Prosthesis/amputation/artificial limb/limbs of different length



Bionic knee learns how to walk. 7/6/04 WSJ
Cheetah running/racing leg/foot prosthesis
To speed healing, add 1 part Betadine ointment & 4 parts table sugar to a cut that has stopped bleeding per Richard Knutson MD of Greenville, Mississippi, USA
and cited in Rodale's The Prevention Total Health System - Everyday Health Hints
Thoughts help some to move their fingers per Beth Schwartzapfel's The Miracle Workers editorial.  VA has given large grant to Dr Roy Aaron of Miriam Hospital working with 11 scientists comprised of  6 teams specializing in limb lengthening, tissue engineering, neuroprosthetics, robotics, osseointegration, and evaluation. 12/2005 
USA Today 11/6/00 Triple amputee Charles Holder, Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA develops devices that cost less & last longer. Contact LeRoy Nattress at Amputee Information Exchange, San Bernardino, Calif


Car Vance's   autobiography  A Physical Healing in Medjugorje  Her leg did not have to be amputated.
Peter J Madden's The Wigglesworth Standard   (especially book Prologue: That You May Marvel)
Peter Gammons' 2002 cassette
Hunter's How to Heal the Sick   pg 175,186, 197-209
Schambach, RW   1/26/2008 TV east coast USA broadcast    with Donna sharing God's growing out (over 1 year) of a woman's amputated foot due to Diabetes complications.  (Need to contact ministry for copy.)
(Good inspiration = )
Renny McLean - Eternity - teaches us to use our imagination rather than our intellect.  This worked for a lady who woke up with a real leg, after going to bed with a prosthesis. 4/22/2011 Good Friday
Vujicic, Nick - shares many videos including: Slice 5/3/2014 - Life Today 2/8/2014 -


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