Healing Gardens

When we are gardening/farming we can think on these scriptures:

Old Testament

Genesis 1:11-13 NIV - 11God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants & trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds."  It was so. 
12The land produced vegetation, plants bearing seed according to their kinds & trees bearing fruit with seed in it, according to their kinds.  God saw that it was good. 
13There was evening & there was morning, the 3rd day.
Genesis 2:4-15 NIV -
4When the Lord God made the earth & heavens
5.and no shrub of the field had yet appeared on the earth & no plant of the field had yet sprung up, for the Lord God had not sent rain on the earth; there was no man to work (cultivate/tend) the ground;
6.but streams (mist/vapor/dew/fog) came up from the earth & watered the whole surface of the ground. 
7.God formed man from the dust of the ground & breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; man became a living being. 
8.God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden.  There He put the man He had formed. 
9.God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground; trees that were pleasing to the eye & good for food. 
In the middle of the garden were (both) the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
10.A river watering the garden flowed from Eden; from there it was separated into 4 headwaters. 
11.The name of the 1st is the Pishon; it winds through the entire land of Havilah where there is gold. 
12.(The gold of that land is good; aromatic resin & onyx are also there.)  
13.The name of the 2nd river is the Gihon; it winds through the entire land of Cush
14.The name of the 3rd river is theTigris; it runs along the east side of Asshur. 
The 4th river is the Euphrates. 
The Lord God took the man & put him in the Garden of Eden to work & take care of it. 
16.God commanded the man, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden,
17.but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good & evil;
for when you eat of it you will surely die
Genesis 2:19 KJVer -
19Out the the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field
and every foul of the air & brought them to Adam to see what he would call them.
Genesis 3:22-24 NIV
 - 22God said, "Man has now become like 1 of US, knowing good & evil. 
He must not be allowed to reach out his hand & take also from the tree of life, eat & live forever
23.God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. 
24.After He drove the man out, He placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim
& a flaming sword flashing back & forth to guard the way to the tree of life. 
Isaiah 61:1-3 KJVer
 - 1The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the meek.  He has sent Me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim (inform/educate of one's legal rights/demand/shout/ declare/decree/enforce) liberty to the captives & the opening of the prison to them that are bound;
2to proclaim (now/today is) the acceptable year of the Lord & the day of vengeance of our God;
3to comfort all that mourn in Zion, to give to them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they might be called trees of righteousness, the Lord's planting, that He might be glorified.
Isaiah 61:11 NIV - As the soil makes the sprout come up & a garden cause seeds to grow,
so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness & praise spring up before all nations.
Job 1:9-10 KJV
 - 9Then Satan answered the Lord, "Does Job fear God for nothing (naught/no reason)? 
10Hast not thou made an hedge about him & his house?"
Proverbs 3:13-14,18-20 NIV
 - 13Blessed is the man who finds Wisdom, the man who gains Understanding;
14for She is more profitable than silver & yields better returns than gold...
18She is a tree of life to those who embrace Her; those who lay hold of Her will be blessed. 
19By Wisdom the Lord laid the earth's foundations, by Understanding He set the heavens in place;
20by His Knowledge the deeps were divided & the clouds let drop the dew (to water the earth). 
Ezekiel 47:1.6-9,12 NIV - 1.The man brought me back to the entrance of the temple.
I saw water coming out from under the threshold of the temple toward the east (for the temple faced east)...
6.Then he led me back to the bank of the river. 
7.When I arrived there, I saw a great number of trees on each side of the river...
8.When it empties into the Sea, the water there becomes fresh... 
9.There will be large numbers of fish, because this water flows there & makes the salt water fresh;
so where the river flows everything will live...
12.Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river.  Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail.  Every month they will bear, because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. 
Their fruit will serve for food & their leaves for healing

                                                                             New Testament            

1st Peter 3:18-19 -18Because Messiah also once suffered concerning sin, the righteous One on behalf of the unjust, so that He could bring you to God when He did indeed (temporarily) die in the flesh, but then was made alive (resurrected) by the (Holy) Spirit;
19with Whom also, when (between His death & resurrection) He went & preached to those (human &/or demonic) spirits in prison,
20to those formerly disobedient (from the time of their rebellion/self-sufficiency until the death of Christ). (David H Stern's Jewish New Testament Commentary notes that all or some individuals would have been given the opportunity to be saved, whereas the fallen angels would have been stripped of all remaining legal vestiges of dominion/power/ authority.  This means that in the life of a modern day follower of Christ, any demonic rights are stolen/false/usurped/counterfeit/deceitful. 
Only an educated and violent Christian having the baptism of the Holy Spirit will have the wisdom and audacity to reclaim his/her inheritance in Messiah Jesus.)

Revelation 2:7 NIV - "He who as an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 
To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God
Revelation 22:1-3 NIV - 1.The angel showed me the river of the water of life,
as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb
2.down the middle of the great street of the city.  On each side of the river stood the (a) tree of life, bearing 12 crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month
The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations (multitudes).  
3.No longer will there be any curse.
Revelation 22:14 TPNT
 - Blessed are those who are washing their robes, so that He will give them (access/the right) permission to use the tree of life; they could enter the city gates.


3 Baruch 12:1-8 Oxford Press -
As I was conversing with them, behold angels came bearing baskets full of flowers
2.They gave them to Michael.  I asked the angel, Lord, "Who are these, and what are the things
3.brought hither from beside them?"  He said to me, "These are angels (who) are over the
5righteous."  The archangel took the baskets and cast them into a vessel.  The angel
6said to me, "These flowers are the merits of the righteous."  I saw other angels bearing baskets which were (neither) empty nor full.  They began to lament, & did not venture to draw near,
7because they had not the prizes complete.  Michael cried & said, "Come hither, also, ye
8angels, bring what ye have brought." 
Michael was exceedingly grieved, & the angel who was with me, because they did not fill the vessel.
3 Baruch 13:1-3 Oxford Press -
1.Then came in like manner other angels weeping and bewailing & saying with fear,
"Behold how we are overclouded, O Lord, for we were delivered to evil men, & we wish to depart from
2.them.  Michael said, "Ye cannot depart from them, in order that the enemy many not prevail to
3.the end." (Slavonic translation - You are ordered to labour for them till they repent & return.)
3 Baruch 15:1-4 Oxford Press - 1.In that very hour Michael descended, & the gate
was opened; he brought oil.  As for the angels which brought the baskets which were full, he filled them with oil, saying, "Take it away; reward our friends an hundredfold, & those who have laboriously wrought good works. 
3.For those who sowed virtuously, also reap virtuously." 
He said also to those bringing half-empty (somewhat empty) baskets, "Come hither ye also;
take away the reward according as ye brought, & brought the half-empty baskets. 
Go & bless our friends, & say to them that thus saith the Lord, 'Ye are faithful over a few things, I will set you over many things; enter into the joy of the Lord.'"


Baker, Jerry - Talk to Your Plants - and other gardening know-how I learned from Grandma Putt - good - Chapter 2 - The Victorious Victory Gardener section Electroculture recommends creating ungrounded lightning rods (away from living animals, people and plants you do not want to electrocute).  Vine crops can be grown on metal fences/trellises. Fine copper wire can be placed "above" vegetables & secured at wood stakes at end of each row.  Another method is to place tin cans every 12-18" in a planted row.  Cans need to be topless and bottomless.  Place upright with 1 end 2" into soil.  This method is good for the collection of rain water.  A good resource for copper in gardening may be Phelps Dodge Industries, 300 park Ave, New York, N.Y. 10022.  Why all the fuss?  For beginners, electrical storms fertilize by charging the oxygen converting it into 78% nitrogen.  It should also affect the +/- ions.

Buchan, Angus - http://angusbuchan.co.za/?page_id=7 - S African farmer & evangelist.
Angus Buchan - http://www.amazon.com/Faith-Like-Potatoes-Farmer-Everything/dp/0825463351#reader_0825463351 -
Buchan, Angus - 9/13/2012 700 Club - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVQChXZB09k good -
Buchan, Angus - Newsletter/blog - http://angusbuchan.co.za/?cat=19 - refreshing - or http://angusbuchan.co.za/category/from-anguss-desk/

Detroit's Earthworks Urban Farm
- 9/2009 - www.americancatholic.org  www.cskdetrioit.org/ewg/index.cfm - The Earthworks Urban Farm is a ministry of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, founded in 1929 by Capuchin Fathers Solanus Casey, Herman Buss and the Secular Franciscans.  The clergy revitalized urban land into productive land to feed the body, mind & spirit.  (If doing likewise, be sure to consistently test for lead and remove/replace all contaminated soil.)

Dollar, Creflo A. - You've Got to Live With It - article - http://www.cfaith.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13438:youve-got-to-live-with-it&catid=48:leadership-&Itemid=67 - "How do I give life to the Word that I have heard? I just stay in (speak out loud) the Word until the roots start growing. I don't know how long it will be before the roots develop.
I never could tell how long it would be before those little pieces of plants my mother put in the jars of water would develop roots. It didn't look like anything was happening for months and months. Then all of a sudden, 1 day little roots would be floating around in the water.  It's the same way with the Word of God. You have to stay in the Word until the roots grow. Just let the water of God's Word continue to remain in your life. Then 1 day, you'll look up & see that you have a root & that you have the life of God in you. Now you're ready to plant it & receive the fruit of it."
Dollar, Creflo - The Battle for Your Garden -

Elizabeth Gilbert - novel prologue & chapter 1 re women botanists - http://www.amazon.com/The-Signature-All-Things-Novel/dp/0670024856#reader_0670024856 - http://www.elizabethgilbert.com/books/the-signature-of-all-things/ Author's college professor's "credo was: It takes a superior mind to appreciate a plant. By 'superior' I believe he meant 'uncommonly patient.' Plants do everything animals do, but slowly. They migrate, communicate, deceive, stalk their food and, with an ostentation of styles and perfumes to put the animal kingdom to shame, they make love. It’s just that catching them in flagrante delicto might require time-lapse photography. The class was evolutionary botany, and its wisdom makes a handy prerequisite for Elizabeth Gilbert’s expansive new novel, The Signature of All Things, about a botanist whose hunger for explanations."

Medevial Sourcebook - Adamnan's Life of St Columba - http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/basis/columba-e.html  Book 2
Chapter 2 - St Columba raised his hand and prayed, "In the name of the Almighty God, O bitter tree, let all they bitterness depart from thee; and let all thy apples, hitherto so very bitter, be now changed into the sweetest."
Chapter - St Columba paid barley/corn seed to vendor/farmer who was instructed to sow off season. 
He obeyed & reaped plentifully out of season.

Tikkun, YM (pseudonym) - Whispers of the Shepherd - publisher - www.destinyimage.com - Spiritual impressions/insights Pools and Poppies  "I am the hand that put a vast ocean of flowers within the case of a single seed (pod).  For generations a seed can remain dormant."

Randolph, Larry - The Coming Shift  Chapter 8 Obedience Shift - section The Rebound Principle - www.morningstarminstries.org - "To the extent that you are disobedient, an equal measure of negative fruit will begin to grown in your spiritual garden...If you are obedient, there will be an equal or greater return of blessing which will position you in a place of favor with God...The fruit of obedience and disobedience is cumulative and will eventually overtake your life."


Holtz, Scott - TIME TO RE-CALIBRATE YOUR FAITH! - 4/20/2012 - "We must forgive unconditionally everyone...
In this hydroponics garden of love, the spirit of fear is evaporated from our hearts...
In this very pure and bright greenhouse of God's presence that we will have the intimate knowledge...
The fruit of this environment or should I say, 'The Atmospherics of Love/Forgiveness', is not a blind hope."

#268) Kat Kerr - Your Own Secret Garden - Alone Time with Jesus @ Westgate Vineyard  Alive_Again  Mar 3, 2013
http://www.christianforums.com/threads/kat-kerr-powerful-testimonies-of-heaven.7709517/page-12 - You go visit to the (Heavenly) Throne Room, & stay as long as you want to; you get saturated with the love of God until you can’t even walk or stand up. You just lay there.  You lay there engulfed in His love. Then you go with Jesus. Sometimes He’ll take you places in Heaven Himself just to bless you. He wants to be with you.  Everybody gets a secret garden. Whenever you want to be with Jesus, you have a key.  You go in & lock it. He comes & spends time with you. Isn’t that precious?
There’s a place the Father (God) does the same thing with you. He wants to have alone time with you too.

https://non-gmoreport.com/category/the-non-gmo-blog/ - NON GMO & Organic issues

Urban Gardening @ https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-10/documents/1.urban_farm_business_plan_handbook_091511_508.pdf

Children's Gardens

Murray, Marian - Plant Wizzard - the Life of Lue Gim Gong - Crowell-Collier press -
Inspirational part of this inventor's book is where he reads his Bible out loud in his prayer garden.


Barbara Kingsolver - Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

6/20/12 | Corpse Flower;  Emily Rooney interview

Michael Pollan - Food Rules: An Eater's Manual -

Katie Smith Milway - http://www.amazon.com/The-Good-Garden-Family-CitizenKid/dp/1554534887

http://www.landssake.org/farm/rent-a-chicken - Weston, Massachusetts, USA

National Parks

Muir, John - http://johnmuirquotes.com/athousandmilewalk.html -

Prayer Garden

Copeland, Germaine - http://www2.prayers.org/prayer_garden.htm -

Kerr, Kat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNrW-4vyW2c New Brighton, PA 6/2013 - posted 2/8/2016 God's kids will begin to speak life and God's frequencies into cracked ground & will instantly produce crops.

Heaven's Gardens

Brenner, Scott - Come Away to the Garden of the Lord -

Gruver, Henry - https://religiondocbox.com/Latter_Day_Saints/76841312-Cross-wise-visions-of-a-walker-by-henry-gruver.html#show_full_text (edited) CHAPTER  13 - A HEAVENLY EXPERIENCE By Henry Gruver October 22, 1988 - At a Prayer Meeting in Portland - I also smelled a heavenly fragrance. Along the golden pavement, in my peripheral vision,
I caught sight of the most beautiful colors...flowers!  Never before, on this earth, have I seen anything like them. Believe me, I have loved flowers since I was a little boy.  I would plant flowers all over the yard. I would go out in the desert, find wild flowers, and wait until I got seeds from them. Then I would come back and put them in Daddy's flower garden. When they would come up, Dad would say, What are those weeds doin in there? I would proudly say, I planted them, Daddy." He’d say, “But they are weeds.” “ But Daddy, They will grow pretty flowers,” I would excitedly explain.  “Leave them in there, please.”  “No.” he would say, “I don t want weeds in my flower gardens.” “ Oh, but Daddy,” I would go on, “They’ve got such pretty colors.”  Emphatically, he would repeat, “They're wild...weeds. I do not want them in my flower garden.”  You can understand now...I have loved flowers since I was a child. As an early teenager, growing up in Arizona, in the hot August time of the year, you would not see many flowers in the area where we lived. About all one ever saw was sagebrush and desert sand. The poor saguaro cactus would be shriveling up and their ribs sticking out.  The barrel cactus would look like a puny shrunken up sponge in that hot summer sun.  However, 1 Sunday, I felt I just had to find some flowers.  In the service that day, the presence of the Lord was so sweet.  I said, “Jesus, I want to find some flowers I have never seen before. Well, around the house we had one of those large magnifying glasses with a handle on it. We used to take it, then hold it up to the sunlight and burn paper with it. You know kids do crazy things like that sometimes. It was a miracle that we did not ever burn the house down. I took that magnifying glass & went out into a dry wash,
up alongside the bank where the sand had swept up.  I got down on my hands, knees and elbows.  I held that magnifying glass up & started looking at the sand. Guess what?   I found beautiful little flowers that were no bigger around than a pencil lead in the desert in August.  I was so happy. 
I went home telling everybody about those flowers I had found with a magnifying glass.  
My brothers?  Well, they were not enthralled at all. "Okay, okay, little brother, was about all the excitement they could muster. Enough of that;  let us return to those heavenly flowers.
If you have love for something here on the earth, when you get into heaven you will be drawn to the perfection of its beauty, whatever that may be. That is why those flowers drew my attention.  
It was wonderful.  I looked at them.  I did not have to express anything verbally.
just brought the thought to my mind.  You are so beautiful.  I have never seen such colors, such beautiful flowers, & oh, your fragrance is as sweet as sweet can be.  It was just a thought; but as I beheld those flowers.  As, the thought & wonder of it all was registering in my mind, they broke forth into spontaneous clapping. The leaves on the stems began to vibrate all over on those flowers, the leaves were clapping their hands. Then the faces of those flowers turned away from me in another direction.  I heard the sweetest singing coming from them. They were expressing what I wanted to express while watching that person in the white raiment.  I will never forget the words they sang: ALL PRAISE, ALL GLORY, ALL HONOR & THANKS-GIVING TO THE FATHER for CREATING US and COUNTING US WORTHY TO SERVE THE REDEEMED. As they sang that celestial song, their words turned into prismatic-like light. Here, we have a spectrum of  7 colors, as seen through a prism.   I believe in Heaven there could be as many as 888 colors in it’s spectrum.  I intently followed that light with my eyes & watched it moving as it went up towards a hill. The most beautiful glow was coming over this hill.  All of heaven, where I was, radiated; but that hill had an extra glow. When I saw it, I knew I was looking at the Throne of God.
I did not actually see the Throne, because it was on the other side. What I was seeing was the radiation from the Throne. The light that emanated from those flowers, as they sang, went to the Throne in a wave of slow motion.
I was made to understand, that all of God s creation, all of life when it gives honor, glory, thanksgiving & praise back to the Father, for creating it, reciprocates the cycle of life. Creation is regenerated in that manner.  As the River of Life flows from beneath the Throne, the essence of all life flows from the Throne.  Each time you give thanks, you are literally being regenerated...recharged. Everything in heaven is rejuvenated, continually, in the presence of His glory. Therefore, you see the perfection of beauty...no degeneration.  In the word of God, it says we are being changed into His likeness from glory to glory, here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept. I know, to us, it seems like it is much too slow... not happening fast enough. I have asked the Lord for the reason why the process is so slow, & takes so long. This is what He says,” I would that not 1 would perish. I am long suffering with mankind. For they have chosen the ways of darkness & the ways of the world; but I have chosen to redeem whomsoever.  
I will plead with them until I see the table is overturned & there will be too many lost if I allow it to go any further. Then I will have to step in. I will have to intervene and purge the land of the corruption, lest everyone is corrupted through it
. “
Back in Heaven, I was filled to the brim with thanksgiving to the Father. Gratitude over-flowed from my heart for all the work He had done in that short time that I had been observing the person & his or her robe, portraying the righteousness of Christ in that linen. I was so full that; I felt I would overflow. Then the flowers burst forth into their song & light. That did it. I could not help it; I turned toward the Throne.  All of this began to pour out of me in a song.  I, too, joined in; but I sang the song of the redeemed.  That song came from the deep inner recesses of my being.  None of it came from between my ears or the top of my head.  My ears heard it; & it was as though they echoed back, "Yes. Yes. Yes. That s right. Keep it up. That is what He is worthy of yes.  My faculties that could understand were in total agreement with what was coming forth from me. It was in perfect harmony with what I had seen in the fine linen & in the flowers. As I stood, enraptured in this heavenly choir, on my left, I heard another 1 singing its anthem:  ALL PRAISE, ALL GLORY, ALL HONOR AND THANKSGIVING TO THE FATHER FOR CREATING US & COUNTING US WORTHY TO SERVE THE REDEEMED!  I turned & looked to see what was happening.
The person that I had been following had stepped off the pavement of gold.  
I could see 2 footprints of the person I was following, who was preparing to take the 3rd & 4th steps.
The blades of grass that his or her feet had stepped on were singing the same song as the flowers.
With every step, the song was louder, yet it was so sweet & so soft.  
Never once was anything overbearing in heaven.  It stayed in perfect unison & perfect harmony.
Yet, the grass had a different tone from the flowers. Their blending only made the harmony more beautiful.  
I walked, worked & prayed in the country of Wales for years. 
I walked every city around the entire country.  
I truly came to love & appreciate their a cappella singing. They sing with up to 8-part harmony in their men s choirs & chapel services. That ability came from the Holy Spirit in the Welsh revivals, starting in the 1700 s & continuing up to the last major revival of 1904-5.
They still have the song & harmony in their hearts.  It is very real & precious.
One night I stood in the middle of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church s Guild choir & sang with those Welshmen. However, I could only start singing with them.
Once they cut loose, I just stood in the middle of them & marveled, bawling my eyes out. 
My, how it ministered to me. I felt so honored standing with those men, as they sang & worshipped the Lord.
I had never heard such harmony until I went to Heaven.  That heavenly chorus was not exactly getting louder & louder; but it seemed much more significant as other voices join the chorale.
The flowers were still singing and clapping their leaves, the grass had joined in with the sweetest tones coming from it. The same emanation of light from the song was going toward the Throne; & every blade of grass joined into the prismatic light in on going worship.  
Ripples of joy permeated me; but I also had to keep watching that person, so that I could follow his tracks.  
Soon that 1 approached a tree, such as I have never seen in my whole life.  
I did not actually count how much fruit was on it; but it also had numerous types of fruit that I had never seen the likes of before.  It had the most beautiful, healthy leaves & was loaded with fruit from top to bottom.  It is hard to explain what happened, except to say it this way: the fruit protruded, as if to say, “Here, partake of me.” Then, the one I followed reached out to receive the fruit as it fell softly into his open extended hand. The tree freely gave of itself as all of Heaven does.  From that tree came another massive choir that filled heaven with music, in perfect harmony joining with the flowers and the grass: ALL PRAISE, GLORY, HONOR & THANKSGIVING TO THE FATHER FOR CREATING & COUNTING US WORTHY TO SERVE THE REDEEMED. The tree just swayed in worship to the Lord, as though it was a grass skirt on a Hawaiian dancer.
It was swaying gently, yet every leaf was clapping
with absolute beauty and grace.
A 10,000-voice choir here, on earth, could not even begin to sound like that celestial choir of heavenly nature.  
Repeatedly, its anthem echoed those words that wrapped themselves around my heart.
In the word of God it says, that, "Mountains & hills shall break forth into singing before you, & the trees of the field shall clap their hands." (Isaiah 55:12-b) All of creation was rejoicing in the Father.  As I stood, taking all of this in, I could not hold any more inside me;  I had to join the chorus & worship the Lord.  I worshipped until I felt my nose on the floor, back in the prayer meeting 5 1/2 hours had passed.  The expression of Heaven was on me for days.  I was left with such vivid awareness of Heaven s atmosphere, where everything in Heaven loves to serve & 'serves, to love.  
HOW CAN I BE SILENT ANY LONGER? - The aftermath to my "Heavenly Experience & answers to: "Why do you travel & travel and travel?  The creature (creation) itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groaneth & travaileth in pain together until now. Not only they, but ourselves also, which have the first fruits of the Spirit even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. Romans 8:21-23
After those few hours spent in Heaven hours that seemed as a fleeting moment in time I realize more fully the power of our Lord’s words taken from what we all know as, The Lord s Prayer.
Jesus teaches us to pray:
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
" Matthew 7:10
My heart can no longer rest, except for groaning to Him for all of creation, that it might be redeemed back to Him.
For He is the One Who is worthy to receive, all Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving, for my own redemption.  
It is He, Who has put a hope in the hearts of all creation for redemption. Yes, it is He Who has counted me worthy to cross the globe, in His name.  It is He Who has led me all over the earth to claim that redemption back for those areas to which He leads me thus, being used to prepare the earth & mankind for His glorious return. Be silent? God forbid.
If I do not praise Him, the
stones themselves will cry out. (Luke 19:40).
Heaven taught me so much about creation. For you see, now, when I come to a little robin, I can talk to it and compliment it about its beauty & quick sense of the presence of a worm under the ground.  I can say to the little bunny, “My, you are made so soft & beautiful.”  I can give thanks to the Father for the flowers & trees, the grass & running brooks, the lizard that runs across the hot desert sands, the fish that swim in the water.   I can remind them of their Creator & Hislove for them, & tell them that it will not be this way forever, because, the earth is the Lord s, & the fullness thereof, the world & they that dwell therein. (Psalm 24:1.)   I can reassure that little creature that the redeeming grace of the Creator is sufficient to restore & buy back a sweet millennium of peace on this earth that was unwillingly made subject to vanity.
In this process, our God has given us the ministry of reconciliation, as well as the word of reconciliation.
We have the knowledge that the Blood of Jesus was shed... for the remission of sins. (Matthew 26:28.)
We also have His word, that, Whosoever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them... (John 20:23).
These things give us the commission, knowledge & tools we need to begin to cleanse and release the whole creation from its groans & travails. It is waiting for us the redeemed of the Lord to say & do it. That is why I go so that I can begin to buy creation back from the curse. I go to cleanse and wash it. I go to prepare it for the knowledge of the glory of the Lord that will fill the earth, as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14.)
If you believe, please join me, in spirit & deed, to go and walk the land.

http://www.sacred-texts.com/bib/boe/boe035.htm  Enoch 32:3-5 -
3. I came to the Garden of Righteousness (Eden) & from afar off trees more numerous than these trees & great '2'trees there, very great, beautiful, glorious & magnificent, & the tree of knowledge, whose holy fruit they eat & know great wisdom.
4. That tree is in height like the fir.  It's leaves are like (those of) the Carob tree. 
Its fruit is like the clusters of the vine, very beautiful; the fragrance of the tree penetrates afar.
5. Then I said: 'How beautiful & attractive is the tree.'
6. Then Raphael the holy angel, who was with me (Enoch), answered: 'This is the tree of wisdom, of which thy father old (in years) & thy aged mother, who were before thee, have eaten; they learnt wisdom, their eyes were opened, they knew that they were naked & were driven out of the garden.'

Springer Rebecca Ruter- Intra Muros or My Dream of Heaven - pgs 10-12 excerpt @ https://hopefaithprayer.com/books/IntraMuros-SearchableText.pdf
or full @ www.thecallofthebride.com/IntraMuros.pdf adobe or cache http://www.thecallofthebride.com/IntraMuros.pdf%2Bmy+dream+of+heaven+intra+muros+rebecca+ruter+springer - "This book is a description of Heaven that was written around 1898. Whether it was an actual vision or just a long dream, she does not really know. The only thing she knows & states, is that instead of the memory of the ‘dream’ dimming over the years, it had actually become more vivid...Many churches give this book out to grieving family members."
Chapter 16 - "I...crossed the lawn whose flowers never crushed or withered beneath our feet."

Heaven's Forest

#267) Kat Kerr - The Friendly Forest from Westgate Vineyard
http://www.christianforums.com/threads/kat-kerr-powerful-testimonies-of-heaven.7709517/page-12 - "There’s a place in Heaven (just because the kids are here) called the 'Friendly Forest'.  Guess what’s there? The Friendly Forest. Trees will dance with you. Flowers will dance with you.  The rocks have faces. They sing praises to God. The waterfalls have faces. They sing praises to God & have a whole concert going on in this forest. It’s beautiful.  I’ve seen people, how they get to this forest & run down this meadow. There’s these 6-7 foot tall flowers.  They call them ‘flower-copters’. 
You grab this stem; it pulls you up & takes you across the sky of Heaven to where this friendly forest is.”

Elevated Gardens

High Line Gardens - http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2011/04/ny-high-line/goldberger-text -
High Line Gardens - http://www.thehighline.org/blog/2014/07/28/staff-spotlight-a-day-with-gardener-john-gunderson -
High Line Gardens - http://www.thehighline.org/blog/2010/03/02/meet-high-line-gardener-johnny-linville -
Oudolf, Piet - http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/apr/07/piet-oudolf-garden-designer
Oudolf, Piet - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/10036592/Dutch-master-the-garden-design-genius-of-Piet-Oudolf.html
Oudolf, Piet - http://www.gardenista.com/posts/steal-this-look-piet-oudolfs-private-garden

Buying Locally

Gardening for Life - www.sowmuchgood.org - CNN Hero - Robin Emmons

USA - http://www.localharvest.org/ - buy locally & healthy & in season & without middle man expense

Buying Safe


Chicken manure - http://www.energyjustice.net/poultrylitter/toxics 

Seeds @ Heirloom Seeds Packets, Multiple Non GMO Varieties | Patriot Seeds – My Patriot Supply

Nick Thieme – 7/11/2017 - https://slate.com/technology/2017/07/the-gruesome-truth-about-lab-grown-meat.html (edited) “All lab-grown meat so far requires a product called fetal bovine serum (
FBS) a somewhat common product, and one that we have to thank for many a medical innovation. FBS, as the name implies, is a byproduct made from the blood of cow fetuses. If a cow coming for slaughter happens to be pregnant, the cow is slaughtered and bled, and then the fetus is removed from its mother and brought into a blood collection room. The fetus, which remains alive during the following process to ensure blood quality, has a needle inserted into its heart. Its blood is then drained until the fetus dies, a death that usually takes about five minutes. This blood is then refined.  The resulting extract is FBS. Millions of fetuses are slaughtered this way. Although cows & bulls are kept separate to preclude the possibility of horseplay, most dairy cows, which are kept pregnant to ensure milk production, are eventually slaughtered too. Estimates put the percentage of slaughtered dairy cows found to be pregnant between 17-31%...
Why is fetal cow blood used to make fake meat in the 1st place? Let’s back up: Cultured meat grown in a lab is made from bovine cells that grow in a petri dish to ultimately produce a substance that is meat-like enough to market as a burger, because it’s made of the exact same cells. Cells, the basis of this substance, are notoriously suicidal. Usually, this is a good thing: In order for distinct body parts to develop & keep working, cells must be able to kill themselves if they realize they’re in the wrong place. That’s great in a body, but it means that when you put cells in a plastic dish (like a lab technician would do when growing fake meat), the cells are going to do their best to die. FBS stops their deaths, because it contains growth factors, substances that can lie to cells & convince them they’re right where they should be...
FBS isn’t the only serum that can be used to culture meat cells, but it is the most widely used, even among other cow-blood products. Jan van der Valk, a scientist in the department of animals in science & society at Utrecht University, explained that cow fetuses are “organisms in development.” That means their blood contains more growth factors than older cows’ blood, making it better for cell culture & growing cultured meat...
FBS is also special because it is a universal growth medium. You can take almost any cell type, toss it into a petri dish with FBS, & the cells will grow. Other sera don’t have that universality.
Instead, they’re cell-specific, so if you want to grow muscle tissue, you use muscle tissue serum. 
If you want to grow brain tissue, you use brain tissue serum. So, while FBS could 1 day be used to make everything on a charcuterie board, other non-FBS alternatives would require multiple sera to make the pâté, liver & sausage...
But, even though FBS is currently convenient, using it defeats the purpose of cultured meat in an extremely obvious way: You’re still slaughtering cows. Why not just eat the meat from the cow instead of going through a laborious process that turns cow cells into other cow cells? As it stands, cultured meat isn’t vegetarian, which means it can’t be marketed to vegetarians or vegans, many of whom oppose meat because of the cruelty of the meat industry or the environmental intensiveness of the meat industry. Cultured meat grown by way of FBS doesn’t, at all, address that problem. 
In fact, when it comes to the moral argument, slaughtering & extracting fetal blood from an unborn cow is possibly a more disturbing way to get meat.”


Hayler, Freddy - Heaven, the Narrative - CD - www.songofangels.com - recommended
Freddy is our tour guide through heaven, including God's heavenly gardens. 
Remember, Jesus is the Rose of Sharon.

Krause, Bernie - The Great Animal Orchestra - http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/

re http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/15/books/review/the-great-animal-orchestra-by-bernie-krause.html?pagewanted=all re http://www.amazon.com/The-Great-Animal-Orchestra-Finding/dp/0316086878#reader_0316086878


Capps, Charles - 4/16/2015 - We seed and weed applying God's spoken Word/scripture sown onto/into the ground as we walk the farm/land.  @ http://charlescapps.com/media.shtml -
New International Version - http://biblehub.com/malachi/3-11.htm -
"I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, & the vines in your fields will not drop their fruit before it is ripe," says the LORD Almighty.

Carver, George Washington - Talking With Flowers  http://www.hbci.com/~wenonah/new/g-carver.htm Amazing - "Carver's mysticism sprang from his conviction that nature held the answers to all of life's questions.  That the only requirement for obtaining these answers was a receptive ear. Carver said, "I love to think of nature as unlimited broad-casting stations, through which God speaks to us every day, every hour & every moment.  Carver's scientific discoveries originated from a rich inner life built upon a strong faith in divine powers.  His spirituality came not from participation in a particular church, but from a deeply personal relationship to his God. 
"All my life," he said, "I have risen regularly at 4 o'clock & have gone into the woods & talked with God.  There He gives me my orders for the day. Alone there with things I love most, I gather specimens & study the great lessons Nature is so eager to teach us all.
When people are still asleep, I hear God best & learn my plan"...
Carver also spoke with the subjects of his scientific inquiry. He was always seen to have a flower in his buttonhole.  He explained that he talked with the flowers; they revealed their secrets to him. "How do I talk to a little flower? Through it I talk to the Infinite. What is the Infinite? It is the silent, small force. It isn't the outer physical contact. No, it isn't that. The infinite is not confined in the visible world. It is not in the earthquake, the wind or the fire. It is that still small voice that calls up the fairies"...
A fellow professor & close friend, Glenn Clark, said that Carver's gift of speaking to flowers sprang from love, humility, & acceptance. His humility was maintained by avoiding what he called "the 'I' disease." 
 Carver experienced awe in his encounter with the natural world."
Carver, George Washington - http://www.officialgwcarverbookstore.org/servlet/Detail?no=25    
Carver, George Washington   http://www.simpson.edu/library/collections/carverbooksdunn.pdf
Carver, George Washington - http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Man+of+science--and+of+God:+George+Washington+Carver+believed+that+...-a0112794990
Carver, George Washington    http://www.bulletininserts.org/carver.html 
Carver, George Washington    http://www.thegeorgewashingtoncarversociety.org/Aboutcarver.htm
Carver, George Washington    http://www.east-buc.k12.ia.us/99_00/PK/gwc.htm
Carver, George Washington    http://www.squidoo.com/georgewashingtoncarver?utm_campaign=direct-discovery&utm_medium=sidebar&utm_source=GypsyPirate
Carver, George Washington - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKSE1_ujTs8  + other videos - http://www.theeffectivechristian.org/new%20Chapter%207,%20George%20Washington%20Carver.htm
George Washington Carver: The Man Who Overcame, by Lawrence Elliott, 1966 -
Chapter 7 -
GW Carver "
wrote, 'No individual has the right to come into the world & go out of it without leaving behind him distinct & legitimate reasons for having passed through it.  I pray that my work at Tuskegee will become my reason for living'...He told his students he was not there to contribute to their individual gain; nor was the school.  His & the school’s goal, was to lead their people forward.  He told them that only service counts. 
1 of his earliest students, who become a lawyer, later said, 'He taught me that the human brain, my brain, held incalculable wealth.  All I had to do to free it was to want to.' 
Carver taught his students that there is no richer plant food than the things that are thrown away every-day. 
He sent them to the woods to bring back buckets of leaf mold to spread on their experimental garden plots. 
He taught them that legumes, such as cowpeas, had the unique capacity to absorb nitrogen from the air & feed it back to the soil.  To everyone, Carver passed on his 'magic formula', i.e., 'Start where you are'...
Carver developed a movable school which became a worldwide institution.  It started as a mule,drawn cart in 1906, & by 1918 had evolved into a huge automobile truck, a fully equipped traveling experiment station.  People from other counties & communities poured into Tuskegee for assistance in launching their own movable schools. 
Carver always believed that the movable school had been his most important work. 
It resulted in a nationwide revolution in soil conservation...
Boys would come to his room in 2’s & 3’s on Sunday afternoons.  Carver would talk to them about the relationship between science & the Scriptures.  He often acted out the roles of Biblical characters.  Once, when talking about the wickedness of Sodom & Gomorrah, he brought his story to a climax by touching off some chemicals in a great cloud of fumes & smoke.  The boys leaped to their feet and probably never forgot the story.  A boy asked him how he could know God.  Carver asked him what he was studying 'Electricity.'  'Have you ever seen electricity?' 
George asked.  'No.'  Carver said, 'But when you make the proper contact, when you fulfill the laws of your trade, you can make a bulb light up, can’t you, because electricity is always there.  Isn’t that right?' 
'Yes,' the boy agreed.  'Well,' Carver said, 'God is always there, too, just waiting for you to make contact. 
He is all around you, in all the little things you look at, but don’t really see'...
Carver always stressed to his students that they should give to others, that they must learn to give what they had, their: talents, friendship, cheering word.  It was to students in his Bible classes that Carver related most of the aphorisms for which he is remembered, examples of which follow:
On getting things done:  'Back of my workshop, there is a little grove of trees, 1 has been cut down. 
It makes a good seat.  I have made it a rule to go out & sit on it at
4 o’clock every morning, & ask the good Lord what I am to do that day.  Then I go ahead & do it.' 
How could I explain to a wife that I need to go out at 4 o’clock every morning to talk to the flowers?')
On Nature:  'I love to think of Nature as an unlimited broadcasting system through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune Him in.'
On opportunity:  'There is opportunity enough for anyone prepared to do what the world needs done'...
A lady who had sent for “the Tuskegee man” to see if he could help her ailing peach trees. 
When she looked up & saw a poor & somber-looking Negro approaching, she asked him if he would like to earn 50 cents cutting her grass.  For some reason, Carver was silent. 
He went to the mower & neatly cut the grass in both front & back yards. 
Then he knocked on the door & said, 'Now, what seems to be the trouble with your peaches, Ma’am?'” 
Regarding the dilemma of what to do with excess peanuts, Carver told his students "how he went to his beloved woodlands in the predawn darkness of a morning in October & cried out, 'Oh, Mr. Creator, Why did you make the Universe'...
The Creator answered me. "You want to know too much for that little mind of yours." 
He said, "Ask me something more your size."  'So I said, "Dear Mr. Creator, tell me what man was made for.’"  'Again He spoke to me. He said, "Little man, you are still asking for more than you can handle.  Cut down the extent of your request & improve the intent”...'Then I asked my last question. "Mr. Creator, why did You make the peanut?"  "That’s better!" the Lord said. 
He gave me a handful of peanuts & went with me back to the laboratory.  Together, we got down to work'...
Now his strength came from within.  He felt himself to be in God’s hands, the mortal instrument of a divine revelation.  [Note:  This story is somewhat reminiscent of Handel’s experience when he composed the oratorio, 'Messiah' at breakneck speed (& hardly eating) for 23 consecutive days]...
Carver continually put the needs of others ahead of his own.  There have always been those who are militant in the fight for racial equality.  Carver did not perceive this to be his calling. 
He once said, 'If I used my energy struggling to right every wrong done to me, I would have no energy left for my work.'

Carver, George Washington The Man Who Talks with Flowers book by Glen Clark http://www.bvov.tv/asx/bvov/091113.asx  Billye Brim reads from the American Patriot -
Bible & George Washington Carver’s biography The Man Who Talks with Flowers - by Glen Clark  11/13/2009 -
George Washington Carver, His life & faith in his own words

Carver, George Washington @ https://www.grunge.com/222900/the-untold-truth-of-george-washington-carver/

Colberg, Dr Don & Mary - The Word of God is the Foundation for Your Health - www.kcm.org - Click onto archives for 2/7/2008  and  2/8/2008 - Mary, wife of Dr Don Colberg, believes God impressed upon her that each of our lives is
a garden which mainly we ourselves are responsible to tend.  We till the soil, plant the seeds, pull the weeds, eat healthy, exercise, etc.  Adam and Eve were given the garden of Eden, where they failed God.  Let us, regarding our health, tend to our gardens, so we do not get premature diseases or premature death. Additionally let us weed out of our lives negligence and slothful habits which will backfire on us when the enemy attacks.  Rather let our spiritual roots grow deep & our spiritual fruit abound so that not only will we be able to defend against spiritual attacks, but also we will be able to go on the offensive to take back what the enemy attempts to steal or has stolen. 
Amen, in Jesus name, most holy & wonderful.
A new-born Christian needs to be breast fed, hugged, burped, etc.  A newborn Christian needs lots of TLC.  Subsequently he needs to develop good spiritual habits like daily prayer, Bible reading, Christian fellowship. 
Let us not forget that a newborn Christian needs the baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit. 
Imperative for self defense & equipping to do His holy work & to produce much spiritual fruit.

Farming - Israel to build model farm in South Sudan 10/3/2012

Fenn, John - Activating Your 5 Spiritual Senses - book & 11/9-13/2009 radio broadcast #1669 - http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=rad_&page=NewsArticle&id=8797&news_iv_ctrl=1121
11/13/2009 Heavenly grass, flowers, leaves, rocks have their own frequency whereby they make music to God.

Israel Today magazine - http://www.isrealli.org/100-years-of-green-living-kibbutz-marks-centennial/
http://www.kibbutz.org.il/eng/081101_kibbutz-eng.htm - "
The 1st kibbutz, Degania, was founded by a group of a dozen, young (immigrant Russian) pioneers in 1910, along the banks of the Sea of Galilee.  Since then, 273 kibbutzim (half of them prior to the establishment of the State of Israel) have spread across the face of the country &, to a certain extent, have defined its borders. 
The majority of kibbutzim were founded by members of the Zionist Youth Movements, from Israel & around the world.  During the past 20 years, most of the new members are 2nd generation - sons & daughters who were born on kibbutz.  In addition, new immigrants & 'city-folk' have been absorbed into the kibbutz community...
There are currently 190 kibbutzim (72% of the total number of kibbutzim) that operate according to the model of the 'Renewed Kibbutz', about 65 kibbutzim (25%) continue to operate according to the traditional ideals of the 'Communal Kibbutz', & 9 kibbutzim (3%) have adopted the 'Integrated Method'. 

There are currently 273 kibbutzim in Israel (including 16 “religious kibbutzim”). 
Most of them are located in peripheral areas, from northernmost tip of country down to southern Arava desert.
The total number of registered inhabitants exceeds 106,000, with over 20,000 children under the age of 18.

http://www.isrealli.org/kibbutzim-going-green-and-making-green/ - 8/3/2010 - "
For decades the kibbutz has been synonymous with a communal farming lifestyle. Today however, agriculture on the kibbutz is often being replaced by other industries and socialism is being replaced by a more pragmatic form of egalitarianism...
Kibbutz Ketura, located in Israel’s Arava desert was not held back by its socialist mind set when German industrial giant Siemens came knocking. Siemens paid $15 million for a 40% stock in Arava Power, a company affiliated with the kibbutz that hopes to start generating solar power later this year. 'Tapping the sun’s energy is only natural given our geographical location & the general inclination of the kibbutz’s members for ecological pursuits,' says Yosef I. Abramowitz, the student activist turned green entrepreneur who founded Arava with other kibbutz members. Eliezer Tokman, the CEO of Siemens Israel added that the members of Kibbutz Ketura aren’t the only ones benefiting from this partnership. '[It] works well for both sides. The guys at Arava are the entrepreneurs. They initiate projects & deal with regulation.  We design, build & maintain the projects.'”

Joshua, Prophet Temitope Balogun (T.B.) - SCOAN - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, 1 Segun-Irefin Street, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria  http://www.scoan.org - http://thetbjoshuafanclub.wordpress.com/2009/06/09/tb-joshua-i-lived-a-rejected-and-isolated-life/ - "God has a Son & planted Him in the earth to produce a family & today, millions are born again through this seed."

Wyatt, Ryan - Editorials/Articles - http://www.abidingglory.com/teachings/teachings.cfm -


 http://endtimemessage.info/SupernaturalBook-6.pdf - The ocotillo is a bush, but it doesn‘t have a central trunk; rather the branches all stem upward from a central point on the ground.
Its branches are covered with leaves, & each leaf hides a one-inch long thorn. The ocotillo is a relative of the thorny plant in Israel that long ago some Roman soldier wove into a crown of thorns to put on the head of Jesus Christ the day he was crucified.

http://www.sacred-texts.com/bib/boe/boe035.htm  Enoch 32:3-5 -
3.I came to the Garden of Righteousness (Eden) & from afar off trees more numerous than these trees & great '2' trees there, very great, beautiful, glorious & magnificent & the tree of knowledge, whose holy fruit they eat & know great wisdom.
4.That tree is in height like the fir, & its leaves are like (those of) the Carob tree:
& its fruit is like the clusters of the vine, very beautiful: The fragrance of the tree penetrates afar.
5.Then I said: 'How beautiful is the tree & how attractive is it's look.'
6.Then Raphael the holy angel, who was with me (Enoch), answered me & said: 'This is the tree of wisdom, of which thy father (Adam) old (in years) & thy aged mother (Eve), who were before thee, have eaten & learnt wisdom.  Their eyes were opened; they knew that they were naked.  They were driven out of the garden.'

Keeping the Shemitah Produces Supernatural Results - Source www.israeltrees.org.
http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/45392-keeping-the-shemitah-produces-supernatural-results?utm_medium=MostPopularArticles_RightColBottom - It was a miraculous modern-day manifestation of "V'Tzivisi Es HaBracha"  [I will ordain My multiplied blessing for you in the 6th year for letting your farm land (garden) rest in the 7th].
There is no way to explain this other than that God keeps His promises. He says keep Shemitah.
I'll take care of you.

Regarding Deliverance

COMMENTARY: Demons are nothing more than invasive WEEDS which need to be pulled by by the roots HEALING ROOT ISSUES  by the Master Gardiner, the Trinity (Father God/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit). 
We can cooperate with Him in this endeavor. Weeding takes lots of time, so be patient with both yourself & God.  Additionally, after all that hard work is done, one needs to continually tend to the garden, like 1 would do with a business or family.  It always needs TLC + time.  We cannot do it alone, so continually fellowship with Father God & others who love Him, too.  Savor His fragrance & beauty. Blessings.

Regarding Consequences

COMMENTARY: Believing is good.  It provides the seed. 
However it is mandatory to act on our belief, to plant the seed. 
We, not God, are to plant the seed & tend the garden.  Don't continue to yell, "God, God." 
He is waiting for us to act.  We need to show God that our feet/money/heart is where our mouth is. 
1st we dig a hole, then: plant the seed, cover it over, continually water & from time to time we fertilize/feed the seed.  1st it grows hidden underground.  Then up it pops & inches its way upward to God. 
We do not leave the seed of God (our salvation &/or the word of God) untouched in a bureau draw.  It will never produce roots, leaves, blossoms, fruit, offspring, that way.  Never.  Maybe for another person, but never for us, if our seed is left unattended.  Some of the ways we can show God & our-selves that we mean business is by daily devotions, weekly church, weekly prayer meetings, weekly fasting, weekly tithing, almsgiving, etc.  These can represent our watering, pruning, fertilizing, etc the seed.  However, it usually takes drastic spiritual measures to overcome crisis.  In Jesus we need to be as determined/ferocious/stubborn/violent as the devil is in his oppression.  Not becoming a militant martyr, but in believing/proclaiming/standing on the Word of God. 
Why do a lot of trees topple over with big winds?  Like when the wolf huffed & puffed at the 3 pigs? 
No good roots or foundation.  Those spiritual roots will protect us when we continually dig deep into God.

Moyo, Andrew - Working the Works of God - www.messengerministry.com - Subtitle -
The Keys to Supernatural Ministry Are in Your Hands - Chapter 6 Faith - Standing on God's Word 
"Your faith will not produce your desired miracle until you release it by acting on God's Word...
You cannot change your current circumstance until you get fed up with where you are and what is happening in your life - physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally & socially...
How you respond to God establishes how He will respond to you."
Mark 5:30,34 KJV  Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that virtue (God's anointing power) had gone out of Him, turned Him about in the press & said, 'Who touched My clothes?...Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace & be whole of thy plague.' 
Moyo continues, "Remember, faith is tangible. 
is (becomes) so tangible that God can see it when we put it into action."

Stewart, Amy - http://www.amystewart.com/books/wicked-plants/ -
Read online - http://www.amazon.com/Wicked-Plants-Lincolns-Botanical-Atrocities/dp/1565126831#reader_1565126831


http://archisacres.com/page/about - Hydroponic organic gardening entrepreneurship for veterans. 
VSAT founded in 2007 - "Colin and Karen were able to turn a run-down avocado farm in hills above scenic S. California city of Escondido into a state-of-the-art, organic, hydroponic greenhouse operation.
The small farm now produces living basil, kale, avocados & more for the local market."

Fertilizers called "bio-solids" originate from human waste - http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20001206.htm DANGER

Goat Service - 1/24-25/2009 - www.wsj.com - Ms. Oyarzun's "Goats R Us" has a history of supplying & tending goats to mow large acreage to prevent/reduce wildfire damage during California's dry season.

Endophytes - https://webspace.yale.edu/rainforest/Site/Endophytes.html -
Plant endophytes neutralize pathogens. 
taxol from endophytes in Pacific Yew trees -
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endophyte symbiotic plant-microorganism/fungal relationship

Gary Strobel - discovered medicinal (antibiotic) value of endophytes for both plants and people -
http://www.montana.edu/cpa/news/nwview.php?article=5804 or http://www.mtstandard.com/

Percy Nunez Vargus, Peru -
Lost Crops of the Incas:
Little-Known Plants of the Andes
with Promise for Worldwide Cultivation (1989)

Paleo-temperature Proxies from Leaf Fossils Reinterpreted in Light of Evolutionary History - http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0015161 -
Past/historical climate can be determined by reviewing leaf teeth (edges).


Air Contamination

Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri https://wakeup-world.com/2013/03/14/chemtrails-the-consequences-of-toxic-metals-and-chemical-aerosols-on-human-health/ or https://www.printfriendly.com/p/g/u6ue2G  -
"For more than a decade, 1st the United States & then Canada’s citizens have been subjected to a 24/7/365 day aerosol assault over our heads made of a toxic brew of poisonous heavy metals, chemicals, & other dangerous ingredients. None of this was reported by any mainstream media. The US Department of Defense [DOD] & military have been systematically blanketing all our skies with what are known as Chemtrails (also known as Stratospheric Aerosol
Geoengineering).(2)...This clandestine program now includes aerosol-spraying planes in N. America, Europe, Australia, & New Zealand [all NATO countries]...
Carole Pellatt notes: The U.S. military has been spraying chemical & biological weapons in open air testing over civilian populations since the 1940’s. They are called 'vulnerability tests'...
There is also documentation of intentional, experimental releases of radiation on civilian populations...
Chemtrails around the country has shown:
a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, & polymer fibers. Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic.(4) Barium is known to adversely affect the heart. Aluminum has a history of damaging brain function." Prior ARTICLES @

Air Purification

https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/israel/2020/february/israeli-companies-develop-revolutionary-antiviral-face-masks-to-defend-against-deadly-coronavirus - 2/3/2020 - An Israeli company called Sonovia is creating a washable antiviral fabric that kills bacteria and viruses upon contact. Sonovia uses soundwaves to impregnate the surface of the fabric with metallic nanoparticles like zinc oxide and copper oxide. These particles have antiviral and antibacterial properties that destroy viruses and potentially save lives… the company’s textiles have proven effective against some strains of the flu virus and 6 types of bacteria including E. coli & Staph.
The material can last for up to 100 washes at 167°F or 65 washes at 197°F…Sonovia wants to manufacture, their antiviral textiles in a variety of essential medic products like hospital bedding, gowns & drapes
There was significantly lowered hospital-acquired infections

A Jerusalem-based company called Argaman is also months away from releasing its antiviral mask called Bio-Block. “The pores of the nanofiber pad are so small that bacteria cannot go through it (nor a droplet that contains a live virus) and our EPA-approved 100% CottonX fibers destroy the pathogens that come in contact with it,” founder and CEO Jeff Gabby said.  “The mask not only blocks the virus but kills the viruses going both to the wearer & away from the wearer in case the wearer is infected,” he explains.  
Like Sonovia, the CottonX fabric has proven effective against E. coli and Staph and can last up to 100 washes.  Customers can buy the Bio-Block masks in about 2 months at the company’s office in Jerusalem for $50. Argaman also plans on selling the masks and other products on Amazon.

https://www.simplemost.com/9-hardy-houseplants-will-help-purify-the-air-in-your-home/ 2016
according to Greatist NASA researched what plants are best at purifying the air.
Aloe Vera plants…leaves hold an anti-inflammatory, wound-healing fluid
The fluid (inner jell, applied topically or ingested) contains enzymes, amino acids, & other compounds that have antibacterial qualities. This super plant also removes formaldehyde from the air around you.
Garden mums…remove ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, & xylene from indoor air.
(Easy to grow) Spider plantsremove formaldehyde & xylene from the air.

Today recommends
keeping them in medium to bright lighting; warmer temperatures. (40 different kinds of pet toxic) Dracaena plant (tree/shrub) remove benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, & xylene from the air.
(Climbing) Pothos can absorb & strip toxins like formaldehyde from materials like carpet.
NASA listed English ivy as a number one best air-filtering house plant because it’s effectiveness at absorbing formaldehyde
according to the Huffington Post.
(Harmful to pets) The (easy care) rubber tree is 4th on NASA’s list of good formaldehyde removers.
Ficus (2-10 feet grown indoor) removes benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from air.
Peace lilies can remove ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene (& other toxins)

https://www.forbes.com/sites/carmendrahl/2016/08/24/houseplants-clean-indoor-air-chemistry/#2bde5dd334eb -@carmendrahl - "5 plants took up acetone, which is a chemical commonly found in nail polish remover, the Dracaena (Dracaena fragrans) plant was most effective. At a press conference today, Niri disclosed that the jade (Crassula argentea) plant was best for removing toluene in his laboratory tests. The Washington Post reports this morning that "spider (Chlorophytum comosum) plants were lightning fast. The minute one was placed inside the container, the concentration of VOCs [8 gaseous compounds: Benzene, Toluene,  Ethylbenzene, p-Xylene, o-Xylene, Acetone, Dichloromethane (also called methylene chloride), Trichloromethane (also called chloroform) immediately began to go down."  The bromeliad (Guzmania lingulata) was the all-around champ, good at removing a variety of compounds from the air. However, 2 of the target compounds, dichloromethane and trichloromethane, proved more challenging for the plants to remove. At the press conference, Niri speculated that this could be due to the chlorine atoms in these compounds' structures.  All the other compounds in the study contain only carbon, hydrogen & oxygen.

House/office lobby plants that purify air @ https://amg-news.com/archives/3731 especially: 1st Areca (or Butterfly) Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens) + 2nd Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa) + 3rd Bamboo palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii) + 4th Rubber Plant (Ficus robusta) + 5th Dracaena “Janet Craig” (Dracaena deremensis) + 6th Philodendron (Philodendron sp.) + 7th Dwarf Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii) + 8th Ficus Alii (Ficus macleilandii “Alii”) + 9th Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata “Bostoniensis”) + 10th Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum “Mauna Loa”) @ https://www.amazon.com/How-Grow-Fresh-Air-Plants/ 


http://www.agriculture.eku.edu/insidelook/eku-student-assists-nasa-combines-love-nature-idealism - "NASA is concerned that global warming might be upsetting the symbiotic balance between bees & flowering plants,” Horn explained. “Their way to check this is to weigh hives on large farm scales. A hive will gain or lose weight depending on what’s blooming around it.”

Aluminum covers will help protect bees - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kI0JJgKkyzs

http://www.pbs.org/america-revealed/story/food/commercial-bee-keeper/ -
http://www.pbs.org/america-revealed/story/food/bee-keeping/ -

Asian Hornet - https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2020/05/02/Invasive-Asian-giant-hornet-discovered-in-Washington-state/7661588207690/ + Immediately report any possible sightings to the Washington State Department of Agriculture Pest Program @ 1-800-443-6684, e-mailto:pestprogram@agr.wa.gov or https://agr.wa.gov/departments/insects-pests-and-weeds/insects/hornets
or https://www.nasda.org/states/state-directory
@ https://agr.wa.gov/departments/insects-pests-and-weeds/insects/hornets

Beauty of Pollination - http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/xHkq1edcbk4?rel=0

Bees at the Brink http://www.startribune.com/local/277128891.html?site=full

http://www.biobees.com/ - Natural Beekeeping for Gardeners -

Can tree resin help save bees? - U researcher Marla Spivak has discovered that propolis, made from tree resin collected by bees, has antimicrobial powers that create a whole immune system for the hive. Does it protect bees from viruses

Beekeepers on the Charles
River, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
http://www.bu.edu/today/node/11147 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLxjPtC0URw

"Bees are important indicators of the health of an ecosystem. Georgia Shelton, a Harvard Undergraduate (Class of 2014), and Brian Farrell, Professor of Biology at Harvard University, are documenting the bees at the (Arnold) Arboretum. The diversity of bee species found in this urban ecosystem will be compared to a 5 year study in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park. Follow this Bee-search at Georgia’s blog." http://arboretum.harvard.edu/research/living-collections-research/

Best Bees Co - http://www.mysouthend.com/index.php?ch=blog&sc&sc2=news&sc3&id=122463 - Inner city beekeeping - 7/21/2011

Bumble Bees - http://www.xerces.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/bumble-bee-conservation-factsheet.pdf - Keystone species - Key pollinators -

http://www.cancertruth.net/2013-july-newsletter/ What’s Killing the Bees? - "in a 1st-of-its-kind study published July 24th in the journal PLOS ONE, scientists at the University of Maryland & the US Department of Agriculture have identified a witch's brew of pesticides & fungicides contaminating pollen that bees collect to feed their hives."

Colony Collapse Disorder - Silence of the Bees - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cU9ZunVl3o - "According to the most recent research, they believe it's a neonicotinoid insecticide that has been out on the market. It works really well on insects because it has the base of nicotine which causes insects to loose direction. While at the same time the insecticide is absorbed into the plant to cause a long term effect of protection."

http://earthsky.org/food/wayne-esais-tracks-honeybees-as-climate-changes - 6/29/2009 -
scientist Wayne Esaias is also a master beekeeper. He's found that his own bees are making honey earlier each year."

http://www.ebeehoney.com/colony_collapse_disorder.html From http://www.ebeehoney.com/research.html  8/25/2009 - excellent -  ribosome RNA damage resulting in reduced capacity to produce proteins

Glow Worms @ https://www.sciencefriday.com/segments/meet-the-new-zealand-glow-worm/ NZ & Australia Cave larvae -

Judi Hindman - Monkey Business Farm - http://wellesleywestonmagazine.com/spring12/emptynesters.htm

Honey Bees - http://www.vegetus.org/honey/ecology.htm - Theory: "Keystone species are ones that the ecosystem probably cannot do without. Studies led by William Schaffer, a University of Arizona ecologist, clearly showed a significant negative impact on local pollinators when (new) honeybee colonies were introduced (Buchmann & Nabham 173). There is ample evidence for the fact that honeybees crowd out not only other (local) bee pollinators, but also birds, honey possums & other insects."

Honey Bees - The (Un)Scientific Method or Farm wars @ https://www.revealnews.org/episodes/ - The herbicide dicamba
is causing a civil war in farm country, honeybees are rustling in California’s almond groves.  8/31/2019 RADIO

How America's Sugar Addiction is Killing Bees 2012 @ http://abcnews.go.com/health

How Israel is saving the honeybees  7/28/2016 - Israeli Honey Board, the KKL-JNF recently released an English translation of its catalogue listing nectar-rich seedlings for beekeepers.

One source of both bees and bee products http://www.bostonhoneycompany.com/Our_Products.html


http://real2012info.com/crop-circles/bee-colony-collapse-warning-in-crop-circles/ - "Beekeepers who produce honey for market now rely on chemicals to keep their hives healthy & reliably productive.  Bee pollen, purported to be nature’s superfood is really laden with the chemicals apiculutre feeds to the bees to protect their income and profits.  All chemicals and drugs that bees ingest are instantly deposited not in the honey, but in the pollen derivative that forms the honeycomb.  Queens are replaced with alien immigrants from breeding pools every 2 years.  So much for passing on the hive’s innate genetics and attained knowledge of the region as is the natural hierarchy of a bee nation within each hive.  Bees are forced to pollinate one crop in monoculture used in modern agriculture, as opposed to their natural intent of productivity to pollinate thousands of species of plants in all locations around the world. Many of the monoculture crops bees feed on to produce honey are none other than genetically modified plants."

Starting a Beehive - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqjP3-6prwM&feature=related

YS Organic Bee Farms, Sheridan, Illinois, USA www.ysorganic.com -
honey - raw, unheated, unfiltered, unpasteurized, unadulterated

Discover Magazine - #77: Wired Bees Do Field Research
The Alluring and Alien Sights of a Bee in Ultra Close-up -
20 Things You Didn't Know About... Bees -
http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/notrocketscience/tag/bees/ - http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/80beats/2008/12/23/another-useful-honeybee-trait-their-buzz-scares-off-caterpillars/ -
http://www.beesource.com/point-of-view/ed-dee-lusby/more-on-small-cell-foundation-for-mite-control/small-cell-foundation-for-mite-control/ - http://www.ars.usda.gov/SP2UserFiles/Place/64133000/PDFFiles/467-Bourgeois--Genetic%20characterization.pdf - inbreeding can harm - choose feral honey bees - http://discover.coverleaf.com/discovermagazine/200910?pg=41#pg41

Chemtrails Kill Honey Bees - NATO and UN operation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nycZCoz7HJ4&feature=related 2/23/2009 - Ex Government Employee talks about CHEMTRAILS
#1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udEtOc2IFO8&feature=related 7/27/2009 - Power Hour
#2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4c0FRYqlJQ&feature=related
AC Griffith reporting to www.annunaki.wz.cz Pindz media radio
#3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5hMsQ1lR7Q&feature=related
#4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MS9MPcUNkc&feature=related - 3D imaging using Barium salts - important -
#5 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfIKLGuLtuA&feature=related - Personalities can be inserted, turned on/off, removed.  "The chemtrail program is also known as 'Project Cloverleaf', & it is very compartmentalized. 
Even the pilots themselves have no real idea of why they are actually spraying. 
- Chemtrails are a sub-program of the US Navy's Radio Frequency Mission Planner (RFMP) program called the Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE) to facilitate battle field imaging - a system for creating 3D battlefield imaging that the US military has been using in Iraq & Afghanistan
- Some of the chemtrail contents are biological in nature such as BCTP -
an anti-anthrax inoculation that was tested on US populations
- Clifford Carnicom has identified many of the very harmful biologicals coming out of chemtrails.
- Chemtrails are also linked to SCALAR weaponry controlled by the Russians which operate on 3 distinct levels:
...1. Energetics: destruction of aircraft; the Challenger; directed earthquakes, volcanic activity & hurricanes
...2. Bio-energetics: affecting human health & energy
...3. Psycho-energetics: mind control & behavior modification
- Scalar transmitters in Russia are controlled by their Federal Security Bureau (FSB)
- Scalar weaponry produce gravitational waves. There is nothing we can do to prevent this from happening.
We are in a desperate time, & most of the people in the US are completely oblivious to what is happening, & are doing nothing because of political correctness.
- Israel has protected the US from Russian scalar (gravitational) attacks on many occasions.
- Mysterious sonic booms are caused by Russian interferometry affecting American air space (energy waves that take down airplanes/space ships/subs/power grids). It is the same system that causes man-made earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, & 'psycho-energetics.'
They can take our cities down any time they want to. The only real deterrent is to take them out." (It is unclear whether Griffith meant 'taking out' the transmitters, or the deployment of 'Tesla domes' over US cities which he mentioned is the technology that was really created using money slated for an anti-missile defense shield.)  Scott Stevens is to be appreciated.
1/8 Tom Bearden - Applied Scalar Wave Technology - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wypYFe3JXdE&NR=1
David Van Koevering - Elsewhere Research - http://www.davidvankoevering.com/groundingsystems.htm - http://www.davidvankoevering.com/GFH%20brochure.pdf - 45 minutes/day (&/or especially at night) of correct radio frequency &/or grounding of environmental excess/wrong electromagnetic waves helps reverse/prevent disease. - http://www.openheaven.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=23339&PN=1 - www.davidvankoevering.com  

http://ecocentric.blogs.time.com/2012/04/11/whats-the-buzz-study-links-pesticide-with-honeybee-collapse/ - "Imidacloprid is a neonicotinoid pesticide, one developed & deployed in the 1990s to replace more toxic chemicals. Neonicotinoids disrupt insects’ central nervous systems—including bees...neonicotinoids are unusual in that they can spread through the entire vascular system of plants. The high-fructose corn syrup produced from corn plants that have been dosed with imidacloprid can contain trace amounts of the pesticide, (so be forewarned about high fructose corn syrup consumption.)

http://www.growingagreenerworld.com/episodes/  great TV programs on gardening

Israeli bees - read - 9/13/2012

Mother Jones - http://motherjones.com/tom-philpott/2012/03/bayer-pesticide-bees-studies - Is Your Garden Pesticide Killing Bees? - Bumblebees Also Disappearing, Putting Crops in Peril - Are Pesticides Behind Massive Bee Die-Offs?

Propolis - http://www.physorg.com/news/2012-03-bees-self-medicate-infected-pathogens.html -
"When faced with pathogenic fungi, bees line their hives with more propolis (an antibiotic)...
Wild honey bees normally line their with propolis, a mixture of plant resins & wax that has antifungal and . Domesticated honey bees also use propolis, to fill in cracks in their hives. However, researchers found that, when faced with a fungal threat, bees bring in significantly more propolis: 45% more, on average. The bees also physically removed infected larvae that had been parasitized by the & were being used to create fungal spores. Researchers know propolis is an effective antifungal agent because they lined some hives with a propolis extract & found that the extract significantly reduced the rate of infection. 
Apparently bees can sometimes distinguish harmful fungi from harmless ones, since colonies did not bring in increased amounts of propolis when infected with harmless fungal species.
Instead, the colonies relied on physically removing the spores... 
The paper, "Increased resin collection after parasite challenge: a case of self-medication in honey bees?," was co-authored by Dr. Marla Spivak of the University of Minnesota and is available online from PLoS ONE."

http://www.science20.com/news/bees_love_the_color_purple -

Shungite - https://www.shungitehoney.com/research - EMF Protection Theory, perhaps paranormal -
Shungite - https://kcorradio.com/guest/nancy-l-hopkins.htm - "Nancy Hopkins is a researcher, author, internet radio host/producer and owner of Cosmic Reality Radio. Nancy has published the nonfiction Cosmic Reality...Nancy’s recently published 3rd book is entitled Shungite Reality - A Study of Energy. The book relates Nancy’s journey into the study of Shungite, a composite carbon mineral found only in Russia. Shungite has been called 'The Medicine of the 20th Century', because of its numerous attributes from water purification to protection against EMF, WiFi, and radiation. In uncovering the science behind Shungite...During 3 seasons from 2017-2019 Shungite demonstrated it could protect Honey Bee hives and accelerate colony expansion. If Shungite reversed the decline in bees, could it do the same for the rest of the Insect Kingdom being killed off by our electronic technology. Shungite gives hope that the ongoing '6th Extinction Event' can be reversed."

The Beauty of Pollination - https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/xHkq1edcbk4?rel=0 @ www.ted.com

http://www.tomtenbeeworks.com/about.html - Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA

·         Difference Maker - Chelsea and Rob McFarland lure people into a sweet science: urban beekeeping - HoneyBee populations are under attack but the founders of nonprofit HoneyLove http://honeylove.org/team/ (California) believe bees' best future is in cities.


htthttp://www.batmanagement.com/Batcentral/batboxes/whyfail.html -
http://www.batconservation.org/bat-houses/build-your-own-bat-house -
http://www.batcon.org/pdfs/bathouses/BatHouseCriteria.pdf - A single brown bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes in one hour! best results if it is located 15-20 feet off the ground , facing the southeast


Cold War Politics - Turkey suspects dead bird is Israeli spy - 5/2012 -

Crows - http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/a-murder-of-crows/full-episode/5977/ Crows are exceptionally brilliant.

Evans, Mike - http://jerusalemprayerteam.org/email/2012/0315.htm - 3/15/2012 - Jerusalem, Israel - "The swift returns on the same day each year. This little bird was here in the time of Jesus, beholding King Herod’s Temple in the 1st century. It weighs only 1-1/2 ounces & hunts insects while flying; it drinks while flying, sleeps on the wing, & it even mates on the wing. They do not nest on the ground, but on high walls such as the Western Wall & the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.  Beloved, His eye is on the sparrow. I know He cares for you. The prophet Isaiah speaks loudly & prophetically to you today, 'I am your creator; you were in my care even before you were born.' (Isaiah 44:2) "

http://news.discovery.com/animals/pigeons-gps-120426.html - “We have found cells in the (pigeon) brain that signal the direction, intensity & polarity of an applied magnetic field,” co-author David Dickman, a Baylor College of Medicine neuroscientist, told Discovery News. “These three qualities can be used by the brain to compute heading information, like a compass, & latitude on the Earth surface (location between the magnetic North & South Poles).  It is possible that magnetic intensity could also be used to give the bird longitude (East-West location) through learned associations of differing regional variations along the Earth surface,” he added. “Together, these cells could form the basis of determining heading direction and position according to a brain representation of a magnetic Earth surface map.” - http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/27/science/study-sheds-light-on-how-pigeons-navigate-by-magnetic-field.html correction on report

Made in Israel - using barn owls to eradicate rats/mice - http://www.cbn.com/tv/2646019435001 agriculture

The 1st birds begin to sing about an hour before sunrise…
You may notice that there is a regular sequence, with some species habitually starting before others.  
Among the earliest to rise are skylarks, song thrushes, robins & blackbirds…Wrens & warblers, typically appear later…
There is another chorus at dusk, like tree sparrows & blue tits, seem to prefer to sing at this time of day.


Israeli scientist Yossi Leshem. - The Man Who Taught Me To Fly - View film: http://bit.ly/taughtmetofly - Learn more about Yossi: http://israel21c.org/yossi-leshem/ - Download educator's guide: http://www.theicenter.org/yossi -

Understanding How Animals Create Dazzling Colors Could Lead to Brilliant New Nanotechnologies Birds & Butterflies & camouflage - 5/2012

Walters, Kathie -Swift Birds - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/prophetic/kathiewaltersministy/word-from-kathie-the-swift-angels-are-here - 4/1/2012

Just Ducky - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hnbmml8fOY


Agritech - EdenShield puts a ‘nose plug’ on bugs - Extract from a hardy Holy Land species of bush forms the basis of a new natural insect repellent being tested in Israeli greenhouses.

, David - The Secret Garden - Talking Beetles & Signaling Trees - The Hidden Ways Gardens Communicate - publisher Simon & Schuster Inc.

EdenShield puts a 'nose plug' on bugs    10/3/2012 - Natural Insect repellent

Dengue Fever http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/features/201410271322.html

Deuteronomy 7:20 - William J Morford - "The Lord your God will send the hornet (Exodus 7:20 & Josh 24:12) among them until those who are left (and hide themselves from you) are destroyed."

Made in Israel - using natural bug enemies to eradicate unwanted bugs - http://www.cbn.com/tv/2646019435001 agriculture (excellent) +
http://www.daystar.com/ondemand/video/?video=4204546330001 -

Pesticides - Pirate bugs, the superheroes of Arava farms    

Spiders - http://www.israel21c.org/people/the-man-who-sells-spiders-for-strawberries/ -
"The idea is to undo the damage of chemical pest control & encourage what nature intended.
In Israel alone, Bio-Bee products have enabled sweet-pepper farmers to reduce the use of chemical pesticides by 75%...Steinberg says. 'Only in the last 120 years have people started understanding how to practically exploit the natural phenomenon of natural enemies, such as minute bugs & spiders, that exists everywhere.'” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXvmrD99mMw

Ticks - http://www.ky3.com/content/news/Deadly-tick-found-in-Arkansas-program-to-turn-in-ticks-485988531.html -
"They can actually reproduce on their own. They don't need a male. So they have an ability to colonize an area very quickly.  (Ticks can be)…deadly to humans as well as livestock."  Information on how to send a tick, go to:
if possible stay out of heavy tick load areas."

least toxic 2013 bug treatments - http://www.birc.org/2013Directory.pdf - excellent resource (cites Met52) 


Andy Andrews: The Butterfly Effect - 10/20/2011 - Audio or video http://www.lightsource.com/ministry/life-today/andy-andrews-the-butterfly-effect-232236.html - from http://www.lightsource.com/ministry/life-today/broadcast-archives.html
Attracting butterflies  http://www.butterflyhouse.org/butterflies/butterflygardening.aspx

Monarch butterflies enjoy valerian in our herb garden.  It is SO aromatic.  Wonderful beside one's front & back doors.  Spreads readily.

Karner blue butterfly in New England, USA  http://www.easywildflowers.com/quality/lup.per.htm   http://www.nrs.fs.fed.us/pubs/jrnl/1996/nc_1996_herms_001.pdf   http://www.answers.com/topic/karner-blue
"Food habits  Wild lupine is the sole 'larval' food source of the Karner Blue butterflyAdult Karner blue butter-flies obtain nectar from several native & nonnative species. Karner blue butterflies have been reported feeding on the nectar of 41 different species in a single study in west-central Wisconsin. Broods differ significantly in the species used for nectaring, likely due to differences in their phenology. Several blackberries have been documented as food sources for the spring brood, while spotted beebalm, white sweetclover (Melilotus alba), and flowering spurge (Euphorbia corollata) are widely cited sources of nectar in the summer. Common cinquefoil (Potentilla simplex) is used
as a nectar species for both broods. Karner blue butterflies' preferred nectar species may include butterfly weed in New York and Michigan & lyrate rockcress (Arabis lyrata), lanceleaf tickseed (Coreopsis lanceolata), white sweetclover, and northern dewberry at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Differences in nectar species used between male & female Karner blue butterflies & across locations have been reported. Other often mentioned nectar sources include New Jersey tea (Ceanothus americanus), wild lupine, goldenrods (Solidago spp.), & spotted knapweed (Centaurea maculosa)."
Larvae food  "Wild blue lupine http://www.nhptv.org/wild/karnerbluelupine.asp is the only plant that Karner Blue larvae feed on." http://www.butterflyrecovery.org/recovery/karner_habitat_restoration_project/   http://www.fws.gov/midwest/Endangered/insects/kbb/lupine.html
Choice of flower color
http://www.bioone.org/doi/abs/10.1674/0003-0031%282000%29144%5B0001%3ANPSBTK%5D2.0.CO%3B2 - "In the Midwest and Northeast United States...
Within observation areas of 2-m radius butterflies usually chose the nectar species with the greatest total number of flowers or flowering heads. This suggests that the Karner blue is opportunistic in selecting nectar plants. However, certain nectar species, including Arabis lyrata, Coreopsis lanceolata, Melilotus alba and Rubus flagellaris, were selected in a significant majority of cases when other nectar species were available nearby...(77.5%) adult Karner blues selected nectar plant species with yellow or white flowers over species with other-colored flowers....
At Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore to selections from Michigan & Wisconsin...the Karner blue most frequently chooses a suite of nectar plant species that includes A. lyrata, C. lanceolata, Euphorbia corollata, M. alba, Monarda punctata, Potentilla simplex, Rubus spp., Solidago speciosa and, perhaps, Asclepias tuberosa & Helianthus divaricatus. http://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/7118.html
Life History of the Karner Blue butterfly http://www.butterflyrecovery.org/species_profiles/profiles.php?id=6  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karner_Blue - "The Karner blue is closely associated with wild lupines, prairie grasses, & nectar plants such as butterflyweed. This vegetation is characteristic of oak savannas. Oak savannas are dry habitats dominated by drought-resistant prairie plants & widely spaced oak trees.  Each year, this butterfly typically has 2 broods and, subsequently, 2 adult flight periods. The Karner blue hatches in April after overwintering as an egg. The caterpillar feeds exclusively on wild lupine (Lupinus perennis). In mid-May, the caterpillars develop into chrysalids from which they emerge as adult butterflies in early June. The adult butterflies feed on nectar from prairie plants through June and lay their eggs on wild lupine plants in July. These eggs mature into adult butterflies before the end of the summer & lay eggs that hatch the following April." 
(Therefore never cut back plants prematurely.  If need be cut off seed pods individually, but not the stem which is hollow. If desired, tie stems together with twine.  Preferably plant where lupine can spread from seed droppings.  Evaluate Karner migration path.  Wild lupine flourishes in sheltered wetlands.)
Legume plants  http://www.nhptv.org/wild/legume.asp  - http://michigan.gov/dnr/0,1607,7-153-10370_12145_12204-33007--,00.html - "Plants in the legume family include alfalfa, lentils, beans, chick-peas, peas, peanuts, soybeans, kudzu, sweet pea, milkvetch, black locust, clover, wild blue lupine, silvery lupine, Pacific lupine, sundial lupine, bluebonnets, locoweed, snap beans, wisteria, mesquite, broom, gorse, & the mimosa."
Diet  http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/Wildlife_Journal/WJ_sample_stories/WJ_c03_NN_Karner_blues.pdf   
Karner blue
caterpillars feed on the tender upper surface of wild lupine leaves... http://www.savethepinebush.org/News/03JanFeb/Karner.html - Adult butterflies feed on the nectar of flowering lupine as well as dogbane, New Jersey tea, butterfly weed & a variety of other wildflowers."
How to grow lupine
"The flowers of wild blue lupine are typically blue, but can also be white & shades of purple...Seed pods explode & spread the seeds quite nicely."
DANGER  Some lupine are toxic & may cause deformity when ingested. www.echonet.org 
Danger (especially seeds) to sheep & goats - http://agronica.udea.edu.co/talleres/Udenar/Sheep%20Nutrition/0851995950Ch15.pdf - Zinc may help.

Swallowtail types http://www.glorious-butterfly.com/swallowtail-butterflies.html
Host Plants    http://www.glorious-butterfly.com/butterfly-host-plants.html
Use "parsley, bronze fennel and common rue or ruta as Butterfly Host Plants for Swallowtails."
Use "dogwood, wild cherry, meadowsweet, vetches, clover, alfalfa, legumes, lupines" for blues.

Spicebush swallowtail - New England http://www.boston.com/news/local/maine/articles/2009/11/26/

Schaus swallowtail - Florida http://www.edf.org/documents/3740_species_schaus.pdf

God's messengers - http://joanwanderson.com/


Aqua-ponics - http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/18/garden/18aqua.html
http://www.squidoo.com/AquaponiGarden good demonstration

Fish praise the Lord - http://www.youtube.com/embed/mcbHKAWIk3I

Frankenfish - http://frankenfish.com/ - “Blue Revolution
Aqua Bounty (Waltham, MA) strives to play a significant role in the “The Blue Revolution”.
The Blue Revolution is the convergence of biological sciences and molecular technology, the purpose of which is to advance the aquaculture industry, enabling large-scale, efficient, & environmentally sustainable production of high quality seafood. According to Aqua Bounty, “increased growth rates, enhanced resistance to disease, better food-conversion rates, manageable breeding cycles, & more efficient use of aquatic production systems are all important components of sustainable aquaculture industry of the future.”
“Aqua Bounty Technologies has created genetically engineered Salmon, Trout, & Tilapia.
The first of these, an Atlantic Salmon clone.”
AquaBounty Farms, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, changed its name in 2004, to AquaBounty Technologies.
In 2006, AquaBounty Technologies was listed in the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market
(AIM) raising $28 million in an initial public offering.

Good Insects

Made in Israel - using natural enemies to eradicate unwanted bugs -
http://www.cbn.com/tv/2646019435001 agriculture

for http://gardeningzone.com/pages/beneficial-insects-by-target-pest

Bad Insects

Gerencer, Thomas - https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/ticks-they-e2-80-99re-not-just-for-hikers-anymore/ar-AAGejzN 8/23/2019 (As lyme disease as well as ticks increase, awareness, tests & prevention are improving + medical denial & blowoff less frequent.)

Locusts - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/830435.stm - 7/12/2000 - China is using fowl (chickens & ducks) to eat locust plagues.  "The deployment of the feathered force follows the introduction of a specially selected chicken army 2 years ago, designed to tackle a similar outbreak in the province. However, officials later found that ducks were more efficient locust predators, able to gobble up more than 400 insects a day."
Locusts - https://www.cnet.com/news/china-may-send-100000-ducks-to-swallow-locust-plague/  2/19/202 - "Back in 2000, China sent 30,000 (hungry jeuvenile) ducks from Zhejiang province to Xinjiang to tackle an infestation of locusts, the BBC noted. Ducks are better locust hunters than chickens because they flock together rather than splitting up, & chickens will only eat around 70 locusts a day.

Termite - Coptotermes formosanus (Formosan S. China subterranean termite) - https://www.timesofisrael.com/highly-destructive-super-termite-arrives-in-israel/?utm_source=The+Daily+Edition&utm_campaign=daily-edition-2020-09-24 + https://www.cabi.org/isc/datasheet/15284#tosummaryOfInvasiveness - "The so called 'super-termite,' 1 of the most destructive pests in the world, has arrived in Israel, the Environmental Protection Ministry announced...The species’ destructive capability comes from the size of its colonies, which can number several million members. The queen termite, which lives for some 15 years, lays some 2,000 eggs each day. A colony can reportedly eat up to 400 grams (13 ounces) of wood daily, rendering buildings insecure in a mere few months...The species will eat anything containing cellulose, such as wood, paper or cardboard, & has also been known to devour copper & lead sheets, plaster, asphalt foam insulation boards, plastics & even underground power lines."  (We decree in Jesus' name, termines attempting to land in our zip codes are DEAD on arrrival.)

Medicine Gardens

Chicken manure -http://www.energyjustice.net/poultrylitter/toxics


Medicinal Plants @ http://centerfortraditionalmedicine.org/library/MedicinalPlants.php -
Medicinal Plants in Vietnam - Medicinal Plants in China -
Medicinal Plants in the South Pacific -
WHO monographs on selected medicinal plants -
Mexican National Botanic Gardens

Year Round Greenhouses

Geo-dome Gardening - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAX0A6yfb0k

Our farm animals, birds & bugs
who eat our leftovers are healthier than we are.

“People know that (organic) nasturtium flowers are edible, but the leaves are also great salads and the seed pods, if you pickle them, make a wonderful (nutritious) substitute for capers.”
“Homeowners around Ann Arbor joined a local 350 Gardens Challenge, a global climate-change initiative that includes 'visible food production' (like a garden in an urban front yard) as 1 of its engines for sustainable food.“

Plants & Pollination


Pollen is Proof that the Holy Shroud is Indeed a Winding Sheet

Marco Tosatti, La Stampa/Vatican Insider - thttp://vaticaninsider.lastampa.it/en/homepage/inquiries-and-interviews/detail/articolo/sacra-sindone-sabana-santa-holy-shroud-torino-turin-15330/

Plants & Nutrition

Eco-Living - Natural healing from Israel’s land and sea - The director of a natural medicine research center in Jerusalem says Israeli plants such as seaweed are ‘treasures’ waiting to reveal healing secrets. 

Green Science - Top 10 ways algae boost science, energy & medicine - Israeli scientists find novel approaches to tap into the potential of this slimy plantlike organism for fuel, nutrition & innovative medical therapies.

Toxic Fertilizers

Chicken manure - http://www.energyjustice.net/poultrylitter/toxics
Chicken manure - https://www.britannica.com/science/histoplasmosis - "
, infection with the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, occurring in humans & other animals. The disease is contracted by the inhalation of dust containing spores of the fungus. H. capsulatum prefers moist, shady conditions and is found in woods, caves, cellars, silos, & old chicken houses. The last seem to be especially important because chickens often are infected and pass enormous numbers of organisms in their droppings. The use of chicken manure in gardens may lead to histoplasmosis in humans. Dogs, rats, mice, bats, pigeons, skunks, and probably many other animals become infected & may help to spread the disease. The chief site of infection is the lungs, though the fungus can spread through the bloodstream to other organs, such as the liver, & bone marrow...patients with widespread disease can be treated with the antibiotic amphotericin B.."
Chicken manure - https://www.foodsafetynews.com/2011/06/salmonella-risk-in-backyard-chicken-eggs/ -
Appropriately composting the (chicken) manure should kill any potentially harmful bacteria. A compost temperature gauge can be purchased to see if the compost is between 130-150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temperature required to kill harmful bacteria (& hopefully any parasites). However, if a temperature gauge isn’t handy, then letting the compost cure for 45-60 days will do the trick."

Horse manure
- https://equusmagazine.com/blog-equus/is-your-manure-pile-a-toxic-waste-site  
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inositol -
"When plants are exposed to increasing concentrations of road salt, the plant cells become dysfunctional & undergo apoptosis, leading to an inhibition of growth in plants.
Inositol pre-treatment could reverse the effects of salt on plants.

Sludge Happens - Deceptive labeling. http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2009/05/sludge-happens - Avoid fertilizers labeled bio-solids that may originate from human & toxic waste. 
Dangerous to your health and the health of your animals.


Spiritual Insight: Satan's traitorous behaviour & interference with both heaven & earth was toxic poop that became healthy fertilizer for God's spiritual kingdon on earth.  What satan meant for evil, God allowed for His good.  Jesus' murder boomeranged when Holy Spirit resurrected & returned Him back to life, allowing reversal of all harm: yesterday, today & tomorrow.  Thank You Holy Trinity.

Synthetic Fertilizers 11/18/2021 @ Bill Gates ‘Just Plain Wrong’ About Chemical Fertilizers, Scientists Say • Children's Health Defense (childrenshealthdefense.org) -
A -new report make 3 recommendations to reduce GHGs associated with N fertilizer use.
All call into question Gates’ Green Revolution model for Africa:
1-Select a model of agriculture that does not depend on synthetic fertilizers.
    Intercropping with nitrogen-fixing crops has been shown to increase yields & improve soils.
2-Reintegrate livestock into crop farming so more nutrients in manure are returned to the land.  
   Less than half are now.
3-Limit the growth of industrial livestock production & consumption.
   3/4 of N fertilizer worldwide is used to produce livestock feed.

Toxic Food

Antibiotics - http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2012/02/21/147190101/how-using-antibiotics-in-animal-feed-creates-superbugs -

http://www.nri.org/projects/sapp/Azadirachta_indica.htm - "The fungus Aspergillus flavus easily develops on seeds with a moisture content of more than 14%, producing carcinogenic aflatoxins & thus posing a health hazard to (animal feed & to) humans (especially to the liver)." 
Neem sprays can sometimes help protect growing plants used for animal &/or human consumption.

Nick Thieme – 7/11/2017 - https://slate.com/technology/2017/07/the-gruesome-truth-about-lab-grown-meat.html (edited) “All lab-grown meat so far requires a product called fetal bovine serum (FBS) a somewhat common product, & one that we have to thank for many a medical innovation. FBS, as the name implies, is a byproduct made from the blood of cow fetuses.
If a cow coming for slaughter happens to be pregnant, the cow is slaughtered & bled, & then the fetus is removed from its mother & brought into a blood collection room. The fetus, which remains alive during the following process to ensure blood quality, has a needle inserted into its heart.
Its blood is then drained until the fetus dies, a death that usually takes about five minutes.
This blood is then refined, & the resulting extract is FBS. Millions of fetuses are slaughtered this way. Although cows & bulls are kept separate to preclude the possibility of horseplay, most dairy cows, which are kept pregnant to ensure milk production, are eventually slaughtered too.
Estimates put the % of slaughtered dairy cows found to be pregnant between 17-31%.

Toxic to insects - Plants fight back - Clover native to the Mediterranean region that contains the chemical formononetin can cause sterility, stillbirths, & inability to birth in sheep.  300+ plants contain estrogenic substances. "Hormone mimics lurk in parsley, sage, & garlic; in wheat, oats, rye, barley, rice & soybeans; in potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, & alfalfa sprouts; in apples, cherries, plums, & pomegranates; & even in coffee & bourbon whiskey. 
Like DES & DDT these plant compounds can fool the estrogen receptor...
'Plants are making oral contraceptives to defend themselves
(or sterilize invading insects),' says Claude Hughes."
Another plant estrogen is coumestrol found in sunflower (seeds & oil) + alfalfa sprouts.  
Colborn, Dumanoski, Meyers - Our Stolen Future

Free Food

Edible Landscapes - http://www.madisonfruitsandnuts.org/examples_edible.pdf

Free Fruit - http://www.care2.com/

www.countryhen.org Hubbardson, Ma., USA provides free organic eggs to prequalified organizations -

Food Disinfection &/or Preservation

Chlorine-Dioxide - https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/chlorine-dioxide NOT edible.
Where mint saves potatoes and apples stay green -
A misty mint oil spray applied once a month when the potatoes are under cold storage.

Healthy Soil

Add compost & charcoal (fireplace ash), mulch & shade to protect against drought. -

Agrichar - Terra Preta "is characterized by the presence of low-temperature charcoal in high concentrations; of high quantities of pottery sherds; of organic matter such as plant residues, fish & animal bones and other material; and of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, & manganese. This combination increases the soils ability to retain nutrients for plants while also reducing Nitrous Oxide emissions. Terra Preta can store twice as much carbon than regular soil. This soil has spawned a new technology called Agrichar."

http://ag.arizona.edu/pubs/garden/mg/soils/depth.html - Arizona - Soil Depth -
"Bacteria that live in nodules on the roots of legumes are able to fix nitrogen from the air into a form available to plants. Beans, peas, and Mesquite & Acacia trees, and alfalfa, are examples of legume plants."

Berry, Wendell - Full Show: Wendell Berry, Poet & Prophet - 10/4/2013 - Moyers & Company interview @ http://billmoyers.com/series/moyers-and-company/

Clover is recommended as a lawn plant to provide nitrogen to the soil, as it is a legume, the same as soybeans, peas, peanuts.  If Americans are not interested, perhaps 3rd world countries might, as some soils are nitrogen deficient, where there is no or little crop rotation or frequent flooding with washing off of top soil.

"C/N Ratio: The ratio of carbon to nitrogen. Microbes thrive in the compost pile when their food source provides a C:N ratio between 15:1 & 30:1 - meaning that for every 15-30 parts of carbon (brown materials), 1 part of nitrogen (green materials) must be added to the pile." http://www.composting101.com/words-to-know.html

http://swfl.naturalawakeningsmag.com/SWFL/March-2011/Do-it-Yourself-Compost/ -
The Correct Ratio - Make 2 even piles of brown (carbon) vegetation, such as dead leaves & grass, hay, twigs & sawdust; & 1 even pile of green (nitrogen) vegetation, such as living plant material, leaves, fresh-cut grass & vegetables. - 1 Green, 2 Brown - Evenly scoop 1 pile of green & 2 of brown, & then repeat the cycle, all the while adding water."

Evans, Roland of Bountea - Boulder, Colorado, USA   
Radio - part 1 EPISODE105 - Winter Organic & Giant Garden Growing/Friendly Haven Farm  
http://www.blubrry.com/player/?p=5282&e=333720 - T
he secret is in the soil.
Recommends Hessayon's Vegetable & Herb book.  Buy seeds from zone in which you live. 
Tomatoes, wash & freeze right off vine.  Wrap in paper bag. 
To use, rinse in hot water, to allow skin to peel off. 
For 4x8 plot of ground, pull weeds. Flip soil. Top with compost. Go to feed store. 
Alfalfa pellets add.  Plant green manure/cover crop. 
In March (early spring) plant green barley & white clover for 6 weeks. 
Turn over. Plant regular garden. 
Also can on top of turned grass add any organic items (cardboard/grass-clippings/newspaper). 
Top with compost.  Keep moist.  Plant regular garden.
Irish dad plays symphony/classical music TO plants as well as hums/sings/thinks positive thoughts & songs/hymns.

Epsom Salts which is magnesium is sold as a rose fertilizer.

Evans, John - Palmer, Alaska, USA - Making compost tea, your garden nutrition 
http://www.bountea.com/tizest.html  or  www.alaskabountea.com  or 
http://i2.ytimg.com/vi/5EuItxwdHIA/default.jpg or
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EuItxwdHIA&feature=related or 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8QHLkkrQsA&feature=related or
(Do NOT use perlite. Can be toxic! Use tea immediately.
Do NOT store; good bacteria is alive.)

Fertilizer - http://watoxics.org/healthy-living/files/fertilizers.pdf - suggested formula -
To mulch shrubs & trees coarse one can use  2-4 inches of wood chips or bark.
To mulch other plants one can use1-2 inches of compost, dry grass clippings, leaves, sawdust.

Freeman, Jacqueline - Friendly Haven Rise Farm, Washington state, USA   
Bio-dynamic farm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biodynamic_Agriculture
attempts to get one back to the natural rhythms and cycles of Nature.
Radio broadcast part 2 http://www.blubrry.com/player/?p=5282&e=333720 
Grass fed cattle have less offensive body odor than grain fed cattle.  www.friendlyhaven.com -
Wild organic bee keeping.  Discussion of farm spirits.  (This could be demonic, haunted or holy.  Frequented by Rudolph Steiner patients/clients http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Steiner Caution.)

Godin, Pat - http://www.aptvs.org/catalog.nsf/vEpiDescIDNumber/28209 #1408 “Pat Godin” (post:6/17/2011) "You’re never too old to be an entrepreneur. For the 1st 51 years of his life, Pat Godin was considered one of the best soil, fertilizer, plant and garden specialists in North America. All the big retail chains, from California to Ontario, would come to him for the perfect blend of soil & fertilizer that would fit their area, & make things grow, grow, grow. 1 day, Godin decided that he was no longer happy doing it for others. He left his company, & started Nuway Brands, a designer gardening service, which is a quick-response answer for the same retail chains, from Home Depot to Home Hardware, who call on him for his customized soils & fertilizers.  His blends are as refined as coffee blends made by a great roaster. They take into account the nature of the soil already present in the area, its deficiencies, & the particular needs of the plant, flower, lawn or vegetable being considered. Godin’s magic touch can change a banal backyard, or a tired-looking garden, into a spectacular patch of vegetation bursting with life. This 'late bloomer' is a credit to entrepreneurship. Plus his love of nature and greenery is incredibly infectious."
(Composting the manure helps to kill the weeds & lower the nitrogen. 
If not composting the raw organic fertilizer, then plant/bury fertilizer deeper to help reduce nitrogen burn of roots.)
(Caution: products may NOT be organic?)
"Chemical-Free, Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer. Using a process developed with input from dairy farmers, the NuWay system removes solids from manure."
http://www.localharvest.org/nu-way-farm-csa-M23074 Fredonia, Pennsylvania, USA

Dantas, Dr. Gautam- https://www.sciencefriday.com/segments/these-bacteria-can-help-fight-antibiotic-resistance/ 5/11/2018 - Radio & summary - Eating dirt can be helpful.
transcript http://www.feedstuffs.com/nutrition-health/bacteria-may-be-key-cleaning-antibiotic-contamination -

How Dirt Could Help Save the Planet - Scientific American - 3/14/2021 Soil contains carbon dioxide, good for plants & planet.

Texas - Lawn Soil Remediation - http://www.fortworthgov.org/
uploadedFiles/Water/Save_FW_water/Residents/ManagingLawnTCEQ.pdf - "W
ater in the morning, before 10 a.m..  Wet the soil to a depth of 4–6 inches (preferably via a slow/drip irrigation)...
Mow properly, taking no more than 1/3 of the grass blade off with each mowing...A basic soil test covers soil hydrogen ion concentration (pH or acidity/alkalinity) & the primary nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, & potassium (NPK). For an additional fee, you can request testing for micronutrients, organic matter, & soil texture. Your county AgriLife Extension agent can help you get an inexpensive soil test, go over the results with you, & advise you on the best subsequent course of action."

Trees of Life - http://www.bu.edu/bostonia/fall10/forests/ or http://www.bu.edu/today/node/11672 or http://www.bu.edu/bostonia/fall10/forests/forests.pdf - Forests absorb carbon dioxide & emit oxygen.
Trees of Life -  http://www.treesforlife.org/our-work/our-stories/news-article-reprints/reprint-articles-1/Emily%20interview%20with%20Balbir%20-web.pdf  - http://www.treesforlife.org/ -
Moringa - Moringa Leaves (vitamin A & C, Potassium, Calcium, Protein) Names of Moringa - Uses of Moringa "
Balbir Mathur, founder and president of Trees for Life International"

Volcanic Humic & Fulvic Acid (from seaweed) - https://www.iasj.net/iasj?func=fulltext&aId=30377
(This editorial does NOT differentiate between volcanic ash and fresh seaweed, so it appears once could readily apply seaweed, if available.)

Volcanic rock
& ash (carbon soot)   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeolite#Agriculture -
"In agriculture, clinoptilolite (a naturally occurring zeolite) is used as a soil treatment.  It provides a source of slowly released potassium. If previously loaded with ammonium, the zeolite can serve a similar function in the slow release of nitrogen. Zeolites can also act as water moderators, in which they will adsorb up to 55% of their weight in water & slowly release it under plant demand.
This property can prevent root rot & moderate drought cycles.  Some of the more common mineral zeolites are analcime, chabazite, clinoptilolite, heulandite, natrolite, phillipsite, & stilbite
An example mineral formula is: Na2Al2Si3O10-2H2O, the formula for natrolite.  Natural zeolites form where volcanic rocks & (carbon) ash layers react with alkaline groundwater. Zeolites also crystallize in post-depositional environments over periods ranging from thousands to millions of years in shallow marine basins. Naturally occurring zeolites are rarely pure & are contaminated to varying degrees by other minerals, metals, quartz, or other zeolites. For this reason, naturally occurring zeolites are excluded from many important commercial applications where uniformity & purity are essential Zeolites are the aluminosilicate members of the family of microporous solids known as "molecular sieves." The term molecular sieve refers to a particular property of these materials, i.e., the ability to selectively sort molecules based primarily on a size exclusion process."

Wetlands Restoration, Iraq - http://www.natureiraq.org/site/en/

Companion Planting

http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardening/basics/techniques/organic_companionplanting1.shtml -http://www.gardensablaze.com/Companions/CompanionYield.htm - http://www.ghorganics.com/page2.html scroll down -

Incompatible Plants


"Use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3) & (or) potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3) to control powdery mildew & other fungal diseases of plants...Baking soda without spray oil was ineffective, and a 2% (wt./vol. of water) solution of baking soda damaged the leaves...
In Israel reported the successful use of baking soda & SunSpray oil in controlling PM on euonymus.(8) In this research a 2% baking soda & 1% oil solution proved most effective.(9)"

Biospan BR90 product - http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/science/secret-formula-clears-clogged-sewer-lines-eliminates-odors-57739.html -
"Biospan is a mixture of aerobic & anaerobic enzymes & various microbial strains.
It contains 10 billion colonies of selected natural bacteria per gram—bacteria that, in the absence of heat and light, have a voracious appetite & rapidly digest waste, according to George Aucoin, sales administrator with Bercan Environmental Resources Inc.  'Once 1 gram of bacteria connects with water, that multiplies into 10 billion bacteria, & that unites with the bacteria that’s in the sludge or the human waste & it just keeps increasing. What it does is it sucks the water out of the material & what’s left is pure enough to be bagged & sold as fertilizer. After 2-3 days there’s no smell.
That’s how it works,' says Aucoin, a resident of Victoria, British Columbia. 
Bercan CEO Allan Mc Innes of Lantzville, B.C. (Canada) owns the rights to the formula...
(Regarding grease) 'After 7-10 days we noticed the floating grease mat started to break up,' wrote lift station supervisor Art Pols."
Biospan - http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/science/golden-algae-less-toxic-when-exposed-to-sunlight-57737.html
"Effects of sunlight exposure on the toxins in the water. They found that after exposing the water to full or only 50% sunlight for 8 hours, it became non-toxic to the test fish.  Furthermore, exposure of toxic water to sunlight for just 2 hours rendered the water safe for the test fish. 
'What we think happens in terms of the large fish kills is that sunlight only penetrates down so deep in a lake, so in a lake with golden algae blooms, fish located at greater depths may be exposed to more algal toxins,' says Brooks..."Ocean Report: The Death of South Florida’s Reefs
(Note that water is purified in 3rd world countries by leaving exposed in glass/plastic bottles exposed to daylight.)
Biospan video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8gwUL_giSA. More information @ gaucoin@telus.net.

Citronella grass - http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/citronella-insect-repellent/? 
6/2016 - "
There are 2 other plants that also go by the common name citronella which belong to the lemongrass family.  These perennial clumping grasses Cymbopogon nardus & Cymbopogon winterianus grow to an astonishing size of 6' tall & 6' wide (2 m). 
The base stems are magenta-colored while the leaves are long & pointy. 
Citronella grass is a favorite to plant in home gardens because it effectively wards off insects such as the destructive whitefly.  Thus, it faciliates growing some vegetables without commercial pesticides...
Citronella grass in plant form, while effective for pest control when grown in home gardens, isn’t too helpful for repelling mosquitoes when placed on your porch or patio because the amount of insect repelling oils given off by the live plant is very small."

corn gluten - http://www.extension.umn.edu/yardandgarden/ygbriefs/h531cornglutenmeal.html - "Corn gluten meal is effective only against seeds, not existing plants...
Corn gluten meal (CGM) is a natural substitute for synthetic pre-emergence herbicides.
Pre-emergence herbicides attack seeds while they're still in the ground, before the seedlings emerge from the soil. CGM is a by-product of commercial corn milling that contains the protein fraction of the corn. Its use poses no health risk to people or animals. In fact, because it is 60% protein, corn gluten meal is used as feed for cattle, poultry, fish, & dogs. In addition to the 60% protein, corn gluten meal is 10% nitrogen, by weight....Pelletized form is easier to use...Apply corn gluten meal first in late April/early May, then a 2nd time around mid-August. Spread the product evenly, at a rate of 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet of lawn. Water it lightly into the soil in order to activate it. The CGM should remain effective for 5-6 weeks each time you apply it. "

Coffee Grounds
@ https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/composting/ingredients/coffee-grounds-gardening.htm

Garden waste -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKlauRA7ugI&NR=1  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlx2Okhmrjs&NR=1  - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHHovBRrmac&NR=1

Gobar gas plants - http://www.childhaven.ca/gobar.htm
"There are many kinds of gobar gas production units.
They are so environmentally friendly that they are often subsidized by government grants.
The units turn human (or animal) waste into methane gas which can be used for cooking."
Safety and Biogas - www.biogas.psu.edu/Safety.html

http://www.israel21c.org/headlines/swatting-flies-for-peace/?utm_source=16_07_2014&utm_campaign=2014-07-16&utm_medium=email -
It appears that the (fly) problem started with Jordanian use of raw chicken manure as
an organic fertilizer, which attracts & feeds breeding flies when it is spread before being composted…
“When the manure is composted the flies are no longer attracted to breed there, & it actually makes better fertilizer”…

Rubbish People of Cairo, Egypt - http://www.shoebat.com/videos/rubbishPeople2.html  incorporated in February, Lodologic was established by a group of Brazilian companies in partnership with Paulee CleanTec in Israel. ('Lodo' means 'sludge' in Portuguese.) 'Paulee CleanTec has a proprietary process to oxidate organic residue. We’re going to apply that process to sludge,' Lodologic CEO Gabriel Kainuma tells ISRAEL21c from his office in Sao Paulo.  'We mix a chemical reagent with the sludge & blend this mix in a high-speed chamber that eliminates all pathogens in the sludge, transforming it into safe, affordable, effective fertilizer,' he says.  'By 2018 we expect to be operating in at least 6 plants. There are over 400 sewage treatment plants in Brazil, so we have a huge market here to explore.'”

EdenShield puts a 'nose plug' on bugs - 10/3/2012 - hopefully a Natural Insect repellent -

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pest-repelling_plants -

@ uri.yaffe@gmail.com
"Seeds, the starting point of all oils, have developed complex evolutionary tricks to avoid being preyed upon. Unknown active ingredients in these oils, probably paired with the ability to block the breathing pathways of invertebrates & hamper their mobility, may explain why the oil solution developed by Gan-Mor & his colleagues works...
asic materials are cheap – about $1 a liter for the (non GMO) oil (off-the-shelf canola or rapeseed oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil & even the slightly more expensive olive oil) which is heavily diluted with (grey/recycled/rain) water...
I can store it for 3 days as I need it,' Gan-Mor explains...
The only problem with these ‘soft materials’ is that…they need to
be applied often, about once a week, & the oils must be applied generously,' he says.

Neem: Organic Gardeners Best Friend - 4/11/2017 - "The species name is Azadirachta indica...Traditional Ayurvedic uses of neem [leaves] include the treatment of acne, fever, leprosy, malaria, ophthalmia & tuberculosis (TB). Various folk remedies for neem include use as an anthelmintic, antifeedant, antiseptic, diuretic, emmenagogue, contraceptive, febrifuge, parasiticide, pediculocide & insecticide. It has been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of tetanus, urticaria, eczema, scrofula & erysipelas. Traditional routes of administration of neem extracts included oral, vaginal & topical use. Neem oil has an extensive history of human use in India & surrounding regions for a variety of therapeutic purposes.
Puri (1999) has given an account of traditional uses & therapeutic indications & pharmacological studies of this oil, in his book on neem (1)...
The active ingredient in neem, azadirachtin, consists of compounds called liminoids, which act somewhat like steroids. When insects eat neem-coated foliage, the liminoids disrupt normal hormone production and processing, causing a loss of appetite in some insects & interfering with normal reproduction, maturation, & molting patterns in others (2)...

Pests neem repels: mealy bug, beet armyworm, aphids, cabbage worm, thrips, whiteflies, mites, fungus gnats, beetlesm moth larvae, mushroom flies, leafminers, caterpillars, locusts, nematodes, Japanese beetle...Neem will do no harm to precious earthworms, beneficial microbes living in the soil, ladybugs, bees or birds. Note: bees cannot be sprayed directly...
Diseases like Lyme: While neem won’t kill ticks (at least not super quickly), it does interfere with their breeding cycles (7). Hence, it is good to spray around a property to keep ticks at bay, although for camping, use something else like (wild) yarrow...
Neem oil is often used (externally) in natural shampoos to control fleas & other pests on pets...
products are inexplicably banned in the United Kingdom. In Canada, as of this writing, there are still no registered neem oil pest control products. Also, in Canada, you could only use such a product if you were licensed & registered, thereby making them unavailable to average gardeners & small farms (8)...Ingestion/consumption of concentrated neem is dangerous, especially for pregnant women & children, & also for pregnant pets...by John Moody

many so called organic solutions are NOT.  Beware.  Read labels.
(This is worrysome, as fungi/yeast can be a serious gut problem in humans.)

shower    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILzxOH6n7-c&NR=1
solar shower http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w828xE97tms&feature=related

Toilet waste - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBZwOqLJvBA   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYXtSRgw2ZU&feature=related
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO6QeF3VPR8&feature=related   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljP9jj4pdOY&NR=1
http://www.easycaretoilet.com/site/779661/page/3891876 or http://www.easycaretoilet.com/ - portable toilet -
http://ecobeamhomes.com/Ecosan.htm -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPummZRR2Cg Africa needs a safer solution than this.
Revolutionary Israeli toilet gets Gates Foundation grant - 7/25/2012 - for homes in developing nations, the device needs no water & generates its own power to turn waste into sterile, odorless compost.

Root Fungus

mycorrhizal fungi - http://www.israel21c.org/a-fungus-that-gets-to-the-root-of-farming-better-crops/ - "This “good” fungus extends plant roots by a factor of up to 100, allowing plants to better absorb water & soil nutrients from fertilizers & compost." Groundwork BioAg -



Alternative Landscapes

Bible Plants - http://www.odu.edu/~lmusselm/plant/bible/bible.php

Goats R Us - http://www.goatsrus.com/contact.htm Orinda, California

Living on Earth - Squatting the Berlin Wall - The Iron Curtain left behind
an accidental strip of wilderness between Eastern & Western Europe.   
Real player audio - http://loe.org/audio/stream.m3u?file= http://stream.loe.org/audio/091106/091106berlinwall.mp3

Moss instead of grass for shady flat areas - Wildflowers are a frequent alternative for lawns.
http://www.sciencefriday.com/videos/watch/10228/ - http://www.mossacres.com/

Sustainable Landscapes - http://www.nhptv.org/planetgranite/ -

US small goat farms -http://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_health/nahms/smallscale/downloads/Small-scale_goat.pdf


Ball - Change Agent Jessica O. Matthews has a ball generating energy - Her company, Uncharted Play, produces the SOCCKET, a power-generating soccer ball that literally turns kids' play into usable electricity.

Baker, Jerry - good read
Talk to Your Plants - and other gardening know-how I learned from Grandma Putt

Chapter 2 The Victorious Victory Gardener section Electroculture
Harnessing your own - electricity from the earth - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaLcyFg3BXA&feature=related

Free tree power http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvGhY67g7PQ&NR=1 +
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG0KW9UtZ_c&feature=related +
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/09/090908151330.htm - "The tree-power phenomenon is different from the popular potato or lemon experiment, in which 2 different metals react with the food to create an electric potential
difference that causes a current to flow
. 'We specifically didn't want to confuse this effect with the potato effect, so we used the same metal for both electrodes...
There seems to be some signaling in trees, similar to what happens in the human body but with slower speed,' Parviz said. 'I'm interested in applying our results as a way of investigating what the tree is doing. When you go to the doctor, the 1st thing that they measure is your pulse.
We don't really have something similar for trees.'"

Earth battery http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWnMReMXq5Q&feature=related Supplies: copper & galvanized iron poles, 60 feet of telephone wire, & (Radio shack auto range digital multi) meter. Tie phone wire to both poles (hammered into the ground, galvanized 1+feet down, copper 2+feet down).  Stake copper pipe North & tape meter's + lead to actual copper pipe; stake galvanized iron South & connect attached telephone wire to - lead of meter.  Can repeat in relays.

Salt water electricity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZfsWwrivec&feature=related
moon light
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roLWoFIjkrI&feature=related  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWzs_QQdUFU&feature=related
Build your own foxhole radio - www.wnyc.org/files/foxhole_radio.pdf  
Israeli company generates electricity from car traffic
@ http://www.israeltoday.co.il/default.aspx?tabid=178&nid=19722

Cooling or green energy reduction - http://global.kyocera.com/ecology/greencurtains/sodateyou.html -
http://www.thejapanguy.com/5394/the-japanese-goya-green-curtain-contest/ -

http://www.abodia.com/911/Articles/1/book_marks.htm#Free_Energy -
Test sources as to spirit behind info.

Leej, Arthur - http://www.arthurleej.com/Violet.pdf  - ELECTRIC PLANTS - or electric farming - “The physiology of plants (may) give...explanation of the functions which most of their organs have to perform and good reasons for their existence and their varying forms. This is, however, (may) not the case with the needle-like shape of the leaves in fir trees, & the beard on the ears of most cereals. Since nothing exists without purpose in all the infinite number of objects in nature; then the needle-shaped leaves and the beard must have their determined ends. In fact, they are very well fitted to be the means through which the electricity goes from the atmosphere into the earth, or vice versa; that is to say, they act in the same fashion as metallic points.  To pretend that they really serve as a means of transmitting electricity because their form shows them capable of it would be to go too far. The presence of electricity in the air around them shows that they are, in fact, in a position to perform this function of transmission.' Selim Lenstrom.
The story of electricity and life may have begun some 4 billion years ago with lightning strikes.
The electrical current formed the molecules of life & linked them into chains.
Lightning has a major effect
on the plant world by forming nitrogen compounds, which plants use to generate proteins.
Thunderstorms do more than wet the ground; they also fertilize.
In 1890,
Scientific American announced that an electric plant had been discovered in South Africa that gave you a shock when you touched it. Nobody could find the mysterious electric plant, so it was assumed that the story was a hoax. The story may have come from someone tasting a leaf of Spilanthes africana. The anesthetic in the leaf gives the person a distinct feeling of a shock on the tongue.  The 1st electrification of growing plants began in Edinburgh, Scotland, when Mr. Maimbray electrified 2 myrtle trees in 1746.  The trees began to leaf & bloom sooner than others nearby. Abbe Jean Nollet heard about the experiment & planted seeds in 2 garden pots. He electrified 1 pot for 2 weeks several hours a day.  The electrified seeds grew sooner than the other seeds.
In 1747, Jean Nollet was tutoring the Dauphin.
A German professor told Nollet that if water in a thin glass tube is electrified, it won’t drip, but would run in a stream.
He electrified mustard seeds
22 with charged water, and the sprouts grew 3 centimeters taller than non-electrified ones.
Abbe Pierre Berthelon was a professor of experimental physics at French & Spanish universities. He had a gardener stand on a slab of insulating material & sprinkle the vegetables from an electrified water can. He tried to collect atmospheric electricity with an antenna & pass it into plants growing in a field. He believed that the best fertilizer for plants was electricity from the sky and in 1783 wrote
De l’lectricité des Végétaux.
In 1770, Professor Francesco Gardini stretched a number of wires above a monastery garden in Turin, Italy. Many of he plants began to wither and die. When the wires were taken down, the garden revived.  He theorized that the plants had been deprived of electricity or perhaps they had received an overdose. He wanted to attach wires to the newly invented hot air balloons to conduct electricity from great heights.
L. Grandeau experimented in France by putting tobacco plants in a cage to shield them from electricity. Plants outside the cage grew 1.87 meters tall and those under the enclosed wire cage grew 1.42 meters. There were 89 flowers on the outside plants and only 45 flowers on the shielded plants. He believed that electricity increased the height & strength of the plants.
William Ross tested the power of electricity by planting cucumbers in a mixture of manganese oxide, salt
& clean sand. When he applied electric current to the beds, the seeds sprouted well ahead of those exposed to a non-electrified mixture.
John Freke was a surgeon at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital
& a curator of its museum.
In 1746 he announced that the movements of the leaves of the sensitive plants were due to electricity. He put a potted plant on a cake of wax and attached it to a static machine.
When electrified, the leaves stood out.
He believed that this proved electricity was the agent behind the moving leaves.
Selim Lemstrom took 4 trips to northern Norway
& Spitzbergen.  He noticed the tremendously rich plant development of trees, flowers & even cultivated crop plants such as rye, oats & barley. 
Most botanists felt that the rich summer vegetation of the northern
23 climates was due to light & heat. But while days are long, the sun’s light is oblique, & its illuminating & heating power is greatly lessened.  Lemstrom noticed that the northern tree rings showed strong 11-year sunspot cycles. The harvest cycle of the north showed a strong variation with the sunspot cycle.
The greater the number of sunspots caused more auroras & a more abundant harvest of seeds, roots & grass.
He felt that this was due to the greater circulation of electricity in the atmosphere. 
Lemstrom noted that northern trees had needle-shaped leaves, & cereals had bearded points.
He believed these points would serve as transmitters of electricity.
In order to prove his theory, he sowed barley, wheat & rye grains in cardboard boxers.
The boxes attached to a static generator yielded 40% more than the other boxes.  He tried dividing a field into plots & using wires above the plants attached to a generator. This increased the rye yield by 19% & the barley by 40%. He had great difficulty doing this, because he couldn’t use the static machines in damp or rainy conditions.  He found that added electricity didn’t help plants in poor soils.  Other scientists repeated the experiments, but didn’t find any difference in the yields.  
They felt it would take a significant difference to repay the extra work & expense involved. 
Patrick Synge traveled in Africa & noted that the plants of the 'Mountains of the Moon' or the Ruwenzori of Uganda had unusual vegetation. There were heathers as large as trees & impatiens with flowers 2 inches across. He found lobelias on Mount Elgon growing 30 feet tall, but when he brought them to England, they didn’t survive.  He believed that light & electric currents accounted for the luxurious growth.
There was a great deal of interest in electric crop growing in England, & many experiments were performed. Usually a wire net was placed at varying distances above the field, fastened with insulated supports. A critical review of 20 years of experiments showed no increased growth caused by electricity.
Fredrik Elfving did another type of experiment. Various plants were grown in wet soil, & an electric current was passed through the
24 plant roots at right angles.  The roots bent to follow the lines of current flow. 
William Ross got a U.S. patent on this in 1844. He buried plates of zinc or copper about 200 feet apart. The plants were connected above ground with wires, thus forming a battery. He claimed to grow very large potatoes in his electrified fields.  It is known that plant roots show galvanotrophy. A small current will cause the roots of beans to grow towards the negative pole. When roots have a high concentration of salt they will grow towards the anodeAmoebas & most protozoa drift towards the negative cathode
In 1934, William Osterhous recorded the electrical variation across the membrane of the giant cell of
Nitella flexilis with an electrode placed in the cell. The inside of the cell had a negative charge with respect to the outside. When the plant was stimulated, sodium ions flowed into the cell & potassium flowed out. The process reversed itself, as the plant resumed normal function.
Dr. Alexander Sinyukhin cut branches from a series of tomato plants. He took electrical measurements around the wound. A negative current or a 'current of injury' flowed from wound for several days. During the 2nd week, a callus formed & a new branch began to grow with a positive polarity. When Sinyukhin applied 2-3 microamperes of current, branches regenerated up to 3 times faster.
Jagadis Bose found that radio waves produce variation in the growth of plants.
Feeble waves accelerated
the rate of growth, but strong radio waves retarded plants.
The effect persisted for a long time after the stimulation ceased.
Oskar Korschelt was a German professor of agriculture who believed that electricity & cosmic forces stimulated healing of plants & people.
He wrote: 'It is not only the life force, but also the character of the healer that is shared with the sick person. Conversely, the character of the patient flows into the healer.'
Fritz Hildebrand was a Bavarian civil engineer who believed that he discovered growth waves with a length of 10-30 centimeters.  When he exposed seeds to waves for only 15 seconds, larger plants with greater yields were produced. This is far higher than the violet
25 ray frequency. He used a complicated apparatus, but Surgeon General Alexander Heermann produced them with a simple circuit.
Bindo Riccioni devised a simple apparatus for treating large numbers of seeds electrically.
He treated up to 5 tons of seeds a day by allowing them to flow between parallel capacitors hooked up to a resonating circuit. He reported harvest yields up to 37% above average.
A seed processing plant was built in the Soviet Union using this technology.
Corn yields went up by 15–0% and oat & barley yields increased from 10–5%.
In 1922, Alberto Pirovano published
La Mutazione Elettrica. He invented the process of 'ionolozation' in which pollen was subjected to high voltage electricity of 500–00 hertz. When used to fertilize flowers, it produced a wide variety of changes in plants.
Plants were giants or dwarfs, & their seeds & fruit were changed. Flowers were markedly altered.
He produced several new varieties of tomatoes, which became popular with gardeners.
It is possible that the violet ray might be used to produce the same changes.
In 1964, Charles R. Keller received patent 3,120,722 for the treatment of sick trees.
He used a current of 800 hertz & 6,500 volts placed about 3/4 out on the main branches. He claimed the electrical stimulus revives the immune system of the tree & overcomes the infection.  He would attach wires to the main branches &  turn on the equipment. The higher the voltage, the shorter the treatment time.  Sometimes he would treat the roots by pounding in metal stakes & attaching the wires to the tree branches. He treated avocado trees for canker & orange trees for scale & dieback.
The terminal parts of the branches were apparently dead, & the whole tree had few or no new sprouts in the spring. The following spring, the trees would show new growth & the apparently dead limbs would return to life.  Often they would bear a heavy crop of fruit.
In 1968, Dr. H. Len Cox read an article in the magazine
Aviation Week & Space Technology
. Satellite photos showed which field attacked by pests had a different 'electromagnetic signature' from good fields. He decided to try changing the electromagnetic signature by adding particles of magnetite to the soil. He brought back
a truckload
26 of ore from Wyoming & charged the particles with a strong magnet. 
His garden didn’t look much different until harvest. The radishes, carrots & turnips were large. He began selling 10-pound containers of magnetite to gardeners who reported that irises doubled the number of blossoms on a single stem & that their gardens were much more fruitful.
It didn’t seem to work in (plastic) flowerpots; the magnetite had to go into the earth. 
There is an ancient Pueblo prayer chant, expressing the effect of nature’s electricity:
My corn is green with red tassels, I am praying to the (author of) lightning to ripen my corn.
I am praying to the (author of) thunder, which carries the lightning Corn is sweet where lightning has fallen. I pray to (the author of) the colored clouds."
Electricity & Mental Conditions -
"Arthur E. Baines was a submarine cable engineer...used the galvanometer to study plants & found that they have a negative & positive end. He believed that the waxy bloom on peaches & apples was part of the dielectric insulation of the plant to alter the current flow.
He felt that cholesterol was part of the dielectric system of the body.  
He found that wounds would heal rapidly when coated with wax to alter their electrical properties."

Thunder storms - "Nature's thunderstorm. Thunderstorm's product = highly activated oxygen which destroys pollution & puts negative ions in the air that also destroy pollution & also promote better health. This super activated oxygen produced by thunderstorms is the most devastating to pollution & it is also the source of that aroma that you smell after a thunderstorm that people associate with super fresh air."

http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/HomopolarMotor -
How to make the simplest electric motor



http://www.radiantsolar.com/pdf/rodales.pdf 1983 Rodale's New Shelter - 100% solar

https://www.timesofisrael.com/shade-giving-fabric-that-lights-up-at-night-nets-israeli-intl-prize/?utm_source=The+Weekend+Edition&utm_campaign=weekend-edition-2020-09-26 -

Early Frost/Freezing Protection

http://www.nbc-2.com/Global/story.asp?S=13624136 -
The grove pumps (&/or freeze cloths that breathe or hay) will help raise the temperature 3-4 degrees - protecting the (younger less deeply rooted) trees & fruit (soft crops) from frost."

Home Heat

Pellet stoves - http://gravityfeedstoves.com/ -
Use your existing working chimneys for emergency heat.

Gravity Feed Stoves LLC -
1613 Route 14, White River Junction, Vermont - 1-802-299-2415 or info@gravityfeedstoves.com


pink light - http://www.biblestudymanuals.net/k75.htm - "Biologists have found that the greatest plant growth is encouraged under pink light.  Further investigation has revealed that it is pink light which optimally triggers the growth of cells within plants."

UV light - Dr Bruce Davidson-UV Light to Kill COVID-19  - upper room + low dose light - https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=dr+dsvidson+uv+light+tb&docid=13891347285427

Plant Communication

http://www.anti-agingfirewalls.com/2014/07/15/plant-communications/ Tree example:
Giraffes love gobbling Acacia leaves, & can consume 140 pounds of leaves a day.
They can run 35 miles/hour & find the leaves very nourishing.
The tees can’t run away or hide from giraffes but have developed these defenses:
A system of tough 4" long straight & curved thorns,
The ants mentioned in the previous item 'A 2nd line of defense is not readily apparent until contact is made with a protected plant. Ants: biting, stinging, swarming, & ready to give their lives in defense of the colony & turn a mouthful of foliage into a painful experience. Many plants draw ants into their canopies with the lure of nectar found in nectaries on the leaves. But certain species of acacia such as the whistling thorn (Acacia drepanolobium) go 1 step further by supplying room as well as board in the form of swollen thorn bases. Ants hollow out the thorns while green & become nest sites & living quarters: domatia. The colony readily defends its home tree against any & all intruders be they mammal, insect or plant. Pheromone scent trails rally the troops to battle and may serve as a warning to nearby browsers that these leafy morsels are served with a bite.'
A 3rd line of defense, this 1 being again chemical involving tannins. 'Tannins inhibit digestion by interfering with protein & digestive enzymes & binding to consumed plant proteins making them more difficult to digest.
Herbivores have various strategies for dealing with tannins, some more successful than others.'
The plant may produce other toxic substances- 'Under certain conditions, acacias build up levels of a toxin, known as Prussic acid, hydrocyanic acid or hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Ruminant animals are more susceptible due to certain enzymes found in their digestive tract. This potent poison interferes with oxygen use at the cellular level causing death by asphyxiation.'
A 5th line of defense is warning other trees through release of ethelene gas. 'Upon tearing away at the protein-rich foliage, the torn leaf surfaces emit the gaseous hormone ethylene, alerting other plants within 50 yards to increase tannin production in order to thwart the foraging mega-herbivore. Sensing the menu change the giraffe moves upwind dining on plants that have failed to catch the drift. More than the adjoining vegetation may detect this call to arms. Passing carnivores pick up the invitation, resulting in a hasty retreat or, at the very least, a change of plans for the browser.'
Finally, a 6th level of defense is internal signaling in the acacia plant which fosters rapid regrowth. 'Often, branches that have been pruned and stripped of leaves grow back more vigorously than unbrowsed branches. Tipped branches send out many side shoots, each with new leaves that seasonally provide even more nutritious browsing than before, while increased leaf surface allows increased energy production. Repeatedly done this would be analogous to a gardener shearing a hedge.  This mutuality outcome works out for both parties, over the short term anyways.
Browsed stems are more likely than unbrowsed ones to be dead the next year and repeated heavy tissue loss & replacement could ultimately deplete the trees available resources unless some compensatory source of nutrients becomes available.'  Giraffes have developed counter-measures to some of these defenses. So they & arcacias live in a dynamic ecological balance." http://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2017/03/08/giraffe-extinction-endanger 

Plant Intelligence

Can plants talk? - http://theweek.com/article/index/229539/health-amp-science - 6/29/2012
"Unsettling news for vegetarians: Plants may communicate with one another by making sounds at frequencies that humans can’t hear. British and Australian researchers have discovered that the roots of corn saplings emit a constant clicking sound. When a similar sound was played in a lab, they found that corn roots grew toward the noise, much the way plants are known to grow toward light. Sweet fennel may telegraph its presence to other plants too. The plant is known to release chemicals that slow the growth of other nearby plants. When researchers put fennel in a plastic box that blocked those chemicals, they found that nearby chile pepper plants grew even faster than they would outside the presence of fennel. The researchers theorize that the chile plants 'knew' fennel was nearby because of sound signals not blocked by the box, & grew more quickly to protect themselves in anticipation of the usual chemical attack from the fennel. Study author Monica Gagliano tells the Daily Mail (U.K.) that while her research doesn’t prove that plants are conscious, it 'opens up a new debate on the perception & action of people toward plants.' Plants, she says, are not insensate objects, & should be treated as 'living beings in their own right.'”

Carlson, Dan - Secrets of the Soil by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird - http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Soil-Solutions-Restoring-Planet/dp/1890693243#reader_1890693243
http://www.relfe.com/sonic_bloom.html#Sonichistory -  "S
ome motive force, he soon realized, was needed to awaken the stomata to action. Puzzling as to what this might be, Carlson stumbled on a record called Growing Plants Successfully in the Home, devised by George Milstein, a retired dental surgeon who had won prizes for growing colorful plants.
's innovative idea had been to get a recording company, Pip Records, to amalgamate into a popular tune the pure sound frequencies broadcast by University of Ottawa researchers to increase wheat yields, which he had read about in
The Secret Life of Plants
Picking up where Milstein left off, Carlson focused on finding frequencies that would motivate the stomata to open and imbibe. Though he did not at 1st suspect a tie with the sound that caused the birds to flock to McClurg's orange grove, he managed through a stroke of spiritual insight to hit upon a combination of frequencies & harmonics exactly accordant with the pre-dawn bird concerts that continue past sun-up into morning.
To help create a new cassette tape of popular music into which his non-musical sonics could be embedded for inclusion in a Sonic Bloom home kit for use in small backyard gardens & greenhouses & on indoor plants, Carlson enlisted the technical expertise of a Minneapolis music teacher, Michael Holtz. Within seconds of hearing Carlson's 'cricket chirping' oscillating out of a speaker, Holtz realised its pitch was consonant with the early-morning concert of birds outside his bedroom window.
The first cassette, using Hindu melodies induced stomata to imbibe more than 7 times the amount of foliar-fed nutrients, and even absorb invisible water vapour in the atmosphere that exists, unseen & unfelt, in the driest of climatic conditions. But this sound proved irritating to most American horticulturalists & farmers.
Looking for western music in the range of Carlson's highest frequencies, the ones which in Hindu experiments had shown the best bumper crops of corn, Holtz culled several baroque selections from The Dictionary of Musical Themes, settling on the 1st movement of Vivaldi's The Seasons, appropriately called Spring. 'Listening to it time & again',
said Holz, 'I realized that Vivaldi, in his day, must have known all about birdsong, which he tried to imitate in his long violin passages.'
Holtz also realized that the violin music dominant in Spring reflected Johann Bach's violin sonatas broadcast by the Ottawa University researchers to a wheat field, which had obtained remarkable crops 66% greater than average, with larger & heavier seeds.
Accordingly, Holtz selected Bach's E-Major Concerto for Violin for inclusion in the tape.
'I chose that particular concerto,' explained Holtz, 'because it has many repetitious but varying notes. Bach was such a musical genius he could change his harmonic rhythm at nearly every other beat, with his chords going from E to B to G-sharp & so on, whereas Vivaldi would frequently keep to 1 chord for as long as 4 measures. That's why Bach is considered the greatest composer that ever lived. I chose Bach's string concerto, rather than his more popular organ music, because the timbre of the violin, its harmonic structure, is far richer than that of the organ.'
Holtz next delved into what for him was a whole new world of bird melodies. In the 1930s, Aretas Saunders, author of Guide to Bird Songs, had developed a method of visually representing, through a newly devised audio-spectrogram, the arias of singing birds that can neither be described in words nor adequately shown with any accuracy on a musical staff.
Soon Holtz came to see where the various predominating pitches in birdsongs could be calibrated by reference points on the musical scale & their harmonics.
Dan Carlson
had instinctively hit upon frequencies that were the ideal electronic analogues for a bird choir. 'It was thrilling,' said Holtz, 'to make that connection.
I began to feel that God had created the birds for more than just freely flying about & warbling. Their very singing must somehow be intimately linked to the mysteries of seed germination & plant growth'...
A yellow warbler, looking for all the world like a canary, flew, as if reading his mind, to perch on the top of a tree outside his bedroom window &, as if cued by his band maestro's baton, burst into song. Holtz grabbed his tape recorder & managed to register an aria that went on and on for 9-10 minutes. In the field guide he found that the little bird registers a high 8,000 cps.
(Cycles per second). Drawn deeper into the subject, Holtz consulted books that detail the structure of birdsong, such as Vocal Communication in Birds, Born to Sing & Bird Sounds & Their Meanings. He also consulted biological texts to find that tiny villi (minute shaggy hairlike tufts in the cochlea of the human inner ear) vibrate to certain 'window' frequencies.
'What I was trying to figure out with Dan Carlson was what exactly we were oscillating in plants', Holtz explained.
Looking at drawings of a cell, Holtz further discovered the representation of a sub-cellular structure within the cyptoplasm known as a mitochondrion. Pointing to the enlarged drawing of one of them he asked, 'Of what does their shape remind you?'  A glance suggested the form of the sound box of a violin.
'That's right!' Holtz exulted. 'And I found it more than of passing interest that the resonant frequency of mitochondria is 25 cps, which, if interpolated upward, gets to a harmonic of 5,000 cps, the same frequency used by Dr Pearl Weinberger to grow winter wheat 2.5 times larger than normal with 4 times the average number of shoots,
as reported in Dorothy Retallack's The Sound of Music & Plants. It could be that the frequencies he used vibrated not only the mitochondria in the wheat seeds, but the water surrounding them, increasing the surface tension & thus enhancing penetrability through the cell wall.'
Holtz connected this to Retallack's having also discovered that the transpiration rate rose, indicating greater growth activity in her experimental plants when they 'listened' to Bach, 1920s jazz, or the Indian strains of Ravi Shankar's sitar, whereas exposed to hard rock, with the same rate nearly tripled, within 2 weeks the plants were dead.

'I believe such frenetic music,' said Holtz, 'was too much for their overall systems.
The intense, grindingly monotonous energy in that rock sound could have virtually blown the cells apart.
Young volunteers for the US Navy who have listened to that type of music since childhood have been rejected because of partial deafness, even before reaching the age of 20.'
Asked if one could simply play the recording of a crescendo involving all of a symphony orchestra's instruments with their hundreds of frequencies & harmonics & allow plants to select those best suited for their needs, Holtz replied: 'You have to take into account a law of diminishing returns.
Too big a dose of anything is not necessarily of greater benefit than just a little or even a tiny dose.'
It seemed significant that Holtz, the musicologist, could say this without any knowledge of homeopathic 'potentising'.
Carlson, who we met in Kansas City at 1 of Charlie Walter's annual eco-agriculture conferences, explained his approach with lively enthusiasm. 'What I've tried all along to do with the sonic part of Sonic Bloom,' he expostulated, his jet-black hair &  pirate beard reflecting the hue of the Western-cut suit he wears for public lectures, giving him the air of an Amish elder, 'is to stay within boundaries set by nature. I think there are certain cosmic forces which can account, however 'unscientifically', for much of our success. Properly adapted they will get plants to grow better…or even inspire people to relate to one another more harmoniously.
There's plenty of evidence that various frequencies of both sound & color can be curative.  But 'hard rock' is not consonant with nature's own harmonics.
I believe birds exposed to it for long periods would fall ill & die, just as Retallack's plants withered away."  He waved his hands like an evangelist.
'I get over 100 calls a year, from people experimenting with my broadcasts.
Most of them say that when the sound is turned on plants actually turn away from the sound to grow toward the speakers
.  Always.
To me that means the sound is as important to plants as whatever we understand about photosynthesis. Perhaps that's what Rachel Carons meant when she intimated that spring might 1 day be silent without Vivaldi's violins.

With a cold Minnesota winter coming on, & limited space in which to carry on his early experiments in a VHA-financed home, Carlson took a big step: he spent 88 cents on a tropical Gynura aurantiaca or purple passion vine. Known also as a velvet plant, native to the Indonesian island of Java, its fleshy teardrop leaves are densely covered with violet veins & hairs, & its yellow-orange dish like flowers exude a nasty smell. But to Carlson this was his cherished baby. Once a month with a cotton swab he applied doses of nutrient to the top of his vegetal pet, almost homeopathically weak doses, while simultaneously getting it to 'listen' to his sonics. The swabbing turned the top a withering brown, but quickly a new sprout burgeoned forth one leaf below the dead tip to grow at an accelerated rate. Within a few days, the original tip had completely recovered & was spurting rapidly ahead, both shoots exhibiting thick, healthy stalks & exceptionally large leaves.
As the vine crawled upward out of its pot, Carlson screwed teacup hooks into the wall of his kitchen, 6 inches apart, to support it; & so fast did the vine race for the hooks, he had to add 6 every week.
At which point he made another startling discovery. If he snipped the growing tips with a scissors, the Javanese plant, far from daunted, put out a new shoot at the 1st leaf node below the cut.
As novel as this seemed to Carlson, he was even more puzzled by his pet's growing not only the teardrop leaves characteristic of its species, but also saw-toothed ones typical of its Indian cousin Gynura sarmentosa, along with completely alien split leaves previously never seen on any purple passion plant. The sound+solution treatment appeared to be strangely affecting something to do with his vine's genetic qualities even as it grew.
In a paper on his experiment submitted to his profession, Carlson presciently asked:
'Does one cell of a plant genus contain all the characteristics of all the species of that genus?
If not, why has my plant, grown from a Gynura aurantiaca cutting, developed leaves, over 90% of its length, peculiar to the Gynura sarmentosa &, at the same time, exhibited an entirely new split-leaf form? Could the combined application of nutrient and audio energy result in such rapid growth rate that the very process of evolution is condensed?
Have I enabled my plant to adapt more quickly to its environment?
Is this the reason for the different leaf characteristics appearing on 1 plant?
If any of these questions can be answered 'yes', can this knowledge be applied to other plants?
Could food crops be treated to achieve more rapid growth & better adaptability to their own or alien environments?'
  As winter wore into spring, & summer into fall, Carlson noticed another oddity: his plant had bloomed not the usual once, but twice.  Even more fantastic was its incredibly extending length. In only the 1st 3 months, the vine, which normally never exceeds a length of 18-24 inches, had grown a total stem of 150 feet.  
During the rest of the year it pushed on at the same rate, out of the kitchen through a 1.5 inch hole bored in the wall leading to the living room, where it roved back & forth along the ceiling on wires strung 18" apart, to attain a length of over 1/10 of a mile.

During the next year Carlson began snipping 4" shoots from his vine, which he started in small plastic pots. 400 of these, labelled with his address and phone number & a request to call him for a replacement should the shoots die, he took to a flea market, where they rapidly sold for $4 apiece.
'I had many calls,' he reminisced, 'but none were to complain about sick or dying plants.'
Instead the callers wanted to know why the offshoots from my mother plant were growing 20, 30, 40, 50 feet long, & even more. I at once thought that this unheard-of development might give rise to the possibility of whole new strains of hardier super flora.
Despite this achievement, worthy of Luther Burbank, when Carlson, in happy excitement, asked member so his university committee to come to his house to see for themselves what he had done, their only reaction amounted to a yawn.
Didn't he realize, they asked, that, because his results had been obtained on a non-edible house plant, they were of no commercial value or interest?
(Despite the fact that he had made $1,600 from a plant that cost him 88 cents).
Desperate to get anything into the public record that would substantiate his achievement, Carlson wrote to Guinness Superlatives Limited in Middlesex, England, publisher of the famous Guinness Book of World Records, which sent to Minnesota to check his claim 'specialists in the matter of freaks in the plant kingdom.'
Carefully measuring his plant's stem, inch by inch over its entire length, the freak specialists congratulated Carlson. That same autumn the new edition of the record book had an entry on page 113 extolling his find. To counter the notion that his new method was commercially valueless, Carlson next began to supply portable sonic equipment & nutrient mix to backyard gardeners who had called him after the Minneapolis Star ran a huge photo of the Carlson family standing under the passion plant, its leaves intertwined in the supporting chain of a chandelier before proceeding, through additional holes in the wall, into his children's bedrooms.

Not to be outdone, the St Paul Dispatch, describing his African violets, with more than 400 blooms in a full spectrum of colors, & his morning glories, purple, blue , white, red & pink, as enveloping his house from its foundation to its roof eaves, quoted Carlson as foreseeing a Jack-&-the-Beanstalk world with gigantic flora capable of feeding multitudes while their stomata increased the Earth's supply of oxygen.
It occurred to Carlson that if Luther Burbank could coax a spiny cactus into losing its thorns by informing the plant that it no longer needed them because he would 'protect it', (see Secret Life of Plants), he too might get his climbing plants to adapt to human desires.
'I subscribed to Burbank's idea,' Carlson told us, 'that at the highest level, plants are capable of creating what is in the mind of man as a means of assuring their survival into future generations.
I did not discount the many stories about trees which had borne no flowers or fruits for years, suddenly blossoming & bearing when threatened with an axe.'
One spring, as he collected the seeds from his morning glories for successive annual planting, Carlson & his 12 year old daughter, Justine, meditated on how to get the vines to respond to their lovingly felt desires by focusing on their favourite hues, purple for Dan, pink for Justine. 'We believed,' said Carlson, 'that the plants might respond to the colors we favoured and draw closer to us as we were mentally & emotionally drawing closer to them.' By late summer when the vines were putting out the usual mixed spectrum of blooms over most of Dan's house, he found massed all around his daughter's bedroom window nothing but pink flowers & around his own bedroom window only purple ones.
'This confirmed to me,' he said, 'that we can, in some still undefined way, communicate with plant life, which is even capable of altering the colors of flowers & the shapes of leaves. It must somehow be based on trust. The plants must feel your intent & realise that if they respond you'll save their seeds to assure their flourishing continuance.'
Even more intriguing was Carlson's belief that his method would allow him to determine the very likes & dislikes of plants. By exposing them to a varied menu of nutrients hitherto unavailable to them, he aimed, through their reactions, to find out which selections they might prefer, instead of just forcing them to accept what is believed is good for them.
This he hoped might ultimately lead to the elimination of deficiencies resulting in bad-tasting fruit or vegetables & the eradication of plant disease.
'What I began to realize,' said Carlson, 'was that my method was challenging the seeds' potential, a potential maximized with the right number of Sonic Bloom sprays, which have turned out to be 5, put on 2 weeks apart.' Striking a massive fist on the table for emphasis, he added: 'I believe I've come across a new principle that can be called indeterminate growth.
It shatters the idea that plants are genetically limited to a given particular size or yield.'
This belief in a lack of limitation led Carlson to another principle: geometric progression. 
We began regularly to discover that plants treated during 1 growing season would pass along whatever changes were taking place in them, & create, right through their seeds, a successive generation 50% larger & more fruitful, even when the newly generating plants remained untreated with Sonic Bloom.
I also call this genetic elasticity, the latent ability of plants to exhibit characteristics hidden in their gene pools, pulling out advantageous ones that may have been hidden for hundreds of years.
This is connected to the ever-bearing trait brought out in McClurg's oranges.'
Sonic Bloom in Indonesia
In June 2003 the Indonesian Government put on an expo with 100 tables, but the main purpose of the show was to show off a 5 or so acre field of corn that had been grown with Sonic Bloom - & so was 13' tall, not the usual 5' tall.
Previously, the Indonesian government got a 100% increase in rice & a 100% increase in tea using Sonic Bloom.
How exactly are the spray & sound applied?  The Sound Units are activated by a solar cell which turns them on at daylight & off at nightfall. They are powered by a 12 volt battery & are fully weatherproof. They are usually mounted on a pole or tree in the middle of the growing area.
These units are available in 3 different sizes...for 1-5 acres, 25-40 acres or
60 acres." - excellent -

Carver, George Washington - Glen Clark's Talking With Flowers Book Review @ http://www.hbci.com/~wenonah/new/g-carver.htm (Expired source.  Now @ http://customers.hbci.com/~wenonah/new/g-carver.htm a non Judeo-Christian site by Colorado Springs psychiatrist Mitchell B. Liester, author of Inner Voices: Converscations from Within) - "Carver's mysticism sprang from his conviction that nature held the answers to all of life's questions, and that the only requirement for obtaining these answers was a receptive ear. 
Carver said, "I love to think of nature as unlimited broadcasting stations, through which God speaks to us every day, every hour, & every moment.  Carver's scientific discoveries originated from a rich inner life built upon a strong faith in divine powers.  His spirituality came not from participation in a particular church, but from a deeply personal relationship to his God.  "All my life," he said, "I have risen regularly at 4 o'clock, gone into the woods & talked with God.  There He gives me my orders for the day. Alone there with things I love most, I gather specimens & study the great lessons Nature is so eager to teach us all. When people are still asleep, I hear God best and learn my plan."  Carver also spoke with the subjects of his scientific inquiry. He was always seen to have a flower in his buttonhole, & he explained that he talked with the flowers and they revealed their secrets to him. "How do I talk to a little flower? Through it I talk to the Infinite. What is the Infinite? It is the silent, small force. It isn't the outer physical contact. No, it isn't that. The infinite is not confined in the visible world. It is not in the earthquake, the wind or the fire. It is that still small voice that calls up the fairies."  A fellow professor & close friend, Glenn Clark, said that Carver's gift of speaking to flowers sprang from love, humility, & acceptance. His humility was maintained by avoiding what he called "the 'I' disease."  Carver experienced awe in his encounter with the natural world."
George Washington Carver: The Man Who Overcame, by Lawrence Elliott, 1966 -
Chapter 7 -
GW Carver "wrote, 'No individual has the right to come into the world & go out of it without leaving behind him distinct & legitimate reasons for having passed through it. 
I pray that my work at Tuskegee will become my reason for living'...He told his students he was not there to contribute to their individual gain; nor was the school.  His goal, & the school’s goal, was to lead their people forward.  He told them that only service counts.  1 of his earliest students, who went on to become a lawyer in Oklahoma, later said, 'He taught me that the human brain—my brain—held incalculable wealth, & all I had to do to free it was to want to.'  Carver taught his students that there is no richer plant food than the things that are thrown away everyday.  He sent them to the woods to bring back buckets of leaf mold to spread on their experimental garden plots. 
He taught them that legumes (such as cowpeas) had the unique capacity to absorb nitrogen from the air & feed it back to the soil.  To everyone, Carver passed on his 'magic formula', i.e., 'Start where you are.'
Carver developed a movable school which became a worldwide institution. 
It started as a mule-drawn cart in 1906, & by 1918 had evolved into a huge automobile truck, a fully equipped traveling experiment station.  People from other counties & communities poured into Tuskegee for assistance in launching their own movable schools. 
Carver always believed that the movable school had been his most important work. 
It resulted in a nationwide revolution in soil conservation.
Boys would come to his room in 2’s & 3’s on Sunday afternoons.  Carver would talk to them about the relationship between science & the Scriptures.  He often acted out the roles of Biblical characters.  Once, when talking about the wickedness of Sodom & Gomorrah, he brought his story to a climax by touching off some chemicals in a great cloud of fumes & smoke. 
The boys leaped to their feet and probably never forgot the story.
A boy asked him how he could know God.  Carver asked him what he was studying.  'Electricity.'
'Have you ever seen electricity?'  George asked.
'No.' Carver said, 'But when you make the proper contact, when you fulfill the laws of your trade, you can make a bulb light up, can’t you, because electricity is always there. 
Isn’t that right?'  'Yes,' the boy agreed.
'Well,' Carver said, 'God is always there, too, just waiting for you to make contact. 
He is all around you, in all the little things you look at, but don’t really see'...
Carver always stressed to his students that they should give to others, that they must learn to give what they had: their talents, their friendship, a cheering word. 
It was to students in his Bible classes that Carver related most of the aphorisms for which he is remembered, examples of which follow:
On getting things done:  'Back of my workshop, there is a little grove of trees, 1 has been cut down.  It makes a good seat.  I have made it a rule to go out & sit on it at 4 o’clock every morning, & ask the good Lord what I am to do that day.  Then I go ahead & do it.'  (How could I explain to a wife that I need to go out at 4 o’clock every morning to talk to the flowers?')
On Nature:  'I love to think of Nature as an unlimited broadcasting system through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune Him in.'
On opportunity:  'There is opportunity enough for anyone prepared to do what the world needs done'...
A lady who had sent for “the Tuskegee man” to see if he could help her ailing peach trees. 
When she looked up & saw a poor & somber-looking Negro approaching, she asked him if he would like to earn 50 cents cutting her grass.  For some reason, Carver was silent. 
He went to the mower & neatly cut the grass in both front & back yards. 
Then he knocked on the door & said, 'Now, what seems to be the trouble with your peaches, Ma’am?'
Regarding the dilemma of what to do with excess peanuts, Carver told his students "how he went to his beloved woodlands in the predawn darkness of a morning in October & cried out, 'Oh, Mr. Creator, Why did you make the Universe'...
'The Creator answered me. "
You want to know too much for that little mind of yours."
He said, "
Ask me something more your size."
'So I said, "Dear Mr. Creator, tell me what man was made for.’"
'Again He spoke to me. He said, "
Little man, you are still asking for more than you can handle. 
Cut down the extent of your request & improve the intent
'Then I asked my last question. "Mr. Creator, why did You make the peanut?" 
That’s better." the Lord said.
He gave me a handful of peanuts & went with me back to the laboratory. 
Together, we got down to work'...
Now his strength came from within.  He felt himself to be in God’s hands, the mortal instrument of a divine revelation. 
[Note:  This story is somewhat reminiscent of Handel’s experience when he composed the oratorio, 'Messiah' at breakneck speed (and hardly eating) for 23 consecutive days]...
Carver continually put the needs of others ahead of his own.  There have always been those who are militant in the fight for racial equality.  Carver did not perceive this to be his calling. 
He once said, 'If I used my energy struggling to right every wrong done to me, I would have no energy left for my work.'
Carver, Geroge Washington - http://arvindguptatoys.com/arvindgupta/gwcarver.pdf Anne Terry White (biography for youth)
Carver, George Washington - https://www.docsouth.unc.edu/neh/merritt/merritt.html biography
Carver, George Washington - A Weed Is A Flower kid audio @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chrd7dzrxbc -
Carver, GW - https://www.nps.gov/gwca/learn/management/upload/2014-04-18-Final-Carver-Manuscript.pdf - Carver's Youth
Carver, George, Washington - https://www.learningtogive.org/resources/carver-george-washington Black Biography
Carver, George Washington - https://www.americanheritage.com/george-washington-carver-and-peanut - 8/1977 editorial
Carver, George Washington - The Man Who Talks with Flowers book by Glen Clark
Carver, George Washington - http://customers.hbci.com/~wenonah/new/g-carver.htm (edited) -
"Born into the humblest of circumstances amidst the turbulence of the Civil War, Carver was the son of a slave mother & a father he never knew. 
(He was rescued & adopted by a white family)...
He served as nutritional adviser to Mahatma Gandhi, agricultural consultant to the Russian government, & massage therapist for the Iowa State football team. Remarkable souls are not always awarded the recognition they deserve, yet Carver received numerous accolades.
His paintings received honorable mention at Chicago's 1893 World's Fair, &  the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts in London elected him a Fellow. He was awarded the Spingarn Medal for Distinguished Service to Science & the Theodore Roosevelt Medal for outstanding contributions to agriculture. 2 honorary doctor of science degrees also were bestowed upon him. 
He was awarded honorary membership in the American Inventors Society. Popular Mechanics magazine selected him 1 of 50 outstanding Americans.  He was elected to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans.{2} Variously referred to as the Peanut Man, the plant doctor, or the sage of Tuskegee, Carver counted Henry Ford among his closest friends."
Carver believed "that nature held the answers to all of life's questions, & that the only requirement for obtaining these answers was a receptive ear. Carver said, 'I love to think of nature as unlimited broadcasting stations, through which God speaks to us every: day, hour, & moment of our lives.'  Carver's scientific discoveries originated from a rich inner life built upon a strong faith in divine powers. His spirituality came not from participation in a particular church, but from a deeply personal relationship to his God. 'All my life,' he said, 'I have risen regularly at 4 AM, gone into the woods & talked with God. There He gives me my orders for the day. Alone there with things I love most, I gather specimens & study the great lessons Nature is so eager to teach us all. When people are still asleep, I hear God best & learn my plan.' Carver also spoke with the subjects of his scientific inquiry. He was always seen to have a flower in his buttonhole.  He explained that he talked with the flowers & they revealed their secrets to him. 'How do I talk to a little flower? Through it I talk TO the Infinite. What is the Infinite? It is the silent, small force. It isn't the outer physical contact. No, it isn't that. The infinite is NOT confined in the: visible world, earthquake, wind or fire. It is that still small voice that calls up the fairies.' A fellow professor & close friend, Glenn Clark, said that Carver's gift of speaking to flowers sprang from love, humility, & acceptance.
His humility was maintained by avoiding what he called 'the (me, myself &) "I" disease.'
Carver experienced awe in his encounter with the natural world...
Carver the Outcast - His willingness to publicly discuss his inspired methods of research left him at odds with the scientific community's dedication to a rational, deductive methodology. Intuition & divine revelation were not held in high esteem as methods of scientific inquiry in Carver's day any more than they are today. Yet these were the very methods he employed, and he was not prone to denying them. Carver articulated his philosophy regarding the inextricable link between scientific discovery and the mystical in a letter written in 1927: 'We can only understand the infinite as we loose the finite & take on the infinite.'{7}  Carver did not deny the importance of rational thought, but regarded it as a means of confirming & illustrating truths obtained 1st mystically. Such openness regarding his methodology did not endear him to critics, & indeed a 1924 New York Times (newspaper) editorial claimed that he showed 'a complete lack of the scientific spirit.' 
The Times
went on to say that 'real chemists' do not attribute their successes to inspiration, & warned that Carver would bring discredit to his race & to Tuskegee Institute.{9} Strong words directed at a man whose achievements were so conspicuous." 
Source: THE QUEST Winter 1995 -
George Washington Carver
@ http://www.madehow.com/inventorbios/73/George-Washington-Carver.html#ixzz4SVyJDCHT
"an undersized, soft spoken genius, achieved fame asan agricultural chemist, botanist, educator, & inventor, though he refused to patent or capitalize on most of his innovations. His study of peanuts & peanut products, sweet potatoes, & soybeans led to an economic bonanza for the southern farmer by providing an alternative to cotton & tobacco as staple crops.
A native of Diamond Grove, Missouri, he was born a slave.
His birth-date was never recorded. When Carver was an infant he was kidnapped along with his brother Jim & their mother Mary by slave rustlers.
His mother was sold, but George suffered from whooping cough & was left to die.
When Carver's original master sought to find his stolen slaves, the price for the sickly child immediately increased.
The thieves required Carver's master to trade a $300.00 race horse for the boy's ransom.
Following the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865, George was adopted by his former owners, Moses & Sue Carver, who gave him their surname, & tried to obtain an education for him at African-American schools. From the age of 6, he studied on his own, focusing on woods & wildflowers, which he enjoyed cultivating & using as subjects for his oil & water color paintings. At age 10, he moved to Neosho, Missouri, to attend a 1-room school.  He formed strong family ties with an African-American couple, Mariah & Andy Watkins, who became his foster parents. By age 13, Carver migrated to Minneapolis, Kansas, obtained a high-school diploma, and worked as an independent field laborer. In an effort to further his education, he applied for & received a scholarship to Highland University, but the offer was rescinded when the university president realized that Carver was African-American.
To avoid further constraints on his efforts, Carver had to move farther north to seek an education. As the 1st African-American to attend Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, he worked as a cook & earned the $12 annual tuition. At his teachers' suggestion, he advanced to Iowa State College of Agriculture & Mechanic Arts (Iowa State University). There he concentrated his efforts in the natural sciences. He obtained his bachelor's degree in agriculture in 1894 and joined the school's faculty as an assistant professor of botany & overseer of the greenhouse. In this capacity, he became the 1st African-American ever to teach at the university. Carver received his master's degree in 1896. Carver achieved so notable a name that Booker T. Washington offered him an annual salary of $1,500 to head the new agriculture program at Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama. In the school's primitive, understaffed laboratory, he made the bulk of his discoveries, such as the hybridization of short-& tall-stalk cotton. He also devoted himself to educating farmers on crop rotation & diversification to avoid overworking their fields. Carver's dedication to the school & to agriculture was so great that he refused lucrative offers to join the laboratories of Henry Ford & Thomas Alva Edison. To bolster farm income, Carver focused on humble plants. He created over 300 products from the peanut, including dye, shoe-polish, soap, plastic , wood stain, flour, & milk & cheese substitutes.  In 1921, he testified before the Congressional Ways & Means Committee concerning the need to protect American peanut growers from foreign competition.
He derived 118 by-products from the sweet potato, such as syrup, starch, wood stain, & flour. Experiments with other plants produced cosmetics, breakfast cereals , fertilizer, oil, food additives, dye, paint, & medicine prototypes. He promoted uses for okra fiber & native clays; also, 3 fungi he discovered were named for him. Along with laboratory work, Carver involved himself in community outreach. He took his 'school on wheels' into the countryside to educate illiterate rural families about scientific farming methods & food preservation. 1 of his most beneficial lessons was support for the tomato as versatile food for home & sale. He became a champion of recycling & waste control, lectured on horticulture at leading universities, & wrote numerous pamphlets explaining to farmers how improved techniques could raise their standard of living."
Carver, George Washington -https://billyebrim.org/minneapolis-st-paul-area-&-the-soul-of-this-nation/ 5/29/2020 - (edited) 'Dr. George Washington Carver Prophecy - This great African-American genius of science who literally saved the agriculture of the South was born to a mother who had been a slave. His 'secrets' were learned from One he called, 'Mr. Creator.'
Rising at 4 o’clock every morning
he communed with the Lord. Later in the day taking no book but the Bible into his laboratory he worked out what Mr. Creator had given him. 
In his wonderful book, The Man Who Talks with the Flowers, The Life Story of Dr. George Washington Carver, Glenn Clark records:
'My 3rd meeting with Dr. George Washington Carver was the fitting climax of them all. He had been invited to speak as the high point in a Crusade for Christ being put on in Minneapolis.' [The author describes the supernatural meeting in detail.
In his introduction of Dr. Carver at the meeting, Glenn Clark ended with, 'No one ever sees him without a flower in his buttonhole & the love of God in his heart']…
The next day I took him to the chapel in Macalester College. His address there was just as wonderful & carried us even further than the address before the larger group the night before.
When he closed, they applauded till I began to wonder whether the next period classes would ever have a chance to meet. I finally raised my hand to still the enthusiastic boys and girls & said, ‘Dr. Carver has an encore. Great as he is as a speaker, he is still greater as a man of prayer…so I am going to ask Dr. Carver to put his blessing upon us in a closing prayer.
As we rode to the station, Dr. Carver said, ‘Last night as I rode to the auditorium I was holding a little white flower in my hand all the way, and in the silence while we rode, I was talking to it & it was talking to me. It told me some wonderful things. The flowers have never failed to tell me the truth. It told me that there is going to be a great spiritual awakening in the world.  It is going to come from people up here, from people connected with you & me, from plain, simple people who know, not merely believe, but actually know that God answers prayer. It is going to be a great revival of Christianity, not a revival of religion…a revival of true Christianity. It is going to rise from the laymen, from men who are going about their work & putting God into what they do, from men who believe in prayer & want to make God real to mankind.’
Personally transmitted stories about Billy Graham, Dr. Lileon B. Yeomans, Dr. Frank & Irene Lindquist & others are a part of my God-given memory bank of His workings in Minneapolis St Paul unto this day"...(Billye Brim concludes:)
The Soon-Coming Great Awakening - With all my being I see this greatest of all awakenings & harvests on the horizon. Therefore I know that the enemy of God & man is going to do everything in his power to stop it. He too has seen how God has marked the Minneapolis' St Paul area for a great part in praying in the awakening.  So, I know, without a doubt that behind the riotous aftermath, & possibly even behind, the initial incident is the prince of the powers of the air & his cohorts.  But I also know without a doubt that these evil spiritual forces can be stopped by the believers in the area using their God-given spiritual weapons. Especially THE AUTHORITY OF THE BELIEVER (book or booklet). Sitting in their seats at the right hand of the Father & taking authority over the powers of the air, forbidding them to operate. This is something that has to be done daily. Not just ascribed to by head faith. But practiced by doing the Word of God.  Yes, the devil has great wrath seeing his time is short. But we overcome him by the blood of the Lamb & the word of our testimony. Combatting every word of the accuser of the brethren morning & night with the weapons of our warfare that are not carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds"
(with our mouths & army host, in Jesus' name, blood & resurrection power).

Carver, George Washington - https://www1.cbn.com/ChurchWatch/archive/2010/05/17/the-legacy-of-george-washington-carver -

Daniel Chamovitz - http://www.amazon.com/What-Plant-Knows-Field-Senses/dp/0374533881#reader_0374533881 - http://www.whataplantknows.com/
Chamovitz, Daniel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv-iluydZOo 2/6/2014

Findhorn Garden - http://www.findhorn.org/aboutus/vision/co-creation/ - (Uncertain if this is scientific, demonic, godly, or a bit of each?) - "Eileen and Peter Caddy, Dorothy Maclean, & Robert Ogilvie Crombie practice meditation, godly or otherwise?  "As her communication with the forces of nature developed, Dorothy (MacLean) realized that she was in contact not with the spirit of an individual plant, but with the ‘overlighting’ being of the species, which was the consciousness holding the archetypal design of the species & the blueprint for its highest potential.
She was experiencing a formless energy field for which there is no word. The closest word to convey the joy & purity that these beings emanated was the inaccurate word ‘angel’ (which in the west is full of form), & her 1st thought was to call them that. However, the Sanskrit term ‘deva’, meaning ‘shining one’ seemed more accurate & freer of cultural associations. In practice, she uses both words, although neither word is adequate. Peter & Dorothy applied the insights of the meditations to their work in the garden, & through this the Findhorn garden flourished.
These were the 1st steps in the Findhorn Community’s co-creation with nature."
Findhorn Garden -
http://www.findhorn.org/inspiration/ - Giving NO mention of the Trinity (God or Jesus &/or the Holy Spirit) would deprive Them of any credit or glory, thus making this theology spiritually suspect.

Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu in Nigeria was raised from the dead after 3 days.
@ http://www.finalfrontier.org.uk/index.php?main=13&sub=3&page=1
Pastor Ekechukwu testifies as to flowers speaking/singing praise/worship to God in heaven.

Henry Gruver's - Heaven Visit pt.1: Alive_Again  Apr 5, 2014 - http://www.christianforums.com/
- (edited) "All of a sudden in my peripheral vision, (I saw) a long golden pavement.  I looked down.  The beautiful colors were flowers I have never on the earth. I've loved flowers since I was a little boy.  Well, I love flowers, & if you have a love for something, here on the earth, when you get into Heaven, you will be drawn to the perfection of beauty of what that is. Do you believe that? I was drawn to these flowers. I'm looking at them saying in my mind. (I didn't say it with my mouth. I didn't have to speak anything.)  No verbalization was needed. In my thoughts I said, 'You are so beautiful! I have never seen such colors & such beautiful flowers in perfect in all of the fragrance; as sweet can be.
I no more than thought that, and all of the stems of these flowers, where the leaves come out, all of a sudden, the leaves started doing 'this' on the stems
(clapping) all over on those flowers, the leaves were clapping their hands.'
The faces of those flowers turned away from me and turned another direction. 
I heard the sweetest singing coming out of those flowers.
They burst forth, but I wanted to burst forth in gratitude in watching the white raiment.
They literally broke loose into the sweetest singing.
I can tell you the words they sang. I'll never forget them...
They were singing this song, 'All praise, all glory, & all honor and thanksgiving to the Father for creating us & counting us worthy to serve the redeemed.'  As they sang this song, their words turned into like 'prismatic light'. A prismatic light, I followed it with my eyes. I could watch the light moving.  The light was moving. I watched & followed it with my eyes.  It went up to this hill.
Over this hill was coming the most beautiful glow. All of Heaven where I was had...an extra glow.  Instantly when I saw that glow, I knew that it was the throne. I didn't see the throne. It was on the other side. I was seeing the radiation from the throne.  The light that emanated from those flowers, as they sang, went to the throne. I was made to understand that all of God's creation, all of life when it gives honor, glory, thanksgiving & praise back to the Father for creating it is reciprocating (recycling) from the cycle of life. That (grateful) matter is is regenerated, because as the river of life flows from beneath the throne, so does the essence of all life flow from the throne.  So when you give thanks, you are literally being regenerated. You're being recharged. Everything in heaven is being regenerated continually in the presence of His glory.  So you see, the perfection of beauty. You see no degeneration. In the Word of God it says, 'we are being changed into His likeness, from glory to glory. Here a little, there a little.  Line on line, precept upon precept.' 
I know to us, it seems like it's just way too long. It's not happening fast enough. As you know the reason for that. Please understand. I've asked the reason for that. He said, 'I would that not one would perish. I am longsuffering with mankind. They have chosen the ways of darkness, & the ways of the world, but I have chosen to redeem whosoever. I will plead with them, until I see that the table is overturned.  There would be too many would be lost if I allowed it to go any farther.
I will have to step in, & will have to intervene; purge the land of the corruption, lest everyone is corrupted through it.'

"This is what I meant a while ago when I asked you if you understood. what the scriptures means, when Samuel the prophet told Saul, "Utterly slay all; men, women, & children, & everything that breathes & moves." The reason he had to do that is because they had become so vile & so corrupt as I mentioned to you, the measure of corruption that is now in our land is degenerating our nation rapidly'...
All of a sudden, out of my left ear, I heard more singing. so I turned & looked to see what was happening.  The person that I had been following had stepped off of the pavement of gold.
I could see kind of footprints heading into the 3rd & 4th step. The blades of grass, that he had stepped on, were singing the same song as the flowers. Every step, the song was louder, but yet it was so sweet & soft. Never once was anything overbearing in Heaven.
It stayed in perfect unison & perfect harmony, yet the grass had a different tone from the flowers.
It blended into the beautiful harmony...It's becoming more significant as more voices join in. 
The flowers are singing & still clapping their leaves. Now the grass is singing.

It wasn't clapping its blades together. It was just the sweetest tone coming out of the grass.
The same emanation of light is in the song going toward the throne. I saw it going right toward the throne. Every blade of grass is joining in this prismatic light that goes toward the throne in worship...joining more & more.
I'm just rippling with joy, but...I'm watching this person.
I see that they are going toward the tree, such as I have never seen in my life...
I didn't take time to count the number of different kinds of fruit on it.
But it had numerous types of fruit on it that I had never seen the likes of in my life.
It had the most beautiful healthy leaves on the tree. Loaded with fruit from top to bottom. 
The person walked up to this tree, reached their hand out...about 3-4 inches underneath 1 of these fruits...
The moment the person just opened their hand...the fruit very gently dropped into their hand.
The tree 'knew the thoughts' of the person & freely gave of its fruit.
Then, every leaf on that tree began to clap together.
Out of that tree was like a massive choir that filled Heaven with music of the flowers & grass. 
It was like a massive choir, in perfect harmony, worshiping the Lord.
That tree just swayed like it was in a dance. Singing unto the Lord. 
You know in the Word of God, it says that, 'the mountains & hills shall break forth into singing before You; the trees of the field shall clap their hands'.
What are their hands? The leaves. All of creation rejoices in the Father...
As I stood...I couldn't take it anymore. I turned. I had to worship the Lord.  I continued to worship the Lord. 
Then all of a sudden, I was back down on the floor; feeling my nose on the floor.
My body was wet with perspiration from worshiping the Lord with all of my might.
They said, that I never stopped crying, 'Holy, holy, holy!' all of the time. In fact, my wife started singing it just a minute or 2 after 10:00. When I got back up & sat down, saying, 'I can't begin to tell you what I just experienced.' I looked up at the clock on the wall, then at my watch, & said, 'It can't be...not 4:15 is it?' 
Others began to look at their watches.  They said, 'Why, it sure is.'
How could 6 hours have gone that quickly? Not 1 person in that room realized 6 hours had gone.
Not 1 elderly person wearied of being on their face on the floor. The presence of God was so real & precious.
That's the reason I call it 6 Hours in Heaven."

Hughes, Ray - Symphony of Heaven - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-tYXUSVy64&feature=related -
Bird's predawn chirping "frequency" opens up plant pores enabling vegetation to receive nutrients.
Hughes, Ray -
Morning Star Ministries -

Ifoam -http://www.ifoam.org/growing_organic/1_arguments_for_oa/environmental_benefits/pdfs/GMO_brochure_web.pdf
"Plants can ‘talk’ to each other. When attacked by a caterpillar, a tomato plant starts to produce defense chemicals.
It also warns neighboring plants by exuding a scent as an SOS-signal.
These tomatoes then also start to produce the defense chemicals, even though they are not being attacked. 
(This scent, methyl-jasmonate, is often used in perfumes. During the experiments women were asked not to use perfume because this could confuse the plants.) Scientists are trying to find out if these scents could be used to warn tomato plants in advance of a caterpillar invasion.
The plants would be perfectly prepared: a clever strategy, using nature’s own methods."

Kerr, Kat - 7 hours of Kat Kerr describing Heaven, from her many trips (Comp#2) from http://jesusstories.info/?s=kat+kerr&search=Search - 5th hour - Friendly Forest - An acquaintance of Billye Brimm testified of hearing of & witnessing a tree befriending a relative of hers...
One can release the frequency of God's voice to grow giant food.

Knowledge Center - Mind of Plants : Documentary on The Intelligence of Plants -

Stefano Mancuso: The roots of plant intelligence - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIfwFLDXFyQ&feature=related

Music and Your Plants - http://www.musicforyourplants.com/ & many other delightful editorials - a gardener's feast -

Nature TV - http://www.pbs.org/search/?q=what%20plants%20talk%20about - "Unable to produce its own food, the dodder vine must live entirely off a host plant. In a series of experiments, Researchers Consuelo M..."
Dodder Vine Sniffs Out Its Prey - video.pbs.org/video/2341198769
What Plants Talk About - video.pbs.org/video/2338524490 - "When we think about plants, we don't often associate a term like 'behavior' with them, but experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill..."
What Plants Talk About - Preview - video.pbs.org/video/2338524462
Plant Self-Defense - video.pbs.org/video/2341603772 - "To protect against herbivores the wild tobacco plant deposits trichomes, sweet treats irresistible to but also potentially fatal for... "

Plant Intelligence - BBC clip - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzQ_QeZjNOg&feature=related excellent

3/1/2007 - Panama: The Last Medicine Woman - The secret life of plants -  http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/rough/2007/03/panama_the_last.html - herbal remedies & communication with plant spirits - A Kuna Indian medicine woman, known as a 'Nele' in Kuna culture, living on the outskirts of Panama City...sat a few feet away from Sarah quietly thinking for a few minutes, taking occasional puffs of a hallucinogenic substance in her pipe...
She gave Sarah some leaves in a plastic bag to make into a tea, which she said wasn't really necessary, & promised to visit Sarah in her dreams to ensure future motherhood."
(CAUTION.  The medicinal aspect of plants may be Biblical, but the spiritual aspect may be demonic; be reminded that the spirit world is valid, but the evil spirits counterfeit the activities of the Holy Spirit.)

Prince, Joseph - Heaven on Earth week 5/1/2011 - Trees will grow and flowers
will blossom by listening to forest sounds. http://josephprince.org/ 5/5/2011

Retallack, Dorothy  - The Sound of Music and Plants- 1973


Willow Star - Plants: Intelligent Beings? Find out on 'What Plants Talk About' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv-iluydZOo

Common Scents: Plants Constantly Catch a Whiff of Their Neighbors' Perfume
@ http://www.scientificamerican.com/sciammag/

Your Plants Are Listening to the birds - http://www.artabundance.com/lyricalcorner/2007/10/your-plants-are-listening.html 10/1/2007 nice - "Birds stop singing during summer, except at dawn or midnight...When birds sing, they create a really specific symphony of sound, which promotes the growth of young leaves in trees, plants & flowers...during the months of Spring...when all plants, trees & flowers, are still blossoming & growing. When seeds germinate & sprout...Come summer leaves are fully grown. Birds mostly stop singing during the day...Birds still sing at dawn & twilight during the summer. Because at night every living plant breathes IN carbon dioxide (CO2). In the morning, plants switch to breathing OUT pure oxygen...Dawn & dusk are change-over periods. That’s when birds are needed to stimulate the plants with sound vibration. The sound becomes a cue...Our little feathered friends let the...plants...know when to grow. They produce sound vibrations that elicit a chemical activity in plants, allowing them to follow nature’s cues."

Innovation - http://web.archive.org/web/20060510145634/http://www.real-sonic-bloom.com/sonic_bloom_articles/sound_waves_create_miracle_plants.htm

 Knowledge Center - 8/12/2013 Mind of Plants : Documentary on The Intelligence of Plants https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeX6ST7rexs 

Koevering, David Van - Keys to Taking Your Quantum Leap -
Stones have memories, hearing & speech.

Dorothy L. Retallack - The Sound of Music and Plants - http://www.amazon.com/Sound-Music-Plants-Dorothy-Retallack/dp/0875161707 - NO read on line.

Smithsonian Channel - When Plants Talk -

The Sound of Golden Light - Music of the plants- Anthurium improvisation 432Hz

Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird - http://www.amazon.com/The-Secret-Life-Plants-Fascinating/dp/0060915870/ref=pd_sim_sbs_b_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1032ADB0W57VHMQ7M4NY#reader_0060915870

Nature Wild - Nature Documentary HD : What Plants Talk About by


Ginko Biloba - Leaves are great ground up in juicer as part of brain health beverage. 
Suitable for street, public parks, commercial sites, & home plantings.

Moringa - http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1242-MORINGA.aspx?activeIngredientId=1242&activeIngredientName=MORINGA
"leaves retain lots of vitamins and minerals when dried, moringa is used in India & Africa in feeding programs to fight malnutrition. The immature green pods (drumsticks) are prepared similarly to green beans, while the seeds are removed from more mature pods & cooked like peas or roasted like nuts. The leaves are cooked & used like spinach, & they are also dried & powdered for use as a condiment."  (Do NOT consume when pregnant, before labor begins, as may cause uterine contractions.)

, Richard - Diadem Tree -

Topping or not - http://www.treesaregood.com/treecare/topping.aspx

Tree of Life - Right and Wrong by Dennis Reanier - "The tree of the knowledge of good and evil has the appearance of living the abundant life, but it is not the abundant life. It is a form of religion without a relationship with Jesus Christ. It represents the understanding of right & wrong resulting in the curse of independence & selfish ambition. Its appearance tries to deceive us of our true identity, so we will strive & work in our own mind, strength & abilities to try to receive all that has already been given to us in Christ. The Tree of Life represents a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, a relationship of dependency upon God. It not only has the appearance of the abundant life, but it actually is the abundant life. It never stops bearing fruit."


6/2002 - Bolivia: Leasing the Rain - An American company sparks a war over water - http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/bolivia/ @ http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/watch/

http://desalitech.com/ Reverse Osmosis commercial/farm/institution recycling systems -
Newton, Massachusetts, USA headquarters

Geothermal heat to water Russian winter vegetables & fruit - http://www.scientificamerican.com/video.cfm?id=29686792001

Grey water recycling - Flush toilets with
Rain water - http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/beinggreen/118948.aspx
Bath water - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNDVxJdXBPA
Sink water - http://www.ecogeek.org/recycling/815
Try at home  or camp 1st

How to Water a Farm with a Phone - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/click_online/9722077.stm 2012
Hartnett, Kevin (editor) Reprogramming the city From http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/brainiac/
The exhibition is called “Reprogramming the City: Opportunities for Urban Infrastructure” and it contains 30 examples from cities around the world of innovative urban retrofitting. 1 project is from Lima, Peru, where engineers have equipped a skyscraping billboard with a water harvesting system that collects moisture from the humid air & turns it into 25 gallons of potable water daily.

Privatization - https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/merger-water-privatization-flint-veolia/ - 10/2020

Rainwater Harvesting - http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/earthkind/drought/

Horowitz, Dr Len - http://www.drlenhorowitz.com/freq_asked_questions.htm  - "Sound & prayer has been shown by Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan www.masaru-emoto.net to dramatically impact the structure & electrical qualities of water & water clusters...Hidden Messages in Water & Messages From Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto:
A Book Review by Dr. David Wheeler.   Reverse osmosis water may be pure, but it is dead—energetically lifeless. That’s why you need to also electrically recharge this water before it is optimal...Store waters sold in plastic containers pick up the toxic plastics to some degree, & are less than ideal. Choose glass bottles to store your water.  (One of) the best water found in health-food stores is Trinity Water from a deep well in the great state of Idaho.
The high pH of Trinity's 'Original' water is therapeutic & should be taken as directed on their label.
"Dr Masaru Emoto has shown that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words & emotions. Through this highly visual technique he has shown to the world that the energy vibrations change the form of water crystals. Positive words & images create beautiful crystal forms & the negative creates distorted crystals (quantum pollution)...
[Findings gave rise to the HADO theory. (Kumanga Andrahennadi MA, Prof Seaton Baxter (OBE) & Dr. Emoto's non-Christian conclusion:)  Dr Emoto’s experiments suggest that water has an inherent spirit within it.
We are 70% water & are primarily alive because of water. Within the human environment, water itself becomes a living form. The spirit within us is ultimately linked with the spirit of water itself.]" http://www.watercrystalstudy.com/
[Lord, open both our hearts & our minds to Your truths.  Lord as Moses contended with the magicians & Elijah with the priests, so please help us to differentiate between what is natural law in the earth & what is spiritual law (& to discern which is demonic, which is Godly).  Thank You.  Amen.]  http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/lakebiwa_event.html   
"Head Priest from Chikubujima Shrine, Mr. Ikushima gave Shinto Prayer & the Buddhist monk, Dai Ajari-Genshin Fujinami from Mt. Hiei gave a blessing inside of the (Golden) pyramid (of peace) & the Hado vibration of the field even increased more & more" (affecting bottled water inside the pyramid). 
http://www.hadousa.com/ - "Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness," per Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Hado "means wave motion or vibration.
Within the past few decades hado has been spoken of in the context of philosophy, science & quantum physics. More recently, the definition has expanded into the spiritual realm to express the healing properties & transformative powers of this life-force energy," per Toyoko Matsuzaki. (Consider: If occult priests can pray over water to improve PH, then certainly we Christians through the Holy Spirit can bless our water or food, plus heal it & ourselves, rather than having to invest in someone else's water & perhaps even demons.)

Kennedy, Sandra - The Travesty of Keeping Silent - God brings water to a dry well, per guest speaker.  http://www.sandrakennedy.org/watchonline/ 10/31/2010 -

MIT - http://news.mit.edu/2017/MOF-device-harvests-fresh-water-from-air-0414 -

Morgellons/Chemtrail Illness Protocol by Gwen Scott, N.D. Dr. @ http://www.bariumblues.com/index.htm  
"John Milewski discovered by placing water on (volcanic) magnetite sand for 3 days, the water itself would become magnetized. He gave it (magnetized water) to plants & they thrived.
In fact, they went beyond thriving to become very large and healthy. I have observed this with all of my 40+ plants." (It is also possible that the water absorbed some of the volcanic minerals.

Rainwater harvesting -

Solar - New solar device keeps homes warm, even in cold climes - 8/2012 -
Water heater gathers sun like bees gather honey, retaining enough heat to warm more than just dishwater."

http://telaithrion.freeandreal.org/our-project/food-and-water/ - Water distillation -
Small, portable device called Sling Shot takes anything wet, no matter how polluted, & turns it into reliable drinking water.  Basically it works by heating the water to a temperature that vaporizes the water into a fine steam and re-condenses that vapour into pure distilled water. 
The toxins in the water don’t vaporize, thus separating the impurities from the clean water.  Because of a brilliant closed-loop process, the Sling Shot uses approximately the same amount of energy as a toaster oven.

Watering of arid Israel - http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfa/facts%20about%20israel/land/focus%20on%20israel-%20development%20of%20limited%20water%20reso
Drip Irrigation - Simcha Blass - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simcha_Blass

Water Banking - http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/27/science/earth/27waterbank.html?pagewanted=all - “a system in which water-rights holders...store water in underground reservoirs either for their own future use or for leasing to fast-growing urban areas.”


http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/000446.html  - "The children push the merry-go-round again & again. As they run, a device in the ground beneath them begins to turn. With every rotation of the merry-go-round, water is pumped out of a well, up through a pipe, & into a tank high above the playground.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_water_generator - free H2O -

Water Gen (erator) - https://www.israel21c.org/pulling-water-from-air-making-calls-without-touch/
March 26, 2017 Prof. Alan Dershowitz introduced Water-Gen of Rishon LeTzion, whose patented GENius technology generates clean drinking water from the air.  Water-Gen’s “plug & drink” Atmospheric Water Generator, said to be the world’s most energy-efficient module of its kind, can serve the water needs of single households to entire countries, requiring only electricity or solar power...

Water-Gen’s medium-size unit provides 450 liters of clean water daily. Photo: courtesy -
According to the World Health Organization, tainted water is 1 of the factors causing 1.7 million children annually to die during their 1st 5 years.
Water-Gen also has portable water filtration solutions for emergencies and relief efforts, including Spring, a lightweight battery-operated system.
April 2017, Water-Gen is launching its 1st pilot study in Miami-Dade County, Florida, which will be analyzed as a prototype for additional US locations.
“Water-Gen is focused on improving the quality of life for billions worldwide who suffer from inaccessibility to safe drinking water & thus saving millions of lives,”
said Dershowitz, who noted that “no country in the world has contributed more to lifesaving technology in a mere 69 years than the nation of Israel.”
All AIPAC delegates had a chance to try Water-Gen units for themselves.

http://oharas.com/ET/scientificamerican1217-28.pdf repeat editorial 2019
Zero Mass Water in Scottsdale, Arizona., "has begun selling a solar-based system that does not have to be hooked up to an electric grid or an existing water system. A solar panel provides energy that both drives air through a proprietary water-absorbing material and powers condensation of the extracted moisture into fluid. A small lithium-ion battery operates the device when the sun is not shining. A unit with 1 solar panel, the company says, can produce 2-5 liters of liquid a day, which is stored in a 30-liter reservoir that adds calcium and magnesium for health & taste (hopefully organic). Cody Friesen, founder of Zero Mass Water and a materials scientist at Arizona State University, developed the system with the aim of having it work sustainably & easily anywhere in the world. An installed system with 1 solar panel sells in the U.S. for about $3,700. That price tag includes a required 10% donation toward reducing costs for installations in parts of the globe lacking water infrastructure. The same unit that reduces the need for bottled water in the U.S., Friesen notes, can also provide clean water to a school that lacks  it so that children “are able to get educated and not get sick.” Over the past year, he says, systems have been placed in the southwestern U.S. and several other countries."

Salt Water

Desalination - http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/07/how-desalination-works.php -
desalting/purification of sea water -


Genetically altered tomatoes - http://www.heartland.org/
policybot/results/857/Researchers_announce_breakthrough_on_salttolerant_crops.html -

 Water Sterilization/Purification

Agritech - New solution for boutique farm waste - Israeli company makes a mini-sewage plant to help small wineries, olive oil & cheese-makers deal with the pollutants from their industries.

- http://www2.nbc4i.com/news/2012/feb/17/bacteria-eating-sewage-72849-vi-37960/ -
Bacteria - http://www.livescience.com/25-waste-energy-garbage-sewage.html -
"100 years ago, gas was collected from rotting sewage and used to light streetlamps." 11/3/2004
Bacteria - http://www.greenbiz.com/news/2011/01/10/could-poo-gloos-replace-wastewater-treatment-plants
"The domes each have 4 domes inside of them, separated by plastic film, allowing for a large area for bacteria growth, which cleans up wastewater. The domes are placed at the bottom of a sewage treatment lagoon, & tubes move air through the domes, moving water through them as well...
The Bio-Domes are now being used in 6 (USA) states" 1/10/2011
Bacteria - http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-08-15/israel-s-sewage-eating-bacteria-lure-ge-cash-to-cut-energy-costs.html - 8/15/2011 - "Israel produces 500 million cubic meters of sewage a year, enough to fill 200,000 Olympic-size swimming pools...Some 75 % of that is reused for irrigation."
(" http://www.mapal-ge.com/ , based in Nesher, northern Israel...has developed a floating aeration system that processes waste by pumping bubbles of air into the water.")

Is your food and water contaminated? -  Bactusense from Israel will give real-time identification & analysis of bacteria in food processing plants, water systems, hospitals.

Black Mica - www.sunfood.com - "The secret of Adya Clarity (a brand name) comes from a little known substance called Black Mica (also known as Biotite). Black Mica is a rare, ancient, volcanic mineral deposit.  Adya Clarity uses a revolutionary process to extract the elements in Black Mica and make them 100% bio-available.  The structure of Black Mica contains intricate layers of iron, magnesium & potassium that create a cage-like structure which traps and neutralizes impurities...
Adya Clarity is a magnetic mineral solution that purifies & transforms your water into living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mineral water. Adya Clarity destroys bad bacteria, removes impurities and also electrically energizes water which in turn energizes your body. Adya Clarity does this by using the power of minerals in their ionic state.  Ionic minerals are bio-electrically charged by carrying an extra electron & can conduct & transfer energy.
These minerals are also known as electrolytes. In our bodies electrolytes are responsible for moving nutrients into our cells & removing wastes (detoxification)."
Black Mica Extract - http://blog.listentoyourgut.com/does-adya-clarity-black-mica-extract-work/
Perhaps 99% of the time, but NOT 100%.
Black Mica Extract
@ http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2011/11/01/has-mike-adams-had-a-sudden-attack-of-co/
concerns re Black Mica & Zeolite.
Bottled Water - USA - http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/information-about-bottled-water -
Beware of source & method of purification.
Bottled Water - USA - http://www.waterliberty.com/adyadocs/33-1_screen.pdf + http://waterliberty.com/blog/the-ugly-truth-about-adya-clarity-exposed/

Crypto - To avoid, use Distilled or Reverse Osmosis water. http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/crypto/gen_info/bottled.html
Beware, much of distilled water is from municipal sources. -  Read labels.


Drilling in undeveloped countries - http://www.lifewaterdrillingtechnology.com/cost-comparison.html -

Emoto, Masaru - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8 - 3/13/2009 - "head of the I.H.M.General Research Institute and President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation, a Not for Profit Organization. 
Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques.
He freezes droplets of water & then examines them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities.
Some examples from his works include:  Water from clear mountain springs & streams had beautifully formed crystalline structures, while the crystals of polluted or stagnant water were deformed & distorted. 
Distilled water exposed to classical music took delicate, symmetrical crystalline shapes.
When the words 'thank you' were taped to a bottle of distilled water, the frozen crystals had a similar shape to the crystals formed by water that had been exposed to Bach's 'Goldberg Variations'- music composed out of gratitude to the man it was named for.  
When water samples were bombarded with heavy metal music or labeled with negative words, or when negative thoughts & emotions were focused intentionally upon them, such as 'Adolf Hitler', the water did not form crystals at all & displayed chaotic, fragmented structures.
When water was treated with aromatic floral oils, the water crystals tended to mimic the shape of the original flower. 
Sometimes, when we cannot see the immediate results of our affirmations &/or prayers, we think we have failed.
But, as we learn through Masaru Emoto's photographs, that thought of failure itself becomes represented in the physical objects that surround us...
Realize that even when immediate results are invisible to the unaided human eye, they are still there.
When we love our own bodies, they respond.
When we send our love to the Earth, she responds.  For our own bodies at birth are more than 60% water, & the % of water in our bodies remains high throughout life (depending upon weight & body type).
The earth's surface is more than 60% water as well. Now we have seen before our eyes that water is far from inanimate, but is actually alive & responsive to our every thought & emotion...
Really understand the awesome power that we possess, through choosing our thoughts & intentions, to heal."
Emoto, Masaru -
Office - http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/e_ome_home.html -
Environment - game-changer for the world’s drinking water - Israel makes a better water filter/membrane.

Folia silver impregnated paper filters @ https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/5e78e529dbdabc48a7100222/5e90baefd792c05744e0fdc7_Folia%20Water_Brochure.pdf

Gonagain - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paiqCNaKg8c 3/19/2021 -
Cermanic + carbon
Water Filter You Can Make Yourself - Safe Drinking Water -

Harvesting RAIN Water @ https://theberkey.com/blogs/water-filter/top-ways-on-how-to-filter-rainwater-for-drinking 2021 post


https://www.israel21c.org/ingenious-upcycling-turns-discarded-medical-device-into-water-filter/  7/29/2018

NUFiltration company was formed to build the infrastructure + to collect, sterilize & distribute the filters. "NUFiltration packages multiple filters into a hand-carried machine that costs less than $1,000 & can be operated by a crank.  The unit can take water from a polluted source such a river & purify up to 500 liters an hour, 'enough to supply all the daily water needs of 300-400 people who didn’t have access before,' Negrin says. 
The filters only need to be replaced once every few years & NUFiltration provides a 3-year warranty. NUFiltration systems are currently deployed in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, the Fiji Islands, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania & Nigeria. 
A 2nd use for the filters is in swimming pools."

kombucha cultures - Harvesting bacterially produced cellulose from cultures

like kombucha 7/15/2016 -http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/bacterial-cellulose-colonize-mars/?utm -

water filtration "Bacterial cellulose can woven together & patterned with specific proteins & other biomolecules as it grows. The special weave would serve to bind contaminants & remove them from liquid water.
Different filters could be made for specific contaminants with a high selectivity for each depending upon the environmental conditions."

Made in Israel - using salt water on some plants & desalinated water on may others - http://www.cbn.com/tv/2646019435001 agriculture

Mercola - http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/01/21/best-and-worst-bottled-water-brands.aspx

Moringa seed shells/casings - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWXZ47P_2BY #1 + http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoTfyhK5WNQ #2

MiracleTrees - "Solutions of moringa seeds for water treatment may be prepared from seed kernels or from the solid residue remaining after oil extraction (presscake).  Moringa seeds, seed kernels or dried presscake can be stored for long Water purification methods using seeds from the Moringa tree have been known about for centuries, but their use has been limited geographically. 
In order to make an effective water purification system, the Moringa seeds are dried & then ground into a powder. Unlike other particles in the water such as clay, bacteria, & other toxic materials which are negatively charged, the protein in the Moringa seed powder is positively charged, thereby attracting the negatively charged particles like a magnet. The flocs formed by the floculation process can then be easily removed by allowing the water to settle, or removed by filtration.
Moringa oleifera seeds treat water on 2 levels, acting both as a coagulant & an antimicrobial agent. It is generally accepted that moringa works as a coagulant due to positively charged, water-soluble proteins, which bind with negatively charged particles (silt, clay, bacteria, toxins, etc) allowing the resulting "flocs" to settle to the bottom or be removed by filtration.
Application of plant flocculants such as Moringa oleifera is highly recommended for domestic water purification in developing countries, where people are used to drink contaminated turbid water. Moringa does not guarantee that the raw water ends up completely (100%) free of pathogenic germs. It is cleaned & drinkable but not completely purified. Since it reduces the number of suspended particles drastically ( flocculates ) it also reduces the quantity of microorganisms in raw water automatically. Consequently, this method might reduce water-born diseases in those countries considerably...
The harvest of a mature single tree (3 kg) will treat about 30,000 liters of water."
Moringa "The seed cake remaining after oil extraction is used as a fertilizer & also to purify well water & to remove salt from seawater." - http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1242-MORINGA.aspx?activeIngredientId=1242&activeIngredientName=MORINGA
Cleaning Water: Seeds from the Moringa Tree can Purify Water, Researchers Find

Moringa Seed - How to prepare seed.  Use as annual in north/colder climates. @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82fu95jANUo
Moringa Seed - Transplantation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJsHsVPxq5c -
(Caution - NOT organic.) @ mhpgardener - In order to make an effective water purification system, the Moringa seeds are dried & then ground into a powder. Unlike other particles in the water such as clay, bacteria, & other toxic materials which are negatively charged, the protein in the Moringa seed powder is positively charged, thereby attracting the negatively charged particles like a magnet. The flocs formed by the floculation process can then be easily removed by allowing the water to settle, or removed by filtration.
Moringa oleifera seeds treat water on 2 levels, acting both as a coagulant & an antimicrobial agent.
It is generally accepted that moringa works as a coagulant due to positively charged, water-soluble proteins, which bind with negatively charged particles (silt, clay, bacteria, toxins, etc) allowing the resulting "flocs" to settle to the bottom or be removed by filtration.

Opuntia ficu indica Cactus goo purifies water in Latin America

Ozone - http://forzion.com/2012/03/13/germ-slaying-ozone-creates-pure-water/ -
"An Israeli company is offering an alternative: an ozone-based cleaning system to purify tap water.
The system, says Ittai Weissberg, CEO of Greeneng Solutions, is better at getting rid of germs, & is a lot safer than chlorine & ammonia-based cleaning solutions. It does the job cheaply.
Ozone consists of 3 oxygen atoms instead of the normal 2, generated by ultraviolet light that breaks apart oxygen atoms and allows them to recombine into ozone. It’s long been known that once injected in water, ozone is extremely effective at killing bacteria: 50% more effective than chlorine & 3,200 times faster.
No pathogen can survive ozone, nor can a germ adapt to it.
The US Food & Drug Administration determined ozone to be a completely safe method of water decontamination in 2001."

National Geographic - http://blogs.ngm.com/blog_central/2010/04/high-marks-for-clean-water.html
"Retrieve a discarded water bottle. Tear off the label & fill with any water that’s not too murky from a creek, standpipe, or puddle. Place the bottle on a piece of metal in full sun. In 6 hours the UVA radiation will kill viruses, bacteria, & parasites in the water, making it safe to drink. SODIS http://www.sodis.ch/index_EN , the acronym for this Swiss-pioneered water-disinfection program, is now being used all over the world to provide drinking water."  (When possible, use glass, even liquor or baby bottle, to sterilize/purify water, rather than plastic, which leeches out into water.  How does one retrieve enough screw on bottle caps?)

Some advertised straws take the chlorine 30 minutes to work, thus voiding purported affects.

Purification - http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-clean-water#module156644349

Reverse-Osmosis - file:///C:/Users/cefal/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.
@ https://www.culligan.com/product/culligan-aquasential-tankless-ro-drinking-water-filter-system/

Rodin, Marco - http://www.528records.com/pages/528hz-sound-miraculously-cleaned-oil-polluted-water-gulf-mexico-according-new-study-canadian-r - "528 hz tone is known by the ancients to be a healing frequency, & many people believe it can be used to repair damaged DNA. Most recently, Dr. Horowitz, working with mathematician Marko Rodin, advanced the mathematical relationship to genetic structuring, as DNA segments reflect Rodin’s infinity pattern, that others predict will revolutionize everything.  (CLICK HERE for a YouTube presentation on this knowledge.)"

Saltwater treatment - https://www.watertechonline.com/industry/oil-gas/article/14167164/modec-awards-veolia-a-contract-for-a-seawater-treatment-package-for-fpso-unit 4/14/2020 Brazil

Seaweed - Filtration of water.  (Do NOT eat such seaweed after such use.)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seaweed  "The strong photosynthesis of algae creates a large affinity for nutrients; this allows the seaweed to be used purposely to remove undesired nutrients from water. Nutrients such as ammonia, ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, iron, copper, as well as CO2 are rapidly consumed by growing seaweed. Reefs & lakes are naturally filtered this way (the seaweed being consumed by fish and invertabrates), & this filtering process is duplicated in man-made seaweed filters such as algae scrubbers.[17]  Seaweed (macro-algae), as opposed to microalgae (phyto-plankton), is used almost universally for filtration purposes because of the need to be able to easily remove (harvest) the algae from the water, which then removes the nutrients. Microalgae require more processing to separate it from the water than macro-algae does; macro-algae is simply pulled out.  When used for filtration, saltwater algae commonly grows species of Cladophora, Ulva, & Chaetomorpha. Freshwater filtration applications are useful, too, & will commonly grow species such as Spirogyra." 
(Thus this can be a warning to know the source of your edible seaweed.)

Sling Shot - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOQbVD7F1f4 8/25/2010 Dean Kamen - Inventor -
(Coke a Cola now distributes for Dean)

SODIS - http://www.sodis.ch/index_EN "SODIS (abbreviation of Solar Water Disinfection) is an initiative of Eawag... Contaminated water is filled in a transparent PET-bottle or glass bottle & exposed to the sun for 6 hours.
During this time, the UV-radiation of the sun kills diarrhea generating pathogens."
"Formation of reactive oxygen species during UV-irradiation is responsible for the inactivation process (inactivating harmful pathogens).  Membrane proteins involved in the energy generation of bacteria are the first targets of cell damage, followed by other protein damages & the aggregation of proteins. This process is very similar to the aging process of cells." Online videos
Solar Water Disinfection - http://en.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/1539785
Polycarbonate blocks all UVA and UVB rays, & therefore should not be used.
Glass also blocks UV rays and therefore would be ineffective...
Heavily scratched or old, blind bottles should be replaced (not used)...
intensity of the UV radiation decreases rapidly with increasing water depth.
At a water depth of 10cm & moderate turbidity of 26 NTU, UV-A radiation is reduced to 50%.
PET soft drink bottles are often easily available & thus most practical for the SODIS application...
Under normal conditions (rivers, creeks, wells, ponds, tap) water contains sufficient oxygen (more than 3 mg Oxygen per litre) and does not have to be aerated before the application of SODIS...
(Due to leeching of containers into water, avoid water warehoused/stored for several months. 
Check expiration dates on store bought bottles.) 
SODIS water is not stored over such extended periods in the (recycled) bottles...
If the water bottles are not left in the sun for the proper length of time, the water may not be safe to drink & could cause illness. If the sunlight is less strong, due to overcast weather or a less sunny climate, a longer exposure time in the sun is necessary...
Other methods for household water treatment and safe storage exist, e.g. chlorination
(store fresh water in old Clorox bottles), different filtration procedures or flocculation/disinfection.C"

Shungite - https://beatemf.com/does-shungite-really-work/ - "There are a lot of methods available for making water safe to drink, such as water filters, iodine, boiling, & chlorine drops. However, as these methods eliminate ALL microorganisms and other bacteria (the good and bad), the overall quality of water is affected.  Sometimes, other water purification methods carry the risk of increasing heavy metals and salts in our drinking water. Shungite, on the other hand, is all natural, safe, and effective. It gets bonus points for being easy to use: Clean the Shungite stones to remove dust & other unwanted particles.  Then place them in your water.  Shungite water is believed to be effective for: (1) Reducing inflammation & acne (through topical application), (2) Detoxification, (3) Alleviating headaches, chronic respiratory illnesses, & digestive issues."  (CAUTION:  May be associated with paranormal energy rather than science.)
"Shungite is a lustrous black mineral discovered in the Karelia region of Russia, particularly near the Shunga Village.  The term 'Shungite' can refer to whole chunks of the stone or simply pieces or shards that contain it. 
Keep in mind as you shop. Although located primarily in the Karelia region, shungite is mined in other parts of Russia as well, mostly near old coal mines & sites where volcanoes have erupted.

In addition shungite possesses fullerenes.  The term 'fullerenes' pertains to molecules composed primarily of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere or tube-like shape, a special carbon-based molecular formation. Shungite is among the only known natural source of fullerenes on Earth.  Besides its absorption properties, fullerenes are among the most powerful antioxidants. As a result, Shungite helps protect body cells from harmful free radicals." (Compare to benoite clay & charocal)

Sun power to purify polluted water  

Water filtration - http://www.seychelle.com/management.php -
Water straws - http://store.seychelle.com/Pure_Water_Straw-Pure_Water_Straw_Advanced.html -
(Some contend straw is inadequate as chlorine in filter needs 30 minutes to be effective.)
Water Purification from http://housechurchministriesforjesus.com/crises-preparedness/

Royal Berkey – 4 Gallons Per Hour – PDF ( 1 Pages) Purify Your Water Now & In Crises
Best Type Of Water Filter & Why – PDF ( 12 Pages) Which Filters Remove What
Best Type Of Water Filter & Why – PDF ( 4 Pages) Berkey Beats ProPur
Purify Your Water – PDF ( 9 Pages) Boil or Iodine or Bleach

UV light water sterilization includes sun/day-light

Wild Oregano - http://www.doctoryourself.com/immune2.html or Cached -
Natural Antidotes to Biological Toxins
by Bill Sardi - http://www.askbillsardi.com -
"A potent natural antibiotic, more powerful than many prescription antibiotics, is (wild & organic)
oil of oregano
.  1 study showed that oregano completely inhibited the growth of 25 germs such as Staphylococcus aureas, Escherichia coli, Yersinia enterocolitica & Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  [Journal Food Protection, July 2001] 
Oregano has been shown to be effective in eradicating intestinal parasites in humans.  [Phytotherapy Research, May 2000]  Wild oregano (that has NOT been irradiated), which is quite different than the variety on most kitchen spice racks, has over 50 antibacterial compounds.  Just 1 part wild oregano oil in 4000 dilution sterilizes contaminated water.  [London Times, May 8, 2001] "
Biotoxin Antidotes

Woosh - http://www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/23802/Default.aspx?ref=newsletter-20130422

 Hydro vs Aqua

http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/hydroponic-invasion-of-usda-organic "The vast majority of organic hydroponic produce sold in the United States is grown in Mexico, Canada, or Holland.
What’s so hugely ironic is that this very same produce cannot be labeled organic in the the country where it’s grown.
It has to be shipped to the United States to obtain the coveted organic label.  Mexico, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Holland, England, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, & 17 other European countries all prohibit hydroponic production to be sold as organic."
"When fish are added to a hydro-ponic system, it is called aqua-ponics – the integration of aquaculture and hydroponics.  Such a system cycles nutrient-rich water from fish tanks to naturally fertilize & irrigate, aka 'ferti-gate', the plants.  This is considered a highly sustainable system as the water is recirculated & reused with the plants acting as natural biological filters. Synthetics are never used as part of the process. 
In contrast, hydroponics without the aquaculture component frequently involves plant fertility maintained using off-farm & even synthetic inputs.  However, because aqua-ponics does not involve stewardship of natural & diverse soil ecology, it still should not be considered organic according to the NOSB."
                                                                    Water Hydrogen-ation

Dr. Patrick_Flanagan - http://www.thresholdenterprises.com/publications/controlled/101403.pdf - "The (Hunza) locals (of the Himalayas) claimed that their (longevity) secret was the cloudy, mineral rich water that rushes down from the Himalayan glaciers.  In studying the properties of this unique water, Dr. Flanagan found that silica crystals dissolved in the water were able to hold negatively charged hydrogen ions (H-). These compounds are technically called silica hydrides. This makes Hunza water a power source, filled with the same active H- that powers the human body.
Typically hydrogen has one positively charged proton in the nucleus & 1 negatively charged electron orbiting the nucleus. The 2 opposite charges balance each other, resulting in no charge.  Active hydrogen, on the other hand, contains 2 electrons orbiting the nucleus, creating a negative charge. It is this active hydrogen in its charged form that the body needs to carry out its crucial functions. Dr. Flanagan has recreated this silica hydride compound as HYDROGEN BOOST" (capsules containing
Potassium Citrate, Silica, Potassium Carbonate, Oleic Acid, & Hydrogen Negative Ions http://www.thresholdenterprises.com/publications/controlled/100989.pdf for adding to residential/personal drinking water.) (http://my.88db.com/my/Discussion/Discussion_reply.page/Health-Medical/?DiscID=12839 -
CAUTION.  Some of many ideas/inventions may touch on the paranormal.

QI - https://www.synergyscience.com/product-category/emf-protection/
Add Hydrogen (H) to home water (and if we are lucky to our own body fluid).

Drip Irrigation

http://www.igin.com/article-1465-history-of-micro-irrigation-in-landscape_turf.html -
"Farmers centuries ago developed a method of irrigating trees in a desert environment with a minimum amount of water. They used porous clay pots, which they filled with water & buried near the trees in the ground. The water slowly seeped through the walls of the pots, irrigating the area around the trees.  Since that ancient time, many methods have been experimented with, including clay pipes, perforated pipes, plastics & polyethylene tubing...
The greatest advancement in drip or micro irrigation came from Symcha Blass, a retired British Water Agency employee who immigrated to Israel. Inspired by a dripping faucet that he saw near a thriving tree, he applied his knowledge of micro tubing to drip. This essentially became the 1st efficient drip method.  Called the Blass System, water was transported and release
d through longer & larger tubing by using water to slow the velocity inside a plastic emitter.
He went on to develop a molded coupling, which later developed into a 2-piece inline dripper. 
 Blass did his work at a kibbutz in Israel and formed the basis of a company
called Netafim.
Today, most all of Israel’s irrigation is drip."

Drip line & mulching - http://www.treesaregood.com/treecare/mulching.aspx

http://israel21c.org/headlines/smart-watering-that-lets-plants-decide-when-to-drink - http://www.common-sensor.com/

Grey Water Irrigation

http://www.greylinksystem.com/  one California home system

Drought Protection

Prototype: Planting for Profit, and Greater Good or
foot-high soil sensor does much of the work.  The plastic-and-stainless-steel device, topped by a tiny solar panel, determines the amount of water to be delivered to the garden each day, using Mr. Aramburu’s Wi-Fi network to communicate with a valve attached to his irrigation system.
If the air is humid, or if rain is forecast, the valve limits or cuts off the supply.
If the soil lacks nutrients, Mr. Aramburu receives an alert on a smartphone app telling him to add fertilizer. It doesn’t hurt that the sensor initially analyzed the clay-filled dirt of his yard & recommended which plants would thrive there. 

The soil sensor & the water valve are Mr. Aramburu’s creations;
he will soon begin selling them through his new company, Edyn."

How serendipity in an Israeli lab led to drought-resistant plants - Israel -
"Gepstein, who has advanced degrees in plant physiology from Tel Aviv University and did his postdoctoral work at the University of California on plant hormones
He is eager to put to rest any concerns about the safety of the genetic engineering behind the cytokinin modification, explaining that the risks of cross-breeding whole plants, which have hundreds of thousands of genes, are much greater since not every one of those gene mechanisms is well understood. This advance, by contrast, was achieved by modifying a single gene that is present in the plant in its natural state.'  We did not introduce any foreign genes;
we just extended the activity of the natural gene of one hormone that is already
in the plant. It’s completely native,' Gepstein stresses.
'It’s more accurate and more healthy because you know exactly what you are doing.'”

Bamboo version of the moisture farming -
https://mobile.twitter.com/WIRED/status/553985155271237632?cn=cmVjb3NfbmV0d29ya19kaWdlc3RfYWI%3D great

Kitchen Science

Circadian rhythms - http://sciencefriday.com/segment/06/21/2013/vegetables-respond
-to-a-daily-clock-even-after-harvest.html  - excellent -
From http://sciencefriday.com/ -
Stem down, place green tomatoes in a paper bag with a ripe apple.
The apple gives off ethylene gas, which speeds up ripening. Check the bag daily. http://gardening.about.com/od/growingtips/qt/Green_Tomato.htm  PS - 
Borage repels Tomato Hornworm

Photosynthesis - http://www.vigoschools.org/~bds/Chapter%208%20Photosynthesis%20student.ppt or HTML

Edible Heaven

FOR KIDS - #261) Kat Kerr - A Place Called “Jello Land” Westgate Vineyard - Alive_Again, Mar 3, 2013 @ http://www.christianforums.com/threads/kat-kerr-powerful-testimonies-of-heaven.7709517/page-11
“Heaven is not boring. Amen? I know that there is some kids here, so you’re just have to put up with me talking about heaven for kids.
Because I don’t always get to talk to them; and so, anyone who already is a kid, or is childlike, you’re going to love this…”
God does make special places in Heaven just for kids!
They have a place called
‘Jello Land’.
Why? Because kids like Jello. But it’s even more fun when you jump on it and eat it at the same time.
They have all different flavors in this place where kids love to go.
Especially when they 1st come to Heaven; they make friends right away.
They even actually have some created beings that look like children that aren’t really children.
They’re ancient beings that God made, so that when the children come to Heaven they have a new friend.
He knows like anyone else when you move to a new neighborhood, you don’t know anybody, the next door neighborhood kid…All they have to do is say, ‘Would you like to come & play’?They don’t care who that person is. Kids will run & play.
He actually has even little ones to get the little toddlers at ease & have fun.
But they have a place called
‘Jello Land’.  That’s exactly what it is.
All the buildings, streets, every-thing is made out of Jello.
All kinds of flavors. It’s not going to melt. Don’t worry about that.
The kids will run in, & grab parts of it off and eat it. They go into these little Jello houses & bounce…back & forth off of the houses. They have places like swimming pools that are made out of Jello. 
The kids actually dive in it. They try to tunnel through it & everything.
They’re being kids. The whole time they’re eating it. 
They have flavors up there we don’t have down here.

They have different things to decorate on the Jello houses. 
’re all edible, Like chocolate doorknobs.”
#262) Kat Kerr -
Waterfalls Made of Chocolate! From Westgate Vineyard
At the end of this place of Jello Land, there’s another place where the kids dive down waterfalls made out of chocolate. People are “Like that’s gonna ruin their teeth.”
There is no problem with any kind of decay in Heaven.
If God made it, it’s safe. It’s kid friendly.’
‘I’m just going to let you know right now, Jesus has a sweet tooth.
I can prove it in the Word. It actually ran in the family.
Now the Holy Spirit told me this 1 time.
If you don
’t think He’s a character. He loves to tell jokes.
He is the One who is behind all poetry. Even people who never wrote poetry, when you go to Heaven, it just comes out of you all of the time.
You will write poems & go to these portals & say it to your family members on earth.
They can’t hear you, but that doesn’t stop you from doing it; because you finally got creative.
You go over there and say these profound poems over your family members, or just somebody special from Heaven.
And they enjoy doing that because the Holy Spirit loves to rhyme.
  So He made this wonderful place where kids can dive down through chocolate waterfalls & enjoy every kind of flavor of chocolate possible.

“1 little girl had her Momma write me & say, “I know my daughter’s got a big imagination (she was like 7), but I’m gonna ask you anyway because she keeps begging me...
Do they have chocolate houses in Heaven?” I answered back...Absolutely yes.
Probably 1 right next door to wherever your daughter will be living when she gets to Heaven.
It could possibly be on her property.  That was not the answer her mother was expecting.

Why would God want chocolate houses?”
Because He is a fun Dad & wants His kids to have fun
. What is better than chocolate anyway?
I’m sure that if they had money in Heaven, it would be chocolate.
People have this weird idea of Heaven not being excitin

           Edible School Yards

"Chef, ALICE WATERS inspired a taste revolution. Her award-winning restaurant, Chez Panisse, with its focus on fresh, organic, locally grown seasonal offerings—changed the way Americans eat & think about food. Now she's creating an education revolution. Waters planted the seeds of this revolution 10 years ago when she founded the Edible Schoolyard, a one-acre organic garden of flowers, vegetables, & herbs planted, tended, & harvested by the 950-some students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley."
http://www.edutopia.org/garden-of-eating-middle-schoolers-grow-lunch http://www.edibleschoolyard.org/mission-goals

+ http://www.ota.com/about.html Organic Trade Association



Playground Bomb Shelters

http://operationlifeshield.com/?p=350 Specifications : http://operationlifeshield.com/?page_id=3 -  school playground bomb shelters

Heaven's Play

#263) Kat Kerr - Bubble Transports & Play Ports from Westgate Vineyard
Monday Evening 05 01-28-13 pt 2 of 3

"They have another place that you can go into, and they have these 'bubble transports'.
And you stand on these platforms, & a whole big bubble encases around you, & all of your friends get 1 of their own, & you go across the sky bumping your bubbles like 'this'...& you bump off of each others.
You see all of these kids going around laughing & laughing.
When you get to where they want to, they just pop it.

Isn’t that cool? I think we should have bubble transport down here. It doesn’t hurt the environment.
They do have playgrounds, but they call them ‘play ports’, because they’re not on the ground. They’re up in the sky. And they slide down real rainbows. Is that cool?
They ride on music all over Heaven. They have all kinds of fantastic things. Your children, if they’re in Heaven, they are not bored. They’re living with family members or very close friends until you get there, & most of the time, God keeps them the same age they were when they came.”


Food Desert Blooms - 1st Wholesale Farmers' Market Open to Public Sprouts in South Bronx  9/24/2009 www.nydailynews.com/nylocal

Retail - Local Boston neighborhood delivery of organic farm produce - http://www.bostonorganics.com

                                                                               Edible Flowers

"Borage...has a cucumber like scent & flavor.
The vivid blue flowers make a striking addition to a salad or a last minute garnish to cooked foods.
(Pot Marigolds) The petals work well in cooked & fresh dishes. Calendula is also used as a saffron substitute. The yellow or orange petals will color & flavor foods when chopped & sautéed.
Everyone is familiar with dandelion wine, but the flowers are also edible & quite delicious when young & tender. There are many cultivated varieties that have been developed for less bitter taste and more controlled growth, but even the so called weeds in your lawn can be eaten, provided you haven't used pesticides on them.
Daylily...flowers are edible, however they are often stuffed & prepared like squash blossoms. 
(Lily bulbs can be found in Asian supermarkets.)
Gem Marigolds (Tagetes tenuifolia):
'Lemon Gem' & 'Tangerine Gem' Marigolds are the only edible marigolds.  As their names suggest, they have a citrus flavor, even though you won't smell a citrus scent.  Pull off the petals & break off & remove the bitter portion that comes to a right angle.
Herb Flowers:
(Anise Hyssop, Basil, Bee Balm, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Fennel, Garlic...)
Many herb flowers are just as tasty as the foliage & more attractive.
(Many plant roots are also edible as well as medicinal: burdock, ginseng.)
(LEAVES - many plant & tree leaves are nutritional - ginkgo balboa, tea.)
Add some petals to any dish you were already going to flavor with the herb.
Nasturtium...Flowers have a peppery tang to them. The bright colors make great accents in salads. Can also be used to infuse vinegar. or even vodka.
Pansy: The whole flower is edible, sepals & all. Pansies have a mild, minty flavor.
The flowers work well for candying & make great decorations on top of hor d'oeuvres & cakes.
Squash Blossoms: All squash flowers are edible, not just zucchini.
A popular way of preparing them is to stuff the blossoms with cheese & fry them."
http://gardening.about.com/od/vegetablepatch/a/EdibleFlowers.htm - Plan ahead with perennial plants.  They provide a form of automated terrorism/disaster nutrition backup.


Matthew 13:1-9 TPNT
Mark 4:3-9 TPNT -
3"Listen. Behold, the one who sows seeds came out to sow
4It indeed happened while he was sowing, some fell beside the way; the birds came and ate it
5Other seed fell on rocky ground where it did not have much soil; it sprang up immediately, because it did not have a depth of soil
6Then when the sun rose, it was scorched, because it did not have a root it withered
7Other seed fell among the thorns; the thorns came up & they were choking it, & it did not give fruit
8Others fell on the good soil, came up it, giving fruit & increasing & bearing: one 30, one 60, & another 100 times." 
9He was saying, "Who has ears to hear must continually listen."
Luke 8:4-8 TPNT

Echo international seed bank - medicinal plants & seeds for 3rd world countries from Florida, USA - www.echonet.org - 5/22/2010  http://growingagreenerworld.com/episode101/ - Ft. Meyers - https://www.echobooks.net/nursery/nursery-plants/page2.html (other Greener World podcasts http://growingagreenerworld.com/category/podcast/ )

Goats - http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2010/10/goats_hired_to_mow_southeast_p.html  "Lisa Walker, property manager for FC Services, LLC., which manages land for Killian Pacific, said that besides being green, the goats have a side benefit: 'The digestive system of the goat actually causes the seeds to be sterile,' she said. 'Next year, we won't have as many weeds.'"

Indiana Farmer Takes Seed-Giant Monsanto To Supreme Court - 2/2013 @ http://onpoint.wbur.org/

http://www.plantcell.org/content/21/2/403.full - Red light may trigger germination. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16740147
http://plantphys.info/plant_physiology/phytochrome.shtml good visual

Plantation Products, Norton, Massachusetts, USA provides medicinal herb seeds you can grow. - http://www.plantationproducts.com/medicinalherbs.htm

Seed Savers Exchange  http://www.seedsavers.org/ - Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway http://www.seedsavers.org/Content.aspxsrc=whatsnew.htm#vault 
"The Svalbard Global Seed Vault functions like a safety deposit box for biodiversity & global food supply preservation, storing duplicate collections of seeds on behalf of gene banks from around the world. The Seed Vault offers protection against loss of diversity due to natural disasters, wars, equipment failures, accidents, & loss of funding that can plague even the best gene banks.
As a service to the world community, the Government of Norway paid for the complete cost of the Seed Vault's construction. The Global Crop Diversity Trust & the Government of Norway are financing its operating costs. The Seed Vault is managed by the Nordic Gene Bank (NordGen) www.nordgen.org  under a tripartite agreement between the Government of Norway, the Global Crop Diversity Trust www.croptrust.org & NordGen.
Storage of seed in the Seed Vault is free of charge."

Survival "seeds are authentic strains which are NOT genetically modified in any way.
When the going gets tough…you’ll only want this special type of seed which will produce not only outstanding nutritional plants but will allow you to plant the seeds from the plants you grow unlike sterile hybrids. Most seed companies are now selling only 'terminator' seeds which have been genetically modified & will NOT reproduce themselves."  http://www.survivalseedbank.com/


GMO - Genetically Modified Seeds -
Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals:Genetically Engineered Foods
Smith, Jeffery http://www.seedsofdeception.com/GMFree/MediaCenter/BioJeffreyMSmith/index.cfm
"He is executive director of Institute for Responsible Technology, producer of films Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals & Your Milk on Drugs—Just Say No! "
"His 1st book Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating became the world’s best-selling & # 1 rated book on GMOs. His 2nd book, Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods, is the authoritative work that presents irrefutable evidence that GMOs are harmful. It includes 65 health dangers, linking GMOs to toxic & allergic reactions, thousands of sick, sterile, & dead livestock, & damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals."
Check out " The Campaign for Healthier Eating in America, a revolutionary industry & consumer movement to remove GMOs from the US food "
Pinky Radio show -GMOs -
Danger of GMO proteins transferring to and growing in human guts, forever. important program
Predatory entities are bio-pirating/bio bio-prospecting/patenting unique seeds from developing countries.
"Terminator seeds" are being engineered to deliberately exterminate competing non GMO seeds such as found in developing countries. 
Seeds resulting from GMO "annual" plants will not germinate, would be sterile. 
Farmers would be forced to replenish "patented" seeds annually.

"The 4 major (non-organic)GM crops are soy, corn, cottonseed, & canola.
minor (non-organic) crops are Hawaiian papaya, & a small amount of zucchini & yellow crook neck squash...7 crops...
Avoid the GMO derivative labeled as the sweetener aspartame.
It is also referred to as (Spoonful, Canderel, Benevia, E95l, AminoSweet, advantame,) NutraSweet® and Equal® & is found in over 6,000 products, including soft drinks, gum, candy, desserts, mixes, yogurt, tabletop sweeteners, & some pharmaceuticals such as vitamins & sugar-free cough drops." (ALWAYS read the label.)
ARTICLES http://www.responsibletechnology.org/GMFree/MediaCenter/Articles/index.cfm

Therapeutic Gardening/Farming

Kishorit village, Israel - http://www.greenprophet.com/2009/05/13/8954/kishorit-organic-kibbutz/
(Working on the organic goat farm at Kishorit, the largest organic goat farm in Israel that sells its 'fair trade' milk to Harduf, the largest organic food supplier in Israel.)
People born with mental deficiencies, or those afflicted later in life, are usually handed the short end of the stick. Facilities to accommodate needs & to help one cope in society are improving, but they fail to give those in need the advantages that “normal” people just take for granted. But not at Kishorit http://www.kishorit.org , a new village built on the ruins of a decaying kibbutz, in Israel.
A new model for treating the mentally disabled based on the Israeli commune idea has emerged over the last decade from the ruins of a crumbling kibbutz.
Called Kishorit, the village (in the hills of the Galilee, above Carmiel) in northern Israel has become a utopia for about 150 people with varying degrees of mental handicap, who have all found a home for life.
Some have autism, Asperger’s, or schizophrenia, but as much as they can, they are all steering their own careers, social time, family life, & destiny.
They don’t focus on what disability they have, but on what they can do."
"A dog kennel at Kishorit produces prize winning dogs & also provides animal therapy to the residents and day patients...Members run & operate a TV station, and create films, they've built the largest organic goat farm in Israel, possibly the entire Middle East; they plant, tend to, & eat food from their organic garden, & are developing lines of toys, which last year were sold to Baby Gap...Tipper Gore, the wife of Al Gore, came to Israel last summer with her husband, & she made a point to stop in at Kishorit, just miles from the Lebanese border. As a clinical psychologist Gore was impressed by what she saw: 'This is a good model for people to know about so they can make it in other countries. In the United States, we'd love to have places like this,' she said."
Blueprints & specifications for Arab Israelis - http://www.friend-ly.co.il/96994/kishurit-Brands-1 +
8/4/2006 news http://www.cbc.ca/news/reportsfromabroad/middleeast/2006/08/coping_in_kishorit.html
4/18/2029 news http://fr.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull&cid=1239710720497

Milton Poor Farm, Massachusetts, USA - http://www.miltonpoorfarm.com/The_18th_Century_Milton_Poor_Farm.doc
Boston neighborhood http://www.friendsoftownfarm.org/  
8/27/2008 http://friendsofthebluehills.blogspot.com/2008/08/driveway-through-blue-hills.html
4/2/2009   www.miltonpoorfarm.com/Town_Farm_land_use_committee_report.doc
11/9/2009 http://02186.mytownmatters.com/?p=4990
12/6/2009 http://www.miltontimes.com/DOTnet-frontJUMPS-LandStudy.html
cites members of the Gov. Stoughton Trust Land Committee

Making Family Farms (lots) Profitable 1/24/2010 -
A regional online ordering system for Farmers Fresh Market helps to supply local chefs.

Rodale  http://www.noblepreservation.com/consultingservices/historyresearch/histpresrode.html -
Emmanus, Pennsylvania
, USA 
http://www.rodale.com/ - news http://www.rodale.com/news - remedies http://remedies.rodale.com/

Carbon Hunters - http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/carbonwatch/ -
http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/carbonwatch/2010/05/the-carbon-hunters.html - Companies that pollute can buy carbon credits by investing in forests, such as are in Brazil, but at the expense of locals who need the forests to survive economically.

Community Gardening

Samaritan Woman - http://thesamaritanwomen.org/documents/FarmProductionIntern.pdf
Baltimore, Maryland, USA - www.TheSamaritanWomen.org  
"Christian nonprofit organization in SW Baltimore...operates a 2 acre organic urban farm...
a 100% volunteer managed & operated nonprofit...grow chemical-free produce that is retailed at local farmers’ markets & restaurants to provide income to support the work of the organization, & tithe 20% of the produce to local shelters & families in nutritional poverty...farm includes 2 hoop houses, a large berry orchard, small fruit tree orchard, chickens, ducks, & bee-keeping.
In 2011 we will be initiating our 'Faith Markets' program which establishes a CSA model with inner-city churches to help penetrate urban neighborhoods with high-quality fresh produce."

Retail - Local Boston neighborhood delivery of organic farm produce - http://www.bostonorganics.com

Weston, Massachusetts - http://westonroadgarden.blogspot.com/p/joining-club-and-long-wait-list.html

Companion Plants?

On Line School

Master Gardiner  http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/earthkind/training/

Pest Control

Barn Owls - http://www.americasheartland.org/episodes/episode_714/owls_save_crops.htm +

Farmers Find Organic Arsenal to Wage War on Pests - http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/30/science/30farm.html "Natural enemies are key to the organic approach...The treatment of choice for commercial organic lettuce is to plant an ornamental flower called alyssum among lettuce beds, taking up 5-10% of the total field. Hoverflies live in the alyssum & need a source of aphids to feed their young, so they lay their eggs in the lettuce.
When they hatch, the larvae start preying on the aphids.  "If you were an aphid on a head of lettuce, a hoverfly larva would be a nightmare,” said Dr. Brennan. “They are voracious eaters of aphids. One larva per plant will control the aphids.' Dr. Brennan'" says.
Lygus "bugs like alfalfa better than strawberries, so some farmers plant 1 bed of alfalfa for every 50 rows of berries. As the lygus bugs crowd into the green growth, a giant tractor-mounted vacuum cleaner comes by & sucks them up."
"Not all predators are other bugs. Rachael Long has studied bats & their role in pest management in the Central Valley of California for 15 years. Pear, walnut & apple orchardists were fighting the codling moth.
By studying DNA in the undigested parts of bat waste, she found they did eat the moths & other insects, equal to their body weight each night."

Fruit flies - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcCNU2DBNrQ&feature=related


The herbicide glyphosate, "Introduced by Monsanto in the early 1970s under the trade name Roundup (& used primarily back then as a weed killer), glyphosate is now used throughout the world on wheat & soy crops & since 2007 it has been the most widely used herbicide in the U.S. The growing target of research linking it to a variety of illnesses...Diseases ranging from autism, Alzheimer’s, diabetes to pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Parkinson’s disease & the ongoing collapse of bee colonies." -
http://www.outsideonline.com/fitness/bodywork/performance-plate/Your-Food-Is-Poisoning-You.html?utm_source=dispatch&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=05222014 5/12/2014 -

Farmer died fighting Monsanto - 1 Apr 2019 (Regarding Roundup cited for cancer)
Third Roundup Case Jury told to punish Monsanto with $1B Verdict - 9 May 2019
Several states may ban pesticide linked to lower IQ, ADHD -
2 May 2019 –
Last summer, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered chlorpyrifos completely off the market, but the EPA is now fighting that decision.”

Locusts - There are dozens of accounts of miracles in the history of modern Israel – with some of them paralleling actual Bible accounts of old?  “Against All Odds: Israel Survives” is the complete 13-part cable TV network 2010 series of just such stories…including: "Thousands of (off-season) storks suddenly appear to devour locusts plaguing a farming village (in Galilee)...
You’ll be lucky if you can find this DVD series at: WND Superstore.
Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2010/03/128369/#iJwiFG1PlQPA40BC.99

Locusts - https://www.christianpost.com/news/new-wave-of-locusts-threatens-millions-in-africa-middle-east-with-food-insecurity.html?- 4/14/2020 (assuming UN's FAO is correctly forecasting) + https://www.christianpost.com/news/locust-infestation-could-cause-next-famine-in-africa-communities-seeking-solutions.html  

some of the stories you’ll explore:

  • You’ll meet Shula Cohen, a married woman living in Beirut, who risks her life to become one of Israel’s most famous spies.

  • Israeli troops in the Yom Kippur War are saved when a mysterious wind exposes thousands of mines that imperil their lives.

  • During WWI, the biblical account of Saul and Jonathan inspires a British major to launch an improbable victory against a Turkish garrison.

  • An outnumbered Israeli squad is saved when approaching enemy troops inexplicably flee.

  • Compelling dramatizations and interviews chronicle miraculous triumphs in Israel’s fight for independence from the British and in the establishment of a Jewish homeland in 1948.

  • The devastating history and haunting legacy of the Holocaust is considered.

  • Avigdor Kahalani, one of Israel’s most decorated and beloved war heroes, shares his incredible stories of survival and victory in the Yom Kippur War.

  • Considering the miracle of Israel’s own existence, her citizens share firsthand what it means to live in the land of their forefathers.

  • Strange beings wielding flaming swords foil marauding Arabs in their attempt to destroy a Jewish community.

  • Thousands of storks suddenly appear to devour locusts plaguing a farming village.

  • The subject of miracles and faith takes a personal meaning when former hostage Sarah Davidson recalls the harrowing 1976 hostage crisis that set the stage for a daring rescue mission at Entebbe airport.

“Jack Bauer’s ’24’ has nothing on this series in terms of excitement,” says Farah. “I can’t believe I had never heard of this collection of videos until recently. I can’t say enough about it.”

You’ll be lucky if you can find this series anywhere else. But it’s available now at a discounted price at the WND Superstore.

Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2010/03/128369/#iJwiFG1PlQPA40BC.99

Lyme Disease - conventional secular film - http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/under_our_skin -

Mice - http://www .youtube.com/watch?v=uchtt7NZW4Q&feature=related

Neem - http://www.luminearth.com/2010/03/10/echo-erases-hunger-with-natural-pesticides-and-gmo-free-seeds/ also anti-protozoal/protozoan

Mosquitos - https://www.israel21c.org/israeli-students-find-pesticide-free-way-to-kill-mosquitos/ 12/8/2019 -
A genetically engineered solution – have the males transfer to the females a specific type of bacteria that poisons mosquito larvae.  This novel solution was found as part of the recent iGEM Competition, an international team competition to promote synthetic biology. BGU’s team, dubbed FlyGEM, found that previous BGU research had discovered bacteria in the mosquito’s gut called BTI. When activated, BTI produces a poison that only kills mosquito larvae.
FlyGEM tweaked the male mosquito’s gut microbiome to express BTI & then sent it off to find & mate with females. The females transfer the bacteria on the eggs, & when the larvae are born, most of them die. The remaining larvae eat the dead ones, & then die themselves. 
Since the poison comes from the mosquito’s own gut & is only lethal to other mosquitos, the students feel they have discovered a delivery mechanism that far surpasses pesticides.

Neonicotinoids -
Introduced in the mid-1990s, synthetic neonicotinoids share the chemical structure of nicotine and attack the central nervous system of insects. Intended to replace older, more harmful pesticides, they are now the most widely used to treat flowering crops, such as fruit trees, beets & vineyards.  Scientific studies have shown that neo-nicotinoids cut bees’ sperm count & scramble their memory & homing skills.
Fresh research out this week even suggests the bees can develop a dangerous addiction to the insecticides, much like smokers for nicotine…An upcoming French food safety bill, if adopted, will widen the ban to all chemical substances that act in the same way. 
The United Nations warned last year that 40% of invertebrate pollinators -
particularly bees and butterflies - risk global extinction…
By enforcing the blanket ban, France is going further than the European Union,
which voted to outlaw the use of 3 neonicotinoids - clothianidin, imidacloprid & thiamethoxam - in crop fields starting on December 19, 2018.  France has banned these 3, along with thiacloprid & acetamiprid, not only outdoors but in greenhouses too. 
(Consider that all synthetics both pesticides + drugs, seem to have severe adverse effects.)

Pesticide alternative - http://www-naweb.iaea.org/nafa/ipc/sterile-insect-technique.html -

Rats - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dl7Eixk6Ok&feature=relmfu

Class Acts from New Pesticides: Chemicals have little effect on mammals -

2 new classes of selective pesticides immobilize & eventually kill many crop-damaging insects by interfering with a cell receptor unique to those pests. (p. 149) - September 3rd, 2005; Vol.168 #10 - Chemistry

Slugs - http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Garden-Slugs - If you are into magnetism consider - "Buy copper strips as an alternative. While these are expensive, they are also a good alternative for protecting small areas or individual plants. They react electro-statically with the slug or snail slime. The pests dry up."


http://www.billcloud.com/archives/summer07.pdf - Was the garden of Eden the present Jerusalem?


http://awm.net/other_services.html - inspection/oversight of LARGE environmental contaminated/disaster areas


http://www.pbs.org/america-revealed/episode/1/ - 4/2012 - Food Machine -

Dead Zones - http://disc.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/oceancolor/additional/science-focus/ocean-color/science_focus.shtml/dead_zones.shtml
Dead Zone Locations - http://www.classzone.com/books/earth_science/terc/content/investigations/es2206/es2206page04.cfm
dead zones - Artificial Fertilizer Runoff - http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/02/100305-baltic-sea-algae-dead-zones-water/ - Overfishing 3/5/2010 "Oxygen-sucking algae are blooming in the Baltic due to farm fertilizers & overfishing."

Gas Land - http://www.pbs.org/now/shows/613/index.html - amazingly terrible -
Hydraulic Fracking - http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/environment/actor-mark-ruffalo-speaks-out-against-fracking/3146/ - Deep drilling via underground water to which contaminants have been added.


http://www.growingagreenerworld.com/episodes/ TV

Muir, John - http://www.pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/tag/john-muir/ -
John Muir in the New World - Watch the Full Documentary Film -
John Muir in the New World - About the Documentary Film -
John Muir in the New World - Outtakes: The Alaskan Expedition - John Muir in the New World - Read a Biographical Essay, John Muir: Nature's Witness - http://johnmuirtrail.org/ - founder of the Sierra club & 1st national environmentalist John found that he had greater awe & worship outdoors than in a church or in reading scripture; he incorporated scripture insights into his nature discoveries & delights that he documented & often published.

Trash INC - http://www.cnbc.com/id/38830389?__source=vty%7Ctrashinc%7C&par=vty

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zapata_Swamp - Cuba - "The swamp in total is over one million acres (4,000 km˛).[3]"  

http://www.npr.org/2011/03/13/134425597/scientists-tune-in-to-the-voices-of-the-landscape audio

Environmental heroes - http://www.naturalheroestv.org/thefilms.html


Foxfire books - http://www.foxfire.org/ http://snardfarker.ning.com/profiles/blogs/survival-books-free-downloads -
First 6 Foxfire books in .pdf (Free download) - http://btjunkie.org/torrent/Foxfire-Books-Vol-1-thru-4/3787031a28dba893a00627c1e26dd4dd86e49bf513c8

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - safe levees - http://levees.org/

http://www.mothernaturesmovie.com/2012/03/24/louv-nature-deficit-disorder/ + http://www.mothernaturesmovie.com/the-film/

Moringa oleifera: A Review of the Medical Evidence for Its Nutritional, Therapeutic, and Prophylactic Properties. Part 1. by Jed W. Fahey, Sc.D. -  tropical tree - "Moringa trees have been used to combat malnutrition, especially among infants & nursing mothers." (Organic is always best.  States such as Florida often have high pesticide contamination of both plants and water.)

Norway - https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/26/17052690/doomsday-seed-vault-upgrade-13-million

Plant Poisons - http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/poison.html @ www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/mgmh.html 

http://www.tfljournal.org/staticpages/index.php?page=CurrentArticles nutritional therapeutic plants & trees


Ramat Rachel 2 miles from the Old City of Jerusalem
The secret life of plants in an ancient, royal Judean garden -  7/11/2012


http://www.fireengineering.com/articles/print/volume-162/issue-4/features/the-unique-challenges-of-fires-in-straw-built-construction.html -

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unhqK1JGytY - A how to build a small log cabin - drone video. 11/2021

Inspirational Movies/TV

God's Farmer documentary http://acctv.com.au/program.php?intid=3344 @ Australian TV http://acctv.com.au/programs.php?intcategoryid=3

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