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Acosta, Tommy - Walk in Divine Healing - 4/26/2011 "You cannot get delivered, healed or blessed unless you step into the presence of God. Enter in and put a demand on the anointing.
and receive your blessing from God...
A child recognizes a mother’s voice from the womb because they hear it daily.
Children are more emotionally healthy & stable when the mother speaks to them in their womb.
Our heavenly Father is talking to us everyday &, today, you are going to get healed but know that God has been trying to heal you for years.  There are certain things he is going to ask of you. 
If you do not follow it, you can lose what you receive today.

If God heals you from diabetes, that does not give you the right to eat cake everyday & eat everything you could not eat before. Do not give the devil a legal right to enter into your body again.
Remember the lame man was expecting to receive something. 
If you expect something, you will be healed today.
If you are bound to any addiction to nicotine, drugs, alcohol or pornography, today those spirits of addictions are cursed.  Right now, put an expectation on the power of God.
It is coming upon you right now to deliver you in the name of Jesus. Devil, loose that brother. Loose that sister.

Let them go in the name of Jesus! Release them from that bondage.
You are delivered in the name of Jesus! Receive it.
If you are suffering, sister, from cysts in your breasts or ovaries, now is the day for your freedom.
Right there where you are, lift up your hands & receive your miracle today.
Those cysts are cursed right now.

They must disappear. Right now, be freed, be healed, be delivered.
If you are suffering from back problems or any type of chronic back pain,
God has come to you now to offer you healing from that pain. 
Believe & receive it now in the name of Jesus...
We serve a living God and the healing miracles that took place in the altar can be done by anyone who lets God use them.  We have to do more than just preach. 
We have to manifest God’sKingdom in our workplaces, neighborhoods & even in own families.
We serve a living God who loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us.
No matter what our condition may be.  He loves us...
God provided a way to heaven through His Son Jesus Christ.

The gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ.
If you have never receive the gift of eternal life & salvation & would like to receive it (or would like to renew your relationship with the Trinity), this will be the greatest day of your life. You just have to open your heart today:
Father God, I recognize that I am a sinner and the sin in my life separates me from You.
This day, voluntarily, I repent of all my sins (& the sins of my ancestors).

Please forgive me (& my family) for offending & sinning against you.
Today, I break every covenant with world, past, devil & own flesh & establish a new covenant with you.
Lord Jesus, come into my heart & life. Thank you.  I pronounce you as my Lord & Savior.
Right now, I am convinced if I were to die, I would open my eyes & be in your arms.

I am free; I am delivered.  I am your son; I am your daughter. Thank you, God. Amen."

Adeyemi, San - http://samadeyemi.net/article.php

Barker, Coy - http://coybarker.com/blog/ Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA

Branham, William - sermons/transcripts
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Branham, William - sermons/transcripts

Bevington, G. C. - Remarkable Miracles - excerpt -
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Well, as the meeting progressed, these 4 said several times that I must come over into their neighborhood, to which I paid no attention as my hands were full there.  But they kept urging me until finally I said...
'Well, have you the permission of your pastor for me to hold a meeting in said church...
It belongs to the M. E. Conference, and you would have to get permission.'
So I went up to my room and got on my face. I lay there for 26 hours, and then felt led to go over.
I kept trudging on in the snow, & it was very cold, so cold that men were cutting solid ice 22" thick out of a pond.  I soon got tired, set the grips down & said, 'Lord, where am I going?' 'What’s that to thee?
Follow thou Me,'  was all I got in answer. I said, 'Right,' picked up the grips & started on...
I said again, 'O God, where am I going?' 
Again came the answer, 'What’s that to thee?'
So on I trudged...& soon ran into it; but it proved to be a straw stack.  A voice said, '
This is the place.'
I said, 'All right,' threw off my coat, & went to pulling straw, at which I got nicely warmed up.

I pulled straw until I was back in the stack some 12 feet, about 3 feet from the ground, so as to be warm.
Then I packed the straw all out, took in my grips, put on my coat, used 1 of the grips for a pillow, dropped down on my back, & said, 'Well, praise God, I don’t reckon Jesus ever had much better than this, & probably most of the time not nearly so good.' At that the straw stack was lighted up so that I saw the most beautiful sight I ever saw. It looked just like crystallized straw, nearly as large as my little finger, lying in all positions, crossing each other & forming a beautiful net work.

Well, I was frightened, as I feared that I had gotten a match lighted while pulling straw; my fear was soon banished, for I threw up my hands & there were the cold, damp straws.  Oh, beloved, I will never be able, this side of Heaven, to draw a worthy picture of that scene & also of the dazzlings going on down in the soul.
I have often thought that was a foretaste of what Heaven is going to be. We are taught down here to view things according to (earthly) laws.  The appearance of those straws did not allow the working of natural laws, as each was apart from the others, & they did not appear to touch one another. I have thought many times that is the trouble with us: We must see things down here as under the lights of natural laws, while God often breaks through the natural order of things completely setting the natural aside; hence we fail to get the real import of His designs. That experience in that cold straw stack has been a great help to me many & many a time, enabling me to accept things that before I would have rejected on philosophical grounds. While God works through natural laws very much, yet I have found that He has special lessons for us which go far beyond the natural laws.
I have learned that ruts are dangerous channels to travel in; & God wants us so pliable that He can twist us up, or throw us here or yonder, & that we will recognize His hand though in other garbs or along other lines than those in which similar incidents have appeared. There is no doubt but that God would give us wonderful revelations if He could get us in condition to receive them; I am well assured that the deeper lessons which God wants us to have are all in line of the apparently ridiculous. They are not on the public highway.
The casual traveler never sees them, for they are not on his route. ‘Tis on the unreasonable, out-of-the-ordinary route that these lessons are to be learned, generally routes similar to my getting into this straw stack I learned invaluable lessons from that. As I told this to dear Revelation John Fleming one time, he burst out crying, & said, 'Brother Bevington, I would have given a hundred dollars to see that straw stack when it was so luminously lit up.'
Had I appealed to reason as I came up against that stack, I would have taken the ground that to go in there when the thermometer was registering below 20 would be altogether out of reason. Everything would have stood against such proceeding. I would have produced about this sort of an argument: God has set forth His laws & demands of us obedience, relative to taking care of our bodies. I can’t accept this as the place where God wants me, as He has called me to preach, and He said that the laborer is worthy of his hire. I am His child;
&, Mr. Devil, I am not going to allow you to run me into such a place as this, on such extravagant lines, to bring on a tremendous cold and, probably, pneumonia which would more than likely cause a premature death.
I could quite logically have reasoned this all out; though had I done so, I would have lost one of the grandest lessons of my life. So we need to get where we will be willing to break all laws in order to get some of the private lessons the Lord has for us. Just those few words of acquiescence to His will, when I said, 'Well, I suppose Jesus never had a better bed than this,' gave me 1 of the grandest visions I have ever beheld. Yes, those few words spoke volumes which have enabled me to store up great quantities of knowledge of His will relative to me."

Burke, Dennis & Vikki - http://dennisburkeministries.org/insights_welcome.html - Arlington, Texas, USA

Capps, Charles - http://charlescapps.com/articles.shtml - Angels

Carrin, Charles - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/inspiration/charlescarrin/pag2
Carrin, Charles - http://www.injesus.com/message-archives/inspiration/charlescarrin/captivity-of-the-mind
In my own ministry, the most extreme case I encountered was a young female victim of childhood Satanic Ritual
Abuse who had been deliberately made schizophrenic by her Satanist parents & was controlled by them through her alter-ego. 1 part of this young woman’s mind was an educated, trained R.N. & a believing Christian.
Her other part was a totally different personality who used an alias name & participated in Satanic behavior. Impossible, you say. Not so. The Apostle James warned twice about being "double minded," a word which In Greek means "2-souls". As Christians, we see varying degrees of this condition in people who become captive to Satan but refuse to escape his control–even when they have opportunity to do so.
In extreme cases, it takes only 3-4 days for the Stockholm syndrome to emerge
even when captive & captor are strangers. Bizarre? Yes, but (often) true.
According to psychologists, the victimized person bonds to the abuser as a means to endure the violence.
A psychotherapist explains, "When someone threatens your life but doesn't kill you,
the relief generates intense feelings of gratitude.
This, coupled with fear, makes the captive reluctant to display negative feelings toward their captor.

The victims' need to survive is stronger than his/her impulse to hate the person who has created the dilemma
." The victim then comes to see the captor as a 'good guy', even a savior.
I have personally met Satanists who insisted that the devil was good."
Relevant scripture verses are cited.  Immaturity is a major defect.

Carothers, Merlin - Foundation of Praise -

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Dennis & Dr. Jen Clark or http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/dennis-dr-jen-clark-0 video @ http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives 10/19/2015 (includes both emotional & cancer healing)
or http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS826Transcript_Clark.pdf (edited)

I had a dramatic baptism in the Holy Spirit, didn't even know what I was…but the presence of God came upon me after I had received what they call the baptism of the Holy Spirit at an altar.
But the very next day...suddenly (under) the (heavenly) power, I just said, "God, I know this is the way we were meant to live & if I was confined to a wheelchair I'm going to live for you & serve you all the days of my life." Suddenly I was immersed with an open vision.
I was immersed with a joy that was so powerful that I thought, my 1st thought was I need a new body.
This physical body is not capable of containing any larger measure of joy.
I didn't say stop, but I really thought my body was going to explode with the presence of God.
I had an instant understanding that God was filling me from head to toe, Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
I was indwelt by the Living God, and from the, that lasted without a reprieve for 6 months.
I would see & walk by people.  Tears would just come out of their eyes.  I never said a word.

I said, "If this is God. I'd better go to Bible school, because I don't know what's happening to me." 
He (God) said, "No, I am taking you to the School of my Spirit & I will instruct you."
It was so authoritative that all I knew was then out of this relationship I must obey.
Out of my love for her, (wife therapist) I saw that she had all of the right answers in her head.
So I wanted to get her out of her head, down into subjective experience with Jesus.

I saw in traditional therapy, Christian & secular, that the aim is to get people able to cope with life & feel somewhat better.
1 of the major problems is forgiveness is the key to doing this, but they teach forgiveness is a process.
So people can go for weeks, months and years and never quite forgive, never get toxic emotions dealt with, continue struggling, which is what I had seen, even with Christian therapy. But what this (insight/method) does, 1st of all, it teaches believers how to go to Jesus the forgiver in them for instant forgiveness, just like when we got saved. It was instant when we got saved. You didn't wait for it.
DR. JEN: What I learned from Dennis, what the Lord had taught him in the School of the Spirit was all we have to do is in prayer present any emotion that's NOT the fruit of the Spirit, (thus) is NOT a good emotion, to the Lord and He will instantly, through His forgiveness, wash the negative out & replace it with supernatural peace.  So where was once a wound there can be an anointing.
Toxic emotions don't go away. They just go under the surface & get buried in us including in the cells of our physical body.  We forget these things.  We forget they're even there.
DR. JEN: Forgiveness will instantly cleanse our heart of any toxic emotion, whether it was shame, fear, pain of rejection, anger. Everything we present we have to feel the feeling & present it to Jesus.
He will take care of it every single time. 
These (unreleased/un-forgiven/root) negative emotions are the very things that give ground for physical illness
Explain how Holy Spirit taught you to take care of un-forgiveness & toxic emotions.
Jennifer, I want to show you how to drop down into your spirit.
I want you to picture like a bucket & a well; your mind has the bucket in it & we're going to change the location. 
You're going to focus on your Bible heart. After all, we want the bucket to go down where the living water is, as we had a 3rd grader tell us, "There's no living water in your head." So we want to drop from our focus from mind to heart.  It's like a bucket going down & we know that that water is living & it's like an artesian well.
It will rise up like a fountain into everlasting life.  It will flow out of you even without saying a word. 
You will create the presence of life. For it is God who is at work both to will & to do. Everything good happens down there when the bucket is down low.

So it's gone now & I feel peace...It was instant.
It wasn't any longer than that for you (or anyone) to get saved.
The Bible...says...the location of our (spiritual) heart...belly, bowels [houses our soul (emotions/will/mind)].  It seems that we have 2 different nervous systems.
We have the nervous system connected with the brain in our head, but we also have the enteric nervous system that is our emotional center. (Additionally the soul has spiritual organs/systems/awareness/ feelings.)

: The thing that's amazing is this is sometimes called the 2nd brain down here because it's got all the neurons in it just like the brain in your head, except this is the area where your emotions are processed.
This is the area where the molecules of emotion are released...the area our emotional brain.
Our emotional heart informs the brain in our head how we feel.
There's a left vagus nerve that connects the 2, but the brain in our head does not send information down to the brain in our gut.  The gut sends emotional information back to our brain.
SID: Jesus says it's important to believe in your (spiritual) heart.
DR. JEN: Our heart influences our entire physical body because the belief in our heart
is communicated to all our cells, released to our all cells from the epicenter of our spirit.
SID: Getting rid of the toxic emotions, it's so simple...then you're not blocked in receiving all the promises that God has for you. It even works with children.

(A child) was just traumatized that he had killed...his rabbit.
So he missed the whole 1st week of school. He was there, but his head was tilted, he wasn't really there.
So I said, "I want to teach you how Jesus the Messiah in you can take care of any pain." I said, "Just close your eyes," & we did Bucket Man, "just like a bucket, down here. Jesus is there.  He's going to take your pain & your sorrow. He's going to take it away. Now I want you to receive forgiveness," because he was blaming himself. I said, "Just receive it like a gift from Jesus the forgiver in you." All of a sudden watching him, the countenance went from that sad, dejected, instantly to a smile without him saying a word.
You know that there's a transformation that's taken place in the heart with a smile.

It started a chain reaction because other kids heard the testimony, they're crying & raising their hand..."My dog ran in the street during the summer and got killed." "My grandmother died last week."
All of a sudden I had a group of about 20, there was at least 5 who had, were relating to his ministry.
They wanted Jesus to heal them.
We went through it in a manner of minutes and then all of a sudden, he's raising his hand with a big grin on his face.  I said, "What?"  He says, "I think I had a revelation."
"What is your revelation?"  He said, "I saw my rabbit & her dog playing in Heaven."

(Regarding other children) I didn't tell them. They never heard our teaching on this, but they had learned (of) Jesus the forgiver. But the, 1 of the brothers kicked the little girl in the hand. She couldn’t move her hand. The mother said, "Okay, we're going to the doctor," because she thought it was broken, I mean, complete immobility, excruciating pain. 30 minute drive to the doctor & on the way there the mother said, "You know, we have Jesus the forgiver. We have Jesus the healer, too
You guys, Sherry,(the little girl) "start yielding to Jesus the healer in you.
Boys, we're going to release Jesus the healer out of our bellies to her."
The pain was had gone down significantly by the time they got to the parking lot at the doctor's office; so the mom said, they were counting down, where is the pain level now, it had gone from a 10, 1-10, being 1, none, 10, terrible. It had gone down from a 10 to a 4.  So the mom said, "Well, it's your call.
Do you want to go in & see the doctor or do you want to turn around, go home & keep praying?"
They went home & kept praying, & her thumb was totally healed.
Now a couple of weeks after that her brother accidentally punched another brother & the mom said she could see the broken bone in the back of his hand. She could see it with her eyes.
So she did some checking and learned a break like that would probably require surgery & pins.
Now the little boy didn't want to go to the hospital and have surgery, so the mom gave him a choice, "Do you want to pray like your sister prayed or do you want to go to the doctor in the hospital?"
He said, "I want to pray." So they started praying the same way. He was yielding to the healer in him.
They were releasing healing out to him.  It took a little while, but the mom had never before seen an injury that she could see the visible evidence. That bone came back together. 
They didn't just learn to yield to the healer in them.  They were tapping into Jesus the miracle worker. 
Since that time the children have found out, because the mom said, having 5 children one is getting injured all the time, they have learned to regularly go to Jesus for healings. 
She said the more they do it, the faster the healings are coming.

Well that sounds better than any insurance policy offered by your government.
They have found, against psychology, who says forgiveness is a process, you can instantly forgive (and instantly receive His forgiveness AND healing).

Begin by doing just as I instructed Jennifer...Close your eyes...
Change your focus down to your Bible heart, down to your spirit.
As you change your focus there...from that place...yield & release Jesus the Messiah, the healer, to rise with healing in his wings.   The healer lives in you.  Let him rise like an artesian well & welcome him.

Not only does healing, Jesus the healer live in you, Jesus the forgiver live in you, but Jesus your shalom...peace.  That peace alone is going to knock out that sickness.
Clark, Dennis & Jen @ http://forgive123.com/ 
https://sidroth.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/IS885Transcript_Clark.pdf 12/19/2016
https://www.amazon.com/Practical-Guide-Self-Deliverance-Receiving-Freedom/dp/0768411300#reader_0768411300 Read online chapter#1
3/14/2016 video http://forgive123.com/morningstar-50-special-ops-conference/
articles - http://forgive123.com/category/articles/

I said, I'm just a young Christian, maybe 6-8 months old in the Lord.
I knelt down by the side of a couch and I said, "God, what is wrong with me? 
If I'm called to preach I can't do that. What just happened to me, I don't understand." 
I closed my eyes.  The 1st thing I saw in my mind's eye: I was a 9 year-old bed-wetter. 
I pictured myself with clenched fists, hating myself. 
I was enough of a Christian to know: gee, you don't hate people; you certainly aren't allowed to hate yourself. 
I saw that I received down in my belly, down in the gut, forgiveness for self-hatred. 
Instantly there was in my belly/gut & simultaneously (saw/knew) what was going on in my mind's eye.
I felt a lifting; it was in my mind's eye a slimy stocking mask.
I don't know how else to explain it: like a burglar would wear in a stick-up, a slimy stocking mask; its name was "Shame".  While I was watching, it lift off me in my mind's eye.  (After) I felt the lightness of it's (absence). 
The shame literally had (been/become) the open door of self-hatred in my life. I didn't know it was there.
That was something that I had as a kid.
DENNIS: Dropping down, for me, was the minute I closed my eyes I would feel the presence in my gut.
I just basically would tell people to open their heart.
I noticed that a lot of times when I would say open your heart, they had trouble locating.  I...told Jennifer, even, to get out of her head, put your hand on your belly, focus on God's in-dwelling & open the door of your heart. 
Once it was like a revelation to her that everything good happened down here & informed this up here...
While you're dropped down, when peace is ruling, Jesus is ruling; that's how you deepen your (spiritual) relationship.  You want to maintain that rule of God; it's perceptible.
The 1st step to self-deliverance is starting from the spirit. Everyone knows, even forgiveness.
I watch people struggle with forgiveness and they say, Matthew 18, but Matthew 18 says, (forgive) "from the heart".  I watch people give forgiveness (via) pray-after-me prayers.
But if they want to get deliverance, they've got to start in the belly. 
When they realize that Jesus is the forgiver, He's the deliverer...the healer (Who)wants to rise up.
So the 1st step is knowing that you start from the inside.
When you close the door on the inside, then anything that's influencing from the outside has no (legal) ground.

, Mary Jo - http://www.totalhealing.org/teachdir.htm

Cook, Elaine - http://preachthekingdom.net/uploads/3/4/3/0/34309222/
_part_1-16_elaine_cook_bible_study.pdf - Part #11
Some while ago I had asked the Lord to teach me about healing in this day.
It seemed like so many were not being healed when they were trusting in the Lord...
He dropped this word into my heart: “He sent His Word & healed them.” He reminded me of my healing of leukemia & how I had prayed for Him to give me His Word so that I might have faith to be healed.
I meant a verse or so which would inspire me to believe for my healing. Before He answered that prayer, He gave me a Rhema word, a personal word (revelation) about my heart’s condition: a wrong attitude I was harboring that would be detrimental to the Lord using me in any capacity. 
After I had received that word and genuinely repented of my sinful way, 3 days later He quickened His written word to me, giving me 3 healing scriptures concerning what He had done in His passion for my healing (“By His stripes”).
Now, He told me to stop putting any healing ointment on the 4 places on my body that have “humps & bumps.”
I was to begin to speak to them to be healed and the causes underlying them to be removed.
He reminded me of Agnes Sanford’s book, “Creation Awaits” wherein she tells of how the Lord had her rebuke storms, wind, hurricanes, fires, & other phenomena of the outer world. Many times she would find herself rebuking them without any pre-meditation, & they would comply with whatever she told them to do. (Now, this book is out of print, so don’t ask me for it.
I have photocopied it and have several copies to loan out 1 month).
The Spirit told me that I should begin to speak to my body: my inner world, as she did to the outer.
This was an area where the Melchisedec priests would learn to minister.
They would learn to bring the body under the subjection of His Spirit. 
The Levitical priesthood has not known this way, for their authority has consisted of obeying the rules & order of man & they have not yielded themselves to come under the Spirit.
He said, “You wanted to know how healing should be in this day. I have wanted to tell you. It was I who put it upon your heart to make this petition of Me. It shall be at thy word. Even as I said, “He sent His Word and healed them,” even so shall My sons speak the word and they shall be healed, for My sons are an extenuation of Me. It is Myself doing My will and good pleasure through them, so when they say, ‘Be thou made whole’ it shall be My Spirit within that speaketh forth wholeness through My yielded vessel, for have we not become as one?”
I was reminded that Tommy Hicks, evangelist, saw, in his vision of the end-time, people saying TO the sick, “At my word, be thou made whole!” I believe that is what the Lord is now saying to me.
It seems He would have us prove his word on our own vessel 1st, speaking to our own ‘oft infirmities.’
He said further: “It is a new year. I do start thee upon a new course.  You are a teacher among my sons & must be 1st a partaker of the fruits of the kingdom before you shall be able to teach others.”
(i.e. If you have come into oneness with Me, into My nature, you will be able to speak My Word as though it were your own”)...
Faith Williams said she had heard something of a similar nature recently from an evangelist who had just returned from ministering in India. He told her, when they were praying for the sick, the Lord prompted them to say each time:
“Look on us” from Acts 3:4, Peter, fastening (fixing) his eyes upon him with John, said, "Look on us.”
The evangelist reported that they had more remarkable healings than they had ever had before
Part #12 - The HEALING OF THE SOUL - Newsletter No. 202 – May 2004
It seems that the medical profession is into “disease management.”
The Melchisedec Priesthood will be not only be into healing, but into disease prevention.
Neither doctors nor psychiatrists are qualified to be healers of spiritually rooted diseases
The Spirit of the Lord is opening up to our understanding the causes of spiritually rooted diseases.
Are you aware that many people do not like themselves?
Many struggle with self-hatred, lack of self-esteem & guilt. It is like a plague...
We quote from LIFE OUT OF DEATH, by Jesse Penn-Lewis, speaking of the (human) soul before it enters into (eternal) Life.
“It cannot guard itself as before (when in heaven with God).
It can do nothing by its own endeavors as formerly & it appears to itself to defile itself every moment...
Any disappointment with ourselves shows that we expected something from ourselves.
To know what we really are, in the sight of God, means much stripping of veneer & much humiliation.
This degree is truly a passing through deep waters.” (Salvation begins our soul's recognition of God as dad. 
Holy Spirit baptism begins our soul's recognition of Jesus as our empowerment to walk in His footsteps.)

Copeland, Kenneth http://www.kcm.org/real-help/article/get-your-victory-and-keep-it
"I began to see that when we have a mighty victory in God, the devil doesn't just give up & go home. Oh, no.
He waits around for an opportunity & then he launches a counterattack in order to turn that victory back into defeat...Some believers make the double mistake of letting that (problem/sickness/ relapse) happen & then blaming it on God or on the ministers of God...

God's Word says healing is for us. Jesus has already paid for it. Deliverance is for us. Victory is for us.
So if there's any problem, it's in our receiving, not with His providing.
He's already done His part (2,000 years ago)...

1 day I was asking God for more power. I was really intense about it.  'Oh God, give me more of Your power.
I just need more power'...God interrupted me & said, '
I could have filled you with an angel. But I didnt.
I didn’t entrust you to an angel or any other created being. I came Myself. That’s Me on the in-side of you.
Now, if you’ll begin to act like that’s Me in there, you’ll realize you have all the power you need to do whatever I’ve called you to do...Youve been asking for more power when you already have the power...
You’ve been depending too much on how you FEEL about it
. Rise up now & walk in faith. Ill do the rest.
You just act like the New Testament is 100 % true
I realized that it was NOT because God had taken His hand off Oral Roberts that those people had lost their healing.
NO, the problem was that after they left the meeting & got out into the everyday world again, they fell back into their
old thinking patterns. They let their faith down. They gave the devil an opening. 
Then when the 1st symptom of that old disease came along, they said, 'Oh dear, look at that.
I thought I was healed, but I guess I’m not.' They fell victim to the devil’s counterattack.
They didn’t expect it & weren’t prepared for it. So they inadvertently allowed him to turn their victory into defeat.
If we don’t look out, that can happen to any of us...

You’re going to have to make 3 quality decisions...about which there is no debate & from which there is no retreat. 
1st, you must make the Word of God the final authority in your life.
I’m NOT talking about taking half of a verse of scripture & twisting it around to say what you want.
I mean you make a decision to become a serious student of the Word of God & to line up your thinking with whatever it (God) says.

2nd, you must decide to live your life by faith in what God has said.
The Bible says, 'Faith comes by hearing, & hearing by the Word of God.'
Once the Word is your authority, you decide that you’re going to operate by faith in the Word of God, to act & speak & live as though that Word is true, regardless of what your physical
senses may have to say about it.
3rd, you must decide to live by the love of God, because faith works by love.
Without love, your faith won’t function...

Get down on your knees before Him, & as you take communion say, 'In the name of Jesus, I commit myself from this day forward to use my energy & my strength on this earth to live by the Word of God, to live by my faith, & to live by the love of God'...7.10.2010 - I want to give you now the 5 basic steps to victory...
1st...go to the Word of God & find out the promises that cover your situation. 
II Peter 1:4 ...
2nd, Fix your attention on God’s promise.  Follow the instructions He gives us in Proverbs 4:20-22 ...
Not even the word of your doctor is the last word...
3rd, Never go to God on the basis of your need. Go...on the basis of His provision.
Be extreme with yourself about this. Refuse to use prayer as an opportunity to rehearse your problem.
Instead, use it as an opportunity to rehearse the solution God has given you through His Word.

Remember, faith NEVER says, 'I need, I need.' Faith ALWAYS says, 'I have, I have'...
4th, Speak to the mountain. Jesus said, Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed & cast into the sea; & (who) shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith (Mark 11:23). Please note that Jesus didn't say, 'Whosoever shall speak to God about this mountain.' He said we should speak directly to the mountain the desired end result...
God Himself talks that wa.
! In Romans 4:17 it says, [He] calleth those things which be not as though they were. Please notice, however, that it does NOT say, 'He calls things that are as though they're not.'
That's an important distinction. 
It means that if I have sickness in my body, I won't say that the sickness doesn't exist.
I'll say that healing is mine.
I'll believe I receive my healing & I'll call myself well...once He (Jesus) had spoken it, He considered it done...

5th, Praise God...in the morning...at noontime...at night.
If you've never praised God in your life, then get started right now.  Praise, praise, praise, & praise Him.

Praise Him that the mountain is gone. Praise Him about how wonderful it is to be free. Praise Him that Jesus went to the cross & bought and paid for your healing (health/deliverance/finances/family/protection/counsel)...
Praise Him for the name of Jesus.

Don't just whisper about it either. You ought to be shouting your way to work & shouting your way back home.
If there's anything the
devil can't stand, it's praise.
I'll tell you one thing for sure. If you've gained territory from the devil and he's coming against you to get it back, this is not the time to sit down and start whining about how things aren't working out.
It's NOT the time to decide that God has somehow taken His hand off your life.

It IS the time to get into the Word and get yourself re-anchored in what God has promised about your situation.
It's the time to keep that promise constantly before your eyes & in the midst of your heart.

It's NOT time to go crying to God about your needs.
It's time to pray the prayer of faith and take your stand or the basis of His provision.
When Satan starts shaking your mountain, don't retreat & run for cover. Speak to that mountain with the authority you wield in the name of Jesus Christ. Then, when you're done with that, start to praise and shout the victory...you're going to represent Jesus on this earth, you're going to have to walk in faith. Not just any of kind of faith either. His kind of faith...You won't have to be afraid of the devil's counterattacks anymore. 
He will be afraid of yours."

Dhinakaran, Paul - articles - http://www.prayertoweronline.org/message/ -
Bethesda International Prayer Centre, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore-641 114, India
Other locations http://www.jesuscalls.org/contact.asp
or ministries http://www.jesuscalls.org/sitemap.asp
(The Lord reversed his wife's tying of her fallopian tubes, allowing her to conceive a son.)

Dickow, Gregory - Article Archive or http://www.gregorydickow.org/LifeSolutions/ArticlesArchive/tabid/2423/Default.aspx - www.gregorydickow.org - Where the Battle Really Is -
Archive of answered questions and opportunity to ask a new question at Ask The Pastor

Dollar, Creflo - http://www.creflodollarministries.org/BibleStudy/Articles.aspx -

Epperson, Dr Arlin - Healing from Influences of Darkness - www.healingofthespirit.org - Gates - http://www.healingofthespirit.org/pdf_files/19--Healing%20from%20Influences%20of%20Darkness.pdf
http://www.healingofthespirit.org/pdf_files/1-30--%20Healing%20of%20the%20Spirit.pdf 30 chapters
Epperson, Dr Arlin - editorials - http://www.healingofthespirit.org/ministry.html

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, Peter - http://dglang.com/COFmessages.htm - Cathedral of Faith, Orlando, Florida

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Goodwin, JR - The Goodwins and Brother Mel - The Goodwins and Howard Carter - http://www.brothermel.net/MCM_Goodwin_Hagin.pdf - http://www.brothermel.net/MCM_Goodwins_Osteen.pdf - http://www.brothermel.net/MCM_Goodwins_Wigglesworth.pdf

Gossett, Don - http://dongossett.com/iframes/idevotional.html - great encouraging short editorials or tracts

George Hartwell M.Sc..- http://www.healmylife.com/articles/inner%20healing/listen%20to%20god.html
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Catholics tend to speak highly of Agnes Sanford; Protestants seldom do.)
3 Generations of Inner Healing = #1 Agnes Sanford, #2 John and Paula Sandford - Elijah House + Leanne Payne, & #3 Ed Smith's Theophostics (TheoPhostic Counselling), Art Zielstra's Prayer Counselling & John Regier's Biblical Concepts in Counselling, (who) make use of listening to God's truth to bring healing to root issues in people's lives.
Inner healing prayers using listening prayer therapy:
1 Put it on the Altar - a prayer of letting go
2 Grief & Comfort - prayer therapy in grief and loss  
3 Releasing Anger - creative viualization of releasing anger
4 Letter to God - a way to practice listening to God
5 Burden Exchange - letting go of an old identity
6 Projecting the Healing Forward in Life
7 Cleanse the Temple - letting go of idols (including People Pleasing)
8 Peace with Heaven - opening up communication with God
9 Healing of Trauma
10 Listening Prayer for Dreams
11 The Children's Garden
12 Listening Prayer Journal

Hayford, Jack - http://www.jackhayford.org/articlelist1-2/Articles -
The Sin of Suicide - http://www.jackhayford.com/TheSinOfSuicidebyJackHayford.pdf

"The temptation to commit suicide that, at one time or another...approaches (as a verb) most people." 
(Satan approaches as the tempter with distortion/deceit/lies.)

(Salvation or forgiveness of sins is based on what Jesus did and our belief and acceptance of that. 
NOTHING we do or do not do affects what Jesus did on the cross.)

The Holy Spirit: The Great Psychiatrist 
Fear: Confrontation of fear with spiritual language (praying in tongues) is a key to your peace of mind (2 Timothy 1:7;
Romans 5:5; 1 John 4:18).
There’s nothing more dynamic than the flow of God’s love, which is the power to cast out torment or fear."

Health and the Battlefield of the Mind -

Hormann, Dr. Aiko - #1 http://www.healingroomsaz.com/AikoQA/ + #2 http://www.healingroomsaz.com/AikoQA2/ 5/7/2012 seminar transcript

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King, Patricia - Kids Who Heal the Sick  from http://www.xpmedia.com/articles -

http://www.danielkolenda.com/index.php/archive - Coworker with German Reinhardt Bonnke in Africa.  www.cfan.org

Lake, John G. - God's Generals - http://www.godsgenerals.com/PDF/1952_MARCH.pdf - autobiography -
"I was one of 16 children...(of which the family) buried 8 members...A strange train of sickness, resulting in death, had followed the family, & for 32 years some member of the family was an invalid.
The home was never without the shadow of sickness during all this long period.
When I think back over my boyhood and young manhood there comes to my mind remembrances like a nightmare of sickness, doctors, nurses, hospitals, hearses, funerals, graveyards and tombstones, a sorrowing household, broken-hearted mother & grief-stricken father, struggling to forget the sorrows of the past, in order to assist the living members of the family who needed their love & care.

At the time Christ was revealed to us as our healer, my brother, who had been an invalid for 22 years & upon whom father had spent a fortune for unavailing medical assistance, was dying. He bled incessantly from his kidneys & was kept alive through assimilation of blood-creating foods almost as fast as it flowed from his person.  I’ve never known any other man to suffer so extremely & so long as he did.
A sister, 34 years of age, was then dying with 5 cancers in her left breast, having been ’operated on 5 times at Harper’s hospital, Detroit, Michigan, by Dr. Karstens, a German surgeon of repute & turned away to die.
There was a large core cancer & after the operation 4 other heads developed - 5 in all.

Another sister lay dying of an issue of blood.
Gradually day by day her life blood flowed away until she was in the very throes of death.)

I had married and established my own home.  Very soon after our marriage the same train of conditions that had followed my father’s family appeared in mine. My wife became an invalid from heart disease & tuberculosis. 
She would lose her heart action & lapse into unconsciousness.
Sometimes I would find her lying unconscious on the floor, having been suddenly stricken, sometimes in her bed. 
Stronger and stronger stimulants became necessary in order ‘to revive the action of the heart, until finally we were using nitro-glycerine tablets in a final heroic effort to stimulate heart action.

After these heart spells she would remain in a semi-paralytic state for weeks, the result of over-stimulation, the physicians said.
But in the midst of the deepest darkness, when baffled physicians stood back and acknowledged their inability to help, when the cloud of darkness & death was again hovering over the family, suddenly the light of God broke through into our soul, through the message of 1 Godly minister great enough & true enough to God to proclaim the whole truth of God.
We took our brother who was dying to a Healing Home in Chicago. Prayer was offered for him, with the 'laying on of hands,’ & he received an instant healing. He arose from his dying cot & walked for miles,returned to his home & took a partnership in our father‘s business, a well man.  Great joy & a marvelous hope sprang up in our hearts. A real manifestation of the healing power of God was before us.
Quickly we arranged to take our sister with her 5 cancers to the same healing home, carrying her on a stretcher. She was taken into the healing meeting. Within her soul she said, 'Others may be healed because they are good.  I have not been a true Christian like others. 
They may be healed because of their goodness, but I
fear healing is not for me.' 
It seemed more than her soul could grasp.

After listening from her cot to the preaching & teaching of the Word of God on healing through Jesus Christ, hope sprang up in her soul. She was prayed for and hands were laid on her. As the prayer of faith arose to God, the power of God descended upon her, thrilling her being. Her pain instantly vanished.
The swelling disappeared gradually.  The large core cancer turned black & in a few days fell out.
The smaller ones disappeared.  The mutilated breast began to regrow & become a perfect breast again.

How our hearts thrilled! Words cannot tell this story. A new faith sprang up within us.
If God could heal our dying brother & our dying sister & cause cancers to disappear, He could heal anything or anybody.
Our sister with the issue of blood began to look up to God for her healing. She & her husband were devout Christians, but though they prayed for a time, prayer seemed unanswered, until 1 night I received a telephone call saying that if I wished to see her in life I must come to her bedside at once. 
On arriving I found that death was already upon her. She had passed into unconsciousness. 
The body was cold.  No pulsation was discernible.  Our parents knelt by her bedside weeping & her husband knelt at the foot of the bed in sorrow.  Her baby lay in his crib. 
A great cry to God, such as had never come from my soul before, went up. She must NOT die.
She could NOT die. I would NOT have it.

Had not God’s healing power been manifested for the others & should she not likewise be healed?
No words of mine could convey to another soul the cry that was in my heart & the flame of hatred for death & sickness that the Spirit of God stirred within me.  The very wrath of God seemed to posses my heart.
We called on God, after telephoning & telegraphing believing friends for assistance in prayer.
rebuked the power of death in the Name of Jesus Christ.
In less than an hour we rejoiced to see the evidence of returning life.  She was thoroughly healed.

5 days later she came to father’s home & joined the family at Christmas dinner.
My wife, who had been slowly dying for years, & suffering untold agonies, was the last of the 4 to receive Gods healing touch. 
But, oh, ere God’s power came upon her, I realized as I never had before the
character of consecration God was asking & that a Christian should give to God.
Day by day death silently stole over her, until the final hours had come. A brother minister was present.
He went & stood by her bedside & returning to me with tears in his eyes, said, 'Come & walk.' 
Together we strolled out into the moonlight.
He said to me, 'Brother Lake, be reconciled to the will of God,' meaning by that as most all ministers do, 'Be reconciled to let your wife, die.' 

I thought of my babies. I thought of her whom I loved as my own soul & a flame burned in my heart.
I felt as if
God had been insulted by such a suggestion.  Yet I had many things to learn.
In the midst of my soul storm I returned to my home, picked my Bible from the mantelpiece, threw it on the table.  If ever God caused a man’s Bible to open to a message that his soul needed, surely He did then for me:
The Book opened at the 10th chapter of Acts & my eyes fell on the 38th verse, which reads: 'Jesus Christ, anointed by God of the Holy Ghost, who went about doing good & healing all that were oppressed of the DEVIL; for God was with Him.'  Like a flash from the blue these words pierced my heart. '
Oppressed of the devil.
God was not the author of the sickness & the people whom Jesus healed had not been made sick by God.
Hastily taking a reference to another portion of the Word, I read again from the words of Jesus in Luke 13: 'Ought so this woman who SATAN HATH BOUND, lo, these 18 years, be loosed from this bond.’
Once again Jesus attributed sickness to the devil. 

What a faith sprang up in my heart, & what a flame of intelligence concerning the Word of God & the ministry of Jesus went over my soul.
I was seeing as never before why Jesus healed the sick.
He was doing the will of His Father, & in doing His Father’s will was destroying the works of the devil. (Hebrews 2:14).

In my soul I said, 'This work of the devil, this destruction of my wife’s life, in the Name of Jesus Christ shall cease, for Christ died & Himself took our infirmities and bear our sickness.'
We decided on 9:50 A.M. as an hour when prayer should be offered for her recovery & again I telephoned & telegraphed friends to join me in prayer at that hour.  
At 9:30 I knelt at her dying bed & called on the living God.
The power of God came upon her, thrilling her from head to foot.
Her paralysis was gone, her heart became normal, her cough ceased, her breathing was regular, her temperature was normal.

The power of God was flowing through her person, seemingly like the blood flows through the veins. 
As I prayed I heard a sound from her lips. 
Not the sound of weakness as formerly, but now a strong, dear voice & she cried out, 'Praise God, I am healed.' With that she caught the bed clothing threw them back from her & in a moment was out on the floor. 
What a day.
Will I ever forget it, when the power of God thrilled our souls, & the joy of God possessed our hearts at her recovery.

The news spread throughout the city the state & the nation. The newspapers discussed it.
Our home became a center of inquiry. 
People traveled for great distances to see her & to talk with her. She was flooded with letters of inquiry. 
A great new light had dawned in our soul.  Our church had diligently (incorrectly) taught us that the days of miracles were past. Believing thus, 8 members of the family had been permitted to die. But now, with the light of truth flashing in our hearts, we saw that such teaching was
a lie, no doubt invented by the devil & diligently heralded as truth by the church, thus robbing rnankind of their rightful inheritance through the blood of Jesus. -Others came to our home. They said, 'Since God has healed you, surely He will heal us.  Pray for us.'
We were forced into it.  God answered & many were healed.
Many years have passed since then, but no day has gone by in which God has not answered prayer. 
People have been healed, not by ones & twos, nor by 100's, or even 1,000's, but by 10's of 1,000's.
For I have devoted my life, day & night, to this ministry."

Larson, Susie - http://susielarsonblog.typepad.com/ weekly Wednesday articles especially for women

Leej, Arthur - http://www.arthurleej.com/Violet.pdf -
- "
Magnetic stimulation produces the same effect as electrical stimulation... A small magnetic coil would only stimulate the surface of the body, but a large coil would send a pulse deep inside the body."
STATIC ELECTRICITY - Sometimes static wave current exercises the cells.
It may decongest "the tissues rapidly & thoroughly.
Flabby muscles (may) become firm & active under its use.
The currents (may) give remarkable help for underdeveloped youngsters.
Tired workers (may) become more active under static treatment."  Other subjective testimonies include:

"A static current applied to the liver & gallbladder causes a flow of bile into the intestinal tract & stimulates it.
When the static current
energizes the liver, the brain becomes more active.
The brain is
the negative terminal of the body & the liver is the positive terminal, according to the theory of George Crile.
A 7-week-old baby suffered from acute diarrhea; medical help
didn’t work.
The mother held her child on the static platform & received
10 minutes of positive static spray.
When she returned home,
the child slept 3 hours, and the diarrhea ceased.
The baby took
more treatments & continued to get better.
An 18-month-old child was very sickly and thin & the mother
believed that her child would soon die.
She gave it
3 static treatments a week, with cod liver oil. Soon the child became active and healthy.
The static wave current would often give prompt relief from pain
when heroin or morphine wouldn’t give relief.
Normal Titus studied
the treatment of 662 cases of sciatica with the static current.
found that the current almost always relieved pain. 
A man smoked 12 cigars a day & got cancer of the tongue
His brother had (had) his tongue removed, & (the brother) died in misery, unable to speak.
his man refused an operation, but the pain got worse
& cocaine no longer gave him relief.
He suffered greatly for
6 months.  The static spray was tried without any promises.
1st treatment removed most of the pain & soreness of his neck.
2nd treatment gave him some power of speech & he was able to sleep 3 hours without whiskey or cocaine.
The tumor shrank but was
not cured & he had NO pain.
He felt so much better that he continued
to take treatments several times a week until his death. 52
The static current was very useful in treating a hoarse voice.
man had acute laryngitis & could hardly talk above a whisper.
was treated with interrupted static current which restored his normal voice.
2 weeks later he lost his voice, but it was restored after a static treatment.
Tuberculosis patients often have to struggle for breath & breathe very rapidly.
When the static wave current was applied over the chest,
the breath rate dropped markedly.
30-minute treatment enables the
patient to heal & absorb more oxygen.
A 36-year-old woman had a cough & bronchitis for
5 years & was gradually getting worse.
Her health failed & she could
hardly walk across the room.
She had to sleep in an upright position.
  She was constantly coughing and her throat was always irritated. 
Many doctors tried to treat her, without results.
  Sparks were administered up & down her spine & the static spray given to her back, leg and chest. She was treated every other day
for 4 weeks.
There was a remarkable improvement in all symptoms
& the soreness of her chest nearly disappeared.
She was able to sleep
nearly all night and do general housework.
Another woman suffered from bronchitis; when she got up she
had intense diffused pain over a large area of her side. She was placed on the static platform and connected to the positive pole with the negative pole grounded. Her spine was given needle sparks. After the 1st treatment, she was able to draw a full breath without pain. It took 1 week of static treatments to reduce her cough.
A large static machine could produce strong contractions.
patient begins treatment when an electrode is placed on his abdomen & another on his back.
When the
voltage is raised, there is a
feeling of terrific compression. 
Fluid in the joints & tissues is easily removed with the static
Static brush discharges keep down the swelling from injuries.
When bursitis is combined with diathermy, it yields quickly to static
brush discharge.
Myosis [excessive contraction of the pupils] is an eye condition
that yields to the static current.
Infrared or visible light was shone on
the area & then the static current was used to heal it. 53 
David Yates treated some cases of deafness with static electricity. 
He would put the patient on an
insulated platform & hold the negative pole against the deaf ear.
The positive pole was held in the hand.
If possible, he gave the patient
two 30-minute treatments a day at 1st.
In order to prevent sparking
in the ears, cotton soaked in salt water was inserted into the ear.
Some catarrheal cases showed remarkable improvement after a few weeks of treatment, while others had only slight improvement.

William Snow treated a 15-year-old boy with symptoms of fever, vomiting & pain in the back & legs.
He was unable to walk in the morning & became completely
paralyzed during the next 48 hours. 
Polio had caused his paralysis, and the boy was nearly helpless. 
A Morton wave static current was applied to his spine & sparks were applied to the entire surface of his body.
Each day he was given a 40-minute treatment all over the spine.
For the 1st 2 weeks, the treatments were daily & then every other day.
After the 6th treatment, he was able to walk about 30 feet.

He continued to improve steadily, but his left hand & arm didn’t fully respond. 
When Bell’s palsy paralyzed the face, Snow used diathermy on the patient for a day or 2.
Then he treated the paralysis of the face with the static wave current.
In most cases palsy would cease.  Static treatments could stop a cold in its early stages.
A woman began to catch cold & lay awake with nausea, headache & chills. 
She was put on a static platform with the negative pole grounded. 
After 5 minutes of treatment with the positive pole, her symptoms began to disappear.

The Morton wave current was a static pulsed current.
It was used for sciatica, lumbago, nephritis, chronic arthritis & prostatitis.
current directed to the patient is always positive.
The spark gap was adjusted to give the desired voltage
Static currents were used in all pains & injuries.
A woman had enlarged joints in her hands & ankles & walked with difficulty. 
She took 3 static treatments a week, her pain was relieved & nearly all her joints were reduced." 

(Nowadays there are better delivery methods.)

Maldonado, Apostle Guillermo - How to Be a Witness with Fire and Power - 4/13/2011 -
"In the spiritual, a witness is translated to the word 'martyr', which means someone who is willing to die...
The 1st qualification to being a witness is to have seen or heard something. You are a witness of Jesus Christ just by hearing & seeing what Jesus is doing in this ministry. If a witness does not testify, the court of law will charge you with perjury & put you in jail. The same is true in the spirit. How many times have we seen cancer disappear, people being healed and addicts delivered? Many people stop testifying because they are afraid of persecution.
If you want to be His witness, you cannot stop speaking about what you have seen & heard.
God is saying you have been quiet about what God has done & is doing in your family, your life and even with what has been done on the altar here in church.  That is perjury in heaven.

You qualify to be a witness of Jesus Christ. Maybe you did not come out of drugs or prostitution but what you have seen God do is enough to testify...
The literal Greek translation of Jesus’ answer in verse 37 (John 18:) reads, 'You bet I am.' Jesus was going to be crucified & was taken before the court though He had done nothing wrong. He could have said, “I did not do anything,” but He had the boldness & the courage to stand before the king and hold onto His confession.
Paul tells his spiritual son, Timothy, to hold onto the good confession as Jesus did. It is in the nature of a king to stand for the truth. He challenged them with His boldness by responding, '
You bet I am a king'...
Pilate asked Jesus if He was a king because he saw Jesus by Himself–without angels or people around Him–& He looked like a failure. They saw the Son of man beaten and disfigured.
There are many people who look at you like you are a failure. 
You are serving God & you don’t even have a job.
You need to look at your enemy and say, 'You bet I am a child of God.'
You have to keep fighting for your deliverance and your breakthrough.

Jesus was not afraid to die before Pilate. Jesus was standing there, bleeding and alone.
The devil tells you that you have made too many mistakes in your life, you are not going to go anywhere, your life is too much of a mess right now, are you really a child of God?
You are praying for the sick & are sick yourself…Are you a child of God? Do not be afraid.
Don’t be afraid to lose your business or to face persecution. Do not be afraid of the attacks against your life.
Fight back like a warrior. Stand up & tell the devil, 'You bet I am a child of God.
I may look like a mess now, but you can bet that I am coming out of it.'
Your troubles are momentary. God is at work.
You might look like a mess now, but the devil doesn’t know that, 6 months later, you will have your victory.

Go back to your family and your business and stand for your faith. Be a witness.
When the enemy challenges your faith because of your condition and questions your identity in God, stand boldly & shout, 'You bet I am a child of God.' Shout in the face of depression. Shout in the face of your finances.
Shout in the face of persecution.
Every time you see a mountain, shout, 'You bet I am a child of God.'" @
http://kingjesusministry.org/content/blog/ editorials -
Maldonado, Apostle Guillermo -
Walk in Divine Healing - 4/26/2011 -
You cannot get delivered, healed or blessed unless you step into the presence of God.
Enter in & put a demand on the anointing. Expect and receive your blessing from God!" (Magazines -
http://kingjesusministry.org/magazine/ )

MacNutt Archives http://www.christianhealingmin.org/newsletter/
CHM History
Church Renewal
Generational Healing
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Inner Healing
Knowing God
Physical Healing
Prayer Ministry
Testimonies and Praise Reports
World Healing

Moore, Keith - http://www.flcmedia.org/pdf/GodsWillToHeal.pdf scripture

Nuzum, C - 3 Articles - http://webjournals.alphacrucis.edu.au/authors/mrs-c-nuzum/
http://webjournals.alphacrucis.edu.au/journals/AEGTM/1938-january/mrs-nuzums-striking-testimony-to-healing/ -
"I had rheumatism all my life until the Lord healed me...For 27 years I was never one moment free from pain...
I had to be forced to take God as my physician instead of choosing Him...
From having no strength, I have come to have the Lord's strength; from constant sickness to have His health."

Nuzum, C - http://webjournals.alphacrucis.edu.au/journals/AEGTM/1928-october/the-law-of-life/
"God wants us to be as persistent in demanding the enforcement of the law of holiness & life as Satan has been in demanding the enforcement of the law of sin & death & God, because He is just, will be faithful to bring into evidence the law of holiness and life. 
Many of the laws of our country are never enforced until some one demands their enforcement...

It is then our business to obey the Word of God and walk after the Spirit
and then God will be delighted to enforce for us the law of life.
All sickness, disease, pain & weakness upon us is because Satan is still enforcing the old law of sin & death
We should
acknowledge before God that our new birth & obedience to God's Word has taken us out from under that old law & put us under the law of Christ's Kingdom that has none of these things in it:
we must claim
(like a pit bull & in the name of Jesus) the power of the law of life to set us free from these evil things that belong to the kingdom of Satan-Triumphs of Faith."

http://www.prayingscriptures.com/articles.shtml -

Peale, Norman Vincent -@http://archives.chicagotribune.com/1959/09/19/#page/17/article/confident-living Dr Jesus alive & well in Jerusalem hospital.

Prince, Derek - http://www.derekprince.com/
, Joseph - 7/9/2010 - 5:30 AM - Receiving the victory that is ALREADY yours.
"No, bloodless way will never get you there (to your destiny). 
It through the cross" (of Jesus the Messiah) that that He is in us & us in Him - 100% complete to do His work.  "Everything else is a lie."  We need NOT cross the T's & dot the I's. 
We, in & of ourselves, are nothing of value, except to contain Him, the way Jesus (the flesh & Word) contained the Holy Spirit & the Father.  "Then, once you know you are rich, the
devil says, 'Feel, feel, feel in your pocket.  I notice your wallet very thin, ah.' 
So don't listen to the
feeling part" that contradicts the Word of God in holy Scripture.
Prince, Joseph - http://www.josephprince.org/daily-grace/grace-inspirations/ + http://revivalmag.com/category/articles + https://www.josephprince.org/blog/daily-grace-inspirations
Prince, Derek - http://therevivalistmagazine.com/webcast/ video interviews

Roth, Sid - Editorials - http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=art_onenewman (mostly political Middle East news)
Roth, Sid - Newsletter - recent http://sidroth.org/articles/get-the-newsletter/ 
(Mostly spiritual issues) @ https://sidroth.org/newsletter/

Rothschild, Jennifer - articles - http://www.examiner.com/tag/jennifer-rothschild + http://www.jenniferrothschild.com/press.htm + http://ksmu.org/article/jennifer-rothschild 2009 - http://preciousadornment.wordpress.com/tag/jennifer-rothschild/ -

Ruth, Peggy Ruth - http://www.peggyjoyceruth.org/Teachings.html

Simpson, A Benjamin - (12/15/1843–10/29/1919) - "Canadian preacher, theologian, author, & founder of The Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA), an evangelical protestant denomination with an emphasis on global evangelism...Plagued by illness for much of his life since childhood, Simpson experienced divine healing after understanding it to be part of the blessing of abiding in Christ as Life and healing. 
He emphasized healing in his 4-Fold Gospel & usually devoted one meeting a week for teaching, testimonies & prayer on these lines." -
, A Benjamin - http://www.davidcox.com.mx/library/S/simpson-Divine_Healing_in_Atonement.htm
Simpson, A Benjamin - "
had been such a workaholic that he had destroyed his health. 
Simpson's medical doctor had given him 3 months to live.  But upon meeting an Episcopalian (Anglican) physician, Dr. Charles Cullis, at Old Orchard Camp in Maine, he experienced a remarkable healing of his heart. 
The next day, Simpson was able to climb a 3,000 foot mountain & successfully pray for his daughter Margaret's healing from diphtheria, the very disease which had earlier killed his son Melville.
Word spread fast in 1881 of these healings.  He was besieged by many with pleas for help. 
By others, he was vilified and ridiculed as another quack miracle worker.  Despite such criticism, Simpson received strong support from medical doctors...He also received much encouragement from well-known Canadian Anglican priests...Simpson started Friday-afternoon healing & holiness meetings, which quickly became New York's largest attended spiritual weekday meeting, with 500-1,000 in attendance." - http://www.holytrinitynewrochelle.org/yourti17415.html
Simpson, A Benjamin - download at http://www.onread.com/book/The-Gospel-of-Healing-1067396 
Simpson, A Benjamin - http://www.hymnal.net/hymn.php/h/513 - piano music and lyrics of his hymn

Smit, Philip - http://ezfaith.com/myblog/ including The Healing Power Within You - Whatever You Want... -
Modern Day Miracles - 'Ye Are Gods' - Create Your Blessings - Speak it - Miracle Prayer - Gateway to Spiritual Power -
Faith that Walks on Water - Creative Faith - The Power of Words

Sorger, Matt - New York - http://www.mattsorger.com/teachings.aspx

Souza, Katie - http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=16367 7/2016 -
"As I slept, I had a powerful encounter.
The Lord enabled me to
see what the source of my sickness really was.
I could see demons flying all around and assaulting me with the flu virus. It was horrifying.
, in that same vision, I saw the Lord Himself coming down from Heaven & hovering right above me.
As I looked up, He spread the wings of His prayer shawl over me like a tent.  Then, huge fireballs came thundering down from Heaven taking out every single 1 of my enemies, while I remained safe & sound. 
Within an hour I woke up, totally healed.
The Word that God had given to me from
Malachi 4:2 had been fulfilled in a dramatic way."
Souza, Katie - Articles @ https://www.expectedendministries.org/blog/

Https://www.spurgeon.org/resource-library/sermons/the-secret-of-health/#flipbook/ 3/28/1875
(DOD 1/31/1892 age 52)
Spurgeon's suffering is an example for all pastors — Southern Equip (sbts.edu)

Tavolacci, Elaine - Filled to Overflowing or Lost for Words by Elaine Tavolacci - www.awordinseason.info - www.TheVoiceOfBreakthrough.com - www.TheVoiceOfProphecy.com
The Holy Spirit showed me a metaphor of "speech balloons."
A speech balloon (or word balloon) is a graphic used most commonly in comic strips.
They reveal the words representing the speech and thoughts given by the character.
The Lord showed me speech balloons coming out of people's mouths, but they had no words in them.
The Lord said, "
Some people are lost for words because they are spiritually barren.
They are stunting their spiritual growth and maturity by not filling themselves with spiritual things.
As they fill their thoughts with My word, their minds will be renewed from their old nature.
As they fill their mouths and hearts with prayer and intercession, their lives will be transformed as well as the lives of those for whom they are interceding. Their conversation will always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that they may know how to answer & minister to others
The 2nd Group -
Then I saw a 2nd group of people.
They had the speech balloons proceeding out of their mouths that were filled with negative words. 
Their words were filled with criticism & judgment, as well as anger, jealousy & regret. 
They had unforgiveness in their hearts from people that had hurt them & plans that did not go as they had desired.  Some had bitterness that was caused by past relationships, which they are having a difficult time letting go of.  When they hear something familiar from their past, it triggers something inside of them that makes them respond & react in a negative way.

The 3rd Group -
The 3rd group that I saw were people who had word balloons filled with words of encouragement, edification & exaltation.  Words of thanksgiving and praise were on their lips. 
Although many of them were facing difficult situations in their lives, they refused to give in to defeat. 
They would not come into agreement with the accuser by acknowledging his lies with their words. 
They would not repeat the words of the enemy as they refused to give voice to his plans & strategies. 
They spoke words of blessing to those who cursed them & prayed for those who despitefully used them. 
The words of their mouths & the meditation of their hearts were pleasing to the Lord.

Don't Nullify My Word -
The Lord says, "Do not speak anything that would nullify or devalue My word.
Never speak what is contrary to what you believe. Don't contradict that which I am birthing within you with words of doubt or dishonor. Store up My words within your heart as a treasure. As you do this, you will soon discover that you are bringing glory to me through ordering your conversation aright.
Although you don't see things manifested in the natural yet, continue to speak My word. 
Speak words of life & speak words in love. Let the words of your mouth and the mediation of your heart be pleasing to Me. Your words will define you as you speak words of faith & put your trust in Me
," says the Lord.
Proverbs 12:18
Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
Isaiah 50:4
The Lord God has given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear to hear as the learned.
Matthew 12:37
For by your words you will be justified & by your words you will be condemned.
Luke 6:45
A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good & an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.
A Remnant on the Rise by Elaine Tavolacci - Ascending to New Heights by Elaine Tavolacci -
Discerning the Voice of the Lord by Elaine Tavolacci - Observing Shadows by Elaine Tavolacci -
Seeing Beyond the Natural Realm by Elaine Tavolacci
The Revealer of Mysteries by Elaine Tavolacci - The Fathers Hand by Elaine Tavolacci
Tried By Fire - Coming Forth as Gold by Elaine Tavolacci
- Wells of Living Water by Elaine Tavolacci

Terradez, Carlie - https://terradezministries.com/2015/01/31/my-healing-testimony-carlie-terradez/ @ https://terradezministries.com/articles/

Vallotton, (Mr.) Kris - https://krisvallotton.com/blog/ + podcasts http://podbay.fm/show/158029989
Kris Vallotton, Bill Johnson - https://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Wars-Winning-Invisible-Against/dp/0800794931#reader_0800794931 chapter #1 Fighting for Peace
Chapter 2: Are You Living in a Haunted House?
Introduction shares that both parent and 2 offspring became demonized/oppressed.
Hosea 4:6 hollers that many of God's kids are destroyed due to ignorance. 
Author suggests that our ancestors' discernment of harmful germs is almost as hard as this generation's awareness/acknowledgment of another invisible realm, the spiritual, especially the demonic. 
Likewise the undeveloped nations are well aware of the spiritual world, especially the occult forces, whereas the developed nations in large part have divorced themselves from such "old fashioned" ideology, thus dismissing both heaven and hell, or at least evil influences.

Just as enemies fought Joshua in the Promised Land & Nehemiah faced opposition as he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, our enemy will fight us as we approach the spiritual terrain God has promised us.
Most Christians retreat at the first sign of conflict (or fight the wrong enemy) because they
fail to recognize the true nature of the battle. But you can prevail in freedom & joy."
Vallotton, (Mr.) Kris http://www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.com/my_weblog/
regarding healing marriages/relationships/self -
The demons are relentless & will try to come back. Take every (self-sabotaging mood)thought captive immediately. Say out loud again, I reject that lie/feeling in the name of Jesus. 
I believe I am a child of the Most High God. His truth is my truth. I will obey Him. I will trust Him. 
I know I am loved, valued & I have authority over all demons, their works and effects.
In Jesus name & by His blood. Amen...
Kris writes: 'Unforgiveness (even of self or God + bitterness) imprisons our souls & opens the door to evil spirits in us.  n my experience, unforgiveness is the number one reason why Christians are oppressed'."
Kris Vallotton, Bill Johnson - The Supernatural Ways of Royalty: Discovering Your Rights and Privileges of Being a Son or Daughter… or https://www.amazon.com/Supernatural-Ways-Royalty-Discovering-Privileges/dp/0768423236/ read online chapter #1 pertaining to Proverbs 30:21-22 regarding one's negligence to recognize/acquire/operate in/with God's identity as son/king after/while shedding one's own past identity as pauper/inadequate.

Walters, Kathie - http://www.kathiewaltersministry.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=section&id=1&Itemid=32

Wigglesworth, Smith - http://www.smithwigglesworth.com/sermons.htm

Wigglesworth, Smith - http://www.smithwigglesworth.com/index.php/smith-wigglesworth-sermons/ever-increasing-faith/i-am-the-lord-that-healeth-thee
Wigglesworth, Smith - good - http://www.roylefamily.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/smith_wigglesworth_bradford_041009.pdf

, Dr William - http://www.instchristiangrowth.org/essays.htm

Wommack, Andrew - Articles - http://www.awmi.net/extra/article
Wommack, Andrew -
You've Already Got It or http://www.awmi.net/extra/article/already_got
You ALREADY have your answer, healing, miracle, deliverance - before you were born. 
Recognize what Jesus provided for you on the cross & RECEIVE with thanksgiving. 
Quit waiting on God to do what His son has already done 2,000 years ago.

You’ve Already Got It! 3/23/1968 or http://www.awmi.net/reading/teaching-articles/already_got/
"1 time, I was praying for healing for my son, who was very little at the time. I wasn’t seeing him healed, so asked God, 'What’s wrong?'  The Lord spoke to me,
'You’re fighting to get your son healed, instead of fighting because he is healed.' You might say, 'I don’t see the difference.' There’s a huge difference.
The Lord told me that I was
trying to get Him to do some-thing, instead of defending my son’s healing and just releasing what Jesus already provided...
Whether or not we see a physical manifestation of what He has done in the spiritual realm is dependent upon what we believe & how we act, not on what He has done.
not up to the Lord to heal us; He’s
already healed us (1 Pet. 2:24).
But He gave His miraculous power to us to release (enforce)."
3/15/2015 http://www.awmi.net/reading/teaching-articles/authority_releases/
Healing is under the authority of the believer. God has already provided His healing power and placed it on the inside of every born-again believer. It is up to us to release it. Understanding and using our authority is the key to seeing miracles happen." @ http://www.awmi.net/reading/teaching-articles/

Yeomans, Dr. Lilian Barbara - http://healingandrevival.com/BioLYeomans.htm -
Many editorials including
Harriet Lehr, Ada, Ohio Testimony regarding Dr. Yeomans - http://healingandrevival.com/YeomansTestimony.pdf
from http://healingandrevival.com/YeomansTestimony.pdf
  - http://thealabasterjarbook.com/Testimonies/L_Yeomans1.html

Yoder, Barbara - www.shekinahchurch.org - It's A New Day by Barbara Yoder @
http://www.identitynetwork.org/Articles-and-Prophetic-Words blogid=2093&fldKeywords=&fldAuthor=Barbara+Yoder&fldTopic=
This is the year of coming up out of the pit. Audacious faith is being birthed.
True God kind of love is being birthed. Again, faith is inseparable from love.
Those who have refused to be offended by God or people will now sit in new chairs of authority & honor.
Favor is being released. The temptation to be offended has been overwhelming.
Jesus even said we would be offended, He guaranteed it. (Matthew 18:7) It's not about who or what offends us,  but what we do with that offense. Do we hold it, build a case on it, etc. or do we turn to God & let go of our right to be offended. Entitlement embraces & refuses to let offenses go.
The word for offense is trap. It is a trap set for us to keep us from apprehending all God has for us.
But those who have let go of offense, refused to sit in the seat of offense are coming into a new place of favor.
However do not judge those who have been overcome, because the level of betrayal has been ruthless  in this past season and shocking at times. There is no obvious reason for it. It takes time to recover."

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