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Dr Robert M Campbell, Jr specializes in rare thoracic malformations in infants & children, & has developed an expandable prosthetic titanium rib. +  
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Elvaz, Jennifer -

"I asked Him to 'cut the cord' and when I did that, I felt something snap off my back. My spine began to contort back into place. It was painful and I did need a short time of recovery, but thatís how real it was.
My back has been pain free ever since.  Iíve noticed a similar pattern in many others who have scoliosis."

Hinn, Benny 5/2006 Miracle Stream newsletter shares testimony of Michael Smith's healing of scoliosis.
Guillermo Maldonado - Glory 6/25/2012 TV broadcast or transcript  or 2012  radio archives here. - All recommended -
Schuman, Nelson L -