Premature Birth
Premature Labor


1/11/2004  Boston Globe Parade  The hormone progesterone can be used between weeks 16-20 to reduce risk of premature birth (Be sure to discuss
any topical progesterone dosage and timing of application with druggist and/or MD).
[Some women are helped from conception to week 20.]
Progestelle Progesterone Oil  -
Comfrey rhizome/tea/allantoin (C4H6N4O3) significantly protects/encourages the growth of the fetus plus the breast feeding infant.
Burtis, C. Edward  Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest - Arco publishing
Hemry, Melanie & Lynnes, Gina - Anointing for Children - - - Section #2 shares that magnesium is used by some doctors to terminate premature labor.  [Women in premature labor can soak in a tub of water to which Epsom (magnesium) salt has been added.]
Journal of Neuroscience  Italian researchers found that premature babies (who received 60 minute massages 2x daily for 10 days) seem to benefit in the area of brain development. A hormone triggered by message may also play a positive role in vision. 5/6/2009  

Sesame seeds - contain vitamin T (in addition to trace amounts in animal tissue, liver and spleen) and are excellent additives as (oil in) baby formula or later as (ground up seeds in) food for the purpose of promoting growth in stunted or preemie infants (or for older patients, 3rd world countries, or war torn areas and refugee camps).
20 drops a day of sesame oil doubles the red blood platelet count in 3-4 weeks
is a sesame seed preparation resembling peanut butter sold in many grocery stores. 
Burtis, C Edward  Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest  Arco publishing -
Raw organic (black with skins on) sesame butter is recommended for older children.
Some grocers sell a (white) raw organic sesame butter distributed by
Many grocers sell the cooked/pasteurized sesame butter (tahini).
If not found in the peanut butter section, try the international or natural food isle.
Pure sesame oil (apparently processed) may be purchased in 1 quart cans in Asian/Oriantal stores. 
A product of Kadoya Sesame Mills, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. 
Smell and taste may not be a favorite.  Suggestion is to use sparingly.  Try adding to regular peanut butter.



Infant Distress Signs - -
Behavioral cues
: Yawning, Sneezing, Hiccups, Gagging, Straining, Coughing, Squirming, Arching, Grimacing, stressed or stiff look on their face, Tongue thrust, Twitching, Stiff or tense arms, legs or body, Limp posture,Sudden or jerky movements, Finger splay, Eyes floating, Looking away, Staring, Glazed look
Strong Signs of Distress: Sudden state change, such as crying and fussing changing to drowsy or sleep, Is being frantically active and cannot seem to calm down, Blotchy, paler, dusky or very red skin color, Changes in breathing, Breathing fast and/or heartbeat has suddenly speeded up, Changes in oxygen levels Read more about Baby Watching: understanding premature baby's body language by
C-section microbes @ Gut bacteria and mind control: to fix your brain, fix your gut! - YouTube 5/15/2015 @
Quadram Institute - YouTube
Kangaroo Care - News for kangaroo care - Baby pronounced dead revived by mother Kangaroo Care: Why Does It Work? - by Holly Richardson "In infants in kangaroo care, researchers found that coupling takes place after only 10 minutes. This hardly seemed possible because it equaled 4 weeks of brain development in the 'normal' preemie. As researchers studied brain wave patterns of infants in kangaroo care, they found two significant things. First, there was a doubling of alpha waves—the brain wave pattern associated with contentment and bliss. Second, they found that 'delta brushes' were occurring. Delta brushes happen only when new synapses are being formed. So holding the infant skin-to-skin allows his or her brain to continue its work of developing neural synapses...Dr. Susan Ludington is one of the people who have been most instrumental in bringing kangaroo care to the United States." - Midwifery Today Issue 44, Winter 1997


Duplantis, Jesse -
#3 - All aborted babies &/or miscarriages are in heaven safe and growing.
[Additionally, Jesse seems to be saying that unborn (preexistence) baby souls fly in the presence of God.  Unborn souls request to be human spirits in order to be redeemed persons.  Baby souls (endowed with human spirits) fly out of the breath of God onto earth (and at conception into the womb).]

Evans, Shira   "34 years ago, my beloved wife, Carolyn was carrying our 2nd child. We were thousands of miles from home when, at 6 months, her water broke. Our daughter, Shira, arrived 3 months prematurely. The doctors told us our baby would not survive.  I fell on my face in prayer and God spoke to me: 'She will live and not die; she will be strong and smart for I have a great plan for her life.' Shira survived the trauma of birth, but was weak. In elementary school, she was making poor grades, but I prayed the words God had spoken to me over her daily. By the time she entered high school, Shira was making straight 'A’s.' During college, she had a 4.0 grade average.  The daughter the doctor said wouldn’t survive is strong and smart and doing a wonderful work for God. This year the Lord spoke to her to go to the orphanages of the world and teach the homeless children. Shira is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and her passion is to provide tools for forgotten children to learn by giving them a computer and training them how to use it.  Shira has been in India eating, sleeping and training the children in an orphanage. She does not ask the orphanage for anything; she pays all of her own expenses and even buys the computers on which she trains the youngsters."  Mike Evans  4/13/2009

Hagin, Kenneth E (senior) I Believe in Visions autobiography  Hagin weighed 2 pounds at birth.  An angel appeared to his mom and told her that her unborn child had a destiny to fulfill.
Hemry, Melanie & Lynnes, Gina    Anointing for Children
Section #2  "Somebody was trying to kill her child, and she knew without a doubt that it wasn't God.  She realized that what she and Brad believed in their hearts and spoke with their mouths from this moment on would make the difference between life and death for their child."  "When you pray...see the situation resolved...see the result"  "We're all in a war.  There is a terrorist on the loose whose goal is to kill our children, and that terrorist is the devil...Demand, 'Let my children go!'"
Kerr, Kat - Aborted and/or miscarried fetuses go to heaven, as at conception they are intact persons endowed with a soul and spirit.  The parents will meet and raise the child in heaven, if they have repented for their sins, have invited Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour, and have tried to the best of their ability to live a good live. 2nd, it is excellent if one will name the child now.  3rd the child has forgiven the parent and loves her/him/them or villain (war/murder).
Art Thomas 7/23/2017 - -
ART:  When she was in labor with Jeremiah, JJ, the youngest. I was at the store and she had had pre-term labor with our first, and so we were kind of expecting to be careful. But she knew what labor felt like. I'm at the grocery store, and she called me and said, "I'm in labor." I said, "Are you serious? It hasn't been long." She said, "Yeah, I know and the contractions are 5 minutes apart." I left my shopping cart there in the aisle, took off running for the car, drove as fast as I could to get home.  As I'm driving I'm crying, sobbing in prayer. I just said to the Lord out loud, I said, "God, I can't do this. I'm not strong enough for this." He spoke back to my spirit right in that moment, "This is what I meant when I said, 'My power is made perfect in your weakness.'" This peace hit me. I realized I never was strong enough. It was never about that. I drive home the rest of the way in peace still knowing it's a serious issue, and I hurried into the house. My wife is standing there in the kitchen with her hands backwards on the counter having another contraction.  I knelt down on the floor, laid my hands on her stomach and said, "In Jesus' name, contractions stop now." That one stopped instantly. We grabbed the overnight bag, jumped in the car, drove a half-hour to the hospital. She had two or three more contractions on the way further and further apart.
By the time we arrived the contractions were done. They ran a bunch of tests.
They said, "We can't find anything wrong with you. We don't know what happened."
MacNutt, Francis & Judith - Praying for Your Unborn Child: Audio Book - (1999) - CD
Paxton, Lisa - Plastic diaplegic of premature birth form of cerebral palsy - Lisa's Story -
Eckhardt, John -

wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Deliverance-and-Spiritual-Warfare-Manual-Eckhardt.pdf - [Abortions/miscarriages (deliberate or accidental) may trigger wailing/weeping wombs (physically, emotionally and/or spiritually). 
#1 A person has a spirit, soul and body: 3 parts.
#2 The soul has 3 parts: emotions/mind/will. 
#3 There are 3 brains in the body: head/gut/heart
3 brains - Dr. Aiko Hormann.
All #1+#2+#3 have DNA/cellular memories.] +
Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath
(Emotional Fallout) - "An abortion, (adoption, relinquishing, giving up of one's offspring, miscarriage and/or birthing a child out of wedlock) can be, and usually is, a traumatic event in the life of a female.
Deliverance workers need to have the knowledge to minister to Abortion's Aftermath. 
The (emotional) aftermath of an abortion can include depression, guilt, sickness, fear, condemnation and continual sorrow that results from what is known as a Travailing (wailing) Womb (Isaiah 42:14; Hosea 13:13).  The joy that is usually experienced with the birth of a child is also aborted, and (often) the result is a womb always enlarged (bloated) with (the presence of) the child (John 16:21; Jeremiah 20:17).  Consequently, the female (often) continues to feel (physically and/or emotionally) the sorrow and travail of carrying and delivering the child.
When ministering deliverance to a female (or self) with signs of a travailing womb, (Bind and) Command, in the name of Jesus, spirits of: Sorrow, Guilt (Psalm 51:14), Travail, Grief, Weeping and Mourning to come (and stay) out, and any others as the Holy Spirit directs.  (Invite heavenly holy host to bind and evict these tormenting spirits, to guard reentry, and to replace with opposite Holy Spirit fruit: peace/joy/gladness/comfort/ resiliency.)  Females who have had abortions (or other childbirth issues) must receive comfort, from the Holy Spirit, and the love of (Father) God through workers who are ministering deliverance. 
When encountering females who refuse to be comforted (Matthew 2:18), break
the curses of Rachel
and command spirits associated with Rachel to come out.  Manifestations during deliverance may include crying and wailing that result over the sudden loss of a child. (In review:) 1st The curse of the travailing womb must be broken (cancelled/renounced/voided) and 2nd the (associated evil) spirits driven out.
Children and Abortion
- Even if a female only contemplates an abortion or attempts one unsuccessfully, her child is opened up to spirits of rejection, fear, suicide and the curse of rejection from the womb.  In dealing with victims (mother or child) of abortion you will need to break curses of Molech who was the demon god of the Ammonites.
Children were sacrificed in fire to Molech (Leviticus 18:21; 20:2-5), also known as Malcam (Zephaniah 1:5).  This demon god drove the Ammonites in Gilead to rip open women bearing children (Amos 1:13). Binding the spirit of Molech and breaking the curse of Molech are helpful in dealing with spirits of abortion. 
Also bind the spirit of Molech that is operating in the United States."

Autobiographies includes transcript - watch-v=Ub3Tjq7UKa8 2014
Prenatal Issues


Giant fennel, silphium, help to prevent pregnancy and precipitate abortions.  Likewise, Queen Anne's lace (wild carrot weed) seeds may contain chemicals that block the hormone progesterone, necessary for establishing and maintaining pregnancy. Colborn, Dumanoski, Meyers Our Stolen Future 
Moringa -  "Special Precautions & Warnings: Pregnancy: "It’s UNSAFE to use moringa if you are pregnant. Chemicals in the root, bark, and flowers can make the uterus contract, and this might cause a miscarriage."