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Baker, Lauren  The Doctors Gave Him 10 Months - The Hallelujah Diet Gave Him Hope editorial 9/10/2006 #40 Back to the Garden magazine 
Mr. Baker testifies of healing himself of terminal pancreatic cancer through diet.
Low dose aspirin - Taking aspirin just once a month reduces risk of pancreatic cancer - 12/10/2010 - - -
[A better way to go is to use a low dose "white willow bark" (salix alba) vitamin.]
Colbert, Don - Tuesday - There is a diabetic drug that CAUSES pancreatic cancer.
DeMaria, Dr. Bob - 7/26/2012 - Watch + 7/27/2012 - Watch @
Optimal Health with Dr. Bob - Part 1 5/12/2014 (reduce white potatoes) or
Optimal Health - Sugar with Dr. Bob DeMaria - watch 5/8/2017
Enzymes -
GLA - (gamma-linolenic acid) - Mayo Clinic Study Finds GLA Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer Cell Growth - July 2012
GLA (an omega 6 fatty acid) study inhibited 85% of pancreatic cancer growth.
One Answer to Cancer, autobiography - William Kelly, MD, Dentist cured himself using pancreatic enzymes
Haas, Robert Permanent Remissions - Life-Extending Diet Strategies That Can Help Prevent and Reverse Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Osteoporosis 
(book and/or software Small Planet Systems Corp, POBox 80-0102, Aventura, Florida 33280 or 1-305-443-6011) Chapter 5 Beating Breast Cancer The Dr Nicholas Gonzalez cancer regimen uses dentist Kelly's regimen using photofoods, pancreatic enzymes, purgings, and supplements.

Pepper  Ginger, pepper treat difficult cancers Ginger can kill ovarian cancer cells while the compound that makes peppers hot can shrink pancreatic tumors.

Reduce excess, especially excess factory produced sugars and carbohydrate fast foods which adversely affects the pancreas and left back pain. Dr Bob Optimal Health - Sugar from

Pancreatitis Pancreatitis: Eating Bananas When You Have Chronic Pancreatitis 9/20/2011 -
"Bananas are an excellent source of potassium. Many Chronic Pancreatitis patients find themselves with low potassium levels which can be dangerous because low potassium levels can cause many symptoms, some lethal.
However (high potassium) bananas need to be eaten BEFORE they begin to spot. Spotting signifies the sugar in bananas is turning into alcohol and alcohol. 
Even small amounts, is toxic to the pancreas. Over-ripe, spotted bananas can cause Acute pancreatitis in those who suffer from chronic pancreatitis...
Grab a ripe banana (one full of spots) peel it and sniff.
You can smell the alcohol.  This also means that any food prepared with over ripe bananas (those with spots) such as fruit salad that contains bananas, banana: bread/cream-pie/pudding etc. could be your next invitation to acute pancreatitis...
Eat bananas when the peel still shows some green or there are absolutely ZERO spots. Do NOT eat anything prepared with bananas that you didn't prepare after first inspecting the bananas used in the food."! 8/27/2011 Brian Herring, Marion, Illinois recommends Blue/green algae in form of Bell's stem activator, super foods & digestive powdered supplement such as Garden of Life's,
plus papaya enzyme (such as from organic papayas).