TUBERCULOSIS  (TB) (phthisis) (consumption)



Eli Lilly provides Meds 20% below cost to, India, Russia, China, Africa (6/5/2003 WSJ)
Harrod, Kathryn E  Man of Courage, The Story of Dr Edward L Trudeau (10/5/1848-11/15/1915)
Koch, Robert - - "Robert Koch, a German physician and scientist, presented his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium (rather than heredity or other cause) that causes tuberculosis (TB), on the evening of March 24, 1882...News of Koch's discovery spread rapidly. The results were published in a German medical journal on April 10, in England after a rapid translation in The Times on April 22, & in the US in The New York Times on May 3, 1882. Robert Koch was now a famous scientist & became known as 'The Father of Bacteriology.' He was presented with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1905 'for his investigations & discoveries in relation to tuberculosis'...
Tuberculosis, once called 'consumption' & 'white plague,' is an ancient disease that may have always been with us. Evidence of tubercular decay found in the skulls & spines of Egyptian mummies, tell us that TB has been plaguing humans for at least 4,000 years. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, noted that 'phthisis' (consumption) was the most widespread & fatal disease of his time." @ 3/25/2014


Adams, Rex - Miracle Medicine Foods - Parker Publishing - Dr MW McDuffie found that garlic was the best remedy for TB remission & germ extermination.  5/1914  North American Journal of Homeopathy
Adams, Rex  Miracle Medicine Foods - Parker Publishing - 1 woman was given up to die of TB, until she took up a daily diet of honey & goat's milk. (In all likelihood both were raw & unpasteurized.)
Artemisia @ - 4/23/2021 @ - "A potential natural & inexpensive therapy for TB treatment failure & resistance."
Wormwood herb, Artemisia absinthium, Green Ginger, Absinthe, Southernwood (
About Charlotte Gerson – Gerson Media (DOD 2/10/2019) 6/12/2015 "When Charlotte Gerson was 12 years old, she was healed of (bone) tuberculosis by her father, Dr. Max Gerson...At the time tuberculosis was considered a death sentence...
Her latest books are Defeating Obesity, Diabetes & High Blood Pressure: The Metabolic Syndrome & Defeating Arthritis, Bone & Joint Diseases...Clinic is at the Gerson Therapy clinic in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico.

About Dr. Max Gerson – Gerson Media @ Gerson Therapy – Gerson Media

Biography regarding reversal of migraines, TB, diabetes & reduction/relief of cancer:
"l day a migraine patient returned  to him with the news that Gerson’s 'migraine diet' had banished his long-standing skin tuberculosis. Gerson was astonished, but curious & began treating skin TB patients with his diet, also with great success.

 Associated diseases would also be healed when the TB was, leading Gerson to formulate a new theory of disease & healing, a radical departure from the drugs & surgery approach of his colleagues.  The wife of Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer cured her lung tuberculosis on Gerson’s diet, resulting in a lifelong friendship & mutual admiration & respect between the 2 men. Gerson’s diet eventually cured Schweitzer himself of type 2 diabetes, from which he was dying. Schweitzer lived another 18 years, to age 93."

Gerson, Max @ Dr. Max Gerson: A cancer cure that cost his life | Principia Scientific Intl. (
"In 1924 Dr. Max Gerson was invited by the famous lung specialist Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch to do a clinical trial on 450 incurable skin tuberculosis patients using the Gerson diet as treatment. Dr. Sauerbruch told Dr. Gerson that even if 1 patient showed improvement he would believe every word of Gerson’s treatment. 446 of the 450 patients completely recovered resulting in over a 99% recovery rate. Dr. Sauerbruch & Dr. Gerson simultaneously published articles in a dozen of the world’s leading medical journals, establishing the Gerson diet as the 1st cure for skin tuberculosis...
The Gerson dietary regimen consists of a low salt, low fat, & high carbohydrate diet + oral administration of minerals & vitamins to supplement those vitamins missing in the diet. The diet is chiefly made of large amounts of (non GMO), organic fresh fruit & vegetable juices & does NOT allow any meat, (A1) milk, alcohol, canned or bottled foods. Tobacco in any form is prohibited."
Shiitake mushroom may help in shedding of tuberculosis bacillus (Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli)
per Christopher Hobbs in Mushrooms - An Exploration of Tradition, Healing & Culture
AHCC from fermented shiitake mushroom mycelium may help reverse herpes virus, candida & staph bacteria, parasite infections, or environmental toxins. 
AHCC increases the body's own interleukin-2 (IL-2).
AHCC - The Japanese Medicinal Mushroom Immune Enhancer
Dan Kenner 
Leej, Arthur - - THE VIOLET RAY - Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize in 1903 for his work in using ultraviolet light for treating tuberculosis. People worried about TB, & they wanted ultraviolet light.
Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) - -
The crude extract and hexane fractions inhibited M. tuberculosis at the high concentration of 100 mg/mL.
Sarsaparilla - For Scrofula tuberculosis
Silver (colloidal) -
"Study on clinical isolates collected from TB endemic that nano-silver acts as a 'potent anti-TB drug'... July 2010 issue of Environmental Science and Technology, researchers from the Particle Technology Laboratory, Institute of Process Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, report this very finding. They found that the 'antibacterial activity of nano-silver was dominated by the germ-killing Ag(+) ions when fine Ag nano-particles (less than about 10 nm in average diameter) were employed….In contrast, when relatively larger Ag nano-particles were used, the concentration of the released Ag(+) ions was lower.”


Brainard, David - The Price of God's Miracle Working Power by AA Allen "David Brainard, a great missionary to the American Indians, was told that he was dying of Tuberculosis...Bed rest was necessary if he was to live for more than a few weeks...He fell on his face, crying, 'Give me souls or take my soul.'  Then he rose up & went to minister...Thousands of souls were won to Christ through 'years' of ministry."
Cho, Rev David Yonggi of Seoul, Korea - - 
Books = Successful Home Cell Groups Chapter 14 Preaching to a Growing Church shares that God healed him of TB as a Buddhist youth & reveled His son Jesus Christ to him as savior. 
It was his reading of the Bible that equipped/endowed him with salvation/healing/knowledge/wealth/victory. 
In the Preface of  The 4th Dimension  Cho shares his healing of TB.  The doctors gave him 3 months to live. 
God used a stranger, a young girl, to minister to him & leave a Bible, which upon reading changed his life & his health.
Cho, Rev David Yonggi  The 4th Dimension publisher - Chapter 6 God's Address
shares the healing of TB through a husband's blessing/forgiveness of his runaway wife.
"If you have fear, the devil has an open channel through which to come & strike you; fear is negative faith. 
So, as I feared tuberculosis, I contracted tuberculosis."  Later Cho was healed by God.
Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake - Lake in chapter 25 Adventures in God shares the healing of a 12 year old boy from Rosalia who had TB of the spine & had to wear a steel jacket 24 hours a day. 
Another testimony is of a 70 lb woman,  Mrs. McDonald,  who was healed of TB. 
Chapter 29 Science of Healing section Lake & Divine Healing Investigated shares healings of TB.
Dr Kelso Glover illustrated God's power to heal any & every disease in man or cow. p78 -
The Happiest People on Earth
by J Sherrill

Kimberling, Robert - 2/4/2019
PERRY: Robert Kimberling was pastoring a church years ago in South Dakota. This happened to a woman who was a member of this church. It was in the 1920s during the Dust Bowl. Her cow had gotten cut on a fence, had maggots, was dying. Her husband had tuberculosis, was dying. They were about to lose their farm. She was seeking God, and I'm really abbreviating this. She saw...a dust devil…wind that just starts stirring like a little tornado.  It starts coming toward her.  She says, "Lord, what else can I take?"
All of a sudden, the dust ceased & a man, an angel of the Lord, stepped out of it. Told her that her husband would be healed & live to birth more children. Told her that the cow was going to be healed.
By the way, the maggots fell out of the cow's belly. God stitched the cow supernaturally & the cow lived.

: She promised to give the cow to world missions, if God healed it. Now, what she said to this man who was an angel of God, "If God heals this cow, I'll sell it for world missions." The angel got angry at her, looked at her & said, "Liz," 7 words, "There are NO If’s in God's plan"…Her husband got healed.  They had more kids. When Brother Kimberling told me this, God changed my life.
I was praying a lot of prayers over my boy that was addicted to alcohol and drugs, who's now delivered. I was praying back then, "Lord, if You'll just touch him."  I would say to my armor bearer, Robby, "Robby, if the Lord touches Jonathan."  I kept saying if, if, if….many times. We're going to build this building if the money comes in. The Lord told me, "When you say if, you are always delaying it & you're questioning Me…Think about if. If I ... You're saying what God can't do….Do you realize the reason your boy has not been delivered is Satan can come before Me & say, 'He don't even believe you.
Perry Stone doesn't even believe you because he's questioning if you're even able
I said, "Lord, how do I change my prayer?" He said, "
Quit saying if & say when."

: I'd say, "When my boy gets delivered, when my son comes to God, when that money comes in."  
I'm telling you, everything started changing, when I took the if out. See, a man came to Jesus and said, "If you will make me whole." Jesus said, "I will." He took the if out. So there's the if of Satan. The if of Satan is, "If you be the son of God," if you. The if of Satan is always making you doubt the word. The only if God has is conditional on if my people are called by My name. The condition is not on God, 'cause He doesn't have the if. The condition is on us.
  Are we going to obey? Okay?  

: When I began to take the if out, and those 7 words, I told Brother Kimberling, I said, "You just changed my life." That story from 1929, right around 1929, the Depression.  I want people to know that when you pray, quit praying if. Quit talking if after you pray, and start using the phrase. Brother, let me tell you something. When God gets ready, when God does this, when this comes through, here's what we're going to do. He taught me a lesson that I still to this day will catch myself. I'll say, "God, forgive me. You have no ifs in your plan." You know how I know He has no ifs? Because it says the promises of God are yea & amen.

Roberts, Oral - When You See the Invisible, You Can Do the Impossible 
God told Oral that He would heal him.  He did through the ministry of George C Moncey.  Moncey said, "You foul, tormenting disease, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth; you come out of this young man.  Loose him & let him go free."  Not only did the tuberculosis leave, but also the stuttering.
Roberts, Oral & Richard - Are Miracles Real? - Chapter 1 + 15 each share a testimony of a TB healing.
Roberts, Oral & Richard - Hank Kunneman & Richard Roberts 5/22/2017 -
Miracles, like rain, can be falling, but if we do not receive, take our faith bucket to capture the heavenly gift, it may pass us by. or
RICHARD: (To Oral) He (God) said, "Son, I am going to heal you and you're to take my healing power to your generation." When his older brother, my oldest uncle, and aunt, my oldest aunt, his sister, took him to a healing meeting, a man prayed a different kind of prayer. He didn't say, "Lord, if it be your will, heal this boy of tuberculosis." Instead, he said, "You foul tormenting sickness, I adjure you by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, come out of this boy, loose him & set him free." (Someone is liable to get healed right now as I'm praying that prayer right now because the power of God is just as strong now as it was then.) As the power of God came up his feet, up his legs, into his body, suddenly he could breathe without hemorrhaging.
Before, for the period of 5 months when he would cough he would hemorrhage & spit blood across the room & had lost the power to walk. But suddenly, the power of God came in, he could breathe all the way in and breathe all the way out. He had been born a stutterer, could hardly say his name especially when he was under pressure. They put a microphone in his face & he talked for 10 minutes before he realized he hadn't stuttered once. That was the beginning of the healing ministry of something supernatural.
Stone, Perry - Breaking the Power of a Satanic Hedge - 6/12/2011 @
Sumrall, Lester - Biography -
Lester Sumrall (1913-1996) was a world-renowned pastor & evangelist, entering full-time service for God after experiencing what he recalls as the most dramatic & significant thing that ever happened to him.
At the age of 17, as he lay on a deathbed suffering from tuberculosis, he received a vision.
Suspended in midair to the right of his bed was a casket; on his left was a large open Bible.
He heard these words: 'Lester Sumrall, which of these will you choose tonight?'
He made his decision:  He would preach the Gospel as long as he lived. 
When Lester Sumrall awoke the next morning, he was completely healed & served the Lord for 65 years...
'My mother...had prayed for me fervently while I was in her womb, back when I couldn't do anything about it, except kick a little. I was born at home, child number 6 and completely unplanned.'"
Sumrall, Lester -
posted 12/14/2014 @
Victory Walk Ministry

Medical Research

Lansoprazole May Be Useful for Treating, Preventing Tuberculosis 11/22/2017
“'It would be a major breakthrough to find a new drug with useful activity against mycobacterium tuberculosis and a favourable side effect profile, particularly a drug like lansoprazole, which costs pennies,' said Tom Yates, University College London, Institute for Global Health, London, United Kingdom...'Lansoprazole, a well-established treatment for stomach complaints, may also be useful for treating tuberculosis.'” 


Horowitz, Dr. Len -
Hawaii Court Restrains Health Dept. TB Skin-Testing:
Student Wins Religious Freedom and School Acces
s Tribune-Herald

Student Who Refuses TB Test Will Be Home Schooled Honolulu Advertiser

Hagin, Kenneth E @
or  I Believe in Visions Kenneth E Hagin – Ekklesia 1 night while I was ministering to the sick, a man in the healing line told me he had tuberculosis of the spine.  He said he had been through 3 clinics. 
All the doctors had given him the same diagnosis: He was beyond medical help at that time.
The man's spine was as stiff as a board.  In praying for him, I laid 1 hand on his chest & 1 hand on his back.

When I did, the fire, or anointing, jumped from hand to hand. I knew immediately that his body was oppressed by an evil spirit. I commanded the spirit, saying, "You foul spirit that oppresses this man's body, I command you to come out of his body in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ."