(EVLT) endo-venous laser treatment by MD
Horse Chestnut -
"The seeds' active compounds appear to inhibit enzymes that can damage capillary walls. 
This also helps strengthen veins.
Look for products standardized to
20% eschin content & follow package directions.
Horse chestnut seed extract might interfere with Coumadin (or any other blood thinner).
Tthose on anti-coagulant therapy should use it with caution" (or reduce meds or alternate drug with blood thinning vitamins/herbs). Horse chestnut (roasted seed/nut) is used by some people to help with leg pain and swelling caused by problems with the veins in the legs.
Others use it to help with hemorrhoids. Some people believe it helps with bruising…
If you eat raw parts of the plant, especially the nut, horse chestnut can cause death

or hepatic impairment may be relative contraindications to the use of aescin or horse chestnut derivatives…
Oral horse chestnut seed extract is effective in the short-term treatment of mild to moderate long-term venous insufficiency, but not for post-thrombotic syndrome. Other investigations focus 1 role of the major component aescin in male fertility, anti-obesity & anti-inflammatory effects.
Aescin gel
has been evaluated for use in bruising…
Aescin 20-120 mg
taken orally has been used for venous insufficiency & is available in tablet form.
Oral tinctures & topical gels containing aescin 2% are also available…
Even though the seeds are toxic, several traditional methods were employed to rid them of their toxicity. Seeds were buried in swampy, cold ground during the winter to free them of toxic, bitter components & then eaten in the spring after boiling. American Indians roasted the poisonous nuts, peeled & mashed them & then leached the meal in lime water for several days, creating a meal used to make bread.

Duke 1985, Evans 1989, Tyler 1988, WHO 2004
Pine bark extract & grape seeds (whole, ground or supplements) help venous insufficiency.
Take 45-120 mg with each meal
Dark Circles Under Eyes - Inherited enzyme deficiency where body builds up unprocessed phenols, Allergy symptom &/or Vitamin B12 deficiency -


Cerullo, Morris - Leg Ulcers: vasculitis - 2016 @ -
VOLUME 2 • BUILDING GOD AN ARMY UNTIL JESUS RETURNS! • ISSUE 11 - "For 9 months I lay at death’s door... They looked at my vasculitis, a serious disease that inflicted terrible pain & sleeplessness...
This disease was eating my flesh every day. I had a huge, gaping wound on my leg.
The doctors were helpless; they couldn’t do any-thing... I was totally paralyzed in my left leg...But just a few months ago, God gave me the most incredible, awesome RESTORATION MIRACLE BLESSING. He healed me."
Cerullo, Morris - Leg Ulcers: vasculitis - 2017 
MORRIS: You know, when I got this miracle that I'm going to talk to you about in just a few moments, my life was changed.  I'm not the same Morris Cerullo that I was 1 year ago. 70 years my life has completely changed.
One year ago I lay in the bed. My leg was completely paralyzed. I couldn't walk.
I was in a wheelchair. I suffered from a disease called vasculitis.
Never heard of it. I had a hard time to find out where when you researched it that it existed.
The doctors were dumb-founded.
They never saw, at least they told me, they never saw vasculitis do to a human flesh like what it did to me.
It ate my flesh, ate it, literally ate it. There was no pain pills, no medicine that I could take.
There was no way that the doctors were baffled that they could help me.
They told me 1 time when I went to see 1 of the wound doctors, he said, "I can prescribe to you a dose of a certain medicine," he said, "but I cannot tell you if it will kill you. Now you have a choice. You want to take it?"
I was in unbelievable pain, 24 hours. I took a lot of pain pills to try to alleviate the pain.
Mama and I, that's Mrs. Cerullo.  This year we'll be married 66 years...
I prayed. I couldn't stand the pain. I said, "I want to come home. Please."
But you know, while I prayed "God, take me home", Mama was praying, "God, don't You dare take him home"
...I'm in a wheelchair unable to walk except just limping along on this left leg...
Well the very worst I was...that (flesh eating) disease, which they don't know anything about it...
I'd be at the doctors t2-3 times a week. 
All the specialists and wound doctors were baffled. They didn't know what they could do. 
They just tried to console me the best they could.
Well anyhow, in the afternoon, sitting in that wheelchair, a wave of the presence of God came, whoosh.
It swept over me in that wheelchair.  I got up. I was able to walk instantly...Supernatural.
Now you know the greatest part of this miracle is that...
God...not only healed the vasculitis, but He grew new flesh.
In 70 years of ministry in the nations of the world...
I have never ever experienced the supernatural power of God as I have on this leg. He said, "When you show this miracle, son, My people will rise up. They'll have an understanding that I AM, that I AM, that I AM, even now...that presence is healing you, 
making you everywhere whole.
So just lift up your hands, lift up your voice and give Him praise and honor for what He's doing for you.
Cerullo, Morris -
Cerullo, Morris - 9/17/2018 -  DOD 7/10/2020
Copeland, Kenneth John G Lake Chapter 29
Science of Healing
section Lake & Divine Healing Investigated shares healing of varicose veins.