Inner Healing of Soul Emotions/Hurts/Wounds

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The SOUL contains the mind, memories, thinking & emotions, those things which make up our personality. 
The human consists of 3 parts: body, spirit & SOUL. 
The soul and body are the human parts.  The spirit is the God part. 
When one speaks of a broken spirit, he traditionally means a wounded soul. 
When we say we have a broken heart, we do not mean we have a broken organ. 
Rather, we really mean an emotional reaction of the mind/soul. 
When the soul/personality/emotion/perception/mind is damaged,
a spiritual ambulance is needed...

Joyce Meyer is 1 of this generations best tutors on recognizing damaging emotions & teaching us how to deny their control of us by putting them under the feet of Jesus
She turns on the light bulb to the idea that we rely on emotions to be the rudder to our spiritual & intellectual truth.  If we feel guilt or shame, for instance, we think we need to share our truth
(regardless of the need/readiness/maturity for/of another to know). 
For instance, if we had an abortion, we might from time to time feel the need to confess that to our doctor, mate, children & counselor, even though we had been to confession & asked God for forgiveness. 
In other words, we allow, our accuser, Satan who condemns us daily before God, to dictate daily how we will respond to his accusations and finger pointing, rather than to respond to God's word in scripture that God remembers our sin no more.  Why is it that we remember, Satan remembers, but God does not remember?  Moral:  If we do not reject Satan's words and we do not embrace God's words, regardless of how we feel, then we will continue to be Satan's puppet, until we begin to act on God's word & not on our feelings, which often lie to us.  There are 2 truths, Satin's or God's. 
People who are the children of God, who once were emotional basket cases, need to begin to walk in baby steps into emotional maturity. 
For instance, when a newborn baby is born, most parents say, "I love you.  You are beautiful." 
Satan on the other hand will say in one's head, "I love you, BUT (& continue to number the negative/wrong items/hopes dashed) " 
It is imperative to borrow God's glasses & to reject Satan's eye glasses.  Daily, hourly, weekly, yearly.
1 of the major tricks of the enemy is to barrage us with thoughts which are tied into emotions, especially negative emotions, & in particular emotions which "attack" self.  Notice the word attack. 
Right away we notice that an attack is not a thing, but a live entity, whether a person or a spirit. 
When we are not "overcome" by a flood of emotions, often associated with past flashbacks, rather than right now, then from time to time, we can stop, look at, & filter out unwanted harmful thoughts & ideas that do not contribute to our present well being...
In the case of abortions or miscarriages, if there has not been a funeral or if the child has not been named, then it is recommended that a healing mass be said for the deceased child/fetus/glob. 
A majority of mothers & even fathers have found immediate peace of mind after doing this, or at least having a healing mass done in their behalf.

Father John Hampsch
ministry is a favorite contact for this. ...
Believe it or not, that is only part of God's viewpoint. 
Conception out of wedlock
or even legal conception during a time of violence (drunkenness/rape/drugs) creates trauma to a fetus. 
(Check out Kathi Oat's testimony: Open My Heart, Lord - Healing for the Broken Hearted book + CD - 
In addition, violence to a fetus can occur at or during birth due to unnatural medical intervention per Frank & Ida Mae Hammond @
www.thechildren' ...
The Lord's prayer says forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us
It also says forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.  It is not only what we do, but what we neglect to do. 
It is not only what others do, but what others neglect to do.  This is the 2nd danger related to emotions. 
For instance, if we feel that God has neglected to: show up, give us a green light, or heal us, we consider Him to be angry, absent, disinterested, or divorced from us.  That is another lie from the Enemy. 
Never rely on feelings; rather, rely on the word of God.  Our perception of God's presence or absence is not truth.  God says in scripture, "I will never leave you, nor forsake you." 
We may feel forsaken.  We may feel abandoned.  Never never rely on feelings as truth. 
What is truth?  Whatever scripture says is truth.  Never rely solely on what a pastor, doctor, or any individual says.  Always read scripture for yourself to verify the facts of God, the final authority...

Why do we stay emotionally disabled?  We rely on what we see: the illness.
We do not really rely on God's word in scripture.  We react to what we hear from the Doctor. 
We react to our feelings. In 2004 we met a lady in a taxi on the way to the Philadelphia airport. 
She had arthritis, until 1 week she decided to BELIEVE what scripture teaches. 
Every day she took her dog for a walk. With each step she said, "I place my arthritis under the feet of Jesus." 
At the end of the week her arthritis was gone...
Another story is of a healing not occurring or manifesting due to one's negative perception or "seeing is believing" theory.  During Ken Haigan's ministry a crippled child was prayed for. 
The pastor felt the healing flow through him from God to the Girl. The girl was not healed. 
The next morning the mother bathed the child in the bath tub & wept in disappointment. 
God spoke to her heart about doubt.  She repented of her lack of trust. 
Immediately the child's limbs were restored.  Doug Jones explains that, it is what we do with the healing that is imparted to us when prayed over, that most often releases the healing. 
It is usually our faith, not the faith of the pastor, that produces the manifestation for which we are looking. 
The scriptures verify this spiritual truth. - 4/26/2004 testimony @
Yet, another story is of is a girl who was severely crippled for 14 years. 
The mother said daily that God would heal her daughter & went to the extreme of placing a dress & shoes by the bed.  The mom was the laughing stock of the family. 
1 day a cloud came into the girl's room.  Out of the cloud stepped Jesus, Who healed the girl, Betty Baxter. = audio autobiography

We are never good enough to get healed.  We are never good enough to do or be any thing. 
The only currency in God's kingdom is faith & obedience.  It is God who is the doer. 
So let us begin in baby steps to be obedient in this matter of trusting what He says in scripture. 
Let us begin to read scripture every day, even 1 paragraph at a time.  Scripture is food for our soul. 
It will grow us up.  It will help us to acquire spiritual muscle.  Let us go to church every week. 
Let us pray every day, even if it is 1 word, Jesus, or the Lord's prayer. 
Let us find a prayer partner with flesh on.  Jesus is our intercessor.  He will also pray with us.  Blessings...

Father Robert DeGrandis in The Ten Commandments of Prayer recommends that we pray in tongues to allow Holy Spirit to minister to the root cause (such as deep emotional problems) of physical ailments.
Anyone who has been baptized in the Holy Spirit can pray for himself or for another this way, using tongues (another language; sometimes called the language of angels; a 2nd known language, but unknown to the speaker)... With emotions, we find that they are layered like the peel of an onion.  Each level brings tears. 
Each level needs to be dealt with.  Eventually, there will be a root cause, which also will need to be dealt with. 
Otherwise our emotions will be bi-polar, up & down, tossed like a salad. 
Father DeGrandis
in The Gift of Miracles contends that "if a root cause is not healed, an illness can return." 
On the way to recovery it is OK to work with counselors, pastors, therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, nutritionists, & orthomolecular modalities. Just do not omit Doctor Jesus, for He is the key ingredient in the recipe of life. 
Many physical & mental healings are progressive, step by step, as we mature emotionally, intellectually, & spiritually...
Negative emotions
(such as fear to run in front of a car, or anger such as Christ had 1 day at the local temple) are normal human, often healthy, reactions to life. 
However, "excessive, ongoing " negative emotions are a curious thing. 
They can be called bad feelings, heavy weights, or oppressions because they manifest themselves as not only mental anguish & fogging/shutting down of the mind, but also as physical pressure, forcing some to be bedridden.  Emotions that hinder are from our enemy: Satan...
We do not need to think/believe/accept that our emotions are us.
We have legal permission from Christ to reject them, because He healed all our infirmities 2000 years ago
Unless we, like a sponge, absorb His word day & night, we will not realize, experience in our lifetime, that He has already provided a sound mind for us, regardless of what the medical community says...
It may be normal to experience/feel emotions.  There may be a genetic/biochemical disorder. 
However any so called normal "negative" experience/reaction may in fact be the consequence of the fall of Adam, rather than "God's normal" when He first created Adam.  Eg., there was no fear on the earth, until Adam sinned.
There is physical pain but also emotional pain.  One can have a broken leg or a broken heart. 
We can have a broken relationship between us & a friend, relative, or God.  Not only may we be lonely, empty, longing, but also burdened down with an invisible hole in our heart full of emotional puss...
Scripture says not to take communion until we have reconciled with a brother who has something against us. However, we may be the injured party.  In that case we need to forgive & give our hurts to God before we take communion, even if we feel that wound is from God or from His not protecting us.  Scripture says many are sick & die because they take communion without 1st forgiving.  We need to forgive the trinity:
God, self, others.  Once our conscience is clean, then it is time to tell the accuser in our mind to get lost, as we have fulfilled the demands of God, as best we know how...
Chiropractor John Miller contends that many "get sick & die after taking communion" because they do not appreciate that Jesus took away their sins in His blood & their diseases in His body on the cross 2000 years ago.  Scripture says that on the cross Jesus became our sin, our infirmity, our scapegoat.  If we do not appropriate what He did on the cross when we take communion, or if we take communion & do not understand the significance, then we insult God & miss free His blessing.  It is our own fault if we do not believe & receive, not His fault.  God allowed His own son to to killed instead of us, so that we might be healed in mind, body & spirit.  The rest is up to us.  There is nothing left for Him to do.  The doing is now up to us. 
So what if it is in baby steps.  We then are headed in the right direction...
There are emotions resulting, not from what we do, not from what has been done to us, not from our circumstances, but from what we have inherited.  A good example of this is depression. 
Often manic depression is inherited from one generation to the next. 
If you see this is your family, you can realize right away that your "disease" is NOT your fault. 
However, it is our fault, once we realize that it is inherited & we then do nothing about it. 
Then at that point we are in agreement with the disease & are guilty,
for not only are we keeping it, but possibly passing it on to the next generation, if we have or will have children. 
Therefore, it is imperative to come against this illness IN THE NAME OF JESUS.  At such time we find the root cause of any illness or of any emotion that is creating havoc in our lives, then we need to root it out by prayer, fasting, communion, in addition to any medical, pastoral, family, or community supports necessary to keep us a content, safe, functioning & contributing member of society. Refer to: Catholic Father Hampsch @ +
Protestant Henry Wringht @
Negative emotions can be like empty boxes, 1 inside another, smaller & smaller, pile upon pile.  We open the box expecting to find the prize, only to find another box.  The Spirits behind those negative emotions are like that.  If we see Bitterness, then there might also be self bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, resentment, hate, etc. hiding beneath, inside the next box.  When we pop the head off a dandelion to prevent it from going to seed, we neglect to get at the root, so in fact, the weed is there to bloom another day.  If we go to erase a folder on the computer, we can't until we have 1st deleted all the files in the folder.  So it is with getting rid of hindering emotions & hindering evil spirits.  These spirits are not us; they pretend that they are us.  Once we realize or recognize WHO they are and not WHAT they are, we can go to confession to get rid of those evil roots of: unforgiveness, etc.  That is why most psychiatrists & psychologists fail.  There is no recognition of sin on our part. 
No recognition of sin on our ancestor's part.  No recognition of demonic activity in the affairs of human kind.  Even most Christian counselors & pastors fail here.  It is no wonder that God's people are still sick. 
They need Dr Jesus in the flesh. 
If miracles took place yesterday, then they should take place today & everyday...
The other red flag is the disease we or our family members have. 
Many diseases, especially medically incurable inherited diseases, may be rooted in a particular negative emotion, sin, demon, or nest of evil spirits.  When we, like a broken record, repeat over and over again, therapist to therapist, doctor to doctor, or to ourselves each night at bedtime, like a mantra, then the body actually relives the past as though it were happening today.  All the body's fight or flight juices get pumping.
Our body starts to produce antibodies or have other negative reactions, that may eventually trigger a disease specific to our problem or our response to our problem.  Jesus told us not to go to bed angry.
Otherwise, instead of us having a disease, the disease will have us.  It is spelled dis-ease. 
Jesus was not just a parent or teacher patting us on the head. 
He was also speaking as doctor & counselor.  Satan is an opportunist.  He never respects our rights. 
He can act without our written consent... It is imperative to have an intimate relationship with Jesus. 
We do NOT have to be perfect, but we do need to be available.  
We have seen the auto sticker, "Have you hugged your child today?" 
Give Jesus a morning kiss & a bedtime hug.  Apologize daily for any sin that comes to mind, immediately. 
Any relationship will squeak unless it is well oiled with (TLC) tender loving care + time...

Joyce Meyer reminds us that step #1 is to take Jesus as our savior, for without the help of His Holy Spirit, the human flesh will be impotent to do what it needs to do. 
She reminds us that feeling negative emotions is temptation & not a sin; but following our emotions is a sin. 
She says that those who follow/obey their negative feelings/ temptations never have a life worth living/victory. 
She believes that spiritual maturity is not possible until one learns to live beyond our feelings. 
She also warns us that war begins when Jesus, our helper, comes into our heart. 
For then the war begins between what we feel & what we need to do, regardless of what we feel. 
She reminds us that only 2 made it out of the desert into the promised land, even though God protected both the Old Testament people & their clothes for 40 years.  However, victorious Christians want new clothes, not just clothes that never wear out, meaning - we want/need to grow up in Christ and not live the same old/same old boring unfruitful life.  We do NOT want to be stuck with the same old issues day in & day out, the same old battles day in & day out.  We need to "bite the bullet", meaning that we have to deny the carrot our negative emotions yell for.  We must NOT continue to say yes to comforting our wounds/fears/insecurities/ tears, but rather do what we know needs to be done, regardless of how we feel. 
Feelings should NOT be our thermometer of life.  Instead, God's word in scripture is our boss. 
A dirty house is our boss; we need to clean the house. 
A bill/invoice is our boss; we need to work 5 days a week. 
Our mate is angry; we need to kiss him/her.  Our child smells; we need to change the diaper. 
Our family is hungry; we need to cook supper.  Feelings must NEVER run our lives.  Feelings can be our enemy & can be DANGEROUS.  They can lie to us and tell us we are not saved, after we have repented and asked Jesus to live in our hearts.  NEVER rely on feelings.  Only rely on the word of God.  God never lies.  Satan always lies. 
Satan gets his foot into the door of our lives through our feelings, especially the negative emotions...
reminds us of Watchman Nee To-sheng's (of Foochow, Fukien Province, South China) saying, "When your emotions get stirred up, your mind may be deceived & conscience may be denied the normal course of action"...
encourages us to take a break, a "frequent" 1 second or 1 minute "time out", to SMILE at someone or to PRAISE God, regardless of: how we feel, how we feel about smiling, or how we feel about praising...

Benny Hinn's Fresh Manna 2004 CDs  teach that when we acknowledge Jesus as our savior & lord, He implants, like a tooth, His spirit into us.  That spirit is newborn.  It is a person.  It is alive. 
It needs to be fed spiritually.  It needs to grow.  That spirit is housed in a body, our body. 
Our body is not a person.  Our body is a house. 
Hinn teaches that the soul is the connection between the body & spirit.  The soul houses the mind, emotions & intellect.  However, spiritual insight & spiritual comprehension is NOT in the soul, but in the spirit. 
It is the spirit that will go to heaven.  The soul follows whichever is stronger, the spirit or the body. 
As the spirit grows up it can surpass the soul/body in maturity. 
Then the soul can follow the leadings of the spirit more easily.  Thus, there is hope for all of us. 
If each of us is an emotional basket case from time to time, no worry.  There is hope. 
Remember to feed your spirit.  Remember, God's spirit in you is the real you...

, Hank - The Revealer of Secrets - - Omaha, Nebraska, USA - Subtitle -There Is a God in Heaven Who Wants You to Know His Secrets - Learn to Hear Them -
Chapter 7 - Prophets: God's Prepared Gift to the Church -
"There are 3 physical locations where Elijah went that represent his season of hiding...(#1)
(1Kings 17:3)... Many great men of God received their preparation in a wilderness, including Elijah...
In this secret place of preparation...
you learn to prophesy (declare) to your destiny and to maintain your relationship with God, regardless of how dry you feel.  You learn how NOT to base your life on feeling, but upon His promised destiny for you.

Charles R Solomon in his brochure - The Wheel and Line, A Guide to Freedom Through the Cross - (from GFI Head-quarters, Denver, Colorado, USA) diagrams the human as 3 parts: body, spirit & soul, with the soul containing 3 parts: personality (inferiority, insecurity, inadequacy, guilt, worry, doubt, fear), mind (fantasy, paranoia, obsessive thoughts, schizophrenia), & emotions (depression, anxiety). 
Obviously this diagram concentrates on the negative: character or sin issues.

John Maxwell instructs businessmen to perform better using the following scriptural principles. 
Each below will evolve into the next, IF we focus on that 1 goal, while daily managing our emotions that attempt to sabotage that 1 goal: Choose/think/decide, Believe, Expect &/or Change of:
Attitude, Behavior, Performance &/or Life

COMMENTARY:  Most all hurts are due to unforgiven sin committed by self, to self, by others, to others. 
Jesus died allowing those sins to be forgiven. 
Lack of forgiveness allows the pus of the sin to remain and fester...
Salvation is based on fact NOT feeling. 
Salvation of spirit is based on fact, God's truth. 
Salvation of the mind/psychiatric-well-being is based on 1 fact: God's truth. 
Salvation of the body/healing is based on 1 fact: God's truth. 
NEVER rely or base one's opinion/reality upon feelings, but upon only what God says in scripture. 
It does NOT matter how we react to others or feel about them.  Neither does it matter what others think of us. 
It does matter what God thinks.  It does matter that we rely only on His opinions/thoughts revealed in scripture. 
If God loves us, then nothing else counts.  Not even what we think/feel about ourselves. 
Everything that does not agree with God is a lie or error. 
When one operates from any perspective, other than God's, it is as though he were hobbling along in life with 1 leg tied to the Holy Spirit's leg, neither one making much progress.


Bob Jones shared with Paul Keith Davis that there may be a curse imposed upon a congregation by teachers who unknowingly speak from a wounded soul.  The result is an open door to a religious spirit (whose purpose is to sabotage the church fellowship with gossip, bitterness & jealousy).
Bob Jones prophecy @ - Fireside Chat with Bob Jones March 2005 on the wounded soul

Wright, Henry - - -
Satan wants to keep us as victims with a victim mentality. 
We need to change from victims to victors in the name of Jesus Christ.       

Secular/occult attempt to explain difference between emotion/feeling & thought. - - "Many people debate about whether emotions come from thoughts or thoughts come from emotions. Your thoughts alter your emotions & your emotions alter your thoughts, so there is a feedback mechanism between the two...According to the secular/occult theory:
Energy flows in your body through 7 main chakras which each represent a different frequency of emotions.
1. Root Chakra: survival, friends, family & grounding to human instincts.
2. Sex Chakra: sex, creativity, money & relationships.
3. Solar Plexus: personal power, vitality, self-esteem, integrity & sexual polarity.
4. Heart Chakra: self-love, unconditional love & compassion.
5. Throat Chakra: self-expression, communication & the power of choice.
6. Third Eye: power of the mind, laws of attraction, intuition, clairvoyance & intuitive wisdom.
7. Crown Chakra: divine connection to God, awareness of universal energies, consciousness & life purpose.
Emotional Connections - Emotions and the subconscious mind of all living beings are inter-connected through the Akashic Records, which are a complex unified field. You observe this when a person in front of you starts laughing and you also start laughing. Emotions are contagious. This can also happen remotely when a person in another country feels love or anger towards you & it affects your state of mind.
Often when you think about an old friend, that person also thinks about you & contacts you shortly after.
This means that when interacting with someone, there is a level of direct emotional communication."

Science & Research

Coleman, Daniel - Coined term "amygdala hijack"
Don’t Let a Bully Boss Affect Your Mental Health - Effective Leaders Know the Science Behind Their Behavior -
A classic amygdala hijack
"The amygdala is an area in the emotional centers (limbic system) of the middle brain (above the reptilian brain & below the cognitve brain).
I’ve learned about the amygdala from the research of Joseph Ledux & his colleagues at New York University...
In my book,
The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights,
I said, 'The amygdala is a trigger point for emotional distress, anger, fear, impulse, etc.
When this circuitry takes over, it acts as the ‘bad boss,’ leading us to take actions we might regret later….
The key neural area for self-regulation is the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s ‘good
boss,’ guiding us when we are at our best.  The dorso-lateral zone of the prefrontal area is the seat of cognitive control, regulating attention, decision-making, voluntary action, reasoning & flexibility in response.'” -
Limbic System
- "The limbic system combines higher mental functions & primitive emotion into 1 system...
The amygdala is the emotion center of the brain, while the hippocampus plays an essential role in the formation of new memories about past experiences."

, Richard J - Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry at Harvard University -

The Emotional Life of Your Brain - 3/12/2012 or
(Caution.  FMRI findings are rooted in meditation & Dali Lama mentoring.)  Neuro-plascidity awareness.
#9 -
Different Neurotransmitters Govern Different Emotions -
#a-Serotonin: Serotonin is in charge of calming us down & helping keep us cheerful or in a good mood.
#b-Dopamine: Do you have any "get up & go?"  Do you feel ready to tackle the day? 
Thank your supply of dopamine for helping you face life's challenges with energy & confidence.
#c-Norepinephrine: This neurotransmitter disperses
concentration, alertness & motivation.
The Franklin Institute
#1 -
Drugs (especially long term) Become the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing -
When it comes to illegal drugs (&/or prolonged/ excessive/high-dosage legal drugs/meds), our brains have mastered addiction & that's bad news for those individuals who go down the wrong path.
Most illegal (&/or prescription) drugs act on the brain in the same way.
They send neurotransmitters associated with pleasure (relief) pumping into our brain.
In essence, this disguises a bad (unnatural) drug as something good (natural/normal) & teaches our brain to want more. Unfortunately, the more a user takes, the more that person's brain requires to achieve that same rewarding feeling, getting them more & more addicted to the drug.
As that person requires more (synthetic) chemicals to achieve pleasure, life without the drug can be one plagued with depression or a state of lifelessness. This is because the brain can't naturally create that (high chemical) drug-induced state that has become 2nd nature (or feeling of normalcy/health/euphoria, creating a dependency on pills rather than on doing the right thing such as ride a bike for exercise or pray/sing to God & obey what scripture counsels to do such as to forgive rather than seek counseling for an injustice.) -
National Institute on Drug Abuse].

3/4/2005 Wall Street Journal's Science Journal editorial shares with us the hypothesis that newly discovered "mirror neurons" may be ingredients that allow us to empathize. 
Not only that, "mirror neurons" may be the autism missing link.

New England Laborers' Health & Safety Fund 3/21/2005 newsletter has an editorial titled Sudden Emotional Stress Can Cause "Broken Heart" Syndrome
The emphasis is that emotional trauma may cause heart attack symptoms. 
Broken heart syndrome is stress cardiomyopathy or heart muscle tissue disease. 
It is caused when the adrenaline & other stress hormones create a fight or flight response in the body.

Erickson, Erick - - 8 Stages of Emotional Development -

Hormann, Dr. Aiko - from The Tools of Transformation Ministries 2-1-2009 -
#B. DIVINE EDITING (Kevin's notes) regarding: Reticular Formation - Brain Scientist Aiko Horman on
Reticular Formation -

The reticular formation is the small part of the brain that records emotions & feelings & tells the brain how to react to circumstances & situations. It is located in the back of  the head above where the spine connects to the skull.  The reticular formation starts to record emotions & feelings at conception while the child is still in the womb & continues to record until death...
Positive & negative emotions/feelings the parents, siblings, friends, grand parents, etc., expressed are recorded as normal & familiar to that individual. 
Newborn children recognize familiar voices, emotions/feelings & are attracted to what is familiar... 
Normal and Familiar - Often people don’t realize how negative their behavior is until they get around Kingdom people who practice loving, affirming, encouraging & strengthening one another. Normal & familiar habits that are negative, feed a lifestyle that brings honor to the kingdom of darkness.  An individual, who lives in a family that lives with constant division, strife, put-downs, and swearing type behavior, sees that behavior as normal.
The reticular formation is the default button for what is acceptable normal behavior in the mind of a person. 
An individual, whose family expresses an atmosphere that is loving, affirming, encouraging & strengthening one another, sees this behavior as normal. 
Our thinking patterns that have formed in the reticular formation become habits & tell us what is normal & acceptable.
Poor habits & accepted lies have to be broken off & renounced in the name of Jesus Christ & replaced with good
habits & (scriptural) truth declared...
Familiar Spirits (demons) take advantage of bad habits & bring a twisted comfort & sense of control that is really a lie & brings destruction to the individual’s life. Editing out the bad & replacing it with the good Divine editing is the process of identifying bad thought processes that cause wrong behavior, then editing in the transformed mind of Christ. Lay hands on the lower back of the head where the reticular  formation is located. 
Ask Holy Spirit to reveal
(& replace) wrong thought processes & behaviors.
Someone should write these down as individual speaks them out.
Then go through the following steps of editing
(out & replacing)
1st. Once the Holy Spirit reveals the wrong thought processes, we confess these processes & behaviors.
2nd. Then we renounce our involvement in the thoughts & actions.
3rd.  Then we declare what the new thoughts & actions will look like.  
[4th  Then we bind to our soul (mind/emotions/will), the soul of Christ.
5th.  Then we receive in faith & THANK God, in advance of feelings.
6th.  We repeat from time to time as needed, in same manner we would take our meds, eg. daily for 30 days to form a habit.] 
#C. PRESENTING JESUS (Kevin's notes) - Dealing with Trauma - Traumatic events in a person’s life can create huge issues in the life of a person trying to walk in freedom. Examples of trauma could be, a car accident, death of a loved one, death of a child, sexual abuse, rape, being beaten or robbed, it could be post traumatic stress syndrome from war, etc. When traumatic events take place we are extremely susceptible to the lies of the enemy.  The 1st thing he often brings up is: “Where was God when this happened?” 
Another lie (deceit/accusation) the enemy will speak to people is Matthew 28:20b, “If God really loved you He would not have let this happen to you.” 
2 Timothy 2:13 “Father God cannot be trusted, He did not protect me”...
Often the person needs to forgive (not only God, but also) themselves because they have taken on the blame for the situation.  Sometimes the person needs to forgive the person for the trauma they inflicted on them...
Inviting Jesus' (Holy Spirit) into the memories where the pain & wounding took place.
1 Corinthians 1:9, 1 Corinthians. 10:13, 2 Corinthians 1:18, 2 Thessalonians 3:3.
1. Ask Jesus to show the individual where He was during the (initial/ongoing) trauma.
You’re asking His exact location without going into detail. 
This exercise will be visual, so have then close their eyes to see.
2. Ask Jesus His perspective about this event, what He knows that they need to know.
    God knows all the details, the individual only knows a few of the details.
3. Ask Jesus to reveal the truth about the event & reveal the lies the individual believed.
4. Wait for Jesus to reveal the whole answer to the individual’s questions. 
 Jesus is truth and His truth will set them free: John 8:32 + John 14:6
NOTE:  This might be a question for the Father or Holy Spirit.
Understanding from God’s perspective is critical in the healing process.
Once God has revealed the truth & exposed the lie:
1. Confess the lie believed,.
2. Renounce all activity & behaviors connected to the lie,.
3. Declare the truth and the actions that will come from that truth... 
#D. THE WALL - The wall is built in a person’s life over time.
The enemy always has his hand involved when walls are built.
We humans are amazingly creative in constructing our own walls, but the enemy is all too willing to act as our advisor in deepening our bondage.
Sometimes our wall building began when we were very young & over time the wall got taller, thicker & wider.
As 1 event fed another event & another event & another, each event seemed to reinforce the initial lie & the wall grew.  Over weeks, months & years, what was once very small has become very large & quite the oppressive lie, that us ually has many lies built into it that support the created structure...
Multiple walls with many names
1. A wall could block us from hearing God’s voice.
2. A wall could be between them & another person.
    To keep people out, that you hold bitter resentment against.
3. A wall could be a defense mechanism to protect from further pain.
4. A wall can keep you from your healing.
5. A wall can enslave & confine you, but it feels safe so you keep it. Walls come in different names:
Describing the WALL
1. Do you have any walls?
2. Does the wall keep things and people out or keep you in?
3. How high is the wall?
4. How wide is the wall?
5. How thick is the wall?
6. What is the wall made of?
7. Where are you in relation to the wall?
8. Can you hear, see, & feel anything on the other side of the wall?
9. Does the wall have a name?
10. What is the purpose of the wall?
11. How does the wall make you feel?
Dismantling the WALL
1. What does the wall keep you from?
2. What tool or piece of equipment would you use to remove the wall?
3. Describe how you would dismantle the wall step by step.
4. Dismantle the wall.
5. The wall is removed, what are you seeing, feeling or knowing now?
Transformation steps away from the WALL
1. Confess the lie believed about the wall..
2. Renounce all activity & behaviors connected to the wall.
3. Declare the truth & the actions that will come from acting in that truth.

Hormann, Dr. Aiko - + $ video course or Inner Healing Book: @
, Dr. Aiko -

Ferrell, L Emerson - Immersed in Him - Imagine Yourself Completely Free from Fear, Disease & Death - Book's web introduction ties in well with their book Pharmakeia:
"The mind forms digital memories through the 5 senses aided primarily with light & sound...
(Hearing, seeing,) touching, tasting or smelling a physical object is compared with the past digital images stored in the mind's library...
Our pictures (perceptions) of reality produce emotions from thoughts & images connected to our nerve network in the brain's frontal lobe...Laughing or singing...can break (harmful/incorrect/negative) connections formed in our neuro nets...
(Positive) activities can excite nerve interrupt thoughts & break patterns of destructive behavior...
The body's cells are designed to regenerate most effectively when the chemicals or amino acids are alkaline.
Thoughts of happiness, peace & joy create the proper (PH)...
Sadness, anger, rage, jealousy & depression produce acidic chemicals, which (adversely) change the cells DNA structure & character...
(Even) consuming (inorganic/non-natural/synthetic/non-bio-identical) pharmaceutical drugs weakens & eventually destroys the body's (natural response) immune system...ability to produce proper (organic/natural) chemicals to protect its organs...
We can become addicted to the chemicals our body creates, even if the behaviors are destructive...
People who view themselves as victims will (may) invent (or replay) scenarios in their mind, which eventually attract a 'real life' situation (or psychosomatic illness), in order to produce the amino acid (mood stabilizer/high/adrenalin rush/antidote). 
The more convinced we are of the reality, (benefit or temporary comfort) from our emotions the more addicted we become to feelings from our mind's pharmaceutical factory. 
Thus, our bodies become the center for decisions instead of our mind.
The mind is the 'drug dealer' supplying the chemicals & memories to support our addictions.
Our bodies, at this point, (can often) control our appetites physically & mentally" (esp. when we rely on our feelings, minds, meds, or doctors rather than on what God says in His holy Word. 
This is especially true when the medical or legal community has said there is nothing more they can do & predict that we have to live with THIS for the rest of our lives.  When a terminal label is pasted on our foreheads, then is the time to speak TO the PROBLEM & in Jesus name, tell IT to depart, permanently & then to stand & NEVER back down.)

Hormann, Dr. Aiko - Reticular Formation - Thinking patterns formed in the "Reticular Formation" from birth to death become "normal" habits. - The Tools of Transformation Ministries  2/1/2009 - Recognize, repent, edit out the bad & replace with the good, in name and power of Jesus. printable -
"The reticular formation is the small part of the brain that records emotions & feelings and tells the brain how to react to circumstances & situations. It is located in the back of the head above where the spine connects to the skull. The reticular formation starts to record emotions & feelings at conception while the child is still in the womb & continues to record until death. Positive & negative emotions & feelings the parents, siblings, friends, grand parents, etc., expressed are recorded as normal & familiar to that individual.
New born children recognize voices, emotions & feeling as familiar & are attracted to what is familiar.
Division, strife, put-down, swearing, become acceptable normal behavior & is recorded in the reticular formation. Also loving, affirming, encouraging & strengthening one another...
Often people don’t realize how negative their behavior is until they get around Kingdom people who practice loving, affirming, encouraging & strengthening one another.
Normal & familiar habits that are negative, feed a lifestyle that brings honor to the kingdom of darkness. 
Our thinking patterns that have formed in the reticular formation become habits & tell us what is normal & acceptable. 
Poor habits & accepted lies have to be broken off & renounced in the name of Jesus Christ & replaced with good habits & truth declared...
Divine editing
is the process of identifying bad thought processes that cause wrong behavior, then editing in the transformed mind of Christ. 
a. Lay hands on the lower back of head where the reticular formation is located &
b. ask Holy Spirit to reveal wrong thought processes
& behaviors.
c. (Some) one should write these down as the individual speaks them out. 
d. Once the Holy Spirit reveals the wrong thought processes,
e. then
go through the following (3 sequential) steps of editing:
   1. we confess these processes & behaviors.
   2. we renounce our involvement in the thoughts & actions.

   3. we
declare what the new thoughts & actions will look like...
1. Possession
- full blown demonic manifestation where the human is not in control of his/her physical body.
They may or may not be aware of their actions but they are unable to control their physical body.
The demon is in complete control (sometimes in ONE area of a personality). 
A Christian cannot become possessed once they are a Christian.
But Christians can have demons that had possession of their person before they gave their life to Jesus Christ.  Jesus described this best in
Matthew 12:25-29, Mark 3:23-29, that house is divided against it’s self will not stand.  Demons will do all they can to stay under cover (hide) in a Christian, but remember the Holy Spirit has now taken up residence in that same house.  Holy Spirit will begin to do house cleaning and the demonic forces will do all they can to oppose Holy Spirit.  The persons whose house is divided will struggle with reading scripture and understanding it, hearing a sermon & remembering it, intensified voices will speak in the 1st person, mocking, accusing, slandering, tormenting with impure though & actions. 
These Christians feel nauseated & get dizzy when they hear about the blood of Jesus Christ, the crucifixion, resurrection & power of the Holy Spirit.
They will often feel anxious & have the impulse to run & voices will become very loud in their head. 
These Christians have always felt isolated & different than other Christians; they begin to believe that somehow they aren’t good enough & that they are failures at being a Christian.
Most give up & return to the world where the voices won’t torment them as bad.
2. Oppression
– The Bible describes this in many terms like; troubled
Luke 6:18, tormented Acts 5:16, spirits of infirmities Luke 13:11-12 that seem to strongly indicate the demon is not in or controlling the actions of the human, but is afflicting (harassing) the Christian physically or in the (soul:) mind, will & emotions.
The evil spirit is not in control of the individual but is wreaking havoc in the believer’s life.  ALL SICKNESS & DISEASES fall under this classification of demonic attack. All Christians are promised this kind of attack (where/when we need to recognize & then develop spiritual muscles: 1st defensive & then offensive). 

Ephesians 6:10-18 
Familiar Spirits (demons) take advantage of bad habits & bring a twisted comfort & sense of control that is really a lie & brings destruction to the individual’s life.

Frederickson, Barbara L - or - Positive Emotions - -
Barbara Fredrickson -
+ TV interview 

Leaf, Dr. Caroline - daily videos - Disorder comes from toxic choices. 
Disorder is not always a disease.
Prion proteins result from choices & are rectifiable/reversible. -
+ + + with other good links - Differences begin before birth -
"JoAnn Deak reports that the differences in male & female brains start in the womb.
'Many female brains have more neurons in certain areas than male brains, as a result of having more estrogen bathe them during fetal development. A hormonal/chemical wash (estrogen for girls, testosterone for boys) actually enhances certain parts of the brain & changes them structurally before birth.
Therefore, each of us is born with different hard wiring."

RTF @ + (especially recommended for men who have enabled an abortion)
by Chester Kylstra - Chapter 1

Swart, Dr. Tara, neurologist @ or book  The Source: The Secrets of the Universe, The Science of the Brain
for business leaders

Winter, Daniel - @ -
(edited) -
"Daniel Winter & his heart coherence team have found proof that human emotions can reprogram DNA.
The sonic beatings of the heart in rhythm with our feelings, our emotions, are transformed into electromagnetic energy in the body’s glands that act like piezoelectric couplers creating smaller electromagnetic counterpart wavelengths of the emotional sounds of the heart.
The emotion becomes energy in motion, e-motion, sending it right down to the DNA of every cell of our body as blue coherent laser light that is able to modulate the DNA codons just like the lasers of the Russians did. 
On close examination from the top view of the DNA it has a dodecahedron shape.
It takes 10 Phi spirals to create the dodecahedral helical shape of the DNA spiral. The DNA molecule as a wave shape is attuned to the heart & able to receive its sonic emotions. Daniel Winter explains the implosion of long waves into short waves as the mechanism that conveys the emotions of the heart to our DNA. The scale (wave-length) is different but the ratio of the wavelengths is the same maintaining the Golden Mean ratio. Not only do emotions feed our DNA with blue ultraviolet light, but also cellular metabolism (food consumption) is all about creating short wave blue light that feeds our DNA. Plants receive this light directly from the Sun using chlorophyll in their leaves and use a process called photosynthesis to bind the photons of the Sun.
Animals consuming these plants get these bio photons indirectly from plants, the accumulation however has become less effective.  Eventually the coherent light of the Sun is stored as bio photons in the organism.
The purpose of the metabolisms in both plants & animals is to create highly coherent ultraviolet laser light inside the DNA that drives cell replication...
Many studies have revealed that there is a clear relation between our mental and emotional state and our health.
People who suffer from depression & negative emotions for long periods will eventually suffer damage to their physical health as well.
Have you noticed that the 1 who talks the most about a disease often is the 1 who eventually gets it?
Fear is a very negative emotion that does not benefit health. Scientific studies have proven that no matter how well babies are fed, when they lack the caressing & loving touch of their mothers they could eventually die.
The loving hugs of the mother are sent right down to the DNA of the baby...
Daniel Winter makes it abundantly clear that our emotions program our DNA & shape the immune system of our cells. (Consistent ongoing) negative emotions destroy the coherence of the immune system while positive emotions enhance it. According to Winter the healthiest thing to do is to have as much bliss and ecstasy (not from drugs or not by taking advantage of others) as possible in our lives since it is the healthiest emotion, which in the long run gives us longevity."

Conventional views regarding emotions.
Holy Spirit, we invite Your oversight
so that we will receiave the good + recognize/reject the bad.

Alexithymia @ - "Alexithymia is when a person has difficulty experiencing, identifying, & expressing emotions. It is not a mental health disorder but has links with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, & various other conditions. It can occur with autism."

Broken Heart repair @ @ - recognizing emotions u tube - recommended

Eckman Group book review @

Aristotle's List of Emotions @ Includes insecurity under sadness alphabetized without subcategories

e-mail & texting typed emotions @

Mark Pettinelli
- The Psychology Of Emotions, Feelings & Thoughts @

Pink, Daniel @  "The purpose of book is to reclaim regret as an indispensable emotion & to show how to use its many strengths to make better decisions, perform better at work & school & bring greater  meaning to life.
• How to build that life by transforming existing regrets & anticipating future regrets.
• How often do you look back on your life & wish you had done things differently?
• Just as foundation regrets can be defined with a well-worn fable, 1 response to them is contained in a hoary Chinese proverb: The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The 2nd-best time is today." -

Narcissist @ -

Neuropeptides, the Molecules of Emotions - -
"The field of psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI) explores the links between mind & body with regard to the immune system. Since nerve supply extends to all the components of the immune system (e.g. lymph nodes, thymus gland, & spleen), the nervous system with its head office inside the brain, will necessarily influence the immune system directly. Stress & depression can suppress the activity of lymphocytes, the white blood cells that are the body’s 1st line of defense against cancer & invading organisms.
Diseases of the immune system include HIV/aids, cancer, allergies, arthritis, infections, the auto-immune disorders such as ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis & rheumatoid arthritis, & many other conditions that are a consequence of either a under- or an over-active immune system.
Cells in the immune system are responsive to all 90 neuropeptides, that are triggered by our thoughts & emotions...
Neuropeptides cause chemical changes in the body that can improve or weaken the immune system.
Once immune cells receive the stress response alarm, they undergo changes & begin to produce powerful chemicals.
These substances allow the cells to regulate their own growth & behavior, enlist the help of other immune cells, & direct these to the areas of invasion or other trouble spots...
The brain produces its own neurotransmitters, the endogenous opiates (e.g. beta-endorphin).
These chemicals are produced in the brain in response to a variety of stimuli.
Endorphins were discovered in 1975." 6/2017

, Mark @ Psychology of Emotions Feelings and Thoughts -

Secular/Orthomolecular &/or Alternative Medicine Modalities excellent - Good insight, but some of author recommended therapies are NOT recommended.
When you become overly aroused, your common sense becomes hijacked because you are flooded with hormones
Flooding happens in people who become
angry or terrorized quickly.
Hormones flood
in to prepare the person to take care of himself in threatening situations.
Adrenalin, cortisol &
noradrenalin course through the bloodstream to prepare you for action.
Physical signs of flooding are feeling energized, hot, shallow breathing, pounding heart & muscle tension associated with strong feelings of terror, anger, shame, guilt or fear...
1/13th of a second after the flooding of hormones, an overwhelming rush of feelings pours out often leaving you incoherent.
If you find yourself 'losing it' when you feel threatened and go off the track of what is being discussed or say things you regret when you are in an argument, you are probably flooded. The over-the-top emotions that hijack your clear, centered mind are anger, fear, shame & terror. These strong feelings may have been learned in childhood or earlier in life when you felt out of control when you were traumatized. With (insight, the Holy Spirit,) determination & practice, you can learn to calm your excessive emotions."

Paranormal non Judeo-Christian

spiritually dangerous theories

Carrin, Charles -
@ -
"Many believers could not distinguish between Holy Spirit’s authentic 'word of knowledge' & the occult world’s 'psychic premonition.'
To the uninformed these 2 look much alike, but their difference is gravely critical...
The psychics are not merely predicting them; they are causing them.
Through their evil prophecies, they fulfill the devil's will... 'How do I get out of this?'...Ask Jesus to forgive you. Tell Him you want to be born-again... Commit your life to Him...
The difference between a psychic premonition & the Holy Spirit’s word of knowledge is that God’s message always provides grace for a way of escape. His word comes with love & mercy. Satan’s word always demands unchangeable, inescapable death and disaster. Even when disguised with the promise of good fortune & favor there is an incredibly high price to pay. If you ever receive a(n evil) dream or not accept it.
t may destroy you or someone you love. God gave you the authority to cancel its effect in your life. Romans 16:20. Luke 10:17-19. Mark 16:17-20.
I Peter 5:9. Revelation 12:10,11. Be alert! Be informed. Most importantly of all, be victorious.
Know difference between God's 'words of knowledge' & the devil's 'psychic deceptions.' Your life depends on it.
Don't become another victim of Hell's deceit...Jesus...said, 'I give you the authority to trample on serpents & scorpions, & over all the power of the enemy, & nothing shall by any means hurt you. Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.'
Luke 10:19-21"  (Pray the Lord's prayer:
Our fabulous Father in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven... Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Amen.)

Dispenza, Joe   Evolve Your Brain
ldU6dwHrRvUC&dq=emotions+vs+feelings+thoughts+chemical&source=gbs_navlinks_s  -
Every time we think a thought or feel an emotion, the brain sends chemicals through-out the body that reproduce that feeling, often giving us a physical reaction. Through prolonged repetition, self-limiting thoughts & feelings can become habitual, producing mindsets such as unworthiness & attracting negative experiences." 
pg 474 Epilogue - A Quantum Change 
"Thoughts matter & they become matter."  Our mind has already experienced & recorded future events.
@ -
Emotions are like a bridge between your spiritual self & your physical world.
They speak the spiritual language of feelings, intuition & under-standing & let you know how you are processing your Life Force energy, whether you are using it wisely or not...
Emotions create chemical reactions
in the body, aligned with the vibration of the feeling of that particular emotion.
That is to say, emotions create holographically imprinted chemicals in our body that define the reality we experience.
Our cells are always responding to these chemicals, as they receive or reject the feeling-good emotions or feeling-bad emotions...
Our emotions show us the energy vibration we are creating through our thoughts, feelings, desires & actions." 

Physics & consciousness

7 senses -
"All sensory stimulus are basically vibrations.
Light waves, sound waves, tactile & chemical vibrations. The universe is 1 whole seamless sea of vibrations.
Your 5 senses interpret the different levels of vibration into sight, hearing, touching, smelling & tasting...
Thought vibrations are finer than any other vibrations in the physical world... The 6th sense is a sense of inner knowing & inner feeling (self recognition/awareness)...Feeling or frequency is how we communicate with things. 
This is how psycho-kinesis works...Understanding our 6th sense opens up our paranormal abilities.
If you can perceive, you can also exert.  Energy can move in 2 directions, in & out...
The 7th sense is thought perception (of other's thoughts + thoughts of demons)."

Sound Vibrations -
The emotions are the gateways of the soul, the most holy place. 
All sciences lead to the threshold of this unseen vestibule & point within...thoughts, emotions, & feelings are not received consciously, for the very excellent & simple reason that we are conscious of nothing except that which reaches us through one of the 5 senses.
The 5 senses are the only method by which we may contact the objective world, & as we cannot see a thought, nor can we hear it, taste it, smell it, or feel it, there is no way by which we can become conscious of it.
But that does not mean that we do not get it, in fact by far the largest proportion of our thought reaches us subconsciously or intuitively...
The subconscious is provided with an entire system of nerves reaching every part of the body & this system is entirely separate & distinct from the objective, it is called the sympathetic.
Every pore of your skin is provided with a tiny hair which is an antennae reaching out into space & is infinitely more sensitive than the antennae that receives the messages on you radio.
This is why & how the wild animals of the jungle receive messages of danger long before the hunter ever sees them.  They sense the danger & are off...
Thought is the vibratory force caused by the action of the brain upon the mental ether. When we think, the mind must 1st be energized by a particular energy. This energizing of the mind causes it to act upon the stimulus of that energy, & a thought is made in the mind as a result of such energizing. There is then the energizing of the brain, the mental action of thinking, & the making of the thought as a result of such thinking.  Begin to think.
The thoughts will follow each other in rapid succession. 1 thought will suggest another.
You will soon be surprised at some of the thoughts which have made you a channel of their expression...
You did not know that you knew so much about the subject.
You did not know that you could put them into such beautiful language.
You marvel at the ease & rapidity with which the thoughts arrive. Whence do they come?
From the One Source of all wisdom, all power, & all understanding. 
You have been to the source of all knowledge.
Every thought that has ever been thought is still in existence, ready & waiting for someone to attach the mechanism by which it can find expression. That mechanism is the brain.
You can therefore think the thoughts of every sage, every artist, every financier, every captain of industry who has ever existed, for thoughts never die."

The Physics of Emotion @

Quantum Physics, Essential Oils & the Mind-Body Connection   
"Human thought and human intent effects electron behavior. Since every chemical & neural process in the human body involves the activity of electrons, we see that our bodily functions are not simple matters of traditional chemistry & classical physics.
They are mental, emotional, & spiritual as well. The so called “mind-body connection” is through the electrons."

Warren, Kay - videos that pertain to Pastor Rick Warren  
(Posted here, as one needs to test which aspects are helpful/holy & which are 2nd or not best, at least for you.)


Joshua 1:5 NIV - "No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. 
As I was with Moses, so I will be with you.  I will never leave you nor forsake you

Nehemiah 8:10 KJV
 - This day is holy unto our Lord; neither be sorry, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.
Nehemiah 9:17b NIV - You are a forgiving God, gracious & compassionate, slow to answer & abounding in love.  Therefore you did not desert them.

Psalms 3:3 - You Lord, are my shield, glory & lifter up of my head.
Psalm 4:4 NIV - In your anger do not sin.  When you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent.
Psalm 27:10 NIV - (Even) Though my father & mother forsake me, You Lord will receive (take) me.
Psalm 30:2-3 KJV - O, Lord my God, I cried unto You & You healed me. 
O Lord, You brought up my soul from the grave.  (Also a prophecy about Jesus)
Psalm 30:11-12 KJV
- You turned my mourning into dancing. 
You put off my sackcloth & girded me with gladness...
May my glory (my soul) sing praise to You & not be silent.  O Lord my God, I will give You thanks for ever.
Psalm 34:18 KJV - The Lord is near to them that are of a broken heart & saves such as be of a contrite spirit.
Psalm 51:12 NIV - Restore  to me the joy of Your salvation.
Psalm 69:19-20 KJVer - You (Father God) have known My reproach, shame & dishonor. 
Reproach has broken My heart.  I am full of heaviness. 
I (David/Jesus) looked for some comfoters to take pity, but there was none.
Psalm 123 NIV
- I lift up my eyes to You, Whose throne is in heaven...
Our eyes look to You Lord our God, till You shows us Your mercy.  O Lord; have mercy on us, for we have endured much contempt...much ridicule from the proud, much contempt from the arrogant.

Proverbs 15:13 KJV - A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, but a spirit is broken (wounded/smitten) by a sorrow of heart.  (Spiritual insight: Unconfessed/unforgiven sin can wound the spirit.)
Proverbs 17:22 KJV - A merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.
Proverbs 18:14 KJV - The (human) spirit (fortitude) of a man will sustain his infirmity, but who can bear a wounded spirit?  (Spiritual insight: Only Doctor Jesus can heal the wounded spirit/heart.)

Isaiah 25:8 KJV -
The Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces.  The rebuke of His people shall He take away.                  
Isaiah 26:3
- You (God) will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.

Isaiah 40:1-2 KJVer - "Comfort you, comfort you, My people," says your God. "Speak comfortably (tenderly) to Jerusalem and cry to her, that her WARFARE is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned. 
She has received of the Lord's hand double (trouble but also pardon & mercy) for all her sins.

Isaiah 53:4-5 - KJV - 4 Surely He hath borne our griefs, & carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem Him stricken, smitten of God, & afflicted,
5 But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities:
the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; & with His stripes we are healed.
Isaiah 53:10-11 NIV - It was the Lord's will to crush (bruise) Him (the Messiah) & cause Him (grief) to suffer (as a substitute, in our place).  Though the Lord makes His life (soul) a guilt (sin) offering (required under Old Testament law), He will see His (spiritual) offspring (seed) & prolong His days. 
The will of the Lord will prosper in His hand. 
After the suffering (travail) of His soul (person/life), He will see the light of life & be satisfied. 
By His knowledge My Righteous Servant will justify many. 
He will bear their iniquities (when they repent/apologize to God/renounce their sins).
2nd Corinthians 5:21 KNVer - He (Father God) made Him Who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him (the Messiah, Jesus Christ).

Isaiah 54:5-6 KJV - "Your Maker is your husband.  The Lord of hosts is His name & your redeemer the Holy One of Israel, the God of the whole earth shall He be called.  The Lord has called you as a woman forsaken & grieved in spirit, a wife of youth when you were refused," says your God.
Isaiah 54:7-8 KJVer - "For a small moment have I forsaken you, but with great mercies will I gather you. 
In a little wrath I hid My face from you for a moment, but with everlasting kindness I will have mercy on you
says the Lord your Redeemer. (Spiritual insight:
On the cross Jesus cried out, "Why have You Father God forsaken me." 
While the sin and diseases of the world were on Jesus, God could not bear to look upon Him, our scapegoat.)
Isaiah 54:17 KJVer - No weapon formed against you shall prosper; every (lying/critical) tongue (voice in your mind) which rises against you in (false) judgment you shall condemn (judge/reject/evict/not accept/internalize).
Isaiah 61:1-3 KJVer - He has sent me (Isaiah/Christ) to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives & the opening of the prison to them that are bound, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord & the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all that mourn, to appoint to them that mourn in Zion & to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.
Isaiah 61:7 KJVer - For your shame, you shall have double
For confusion, they shall rejoice in their portion. 
Therefore, in their land they shall possess double.  Everlasting joy shall be theirs.

Isaiah 61:8 I the Lord love judgment, I hate robbery for burnt offering.  I will direct their work in truth.
I will make an everlasting covenant with them

Isaiah 61:
Their seed shall be known among the Gentiles, & their offspring among the people:
all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the Lord hath blessed.

Isaiah 61:10 KJVer - I will greatly rejoice in You Lord.  My soul shall be joyful in You my God, for You have clothed me with the garments of salvation.  You have covered me with Your robe of righteousness (justification/judged not guilty/acquitted). 
[Spiritual insight: As there is now no record of sin in heaven against you, Satan has no legal ground on which to accuse you.  Thus, reject any (false) accusation, for repented sin (already forgiven & forgotten by God). 
Any subsequent terror/shame by guilt for a confessed sin is in proportion to our believing/accepting/allowing/receiving/entertaining a lie of our enemy Satan.]
Isaiah 62:4 KJVer - You (& I) shall no more be termed Forsaken...for You Lord delight in me/him/her/us.

Jeremiah 30:16 KJVer - They that devour you shall be devoured
All your adversaries, every 1 of them, shall go into captivity

They that spoil you shall be a spoilAll that prey upon you will I give for (to be) a prey.
(Spiritual insight: Our real enemy is NOT man but an invisible evil spirit.)
Jeremiah 30:17 KJV -
"I will restore health to you. I will heal your wounds," says the Lord,
"because they called you an Outcast, saying, 'This is Zion, who no man seeks after.'"
Jeremiah 31:12-14 NIV -
"They will be like a well-watered garden & they will sorrow no more
Then maidens will dance & be gland, young men & old as well
"...declares the Lord.

Daniel 3:39-45 TNAB  (Lord,)
39With contrite heart & humble spirit, let us be received;
40as though it were holocausts of rams & bullocks, or 1,000's of fat lambs, so let our sacrifice be in Your presence today as we follow You unreservedly; for those who trust in You cannot be put to shame. 
41Now we follow You with our whole heart.  We fear You & we pray to You. 
42Do not let us be put to shame, but deal with us in Your kindness & great mercy. 
43Deliver us by Your wonders, & bring glory to Your name, O Lord. 
44Let all those (individuals & demons) be routed who inflict evils on Your servants.
Let them be shamed & powerless, & let their strength (be) broken;
45let them know that You alone are the Lord God, glorious over the earth.   

Jonah 3:10 KJV - God saw their (citizens & king of the city of Nineveh) works, that they turned from their evil way (repented).  God repented of the evil (harm/punishment) that He had said He would do to them. 
He did not do it. 
Jonah 4:1-4 NIV - Jonah was greatly displeased & became angry.  He prayed...
O Lord, is this not what I said when I was still at home? 
That is why I was so quick to flee to Tarshish.  I knew that You are a gracious & compassionate God, slow to anger & abounding in love, a God Who relents from sending (allowing) calamity. 
3Now, Lord, take away my life; for it is better for me to die than live." 
4The Lord replied, "Have you any right to be angry?" (Spiritual insight: Here we see self pity, anger of man against the love, mercy & forgiveness of God.  We even see a spirit of suicide, premature death, unforgiveness, etc.)

Zephaniah 3:17-20 KJV - The Lord our God in the midst of you is mighty.  He will save & rejoice over you with joy.  You will rest in His love.  He will joy over you with singing. "I will gather them, that are sorrowful, for the solemn assembly, those, to whom the reproach of it was a burden
Behold, at that time I will undo all who afflict you. 
I will save her who halts (limps), & gather her that was driven out. 
I will get them praise & fame in every place where they have been put to shame.
At that time I will bring you again, at the time I gather you. 
I will make you a name & a praise among all people of the earth, when I turn back your captivity before your eyes
," says the Lord.

New Testament

Matthew 5:4 KJVer - Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Matthew 27:18 TPNT - He had known that they (high priests & synagogue elders)
gave Him over (to be crucified by Pilot the governor) because of jealousy.

Luke 4:18 Amplified - The spirit of the Lord (is) upon Me (the Messiah), because He has anointed send forth delivered those who are oppressed, down trodden, bruised, crushed and broken down by calamity.
Luke 13:1-5 NIV - There were some present at that time who told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices.  Jesus answered, "Do you think these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans because they suffered this way?  I tell you, no.  Unless you repent, you too will all perish. 
Do you think those 18 who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem?  I tell you, no.  Unless you repent, you too will all perish

John 5:30 NIV - "I (Jesus) judge only as I hear (God the Father), & My judgment is just, for I seek not to please Myself, but Him Who sent Me."  (Spiritual insight: Jesus/God sees the heart. 
Likewise, we are NOT to judge or to condemn. 
That is God's job.  A critical spirit is an evil spirit, a demon!)
John 8:15 NIV
- "You judge by human standards.  I (Jesus) pass judgment on no one." 
(Spiritual insight: It is our sins, our trespasses against the law in scripture, + Satan that condemn us. 
The 1st brings us to repentance.  The 2nd brings false condemnation, especially to those who have repented.)
John 9:3-7 NIV
- "Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" 
"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus. 
"This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life."
John 14:1-3 NIV - "Do not Let  your hearts be troubled. Trust inGod.  Trust also in Me. 
In My Father's house are many rooms
(mansions).  If it were not so, I would have told you. 
I am going there to prepare a place for you. 
If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back &
take you to be with Me, that you also may be  where I am.  You know the way to the place where I am going." 
Thomas said to Him, "Lord, we do not know where You are going, so how can we know the way?" 
Jesus answered, "I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me. 
If you really knew Me, you would know My Father as well.  From now on, you do know Him & have seen Him
John 14:15-18 NIV    "If you love Me, you will obey what I command.  I will ask the Father.
He will give you another Counselor
(Comforter) to be with you forever, the (Holy) Spirit of Truth. 
The world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him, but you know Him, for He lives with you & will be in
(side) you.  I will not leave you (comfortless) as orphans.  I will come to you."

Romans 8:1 KJVer - There is therefore now NO condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus
Romans 9:33 KJVer
 - It is written, "Behold, I lay in Zion a stumbling stone and rock of offense. 
Whosoever believes on Him shall not be ashamed."
Romans 10:11 KJVer
 - Scripture says, "Whosoever believes on Him shall not be ashamed."
Romans 12:2
KJVer - Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

1st Corinthians 1:27-31 NIV - God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 
He chose the lowly things of this world & the despised things (& the things that are not to nullify the things that are) so that none may boast before Him.  It is because of Him that you are in Christ Jesus, Who has become for us Wisdom from God (that is, our righteousness, holiness & redemption.) 
Therefore, as it is written, "Let him, who boasts, boast in the Lord."  (See Jeremiah 9:24)
1st Corinthians 4:9,13 -
We have been made a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as to men...
Up to this moment we have become the scum of the earth, the refuse of the world.

2nd Corinthians 1:3-7 NIV
- Praise be to the God & Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion & the God of all comfort, Who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 
Just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows. 
If we are distressed, it is for your comfort & salvation. 
If we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings we  suffer. 
Our hope for you is firm, because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, also share in our comfort.
2nd Corinthians 12:9 NIV - He (the Lord) said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness."  (Spiritual insight: Pride makes us self sufficient. 
Pride is the root sin that caused Satin to fall.  When we seek God with all out might, He will rescue us. 
We are never able to rescue ourselves alone, apart from Him.)
2nd Corinthians 12:10 NIV - For Christ's sake, I delight in  weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions (&) difficulties, for when I am weak, then I am strong (able to rely on God's ambulance/green beret/supernatural intervention).

Ephesians 4:31-32 NIV - Get rid of ALL bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, slander, along with every form of malice.  Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ forgave you.

Philippians 4:8-9 NIV - Brothers, think about such things (whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy) & the God of peace will be with you.

2nd Thessalonians 2:16-17 NIV - May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself & God our Father, Who loved us & by his grace gave us eternal encouragement & good hope, encourage your hearts & strengthen you in every good deed & word.

Hebrews 9:14 KJV - If the blood of bull & goats & ashes of an heifer sprinkling the un-clean sanctify the flesh, how much more shall the blood of Christ (Who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God) purge your conscience (from any acts of sin when you repent).   
Hebrews 11:1 NIV - Faith is being sure of what we hope for & certain of what we do NOT see.
Hebrews 12:2-3 NIV - 2Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author & perfecter of our faith, Who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame & sat down at the right hand of the throne of God, endured the cross, despising the shame. 
Consider Him Who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary & lose heart.
Hebrews 12:15 TEV/Deuteronomy 29:18 - A bitter plant that grows up.
Hebrews 12:15 NIV - Make every effort to live in peace with all men & to be holy. 
See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root (bitterness) grows up to cause trouble & defile many.  (Spiritual insight: Defiled in the Greek is miaino meaning to be stained with demonic processes. 
Thus we give demons a legal right to aggravate when we do not forgive & instead allow bitterness to grow. Bromiley's Theological Dictionary of the New Testament)
Hebrews 13:5 Amplified - He (God) Himself has said, "I will not in any way fail you, give you up, nor leave you without support.  (I will) not, (I will) not in any degree leave you helpless, nor forsake nor let (you) down, (relax My hold on you).-Assuredly not."

James 5:9 NIV - Don't grumble against each other, brothers, or you will be judged. 
The Judge is standing at the door.
James 5:12 NIV - Above all, my brothers, do not swear (or curse), not by heaven or by earth or by anything else.  Let your "Yes" be yes & your "No" (be) no, or you will be condemned.

1st John 14:16-18 KJV - I will ask the Father & He shall give you another comforter (My Holy Spirit), that He may abide with you fore ever...I will not leave you comfortless.  I will come to you.

Revelation 12:10 KJVer - The power of His Christ has come, for the accuser of our brethren,
who accused them before our God day & NIGHT (through nightmares), has been cast down.
Revelation 12:11 KJVer - They (God's people) overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb & by the word of their testimony (of God's salvation in their lives/of what God did for them on the cross & not what they did personally/of God's overcoming Satan & his power by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ).

Healing Books

Amen, Daniel G MD - Change Your Brain. Change Your Life   
Program for conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsession, Anger & Impulsiveness

Arthur, Kay - When the Hurt Runs Deep as Silver Refined - audio
Arthur, Kay - Help God; my life is a mess. -

Baars, Dr Conrad W -  Feeling & Healing Your Emotions -
Baars, Dr Conrad & Terruwe, Anna - Healing the Unaffirmed -
Recognizing Emotional Deprivation Disorder -

Banks, Bill - Shame Free -
Banks, Bill - Deliverance for Children & Teens -
"Some children stop growing emotionally when their parents decide to divorce...until they receive ministry or until someone understands their problem & lovingly brings them out of childhood." 
Divorce can be a root of "adults who manifest childlike behavior."

Bennett, Georg - When the Mental Patient Comes Home - Westminster Press - a Christian Care book 1980 -
Chapter 3 Dealing with Guilt - "Guilt means experiencing a(n ongoing/exaggerated/oppressive/excessive) feeling...not liking one's self, either because of what one has done or not done, or because of what one is or is not [or perceives as such, often because of not having asked for forgiveness or not receiving/accepting forgiveness, such as from God, or not forgiving oneself, or believing the lie that one is unforgivable or has committed an/the unforgivable sin]...
False guilt
... does not lead to redemption, but leads to deepening self-torture & depression...over not being perfect...leads to... isolation)...emotional pain & loneliness...
The accompanying depression can even lead to suicidal thoughts & attempts based on the (guilt) feeling:...
'Everyone will probably be better off if I am dead'...If the child's performance, good for a child's age, is compared to the superior ability of adults (or siblings), the child will develop self-doubt, self-contempt, and guilt that may last a lifetime...Sick guilt is one (root) cause of mental illness...' on you,' or 'You ought to be ashamed of yourself' phrases'" need to be confessed, apologized for & restitution made to remedy emotional damage to family relationships.  Additionally, "Getting rid of one's own unhealthy guilt inspires recovering patients to get rid of theirs."
Chapter 4 Relating to Persons & Feelings - "A recovering...patient may feel that she is bad for having gotten sick."  A healthy response to a hospitalization (as a psychiatric patient) & subsequent return might be, "We missed you very much during your hospitalization.  You are important to us, sick or well, and I'm glad you are well enough to be back home. Being ill & hospitalized is not a sin or crime... I am glad you are able to talk...with me...of how you feel."  The majority of humans do "have suicidal thoughts but do...not recognize them as such. 
The self-destructive urges are (typically) 'unconscious,' to use the term of psycho-analysts. 
(Be reminded that thoughts originate from 3 sources: self, God, Satan. 
God says in scripture to filter each thought)...Communication difficulty in relating to persons & feelings rather than to problems & (sometimes) caused by (perfectionism, embarrassment/shame, attempted preservation of family reputation, not wanting to be vulnerable, incomprehension the rude intrusion of mental illness (+) fear of one's own unrecognized self-destructive impulses" like suicide..."Mental patients are ordinarily taught by their (secular/ conventional) doctors & counselors (to recognize &) to accept (all) their thoughts & feelings, both positive & help...(defuse) cope more effectively, less destructively, with their impulses, thoughts, and be masters of their emotions, rather than slaves to them...
Family & friends are NOT prepared to deal with such strong, sometimes fearful (nightmares,) feelings & thoughts (including rage, the urge to kill, self-destruction, & lust) changing the subject, focusing on problems & facts. 
This makes the convalescent patient feel wrong, isolated, different."
Chapter 5 Focusing on Problems and Facts - "Do NOT 'help' depressed persons to 'get in touch with' their feelings.  They may then feed on further negative feelings in a downward spiral toward self-destructive behavior...
When suspicious people feel that others are getting emotionally close, they become suspicious of those people, wondering what their motives are.  They feel that their privacy is being invaded. 
They become more secretive & increasingly fearful.  They need emotional distance to feel secure. 
When their (imaginary/paranoid) suspicions are given attention, either positively or negatively, those suspicions are supported (reinforced)... Don't reward misery...
Do not listen to lengthy (repetitious) accounts of the patient's guilt, remorse & low self-worth...
You only help...patient talk themselves further into despair (,relapse, harm to self or others. 
Change the subject, just as you would with a toddler or geriatric person)...
Changing the subject from difficult...because the aftermath of their illness hangs on if the illness does NOT want the patient to be well...
Getting 'hooked' into the mire of suspicions or depressive talk does NOT help."
Chapter 6 Tolerating Silence - Some individuals may have been cautioned "'not to have such thoughts.' 
A typical example was young Thomas Edison, who...became an 'introverted' person who spent lonely hours in his laboratories...often quiet & withdrawn, isolated & non-communicative. 
At other times, he was dogmatic & intimidating, refusing to cooperate." 
Some "former mental patients...temporarily have problems judging when speaking is all right & when it isn't all right.  This temporary lack of judgment, which results in 'trouble.' may cause the patient to decide that silence at all times is the only sure solution to avoid trouble." 
(Be reminded that some aspects of psychosis &/or medication cause patients to regress into nonfunctioning behavior that keeps them bedridden, sometimes for months at a time, even toileting in the bed, like an infant. 
In the schizophrenic, this can be 1 of the aspects/ symptoms of "negative" behavior)...
Avoid pushing the patient to speak...
Speaking may be a major effort (especially if the person is heavily medicated)." 
Your company & prayers are both extremely important.
Chapter 7 Forget What Lies Behind - Purposely with your will, "forget the past when the past consists of temporary symptoms of (mental) illness that have upset, hurt, angered, or embarrassed you & others."  Sometimes "forgetting the past is made possible by telling professional helpers (,clergy &/or God) all the hurts, angers, confusions & shame, fully & with feelings... Forgive literally means 'to let go'...'Forgetting' the past is done by draining the feelings; hence, letting go of the hurt, resentment, fear, pain & shame." 
Chapter 8 Remember the Past - "Perhaps nothing in the care of the convalescent mental patient is as important as knowing when to remember (recount) the personal past...(victories/nostalgia)...
Memories of pleasant past experiences do have feelings (& aromas, sounds, tastes, beauty) attached to them... The fact that there is already an emotional attachment enables the convalescent to slip from the 'sick' (incapacitating/detrimental) preoccupation...
Remembering together is a kind of sharing (comradery/ communication)...
Mention a specific memory...Helping patients to remember something pleasant is throwing a lifeline to which they are already attached.  Emotionally they (may be able/willing to) pull themselves toward you & away from sickness...Do it by asking or reminding of the past." 
Do NOT try "to arouse interest in something to which there is NO prior (healthy/holy) emotional attachment."
Chapter 10 Discerning the Sense in Nonsense -
Patient (silence,) talking or acting "'nonsense' (often) interferes with communication...(&) is highly frustrating."
Author shares the testimony of a fellow psychiatrist who had success treating a severe schizophrenic "because of the simple observation of an untrained recovering patient (the doctor enlisted)...
Listen to the words, notice the actions, & then ask a recovering patient what you think she or he might be communicating."  [Even "inappropriate or crazy laughter' typically has a valid reason.  See if there is a pattern of this.  Are highly emotional issues being inappropriately being discussed (or aired on TV/radio) in front of patient? 
Is volume inappropriate?  Is extra loud noise or rhythm needed to block out voices in his/her head? 
Are pictures/content porn too stimulating/harmful/triggering personal struggles?] 
"To comprehend the sense in the nonsense of convalescing mental patients, notice not so much what is said or done, but when the nonsense occurs....Do not attempt to 'analyze' the symbolic meaning of actions & words." 
Allow for odd behavior & future communication when patient is ready.
Chapter 11 Don't Keep Secrets -
Do NOT whisper in front of patient nor have secret meetings with medical providers. 
Patients should NOT be the last to know; many laws support this concept. 
Obviously, sensitivity to timing is helpful. 
"The response of the convalescent patient will clue the family as to how to proceed...
Patients will never feel they are 'back again' until they have been allowed to share in all of life - the good & bad...
(Barring temporary postponements,) most of the time...
Patients have a legal & moral right to know the truth, especially as it affects them. 
Keeping secrets does NOT foster trust & confidence."  (Informed consent is imperative.)

Bennett, Rita    How to Pray for Inner Healing for Yourself & Others - Creation House publication

Bentley, Todd - The Reality of the Supernatural World - - Subtitle: Exploring Heavenly Realms & Prophetic Experiences - Chapter 6 - 3rd Heaven shares Bentley's 3rd heaven experience where God's rays of light & music healed the broken places in his heart
God's heavenly choir sang lullabies: "I love you; you are accepted; you are beautiful; you are worthy."

Browning, Kari - Did You Learn to Love? by Kari Browning - -
Sometimes one may need
 “both (temporary) counseling & community.
We need to get our love needs met in healthy community (such as church &/or home ministry), & we also may need the help of someone skilled in healing the broken-hearted to help us identify & release toxic emotions & negative core beliefs & expectations…
[Especially pastoral care rather than secular, one who will pray with & for us rather than medicate us or invite us to “repeatedly rehash” (spew out the sewer of) one’s ancestry or past.]  When someone experiences emotional hurts & does not release the pain associated with them, they may find themselves in situations that "trigger" the painful repressed memories.  When this happens, an emotional overreaction usually occurs. 
When we find ourselves overreacting in situations, we need to discover the root issue causing this.
(It is less about the cause & more about the reaction.)
We will need to (identify the splinter &) release the pain (to the Trinity) that has been repressed in a healthy & productive way.
If we don't, we often lash out at others, isolate, medicate ourselves, or go to food, drugs, sex, etc. for comfort.
When we've been hurt, we often put up a wall of self-protection around our heart. This wall keeps us from giving or receiving love fully.  The early Church leaders understood the connection between the body & the soul. (3 John 1:2)  They understood that toxic emotions are at the root of many physical illnesses. (Proverbs 17:22)
They used the (pastoral) "laying on of hands" & natural remedies to bring healing to both soul & body. 
When someone was sick, they called for the leaders of the Church to anoint them with oils…
Those coming for prayer also confessed their sins & released guilt & shame. (James 5:16)
Guilt can sometimes cause physical pain as people unconsciously seek to punish themselves for the wrongs they have done.
I have seen physical pain instantly leave a body when guilt was released AND forgiveness was (requested &) received.  Jesus came to heal us spirit, soul, AND body. (1 Thessalonians 5:23)

Burt, Arthur - Around the World in 88 Years - -
Chapter 4 Pastor Burt  "The Lord spoke to me, 'You believe I have left you out because you are unspiritual. 
If I put you in, then you will think you are spiritual, but this revival is a sovereign act of My grace. 
Until you can say Amen to Me for leaving you out, you are not in a position to be taken in. 
If you are hurt because I have left you out, you would be puffed up in your pride if you were taken in. 
Therefore I'll leave you out until you lose your hurt feeling

Capps, Annette @ Chapters 1-2
Capps, Annette @
Capps, Annette @

Care Notes - - Lots of booklets for lots of issues.

Carothers, Merlin - You Can Be Happy Now -

Chervin, Ronda - Taming the Lion Within - - Autobiographical book dealing with anger.
Chervin, Ronda - En Route to Eternity -
- Autobiography of Catholic religious woman.

Clark, Dennis & Jen - Practicing God's Presence 24/7 - workbook - -
"1st deal with any negative emotion through forgiveness, & then you have the authority to deal with thoughts & mental strongholds...Always deal with the negative emotion before thoughts...
If there is an unscriptural thought, or lie, attached:
1. After forgiving and getting peace, renounce the lie. 
2. In prayer, ask the Holy Spirit for the Truth.  'Lord, what do You say.' 
A scripture or scriptural thought will come to mind.  Receive it and be sure to write it down." 
"Forgiveness is the God Tool that takes you out of Enemy Territory into God Territory. 
(At salvation) God rescued from the kingdom of darkness & granted you citizenship in the kingdom of God. 
Forgiveness keeps you there...If you are a born again believer, it doesn't mean you have lost your salvation, when you temporarily get in Enemy Territory, any more than a US citizen loses their citizenship if they visit a war zone in a foreign country.  It just means that you need to get back into God Territory, so you will be safe."  "When you are hurting, you will identify with the same hurts in others [thus sometimes (trigger 1 another's wounds)] or project your own issues on others.  Hurt people (often) overreact to even mild stimulation, lash out at others, withdraw from relationships, put up walls, see life through distorted lenses & can be easily offended.  Hurt people (can) hurt people...
When you are healed, even the area where you were wounded the most can become your greatest anointing to minister."

Cousens, Gabriel - Depression-Free for Life - A Physician's All-Natural 5 Step Plan

Colbert, Dr Don - Deadly Emotions -

Copeland, Kenneth - Turn Your Hurts into Harvests - booklet #K08020

Dickow, Gregory - Taking Charge of Your Emotions -
Dickow, Gregory - Winning the Battle of Your Mind -

Dobson, Dr Richard - Our Feelings, Friend or Foe - Read editorials @ Naples, Florida

Durham, James A -
Chapter 11 Receiving a Kingdom Vocabulary - "When we were very young (before we had learned to speak) memories were stored as feelings.  These memories are very difficult for a counselor to deal with, because there are NO words attached to these experiences of hurt, abandonment or loss...
The Holy Spirit was with you when you experienced these feelings. 
He remembers...Pray this daily...'Holy Spirit, please give me all the truth I can handle today. 
Tomorrow, when I am able to handle more, then please release it to me'...
If you haven't been baptized in the Holy Spirit & enabled to operate in these (miracle) gifts, ask the Lord to finish the work He began in you.  Ask to receive what was promised in...Luke 11:13."
Durham continues on to state that man also has forgotten/unrealized past GOOD/HEALTHY memories & even 3rd heaven visits, than CAN BE RETRIEVED & utilized by invitation & help of God's Holy Spirit. 
Holy Spirit can reveal the good God was doing with & for us "all the way back to the moment of your conception" (NO need to share this with your secular therapist.)...We can pray something like this, "Father God...
thank You for memories of You from my childhood which I have not yet discovered. 
Thank You for knowing me & anointing me me even while I was in my mother's womb..
Release the Holy Spirit to guide me, instruct me, and reveal the truth (past/present/future) to me. 
I give You praise, honor, glory & majesty for all the amazing things You do & the awesome characteristics of Your Person."

Epperson, Arlin - Healing of the Spirit - Better wording would be Healing of the human soul (mind/emotions/willpower).

Evans, David G - Healed Without Scars -

Evans, Jimmy -
Evans, Jimmy -
A Mind Set Free chapter 1 read online
Evans, Jimmy @ - 1 Excerpt
Audio at link under picture @
or 2/1/2023 video @ @

Evans, Michael - The Light - autobiography via a novel -

Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Regions of Captivity - - Introduction - "That part of your life where you feel that you do not live in victory or there is a blockage you can't seem to get around, has to do with captivity."
Chapter 6 The Different Regions of Captivity
"Spiritual prisons are divided into different zones inside of the kingdom of evil. 
The fragmented soul is brought to these regions, so the designs of the devil can be manifested in this person's life... A soul may belong to God...but nevertheless fragments held captive. 
This produces illness...& breakdowns, that WILL respond to prayer."
Chapter 7 Setting the Captives Free
 "'Oppressed' in the original Hebrew means those with their souls torn apart."
(Their souls are broken, cracked, like Humpty Dumpty.)
Chapter 11 My Father's Resurrection by Pastor Joan Manuel Reyes Acosta, Oaxaca, Mexico -
The Lord took him (my father) out of the Captivity of Death (a spiritual demonic place).
"God said, 'Death...has the legal rights...Now...begin to bind it...Break the decrees that the enemy has in his hands & that gives him the right over your father...since 1945, when he cursed his parents'...
She said to the devil, 'I command Satan & the spirit of death, in the name of Jesus...that you will not take my father...
I declare life to my father & I break the designs, covenants & decrees that my father made. (He was a Mason)...
The Lord added, 'Now take him from the captivity of death'...I saw my father as a child...
Jesus continued, 'That is a part of his soul that was wounded.  Open the door of that prison of death'...
The angel that was with me said, 'This is why the son of Man came, to rescue those who are lost. 
Now the Son of God is glorified, because He descended to hell to take from Satan the keys of death & captivity
God gave me the victory over death" (via Jesus as my head & I as part of His body).
Ferrell, L Emerson - The Supernatural Believing the Consciousness of Christ -
Chapter 2 Sin Consciousness Versus Christ Consciousness  
"The Holy Spirit is translated Ruah Hakodesh, which is the feminine word from Kadosh, meaning holy. 
This is a picture of the tenderness of a mother, the sweet tender Holy Spirit...
The exchange of the earthly family (1st loves/reliances/self/priorities) for our heavenly one will for us to go beyond our soul (intellect) & depend on our spirits (which have been wed to Christ)."
Ferrell, L Emerson @
Immersed in Him - Imagine Yourself Completely Free from Fear, Disease & Death chapter #1 on web  - - Book's web introduction ties in well with their book Pharmakeia:
Ferrell, L. Emerson - Chapter 9 The Chemical Adam of Immersed in Him
@ 4/1/2013 -
"Sin destroys the mind 1st...Eventually the body will develop physical diseases.
Thoughts are the source of sin
& our blood is the medium for destruction...
Physiologically our brains are made of tiny nerve cells called neurons.
These neurons have tiny, 'hair-like' fibers which connect with other neurons to form a network.
& memories are produced in each place the nerve endings attach [communicate/allow (chemical & electrical) nerve impulses to travel between adjacent neurons].  These connections (junctions/synapses enable the) form(ation of) a 'mental library' of experiences & relationships, which becomes the mind's resource center...
Highways of experiences construct elaborate associations with our emotions...
The wall of emotions is constructed from the neural network, or 'mental library' & sophisticatedly joined throughout the central nervous system to thoughts...
The (emotional) pain from...(a negative)...relationship will be reinforced by these (past) images & concepts each time...(one)...identifies...(one)self as a victim.  These (archived) 'movies' we watch (replay) inside our minds...are the perceived realities which activate our emotions. The (physical) brain (especially the
amygdala - + ) is unable to distinguish between images outside the mind from those on the inside...
All of the mind's pictures are 1st formed behind the cerebral cortex with light & sound from our eyes and ears. No one is capable of making (100%) objective observations in the present because of their past experiences & current emotional condition. Each time we experience a new relationship or situation, we measure (filter/view) it with past memories...Consequently, (most) all of our observations are subjective.  All of our stored experiences from the past contaminate the present & add further emotional weight to the images we define as 'I.' The phrase 'living in the past' is true & it is 1 of the hindrances to our faith. 
In essence, our perceptions of reality are made from our 'mirror' of memories...
This reflection...contributes to the personalities of who we believe ourselves to be...
The mind forms digital memories through the 5 senses, aided primarily by light & sound.
That means even touching, tasting, or smelling a physical object is compared with past digital images stored in the mind's library...
Our pictures of reality produce emotions from thoughts & images connected to our nerve network in the brain's frontal lobe...
1 of the greatest tools the Lord has given us to change our physiology & chemical connections are praying in tongues... I remember waking up one day with a tremendous pain in my back.
Before I knew it, my mind was racing toward the images of past experiences & the end result. 
ln the middle of that mental journey the Holy Spirit interrupted me with the desire to pray in tongues. 
After praying for about 10 minutes in tongues the pain had totally disappeared & the power of faith resided with me all day... Our brains are the greatest pharmaceutical factories on the planet.
1 of the responsibilities of the hypothalamus gland is to assemble chemicals most closely associated with our emotional cravings. 
These chemicals (hormones) are called peptides...amino acids.2 (or steroids from cholesterol). 
Handbook of Cognition and Emotion - Page 70 -72 -
) -
The hypothalamus secretes chemical compounds that closely match (mirror) the emotions.
There are chemicals for sadness, anger, victimization, lust, depression & joy, for example.
If our brains or bodies encounter any of those emotions, the hypothalamus will manufacture a(n opposite) peptide to offset (stabilize/reduce) those (extreme/excessive/especially/ negative) feelings.
It then releases those peptides through our blood stream where it enters the cells (needing a hormonal wash/antidote)...
Picture an envelope delivered to a mailbox & inside the envelope is a letter with coded information designed to balance the cells' condition. Peptides...main function is to balance the emotional center of the organism...
The body's cells are designed to regenerate most (beneficially) effectively when the chemicals or amino acids are alkaline.  Thoughts of happiness, peace & joy create the proper nutrition for healthy cell reproduction... Sadness, anger, rage, jealousy, & depression produce acidic chemicals, which (adversely) change the cells' DNA structure & character. 
In essence, our emotions trigger images which produce substances which can alter our cells.
The cells form addictions to the chemicals & long-term relationships with the emotions. 
The body reflects the chemical it demands most often.
Consuming pharmaceutical drugs weakens & eventually destroys the body's immune system (self-sufficiency)...
The body makes demands on the hypothalamus to supply chemicals to match the emotions of betrayal, paranoia, physical & sexual appetites, or the like...
Unless the character changes, the body & mind will be slaves to the emotions...
The mind is the 'drug dealer' supplying the chemicals & memories to support our addictions (or emotional trauma)...
If you feel helpless to control destructive desires you most likely are under demonic influence & require deliverance...
In my opinion, most addictive behaviors are the result of a person's decision to hear the wrong voices.
Fear creates the loudest voices & in most cases drowns out the voice of the Holy Spirit
If emotions control one's thoughts & images, the brain will produce peptides or amino acids to satisfy a crisis...
After the body is unable to supply the chemicals needed, people will often turn to physicians to prescribe stronger synthetic medications. The synthetic drugs create a more serious imbalance also resulting in side effects...
In my opinion, cells are God's divine energy inside our complex machines. The cells are indeed conscious. 
If our thoughts are connected to Christ, we can experience divine health."
(Editorial that agrees to some degree - )

Fife, Dr Dale - The Secret Place (#1) & The Hidden Kingdom (#2)
shares with us that God has a secret salve to heal spiritual wounds & emotional scars. 
One must ask God for His eye balm & then apply it to their spiritual eyes via prayer.  See Revelation 3:18.

Floyd, Gregory - A Grief Profound - Losing Your Child - - Book, DVD or video about loss of a son
Floyd, Gregory - A Grief Unveiled -

Flynn, Mike & Gregg, Doug  Inner Healing - InterVarsity Press

Fluitt, Clarice - Chapter 1
@ -
Chapter 7 God is a God of Restoration - "'How long will this dark night of my soul continue?'  His response was always the same, 'Until it doesn't bother you any-more.  Then you will be a victor & not a victim.'" 2/29/2016 Sid Roth interview
Joan Hunter, Clarice Fluitt & Joan Gieson 9/4/2016 Sid Roth interview

Fogle, Bruce (veterinarian) - The Cat's Mind + The Dog's Mind
Some readers say these 2 books give an insight into unspoken human emotions.

Graham, Ruth - In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart autobiography @ -
Ruth, daughter of Billy Graham, struggles with depression & shares many of her wrong choices.

Goleman, Daniel - Emotional Intelligence (EI)  +  Working with Emotional Intelligence
Goleman, Daniel; Boyatzis, Richard; McKee, Annie - Primal Leadership - Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence  
audio - "Authors argue that a leader's emotions are contagious. 
If a leader resonates energy & enthusiasm, an organization thrives... negativity & dissonance, it flounders." 
(One may want to refer to Dobbins, Dr Richard's
Invisible Imprint )

, Frank - Comfort for the Wounded Spirit - -
When one immediately forgives his enemy, unclean spirits are not able to enter & do damage.  Licking our wounds, like a dog, allows spiritual infection or gangrene to set in.  If forgiveness has not been immediately applied to a wounded spirit, then one needs to forgive, next receive deliverance & finally receive inner healing...
ANY wound causing sorrow & distress has the potential to cause a wounded spirit. 
is frequently the culprit, especially in schizophrenia...Wounded spirits in scripture:
Asaph       Psalm 77:1-12
David       Psalm 55:4-23
Hannah    Samuel 1:1-28
Jacob       Genesis 37:33-35 + Genesis 45:25-27
Jesus        Isaiah 53:3-5
Rachael    Jeremiah 31:15-17
To obtain true permanent comfort, one must cease all attempts to comfort himself, especially refuse to seek revenge or retaliation, and refuse to suppress or escape from emotional trauma. Refuse to hold on to  the wounds which Christ bore for me through His own suffering on the cross! Instead, (1) confess any complicity, (2) forgive (3) pray for the offender, (4) forgive self and God, (5) ask for God's comforter, the Holy Spirit to minister healing, (6) in the name of Jesus refuse all the tricks of Satan (including anger, rage, unforgiveness, bitterness, self-righteousness, self-pity, arrogance, wounded spirit, broken heart), (7) in the name of Jesus take back all the enemy has stolen including (peace, joy, self-worth, laughter), (8) & thank God for His ability and willingness to comfort me. 
Hammond, Frank - Pigs in the Parlor -
A Practical Guide to Deliverance - -
The "evil spirit of rejection" may prevent one from both receiving & giving love. 
Rejection has the opportunity to enter a child when a he/she feels he/she is not loved.

Hayford, Jack W - Taking Hold of Tomorrow - Living Way Ministries, Van Nuys, California, USA - Jack reminds us that the past is a dead issue; we cannot gain any momentum moving toward tomorrow, if we are dragging the past behind us.

Heflin, Ruth Ward - Glory +
Revival Glory - - - Ruth shares that when one is under the power of the Holy Spirit in the glory cloud, when one is laughing in the Spirit, great emotional healing often occurs...
Chapter 18
Delighting in the Glory -
"I have seen great healings come to people emotionally
in one season of laughing in the spirit. 
It seemed as if all the bondages of a lifetime suddenly fled away as joy & laughter came forth by the Spirit. 
Delight is joy taken to the highest realm in the Spirit. It is joy manifested in the realm of the high praises that are in our mouths...
Delight thyself also in the LORD; & he shall give thee the desires of thine heart: Psalm 37:4 -
Delight is joy expressed in the glory realm.  As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, & his fruit was sweet to my taste. He brought me to the banqueting house, & his banner over me was love: Song of Songs 2:3-4 -
Delight has the ethereal lightness of the glory cloud
.  I joy in God my Savior. I delight in my Beloved. 
Get dressed up in the garments of praise.  Get rid of any spirit of heaviness. Don’t let any slight weight hold you down. Let only the weight of glory rest upon you. 
Lord, Increase my delight in You. May the delight always be present in my relationship with You.  May it be unspeakable & full of glory.  Unto Your honor, Amen.

Hegstrom, Paul - Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain - Understanding the Effects of Your Wounded Past - - At the age of 8 Paul was sexually abused by a man. 
His mom further traumatized him by washing his mouth out with soap & condemning any sexual curiosity/ questions/conversation as shameful/evil/forbidden/etc, resulting in a lifestyle of verbal, physical & sexual abuse with those Paul dated or married.  When Paul became teachable 40 years later, God revealed how to rewire the brain.  1 significant method is to read the Bible out LOUD.
Hegstrom, Paul - Sid Roth's Messianic Vision Webcast  4/16-22/2007 -

Real Player - Windows Media Player - Download: Real Player - Windows Media
Hegstrom, Paul - - TV Special Offers   including 
DVD Set - The Brain - a 2-disc set with research on how the brain reacts to trauma
CD Set - Guilt and Shame - Telling the difference: tools to help us respond to God
CD Set - Rejection - Teaching on the most damaging of emotional wounds.
DVD Series - The New You, God's Way TV show.  13-disc set of the first 13 episodes.

Hinson, Michael - To Heal the Heart - Live Life to the Fullest - - -
Throughout the book Hinson uses a technique of looking for the entry door/root cause of a problem. 
He tends to ask, "What at was happening in your life when this problem started?" 
Hinson calls many of these roots, strongholds, & seldom considers them to be demons.
Rather he tends to classify roots as sin/choices that contradict God's will/mind/heart. 
For instance, he classifies one frequent root cause of anorexia and/or bulimia as rebellion. 
He classifies "consequences of attitude/actions as symptoms" of rebellion. 
He bases his anorexia/bulimia theory on Psalm 107:17-18 NIV -
Some become fools through their rebellious ways & suffered affliction because of their iniquities. 
They loathed all food & drew near the gates of death.
The ideas contrary to God's ideas/spoken words under duress/vows may trigger a problem/ disease. 
Once we discover a lie, a belief that contradicts God, then we can verbally renounce, repent of & reject it. 
If we become ill after participating in any of the forbidden acts listed in Deuteronomy, then we may have a clue to the root issue of our problem. 
If we look closely, scripture frequently spells out what common consequence will result from what violation, as is illustrated in Psalm 107 above. 
Thus, scripture is a superior medical diagnostic tool...Finally, if the root problem (area) is demonic (oppression/possession) then the individual will need to insist, "In the name of Jesus Christ:
I command any unclean thing to leave me now & never return"...
Better still, say it 3x. (#2) In the name of the Holy Spirit, "I command any unclean thing to leave me now & never return." (#3) In the name of the Father," I command any unclean thing to leave me now & never return."  Amen.  Thanks.

Horrobin, Peter - -

Hotchkin, Robert @ or -02018 -
(Foreword by Patricia King) - Oh yes, the devil is a big liar. He cannot speak the truth. Most of the time, the exact opposite of anything he would speak into your thoughts is true. For example, he may attempt to fill your mind with thoughts like: You’re a loser. You’re a failure. You’re rejected by God & man. You’re sick & dying. (Evil spirits can speak harm/death through doctors, nurses, the apostle Peter, anyone.) You’re destined for lack & poverty.
The exact opposite is true... (Originally, before I realized satan's tricks) I simply concluded that the lies (of satin & his helper demons) were my own thoughts, beliefs & feelings. They all seemed so legitimate, making total sense according to the circumstances I was in. As a result, I believed that I was rejected, oppressed, depressed, weak & broken, because it all seemed so real. Something can appear real, yet be so far from the truth.
I needed (Biblical) truth as a plumb line not only to expose the lie, but also to use the Truth as a powerful weapon in the battle for (my soul) the mind, will & emotions. Everything in life flows from the soul. Scripture alerts us to watch (out)...(see Proverbs 4:23) INTRODUCTION - God "loves us very much and He has made available to us all we need through the gift of His Son & the finished work of the cross. His Kingdom is ours, all the time, no matter what. All we have to do is to agree. Simple. Not always easy, but simple...That means anything we have ever had or experienced of Him or with Him is still ours. It also means that there is nothing we are looking forward to from Him or in Him that is not ours already, not just 1 day in the sweet by-&-by, but right now, in Christ...Shift from waiting for God to do something to knowing that He already has.
We will go from crying out for change to realizing we have been empowered by the finished work of our victorious Risen Lord to be His change agents in the earth.
We will no longer (less often) be overwhelmed (overcome) by our feelings, but instead, we will be triumphant in our faith.
We will be transformed from pitiful to powerful, from worriers to warriors, from ordinary to extraordinary, from natural to supernatural. This is the battle: your battle. When grief from your past, the challenges of your present or fear for your future try to tell you that God is not there or that He does not care, the eternal truth of “I AM” can arise in you & trump everything: past, present, future, fear, feelings, frustration, all of it.
If, in those moments, you will choose to believe Him above all else, you will be victorious."
+ + + video blog @

Hunt, June - How to Handle Your Emotions - Anger, Depression, Fear, Grief, Rejection, Self-Worth - recommended -
Chapter REJECTION - Healing a Wounded Heart (edited) [Remember, rebellion &/or rejection are 2 (evil spirits &/or) medical causes of psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia! ]
Psalm 34:18
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted & saves those who are crushed in spirit. 
21:42 The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone. 
Jeremiah 8:9
The wise will  be put to shame; they will be dismayed & trapped. 
Since they have rejected the word of the Lord. 
Psalm 94:14
The Lord will not reject His people; He will never forsake His inheritance. 
Romans 8:1
There is now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 
Deuteronomy 31:8
The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Do NOT be afraid; do NOT be discouraged.
Psalm 66:20
  Praise be to God, Who has not rejected my prayer nor withheld His love from me...
Overt Causes of Feeling Rejected
can be abandonment, adoption, cast away, childhood sexual abuse, disapproval, divorce, domestic/gang/genocide/terrorism/wartime violence, excessive punishment, favoritism, greed, hostility, humiliation, indifference, infidelity, jilted, prejudice, rape/incest, &/or verbal abuse. 
Covert Causes of Feeling Rejected can be the absence of nurturing, abuse/neglect due to addictions/death/critical illness, broken promises, comparison, cliques/bullying, critical spirit, discounted discrimination, handicaps, lack of support, loss of a pet, over-controlling, overindulgence, performance based acceptance, sarcasm &/or silent treatment... WRITE IT DOWN. 
Write down every remembrance of rejection, especially any FIRST rejection occurrence/trauma/hurt. 
Write down the resulting emotion/feeling...
Speak, "I will NOT let the pain of my past control my present or my future"... 
"Release each painful rejection to the Lord, saying, 'Lord Jesus, I release this pain & my fear of future pain into Your hands.  Thank You that You will never reject me.'" If this hurt is a secret, then you may need to share this with 1 individual (of the same sex) you can trust, so Jesus inside human flesh can begin to walk with you in this area of emotional healing.  If one mentally rehearses negative thoughts (self talk), they can lead to negative feelings; negative feelings repeated/ rehearsed can lead to negative vows, which can sabotage one's character/personality.  (Be aware that demons continually SPEAK, "Satan, Satan, may your will  be done on earth as it is done in hell; where as Jesus told us to pray (SPEAK) continually, "Our Father Who art in Heaven...
May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  Remember.  God's method of doing things is by SPEAKING. 
He spoke the earth, plus you & me into existence.  That is a spiritual law.  So think/ speak correctly. 
2nd, be reminded that what we think/speak is drawn/woven onto our brains.  All negativity sabotages our brains.
Our brains can be rewired, but it does take time, per Dr. Caroline Leaf
Who Switched Off My Brain? @ Repent for any sin, your contribution to any situation.  At the very least is the buying into of Satan's lie that you are nobody, nothing, valueless, manure, rejected, especially by God.  Repent. 
Ask God to forgive you. 
Ask Jesus to come/come back into your heart; ask Jesus to baptize you with His Holy Spirit. 
ACCEPT God's forgiveness provided by Jesus His Son... 
Forgive yourself.  Forgive the offense/offender, not because he/she deserves it, but because Jesus in You demands that & makes that possible.  Never rely on feelings, but only on the Word of God. 
Yes, forgive God (for Satin is the culpret).
Next comes the brain-washing/reprogramming of our mind/heart/emotions/ feelings. 
Get a Bible & a concordance...
Find, memorize & speak
scripture that contradicts the wrong tapes you have continually played in your brain. 
Over time your brain will be reformatted with God's thoughts/mind. 
Focus on God's positive Truths, not on negative facts/feelings.
Hunt, June - How to Forgive When You Don't Feel Like It -
Hunt, June - Counseling through Your Bible Handbook -

Hunter, Joan - Healed at the Root - Joan Hunter - - Pinehurst, Texas, USA -
, Joan -
False Responsibility - Joan Hunter -
, Joan -
Joan Hunter - The Heart of the Matter -
, Joan -
Joan Hunter - The Heart of the Matter -
Hunter, Joan -
Joan Hunter - Health and Healing -
Hunter, Joan -
Interview with Joan Hunter - Part 1 -
Hunter, Joan -
Interview with Joan Hunter - Part 2 -
Hunter, Joan -
Joan Hunter - Part 3 -
Hunter, Joan -
Joan Hunter - Part 4 -
Interviews with Marilyn & Sarah Hickey, esp. regarding trauma.
Hunter, Joan - - corresponding TV interview
Freedom Beyond Comprehension – Joan Hunter – 7/5/2013 significant book for healing of memories - -
Hunter, Joan - 9/2014 - Miracle Maintenance - Part 1 + Miracle Maintenance - Part 2
Interview by Marilyn & Sarah Hickey
Hunter, Joan - Healing a Broken Heart

, Larry - excellent - -
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA - In 1980 God told Larry to speak TO his negative emotions & feelings.
"David would (likely) never have heard from the Lord, had he not been exercising his faith in the Lord...
By (scripturally) encouraging himself in the Lord, he was able to renew his strength and be strong in the Lord...
We must quit blaming others & hold ourselves responsible for our feelings...
Things are not what determine my emotional state or the status of my feelings...
Continually hear and act upon what God has said (in scripture)...
Encourage yourself in the Lord...Exchange your weaknesses for God's strength...
Let Him fight your battles for you...Magnify Him instead of your problems...
Sing praises when things are NOT going well...
Jesus told us in Luke 10:19 that He has given us the authority to trample down every devil & demon that may attack us & to exercise our authority over ALL the power of our enemies...
Is depression...worry...stress...low self-esteem...fear an enemy (or) offenses?" 
"Seek to live above our problems & not beneath them...
Jesus said in Matthew 6:33, "We have authority & dominion to rule over all the power of the enemy."
"Thoughts...Thoughts of doubt, depression, worry, discouragement, fear, frustration, stress, strife, etc. are going to come to all of us.  But it is what we do with those thoughts (&/or feelings/emotions) that will determine our state of mind, our mental health or our emotional well-being. 
So God says, 'Don't take' those wrong (hurtful) thoughts...
'Don't speak those thoughts out of your mouth'...but do take God's thoughts by speaking them...
Thoughts are controlled by words... A thought left unspoken is a thought that dies unborn."
(Replace those negative sabotaging thoughts with scripture/God's thoughts/ideas, regardless of your own feelings/emotions.)
"We take (accept/plant/root/permit/allow/nurture/imbed in our brains/give legal consent to) thoughts by speaking them."
"Imagine the best...Imaginations are mental pictures formed by our thoughts & meditations (preoccupations)...
Worry is...perverted imagination."  Negative "things may indeed be how we are feeling, but expressing those things will not open the door for God to change our situations...
Speaking out those negative feelings will cause us to take/own/plant thoughts, that will be harmful...
See what He has to say about our problem. 
Believe what He has said (in scripture) & then repeat His words back to Him (rather than repeating/reinforcing/ empowering Satan's lies/deceptions/wishes/agenda)."
"Jesus took our emotional disorders upon Himself, so that we didn't have to & then He gave us His peace or His mental & emotional stability...(King) David...began speaking things out about His God. 
He got his eyes off his problems & onto his answer. 
He looked to God as a shelter and hiding place, & we are supposed to be doing the same...
Your problems are facts that can be changed. But god's Word is forever settled...
It is the Truth that never changes... Love the Word (of God) more than the offenses. 
Stop speaking (& thereby taking) negative thoughts when they come...(instead) sing praises to God...
Let the Lord fight our battles... Smith Wigglesworth...asserted, 'I never ask Smith Wigglesworth how I feel.
I tell him how I feel.'...(Always) examine them (feelings) in the light of God's Word & not according to our natural human reasoning... Scriptures (reveal) that He has already delivered us from all emotional disorder...
We act upon God's Word whether we feel like it or not...Physical conditions...are not a part of you. 
You (the part that never dies) are a spirit being; you have a soul, & you live in a body. 
These physical challenges are...not inside the spirit...The Inner man is the real you...
You, the spirit man on the inside, can control (choose) the way you feel (with the help of God's Holy Spirit).
"Ephesians 1:19-23 says we have authority over all 'principality, power, might, dominion & every name that is named.'  Well, is a hormone a name?  Is pain a name?" 
"Spiders...organs...infections, viruses & diseases...cells, muscles & brains?" 
"Then we can exercise authority over them...over our bodies."

Jones, Doug - Mastering The Silence (of your thought life) - 
Jones, Doug - Positioning Yourself to Receive Healing - 
Jones, Doug - Understanding the Healing Power of God -

Kairos, Michayila Joy - @
Freedom Beyond Comprehension
by Joan Hunter
Kairos, Michayila Joy - Fragments to Healing - Ritual Abuse - (Following are untested free downloads.)

Kendall, RT - Does Jesus Care? - - Do you feel abandoned?
Kendall, RT - God Meant It For Good - -
Does does NOT intend for us to vindicate ourselves.  That is HIS work.
Kendall, RT - Thorn in the Flesh - -
What the enemy intends for evil, God will use for good.
Kendall, RT - Pure Joy - -
Book shares ways to break the betrayal barrier.  
One can dignify our trials & count them all joy.

Kessee, Drenda - Shark Proof @  Book Excerpt

Kraft, Charles H - Deep Wounds, Deep Healing - -

Subtitle: Discovering the Vital Link Between Spiritual Warfare and Inner Healing
Kraft, Charles H -
Defeating Dark Angels - Breaking Demonic Oppression in the Believer's Life
Kraft says that for him, the healing of memories is more important than deliverance of demons. 
Healing/eliminating the emotional garbage that demons feed on weakens any existing demons, makes it easier to evict demons, reduces the likelihood that demons will move back in, & reduces the subsequent work needed for healing of memories/emotions/wounds/ trauma...Kraft cites popular groupings of emotions with demons by the same name, which attach themselves to our unresolved smoldering emotions/traumas/hurts...
Demons have a hierarchy. 
Each highlighted demon listed below may be a boss of each group relating to emotions, per Kraft.
(Demons are assigned same name as emotion to which they, like a parasite, attach themselves.)
Adultery, seduction
, cursing, mockery
, insecurity, pride
, frustration, forgetfulness
, condemnation, judgmentalism, faultfinding
, deceit, lying.
,  suicide, murder.
Depression, anger, defeat
Doubt, unbelief, skepticism
Guilt, shame, embarrassment, sensitivity
Hate, revenge, murder
Infirmity, sickness
Rape, violence
Rebellion, stubbornness
Rejection, self-rejection, inadequacy, unworthiness, perfection
Sensitivity, fear, terror, torment
Unforgiveness, anger,  bitterness, resentment
Worry, anxiety

Krementz, Jill - How It Feels to Fight for Your Life -
Illnesses covered include cancer, epilepsy, spina bifida, diabetes, cystic fibrosis & severe burns.
Krementz, Jill - How It Feels when a Parent Dies
Krementz, Jill - How It Feels to Be Adopted
Krementz, Jill - How It Feels When Parents Divorce - Each book is a compilation of interviews with children. 
Includes photo of each child.

Lozano, Neal - The Older Brothers Returns - -
Most...want to be strong enough to NOT need Jesus or God anymore, to be self sufficient. 
That thought is really a lie from our enemy Satan.  It will be the down-fall of most; the Achilles' heel.  It is in His strength that we are enabled to defeat the enemy fear, terror, self-condemnation, inferiority, rejection, etc. 
Book is excellent, especially for any religious community.

Lozano, Neal - Unbound - A Practical Guide To Deliverance From Evil Spirits - 
The Lozano's concentrate on uprooting lies of Satan, rather than deliverance or evil spirits. 
The subtitle is a misnomer, for they disavow traditional deliverance. 
Regardless, their methods work profoundly well with those with emotional traumas.
Recommended reading for Catholics.
Lozano, Neal - Resisting the Devil - a Catholic Perspective on Deliverance - -

Lorenzo contends, "that the 1st line of (demonic) attack is usually on the emotions
We are wounded and hurt by someone.  Then the mind is open to the lie...
We expose them (the lies projected into our minds by evil spirits) to the light of God, naming the lies & renouncing them aloud... A word spoken aloud releases what it represents." 

MacNutt, Francis - Deliverance from Evil Spirits - -
Chapter 7 Falling Under a Curse shares the testimony of a woman whose
root problem was an English black mass 100's of years ago when her family was consecrated to Satan.  This is revealed by spiritual discernment; prayer rooted out the problem.
Chapter 12 How the Demonized Person Prepares for Deliverance discusses how our emotions attach to our unforgiven/ unhealded wounds, attracting files (demons) to our compost/manure pile (rotting/smoldering/infected feelings/ thoughts/memories). 
We need to identify why/when/where the problem started. 
This will help to identify and evict the troubling spirits.  Who is to blame.  Not the patient.  Not the other person.  The evil spirit is the real opportunist and the real villain/enemy.  Take war. 
The true enemy is neither side, for both can also be victims.  The true enemy is hate, unforgiveness, etc. 
Evil spirits like a leech can latch onto negative circumstances/emotions & try to take over at the expense of the host.
Chapter 14 Freeing a Person from Spirits of Trauma discusses praying for your unborn child, for inner healing of emotions & for healing of a wounded spirit as opposed to the need to repent for one's own personal sin. 
Section How to Pray for Freedom from a Spirit of Trauma lists 4 prayer steps: protection, binding, extending forgiveness, inner healing (which consists of Jesus' removing all poison in the specific memory which is negatively influencing the individual)
This is a ministry to the wounded soul (will/emotions/mind/memories) & not to an evil spirit, at least, not yet until the hurt is remedied.
MacNutt, Francis & Judith - Praying for Your Unborn Child -
A fetus can recognize if he is wanted.  If not, a spirit of rejection can hook in.  Infant baptism can fill a child with the Holy Spirit (as perhaps John the Baptist was in the womb), but also to provide protection from the evil one.  The Roman Catholic church's infant baptism includes the rite of exorcism, just in case the infant has picked up demonic influences from others, recognizing that an innocent person can be invaded by an evil spirit.

Maldonado, Guillermo - Inner Healing and Deliverance - 4 spiritual laws or open doors to demons can be recognized and remedied. -  -
Maldonado, Guillermo @ -
Supernatural Deliverance: Freedom For Your Soul Mind And Emotions

Marchiano, Bruce -
Jesus Wept - How Wide and Long and Deep Is the Love of Christ.  This Love   that Surpasses Knowledge

Meeder, Kim - - Fierce Beauty -
"We all have an allotted number of days before we will each stand before the Throne of God.
Within these days, we have a choice to make: live for ourselves or live for our King."
Meeder, Kim - 3/5/2012

Meyer, Joyce - Approval Addiction -
Meyer, Joyce - Beauty For Ashes - Receiving Emotional Healing -
"Isaiah 61 reveals that the Lord came to heal the brokenhearted...victims of abuse & emotional wounding."
Meyer, Joyce - Battlefield of the Mind - Winning the Battle in Your Mind for adults -
Meyer, Joyce - Battlefield of the Mind for Kids -
Meyer, Joyce - Battlefield of the Mind for Teens -
Meyer, Joyce - Beauty for Ashes editorial  in 7/2005 Enjoying Everyday Life -
Allow Holy Spirit to reveal to you (at the right time) each root problem. Also available CD audio series.
Meyer, Joyce - Emotional Healing kit -
Meyer, Joyce - In Pursuit of Peace -
Meyer, Joyce - Managing Your Emotions -
Meyer, Joyce - Straight Talk -
Help to combat 7 emotions: depression, discouragement, fear, insecurity, loneliness, stress, worry
Meyer, Joyce - Victory over Depression "kit" -

Meyer, Joyce - June 2015 Favorite Audience Choices 1st-4th @
Meyer, Joyce @
, Joyce @ - Chapter #1

Minirth, Frank; Meier, Paul; Meier, Richard & Hawkins, Don -
The Healthy Christian Life - The Minirth-Meier Clinic Bible Study Guide
- Includes some workbook pages. -
Chapter 8 Scripture Meditation & Memorization notes that daily/lifelong Scripture meditation & meditation may indicate/contribute to/maintain sound mental health/maturity.

Mohr, Greg - Director of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado, conference speaker, author, Senior Pastor of River of Life Church in Decatur, Texas for 24 years, & graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  Greg has a Master’s degree in Leadership from Southwestern Christian University, Bethany, Oklahoma. Greg & Janice have 4 children & 11 grandchildren. Article is an excerpt from Greg’s book A Prosperous Soul @

Mullen, Dr Grant - Emotionally Free -   

Oats, Kathi with Lamb, Robert Paul - Open My Heart, Lord - Healing for the Broken Hearted book + CD - Appendix A & C - section Alters as defined in (conventional psychiatric diagnosis) DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder) If a person is unable to come up with a solution for coping or if pain is too traumatic, God provides the ability to mentally disconnect/dissociate/forget until such time that we can work in conjunction with the Holy Spirit to recall & heal. 
This isolated memory/trauma is inaccessible to the conscious memory & often is referred to as "a little one, authentic child, or inner child" & is considered to be "a fragmented sliver, or part of the person's soul
The wounded child is an actual child who went through an original traumatic event...& will remain at the (emotional) age of the traumatic event...
A wounded child is held captive" outside the memory in a system of alters
"Alters are fragmentations of the subconscious inner mind" keeping "the memory from the conscious outer mind... Alters are commonly called multiple (or alternative) personalities."
"We cannot" obey Matthew 22:36-40 and "love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul & mind as long as there are fragments of our inner being that continue to be held in captivity."
There can be healthy or unhealthy walls that separate the broken fragments from the rest of the mind.
One method of ministering has the patient/client repeat something like this. 
"I've come with Jesus today to rescue you (wounded inner child) (name of person at time of trauma) from this painful existence (in this locked prison). 
I don't want to live with a divided heart. I need you to be with me in a (safe) place where you can be free from all the past pain, hurt, fear & trauma, where you will be free to be whole, healthy & happy, free to grow with Jesus."
(Note, many consider "alters" to be demons or demonic in nature. 
Nonetheless, many are coming into agreement that pieces of the mind/soul can become fragmented & taken into captivity by trauma &/or Satan & thus need to be rescued by self, others, therapy &/or God.)

Paretti, Frank - The Wounded Spirit -
Christian novelist, Paretti has dealt with years of battling the illness cystic hygroma.   

Pert, Candace B, PhD - Molecules of Emotion - publisher - -
Pert is a neuroscientist in Washington DC

Pierce, Chuck D - Time to Defeat the Devil - - Chapter 15 Breaking the Power of Vexation -
Sometimes reversing "fragmentation requires a process of recovery"...
God uses many methods including dreams to implement de-fragmentation." 
Sometimes "the enemy's goal is: to block a traumatized soul's vex...
(to block relationships with with God & others, to block) stop you from pressing through...(to steer you to) shape your world from the point of view of the incident/trauma...(in order for you to end up with) a failure mentality, a confused perspective, dullness, deadness, lost hope & apathy."
Chuck seems to indicate a belief that all 3 aspects of humanity need (ongoing) sanctification: human spirit, soul & body. 
He seems to indicate that demons/Satan clogs/interferes with the flow of the Holy Spirit & with the functioning of the human spirit.  "The soul can be wounded & fragmented.  The enemy's plan in doing this is to stop the (human) spirit from functioning properly" (with the soul in unity as 1 in alignment with God)...
If our spiritual eyes are open...the (Holy) Spirit of God can flow."

Prince, Derek - Derek Prince on Experiencing God's Power  (includes 9 books)
1 - The Holy Spirit & You
2 - God's Medicine Bottle - Speaking Scripture aloud with each meal is medicine to mind, body & spirit.
3 - God's Remedy for Rejection - "Recognize the nature of your problem & call it by its right name - rejection."
"Forgiveness is NOT an emotion; it is a decision."  Decide "to get rid of the bad fruit that rejection has produced... bitterness, resentment, hatred, & rebellion...are poison...
Receive & believe what God has already done for you. 
[God] has made us accepted in the Beloved. Ephesians 1:6 NKJV...Never criticize yourself...
Praise God out loud...Thanking God sets the seal on your release."
4 - The Marriage Covenant
5 - God's Plan for Your Money
6 - Does Your Tongue Need Healing? - God creates with His mouth. 
We are His mouthpiece.
7 - How to Fast Successfully
8 - Shaping History through Prayer & Fasting
9 -
Spiritual Warfare

Robertson, Dave - The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power
The Walk of the Spirit — The Walk of Power   
Printer Friendly Version - Book is for personal NOT commercial use.       
6/12-16/2006 radio broadcast - -
Dave Robertson Ministries, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 
Chapter 1 The Holy Spirit's Work Within tells us that God predestined each human's purpose in life & purpose in heaven.  We choose whether we want to discover & accept His plans for us...
Dave shares that praying in tongues is not only a key to mental health, but is, in fact, a master key. 
Praying often in tongues allows our private tutor the Holy Spirit to minister to our human spirit, to remove our old nature, to remove the enemy's nature & to impart His nature into us... 
(Actually what a wonderful thing to do in a mental hospital.  Any patient can cry or sing  aloud in holy tongues & accomplish more healing in 1 week than the doctors can accomplish in 1 year. 
Praying in tongues is not like medication to be taken once a day/week/month.  Rather it is like air to be consumed continually, as often as a cup of coffee, a trip to the bathroom, a ride in the car/elevator, a walk down the hall or in the park, anywhere you can be alone with God.  The apostle Paul said he would be a fool for Christ. 
The apostle Luke was a physician, but his superior was Doctor Jesus)...
Chapter 7 Praying Out the Mysteries of God's Plan encourages us to pray, "Take over, Holy Ghost (Spirit). 
My soul (thoughts/emotions/mind) has been sabotaging me lately, but I don't mind spending a day (time) with You (praying in tongues)." 
As we in determination, disregarding our negative feelings/thoughts, implement our daily practice of praying out loud (or under our breath) in tongues unknown to us, "the voice of the Holy Spirit" will become "louder than the" voice of "the enemy".  In fact, by praying in tongues, we terrorize the terrorizer.
This is the beginning of the end for our enemy/disease/infirmity. 
If attacks come against us now, we know we have the enemy on the run.
1st John 4:4
Greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world.
Chapter 12 Purged to Stand in the Gap gives us a heads up on the roadblocks Satan will use to derail us from praying in tongues. 
Praying in tongues allows the Holy Spirit to spotlight
character flaws that interfere with our maturity in God. 
Like cream in milk, these personality issues will from time to time arise, as the Holy Spirit exposes them, as we are able to deal with them with God's help. 
When they come to our attention, we must immediately repent & place them under the blood of Christ. 
Later when the enemy comes back to accuse us we can retort that they/it is forgiven & under Christ's blood, nailed to His cross. Remember.  Never, never, never omit praying in tongues.

- Ft. Worth, Texas - work with wounded warriors -
videos at

Rothschild, Jennifer - - Lessons I Learned in the Dark & Walking by Faith Bible study.
3rd DVD-based Bible study Me, Myself and Lies: A Thought Closet Makeover (2/2009, Life Way Church Resources) adapted from book, Self Talk, Soul Talk: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself (2007, Harvest House Publishers).

Rushness, Squire - When God Winks at Love - Read Excerpts - -
Esp. for those who are divorced.

Sandford, Paula - Healing for a Woman's Emotions by Paula Sandford - here read Chapter 1.
Sandford, Paula - New Life for Your Adopted Child - A guide to healing prenatal wounds.

, John L & Paula - Healing the Wounded Spirit -
Sandford, John L & Paula -
Letting Go of Your Past by John Loren and Paula Sandford - a transformation series book - here  read Chapter 1. or chapter 1 Growing Up - Again - In Christ - Chapter 1 insists that there should be NO role reversals in child parent relationships (perhaps excepting emergencies/crisis). 
Role reversal is often a method of entrapment & abuse, especially by the parent of the child.  Manipulation needs to be rebuffed, but with Emily Post manners.  One is rarely qualified to parent spiritual children if he/she has not yet properly parented & weaned his/her own physical children.  Spiritual mentors need oversight/ accountability. 
Spiritual children need to learn: to (eventually) cut the umbilical cord of the mentor, to be increasingly dependent upon the Lord & to regularly fellowship with a safe spiritual family/church.
Sandford, John L & Paula - Life Transformed by John Loren Sandford and R. Loren Sandford - here: Chapter 1.
Sandford, John L & Paula - Transforming the Inner Man from The Transformation Series - Chapter 8 - Bitter-Root Judgment and Expectancy - - Authors share that although one may eventually recognize cause & effect, until one can with the assistance of the Holy Spirit repent for such root causes, one is likely to be held emotionally & spiritually captive in his/her dilemma. 
Most blame the offender rather than one's reaction to the offense. 
That is key, for the spiritual law in large part pertains to our heart's reaction rather than to the bad guy or situation...
Thus like many of the Old Testament heroes, we need to repent for both others' & our wrong/immature/evil responses & to nail pre-judgment & bitterness to Christ's cross, & leave them there. 
Only then can the evil seeds & roots be eradicated & replaced with emotional & spiritual health in those affected areas...
It is also the beginning of freedom from evil circumstances, as Satan has begin to lose any legal rights in that area of our lives.
Sandford, Paula - 2012 obituary - -
(Lord, how can it be that such a rare hero as Paula should contend 7 years with Alzheimer's? 
Was it what she was less aware of deliverance issues, spiritual mapping, issues involving demonic territorial strongholds &/or covens coming against God's kids?  Lord, help us to be teachable.  In Jesus' name we pray.)
Sandford, John L & Paula - 
(One may want or need to substitute word soul or soul layer for spirit.)
Sandford, John L & Paula -
Sandford, John L & Paula -
Sandford, John L & Paula -
Sandford, John L & Paula -
John L & Paula Sandford are co-founders of Elijah House, Inc., an international ministry established in 1974 in response to the Lord’s calling in Malachi 4:5-6 and Matthew 17:11.
Sandford, John L & Paula - The Elijah Task by John Loren and Paula Sandford - here read Chapter 1.

, Agnes - The Healing Gifts of the Spirit - Harper & Row

David A. Seamands - Healing for Damaged Emotions - - "Whether through our own fallen temperament, willful disobedience, or as victims of the hurtful actions of others, many of us struggle with crippling emotions, among them perfectionism, depression, & low self-worth.
The pain of such emotions is often present with us even though the incidents & relationships that caused the hurt may be long past...Through the realistic, scriptural approach...
Dr. David Seamands brings to this deeply personal subject, you too can find healing, & then become an agent of healing for other strugglers."
Seamands, David A. - DOD 7/31/2006 - Healing of Memories - critic of Seamands - -
Please invite Holy Spirit to give us discernment of evaluator's evaluation.
David Seamands, author, scholar & leader in evangelical renewal movements within the United Methodist Church was born in India to Methodist missionary parents & spent much of his boyhood there.
He graduated from
Asbury College, Drew Theological Seminary & the Hartford Seminary Foundation.
He also received honorary degrees from both Asbury College and
Asbury Theological Seminary.
He & his wife, Helen, served as United Methodist missionaries in India from 1946 until 1962.

Shlemon, Barbara - Healing the Hidden Self - Ave Maria Press

Shields, Brooke - Down Came the Rain - My Journey Through Postpartum Depression - secular autobiography -

Perry Stone - chapter 1 How Satan Selects His Victims - - "Cruel words, sexual abuse, anger, & other physical & emotional weapons crate a hole in the emotions of a person.  As the neglect, abuse & sexual sins continue, more holes are punched in the emotions, & the previous holes become bigger & bigger.  Eventually a person feels so unclean inside, so unworthy & rejected, that he or she seeks affirmation through prostitution, a gay lifestyle, or even dull his or her emotions & thus feels better, when he or she is high...
Hurting individuals become attracted to other individuals who are experiencing the same form of pain. 
They team up with other wounded people...
They give themselves over to another person, thinking that it will fill the void...
The holes in our souls must be sealed off before wholeness can occur. 
The more (Swiss cheese) holes in our souls, the more prayer & seeking God it takes to seal up the leaky emotions...
Repenting of our sins & placing our faith in Christ bring not only deliverance from our bondages, but also wholeness to our inner soul" (the beginning of life long healing & fellowship with the Trinity).

Sudduth, William - So Free - Chapter 9 Emotional Wounding - - "Tragedies & transitions are other times when doors are opened in our lives to the demonic, because of emotional wounding...
We start to believe the lies of the enemy that our lives are over, lies like, 'I will never have a normal life' or 'It is my fault that this or that took place.'"

Swindoll, Charles R - Dropping Your Guard - workbook -
Reformation theology Insight for Living Ministries, Fullerton, California, USA -

Tapscott, Betty - Healing through Healing of Memories - Hunter Books

Walls, Jeanette - The Glass Castle - -
Secular autobiography - Tale of rags to riches.

Walters, Kathie - Health Related Mindsets - - Booklet shares many potential mindsets that may trigger diseases plus some unique demonic spirits that may be root causes. -
"We have believed may lies which the Devil has thrown our way." 
"Heartache can also be caused by a spirit that 'sits' on someone & keeps them from receiving healing. 
Grief, anger, jealousy, control etc., can all be caused by spirits (of the same name). 
So to pray for someone to be healed is NOT enough; you have to get rid of the demonic spirit."
Walters, Kathie - Spirit of False Judgment -

hapter 12
- The Button  "Re: personal hurts and wounds, we individually have a responsibility to get healed...In my experience, healing is linked to forgiveness. 
We have to forgive.  Tthen healing will come.  Forgiveness is NOT a feeling, its an act we make by faith. 
Don't afterwards let the devil tempt you to receive those negative feelings of unforgiveness back again...
Take authority over them (negative feelings) in the name of Jesus.  Command them to leave"...
"'Diseases' in our hearts, resentment, unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, etc. quench the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives...
If we are not moving in the (Holy) Spirit, he (Satan) is not a bit afraid of us."  Rather Satan's goal is for us to be out of sorts/ afraid/discontent/a hindrance to the workings of the Holy Spirit/deaf to the voice of God.

White, Joe - Over the Edge and Back - True Stories of 40 Teens Who Became Winners in Life's Toughest Battles - Questar Publishers

Wommack, Andrew - or CD - - "The Word says that sin is conceived in our emotions.
If that is true, then the Word must also give us a way to harness our emotions."
Chapter 4 The 2 Fold Failure of Psychology - " (well as) Christianity...tries to change people's emotions & action by changing the way they think...
Psychology may diagnose the situation (symptoms) properly...
(However) psychology actually leads people away from dependence upon God & into (doctor/drug/&) self-dependence... God did NOT intend for man to operate independently of Him & His supernatural ability." 
A high "% of all emotional problems are guilt-driven."  (Replacing the Rabbi, the Catholic priest in the confessional, the sacraments of communion, and Jesus Christ our forgiver, intercessor & Savior) the psychologist often: tries "to absolve the patient of guilt" or tries to transfer the blame onto another individual or situation (the way the goat took one's sins away in the Old Testament).
John 15:5  Jesus said, 'Without Me ye can do NO thing.' that is good or pleasing to God.
Chapter 5 A New Person - "If we can take a pill to numb ourselves and get rid of our depression & discouragement, something's wrong.  We either need to get our bodies healed or our thinking straight."
Conclusion - The bottom line according to Wommack is for us to repent to God for our (venial & mortal) sins & ask His son Jesus to be our Savior (plus to ask Jesus to baptize us with His Holy Spirit, Who once He is inside of us, can begin to mend us head to toe).

Wright, Henry - A More Excellent Way  - - Georgia, USA

Zadai, Kevin L @ - Edited Excerpt -
"When I was in Heaven, Jesus told me that the #1 way that you can participate in the supernatural & overcome this world is by praying in the Spirit (praying in tongues) continually. I know this is controversial to some people, but Paul prayed in tongues. The Bible never says to stop praying in tongues. Since the beginning of the Christian dispensation until now, nothing has changed, & is not over yet. The things of this age of the church have not ceased & are still in operation. The (Holy) Spirit of God supernaturally wants to pray a heavenly language through you. You need to yield to the Holy Spirit & allow your discernment to go to a higher level. Many things people believe are incorrect. A lot of people do not want to be deceived. 1 reason for wrong belief is a lack of understanding of God’s Word. God’s Word sharpens what you believe. Then the Spirit of God sides with the Word of God & manifests in power in your life. When you pray in the Spirit, you are building up your spiritual life.  Your inner man gets stronger & stronger. Then 1 day, an overthrow happens in your inner man.
When it happens, it is Satan who becomes the victim instead of you. You are no longer a victim when your mind, will, & emotions are no longer allowed to have a loud voice in your life anymore. Your (soul) mind, will & emotions have worked against you, but they are not allowed to vote against you anymore. Many people are moving in the wrong direction because they are opposing themselves. To build up your spiritual life so you don’t oppose yourself, you need to meditate on the Word of God. I recommend that you begin with 10 minutes a day meditating on a small portion of Scripture. Along with this, you must pray in the Spirit, beginning with 10 minutes a day. After a while, you should begin to build up from there, meditating longer as you grow more mature. Then build up yourself to where you can pray for at least 1 hour a day. This is how you build up yourself in the knowledge of God & renew your (soul:) mind, will, & emotions. When you pray in  the Spirit, you are praying in the power of God. You are building up yourself in your most holy faith & staying in the love of God (see Jude 1:20). These 2 things we’ve talked about: meditating in the Word for 10 minutes & praying in tongues for 10 minutes, will help you grow & mature exponentially. Make a plan to begin with these 20 minutes each day. Eventually, add 10 minutes on to it, to pray for others. If you do this, you will see such a turnaround in your life. I cannot wait to see what the Lord does through you. The spirit is willing. 
The flesh is weak (see Matthew 26:41).
Remember that the power that raised Jesus from the dead is dwelling in you (see Romans 8:11). 
That power is in our (human born-again) spirit. Our soul: mind, will & emotions will need to be turned & changed.
But there is an overthrow that will happen. Your spirit will get so strong it stands up & boldly starts to speak (refute/contest/overrule your weak soul). That is when our soul has to step back & be submissive. 
That is what you want. You need to pray in the Spirit, meditate on the Word of God & not let your mind or emotions bother (boss/rule/bully) you."

(Praying in tongues contributes to Holy Spirit's ability to heal/remove/reverse soul trauma/wounds.)
Zadai, Kevin @ -
"There is this war going on with our personalities. The bottom line is if you are a (born-again, water & Holy Spirit baptized) Christian, then when a demon spirit leaves, they were not in your spirit.  They were in your (soul:) mind, will, & emotions. If you had a disease in your body, then they were in your body.
When those demons (evil spirits that remained after the flood) are driven out, & the curse is broken, that person no longer has the traits of the demon in their personality.
They lose the characteristics of their personality because it was never theirs; it was the personality of the entity that was trying to dominate them. Satan wants to discredit you because he cannot stop you."

                                                             Articles - Periodicals - Transcripts
Above & Beyond Counseling, Clearwater & Tampa, Florida, USA

Boggs, Denise @ 11/3/2019
Boggs, Denise @  4/5/2019 @
Boggs, Denise @ 12/4/2018 - " In Psalm 107:20, the Psalmist David writes that He sent His Word to heal us. I took it literally & spent hours every day in the Word. It was during 2 years in a swing that I discovered God’s love will heal the broken hearted & bring life back into dead hearts & marriages...As the days turned into weeks, I realized I was becoming saturated with the fullness of God’s love that I really wasn’t needy any more (attempting to get mate/family/others to meed my unmet past needs). I wasn’t getting my feelings hurt when my husband didn’t notice me. I wasn’t hurt if a friend didn’t call or my kids didn’t act excited about dinner. I was absolutely ok, & even if my husband was upset about something, I wasn’t affected. His issue didn’t pertain to me, his problems were not mine to fix.  I was not defined by what people thought about me. The river of God’s love was what defined & gave me the strength to walk alongside my husband, as he has worked through his own healing. It was a long process but today we enjoy a life together that would not be possible had healing not taken place between us" (but mainly in each of us as we allowed Father God to meet those needy places of our past be healed/filled by Him).

Care Notes - Learning to Cope in These Anxious Times - - Patrice J Tuohy gives Symptoms of Inner Peace - Spontaneity, ability to enjoy each moment, less tendency to interpret/judge others/self, less reverting to conflict/worry, frequent episodes of joy/appreciation/smiling/love, less controlling.

Clark Dennis & Jennifer - - "We have not 2 but 2 brains, a thinking brain in our head & an emotional brain in our gut*. In early embryonic development a band of neural tissue divides & forms 2 separate & independent nervous systems: the central nervous system (CNS) & the recently discovered enteric nervous system (ENS) comprised of nerve cells that line the esophagus, stomach, intestines, & bowel**. The thinking brain doesn’t relay information to the gut, however. The brain in our gut tells the brain in our head how we feel. Have you ever heard bad news & felt 'sick' in your gut? Had a gut hunch? Listened to your heart instead of your head? Now you know why...
Our emotional heart is centered in the gut."

Connell, Karen -

Cox, Paul - on emotions 6/25/2013 - "I was given a copy of Molecules of Emotion by Candice B Pert, a medical doctor/researcher with the National Institute of Health.
She states: 'The 1st component of the molecules of emotion is a molecule found on the surface of the cell in the body & brain called the opiate receptor. The term receptor was used to refer to this hypothetical body component which allowed the drug to attach itself & thereby, in some mystical way, initiate a cascade of physiological changes. The more flexible molecules respond to chemical clues by vibrating. They wiggle, shimmy & even hum as they change from 1 shape to another, often moving back and forth between 2-3 favorite shapes or conformations. In the organism they are always found attached to a cell floating on the surface, oily outer boundary, or membrane. Receptors have roots enmeshed in the fluid membrane, snaking back & forth across it several times, & reaching deep into the interior of the cell. Basically, receptors function as sensing molecule scanners. Just as our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, fingers, & skin act as sensor organs, so to do the receptors only on a cellular level. They hover in the membranes of your cells, dancing & vibrating, waiting to pick up messages carried by other vibrating little creatures also made out of amino acids which come cruising along, perfusing the fluid surrounding the cell. We like to describe these receptors as keyholes, although that is not altogether a precise term for something that is constantly moving & dancing in an erratic, vibrating way.' 
What is it that flows between us all, linking & communicating, coordinating & integrating our many points?
It’s the emotions. The emotions are the (feeling & chemical) connectors flowing between individuals, moving among us as empathy, compassion, sorrow & joy. I believe that the receptors on our cells even vibrate in response to the extra corporal peptide reaching, a phenomena that is analogous to the strings of a rusting violin resonating when another violin’s strings are played.  That’s called resonance.
You can strum
a guitar in the key of C & another guitar will start vibrating in the same key.
Dr. Pert is saying that we are so connected that we affect each other, but that there’s also something outside all of us that is affecting us. 
We call this emotional resonance, & it is a scientific fact that we can feel what others feel.
The oneness of all life is based on this simple reality: the molecules of emotion are all vibrating together...[keeping in mind that we have 3 parts (mental, physical & spiritual), each having emotions.]

DeGraw, Katahy - Grandville, Michigan - or - 2019-05-10 (edited)
I remember my assistant coming to me once & saying, "I am frustrated with: this"
She told me for the past 3 days how she was experiencing frustration in every area of her life.
She said, "I don't know what is going on."  It was making her mad, upset & of course, frustrated.
I replied to my assistant that this was a spirit of frustration attacking her.
Identifying a demonic spirit & strongman that is trying to infiltrate your life & cause you spiritual warfare can be quite easy.
As my friend was speaking out the word "frustration" in multiple sentences, I could identify a spirit of frustration was trying to wreak havoc in her life. One of the fastest ways to combat the demonic realm is to listen to the words you are speaking out or the feelings you are experiencing. What do they have in common? What seems to be repetitious or a commonality?
In my friend's case, she was speaking out the word "frustration" so much in our short conversation I could easily identify what was attacking her. Recognizing the demonic spirit attacking you is important so that you know how to pray against it & you know how not to give into it. Part of rebuking the devil is taking authority & control over our actions & not giving into reactions as a result of the spiritual warfare we are receiving.  How do we combat the spirit attacking us:

  1. Recognize and identify if it is a demonic spirit or a behavior pattern or character trait.
    Can you control the feeling?
    Does it seem to be insurmountable?
    Does it lure you into constantly thinking about it?
    Is it overwhelming you, making you feel defeated & out of control
  2. Don't give into it.
    When you feel a negative emotion, choose to rise above the situation, choose joy and happiness & defeat the strong unproductive feelings coming against you. 
    Choose to be disciplined & conquer your emotions.
    Don't allow people or spiritual warfare to bring you down; rise up.
    When we don't rise above the situation, we are giving the spirit a legal right to attack us because we are doing nothing about it to be victorious
    .  Rebuke the demon, which means take authority over it.
    Say out loud, "In Jesus' name, I command the demonic spirit of
    (insert spirit's - name or emotion/ feeling or nature) to leave me. I call off your (illegal/immoral) attack & assignment against my life.
    I am covered and protected by the blood of the Lamb."
  3. (I commission & command my army host to bind & place you under Jesus' feet.)"

We can easily identify spirits such as frustration, irritability, unworthiness, insecurity, shame & other demonic spirits that are continually infiltrating our mind & getting us focused on cycling through the same unproductive thoughts.
As you hear in your mind, speak out of your mouth or experience the same things, don't set yourself in a defeat mentality that this is happening again. Instead, rise up and be a victor knowing that you have just identified that which is plaguing you. Take authority over it, rebuke it & know that you are (beginning a new habit to be) an overcomer, because Jesus (already) conquered the devil so you can have abundant life. Receive more self-deliverance, freedom from demonic bondage & spiritual warfare insights in my book, Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan.

Degraw, Kathy - - (edited) -
Lord shared this prophetic word:
There is a law of establishment. What do you want to establish in this hour?
The Lord says to release it, release with your words what you want to establish with your words. 
The Lord says, 'My people have been silent, thinking they can establish in their minds, but out of the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks' (Luke 6:45).
God says to speak ­ speak out
(loud). Decree a thing & it will be established! You will also declare a matter, & it will be established unto you; & the light will shine upon your ways - Job 22:28.
The Lord says, 'What are you establishing with your words? 
Even more, what are you establishing with My words?
I have given you a book, the Bible, full of words to establish with.
My Word is full of healing, deliverance, trust, hope, & prosperity.
My written Word I have given you to establish whatever you need.
My written Word produces prophetic action, a shift & change in the spirit realm which leads to action.
It unlocks things. It unlocks tools, revelation, & equipment you need to move spiritually forward.
The time is now to unlock your destiny. I am your life source. Speak life...hope. Decree. Declare.
Now is the time! Now is the season. I have set you apart.  You are a chosen people, a chosen generation.
Now go & establish what I have called you to do:  raise the dead, heal the sick, & cast out demons.
I have plans & purposes beyond your control, but I need you to step out & not be afraid.  No intimidation.
Come forth with boldness & truth.  Establish what I have called you to, before time even began. 
You will begin to see the world change in unprecedented ways
(Merriam-Webster defines 'unprecedented' as, 'not done or experienced before.')

Prayer: Father God, we seal this prophetic word in & call it forth according to Your will & Word.
Have Your way, Father.
Your assignment. Release angels on assignment. Help us to be bold, to speak out, & to establish in the spirit realm. Convict us, Holy Spirit, to break off passivity and complacency. 
I rise up, pray & declare that You will manifests in our lives.
I bind & restrict any of the enemy's attacks...warfare..or attempting to steal, kill & Jesus' name. Amen."

, Kathy - - The Lord says, "Activate it (our voice).  Fight against what has been fighting against you: (the python spirit). War. Declare. Release.
Bind & restrict the devil in your life.  Get up and fight.
The Vaults of Heaven Are Opening -
He is opening the vaults of Heaven. He is getting ready to pour out upon you. He revealed that prayerlessness has interrupted our connection to the heavenly Father, but God is getting ready to raise up diligent intercessors & prayer warriors to tear down the walls of destruction built against His Believers.The Lord says, "Break agreement with the demonic attacks of the python spirit operating over & through your life. Don't settle for the laziness, complacency, passivity & slothfulness that the enemy has sent against you.  Fight against it! Rise up & fight against it.
Break agreement with that
which you have entertained that is unfruitful & unproductive to My Kingdom. Repent. Break agreement with that which holds you back from the fullness of God.
Break agreement
with it, I say.  Break agreement with it. 
(4x) Take hold of that which took hold of you. Receive the release & increase to have the ambition to persevere & pray. Co-labor with the Holy Spirit through worship to receive the impartation I have for you. Receive (2x) what I have, because it is a season of increase & release. (2x) The heavens are open, & the gifts & prophecies are being poured out from the vault of Heaven."

Degraw, Kathy - edited -DECLARE – Pray through declaring prayer. Speak out & declare out your prayers. 
Bind & restrict the enemy. Take authority in the spiritual realm & make sure the devil knows you mean business. (I declared over my child’s room 4 times.  Then I saw dramatic change.  Read about it in
SPEAK OUT.) PRAY OVER THEIR POSSESSIONS! Anoint their bedroom, vehicle & possessions with anointing oil.
Pray over their food while you prepare it & their clothes while you fold the laundry.
Pray & speak out loud into the atmosphere of their bedroom or vehicle. 
Anoint their clothes, bed, toothbrush, whatever you can get your hands on & claim & call them back to the Lord.  PROPHESY IT. – Prophesy their destiny into the atmosphere.
Speak & declare they are a world changer & will impact nations. 
Speak into the spiritual realm that the devil will not have your child, but that they will be set on fire for the Lord.  Speak, declare & prophesy what you want to see happen, not in a controlling or manipulative way, but according to the word of the Lord. (Demonic addictions/oppression often get a foothold via our emotions; as we repent we can bind the wrong emotion, evict it, close the door that allowed entry, replace with God's emotion, in Jesus' name, by His power. 
Then we can claim His victory on the cross, which is not our victory, but His, as we DAILY apply His blood & the resurrection power of His Holy Spirit.  It is OK to be dead/helpless, as He is our help, our resurrection power. 
We do NOT need to pull ourselves up by our own boot straps, as that would be our pride & self-sufficiency. 
As we believe & receive He is able to perform, to rehabilitate us & develop our spiritual muscle, especially that of our heart)...
Ungodly Spirits (Families) - Spirit of infirmity or weakness (Luke 13:11), Spirit of Antichrist (I John 4:3), Spirit of fear (II Tim. 1:7), Deaf spirit (Mark 9:25), Perverse spirit (Isa. 19:14), Dumb spirit (Mark 9:25), Sorrowful spirit (I Sam. 1:15), Blind spirit (Matt. 9:27), Spirit of slumber (Rom. 11:8), Foul spirit (Mark 9:25; Rev. 18:2), Spirit of whoredoms (Hos. 5:4), Unclean spirit (Matt. 14:43; Mark 1:23, 26; 3:30; 5:2,8, 7:25), Destroying spirit (Deut. 13:15), Evil spirit (Judges 9:23; I Sam. 16:14-16, 23; 18:10; 19:9), Spirit of divination (Acts 16:16), Another spirit (II Cor. 11:4), Spirit of bondage (Rom. 8:15), Hasty of spirit (Prov. 14:29), Spirit of error (I John 4:6), Haughty spirit (Prov. 16:18), Spirit of false doctrines (Ex. 23:1; Matt. 16:12), Perverse spirit (Isa. 19:14), Spirit of jealousy (Num. 5:14), Seducing spirits (I Tim. 4:1), Sad spirit (I Kings 21:5), Jealous spirit (Num. 5:14, 30), Wounded spirit (Prov. 18:14), Lying spirit (I Kings 22:22-23; II Ch. 18:21-22), Proud in spirit (Ecc. 7:8), Spirit of burning (Isa. 4:4), Familiar spirit (Lev. 20:27; I Sam. 28:7-8; I Ch. 10:13; II Ch. 33:6), Spirit of Egypt (Isa. 19:3), Spirit of heaviness (Isa. 61:3), Spirit of unclean devil (Luke 4:33), Spirit of the world (I Cor. 2:12)...
Godly Spirits - Spirit of Wisdom (Ex. 28:3), Poor in spirit (Matt. 5:3), Spirit of God (Gen. 1:2), Spirit of your father (Matt. 10:20), Spirit of the Lord (Jud. 3:10), Strong in spirit (Luke 1:30), Right spirit (Psalm 51:10), Spirit of truth (John 14:17), Holy Spirit (Psalm 51:11), Spirit of life (Rom. 8:2), Broken spirit (Psalm 51:17), Spirit of adoption (Rom. 8:15), Spirit of princes (Psalm 76:12), Fervent in spirit (Rom. 12:11), Faithful spirit (Prov. 11:13), Spirit of meekness (I Cor. 4:21), Humble spirit (Prov. 16:19), Spirit of faith (II Cor. 4:13), Excellent spirit (Prov. 17:27), Spirit of Jesus Christ (Phil. 1:19), Spirit of man (Prov. 20:27), Eternal spirit (Heb. 9:14), Patient in spirit (Ecc. 7:8), Meek and quiet spirit (I Pet. 3:4), Spirit of the ruler (Ecc. 10:4), Spirit of glory (I Pet. 4:14), Spirit of judgment (Isa. 4:4), Spirit of prophecy (Rev. 19:10), Spirit of understanding (Is. 11:2), Spirit of Elijah (II Kings 2:15), Spirit of counsel/might (Is. 11:2), Contrite spirit (Psalm 34:18), Spirit of knowledge (Is. 11:2), Good spirit (Psalm 143:10), New spirit (Ezek. 11:19), Spirit of deep sleep (Isa. 29:10), Spirit of holy gods (Dan. 4:8), Spirit of living creature, (Ez. 1:20), Spirit of grace and supplication (Zec. 12:10), Spirit of holiness (Rom. 1:4), Spirit of Christ (Rom. 8:9), Spirit of grace (Heb. 10:29), Quickening spirit (I Cor. 15:45, Free spirit (Psalm 51:12)

, Gregory - Editorials -

Editorial by Mitch Albom The painful secret that millions hide: I Cannot Read -
Jacques Demers won the Stanley cup in 1993, but still held a secret, that he could not read.  His autobiography in French is in Mario Leclerc's Jacques Demers en Toutes Lettres Jacques both experienced & witnessed family violence which contributed to his inability to read. He daily attempts to learn 5 new words a day & is making good progress towards his goal of reading his recent autobiography. 2/12/2006 - (2nd opinion) -
"Arrested development manifests in the person to keep their/victim's understanding at age 0-10.
Such persons are (seem to be) unable to learn from experience.
Arrested development
has a 10 year old cousin called Chronic offender...
A related spirit too is anorexia nervosa which causes anorexia between ages: 0-8.
(Perhaps/sometimes) the girl doesn't want to grow up, have a period & face the responsibilities of life and the world... Arrested development (evil/interfering/oppressing) spirits operate in the (soul:) mind, (will & emotions).
As believers we are to take the authority of Jesus Christ & cut across the network of demonic communication (internal thoughts/voices) giving the wrong signals to our mind, will & emotions. As we (recognize/resist/repent-of/renounce/reject &) receive deliverance from these spirits, we can be free of their influence and bondage. Arrested development demons are a grouping of demons recently exposed in deliverance prayers...
By the world's standards most psychiatrists would diagnose arrested development as a mental disease & prescribe medication & therapy.   I Corinthians 13:11 scripture says, When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 
Parents have the responsibility of allowing (& empowering) their children to grow up (emotionally & socially)."
Editorial by Pastor Rudy LeBlanc, America’s House of Prayer in Northridge, California.

Evans, Jimmy - Finding Freedom From Your Past @
Evans, Jimmy - Five Emotional Facts of Life + God Redeems Your Scars

Ferrell, Ana Mendez and Emerson 9/2010 Ministry Letter book excerpt Immersed in Him "Desire is the most addictive emotion in our bodies...
Images or imaginations are chemical sensations stored in the mind's frontal lobe."
Important editorial on internet 10/2010
recommended read

Grady, Lee - - How to Guard Your Heart From Bitterness by Lee Grady

- - 1/12/2010 -
"Thoughts plant a seed but they do not immediately motivate us like emotions do. 
Emotions spur our actions, emotions spur our responses & emotions even accelerate our thoughts.
I do not believe that the church has effectively dealt with this issue in depth so that the child of God is able to walk in victory.  1 of the reasons that the child of God is not able to walk in victory over their emotions is because they have not been brought to the place of accountability concerning their emotions & victory only comes by becoming responsible for your emotions...
Most people feel that their emotions are the cause of a chemical reaction or imbalance & because it is a chemical reaction they need a chemical to control the chemical reaction, so they take medication, they go to therapy, they go to a psychiatrist or a Christian counselor, they go every where but where they need to go & that is to themselves to bring there emotions under control through the word of God (which is the strongest medicine of Dr. Jesus)... Sin is conceived (born/takes root/originates/begins to grow) in your emotions.

Gruver, Henry - - Full - 7/22/2015 @ Stephanie J Yeager -
Henry Gruver's book, "Cross Wise: Don't Take it Personally," Audio book Follow along, or read original @ Music by Benny Hinn Ministries.
Gruver, Henry - Battling Against Evil 7/24/2012 (Deliverance) AUDIO. - Remitting of Past Ancestral Sins/Iniquities not yet under Jesus' blood @ @ JordanBenJudah - Point: N, S, E, W.  We curse all demonic serpents in name of Lord Jesus Christ & break all death covenants/agreements/unfruitful evil fetishes with works of darkness over this land (and occupants). Be permanently broken in the name & power of the shed blood, spirit, mind & body of Jesus Christ.11.9.2018


Hayes, Dave – 5/28/2018 Praying Medic -
DAVE: If you pray over people, you'll get to where about 80% of the people that you pray for will get healed.
But there are some conditions. Autoimmune is a common one, that people have a really difficult time getting success and getting them healed. I was asking the Lord, how do I get that other 20% healed. 
The Lord started teaching me about emotional healing, emotional trauma, and the roots of all that.
Because I worked in an ambulance, I don't have time to do a 2-hour healing session on emotional healing in the ambulance. He had to give me something that was very simple & fast.

: When I interview people who need healing I say, "Have you received a lot of Prayer already?" 
If they say yes, I immediately go to emotional healing because it's not power, it's not authority, it's usually emotional trauma.
When I get them healed of the emotional trauma the physical symptoms that are there, will usually go. 
Here's what you do.  
DAVE1st Think about the event in your life that when you think about it, it brings up the most negative emotions: shame or guilt, anger or whatever the emotion is.
nd Identify (name) the emotions you're feeling.  
rd Ask Jesus to take those emotions from you.
th Ask Him to heal the wound in your soul. 
th Tell him you receive his healing.
th Then, wait a minute.
th Think of that same event again.
th Identify what negative emotions you feel, whether it's shame or guilt, or hatred, or whatever.
th (Repeat) again. Ask Jesus to take the emotions.  Ask Him to heal the wound in your soul. 
Tell Him you receive His healing. Keep doing that until you recall that event & there are no negative emotions, when you will be healed of the trauma of that event.  You'll never feel those (negative) emotions again. 
(If you do just repeat again.  Sometimes the enemy will test our resolve & alignment with God’s word.)

: (In Jesus’ name and resurrection power),
I command every spirit of pain to leave you.  I command ligaments and bones, nerves, tendons, disks be healed.
All infirmity, (all) inflammation, I command you to leave.
I command all sickness and disease to leave this person now.
I speak health over you. Lord, bring your Glory upon them.

: Knowing God (personally & intimately) is everything.
Not knowing God is nothing. You will only know God if you tell God you're sorry for your sins & (if) you believe Jesus has washed your sins away.  Then ask Jesus to live inside of you and be your Lord (& Holy Spirit baptizer).
If you've never done this, you've never done anything (significant towards your purpose for existing on this earth).
Hayes, Dave – -

Hormann, Dr Aiko - - - edited -
"Would you give more insight into the importance of massaging the tail-bone (coccyx)?"
Answer: "
In the tailbone area, all the nerves are congregated at very tip of the tailbone, just like the Solar-plexus, where all the nerves are congregated.
So its very important to eliminate any accumulated toxins from negative emotions like fear, anger...
In the spirit, you can pull out fiery darts.
Switching from the Solar-plexus to the belly button is very effective
When it comes to Coccyx - just massage it.
Example: A lady with many things wrong with her, had her husband help her do it at least 2-3 times a day, massaging her tailbone, & within a month she was totally healed of all kinds of problems."

"Remember the diagram of the spine? Touch the end of the tailbone (coccyx) with 1 hand & with the other hand touch the corresponding organ you want to be healed. You sandwich that between the lungs or heart, etc. Determine which organ corresponds to which part of the spine & you sandwich it between the 2 points so that the energy flows between each point.
You do the massaging in the Coccyx area only & you get the benefit in that particular part of the spine which correspond to the organ.  So all the energy and stimulation will go to that particular spot."
Brain stems are also very important to be healed, as I showed you in the Seminar.
Check yourself if you have the tendency of having your head too forward.

about the miracle of a 3 yr. old boy:
"The parents of this boy took him to all kinds of specialists & to different kind of doctors. 
They could not figure out why he wasn't speaking and walking.
The worst part was when they put the boy on his feet, he will collapse like a rag doll and could not even stay up.
The parents asked me to look at the boy. His head was way too far forward.
The Lord impressed upon me there was too much strain on the brain stem & that caused lots of problem, especially with the legs & muscles & speech problem. I asked permission from the parents to lift his head.
Then I put both palms (padded part) under his jaw line and pulled back, as I showed you in the Seminar. 
The boy started to scream, but I did the procedure at least several times, with the parent's permission.
By the 20th time, the boy stopped screaming, smiled and said, 'mama', 'dada', the boy's 1st speech. 
I continued to minister to the boy & more progress was observed.
By next day, the parents reported back that the boy had started to stand on his own, walk & speak. 
The brain stem pressure is so important to eliminate to bring the normal connection from the brain to the rest of the body.

Jacobs, Cindy -
“Do you know the Lord loves dreaming? The Lord loves people who have audacious dreams.
When I was a 9-year-old girl, the Lord called me to preach the gospel.
I could not imagine Him setting up the dominoes that would be the pattern of my life today, the way He would suddenly touch my life & extravagant favor would break out in my 30’s - extravagant favor to take me to new places. But I had to cooperate.  I had to do my part. 
I had to be prayed up, I had to have my character developed, I had to be strong emotionally.
1 time, in my 20’s, I literally had an emotional breakdown
But I had to get out of that, and the Lord showed me how to do that.
I began to study and began to reach for Him, so God trained my emotions.
God trained my mental capacities to be able to have a worldwide ministry…
The Lord says, ‘I'm in the ‘suddenlies’. Remember, when I was born. 
Doesn't my Word say, ‘Suddenly there appeared unto them angels singing & glorifying God’?
People had waited a long time for My coming, & then suddenly I came.’ 
So be encouraged & understand that the Lord has that “suddenly” for you. You stay the course.
God will be the One to put His finger on the first domino.  It's all going to make sense. God bless you.” - My Inner Healing Experiences-Healing The Broken Hearted

Kerr, Kat - - [The soul consists of 3 contents: will, mind, & emotions. 
The will is the center core, whereas the layers revolve around the will, & perhaps pertain in large degree to the emotions.  Sometimes, the greater the emotional response/volatility/expressiveness the more the layers.] - Quotes

Lake, John -
Paul%20Keith/JohnGLakeDec2012.htm&page=Articles - "
Grief will ultimately lead to bitterness & bitterness will defile.
Consequently, it is essential we allow Holy Spirit to thoroughly consecrate & sanctify our soul, mind & emotions i
n order to become the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit."

Larson, Bob -
Meet-exorcist-schoolgirls-spend-time-casting-demons-worldwide.html#ixzz1VE9rEvbS -

"There are 2 parts to an exorcism. Firstly, you must deal with inner healing,
to get rid of traumatic experiences from our childhood & beyond & 2nd, deliverance from demons."
Read more:

Leight, Ray with Addiston, Doug
Leight, Ray @
Leight, Ray @ MD, USA
Leight, Ray @ - 4/14/2019 video

Lewis, Tiffany A - Shame and Regret Rob Us of Rest By Tiffany Ann Lewis - 11/2013

MacNutt, Francis & Judith - Emotional History @
- Fla, USA
MacNutt, Francis & Judith
@ -
MacNutt, Judith
- Biography - -
MacNutt, Francis & Judith
- Healing Schools -

Maria de Lange, Susanna Francina - - Chapter 4 INIQUITY -
4.3.5 THE DWELLINGS (mental structures) of INIQUITY/EVIL DERIVING from the FLESH -
"The earth is full of people who spend much time in '
places of wickedness/iniquity (evil)'.
Man’s behavior is a reflection of his spiritual dwelling place. 
If it is with God it will produce holy heavenly patterns.
If his dwelling is with evil, it will produce patterns of wickedness & iniquity.
Amanda Buys *105 justly defined in the area of demonic structures/strongholds deriving from patterns & structures of lies coming from insecurity, we argue favorably to the following areas (Thought DWELLINGS of): fear, affliction, illness, scarcity & poverty, Religious & Babylonian, Cultural, stress, unbelief, pride & egocentrism, neglect, addiction, rejection, destructive habits, lust (&/or) complacency."  [*105 Buys, Amanda. Soul Care School (Course I, II, III). Panoroma, Cape Town, Africa ]

, Art - Anchorage, Alaska -    

Meyer, Joyce @ Emotions -

Mohr, Greg - blog -
, Greg - - edited -
"It seems the enemy uses the 'pile up' method to attempt to move us off our assigned place in the kingdom.
The only thing that kept us sane during the emotional, financial, & relationship pressures we faced was daily, intimate time with Jesus & our relationships with close kingdom friends & mentors.
Our relationship with Pastor Bob & Joy Nichols, of Calvary Cathedral in Ft. Worth, Texas was a special lifeline for us during this time...While I was thinking about these (personal & ministry tumultuous) events for the 'umpteenth' time 1 day, I began to unintentionally defend myself to myself regarding all unfounded (distorted/delusional) accusations former friends had brought against me.
I then began to bring these things before the Lord.
Immediately I heard God clearly question me, 'Whose father is speaking these things about you?'
I responded with, “What do you mean, Lord?” To which He answered, 'It’s not Me who is saying these things of you, so it is not necessary for you to respond to them. They are not true of you.'” 
(Daily/consistently/often/regularly) come to Me all you who labor & are heavy laden, I will give you rest.
Take My yoke upon you & learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart. 
You will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy & My burden is light
. (Matthew 11:28-30)
Mohr, Greg - - Soul Gates/Doors -
Scripture speaks of Jesus standing at the door of a church, a born-again person's heart, or actually at the door of man's soul (mind/will/emotions). 
If Jesus is stuck in our spirit, outside of our daily life, or left in the foyer, it is because we have not invited Him inside, not allowed Him to align Himself with us or us to align with Him. 
If we are stuck without our healing or help, perhaps we have neglected to align our spirit man with God, our soul with Holy Spirit & our body with Jesus' body. 
Perhaps we have not taken time out or created daily time to honeymoon the Trinity & to marinate our mind in His scripture: revelation/3-20.htm -
Message to the Church in Laodicea
19'Those whom I love, I reprove & discipline; therefore be zealous & repent.
20'Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice & opens the door,
I will come in to him & will dine with him & he with Me

He who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with Me on My throne, as I also overcame & sat down with My Father on His throne -
Identify harmful emotions.  Replace with Christ's emotions.

Olsteen, Joel - - Joel is a great life coach.

Peale, Norman Vincent - numerous magazine articles -
(Caution, regarding his approval or non-disapproval of yoga.)

Perry, Michelle - 1/14/2015 -
"What if the pain of my heart breaking, was actually the pain of my heart being broken open & enlarged?

Instead of a piece of my heart being planted in Africa, Jesus has allowed Africa to be planted forever in my heart, forever in my story. Nothing left behind but all things woven together in Him, for Him, through Him. 
What if the very things meant to break us down actually become the things that break us open to more of Him & His promise? This is the mystery and the beauty of His unfailing love.

May you find His goodness overwhelming...& may you find every corner or bend in the road of your journey spilling His joy."

Renner, Rick - -
"The 'strongholds (saint) Paul refers to are lies that the devil has ingrained so deeply in your mind & in your belief system that they now exert power over certain areas of your life.  Just as ancient rulers liked to build their castles perched high on a mountainside, the devil attempts to build strong lies in your mind so he can rule you from a lofty position in your thoughts & emotions.  Although you may know logically that the lies the enemy speaks to your mind are untrue, these lies still wage war in our soul, attempting to sabotage our sense of self-worth & our self-image.  You see, when a person has a stronghold in his mind or emotions, he has  thick, invisible walls around him that act like both a fortress & a prison in his life.  Like the walls of a fortress, these lies insulate him from people who may try to break in to help him see the truth.  Although others may want to help this person, they often find it impossible to break through the invisible barriers that surround his mind & emotions.  As a result, the person under mental & emotional assault is held captive like a prisoner to those lies.
He sits behind mental and emotional bars, viewing life through the illusion of bondage that Satan has put into his mind.  He looks at others, sadly wishing he could be free like them, not realizing that he has already been set free by the blood of Jesus Christ
The lies that operate in his soul keep him bound in an inner 'prison' that he can’t seem to break out of by himself. 
So when you read Paul’s words about 'strongholds' in 2nd Corinthians 10:4, you need to picture both a fortress & a prison in your mind & then apply this picture to your own life. 
Are there any areas of your mind that are currently controlled by the enemy’s lies of fear, doubt, & worry?
Do you find yourself being repeatedly attacked in the areas of your self-worth & self-image?
Are these attacks debilitating & crippling? Do you feel like a hostage to these areas of your mind & emotions?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have probably allowed the devil to build strongholds in your mind & emotions that are hindering you from stepping out to do something God has purposed for you to do in your life
If that’s your situation, 1st recognize & repent for permitting those strongholds to develop in the 1st place. 
Then go back & see how the devil gained this foothold in your life. 
After you discover how the devil was able to work so deeply in your mind & emotions, ask the Lord to forgive & cleanse you from this devilish operation in your soul...
Reject the devil’s claim on your mind and emotions, & command him to leave (permanently), in Jesus’ name.
(Invite Jesus to replace that vacancy with His opposite fruit: peace/hope/joy.)  Then get back on the path to right believing & right thinking by renewing your mind daily with the Word (medicine/health) of God: 
Lord (God), I realize that the enemy has been attempting to control my self-worth & my self-image through lies that have been operating in my mind and emotions for a very long time.
Because I allowed the devil access to my thought life in times past, I have been like a hostage held captive in an inner prison.
I can see now how others have tried to help me, but they haven’t been able to break through the strong walls of these mental lies that have surrounded my thinking. So today I am turning to You, Holy Spirit. 
I ask You for help as I learn to utilize my warfare weapons that You have supplied

Please help me uproot, tear down & permanently walk free of every mental lie of the enemy for the rest of my life (in the name & resurrection power of Jesus my savior).

Renner, Rick -
Confess Your Faults One to Another - "If you experience a time of real need in your life when the devil is assaulting your mind & emotions, you might need to go to your spouse, a good friend, a brother or sister in the Lord, your pastor, or your parent & confess: 'I need someone (safe) to help me.
I’m being attacked in my mind.  I need someone to speak to me & to tell me the truth.'”

Sandford, John & Paula -
Sandford, John & Paula -
Sandford, John & Paula -

Sandford, Loren obituary "Remembering the Life of Loren Sandford" ( 10/2021

Schneider, Rabbi Kirt @ Daystar-Television-Network-Newsletter-2022-October-For-Web.pdf -
"I heard the audible voice of the Lord say to me, 'Rejoice constantly & you will overcome every obstacle'... Living in joy is NOT rooted in feeling, but in our (invisible spiritual) soul (mind/emotions/willpower)."

Smith, Dr. Sandra Dalton 10/28/2017 - (CAUTION: MD is unaware of mRNA vaccine harm as of 1/12/2018)
Smith reminds us that when a negative thought is unopposed/not-dealt-with properly,
then satan/our-spiritual-enemy/sickness can have the upper hand: +

Souza, Katie @ August-September 2016
The Landing Strip in Your Soul
Jesus Never Failed
#3 Taking Dominion
Living Among The Tombs
Supernaturally Immune
Join the Army

Stallings, John - Hurt - -
7/24/2011 post - Secton on Don't Curse the Hurt refers to revege (not dealing spiritually with the root issue).

Steele, Michelle @  -
How Far Can You Go With the Blood of Jesus?

Sumrall, Lester - - - - Indiana, USA
Sumrall, Lester - -
(Positive) "feelings or emotions are the result of love, not love itself.
The world, as it does in almost everything, has distorted truth, facts & principles of God.
The world focuses on feelings, not reality.
So when the feeling changes or leaves, as it certainly will, people think they do not love 1 another any longer. 
Feelings alone do not weather life's challenges."

Taylor, Dr. Wade @ Birthed in Brokenness –

Virkler, Mark & Patti - Steps to take to become emotionally free -

Williams, Connie - -
So let’s say you may be going through a tight place in your life. But for you, it is not recession.
For the world it might be
, but not for you. It is not recession, but purging.  
For you, it's cutting away things that may have been productive 1 time in your life, but have lost their essence & productivity... You have outgrown them...
It could be anything from your relationships or actions, to your mind-set.
Wherever you have been up until now, in terms of maturity, you have outgrown that place.
The result is that it has manifest itself in the natural; but it is important to understand that God works through that manifestation to redefine, simplify
& bring you to a place of greater productivity...
If you have a business & the financial situation declines, the world calls it 'recession,' but God calls it 'cutting away things that aren’t going to work for you in your next day.'  
Sometimes there will be a cutting away of relationships because the people in those relationships make choices not to go with you, to wherever it is you need to go, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
You may not understand it. You may not like it.
But God promises us, 'He has made everything beautiful in its time' (Ecclesiastes 3:11 ESV). ALL things…
So whatever has happened in your life, no matter how ugly it was, there is a time when it will become beautiful."
(CAUTION.  One needs a replacement relationship equal or superior in order not to relapse, fall into a pit. 
Same principle as evicting a demon, who will return with 7 accomplices,
when Holy Spirit does NOT move into the now vacant area of one's life.)

Wommack, Andrew - 3/18/2015 - -
Praise affects you, it affects the devil & it affects God. It touches everything and every part of your life. Likewise, a lack of praise affects you in a negative way, turns the devil loose in your life & doesn’t bless God. You have to get this area of your life right. Nearly everyone agrees that praise is good, but very few feel any responsibility to praise God when they don’t feel like it. 
I don’t know anyone who wakes up in the morning & plans on being depressed.
They would like to be happy & praise God, but they don’t feel they have any control over this.
They think that praise is just a response to what happens & that if everything goes right, they will automatically do it.  That is definitely not the case…
We may not feel joyful, but Scripture tells us in Galatians 5:22 that the fruit of the Spirit is joy.
If we have the Holy Spirit, we have joy.
We may not feel that joy, but we can choose to lift our hands & speak forth praise to God by faith.
Learning to praise God even when everything is going badly will change our hearts, make us much more effective & cause our faith to abound. I truly believe that my choice to praise God, even after getting the report that my son was dead, was 1 of the biggest factors in seeing him raised from the dead after nearly 5 hours.
I didn’t know what the outcome would be, but I started praising God with all of my heart, telling Him (& the devil) that regardless, I would not quit serving Him. It was at that moment that faith abounded in my heart.
I knew he would be raised from the dead. Thank You, Jesus…
I have personally felt the benefit of rejoicing in the Lord.
I have seen it destroy the devil. He cannot stand it.
I really believe that God inhabits the praises of His people (Ps. 22:3).
God is so pleased when we look beyond the natural and see things in the light of faith. That blesses God. 
Praise is not the inevitable byproduct that comes when everything is going right in our lives; it is the driving force.  Praise will get our focus where it needs to be on God.  If we start praising God in the middle of our problems, our problems will shrink so much that we’ll hardly remember to bring them to God. 
We’ll be so busy praising Him & thanking Him for His blessings that our problems will be an afterthought.

(Obviously, this spiritual weapon of choice is against the self-sabotaging emotions/grain/flesh, but welded in the power of God’s Holy Spirit, it will overcome the devil & his schemes regarding us personally, our family, our circumstances.) - Praise is what pleases God Himself.

LWood -

Wright, Henry - editorial by John S. Torell THE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT SPIRIT - -
"During the last 10 years of our ministry we have encountered this particular demonic entity in people seeking help for their sick bodies & sick souls. Let me briefly tell you how this group of demons works. Their entry way into a human being is through trauma, which will cause fear in a child. We have ministered to people who were attacked by this kind of spirit while they were still in their mother’s womb. Arguing between the mother & father, discussing possible divorce or an outright discussion about aborting the child, will cause great fear in the unborn child & a spirit of arrested development will move into the body of that child & 'freeze its emotions.'
The child will be born, the body will mature, the intelligence will develop, but the emotions of that person will remain at the level of an unborn child. We have encountered other people who were traumatized at birth, others were traumatized at different ages. Divorce, an accident, an ugly fight between parents, any type of violence, especially if a child is molested sexually, will freeze the emotions at whatever age it occurred.
As the person becomes an adult, they have a very difficult time functioning among other adults & particularly making decisions & taking responsibility. Pressure put on the person to get his/her act together will create much stress that, in turn, will bring sickness to the body.  My personal belief is that 90% of people born after 1950 are afflicted with
arrested development spirits. I believe that many times the high divorce rate in the United States today is caused by these spirits. Adults with children’s emotions cannot cope with the stress of life & thus they run in anguish. Anger & frustration over the inability to cope with life is taken out on the spouse & the children, who in turn will be traumatized & then afflicted by demons
Television has caused much damage in this area, since in most households the TV stays on from early in the morning until late at night.  The children are exposed to all kinds of violence & sinful acts, which does damage to their souls. Not until these demons are cast out, will the person begin to recover.
The good news is that after deliverance from demons, the emotions of the afflicted person will begin to develop & in about a years time that person will reach his normal emotional maturity
At the same time, sickness will just fall off the people, as they are coming in harmony with God, themselves & others...
SOME EXAMPLES - Some 10 years ago a man was brought to our ministry when he was around 30 years of age.
Mentally he was just like a baby. 
Because of this mental deficiency the man had been diagnosed as being mentally retarded & was given an SSI pension for the rest of his life. He was a large man, very kind & loving, but unable to make solid decisions.
He had accepted Christ some years before & loved the Lord. He was extremely intelligent, but was unable to process emotional feelings. He wanted to be delivered.  When we dug into his life history, we found out that when he was born, the chord was wrapped around his neck resulting in his being stillborn.
It took hard work by the doctor nurses to get him to breath & start his heart again.
This trauma caused demons to enter his body & freeze his emotions at the age of zero.
After deliverance, he began to develop emotionally. 
About a year or so after his deliverance he was married & holding down a job...
Some 3 years later another man came into our ministry here in Sacramento. He was around 35 years old & had been in the US army for some time. He then had educated himself in the computer system. The reason for his coming to our church was that he had totally lost all control over his life & had regressed to the degree that he could not even brush his teeth. When he was driving his car, he could not tell the difference between a red & green light. His mother brought him to our church, after they had found him in his apartment curled up on the floor in a fetal position. He had stopped eating & was down to skin & bones.  When we interviewed him to begin deliverance, it was brought out that at the age of 4 his father had picked him up in a rage & violently thrown him into a wall. A demon came in & froze his emotions.  He never matured emotionally past the age of 4. He had the body of a man and was very intelligent, but the stress of being 4 years old emotionally had finally caught up with him & his body collapsed.  After deliverance, he slept non-stop for 3 days.  When he woke up he was a new person. He went through our post-deliverance program. 
In less than 6 months he was back working in the computer industry. He regained his health. 
After a year he had matured into the 36 year old man he was. He rose very quickly in the computer field & was able to earn a large yearly salary. After a few years of teaching in our ministry & particularly teaching on deliverance, he met his future wife & was married. They have 2 children & a 3rd on the way.
If God had not met this man through our ministry, he would have been dead today or in a mental institution...
Let me share with you about a 3rd man, which I will call Joe (not his real name).
Joe was born in the late 1950's to a young couple living on the northern coast of California.
His mother had been dating a different man, but broke up with him & married his dad to be.
Early in the marriage, Joe’s mom felt that she had made a mistake & secretly went back to the man she had previously dated & again became sexually active with him. Joe’s dad eventually found this out & divorced his wife & left. Joe & his siblings were never told why their dad left, just that he was a bad dad & had abandoned the family. A deep hatred began to develop in Joe & he had great anger toward his father.  When Joe & his brother visited their real dad, the visits did not go well.  The hate and the anger grew deeper in Joe. This caused spiritual damage to Joe’s father.  His life was falling apart. A number of years later Joe’s father was into drug dealing, was arrested & sent to a federal prison for a long prison term.  Somehow Joe attended church & was saved.
He became active in the church & eventually went to a Bible college & graduated. He joined a mission organization & spent some time overseas as a missionary in Eastern Europe. He had great hope in becoming a pastor, but when he came back his dreams died. What he did not know was, that he was afflicted by a powerful arrested development spirit.  Instead of going into the ministry, he started a business & married.
The woman he married came from a family where her dad (a minister) had verbally abused his wife & children & caused them great spiritual damage. With Joe being weak & having an angry wife, she took over the reigns in the family. This caused more grief to Joe. He was the man, but his wife ruled him with an iron fist.  He became what is known as 'hen pecked.'  A number of children were born to them. The family was just another dysfunctional family in America, the tragedy was that both Joe & his wife were Christians & attended church, but they had no victory in their lives.  Some 20 years ago Joe & I met. We needed some work done in the line that Joe was working & he came to our church building & took care of our need. This was going to be an ongoing thing, since Joe not only installed a system in our church building, but he was also servicing it.
As the church moved a few times, Joe came off & on.  We had some long talks. I prayed with Joe & counseled him that he needed to take control over his family, after having been delivered (of one spiritual affliction).
Joe always agreed with me, but nothing ever happened. When the Promise Keepers came into being, Joe joined them, seeking love & recognition from men, since he had never had a relationship with his father. 
Some 3 years ago Joe was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure & other ailments.
His health was failing rapidly.  Joe had become like spiritually dead. He told me his visions were gone. 
He had no purpose in life, that he just lived from day to day.
He talked about making a trip to Israel before he died & taking 1-2 of his children with him. He told me that his marriage was over, all his feelings were dead, he hung in there out of duty. I told him to take his wife with him & pray hard that God would give them a miracle.  He purchased a deliverance package from us, but he never read it. Some 6 months after his return from Israel, we met.
Joe & his wife had become closer with each other.  We had seen some hope on the trip.
Again I told him, we must do a deliverance to get you out of this slump. Nothing happened. 
Some time later I talked to him over the telephone & told him that I had a book that he must read.
It was Pastor Henry’s book
Joe told me, 'Send me the book. I will pay for it.'
A year passed.  1 day Joe called me, extremely exited. I am ready to be delivered, he yelled over the phone.
I just read the book you sent me a year ago.  Now I understand my problems. When can we do it? 
We set a time & took him through deliverance.  The arrested development spirit was cast out together with many others. Joe was flying high. Finally he had hope that God loved him & that he could begin to love himself. But there was something missing that Joe had not been willing to deal with, his hate for his father.
I told Joe that you must contact your dad & settle this once & for all. 
Some time later Joe called & told me that he had received the shock of his life.
When he kept insisting upon knowing from his dad why he left them when Joe was small, his dad told him this:
'Your mother was unfaithful to me & cheated on me. I did not know what to do & did not want to hurt you boys. So I left & did not tell you that your mother was committing adultery.  I wanted you to love her, so I took the rap for the divorce.'
Joe & his dad ended up asking for & forgiving one another.  More peace came to Joe.
But now he had to confront his mother & settle the issue with her.  A few months ago Joe called me & said: 'Guess what, I am going to spend 2 weeks at Pastor Henry Wrights place in Georgia.
I need a final healing for my soul.'
When Joe came back, he was 1 big bundle of joy.
(He says,) 'My wife & I are closer than ever, I have taken over the role as the husband in the family.
We are going forward.' Some years earlier Joe had been licensed into the ministry. 
He & his wife have now opened up a ministry, part-time to begin with.
Joe is no longer suicidal, there is a sparkle in his eyes & voice. 
He is exited about being a minister after all these years of failure.  When Pastor Henry came through Joe’s hometown, Joe & his wife sponsored meetings with Pastor Henry...Another man & his family restored, to the glory of God. Can it get any better, from being a victim to becoming a victor & reaching out to others...
When the soul is wounded, regardless if it is a man or a woman, it will cause the soul to hate itself & leave the body open for sickness. Proverbs 17:22; 16:24"


Rivers, Francine - Redeeming Love - (allegory of Christ) - -
Abused woman is loved back to self worth.

                                                   Audio/CD/Radio + Visual/DVD Resources

Sharon - has editorial in Sid Roth's book  They Thought for Themselves -
She is on  6/19-23/2006 radio broadcast.  Tuesday's 6/20/2006 broadcast shares that the original Hebrew meaning of the English translation of the word PEACE is psychological wholeness.
Listen (Real Player)
Tue or (Media Player) Tue  Download (mp3 file) 

Carothers, Merlin - How Not to be Irritated - CD -

, Dorothea - Opening to Inner Healing CD -

DeSilva, Dawna + Liebscher, Teresa - Sozo Ministry - 4 CD's (intimacy+deliverance)
DeSilva, Dawna + Liebscher, Teresa - Sozo Ministry - 8/2005 radio -
- The women  believe that there is a "spirit of isolationism".   If it is operating in our lives, it is interfering with our calling, given to us since the day of conception.  For instance, if God's 1st choice for us was to be a pastor/teacher/friend, then a spirit of isolation would interfere with that calling. They believe that for every emotional wound there is a lie of Satan that contradicts scripture.  They look for the wound & then identify the lie.  They expose the lie & replace it with God's truth.  Then the captive is freed.  Their Healing of Memories ministry is actually a healing of perception ministry, the same way a pair of new glasses fixes the vision problem.  People begin to view circumstances from God's viewpoint rather than from Satan's viewpoint or from a child's viewpoint... There is safety & guidance in reading/knowing personally the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  It is imperative that we do NOT change what scripture says based on our experience.  Truth is ALWAYS based on scripture and NOT on experience.  Experience can lie.  Feelings can lie.  Perception can lie.  Scripture never lies.

Dickow, Gregory - Mastering Your Emotions - audio tape -

Evans, Jim - videos - watch 8/18/2014 rerun - excellent re heart of the father God
Evans, Jim - videos -

Ferrell, Emerson & Ana Mendez  Experiences in Heaven - CD - - CD shares that God's heart is like a temple with an inner court & outer court.  There are places of varying degrees of woundings, as well as a place of healing.  Family betrayal & separation between is especially hurtful & hurts God more than it hurts us.  We need to confess both to Him & others.  He NEEDS us to reconcile with Him & others. 
econciliation is a requirement of love. 
(This CD does not address rape/butchery/murder & the like, but forgiveness, even without reconciliation, is a must.

Angela-Greenig - - -

Hampsch, Father John H - Healing of Memories - video - 

Harfouche, Robin - Healing of the Female Spirit - - Presentation works well as a daily devotional.  Ministry to rape victims.  IMI ministry offers spiritual empowerment in-residence training, correspondence course or online program from Pensacola, Florida, USA.

Hegstrom, Paul  The Brain 2 DVDs - Dopamine, seratonin & norepinephrine chemicals begin to be released around puberty (age 13), enabling children to begin to become autonomous & mature.  Trauma (especially in childhood) can fixate/freeze/stop/slow/retard/arrest/lock-up emotional development, resulting in the need for one to create a dual personality [pretend (people pleasing) & real.  Hegstrom says this phenomena is not multiple personality where/when one may not be aware of the manifestation of various alters.]   Rejection & physical, emotional or sexual abuse are major traumatizers. 
Before 13
a child may assume false guilt/ responsibility for another's violation/sin against him/her. 
Children may be unable to discern the difference between feelings & fact & typically act on feelings.

Hinn, Benny - Breaking Free - CD -
Benny Hinn teaches that there are 3 (a trinity of) healings/ deliverances
(1) body - from disease.
(2) soul (mind encasing our spirit) - from emotional wounds.
(3) spirit - from sin. (Salvation)
Isaiah 53:5 (KJV)   
He (His body) was wounded for our transgressions.
He (His soul) was bruised for our iniquities
The chastisement of our peace was upon Him & with His stripes we (body & soul) ARE healed.
Also 3 soul deliverances
(1) inner healing of memories
(2) deliverance of bruised, hurting, grieving, sorrowful soul
(3) elimination of generational

Hunter, Joan - Freedom Beyond -

Hutton, Larry - -
How to Live Free from Every Negative Emotion (Feeling)

WATCH the 1st 3 lessons of this 10 lesson DVD series by clicking play at Adobe Flash Player site at above link. 
God showed Larry that, "
The Enemy's Attacks Are All Fakes, Facades & Falsehoods."  
Jesus' fruit (HIS righteousness/peace/joy/happiness/gladness/contentment/love) is NOT seasonal.
On the cross Jesus bore the (medical/ chemical/demonic/evil/hormonal) cause of every negative emotion. 
The kingdom of God is in us 24/7, if we are born-again, if we have repented and asked Yeshua to be our Lord. 
Part 2 has testimony of woman with bipolar for 40 years (parent also had bipolar), who during 3rd reading of book Internal Affairs recognized that Jesus had already born the reason for her bipolar. 
She took that & her healing began; now she is free.
She now recognizes & rejects all negative/sabotaging emotions.
Part 3 addresses nightmares/night terrors.
Hutton, Larry - LISTEN to audio part #1
Hutton, Larry - How to Live in Peace - All the Time - 4 CDs - #1 Jesus Redeemed Your Emotions #2 Peace Is Not a Seasonal Fruit #3 You Can Control Your Feelings - Forever #4 Make All Your Troubles Easy & Short

Jackson, John Paul - Divine Chaos audio/CD - @ Secret Weeping Wall - (Allow God to expose & burn up hidden agendas, seeds that have been planted prior & sprouted as weeds in your spiritual life.)

Jakes, Bishop T - He-motions    Audio, CD, VHS, DVD - - -
(Healing men's emotions)                                 
Jakes, Bishop T - I'm Better Than This  series - - Including  Living Through Dying Places - He (Satan) did not bury me. 
Rather, he planted me.  Scripture says that Satan meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.

, Dr. Caroline -
Who Switched Off My Brain?  - - Secular text.  Many illnesses plaguing us today may result from our thought life.  What we think about affects us physically & emotionally.

Lozano, Neal and Janet - Freedom in Christ Conference -
6 CD instructional program on identifying the root lie of Satan & thus eliminating the root problem.
1- The Truth Will Set You Free + autobiography
2 - Closing the Door to the Influence of Evil Spirits
3 - The Power of Forgiveness
4 - Helping a Friend + testimonies
5 - The Father's Blessing + testimony
6 - Renewing Your Mind workshop by Ann Stevens                                               
Lozano, Neal -
Overcoming Obstacles to Healing & Deliverance -
Heart of the Father Ministries
2 CD's of Lozano's Freedom Conference given at a Catholic Charismatic Conference -
[The Lozano ministry technique is a gentle, kind + short (goes quickly to the root  problem). 
Is excellent for those with emotional issues.  Is NOT currently (2005) for those with a "label", such as mental illness, as the Lozano's leave that ministry to the "professionals".]

MacNutt, Judith - Love and Healing - audio -
MacNutt, Francis & Judith,
Dr. Tom Wikstrom, Norma Dearing & Dr. Jackie Canepa
- Inner Healing: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Wholeness - (1992) - CD -

Meyer, Joyce - Attitudes of the Mind - audio  
, Joyce - Believer's Number One Enemy is Emotions  audio
Meyer, Joyce - It's Time to Grow Up - CD/DVD -
Growing old does NOT guarantee our growing up.
Meyer, Joyce - Mind, Mouth, Moods, & Attitudes - audio  
Meyer, Joyce - The Fear That I'm Not Pleasing God -
9/2005 TV broadcast regarding being addicted to guilt & carrying an invisible burden of guilt. 
Some of us do not feel right if we do not feel wrong! 
Meyer, Joyce - Pressing into a New Beginning - audio

Miller, John - Communion - 4/2005 audio - - Miller is a chiropractor in Tampa, Florida. 
He shares that God may heal instantly or gradually through daily communion.  

Morrison, Randy  - Dealing with a Victim Mentality - audio - -
Randy Morrison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
A victim mentality keeps you paralyzed with negativity, distorted perceptions, a feeling that God isn’t interested in you, development of clingy or bad relationships, negative labels for yourself, & a need for affirmation from others in order to feel good about yourself.  
We begin to be free from this mindset, when we no longer think/react as a victim & when we see ourselves through God’s eyes

Oats, Kathi - Healing the Broken Hearted  9/2005 - - Kathi implies that part of the personality (human spirit/heart/soul) can break off, when the heart is wounded (broken/chipped). 
Not only that, Satan has a legal right to any person due to trauma (known or unrecognized, such as conception out of wedlock), until such time that the wound is covered with the blood of Christ.  That means that the Holy Spirit has to intervene on our behalf with insight, mercy, supernatural revelation, power, healing & deliverance.  When self image is affected, it seems to create disease, which often disappears when healing of the heart occurs. Her ADD disappeared when her emotions were healed.

Pennington, Mary & Don - 6 Big, Big, Big Angels - -
5/22-26/2006 radio broadcast #1488
- Grandmother relates stories of 4 year old grand-daughter Victoria due to a pool accident & subsequent visitations to heaven. 
1 particular heavenly visit was to the nursery of aborted babies where she met her aborted uncle. 
Book shares that each miscarriage/aborted fetus is transported to heaven by angels. 
Each humN has a soul at conception.  Each knows, loves & forgives mother & father.

Roberson, Dave - The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power - The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues - - Chapter 11 Overcoming Impasses in Prayer encourages us in that the moment we begin to pray in tongues is the moment the enemy begins to lose control; we become unmanageable to the enemy.

Rothschild, Jennifer - 11/10/2011 -
, Jennifer - 11/15/2011 - or transcript - excellent -
Rothschild, Jennifer - 11/15/2011 - -

Prince, Derek - God's Remedy for Rejection - -
Chapter 2 The Causes of Rejection 
"Every negative emotion, reaction, & attitude has associated with it a corresponding spirit...
This does NOT mean that every person who experiences fear, for instance, has a spirit of fear.  
However, a person who fails to exercise self-control & habitually or unrestrainedly gives in to fear will probably open the way for a spirit of fear to enter.  After that, the person is no longer in full control." 
If one's emotional behavior "is vicious & unreasonable" to the point of being out of control, then "this is a spirit" manifesting.
Chapter 4 The Results of Rejection  Unrestrained negative emotions tend to spiral dangerously downward: "Rejection, loneliness, self-pity, misery, depression, despair, hopelessness, (premature) death, or suicide."  Saying, "'I'd be better off dead,' or 'What's the use of living' a very dangerous way to speak. 
It is an invitation to the spirit of death to enter
...It may well be that you are not just struggling with our own negative attitudes.  A demonic influence may be at work, exploiting  those attitudes."
Chapter 5 The Ultimate Rejection 
"For some, the simple declaration (out loud) of acceptance in Christ & the fatherhood of God resolves the problem of  rejection."
Chapter 6 How to Apply the Remedy 
"Jesus prayed...'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing'
(Luke 23:34)...Why do I need to forgive...?  Whether he is dead or alive is NOT important. 
It is for your sake that you are forgiving, not for the other person...
The failure to forgive is 1 of the most common barriers to God's blessing...
Forgiveness is NOT an emotion; it is a decision.  Accept yourself.  Sometimes this is the hardest step of all. 
I tell Christians, 'Never belittle yourself.  Never criticize yourself.  You did not make yourself.  God made you'...
You can no longer evaluate yourself on the basis of the way you lived before...
As you repeatedly declare who you are in Christ according to God's Word, you will begin to override the old negative self-talk & learn to accept yourself."
"It is time now for you to claim your release & pray a prayer that will set the seal...
'Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that You are the Son of God & the only way to God. 
You died on the cross for my sins, & You rose again from the dead. 
I repent of all my sins. I forgive every other person as I would have God forgive me. 
I forgive all those who have rejected, hurt & failed to show me love, Lord. I trust You to forgive  me. 
I believe, Lord, that You do accept me...
Now Lord, I proclaim my release from any dark, evil spirit that has taken advantage of the wounds in my life. 
I release my spirit to rejoice in You.  In Your precious name, Amen.'"
(Ignore any & all negative feelings/manifestations that the enemy may exhibit.)
Thanking God (out loud) sets the seal on our release."
Prince, Derek  Derek Prince on Experiencing God's Power -
Chapter 3 God's Remedy for Rejection 
Emotions can descend down like dominoes in the following sequence, if there is no Godly intervention: rejection to loneliness to self-pity to misery to depression to despair or hopelessness to suicide or death. 
Suggested prayer to speak aloud, "Father God, I thank You that You love me; that You gave Jesus, Your son, to die on my behalf; that He bore my sin; that He took my rejection; that He paid my penalty. 
Because I come to You through Him, I am: NOT rejected, not unwanted, not excluded. 
You really love me.  I am really Your child.  You are really my Father.  I belong in Your family. 
I belong to the best family in the universe.  Heaven is my home.  I really belong.  Oh, God, thank You. 
Thank You."  In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Dr. Jim Richards - Friday’s Sid Roth Messianic radio program excellent with superior prayer at end.
4/16-20/2012 - - Free Stuff = -

Rutland, Mark - Dealing With Life's Issues - Dealing With Rejection (mp3) -

Sanford, Doris - I Can't Talk About It - Children's book & cassette about incest. -
Heart to Heart, 2105 SE Adams, Milwaukie, Oregon 97222

Wright, Henry - - 11/2005 Sid Roth -
radio broadcast discussion on female bitterness

Wommack, Andrew - Harnessing Your Emotions - CD - -
Sin Is Emotional
- "Sin is conceived in our emotions." Self-esteem Vs. Christ-esteem - "Emotions are a result of how we think. A person who has low self-esteem is going to be depressed...Does this square with the statements of God's Word about...becoming nothing in our own sight before God? The answer lies in Christ-esteem, not self-esteem.  Our born-again self is the only part of us that we need to esteem. Anything less is destined to fail."

Evans, Steve - "80% of our diseases are coming from emotional stress." @ The Emotional Roots to Disease @ or


Hampsch, Father John - Bedtime Prayer - - "Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, go back into my memory as I sleep.  Every hurt that has ever been done to me, heal that hurt.  Every hurt that I have ever caused to another person, heal that hurt.  All relationships that have been damaged in my whole life, that I'm not aware of, heal...Lord, if there is anything that I need to do, if I need to go to a person (to make amends) because he is still suffering from my hand, bring to my awareness that person. 
I choose to forgive; I ask to be forgiven.  Remove whatever bitterness may be in my heart Lord & fill the empty spaces with Your love.  Thank You, Jesus.  Amen [2nd - When praying in the name of Jesus, one can address/speak to the amygdala (neurons of limbic system in medial temporal brain lobes, believed to perform primary role in processing & memory of emotional reactions).]

Kerr, Kat - LOOSING and BINDING - -  or Mix - 5 Minute Prayer to Change Your Life  

Prayer of Release - from Art Mathias'
Biblical Foundations of Freedom
- RE: evil spirit of BITTERNESS -
"In the name of Jesus & power of His blood:
I purpose & choose to forgive (the person) from my heart for (what they did).
I cancel all their debts & obligations to me.
I ask You to forgive me for my bitterness towards (the person) in this situation.
I cancel Satan's authority over me in this memory because I have forgiven.
I command that all the tormentors that have been assigned to me,
because of my unforgiveness leave me, now.
Holy Spirit,
I invite you into my heart, & to heal me of this pain.
Please speak Your words of truth to me about this situation
." 3.19.2016  printable page #1 for wallet, etc.
  Finish prayer with the following declaration:
“I set them (          ) free & place them (          ) in the (Your) hands of God, &
I am confident that (You) God will treat them according to His (Your) justice & mercy.
I drop any desire for vengeance against them (          ),
any bitterness or resentment toward them (          ).
I cancel their (          's) debt to me; they (          ) owe me nothing.
They do
(          does) not owe me an apology.
They do
(          does) not need to change their behavior to be forgiven.
They do
(          does) not need to value me because (You) God has (have) set my value
& He values (You Lord value) me.
I set them (          ) free.
I declare myself free from any anger, bitterness or resentment that binds me to them.
Heavenly Father, please forgive me for my bitterness & resentment against (the person).
God, please heal my heart, take away the pain & hurt, & tell me Your truth about this situation. 
(Close your eyes & listen for a message from the Father in a word, picture or feeling:
Write down the message.)" (Thank You, in the of Yeshua, Your son.  Amen.) pg. 111
Mathias, Art - Wellspring Ministries -


Tehillim (Psalms) 32:5 Stern - When I acknowledged my sin to You (Father God), when I stopped concealing my guilt, & said, "I will confess my offenses to Adonai"; then You, You forgave the (feeling of & actual) guilt of my sin.


Allen, Jennie - Wednesday, February 26, 2020 TV - Spiritual Warfare - Jen is comfortale taking RX as interim help. +
Transcript @ Book Get out of Your Head helps to get rid of toxic thoughts.

Stephen Arterburn: Take Your Life Back 12/5/2016 Watch the Full Episode of this Clip

Balizet, Carol - Total Emotional Healing - -
Carol is heavily into home-birthing.  
After reading her book, followers have witnessed deaths, seemingly due to their reliance on God rather than man. 
Apparently, as with Christian Science, there is no room for medical science. 
Carol practiced as an emergency nurse before entering her Zion ministry (Tampa, Florida, USA). 
However, we know that medicine generally does not cure; rather it fixes symptoms, in large part.
Psychiatry & psychology is a good example of this. 
God on the other hand exposes and eliminates root problems.

Bevere, John   http://w + Bevere, John & Lisa

Bevere, Lisa – Be Strong - - 4/13/2020 Recommended
Bevere, Lisa - Transcript
Bevere, Lisa – The Power of Virtue - - 4/14/2020
Bevere, Lisa - excerpts

Dr. Bob - 5/18/2022 @ Dr. Bob’s Guide to Mental Health – Part 1 + 5/19/2022 @ Dr. Bob’s Guide to Mental Health – Part 2 via nutrition @ Watch episodes of Today with Marilyn and Sarah

Boggs, Denise @ 5/22/2019 +
Boggs, Denise @  2/12/2021

Boggs, Denise @  6/16/2021+
Boggs, Denise @

Cain, Paula White - #1 10/17/2019
Cain, Paula White - #2 10/18/2019
Cain, Paula White - #3 10/21/2019
You were born with an assignment (in this specific generation).  You don’t just exist.”
(Our pain is part of process needed to prepare us for our destiny
& to recognize that with Him we are everything but without Him we are nothing.)

Cain, Paula White -
Chapter #1

Caine, Christine - 10/23/2013
Caine, Christine - 10/30/2013
Caine, Christine - 11/06/2013
Caine, Christine -  11/20/2013 – regarding adoption - good illustration using frogs
Caine, Christine -
Caine, Christine -
The soul is a spiritual muscle.  One need not jump onto the wrong thought train.
Caine, Christine - 12/18/2013
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Caine, Christine -   10/22/2013
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Caine, Christine - Whole hearted or broken hearted - Wednesday, February 25, 2015 #1 +
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 #2 +  Wednesday, March 18, 2015 #3
Caine, Christine -
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Caine, Christine - of Australia - - Healing Root Issues -
Caine, Christine - Wednesday, February 25, 2015 #1
Caine, Christine - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 #2 or - 3/11/2015 Hope.  Christine reminds us that no matter how difficult our circumstances,
God has not forgotten us & still has a plan for our lives may need to create own password
Caine, Christine -
Caine, Christine -
Caine, Christine - -
In 2008, Christine & her husband Nick founded A21, an anti-human trafficking organization dedicated to abolishing injustice in the 21st century.

Caine, Christine interviews Jakes, TD - video with transcript on his addressing women's hurts - @
Caine, Christine -
Caine, Christine -

Dennis & Dr. Jen Clark or video
10/19/2015 (includes both emotional & cancer healing)

I had a dramatic baptism in the Holy Spirit, didn't even know what I was…but the presence of God came upon me after I had received what they call the baptism of the Holy Spirit at an altar. But the very next day...suddenly (under) the (heavenly) power, I just said, "God, I know this is the way we were meant to live & if I was confined to a wheelchair I'm going to live for you and serve you all the days of my life."
Suddenly I was immersed with an open vision. I was immersed with a joy that was so powerful that I thought, my 1st thought was, "I need a new body. This physical body is not capable of containing any larger measure of joy." I didn't say stop, but I really thought my body was going to explode with the presence of God.
I had an instant understanding that God was filling me from head to toe, Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
I was indwelt by the Living God, & from the, that lasted without a reprieve for 6 months...
I would walk by people & tears would just come out of their eyes & I never said a word.

I said, "If this is God. I'd better go to Bible school, because I don't know what's happening to me." 
He (God) said, "No, I am taking you to the School of my Spirit & I will instruct you."
It was so authoritative that all I knew was then out of this relationship I must obey.
Out of my love for her, (wife therapist) I saw that she had all of the right answers in her head.
So I wanted to get her out of her head, down into subjective experience with Jesus.

I saw in traditional therapy, Christian & secular, that the aim is to get people able to cope with life & feel somewhat better.
1 of the major problems is forgiveness is the key to doing this, but they teach forgiveness is a process.
So people can go for weeks, months & years & never quite forgive, never get toxic emotions dealt with, continue struggling, which is what I had seen, even with Christian therapy. But what this (insight/method) does, 1st of all, it teaches believers how to go to Jesus the forgiver in them for instant forgiveness, just like when we got saved.  It was instant when we got saved. You didn't wait for it.
DR. JEN: What I learned from Dennis, what the Lord had taught him in the School of the Spirit was all we have to do is (in prayer) present any emotion that's NOT the fruit of the Spirit, (thus) is NOT a good emotion, to the Lord.  He will instantly, through His forgiveness, wash the negative out & replace it with super-natural peace. So where was once a wound there can be an anointing.
Toxic emotions don't go away. They just go under the surface & get buried in us including in the cells of our physical body. We forget these things.  We forget they're even there.
DR. JEN: Forgiveness will instantly cleanse our heart of any toxic emotion, whether it was shame, fear, pain of rejection, anger. Everything we present we have to feel the feeling & present it to Jesus. He will take care of it every single time.
These (unreleased/un-forgiven/root) negative emotions are the very things that give (legal) ground (permission/platform) for physical illness
Dennis, take Dr. Jen as if she knows nothing & explain how Holy Spirit taught you to take care of un-forgiveness & toxic emotions.
Jennifer, I want to show you how to drop down into your spirit. I want you to picture like a bucket & a well; your mind has the bucket in it & we're going to change the location.  You're going to focus on your Bible heart. After all, we want the bucket to go down where the living water is, as we had a 3rd grader tell us, "There's no living water in your head." So we want to drop from our focus from mind to heart; it's like a bucket going down.  We know that that water is living, like an artesian well. It will rise up like a fountain into everlasting life.
It will flow out of you even without saying a word. You will create the presence of life.
For it's God Who's at work both to will & do. Everything good happens down there when the bucket is down low.

So it's gone now & I feel peace...It was instant.
It wasn't any longer than that for you (or anyone) to get saved.
Bible...says...location of our (spiritual) heart...belly, bowels [houses our soul (emotions/will/mind)].
It seems that we have 2 different nervous systems. We have the nervous system connected with the brain in our head, but we also have the enteric nervous system that is our emotional center.
(Additionally the soul has spiritual organs/systems/awareness/feelings.)

: The thing that's amazing is this is sometimes called the 2nd brain down here, because it's got all the neurons in it just like the brain in your head, except this is the area where your emotions are processed.
This is the area where the molecules of emotion are released...the area our emotional brain.
Our emotional heart informs the brain in our head how we feel.
There's a left vagus nerve that connects the 2, but the brain in our head does not send information down to the brain in our gut.  The gut sends emotional information back to our brain.
SID: Jesus says it's important to believe in your (spiritual) heart.
DR. JEN: Our heart influences our entire physical body because the belief in our heart
is communicated to all our cells, released to our all cells from the epicenter of our spirit.
SID: Getting rid of the toxic emotions, it's so simple...then you're not blocked in receiving all the promises that God has for you. It even works with children.

(A child) was just traumatized that he had killed...his rabbit.
So he missed the whole 1st week of school. He was there, but his head was tilted.  He wasn't really there.  
I said, "I want to teach you how Jesus the Messiah in you can take care of any pain."
I said, "Just close your eyes," & we did Bucket Man, "just like a bucket, down here. Jesus is there. 
He's going to take away your pain and sorrow. Now I want you to receive forgiveness," because he was blaming himself. I said, "Just receive it like a gift from Jesus the forgiver in you." All of a sudden watching him, the countenance went from that sad, dejected, instantly to a smile without him saying a word.
You know that there's a transformation that's taken place in the heart with a smile.

It started a chain reaction because other kids heard the testimony, they're crying & raising their hand...
"My dog ran in the street during the summer & got killed." "My grandmother died last week."
All of a sudden I had a group of about 20, there was at least 5 who had, were relating to his ministry & they wanted Jesus to heal them.
We went through it in a manner of minutes & then all of a sudden, he's raising his hand with a big grin on his face.  I said, "What?" He says, "I think I had a revelation." "What is your revelation?" 
He said, "I saw my rabbit & her dog playing in Heaven."

(Regarding other children) I didn't tell them. They never heard our teaching on this, but they had learned (of) Jesus the forgiver. But the, one of the brothers kicked the little girl in the hand.
She couldn’t move her hand. The mother said, "Okay, we're going to the doctor," because she thought it was broken, I mean, complete immobility, excruciating pain. 30 minute drive to the doctor. 
On the way there the mother said, "You know, we have Jesus the forgiver.
We have Jesus the healer, too
.  You guys, Sherry,(the little girl) "start yielding to Jesus the healer in you. Boys, we're going to release Jesus the healer out of our bellies to her."
The pain had gone down significantly by the time they got to the parking lot at the doctor's office; so the mom said, they were counting down, where is the pain level now.
It had gone from a 10 (terrible) to a 4 (a 1 being none).  So the mom said, "Well, it's your call.
Do you want to go in & see the doctor or do you want to turn around, go home & keep praying?" 
They went home, kept praying, & her thumb was totally healed...
Now a couple of weeks after that her brother accidentally punched another brother. 
The mom said she could see with her eyes the broken bone in the back of his hand.
She did some checking & learned a break like that would probably require surgery & pins.
Now the little boy didn't want to go to the hospital & have surgery, so the mom gave him a choice, "Do you want to pray like your sister prayed or do you want to go to the doctor in the hospital?"
He said, "I want to pray."  So they started praying the same way. He was yielding to the healer in him.
They were releasing healing out to him.  It took a little while, but the mom had never before seen an injury that she could see the visible evidence.  That bone came back together. 
They didn't just learn to yield to the healer in them.  They were tapping into Jesus the miracle worker...
Since that time the children have found out, because the mom said, having 5 children,
1 is getting injured all the time, they have learned to regularly go to Jesus for healings.
She said the more they do it, the faster the healings are coming.

Well that's better than any insurance policy. They have found, against psychology, who says forgiveness is a process, you can instantly forgive (& instantly receive His forgiveness AND healing).
Begin by doing just as I instructed Jennifer...Close your eyes...
Change your focus down to your Bible heart, down to your spirit. As you change your focus there...from that place...yield & release Jesus the Messiah, the healer, to rise with healing in His wings.
The healer lives in you. Let Him rise like an artesian well & welcome Him.

Not only does Jesus the healer, but also Jesus the forgiver & Jesus Your shalom...peace live inside you.
That peace alone is going to knock out that sickness.

Coleman, Cora Jakes 10/13/2019 rebroadcast of Woman Thou Art Loosed, Master Class @

Cox, Paul L - Prayer for Rapid Inner Healing - of fetus + +  
Emotional/attitudinal rejection of fetus can affect one's (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual) health as an adult. 
(Prenatal ministry to adults is also an important focus of Francis & Judith MacNutt.
In a safe ministry setting, pray the following -
"Lord I ask that you would bless the sperm & the egg as they are joined together.
I ask that you would bless the zygote & all multiplication of cells through the 1st month.
I ask you Lord to remove all evil, all rejection & the roots of rejection...
I ask you Lord to bless through the 2nd...3rd...4th...5th...6th...7th...8th...9th month...
Lord I ask that you would carry me through age 2 & remove all evil.
Lord I ask that you would carry me through age 3 & remove all evil.
(Repeat this until you get to age 20.)
Lord I ask that you would carry me through my adult years...
Lord I ask you to remove the trauma off of me...
Cause everything coming off of me to go to Your feet to be sent where You want it to go.
Lord I ask that you would seal all that has been done here today. at this time." Thank You, in Jesus name I pray.  Amen.
Cox, Paul L -
PRAYER of Release from Chronic Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Disorders
Lord God:
I repent and renounce, & I ask You to forgive me & my generational line
for coming into agreement with gossip, slander, critical judgment, envy, strife, holding offenses, accusation, & jealousy.
I repent for myself & those in my generational line who came against You by lying, denying You, speaking accusations against You, conceiving/uttering falsehoods from the heart, speaking oppression/revolt & entering into witchcraft.
I ask You to break the generational curse & agreement when accusations came into the generational line.
I break & renounce assignments/agreements with any lying spirit & the generational curse resulting from that.
I ask Your forgiveness. I repent on behalf of myself & my forefathers.
I ask You to break the generational curse & loose a blessing.
I choose to bring my spirit, soul, & body into agreement with the Spirit of Truth.
Would You make null & void & cancel any reinforcement of curses & their assignments in their allotted time.
Would you disconnect me from all ungodly heavenly places.  Will You now seat me in Your heavenly places.
I repent & ask forgiveness for operating in an independent spirit when I came into agreement with gossip, slander, accusation, & when I walked away from You & the Body of Christ, causing disunity & isolation in the Body of Christ.
Today, I choose-by Your mercy-to be reconciled & restored into the unity of Your Body.
I repent for coming into agreement with slander that has been spoken against me, receiving the offenses & not blessing my enemy.
I ask that I not conceive trouble. Please destroy the viper & spider eggs that have been placed into me: slander, hatred, self-rejection, & gossip.  May no adders or spiders be allowed to come forth from this generation forward.
Would You remove all cobwebs of false clothing & nesting places that may be covering my body.
Will you also remove the cobwebs of false identity from my body & soul, & remove all deception that clouds my perception of my true identity.  "
Where my past generations & I have allowed the enemy to weave within me a web of false identity, coming into agreement with this illness as who I am.  Forgive me for gaining my identity from diseases & not from You.
Release me, for You wove me in my mother’s womb. I agree that I am fearfully & wonderfully made. 
Give me Your revelation of my true identity in Christ, which I now receive.
We decree that You are completely restoring my ability to receive all that I need from You, including healing, revelation, & restoration of my spirit, soul, & body.
I forgive the Body of Christ for reacting in judgment & rejection against those who are being wounded by witchcraft & curses that are being empowered & reinforced over time. 
Forgive me for making bitter root judgments against those who have harmed me in any way.
I forgive the Body of Christ for not accepting, understanding, & protecting me.
For those who have rejected me & in doing so have further empowered the curses already against me.
I choose to forgive them.
Forgive me & my generational line for not having the strength to resist the enemy’s assault on my mind, day & night., therefore, accepting the feeling of helplessness in stopping this demonic flow. Would You renew my mind so that I can have Your mind, & know that I can take every thought captive to the Lord Jesus Christ.
[Would You renew my mind] to know that You are my sure defense, & that I am safe in the shelter of Your wings.
I ask You to raise up a standard, based upon Ephesians 4:31; remove all effects of bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, & slander, along with every form of malice.
Break off all generational curses, the reinforcement of curses in their allotted times in all heavenly places & all spiritual, mental, & physical retribution.  P
lease protect those who repent & turn from their generational sin, witchcraft, & idolatry.
Would You realign me with Your purpose & heal the receptors of the cells that make up my being, so my divine calling & destiny will be fulfilled.  I receive the promise that I am no longer a prey of the enemy.
You are my shepherd. You feed me. I receive Your covenant of peace that I may dwell safely.
I choose to be a blessing around Your Holy hill & receive the showers of blessings
You promise in season that there would be fruitfulness & increase in my life.
I know that the bands of the yoke are broken. 
I am delivered
from the hands & words of those who have made me a prey. 
I know that I belong to You. You are with me.
I embrace my restoration within the Body of Christ & the restoration of receptor sites of my own body.
Thank You for considering my cause & my affliction & delivering me & my generations-past, present, & future-for I do not forget Your law. Lord, thank You for pleading my cause through the generations & reviving me & my family line according to Your Word.
Because I trust You, I am like Mt. Zion which cannot be moved, but abides forever.
I thank You, for delivering me & my [family's generations]past, present, & future.
Thank You for redeeming & reviving me & my family line throughout the generations, according to Your Word.
For as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so You, surround me & my [family generations] past, present, & future from this time forth & forever.
Thank You, that the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous because the entirety of Your Word is Truth & every 1 of Your righteous judgments endures forever. 
Thank You for restoring the Scepter of Righteousness.
Will You forgive me & my generational line for (former) closing (of) the doors of Your anointing & blessing.
Will You now bless me & open the doors of Your anointing & blessing & release the generational blessings, gifts, callings, & goodness that my generational line did not receive.  (Thanks Lord, in Jesus' name. 
We, on both sides of our family line, NOW receive all your forgiveness & blessings.) 
Scripture references for this word: Isaiah 59; Proverbs 18:21 (tongue); Isaiah 54:17 (tongue);
Genesis 15:11; Ezekiel 34:22-28; Psalm 139 (similar to Ezekiel one);  Job 8:14 (spider's web); Psalm 119:153-160; Psalm 125:1-3 (Mt. Zion, scepters of the wicked); Psalm 89:28-29 (covenant of love, establish His line forever); Ephesians 1:3, 17-19; 4:29; 4:31 (inheritance, blessing, unwholesome talk, 1 body & 1 spirit, get rid of all bitterness & rage); Isaiah 55:6-13; II Chronicles 7:14-16 (turning from wicked ways, humbling);
James 3 (evil parts of the  body, tongue praising God..)

Demonology - Loneliness - - Doug -

Dickow, Gregory - -
700 club - +
Pastor Gregory Dickow

Doctor Dobson's - Focus on the Family - radio archives - 

Dollar, Creflo @ 7/19/2021 Dealing with Emotions. 
Low self esteem attracts dates/mates who will attempt to take advantage of that neediness.

Evans, Jimmy - Armadillo, Texas, USA - 8/15/2013 5/27/2014
11/2013 Father Image message (not currently posted) - shares how we get stuck emotionally at time/level of our trauma & cannot proceed until that is removed & healed.  Excellent.

, Jimmy - 4/2017 - How to Share Your Thoughts and Feelings
or @

Judy Franklin - 8/28/2016 - - lovely -
God translated her to heaven to revive her heart & mind with a hug.

Graham, Ruth -  Waynesboro, Virginia, USA

Hegstrom, Paul - Watch Sid Roth's Messianic Vision archived webcast  4/16-22/2007
Paul shares how the Limbic system's thalmus only obeys your own voice
Beware what you speak. 
When Paul became teachable, God revealed how to rewire the brain
1 significant method is to read the Bible out LOUD (especially the red lettered words of God/Jesus.) 
The brain's
amygdale has a major role in one's emotional development.  It can be rewired. 
Hegstrom, Paul - Power of the Subconscious - sermon on CD - -
The subconscious affects every aspect of our lives, including perceptions...
Ongoing conferences at Tower Community Fellowship, Aurora, Colorado, USA
Hegstrom, Paul - 2/12-16/07  Healing Adults from Childhood Hurts - 2/15/2007 Thursday Sid Roth's Messianic Vision radio broadcast shares marvelous hope for those with damaged brains.  Hegstrom contends that even if part of the brain nerves are damaged (Hegstrom lost 40% of his brain due to a stroke.), new brain cells can be activated/wired to the rest of the brain, so that brain damage can be reversed (as was true of his brain).  The key to doing this is to speak/read aloud especially the Word of God! Listen (Real Player) Mon Tue
We Th Fri (Media Player) Mon Tue We Th Fri Download (mp3 file) Mon Tue We Th Fri  Cassette #DC1526  CD #DD1526  Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain book #1064

Heijstek, Kees - South Africa - Biblical Steps to Inner Healing - 5/18/2009

Hickey, Marilyn - Prayers and Promises for Healing with Joan Hunter - Part 1 1/12/2017
Hickey, Marilyn -
Prayers and Promises for Healing with Joan Hunter - Part 2 1/13/2017 - Shares family tree history of both Marilyn Hickey's dad & granddad having mental illness issues, which God later reversed, at least dad's.
Hickey, Marilyn - autobiography -
Hickey, Sarah - Breaking the Grip of Dangerous Emotions 1/10/2013
Hickey, Sarah - Wisdom for Emotions 1/14/2013 When you are discouraged or frustrated
Hickey, Sarah -
Broken Be Made Whole - Part 1
Hickey, Sarah - Broken Be Made Whole - Part 2
Hickey, Sarah - #3 or
Hickey, Sarah - #4
Marilyn and Sarah teach about God’s plan to heal you physically, emotionally, mentally

@ Marilyn & Sarah Hickey book
+ videos @

Hotchkin, Robert - Winning the Battle for Your Mind, Will and Emotions with Robert Hotchkin – Part 1 1/23/2020
Hotchkin, Robert -
Winning the Battle for Your Mind, Will and Emotions with Robert Hotchkin – Part 2 1/24/2020
Hotchkin, Robert - Book Excerpt

Hontz, Marilyn - 6-CD Set: Finding Wholeness and Healing - Book: Shame Lifter: Replacing Your Fears and Tears with Forgiveness, Truth and Hope - 6/22/2009 radio broadcast - Overcoming the Shame of the Past 1
When Marilyn revisits her hurts each time, God takes her deeper into insight & healing. 
1 time involves forgiveness.  Another time involves seeing Jesus there in the hurt. 
Her mom mentored her in that she prayed for her future mate & her future children.

Hormann, Dr Aiko - - recommended - great 2010 interview in 3 parts -
Hormann, Dr Aiko - 7 programs @
ItsRainmakingTime - 1019/2010 Jewish broadcaster -
Emotional healing (during preparatory sessions) needs to precede prayer for physical healing. 
Trauma (memory) is stored in 3 brains (head/heart/gut).  Heart transplants will affect recipient. 
65% of heart/gut/brain is neurons; memories are stored in those 3 areas & can be transferred during transplants. 
Prayer, Science, & Wonders (1/8) - Prayer, Science, & Wonders (2/8)
Prayer, Science, & Wonders (3/8) - Prayer, Science, & Wonders (4/8) -

Prayer, Science, & Wonders (5/8) - Prayer, Science, & Wonders (6/8) -
Prayer, Science, & Wonders (7/8) Prayer, Science, & Wonders (8/8) -
(Program automatically proceeds 1-8.)
Dr. Aiko Hormann - Potters Wheel - Potter's Wheel: Spirit, Soul & Body Alignment -

Hunter, Joan - 5/31/2013 - Betrayal by mate (a pastor with a secret homosexual lifestyle) -
Special Guest: Joan Hunter Part 2 -
Also discusses Left breast cancer healing after forgiving, repenting, & letting go of bitterness, worry & kids.
Discusses mind reprogramming of believing childhood lies to God's Truths.
Hunter, Joan - 9/27/2013 (repeat) Special Guest: Joan HunterFreedom Beyond Comprehension – Part 1 -
7/14/2014 + 10/1/2018
Freedom Beyond Comprehension Part 1 @ - Holy Spirit is available to erase both the emotional and cellular pain. We do NOT deal with past hurt, but rather get rid of it.  Even after the spiritual chains of the past are broken, sometimes we carry around the ball of past memories that haunt us. 
Through prayer Jesus will remedy this by leaving sufficient memory to be useful, but removing the immobilizing emotional pain (the bee stinger & venom).
Joan's book Freedom Beyond comprehension - Severing Your Painful Past is helpful, especially for abused women or men.
7/15/2014 + 10/2/2018
Freedom Beyond Comprehension Part 2  Remove negative labels.  Line up with God's word & NOT man's words/labels.  Do NOT deal with the past; rather, sever/disconnect facts from the emotional negative cellular memories, in Jesus' name.  (This may necessitate consistent proactive realignment with God’s words, like regular dental or auto check ups, and/or daily teeth/hair brushing, until it becomes a habit.)
Hunter, Joan - Healing the Whole Man with Joan Hunter 10/12/2015 + Healing the Heart with Joan Hunter 10/13/2015
In addition to loosing from oneself any premarital sexual soul-ties, one can renounce & break off oneself, all past marriage-covenant negatives, in Jesus' name. (Notice apt testimony at end of 2nd program.)
Miracle Maintenance with Joan Hunter - Part 1 - 11/2016 -
Hunter, Joan - Prayers and Promises for Healing with Joan Hunter - Part 1 1/12/2017
Hunter, Joan - Prayers and Promises for Healing with Joan Hunter - Part 2 1/13/2017 - Shares family tree history of both Marilyn Hickey's dad & granddad having mental illness issues, which God later reversed, at least dad's.
Hunter, Joan - Supernatural Provision with Joan Hunter - Part 1 - 9/27/2018
Hunter, Joan -
Supernatural Provision with Joan Hunter - Part 2 - 9/28/2018
, Joan @ 6/15/2020
The Power of Prophetic Vision with Joan Hunter, Part 1
We are to discontinue viewing/labeling others/self, eg: Married/Divorced/Single & instead begin to view them/self through G-d’s eyes/eyeglasses as He predetermined their/our end purpose on earth to be.
Hunter, Joan @
#2 6/16/2020

Hutton, Larry - How to Live in Peace - based on book Internal Affairs - internet video - End of video is great.  We empower negative emotions/feelings by believing/receiving them.  Instead, verbally reject/refuse them, in Jesus' name. - excellent - Jesus instructed Larry that when the negative emotions come & attack, he is to gather them up, bind them together, & speak to them; tell them that he knew they were coming & tell them that Jesus already defeated them at the cross, 2000 years ago. 
(Allow for frequent interrupting advertisements.)
Hutton, Larry - 4/24/2010 - Keeping the Peace of God - -
Jesus defeated/bore-on-the-cross every cause of every negative emotion.  Whatever negative feeling Satan brings we need to contradict with God's Word.  The only thing that empowers demons is to believe/choose/agree with their lies/negative emotions.  Worry/stress/cares/emotional-instability is a form/synonym/symptom/evidence of pride/self-sufficiency rather than God reliance.

Jackson, John Paul - Divine Chaos - audio -
Chaos can trigger confusion or pull forth, attract holy spiritual alignment,
resources, insights, wisdom not related to head knowledge or learning.

Jakes, TD - TV - archived broadcasts @
4/19/2011 broadcast reminds us NOT to excessively look back/mourn over past/problems/people (the way Lot's wife looked back & turned to salt) & thus block/prevent/stall our future blessings by living/dwelling in the past.
Rabbis yesterday were (& we as priests today are) commanded NOT to touch dead corpses & thus become spiritually unclean/contaminated/infected giving demons/disease a legal ground on which to attach/attach/grow. 
(Obviously, some of us are stuck/captive. 
One great ministry for remedying this is in the captivity series.)
Jakes, TD - TV - 9/5/2008
Jakes, Bishop T -
ministry/the-potters-house/the-blame-game-part-1-322134.html 1/20/2013

Jakes, Bishop T - 1/6/2013 -
Jakes, Bishop T - 12/30/2012 @

Jakes, TD - 2/21/2021 Branded @ Scars/wounds/hurts @

Jewish bereavement - + - Stages of mourning - 1st First stage - aninut - 2nd Second stage - avelut - 3rd Third stage - shiv'ah - 4th Fourth stage - shloshim - 5th Fifth stage - shanah a year of mourning

Kerr, Kat - Kat Kerr, September 28, 2014. Part 2 of 2 @
Those who are more emotional/emotive/volatile may have more soul layers.

, Kat - New Brighton, PA 6/2013 posted 2/8/2016 -
Loosing & Binding are Kingdom Keys to be USED.
Negative life experiences result in negative soul deposits, seeds &/or layers, which influence both our emotions & choices.  (Evil deposits may contaminate one's soul due to not saying no to the occult/witch craft/voodoo/vampires/addictions/porn/drugs/x-rated-movies/heavy-metal-music/spoken curses.) 
Every sexual relationship
& traumatic encounter triggers a swap/trade of soul layers, adversely affecting behavior (outside of marriage.  In marriage the 2 become 1 flesh; the marriage covenant is a mirror/foreshadow of God's marriage to & union with His Bride.) 
Subsequently, each toxic sin/trauma needs to be repented of. 
Its respective soul layer needs needs to be evicted/returned to sender. 
Regarding oneself, each soul layer, stolen/given away, needs to be retrieved, in order for one's own soul to become whole again.  Additionally, one needs to invite the Trinity to download His healing/health/blessings. 
If one has not yet repented for his past sins & family curses, then this is the time to do so. 
Next step is to invite Yeshua to be one's savior & Holy Spirit baptizer. Finally one needs to thank the Trinity...
We will respond differently when there are no evil deposits or layers contaminating our soul. 
(Divorce may necessitate a loosing/returning of mate's soul layer, commanding it to go back, + retrieving one's own soul layer, especially in the case of remarriage.) 
Also, BEWARE: Sin loans to Satan temporary power over us, until those sins are confessed and abandoned.
Kat Kerr Author - Kat Kerr - How To Survive In The Future P1 (Must watch)  #1
#2 – 6/30/2016 - (low volume)
Kat Kerr Author -
iv&src_vid=rvSIb54Cax0&v=2RhCYO7nRKc  Each of us is NOT a mistake, but purposed for this time in history.6/2/2016 -
Heaven Kingdom Life Ministries Day 3
The Kat Kerr - October 12 at 7:55pm - Fort Mill, S Carolina - The core of our soul is our will, whereas the rolodex layers are (basically) our emotions, on which the enemy deposits crap, which attract more junk. 
When Jesus baptizes us with Holy Spirit, especially with Holy Fire, then as we aggressively pursue/allow/choose/receive God & His resurrection power, Holy Spirit begins to burn off these contaminants which interfere with our following through with the holy desires that our mind & heart want, rather than caving into negative self-destructive habits/addictions/seductions/lures.
Kat Kerr - 2016 posted 9/10/2018 -
Daily BEFORE getting out of bed, say aloud, “Father, I ask for and receive, GRACE for this day.” 
(This is grace exceeding salvation, the overflowing daily sufficiency.) Fun is a new weapon in this kingdom age.  New/royal fast (versus king's feast) is NOT eating/drinking/taking favorite things, like chocolate. 
Identify a favorite Judeo/Christian mark/tattoo/emblem & display/wear it. 
At end of program we can receive (a portion of) God's/Kat's impartation of their 1)Revelation 2) Life of God 3)Power to Rule & Reign 4)creativity, but we need to Take & Receive.  (Thanks Lord.)
Kerr, Kat - GRACE - - 2/2020 -
We are to ask Father God (Who sits on the throne of grace) & receive each morning our daily GRACE.

Kessee, Drenda – Shark Proof -
You can swim with sharks @  
#2 Dealing with Hindrances @
#3 How Do You Deal with Hurt @

Lassiter, Ruth - Boston area ministry - based on Henry Wright's Pleasant Valley church, Georgia ministry. -

LeDoux, Joseph -

LeDoux, Joseph - books - The Emotional Brain or Synaptic Self - Ledoux theorizes that our emotions are stored in the brain's lateral amygdala which is part of the limbic system.  [LeDoux (The Emotional Brain), professor at New York University's Center for Neural Sciences, has come up with a theory: it's the neural pathways the synaptic relationships in our brains that make us who we are. Starting with a description of basic neural anatomy (including how neurons communicate, the brain's embryological development & some of the key neural pathways), LeDoux reviews experiments & research, arguing that the brain's synaptic connections provide the biological base for memory, which makes possible the sense of continuity & permanence fundamental to
a "normal" conception of self. Writing for a general audience, he succeeds in making his subject accessible to the dedicated nonspecialist. He offers absorbing descriptions of some of the most fascinating case studies in his field, provides insight into the shortcomings of psychopharmacology & suggests new directions for research on the biology of mental illness. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.]

Jonah Lehrer -  2/28/2009 - The rational/mental/ intellectual choices/decisions we make are often influenced greatly by our emotional reactions/feelings.  "Behavioral economists set up 3 distinct choice environments, which allowed them to subtly bias the decision-making approach of the subjects. For instance, in condition #2 the volunteers were forced to memorize a long random string of numbers, which took up valuable cognitive space in working memory. There's a large body of evidence that such random digits make it harder to engage in 'rational' thought & thus make it more likely for people to rely on their emotional system. The researchers then had subjects choose between a series of paired objects. For instance, people were given a choice between a 'Quick Release Micro-Light Keychain' and a 'Voice Recording Keychain with LED'. 
What did they find? In all 3 conditions, subjects who relied more on their emotional system made a more consistent set of decisions.  In other words, the property of transitivity, which, along with 'completeness' is one of the basic assumptions of rational preference relations in economic theory, seems to depend not on rational thought processes but on those subtle emotional signals emanating from the limbic system.
Here's the irony: In order to behave like a 'rational agent' one needs to rely on the emotional brain."

Linn, Dennis & Matthew - -
Healing of Memories - Prayer an Confession Steps to Inner Healing

Malone, Henry - Texas, USA

Mendez-Ferrell, Ana - God's  Weeping Room - mp3  wma  rm - @'s%20Heart/Jill%20Austin%20-%20Visitations.mp3 - "The Epic of God's Heart is presented as a 2-disc set. The 1st CD is Jill Austin,
Heidi Baker, & Ana Mendez-Ferrell describing their personal, radical encounters with Christ."

Meyer, Joyce - Radio Broadcast 3/21/2007  Pressing Past The Pain Of Feelings - Part III 
                       Radio Broadcast 3/22/2007 
Pressing Past The Pain Of Feelings - Part IV
TV and Radio Broadcast   
Meyer, Joyce
- home -
TV I-Pod Archives

Meyer, Joyce - TV Archives
6/08/2010 Mental Health #1
6/09/2010 Mental Health #2
6/10/2010 Emotional Health
6/10/2010 Emotional Health 
Meyer, Joyce - 9/8/2011 There is a time to pray & a time to respectfully confront (such things such as a sexual abuser).  Joyce has a mom (now in assisted care) who lived on an emotional roller coaster, especially highs & who had a nervous breakdown after having a hysterectomy without hormone replacement.
Meyer, Joyce - 3/17-18/2015 -
Bedridden people would love to drive to work in our car.  They would love to do the job we hate. 
Thus, we need to DAILY appreciate little things and to enjoy what we do have, rather than focusing on the minuses.  Let us believe, with expectancy, while savoring today’s child/mate/house/toilet. 
Many in 3rd world locations have none or few of those, due to war/genocide/parasites/famine. 
Scripture says to stir SELF up in the Lord.  Holy Spirit, help us obey.  Thanks.
Meyer, Joyce - 1/13/2017 -
Spiritual counseling is preferable to secular, but Holy Spirit's counsel trumps all.  Professional counseling should be a stop-gap/emergency tool, not a lifestyle (except perhaps for an occasional tune up or occasional crisis).  (For developmental/ growing-pains issues, the rule of thumb is 1 year of counseling, which should remedy/defuse the situation rather than bankroll the counselor as a life client.)
Meyer, Joyce 2/7/2023 @ 

Mohr, Greg - 9/14/2014
Mohr, Greg -
A Prosperous Soul with Greg Mohr - Part 1 - 11/28/2016 - Greg was healed
of a a cancerous neck tumor.  God healed it when the root soul issues were dealt with.  Bitterness has roots. 
All spiritual weeds have roots.  The fruit is often psychiatric or physical symptoms/illness. 
When self or others continually: distort/revile/deflect blame, are volatile/discontent/delusional, an explosion/ accident about to happen, then that is a red flag that the soul (emotions/mind/will) is sick/full of pus/infection/ wounds/hurts/ unforgiveness/whatever gives Satan opportunity to use as an ingredient/legal grounds.
Mohr, Greg - A Prosperous Soul with Greg Mohr - Part 2 11/29/2016
Mohr, Greg - 10/20/2016

Moore, Beth - Wednesdays with Beth -
10/7/2009 Being Sorry for Hurting Others - 

Oats, Kathi - Kathi Oates 2008 - Radio broadcast#1620 12/1-5/2008  
12/4/2008 is especially good regarding asking God to minister to the broken parts of our hearts & removing/healing the walls/partitions/divisions in our fractured selves/personalities. 
(Even reuniting our formerly fractured now healed parts.)
[Numerous Catholic ministries major on this approach & minor on deliverance approach. 
2 that come to mind are Neal Lozano's Heart of the Father Ministries, Ardmore, PA, USA + the Francis MacNutt ministry in Florida
Sid Roth archived radio broadcasts:

O'Neill, Barbara 10/19/2018 @ 9/9
Mental Health & Brain
O'Neill, Barbara @ 10/18/2018 Autobiography

Peques, Deb - Why Smart People Make Dumb Choices with Deborah Pegues - Part 1 Excellent 9/13-14/2018
Peques, Deb - Why Smart People Make Dumb Choices with Deborah Pegues - Part 2

Dr. Jim Richards - Change Your World  - Cellular memories Wed - Send Away Trapped Emotions Thurs. -
Sid Roth RADIO interview week 8/20-24/2012 - recommended

Roberson, Dave - ministry 6/2006 - newsletter on emotions + how tongues speaking helps 

Robison, James & Betty @

, Jennifer - 11/15/2011 - -   

SALTS  - Open Hearts Ministry, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA - -
Survivors of Abuse Leadership Training weekly Seminars - Based on therapist Dr Dan Allender's
The Wounded Heart + The Wounded Heart Workbook + The Wounded Heart CD Seminar - Discusses "soul" deadening form of abuse...Book reaches deep into the wounded heart...exploring the secret lament of the soul damaged by sexual abuse & laying hold of the hope buried there by the One" Who is healer/doctor/husband/lover.
Other Allender books:  Bold Love + The Cry of the Soul @

Schiffer, Frederick - Harvard psychiatrist Fredric Schiffer's special eye glasses alter mood/emotional outlook Those with post traumatic stress reduce anxiety when looking only out of extreme left side of his glasses. 
Those with major depression felt better when looking only out of the extreme right side of his eye glasses.  Glasses seem to work best during time of crisis. Scientific basis for this is that regions affected are on the reverse side of the brain.  Right eye vision interacts with left side of brain & vice versa. 

Of 2 Minds: The Revolutionary Science of Dual-Brain Psychology
Excerpt (12/11/1997
BEWARE of any spiritual chapters.  This book is on websites endorsing reincarnation & other realities.

Don't Waste Your Wilderness: Introduction @
Schneider, Rabbi - Don't Waste Your Wilderness: It's Necessary - 7/2016

Schneider, Rabbi - Don't Waste Your Wilderness: It's Only a Season

Priscilla Shirer - 11/29/2011
Shirer - Blessed Discipline - -

Silvoso, Ed - of Harvest Evangelism - Swatting the Fly as revealed by God @ Paul Cox's
"The pastor found that the life cycle of the adult fly is 21 days in the summer.
The larva stage of the fly is a few days & the pupa stage is 3 to 7 days. The truth then became clear.
If you can get rid of a fly and its offspring, then the cycle of the fly’s generation is broken & you will be rid of all flies.  The Lord the told him to proclaim (declare His/God's) truth for 40 days.
Specifically He told the pastor to take an area of your life in which you want freedom.
Find 40 key biblical verses in that area & proclaim them (aloud) as truth for 40 days."
Swatting the Fly of Anger
Swatting the Fly of Curses
Swatting the Fly of Depression
Swatting the Fly of Doubt
Swatting the Fly of Fear
Swatting the Fly of Lust
Swatting the Fly of Pride
Swatting the Fly of Rejection
Swatting the Fly of Shame
Swatting the Fly of Waste

Katie Souza - Healing School - Messianic Radio 10/18-22/2010 - excellent

Theophostic Models of Inner Healing @

This I Believe - Morning Edition radio broadcast  9/26/2005 transcript -
Cecilia Munoz: Getting Angry Can Be a Good Thing - - - Exposing the Wicca link 
a. cult techniques of manipulation
b. 12  forbidden practices - according to the KJV Bible
c. 12 rules for raising gang members or drug addicts

Walsh, Sheila - 11/10/2011 - Trust -
(Former Miss America had a spell in a psychiatric hospital for depression.)

Weiss, Doug - Archives @ Christian counseling specialty is sexual trauma.

Wommack, Andrew - -
8/31/2015 stroke recovery -
, Allen testimony - 1st day of week long mentoring regarding disallowing one's emotions to rule.


Perry, Steve - Save My Son TV series @

Dr. Jim Richards - Change Your World - LISTEN to Sid Roth's Messianic radio Thursday 8/20-24/2012 - excellent - Richards tells us that each has the responsibility to "send away" any offense or negative emotion/reaction that could want to lodge in our heart/mind due to trauma & hurtful situations.

Secular TV

Perry, Steve - Save My Son TV series - -


Walker, Norman Wardhaugh (1867-1985 = 118 yrs) + + +  
Beware to ask God's Holy Spirit if some of Norman's teachings are demonic or holy, as some reek with aroma of idol worship & other far east flavors/practices/religious practices/beliefs.  Ask Him to show you each root/origin. 
Eg., Tune Your Mind & Body - Become Younger -
chapter 16 Your Nerves
states, "Every organ, limb & part of the body has 3 important nerve endings, 1 is in the iris of the eyes (iridology/rainbow goddess?), 1 is in the walls of the colon & 1 is in the sole of the feet (reflexology?)... Various parts of the body...can be helped & relaxed by pressing on the (foot) parts indicated."
"The main distributing nerve center of the body is located at the base of the brain in a structure know as the Medulla  Oblongata, just above the nape of the neck.  From here it spreads out to every part of the anatomy. 
It is divided into 2 main sections/divisions.  1 is the abdominal, or sympathetic nervous system...
The other is the central nervous system consisting of the brain & the spinal cord wit its many branches."


COMMENTARY:  Jesus was alive in heaven before the foundation of the earth, came to earth clothed in flesh, died once, was resurrected, & now lives forever.  Cats are said in jest to have 9 lives. 
Eveready batteries are portrayed as rabbits, forever reproducing & hopping about. 
Superman is said in advertising to swoop in & rescue in a single bound. Balls are able to bounce. 
Kangaroos & frog leap.  We humans joined to the Holy Spirit of God can also do mighty feats, but never alone. 
God created us this way, to be a joint venture with Him.  Marriage is God's illustration of 2 becoming 1, in Him.  Me + He (God) = We.  Human spirit + Holy Spirit = unity.  Sperm + egg = zygote/fetus/baby.

Hughes, Patrick Henry - autobiography - I Am Potential 10/2/2008 @ -
Patrick Henry Hughes was born with a rare genetic disorder that left him without eyes & physically disabled.
But he was also blessed with exceptional musical talent: able to play the piano as a toddler & age 19, a nationally known pianist, singer, & trumpeter who has performed at the Grand Ole Opry & the Kennedy Center. Currently he’s a member of his college marching band, playing while his devoted father pushes him in his wheelchair... Now, for the 1st time, Hughes & his father share the full account of his extraordinary journey.
In I Am Potential, Hughes recounts the 8 critical lessons he has learned that are at the heart of his success, including: When Life Gives You Lemons,
Accept Them and Be Grateful
& Do All You Can to Change What You Can.” At age 20.  - cool theme of being "blessed" by God with a special needs child - However, the bottom line is that in most cases, the root cause of family "curses" is 1 or more demons, unforgiven/unconfessed ancestral/family iniquity/sin &/or unbroken evil spells/proclamations by/from occult practitioners. 

Monroe, Myles -
Chapter 1
"I heard Mr. Gordon Brown, the prime minister of Great Britain (and an economic specialist) say, 'experimenting.' A lot of decisions are being based on theories rather than experience. We do not know yet if the experiments will work. Nobody has faced this exact kind of a cri-sis situation before...The prevailing tendency is to blame somebody or something. 'Whose fault is it? Let’s go get ’em.'  But that does not help, does it? Anyway, there is really no one person or event to blame. When you get laid off from your job, you want to blame the management or the company. You want to counterattack and hold someone responsible for your dilemma. I tell you, do not waste your energy on that, especially these days. The whole world is in a crisis, and
you just happened to have gotten knocked off your horse too.  When the US Congress asked a spokesman for the Federal Reserve what caused this meltdown, his answer contained a very Biblical word: greed.  He said that when the people in charge become greedy, they plant seeds for the collapse of the very economic system they think they can use to their advantage. 
What is greed? Greed is the mismanagement of resources for personal benefit, coupled with a disregard for the benefit of others. Greed is when you want more than you need at the expense of everybody else. Greed means I know I need only one pillow, but I want ten. I need only one little plateful of food at a time,
but I
want the whole restaurant. Greedy people don’t care who gets hurt. They just go after whatever they want and don’t concern themselves with other people. They see an opportunity to acquire more money, greater status, or further pleasures, and they charge ahead in pursuit of their selfish goals, regardless of how many people they have to trample on in the process.  Right now people in the United States are losing their homes by the thousands. Foreclosure is taking about
, 3,000 homes a week away from families who usually have
no other place to go.  Some of them will end up living in their cars...
Just a handful of greedy people have caused a tidal wave of grief for others...
Do not let your own financial uncertainty make you do something rash and foolish.
Do not do something dishon
est. Do not go the way of the world. Do not worry about yourself. Instead, put your trust in God and ask Him what to do. He knows what to tell you.
He’s just waiting for you to stop trying to solve
things yourself and to start to pay attention
to His directions. 
If you pay attention, you will know when He is pricking your conscience.
He will warn you when your heart starts to brew up
some form of malice, deceit, theft, envy, evil thoughts, lewdness, adultery, slander, arrogance, murder, or other kinds of folly.
..Jesus said, 'watch out,'"

Pankalia, Carolyn Goad - - Rely on faith NOT feelings

Vujicic, Nick - Life Without Limbs - - watch  - excellent or watch

Many other wonderful internet links !

Inner Healing Ministry

Aiko, Dr Hormann - Divine Editing of Your Memories - CD - "Invite your Heavenly Father to fill in the voids created by lack of nurturing. He will 'edit out' painful memories as well as 'edit in' His nurturing."

Foy, Teri Savelle - especially for women with broken hearts  -

Good, Nelson and Eunice - Restoring the Father's Heart Ministry, Pinconning, Michigan, USA     
About -
Ministry -
Relationships -

Harfouche, Robin - especially for women -

Inner Healing Prayer Ministry - equipping the team -

Linn, Dennis & Matthew (Catholic)- Healing of memories - Prayer and Confession Steps to Inner Healing
1.Thank God.  2.Ask God What He Wants to Heal.  3.Share a painful Memory with Christ.
(Ask Holy Spirit to root out any hurt & to replace with/plant God's forgiving love. 
Christ can help us to forgive ourselves & whoever hurt us, as He unveils what good can come from the hurt.) 
We are to "confess & expose for healing, not only the scars, but also what (initial incident/habitual pattern) caused them." 
We "pick up the (broken) bits & pieces" (of our heart/soul) & bring them to Him to put "back together" & "to refashion" into a masterpiece that He envisioned from the foundation of the earth. 
As we thank God for His blessings (for us & others) that will sprout from the mended wound, healing will accelerate.  A spiritual (blood) transfusion will occur as we exchange our negative feelings for God's holy feelings.  Authors noticed that trauma can bring some to psychiatric hospital & some to God. 
Perception & handing of a memory was a giant key. 
Allow your tragedy to become your open door to healing, blessing & God. 
Your misery can become your ministry, if you allow God's Holy Spirit to remold like clay that hurt.
APPENDIX - Scripture and Confession pg.91, Spiritual Exercises for Healing pg.97 =
of God's Love pg.97, Triangle of Offering God's Love pg.98 Healing of Memories Square pg.99, Healing of Memories Diamond pg.101 (web links to pages)
Linn, Dennis & Matthew -
Healing life's hurts: healing memories through five stages of ... - Google
Linn, Dennis & Matthew - - 
Healing our Image of God
Linn, Dennis & Matthew -
Sleeping with bread: holding what gives you life - Google
for children - relates to the imprisoned Jews who slept with bread.
Linn, Matthew & Dennis - Healing Life's Hurts - Paulist Press
Linn, Matthew & Dennis - Deliverance Prayer - -
"90% of those having evil spirits have an open door due to deep hurts in life, making it difficult to get close to Jesus.  Often they (clergy) counsel those seeking deliverance to 1st attend the (morning) Eucharist daily for a month & (stay in church) after the Eucharist to spend a half hour adoring Jesus. 
This weeds out those coming only for relief and unwilling to make a deep commitment to Jesus...
Those returning are often free of all spirits, because they have grown closer to Jesus...
The evil 1 will leave easily & for good only when all wounds (invitations/incentives/legal grounds for) inviting him (the evil spirit) back are healed (gone)...Be (not) so concerned about whether or not they have (one has) an evil spirit, but rather (more importantly) whether they are (one is) growing closer to Jesus Christ."
(Remember, Jesus counseled the disciples to be joyful that their names were written in heaven, rather than joyful because demons had fled during their ministry to demonized individuals.)

Lozano, Neal - Especially for Catholics and Episcopals -

Papal thoughts on repenting for sins of past generations -

MacNutt, Francis and Judith - especially for Catholics and Episcopals -

Mumford, Rev Nigel - retreat center - ministers with the MacNutts - "
Christ the King Spiritual Life Center is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany in Washington County, New York at the edge of Greenwich & Easton, beside the Vermont border.  Property encompasses 612 acres, with a private 36-acre lake, several ponds, a nature preserve & natural wetland, miles of trails, & outdoor activities for all seasons."

Omartian, Stormie - - Videos for stormie omartian testimony - - "I was raised by a mentally ill mother who was very abusive & kept me locked in a closet for much of my early childhood. My dad was gone a lot working long hard hours just to eke out a living.  When he was home he was exhausted & passive.
I didn't feel he was there for me as a protector from my mother.
As a result, I grew up with a lot of depression, fear, anxiety, anger, feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, futility & rejection.  By the time I was in my twenties, I was still locked in a closet emotionally." - "Her mother had a mental illness & she severely abused Stormie physically & emotionally. Her mother would deal with Stormie either by locking her in a closet for hours at a time or not being aware she was there, there would be extremes of physical abuse or total abandonment. Stormie would never know why these things were being done to her. 
Because of this treatment, Stormie grew up with deep feelings of rejection, fear, depression, loneliness & hopelessness. Her father was a gentle, passive man & truly loved Stormie's mother despite her mental illness.
As a result, the illness & the abusive behavior weren’t dealt with, because he thought 1 day she would "snap out of it."  Needless to say, Stormie’s mother's mental condition wasn't treated, & it worsened...
She tried to cope with her emotional pain by using a lot of drugs & alcohol.
She tried to fill her spiritual void by exploring Eastern religions, but found that the pathway to false gods was distant  cold.  Stormie also tried to fill her relational void by having relationships with different men: some resulted in abortions... Stormie...accepted Jesus as her personal savior. She started
1 of the 1st things she learned at the church was the importance of worship & praise." 4/
1/2011 table talk -

Sandford, John Loren and Mark - - Spokane Valley, Washington state, USA -
Deliverance & Inner Healing
#1 Relationship between Deliverance & Inner Healing
1.5 A Christian Can Be Demonized
1.7 Do's & Don'ts of Deliverance
1.8 a Balanced Approach toward Mental Illness & Disorders
#2 Deliverance & Healing from Types & function of Demons
2.10 Delivering Places
2.11 Delivering Animals & Objects
2.12 demonic Specialists
2.13 Strongholds: Individual & Corporate
Not binding decoys (distractions) delay (prevent) the root cause from being exposed/evicted.
#3 Relationship of Occultism, Spiritualism & Cults to Demons, Deliverance & Inner Healing
Appendix 5 - Scripture References about Prenatal Wounds and Sins
Appendix 6 - Clues for Identification of in Utero Wounds
Sandford, John L & Paula - Growing Pains - part of Transformation series dealing with the inner child from the time of conception -
Chapter 6 Breaking Childhood Inner Vows -
As a praying counselor in ministry to one's client, this is a tentative template prayer" -
Father G-d, in Jesus' name:
I break the power of this inner vow to (withdraw or _____ )
I speak directly to ( _____'s) heart & say, 'I release you from this habit of (withdrawal or _____ ).
I restore you to the original delight of your soul to (safely) share yourself (in transparency) with your brothers & sisters in Christ.  I release you to open your heart & be with others.
I see you ( _____ ) talking & laughing, no longer afraid to make a mistake, giggling in freedom, rather than embarrassment.
I praise You, Lord, that You will continue (Your healing & deliverance) until ( _____ ) is daily able to say with an exclamation of joy, 'Hey, it's true.  I'm free, even as I prayed.'  Thank You, Jesus."  Amen.

Scanlon - Encouragement
Scanlon -
Nine Ways to Open Up God’s Will for You by Fr. Michael Scanlan, T.O.R.
- TRAUMA reversal prayer -
When trauma happens to the heart or mind, the soul can break or fracture. 

Sometimes the broken parts go into hiding for the purpose of self-defense. 

However, when person is older, the broken off part is still hiding (under a bed, in a closet,

in a fox hole, in a memory) & frozen in time (never maturing with the rest of the person). 

The Holy Spirit will help re-unite the broken-off part back into its former place.
The broken-off part will never be happy until it is home (in its own bed, in its own place, just like a missing piece

of a puzzle that was lost & now is found)…

Because of free will, I need to give my consent to those who want to help me.

need to say yes to God, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit, to my guardian angel & to anyone now doing this ministry

with me, to allow them to take the hand (of my spirit man), to pull my broken/fragmented soul piece out of my

mental prison of torment, to ascend with them, to sit on Father God’s lap, to be established in Him, to proceed

from there back into my home (my healthy whole mind, which is my soul) the part of me that (with my born-

again spirit) fellowships with the Trinity when I pray & when I go to heaven.

I was hurt, so that I will recognize & quickly refuse it when it tries to recapture me after I am free.

say YES now as I visualize my brokenness ascending into Your lap Papa God, being hugged by You & when

fully healed, descending into my body where I am now restored & beginning the destiny for which I was created

from the foundation of the earth.  Awesome.

As the Jews are being re-established in Israel, so are You God through Your son re-establishing me with a sound

mind, heart, emotions, body + a future designed just for meI do NOT need to be afraid. 

Father in heaven, You love me & desire my safety, peace & joy. 

Scripture says that God has not given me a spirit of fear, but instead has given me power, love & a sound mind. 

With Your help, Holy Spirit, I forgive my perpetrator, I forgive You God. 

I forgive myself, because Jesus Your Son forgave me 1st through His sacrifice on the cross. Amen. 

My mountain has become my ministry.  Thank You Lord.

Jonathan Welton 12/13-18/2009 -
author of The School of the Seers - Wed 15th & 16th - Sid Roth's Messianic radio program gives insight to one having spiritual swords/spears/arrows piercing an individual & needing removal, often by another.

Wommack, Andrew - You've Already Got It! - 8/19/2011 Friday
A born-again person has inside of him all that he/she needs, reardless of what he/she feels/experiences/comprehends with his her physical body/mind.  That is because man is (51%-99%) invisible human spirit; our human spirit when united to the Trinity has available/access to it whatever is in the kingdom of God.  Andrew shares how this revelation allowed him to raise his son from death. 
(Be reminded that it is not what, so much, but WHO we have inside us.)

Woodley, Julie - Restoring the Heart Ministries - Setauket, New York, USA -
In the Wildflowers - 10 DVD documentary series of 6 women - identity of sexually abused traded for identity in Christ -   
Julie Woodley: A Clean Slate - - 700 club @
Resume -
Wildflower retreat training for counselors - 3/7/2010 RADIO - Episode # 84- Ex-Prostitute, Trauma Counselor, Julie Woodley of Restoring the Heart Ministries 
or @
Radio -
Download DI # 84 Julie Woodley pt 1 @
Radio -
Download DI # 84 Julie Woodley pt 2 @

Heart Transplant

King, Rebecca - 4/20-25/2015 - + - God's Valentine to us - (edited)
SID: What happened, now you said that you had a wounded heart & that God healed it during that time. 
When, the same thing happens when you pray for people with broken hearts, what happens?
They receive a brand new heart.
Why not? I asked God so long to fix my heart & finally He gave me revelation, "I can't fix your heart."
God can't fix your heart?
I said, "We're jacked up, Lord, because if you can't fix my heart...I don't know what's going to happen."
He gave me revelation. See, He gave me His explanation, because God can give us something. 
We can mess it up if we have a broken heart.  We can mess up the blessings that God has for us...
He said, "I can't give you, I can't fix you, I can't fix your heart."  I said, "Why God?" 
He said, "Because every time I fix it, you bring up the past & you break it all over again." 
He said, "But I can give you a brand new one."
So I received a brand new heart on Valentine's Day, 1810 days ago.
Most people have been wounded.

Everyone...right now can receive a brand new heart from God...
Right now in the name of Jesus, there is a no time nor distance in the Glory of God.
Right now, hearts are being passed out from Heaven. I see hearts coming down from Heaven for God's people. The ones that have an ear to hear, hearts are being implanted right now in the hearts of God's people.
They have been broken for so long. I understand that you think that God can't fix your brokenness.
God doesn't want to fix your brokenness. He wants to heal you & your brokenness today.
So receive a heart from God today.  Begin to count your days, in Jesus' name.
4.20.2015 (may be another RK?)

often pertain to past fears
rathern than to future issues

Hickey, Marilyn - Deliverance from Bitterness Part 1 - 9/27/2012 @
Hickey, Marilyn -
Deliverance from Bitterness Part 2
- 9/27/2012 @

Souza, Katie - articles
Souza, Katie - 2/2015 Newsletter shares that bitterness due to offenses can trigger obesity/bloating/weight gain. edited - She refers to numbers/5-22.htm - 25
The Adultery Test -
21(then the priest shall have the woman swear with the oath of the curse, & the priest shall say to the woman), "the LORD make you a curse & an oath among your people by the LORD'S making your thigh waste away & your abdomen swell;
22 & this water that brings a curse shall go into your stomach & make your abdomen swell & your thigh waste away."  The woman shall say, "Amen. Amen."
'The priest shall then write these curses on a scroll & wash them off into the water of bitterness.… -
The Adultery Test -
24Then he shall make the woman drink the water of bitterness that brings a curse,
so that the water which brings a curse will go into her & cause bitterness.

'The priest shall take the grain offering of jealousy from the woman's hand,
& he shall wave the grain offering before the LORD & bring it to the altar. 
[The remedy is recognizing & repenting for EACH incident, (nailing it to Jesus' cross), consistently contending, applying Jesus' resurrection power, with "hands on...stomach, commanding my soul to be healed & for the fat to dissolve & drain away."]
Katie Souza - Offenses - 9/2012 - transcript  -
Let's just think about how often we get offended everyday. 
Let's just come in with the Lord right now, & just ask Him to begin to wash away that sin with His blood.
Lord, right now, I decree that for everybody watching...that You (Lord) are coming with Your blood, Your powerful, powerful blood from Your cross...You, Lord are going to every single time we've been offended all the way back, systematically taking away every sin. 
We are our: spouses, children, friends, family, bosses, pastors; right now we repent, Lord.
We repent for being offended at strangers. We repent for being offended at situations.
We ask, Lord, that You would come so powerfully with your blood to wash away the sin of offense, because we don't want to be sick, Lord, & we don't want to make anybody else sick with our words.
So right now, Lord, atone for & wash our sins with Your mighty blood, in the name of Jesus...
Let's everybody say, in the name of Jesus with Your blood. 
In the name of Jesus (with Your blood).
KATIE: In the name of Jesus. Now normally we would stop right there.
We would just say, 'The blood' (part).  That's what our problem has been, because we stop at the blood.
We need everything Jesus did. If Jesus was not resurrected then He would still be a dead man in a tomb.
You have to have the cross AND the resurrection. They go together. 
We have to have everything Christ did for us.
So now let's partake of the 2nd decree Jesus did for us & that is the power called dunamis that comes through the resurrection.  Now I want you to direct your attention on your soul doing this.
Lord, we command that our souls be filled with dunamis.
We command right now in the name of Jesus that our souls would become excellent...
KATIE: Everybody say 'excellent of soul.'  SID: Excellent of soul.
KATIE: Say, I am excellent of soul.  SID: I am excellent of soul.
KATIE: Say, I'm filled with dunamisSID: I'm filled with dunamis.
KATIE: Say, my wounds.  SID: My wounds.
KATIE: Are being healed.  SID: Are being healed.
KATIE: Right now.  SID: Right now.
KATIE: Every time I've sinned.  SID: Every time I've sinned.
KATIE: By being offended.  SID: By being offended.
KATIE: It made a wound.   SID: It made a wound.
But Your power.  SID: But your power.
KATIE: That comes.  SID: That comes.
KATIE: From the resurrection.  SID: From the resurrection.
KATIE: Is filling me now.  SID: Is filling me now.
KATIE: It's going right to my soul.  SID: It's going right to my soul.
KATIE: & it's healing every wound inside my soul. 
It's healing every wound inside my soul.
KATIE: I am excellent of soul.  SID: I am excellent of soul.
KATIE: I am excellent of soul.  SID: I am excellent of soul.

SID: Well thank God that you're excellent (audience). I'm excellent of soul.
You (audience) can even stand up. You can shout .Come on, stand up. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord."

Broken/Fractured Hearts/Relationships

Allender, Dan - Bainbridge Island, Washington state, USA

Dickow, Gregory - Healing the Father Fracture (audio CDs)

Caffrey, Anne - - Alpharetta, Georgia, USA    

Dr. Aiko Hormann - Shattered Dreams - Fragmented -

Hunter, Joan with Marilyn & Sarah Hickey Healing the Heart with Joan Hunter 10/18/2019

Kintsugi @ (secular)

Perry, Michelle - -
Sometimes the bravest kind of creativity isn’t about the product, but the process we engage to reach it & the understanding we gain as we embrace the journey...
What if the pain of my
heart breaking, was actually the pain of my heart being broken open & enlarged?
Instead of a piece of my heart being planted in Africa, Jesus has allowed Africa to be planted forever in my heart, forever in my story. Nothing left behind but all things woven together in Him, for Him, through Him.
What if the very things meant to break us down actually become the things that break us open to more of Him & His promise? This is the mystery & the beauty of His unfailing love."

Sumrall, Lester - Conscience - the Scales of Justice -
Chapter 4 Human Conscience  without God - "A conscience without God will (attempt to) destroy you. 
 It will beat you to pieces. 
There are people in insane asylums right now, because their consciences have beaten them into that place."

Woods, Benny -
- La Vergne, Tennessee, USA -

COMMENTARY: A broken heart can be 1 that has been attacked by an evil spirit of cannibalism, or so it can feel like that. 
The nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty also can be spiritually true, for one's heart can be broken/cracked. 
Father God in Jesus' name, we invite You, Your Holy Spirit & Your holy angels to reverse & remedy all such emotional devastation to our hearts. We appreciate Your help & healing.  Amen

Emotional Abuse

BJ Foster 8/30/2018 - 3 Clear Signs Your Marriage Is Emotionally Abusive - "The mine harvested vermiculite, which has a number of commercial uses, including fire & home insulation while also being used as a soil conditioner. In the town of Libby, it could be found everywhere.  The problem is that this vermiculite contained a dangerous form of asbestos. For years, the entire town had been breathing in asbestos dust. 
As asbestos dust particles move into the lungs, the fibers end up lodging into the lung tissue like small thorns.
When the immune system cells try to break down the asbestos fibers, the cells become damaged & eventually die. This creates dead scar tissue that grows over time until finally the lungs no longer function. 
The people of Libby had no idea what was in the air. 
1 resident said, 'You spend your life trying to protect your family.
You can protect your family from stuff that you can see.'
What about the things that you can't see or are difficult to recognize?"

Gas-Lighting – “Gaslighting occurs anytime someone attempts, & succeeds, to convince you that your feelings, beliefs, thoughts or perceptions of reality are invalid, inaccurate, (insignificant) or untrue. (My working definition, anyway.)
Most people don’t know that this is what they are doing, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is, indeed, exactly what they are doing...

Gaslighting consists of a number of tactics, but what sets gaslighting apart from the tactic is the result.
Eg, someone can use manipulation as a tactic to cause you to change the way you feel about him viewing pornography.  “You’re being old-fashioned & prudish. 
All men watch porn. It’s no big deal, so why are you making it such a big deal?”
The tactics being used here are manipulation & intimidation. If the desired effect occurs, you begin to doubt yourself, & eventually will relinquish your insistence that he stop viewing pornography.
You’ve been convinced that your feelings of him being unfaithful when he views pornography aren’t valid, but instead, old-fashioned & prudish. This is when manipulation results in gaslighting…
In working with my clients at
Betrayal Trauma Recovery
, it’s right about this time that silence fills the air as the revelation comes. As their mind takes in the definition of gaslighting & the memories come flooding in of all the times they’ve lived it, they inevitably exclaim, “There’s a word for that? 
I had no idea there was a word that explained what I’ve been experiencing.”
The validation of their experience, & the relief that it wasn’t just them, is palpable…
10 signs adapted from Dr. Robin Stern’s The Gaslight Effect, indicate that gaslighting may be occurring in your relationship:


Copeland, Kenneth @ Releasing the Nature and Power of God in You—Part 2 | Kenneth Copeland Ministries ( or 3/10/2022 Excess grief can be a spirit.   Excess grief is a soul issue as strong as sex, because it involves our emotions, over which we need to exert our willpower.

Fear, M.L. -
entire handbook for a team/village/family self-help group @ -
Feelings or emotions
will often rise up as spirits are confronted.  For example, if we are dealing with a spirit of grief, the person may experience deep levels of grief as it is manifesting & being driven out.

Hickey, Marilyn & Sarah - Broken Be Made Whole - Part 4 - 4/24/2014 - Marilyn had to remind mom that Jesus died for her grief, so God could help mom recover from death of her mate.

Jakes, TD 7/13/2021 broadcast shares that only when TD prayed in tongues did the heavy weight of grief begin to lift.

Conception to Birth -
Neo-natal Healing Issues

MacNutt, Francis & - -
Rarely can "a person...uproot or change an inner vow unaided. Such vows require authority.
Only one who knows his authority in Christ can break a vow & reset the inner being to another way of acting.
All 3 go together – the person has the heart of stone; they have made that fortress that they are sitting behind.
They have made their bitter root judgments. Then on top of judging there is an inner vow, “I will never.“

Sandford, Paula - New Life for Your Adopted Child - -
Every child has a prenatal life & memory via its human spirit from the time of conception.
The Importance of Music in a Child's Life - + - 1996 - "Researchers at the University of Konstanz in Germany reported that exposure to music rewires neural circuits" even in the womb.  "Talk to your child a lot.
If you want her to master a 2nd language introduce it by the age of 10."   One can begin during gestation.
Prayer Invites Healing and Change - Prayer is never restricted to time nor location; thus Holy Spirit can heal the wounded human spirit, (the human soul &/or the physical body) "all the way back to the time of conception."

Ministry to Children 10 & Under = the formative years (biologically. 
Nothing is impossible to the Holy Spirit, even after age 10).
Do Not Neglect to Discipline; Neither Allow Discipline to Become Abuse.
Sandford, John Loren and Paula -
posted by
Alberto Vazquez Botello
Sandford, John Loren and Paula -
Healing Prenatal Wounds and Sins + The Slumbering (human) Spirit – 1985 @ – 2 full programs - (Sometimes scripture translators interchange soul and spirit. 
Regardless, to a large degree, the basic spiritual principles would apply.)

John A. SpeyrerIntrauterine Memories of Twins -
GRIEF/ProfessionalResearch/IntrauterineMemories.aspx or

Verny, Dr. Thomas - The Secret Life of the Unborn Child
@ - In 1981 Dr. Verny shares that the fetus experiences physical & emotional feelings which influence it's life after birth. #1 + #2

Satan's Spiritual Arrows

Bubeck, Mark I. - The Adversary - - Chapter 5 Facing Satan's Kingdom -
"Eagerly, Lord, I lift up the shield of faith against all the blazing missiles that Satan & his hosts fire at me. 
I recognize You are my shield & that in Your incarnation & crucifixion You took the arrows of Satan which I deserved. 
By faith I count upon You to shield me from above & beneath; on my right & left; in front of & behind me, that I might be protected, walled in, encapsulated by You, that Satan may gain no way to hurt or destroy me."
Father God in Jesus name, I depend on You & Your angels to remove all demonic arrows which pierce & wound my heart.  I depend on You to heal & make me (like bones) stronger in formerly broken places.
Glory.  I can depend on your mercy and kindness.  I fall into Your arms of love.  Thanks, Lord.  Amen.

Stone, Perry - Children in the Devil's Playhouse - Demonic Spirits Entering the Home 
Chapter #2 -
There are 5 emotional soul holes. 
1.Shame over secrets
Chapter #3
2.Confusion due to sexual molestation: incest, rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, a parent or clergy representing God. 
3.Verbal/emotional abuse  4. Addiction 5. Divorce which can trigger hate & rebellion.

Wommack, Andrew - 2/27/2017 -
Allowing our emotions to get the upper hand is like not having a bit in the horse's mouth & also like having intercourse with Satan.  [We choose with our will what we allow. 
We need to nip in the bud/initially any negative/self-sabotaging emotions.]

Unhealthy &/or Spiritually Dangerous Inner Healing Ideologies - "The amygdalae (/ə'mig dəl/; singular: amygdala; also corpus amygdaloideum; Latin, from Greek 'μυγδαλή, amygdalē, 'almond', 'tonsil',[1] listed in the Gray's Anatomy textbook as the nucleus amygdalæ) are almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep within the medial temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans.[2] Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing of memory & emotional reactions, the amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system.[3]" ‘THE NEW SCIENCE OF THE MIND’ -
Agnes Sangfords’ naïve trust in psychotherapy & Jungian philosophy led Sangford to believe that through His incarnation, Christ entered into 'collective unconscious' of the race, into the deep mind of every person, there being available for healing & for help. 159
(Empty headed) Imagination will (often) confront you with a 'false Jesus' that is in fact a demonic 'inner spirit guide'."

Medical Science

Amygdala hijack - 2016
"The amygdala is the emotional part of the brain, which regulates the fight or flight response...
How do you remain in control during an emotional hijack?"  A couple of responses:
Jeremy Robinson - Feb 29, 2016 -
"Become even more mindful of your triggers that put you into an amygdala hijack because, as you know, it's hard to get out when you're in full-hijack mode, so you're better off anticipating triggers." 
Cheryl White - Mar 3, 2016 -
"Age when the brain develops to produce alpha waves & be capable of critical thought.
Before that you are functioning at 100% sub-conscious, or if you like, totally hijacked.
You are laying the foundations of all your beliefs & reactions...
The hijack word doesn't work? Because we started out that way."

Emotional Intelligence especially in business @ - Chemical Baths, Neural Pathways, Monkey & Lizard Brains - "The Neo-cortex controls rational thought, speaking & other higher brain functions.
The limbic system controls emotions & a whole lot more.
The Cerebellum controls movement, action & body functions."
Empathy and mirror neurons "Empathy is not just an abstract idea; it is identifiable and measurable in the physical brain...Decety comments, 'The basic building blocks (of empathy) are hardwired into the brain & await development through interaction with others...Empathy (is) an intentional capacity.' 
Let us 'unpack' the meaning of that complex sentence & its implications.
Mirror neurons
are neurons that fire when we behave, think or feel & they also fire when we see others behave, think or feel.  Mirror neurons enable you to sense & understand what the client is saying & feeling.
These neurons even impact your internal bodily responses when you are empathically experiencing the world of the client...
As clients re-story (revisit especially through the eyes of the Trinity) their issues, new neural connections are born. Your empathic behavior & the relationship are central to change, further emphasizing the importance of a positive approach to change.
If we listen & selectively attend only to problems as counselors, this will reinforce negative patterns in the brain & make the change process slow & clumsy.
What we learn here is that the empathic person's brain responds to another person's experience, even though he or she does not actually experience that person's world...
EG: around their 2nd year, children indicate concern for others cognitively, emotionally & behaviorally by comprehending others' difficulties & trying to help. Perhaps you have seen 2 young children playing together.
One falls & starts crying. Even though the 2nd child has not been hurt, he or she also cries.
This ability to observe the feelings of others could be considered the developmental roots of empathic under-standing.

CNVC @ -
"NVC guides us in reframing how we express ourselves & hear others.
Instead of being habitual, automatic reactions, our (spoken) words become conscious responses based firmly on an awareness of what we are perceiving, feeling, & wanting. We are led to express ourselves with honesty & clarity, while simultaneously paying others a respectful & empathic attention. In any exchange, we come to hear our own deeper needs and those of others. NVC trains us to observe carefully & to be able to specify behaviors and conditions that are affecting us. We learn to identify & clearly articulate what we are concretely wanting in a given situation. The form is simple, yet powerfully transformative." 
As we recognize our feelings/emotions & our needs, we can connect the dots between feelings & needs + be able to communicate/translate them (to others & ourselves), rather than to act out inappropriately, according to Dr. Christine Northrop.  Northrop also stresses the importance of healthy self-talk, especially to extend longevity. 
[BE INFORMED: Northrop advocates numerous NON Judeo-Christian spiritual (occult) approaches.]

Erasing Painful Memories: Drug and Behavioral Therapies Will Help Us Forget Toxic Thoughts @ 5/2012 -
Drugs are NOT God's best solution; however He does use the same replacement therapy method, that of replacing bad/traumatic thoughts with good/healthy thoughts, evil thoughts with His thoughts.

Hormann, Aiko - - Unmet Needs and Damaged Emotions - New York

Leaf, Dr. Caroline - Who Switched Off My Brain - controlling toxic thoughts & emotions  or purchased at - chapter 11 Toxic Emotions - "
you build have emotions attached to them...Describe...focus on the emotions...
Put them into words...Your feelings are the emotions attached to the thoughts...
Pour out your thoughts onto paper...Journal...Notice any patterns...
Allow your cluttered emotions to pour out...rather than at the
Are there signs of imbalance between emotion & reason in your life or a situation
you are facing...Adopt a policy of: admit it, quit it and beat it... Ask yourself (& God) specific ways you can reach (step) beyond what is holding you back...(to) prayerfully put these steps into action."
(Do it afraid.  Better still is to expose, bind, repent, renounce, refuse, reject, &/or remove, in the name of Jesus, each specific personal sin, family iniquity or hindering/ besetting problem cited in journal.)
CD - Who Switched off My Husband's Brain - Does Her Battery Ever Run Dry -  or 
CD - 2004 #TV011110 Today with Marilyn & Sarah interview with Dr. Leaf excellent
Dr. Caroline Leaf -
6/29/2010 & 12/20/2010 @
Life Today's James Robinson interviews

Dr. Caroline Leaf - 12/20/2010
Dr. Caroline Leaf
- 12/21/2010 @

Pearsall, Paul - Transplanted organs impart memories onto recipients - "Paul Pearsall, a neuropsychologist,
The Heart's Code: Tapping the Wisdom and Power of Our Heart Energy. In it, he provides insight into his belief that the physical heart contains within it memories belonging to its person. Part of Pearsall's research for the book included tracking several real life cases of heart transplant recipients who mysteriously inherited some of their donors' traits." audio such as:
The Downside of Self-Help - "
Self-empowerment movements, which he believes do more harm than good. "McMorals" such as 'you must first love yourself before you can love somebody else' are simply wrong, & like many of the platitudes in the self-help field, are too focused on the idea of the self, he argued." 12/5/2005
Positive Psychology 12/17/2003 - "'Healing is not getting better, it's making yourself whole,' said Dr. Paul Pearsall (, an educational psychologist & author."
Dr. Paul Pearsall - 11/16/2002 - "In his 10-year study of 'winners', along with their spouses and associates, Dr. Pearsall discovered a pattern he identifies as 'Toxic Success Syndrome.' His research confirms that TSS victims suffer from an adult form of ADD-attention deficit disorder. Paul Pearsall, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psycho-neuroimmunologist, a specialist in the study of the healing mind. He holds a Ph.D. in both clinical & educational psychology."
Dr. Paul Pearsall 8/13/2002 - cancer survival
Dr. Paul Pearsall - 3/20/2002 -

"Psychologist Pearsall had a personal experience with 'energy cardiology' when he had hip cancer.
He went on to study heart transplants & how the background of a new heart could affect its recipient.
For example, 1 man began to yearn for spicy foods & to study Spanish before he knew that his donor had been Hispanic. He finds evidence in the experiences of heart transplant recipients to support his claim that the heart thinks & the cells remember."

Savard, Liberty -
@ - "1 internationally recognized, non-profit research organization that helps people reduce stress, performed a study that showed that focusing on angry, fearful & frustrated feelings causes our DNA to change shape.  DNA responds to negative feelings by tightening up & becoming shorter, switching off many of our positive DNA codes.
This is why we can feel mentally, emotionally & physically 'shut down by negative emotions.'
We cause this changing of the shape of our DNA by making poor-quality decisions when we choose to
grasp and cling to toxic thoughts (for example: anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, irritation, or fears of failure).
This changes our DNA causing subsequent genetic expressions which impacts our brain’s 'wiring' negatively.
This immediately puts the brain into protection mode & it translates these toxic thoughts as stress.
This stress manifests in our bodies.
It is almost like being on a continually rotating hamster’s wheel in a steel cage constructed of negativity.
Here’s the great part: Scripture tells us that we have been formed according to God’s image & according to His nature (Genesis 1:26). Any negativity impacting our DNA codes can be reversed by our genuine expression of feelings of love, joy, appreciation & gratitude toward & others.
Praying in tongues can break up a hamster-wheel pattern of negative & fearful stress.
If you are not comfortable with this, read aloud the Bible verses below (+ your favorite verses.).
Either action will effectively install a reverse/back-up gear in your negative thought patterns.
I believe the most exciting part of the results of this study is the scientific belief that demonstrates that a positive attitude & good choices have the capacity to rewire everything back to its original healthy positive state.
Just like what God says." 6/16/2014 - Emotions and Decision Making -

This Emotional Life - 3 part PBS series -

Wright, Anthony - Chapter 5. Limbic System: Hippocampus +
Chapter 6. Limbic System: Amygdala from

Commentary on Emotions

Emotions appear to be REACTIONS to the mind/soul (memories/thoughts/insights/ beliefs) & to the body (physical feelings/wounds/ hormones chemistry/pollutants/ electrical-magnetic frequencies). 
When a poison dart from an enemy hits our heart (mind/soul), it will wound us unless we refute it, in Jesus' name. 
Likewise, we can refute a doctor's report saying we HAVE a disease; we only HAVE, what we take/accept...
Emotions & feelings seem to be more relevant as an incentive/motive/reason/trigger for one to respond to in a negative or positive way than a thought/idea.  For instance, if rape at a young age still HURTS when one is a senior citizen, then it can be the spirit of trauma, but also one's unhealed wound still festering in one's heart.  Maybe the "heart" is the seat of one's conscience, empathy, values, feelings & emotional memories. 
A healed memory no longer hurts/torments/hinders/ sabotages/interferes...If/when negative emotions sabotage one's happiness/outlook/peace/health, then we need to deny/renounce/reject/disallow them to be our reality/truth, but rather to say, "NO", no longer will you be mine: me/ myself/I; instead, by an act of my will, I realign my reality with Yours dear Lord.  Yes, I align myself with Your soul (emotions/will/mind), Your Holy Spirit & Your flesh/Son/flesh/Word (revelatory & written), in Jesus' name. 

Commentary on Pain

More often than not, we respond to pain (in body and psyche), especially emotional hurt, in self-destructive/ sabotaging ways.  We tend to make choices based on the broken heart rather than the head/mind/rationality. 
That is why logical counsel may not remedy/stick, allowing relapse. 
It is the fragmented soul that needs most of the RX.  Only Holy Spirit can know & show us. 
Invite Him & His heavenly angels to doctor us.  2nd, let's be reminded that forgiveness (of another/God/self) is 1 of the spiritual mandatory meds. Recommended useful links regarding soul layers: - -

Erasing of hurtful/haunting memories &/or emotional pain

Troy Brewer - Sid Roth – It’s Supernatural! | 1/4/2021 + (Edited/Paraphrased Excerpts)
TROY: Father God...did indeed create the entire material universe with time, space & matter together...
In Genesis 1:1. In the beginning, time, God created the heavens, space, & the earth, matter.
Thousands of years before the rest of the world discovered it was right there in the Bible the entire time.
TROY: The messiah himself is the redeemer. Whenever He redeems, He changes a curse into a blessing, dead things into live things, things where there was shame in the things that were honored.
That entire process of this exchange is actually called redemption.
So how heaven invades earth in that exchange where the blood of the lamb comes in & says, "I'm going to exchange that," that's what He's talking about whenever it comes to redemption. 
TROY: I know Somebody Who can literally step into a time-frame right now...
We can invite Him into a timeframe of back then or even into our future.
TROY: It's all the way there. It's there all the way through. Even the Psalmist said in Psalms 139, verse 5.
I love the Passion Translation of this. It says this. "You go into my future to prepare the way.
Then in kindness, you go behind me." Then it says, "To spare me from the harm of my past."
Oh my goodness. When I 1st saw that Sid, I was like, "That's exactly what I'm talking about. It's actually been in the Bible the whole time." I was like, "Wow." So God is not subject to time in any way whatsoever.
He's not shackled to it. God created time for the purposes of redemption. As soon as you find out exactly where the timeline begins & exactly where the timeline ends biblically, you begin to understand that.
So whenever he created this timeline, what happened was as soon as Adam sinned, he falls into time & the Lord says, "Okay, your clock is now ticking"...
Messiah...builds an amazing relationship with us & says, "Now for every place in your life that looks like hell, I want it to look like heaven." That can only happen within an actual timeline.
TROY: (Regarding trauma reversal) We invited King Jesus to step into that (past) timeframe & to be made manifest.  We asked the glory of the Lord to cause all of His goodness to pass before him in that (traumatic) place (of agony).  He (King Jesus) did (& caused his past mess to become a miracle.)
TROY: #1 Realize God is not subject to time or shackled to it in any way whatsoever.
#2 Understand God almighty created time for the purposes of redemption.
#3 Realize redemption changes everything.
#4 Realize God has made me a steward of my timeline. 
#5 Realize I can actually partner with Him in any single part of it. 
#6 God has given us an open invitation to invite Him into every single part of our life (past/present/future).
TROY: (After inviting Him into my past/present crisis) I can immediately begin to see the results in my now.
Things that have been cursed & set up from that (past traumatic) thing can no longer be there & begin to just fall to pieces... If we invite the presence of the Lord into our life right now, it absolutely changes our future.
SID:  This Jesus we've been talking about wants to redeem every bad thing in our past, get rid of the curse & allow you from this point in our life to walk in a life flowing with the blessings of God, rather than the curses & tragedies of the past.
TROY: Friends, Jesus is the answer.  He loves you so much...Invite Him to every single part of of your life:
past, present & future...Receive this PRAYER: Father God, I lift up every single person's...timelines...
I pray, Lord God almighty...for the supernatural...manifest presence of Jesus to enter into every single life...
to heal our histories...remove the fear of our futures...bring Your peace...& healing, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Hunter, Joan - Freedom Beyond Comprehension with Joan Hunter - Part 1 12/15/2016 good
(Marilyn Hickey broadcast)  Other programs deal with erasing of emotional trauma.

"God exists outside of time. In Him there is no yesterday or tomorrow, only today. From our human perspective, He can be just as present in our past as in our future.  You can invite Jesus into your past.
You can invite Him to go with you to those places where you are stuck, where you need healing, where you need freedom. You can invite Him into the memories, the habits, the background, the genetics, the family junk, the bad decisions & all the other pieces of your own brand of brokenness. 
When Jesus is there in your past, it changes. He changes it...
During prayer, I saw all the pieces of me as broken, wounded children piled in a heap in front of me.
Jesus reached out His arms, brought His arms together & gathered all the broken pieces of me into Himself.  I became whole
, no longer in pieces but 1 human being. 
That single experience didn't complete my healing, but it was pivotal in moving me out of my mess.
I still had learning & growing to do, but I was no longer fractured & in pieces.
More recently, I 'went there' with Jesus after my husband passed away. A few months after Al's death,
I went to the same location where we had taken an anniversary trip a few years before.
I stayed in the same hotel, walked on the same beach. I intentionally took Jesus with me. I 'went there' with Him.
I stayed there for hours, walking, journaling, remembering, crying, inviting Jesus to be in all that grief with me.
I stayed there until I got to the gratitude, not for my husband's death, but for his life. Jesus reworked that place in my heart to where I could honestly feel gratitude for who God had allowed my husband to be to me & for who I had become as a result of our marriage & the love we shared.
My grief was not over, but it had been redone by Jesus. Where do you need to 'go there' with Jesus?
What parts of your past still hold you? Where might you sense you are undone & need more?
That's where to take Jesus. 
You can do that either alone or with others. You can do that by physically going to a place that brings you there mentally or going there in your memory ...When you take Jesus into your past with you, He will change it.
The facts of the date rape, loved one's death, dysfunctional childhood or anything else will still be the facts, but what those facts do & mean to you will be changed.
That's the creative power God has over even your past.  So give Him that chance.
Dare to take Him with you into that place.  That's how changing your past can change your future forever."

Doug Weiss - August 8 at 11:48 AM 2019 - Partner Betrayal Trauma
Book or DVD –
Dr. Weiss tackles partner betrayal trauma specific to your situation and relationship.
“It can contribute to secondary effects like PTSD, health problems & depression. 
However, working through the trauma creates opportunity where you can remake your life from the ground up.” 
(Some of Weisss’ methods are rather conventional rather than spiritual, but his shining a light on PTSD is great.)
Weiss, Doug - Intimacy Anorexia -


Boltz, Shawn - 11/2018 @ -
"The (or 1 main/predominant) root system of all shooters is the wound of fatherlessness in our nation.
This coupled with mental illness &/or the choice of pure hatred equals a landing strip for Satan's long-term strategy, which Jesus laid out in John 10:10: the enemy comes to steal, kill & destroy."

DeGraw, Kathy - - 2019-06-18 (edited) (Sometimes) We don't realize it is a demonic attack, when the enemy binds us.  We think it is life's (bad) happenings & don't know how to move. If you can't seem to move up & forward, perhaps there is a demonic entity preventing you from doing so. Receive freedom by casting the demonic spirit out of your soul as Jesus did when He released the ministry of deliverance over people.
We need to stop & (out loud) say, "Spirit of anger or spirit of rejection, go in Jesus' name."
Are you plagued with irritability, guilt or condemnation? 
Those emotions can become (empower) a spiritual stronghold. 
When we cast out an evil spirit attached to them, it assists us in removing guilt, condemnation & irritability from our lives by renewing our mind, living in peace & changing our thought patterns.
Once the bondage of the enemy is revealed, exposed & rebuked, (in Jesus’ name) we can move forward.
Take a step back & evaluate where you haven't been able to receive breakthrough & have felt stuck.
Pray, discern & ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any strongholds that may have gotten in your back door. 
Then rise up, take your authority & cast them out in Jesus' name. (Each strong hold often has same name & nature as each negative harmful emotion.) or

, Paul - Mending Broken Lives - Understanding My Anger - CD -
1-888-hurting - Auora, Colorado & Roaring Springs, Texas

Wommack, Andrew - 8/15/2018 -
We need to redirect our anger/defeat/ disappointment to both the disease & the spiritual enemy/devil/Satan. 
We need to be angry enough to fight back, resisting/refuting/reversing/disallowing trouble.


Stone, Perry - 12/27/2013 -
What Happened In My Brain When the Tempter Came

chapter 1 online  (Too bad Woody Allen is quoted, as he is reputed to be an incestuous parent.)

Ritual Abuse

Kairos, Michayila Joy - Fragments to Healing - (Following are untested free downloads.) -
2014/02/26/fragments-to-freedom-by-m-joy-kairos/ +

Feeling Under Siege/Unprotected/Unsafe/In Continual Danger/Crisis

Even after repentance, receiving forgiveness for sins, baptism in the Holy Spirit, one may need ongoing ministry by others & the Holy Spirit.  Whenever possible, do NOT isolate.

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