AnneMarie Colbin in Food and Healing notes that a vegetarian diet deficient in vitamin B12 may precipitate pernicious anemia plus (after 10-12 years) spinal chord degeneration. Vitamin B-12 may be found in kelp, kombu and nori  seaweed, oats, soy (tofu, tempeh, beans, natto, etc), wakame, wheat, eggs, haddock, beef liver, and whole milk.  www.amazon.com
Pregnenolone, a hormone found naturally in cerebrospinal fluid, may help spinal cord injuries by inhibiting GABA release & boosting glutamate.6/04 Life Extension mag www.lef.org
There are less spinal injuries in home births than in hospital deliveries says
TA Rondberg in Chiropractic First  A slight chiropractic adjustment might solve a lifelong problem. www.worldchiropracticalliance.org - www.uppercervical.org   1-888-622-8221


A Drug Might Heal Spinal Injuries By Sparking Nerve Growth - A neurologist's unorthodox thinking led to an experimental drug that allows trapped nerve fibers to grow again.
And that growth helps amplify signals that restored movement in laboratory rates.
9/23/2007 www.wsj.com Dr W Dalton Dietrich Hypothermia treatment - "Miami Project to Cure Paralysis" -
Body temperature is "immediately" lowered after brain or spinal cord injury to reduce swelling.


Spinal-cord nerves may be able to be repaired with a disease free polio virus + beneficial genes (stem cells) per Philip M Tierno in The Secret Life of Germs. www.simonsays.com
Spinal cord injury may be remedied by transplanting nasal cells into the spinal cord. 6/6/04 Nasal cells key to paralysis cure + 6/24/04 Paralysis patients tout adult stem cells. www.sundayherald.com/np/liam-mcdougall.shtml
wheelchairs driven by brain waves - 7/2/2009 @ http://www.gizmag.com/toyota-wheelchair-powered-brainwaves/12121/


Copeland, Kenneth  John G Lake  www.kcm.org  Chapter 26 -
John Dewitt testifies of curvature of the spine healing.
Eilis, Keith - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/keith-ellis?src=weeklybroadcastemail_081715 - http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS817Transcript_Ellis.pdf - Jesus healed 6 yr old son of bacterial spinal meningitis.
Hunter, Charles & Frances -
The NUCCA  @ https://gillministries.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Hunter-Handbook-for-Healing.pdf -
"Put your finger on the top vertebra (first bone of the spine). Then speak this command:
'In Jesus' name I command the head and neck to move into the position so that every vertebra and disc go into perfect alignment and be healed from top to bottom.'  If this does not completely alleviate the pain, then do 'TTT.' 

Prior to a spinal trauma, the 12-pound head is evenly centered over the neck. After the trauma, the head has shifted away from center. To compensate, the neck buckles from its intended position, putting undue stress on muscles and ligaments.  The spinal column remains straight and balanced as long as the head is centered over the neck.
Following an accident, the head is shifted away from center. To compensate for the change and to keep the body in balance, the entire spinal column begins to buckle. Over time, an injury to the head and neck can cause low back pain.
Chapter 11 The Spine - per Dr. LeRoy, Roy J. - " Almost all of these (spine) problems are ministered to by:
• "Growing out arms" (the arm thing) • "Growing out legs" (the leg thing) • The neck thing (TNT), and/or • The pelvic thing (TPT)  They call the combination of all of these "The total thing" (TTT)...
The spine starts just under the base of the skull with what is called the cervical spine. This is the series of the 1st 7 vertebrae, the topmost being the Atlas and the 2nd 1 the Axis. The head rotates from side to side on the Atlas, and forward and backward on the Axis.
The nerves from the cervical spine supply the face and head, the neck, shoulders & partway down the arms.
Any pressure on these nerves will cause pain and interference with normal function in these areas. For healing in this area we do "the neck thing." The thoracic (or dorsal) spine consists of the next twelve vertebrae, each of which has a pair of ribs coming off the sides, forming the rib cage. The nerves that come out from the spinal cord at this level supply the lower arms, the hands, and the chest. For healing in this area, we do what is called "growing out arms."
The lumbar spine consists of the bottom 5 vertebrae, where the nerves supplying the legs and feet come from between the vertebrae. For healing in this area we do what is called 'growing out legs.'
The next bone, rather larger than the vertebrae, is called the sacrum, and supplies support for the entire spinal column. This bone is also joined to the 2 hip, or iliac, bones (a part of the pelvis) through a series of ligaments, tendons, and the sacroiliac joints. For ministering healing to the entire pelvic area, we do what is called 'the pelvic thing.'
The thigh bones, or femurs, are joined to the hip bones.
Just below the sacrum is the coccyx bone, a short bone that comes close to the rectum, also known as the tailbone.
While ministering to someone with a neck or back injury, it is not uncommon to find that they have been to a doctor and may be wearing an orthopedic collar or brace. Do not remove or readjust the apparatus when ministering, since this could be considered practicing medicine."
Hunter, Charles & Frances  of Kingwood, Texas, USA teach us How to Heal the Sick spines & tell us You Can Do It Too   www.cfhunter.org
Hunter Ministries of Charles and Frances Hunter, Kingwood, Texas, USA   9/22/2007   www.cfhunter.org
Your Hands Can Be the Hands of Jesus
brochure cites testimony.  "A man from Detroit, Michigan...could not turn his neck at all either to the right or to the left.  He had spinal degeneration and his ribs were too close to his lungs. 
God completely healed him...The doctor could find nothing wrong and thought maybe they had the wrong man. 
3 doctors checked him and said he literally had a new spine."
Kostelnik, Joseph - 1/2009 - https://www.armorcenterministries.com/
After I preached she told me of her back pains. Suddenly I asked, “Do you have a short leg?” She assured me she didn’t. The impression remained and I questioned her again.
I think she was getting a little agitated with me but she eventually sat down, back against the chair, and saw her one leg was fully one ¼ inch shorter than the other.
The Lord was endeavoring to give her her daily bread. As I looked at her feet I said, “Spine, get in line.” It did.
The following morning, the same scenario was repeated as a young man watched his one leg move out ¼ inch as all back pain left. A middle-aged man, deaf in one ear, also experienced healing
LeRoy, Dr Roy & Norma  The Supernatural Spine   www.cfhunter.org 
Waller, Richard - http://www.awmi.net/download-file.php?downloads/tv/2018/08aug/awm_tv20180824.wmv 8/24/2018
White, Todd - Joni Lamb Table Talk interview 10/27/2016 shares healing of fused spine.


Kevin Malarkey - 6/14/2011 interview by James and Betty Robison - http://www.lightsource.com/ministry/life-today/ - TESTIMONY:
2007 in a car crash, Alex's skull had been (decapitated) separated from his spinal cord; his dad had been ejected from the vehicle. 
In that condition the devil sat in the car seat next to Alex and told him, a 6 year old child, that the accident was his own fault.
For a while both the dad and son had to deal the false guilt. Today they do not.
Book The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven http://www.prayforalex.com/ or
Wilkerson, Robyn - http://www.daystar.com/ondemand/video/?video=3798863161001 5/21/2015 from http://www.daystar.com/guest-guide/robyn-wilkerson/ www.trinitychurch.tv - spinal Meningitis biography -
Bacterial Meningitis / Viral Meningitis / Fungal Meningitis / Parasitic Meningitis / Meningococcal Disease )