Medical Research

Stuck in the past - "Reprogrammed stem cells retain molecular memories of their former identities, 2 new studies show. (p. 15)" - August 14th, 2010; Vol.178 #4   (This revelation hints/clarifies how organ transplants can carry identity/memory/demons/tendencies of former person into later person.)
Van Impe, Jack  2009 Nature and the "The National Post reports: “The ethical debate over embryonic stem cell use may soon be moot, thanks to a Canadian team of researchers who, together with a team out of Scotland, has found a safe way to grow stem cells from a patient’s own skin.'"   Research which was based on the 2007 finding that the "Japanese are even able to create stem cells from human teeth."
"Dr. Nagy’s team of 10 researchers...with that of a University of Edinburgh team led by Dr. Keisuke Kaji, becoming the first to successfully grow human stem cells without the help of viruses.  Instead, the scientists at Mount Sinai’s Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute used an electric shock to insert the reprogramming genes into a ‘jumping gene’ - a transformative piece of DNA found in moths, corn and other species. This jumping gene can move around to different positions within the genome of a single cell and, once a skin cell is persuaded back to its embryonic state, the jumping gene can be removed to prevent any damage.
Also, because human stem cells — also known as ‘induced pluripotent stems’ - are bred from the patient’s own skin, they pose no threat of immune rejection, mitigating another medical drawback of embryonic stem cell use.”