SHORT (or idiopathic - of unknown origin) STATURE

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) hormone is being patented as Increlex and SomatoKine for children  who have low levels of natural IGF-1 and elevated levels of normal growth hormone (which is released at night). 9/20/05 Health [Note - The1st milking (colostrum) of the breast (animal or mother) contains natural IG and other beneficial factors!]


Hunter, Charles and Francis  How to Heal the Sick book
Sid Roth radio broadcast interview
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Monday audio shares that a man who read How to Heal the Sick prayed over one of his own leg that was shorter than the other, after which it grew out to the length of the other limb, so both were the same length.
Wednesday audio shares story of grandmother who placed a Hunter healing cloth
(impregnated with the Holy Spirit ) which when laid on the infant's enlarged head caused the child's head to return to normal + created missing hip sockets in the child.  Later the child's doctor insisted that the wrong child had been brought to the clinic!  He did not recognize the child.