Shoulder Problems



Hunter's How to Heal the Sick  pg 207-208
Kennedy, Sandra - 4/23/2017
Kennedy, Sandra - 4/23/2017
Lori:  While I was reading The Simplicity of Healing it connected with me on a personal level that changed my mindset concerning my own healing.
I already had knowledge of the principles of healing, but it helped me to see where
I had head knowledge, but wasn't letting it get deep into my heart and spirit.
While reading this book, God revealed to me the moment I came into agreement
with the symptoms and how the symptoms actually became a condition because I came out of agreement with what God had said and came into agreement with the enemy. I repented when I realized what I had done.  Immediately the pain left my shoulder. Look, God healed me.
SANDRA:  Grab hold of it and will grab hold and begin to agree with God and thank him with gratitude, the healing power of God that is already in them will begin to be released inside of them, pushing out that sickness and disease. They have to continue to praise God, thank You, Lord, God. Most people know the principles in their head. Same thing she was saying. But it dropped down inside of her and it became real to her, and it became more real than the problem on the outside.
You begin to say, if you will do it, if people will do it, if they would just begin to say, thank You, Lord, that I am healed, thank You that You're doing this in my life, thank You, Father God, that the healing power is in me. I agree with You.
You said I'm healed, so bless God, I'm healed. You've got to get in agreement with somebody. I'm going to agree with You, God.