Alternative Medicine

Epsom salt baths "are a great way to get more magnesium and sulfur...
NON GMS/Organic: bananas...Winter squash, Sweet potato, Potato, White beans, Broccoli and Cantaloupe" are potassium/magnesium containing foods. https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/leg-cramps-causes-remedies/ 9/7/2017
Potassium (bioavailable) may be found in (organic unsulphured blackstrap) molasses and (organic) bananas. (Try a dash in yogurt or fruit dressing/beverages.)


Corneilson, Zona Hayes - Worship God First  booklet www.nhm.cc "Muscles in your body are heavily dependent upon potassium...My deficiency was so bad that I couldn't walk...I had to teach myself to walk again 4 different times, because my arms and legs would become just so much dead weight." 
A banana a day helps keep the doctor away.  Bananas contain potassium.


Kostelnik, Joseph - 1/2009 - https://www.armorcenterministries.com/
After I preached she told me of her back pains. Suddenly I asked, “Do you have a short leg?” She assured me she didn’t. The impression remained and I questioned her again.
I think she was getting a little agitated with me but she eventually sat down—back against the chair—and saw her one leg was fully one ¼ inch shorter than the other.
The Lord was endeavoring to give her her daily bread. As I looked at her feet I said, “Spine, get in line.” It did.
The following morning, the same scenario was repeated as a young man watched his one leg move out ¼ inch as all back pain left.
A middle-aged man—deaf in one ear—also experienced healing.
Madison, Richard L - Raised from the Dead    www.rickmadison.org
Having been instructed by God to forgive those for whom he had hatred in his heart, Richard then heard Him say,
"You do NOT walk by feeling; you walk by faith...Just stand up and walk...Just believe; accept your healing and walk."