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Wilson's Syndrome


Hyperthyroidism & Grave's disease =
an over secretion of thyroxin by the thyroid.

Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto's disease =
an under secretion of thyroxin by the thyroid.

Iodine Sufficiency
Ashwagandha Boosts T3 & T4,
(commiphora mukul) Extract Increases T3 Hormone
, &
(fermented) Korean Ginseng (GS 15-4) Reduces (reverse) rT3
http://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2015/ss/do-you-suffer-from-suboptimal-thyroid-function/page-01 @ http://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2015/ss
A lifelong symptom of cold hands & feet &/or dry skin may indicate suboptimal thyroid function.
Baldness, depression and/or weight gain may also be symptoms (in adults).
Ashwagandha, gugul,
and fermented Korean ginseng, along with iodine (such as from seaweed), tyrosine amino acid, vitamin B12 & vitamin A may help reverse low thyroid symptoms.
Dr. Bob Balancing Female Hormones - Part 1 + Dr. Bob Balancing Female Hormones - Part 2 1/12/2015
12/11/2019 Balancing Female Hormones with Dr. Bob – Part 2 @ https://www.marilynandsarah.org/
Program suggests that balding & cold extremities can be triggered due to insufficient iodine (sea salt/seaweed/seafood).
Bladderwrack (seaweed) has been shown to support thyroid function in boosting metabolism contributing to weight loss. 4-17 http://intelegen.com/nutrients/natural_defense_against_lectins.htm
Bladderwrack (is NOT Bladderwort) @ www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-726/bladderwrack/#:~:text=Bladderwrack%20is%20used%20for%20thyroid%20disorders%20including%20underactive,thyroid%20gland%20%28%20goiter%20%29%2C%20and%20iodine%20deficiency
Blanchard, Dr. Kenneth R  MD - What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism (Newton-Wellesley, MA) says an under active thyroid may cause depression, SAD in winter, fatigue, feeling cold, brittle thin hair, constipation, memory loss & unexplained weight gain.  He recommends adding more T4 for SAD. 
Synthetic thyroxine (levothyroxine) replaces only the T4 (which converts to T3). 
Some people need a little T3 added, especially if the brain is affected. 6/2004
Bottom Line Health www.allthyroid.org - www.bottomlinesecrets.com
Block, Dr Mary Ann - No More ADHD - No More Ritalin - Chapter Step 10,
Consider Other Underlying Causes
summarizes typical thyroid problem symptoms.
Brownstein, David - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjxgnRPGt8g&feature=youtu.be
2015 - Iodine deficiency - Often cause of baldness @ https://ionhealth.ca/educational-resources/
Need both iodine + iodide which together affect all organs specifically. Goiter treatment.
David Brownstein, MD - The Miracle Of Natural Hormones and Overcoming Thyroid Disorders -
Coconut oil promotes thyroid function per CB Ross in The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living
issue vol.7 #2 for low thyroid www.freedompressonline.com
Coconut oil [a saturated fat, from the coconut - milk or copra (white meat)] taken 3-4 tablespoons (preferably as organic, raw or virgin) with each meal will do a miracle, if one is faithful to do it daily, preferably for a lifetime, because it will also do wonders for one's energy & hormones, esp. the under active thyroid [hypo-thyroidism. 
Beware turnips, cabbage, mustard, cassava root, pine nuts, millet, peanuts & soy beans (called goitrogens) can cause goiter & block iodine absorption by the thyroid.] 
[Soy (blood thinner) best fermented/cooked for females NOT males.]

The Coconut Diet - The Secret Ingredient That Helps You Lose Weight While You Eat Your Favorite Foods
, Cherie & John - www.gococonuts.com
Cod liver oil (raw or minimally processed) may be a good source of iodine; it was before the advent of modern refining techniques.
Fermented cod liver oil may be a good source of iodine, because it isn't refined. 

http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2009/05/iodine.html Check out www.greenpasture.org
as one source of fermented cod (fish) liver oil.
Food and Healing  Anne Marie Colbin contends that soy products depress the thyroid,
but adding sea vegetables such as seaweed may remedy this problem.  www.amazon.com
Gillespie, Dr Darrian - You're Not Crazy, It's Your Hormones - 2 Brazil nuts,
containing 200 mcg of selenium, can cut thyroid symptoms by 60% if taken daily. 
Humic Acid - https://wellnessmama.com/61295/humic-acid-uses-benefits/ 1/26/2016 -
Humic & Fulvic Acid (from volcanic seaweed) - https://www.iasj.net/iasj?func=fulltext&aId=30377
(This editorial does NOT differentiate between volcanic ash & fresh seaweed, so it appears once could readily consume seaweed, available in grocery stores &/or the acids in health food stores.)
Iodine - Brownstein, Dr David  Overcoming Thyroid Disorders + Iodine -Why You Need It.  Why You Can't Live Without It www.drbrownstein.com  W Bloomfield, Michigan, USA            
For Hashimoto's disease or hypo-thyroid, in addition to regular consumption of seaweed &/or iodized salt one may want to consider 2 daily drops of Lugol's Iodine (5% iodine + 10% potassium iodide in H20) or a daily Iodoral tablet form of Lugol's solution, especially if one's Armour thyroid prescription is insufficient or if one's symptoms such as brain fog has not diminished. "Because different (body) tissues concentrate different forms of iodine, using a supplement that contains both iodide & iodine is preferable to using a supplement (or prescription) that contains only 1 form...
A combination of iodine/iodide (eg. Lugol's or Iodoral) is much more effective than an iodide only supplement... The thyroid gland & the skin primarily concentrate iodide...
The breasts concentrate (utilize) iodine.  The prostate gland concentrates iodine...
(After the thyroid the) Ovaries...contain the 2nd highest concentration of iodine in the body." 
"The main thyroid hormones T4 & T3 each require
iodine's presence to be produced (by the body)." 
"The Mainland Japanese ingest approx 13.8mg of iodine per day, which is approx 100 times the RDA (recommended daily allowance).  The Japanese receive most of their iodine from seaweed."

Brownstein, Dr David - Salt Your Way to Health section Refined Salt and the Thyroid 
"Thyroid hormone must be converted from its inactive (T4) form to its active (T3) form for the thyroid hormone to have beneficial effects on the body...
Refined salt (with added iodine) will not provide the proper nutrition for the thyroid...

Unrefined salt (Celtic sea or Redmond's, eg.), containing over 80 minerals including selenium, will help the thyroid."
Iodine - Kane, Emily A @
http://www.betternutrition.com/thyroid-hormone-tsh-iodine/columns/askthenaturopath/880 - Thyroid Blues - "Synthroid (is) a synthetic version of the weaker human thyroid hormone levothyroxine, or T4.
Human thyroid hormone comes in 2 major configurations: T3 (which is 3 iodine molecules) & T4 (four iodine molecules).

The active hormone is T3, which is converted by stripping away 1 iodine molecule from T4, the “storage” form of thyroxin.  This conversion happens mostly in the liver, but also in the peripheral tissues...
(Seaweed, algae & wild Kosher) seafood is a good source of iodine...
TSH, or thyroid-stimulating hormone (is) a secretion from the pituitary gland in the brain.
TSH is secreted in response to lower levels of T3 & T4 in circulation.
As hormone levels go down, TSH goes up in an attempt to force more thyroid hormone production.
Naturopaths prefer to see TSH between 0.5 & 2 nanograms per milliliter.
A conventional doctor regards TSH level as high as 5.5 as 'fine.' It is not fine."
Iodine - http://www.betternutrition.com/thyroid-iodine-supplements/columns/askthenaturopath/837
"Selenium is also involved in making thyroid hormones, & a lack of selenium exacerbates iodine deficiency.
The 2 minerals by themselves may not increase thyroid activity, but they should be included in any treatment for low thyroid activity.  Try 1,000- 5,000 micro-grams of iodine & 200 to 300 micrograms of selenium...
Fibrocystic breast disease -
Several studies have found iodine
supplements helpful in resolving painful breast cysts.
Benefits were noted after 6-18 months of supplementation. 
According to Brownstein, the breasts are a major reservoir of iodine.  Try
5,000 to 6,000 micrograms daily.
Blood sugar - Some clinical reports suggest that very large supplemental amounts of iodine may improve blood sugar levels & enhance weight loss. The treatments used 50 to 100 milli-grams of iodine, an extremely large amount that should be taken only with a physician’s guidance (& only on a temporary basis at that high level).
Absorption Issues: Goiter was extremely common in iodine-deficient regions, particularly the Midwest, until iodine-containing (iodized) salt was introduced in 1924.
(Sea salt is preferable to commercial iodized salt.) Eating large amounts of cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli & cauliflower), soy (including tofu), & cassava (also called yucca) may interfere with iodine absorption & therefore thyroid function.  Eating modest amounts of these foods will not pose a problem.
Worldwide, iodine deficiency affects 749 million people & is the leading cause of preventable brain damage." 
"Seaweed & bladder wrack are particularly high in iodine."
Iodine - Dr. Bob @ Dr. Bob Balancing Female Hormones - Part 1 + Dr. Bob Balancing Female Hormones - Part 2 - 1/12/2015 program suggests that balding & cold extremities (feet & hands) can be triggered due to insufficient iodine (sea salt/seaweed/seafood).  + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI7nVjmkrjg 1/9/2022
Iodine via sea vegetables (seaweed/sea-salt/etc) - Body Signals and Their Significance 
"Cold hands & feet are a common body signal for subpar thyroid function. Optimal thyroid function is necessary for healthy hormone function. I have witnessed ovary & breast cyst improvement with the addition of iodine alone.  Not only does thyroid function improve, so does the female & male hormone cycle.
I have noticed male
prostate health improve over time with proper iodine support.
You may consider iodine if you wake up tired, have
high cholesterol, thinning hair, wide spaced teeth, morning headaches & dry skin which are also thyroid body signals."
@ Dr. Bob DeMaria's http://www.druglessdoctor.com/Resources/ArticlesandTips/tabid/2263/currentpage/5/Default.aspx
Iodine - The Silent Epidemic Of Iodine Deficiency - http://www.lef.org/ 10/2011
Iodine AND iodide are both needed by body.  http://developinghealthyhabits.com/readers/online-newsletter/ 9/2015 - "Natural  (sea/ocean) iodine is not the same as radioactive iodine which is used in (evaluating) Graves' disease & also found near nuclear facilities.  The body can not thrive without natural iodine...
A developing fetus/infant is particularly susceptible to brain damage if pregnant/lactating mother is severely iodine deficient...
Iodine (may help) alleviate fibrocystic breast pain or breast lumps...(as well as) shrink uterine fibroids."
Iodine - http://www.rubysemporium.org/thyroid_regulates_metabolism.html "Several nutrients are critical for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. In order for the thyroid gland to produce T4, it needs the trace element iodine, chromium, selenium, mineral zinc, and amino acid tyrosine.
Without sufficient supply of these nutrients in the diet, thyroid function is diminished.
Several reasons why a person may be lacking these nutrients include dysbiosis (a disruption in the normal balance of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal mucosa), taking oral contraceptives, which deplete many nutrients, especially selenium & zinc.  (Thus consider a good probiotic)...

Anybody suffering from a low body temp reading...I always recommend taking (Coleus forskolii) acti-cyclase http://www.altmedrev.com/publications/11/1/47.pdf  (250mg twice daily when taking T3, 3x/day when I'm not...
I have seen great success.)
(Also consider) T-100X. 630mg 2x/day for post cycle (the glandular form). This one's a must."
Iodine - http://www.optimox.com/iodoral - "Iodoral® is a tablet form of Lugol solution.
One 12.5 mg tablet of Iodoral® supplies an amount of total elemental iodine comparable to the average daily intake of this essential element by mainland Japanese*...

During the early 1900's, the iodine/iodide solution called Lugol solution was used extensively, effectively & safely in medical practice, for both low activity & above normal activity of the thyroid gland.*(4 The recommended daily intake for iodine supplementation was 2-6 drops of Lugol solution, providing 12.5 to 37.5 mg total iodide.  That amount was mentioned as lately as 1995 in a book on Pharmaceutical Sciences.(5)"
(Take with a low dose of
vitamin A or preferably organic raw carrots.)
Iodine - Wallach, Joel - http://george-eby-research.com/html/wallach.html
Iodine + Tyrosine (amino acid/protein) - "These are the 2 substances it (thyroid gland/goiter) uses to make thyroid hormones (T3 + T4)."  Chapter 15 Nutrition - Rothfeld, Glenn S Thyroid Balance
Iodine + Tyrosine http://www.lifeextensionretail.com/MagazineArticleDetail.aspx?article=119717
The thyroid gland needs iodine and the amino acid L-tyrosine to make T4 and T3."
Iodine - Brownstein, David @
Iodine - https://www.mercuryfreekids.org/power-of-iodine
Iodine - SeaVegetables/Seaweed/Iodine - For Low Thyroid www.drcolbert.com
Iodine - https://globalhealing.com/natural-health/free-iodine-webinar/ - 9/7/2016 - (edited)

"In its natural form, really, iodine is just a gas and it's an element.
It's in the periodic table with the halogens, which are bromine, fluorine, & chlorine.
It's a very important trace element that's required by many parts of our body.
People just associate iodine with the thyroid gland, but really, iodine is utilized by every single cell in the body.
It's important to get the right type & the proper type of iodine into your cells.
So, how was iodine developed or how was it discovered? It was actually discovered in 1811.
It was discovered by a scientist who was experimenting with seaweed, burning the ash & actually developed iodine.  So, it hasn't even been around that long.
In 1829, there was a French physician, Dr. Lugol, who created Lugol's solution and anybody that knows about iodine out there knows and is familiar with Lugol's solution. When he discovered iodine, he discovered that bonding it to a potassium molecule made it water-soluble & unlocked its antiseptic qualities & kind of stabilized it. That's why Lugol's solution is potassium iodide.
Around 1860, there was a Swiss physician that found that iodine could be used to treat goiter.
What was happening back in the 1800s, a goiter is nothing more than a cyst that grows on your thyroid gland...

Cysts pertain to polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS, fibrocystic breast disease, fibromyalgia & uterine fibroids...
The ovaries actually have the second-highest concentration of iodine in a woman's body.
When they're deficient, cysts form...Cysts form in the ovaries & especially around your menstrual cycles.
For the ladies that are listening,
if your breasts become tender, that's 1 sign that you have iodine deficiency...
Use a Celtic salt or my favorite Himalayan crystal salt, which contain...84 different minerals...even trace amounts of iodine...
In 1997 Dr. Ghent reported that he saw benefits of iodine with fibro-cystic breast disease.
It's fibrocystic breast disease because any iodine deficiency is going to cause a cystic disease somewhere.
The iodine is up taken in the body in every cell, but usually, you see the reproductive organs.
Polycystic ovarian disease, fibrocystic breast disease.  Breasts take up a tremendous amount of iodine.
The uterus, all the glandular systems.
Iodine is needed by the immune system because the white blood cells need iodine to fight infection...
Iodine deficiency has been directly associated with miscarriages, stillbirth, pre-term delivery, cognitive concerns.  It can impair fetal brain development.
Even mild iodine deficiency during pregnancy can be detrimental
The thyroid, if you look up here in your neck, right at the base of your neck is a small gland that produces metabolic hormones. These hormones are what controls your energy levels.
The thyroid is controlled by your pituitary gland. Your pituitary gland also regulates hormone, testosterone, growth hormone, DHEA. Your pituitary gland is a major gland, just like your pineal gland is.
Also, those glands are affected with specific antagonists or chlorine, fluoride. Fluoride, especially, which calcifies the pineal gland & also prevents iodine from being absorbed into the actual thyroid gland.
But the pituitary gland actually releases thyroid-stimulating hormone, which is TSH.
That tells the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine, which is T4 or T3
That's just thyroid hormone with 4 iodine molecules or thyroid hormone with three iodine molecules.
So, iodine is the base molecule of thyroid hormone & the thyroid needs iodine to produce it.
But what happens is nowadays, with so much hypothyroidism going around & people are diagnosed with hypothyroid.  They're put on Synthroid, etc. Synthroid is basically T4. Synthroid T4 is inactive.
When it's released, it's inactive.
Actually, 80% of the T4 is activated by the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts & actually the kidney itself.
That's why it's necessary for the liver & gallbladder to be functioning properly.
Because if you're on Synthroid & you can't covert that T4 & you can't activate that T4 because your liver is congested, it's fatty or your gallbladder is gone or your gallbladder is congested or you have gallstones, the bile ducts are messed up.  Then, it's going to be hard for you to activate that T4.
80% is going to be converted in the liver, in the gallbladder & bile ducts.
You have 20% of your T4 that's going to be converted in the kidneys.
Now, a lot of times, people are deficient in salt, too. Because, really, the body is made of 80-90% water.
All living substances are composed of 80-90% water. The inside of our body is nothing more than saltwater.
So, if your kidneys aren't working properly and you have a real acidic pH & you're having concern, then you might also have a concern converting or utilizing that T4 and get that conversion in the kidneys.
Another mineral that's really important to look at, while I'm thinking about it, is selenium.
Because selenium is also necessary to convert T4 to T3.
So, it's important that you supplement or get enough selenium in your food.
Or if not, if you are taking an iodine supplement to supplement with selenium. 
Iodine is great to take with minerals.
You really need a good array of minerals & pure, clean water when you take iodine.
Just like seaweed...Pacific Ocean being contaminated; the Atlantic is the best. If you can find seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean, that's going to be a good source of iodine: Kelp, arame, kombu, wakame...
What does kelp grow in?  It grows in seawater.
So, it's a perfect example of how nature simulates what's really going on inside your body.
So, just to talk about some health benefits of iodine. Mental retardation, low IQ levels is 1 of the main things in children that you look at. Mothers need 2-3 times the amount of iodine during pregnancy.
This is a huge concern.
So, if you know somebody that's pregnant or even trying to get pregnant, I highly recommend that you put them on a good form of iodine, because it affects the fetal brain development, emotional health & many other things.  1 of the things I like using iodine for is the fact that it helps detoxify toxic metals.
It makes water more soluble.
It helps eliminate toxic metals like mercury, lead & then, of course, it also helps decalcify the pineal of fluoride & it also helps detoxify other metals & detoxify the built-up fluoride & bromide from the thyroid gland.
Usually, what's been reported is about 12.5-50 milligrams of iodine will increase the urinary excretion of lead & mercury.
Usually, that happens even within 24 hours. But when you're pulling metals out of the body, you want to make sure that you're very hydrated. When you do take iodine, initially, you might even go through a healing crisis.
A healing crisis is just headache & fatigue & everything.
Just what your body starts to slowly eliminate all those toxins.
Another benefit of iodine is it's a co-factor for insulin. So, we're not talking about curing diabetes or anything like that by giving somebody insulin, but is something that every diabetic person should take a look at.
Whenever diabetics make good lifestyle changes & get enough iodine, most of the time, their insulin functions better.  Iodine is powerful against harmful organisms...
To this day, there's no bacteria virus, any type of microorganism that can survive or adapt to being in an iodine-rich environment...
odine is incredibly good for anti-aging & the skin. If you just take some good iodine, nascent iodine & glycerin-based.  I wouldn't do this with alcohol because alcohol is very dehydrating to the skin. 
But glycerin in itself, vegetable glycerin.
I'm not talking about animal products, but a good USP-certified vegetable glycerin with the iodine with it, like the Detoxadine that we developed. A small amount you rub it under your eyes, by your crow's feet.
You rub it on your face, any part of your skin.  It takes a while because your skin is 7 layers deep. 
Slowly start repairing it for a long period of time. Even better than the $500 facial toxic chemical-based facial anti-aging creams that are out there, which are nothing more than plasticizers
Iodine helps to elevate the pH in the body...
Cold hands, cold feet, low body temperature. If you're always cold, that's another sign. Puffiness around the eyes is another sign. A tongue, when your tongue feels like it's too big for your mouth & you have difficulty talking, that's another sign of iodine deficiency...
Brain fog, low energy in the afternoon, all of these things. 
Breast tissue is also a huge sponge for iodine & iodine is concentrated in the breasts...
From 1993, it was recommended that women take 3,000-4,000 micrograms a day to promote healthy breasts.
Now, that's a huge difference considering the fact that the RDA; our FDA & U.S. government says we need only 150 micrograms per day of iodine. What they looked at when they added iodine to make iodized salt was the minimum amount of iodine that would prevent a goiter from forming was 150 micrograms a day.
We need to protect & saturate our thyroid even more now, especially with Fukushima radioactive radiation fallout & chemtrails are coming down on top of us. 131...
When our bodies are iodine loaded, radioactive iodine simply passes through.
The key is to ingest enough iodine to load the thyroid so that radioactive iodine cannot be absorbed.
Iodine was given during Chernobyl.
Now many people are also stocking up & taking iodine to protect themselves...

So, if a man's or woman's thyroid is iodine deficient, breasts, ovaries; everything is going to be deficient.
Medical literature has found correlation between breast disease & sub-par thyroid function, a leading cause of cancer...
study in 1967 by the Journal of American Medical Association that found breast cancer in mice was linked to iodine deficiency.
The National Health and Nutrition Survey from 1971-2000 showed iodine levels had dropped 50% from 1971-2000... Iodine improved 40-70% of (breast) pain fibrosis symptoms...
1996, rat studies demonstrated that iodine suppresses the formation of breast tumors...
If you are taking iodine, watch out for eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables like cabbage & kale which have goitro-genic compounds that can block small amounts of iodine...
(Instead steer towards)
organic, raw apple cider vinegar... 
I always put it in my water because it contains the mother of vinegar with living enzymes.
You get used to the taste & it's great for the body...
So, some other endocrine gland disruptors
Pesticides, herbicides, such a big concern. Because most of the food these days is heavily sprayed, you have a genetically modified situation. Then you have Roundup, which is Glyphosate, which is an extremely toxic chemical. These are all sprayed on crops.  Now, what happens is your endocrine or hormone-producing glands are exposed to these pesticides & these chemicals that cause an iodine deficiency. 
It also causes the initiation of disease-causing compounds, they're endocrine disruptors
You have soy, which has high estrogen in it (can be a male hormone disrupter).
A lot of these disruptors cause a malfunction in your hormones.
That's what we're talking about, really, here is with a lack of iodine, you're talking about disruption of hormones.  Now, a couple other things that can affect iodine absorption & utilization: antidepressants.
Did you know that most antidepressants & antipsychotics out there are fluoride compounds?
I mean, fluoride is coming at us from every single direction.  There's a reason for that, too.
Because there's no money in healthy people, there's only money in sick people. 
Beta blockers, birth control pills, estrogen mimickers, antidepressants
are those you want to look at.
If you're on any of those things, mostly, for sure, you're blocking your iodine uptake.
We talked about bromine, toxic halides. We talked about chlorine, we talked about fluorine.
Those have a similar structure to iodine & they compete for the receptor sites.
Iodine will actually draw some of that out. It could take 1-3 to bring all of that bromide & that fluoride out of your system & start replacing your thyroid with healthy iodine. 
There's a lot of iodine supplements out there, too, that are in an alcohol base.
But an alcohol-based iodine is an endocrine disruptor & a hormone disruptor, too. Because alcohol, itself, is an endocrine disruptor. You're going to find in bromine in all of your breads. You're going to find bromine in the sodas; it in a lot of processed, packaged foods, because it's a natural insecticide agent
They put it in flour to keep the bugs out of it. Switch to all organic products: flours, breads.
I do recommend non-grains & non-GMO. Rread the labels. 
See if it has bromine in it...(Regarding tap & other public/outdoor & bottled water. 
Use caution even regarding pure/natural/filtered/spring water.) Under the National Organic Program, by the way, you can water your crops with tap water or water from rivers, like they do the Colorado River...
…is in tap water, in all of our systems. Pools. They don't need to use that.
There's way to keep the water clean without poisoning it.  (Use of sea salt is one alternative.) 
We're saturated with these, chlorine & by-products which are all toxic halogens, directly linked to birth defects, cancer, reproductive concerns, sterility. Many people are having problems getting pregnant these days. 
I never had a concern with people coming into my office that had been to all the top specialists in the world saying "Oh, you need IVF & you need all this stuff to get pregnant." 
No, all you need to do is clean out your body.  I put them on an intestinal cleanse, liver & gallbladder cleansing, chemical & toxic metal cleansing, harmful organism cleansing. 
They (conceive &) have a healthy baby, because they don't have all of that contaminant in there.
is another (bad) thing that we're finding in breast milk right now, which is an endocrine disruptor, an industrial chemical and it's used in rocket fuel, airbags, fireworks. It's contaminated areas around military bases & it's now in the food supply. I was in the military & my heart goes out to the military personnel that are being contaminated, especially overseas & all the chemicals they're exposed to. I try to help them as much as I can whenever they call me up.  1 of the things that most people don't know is 83%. 83 of organically-grown lettuce & conventional lettuce from the southwest United States contains significant perchlorate.
You could be getting organic lettuce and you're going to be contaminated. 
The entire lower portion of the Colorado River is contaminated with perchlorate. The Colorado River, the whole lower portion provides water for 20% of the nation's crops & over 10% of the nation's livestock.
90% of the U.S. winter lettuce supply is grown in areas irrigated by this river in perchlorate-rich soil.
Which means you think you're eating organic, but you're really not.
So, for the water, there's a couple of solutions you can do. If you have the money, I don't have any ties to any of these companies by the way. Pelican water system is pretty good to have for the whole house & you can put it in. It's probably going to be somewhere around $10,000, but you don't even have to start with that.
You can look online for fluoride under-sink units, filtration units, shower head units that are going to take the chlorine and the fluoride & all this stuff out. You can reduce your exposure on a daily basis.  Do not drink tap water. I mean, when you go to restaurants, it might cost you a little bit more money, but just buy the spring water in a glass bottle. Do what I do, get distilled water. You can make your own distilled water. You can make 5 gallons of distilled water a day with a Durastill counter-top distillation unit. You get the glass 5-gallon things.  Put apple cider vinegar in it & don't have any chlorine or fluoride in the water. 
Until the early 1970s, even bread contained iodine, when bromide replaced iodine.
Bromine is a toxic substance & has zero nutritional value. Dr. Brownstein, he's like the guru on iodine...
Bromine, in itself, can cause hypothyroidism.  Whenever the bromine was introduced into the food supply & into the sodas & the soft drinks, the increase in hypothyroidism shot up.
One of the most toxic pesticides, actually, is methyl-bromide.
Then, you have polybrominated biphenyl ether compounds, which are your fire retardants
Now, isn't it strange how the European Union has banned most of this stuff, but the United States still keeps it in the water supplies.
I mean, the EU has banned fluoride, it's banned a lot of the bromine, it's banned a lot of these toxic chemicals.  You start seeing all the genetically-modified foods being banned everywhere.
People here in the United States need to wake up & actually do something about it.
People are waking up, actually, it's really good.
But I mean, the public water supplies & the toothpaste & they even have nursery water to give kids fluoride.
I mean, people are mixing their baby waters.  There's medical doctors & pediatricians that are recommending people mix nursery water, which contains fluoride, in with soy baby formulas. 
Fluoridated water
never prevented cavities...There's colloidal iodide, there's colloidal iodine, there's Lugol's.
There's super-saturated potassium iodide, there's the nascent iodine...
I recommend taking an iodine in a glycerin base...G
lycerin's use itself dates back as far as the 1800s.
When it was used to keep wounds hydrated, but free from air contact. Russians were known to spread a thin layer of glycerin on their face to protect their skin against the cold when they went out in the winter because it wouldn't evaporate.
It's so gentle & hydrating, that it's even been used during eye surgery to keep the eyes moisturized...
A condition known as 'iodism' which is a mild toxic syndrome from use of iodine.
Iodism is really a displacement of bromine, fluorine, & chlorine.
The toxicity symptoms of these halides are similar to 'iodism' symptoms.  Why does this happen?
When iodine levels are brought up, bromine & the other halides have to leave & may cause an 'iodine allergy' that really is NOT. People who are the most deficient will have the worst reaction. Kicking out the halides at a high rate will exacerbate that. The key is to add iodine very slowly to displace this stuff slowly.
Also take
tyrosine, since that is the other component of thyroid hormone.
Add a little
magnesium to support it. You can also supplement with chlorophyll
to help detoxify halides.
Chlorophyll lays in the intestinal tract & acts as a sponge to absorb halides so they can be excreted. "

Iodine - If one is taking RX, supplements (such as potassium Iodide www.optimax.com ) or using alot of Providone-Iodine on skin, best NOT to take in same day/week/month/window of time. 
May provide radiation protection during nuclear accidents &/or in time of war.
Kelp noodles - http://www.judytsafrirmd.com/kelp-noodles-worth-trying/
7 Keto DHEA may boost levels of thyroid hormone T3 5/2005 Life Extension www.lef.org
Keytone http://ketozone.com/keto-articles/ of Don Colbert who says sometimes
a keytone diet can postpone/reverse premature death/disease: Monday, November 20, 2017 @ http://lifetoday.org/video/
https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Colberts-Keto-Zone-Diet/dp/1683970241/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1511184339&sr=8-1&keywords=colbert+keto+zone#reader_1683970241 chapter #1
http://sciencedrivennutrition.com/the-ketogenic-diet/ -
"Currently, there are 2 popular ideas that are viewed to be in direct conflict.

The 1st is (based mainly on carbohydrates) the Calories-In-Calorie-Out (CICO) model of fat mass regulation.
The 2nd is (based mainly on burning of fats, especially those of non-animal/GMO wild/vegetable/organic origin) the Hormone Model (aka the carbohydrate-insulin model)...
The Hormone Theory of Fat Mass Regulation (often called the carbohydrate-insulin theory of obesity) suggests that calories are not what dictate fat mass (retention).
It is the hormones in your body, mainly insulin, that predicts it (fat loss/gain)...
The Ketogenic Diet (using/adding mainly non-GMO organic coconut &/or avocado oil) was initially used as a therapeutic agent for difficult to control pediatric patient
Brain metabolism different than the metabolism of other organs and it appears that ketone metabolism in the brain conveys a therapeutic benefit in many neurological conditions.  Additionally, there are some pilot studies showing benefit for ketogenic diets in patients with brain tumors (specifically glioblastoma multiforme)...
Stop throwing around phrases like, 'The brain/heart prefers ketone bodies over glucose & fatty acids'.
Your cells don’t prefer anything. Cellular metabolism is a function of chemistry, set in a biological setting (thus the whole notion biochemistry)."  (An additional factor is to determine which diet contributes most to one's health & freedom from disease/aging/disability.)
Lauric acid - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauric_acid - "Lauric acid is able to RAISE metabolism, believed to be due to its activation of 20% of thyroidal hormones, which otherwise lie dormant...
This is supposed from lauric acid's release of enzymes in the intestinal tract which activate the thyroid...
This could account for the metabolism-RAISING properties of
coconut oil" a major source of lauric acid.
Linda Rector-Page - Healthy Healing - www.earthpulse.com/products/healing.html
Low thyroid may be one reason for infertility.  (Try 7 Keto DHEA and seaweed for low thyroid.)
, Karen  M  Gift of Nature - Whole Leaf Aloe Vera by Total Health Science Press 
Maccaro, Dr. Janet - A Woman’s Body Balanced by Nature - Part 1 3/24/2014 -
Make sure you have an antibody test/panel.

Maccaro, Dr. Janet - 90 Days Immune System Makeover - 6/30/2014
Maccaro, Dr. Janet - A Woman's Body Balanced by Nature - Part 1 - 7/1/2014
Maccaro, Dr. Janet -
Dr. Janet's Guide to Thyroid Health with Dr. Janet Maccaro - Part 1
Maccaro, Dr. Janet - Dr. Janet Guide to Thyroid Health with Dr. Janet Maccaro - Part 2
A daily probiotic is one means to be proactive, as well as steering clear of gluten. 
Test for TSH + TPO & TG a
Dr. Janet's Guide to Thyroid Health with Dr. Janet Maccaro - Part 1 - 10/16/2017
Dr. Janet's Guide to Thyroid Health - Part 1 - 7/19/2018
Dr. Janet Guide to Thyroid Health with Dr. Janet Maccaro - Part 2 - 10/17/2017
Dr. Janet's Guide to Thyroid Health - Part 2 - 7/20/2018
Maccarro, Dr. Janet @
Maccarro, Dr. Janet @
https://www.marilynandsarah.org/2021/04/09/a-womans-body-balanced-by-nature-part-2/ or Dr. Janet’s Guide to Thyroid Health – Part 2 11/15/2022
Pincott, Dr. - Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada -
http://www.drpincott.com/publications/newsletters/PDF/jul_aug05.pdf - "Suggested Treatments:
1.Iodine: The thyroid captures 60mcg iodide daily to ensure an adequate supply for thyroid synthesis.
Dr. Guy Abraham has conducted research since 2002 & published a series of articles stating that the RDA of iodine is way too low.  12.5 mcg is the optimal amount for the thyroid & the rest of the body.
It lowers the risk of breast cancer
associated with those taking thyroid supplements.
The Japanese have traditionally consumed more iodine from
seaweed that any other population & Japan has the lowest rate of any type of cancer (except stomach cancer) anywhere else in the world. Japan along with Iceland (high-iodine-intake countries) have the lowest rates of goiter (enlarged thyroid) & breast cancer...
Iodine & iodide, the two best sources to take together
Iodine can also aid the body in getting rid of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum & mercury.
If you take too much iodine you can cause an underactive thyroid & many people are allergic to iodine
(Iodine can be readily obtained from eating seaweed, sea algae, & wild sea food.)
2. Selenium: increases the conversion of T4 to T3 & reduces breast cancer risk associated with low selenium & concurrent low T3 levels.
3. Zinc: required for T3 & free T4 activity. (Zinc is especially valuable for masculinity & to deter viruses.)
4. B12: deficiency may cause decrease conversion of T4 to T3.
(B12 in combination with other B vitamins is valuable for maintaining emotional stability, especially during senior years.)
5. Vitamin C and E protect against the lipid peroxidation associated with heavy metal exposure.
6. Vitamin D is necessary for thyroid hormone production in the pituitary gland,
& possibly in the early stages of T-3 (thyronine) binding to its receptor...
Articles on Vitamin D at www.DrPincott.com
(Vitamin D is obtained best from daily exposure to outdoor sunshine or consumption of wild cod liver oil. 
Vitamin D3 is the favored form of D supplementation.)
7. Tyrosine: thyroid hormone is made up of the amino acid tyrosine with some iodines attached.
8. Bladderwack: or Fucus vesiculosus contains iodine & stimulates the production of T4 but is contraindicated in over-active thyroid disorders.
9 Withania (ashwagandha) is an Ayurvedic remedy that regulates the function of the thyroid, increasing both T3 & T4, & adrenal glands. It also provides immune modulating, antiinflammatory & anti-anemic activity.
10. Commiphora muku or gugulu is an Ayurvedic herb that increases T3 production.
11. Bacopa: is a Ayurvedic nervine herb used to treat debility & nervous breakdown + stimulating thyroid function.
12. Brassica species contain sulphur that if not cooked interfere with thyroid hormone synthesis. 
These include cabbage, cauliflower & brussel sprouts. (Avoid raw cabbage salad.)
13. Treat the liver with Livit 2 to optimize T3 production.
14. Essential fats including omega 3 from Carlson’s cod liver oil or Nutra Sea herring oil for optimal functioning of all cell membranes.  (Borage oil may be obtained from garden blue borage blossoms. 
Flax oil may be obtained from flax blossoms or seeds.)
15. Vitex and progesterone to treat estrogen dominance: when estrogen levels are too high thyroid hormones are less effective which is why many women on the Pill or HRT end up on thyroid medication.
Low thyroid increases prolactin levels which increase the risk of ovarian cysts, weight gain & breast cancer.
Tamoxifen blocks the utilization of iodine in the formation of thyroid hormones.
Women with breast cancer have lower T3 hormones & elevated TSH levels.
Oral estrogen therapy in the case where a friendly form of estrogen is required to help a woman through menopause may induce a hypothyroidism.
The increase of thyroid-binding globulin (& therefore lowering of available thyroid hormone) does NOT occur in the transdermal (skin cream) form of estrogen."
Rockwell, Lew - https://www.lewrockwell.com/2012/05/edward-group/what-is-nascent-iodine/
"Nascent iodine is a supplemental form of iodine thought to be more safe & effective than potassium iodide.
Nascent iodine holds an atomic form of iodine with an incomplete number of electrons, giving it a high electromagnetic charge.  The body can seamlessly absorb & utilize nascent iodine for metabolic & detoxification processes, making it more effective as a supplement for the body...
Nascent Iodine has...ability to stimulate thyroid production of T3 & T4 hormones.

Nascent iodine may help stop bromine, chlorine & fluoride storage in the body, & slow the production of goitrogens (goiters)."
Seaweed - https://thyroidresearchjournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1756-6614-4-14 
In Japan, over 20 species of red, green, & brown algae (seaweed) are included in meals [
Iodine content varies depending on species, harvest location & preparation & is typically highest in fresh cut blades & lowest in sun bleached blades [
3 popular seaweed products in Japan are nori (
Porphyra), wakame (Undaria) & kombu (Laminaria).
Dried iodine contents range from 16 μg/g in nori to
over 8,000 μg/g in kelp flakes.
Japanese kombu & wakame contain an estimated 2,353 μg/g & 42 μg/g respectively [
18, 19].
10 different species of Laminaria, a type of kelp commonly labeled as kombu, from around the world were examined for their iodine content & were found to average 1,542 μg/g when dried [
(CAUTION: Some preservation methods may cause cancer.  Read labels.)
Selenium Reduces Thyroid Antibodies - Dr. Izabella Wentz (thyroidpharmacist.com) - "Selenium is vital to our body’s ability to convert...our body’s inactive thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4) into triiodothyronine (T3), the biologically active form our body needs."  Other "nutrients important for proper thyroid function include: iron/ferritin & B12 (both associated with anemia), vitamin D (3 or sunshine)thiamine & magnesium." 
With "Hashimoto’s
a genetic predisposition, gut permeability issues (like leaky gut) & 1or more environmental triggers.  So, gut permeability problems are inherent...with Hashimoto’s."
The Fluoride Deception by Shawmus MD The fluoride applied by industry for personal use is often toxic to the thymus, a master gland.  The USA has come out with a new TSH range of .3-3. rather than 3.-5., meaning that a reading 3 or lower requires attention. 
Hypothyroidism indicates reduction of the broccoli vegetable family & soy; add selenium.
Those with thyroid problems need to eat their soy, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts & cauliflower cooked to neutralize the goitrogens found in raw cruciferous vegetables & soy.
"'Estrogen (via birth control/supplements/creams/HRT) stimulates the liver to produce proteins that bind to thyroid hormones, slowing their absorption into the tissues that need them,' explains Geoffrey Redmond, MD." 
Estrogen therapy may require TSH blood tests to see if thyroid supplements/meds/iodized salt/seaweed are needed.
Richard L Shames, MD reminds us that iodine is needed by thyroid hormones. 
It is safer to take it via food (seaweed/iodized salt) rather than supplements/meds as too high iodine intake can worsen symptoms.
Tufts University School of Medicine recommends taking a small amount of protein with each meal to help body produce thyroid hormones. 5/1/2007 www.kable.com/womansworld magazine
Thyroid Balance by Glenn Rothfeld MD founder Whole Health New England
Arlington, Massachusetts, USA 1-781-641-1901   www.thyroidbalance.com
https://www.amazon.com/Thyroid-Balance-Traditional-Alternative-Disorders/dp/1580627773 excerpt
Thyroid hormone range per Life Extension www.lef.org  magazine 5/2004 & 8/2012 notes
TSH normal = .35-5.5     best = 2.1
T4    normal = 4.5-12     best = 4.5-12
T3    normal = 2.3-4.2    best = 2.3-4.2
"Iodine is needed for the production of thyroid hormone & the body does NOT make iodine...
Eat...saltwater fish, seaweed, sea vegetables...

Remember that the thyroid is part of the overall endocrine system...of...hormones." 
If having symptoms esp. over age 50, test oneself before rising. 
Take under the armpit temp; 10 minutes for 5 days.  Normal temp should be over 97.8 degrees F.
Alternative Medicine magazine www.alternativemedicine.com  9/2004 notes
Synthroid drug supplies only T4.  Cytomel drug supplies T3.
Armour Thyroid natural drug supplies T4 80% + T3 20% (from non-kosher pigs).  It may be best to take a custom compound T4 at 99% + T3 at 1% + selenium, zinc with copper, vitamin A & flax oil.
Volcanic Humic & Fulvic Acid (from seaweed) - https://www.iasj.net/iasj?func=fulltext&aId=30377
(This editorial does NOT differentiate between volcanic ash & fresh seaweed, so it appears once could readily consume seaweed, available in grocery stores &/or the acids in health food stores.)
Watercress - http://www.kroegerherb.com/index.php/learn/article/104
"3 of the best known all-around purifying & tonifying herbs, yarrow & burdock. For centuries, folk herbalists in Europe & Asia have employed rhubarb root for supporting liver, gall bladder, bowel & urinary health.
Watercress is historically credited with benefits for healthy thyroid & urinary metabolism, & slippery elm assists with fluid balance. Incorporating more pure, wholesome foods into the diet & eliminating known sources of food additives & eliminating MSG may be very beneficial."
Zonulin - http://www.jillcarnahan.com/2013/07/14/zonulin-leaky-gut/#
Top Causes of Increased Zonulin and Development of Leaky Gut:
Overgrowth of harmful organisms, like bacteria or yeast in the intestine
     a. SIBO = small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
     b. Fungal dysbiosis or candida overgrowth
     c. Parasite infections
2.  Gliadin in the diet (gluten containing foods).  Gliadin is a protein in wheat, that like gluten, is a trigger for people with
celiac disease. However, a study published in the Scandiavian Journal of Gastroenterology in 2006 clearly showed that gliadin can affect zonulin even in people without the gene for celiac.
The researchers concluded that: Based on our results, we concluded that gliadin activates zonulin signaling irrespective of the genetic expression of autoimmunity, leading to increased intestinal permeability to macromolecules. 
The significance of this is that
gluten affects intestinal permeability in all persons to different extents.
It also means that 100% of patients with autoimmune disease or leaky gut could potentially benefit from a gluten-free diet.
 Forrest, Carrie healed self of PCOS, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis & thyroid cancer via diet @ https://www.cleaneatingkitchen.com/about/ California
Thryoid Cancer - Mohr, Greg - Thryoid Cancer healing - post 1/13/2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZDwLZvmLzU @ Charis: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsljKOcYKll4vQmvPOsovkQ   You might also like:
Mohr, Greg + Hickey, Marilyn - Scriptures to Live By - 3/25/2019
Marilyn spoke scripture TO her tumor hourly for entire day & it disappeared. 
Moore & mate (taking turns) continuously spoke scripture TO (over) son who became well.
Medical Insights
Besides Potassium (K) & calcium, magnesium is another needed mineral.

Medical Warnings

Cruciferous raw vegies  @
http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/think-raw-veggies-are-best-think-again/ -
Cruciferous vegetables (
arugula, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, collard greens, bok choy, brussels sprouts, radish, rutabaga, & watercress) should be cooked before eating as they contain chemicals that BLOCK the production of thyroid hormone in your body."
"Some veggie greens contain a chemical called oxalic acid.
Oxalic acid is a very irritating substance to the mouth & intestinal tract.

It also blocks iron & calcium absorption & may contribute to the formation of kidney stones. 
The good news is that oxalic acid is reduced by a light steaming or cooking. 
Just be sure to
discard the cooking water
Veggies containing oxalic acid include
spinach, chard, parsley, chives, purslane & beet greens.
Spinach is known for being high in iron, yet eating it raw will not necessarily give you the iron you want because of the oxalic acid?"
Epstein Bar Virus issues - https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/2010/06/27/be-aware-of-the-epstein-barr-virus/ with a hypo-thyrioid diagnosis -
Reactivated EBV can result from 1 or more of the following biological stresses:
Kale https://www.wbur.org/news/2014/01/10/the-dark-side-of-kale-and-how-to-eat-around-it -
1 of the compounds in RAW kale is called progoitrin. Progoitrin BLOCKS our thyroid from absorbing iodine.

[2nd Kale is a high fiber food & can advrsely contribute to bloating, gas, diarrhea, or just getting an upset stomach.]

6/2009 - MD Alert: The US FDA has announced that propylthiouracil, used in the treatment of hypER-thyroidism due to Graves' disease, has been associated with serious liver injury, including 13 deaths & 11 liver transplants. @ More at www.docguide.com  Doctor's Guide weeklyedition@docguide.com

New study shows thyroid imbalance causes congenital deafness 9/23/2014 published in Mammalian Genome -

"Study shows normal hearing fails to develop when thyroid hormone availability is insufficient as a result of a genetic mutation.  www.Shutterstock.com ...
A new study from Tel Aviv University shows that thyroid imbalance can lead to congenital deafness. 
'Since our laboratory mainly focuses on the system of the inner ear, the study of a system such as the thyroid gland was new to us & therefore challenging,' said Dr. Amiel Dror of the Department of Human Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry at TAU’s Sackler School of Medicine.
'My curiosity as to how these 2 systems interact together to develop normal hearing led to this multidisciplinary study.'  Together with co-author Prof. Karen B. Avraham, Dror used state-of-the-art imaging on mouse populations to study a form of congenital deafness that affects humans.
The researchers tracked the inner hair cells of the cochlea (the auditory portion of the inner ear) in 2 groups: control (wild) mice & mutant (congenitally deaf) mice."

Nuclear Fallout
Mercola, Joseph - Iodine @
http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/02/08/iodine-is-important-but-new-study-shows-too-much-causes-problems.aspx - "I recommend taking an iodine supplement in the event of some type of nuclear fallout.
In this case, if you're iodine deficient taking a potassium iodide (a stable form of iodine) supplement can protect your thyroid by 'flooding' our system with iodine so our thyroid has no need to take in the radioactive form.
But taking potassium iodide when it is not absolutely necessary could result in thyro-toxicosis.
In most cases it is far preferable to optimize our iodine through the natural intake of foods."

Sun-screen chemicals disrupt thyroid in rats @

Medical Science Research
Armour Thyroid (a compounded prescription) @
Replace your thyroid hormones the natural way
http://fitsweb.uchc.edu/student/selectives/Luzietti/Thyroid_hormones.htm -
"Iodide is taken up, converted to iodine, & then condensed onto tyrosine."
"In order to attain normal levels of thyroid hormone synthesis, an adequate supply of iodine is essential (especially via fish/seaweed). The recommended minimum intake of iodine is 150 micrograms a day.
Intake of less than 50 micrograms a day is associated with goiter.  High iodine levels (although rare, can be problematic)."
http://www.i24news.tv/en/news/technology/63596-150308-dog-correctly-diagnoses-cancer-in-30-of-34-patients? - 3/2015 "'Scent-trained canines could be used by physicians to detect the presence of thyroid cancer at an early stage & to avoid surgery when unwarranted,' Bodenner commented.  Cancers are defective, out-of-control cells.  They have their own unique chemistry & release 'volatile organic compounds' into the body.
by: on The main difference between natural & synthetic thyroid hormone therapies is that the natural (bio-identical) pills contain both T3 & T4 hormones, whereas the synthetic only contain T4. 
That’s important if your body is less able to convert T4 to the more active & usable T3."

(ALERT: Dismiss occult recommendations to use: yoga, meditation &/or acupuncture.)

T3 -
Higher Thyroid Hormone Levels Lead to Greater Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery Julie Marks - 4/5/2017 -
"Patients with higher levels of the thyroid hormone triiodothyronine (T3) lose more weight after undergoing bariatric surgery, according to research presented at the 99th Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society (ENDO).
The study results “underscore..."

[Of course.  In all likelihood, major contribution to original/source of obesity was too low thyroid.]

Brownstein, Dr David  Overcoming Thyroid Disorders + 
Iodine -Why You Need It.  Why You Can't Live Without It
www.drbrownstein.com  W Bloomfield, Michigan, USA
Chapter 5
Iodine & the Toxic  Halogens - Bromide & Fluoride section How Do You Lower Bromine Levels? 
A case study was done where the use of iodine/iodide (Iodoral), vitamin C, unrefined Celtic sea salt, & magnesium Epsom salt baths detoxified her body & helped to eliminate her hypo-thyroid-ism condition.
Iodine - http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/02/08/iodine-is-important-but-new-study-shows-too-much-causes-problems.aspx - "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, revealed that study participants taking relatively higher doses of supplemental iodine - 400 micrograms a day & mor, paradoxically began developing subclinical hypo-thyroid-ism... Your body doesn't utilize iodine directly.
It has to split the I2 into 2 I-ions, which is an oxidative reaction that causes oxidative stress."
Wilson's Syndrome
Pincott, Dr. - Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada - http://www.drpincott.com/publications/newsletters/PDF/jul_aug05.pdf - "This according to Dr. Wilson is a build of reverse T3 (rT3) due to the dysregulation of the conversion to T3 after any of the above stresses.
Reverse T3 starts to build up & then starts to use up the enzyme needed to convert T4 to T3
The body tries to correct this by increasing the production of TSH & T4 only to have
rT3 increase but not the active T3 form.
The Irish, Russian, American Indian, Scotch & Welsh are the most common to develop Wilson’s syndrome.
It is diagnosed using body temperatures. The treatment is to reduce the rT3 levels by gradually increasing & decreasing dosing of time released T3 hormone, a re-booting of the thyroid so to speak.
Body temperature is monitored & when it returns to normal the patient is weaned off the T3 prescription.
This method does not work in all cases especially if there are imbalances in other organs such as the adrenal glands, liver, kidney & ovaries."