Premature Death


Global Health: Malnutrition: Starving Children Lack Crucial Gut Bacteria - 6/9/2014

Kangaroo Care - News for kangaroo care - Baby pronounced dead revived by mother -
Kangaroo Care: Why Does It Work? - by Holly Richardson

Baby Raised from the Dead-2008 -

News Article: Dead Woman Wakes Up In a Coffin + Dead Baby Wakes Up In Coffin + It’s A Miracle!!! She’s Alive!!! @  


Anderson, Dr. Reggie - @

Baker, H.A - Visions of Other Parts of the Heavenly City taken from The 3 Worlds
read online or print - recommended - - Infant Paradise -

Baker, Heidi Compelled by Love - - Chapter 1 Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit section He Is More Than Enough 
A Mozambique woman had been healed of asthma & delivered of demonic oppression.  "She thought it would be wonderful to not be beaten every day.  Then one day he (her husband) had a demonic fit & died.  After he was pronounced dead at the hospital, she decided to pray for him.  In a little over an hour he was raised from the dead." 
Chapter 3 Blessed Are the Meek  "In Mozambique we have seen more than 100 people raised from the dead.  The people bring the dead in their coffins to our street...&...bush preachers.  They bring babies who have died.  Sometimes they live again in Jesus' name."

Baxter, Mary K with Lowery, TL - The Power of the Blood Healing for Your Spirit, Soul & Body - - Chapter 7 Salvation through the Blood 
"Medicine sometimes has impressive power to heal the sick, but only the blood of Jesus Christ can raise the dead."

Bentley, Tod or 6/20/2008 Open Heavens # 1 at -
"The whole idea about resurrection, or the opportunity to actually raise the dead" might "be pretty radical.
But according to scripture, resurrection from the dead is part of the foundation of Christian belief."
2008 - Vampire evil spirit kills girl.

45 Bible verses about Resurrection, Of Believers (

Bonnke, Reinhard - Mighty Manifestations Chapter 1 Three Pillars of Wisdom shares the story of a dead baby in the womb who was resurrected & born alive after mom's attending a healing service in Brazzaville, Congo, W. Africa.

Bonnke, Reinhard - Evangelist Daniel Kolenda: 3-Year-Old Boy Raised From the Dead! -

Branham, William - Boy Raised from the Dead  in Finland +

Branham, William -  "It was in Mexico that the simple faith of a woman caused God to work a mighty miracle. The doctor wrote out a sworn statement that her baby had died at 9:00 in the morning of pneumonia, but because she had seen God give a blind man back his sight in Brother Branham’s meetings the night before, she carried her dead baby around all day, believing that if she could just get it to Brother Branham, God would raise it up. That night, where Brother Branham was having a meeting, he saw a vision of a Mexican baby being cuddled by her mother, alive. There he prayed in Jesus’ Name & laid hands on the baby. Immediately the infant began to cry & was restored back to life...The doctor who issued the death certificate could not believe what had transpired."

Steven Brooks - 3/12-16/2012 - Friday's Messianic Vision radio broadcast shares resurrection story regarding Padre Pio.  - recommended testimony for Catholics -

Burpo, Colton - Hickey, Marilyn & Sarah interview - Heaven Is For Real -
Todd and Colton Burpo - Part 1 - Todd and Colton Burpo - Part 2 - 10/6/2011

Burt, Arthur - - Chapter 3 The Storm -
"The girl's brother became ill & died.  Half an hour later, they prayed, & God raised him from the dead."


Chavda, Mahesh & Bonnie - The Power of the Cross - Epicenter of Glory - -
Chapters 7 Where is God & 10 The Coming Glory - Mahesh shares again the wonderful testimony of a crusade healing in Kinshasa, Zaire where the glory of the Lord went to the morgue & resurrected 6 year old Katshinyi Manikai.
Then God's glory continued across the ocean to raise his 3 yr old son Aaron Chavda from near death in a Florida hospital.

Cid, Ricardo - Testimony - MP3...Translated in many languages + -
Ricardo Cid, an evangelist from Chile testifies about his spiritual journey to 2nd evil & 3rd holy heaven.

7 Columbian Youths' Testimonies...Translated in many languages -
Testimony of 7 Columbian young people who were taken into Hell + Heaven at the same time.



Wommack, Andrew - recommended -
Imagination is a huge step in acquiring spiritual wings/muscle/wherewithal needed to raise the dead.
Wommack, Andrew - 1/2/2014 - good -
Mentors us how to raise the dead.  March 2, 2015
Andrew shares that if/when we have asked for and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit (our wedding ring)
at the time of our salvation (engagement ring) or afterwards (often),
we have available to us all of God’s inheritance provided by His Son Jesus.
This includes God's Holy Spirit power inside us to heal, deliver, do miracles and even to raise the dead, in Jesus’ name. 
The middle of 3/2/2015 video shares how God's indwelling Holy Spirit, raised Andrew’s dead son,
when Andrew deliberately refocused his attention from sadness & disappointment to praise & worship. @
Wommack, Andrew
@ 2/2022 -
It is often imperative to do a dry run when it comes to enforcing God's scriptural promises.

Crandall, Dr Chauncey W (Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA) - book Raising the Dead - + + Watch the video + email this article to a friend + at The Heart of Christ Practice, Juptier (Palm Beach), Florida, USA 
For an appointment phone1.561.799.0836  For more broadcasts watch @
-relates-astounding-account-of-a-resurrection-from-the-dead/ -
excellent -
Dr. Chauncey Crandall - Part 1 - Dr. Chauncey Crandall - Part 1 - Dr. Chauncey Crandall - Part 2
4/11/2011 excellent -

Death Wish - One of the reasons for premature death is the wish to be with a deceased family member. 
This desire can interfere with health, healing and answered prayer.
This is similar but not the same as a wish to avoid physical or emotional pain by a method such as assisted or personal suicide. 
(Be reminded that there is an evil spirit of suicide that can be operating as an accomplice in such situations.)

Duplantis, Jesse - #3
All aborted babies &/or miscarriages are in heaven safe and growing.
[Additionally, Jesse seems to be saying that unborn (preexistence) baby souls fly in the presence of God. 
Unborn souls request to be human spirits in order to be redeemed persons. 
Baby souls (endowed with human spirits) fly out of the breath of God onto earth (& at conception into the womb).]

Dave Duggan testimony  404.805.4220 7/2/2008  -

"My name is Abby.  I am 14 years old.  I live in western North Carolina (USA).  During the summer of 2008, I went on a ministry trip to Guatemala (S. America).  During part of the trip, we divided up into small ministry teams (5-7 people) & visited different villages in the San Pedro La Laguna area.  We traveled from village to village telling the Indian people about Jesus. 
On one particular day, we were visiting in the home of young woman.  She lived in a small village of about 14-15 houses. 
We were trying to lead the young lady to Christ, but it was not going very well.  After awhile, we decided to move on. 
Before leaving, we asked the woman if we could pray with her about anything in her life. 
She told us that just the day before, she had given birth to a stillborn baby & that we could pray with her about that. 

In Guatemalan culture there is great shame & condemnation on mothers who give birth to deformed or stillborn children. 
We prayed a simple prayer that everything would go well with the funeral & burial of the baby & that the mother would be spared the shame and condemnation associated with having given birth to a stillborn child.  As we were praying this simple prayer, my friend and fellow ministry team member, Julia (age 17), told me that we needed to pray over the baby's body.  I thought she was crazy to suggest this and that it was not a good idea.  Julia was persistent.  She said again that we really needed to pray over the baby's body. She told me to ask the mother if she still had the baby's body.  When I asked, the mother told us the baby's body was wrapped up in a burial cloth in the backroom.  I asked her if we could pray over the body. 
The mother hesitantly said, yes.  We went into the backroom & saw the baby's body wrapped up in a bundle on the bed. 
Julia poked her head out of the back room & asked if she could unwrap the baby's head. 
The mother said, yes, if we wrapped it back correctly when we were done.  Julia picked up the body & unwrapped the head. 
The baby's head was tiny & pale.  The baby was stillborn & had been dead outside the womb for 27 hours.  Her skin had turned shades of purple.  Our entire ministry team, 5 of us, began crying & praying over this baby.  We prayed for 30-40 minutes. 
At the end of that time, Julia screamed out to God, telling him that she believed with all of her heart that this baby could be raised from the dead.  After Julia screamed out, everyone was silent.  We were quietly interceding & praying. 
Within a few minutes, the baby started moving.  Then the baby coughed & began crying.  The mother came rushing into the room. 
She was screaming, what is going?  No one could answer her.  We were just staring at the baby, who had come back to life. 
The mother asked us again, what is going on?  She began crying as she saw that her baby was alive. 
She ran out of the house & banged on every door in the village, telling all of the people that God is real because her baby was alive. 
Within about 30 minutes, the baby's skin tone & movements had become completely normal. 
The other villagers came to the house to see this amazing miracle.  They asked us which of the Indian gods we had prayed to for such a miracle to happen.  We told them we had prayed to the biggest God ever & we began to explain to them about Jesus.  
Soon, we realized we would not have time to minister salvation to each person individually. 
So, we gathered all the villagers together, turned on our little sound system & explained the way of salvation. 
Everyone in the village, 80-90 people, prayed to receive Jesus. 
Each of them was baptized in the Holy Spirit & began speaking in tongues. 
Many would fall to the ground as the power of the Holy Spirit came on them. 

days later, we returned to the village to check in on the mother & baby. 
The village had prepared a big dinner in honor of our team.  We enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship together. 
The baby, whom they named Julia, was perfectly healthy & had gained weight.  Even after 5 days, the mother was still shaking from the impact of God on her life through the resurrection of her child.  2 days after our follow-up visit, the mother brought baby Julia to church.  The mother was still shaking from the power of God on her life following this astounding miracle.  Abby"

Eby, Dr Richard E, obstetrician and gynecologist  Caught up into Paradise with Fleming H Revell Co publisher

Ekechukwu, Daniel raised to life from a casket in a Reinhardt Bonnke healing service in Nigeria, Africa. Read the Testimony -  free video from Bonnke ministry @ #1 of 4
MOVIE - excellent -
Daniel is featured in this film. 
The Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie - part 1 + The Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie - part 2

Benjamin Esau - "Kelly-Anne Esau had a wonderful pregnancy until it was time to deliver her baby. Nearly 30 hours after her water broke, Benjamin was delivered, but there was no life in him. Kelly-Anne & her husband, Junaid, stood on God's word & spoke life over their son." More Info  @

Fernandez, Bernarda - Testimony...Translated in many languages - Sister Bernarda Fernandez was privileged to be taken by Jesus Christ to visit the horrors of hell + the glories of heaven.  Medieval Sourcebook - Adamnan's Life of St Columba - Book 2 chapter 33 - After a peasant and his household had converted to Christianity, his son died.  The Druids contended that their god was superior & ridiculed the peasant, whereby Columba defended his God by raising the son to life

Ferrell, Ana Mendez 7/24/2008 radio broadcast - LISTEN by clicking onto radio archives. 
Ana shares one of her resurrection testimonies - that of her 11 year old daughter.  As Ana continually pleaded the "power of Your resurrection" it materialized/came into operation/was turned-on/resurrected her daughter.

Ferrell, Ana Mendez  Regions of Captivity   DVDs &/or book  Chapter 2 At Death's Door  Ana shares insight into invisible heavenly places & underground demonic places where those with the Holy Spirit resurrection power can go & rescue their loved ones from the gate of death. God "said, 'Mercedes is trapped in the gate of the shadow of death.  You must go for her and bring her back.'"  Job 38:17 Have the gates of death been revealed to you?  Or have you seen the doors of the shadow of death?  Psalm 23:4 Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.
Chapter 6 The Different Regions of Captivity section Places of Death, Sheol, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death "A dead person...whom you are trying to bring back to life, must be removed (by you & Jesus or His angels) from this (spiritual enemy) region of death.  Only God can grant resurrections."

Ferrell, Ana Mendez + Ferrell, Emerson - Spiritual Authority - CD -    
DVD #3 is marvelous!  It reveals that there is a parallel underworld comparable to both the heavenlies and the earthly.  There is sort of a carbon copy of the worldly: below & above.  However, if the heavenly is the real/original, then the other 2 are copies. 
One gets the message.  Regardless, since most battles are spiritual, rather than worldly, our spirit may need to unite with the Holy Spirit and to descend into hell, as Christ did (after dying but before rising from the dead.)
There in a place called captivity, He released captives into heaven, those who accepted Him as Messiah.
In hell we rescue the broken pieces of the heart/mind/soul & release them into the heavenlies to be ministered to by God. 
If instructed to do so, in hell & on earth, we minister life both spiritually & physically to weakened individuals. 
We need not go into hell in spirit, unless instructed not to do so;
but we do need to say aloud this prayer for each prisoner of Satan,
"I am calling your soul (your God given personality) out of captivity.  Come forth in the name of Jesus Christ. 
I call ______'s soul to be established in the heavenlies with You, Father God.  _____ right now today _____ your soul is set free from captivity and established in heaven, thanks be to God."
(Mark this day on your calendar as a memento to God
Postscript:  Anna WARNS us
to NOT glibly travel/wader/do tourist walks, lest we land in a pothole into the demonic underworld.   Hawaii, in particular, seems to be on that list of places not to visit in ignorance. 
(Loose from your soul/family any unholy attachments.)

Fox raised a dead woman, as instructed by God.  Listen to Wed/Thurs (archived radio broadcast 8/7-11/2006) 
Fox, Juennine - The Battle of the Mind - CD -

Hagin, Kenneth W (Junior) 4/2009 ministry newsletter - In France a woman, Paulette, was resurrected from the dead by Phiippe Duroy - Plead Your Case booklet shares testimony of 2 individuals, 1 allowed to live longer and the other not.
Booklet shares how to plead to God your case like a lawyer - based on the law - His law.

Hebrew4Christians - The Akedah - The Binding of Isaac -
Pirkei Rabbi Eieazer/R. Judah has a different take/translation of the Genesis story of Abraham's offering of his son Isaac. 
"When the sword touched Isaac's throat his soul flew clean out of him.  When He let His voice be heard from between the cherubim, 'Lay not thy hand upon the land.'  The lad's soul was returned to his body.  Then his father unbound him and Isaac rose, knowing that in this way the dead would come back to life in the future; whereupon he began to recite, 'Blessed are You, Lord, Who resurrects the dead.'"

Heflin, Ruth Ward  - Glory - -  GLORY (3MB)    GLORY in French (1.28MB) + GLORY in Spanish (840KB) - Praise proceeds into worship, which proceeds into glory.
The Glory Brings an Ease "Every Spirit-filled child of God has he privilege of bringing the glory and the ease into a service...their own lives...households...churches...communities...nation.  We do it with our voices. 
The lifting up of the voice brings a different atmosphere into a place."
Additionally, "If there is NO death working in me, NO bitterness, NO strife, NO criticism (nothing of death),
I CAN command death
.  If death is working in me, I have NO authority over death. 
If only (His) life (Holy Spirit) is flowing through me, I have an authority over death. I can command it, in the name of the Lord. 
We must move into the resurrection power of God.  As we live in the glory realm (dimension/atmosphere), we will see (witness) the miraculous."

Hertz, Joseph - Daily Prayer Book - pg.135 of the Jewish Talmud (which interprets the Bible's old testament) 
Author that says there is no resurrection of the dead, that the dead have no share in the world to come.
This idea would be a Sadducee vs a Pharisee. 
Resurrection. The evidence is clear that the Sadducees denied the doctrine of the resurrection.
Acts 23:6-8 records how this issue divided the Sanhedrin, for it was the Pharisees who believed in the resurrection of the dead & the immortality of the soul.
Matthew 22:23 and Acts 4:1-2 also refer to the Sadducees in this way."

Herzog, David Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled book - Chapter 7 Transported in the Spirit relates the testimony of David Hogan, missionary to the Native Americans in Mexico.  A little girl had fallen & spilled her brains onto the rocks below. The Lord Jesus instructed the people to worship.  After 4 hours of worship the Lord recreated her brain, head, and brought her back to life.  This book instructs us to command the human spirit to return back to the body, when God agrees that it is OK to raise a person from the dead.  It is the spirit that gives breath.

Herzog, David    The Ancient Portals of Heaven - Glory, Favor and Blessings @ Chapter 6 Ancient Resurrections reviews some of the times men commanded the spirit of a dead person to return to his/her body.
Then Herzog goes on to share a testimony, "I commanded the spirit of the girl to come back into her body, even though she was not physically at the meeting...
I did not personally need to be in the same room to see the dead raised, as there is no distance in the glory. 
Since there is no distance in the spirit, we can command things to happen far away from us...See Luke 7:1-10."

Hicks, Tommy -  -  "The native & his wife went to this little cottage & entered in where the man & woman had been dead for 3 days. He simply stretched forth his hand in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, & spoke the mans name & the woman's name & said, 'In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command life to come back to your bodies.' Instantaneously these 2 heathen people who had never known Jesus Christ as their Savior sat up & immediately began to praise God. The spirit & the power of God came into the life of those people.
To us that may seem strange & a phenomenon, but that is the beginning of these end-time ministries. God is going to take the do-nothings, the nobodies, the unheard-of, the no-accounts. He is going to take every man & every woman and...give to them this outpouring of the Spirit of God...
All over the world, the anointing of God was upon these people as they went forward in the name of the Lord.
I saw these men & women as they went forth. They were ditch diggers, they were washerwomen, they were rich men, they were poor men. I saw people who were bound with paralysis, sickness, blindness & deafness. As the Lord stretched forth to give them this anointing, they became well...healed, & went forth. 
This is the glorious miracle of it. Those people would stretch forth their hands exactly as the Lord did, it seemed as if there was this same liquid fire in their hands. As they stretched forth their hands they said, 'According to my word, be thou made whole (in the name of Jesus).
As these people continued in this mighty end-time ministry, I did not fully realize what it was. I looked to the Lord & said, 'What is the meaning of this?' He said, 'This is that which I will do in the last days. I will restore all that the cankerworm, the palmerworm, the caterpillar - I will restore all that they have destroyed. These, My people, in the end times will go forth as a mighty army shall they sweep over the face of the earth.'" 

Holtz, Scott & Dalit - - 10/6/1997 -
 "In Montreal, Canada and on my way to the airport early Monday morning. The black sedan in front of us lost control and struck a guard rail which shot through the passenger window like a javelin striking this driver in the face and instantly killing her.
We were one of the first cars to arrive on the scene. 35 minutes later prayer was offered for her & she came back to life...
She has no right eye after she comes back to life but on the way to the hospital God gave her a brand new right eye! Glory to God."
Woman Raised from the Dead - Testimony

Hughes, Vera A    From the Gates of Hall to the Gates of Glory  "You may not have a second chance to come back after you die, like I did...Decide before we die, where we will spend eternity...Hell was never created for man. 
It is a place reserved for Satan & his demons...Unless you intentionally accept Jesus as your Savior & Lord, you have automatically chosen Hell as your eternal home."


Insights of God web site shares many actual visions + actual resurrections from death + near death experiences (NDE).


Johnson, Bill  The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind 
Chapter 8 Enduring Uncertainty shares a resurrection story of a medical missionary instructing onlookers to a tragedy to, "Speak life in Jesus; name.  When I look over at you, I want to see your lips moving." 
A dead woman came back to life + "many injuries were healed and people were spared who (otherwise) surely should have died."

Joshua, TD  12/15/2006 Miracles in Nigeria 13 - Raising the Dead

Kelley, Bishop Earthquake - Testimony - Audio/Video...Translated in many languages -  -
7th son voodoo witch doctor turns to Christ & gets delivered from drugs & demons. 
He went back on drugs, overdosed and spent 8 hours visiting heaven & hell.

Kelsey - Meet Kelsey the Beautiful Miracle Baby


Landry, Curt - Radio - Thursday  7/19/2007 @


Madison, Richard has a ministry including bringing people out of comas by the power of the Holy Spirit. - Richard Madison was raised from the dead by God & set free from drugs & alcohol. 
7/9-13/2007 -
Radio show #1547 - Messianic Vision archives @ - - 12/24/2011 -

Melissa - Ohio, USA - "My son...was born 5/13/2008. When he was born, he was stillborn. He had no life to him at all for about 12 minutes. God brought him back and gave him life. 2 weeks later the doctor came in and told me he was completely blind.
The doctors told me that we should be very thankful that our son made it, then they also said that he had really bad apnea, RDS & hypotension. I told that doctor I know that he is gonna make it, because God brought him back to life. He is not done with him yet. I then started coming to Pastor Brian's church, and started praying for his blindness. I took him back to the eye doctor. 
The doctor said he could see completely. I know God is real & a healer. God can do anything. Just believe." -

Markin, Jeff -

Martin, Dave - CD #7 in Spiritual Preparation for End Times set shares that God gave him & made available to this generation a "resurrection anointing" originating at African grave of holy men. 
Also check out archives at

McCormack, Ian Testimony...Translated in many languages - - Ian was night diving off the island of Mauritius when he was stung multiple times by Box Jellyfish, which are among the most venomous creatures in the world. His testimony relates how while getting to hospital, he was declared clinically dead.

McLean, Renny - Eternity Invading Time - - Chapter 12 Religion Conforms to Earth - "When she (worship leader0 saw the dead body (of her nephew) she said, 'Lord, I am asking You to manifest the same Glory that you recently imparted to me.  Send that same Glory into this hospital ward.'  Suddenly the cloud came in & the manifested presence of God came into the room.  When it appeared, he came back to life."

Ndifon, Charles - A number of his ministry recordings share the resurrection story of a baby born alive & healthy after being in the womb for 6 years (due to witchcraft).

Ngidi, Richard - What a Giant of Faith by Agrippa Khathide - excerpts from chapter 7 -
He shouted: ‘Mthandeni, rise up in the name of Jesus!’  Immediately the (12 yr old) boy coughed a few times & the people became wild with excitement. Some people were already standing on the chairs to witness the miracle. When the boy stood up, the people shouted for joy, jumping up & down praising the name of the Lord."

Payne, John  Eagleville, Texas, USA
"He took his first drink of whiskey when he was 11 years of age...drinking at least a 5th of Jack Daniels whiskey a day by the time he was 17 yrs old...also shooting heroin in his veins....James was not raised in a home where there were bibles and believers; he...landed him in a hospital room (due to a burst appendix & gangrene) where doctors gave him only hours to live.
Few people get the chance to die twice but James Payne will...After major surgery (1968) his spirit left his body and hovered over his bed in his hospital room. He was pronounced dead, covered up by a sheet & left for the undertaker... James says a demon came out of a long dark tunnel filled with fire & shouted, 'We’ve got you now'. Then Jesus appeared and spoke to the demon & he ran back into the flames. James says at this time he floated like a feather back down into his body. When he opened his eyes Jesus was standing at the foot of the bed. James says that Jesus touched him on his right foot and said, 'I’m going to raise you up.  You are going to carry the gospel around the world'. The next morning James prayed, 'Jesus I don’t have anything to offer you.
I’m a drunk & a drug addict that has never done one good thing in his life. But Jesus if you want me I’m YOURS'. Jesus took him (at his word) & has used him in a remarkable way."

Perez, Jennifer Testimony...Translated in many languages - Jennifer Perez, a 15 year old girl, was taken to Hell after dying & was judged by God to be a backslidden Christian.

Piper, Don - 90 Minutes in Heaven - a True Story of Death and Life - Daily Devotions Inspired by 90 Minutes of Heaven -
Heaven Is Real: Lessons on Earthly Joy, from the Man Who Spent 90 Minutes in Heaven  tv/DVD  Texas, USA
Free 90 Minutes in Heaven book by requesting from Morris Cerullo 1-866-756-4200
or WATCH - notes,
"Though EMTs on the scene determined Piper had been killed instantly after a semi had swerved into his lane, crushing his car, a Baptist preacher who had stopped to offer help began to pray for him as he lay lifeless under a tarp, still in his car...
Piper was unaware...He knew only that he was surrounded by loved ones & friends, magnificent light, a sense of pure peace & the most glorious music he had ever heard."
Don Piper - 90 Minutes in Heaven interview by Shook, Kerry 5/21/2010  -
Stairway to Heaven
series - Is There Life after Death week's Friday program -

Raatz, Dale & Pearl  The God of Now  Couple tutors others how to defy death. - Archived It's Supernatural testimony at

Rawling, Maurice   Dr Maurice Rawling NDE Documentary - Audio/Video  ...Translated in many languages  Heart surgeon shares his patient interviews about their heaven/hell experiences.

Dr. Jim Richards - Three Days 7/2-8/2012 interview on It's Supernatural TV - transcript - radio interviews with Jim here.
Shares how to repent & place your sin (curse/disease/malady) on Him.

Robinson, Mickey - Testimony - Audio/Video ...Translated in many languages - 
survived severe burns resulting from an airplane crash while skydriving.
Mickey Robinson - - Falling to Heaven -
"The scars that resulted from severe burns caused by an airplane crash still cover half his face. But Mickey Robinson uses that to share of his 'Death’s Door' experience & spiritual rebirth that radically changed his life. During the long period of time it took him to recover, he not only received several miraculous healings, but found purpose in his life."  Mickey is a sky diver.  The spirit man & the real you.  Revelation knowledge is automatic after death.  You can pray for a spirit in a man in a coma and witness a healing.  Mickey died, went to heaven, & returned to his body. 7/13/2010

Roth, Sid - Various - Life After Death - 12/31/2007-1/4/2008 radio NDE/OBE/resurrection testimonies -
LISTEN to Messianic Vision radio archives at
or Order #1572 radio broadcast cassette   Order #1572 radio broadcast CD   Order #9024 "Life After Death" 2 CDs

Rutz, James - Mega Shift - - Athlet Pyan Shinthaw Paulu, while he was dead for 3 days, saw Goliath in hell.


Sadek - - His wife was bind & disabled before being healed. 
His Muslim brother died & was placed in a morgue before being resurrected. 
A former Muslim, he was on his deathbed when he was healed. 11/4/2010

Sheets, Dutch - 5/6/2014 -
Proverbs 13:12
says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life” (NASB).@

Sheffield, Jack -
JACK:  Went to church where there was supernatural signs and wonders.
A woman died during the sermon. Oh my God. They pronounced her dead.
The priest came down and fell on this woman, weeping, got like Elijah did over that little boy that was dead.
The ambulance came in. They pronounced her dead. They put her on the gurney.
They put a sheet over her. They were halfway to Ben Todd Morgue in Houston, Texas
and the sheet sits up. The driver sees it.  She's fine & trying to get the sheet off of her. 
Finally she's saying, "Where are you all taking me?"  
They said, "Anywhere you want to go. Where do you want to go?"
She said the most wonderful thing, "I didn't get my Eucharist." That's the communion.
"I want my Eucharist, so take me back to my church."
[ALERT: Let not Christ's Bride neglect to PERSISTENTLY tenaciously hang on by faith to what she does NOT witness.]

Dr. Nasir Siddiki TV - transcript - 8/22-28/2011 or 5-day Messianic radio interview with Sid Roth here. - Available CD How to Receive and Keep Your Healing .

Sigmund, D.D., Ph.D.,D.O., Richard  A Place Called Heaven  (#DBSIG
Book features Dr D L Kramer - MARVELOUS Listening -
11/27-12/1/06 - radio broadcast archives.
10/17/1974 Richard was pronounced dead after a car accident. 8 hours later, God brought him back to life, but not before he had seen a place called heaven.

Surpise Sithole - 5/16-20/2011 radio broadcast closes with impartation prayer. Wonderful -
Faith to Raise the Dead
(Book) + How to Have Childlike Faith (CD)
+ video How to Raise the Dead impartation - -

Surprise Sithole TV or transcript or 5-day radio interview with Sid here. 9/12-13/2011

Smit, Philip - Faith that Walks on Water - South Africa - Donations appreciated; thanks. - 
"One day, I was standing listening to the family members of a man that was already being declared brain-dead, he was literally taking his last breaths of life & was only kept alive by machines. While they were standing there waiting to bid this dying man farewell, and discussing the funeral arrangements, I chipped in & said: 'You know what? Garry is not that sick at all!'  You could hear a pin drop.  Then I said: 'He is still breathing, Lazarus was in the grave for 3 days, and lived'...This man and a few other critical cases are alive & well today because I refused to accept the natural facts.  It was a lesson for me.  What would have happened if I conformed to everyone else's idea of what is going to happen?"

Souza, Katie @
+ Edited Excerpt -
KATIE: The spirit of death is active in the world…putting death on people's bodies, causing rapid aging, disease, disorder…killing off finances, marriages & relationships…If the spirit of (premature) death is in the room at the time of our death, it usually means that we're dying of a disease or something that was not the will of God.
KATIE: We have to repent, but we also have to put ourselves under grace, not 1 or the other. It's both, because the Bible says when our sins of law-breaking increase & abound, that grace surpasses…& super abounds our law-breaking.
KATIE: Grace is like an umbrella…like we're building a divine canopy of protection against the enemy.
KATIE: You have to do repentance & (appropriate/apply Jesus' Resurrection power) grace.

Storm, Howard - My Descent Into Death - - -
autobiography of visit to hell

Walters, Katie - Moving in the prophetic gift. 4/23-27/2007 Intimacy with God - Messianic Vision RADIO ARCHIVES @ - LISTEN: Wednesday broadcast shares that St Patrick is renown for raising the dead.

Freddy Vest - A Rodeo Cowboy's Fight to Survive - - YouTube - 700Club TV -

Walden, Franklin (senior) - The Unmistakable, Visible Anointing- Following God's Calling for over 1/2 Century -   autobiography - A must read!
Chapter 2 My Childhood - "Daddy took him by the hand and God raised my brother John from the dead...I know it is true, because I saw it with my own eyes." 
Chapter  9 A Miracle Ministry "A lightning bolt struck the house with a direct hit...The lightening bolt ran...through the top of Mama's head and killed her instantly.  It also hit me and paralyzed me on my left side...Mama was pregnant with my youngest brother Winston...Daddy began to pray and cry...As the tears...began to fall on Mama's cheek, I saw life come back into my Mama's body...Mama was fine and Winston was born a healthy baby baby boy...That lightning bolt splintered my bedroom floor and knocked a hole in the ground under the house as big as a wash pot...Mama was fine except that her hair smelled like dynamite powder every time she washed it for over 10 years." 
Chapter 14 Carolyn Talks about the 21-Day Journey shares another resurrection  that occurred in Canada during church ministry.

Walters, Katie - Celtic Flames - -
Biographies of numerous early AD Catholic monks who operated in the power of the 12 disciples. 
"I was brought toward heaven by 2 angels sent by God, and while on our way other angels came to meet us saying, 'Bear this soul back to his body for Comgall, God's servant, has requested it.'"  Regarding another monk. "Abbott Comgall prayed over him and the dead man was instantly restored to life...He had seen a ladder ascending up into heaven...As he began to ascend the ladder, he heard a voice saying that Comgall would not suffer him to ascend the ladder."  Regarding a youth, Comgall raised him from the dead and then asked him if he prefer to stay or go back.  The boy said he would prefer to return to heaven, so shortly he died again.  Likewise, Comgall (in the name of Jesus Christ) raised another monk from the dead and then restored his sight.

Walters, Katie   Celtic Flames  Kieran raised Fintan's dead son.  He also raised Eathylla on the 3rd day after her death.  Additionally he "raised Cronan from the dead after 7 days.  1 day Kieran cried out, "that in the Name of Christ, all those who were killed should arise & follow him.  All of the soldiers who were resurrected that day became monks."

Walters, Katie - Celtic Flames - - A number of Catholic saints' biographies mention the place from which they will resurrect, as predetermined by God. Saint Patrick instructed Kieran, "Proceed to Ireland before me and go to...Fuaran...Build a monastery on that spot...It shall be at the place of your resurrection."

Walters, Kathy - Saint Patrick raised from death to life those princely children - 
How St. Patrick won Dublin to the Lord (Patrick A.D.389-461) from CELTIC FLAMES
Walters, Kathy - 4/11/2013 - SCOTLAND-GLASGOW -GOD SAID "BLOW ON IT" -
The "Spirit of death...manifests in religion, dead words, dead letters etc. Dead words have gone into peoples ears where people have listened to messages which may have been 'good' but not anointed. Dead letters is a religious spirit that can come in where people read books that are not anointed but they can have 'good' content. Good can also be the enemy of God...It’s (from) the same tree, 'the knowledge of good & evil.'  
These death spirits are actually Freemasonry spirits...
I was asking the Lord about the spirits of death I saw still roaming around. He said, 'Blow on them' and I saw lots of people just blowing. Then I saw bubbles (childlike joy) coming from the blowing. What God says to do, there is power in it, no matter how childlike it seems. 
In other words, don’t engage the death/Freemasonry spirits any more; just receive the victory by faith; do what God said, 'Blow on them.' Watch the joy bubble up."

Wiese, Bill - Testimony...Translated in many languages - video - -
Bill was placed in Hell for 23 minutes, not as a casual observer, but as someone who was not saved.
Free 23 Minutes in Hell book by requesting from Morris Cerullo - 1-866-756-4200
Bill Wiese 11/8-12/2010 Messianic Vision radio Whatever Happened to Hell?

Wigglesworth, Smith - "A number of people were also raised literally from the dead under Smith's ministry. Here is his own account of one occasion:
'My friend said, "She is dead." He was scared. I have never seen a man so frightened in my life. "What shall I do?" he asked.
You may think that what I did was absurd, but I reached over into the bed and pulled her out. I carried her across the room, stood her against the wall and held her up, as she was absolutely dead. I looked into her face & said, "In the name of Jesus, I rebuke this death." From the crown of her head to the soles of her feet her whole body began to tremble. "In the name of Jesus, I command you to walk," I said. I repeated, 'In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, walk." And she walked.' (Pg 59).
Not only was this woman raised from the dead, but she was instantly healed from a terrible illness also. She began to testify to people of her death experience and restoration. It has been recorded that Smith Wigglesworth raised 23 people from the dead in total, over the years of his ministry."

Wilkerson, Ralph - Beyond and Back - Those Who Died and Lived to Tell It  Christian book & movie -
"I began to resist Satan. I commanded him to leave Dr. Harrison alone...'In the name of the Lord, I command life to flow into this body.'  Resurrection Bible verses began to pour from my soul. 
'I am come they they may have life'."
"It came to me in sharp focus that we minister primarily on a spirit-to-spirit basis, not merely mind-to-spirit or merely spirit-to-body...God gave me a whole new insight...After his resurrection...he began to see the concept of ministering spirit to spirit.  This became the underlying philosophy of the Melodyland School of Theology...Entire tribes will be converted...ministering spirit to spirit...In each case where I stood at the bedside of a deceased person and spoke Bible verses on resurrection, I did not speak to his mind or intellect. 
I spoke to his spirit...It isn't what we say that convinces others, but it is the Holy Spirit Who communicates." 
A pastor is to introduce/preach a person, Jesus, not theology/ideas.  It is God's work, not ours. 
We are the body/car/train/transportation for Him to get to the person.  Melodyland has many outreach ministries including Melodyland Psychiatric & Counseling Clinic, Anaheim, California, USA.

Wommack, Andrew testifies 1/14/2009 of joining his wife in agreement and declaring that, in the name of Jesus Christ, their son (dead 5 hours) would live. God honored their trust in Him. LISTEN to 1/12-16/2009 Hardness of Heart TV broadcast  Offer of 1 free CD#TK57. Ministry locations = Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA + England. (Other Archives see
Other resources see )

Wommack, Andrew - - "I've experienced this in my own life. When my youngest son, Peter, died on March 4, 2001, my wife and I spoke our faith and said, 'The first report is not the last report.' We spoke resurrection life back into Peter's body.  Then we headed into town. It was 1 hour & 15 minutes from the time we got the call until we got to where Peter was. During that time, I was operating in faith...It was actually anticlimactic when I saw in the physical what I had already seen in the spiritual. Don't get me wrong; I was blessed and I rejoiced to see my son raised up after being dead for 5 hours. But the physical reality wasn't more real to me than the spiritual reality of faith." -

Wommack, Andrew -  "One night my older son called on the telephone & told me that my younger son had died. Immediately, my wife & I agreed in prayer, spoke our faith, & commanded him to come back to life. As we got dressed & drove the hour into Colorado Springs, I had some negative emotions. I felt like, How long can you stand? How long can you be strong? Every once in a while you just need to run up the white flag of surrender & let it out. Why not just gripe & complain? However, I knew that if I started speaking forth my fears & unbelief that it would have negated my faith.
Even though I felt like saying, 'We lost this one. We’re beaten. Let’s give it up & quit,' I started building myself up & speaking positive words like, 'He will not die but live & declare the works of the Lord,' and 'You’re a good God. I love You!'
All the glory to Jesus, we arrived in Colorado Springs at the hospital to discover that God had raised him from the dead. He had been dead for almost 5 hours, but about 5 minutes or so after we received that phone call from my older son, my younger son just sat up and started talking right there on the slab in the hospital morgue. Praise Jesus!  I firmly believe that if I had given in to & vented my negative emotions, we wouldn’t have seen the victory. If I had spoken forth my frustration & complained, saying, “It’s not fair,” my son wouldn’t have been raised from the dead. Satan will take advantage of whatever we give him.
We are often hung by our own tongue." Also watch

Wommack, Andrew - You've Already Got It - Andrew prayed to God asking Him to raise 3 family members from death; his prayers were of NO avail.  Later on in life he realized that the resurrection power & The Person of the Resurrection dwells inside of him, waiting on him to act; Jesus already did His part 2,000 years ago. 
(With that realization, he was able to raise his youngest son Peter from death.) 8/12/2011

Wood, Gary & Angel  Messianic Vision 11/26-30/2007 radio broadcast archives
@ - -
Books =  Order Gary's  "A Place Called Heaven + daughter's "Angel - A Walking Miracle"
Gary was raised from the dead, while Angel, his daughter, was healed by God of down's syndrome.

PS - A major reason born-again Holy Spirit baptized Messianic-Christians can NOT raise the dead is that they are hitting a glass ceiling of PRIDE (self-sufficiency).  Only His sufficiency will raise the dead, do miracles, deliver one from demons, heal, etc. 
In each crisis as we focus on His ability, on Him inside of us, His Holy Spirit will be able to raise the dead.  Never bow to fear!


Eillis, Keith + Zadai, Kevin - 4/3/2017 +
Keith: The Lord was calling me to speak, preach, prophesy & I had been given my 1st major prophecy...Jesus appeared to me when my son was in a coma. He said go & prophesy TO the doctors he'd be raised from the dead, & he was totally healed.

Benjamin Esau - 3/28/2014 - -
"Kelly-Anne Esau had a wonderful pregnancy until it was time to deliver her baby.
Nearly 30 hours after her water broke, Benjamin was delivered, but there was no life in him. Kelly-Anne & her husband, Junaid, stood on God's word & spoke (resurrection) life over their son."

Henry Gruver - 4/1/2018 -

HENRY: I remember the prophecy given 1 year ahead. She said, "From this day next year, you will have a son. 
He will be mightily used of God."  Here we delivered 6 of our children at home. We call them faith babies.
Mama tossed them, I caught them.
The moment his head is birthed I know he's dead because he's black & not breathing.
I get him turned around because the cord was around his neck 4 times.
Get the cord from around his neck, this little dead body. She hadn't felt any motion for 3 days & nights.
I hold up this little dead body & look up. My 2 oldest daughters & wife were right behind me & saw this. 
I said, "Father, It's a boy. You said that You're going to give us a boy today & he'd be a mighty use of You.
To do that, You've got to put the breath of life in him. You've got to do it now." All 4 of us heard the sound [gasp].
As his mouth opened, breath came in. He turned purple then pink. He's 6 foot 4" today, a missionary in Mozambique, Africa. 
'Thank God, other thoughts flooded in: “God is a healer! God does miracles. God raises the dead. 
Pray, fight for him like never before, forget whether you feel spiritual or worthy of anything. 
This is your child PRAY! FIGHT NOW!”
Then a determination swept over me & an anger that the devil wanted to kill my son.
I prayed against the feelings & told God, “If I have to pray for a week for him to come back from the dead, I’m not stopping.”
I made my decision & began to rebuke all the evil that was at work to steal his life.
All of this happened within seconds, but it was a decision of life & death.
I was pumping his stomach.  Nothing was happening. I was trying to breath into his mouth, but the air wasn’t going in.
I kept praying, rebuking, & doing all I could.  Finally as I breathed into him once more, I felt his lungs fill and his chest rose with air. He made a tiny groan. I knew he would live. I picked him up.  He vomited all the water out of his stomach, & began to cry weakly.
He was limp, gray & couldn’t move his limbs. I ran in, bundled him up in a blanket, massaged him all over, & made more decisions (declarations) for God & the devil to hear:
“He will not be brain damaged.”
“He will not have any paralysis or loss of movement.”
“He will be perfectly normal in every way.
“He will not be traumatized by what just happened.”
“He will have no fear of water, love swimming & grow to be a bold, happy & healthy boy!”'

Kennedy, Sandra - - 9/23-27/2013 - inspiring & mentoring - - "I heard the word of the Lord say, 'Tell your mama,' and He quoted the 1st part of the Lord's Prayer, 'Our Father which art in Heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is Heaven. And tell her there is NO sickness in Heaven.'"
Radio - 9/2-6/2013

Rodriguez, Samuel @ Ron Carpenter @ RedX Conference 2018 magnificent 8/23/2018
Holy Spirit resurrects a son dead for 1 hour when his mom intervenes in the hospital.
Other links @

The Krow Family - "Don & Wendy were expecting twins & excited about their new arrivals.
When 1 of their daughters was born stillborn they were shocked.
Watch them explain what happened that day.  Aee pictures of their twins that are now young women."
More Info @

Wommack, Andrew - 3 testimonies of resurrection - 11/21/2019

Woodworth-Etter, Maria - Part #2 - LONDON, KENTUCKY- HEALED-DEMONS CAST OUT-WOMAN RAISED from the DEAD - Chapter 47, of  Signs & Wonders - London, Kentucky, May, 1914.  web post 5/4/2014 -

“Praise God for saving me & baptizing me with the blessed Holy Spirit & for what He is doing at this place.
Last Friday morning I was very sick. I did not know what was the matter, but said I was going to church in the strength of Jesus & then fainted. On the way one of God’s children laid his hands...on my head & prayed.
I went on. The sickness increased. I could not see.  I could not talk. Then I became unconscious; the people said I was dead: the pulse ceased to beat, and health was gone; eyes and jaws were set. When I recovered consciousness, Sister Etter was standing over me rebuking the demon of death. It seemed to me the smile of heaven was on her face.  Such peace. I felt as if I was in the arms of Jesus. She said, “You are poisoned.” Every symptom was of poison. A number of adult men & women testified that she was dead. They told the people that Sister Brewer was dead. God raised her up when Sister Etter rebuked the monster death & commanded her to rise up.

The works that I do shall you do also. (John 14:12) Mrs. J. C. Brewer"


1st Kings 17:21-22 NIV  He (Elijah) stretched himself out on the boy 3 times & cried to the Lord, "O Lord my God, let this boy's life (breath/soul/spirit) return to him!"The Lord heard Elijah's cry; the boy's life (breath/soul/spirit) returned to him, and he lived.

2nd Kings 4:32-37 Alexander Harkavy   32When Elisha was come into the house, behold, the child was dead & laid upon his bed.  33He went in therefore and shut the door upon them twain and prayed unto the Lord. 
34He went up, lay upon the child & put his mouth upon his mouth, his eyes upon his eyes, & his hands upon this hands. 
He stretched himself upon the child.  The flesh of the child waxed warm. 
35Then he returned, walked in the house to & fro, went up, & stretched himself upon him.
The child sneezed 7 times & opened his eyes.

2nd Kings 13:21 NLT  They hastily threw the corpse into the tomb of Elisha & fled; but, as soon as the body touched Elisha's bones, the dead man revived & jumped to his feet.

Ezekiel 16:6  "When I passed by you and saw you polluted in your own blood, I said unto you when you were in your blood, 'Live.'  Yes, I said unto you when you were in your blood, 'Live.'"

Ezekiel 37:9-10  He said to me, "Prophesy (speak) to (command) the breath (human spirit/Holy Spirit), prophesy, son of man, & say to the breath, 'Thus says the Lord God, "Come from the 4 winds, oh breath, & (spirit/Spirit) breath on these slain, that they may live.'"

Sanhedrin 10:1  Blessed art thou, O Lord, Who revives the dead.

Acts 2:25-27 JNTP 25David (prophesying) says this about Him, "I saw Adonai always before me, for He is at my right hand, so that I will not be shaken.  26For this reason, my heart was glad & my tongue rejoiced.  Now my body too will live on in the certain hope 27that You will not abandon Me to Sh'ol or let your Holy One see decay." (Sometimes prophecy has 2 or more levels of fulfillment, allowing some of it to be & various persons.)
Acts 2:30-31 JNTP 30Since he (David) was a prophet & knew that God had sworn an oath to him that 1 of his (His) descendants would sit on his (His) throne, 31he was speaking in advance about the resurrection of the Messiah, that it was He (Messiah) who was not abandoned in Sh'ol (hell) & whose flesh did not see decay. 
32God raised up this Yeshua.  We are all witnesses of it.

Acts 9:40-41 NIV  40Peter sent them all (unbelievers/naysayers) out of the room; then he got down on his knees & prayed.  Turning toward the dead woman, he said, "Tabitha (Dorcas), get up." 
She opened her eyes.  Seeing Peter. she sat up. 41He took her by the hand & helped her to her feet.

Acts 20:7-12  The apostle Paul raises a dead man.

Romans 4:17 TPNT   He (Abraham) believed God, the One Who brings the dead to life (Isaiah 26:19) & calls those things that are not as though they are & they come into being. (Isaiah 48:3)   

Premature Death - 1st Corinthians 11:28-31 Stern -
28Let a person examine himself 1st, & then he may eat of the bread & drink from the cup;
29for a person who eats & drinks (communion) without recognizing the body (of Messiah/Yeshua risen from the dead) eats & drinks judgment upon himself.  30This is why many among you are weak & sick, & some have died.
31If we would (1st) examine ourselves (& repent to G-d for any sin/iniquity), we would not come under judgment.

2nd Corinthians 12:2 KJVer - I (Paul) knew a man (myself who was) in Christ (praying in the Holy Spirit)
14 years ago. (Whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell.  God knows.) 
Such a one (was) caught up the the 3rd heaven (actually/in a vision/in a dream/in a trance/bodily/spiritually).

Resurrection Prayers

Isaacs, Rabbi Ron - Count Your Blessings - 100 Blessings A Day - - Booklet includes following Jewish prayers which can be used to raise the dead.  "Praised are You, Adonai, Who restores the soul to the lifeless, exhausted body...Praised are You, Adonai our God, Ruler of the Universe, Who raises the downtrodden...Praised are You, Adonai, Who returns the dead to life...Praised are You, Adonai, Who hears prayer...Praised are You, Adonai, to Whom all praise is due...Praised are You Adonai our God Ruler of the Universe Who accomplished miracles for our ancestors in ancient days, and in our time...
Praised are You, Adonai our God, Ruler of the Universe at whose Word all things come into being...
Praised are You, Adonai our God, Ruler of the Universe, Who granted me a miracle in this place."