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Adeyemi, Sam - http://www.successpower.org/brandnewportal/profile.asp -
Be driven by vision not just need to survive.

Augustine, Saint -
"I do not understand in order to believe, but I believe in order that I might understand."

Bevington, Guy C - "The multiplication of man's machinery means the diminishing of God's power proportionately." @ Remarkable Miracles - The more we depend on things/remedies/ doctors/medication the less we depend on God.
There is a "difference in doctoring down here (on earth) (going down to Egypt) & in doctoring with my Doctor" (Jesus)..."Satan loves to hoodwink God's children by getting their eyes on conditions instead of on Jesus."...
"Which (doctor) would you prefer?  I will hold to my family Doctor, Jesus, thank you." 
"He (Jesus) can't get at her now (to heal her/him) as there isn't space for Him in the room (with all the unbelief and herbs/medicines)."

Bill, Father Joseph - Weekly confession is the best medicine for a guilty conscience...
A mass for the healing of memories can erase sin from the conscious, sub-conscious & unconscious mind.  www.gmcvision.org

Blackaby, Henry  "When you see the Father at work around you, that is your invitation to adjust your life to Him & join Him in that work." @ Experiencing God pg 64

Bonnke, Reinhart  - God spoke to Bonnke & said, "My words in your mouth perform as well as My words in My mouth." www.fullflame.com - www.cfan.org   
Bonnke, Reinhard - http://www.mybiblequotes.com/reinhard-bonnke-quotes

"If you are doing nothing, God doesn’t need to give you any help in doing nothing.
Go out & do something impossible for Jesus, & then God will help you."  (The saying goes that it is NOT so much what you believe, but rather what you DO with or ACT on what you believe.)

General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, is known to have said, "Some of my best men are women." Women Rising in Ministry by Darren Canning 3/2016

Branham, William Marrion - www.branham.org - Branham had lots of excellent sayings.  Paraphrased, some of those sayings go as follows: "Refuse to sign for anything Satan brings to your life, because then he will have to take it back.  Instead, say to Satan, 'I refuse to have it. 
I will NOT have it.  Absolutely not.'  Satan will have to take it back, in the Name of Jesus. 
If you believe and confess it, then say, 'I accept Jesus Christ as my  Healer.'  Then no affliction or disease can stay ON you.  Don't quit.  If you get weak and say, 'Well, yes, I've still got my problem,' then you have signed for and taken back your infirmity."  "If you believe that God has healed you, then confess it.  God will make your body obey your confession."  "I can proclaim, 'Jesus is now healing me, for I have accepted His Word.  It is in my heart.  Jesus is now interceding for me before the Father.  I shall be well.'  God loves that.  Stand on His word & say, 'He is healing me now, every single day.'"  "Healing is based on your faith & NOT on your denominational membership, spiritual experiences, good deeds, works, or gifts of the Holy Spirit."  "God's got enough power to heal you, if you have enough courage to accept it." 
"Every pastor should have the Holy Spirit's gift of healing
This Power that heals you is on the inside of you.  Allow It to work Its way out."

Burt, Arthur - http://btckstorage.blob.core.windows.net/site2929/Arthur%20Burt%20Media/SilentYears.pdf
Burt reminds us that Jesus "made His own mother...& entered into the (her) womb."

Carothers, Merlin - Foundation of Praise, Escondido, California, USA - www.merlincarothers.com
"Every Christian is in the center of battle between forces that want us to either believe or not believe."
"Faith is the weapon God has given His people.  He asks us to use it. 
No matter how weak our faith is, it will grow as we use it."

Chadwick, Samuel - "The Holy Ghost cannot conquer the world with unbelief."

Chambers, Oswald - "Never make a principle out of your experience. 
 Let God be as original with other people as He is with you."

Churchill, Winston -
"Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential."
Churchill, Winston -
By swallowing evil words unsaid, none has ever harmed his stomach.

Corrie ten Boom - Williamsburg Lodge - 1976 - "Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, & receives the impossible." Per Sid Roth  6/17/2005 radio broadcast  www.sidroth.org/radio - Corrie said that she was like an empty glove, but that she wanted to be like a glove, full of the Holy Spirit, illustrated by a glove being full of a hand.

Dawson, John - Healing America's Wounds says that the devil works through the guilt & hurts that people have NOT been delivered from.

Donne, John - "To cure the sharp effects of diseases is a great work; to cure the disease itself is a greater, but to cure the body, the root, the occasion of diseases, is a work reserved for the great Physician."

Eldredge, John - https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/john-eldredge-quotes -

Evans, Mike D - 10/3/2008 - www.myjwn.com  
"I am in the Holy City of Jerusalem, and before my eyes is the Tower of David.
I have had more answers to prayer in this city than in any city on earth.
Many years ago, I told that to my dear friend, Prime Minister Begin.
He laughed and said, 'That’s because it’s a local call to heaven from Jerusalem.'”  

Franklin, Janzen - Set backs can be set ups - (for your destiny).

Gandhi, Mohandas - "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Gober, Mac - Failing is not the worst thing; quitting is. - http://www.canaanland.com

Hagee, John - "You will never possess what you do not pursue. 
(Find out what God is pursuing, and pursue that!)

Hagin, Kenneth E - Kenneth Hagin Ministries' Healing School - Tulsa,  Oklahoma, USA - www.rhema.org - "The minute I lay hands on you, God's healing power will be imparted to you, but what you do with it is up to you."

Hayler, Freddy - Song of Angels (book & CD)
"Forsake your failures."
"Everyone can lay hands on the sick."
"The Holy Spirit.  Don't leave home without Him."

Hickey, Sarah www.marilynandsarah.org/ - Forgiveness is made, but needs management.

Hinn, Benny - Benny Hinn Ministries - www.bennyhinn.com - Irving, Texas - "There is a timing for miracles.  There is a timing for each person.  If this is your time, reach out & get it." per Full Gospel Businessmen's 9/2003 Voice magazine testimony by Donna Vivian of Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Don't look for a miracle; rather look for Jesus, the source of miracles."
"Being healed or even being “slain in the Spirit” is not a prerequisite for heaven.
There is only 1 door: Christ the Lord."

Jakes, TD    www.thepotterstouch.org - "Don't tell God about your situation. 
Tell your situation about God." 
"Why give up on ____________________ when God can change ______________."
God told Bishop Jakes, "I will not bless you until you thank Me for what I have already done."
"Last week's terror is next week's testimony."

Kendall, RT's dad says that, "I can have 30 (college) degrees & still be frozen."  www.rtkendallministries.com

https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/5051288.Drenda_Keesee - Quotes

Kierkegaard, Soren  "God creates everything out of nothing, & everything which God is to use, He first reduces to nothing."

Lake, John G looked into the mirror & said daily, "God lives in that man in that suit of clothes, & where that suit of clothes goes, God goes."

Luther, Martin - If the devil were wise enough & would stand by in silence & let the Gospel be preached, he would suffer less harm. For when there is no battle for the Gospel it rusts & it finds no cause & no occasion to show its vigor and power...Therefore, nothing better can befall the Gospel than that the world should fight it with force & cunning.

Meyer, Joyce
- Our default mode is for our mind to go to what's wrong.
- Demons are like leeches who suck the life blood out of us. 
-We need to put the fire of us onto them.
-God told Joyce, "Think less & thank more."
-Develop your strengths not your weaknesses. 
-If you feel ready, then you won't lean on God.
-You don't need wishbone, you need backbone.
-Learn to talk back to the devil, or he will have you for lunch.
-Respond to the devil by praying in tongues or quoting scripture.
-The enemy will do to us whatever we will put up with. 7/5/2021

Munroe, Myles https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/88114.Myles_Munroe DOD 11/10/2014

Murdock, Mike - "The Only part of the Bible that works for you is the part you believe."
"Obedience is the only proof of faith.  Move swiftly when instructed by God. 
Delayed obedience is disobedience."

Nee, Watchman -
"We need not regard experiences or doctrines as mutually exclusive, but rather complementary."

Osteen, Joel - If we could do it on our own, we would not need God.

Lindsy Roberts' mother was told by the Lord, "You have every reason but no right to be bitter."
Lindsy is wife of Richard Roberts & daughter-in-law of Oral Roberts. 
Lindsy continues, "Bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

Pfeiffer, Dr. Carl C. - "For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect." @ http://www.doctoryourself.com/index.html

Price, Charles - No man in history has ever been able to live the Sermon on the Mount without the indwelling Life of the One who preached it.

Quotes - http://www.quotegarden.com/god.html - http://www.ministryinmotion.com/quotes.htm & http://www.savedhealed.com/nuggets.htm & http://hopefaithprayer.com/faith/faith-quotes/ - http://www.risemovebeyond.org/inspire/daily-inspiration

Roberts, Frances J -

Roosevelt, Eleanor - A woman is like a tea bag. 
You never know how strong she is until she's in hot water.

Schweitzer, Dr Albert - "Patients carry their own doctor inside.  They come to us not knowing that truth.  We (doctors) are at our best when we give the Physician Who resides within each patient a chance to go to work."

Simpson, AB, founder, Christian Missionary Alliance  "There are many fine Christian saints who are actually carrying a demon around with them in their body in the form of sickness & disease & petting him when they should have been casting him out." per Kenneth E Hagin in Paul's Revelation - The Gospel of Reconciliation booklet  www.rhema.org 

Spurgeon, Charles Haddon
"Groanings which cannot be uttered are often prayers which cannot be refused."
"Some Christians sail their boat in such low spiritual waters that the keel scrapes on the gravel all the way to heaven, instead of being carried on a floodtide."
"Believing prayer holds Him, but believing thanksgiving binds Him...
The time for receiving is at hand."  The Power in Praising God pg 80

Stanton, Rev R E in 1884 Gospel Parallelisms Presbyterian booklet - "It is my aim to show that the Atonement of Christ lays the foundation equally for deliverance from sin & deliverance from disease; that complete provision has been made for both; that in the exercise of faith under the conditions prescribed, we have the same reason to believe that the body may be delivered from sickness as we have that the soul may be delivered from sin; in short, that both branches of the  deliverance stand on the same ground, & that it is necessary to include both in any true conception of what the gospel offers to mankind."

Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre - "We are not human beings having a temporary spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience." 

Tozer, A W - The key to spiritual progress and maturity is to find out what God loves & love it
+ to find out what God hates & hate it.
Tozer, A W - It is NOT the praying sheep Satan fears, but the presence of the Shepherd.
@ Born after Midnight

Unknown - Be humble or - you will tumble.

When the enemy is exposed the battle is over."

Ward, William A - http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/416931.William_Arthur_Ward

 Wesley, John - "God does everything by prayer & nothing without it." 
Reinhard Bonnke  Evangelism by Fire  www.cfan.org

Wigglesworth, Smith - "I am not moved by what I see or hear.  I am moved by what I believe."
John G Lake - His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith by Kenneth & Gloria Copeland @ www.kcm.org
Wigglesworth, Smith - "The devil...will buddy up with you & rub up against you as long as you let him. 
But if you will put your foot down & say, 'Get - in the name of Jesus Christ.'
He will take off just as that little pup did" (when his owner hollered out loud in an angry tone of voice),
per Kenneth E Hagin in Paul's Revelation - the Gospel of Reconciliation.
Wigglesworth, Smith - "Great faith is the product of great fights.
Great testimonies are the outcome of great tests.
Great triumphs can only come out of great trials. Every stumbling block must become a stepping stone, & every opposition must become an opportunity." -
SMITH-WIGGLESWORTH-QUOTES.pdf @ http://2011.ekklesia.lt/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/

Williams, Dr Jeffrey - What you can NOT do, is what you have to ask Him to do (in & through us). (Ouch!)

Wright, Henry - Pleasant Valley Church, Georgia, USA  www.pleasantvalleychurch.net   
Sometimes when Henry says gospel he changes it to gos-"pill", meaning medication.
One could also say God's pill!  Holy Scripture is our spiritual medication.

Ziglar, Zig    "It's not what you've got.  It's what you use that makes a difference."


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When you’re going through hell, for Pete’s sake, don’t stop

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