Vibration Frequencies



Judeo-Christian Insights

Ferrell, L. Emerson - Quantum Fasting - Food for Thought - -
Chapter 9 Stones to Bread - (Quantum Physics)
"Atoms closely resemble hovering clouds of electromagnetic dust.
The field of energy around each cloud is composed of an invisible shell of electrons. 
These clouds of atoms are empty spaces in a material world, but collectively they attract & oppose one another to appear solid (to the human eye)...
Solidity of objects and matter itself depends on how we observe them, NOT the particles themselves."


What is Vibrational Frequency? 4/5/2010 - -
(Use below info while applying spiritual principles.)
"Vibrational frequency is the constant rate of electrical flow that is measurable between 2 points.
Quantum physics has shown that we are bioelectric beings with electric currents flowing through our cells, nerves & muscles...Bioelectricity is 1 of the fundamental forms of energy in the human body.
Bioelectric potentials (potential energy) are generated by a number of different biological processes & are used by our cells to govern metabolism and impulses within the central nervous system and brain function & to regulate muscle contraction, to name a few. There are 3 types of electrical signals in human beings:
The 1st signal originates in the brain, the 2nd signal originates in the heart and the 3rd signal, of unknown origin, is referred to as the surface electrical potential...Prolonged states of low vibrational frequency cause our cells to mutate and organs to degenerate, ultimately resulting in disease. By applying a higher vibrational frequency to a lower vibration, the lower vibration will naturally try to resonate the higher (faster/healthier) frequencies."