Good Bacteria probiotic Lacto-bacillus planarum 299 (Lp299) "was just as effective as using the common antiseptic chlor-hexidine antibiotic mouth swabs for patients on breathing machines risking ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP). 11/13-19/2008
@ BioMed Central journal Critical Care
Vinegar vapor (vaporizers/tents/steamers/mists) can be excellent remedies, especially in places where there are few medical resources or recourses.  2 tablespoons vinegar to each quart of water. 
3 of 15 minute treatments/day until well.  Burtis, C. Edward  Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest  Arco publishing

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Day, Dr. Lorraine @ 9/6/2023
Day, Dr. Lorraine @
  Aids - What the Government Isn't  Telling You about Aids important book & interview of Dr Lorraine Day by Coral Ridge Ministry of D James Kennedy radio broadcast Truths That Transform Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA 
The News Press, Nation & World 10/27/04 Per the Journal of the American Medical Association, heartburn & ulcer drugs may make one more susceptible to pneumonia as they reduce germ killing stomach acid. 
viral pneumonia 6/7/2023
"2019-nCoV had the most similar genetic information with bat coronavirus & has the most similar codon usage bias with snakes, with the closest match to the Taiwanese or Chinese Krait, 
Bungarus multicinctus."

Healing Miracles

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"My own child at the age of 3 died a few feet from me. The Holy Spirit spoke & told me to rebuke the spirit of death (in Jesus' name). I listened, obeyed & rebuked the spirit. She coughed & came back to life.
It was an attack of pneumonia that was used to take her life, but God saved it. By age of 5, she was attacked 2 more times with pneumonia. God taught me how to address that spirit (in Jesus' name). It has never returned."