Hormonal Induced Tumors

eMedicine - Prolactinoma by Venkatesh Babu Segu, MD "Prolactinoma is the most common hormone-(prolactin) secreting pituitary tumor. Based on size, a prolactinoma can be classified as a micro-prolactinoma."  http://www.healthinforum.org/eMedicine-Prolactinoma-Article-by-Venkatesh-Babu-Segu-MD-info-19148.html


Amla (Indian Gooseberry) 3/4/2020 -
@ https://www.cancerdefeated.com/ayurvedic-medicines-powerful-anti-cancer-fruit/
edited -
" Compounds demonstrating bona fide anti-cancer activity are tannins: ellagic acid, corilagin, pyrogallol, chebulagic & gallic acid, + flavonoid quercetin...
The (goose) berry 'has striking anticancer activity against currently incurable cancer' in mice models.
These are lung adenocarcinoma, pancreatic, bile duct & triple negative breast cancers...
In animals, amla extract reduced incidence of skin tumors by 60% & liver cancer by an incredible 80-100%... Amla significantly inhibited cancer cell growth of human cervical, breast, ovarian, colorectal, lung & liver cancer cells.
Banana (mouse science) - http://benthefoodscientist.blogspot.com/2012/09/tnf-in-bananas.html
Butyrate @ https://cdn.gundrymd.com/textVersion/textVersion230510a.htm -
The most well studied is colorectal cancer. Researchers say that a decrease in good bacteria & an increase in bad bacteria may lead to inflammation that actually creates tumors... Probiotics MAKE Butyrate."
Coconut (raw fresh milk/juice/water) http://www.litalee.com  www.litalee.com/documents/vB_i1.doc
Benzaldehyde in figs may help tumors shrink per James O Brien in mini magazine
The Miracle of Nature's Healing Foods
published by Globe Communiations Corp.
Fucoidan from seaweed may block beast cancer growth per Dr Jean Teas, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.  9 of 11 seaweeds tested at Kitasato University, Kanagawa, Japan could block tumor formation. James E O'Brien's mini magazine The Miracle of Nature's Healing Foods published Glove Communications Corp.
Graviola (annona muricata) to treat tumors www.rain-tree.com/graviola.htm Sour Sop
Molasses (organic crude black unsulfured) - Scott, Cyril - Crude Black Molasses -
Molasses (organic crude black unsulphered) - Cached to print
or read online: http://www.one80turn.com/Blackstrap_Molasses.pdf 
Molasses provides a bioavailable source of iron, copper, calcium, chromium, manganese,
magnesium, selenium, potassium and B6, thus valuable for most any medical problem
regarding infants, seniors or in between.  


Billingslea, Phil  He Still Performs Miracles 2/2009 editorial in The Word of Faith magazine. 
A cancerous tumor that had broken 5 right foot bones resulted in need for foot amputation. 
This was averted after the healing during his attending RHEMA Healing School.
Copeland, Kenneth with Hankins, Mark & Trina - 2/20/2023 You Have the Spirit of Faith + 2/21/2023The Spirit of Faith Agrees With God + 2/22/2023 The Spirit of Faith Wins the War of Words + 2/23/2023 The Spirit of Faith Moves Mountains + 2/24/2023 How To Build the Spirit of Faith @ https://www.kcm.org/watch/tv-broadcast/spirit-faith-0?m=1080081 Trina's tumor disappeared.
Freudiger, Amy Kessee - http://www.daystar.com/ondemand/video/?video=5822932258001 8/15/2018 + 9/13/2018 @ http://www.daystar.com/ondemand/search/?search=amy+freudiger -
Freudiger, Amy Kessee - https://www.amazon.com/Healed-Overnight-My-Encounter-Supernatural/dp/194517739X#reader_B01ENS8J2A brief chapter excerpts -
Amy got a spiritual revelation/download of the spiritual insight that she WAS already healed by Jesus' stripes. 
She began to consistently believe/receive/talk/walk in that mindset.  Suddenly she woke up well.

fibroid tumors - Rikki's Story: From Certain Surgery to Healing Celebration! -
http://amyfreudiger.com/blog The Healing Scriptures That Set Me Free! -

Freudiger, Amy Keesee - http://amyfreudiger.com/blog/2020/3/17/kwl0wwatrsqvfeg8lzvwvdq7p4l69k EXCELLENT - 3/17/2020 @ http://amyfreudiger.com/blog  NICE.
Healed of a tumor by continously/consistently decreeing it DONE although NOT YET visible, in Jesus’ name.
NOT rehearsing/repeating request, but rather rejoicing.
like being pregnant & not seeing the fetus or planting a seed & not seeing the plant.
The Healing Scriptures That Set Me Free! 6/21/2016 some guidelines/daily protocol/declarations

Freudiger, Amy Keesee @  Amy Freudiger - Sid Roth – It’s Supernatural! | sidroth.org TV - 6/28/2021 -
Transcript @ Microsoft Word - Sid Roth 1106 Freudiger.docx (netdna-ssl.com) - Edited excerpt.
AMY: On top of those physical issues I struggled with for 9 years, I dealt with a tormenting spirit of self-hatred... That hatred toward myself was just tormenting & caused my body to react.
I feel that it was part of the root cause of the physical symptoms that I was dealing with.
I started to give up on my future & dreams. I started to see myself as something less than what God created me... Not just my body, but my identity was under severe attack. I knew that, but I also didn't know how to get free at that point...I had seen multiple miracles in my lifetime, but there was a block between what I knew & what I could experience myself for me. I knew it was on my end, but I wasn't sure what to do about it...
I said, "God change me, show me what I need to do.
I want to receive my healing this year, but You're going to have to show me, Lord, what to do."
In that moment that He spoke to my heart & actually dared me to take Him at His word for 30 days, to shut off all the other messages in my life, to shut off all of the news & media, & to exclusively focus on His voice & Word.  I was like, okay, God, I'll take that dare, because I want to have children...
I had put up with...allowed these things to torment me.
I knew I needed to stand up & make a change.
So God challenged & dared me to look at (& disallow) my words (& thoughts enabling this problem) & speak out loud (His Words) for 30 days. So I took 30 healing scriptures, put them in my phone & started speaking those out loud every single day, morning, noon & night. Every time I had to get dressed & look at my body in the mirror, every time I felt worthless, broken & futile, I would pull those out & start speaking the word of God. Over those 30 days God started to teach me 5 principles to accessing my healing...
As I spoke those scriptures, I didn't feel anything at 1st emotionally, but as those 30 days went by, joy started to rise in my heart. Until finally 1 day I called my husband on the phone.
I was dancing around my house & said, "Jason, I have a supernatural revelation that I am healed because I was healed.  If I was healed on the cross, then I am healed today." Finally, I had faith to receive.
I knew that I knew, that I knew that Jesus had paid the price for me to walk free from that pain & nobody can convince me otherwise.
Up until that point I couldn't say that (God Truth from my heart, but only from my head)...
So I said, "We're going to go down & let the elders of the church pray for us this weekend.
I will be healed when they pray for me"... I was not instantly healed the moment we prayed at the altar on the outside, but on the inside I knew that that was the moment I received my healing.
I always tell people, sometimes the supernatural realm’s faster than the natural realm & it takes a moment for the natural realm to catch up to what's already happened in the supernatural realm. So I walked away from the alter feeling exactly the same, looking exactly the same: in pain (still) looking 6 months pregnant.
But I knew that on September 28th at 1:00 PM, I was healed. I wrote that in my Bible.
I just started praising & thanking, "I thank You that on September 28th, I was healed.
This body was changed.  All this pain was taken from me." I changed my perspective.
I shifted it from, it will be 1 day (in the future)
I'll be healed, to: it was already done...a finished work & now I'm just enforcing what You paid for.
I'm enforcing the work that You already did (Jesus)...For 2 weeks I just thanked the Lord that I was healed.
I didn't ask Him (or) beg Him anymore, for healing. I knew that it was done.
2 weeks after/later I received (my healing manifestation)...
Every time the devil tried to come in those 2 weeks & say, "Oh, well, it didn't work.
It didn't work that time either."  I would not let the devil complete his sentence. I would cut him off. Stop letting the devil, finish his sentence, start interrupting him & speak the word of God.
That's what I would do for those 2 weeks.  I kept my joy & peace. 
I knew that my healing was completed, just like it is for you today.
You don't have to remain/live in sickness & disease like the devil has been telling you...
AMY: 1st, you need a restoration of your identity as a child of the healer, Father God.
I struggled with my spiritual identity for many years, not knowing who I was or what I had access to as His child. A lot of Christians are living in the foyer, if you will, of God's massive kingdom, but they've gotten into His kingdom. They've opened His door. God's given them the key to every single other door in His mansion: to peace, healing, abundance, whatever they need, but they haven't accessed those things because they haven't used those keys that God has given them. The Lord showed me, there's a banquet hall of healing, (which) you need to access that through your identity as a child of the kingdom & king.
That was the 1st thing that I had to do.
2nd - One was/needs to repaint/imagine his picture of possibility through faith that comes by listening to, speaking & meditating on God's truth instead of the (medical) facts. We can look at the (known medical) facts & say, okay, yes, the doctors say this about my body, but Your Truth says, I am healed, Your truth from Your word says, I don't have to live this way any longer.

There's a difference: I can acknowledge the facts, but (also) stand on God's truth.
3rd - We are to take up our (spiritual) authority, because I had (agreed with & consented to &) allowed that tormenting (invisible evil) spirit of fear, shame & unworthiness. I had allowed those things (spirits/emotions/ thoughts) & that (trespassing) infirmity to stay (remain) in my body. Some of you have done that as well, where you've just allowed those things to remain in your life. Stop letting the devil finish his sentence, stop allowing those things (that contradict God's promises & our inheritance Jesus provided by His death & resurrection). Stand up & take the authority that Jesus paid for, those keys to the kingdom that He's already given us. I'm not a fighter. I'm not someone who's going to stand up & be all in your face, but the Lord told me, "You've got to stop allowing these things to happen to you.
Stop letting life happen to you & start speaking life TO what is happening
4th - Pray the prayer of faith.
I waited until I knew faith was there before I received healing prayer from the elders of our church.
5th - Praise God for victory. Praise is the posture that we take when we're just standing (in the valley of the shadow of death) & believing, knowing that it's already finished & completed (by J.
So being in the presence of the healer is more important than anything else.
When we're in His presence, He changes everything.
AMY: Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord. Right now You're touching people's bodies, in Jesus name. We command that spirit of infirmity to go right now.  Take your hands off of God's property & people, Holy Spirit's temples. Right now, just lay your hand on that area of your body, that you want to receive a touch from the Lord.
Say, "Jesus, I receive Your miracle working power in my body. You paid for it on the cross 2000 years ago.  If I was healed, I am healed right now by Your blood, Jesus. I access that supernatural healing power. Thank you, Lord. Right now you're being set free from that: identity crisis, shame, emotional pain that you've been in for so many years.  Right now, be free, delivered by the power of Jesus Christ. Thank You Father right now.
I see pancreatic cancers going.  Nodes on the vocal cords are going right now, in Jesus name. Somebody else has a chronic autoimmune disorder that the doctors have given you no hope. Right now we command those cells to come into alignment with the word of God.  God's Truth says you are free today in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord. We bind you (evil) spirit of fear in Jesus' name. We demand justice in this situation. Fear you have NO right to remain & we command you to go in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lord.
Be delivered from panic attacks. Be delivered from all anxiety & fear right now, in the name of Jesus.
Thank you, Lord. Someone has not been able to have children & that destiny is being changed right now by Your power Holy Spirit. He's changing your family's future. He's changing that destiny. 
Right now receive promised child, in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Thank you father.
You're changing that destiny. Thank you, Lord.
Right now, Father, we receive Your healing anointing, just flooding our life & family. Right now mom, give your child to Jesus. Take authority over that demonic spirit that's been invading your family's home.
Draw the bloodline & say evil has to go now in Jesus name.  Thank you, Lord Jesus. We receive that Father. We thank You today that by Your stripes we were healed. Romans 8:11 says, "The same power that brought Jesus out of the grave, right now is quickening bodies, changing destinies God, changing futures."
Thank you, Father God right now.  By Your Holy Spirit, we call it done. Thank you, Lord
Biography of healing of Billy Moore's tumor in nerve duct behind his eye per Jodie Berndt in Celebration of Miracles Thomas Nelson  www.amazon.com
Chavda, Mahesh  The Hidden power of Healing Prayer 
chapter 2 The Power of the Gospel shares the tumor healing of 2 individuals. www.watchofthelord.com
Dedmon, Theresa - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/theresa-dedmon/
THERESA: There was a woman that was painting & she painted just a simple piece of art that said the word "Help."  A woman who had stage-4 cancer, had 2 weeks left to live, she looked at that painting.  
The supernatural power went through her body, the tumor oozed out of her ear.  She was completely healed.
Hankins, Mark @ https://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Faith-Mark-Hankins/dp/1889981524? 5 Chapters online
Hickey, Marilyn - 8/9/2019 - The Process of a Miracle – Part 2
God told Marilyn to read healing scripture (hourly) TO her breast tumor for 24 hours. 
She obeyed & the tumor left. 
Mike Hoesch - "Mike called his wife, Caroline & shared the news that they had diagnosed his sore as being a malignant neoplasm. 
The term did not mean anything to the Hoesches, so Caroline looked it up on the Internet.
It was a malignant [cancerous] skin tumor."
More Info
@ http://www.awmi.net/extra/healing or 12/9/2019 (repeat) https://www.awmi.net/video/this-weeks-tv/?id=9JWib3hI
(Profound testimony towards end of re-broadcast.)
+ 5/31/2021 @ https://www.awmi.net/download.php?id=6099909aee93e70001998fcb&type=video&platform=zype
http://www.schambach.org - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2008 Heiress Conference 
"Dr. Robin Harfouche came to the microphone with a word that God was healing women of tumors.
They were instantly disappearing.
After a quick check, many women lifted their hands to testify that tumors had, in fact, disappeared from their bodies."
Smit, Phil, S Africa ministry testimony - http://ezfaith.com/myblog/from-terminally-ill-to-totally-healed/
Welchel, Tommy  Azusa Street - They Told Me Their Stories - The Youth & Children of Azusa Street Tell Their Stories  2 individuals testify to the healing of a large head tumor being healed.

Medical Research

Cold Atmospheric Plasma @ http://www.rexresearch.com/kanadycap/kanadycap.html - 8/19/2019
Decisions from Italy & the Italian Supreme Court found a causal link between cell phones & brain tumors.
TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) may need to be reduced, but safely. - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK22608/ (CAUTION -
Viral methods, especially live virus, may NOT be wise or safe.)
Atrazine @ https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/atrazine-pesticide-breast-cancer/=20230331 & increased tumor size