Alternative Medicine suggests 2 primary protocols -
#1 Dr Budwig a 7 x Nobel Prize nominee.
#2 Electromagnetic Frequency such as of Ed Skilling

Conventional RX Includes protein treatment 8/8/2015 - "Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease where your body produces too much collagen. Collagen is 1 of the STRONGEST proteins in our bodies. It's what scar tissue is made of. It’s the stuff that holds our bones together, and is also found in our eyes, muscles, and teeth. It laces through our skin, from head to toe, and helps us look young! SO having a disease that makes way too much of this stuff can be dangerous. There are different types of scleroderma and every patient is affected differently. You can have external sclero, which means your skin may start to feel extremely tight, almost as if you're turning into a statue. Or you can have internal sclero, which means your internal organs become compromised. Now, not every person with Scleroderma suffers or gets extremely ill. Some even go into remission, which means the disease leaves them alone for a long period of time. I have yet to see that, but I know it’s going to happen soon. The medications that they give to treat us are used to treat other diseases. There is no specific medication for slowing down the progression. So far, having sclero has felt like I was pushed really hard over the cliff of the world’s tallest mountain, into a rolling avalanche of collagen.  There seems to be no stopping the fall. Until I went through with an experimental stem cell treatment, in the summer of 2014.
I knew when I met Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj in October 2013, I had to go through with his 6 week $65,000 stem cell treatment.
He spoke to our group of scleroderma patients for about 2 hours. How often do doctors do that? He even stayed late to answer any individual questions. - Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Institute - South Florida, USA


Aslani, Elaine - - 9/16/2015
"I was diagnosed with Scleroderma, a relatively rare autoimmune disease about 8 years ago.  The doctors gave me no hope, saying I'd be dead & sometimes excruciating pain. My skin got so hard & thick, I could barely move.   There was also skin discoloration, brown patches on my face & white stretch marks on my arms and legs.  I took tons of different medication trying to get 1 that would work, but nothing relieved the pain.   I kept going to church, kept going to services every week for a year & a half,  kept going to work, determined not to let the disease get the best of me. Trusting God, I prayed, stood on scripture & claimed my healing.  1 particular night, I really sensed it was my night to be healed. I drove an hour & half to get to the service. As Grace prayed she told me God was starting my healing that night.  I didn't feel any different but I believed her.  Within a week every symptom was gone. I never had another pain. I never needed the medication again. And it's never come back. Really, It's overwhelming to me, that God loved me enough to heal me."
Hormann, Dr. Aiko - Healed From Scleroderma - Mouth Partially Closed - "According to doctors, her condition could have affected her internal organs which would have been ‘fatal’. Dr. Aiko was led by the Holy Spirit to say, 'You need to forgive your step father'. She burst into tears & told Dr. Aiko about the terrible things her step-father had done to her sexually, even as a toddler. (They are too horrible to repeat here.)
Dr. Aiko explained that her hatred and unforgiveness would keep her in that condition and it would get worse.  
She was willing to repeat after Dr. Aiko, in forgiving her step father & also her mother who did NOT come to her rescue.  

Almost instantly, her mouth & fingers became flexible & she could talk normally. Within 10 minutes, she was able to eat some foods.  The whole ‘house’ was rejoicing & praising the Lord. Narrated By Dr. Aiko."
Janssen, Shari - -
Rhodes, Jackie - Curing the Incurable - How to Receive Healing in Hopeless Situations by Jack Coe, sr. - Chapter 10 God Turns Woman from Stone to Flesh autobiography of scleroderma healing
Attie De Vries - Son Simon was healed of sclerdoerma. source - - chapter 1