Language Learning

International Adoptions - http://www.rainbowkids.com/ArticleDetails.aspx?id=670 - Speech lag may present itself when child is young, mainly due to orphanage institutionalization; (however most adopted children eventually catch up with peers/siblings).
Vitamin D3 - Low Vitamin D in Mothers Linked to Language Impairment in Their Children - Vitamin D3 can be obtained from daily outdoor sunshine exposure.
Autobiography - Biography
spasmodic dysphonia - Diane Rehm - http://www.wgbh.org/programs/Maria-Hinojosa-One-on-One-12/episodes/NPR-host-Diane-Rehm-33407


Bonnke, Reinhard  CFAN ministry to Juba, Southern Sudan, Africa 9/2006 Impact editorial shares healing of boy mute for 6 years. Free The Great African Miracle DVD at www.freecfandvd.com
Rutz, James  Mega Shift  www.megashift.org  Elizabeth Flako, a Chocoy Indian, was born autistic and without a  voice box.  At the age of 5 she had an epileptic seizure and was on the verge of death.  God instructed the pastor's wife to pray for the girl, to cast out an evil spirit, and to ask Him for a voice box.  She did and He did.  The girl is now normal. See pg 48.
Walden, Dr. Franklin, Sr  The Unmistakable, Visible Anointing  Chapter 10 Qualifying the Call  shares the healing of a 77 year old man who could not speak for 11 years. www.franklinwaldenministries.org
Wood, Gary in A Place Called Heaven        (book or 5/05 radio audio) shares how an auto accident severed his nose, c neck vertebrae, and larynx, so that he had a broken neck, no nose, no speech and was pronounced dead.  In the 20 minutes he spent in heaven before he reentered his body, he entered a building, named "unclaimed blessings", containing new body parts.  Back on earth he put into practice the work of claiming those body parts he had seen in heaven.  Today he is perfect.www.sidroth.org/radio  


Kennedy, Sandra - www.sandrakenedy.org - http://www.daystar.com/ondemand/joni-healing-dr-sandra-kennedy-j852/ Testimony of God growing a new upper lip, torn off in an accident.  Only the lower lip can regrow naturally.


Matthew 12:22 NIV    They brought Him a demon-possessed man who was blind and mute, and Jesus healed Him, so that he could both talk and see.
Mark 9:17 KJVer    Master, I have brought to You my son, who has a dumb spirit.
Mark 9:25 KJVer    Jesus...He rebuked the foul spirit, saying to him, "You dumb and deaf spirit, I charge you, come out of him, and enter into him no more."
Luke 11:14 KJVer  He was casting out a devil, and it was dumb.  It came to pass when (after) the devil was gone out, that the dumb (person) spoke.