a neural tube defect

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Folic acid prevents spina bifida if taken during pregnancy per 3/2/2004 Wall St Journal
www.wsj.com 6/2000 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  
warns mothers to begin B9 prior to conception as CNS (central nervous system) is affected in 1st trimester. 
In fact high B9 intake may reduce neural tube defects by72%.  Always take B9 with/in/as a low dose multi B vitamin.
Folic Acid - Wallach, Joel per Bergman, Dr. John -
Surgeon Atul Gawande in Complications suggests that the toxins in potatoes may account for Spina Bifida in Ireland.  pg 134 www.amazon.com
Webster dictionary notes that the nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes belong to the plant species/genus Solanum that can be narcotic or poisonous/deadly, such as Solanum nigrum, black nightshade
(with white flowers, poisonous leaves, black berries).

Wallach, Joel - https://www.bennyhinn.org/this-is-your-day/breakthrough-wellness-p1/ + https://www.bennyhinn.org/this-is-your-day/breakthrough-wellness-p2/
Wallach, Joel per Bergman, Dr. John - http://drjohnbergman.com/90-essential-nutrients-part-3-b-vitamins-7-12 "From previous articles we discussed the nucleotide bases made from 4 substances: Adenine (A),Thymine (T), Cytosine (C), Guanine (G)... Adenine synthesis requires Vitamin B3 and B9,  Thymine synthesis requires Vitamins B3, B6 and B9, Cytosine synthesis requires B3, and  Guanine synthesis requires B3 and B9.  There is a requirement for B3 to produce a DNA repair enzyme  Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerase (PARP) so a deficiency in B3 may cause the body not to make this enzyme risking un-repaired DNA.  Because the Vitamin B complex is crucial to DNA structure and repair, (vitamin/mineral) deficiency has the same effect as radiation exposure.
Dr. Joel Wallach sued the FDA insisting that B9 (Folic Acid) supplementation was essential for mothers' diet to avoid certain birth defects: (Spina Bifida, cleft palate, cleft lip).  He won the case. The problem with folic acid deficiency is (if/when) Thymine synthesis becomes impaired (&/or insufficient) and Uracil is used to replace Thymine...the repair enzyme removes the Uracil because it is NOT supposed to be there, thus leaving breaks in the DNA strands causing problems in the genetic programming.  Uracil is actually used in place of Thymine in rNA since it is less metabolically expensive to produce. Thymine is used in DNA since it has a greater resistance to photochemical mutation (from UV light for example). People whose cuts and scrapes take a while to heal can be due to sluggish DNA due to vitamin deficiency (i.e Folate Acid). If the deficiency persists over time this could invite cancer to erupt.  (Thymine is a vitamin of the B complex, found (naturally) in unrefined grains, beans, and liver, a deficiency of which causes beriberi. It is a sulfur-containing derivative of thiazole and pyrimidine.Also called vitamin B1 (
see vitamin B)...
We discussed briefly in a previous article ‘Microbiome and disease’ Part 1 that methylation is a cycle that occurs within each cell millions of times/second on a daily basis, and is a process of controlled transfer of a methyl group onto amino acids, proteins, enzymes and DNA for in this case genetic expression. When methyl group transfer occurs it attaches to DNA influencing the expression of genes, generally it is an epigenetic signaling tool that cells use to lock genes in the ‘off’ position when they are not required, if ever; gene expression pertaining to liver function would always be silenced within a heart cell. This regulatory process is achieved by DNA chemical tagging to either express a gene or silence a gene. These DNA chemical tags are used on both the Histones (that DNA is wrapped around) and the genes themselves because DNA methylation deals with gene silencing and Histone methylation deals with gene expression (anyway more of this stuff will be explained in the article Epigenetics). In the methylation (Methionine) cycle...Methionine which comes from the diet (meat protein for example) which is converted to the main methylation donor (SAMe).  Within the cycle SAMe loses its methyl group and (is) subsequently converted to homocysteine.  Liver cells with the use of a catalyst Vitamin B6, homocysteine is converted to the amino acid cysteine which can then be used to form Glutathione or converted back to Methionine using the Methyltetrahydrofolate in the
folic acid cycle assisted by Vitamin B12.  High plasma homocysteine is sometimes an indication of Vitamin B complex deficiency (either singly or a combination of B6,B12,and B9 ( folic acid)...
We have already seen the importance of adequate folate intake from the diet (folate meaning leaf because folate rich food are green leafy vegetables) in terms of the secondary folate cycle involved in methylation so it is crucial.  It begs the question why should Dr. Wallach have to sue the FDA to regard Folate or Folic acid as an essential nutrient especially for pregnant women with overwhelming evidence that folic acid deficiency is one direct cause of birth defects (Neural tube defect in the fetus – this tube forms and closes in the first 21-28 days after conception so the mother had better be folate efficient..just like her OBGYN told her..lol, and Spina bifida). Does the FDA really believe that God’s nutrients are unimportant for the health of the human being, and that unleashing dangerous poisonous drugs to market providing ‘right of passage’ to the drug pushers that prescribe these substances that have no business in human physiology.  This very nutrient is required for DNA synthesis and amino acid metabolism, and to make new cells including red blood cells.
THFA (Tetrahydro-folic Acid) is key to DNA synthesis among other things and poisons like Methotrexate ( a cancer drug) acts as an antagonist to THFA by interfering with THFA metabolism and crippling DNA synthesis in all cells including cancer cells but as we have learned from previous articles on cancer it is an old and ineffective strategy to try and cripple the mature cancer cell proliferation at the expense of healthy cells. This drug is also used to treat Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis,asthma and Inflammatory bowel disease…Why?  This statement I lifted from one website:
“Some doctors prescribe cancer-fighting drugs for lupus because they have few other options to slow down an immune system gone haywire. The reason why we use these chemotherapeutics is because we don’t have really, really good medicines for lupus"...Do you really want people with this mindset providing your health care?  They are using this ‘cancer fighting’ drug to tone down the immune system because it has gone ‘haywire’…If you have read the previous articles on the microbiome you will know that the immune system has gone ‘haywire’ because the microbiome is out of balance..put it another way it is a digestive disorder called Gut dysbiosis.  How do we heal the gut? By proper DIET and NUTRITION. The most bioavailable folate comes from (organic food): liver, legumes and green leafy vegetables. (Cache @ http://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=joel+wallach+spina+bifida+folic+acid&d=4697989902702217&mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US&w=UvRyj6GGJ0VYZjH-h1uGYWgq6mRSHywc ) [1 CAUTION:  In addition to wrong RX substitutions such as Uracil cited above, when vitamin supplements and some non-bioequlavent meds are used/prescribed, they are often (genetically modified) GMO, synthetic and NOT natural/organic, thus sometimes producing insufficient/incomplete/ inadequate/toxic patient remediation/results.  REMEMBER:  Most all B vitamins are best utilized in conjunction with all the other B vitamins, as a village/complex/family.]



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