Healing Ministries


Spiritual Heritage/Mentors

, Brian - Ohio, USA -
http://brianadamsministries.com/ -
"Dr. Adams provides covering to churches in Ohio, New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota & Nicaragua.
Adams supports Native American pastors & abandoned Navajo children.
He also holds crusades in South Africa, the Caribbean, Haiti, Central America, Belize, Honduras & Costa Rica.  Never forgetting his local area, he regularly reaches out to local prisons & nursing homes."

Anderson, Neil T - Freedom in Christ Ministries - Knoxville, Tennessee, USA https://ficm.org/ https://www.facebook.com/freedominchrist.usa/
Neil explains that majority of Christians are defeated because (1st) they do not recognize Satin's deceptions
(2nd) they do not understand their identity in Christ. 
Once they can identify Satin's attacks, they can resist & defeat him in the power & NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. 
Hosea 4:6 says we are being destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Annacondia, Carlos - Listen to Me Satan - 5/13/2011 (paraphrased) @
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GDFG0zwgw0 - As a priest of God, I take authority over & destroy all the evil bondage of these people in crisis, their ancestry & city, in Jesus' name. 
I invite Jesus to be their savior & baptizer in the Holy Spirit to replace that departed evil curse. 
Do NOT resist or deny this personal live saving spiritual & medical invitation regarding freedom from captivity/suicide/despair/heartache/hurt/suffering.

Arnott, John & Carol - Toronto, Canada Airport ministry -
Catch the Fire Soaking Prayer Center headquarters
Arnott's ministry was empowered by God after he was prayed over by Randy Clark.
www.ctfministries.com - mail@ctfministries.com   Very brief history  http://www.nxtbook.com/dawson/tacf/spreadthefire0509/#/30
5/2009 1st edition of internet newsletter with various testimonies
annual conference cruise: February-March

Badolato, Lou & Gwen - Kingdom Life Ministries, Salem, Massachusetts -
WROL 950 AM www.wrolradio.com + Mon-Fri 9:15-9:30 AM or http://www.blogtalkradio.com/klmin -
Badolato, Lou & Gwen - Sermon.net/gwenbadolato - God Does Heal.

Baker, Rolland & Heidi - http://irisministries.co.uk/ - http://www.irismin.org/p/home.php founders
missionaries in Mozambique, Africa -
= USA  Heidi Baker Audio and Video Messages -
Heidi's ministry was empowered by God after she attended Arnott's ministry in Toronto, Canada.
Radio broadcast 1/2002   
www.sidroth.org   http://www.irismin.ca/index.html   http://irismin.org/
3/2004 Charisma magazine 
www.charismamag.com + calendar https://www.irisglobal.org/events
Co-director of Iris Ministries: Pastor Surprise Sithole
 - http://www.fathersglory.com/insp/supresa_sithole.htm

Banard, Jerry & Sandy @ https://pastorjerrybarnard.com/ Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
Edge of Greatness
- 5/5/2013 @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IlG95GjwT8 Part B
Banard, Steven @ http://www.cfcsandiego.com/ Spring Valley, California, USA (Jerry's son)
Charity Navigator Rating - Iris Ministries - www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm/bay/search.summary/orgid/8751.htm 
Baker, Rolland - http://www.irisglobal.org/pdf/Rolland-Toward-a-Biblical-Strategy-of-Mission.pdf excellent
See Appendixes

Todd Bentley #1 - 6/23-29/2006 VIEW Real Player 
or windows media
http://www.sidroth.org/asx/sn6-23-08.asx or
The Reality of the Supernatural World transcript
Todd Bentley #2 - 6/30/2008-7/6/2008 - VIEW
Real Player http://www.soundwaves2000.com/rammaker.asp?id=129b&d=6-30-08 or windows media  http://www.sidroth.org/asx/sn6-30-08.asx or transcript  
Todd Bentley (age 37) Ministry at Lakeland, Florida or check our Sid Roth's Messianic Vision radio
http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=rad_archives including
Todd Bentley + 6/26/2006 
Todd Bentley + 7/3/2006 Todd Bentley + 7/10/2006
Todd Bentley  12/25/2006  Sharon Allen, Todd Bentley, Toledos, John McTernan, Charles Ndifon 
An unlikely miracle man, a contradiction which God loves to perpetrate upon unsuspecting candidates for His miracles.   (Summer 2008 board of directors prayer request for Todd & Shonnah Bentley who are presently experiencing significant friction in their relationship & are currently separated.) 
http://www.freshfire.ca/ + http://www.injesus.com/index.php?module=message&task=view&MID=2B007F2R&GroupID=BA007I8S&print=1 ) POSTSCRIPT
Many ministries (including that of Benny Hinn) contend that Todd Bentley's former ministry was demonic. 
Todd left the ministry after he and his wife separated. @
We suggest that one not "throw out the baby with the bathwater", but be sure to "test the spirits" + read his/her Scripture daily (as Benny reminds us to do).  Remember (to pray for) NOT to judge individuals, but to judge actions + always to bounce everything against Scripture (not doctrine).

Beyer, Harold & Kaye @ About Us (wcfym.com) Tampa, Florida 33685 - "11/11/1998 God came to Harold at 3AM...& said, 'I am the God that healeth thee.'  Instantly Harold was completely healed...
While the Beyers minister...(gold commuion) manna will often appear on their Bibles."

Blasingame, Loretta - transcript  3/3-9/2008  It's Supernatural TV broadcast  http://www.sidroth.org
Blasingame, Loretta - Messianic Vision radio broadcast #1582 3/10-16/2008 
regarding Is Anyone Up There?  book

Bonnke, Reinhard - DVD 4/19/2006 TV broadcast - www.bennyhinn.org -
Christ for all Nations or CFAN African headquarters - Orlando, Florida, USA - Shares testimony of Bonkee where he received the healing mantle of George Jeffreys in London the day before George's death.   
From Israel with Reinhard Bonnke - A Burning Passion for Souls 
program on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues
From Israel with Reinhard Bonnke - A Greater Passion for Souls
 - http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2008-9-26.asx
www.cfan.org  info@cfan.org - Africa missions headquarters
Bonnke, Reinhard - http://www.lightsource.com/ministry/even-greater/ TV broadcasts & archives
Bonnke, Reinhard - http://www.cbn.com/media/browse_videos_info.aspx?s=/vod/ReinhardBonnke_091406 
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda: 3-Year-Old Boy Raised From the Dead! - http://bit.ly/4pbuYU
Bonnke, Reinhard -  http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=147981617269 (edited)
When I became a Christian I did what I could. But being a Christian is not the art of the possible. 
It is the art of the impossible. Jesus said, 'You will receive power...& be MY witnesses' (Acts 1, 8).
We witness to WHAT HE IS, not what we are, nor do we witness just to a doctrinal formula.
God calls all ordinary folk to be extraordinary.
Isaiah was ordinary. He overheard God saying 'Whom shall we send? Who will go for us?'
& answered, 'Here am I.
Send me.' (Isaiah 6:9) He didn’t even know what he was meant to do but the Lord equipped him...
Christ told Philip to feed 5000 men in a breadless wilderness. He took fishermen & told them 'As you go, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers'. Nobody had ever done such things. He commanded a paralyzed man to 'Take up your bed & walk', a corpse to, "Arise!’” & an entombed man to, 'Come forth.' 
They all did just what He said. Jesus commands the impossible & then makes it possible.
That’s why we cannot lose.
Bonnke, Reinhard - http://www.daystar.com/ondemand/celebration-reinhard-bonnke-5-17-2012/
Daniel Kolenda successor to Reinhard Bonnke of Christ for All Nations - Monday, April 29, 2013 or MP3 Download  or Transcript - Also see 4/30/2013 from http://lifetoday.org/video/global-gospel/
Bonnke, Reinhard @

Kynan Bridges - 12/31/2012- Speak TO your problem, in Jesus' name. - transcript - radio interview here.

Brown, Rebecca - Clinton, Arizona, USA - www.harvestwarriors.com more into deliverance

Browne, Rodney and Adonica - Revival Ministries International - www.revival.com -
The River at Tampa Bay Church - Biography

Burke, Billy - Billy Burke World Outreach, Tampa, Florida, USA - http://www.billyburke.org/
At age 9 Billy was healed of terminal brain cancer in Kathryn Kuhlman service. 

http://www.billyburke.org/testimonies.html + http://www.billyburke.org/lifestory.html 
5/17-21/2010 broadcast
http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/messianic-vision/listen/billy-burke-3-108000.html or


Campbell, Bob & Kathy - founded The D.C. Initiative. -
Together they pastor
Harvest International Family Church in Geneseo, New York, USA
Ignited Ministries which hosts meetings throughout the North East & Mid Atlantic. 
One by One ministries which currently supports 75 children in India, Uganda and Sudan providing food, housing & schooling.
"Pool of Bethesda"
healing ministry where people have come & experienced healing & freedom.
Bob & Kathy travel locally & internationally activating people in healing, deliverance, the prophetic & dream interpretation. Kathy has trained thousands in prophetic ministry & how to hear God's voice. 
Married & have 4 children.

Carrin, Charles - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/inspiration/charlescarrin/pag2

Carver, John & Edna - John Carver Ministries - carvermin@comcast.net

Carothers, Merlin   Foundation of Praise   Escondido, California, USA  www.foundationofpraise.org 
Merlin is a Methodist minister & army chaplain with a healing ministry. 
God inhabits the praise of people to manifest His healing power.

Cerullo, Morris - Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, San Diego, California  www.mcwe.com  
www.helplinetv.com - biography - http://www.mcwehealingroom.com/about_morris_cerullo.php
Morris Cerullo, was raised in a Jewish Orthodox Orphanage until the age of 14.5 when he gave his life to Christ.
Ana Mendez Ferrell ministers in Mexico as Morris Cerullo's representative. 
www.anamendez.org - http://www.voiceofthelight.com/vision.html
Benny Hinn at Morris Cerullo’s 2007 World Conference in Anaheim, California -
1/31/2007 - 2/1,02007   

Chavda, Mahesh - Mahesh Chavda Ministries, Ft Mills, South Carolina, USA - www.watchofthelord.com  http://www.allnationschurch.us/ - Much power. The Healing Power of Prayer & Fasting -
Be amazed, challenged, shamed.
Chavda, Mahesh - Watch Sid Roth archives at
http://www.sidroth.org/tvbroadcasts.htm - 2/26/2007-3/4/2007 - #9001 = autobiography book Only Love Can Make a Miracle
The Resurrection of Katshinyi Manikai
 Articles -

Cho, Rev David Yonggi - http://english.fgtv.com/drcho/main.asp - http://english.fgtv.com/yfgc.pdf
1958 Founded Daejo Full Gospel Church. 
David Yonggi Cho -
Senior Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, Korea, with world's largest Pentecostal congregation.
Cho teaches
the "Full Gospel" Theology , the Fivefold Gospel + the Threefold Blessing (salvation/health/prosperity)
Eldest son seems to be defaming God's work in their family ministry.

Clark, Randy - Global Awakening ministry - Pennsylvania, USA - www.globalawakening.com
Randy mentors young adults aspiring to become missionaries with the Holy Spirit power of the apostles.
Randy's ministry was empowered by God after he was prayed over by South African Rodney Howard-Browne, Benny Hinn, & others.
Clark, Randy - Learning to Minister Under the Anointing -
Clark, Randy - There Is More - Reclaiming the Power of Impartation -
Also hear radio 2006 broadcast 
Chapter 2 A Man Made Ready - My Testimony of Impartation
Clark, Randy - in Brazil -

Randy Clark video + transcript 2/25/2014 -http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS742Transcript_Clark.pdf -
Clark, Randy - radio - http://sidroth.org/radio/radio-archives/randy-clark-0 - 2/25/2014

Bobby Conner 2/9-15/2009 God's Supernatural Power awesome TV - http://www.sidroth.org

Bobby was filled with the Holy Spirit when he was in the womb. He could & can still hear your thoughts
+ see in the spirit realm. He always backs up His words with scripture. 
His scriptural evidence is John the Baptist's being filled with the Holy Spirit while he was still in the womb. 
As for perceiving other's thoughts, refer to scripture, for 1 example:
Matthew12:25 (Mark 3 + Luke 11) He (Jesus) knew their thoughts.

Copeland, Ken & Gloria - Ken Copeland Ministries - www.kcm.org - http://www.kcm.org/media/
http://www.god.tv/search/node/kenneth%20copeland - Newark, Texas, USA - Oral Roberts is spiritual father of Kenneth Copeland.  2006 SW Believer's Convention testimony shared that it was revealed to them that by worrying at night about their son John's illness they had cancelled/nullified/undone/defeated/reversed the trust they had during the day.  (On must be extremely careful in spiritual warfare, for Satan is a legalist.) 

Cox, Paul L - http://aslansplace.com/?healing_rooms - Hesperia, California, USA

Crisan, Paul - In a Romanian morgue, Paul was raised from the dead by the prayers of his mother.

Cerullo, Morris - Son, Build Me an Army    http://www.mcwe.com/ -
Autobiography of the "life of a little Jewish orphan boy" called by God. His "
1 goal: training people to realize that the ministry God does through me is possible for everyone. God's anointing is not prejudiced.
He will use anyone who is willing to be used.  God will minister the Gospel through anyone who will surrender themselves to Him & allow Him to operate through them. 
As you read this book, keep that in mind; keep in your consciousness that God wants to use this book to inspire you to minister in the arena to which He has called you. God wants you not to look at this book & put me on a pedestal, but to put Him in the center of your heart, the center of your life."

Book at
Chapter 1 - The Greatest Miracle - http://www.helplinetv.com/morris_cerullo/son%20chap%201.pdf
Chapter 2 - Heaven and Hell - http://www.helplinetv.com/morris_cerullo/son%20chap%202.pdf
Chapter 3 - A Family of Miracles - http://www.helplinetv.com/morris_cerullo/son%20chap%203.pdf
Chapter 4 - My Wife, Another Barnabas - http://www.helplinetv.com/morris_cerullo/son%20chap%204.pdf
Chapter 5 - Son, Build Me an Army - http://www.helplinetv.com/morris_cerullo/son%20chap%205.pdf
Chapter 6 - How the Vision Came to Pass 
@ http://www.helplinetv.com/morris_cerullo/son%20chap%206.pdf
Chapter 7 - Israel - Land of My People 
Chapter 8 - Divine Revelations - http://www.helplinetv.com/morris_cerullo/son%20chap%208.pdf
Chapter 9 - Counting the Cost - http://www.helplinetv.com/morris_cerullo/son%20chap%209.pdf

Davis, Paul Keith - Angels that Gather - www.whitedoveministries.org -
Chapter 6 As I Was With Moses reminds us that William Branham was 1 of the greatest of the great in the healing ministry & his supernatural walk with the Lord.  It is documented that at the latter part of his ministry he claimed to be Elijah the Restorer, which nonetheless does not discredit his former fabulous walk with the Lord.

DeGrandis, Father Robert - Member of Society of St Joseph

Doherty, Billy Joe and Sharon - http://www.victory.com/ - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA -
"On Easter Sunday 1981, Pastors Billy Joe and Sharon launched Victory Christian Center, where they were surprised to find 1,600 people at the first service.
From a car dealership, to a large tent, to the Mabee Center, & now the Victory Worship Cente...
Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty from this life into the next on November 22, 2009."
Audio/Visual archives - http://www.victory.com/sermons.php
Inheriting the Promises & other TV series - http://www.christian.tv/channels/details/video/11 

Dollar, Creflo - http://www.creflodollarministries.org/ - articles at http://www.creflodollarministries.org/BibleStudy/Articles.aspx

Dowie, John Alexander @ https://owlcation.com/humanities/John-Alexander-Dowie-The-Flawed-Dreamer-and-Servant-of-God Australia + obituary https://www.historyscotland.com/history/eccentric-faith-healer-john-alexander-dowie-died-on-this-day-in/ +

Dvorak, Becky - https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/becky-dvorak/  3/6/2017
Dvorak, Becky - https://sidroth.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/IS895Transcript_Dvorak.pdf - (edited)
BECKY: I said, Holy Spirit, teach me how to have this type of an intimate relationship with you that they have & teach me how to walk in the power of your spirit like they did. That's how it started.
(Father God) told me, "When you get back home to Guatemala... I want you to start studying healing.
I don't want you to study anything else until I tell you to. It's now time for this part of your ministry
," meaning healing, "to start."  So I obeyed Him. I got home & started reading the scriptures from Genesis all the way through Revelation & everything I saw about healing I had a notebook with me.
I had my Bible. I'd write to Holy Spirit, put the date on it + the day & time where I was. 
I'd say, "Dear Holy Spirit, teach me."  He would reveal things to me that I hadn't seen, even though I was studying it.  It ended up being a 2-year study for that part.
Then He had me go on a 40-day fast.  I'll be honest with you, I had never gone on a 40-day fast.
3-day fast, I thought they were hard, but a 40-day fast...was strict: water.

At the same time I'm going on this 40-day fast, He instructs me to read from Genesis through Revelation.
I finished this glorious fast. It was hard on the flesh. I'll be honest with you, but I obeyed. 
No matter how hard it was physically, the supernatural side of it was glorious.
Then He gave me a time of rest. He said, "Do it again."
SID: 3 times in 1 year, 40-day fasts.
BECKY: God gave me a vision: I saw a gigantic microscope.
He's asking me, "What's on the plate of glass?"
Before I could even think of answering Him, He said, "It's sickness & disease." "What is it doing?"
Before I could answer Him, He's giving me the answer. He's saying, "It's moving.
We have been given dominion over everything that moves on this earth
He says, "That includes sickness & disease."
genesis/1-28.htm -
28God blessed & said to them, "Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, & subdue it;
over the fish of the sea, birds of the sky
& every living thing that moves on the earth."

I heard the voice of God, "You need to write a creed about healing, because My people no longer are being taught about healing. They are sick & dying before their appointed time.
They are suffering & do not understand that it is My will to heal them
He said, "Write a healing
creed." So I did: http://authorbeckydvorak.com/the-healing-creed/ for sale 
http://authorbeckydvorak.com/healing-confessions/ @ http://authorbeckydvorak.com/
Itenary: http://authorbeckydvorak.com/mission-trips-2017/ 
- editorial @ http://www.lifesupernatural.com/the-critical-step-missing-from-your-faith/ :action

Evans, David G. - Bethany Baptist Church  Voorhees, New Jersey, USA http://www.davidgevans.com/
TV broadcasts -
shift #2
reminds us to speak to our problem, but NOT as though it has a choice. 
Also stop repeating what the devil has been telling your mind. 
Your future depends on what comes out of your mouth today.

Evans, Mike http://wholeness.org/wholeness-ministries-20-years/ California 8/24/2014

Fackerell, Michael - Christian Faith Ministry - www.christian-faith.com Testimony @ Michael's web site. 
"I was taken by a brother to a certain community not far from Bucharest (Romania).
I explained to the people that
we can overcome Satan by quoting the Word of God, as Jesus did in the wilderness when confronted with Satan's temptations.
I explained that in an atmosphere charged with the Holy Spirit, the proclamation of the Word of God in faith will produce miracles. After preaching on this subject, I invited people who weren't sure if they were forgiven by God, who would like to receive Jesus as Lord, King and Savior, to come forward to pray.
One by one they came.  In the end about 8 people prayed to receive Christ. I had 1st explained to them that Jesus had taken all their sins at the cross, & all the curse, so they could have God's blessings.
They really believed that Jesus came into their lives. My simple instruction for them was to keep coming to the assembly so they would learn how to grow in Christ.  After this, sensing the peace of God, I explained that healing should follow the preaching of the message of the Kingdom. I asked those who had pain in their body to stand.
Of the 40-50 people present, a number immediately stood.
As I mentioned other physical conditions more people stood until virtually everyone except my wife was standing.  The brother who came with me wanted to anoint the people with oil, 1 by 1, but the Lord gave me a different approach. I led the people in a very brief prayer, "Jesus heal me".
I then bound the spirits of infirmity, commanded them to go in Jesus name, commanded body parts to be made new, bones to move into place & so on. 
This was done through 1 prayer for all the people at the same time. 
After that I asked people to do what would have been painful before. They did. 
Then I asked for testimonies.  So many people testified to being healed. Praise You Lord.
1 lady told of feeling a fire going through her body & all the pain inside going. 
A number were healed of back pains, head aches...problems with internal organs.
All glory belongs to God
, who truly did confirm the message of the Kingdom of God that evening."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Voice of the Light Ministries - Ponte Verde, Florida - www.anamendez.org - recommended for those who need &/or minister deliveance.  Ana, due to her involvement with voodoo practices, was confined in a mental hospital.  She was insane when a pastor visited her. 
God's spirit went from the pastor to her. 
She saw Jesus crucified and God with a broken heart due to her sins & the sins of mankind. 
Immediately she became well, & now ministers deliverance. 
Ana & her husband L. Emerson have a
Spanish/English web TV program.

Fox, Juennine Dante' - Fullness Ministries - www.fullnessministries.org - http://www.fullnessministries.org/index.html
(888) 533-1228 Kingwood, Texas, USA or Anthony Fowler (44) (0)208 749 9744  London, England

Frangipane, Francis - http://www.frangipane.org/

Gammons, Peter - Peter Gammons Ministries International, Cathedral of Faith,
Orlando, Florida, USA -
www.pgmi.org - info@pgmi.org - 1-407-243-6200 

Garlington, Barbara - Fountain of Healing Service, Covenant Church of Pittsburgh
CCOP Worship Center, Pennsylvania, USA - http://www.acswebnetworks.com/covenantchurch/healing_service
Barbara is wife of senior pastor Bishop Joseph L Garlington & mother of 7 children. 
Her ministry is similar to that of Henry Wright in that she addresses inherited/family/generational curses.
Joseph Garlington's broadcasts at http://www.ccop.org/ccoplivestream

Joan Gieson 10/16/2017 - video: https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/joan-gieson/
Blindness healed under ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman: http://www.jgmol.com/kk.htm
https://ofm6z46z825qpxk83fa00q1a-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/IS925Transcript_Gieson.pdf -
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
Gieson, Joan - http://www.jgmol.com/ -
After ministering under Kathryn Kuhlman, Joan ministered under Benny Hinn for awhile. https://vimeo.com/15814990

, Anne -
http://www.pastoranne.org/ 2008 Death of husband.

Goodwin, J R - biography -
http://brothermel.podbean.com/category/jr-goodwin-biography/ - with permission -
Goodwin, J R - recordings @
Goodwins and Smith Wigglesworth - 12/20/2009 http://ar1.podbean.com/
  Goodwins & Hagin - http://www.brothermel.net/MCM_Goodwin_Hagin.pdf
The Goodwins and John Osteen 11/24/2009
(deceased http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=F40A14F634551B7A93C6A9178ED85F448884F9 )

Gossett, Don - Bold Bible Missions & Living radio - www.dongossett.com

Hagee, John - http://www.god.tv/node/682 Texas

, Kenneth W (Junior) - Kenneth Hagin Ministries -
Kenneth Hagin Ministries' Healing School - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA -
LISTEN to radio 
RHEMA: Correspondence Bible School, Alumni Association, Bible Training Center,
RHEMA Ministerial Association International, Word of Faith magazine
www.roadtoglory.us Hagin books    VIEW TV http://www.rhema.org/media/rp_broadcast.cfm
Charisma magazine 11/2003 editorial Kenneth E Hagin Sr, Dead at 86, was father of Faith Movement
www.charismamag.com   DOD 9/19/2003  Ministry began 1949.  He was a spiritual father of Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Jerry Savelle, Keith Butler, Casey Treat + mentor to Marilyn Hickey & Christie Moore. 
He was considered to be a "father of the Word of Faith movement." 
"Hagin Sr experienced divine healing during his youth...& wanted all Christians to know that they had spiritual authority over sickness."  He preached, "The Bible says it; I believe it; & that settles it."  
His best selling book is The Believer's Authority.  His books I Believe in Visions + I Went to Hell are based on personal visions.  VIEW monthly magazine online

Robin Harfouche went to heaven where Jesus gave her keys to understanding + receiving physical healing.  Messianic Vision TV broadcast 9/10-16/2007 @ www.sidroth.org
Harfouche, Christian & Robin - TV broadcast 9/17-23/2007 @ www.sidroth.org
The Spirit of Pain
 editorial @ September 2007 
http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=upd_ministrynewsletter - Jesus Christ appeared to her & told her, "If you would have rebuked the spirit that affected your body, he would have had to leave you." 
spirit of pain "is the door opener for every other disease...
The other spirit comes to enforce what they (doctors & patients) believe they have. 
Pain opens the door.  Anytime you rebuke the spirit of pain, he will have to leave...
I want you (and each individual Christian) to be My eyes & hands."  
Order 2 Books #9015
 Harfouche's From Hollywood to Heaven & How to Receive Your Miracle
Harfouche, Christian - http://www.xpmedia.com/video/12269/receive-your-miracle/?affid=8389

Healing Rooms @ All Locations | (healingrooms.com)
Healing Rooms - find 1 near you - http://healingrooms.com/index.php?src=local_choose
International Ministry - http://healingrooms.com/index.php?src=content&cid=6
John G Lake - http://healingrooms.com/index.php?src=content&cid=4

Healing Ministry resources at http://booksandgiftstogo.org/Authors_c89.htm

Hee, Kong - http://www.konghee.com/ - Dallas, Texas, USA
City Harvest Church—Singapore - international TV program Alive! with Kong -
http://www.konghee.com/broadcast/broadcast-archive -
7/16/2012 -
Counting Your Stars (Part 1) - Counting Your Stars (Part 2)  
Kong Hee Messages - Encounter With Destiny 2-2 - YouTube - finding & fulfilling one's destiny
superior - Also discussion of improvement of anxiety & panic attacks.
or http://vimeo.com/39928437 "God looks at the potential."
Elijah & his depression - #1 http://vimeo.com/39928428 #2 http://vimeo.com/39928433

Heflin, Ruth Ward - http://www.calvarycampground.org/rheflin.htm

Herzog, David & Stephanie - David Herzog Ministries - www.voiceofglory.org  Naples, Florida, USA
& Cergy-le-Haut, France also Sedona, Arizona, USA - In 2005 God is independently doing outrageously wild miracles like changing rhinestones to diamonds & removing 50 pounds of body weight in 1 second. 
This is our favorite ministry for 2005. 
Check it out. http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=tv_&page=NewsArticle&id=11691 8/2012 video

Hickey, Marilyn - Marilyn Hickey Ministries - www.mhmin.org - www.marilynandsarah.org              

The Power of Prayer & Fasting
 - Radio interview with Sid Roth
www.sidroth.org week of 3/20/2006 -
Marilyn shares how her dad had a nervous breakdown & was not expected to recover & how her mom did a 21 day fast, resulting in her dad's healing. 
Marilyn - Also watch on web archives Marilyn's TV
June 5-11, 2006 interview with Sid Roth about mental illness of her own father and brother healed by God through her mother's fastingwww.sidroth.org   

Marilyn - Prayer & Fasting
- The Ultimate Breakthrough - video - www.mhmin.org
(Marilyn on a Joni Lamb TV 3/2006 broadcast (not the one above) shares how a pastor went into a hospital and delivered a woman from severe mental illness from which no priest/MD could rescue her. 
This was done through fasting & prayer. - [Perhaps she was thinking of Pastor
Lester Sumrall in True story of Clarita Villanueva - A 17 year old girl bitten by devils in Bilibid Prison, Manila, Philippines -
The Case of Clarita Villanueva - Cached - www.reptilianagenda.com/exp/e100799c.shtml  + www.reptoids.com -
Witnesses to May 1953 story are the Manila police, attending physician Dr. Marianna Lana,
Mayor Arsenio Lascon, 2 local constables & several newspaper reporters.
Also see A Look Through Secret Doors By John Mackim, 1969, Ace Publishing] 
Actually God is healing many incurables.
Hickey, Marilyn with Dr Caroline Leaf 1/11-14/2010 Change Your Thoughts in 21 Days   excellent - http://www.marilynandsarah.org/tv/daily-topics/
Hickey, Marilyn - http://blip.tv/today-with-marilyn-and-sarah scroll down to view programs
Hickey, Marilyn
Hickey, Marilyn -
Miracle Maintenance with Joan Hunter – Part 1 2/10/2014
Hickey, Marilyn -
videos @ https://www.youtube.com/user/MarilynHickey/videos

Hill, Steve - Heartland Fellowship Church, Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, USA 

Hinn, Benny - http://www.bennyhinn.org/emailletters/articledesc.cfm?id=7136&referrer=na_eb100110 24/7 network at BennyHinnNetwork.com -  
Healing ministry.  Benny reminds us that Jesus has 2 sides, front and back.  He gave His blood for our salvation and the stripes on His back for healing.  Benny admonishes us that what the doctors say about us is about to be cancelled; only believe. @
www.bennyhinn.com + http://www.god.tv/node/496
Hinn told the Ugandans that sickness is ILLEGAL in our bodies. Watch crusade teaching

Hogan, David,  founder, Freedom Ministries (PO Box 838, Raymondsville, TX 78580),
a pioneering mission among remote Mexican mountain tribes.  
We've had over 200 people raised from the dead in our work."
11/1996 Renewal Journal  -
Revival among mountain tribes in Mexico 
4/6/1998 Joel News JN185
Those who attack Hogan
Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten your heart not your head.
Hogan, David & Debbie - http://www.freedom-ministries.us/content/view/32/43/ - Mexico -
A finger pointing critic's world view gives bold Christians some good insights into what Holy Spirit is doing in this generation.
audio sermons -
http://www.davidhogansermons.com/ - http://www.lit4ever.org/sermons.html

Holliday, Pat - Pat Holliday Miracle Outreach Ministries  Jacksonville, Florida  http://patholliday.com -
Healing & deliverance ministry.

Hormann, Aiko - http://www.aikohormann.org - New York ministry -
Aiko doesn't end with inner healing & deliverance, but after removing these 'log jams' of the soul, she flows with the Holy Spirit right into physical healings & miracles.
In recent healing seminars, she has seen the Lord heal many brain dysfunctions, including schizophrenia, bi-polar, dyslexia & severe brain injuries from accidents...
Other areas of focus are: re-creative miracles, relationship issues, blockages to finances, PTSD, addictions & intimacy with God...the 'Tools of the Spirit' is a must for prayer counselors, pastors, therapists & intercessors...

By Dr. Leeland Jones, MD/Psychiatrist at the Bethesda World Harvest International Church, Buffalo, New York
Her materials are significant resources for both therapist & patient.
The Power of Inner Agreement CD#1 - "Inner conflicts are often caused by our deep-seated beliefs & attitudes that are contrary to our "head agreement" with the Word of God... The results are unanswered prayer & frustration. 
Jesus said
in Matthew 12:25 Every house divided against itself shall not stand
Therefore, it is vital that our beliefs & attitudes come into alignment with what God says about us."
Throne-Room Perspective: Keys to Victory CD#2 - "The effectiveness of your prayer life is determined by your throne-room perspective. The 1st step of 5 Steps to Result Producing Prayers is explained in detail. 
Developing awareness of 'where you are' is just as important as knowing 'who you are in Christ', both in approaching God the Father & in confronting the enemy - far below your feet."
Triggering Mechanisms CD#3 - "All of us have had the experience of having our "buttons" pushed by other people's (negative) words, gestures, tone of voice, etc.  These 'buttons' or 'triggers' include (actions/ words/smells that cause our remembering/feeling) such (past) experiences (or emotions) as rejection, abandonment, shame, betrayal, despair, phobias, flashbacks from traumatic event, relationships."
Victim or Victor? Your Choice CD#4 -
"It's our OWN REACTIONS to people & situations that make us a victim, not other people or circumstances. 
This CD will help you catch yourself in a 'victim mindset' and...switch to a 'victor mindset'."
Successful Spiritual Warfare for Victory CD/DVD#5 - Halt or prevent "backlash from the enemy."
Divine Editing of Your Memories CD#6 -
"If your childhood lacked nurturing, invite your Heavenly Father to fill in the voids created by lack of nurturing. 
He will 'edit' your memories - both 'edit out' painful memories & 'edit in' His nurturing." 
Self Defense Walls that Block God's Blessings CD#7 - "We all have 'self-defense mechanisms' to protect ourselves from being hurt again & again. We erect walls around us that become a 'counterfeit armor' instigated by Satan, rather than (or mixed with) the true 'Whole Armor of God' in Ephesians 6:10-16.
The problem is, these (self protective) walls become barriers between us & God, so that we are blocked from receiving God's provisions & blessings. It is NOT God's unwillingness to bless us and answer our prayers. 
There are different kinds of walls around us that reflect our reactions to hurtful experiences such as rejection, betrayal, abandonment, repeated put-downs which result in mistrust, low self-concept, feeling 'trapped', financial limitations, etc. 
The prayer session at the end will clear these walls
, depending on our willingness to let them go."
God's Grace Power vs. Self-Effort Struggle CD#8 -
"This message is for every Christian who sincerely desires to obey God in doing His will, but feels guilty & frustrated because performance does not match up with good intentions...
Learn how to let God's Grace Power in & through you, enabling you to do what God wants you to do...
Aiko invites you to participate in a powerful prayer that puts you into the flow of God's Grace Power."
Divine Healing: Preparation and Prayer Sessions CD#9 - "We can expect God to heal...
The (CD's) prayer sessions include getting rid of undesirable conditions (e.g., sickness and disease) & receiving from the Lord healing, restoration & recreation of damaged organs & members of the body."
Spirit, Soul and Body: Healing of Your Soul CD#10 - "God is concerned about your mental & emotional well-being in order for you to be the complete person He intended you to be...
Learn how to break habitual patterns of thinking & reactions that are detrimental to your well-being...
Learn how to recognize the enemy's attacks & how to handle any stressful situation by the power of the Holy Spirit & with (reading/memorizing/speaking) the Word of God."
Healing Deep Layers of Your Soul CD#11 - "Use Spirit-directed imagination to allow the Lord Jesus, the Bishop of your soul, to deal with hidden fears, anger, guilt & wounds. 
Different layers of your subconscious & unconscious memories
are dealt with in terms of different levels in the 'basement of your memory house'. 
Let the Holy Spirit choose (minister to/heal) 1 level at a time...Use this CD many times."
5 Steps to Result-Producing Prayers CD#12 -
Expose satan's Lies with God's Truth for Victory CD#13 -
"We all know Jesus conquered Satan & demons - 100%. 
Then, why do they still seem to have power or influence over us, God's children?
As long as we believe his lies & half-truths, he has the power to pull us into his territory of darkness...
Our self-talk often reveals how much of our belief or value system he has taken over, through the influence of others as well as our own thoughts.
We can tell whether we are in agreement with God or with Satan by
our self-talk.
The enemy can influence our health, finances, relationships & emotional/spiritual well being...
Prayer session at the end covers 7 steps to eliminate Satan's influence in our lives & to take back the territory & the goods that were stolen from us in the past (such as money, health, relationships, opportunities, reputation, etc.)"
Aiko Recommends for ministers - 2007
St. Louis Training Seminar DVD/CD, Soul Restoration Series , Training Seminar Packet - 3 Brains” - Healing Memories at Neurological Level 2 hr DVD - "3 brains = the head brain, gut brain & heart brain.  Healing painful memories at the neurological level are important..."Scientifically established facts about the 3 brains are given, as well as Biblical references about the heart & gut having 'emotional memories'... Painful memories...stored in these 3 brains that tend to affect our health, finances & relationships.
People with 'damaged' emotions are healed much more quickly (using the ministry of the Holy Spirit) than (using only) conventional psychotherapies"...
Additionally "'Cranio-Sacral Adjustment' is also demonstrated at the end of the DVD - to 'correct' damaging outcomes from head injury, tailbone injury, birth trauma, infection, hereditary predispositions, etc...
Most of the time, she (Dr. Aiko) simply speaks to the parts of the body, in the name of Jesus, Yeshua Ha'Mashiach."
The Overcomers' Manuals
#1.Triggering Mechanisms: What they are and how to de-fuse them
#2.Self-Defense Walls that Block God's Blessings (Counterfeit Armor)
#3.Heavenly Perspective - Throne-room Perspective: Keys to Victory
#4.Unmet Needs & Damaged Emotions; Addictions & Compulsions;
Divine Editing of Your Memories; Neck & Back Healing
#5.Shattered Dreams, Relationships & Expectations
#6.Spirit, Soul & Body Alignment: Left & Right Brain Harmony; Potter's Wheel (also dyslexia);
Inner Conflicts & Self-Sabotage: How to Resolve Them
#7.Expose Satan's Lies with God's Truth for Victory;
Cast Down Imaginations & Pull Down Strongholds
#8.Keys of the Kingdom and Fruitful Relationships
#9.Windows of Heaven: How to Receive God's Blessings;
Co-laboring with God for Mircales - Privileges & Responsibilities
#10.Curses & How to Break Them (Parts 1, 2, & 3); Sexual Trauma: Why Everyone is Affected
#11.Healing Deep Layers of Your Soul: Memory House Cleaning; Your Choice:
Upward Spiral or Downward? Unload Your Excess Baggage
#12.Divine Healing: Preparation & Prayer Sessions; The 2nd Brain in the Gut
, Dr. Aiko - #1 http://www.healingroomsaz.com/AikoQA/ + #2 http://www.healingroomsaz.com/AikoQA2/ -
Q & A - 5/7/2012
Aiko Hormann MD - The Potter's Wheel - https://vimeo.com/84421374 @ https://vimeo.com/aikohormann/videos - recommended - "Different levels of subconscious & unconscious memories are dealt with in terms of the 'basement of your memory house'. 
Allow Holy Spirit to cleanse, eliminate, remold, heal & rearrange u due to trauma, occult involvement, hereditary diseases, physiological malfunctions."

You Tube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDQVUSBKOso @
Did We Love recommended

Huch, Larry - Larry  Huch Ministries  - http://www.joanhunterministries.com/ - www.sidroth.org -
Daughter of Charles & Frances - Watch archived
Joan Hunter  http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=tv_&page=NewsArticle&id=8923&security=1041&news_iv_ctrl=-1  
1/11-17/2010 Broadcast includes healing prayer. -
transcript http://www.sidroth.org/site/DocServer/IS535Transcript_Hunter.pdf?docID=2161

Hunter, Frances - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/guest-frances-hunter -12/25/2006 -

Hunter, Joan - www.joanhunter.org (excellent help in the area of trauma)
, Joan - 10/4/2012 -
Supernatural Provision with Joan Hunter Part 1
Hunter, Joan - 10/4/2012 - Supernatural Provision with Joan Hunter Part 2
Hunter, Joan - http://www.xpmedia.com/channel/jhunter - Erase the Pain of Your Past P1
Erase the Pain of Your Past P2 - Erase the Pain of Your Past P3 - Erase the Pain of Your Past P4
Hunter, Joan Miracle Maintenance with Joan Hunter – Part 1 - 2/10/2014
The Kat Kerr shared Joan Hunter's live video 1/16/2018 post on January 22 2018

Glenda Jackson - Jackson, Glenda Underwood - Manteca, California 95336, USA -
http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/glenda-jackson video -
transcript - http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS775Transcript_Jackson.pdf -
radio http://sidroth.org/radio/radio-archives/glenda-jackson
Spiritual heritage - http://glendajacksonministries.com/index.php/about/glenda-s-heritage
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Glenda-Underwood-Jackson-Ministries/118156661565770
Prophetess Glenda Underwood Jackson ministering at a Fire Conference with Benny Hinn -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S39xQ59y8o - 3/27/2014 (edited) -
Holy Spirit says to say, "This night is only a beginning of the age to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Get ready for creative miracles, such as the world has never seen. 
The world must be won for Jesus.  It will only be done by His name & His works being glorified. 
All of heaven is watching this night.  The Lord Jesus Christ is standing, not sitting, at the right hand of Father God looking for even more faith than He has ever seen.  Get ready brother Hinn, because the dead are going to be raised.  Hospitals are going to be emptied out.  Jesus saved the best for last. 
We are going to go out in a blaze of glory."  The Lord says, "This is the year mighty transfers are going to transfer over.  We're going to take nation after nation, for Jesus Christ. He is going to prove for once & for all that He is the great Physician, He is the great I AM, He is the Alpha & the Omega, He is the bright & morning star." 
The Lord also said to say, by the Holy Spirit, "
Those who have given to this ministry, 'fear NOT, your fold is to come into existence this year', sayeth the Lord."  "Brother Hinn, from this night forward you are to walk in a resurrection power you have never known in your life," sayeth the Lord...3 things are coming -
Divine: appointments, release, & explosion... A sign of His coming = Nothing will be hid...
The devil does NOT give us our trials; Jesus does.  The enemy is after our faith. 
There is only ONE thing I
(Jesus) am praying for, that your faith fail not, for I have already done the work for healing & salvation, for which My intercession is NOT needed...I did NOT pray for him (Peter) to get out of it or for the enemy to leave him alone, but for his faith NOT to failShall I find faith when I return?  It is impossible to please God without faith.  Nothing moves heaven but faithFaith means: Forsaking all, I Take Him (an acronym).  (Let us) take the shield of faith.  Tonight is a divine appointment with the Holy Spirit. 
Tonight is a divine release of the Holy Spirit, resulting in a divine explosion. 
The pastor here can do everything, but if you do NOT believe it, nothing is going to happen. 
Paul/Jesus perceived in the people, that they had the faith to believe.

Bill Johnson 10/2014 - In 2014 Johnson received a greater impartation of God's Holy Spirit power.

Jones, Doug - Doug Jones Ministries - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA    www.dougjones.siteblast.com

Kanco, Bishop Samuel Vagalas - The Lord's Vinyard Church, International - (deliverance ministry) -
Africa, London
& Canada - PO Box 816, Medina, Accra, Ghana, Africa   

Kayanja, Robert - The Highway of Holiness International Foundation - Robert Kayanja Ministries - http://kayanja.org - Miracle Centre Cathedral, Kampala, Uganda, Africa

Sandra Kennedy - Augusta, Georgia, USA - http://www.sandrakennedy.org/watchonline/ 
https://www.facebook.com/SandraKennedyMinistries/ -
Sandra asks us, "What would you do if you knew you were healed?" 
We are NOT to try to get healed, because scripture says, 'By His stripes we were healed'. 
Thus we are to TAKE/RECEIVE HIS healing.  2nd we are NOT to try to believe. 
Instead we are to let our faith arise.  (We are to stir it up, perhaps reciting aloud scripture. 
Those who profess to be Christians, need to act on what they understand to be God's truth, not let it clog the brain.)

Kerr, Kat - 2013 CD - (Radically) Marked - a Chosen Generation - www.reveralingheaven.com -
CD# says Lake would slap people on back & say, I release God's lightening power into your body to eradicate anything that is not supposed to be there or that He did not put in there.
In Jesus' name, refute disease that is illegally there, if there is no evil thing remaining in you.

Keyton, Bree - Bree Keyton Ministries - Kansas City, Missouri - www.breekeytonministries.com  

Daniel Kolenda successor to Reinhard Bonnke of Christ for All Nations - Monday, April 29, 2013 or MP3 Download  or Transcript &/or Tuesday, April 30, 2013 or MP3 Download or Transcript -
Every man dies, but NOT every man lives.  God designed YOU for a purpose.  Do NOT live in cemetery of fear.
http://lifetoday.org/video/global-gospel/ or archives http://lifetoday.org/life-today-tv/this-week/
Daniel Kolenda - 4/3/2013 - http://www.lightsource.com/ministry/life-today/daniel-kolenda-global-gospel-342013.html Florida 

I Believe in Miracles - Kindle edition by Kuhlman, Kathryn. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Larson, Willis, Massachusetts, USA - conferences/retreats - www.beingchanged.com
Lassiter, Ruth - Massachusetts, USA - Media resources - Inquire @ ruthlassiter@gmail.com

Leonard, Dennis - Dennis Leonard Ministries - Denver, Colorado, USA - www.dennisleonardministries.com 1-888-253-7763   - Books: My Journal to Freedom -
Power to Obtain Health & Nutrition
- Your Best Days Are Just Ahead - Moving Beyond Pain

Lindsay, Gordon - (William Branham's travel companion & co-founder of Voice of Healing magazine)
http://www.cfn.org/magazine/pdf/nov08.pdf from http://www.cfn.org/magazine/

Lozano, Neal & Janet - Heart of the Father Ministries - www.heartofthefather.com
House of God's Light Community, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, USA
Catholic charismatic ministry, especially to the broken hearted.

Lowery, TL - T L Lowery Global Foundation - www.tllowery.org/ - http://www.tllowery.org/watchtl.cfm
Web interview =
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3330728582264121859 - www.deeperliving.com - https://tllowery.org/biography - As a senior citizen the Lord seems to have encouraged TL to move from mainline evangelism into healing & miracles in his Pentecostal denomination Church of God pastoring. -
40 Day Fast Miracle [HQ]
@ http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1144561954533 
by Passing the Torch

Luna, Cash  http://www.tangle.com/CashLunaMinistries - Guatemala http://cashluna.org/  
http://www.cashluna.org/index.cfm - 1051
brief biography
http://cap2008.elreyjesus.org/SpeakersPageE.aspx?CID=41 -
Per 2015 DayStar TV broadcast, Cash noted that receiving one's healing is like building with Lego's, 1 piece at a time, 1 confession at a time, until the project is completed. 
When Cash was ministering to seniors, there was a youth with twisted feet. 
The lad said to his feet, this message is for you, whereas his feet received their healing.  Now youth is an athlete.

Francis MacNuttMacNutt, Francis - Christian Healing Ministries - Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Catholic priest who married & began a dynamic healing ministry.
Also see July 2004 Charisma magazine 
 - Sometimes as MacNutt sings in tongues, people are healed.  He says that he still "feels" stupid and funny doing it, even after 25 years. 
1 woman was healed as he looked at her.  He insists that healing takes time.  His initial mentor was Agnes Sanford, under whose ministry he received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. 
[Today Agnes' ministry is in question by Protestants due to her (Catholic/spiritualist) involvement with mediums & the deceased]...
One can purchase Christian Healing Ministry video training courses or watch them at various locations. 
In the past, the Catholic Marian Community, Medway, Massachusetts offered this series:
www.mariancommunity.org - Their 3 seminars cite 4 healing types - physical, inner/emotional/memory, salvation/spiritual & deliverance from evil spirits. 
Instruction includes baptism of Holy Spirit & renouncing one's family occult involvement including masonry.
In The Power to Heal Francis shows a bias towards tested professionals. 
However God will use any-one/thing available to Him, a rabbit, a stone, an infant, a child, whomever.
Yes, even you are, even I am - qualified.  Why?  Because everything created is NOT (never) qualified. 
We are only qualified by the works of Christ.  Never self.  Jesus is the healer. Thanks God.
Another endorser is
http://www.globalawakening.com/ - Groups/1000014266/Global_Awakening/Global/Conferences.aspx  
Yale Healing Symposium on Spiritual & Medical Perspectives  School of Healing & Impartation 3 -
Spiritual & Medical Perspectives

Judith MacNuttMacNutt, Judith - Christian Healing Ministries - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - www.christianhealingmin.org  
Judith, psychologist & wife of Francis, often ministers with husband. 
Judith has a heart for the mentally ill.  God told Judith, "Bring them to Me & I will heal them."
Judith MacNutt 5/7-11/2012 Messianic radio broadcast with Sid Roth

Apostle G Maldonado, Guillerno - http://kingjesusministry.org - Spanish http://www.elreyjesus.org/ http://podcast.elreyjesus.org/ - Miami, Florida, USA - 1/30/2012 Messianic radio Guillermo Maldonado - 2/6/2012 Messianic radio Guillermo Maldonado - Healing - http://kingjesusministry.org/
Guillermo Maldonado July 8-14, 2013 - Video, radio &/or Transcript @ link - "I AM & the great I AM wants to be manifested and demonstrated right now. I want you to stretch your hands. If you need a healing, if you've been oppressed in your mind, if you need a creative miracle, I want to release it to you. Father, in the name of Jesus (& I want the audience to pray with me. There are thousands & thousands watching.  If you're watching right now, I want you to stretch your hands & let, bring the Kingdom of God here now. Let's not wait tomorrow.
God is the God of the now). 
Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You & I give You praise. There's a woman that your breasts have been removed because of cancer. God has created a new breast now. Right now. 
Father, there's someone watching, I think you're a man, you're a truck driver, and you're a truck driver & you got metals in your body, a bunch of metals. God is changing metals into bones & into flesh. Receive it now.
If you have bones, metals in your body, I see that miracle everywhere I go.
God is creating you flesh and bones in your body right now in Jesus' name. Blindness, I want you to lay hands on your eyes. Father, blindness go in Jesus' name. There's somebody that suffered a heart attack. 
Right now God is healing your heart.  Something jumped into your heart right now. That's the power of the Holy Ghost. There's a pastor watching who walked in the super-natural for a while. Because you couldn’t stand the pressure to move in the supernatural & the criticism, God is releasing a new fire in you right now. In Jesus' name, back conditions are being healed right now...There's a businessman watching; you lost a big amount of money.  The Lord says, I will restore that in 3 days, meaning the resurrection power is being released in finances, now.
In Jesus' name, if your dreams, visions, things have been dead, Father, I release the power of the resurrection
1, 2, 3, now in Jesus' (name)...power is coming out...fire. When I feel the fire in my right hand that's creative miracles going on. There is somebody...missing a bone in your left hip right now.
You felt...heat in your body...There are people taking pills, depression, afflicted.
In Jesus' name, I command every oppression in your mind: be delivered & healed in Jesus' mighty name, now...
Father, in Jesus' name:
I rebuke every sickness...every disease
. Go from the people of God. Be healed. Be delivered.
(Come) creative miracles.
I release the power of the resurrection...
Be activated in the power of God to bring the Kingdom wherever you go.
Stretch both your hands right now (to receive).

I activate those people to do miracles, signs & wonders.

I am asking You Holy Spirit to open their eyes. 
Power of the resurrection be revealed in their heart right now. 

Wherever they go they will now bring Heaven on Earth
(Right now, receive.)"
Guillermo Maldonado -
http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/guillermo-maldonado-0?src=weeklybroadcastemail_102714 10/27/2014
Guillermo Maldonado -
Malonado received a download of God's love in 2014.

Manning, James D - Atlah World Ministries, Atlah, New York - 1-800-268-3285

Mathias, Art & Patti - Anchorage, Alaska - http://www.akwellspring.com

Manuel, Shelli Jones-Baker - http://www.glory-train.com -
recommended links @
Shelli's website:
Radio archives at
http://www.resurrectamerica.com/ or https://shellijm202.wixsite.com/mysite-1 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Marocco, James - King's Chapel, Hawaii headquarters - www.kingscathedral.com/ -
Per editorial, Marocco's "parents were missionaries to India & started the work in Calcutta later taken over by Mark & Hulda Buntain.  Marocco's father succeeded Lester Sumrall as pastor of Manila Bethel Temple in the Philippines."
http://www.vanguard.edu/uploadedFiles/Alumni/VUmag_Summer2004.pdf - http://www.vanguard.edu/

McKenna, Briege - Irish Catholic nun, Tampa, Florida, USA http://www.sisterbriege.com/ -
At the age of 24, sister was miraculously instantaneously healed (of crippling arthritis) during Eucharist celebration.  She later received, in prayer, the gift of healing.

Meyer, Joyce - Joyce Meyer Ministries @
www.jmministries.org www.joycemeyer.org http://www.god.tv/node/497
Fenton, Missouri, USA   1-800-727-WORD
Ontario, Canada
Queensland, Australia        07-3349-1200
Windsor, England                01-7538-1102
Annual  convention - St Louis, Missouri, USA    10/2-4/2003

Mjorud, Reverend Herbert www.holytrinitynewrochelle.org/lutherancharismatichistory.html -
Mjorud Evangelistic Association, 3604 Coolidge St NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 55418 Phone 1-612-789-7803 -"LUTHERANISM -
Episcopal priest Dennis Bennett (1917-1991) had perhaps the greatest influence in the charismatic renewal movement within mainline denominations after his announcement that he had received the gift of tongues led to controversy & his resignation. The bishop in Seattle offered him St. Luke's parish that had been scheduled to be closed & under Bennett's leadership it became a major renewal center for clergy who were hungry for an experience of God. Early figures such as evangelist Herbert Mjorud of the American Lutheran Church (ALC), journeyed there & were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Mjorud's 6 year term with the ALC was not renewed due to controversy over his inclusion of charismatic teaching in his evangelistic work.[9] He traveled the world with a healing ministry and wrote 3 books, including Fighting Cancer with Christ, after receiving healing from lymphatic cancer.[10] This pattern of hearing of the new spiritual experience, praying for & receiving it.
The resulting controversy was repeated in the lives of the many clergy in mainline denominations who were told, 'Bloom where you are planted.'" 

Mjorud, Reverend Herbert - North Heights Lutheran Church -
He taught in this church (North Heights Lutheran Church, Arden Hills) for many, many years. 
He was an evangelist for the ALC.  He was a pastor in Alaska. 
He was a lawyer by training.  He had tremendous healings in his own life & he had a tremendous gift of bringing healing to the nations through the
Mjorud Evangelistic Association...
He laid his hand on my head, & I was going to open my mouth..
He said, "Say, did you know God has called you to be a pastor?"  I said, "Yeah, I think so, but now I know."  
Now, that wasn't coincidence...He prayed for the person across the railing here. 
Then he came back & said, "By the way, I want to ask God to fill you with His spirit." 
I was going to open my mouth when he laid his hand on my head & began to pray. 
When I opened my mouth, this language I'd never heard before began to flow forth. 
I know what it is today." 
Mjorud, Reverend Herbert @

"Open Doors. Born in Minnesota to Lutheran parents, Mjorud, 54 (7/10/1964 editorial), grew up in Alaska & was converted from agnosticism back to his childhood faith in 1942. He gave up the practice of law to enter the ministry & 2 years ago attended his 1st glossolalia service at an Episcopal church in Seattle.
After several months of prayer, Mjorud began speaking in tongues himself, started trying it out on interested Lutherans during his mission trips. Mjorud, who is also a devotee of faith healing, was warned several times by the Evangelism Commission & only the intervention of A.L.C.
President Fredrik Schiotz saved him from dismissal last year.
Although fired as a traveling evangelist, Mjorud is still free to accept a call by any congregation that wants him. 
He intends to keep on speaking as the Spirit directs.  'It's my calling,' he says '& there are many open doors.'"

Mohr, Greg - Your Healing Door with Greg Mohr - Part 1 12/28/2015 +
Mohr, Greg - Your Healing Door with Greg Mohr - Part 2 12/29/2015
http://www.yourhealingdoor.com/SiteAssets/yourhealingdoor/download-button.png sample chapter
introduction/healing autobiography http://www.yourhealingdoor.com/SiteAssets/yourhealingdoor/greg%20mohr%20story.pdf
audio sermons @ http://www.yourhealingdoor.com/Listen-Online Woodland Park, Colorado, USA

Morgan, Lee & Jan - http://www.agloriouschurch.net/www.agloriouschurch.net/about.html - Owasso, Oklahoma, USA -

Ramson Mumba - http://www.daystar.com/shows/get-understanding-with-ramson-mumba/ - www.elshaddaitoday.com -
Ramson Mumba  -
http://www.youtube.com/user/ramsonmumbaUK - TV broadcasts

Mumford, Nigel - http://www.christ-the-king-center.org/Healing/ - Greenwich, New York, USA
Christ the King Spiritual Life Center is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.
The Diocese is part of the Episcopal Church (sometimes called ECUSA
http://albanyepiscopaldiocese.org/ )
& the worldwide Anglican Communion."  Nigel works with the MacNutts cited above.
The Healing Ministry is used in conjunction with the medical profession.  We never suggest that anyone cease taking their medication or act contrary to the advice of their physician."

Ndifon, Charles - Rhode Island, USA   http://www.christlove.org/healer.htm - www.imiraclecenter.org - good--
Learn how to heal/deliver self & others. It will take time. Check out when next course is offered. 
Perhaps take an annual vacation at 1 of his conferences. 
Take out that retirement money & spend it on wherever God is.   
Ndifon believes it is OK to pray for others without saying, "In the name of Jesus," as Jesus did not say such. 
Jesus is in us, for all practical purposes. Ndifon encourages all to testify to a healing regardless of the absence of manifestation.  Our faith relies on the Word of God & NOT on sight.
Ndifon believes it is OK to pray for others without saying, "In the name of Jesus," as Jesus did not say such. 
Jesus is in us, for all practical purposes. 
Ndifon encourages all to testify to a healing regardless of the absence of manifestation.  
Our faith relies on the Word of God & NOT on sight.Jesus is in us, for all practical purposes. 
Ndifon encourages all to testify to a healing regardless of the absence of manifestation.  
Our faith relies on the Word of God & NOT on sight.

Watch Charles Ndifon on Sid Roth's Messianic Vision  10/08/2006 www.sidroth.org
Ndifon 10/8/2006 Messianic Vision TV broadcast
Watch Charles Ndifon on Sid Roth's Messianic Vision  10/16/2006 www.sidroth.org -

Nunn, David - video - David Nunn - The Life Story of Missionary Evangelist David Nunn
with Missionary films & sermon: "Restoration of New Testament Power"   

Osteen, Dodie - http://abc13.com/archive/7266019/ - Houston, Texas - 2/82010 - "He just said in my heart, 'Why don't you have a drive by healing service?' It's the 1st one I've ever had. I didn't know what would happen, but if 1 person comes that doesn't matter. I'm doing what God told me to do,' said Dodie."

One Place Ministries - http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/ - listing of numerous ministries -

Oritsejafor, Ayo - Word of Life Bible Church, Nigeria, Africa - host of Hour of Deliverance TV ministry
president of the African Broadcasting Network - Watch 1/17/2007 TV broadcast 

Parsley, Ron - www.breakthrough.net - Columbus, Ohio, USA - Rod Parsley (1996) TBN TV movie

Pierce, Cal - Healing Rooms Ministries - International headquarters, Spokane, Washington, USA - www.healingrooms.com Find a location near you.

, Peter - Upland, California, USA - 1-877-841-8300 -

Price, Charles S - http://healingandrevival.com/BioCSPrice.htm + http://healingandrevival.com/BooksCSPrice.htm

Renner, Rick - 5/1-5/2023 How to Heal the Sick broadcasts
https://mailchi.mp/rennerministries/update-from-the-field-640563?e=12124f3766 - Russia + USA

Roberson, Dave - Dave Roberson Ministries - www.daveroberson.org See book subtitled
The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues
Portrait Version - Printer Friendly Version - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 

Robison, James - watch First Conference 7PM 1/4/2010 @ http://gatewaypeople.com/  excellent - podcast listings http://gatewaypeople.com/index.php?action=res_podcast
@ http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/

Robinson, Mickey - Mickey found himself in heaven after an airplane accident. 
Then Holy Spirit in him taught him to speak to his body to usher in healing. 
http://www.mickeyrobinson.com/testimony.php 3/5-11/2007 RADIO broadcast @ www.sidroth.org
2 CD series #1053 Show Me Your Glory + Falling To Heaven - Book or CD 
Mickey is a Director of Prophetic Christian Ministries Association + President of the Lazarus Foundation (a care & discipleship center for the physically challenged) + Seagate Ministries. Seagate Ministries, Franklin, Tennessee.

Roth, Sid - Messianic Vision radio + It's Supernatural TV, Brunswick, Georgia, USA     
Radio and TV messianic Jewish programming.  Grand.  Archives @
One of our most favorite due to continuous wonderful interviews.
Supernatural Healing link
Sid Roth's Messianic Vision: Most Recent Articles 
or http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/messianic-vision/listen/

Salem, Harry & Cheryl - Salem Family Ministries - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA -
www.salemfamilyministres.org -
Speak the Word Over Your Family for Healing

Sapp, Roger - Performing Miracles & Healing - Radio broadcast 1/2003 www.sidroth.org

Schubert, Linda - Miracles of the Heart Ministries - www.linda-schubert.com
Catholic with a healing ministry.  Has ministered with Father Robert DeGrandis. 
Santa Clara, California   Her autobiography booklet is titled Rich in Mercy.

Scrivner, Thurman - http://tlsm.org/ - Justin, Teas, USA -
Healing testimonies @ http://tlsm.org/newWatch_Listen.cgi + Radio @ http://tlsm.org/newWatch_Listen.cgi#RadioShows

Shariat, Hormoz - International Antioch Ministry - www.iam-online.net
Ministry to Muslims  in USA & Iran.  Speaks Farci (Persian).  Headquarters in San Hosea, California

Shuttlesworth, Ted (senior) @ https://www.daystar.com/shows/faith-alive-with-ted-shuttlesworth/ + https://www.charitynavigator.org/ein/521213895 - Discuss with Holy Spirit - Farmington West Virginia

, Davi - Casa de Davi (House of David), Brazil -
Davi was healed of down's syndrome at the age of 6 & is now a pastor in Brazil.

Simmons, Brian - Gateway Christian Fellowship church or Stairway Ministries -
West Haven, Connecticut, USA

Sithole, Surprise & Tryphina - S. Africa - part of Iris ministry team @ http://www.irisglobal.org/white-river/team -
"Surprise 'Supressa' Sithole was called by the Lord Jesus Christ at...15 when the Lord told him to leave everything behind, follow Jesus & preach the gospel wherever he went. Leaving his family & all possession, he took up his cross to follow Jesus wherever He goes & has never looked back since.
In 1997, God sovereignly connected Surprise with Heidi & Rolland Baker of IRIS Ministries.
Surprise now (2014) serves as the International Director of Pastors for IRIS Ministries where he helps oversee the rapidly spreading revival in S. Africa which has witnessed close to 7,000 new churches being birthed since 2000...Surprise is married to Tryphina. 
They have 4 sons & foster another boy who was abandoned at a local hospital.
Tryphina equally is ablaze with the fire of God.
She serves as the advisor to Michaels Children's Village & oversees several ministries to women...
The Sithole’s live in Mbombela/Nelspruit, South Africa where they direct the work of IRIS-Africa & Partners In Harvest... In 2003, Surprise Sithole planted a church in an impoverished township (Backdoor) outside of White River/Mombela, South Africa... That 1 church...base consists of ever expanding ministries that include the Pastors Commission (church planting & church discipleship, intercession & evangelism), Harvest Bible College, Village of Hope (community outreach center with various ministries) & Michaels Children's Village (MCV)...

Souza, Katie - Blog @ https://katiesouza.com/blog/ - Healing the soul.

Sozo ministry - http://bethelsozo.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=63&Itemid=121
Where to find 1 in your area.

Stewart, Steve - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/steve-stewart/ 2/27/2017
http://ofm6z46z825qpxk83fa00q1a.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/IS894Transcript_Stewart.pdf (edited)
STEVE: I've seen the Lord do that so many times. When I prayed for that man, here's what happened.
I took a team. We were in Mexico... Everybody was just excited (regarding his & prior healings. 
However,) I felt this sadness come over me & couldn't understand it.  I stepped back.
Nobody was looking at me.  They were looking at what was going on there. I said, 'Why do I feel sad?. 
He said something I'll never forget. It was 1 of those markers in life. He said to me, 'Remember the boy last night who couldn't speak & then he could?' I said, 'Sure.' He said, 'You see that girl who was deaf & now she could hear?' I said, 'Yes, Papa.' He said to me, 'I have been waiting for years to do that, but nobody would release it'...
SID: You do seminars where you teach people how to release the power of God
There was a boy in the seminar, just 9 years old. He was there just because he was waiting to go to school...in India, but something dramatic happened to him.  He picked up a lot more than most people would have thought.

We thought he was sleeping on the back pew but he had been learning.
The next day after school, he burst in the front door & said to his mother, 'It works. I did what Uncle said.' 
He prayed for a friend who had been chronically sick & he was healed. 2 days later, I took him, little 9-year-old Abasheik [sp] & some other young people to a very remote Indian village. I started to tell him about Jesus. 
A crowd gathered.  Then I had these young people start to pray for the sick. 
9-year-old Abasheik prayed for a 35-year-old man who had been deaf his whole life. 
His ears opened, which caused a move of God in that whole village...

He would have learned that what we expect is what we see.  The more we see, the more we expect, so it is a positive spiral. He would have also heard what I shared earlier that whatever we release is what gets released from Heaven, which is what Jesus told Peter in Matthew 16:19 in this whole thing of God wanting to release the Kingdom through us.  He also would have heard about the delight of God.
This is such a key for me... I was doing a healing conference in Seoul, Korea. 
A mother brought her 20-year-old son to me... He had rheumatoid arthritis. His knees were all swelled up.
So I knelt down to pray for him.  As I started to pray for him I could feel things moving around. 
Nobody noticed me because of all that was going on in the room.  But for me, it was as if the room became silent.
I heard the Father say to me, 'You really love doing this, don't you?' I said, 'Yes, Papa, I do.' 
He said to me, 'Me, too.' 
At that moment, I just had this a-ha, He delights in healing. He delights in me when I'm healing.
He made me (& every believer) to pray for the sick.  When I'm doing it, I enter into His delight...
In India that was released & changed a region. I took a team... We head up this thing called Impact Nations.
I took a team on a journey of compassion to northern India 2 years ago.
I had been to India many times.  We went into the hardest region in India, in the Punjab.
On the 1st day, we did a mobile medical clinic, which we do.  I believe the Kingdom touches every part of life.
We were going along just fine for a couple of hours.  Then a family brought their paralyzed mother.
They carried her in to get medicine. While she was waiting, our prayer team prayed for her & she was instantly healed. What I want you to know is out of that 1 healing, suddenly a town of 8,000, we just turned & prayed for person after person, until it was dark.  We got up to preach.  They were on the roof, walls, everywhere.
Out of that 1 journey of compassion in that area of the Punjab, 1000 new churches were planted...
STEVE: The Russian government actually paid for auditoriums for me. 
They provided this interpreter, translator...Paulina.  I would preach & she would start to translate for me...
day I came into a large auditorium. God was healing & spoke to me, 'Go to the back'...
There was a woman who had very advanced liver disease. 
She was jaundiced yellow & her stomach was very extended. 
I said, "Paulina, would you just put your hand on her. I want you to say this.
'In the name of Jesus, I command the spirit to leave this woman & never come back.' 
She said, 'But Steve, you know I don't believe.' I said, 'It doesn't matter.'
: 'In the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of disease to leave this woman & never return.'
The woman suddenly shouted out, 'I'm on fire'...Her stomach descended & her flesh was pink...
SID: God has delight in you praying for the sick, the delight that you get back from traveling international, praying for thousands of people, having others pray for thousands of people. 
You can't wait to get out to pray for that 1 person.  You use a word that I want you to talk about: 'rescue.'

I think rescue is a great definition for salvation, actually. I feel like where the rhythm of God, where Jesus is moving, I always see rescue, reconciliation & restoration.  He rescues lives.
There's 2 ways to see it. 2-3 weeks ago, someone prayed for a little girl, born deaf. 
Her ears opened; she could hear & speak. We can say, oh her ears got healed. I'd say her life got rescued.
All her possibilities, all her future, everything changed.

STEVE:  I encourage you, put your hand on that part of your body where you've got pain or where there is sickness & just let the Lord come to you right now.  In the name of Jesus Christ, I command this pain to leave.
I command pain to leave your right hip...neck. The neck spurs go right now. Migraines to go right now.
I speak to the right ear that's been blocked. Open in the name of Jesus.
I tell all pain in your body to go. All sickness go in the name of Jesus Christ.
I release the power of Heaven, the Divine life of Jesus into your body. Thank you, Lord.
STEVE: This is the question I thought all over the world. It's 5 simple words: 'May I pray for you?”
Christian sociologists tell us that
95% of believers never once in their life ask that question outside the safety of their church building or their home. When we ask that question, God's Word becomes flesh.
The ideal becomes (our) realm.  The Kingdom of God is released.
I encourage every viewer to take a deep breath, step over the nervousness, which is normal...
When you hear somebody at the coffee shop 2 tables over telling their friend, I've had this headache for 3 days, instead of thinking that's too bad, you walk over & say, 'Excuse me, I couldn't help but hear.  May I pray for you?'"

Stone, Perry - Cleveland, Tennessee 1-888-21-BREAD www.perrystone.org

Stuart, Don - Phoenix, Arizona 1-800-244-0769 www.donstewarttv.com

Subritzky, Bill - http://doveministries.com/content/meetings-itinerary New Zealand

Shuttlesworth, Ted videos @ https://www.youtube.com/c/TedShuttlesworthFaithAlive
, Pennsylvania

Traveling Tent Crusades @ https://www.tedshuttlesworth.com/schedule + https://www.tedshuttlesworth.com/about
Shuttlesworth, Jr. @ https://miracleword.tumblr.com/ Blog +
Shuttlesworth, Jr.- Audio @

Taylor, Rick & Lori - Healing Rooms Ministry California, USA Radio broadcast 10/2002 @ www.sidroth.org 

Turner, David - davidturnerministries.org - Phoenix, Arizona, USA - http://www.bizjournals.com/prnewswire/press_releases/2012/01/06/LA31197
http://www.daystar.com/shows/the-gospel-is-the-power-with-david-turner/ -
Wednesdays 4PM on Daystar TV @
TV archives - http://davidturnerministries.org/dtimpages/tgtp-archive.aspx?avideo=tgtp-src/0001show1

Ulmer, Kenneth - https://www.faithfulcentral.com/about-us/bishop-kenneth-ulmer

Vera, Richard - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5481592839224853876# - www.richvera.com - http://www.richvera.com/touchofGod.html -
http://www.richvera.com/TheAnointing.html - http://www.richvera.com/Theoutreach.html -

Walden, Franklin - 2/16-20/2009 radio - awesome - www.sidroth.org -
Franklin Walden's dad was in heaven 6 days. 
His dad knew when he was in the womb that he would walk with God. 
archives at
http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=rad_archives  or
http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=rad_&page=NewsArticle&id=7927 - 1121 
In the womb onward Franklin knew the voice & things of God. 
Additionally, he also knew the thoughts of others.  Franklin being on overload, God tuned down this skill.  
2 Books The Unmistakable, Visible Anointing and 
Take These Steps & Be Healed 

Walters, David & Kathie - Good News Fellowship Ministries, Macon, Georgia , USA http://goodnews.netministries.org - David teaches his youth & children NOT to pray to God but rather to speak to the disease, commanding it to depart (& never return), in Jesus' name.

Ward, C W - Radio evangelist Cyril McLellan was ABC radio broadcast "voice" of Revival-time, Springfield, Missouri, USA.  He was born & raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadahttp://www.revivaltime.ag.org                    
Real Player audio samples @

Weekes, Everton & Tracy - http://mlmi.org/ Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

White, Paula - Paula White Ministries - Tampa, Florida - www.paulawhiteministries.org Without Walls International Church - www.withoutwalls.org        
rescue mission  1-800-992-8892 -

Wimber, John http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Wimber (DOB 2/25, 1934 - DOD 11/17, 1997) -
Charismatic pastor & 1 of the founding leaders of the
Vineyard Movement.  "Wimber...has had a significant influence on...Charismatic leaders...as Mike Bickle, Randy Clark, John Arnott & Bill Johnson." 
Books include  
Power Healing ISBN 0060695412

Wommack, Andrew - http://www.god.tv/node/1073 - www.awmi.net - Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA or Walsall, England - 1 of few ministries who invite those seeking salvation &/or baptism in Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues, to come to front for ministry, all at same time. 
Final altar call is often for healing ministry.  Andrew NO longer does "typical" deliverance ministry. 
Rather he now believes the correct understanding of God's word in scripture will deliver the person. 
That same insight will heal a person who is born-again & baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Wommack, Andrew
- ARTICLES - http://www.awmi.net/extra/article
Wommack, Andrew - You've Already Got It - http://www.awmi.net/extra/article/already_got 
You ALREADY have your answer, healing, miracle, deliverance - before you were born. 
Recognize what Jesus provided for you on the cross & RECEIVE with thanksgiving. 
Quit waiting on God to do what His Son has already done 2,000 years ago.
Wommack, Andrew - Healing Testimonies include the following:
Alan Moore - Andrew Mullins - Audrey Scott - Benjamin Esau - Carol Odenwald - Connie Weiskopf - Gunar Gerthe - Hannah Terradez - Jason Peterson - Ken Wood - Lance Weldgen - Merci Santos - Mike Hoesch - Niki Ochenski - Richard Waller - Scott Forsyth - Steve and Holly Trover - The Krow Family - The McDermotts -
Tom and Lesley Decker -
Be inspired.
Wommack, Andrew - 4/17/2018 - http://www.awmi.net/video/this-weeks-tv/#/2018/week16/tuesday -
Do NOT Limit God - Healing of man's human spirit, soul (emotions/will/mind), body was delegated from Father God & His Son Jesus to man via Their indwelling Holy Spirit, so we are NOT to ask/implore/petition Them to do what is our own role on earth.  [Thus we would speak TO the disease/demon/defect/germ to die/depart & call down from heaven's storehouses any needed replacement part. 
We would loose pain from & bind peace to an individual, as needed.]

Gary Wood - 2012 - 10/8/2012

Wright, Henry - www.pleasantvalleychurch.net - main@pleasantvalleychurch.net www.beinhealth.com -
Pleasant Valley Church & Temporary Housing for healing & deliverance, Thomaston, Georgia, 30286 USA  
Henry Wright's ministry has a good program that gives phone support to help people in need @ http://www.beinhealth.com/public/spirituallifeline/frontpage

, Barbara -
IS718 Barabar Yoder transcript - 8/26-30/2013 Breaker Anointing (Who is Jesus) -
video @ http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=tv_&page=NewsArticle&id=13738

Some Who Have Predeceased Us

Allen, AA of Sulphur Springs, Arkansas, USA - (3/27/1911-6/11/1970) - www.aaallen.net
Chapter 12 AA Allen, The Miracle Man in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon 

10/1990 Messianic Vision radio interview by Sid Roth of RW Schambach testimony of healings at AA Allen service.
CD #1088 @
www.sidroth.org - other AA Allen archives:   http://www.johncarverministries.org/jcm_catalog.html
DVD of AA Allen with $30+ donation to The Glory Zone ministry of the Herzogs  http://www.thegloryzone.org/ 
Editorial - http://www.jonasclark.com/revival-history/a-a-allen-they-called-him-the-miracle-man.html

Branham, William of Kentucky, USA   (4/6/1909-12/24/1965)  www.tvbn.com videos on the web -
Branham had both the gift of healing & of knowledge    
Oral Roberts & TL Osborne began their ministry after attending William Branham's meetings. 
TL Osborne testified on 11/10/1999 TBN about praying for a child who had no eye sockets. 
The child began to receive new eyes on the spot & was later found to have been given 2 new normal sized eyes where there had not even been face openings. 

www.tvbn.com/williambranham/choosingbride.html @ video Choosing of a Bride, part 2.
Branham, William  (1909-1965)  A man chosen before birth  by God. - books & audio -
What was so unique, awesome & unbelievable in his generation is now becoming commonplace & available to this end time generation, to His church, to you & me, not only to pastors.   
www.branham.org  www.onlybelieve.com  www.bibleway.org - www.tucsontabernacle.com 

Chapter 10 William Branham, A Man of Notable Signs & Wonders in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon 
Chapter 3 Touching the Supernatural Realm section William Branham & the Voice of Healing Revival
@ www.soundoffire.com - Branham rarely began a service until an angel arrived. 
Sometimes Branham would have a gift of knowledge/prophecy about the person waiting for a healing. 
Branham's CD's/tapes consistently remind the congregation that we do not need to ask for healing. 
God provided that through the death/resurrection of His son Jesus. 
This fact is we need to know (understand/believe) & in our generation receive (accept/appropriate), for we are the beneficiary (owner) of that inheritance.  Holy Spirit is our trustee/guardian, Who releases each healing/gift/ salvation to the beneficiary at the appropriate time.
Branham, William - per Heflin, Ruth Ward - free download -
Chapter 2 Lifted Up for Revival   
"Back in the fifties, Gordon Lindsay, the founder of Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas wrote a wonderful book about the revival brought in with the ministry of Brother William Branham.  It was called A Man Sent from God
I was about 10 at the time & had recently been filled with the Spirit... Mother, Daddy & I would sit together...
Mother read to us aloud from that book.  As she read the story...we all 3 wept...
We were thrilled because God was...sending revival."
Branham, William -
Branham, William - video @  https://branham.org/en/videos or
Branham, William - video @

Gordon Lindsay insights
Branham, William - https://branham.org/en/MessageAudio
[Branham may have NOT tested the spirits & believed/taught wrong doctrine at the end of his ministry.
He seems to have gone outside of his calling to heal & departed into (incorrect) prophecy.]

Arthur, Bron Wendon, Conway Road, Penmaenmawr, Gwynedd, N. Wales  LL34 6BB, Great Britian 
Voice: +44 01492-62-3338
 (1912-8/28/2014 at age 102))  (5/21/1927 born again (BA)
Contemporary of Smith Wigglesworth - http://arthurburt.com/ -

audio made available by -
http://www.fathersglory.com/insp/arthur_burt.htm -
Real Audio of Arthur Burt  Listen carefully. approx1.5 hrs
Burt, Arthur 

Arthur Burt part 1 talking about Smith Wigglesworth
Arthur Burt part 2 talking about Smith Wigglesworth
Arthur Burt praying for Sharnael Wolverton 
Photo credit
Burt, Arthur - editorials -
http://www.fathersglory.com/insp/arthur_burt.htm -
http://arthurburt.com/category/our-ongoing-life/ & http://arthurburt.com/category/pebbles-to-slay-goliath/
Burt, Arthur -
http://rhbth.tripod.com/arthur.htm Died at age 102, per Kathy Walters.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PwXTw1QHfz8 Memorial service.
Ministry and conventions through Bron Wendon fellowship & ministry house will continue (12/2014). http://arthurburt.com/bron-wendon/
Editorials - http://arthurburt.com/category/pebbles-to-slay-goliath/
Burt, Mary http://www.wordandspirit-jubilee.co.uk/ - Word & Spirit International Ministries -
Jubilee, Penmaenmawr, Llandudno, North Wales  LL30 9AY, United Kingdom. -
"If you ask me who I am, I will tell you.
I am nobody & the message I bring today is that every somebody will now have to become nobody.
We must lose our identity in the body of Christ, because Father will not give His glory to anybody but Christ."

Capps, Charles - www.charlescapps.com - England, Arkansas, USA - http://charlescapps.com/tribute-page.shtml - 1/4/1934 - 2/23/2014 - videos @ http://charlescapps.com/media.shtml

Jack Coe Ministries, Dallas, Texas (Son of Jack Coe, Senior) http://jackcoe.com/mambo
Autobiography of son, Jack Coe,
Junior - @ http://www.jackcoe.com/mambo/index.php
His dad died of exhaustion when he was 12.   He was greatly encouraged after listening to Kenneth Copeland's Healing Scriptures and Song .  God healed his marriage + in 1986 cured him of cancer. -
Complete Jack Coe, Senior. Library CD/DVD - find live video of Jack Coe, Senior
http://www.jackcoe.com/mambo/index.php - 34
, Jack of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA (DOB 3/11/1918-DOD 1957)   
Chapter 11 Jack Coe, (senior) The Man of Reckless Faith
in book God's Generals by Roberts Liardon
Coe, Jack -
http://www.laguerison.org/pages/index.php - 365

Dowie, John Alexander of Edinburgh, Scotland - (5/25/1847-3/9/1907) -
Chapter 1 John Alexander Dowie, The Healing Apostle in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon - Dowie had a Divine Healing Home in Chicago, Illinois, USA & later in Zion City, Illinois, USA -
www.robertsliardon.org + http://dowie.org/john_alexander_dowie.htm by Roberson, Dave
The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power
Portrait Version  Printer Friendly Version  
Chapter 15 The Divine Progression to Agape Love notes that Dowie began big in the Holy Spirit, founding an entire city Zion outside Chicago; but then went bust as deception crept into his ministry.
Dowie, John Alexander
- web biography 
http://www.laguerison.org/pages/index.php - 336 - http://www.revivalschool.com/healing.html    
Dowie, John Alexander
Dowie, John Alexander http://www.johnalexanderdowie.com/attachments/File/johnalexanderdowie.pdf -
He now recalled that he had buried some 30 of his flock & conducted 40 funerals altogether.
The cause of death is not specified. It was possibly measles or scarlet fever, or perhaps a combination of both as there were major epidemics of each along the east coast of Australia in 1875-76.34

The large number of deaths caused Dowie great concern. Why were the sick not healed in 1875 as they had been in A.D. 75?  There I sat with sorrow-bowed head for my afflicted people, until the bitter tears came to relieve my burning heart. Then I prayed for some message.  My heart longed to hear some words from Him who wept & sorrowed for the suffering long ago, the Man of Sorrows & Sympathies.
Then the words of the Holy Ghost inspired in Acts 10:38 stood before me all radiant with light revealing Satan as the Defiler & Christ as the Healer.
My tears were wiped away, my heart was strong, I saw the way of healing & the door thereto was opened wide, so I said, 'God help me now to preach that word to all the dying round.  Tell them how ‘tis Satan still defiles & Jesus still delivers, for 'He is just the same today’...At that very time, He was urgently summoned to the home of a young lady who was dying.  The doctor, a good Christian man said, `Sir, are not God’s ways mysterious?’  `
God’s way.’ I said. `How dare you, Dr. K ---, call that God’s way?
No, sir, that is the devil’s work.  It is time we called on Him who came to 'destroy the work of the devil,' to slay that deadly & foul destroyer & to save the child. Can you pray, Doctor, the prayer of faith to save the sick?’
At once, offended at my words, my friend was changed, saying, `You are too much excited, sir.
‘Tis best to say “God’s will be done.”’  Excited. The word was quite inadequate, for I was almost frenzied with Divinely imparted anger & hatred of that foul destroyer. 
Dowie prayed for the girl who fell into a deep sleep. Later she awoke, completely recovered. 
Lindsay records that there were no further deaths in the Newtown congregation from that time.
35 Years later, Dowie claimed that he went about laying on hands & saved 1,000's from dying’ & that in the next 12 years, he was called upon to bury only 5 people.36"

Dunn, James - web biography -  http://www.revivalschool.com/healing.html ''

Etter, Maria Woodworth @
http://www.xpmedia.com/video/12169/maria-woodworth-etter/?affid=8389 by
roberts liardon

Grant, WV (senior) -  http://www.revivalschool.com/healing.html

Hayes, Norvel of Cleveland, Tennessee, USA - www.nhm.cc - http://www.god.tv/node/1242 -

Hampsch, Father John H - (Catholic Claretian Missionary) - Claretian Tape Ministries   
Los Angeles, California, USA -
www.claretiantapeministry.org - hampschctm@aol.com
Hampsch, Father John H - Biography -

Hunter, Charles & Frances Eileen (5/8/1916-7/14/2009) - Kingwood, Texas, USA - www.healingexplosion.net
Also see June 2004 Charisma magazine @
or watch
  12/25-31/2006 Sid Roth interviews Francis on TV  http://www.sidroth.org/tvbroadcasts.htm 
2/19-25/2007 Sid Roth interviews their daughter Joan Hunter - Archived on web TV  
Healing the Whole Man - handbook #1062 www.sidroth.org - Happy Hunters by Young, Richard & Brenda -
Messengers of Healing - The Miraculous Life and Ministry of Charles & Frances Hunter
 - biography

Idahosa , Benson - (9/11/1938 - 3/12/1998) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benson_Idahosa -
He is regarded by Christians foes as the father of Pentecostalism in Nigeria & was the founding President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). 
Many prominent Nigerian pastors like
Ayo Oritsejafor (Current PFN President), David Oyedepo, Felix Omobude, Fred Addo & Chris Oyakhilome were his protégés.
Rod of Power
#1 video
@ http://treeoflifelondon.wordpress.com/2009/08/06/rod-of-power-benson-idahosa-part-1/
#4th Rod of Power video http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL79C3F7B9EB3CF009
View or play all 88 @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GklA0b6WNMI&list=PL79C3F7B9EB3CF009&feature=plpp_play_all
Internet archives - http://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A%22idahosa%22
Audio messages - http://www.whatgodcandoministries.com/media.php?pageID=50 poor audio - need to concentrate -

Kuhlman, Kathryn of Missouri, USA  (5/9/1907-2/20/1976) Kuhlman Foundation http://www.kathrynkuhlman.org/ - Audio Clips http://www.kathrynkuhlman.org/audio_files.html
1974 World conference on the Holy Spirit with Kathryn Kuhlman - DVD 
and/or watch 12/21/2006 TV broadcast at  
http://www.bennyhinn.org/television/weeklyreview.cfm  +
Kuhlman, Kathryn -
Comfort for Your Troubles  - VIEW 1/25/2008     
Kuhlman, Kathryn - Kathryn Kuhlman-Our Inheritance in Jesus Christ 
3/20/2008 broadcast 
www.bennyhinn.org  http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2008-3-20.asx 
discussion of God's love manifesting in our lives through being born again
Kuhlman, Kathryn
The Budding of the Fig Tree  5/1/2008 http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2008-5-1.asx
Chapter 9 Kathryn Kuhlman, the Woman Who Believed in Miracles in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon 
www.robertsliardon.org  - Kathryn believed that self-centered persons often draw disease to themselves like a magnet.  Self-pity, self-centeredness, self-hatred, self-indulgence or any other introspection/self sins cause self-condemnation/judgment & an inability to apologize/repent/allow forgiveness. 
The only one who cannot be forgiven is the one who cannot say I am sorry (or who is unable to appropriate/receive/accept Jesus' forgiveness) This is a dangerous place to be.
+ Kathryn Kuhlman, a Spiritual Biography of God's Miracle Working Power @
Kuhlman, Kathryn - I Believe in Miracles - book
Kuhlman, Kathryn - biography -
http://www.laguerison.org/pages/index.php - 383
Kuhlman, Kathryn -
Your Bible Insists on a Spirit-Filled Life 
Immediate obedience is a necessity not a choice.  Audio file.
Kuhlman, Kathryn - 5/1/2008 
The Budding of the Fig Tree - http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2008-5-1.asx  
1st of 3CD series of the Danger of Drifting Away Kathryn Kuhlman Classics

Lake, John G. (3/18/1870-9/16/1935) -
Spiritual father of the Healing Rooms Ministries per
John G Lake, The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings
- A must read for those interested in healing.
Chapter 6 John G Lake, A Man of Healing in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon
Lake, John G. - web biography - http://www.revivalschool.com/healing.html
Lake, John - http://www.whitedoveministries.org/index.cfm?zone=Docs/Articles%20by%20Paul%20Keith/JohnGLakeDec2012.htm - "My nature became so sensitized that I could lay my hands on any man or woman & tell what organ was diseased & to what extent”.
Linda Josef - editorial - John G. Lake's Teaching on the Tangible Spirit of God @  www.sidroth.org
John-G.-Lake-Biography.pdf source: http://2011.ekklesia.lt/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/
, John G - 2/22/2017 - The promises of God are voice activated (most of the time).

Lindsay, Gordon - http://healingandrevival.com/BioJGLindsay.htm - "Lindsay accepted a call to pastor a church in Ashland, Oregon in the early 1940's. By 1947 he had heard & met William M. Branham, who was having a significant healing & evangelism ministry. He resigned and became Branham's campaign manager.
In order to promote the campaigns Lindsay started the 'Voice of Healing' in April 1948.
Branham was struggling & announced that he was no longer going to be doing the evangelistic meetings.
This was devastating to Lindsay & his staff, since the focus had been on Branham's ministry.
Jack Coe had come on as a coeditor of the magazine. It began to focus on other ministries such as Jack Coe, Oral Roberts, & A.A.Allen. The Voice of Healing group sponsored a convention of healing evangelists in Dallas, Texas & Kansas City in 1950. Eventually some of the ministers involved developed their own magazines & the group became less diverse...Lindsay died unexpectedly on April 1, 1973.
The Voice of Healing
magazine eventually changed its name to Christ for the Nations."

McDonough, Father Edward J - (DOD 2/11/2008) - Healing & Restoration Ministry   
Mission Church, Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA 

McPherson, Aimee Semple - founded the International Church of the 4 Square Gospel denomination
Aimee Semple McPherson (deceased) God did a mighty work in her ministry despite her personal quirks/ immaturity.
McPherson, Aimee Semple -
Aimee - Life Story of Aimee Semple McPherson  book
McPherson, Aimee Semple of Ontario, Canada  (10/9/1890-9/27/1944) -
The international church of the Foursquare Gospel -
Pentecostal Christian denomination, Los Angeles - 2006  President is Jack Hayford
(4 squares = Jesus is savior, healer, baptizer in 4-Square Evangelism)  Radio KFSG (Kall Four Square Gospel)
Chapter 8 Aimee Semple-McPherson, A Woman of Destiny in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon
www.robertsliardon.org - Some books indicate that Aimee was lacking in character or personal maturity. 
Regardless with God she was not wanting.
McPherson, Aimee Semple - http://ifphc.org/pdf/Heritage/1994_01.pdf

Munroe, Myles (4/20/1954-11/9/20114) Bahamas Faith Ministry Fellowship International, Bahamas  
1/15/2007 + 1/16/2007 TV broadcast http://www.bennyhinn.org/television/weeklyreview.cfm
Also watch week: 2/26/2007 on Benny Hinn archived TV shows.  5 of Munroe's books are underlined below.
Munroe shares that when God's kingdom comes it brings with it the government with all its benefits + evicts Satan's kingdom with all its curses.  Munroe uses the illustration of the healing/deliverance of a demonic boy. 
The kingdom of evil fled when the Holy Spirit came in. 
Wherever a kingdom reigns it owns/rules that territory/person. 
The person is either a citizen by birth/adoption or a slave/captive.
Munroe, Myles -
God's Big Idea  http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2008-8-18.asx 
Munroe, Myles -
Applying the Kingdom 40-Day Devotional Journal @
Munroe, Myles - The Most Important Person on Earth
Munroe, Myles -
Kingdom Principles, Rediscovering the Kingdom @
Munroe, Myles -
Rediscovering the Kingdom 5 of 12 Dr. Myles Munroe  

Osborn, Tommy Lee - Osborn International, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - www.osborn.org  www.pastornet.net.au/renewal/revival/osborn.html  
Osborn Foundation   OSFO International 
www.osfo.com   osfo@aol.com
DVD of 11/9/2005 7PM FIRE Conference main session with Dr. T. L. Osborn
The Osborns ministered 7 years in India as missionaries beginning in 1945, but without much success. 
Missionaries were discouraged from giving alter calls (which the Osborns found fruitful for the kingdom of God).  Subsequently Jesus appeared to them & revealed that miracles, signs & wonders act as confirmations to scriptural truth.  After visiting the healing ministry of William Branham, they began their own healing ministry with much fruit, using native interpreters... 
Osborn ministry protocol: In each ministry area Osborn collects local pastors & teaches them for 7 days. 
Then he demonstrates God's wonders for 4 days.  Then he has public ministry. 
Curt Landry   7/16-20/2007  www.sidroth.org/radio  Listen especially to Thursday program.
Osborn, Tommy Lee - http://z3news.com/w/tl-osborn-dies-89/ (12/23/1923-2/14/2013)

Parham, Charles F  of  Muscatine, Iowa, USA (6/4/1873-1/29/1929)    
Chapter 4 Charles F Parham, The Father of Pentecost in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon 
Parham, Charles F - A Voice Crying in the Wilderness - 1901

Price, Charles S - http://www.godsgenerals.com/PDF/1952_DECEMBER.pdf#Page=2 http://healingandrevival.com/BooksCSPrice.htm
@ http://healingandrevival.com/BioCSPrice.htm

Roberts, Evan, Wales - (6/8/1878-1/29/1951)   
Chapter 3 Evan Roberts, Welsh Revivalist in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon 

Roberts, Oral (DOD 12/15/2009) Oral Roberts Ministries - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA www.orm.cc  prayer@orm.cc
Ministry is now officiated by son Richard & daughter-in-law Lindsy -
Oral Roberts was healed of tuberculosis as a youth. 
His lifelong healing ministry is based on the theme of planting a seed. 
The seed could be money, time or deed planted in faith in God & watered with prayer & praise. 
In 2006 Oral was 88 years old.  He & his wife are the pastors of Benny Hinn. 
Oral Roberts has had a recent revelation from God, urging him to act as a Noah in this generation, to let anyone one who wants to know that Jesus Christ is coming again to earth, SOON.
Roberts, Oral - Telling Their Story - Oral and Evelyn on DVD 

, Oral - Benny Hinn TV Broadcast 
1/1,/2007  1/2/2007 - http://www.bennyhinn.org
Roberts, Oral - Benny Hinn webcasts 
Back to the Beginning - 5/23/2007 - Faith Pioneer - 5/24/2007
Roberts, Oral - Benny Hinn webcasts Back to the Beginning -
8/23/2007 - Faith Pioneer - 8/24/2007
Roberts, Oral - Benny Hinn webcasts - A Prosperous Journey #1 
Roberts, Oral - biography
Roberts, Oral - This Is Your Day TV broadcast 1/14/2008 The Prize of God's High Calling -1 
Roberts, Oral - This Is Your Day TV broadcast 1/15/2008
The Prize of God's High Calling -2 
Roberts, Oral - This Is Your Day TV broadcast  2/11/2008 
The Life-changing Principle of Seed-Faith-1
Roberts, Oral - This Is Your Day TV broadcast  2/12/2008 
The Life-changing Principle of Seed-Faith-2
Roberts, Oral - This Is Your Day TV broadcast  2/15/2008 
The Power of Seed-Faith Giving 
Roberts, Oral -
Cashing in Your Receipt with God
#1  http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2008-6-16.asx
Roberts, Oral -
Cashing in Your Receipt with God #2  http://www.bennyhinn.org/media/2008-6-17.asx
, Oral - 
Deliverance from Fear & Sickness by Oral Roberts  
book FREE upon written request @ PO Box 162000, Irving, Texas USA 75016-2000 -
Six Steps to Your Being Made Whole @  
Passing the Torch of Christian Leadership @  
The Challenge I Face Today @ http://www.bennyhinn.org/articles/articledesc.cfm/id/172 
A Point of Contact @ http://www.bennyhinn.org/yourlife/index.php - 1104&Itemid=150
Target Center Hosts Exciting Minneapolis Youth Service @ http://www.bennyhinn.org/articles/articledesc.cfm/id/206 
Roberts, Oral & Richard, Copeland, Kenneth -
The Wake-Up Call - 9/27/2004-10/1/2004 - http://www.kcm.org/media/webcasts/archive.php
Roberts, Oral - The Forth Man-(42.4MB-MP3) -
Roberts, Oral  Healing for Today  www.bennyhinn.org/media/2009-3-11.asx
Nature of Christ/God - http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=76WDLLNX - 11 yr old proclaims as did Oral Roberts
Roberts, Oral   12/15/2009 obituary  http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/12/15/oral.roberts/index.html -
Evangelist Oral Roberts dead at 92 - "Granville Oral Roberts was born into poverty in Bebee, Oklahoma, on 1/24/1918 according to a brief biography released by Ethridge.
His Christian ministry began with what he described as his own miracle healing of tuberculosis at age 17...
Roberts said, 'After I'm gone, others will have to judge how well I've obeyed God's command not to be an echo but to be a voice like Jesus,' the statement said.  'As far as my own conviction is concerned, I've tried to be that voice with every fiber of my being, regardless of the cost.'"
Roberts, Oral -
Enjoy Health until age 120 http://www.bvov.tv/asx/bvov/091216.asx 
A tribute to how Oral fathered Kenneth Copeland, esp regarding Evelyn Roberts death & funeral.
Discussion of how her spirit had departed prior to the death of her body & how the Lord prompted Oral to speak to her hospitalized body to quit living.
Roberts, Oral - Besides "seed faith", love is a key ingredient for triggering healings, as Yeshua is love Himself. 9/14/2011 radio broadcast Matt Sorger
Roberts, Oral - Tommy Combs -7/2/2017 - https://ofm6z46z825qpxk83fa00q1a-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/IS911Transcript_Combs.pdf @ https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/tommy-combs-2/ -
TOMMY: Something good happened to me. During that program he would put his hand up.
Nothing was on the TV screen except Oral Roberts' hand. The camera would zoom in on his hand. 
He would say, "If you need a healing, touch your television." 
My mother prays, my grandmother prays & they plead the blood.
Instantly, the power of God came into my hospital room. It rolled in like a blue mist...
I remember the blue mist rolling into the room. It was so powerful it knocked my grand-mother to one side of the bed, my mother to the other side of the bed on the floor.  I raised up & looked like this.
My mother & my grandmother are gone.
Jesus walked back up to the bottom of my bed, right up through that blue mist to the bottom of my bed. I saw it.
I can describe him to you. I see him today just as vividly as I saw him as a 10 year old boy on that bed, lying there, dying sick, walked up to my bed.  I got a brand new liver in 1 second healed by the blood of Jesus Christ.
I feel that same anointing today right here...There are healings going to take place today. Get ready.

Saint Antony - http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/basis/VITA-ANTONY.html - "For nearly 20 years he continued training himself in solitude, never going forth, and but seldom seen by any. After this when many were eager & wishful to imitate his discipline, & his acquaintances came & began to cast down & wrench off the door by force, Antony, as from a shrine, came forth initiated in the mysteries & filled with the Spirit of God. Then for the 1st time he was seen outside the fort by those who came to see him. They, when they saw him, wondered at the sight, for he had the same habit of body as before & was neither fat, like a man without exercise, nor lean from fasting & striving with the demons, but he was just the same as they had known him before his retirement, Again his soul was free from blemish, for it was neither contracted as if by grief, nor relaxed by pleasure, nor possessed by laughter or dejection, for he was not troubled when he beheld the crowd, nor overjoyed at being saluted by so many. But he was altogether even as being guided by reason & abiding in a natural state. Through him the Lord healed the bodily ailments of many present & cleansed others from evil spirits. He gave grace to Antony."

Seymour, William J of Centerville, Louisiana, USA (5/2/1870-6/28/1922) Chapter 5 William J Seymour, The Catalyst of Pentecost in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon - www.robertsliardon.org

Schambach, RW & Donna (daughter) - http://www.schambach.org - or Listen to 10/1990 Messianic Vision radio archives interview by Sid Roth of RW Schambach testimony of healings at AA Allen service. CD #1088 @ www.sidroth.org  In addition to the testimonies on the above CD, Schambach has many other healing tales. 
For instance, 1 lady refused to take/receive her healing until Schambach spit into her blind eyes. 
He finally consented and God  healed her blindness.  Another time a girl wanted Schambach to carry M&M candy in his pocket, instead of/in addition to prayer cloths, being impregnated with the Holy Spirit, during his ministry services.  He finally consented & subsequently returned the candy to her. 
She took that candy to her sister institutionalized in a mental hospital for 20 years
The next time Schambach saw the sister, her sister was with her, discharged from the hospital, cured.
See 9/2008 newsletter containing same testimony. 
Also listen to many awesome testimonies:
I'll Never Forget (3 CD series) #N765

Schambach, RW - "My wife of 62 years, Mary Winnifred Schambach, passed away 4/20/2010...
Thank you again for lifting my family & me up during our time of grieving & helping us" 

Shakarian, Demos - 1913-1993 @ http://www.linkingthemessage.com/people/demos_shakarian/demos_shakarianpage1.html
Shakarian, Demos - 1913-1993 - http://www.larryjones.ca/issues/issue8/issue8p5.html
Los Angeles, California, USA  FGBMFI Founder is Demos Shakarian, author of The Happiest People on Earth 
sister Florence Shakarian was healed under the ministry of Charles S Price, now deceased.
Shakarian, Richard son & subsequent head of FGBMFI or Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International  www.fgbmfi.org

Sumrall, Lester - Seventeen Years Old and Two hours to Live @ http://www.lesea.com/
, Lester -
The Life Story Of Lester Sumrall buy @ http://www.lesea.com/
autobiography - Sumrall shares that God revealed to him that Howard Carter was to minister with him. 
The ministry includes deliverance, evangelization, healing, and prophecy.
Sumrall, Lester -
My story to his glory @ http://www.lesea.com  

Thomas, Father Rick - http://underachindolea.blogspot.com/2009/07/new-websites-for-father-thomas-sj.html
Father Rick Thomas, SJ - The Lord's Ranch - Las Alas Catholic Community

Walden, Franklin (senior & junior)  www.franklinwaldenministries.org
Walden, Franklin, senior - http://www.franklinwaldenministries.com/site/FranklinS.html Jennings, Florida, USA
Walden, Franklin, junior  http://www.franklinwaldenministries.com/site/Frankie.html
Valdosta, Georgia, USA

Wigglesworth, Smith (1859-1947 buried in Bradford, England) a spiritual father of the Charismatic movement www.whitakerhouse.com - Even though Wigglesworth is one of the greatest & sweetest pastors ever, with an awesome healing ministry, his deaf daughter never was healed by the Lord.
Chapter 7 Smith Wigglesworth, Apostle of Faith in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon @
www.robertsliardon.org + http://www.mklangl.com/wigglesworthrbio.html
Wigglesworth, Smith - web biography @
 - http://www.revivalschool.com/healing.html  
Wigglesworth, Smith-
Burt, Arthur in one autobiography How to Be Ordinary 
chapter 4 - But then, are there any big men?  shares Wigglesworth's blaringly/blatantly humanness as an illustration that God prefers to use nobodies/nothings to showcase Himself. 
Arthur Burt in his 90's was a contemporary of Smith Wigglesworth.
Wigglesworth, Smith -
Burt, Arthur in one autobiography Around the World in 88 Years @
chapter 3 - The Storm states, "I didn't even think he was wonderful, but I knew he had a wonderful God
He had a God-given faith & believed, like a child, that God said what He meant & meant what He said...
Many times, I...heard him as he opened his New Testament to minister.  To me, it was rambling, nothing in it.  Then, all of a sudden, like a plane going up the runway at an airport, there would be a thrust & he would be airborne.  Then you could see the difference between the man Wigglesworth & the Spirit of God moving through the man...Such an incident help us to keep our eyes on Jesus & not to glory in men....
Alice, Wigglesworth's daughter, was deaf...reminding him, them, all who knew Alice, you & me, that the glory for all those healings belongs to God...God has chosen the'...things which are not, to bring to naught things that are, That no flesh should glory in His presence.' 1st Corinthians 1:28-29"
Wigglesworth, Smith - http://www.lit4ever.org/sermons.html including
Wigglesworth, Smith - Cry of the (Holy) Spirit - unpublished sermons by Roberts Liardon -
Wigglesworth, Smith - De-Fin, Lil, great granddaughter of Smith Wigglesworth
https://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/lil-de-fin/ video + https://ofm6z46z825qpxk83fa00q1a-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/IS939Transcript_de-Fin.pdf transcript
Wiglesworth, Smith @

Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844-1924) http://glendajacksonministries.com/index.php/about/glenda-s-heritage -
Woodworth-Etter built her Tabernacle (
now Lakeview Church) in Indianapolis, Indiana. 
[FF Bosworth (1877-1958 )was her contemporary.]
Woodworth-Etter, Maria - web biography - http://www.laguerison.org/pages/index.php? - 337 - http://www.revivalschool.com/healing.html
http://lff.net/resources/other/greatsaints/woodworthetter.htm chapter http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~revival/healing.html

www.geocities.com/hollywood/8303/part2.html or http://www.lit4ever.org/questions.html
Benny Hinn interviews Chuck D Peirce 10/1/2007 & shares with Chuck that last week God released him (after a 10 year wait) to read her autobiography: A Diary of Signs and Wonders @ http://www.bennyhinn.org
Maria Woodwoth-Etter - A collection of Her Life Teaching  biography 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Woodworth-Etter - "(1844–1924) was a famous evangelist in the founding years of the Assemblies of God
... Disease took 5 of her 6 children...Maria...had a vision which led her to dedicate her life to the ministry."  She left her remaining child in her husband's care & took off to do God's will.
Woodworth-Etter, Maria - biography - (1st husband is Woodworth.  2nd mate is Etter.)
authored by Todd Bentley
www.soundoffire.com  in The Reality of the Supernatural World          
Subtitle: Exploring Heavenly Realms & Prophetic Experiences 
Chapter 1 The Reality of the Supernatural  Author was reminded by the Holy Spirit "that many who attended Maria's meetings testified of a dimension of revelatory visitation, drams, angels, being taken into Heaven & trances that would sometimes last as long as 3 days.  It was very common for children to see angels." 
The Lord wants us nobodies who are born-again to believe for that for ourselves, now in our generation.
Woodworth-Etter, Maria - biography 1844-1924 - http://www.revivalschool.com/healing.html - Chapter 4
Woodworth-Etter, Maria of Lisbon, Ohio, USA    (1844-1924)   
Chapter 2 Maria Woodworth-Etter, Demonstrator of the Spirit in God's Generals by Roberts Liardon
www.robertsliardon.org   www.lit4ever.org/questions.html - John G Lake Ministries has Marie Woodworth-Etter - A Collection of Her Life Teachings at JGLM web store product B
Woodworth-Etter, Maria - https://www.facebook.com/mb.woodworth.etter - MARIA WOODWORTH-ETTER -
For Such A Time As This
by Wayne Warner - A Spirit Filled Classic (Pg 40-41) Part #1 -
"Woodworth was 40 years old & had been preaching about 5 years when she began to receive national attention in 1885. (This is the year when she said yes to preaching on divine healing & praying for the sick.
She had argued with the Lord when He told her to do this, because she thought it would get people off the salvation message & no one...would get saved & that she would be praying for every cripple from all about. 
(Signs and wonders book, pages 58-59) But as she obeyed & said yes, she found out that Mark 16:
the signs that followed them that believe
, & verse 20 that God confirmed His word.
That people would come to see & be saved and healed, all in the atonement. JLW)."
LIFE-AND-EXPERIENCE-OF-MARIA-B.-WOODWORTH.pdf + SIGNS-AND-WONDERS.pdf @ http://2011.ekklesia.lt/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/
Woodworth-Etter, Maria - Chapter 4 - http://crash.ihug.co.nz/~revival/healing.html (Short apt summary)

Wommack, Andrew - Healing Testimonies from http://www.awmi.net/

USA ministry Web Site samplings


Sampling below from Brownsville Revival Ministry, Pensacola, Florida, USA ministry @
     At the Brownsville web site click onto audio/video service you wish to hear/see.
B -
Rev. Todd Bentley - Rev. John Bevere - Rev. Darlene Bishop - Rev. Tudor Bismark
C -
Dr. Randy Caldwell
D -
Rev. Geron Davis            Rev. Denny Duron
F -
Rev. Hector Ferreyra        Rev. Claudio Freidzon
G -
Rev. Joseph Garlington    Rev. J. Gordon
H -
Rev. Chris Hill                 Rev. Michael Howard       Rev. Ray Hughes
J  -
Rev. Cindy Jacobs           Rev. Dwain Jones
P  -
Rev. Benny Perez            Dr. Ron Phillips               Dr. Fusia Pickett
R  -
Rev. Richard Roberts       Dr. Mark Rutland
S  -
Rev. Jackson Senyonga    Rev. Dutch Sheets

W -
Rev. Karen Wheaton

http://ww2.daystar.com - gives an "address book" listing all their ministry affiliates.


http://www.lightsource.com/ministries/  streams many ministries on internet

                                              God Is Showing Up

                                                                                  in C
racked Land & Hearts


Baker, Rolland and Heidi - http://www.insightsofgod.com/downloads/heavang.pdf  + http://www.insightsofgod.com/downloads/veil.pdf + http://www.insightsofgod.com/downloads/visparts.pdf @ http://www.insightsofgod.com/ + https://www.irisglobal.org/

, Reinhardt -
http://2.droppdf.com/files/eLCrn/living-a-life-of-fire-reinhard-bonnke-an-autobiography.pdf Introduction + Chapter 1 & 2


 Great Churches ? as of 10/2010 @ http://brothermel.com/greatchurches.aspx

Betania Marian Center, Medway, Massachusetts, USA - http://betania2.org/ -
Healing Ministry via visiting guest Catholic priests & overnight accomodations/self-retreats/escapes

Florida - https://www.facebook.com/TheRevelatorKatKerr + https://www.youtube.com/user/TheKatKerr


Njotorahardjo, Pdt DR Ir Niko http://www.facebook.com/video/?id=89178388008 
in Indonesian NOT
English (US)Facebook allows language translation. 
See bottom left of Pastor Niko's face-book page.


Hogan, David - https://www.hopefaithprayer.com/word-of-faith/river-god-david-hogan/ editorial
Hogan, David -
http://www.bereanpublishers.com/david-hogan-radical-christianity/ about
Hogan, David -
http://www.insightsofgod.com/downloads/david_hogan_1.wma or Download first teaching
Hogan, David -
http://www.insightsofgod.com/downloads/david_hogan_2.wma or Download second teaching
Hogan, David -
How God raised a witchdoctor from the dead
Hogan, David -
http://fuegodedios.com/record.htm or Listen to more teachings
Hogan, David -

How do you stay optimistic in spite of it all? 6 hopeful souls share their secrets

                                                                        Ministry to & by Children

Fisher, Becky - https://kidsinministry.org/
index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=101&Itemid=84 - Mandan, North Dakota, USA

King, Patricia - www.xpedia.com

Toledo, Jennifer - http://www.globalchildrensmovement.com/Publisher/ArticlePrintable.aspx?id=1000003040
[God told Jennifer to request (90 year old) Arthur Burt work with her on her 1st mission to Africa. 
Jennifer is now sharing what our lost key is to healing/deliverance/ministry/destiny/intimacy with God. 
Arthur Burt shares about a lost key (of surrender) in

Walters, David - http://goodnews.netministries.org - Georgia, USA  

1 of the secrets of any healing ministry is NOT that they heal you, but that God heals you AND that you receive faith for God to heal you.  It is your faith PLUS the Holy Spirit that unite to create a miracle. 
Healing services help to inspire faith in the believer.  We are the candle.  They are the match (encourager) that ignites the (Holy Spirit) fire which combines with the wick (our faith) to create light & heat (desired goal). 
In fact, heat sometimes evidences the operation of God in our bodies...

Some potentially helpful/insightful web sites are by the opponents of the specific healing ministries or even OPPONENTS of the concept of any healing ministry (where healing is in the atonement along with salvation). 
Always keep in mind that one needs an open mind & an open heart, especially to the working of the Holy Spirit.  God cannot be kept in a box. 
Neither one's ministry nor the ministry of the Holy Spirit can be judged on isolated undefended 1-sided case studies. 
Whether in this generation or past generations, all men are imperfect, but God, the Healer, is perfect.
The Bible must be taken front to back, from Genesis to Revelation.  God does not need to belong to any 1 denomination.  God is the God of all denominations.  There is no 1 perfect denomination.  Neither yours nor mine. 
In fact, God seems to hate denominations, per Wigglesworth, probably due to the spirit of superiority, etc...
Remember, whatever blessing or healing or miracle you or others receive, it is a gift from the Lord Himself, not the pastor.  2nd, God does NOT reward others for His gifts such as healing gifts they use on earth. 
Rather He looks at our hearts & at our character as it matures. 
God looks at the FRUIT (love/patience/kindness/forgiveness/tenderness/compassion/etc). 
An apple tree is not better than a pear tree, but it MUST produce FRUIT. 
Some of these wonderful healers/helpers only produced fruit in the spring.
Others produced fruit in the summer; others produced fruit in the winter of their lives.
Some produced fruit spring, summer & winter - until death. 
BEWARE NOT to criticize another, especially if you have NO gift & NO fruit in your own life.
www.deceptioninthechurch.com/quotes.htmll -- http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/healthyself.html
Check out these people, especially if they are in your neighborhood.  
There is NO excuse for this generation to miss any blessing available to us from our dear Father in heaven!  

Click on following names to go to issues disputed by those opposed to "3rd Wave ministries"..
Arranged alphabetically..

A.A. Allenn, John Arnottt, John Avanzinii, William Branhamm, Paul Cainn, Charles Cappss,
Morris Cerulloo, Paul Yonggi Choo, Randy Clarkk, Jack Coee, Kenneth Copelandd, Paul Crouchh,
Jack Deeree, Kenneth Haginn, Marilyn Hickeyy, Steve Hilll, Benny Hinnn, Rodney Howard-Brownee,
Rick Joynerr, Essek Kenyonn, John Kilpatrickk, Kathryn Kuhlmann, Aimee Semple McPhersonn,
Earl Paulkk, Peter Popoff,, Fred Pricee, Oral Robertss, Pat Robertsonn, John Scotland,,
Robert Tiltonn, and John Wimberr.


For those interested in ministering to others, below are some more fundamentalist web pages which show some true concerns, (but as always there are half truths or white lies, for these cited men of God are not here to defend themselves).  God NEVER makes a mistake, but men do.  A true prophet NEVER makes a mistake. 
However, most pastors do make mistakes, as much as do the members of their congregations, because God is growing us up in Him.  The Holy Spirit is sovereign.  He does & will heal today, if we do (NOT) faint in our faith.  The devil may trick us & put a disease back on us. 
We need to stand firm & fight the spiritual battle until the day our spirit leaves our body. 
Let us not be faint hearted, when we read the following attacks against the pastors. 
Let us be warned that we must NOT rail against God or the Holy Spirit. God does NOT need to defend His commissions or omissions, but man, on the other hand, sometimes desires to defend himself. 
Remember, it is NEVER God's fault if we are NOT healed. 
In the end, the real blame belongs to our enemy, Satin (the author of all curses).
Click on following names to go to disputes by those opposed to "3rd Wave ministries". 
Arranged alphabetically by 1st name.
A.A. Allen - Aimee Semple McPherson - Charles Price - Foreign Healings - Jack Coe 
John Wimber - Kathryn Kuhlman - Kenneth Hagin, Sr. - Morris Cerullo - Oral Roberts 
Smith Wigglesworth -
William Branham

Being under the covering of a minister or ministry does NOT mean that you are wed to him/her/it. 
We are wed/engaged only to Jesus Christ. 
No individual & no ministry is a perfect copy of God/Jesus Christ. 
When an individual/ministry says that you ARE healed & you are NOT, that is not necessarily a lie. 
However, it could be if the individual/ministry is a cult.  Jesus made 100% provision for all healing & all deliverance.  It is up to our pastors to teach/apply/minister this & up to us to appropriate/receive it. 
In Christian/secular counseling a rule of thumb is that if one is not fixed in 1 year, then it is time to move on to another counselor, for the protection of both the patient & the counselor. 
Emotional & financial co-dependency is discouraged.  The same might apply to ministry. 
If one joins & attends a ministry 52 weeks out of a year, then if not healed/delivered, it might be well advised to move on to another ministry.  No exceptions. 
If one attends periodically, then we suggest one keep a diary & log down his/her attendance,
so as to determine the fruit of one's commitment for 52 visits.  This is not God speaking, but a word of wisdom. 
If one is mentally ill, addicted, etc. there is no exception, as might be expected, for a good ministry would be able to bind & cast out problems plus loose blessings.  Is the ministry community meeting your needs &/or the needs of your individual family members?  Are you growing spiritually? 
Are you helping/ministering/contributing to the needs of this church community? 
A church family needs to both give & receive. 
In closing, it is recommended that one 1st find another ministry & join it, before leaving their current church...
Yes, seek the healing/blessing/deliverance, but most of all seek the healer/blesser/deliverer. 
Remember, He is not in heaven; rather He is the Holy Spirit living in human flesh, yours.
Do not be so busy chasing rainbows/ministers/healers that you miss Him, the Messiah, just as the Jews missed Him/Jesus in their generation. 
He is here inside you, waiting for permission to act, using your hands/feet/heart. 


The majority of these healing ministries we have sat under & many have prayed over us & our family members. 
Blessed be God...
Some of the above healing ministries will minister to our readers, whether in person, via book, via internet, or via other means/methods.

o Minister, doctor, counselor or person is perfect.
Do NOT look to them, but rather to God.  Remember.
God works best through imperfect men & sometimes will even use a donkey.

http://www.revivalschool.com/healing.html -
and "possibly" include such men as: John Alexander Dowie and William Branham
Beware.  Only history/heaven will reveal all/judge fairly. Many great men of God tripped up, perhaps due to character defects, spiritual/physical/emotional immaturity, tricks of Satan & other reasons.  Lucifer fell.  Adam fell.  Peter fell.  Sampson fell.  Judas fell.  Christ & Elijah did not.  Very few finish well.  Let none of us fail to repent when we fall, & with God's forgiveness, mercy & kindness let us begin anew in
strength.  Thanks, Lord.


Satan (and his demons) can also heal and perform miracles (excepting creative miracles) through the hands/ministries of his disciples.  Lord Chaitanya, claiming to be the reincarnation of the Hindu god Krishna, heals the sick & communicates with animals.

NOT a Judeo-Christian Ministry

The Church of Earthalujah | Reverend Billy

Questionable or Unproven Ministries

Greatrakes, Valentine - 2/14/1628-11/28/1683 Ireland  (Discussion continues as to "source" of healings.) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine_Greatrakes 
Valentine Greatrakes - '
The Stroker' - Waterford County Museum - THE WESTMINSTER MAGISTRATE AND THE IRISH STROKER: SIR EDMUND ... - In "the National Library of Ireland is a small white leather-backed volume containing seventeenth-century copies of the correspondence of Sir (Berry) Edmund Godfrey to his close friend the Irish healer & stroker Valentine Greatrakes."
Valentine Greatrakes - Robert Boyle (1627-91) Work-diary XXVI (Accounts of cures performed by Valentine Greatrakes, 1666). (English) (search this work)
  (references only) CAUTION:
To date, we have seen NO credits given to Jesus as the source of Greatrakes' powers. 
Mankind has many Gods, but only one Jesus.

Episcopal healing references to check out in your own neighborhood -

Stuart, Don - http://www.trinityfi.org/press/donstewart.html -
Upon (AA) Allen's death, Donald Lee Stewart, then 30 years old, claimed his mantle. He changed the name of Allen's organization, Miracle Valley Fellowship, to the Don Stewart Evangelistic Association.14"

So You Want to Start up Your Own Healing Ministry?

Pearson, Canon Mark A - Christian Healing - A Practical and Comprehensive Guide -
order from Institute for Christian Renewal -

So You Lost Your Healing?

Wommack, Andrew - http://www.awmi.net/video/tv/#/2016/week1/wednesday
Why some lose their healings. + Nice testimony at end of program.
Wommack quotes Kathryn Kuhlman that 90% of her congregation lose their healings in part due to not knowing + not appropriating God's Word for themselves (thus not defending themselves when the wolf comes back to his former prey).  

Healing Ministries                                          
 -                                                              Conventional/Medical

Berger, Marilyn  This is a Soul: The Mission of Rick Hodes or http://astore.amazon.com/j063-20/detail/0061759546  product description - "Dr. Rick Hodes http://rickhodes.org/ arrived in Africa more than 2 decades ago to help the victims of a famine...28 years later, he is still there...
This Is a Soul tells the remarkable story of Rick Hodes's journey from suburban America to Mother Teresa's clinic in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a boy, Rick...determined that becoming a doctor would allow him to do the most good. When he heard about famine in Africa, that's where he went & when genocide convulsed Rwanda, he went into the refugee camps to minister to the victims.
When he was told that Ethiopia was allowing its Jews to emigrate to Israel, he went to help.
While there, he was drawn to Mother Teresa's mission in Addis Ababa.
It was there that Rick found his calling when he began caring for the sickest children in 1 of the world's poorest countries.  But he did more than that.  He began taking them into his home & officially adopted 5 of them."

HBO documentary, Making the Crooked Straight
"For more than 20 years, Dr. Rick Hodes, JDC’s Medical Director, has overseen & delivered comprehensive medical services in Ethiopia. His programs have served 10's of 1,000's of people through 2 medical clinics, immunization, nutritional support, family planning, & community health.
He was instrumental in ensuring the safe immigration of Jews to Israel during Operation Solomon in 1991, the historic airlift of over 14,000 Ethiopians to Israel in 48 hours.
Dr. Hodes works with people suffering from heart disease, diseases of the spine, & cancer.
Dr. Hodes, who was inducted into the Medical Mission Hall of Fame & was selected by CNN to be 1 of its “CNN Heroes” in the 'Championing Children' category."
"Ethiopia is situated in the Horn of Africa, bordering Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia & Sudan.
It is the only country that maintained its independence during the 'Scramble for Africa,' save for a 5-year occupation by the Italians in the late 1930s. Ethiopia is considered a low-income country, less than 50% of the country can read & write & almost a quarter of the population lives on less than $1/day.
The 1984 Operation Moses and 1991 Operation Solomon massive airlifts transported Ethiopia’s Jews to Israel.
Following Operation Solomon, JDC started to take care of approximately 2,800 Felas Mora (1 of the original/lost tribes of Israel) left behind in Addis Ababa. Some years later, JDC developed an emergency assistance program using medical clinics in Addis Ababa and Gondar, implementing a nutrition program for malnourished children as well as other health-related initiatives. As of December 2009, JDC’s clinic in Gondar is tending to the medical needs of the more than 9,000 Felas Mora awaiting emigration from Gondar to Israel."
www.abcnews.com/books - http://thejewishstate.net/march1910rickhodes.html 3/19/2010
"'What keeps me going is that I'm saving the lives of people that nobody else has any interest in,' Hodes said." 
"'2 summers ago, I made a trip to India, shopping for hospitals,' Hodes said. 'I spent 2 weeks.
I went to 7-8 different hospitals to see which would be able to work with us, how much it would cost, what quality was like & who I felt comfortable working with.  I chose a hospital in Cochin, in southern India.
It's a Hindu hospital 7 they have operated on 20 of my patients.
The most expensive operation we've ever done was $6,000. 
That gives you an idea (of how cheap surgery is overseas).'
Another doctor in New York City nicknamed 'Dr. Boachie,' an internationally recognized spinal surgeon of Ghanian origin, has an organization called FOCOS (Foundation of Orthopedics & Complex Spine) based in Ghana for spinal surgery, which Hodes sends some of his most severe cases to for the necessary operations.
'He goes back to Ghana twice a year & he operates there at no cost,' Hodes said.
'I still have to pay the Ghanian doctors & hospitals, but it ends up costing me about $12,000-$13,000 for each spine that I send to Ghana. This is 7 % the cost of the same surgery in the United States.
I sent 60 people to Ghana.  I have another 15 that we're preparing to go in May.'"
+ http://www.ethiopianfamilyfund.org/news/2009/07/susan-cohn-documentary-of-dr-rick-hodes/
Sometimes Dr. Hodes allows volunteers to shadow &/or help him for a year or more, if this is of interest to you... 
Those wishing to donate may send $ to
http://www.jdc.org/ on behalf of Dr. Hodes free of JDC administrative costs.

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