Food and Healing  AnneMarie Colbin suggests the zuzu weed for panic attacks.
GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid/amino acid
Audie G Leventhal, Utah School of Medicine, found that
GABA eliminates brain garbage signals that distract & overwhelm. Take PM.  9/4/03 www. 
George Watson's Nutrition & Your Mind   Case Study of diet that precipitated Panic
11/03 Current Psychiatry publication (volume 2, # 11) suggests that
there may be an electrical "fear circuit" that triggers panic attacks.  
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD patients may be helped with cognitive-behavorial
and exposure (or EX/RP) therapy by extinguishing conditioned fear at the amygdale and
hippocampus, plus reducing distorted, catastrophic thinking in cortical processing
by enhancing cortical inhibition of amygdale's central nucleus. Reduce frequency and
severity of panic attacks by calming excitatory neurotransmitters, such as corticotropin
and glutamate. 
Help patients learn to confront rather than avoid feared stimuli. 
Discuss the fear thermometer allowing patient to express distress intensity. 
Teach patient positive self-statements like, "I can do this; I'm the boss of OCD now"
In laymen's terms, a negative emotion may trigger a cortisol wash where the hormone adrenalin washes over the amygdala causing/resulting in a reaction/behavior elected by individuals in response to such a chemical feeling in his/her body.
Maccaro, Janet - 10/5/2015  Breaking the Grip of Dangerous Emotions -
GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid/amino acid)
and Magnesium
(with a banana for potassium) may help reduce or eliminate panic attacks.
Man has a natural oxytocin hormone "While you are having a panic attack,
quickly drink an inch of water with 2 spoonfuls of sugar dissolved into it.
If your panic ebbs in a minute or 2 there is a link. However, the sugar will again
stimulate your insulin and cause you to crash again. Once you establish that sugar made
you feel better must eliminate it from your diet...If you cannot take sugar,
take one gram of soluble potassium chloride instead of sugar-water.
This is sold under the trade names Kloref and Sando-K.
It re-establishes blood glucose within 10 minutes, with-out stimulating insulin.
It is vital to discuss this with your pharmacist, as some people cannot take it." 
Suggestion. Drink coconut beverages, which may help both weight
and provide healthy fat to slow down starch breakdown to sugar.
If you recognize in advance that a pending panic attack "try a few mouthfuls of
unsweetened fruit juice, a dextrose tablet, or half a glass of milk.
This will take longer to work than sugar, but you won’t get the boomerang (immediate)
"Adrenal glands respond to stress and/or low blood sugar by producing adrenalin
and releasing it into the bloodstream.
produces symptoms of (fear, brain fog, heart palpitations, dizziness,
and blurred vision), anxiety, trembling and or panic attacks.
triggers the liver to release Glycogen (the
stored form of sugar).
This in turn raises the blood sugar levels. The raised blood sugar levels stimulate the
pancreas to produce insulin to reduce sugar levels resulting in low blood sugar episodes
This state of hypoglycemia again induces Adrenals to release adrenalin into the
bloodstream.  The cycle begins again."
This high/low blood sugar/hormone cycle may be remediated by stabilizing one's diet
AND exercise. 
Eat live food with each meal, drink water, omit sodas, omit stimulants such as coffee,
omit canned/packaged/canned foods, omit fast foods.

Counseling Highlights For A Client With Panic Attacks
Christian counseling for Veterans with PTSD in Boston, Massachusetts area. 
Leave info & contact info on answering machine at 1-781-449-1415. 
Expect a lapse in response as this service is available only part time when providers are between assignments.  While waiting for a response, ask the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name to be your counselor & sustainer.
Clark, Dennis and Jennifer - 4/9/2018
Issues: Panic Attacks, Forgiveness, Emotional meltdowns, past counseling failures,
Kessee, Gary - (edited) 4/3/2016 - Are Your Thoughts A Disaster? -  “I lived in a state of constant stress. I was anxious and fearful.  Doctors put me on meds to deal with the panic attacks I was having, but that only seemed to make things worse.  Fear consumed
my life,
to the point of not wanting to leave my house.  Daily life became a game of survival.  I was constantly looking over my shoulder, waiting for the next thing to go wrong or blow up.
I had no joy and no peace.   
My thoughts were a disaster.  I clearly remember the day
I reached the end of my rope; I collapsed on my bed, desperately crying out to God.
That day God said, ‘Take the time to learn how My Kingdom operates.’ That was when everything changed.  Drenda and I began to learn how the Kingdom of God operates, and it was like someone flipped a light switch.
John 8:32 says, ‘You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’
It’s the truth that sets you free, and you have to reintroduce your mind to the truth,
to what God says about you.
That’s when Drenda (Kessee) and I started changing our thoughts. 
Yes, you can choose what you think about.  You don’t have to think on everything that pops into your head.
The Bible says that we’re to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.
Plain and simple, your brain does not have the authority to think anything it wants.
I didn’t know that then, but I sure know it now.
I want to make sure you know it too; You can choose what you think about.
You have to test every thought you have against God’s will for you. How do you know His will?  It’s made known to us in His Word, the Bible. Measure everything against what God says. Umpire your thoughts.  If they don’t line up with what God says, get them out! Replace them with a right thought.
How do you know what right thought to think? Read your Bible.
This is why I say that memory verses aren’t just for kids; they’re for everyone.
If you memorize Scriptures, you’ll have them ready and waiting to replace negative thoughts.
When Drenda and I started changing our thoughts, she put Scriptures and the promises of God everywhere.
We both needed constant reminders that we wouldn’t be in the wilderness forever.
We were going through a hard time, but we were going through—we weren’t staying there.  We were headed somewhere else, somewhere better. We knew God had promises for our family.  The Word of God was working in our hearts and minds.
We were learning how to access the Kingdom inside of us by renewing our minds. 
Just like us, you can’t move forward until you decide to change your thoughts, until
you start thinking like God thinks.  You can overcome any mental blocks, thoughts of depression, discouragement, fear, and doubt.  You can renew your mind and replace toxic thoughts, and see your life from God’s perspective.
(One can) Listen in Now to Faith Life Church.”
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