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B-12 @ Antacids may deplete our b-12.
[Consider supplementing with a (minmum dosage) vitamin B complex formula.] +
Vitamin B12 Deficiency Caused by H. Pylori Infection + Gastrointestinal Surgery for Crohn’s (IBD) and B12 Warnings
8 simple sugars  (especially, mannose, glucose, galactose, glucosamine and fucose) help prevent/
reverse many maladies including cancer.  These sugars, when attached to the proper protein or fat, affect cell communication. 
Aloe vera
contains mannose, galactose and arabinose. Arabinogalactan can be obtained from the Larix decidua/larch tree, tomatoes, corn, carrots, coconut, and echinacea (which also contains galactose and arabinose).   
Gum acacia
contains arabinose,  galactose, rhamnose and glucuronic acid.  
Medicinal mushrooms
contain glucose, galactose, mannose & a sugar compound  lentinant which has beta-glucans
Fruit pectin
is of much value.  It is the white pulp and inner skin of the fruit, especially the citrus fruit skins.
Xylose may prevent digestive cancers.
Astragalus contains galactose, arabinose, xylose, fucose, rhamnose, galcturonic acid & proteins. Limu moui marine plant contains galactose, mannose and xylose
Gum ghatti
(from Ghatti, Indian Gum Tree, Dhawa, Indian sumac) contains galactose, arabine, mannose, xylose & glucuronic acidElkins, Rita @ The New Class of Missing Nutrients -Miracle Sugars
Dark RED/purple sumac berries can be used for pink lemonade/tea. Chippewa Indians used sumac for stomach pain.
Danger. White sumac berries are poisonous.
Sumac: The wild lemonade berry
Deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) -
May help reverse ulcers and heartburn -
Take with bananas for potassium.  CAUTION, pay contribute to male impotency - testosterone reduction.  Know potential side effects.
Minute amounts of manganese is needed with food intake.
"Manganese is required by the body for proper enzyme functioning, nutrient absorption, wound healing & bone development. Manganese deficiency is rare and can been seen expressed in poor bone health, joint pain & fertility problems. Manganese toxicity from food sources is also rare, but can adversely affect the neurological system. The current DV for Manganese is 2mg." 
Foods with naturally occurring manganese include cloves, saffron, wheat germ, oat & rice bran, hazel and pine nuts, pecans, dark cocoa powder, (sesame, fax, pumpkin, sunflower & squash) seeds, chilies, + cooked soybeans.  Toxicity can result in excess manganese, esp. in polluted water.
 O'Neill, Barbara - stomach @ + colon @ @ @ 
(ASIDE: O’Neill is a member of the 7th Day Adventist Church... Barbara O'Neill, world renown, much loved & highly respected Nutritionist & Health Director from Misty Mountain Health Retreat is in crisis right now, with the HCCC prohibiting her to practice or speak, following false allegations from 2 people involved in a political difference with Barbara's husband Michael O'Neill, for his involvement in a party that opposes compulsory medication.  At least 1 of those making the allegations is an active member of the Australian Skeptics & the Friends of Science in Medicine, 2 organisations that use bullying & vilification extensively, & they are using the HCCC complaint process to punish or eliminate an opponent that has a differing ideology. 
Barbara has never advised these people, or had personal contact with them.  It is purely a bullying tactic." is a petition on Barbara’s behalf.  Our signatures would be a blessing to her...
If you listen carefully to the LORD your God & do what is right in His eyes, if you pay attention to his commands & keep all His decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD, Who heals you." (Exodus 15:26). 10/3/2019 @
"Zeolite ((benonite lava clay) neutralizes the formation of nitrosamines in the stomach. Found in processed meats, nitrosamines are one cause of stomach cancer. Another positive effect on the stomach, according to many anecdotal reports, is relief of acid reflux." TreeofLife Zeolite Detoxification.doc

Licorice excess - - "Take licorice tea for a period of 4 to 6 weeks and then take 1-2 weeks break. Unfortunately, most side effects of licorice tea come from overindulgence.
If you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking this tea straight away.

Side effects of prolonged use may include: water retention, leading to swelling of articulations, mainly in the legs and face; muscle cramps, strong headaches, shortness of breath & higher blood pressure.
Other negative effects are heartburn, edema, kidney & liver damage & cardiac & nervous problems, such as irregular heartbeat & high sugar levels, while reducing potassium in your body to a possibly dangerous level.
Hormonal side effects of licorice may result in erectile dysfunction in men & worsen hormone-sensitive cancers such as prostate or breast cancer. To decrease chances of these serious side effects, deglycyrrhizinated licorice preparations are available."


Stone, Perry - Children in the Devil's Playhouse - Demonic Spirits Entering the Home -


Marsh, Craig & Jenni     Stomach recreated 3/2003