Aldridge, Jan healed of huge tongue 12/02
Tongue biting healed  Saint Antony - "57. Wherefore a man, Fronto by name, who was an officer of the Court and had a terrible disease, for he used to bite his own tongue and was in danger of injury to his eyes, having come to the mountain, asked Antony to pray for him. But Antony said to him, 'Depart and thou shalt be healed.' But when he was violent and remained within some days, Antony waited and said, 'If thou stayest here, thou canst not be healed. Go, and having come into Egypt thou shall see the sign wrought in thee.'  He believed and went.  As soon as he set eyes on Egypt his sufferings ceased, and the man became whole according to the word of Antony,
which the Saviour had revealed to him in prayer."

Research  3/2014 - Taste - "High-frequency sounds enhance the sweetness in food, while low frequencies bring out the bitterness...If I listen to a low-pitched sound, my taste awareness shrinks to the back of my tongue and focuses on the chocolate's bitter elements. When I switch to a high frequency, the floodgates to sweetness open up and my entire mouth kicks back in a warm, sugary bath. (Try it yourself here.) It doesn't feelas if the chocolate tastes different. It is more that the sounds are twisting my (brain's) grey matter, changing how it perceives the taste."