorce of Benny Hinn - Do not become so holy that you are of no human good - to your family. 
Benny Hinn confesses that he did not give enough significance to his family, basically through neglect of time, energy, attention & presence.  He says that if he had to do it over again, he would have corrected this aspect so as not to wound his mate and children. 8/5/2010  (Benny remarried wife at later date.)

Meyer, Joyce -–_Pt_4 12/8/2011

Oyedepo, David - - 1/28/2011 - "Who is the woman? 
The spirit of God said, 'This is Jerusalem, the mother of you all.'
This feast of ingathering is not just about gathering people to accept Christ, but much more about securing their souls by bringing them into the store house, the Church (the Kingdom of God, the Family of God, a relationship, not a denomination, not a membership nor a building). 
It is clear from this vision that the harvest is not secure in the field, until it is brought to the store house. 
The church is the spiritual store house (Mal 3:10), where the souls of men are preserved (Ps 84:9).
Again Jesus said: 'I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, & that your fruit should abide.' (Jn15:16)
Bearing fruits is therefore not enough; we are responsible for ensuring that the fruits are preserved.
Therefore the blessing of soul winning is in the ingathering.
Your wages are not paid on the souls won, but on the souls that abide. (Jn4:35-36, 15:16)
You cannot be paid for the fish you catch & drop back in to the sea, until the fish gets to the market. 
You are not qualified to be paid.
Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, & ordained you, that ye should go & bring forth fruit, & that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.' (Jn 15:16.)
What an open-cheque this is – covering everything & anything that life may ever demand:
Your: deliverance, miracle jobs, miracle marriages, children, just name it."  12/7-11/2010
Shiloh Living Faith World Outreach broadcast - One cannot go higher than one's dedication to Christ.

Language Learning

Megan Boudreaux - Read chapter #1 - God Himself taught Megan the local language. - - or

online translation at

Headlines - World Newspapers


Most all missionary organizations have permanent, part time and volunteer ministry opportunities.

All Over the World -

Banov, Georgian - Food Evangelism @,articles/
Banov, Georgian -
Itinerary at -

Children of Destiny Nicaragua - mission trips at

Christian Solidarity International - - -

Bob and Tammy Kelly - -
Managua, Nicaragua, South America

Cindy Jacobs 8/3/2018 -
God is enlisting & empowering both very young & very old. to Gondar, Ethiopia & Manipur, India - eg.

Steve Trullinger/"The Father's Touch" @

Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance Foundation (TOMA) - Northridge, California, USA - - Distribution Center, Smithville, Texas
Medicines solicited & distributed to tribes -

(COMMENTARY - Individuals & organizations need to learn to apply prayer &/or herbs/vitamins to kill parasites/diseases, rather than vaccinations & drugs. 
Also to drill wells & use water filters/purifiers, rather than impose pharmacopeia. 
To teach nutrition using local foods.  To teach companion farming using local roots or seeds, rather than genetically modified plants or seeds.  To teach safety/health & such things as hand sanitization & instrument sterilization. 
To teach birth control using abstinence/rhythm method/etc. rather than pills or sterilization. 
To teach prevention of HIV & other sexually transmitted diseases by, for beginners, exposing the science of the virus.)

Pastoral Help

Anglican - Healing Prayer guide for ministry training @

Church of England - The 1662 Book of Common Prayer @ -
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Hinn, Benny - has dedicated web link/ministry for pastors

Rothschild, Jennifer - on-line resource center & community for women in ministry to give & receive encouragement & equipping.
Rothschild, Jennifer - 

Sandford, John L & Paula - Letting Go of Your Past by John Loren and Paula Sandford a transformation series book - here  read Chapter 1.  - or - chapter 1 Growing Up - Again - In Christ -
(We need to allow others to temporarily mentor us as well as be available to temporarily mentors others. 
Going solo is Satan's opportunity/enticement to attack.)

Solar -
DVD players via solar panels n 3rd world countries - Happy World is a Nepal program
"In Nepal, 'Happy' the mascot co-host of CBN’s Khushi Ko Sansar (English title, Happy World) has attained celebrity status with the Nepali children. When Happy appeared at a Christmas program sponsored by CAR-Net (Children At Risk Network) in Kathmandu on December 12" 2011.  "Each week, Happy World, a 30-minute children’s TV program, airs in homes across Nepal, India, United Kingdom & Pakistan.
The hosts & characters weave truths & values from the Bible into the weekly shows that have won several awards for children’s TV programming & have an average daily audience of over 2 million viewers."

Internet - - Internet Tools Cast Wide Net for Evangelism - netcasters book

Jakes, TD - THE MISSION - - Texas - The enemy knows that people perish because of a lack of knowledge. We must arm the church with the knowledge & wisdom to not only win this fight, but take back the people we’ve lost as a result of archaic methodologies.
God wants every church to be effective, influential & relevant.
Receive the tools and techniques necessary for spiritual progress at the International Pastors & Leadership Conference! Come and be equipped for God’s next move. Don’t be left behind. 
PS: NEVER feel guilty if you are NOT comfortable about any ministry or any part of a ministry. 
The Holy Spirit says to continually test each spirit. 
When in doubt, don't, at least for now; you can reconsider at a later time.

Wommack, Andrew - 9/6/2013
Video shares that fear of persecution and intimidation can derail one's destiny in God.

Parenting Help

Fathering - Chicago, Illinois -
(Secular) Mentoring African American boys aged 17-24.

Fostering - (Secular fostering) A SENSE OF HOME "(ASOH) is a new LA-based nonprofit organization that has taken a holistic approach to transform the lives of at-risk foster youth (aged 18-21) who 'age out' of the system. By creating their 1st ever homes, ASOH brings together volunteers to serve as a family would. Utilizing donated furniture to make the youth’s 1st permanent living space beautiful, affords them dignity, self-worth & pride.
Each youth pays it forward partaking as a volunteer creating another youth’s home, becoming further immersed in the community, learning from healthy role models who can open up educational & career opportunities." @

Prayer Closet Ministry

Learn the Continents and then their nations; then begin praying for them on a regular basis.
2 Women who do so are Freda Lindsay and Marilyn Hickey per:
Remember, Antarctica is a continent.


Baker, Heidi - 3/5/2012 Monthly Message - -
Heidi's Ministry -
Heidi's Vision -
Heidi's How to Pray for Healing -

Outlandish Love

Baker, H.A -
Baker, Heidi & Rolland -
Carmichale, Amy -
Davis, Katie - + -
Perry, Michelle - Love Has a Face -

Leaving Ministry

Suzanne Johnson - Go to "The Ruby- A re-entry survival story" page - chapter 1

Ministry credentials

Kerr, Kat - For PROFIT - - 13973 Spoonbill St NJacksonville, FL 32224

Danger - Commentary

For those of us who have oversized hearts or emotions & undersized street smarts do NOT become someone else's Holy Spirit/Parent/Guardian/Mentor 24/7 overtime beyond business hours alone in a premise/vehicle without a chaperone/ oversight/accountability. 
It often backfires allowing another to become our lover/victimizer/rapist/robber of time/assets/money relation-ships/health.  Isolation invites enemy opportunism. 
Flee/disconnect immediately when Holy Spirit alerts you to such unholy dynamics.

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