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"The Church of Scotland's anti-Israel position has nothing to do with human rights, but rather a theological argument...Repeatedly, all the human rights accusations against Israel are nothing more than a clever mask for modern anti-Semitism, and the Church of Scotland's theological argument is proof of this. 
...The church document made the startling claim that only the dissolution of Jewish sovereignty in the Holy Land would bring 'peace and security and human rights,' and eliminate 'racial intolerance, especially in the forms of anti-Semitism and Islamo-phobia.' The Bible was used to support this vile and twisted moral position."
(Trace this anti-Semitism back to 1492 when Spain evicted all Jews, when Christopher Columbus availed himself of this opportunity to relocate fleeing Jews.)
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Walters, Kathie - Taken Away in the Spirit - 7/6/2008 - Intercessors in the Hebrides revivals sometimes would be "taken away" in the Spirit for several days and in this case , a week at a time.
This is an excerpt from Walters' book - Bright and Shining Revival -

"One of the intercessors from the 1939 revival tells here of an experience she had when she left her body for a week. God showed her the whole of the war (before the war).
                               Account of Mary MacLean as told to Rev Hugh Black, Greenock, Scotland:
This account concerns visions Mary had just prior to the second world war.
...On 10th march 1939 Mary had a baby daughter and she herself (was) strongly surrounded by the Presence of God. Two nights later the first vision came - Mary related this herself to (Reverend) Hugh Black."

"There came a rushing wind and I was taken away (in the Spirit)...and the graves opened. I thought it was the last day, Judgment Day. I don’t know how long I was away, but when I came back I said, 'Oh Lord, if it’s Judgment Day there are many here who are unconverted.'   The power came for praying for all the unconverted people all over the world. The whole world came upon me and I was shaking.
I prayed I would go away again in the Spirit.  I was just waiting. There came a rushing wind again. I was taken up. It was the sea that came in front of me then. I went down to the bottom of the ocean.  The ships were laying there and bodies of men were there. Oh, what a place! When I came back I was shaking and the baby was beside me.
The war broke out in August....when I got a revelation about what I had seen when I was down at the bottom of the sea and I saw the bodies there.
The War I thought, 'This is the war now and I have seen the ships down there in pieces and the bodies.'
I was afraid that I would go away again and I wondered,  'What I would see next. What would be revealed to me?’
I decided not to tell anyone anything I had seen. They would think that the Lord was going to take me away and they would be upset."
Now the Communions ( season of Communions) were coming at the local church 15th March and the baby was born on the 10th. I would preach to the unconverted that a revival was on its way. I told them to be out day and night at the meetings and not to miss anything; a great revival was coming. Oh, they were thinking that something was wrong with me, they didn’t know what was coming upon me...
Pressure was coming upon me and prayer was coming upon me. I thought the Lord was going to take me home and I wasn’t worried for the family. I knew the Lord would get someone to look after them. I was all prepared to be taken away. Oh the presence of the Lord was so strong. And I thought no one could stay in this cold world without the Presence of the Lord.
Revival is Coming  There was a girl who lived near me and she helped me with the baby. ‘Oh Hetty!’ I used to say, ‘Be out at the meetings in the morning and evenings, revival is coming.’ Anyway the communions in Point (nearby town) came about the end of March. And I was waiting for the revival, when the power would come...
I had started going into visions again. Some of them were long visions and I needed my mother’s help to look after the baby. The longest vision I was in was one when I went cold, and oh, the vision I saw then of heaven and of hell. The people were plunging over a precipice and I was hearing the gnashing of teeth and the crying. I saw flames going through people and I thought, ‘With the furnace that was coming out of hell, there can’t be a hair of my head not singed with the furnace.’
But then, a vision of Christ - I couldn’t take my eyes off Him, I couldn’t blink. The vision of heaven was so wonderful and the brightest day here is like darkness compared with the light that’s in heaven.
While I was away so far (in the Spirit) my sister told my mother, 'Mary has passed away, and she won't come back now. She’s cold, and I have taken clothes to put on her, and a white sheet to go over her until the coffin comes.’
My sister was so upset. I was cold, as cold like a dead person. I don’t remember how long my mother said I was away (about a week) but a crowd was in the house thinking I had passed away and there was a wake going to be on.
There was one sister in Lower Shader ( village), a very dear soul that was under the power, like myself. She was my cousin. Her brother was an elder in the Free Church and he went home and told her, ‘You wont see Mary again. Mary has passed away now.’ She didn’t believe it.
She has passed away  My sister told my mother, ‘You must believe that Mary has passed away this time.’ ‘No I don’t believe it. I have often seen Mary going away like this.’ ‘Oh, but mum, she’s stone cold all over and can’t find a pulse anywhere.’ After a long while I felt streams running through my body, through my arms and every part of me, like thin streams warming me up. Then I said to my sister, ‘Oh Annie, will you make me a hot water bottle?’ Annie said that was the most wonderful thing she had ever heard. I couldn’t move at this stage.- I could move my arms of legs, and bit by bit I was warming up, and I came back into this life.
My mother asked me when she saw I was fully back, ‘Oh Mary, did you see anything about our own house.?’ I said I didn’t see anything, but I know this, ‘You...You will be alone in this house.’ She couldn’t understand how that could happen. Where were the boys going to be - the 3 of them?
The Bottom of the Sea  The War had broken out then. Later my 3 brothers went to the war. They went in August. I was with my mother all the time. It was when the war broke out that I finally realized what I had seen in the vision at the bottom of the sea, with the ships and bodies - it was all connected t the war.
(Mary saw bodies of young men from her own village on the ocean floor and she told them to get right with God and that there was war coming. She did not tell them what she had seen).
I was finally able to come home with the children; my husband and brothers were away to the war. One night when I was on my knees praying for my brothers and everyone in the whole world, I saw the ship that the youngest one was on; it was a trawler. It was half in and half out of the water, it was split in half and I saw him in the water. With that I got up from my knees and starting thinking, ‘It must have been what I was praying, maybe it was because I was afraid.'
I started walking the floor. ‘Oh what was this?’ Later word that he was missing came and I told people that this had happened 2 weeks ago (the night was clear in my memory). The postman left letters here for me to break it to my mother and father that he was missing.
But then the word came that he was not found among the survivors and I told them, ‘Well this happened 2 weeks ago.’ They said, ‘How do you know that?’ I said, ‘I’ve seen it with my eyes, I know this.’
Next my older brother died on board ship with a gastric stomach and he was buried at sea. Seemingly he was converted as he talked on the boat to a Christian man from Carloway. My brother had said, ‘When we get home after the war, you’ll go down to our house so that it will be easier for me to go out to the weekly meetings with you.’ (A sign of conversion in the revival).
Communion    Soon after that an urge came on me to go back to my own church at Communion time. I said, ‘Oh Lord, I can't go there. How can I go there? I have not been to that church and how can I venture out at the Communions?’ But the pressure of the Lord came and I had to go. But I wouldn’t do this without going first to the Elders and saying that I was coming to the Communion.  ( The Elders finally allowed her to take communion.)
I did go to the Communion Table, but the power came and after that I couldn’t venture out to this church. At every opportunity I went back to the Church of Scotland. What a battle - you can understand what I was going through. But the power was so strong from the Lord.
The presence of the Lord was so wonderful and I was saying, ‘Oh well as long as I am under this Holy pressure from the Lord, He will give me all the words I need. I don’t need to worry. I stayed at the next Communion but I was so much under the power of God that they had to bring the bread and wine to me. I wasn’t afraid to speak to the elders openly in front of the minister. The minister asked, ‘Why didn’t you come to church after you had Communion?’ ‘Because when the power of God came on me I was going out of the body and I didn’t want to upset any of you. When the power of the Spirit came on me I was in visions.’ They made no comment on this. 'Oh well you can come when you feel the Lord is leading you to come to the table.’ So that was my experience with them."

"Mary’s church (The Free Church of Scotland) did not appear to accept the manifestations of the Spirit, hence her reluctance to attend the services there. Instead she went to the meetings in Church of Scotland. Rev. Hugh Black questioned Mary The Clash of Tongues and Glimpses of Revival about the visions she received about the war. She identified the house in which she was when the news of the fall of France was broadcast on the radio.  The news profoundly depressed the people who were gathered there. But Mary threw her hands up and glorified God, saying that France must fall before the victory would come. She had seen it all in her visions. She had foreseen the defeat of Germany and the triumph of the Allies. At first the people gathered thought they had a traitor in their midst as she was glorifying God because France had fallen. But she went on to explain future events."

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