Brain implants, or neural prosthetics, may make limbs move when their thoughts cannot move their bodies. 7/10/2004 WSJ

Alternative Medicine

Leej, Arthur - - FARADISM - "Frederick Morse of Boston made another form of alternating current. This was a sine wave generator that produced a current of 21,000 alternations per minute. It could produce wave variations; the surged current was used to treat bronchitis. 
The new forms of alternating current were widely used in medicine for many conditions.
A worker suffered a spinal concussion in a railroad collision; his left side partially paralyzed.
A doctor gave him an unfavorable prognosis. Morse wave current was applied twice to the cervical & mid-dorsal regions of his spine. In 2 weeks, he was able to go home. 2 months of electrical treatment cured him."
Silkworm (Jiang Can) is believed to help reverse head/facial:spasm, paralysis, seizures, headache, red sore eyes, sore swollen throat, loss of speech, phlegm, heat, rash &/or nodules.
POH-LUH-KIA, BaLUKI or AkSU, formerly called Ghe-meh or Kih-meKy,of the kingdom of Kiau-she-ye, a product of the wild silkworm & relates to various Buddhist incantations & Chinese medicine.
(Insects/worms can have 3 stages: larvae, pupa, caterpillar, leaving a shell or chrysalis behind upon hatching.) 
                     Of a different matter is silkworm serra-peptase enzyme cited below.
, Gary  recommends silkworm serra-peptase for blood thinning instead of Coumadin (a rat poison). "The natural Chelation-Anti-Inflammatory is a proteolytic enzyme isolated from the micro-organism Serratia E15. This enzyme is naturally processed commercially today through fermentation & was discovered in the silkworm intestine.
This immunologically active enzyme is completely bound to the alpha 2 macroglobulin, in biological fluids...Serra-peptase protects against stroke & is reportedly more effective & quicker than EDTA (volcanic & carbon rock) Chelation treatments in removing arterial plaque."
Both animal & vegetable blood thinners are available.


Copeland, Kenneth  John G Lake  Mrs Ben Long testifies of her healing of paralysis on the left side.  Chapter 30 Results of Believing Prayer shares stories of 3 cases of healing of paralysis. 
Chapter 29 Science of Healing shares the testimony of a boy (son of O.A. Risdon) whose head God restored to normal.  The child's head had no soft soft when it was born & thus became terribly deformed & dumb.
In chapter 44 Adventures in Religion Lake shares the miracle healing of a boy whose head was deformed at birth, resulting in slobbering, paralysis, dumbness, walking on his ankles & inability to go to school. 
This particular chapter addresses some of the issues why miracles seldom happen. 
Edwards, Nita - 
She was healed of myelitis, a creeping paralysis that was destroying her limbs & vital organs.
Hinn, Benny
"Crippled from birth, 28-year-old Moses from Lira took his first steps at the prayer rally."
Hinn, Benny - WATCH 12/17/2007 - SEND TO FRIEND + WATCH 12/18/2007 - SEND TO FRIEND + WATCH 12/19/2007 - SEND TO FRIEND  - Young adult in Venezuela, paralyzed during birth of her child 3 years ago, wearing a diaper & unable to hold her child, was healed.  In 2007 a young woman came to the Valencia, Venezuela crusade, paralyzed for 3 years since the birth of her child. replay 3/30/2016 replay 3/31/2016

She received a remarkable touch of Jesusí healing power, was able to walk on the platform & pick up her child for the 1st time!
Hughes, Vera A  From the Gates of Hall to the Gates of Glory  autobiography
"I called on the Name of Jesus.  Psalm 34:17 states, 'The righteous cry.  The Lord heareth & delivereth them out of ALL their troubles.'  I know now that ALL means ALL, with nothing left out...
The next morning...I suddenly realized that I could move my left side. 
Thank God for His love and mercy - I was no longer paralyzed!"
Kent, Bill     Quadriplegic supernaturally healed after over 15 years! -
9/19-25/2005 TV Broadcast   (Real Player) | (Windows Media)
Mendez, Ana in Shaking the Heavens shares how a mentally ill person not only became well when evil spirits left, but also became un-paralyzed.
Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL)  Why? Tragedy, Trauma, Triumph  Chapter 4 Commemoration shares healing of paralyzed street person who walked on her buttocks.  Praise set this woman free.
Lydia Stanley TV broadcast or transcript or 6/20-24/2011 radio broadcast here shares healing of woman paralyzed from the waist down.
Welchel, Tommy - Azusa Street - They Told Me Their Stories -
Chapter The Topeka Connection - shares healing of man immobilized from the waist down.
Wood, Gary in A Place Called Heaven - (book or 5/2005 radio audio) shares how an auto accident severed his nose, c neck vertebrae & larynx, so that he had a broken neck, no nose, no speech and was pronounced dead.  In the 20 minutes he spent in heaven before he reentered his body, he entered a building, named "unclaimed blessings", containing new body parts.  Back on earth he put into practice the work of claiming those body parts he had seen in heaven.  Today he is perfect.  

NEWS ReWalk 8/16/2016
WARNING - Brain Chip Implants -


Banks, Bill  Deliverance for Children & Teens  Gate of Divorce - Child of Conflict  "Her legs twisted, her hands became claw-like, as if in an advanced stage of paraplegia & then her body bent to the right until her right shoulder came within a few inches of touching her hip... We commanded the crippling spirit to leave, and it did... We commanded the next spirit to manifest itself, name itself & to come out.  A guttural voice responded, 'conflict.'  We commanded the spirit of conflict to come out of her...but she appeared as if she was being pulled apart at the shoulders... Then suddenly it was gone... She was free. 
She said...'Our house was filled with conflict.  I felt like I was constantly being torn between them.'"
Hagin, Kenneth (& Roberts, Oral) mentors @ Living Life in the Faith Lane | Kenneth Copeland Ministries ( 2/10/2022 Reversal of paralysis