Vegetative State

Owen, Dr Adrian - 
Dr discovers that patient is not brain dead nor in vegetative state, but rather trapped in brain. 
Chief researcher Adrian Owen, a neuroscientist with the British Medical Research Council's Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit, said there was now "proof of principle" that fMRI could supplement existing methods to test a patient's awareness.

Alternative Medicine

Bee Bread - Place 1 small nugget under tongue to dissolve.  May want to add 1 drop of water.

(Morinda citrifolia or Indian Mulberry) -
Seems to be an all around grandmothers 'cure all' or tonic.

Royal Jelly - An ancient food fed to the queen bee by the worker bees.  Nutritional King of all the foods. 
Use SPARINGLY so as not to incur alergy.  Add a dash of raw honey.  Refirgerate. 
Could help to sustain life for years with hydration. 

The Chinese sell royal jelly in honey small packets/bottles.  Perfect.  A shot would look something like this
However, we are NOT recommending this product, only this as 1 potential size & method as a possible means of delivery to patient.
Royal Jelly - - 1 of many good potential sources.