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Braverman, Eric
"Spices block inflammation in the body, similar to aspirin-like drugs. Oregano has some antifungal properties.
Cumin blocks the accumulation of iron in the brain." (Choose organic non-irradiated spices.)
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Coconut - -
Recommendations: garlic,
coconut, tree tea oil, (especially topically) oregano, goldenseal root, & olives.

Colbert, Don & Mary Healthy Gut Zone 1/26/2021
1/27/2021 Significant

Saxion, Valerie - - Wednesday broadcasts
11/10/2010 programs cite the mandated annual Jewish fast from yeast, the feast of unleavened bread, Passover.
This was a cleansing of the homes (animals & body) from all
yeast  (fungus/parasites). 
A 93 year old told Valerie that if yeast bloated bread it would also bloat people; yes, a relevant joke. 
Thus God has both spiritual & physical reasons for His directives.
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Brenda Watson - Chapter 1
Demonic Yeast Infections -
"Playing slot machines and video games could cause...a demonic yeast infection.
" @