Auld, Dr. Heather - GYN, integrative doctor, Ft Meyers + Bonita Springs, FL. can be reached at 239-495-4480. - "One might assume that raw would be best (true for most) but there are some instances where vegetables are best cooked.
Lightly cooking spinach & carrots releases more antioxidants, making them more nutritious than raw. 
The same goes for tomatoes; much more lycopene is released in the cooked or stewed form.
Soy beans (edamame and tofu) should definitely be cooked (or fermented).
Raw soy contains phytic acid, which keeps nutrients from being absorbed
Raw mushrooms
(while not technically a vegetable, yet found at every salad bar) may contain a low level carcinogen & should be cooked to eliminate it.  Eat your veggies, but maximize their potency."