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Alternative Medicine

Acetyl-L carnitine may decrease diabetic neuropathic pain, increase sensation, slow nerve tissue degeneration & increase nerve regeneration. 4/2005 Natural Database eUpdate
Almonds contain salicylates, the pain-relieving aspirin ingredient. 
15 raw organic almonds may work as well as an over the counter remedy.
(However AVOID nuts & chocolate with shingles, chicken pox, cold sores or herpes.)
Aloe Vera - - 6/2010 -
(The Aloe house leaf plub may be consumed or applied topically for pain.  A bit messy, so takes ingenuity.)
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) @ The People's Pharmacy ( for Neuropathy (nerve pain). 
[Nutraceuticals including vitamin B complex, alpha-lipoic acid, L-acetylcarnitine, vitamin E & Coenzyme Q may alleviate the pain of neuropathy (Current Drug Metabolism, 2018). 
Supplements should be taken half an hour before meals to ensure good absorption.] 
[Also consider lipoic acid (LA)]

Apples contain magnesium (good for decreasing pain in people with fibromyalgia) & quercetin (good for decreasing the risk of chronic disease).

Arthritis pain may be cut in half by losing about 15 pounds + weight loss will slow down the disease.  5/8/2007
1300 mg of Organic Ashwagandha + 10 mg of Organic Black Pepper combination may help reduce pain by a 3rd, esp. if supplement has no synthetic ingredients, cheap filler, binders & artificial colors.  
Ashwagandha may also contribute to over or under active thyroid & boost telomerase levels, whereas curcumin may help lengthen telomeres, per David Blyweiss' Age-Reversing Breakthroughs winter/spring 2022 newsletter.
B 1 - Benfotiamine is a relative of the vitamin Thiamine (B1) that appears to have a therapeutic role in pain reduction & diabetic complications (neuropathies & nephropathies); confers bioavailable Vitamin B1 after oral ingestion.
B17 - - ALERT.  Due to toxicity, take with orthomolecular oversight. 
Good to use in combination with/as alternative cancer treatment.
Black cumin seed oil applied to skin @ -
In addition to twarting virus such as COVID, knee pain ,
it also helps tamper down head trauma/injury/problems.
Boswella (for arthritis), Arnica (for bruises), pineapple's Bromelain (for bruises)
and cayenne pepper's Capsaicin (for nerves in shingles & diabetic legs/feet) to help eliminate pain. Capsaicin
(try a cream) seems to block messenger chemical substance P from carrying pain signals to nerves. 6/2004
Dr R B Cherry also recommends bromelain for muscle soreness per June 2004 Charisma - -
Boswella - "Frankincense comes from the first cuts of a thorny bark of a shrubby plant called Boswellia." per
special-herbs/78033244/ Buy organic. Editorial warns of synthetic products.
Boswella -
Bowenwork @ 

Camphor @ Camphor Tree Uses, Benefits and Side Effects ( -
"Medicinal Uses of Camphor Tree in the Past - Once it was used as an external pain remedy for bruises, wounds, inflammation
gout & rheumatic joints & internally to treat hysteria, epilepsy and heart-related ailment. 
Additionally, it was used in incense form & was given as treatment for collapse & fainting. 
Modern Day Medicinal Uses - Today, camphor is mainly used in creams & ointments for rheumatic pain, neuralgia
arthritis, sore muscles, sprains & bruises.  In addition, it is used as an insect repellent. 
A camphor oil, or some other products that contain it, can be applied externally on the neck & chest as a remedy for acute or chronic pneumonia &
It can also be used directly on hands & feet to treat chilblains & to 
treat acne & cold sores. 

Therapeutic Dosages - Camphor as herbal medicine is now available primarily as oil where the pure crystallized form has been dissolved in olive oil, peanut oil or another neutral base oil.
It has been approved by the FDA for external application in a concentration of 3-11 %." 
CAUTION: Ingestion/consumption "may cause vomiting, palpitations, convulsions, delirium, hallucinations & even death."

Capsaicin - Wikipedia (Many people can not handle the red staining or sting when used externally.  
If used improperly around eyes can even cause blindness.)
Capsaicin – Pain Doctor Use externally on skin, NOT internally.
2nd use sparingly, ONLY when needed. CAUTIONS @ +
Cat's Claw may help relieve pain.
Celery seed - Vioxx® Recall May Provide Opportunity for Natural Alternatives: BioActives Re-Focuses Attention On Its Celery-Seed Fraction (10-12-04) -
Celery-Seed Fraction as a natural, alternative therapy for arthritis pain. 
BioActives' Concentrated Celery Seed-Fraction is based on a proprietary process that extracts phthalides (butylphthalide, sedanenolide & sedanolide) from celery seeds.
Phthalides have been shown in clinical tests to
reduce pain, increase mobility & establish an increased sense of well-being in people experiencing symptoms of pain from rheumatoid arthritis, gout & muscle stiffness.
Hospital studies in both Australia & India have found celery seeds effective in combating both the progression & symptoms of pain from these conditions...
The phthalides in celery seeds act to restore the balance in the body "prostaglandin system, 1 of the most important chemical control systems in the body that regulates inflammation, pain & swelling (as well as blood pressure, heart, digestive & kidney function). More information about phthalides is available at BioActives' web site & at Doctor Michael Murrary's web site
Check your grocer for organic celery seeds in the spice section. 

Also do not forget that a sprouted seed is superior to an unsprouted/unsproutable/plantable seed. 
Perhaps sprout for salads.
Cetyl Myristoleate - Arthritis Pain Relief | Herbal Library ( - Natural CMO is from animals.
Cherries - Studies suggest pigments in cherries are Cox-1 & Cox-2 inhibitors, so reduce inflammation.
Tart cherries are 10 times better at relieving pain than aspirin or ibuprofen
Melatonin in cherries has long been linked to pain relief for gout, fibromyalgia & other forms of arthritis. -
Take bing cherries for melatonin at bedtime or PM as dessert, cause improves sleep.
Cherries (sour Montmorency) have been shown to reduce pain by 23% in joggers who drank cherry immediately after running. 11/1/2009
Chinese poppy corydalis @ An opioid.

Cetyl myristoleate (CMO) Cetyl Myristoleate - Arthritis Pain Relief | Herbal Library ( "is the common name for cis-9-cetyl myristoleate, a relative of the Omega-9 fatty acid found in olive oil.
It is a completely natural medium chain fatty acid found in certain animals, including cows, whales, beavers & mice, but not in people.
It has multiple biological properties, including as an anti-inflammatory & a pain reliever, as well as being an immune system modulator. 
CMO was discovered in 1972 by Harry W. Diehl, Ph.D., a researcher at the National Institutes of Health.
At the time, Dr. Diehl was responsible for testing anti-inflammatory drugs on lab animals.
In order for him to test the drugs, he 1st had to artificially induce arthritis in the animals by injecting a heat-killed bacterium called Freund’s adjuvant health supplement.
Dr. Diehl discovered that Swiss albino mice did not get arthritis after injection of Freund’s adjuvant health supplement. 
Eventually, he was able to determine that cetyl myristoleate was the factor present naturally in mice that was responsible for this protection. 
When CMO was injected into various strains of rats, it offered the same protection against arthritis.  
In fact, there have been three notable studies on humans. 
The 1st double-blind study was conducted in 1997 under the auspices of the Joint European Hospital Studies Program. Of the 106 people who received cetyl myristoleate, 63% showed improvement VS just 15% for the 226 people in the placebo group. 
In 2001, a study of 1814 arthritis patients found that over 87% of the subjects in the study had greater than 50% arthritis pain relief & recovery & over 65% of those showed from 75%–100% recovery following a 16-day regimen.  All types of arthritis were positively affected by CMO. Only those subjects with liver damage or digestive problems or those taking immune suppressing medications were not helped. 
In 2002, a double-blind study of 64 people with chronic knee pain, published in the Journal of Rheumatology, concluded that CMO provided a significant functional improvement in range of motion VS placebo.
The study concluded that CMO 'may be an alternative to the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of osteoarthritis.' 
Cetyl-M is great for arthritis pain relief & is available in capsules, tablets, lotions & creams.
For a natural food alternative, nuts containing palmitic acid, such as the nuts from palm & coconut trees, may be a good choice. However, in order to get the most out of CMO, it is best to avoid foods or substances that may interfere with its absorption such as caffeine, chocolate, alcohol & nicotine." 
(Always test on 1 spot & wait before extending or increasing dosage.)

Chiropractic Myofascial TRIGGER POINT therapy @
+ video @
D-phenylalanine (but not L-phenylalanine) has been proposed to treat chronic pain.
It blocks enkephalinase, an enzyme that may act to increase pain levels in the body.

Phenylalanine or Phenylalanine
DMSO or Dimethyl sulfoxide 
Apply with Q-tip, not with hands.  7/2007  Also consider MSM supplements or cream. 
(CAUTION - NEVER use on private parts. 
2nd test area to be treated 1ST, before using, so as NOT to cause harm.)

The Miracle of MSM the Natural Solution for Pain + The MSM Miracle: Enhance your Health with Organic Sulfur +
DMSO &/or Emu oil - - - used as a natural base for natural medicinal products -
DMSO @ -

"The story of DMSO began in the 1960s, when Stanley Jacob, MD, head of the organ transplant program at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland,(Oregon) was investigating compounds that might help preserve organs for transplant.
DMSO, which had been used as an industrial solvent, attracted his attention because of the way it penetrates skin without damaging it. He experimented with DMSO & found that it could relieve pain. 
The discovery of DMSO inspired the discovery of another related sulfur remedy, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), a compound with similar pain-relieving effects. I often recommend it be taken orally instead of NSAIDs for pain associated with headaches, fibromyalgia, heartburn & muscle and sports injuries.
MSM also is known to ease allergies & asthma.  From the start, DMSO was highly controversial. 
Some were worried that this 'miracle' drug had harmful side effects, although nothing specific was found.
By the mid-1960s, DMSO was a popular product in health-food stores.  It was inexpensive & worked.
The only approval DMSO has received from the FDA is for organ preservation during transplantation & as a local treatment for interstitial cystitis, a painful condition that involves inflammation of the bladder.
DMSO is, however, approved for use throughout Canada & Europe as a topical treatment for pain, inflammation, scleroderma (an autoimmune disease of the skin) & arthritis. 
It also is widely used by veterinarians to treat animal injuries, especially in horses.
If you have never heard of DMSO, I can understand that you may doubt its usefulness, but I know it to be a safe & effective treatment, so do my patients who use it (topically). 
(CAUTION: Always spot test, as some can NOT tolerate.)

Elder-berry juice can relieve face spasms (neuralgia). 
However, never take in EXCESS. Know your source. @
"The indigenous elder tree of the western United States, Sambucus mexicana, can grow to 30 feet & produces small (1/4-inch), globular, nearly black berries that can be covered with a white bloom at maturity. 
The berries are juicy & edible when mature.

The cooked berries are commonly eaten in pies & jams, & berry juice can be fermented into wine.
The fresh leaves, flowers, bark, young buds & roots contain a bitter alkaloid & also a glucoside that, under certain conditions, can produce hydrocyanic acid. 
The amount of acid produced is usually greatest in young leaves.
There may be other toxic constituents in this plant. The root is probably the most poisonous & may be responsible for occasional pig deaths; cattle & sheep have died after eating leaves & young shoots."

Organic is best.,_canadensis).htm
Soybean lecithin can sometimes relieve migraines.
Golden-seal can sometimes bring immediate shingles relief.  Rapid Healing Foods by Ben Davis
Electrical Magnetic Antenna @ -
Top & bottom layers are protective & electrically insulated. 
Middle layer contains nano-capacitive arrays (NCC) intended to discharge/reduce electrical heat & hurt, rather than allowing (disabling/unnecessary) pain to be relayed/communicated/transmitted to brain.  NO RX.
Emu oil is sometimes used as an anti-inflammatory skin product. - -
French maritime pine tree (needles or bark) - The Pycnogenol Phenomenon book -
One can use pine as tea or supplement to help reduce: asthma, high blood pressure, pain due to inflammation.
Interview @
GABA may help pain and anxiety per Dr Eric Braverman who encourages the use of (fresh/organic/non-irradiated) spices, supplements, with a rainbow of colored (live) foods.
Younger You
Galangal + Ginger @ combination of galangal & ginger rhizome/root extracts was used at a dose of 510 mg/day to improve pain in patients with knww osteoarthritis.
Rubin, Jordan @
Icariin flavonoid of (Horny Goat Weed/Epimedium - manly for males) @ - 2018 -
"Icariin could be a potential agent for the treatment of (chemotherapy) paclitaxel-induced neuropathic pain."
Jacob Teitelbaum, M.DMarc17 at 10:07 AM 
Medicinal Canabis @ -  Book excerpt -
Chapters - Mom shares her belief that her son Deryn was healed from her utilization of marijuana oil.
+ - Edited  - "A year later he was told he had a secondary cancer – Langerhans cell sarcoma, which only 5 people in the world currently have.  Yet no one had ever been found to have the 2 cancers together making Deryn 1 in 7 billion people to have it.  After nearly 4 years of hospital treatment, nothing was working, so his mum Callie resorted to trying to give Deryn Bedrocan, a cannabis-based painkiller that wasn’t available in the UK. 
But despite doctors saying it could be effective, it had not been tested on children so she couldn’t prescribe it. 
In an except from hew new book The Boy In 7 Billion, published in the Mail on Sunday, Callie said: ‘We took a decision that will horrify many parents reading this, & horrified me, too.  After all, I’d never seen anything positive come of smoking cannabis, & in my days working in nightclubs, illegal drugs had been my enemy. 
‘But if it could help my darling boy escape his daily torment, I was willing to try it.’  They then set about finding some cannabis. Deryn’s dad, Simon, arranged to meet someone at a nearby petrol station to pick some up, despite them knowing it was a class B drug, which carries a sentence of up to 5 years’ imprisonment for possession.  Meanwhile, Deryn’s condition was worsening & doctors told them that if there was no improvement in 2 weeks, he would be placed in palliative care.  After buying a rice cooker & vegetable glycerine, Callie was able to make the ‘tincture’ suitable for a vaporise pen & gave it to Deryn.  Callie said: ‘After 10 minutes, Deryn said that the pain had decreased a little & he felt more relaxed, words we had been longing to hear’. 
Yet his pain continued to come back & by December 2013, Deryn had moved out of hospital & into a hospice where he planned his own funeral.  Then 1 night, Deryn woke up in the early hours of the morning & told his mum: ‘I don’t want any more morphine, Mum. It makes me feel like I’m not here.’  Not being able to bear seeing him in so much pain, Callie decided to give Deryn a small amount of cannabis tincture directly in his mouth when no one was looking.  After about half hour, he was no longer having a panic attack & felt at peace. 
Callie said: ‘Over the coming days, my priority was allowing him to die with his faculties intact, so whenever Deryn felt a twinge somewhere, I would put another 5 ml of the tincture underneath his tongue &, within a few minutes, he felt good again.  ‘Deryn’s mouth, fingers, stomach, gums, tongue, hips, knees, legs & back had been constantly painful for as long as I could remember, so this was nothing short of fantastic.’ 
A short while later, a hospice doctor told Callie: ‘We’re no longer sure Deryn is dying.’ 
Since then, he has gone from strength to strength & was removed from the hospice."
Marshmallow root (althea officinallis) kills pain per Hulda R Clark in The Cure for HIV & Aids
Marshmallow Root, Passion Flower, Prikly Pear, Corydalis Ambigua Rhizone & (possibly) Califoria Poppy Seeds may help alleviate pain @
Melatonin @ - 2017 - "Melatonin is...a potential treatment to limit development of painful neuropathy resulting from chemotherapy treatment" (& may reduce pain by 50%).
Mentol @ Menthol | C10H20O - PubChem (
Camphor (cited above)
seems to be an active ingredient in menthol drugs.
Menthol - Wikipedia - Menthol is an organic compound, more specifically a monoterpenoid, made synthetically or obtained from the oils of corn mint, peppermint, or other mints
It's a waxy, 
crystalline substance, clear or white in color, solid at & melts slightly above room temperature. 
The main form of menthol occurring in nature is (−) menthol, which is assigned the (1R,2S,5R) 
Menthol has 
local anesthetic & counterirritant qualities & is widely used to relieve minor throat irritation.
Menthol also acts as a weak 
κ-opioid receptor 
In 2017, it was the 193rd most commonly prescribed medication in the United States, with more than 2 million prescriptions.[3][4] - (A majority of medical problems seem to occurr when a NATURAL ingredient is synthesized. 
2nd, External is always preferable to internal use whether supplement or medication.)
"MSM has been proven effective in the relief of joint pain because it provides sulfur.
Sulfur is 1 of the essential building blocks for joints, cartilage, skin, hair &
MSM can be synthesized to form a dietary supplement, & when it is compounded correctly, it is almost identical to the naturally occurring form & provides the same benefits."  (Some may prefer Kosher shellfish-free.) @
(rebuttal - "Bio-Active Glucosamine -
The neutral amino-sugar, glucos-amine, is the real bio-active material that acts as the precursor to the body's synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, hyaluronate, proteoglycans & collagen, all the necessary components to repair & maintain healthy cartilage & joint function.
Based on the aforementioned purity & the relative molecular weights of glucosamine & each of its salts, simple math shows that GLUCOSAMINE-ES delivers 83.1% active glucosamine while the sulfate supplies only 62.8%.")
MSM (DMSO2) & DMSO - - Portland, Oregon, USA -
"Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., F.A.C.S. pioneered the medicinal uses of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) & its major metabolite, MSM (dimethyl sulfone)."
MSM - A bladder catheterization (or perhaps an enema infusion) by a urologist can be used especially for pain - "Dr. (Sanley W) Jacob describes it (DMSO) as 'the most potent free radical scavenger known to man... Some molecules produce an unequal number of electrons.
The instability of the number causes them to destroy cells.
DMSO hooks on to those molecules & then leaves the body holding onto them.'
In simpler terms, installed DMSO takes the bad guys out of the bladder when a patient excretes urine...
He founded the use of DMSO for a wide range of uses, including the treatment of interstitial cystitis (IC).
Dr. Jacob has also been swallowing a DMSO teaspoon of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) (powder) every day for the past 32 years, & hasn't had a cold or flu during that time."

[FDA approved MSM (as a supplement) is recommended instead of DMSO.] from Kengla, Shirley -
An Interview With Dr. Stanley Jacob: Discussing DMSO
. The Restroom Register, Winter, 1994
MSM @ Success with DMSO2 (MSM) - DMSO2 is a derivative of DMSO...There was much greater success with DMSO2 treatment than with DMSO. The oral form of DMSO2 is known as MSM & is widely available as a supplement. - - -
MSM @ - Hyaluronic acid supports cartilage growth.  MSM helps remediate joint health, muscle soreness, skin & hair, oxidative stress & inflammation, but NOT regeneration. Maintenance dose is about 80 mg Curry powder is really a medicine.
Muscle exercises for pain @
Neck exercises + water consumption can erase neck pain says F Batmanghelidj MD, Vienna, VA, USA in
Your Body's Many Cries for Water @  +
Nightshade family of plants.
"Vegetables like
potatoes, tomatoes & eggplant may actually make pain from inflammation worse.
These vegetables are part of the nightshade family of plants & contain a
chemical alkaloid called solanine.
Solanine can trigger pain in some people. While there isn't any formal research findings that back the claim about nightshade plants, you can avoid them for a few weeks to see if your pain & symptoms of inflammation improve." @
Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) - + for pain
Noni -'s.htm - "Analgesic: The noni tree is also known as the 'Painkiller & Headache Tree' since noni helps reduce pain & headaches. Noni is beneficial for back & neck pain, muscular & nerve pain, migraine & tension headaches. Noni has been found to be 75% as effective as morphine sulphate in relieving pain without the toxic side effects of morphine. Unlike morphine, noni is not addictive."
(Double check for side effects, such as to liver and kidneys + interactions with blood thinners.)
PEA [Hydroxyethylpalmitamide, Impulsin, N-(2-Hydroxyethyl) hexadecanamide, N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)palmitamide, Palmidrol, Palmitamide MEA, Palmitic Acid Monoethanolamide, Palmitoylethanolamine] @
PEA @  - -
Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), an endogenous fatty acid amide, has been demonstrated to bind to a receptor in the cell nucleus, the peroxisome proliferator–activated receptor & performs a great variety of biological functions related to chronic & neuropathic pain & inflammation, as has been demonstrated in clinical trials.
These include peripheral neuropathies such as diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatic pain, osteoarthritis, low-back pain, failed back surgery syndrome, dental pains, neuropathic pain in stroke & multiple sclerosis, chronic pelvic pain, postherpetic neuralgia & vaginal pains.  Probably due to the fact that PEA is an endogenous modulator as well as a compound in food, such as eggs & milk, no serious side effects have been reported, nor have drug–drug interactions."

Quercetin - 4. Helps Fight Pain - 
"Taking quercetin supplements may help lower pain associated with autoimmune conditions such as arthritis, as well as infections, including those of the prostate & respiratory tract. 
That’s because 
studies suggest quercetin reduces inflammatory pain.
EG: There’s some evidence from several small studies that people experiencing bladder pains from infections (causing an urgent need to urinate, swelling & burning) have fewer symptoms when taking quercetin supplements. 
Flavonoids are also linked to reduced symptoms of prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) & rheumatoid arthritis (RA).
There’s evidence that when patients with RA switch from eating a 'typical Western diet' to one higher in antioxidant-rich foods (like uncooked berries, fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots, seeds & sprouts), they experience less pain & reoccurring symptoms."  (Also good with zinc as preemptive therapeutic during COVID outbreak.)

Red Light Laser therapy @
Serrapeptase (Serrato Peptidase) is a silkworm proteolytic enzyme that chops up or digests protein & acts as a pain blocker & an anti-inflammatory Life Extension magazine 9/2003  1-800-544-444
Serrapeptase is an enzyme that is produced in the intestines of silk worms to break down cocoon walls. 
This enzyme is proving to be a superior alternative to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) traditionally used to treat rheumatoid arthritis & osteoarthritis.
Its uses have also been extended to the treatment of chronic sinusitis & postoperative inflammation, & some researchers believe the substance can play an important role in arterial plaque prevention & removal...

Besides reducing inflammation, 1 of serrapeptase's most profound benefits is reduction of pain,
due to its ability to block the release of pain-inducing amines from inflamed tissues...
NSAIDs, which include aspirin, ibuprofen, salicylates, & naproxen, are among the most commonly prescribed medications for inflammation resulting from rheumatoid arthritis, joint conditions, osteoarthritis, gouty arthritis, joint & muscle discomfort associated with systemic lupus erythematosus, & other musculoskeletal disorders...
NSAIDs lethal effects result from the inhibition of the biosynthesis of prostaglandins.
NSAIDs block cyclo-oxygenase, the enzyme responsible for catalyzing the reactions of arachidonic acid to endoperoxide compounds. This process results in the inhibition of gastric prostaglandin E, a hormone which protects the lining of the stomach from acid.
After prolonged & frequent ingestion of NSAIDs, the stomach remains defenseless & at increased susceptibility to ulcers.(3-4) If an ulcer erodes into a blood vessel, bleeding results.
An ulcer can destroy part of the stomach & duodenal walls, leaving a gap that requires immediate surgery...

Drugs many patients take to relieve their arthritic pains actually contributes to further destruction of their joints...
NSAIDs have been shown to interfere with patients' sleep patterns...
Even insulin secretion is affected by NSAIDs...
NSAID-induced side effects include kidney damage, blood dyscrasias & cardiovascular effects, complication of antihypertensive therapies involving diuretics or beta-adrenoceptor blockade, & adverse effects in patients with heart failure & cirrhosis.(10) In one instance, a woman treated for rheumatoid arthritis with the NSAID sulindac developed gallstones composed of sulindac metabolites...
NSAIDs have also induced adverse psychiatric reactions. 5 psychiatric outpatients -

2 with major depressive disorders, 1 with a bipolar disorder, 1 with a schizophrenic disorder &
1 with an anxiety disorder - were treated with NSAIDs due to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or other painful neuromuscular conditions.  All 5 patients developed moderate to severe depression.
3 patients became paranoid, & 4 either attempted or considered suicide.

These psychiatric symptoms disappeared once the patients stopped taking NSAIDs.
When the patients re-started the drugs, the symptoms returned.
Sesame Seed Oil - Reduces Chronic Pain - - 9/29/2019 -
Sesame oil is often applied topically to reduce pain, which may be due to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic & antioxidant properties.
1 study published in Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine 
found that applying the oil topically was able to reduce pain severity & decrease the need for pain medications in people with trauma to the lower or upper extremities.
Another study out of Iran had similar findings, 
noting that performing a sesame oil massage could be beneficial for providing pain relief, with  a lower cost & less risk of adverse side effects than other treatments. 
 (Assume this is especially true for ORGANIC RAW oil, perhaps hard to find & has unique texture & smell, so user may want to apply PM rather than AM with relegated pajamas.)
Skin Patches - "When any of the LifeWave patches are placed on the skin, they safely transmit specific wavelengths of light to optimize certain biological functions, such as pain control.
These devices have
photonic & electrical properties.
They are essentially a passive,
wireless nanotechnology that relies on non-toxic organic crystals.
crystals absorb infrared frequencies (body heat) in the range of 1,000-20,000 nanometers & emit light in the infrared & visible spectra back into the body.
[(Non-conventional/unproven) Traditional Chinese medicine reveals more than 2,000 acupuncture points on the human body that are connected by 12 main & 8 secondary pathways.
(If correct, then electro-magnetic system is based on G-d designed truth)...
Patches® have been reported to be used by acupuncturists to stimulate specific meridian points,] these patches also tap into the larger bioelectrical system composed of
semiconducting proteins, such as collagen, which utilize their electrically conducting properties to move energy from 1 location to another
(Becker, 1990; Becker & Selden, 1985).]
Collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body, forms the bulk of connective tissues that are associated with bound water & ions to produce a hydrated state.
The combination of collagen & water creates an electrically conductive continuum that extends throughout the body, even into the interior of cells (Ho, 1998).
Collagen is a regular
repeating protein that possesses the biophysical properties of being both piezo-electric & pyro-electric (Fukada, et al., 1976). It has also been proved by experimental evidence that the piezoelectric  pyroelectric properties of collagen will vary with temperature  level of (personal) hydration
(Netto et al., 1975). Research on LifeWave patches has demonstrated that these patches will increase electrical conductivity of acupuncture points & collateral regions (Budzynski et al., 2009; Nazeran et al., 2011).
(Thus, need to have sufficient water intake when wearing patches, for most efficient use of this pain relief method.)  The (original)
hypothesis was that application of (expensive & not tax deductible) IceWave® patches on the skin will reduce one’s perception of pain" (which does NOT address/resolve/remedy root issue}.
Skin Patches @ - LifeWave, Inc. has developed a new patch called X-39 which is proposed to be a photo-therapy product that stimulates the skin with specific wavelengths of light for the purpose of elevating the peptide GHK-Cu. The peptide GHK-Cu may effectively stimulate the natural healing process in the body. LifeWave, Inc. has developed X-39 patch with numerous intended benefits like improvement in overall energy, relief from pain & improvement in overall functional vitality of the body...
The X-39 patch is a phototherapy product that stimulates the skin with specific wavelengths of light for elevating the peptide GHK-Cu. Copper tripeptide-1(GHK-Cu) is a small protein composed of the 3 amino acids (protein building blocks) glycine, histidine, & lysine combined in a specific geometric configuration with the physiologically beneficial (trace) mineral (copper) (DeHaven, C., 2014)...
The growth modulating a glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine found in saliva, urine & collagen...
The copper tripeptide-1 belongs to a group of emergency response molecules which are released during injury & come to the body’s aid (DeHaven, C., 2014)...
Research has identified that this peptide is used to signal the beginning of the natural repair process.
This benefit has specifically been documented through research for post-laser or surgical wounds, ischemic, burns, skin or hair transplants, & diabetic ulcers. Diabetic wounds healed 3x faster in the presence of Copper tri-peptide-1...It improves axon survival & maintenance of nerves. (DeHaven, C., 2014)...
The tripeptide has also been demonstrated to improve tissue remodelling.
It increases keratinocyte proliferation & normal collagen synthesis, improves skin thickness, skin elasticity & firmness, improves wrinkles, photo-damage & uneven pigmentation, improves skin clarity, & tightens protective barrier proteins (DeHaven, C., 2014).
This has an impact on both scars & other effects of damage to the skin, & natural ageing processes.
The effects of tissue remodelling also seem to have an impact on cancerous cells. The fact that GHK was able to suppress 70% of genes involved in the development of an aggressive metastatic form of colon cancer indicates that GHK is capable of the regulation of various biochemical pathways on a gene level & it seems to be resetting the gene activity back to health, which leads to the improvement of tissue repair. (Pickart, L., 2012)...
GHK peptide reverses the gene expression signature of COPD, which is manifested by emphysema, inflammation, lung tissue destruction & significant reduction of lung capacity (Pickart, L., 2015).
Skin Patches X 39 @ - 2020 (edited) - "The LifeWave (X39) patch is non-transdermal.
This means that instead of having chemicals imbedded in the patch & intended to be absorbed, nothing contained within the sealed patch enters the body. Instead, this allows the light to flow through the patch without any changes to the contents of the patch throughout the time the patch is worn. 
Phototherapy uses light to promote changes in the body.
The patch uses infrared, light, near infrared light, & visible spectrum light passing through specially processed crystals in solution to send out specific wave create physiological effects. 
(COMMENT: Seems patch may be less/not effective in winter under clothing.)
Meridian Implications & Patch placement -
LifeWave patches are placed on specific meridian points to maximize effectiveness.
The theory of balancing the body based on the Chinese meridian system is over 3000 years old.
Current information now maps the meridian system to parts of the lymphatic system.
The concept of the release of “Qi” on an area of the lymphatic system is consistent with the evidence that the body has a variety of electrical-dermal potentials across its surface (Becker & Selden, 1985, Flick, 2004). There are 2 options which were selected for patch placement.
1st GV14
effects Yang meridians of the body, which helps prevent illness. It also clears heat, which would include inflammation & redness, which is a common sign of tissue damage. (Deadman, P., 2001)
2nd (placement) option CV-6, supports the Kidneys & harmonizes blood. (Deadman, P., 2001) Computer randomization was used with half the participants using the CV6 point & half using the GV14 point.
Metabolic test Panel It is well known fact that this tripeptide glycine-histidine-lysine (GHK) has the ability to bind on the cell surface & transmit copper in & out of cells, which may help copper enzyme activities, including phenol oxidase, alanine synthase, tyrosinase & cytochrome oxidase.
The purpose of this study is to follow the production of tripeptide glycine-histidine-lysine, it's degradation into glycine, histidine & lysine amino acids, the relation to glutathione (GHK), production, & their metabolic effect.,,
Amino acids & neurotransmitters play a critical role in health... If an individual’s amino acid & neurotransmitter production pathways are imbalanced, the individual cannot maintain body health for long...
Use of phototherapy...non-transdermal product X-39 show good changes of many amino acids levels, including glutamate, histamine, glycine, & reduction of inflammation...
The amino acids cysteine (cystine, an oxidized form of cysteine) glycine & glutamate, are building blocks of glutathione, when reduced... indicate biosynthesis glutathione in a trans-sulfuration pathway.
Glutathione is 1 major antioxidant naturally produced in liver. 
It facilitates metabolism of xenobiotics: (decreases toxins by conjugation & excretion & prevents cellular damages by scavenging reactive oxygen species, free radicals, & heavy metals, acts as neurotransmitter by modulating the NMDA receptors, induces GABA release, a major inhibitor of neurotransmitters).
Positive changes in all aromatic amino acid levels indicate improved metabolic activity on dopamine & serotonin pathways as well + increase in level of epinephrine.
More importantly, changes in normetanephrine level gives clear indication of positive liver function change, specifically monoamine oxidase (MOA) & catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) enzyme activity changes.
Therefore these enzymes are responsible for regulation of neurotransmitters.
Tryptophan is a major building block of serotonin, which is mood booster & healthy sleep producer in dim light.
Further good changes in branched chain amino acids, along with alanine level change, indicate glycine-histidine-lysine tripeptide (GHK) synthesis stimulation & positive impact on copper containing enzyme activities, including alanine synthase & tyrosinase, cytochrome oxidase...
2nd is the impact of the over all improvement in amino acid production, stimulation of enzyme activities, metabolism & overall bodies detoxifying ability...
Glutathione is 1 of the major detoxifying agents our body produces & has inhibiting effect on amyloid peptide oligomerization, which is likely cause of Alzheimer’s disease.
Glutathione is 1 of the liver’s main helpers along with cytochrome P450, by conjugating toxins & allowing free radicals to be excreted from the body.
3rd - Patch can trigger restoration of gastrointestinal imbalance reducing gut seen in the changes in cystine and glutathione production.
4th is good changes to non-essential amino acid levels.  
5th finding showed improved short-term memory within a week. 
Increased aromatic amino acids are building blocks for dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, & serotonin, helpful in preventing/ reversing neurological disorders, Parkinson’s disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Alzheimer’s. 
(Phototherapy patches appear to be another good tool in our medicine cabinet to improve overhealth + reduce pain.)"
Skin Patch x 39 @ LifeWave has conducted laboratory studies on individuals who have worn the LifeWave Skin Care patch - "How to use the (light activated) skin patches. 
For best results use 3 times a week, use every other day.
Apply the patch 2 inches below the belly button or on the lower portion of the sternum.
Apply the patch to clean, dry skin in the AM.
Patches can be worn for up to 12–14 hours before discarding.
Remove immediately if you feel discomfort or skin irritation occurs.
Do not reuse patches once removed from the skin. 
Do not use more than one patch at a time on the body. 
It is recommended that the skin patch not be worn during sleep."
Tryptophan (amino acid), a small amount of B6, + D-phenylalanine (amino acid) may help to reduce pain in arthritis & lower back. is 1 supplier of L-tryptophan USP pharmaceutical/food/feed grade supplements.  Avoid inexpensive or untrustworthy brands to reduce possibility of consuming (GM) genetically modified products. 
Upper cervical chiropractic care may solve non-inflammatory pain - 1-888-622-8221
Violet ray electric therapy - -
(Caution.  Avoid Edgar Cayce spiritual teachings.)
Vinegar or citric acid may prevent muscle pain
Try citrus fruit, pickles, sauerkraut, tachibanas, lemonade, ume plum, ume vinegar, or ume wine at end of meals. @
Vitamin D3 supplements or high level Vitamin D foods like oily fish (mackerel, tuna, salmon & sardines) consumed, especially in winter, may be effective in helping to ease pain.
UV rays trigger Vitamin D synthesis in skin. Daily outdoor sunlight skin exposure (10-15 minutes) allows adequate time for Vitamin D synthesis & can be followed by application of a (natural) sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to protect the skin.

D 3 -  AVOID the synthetic (Calciferol) used for rat poison - Shane Ellison, who calls himself
"The People's Chemist", says
Vitamin D toxicity builds up in the body & will eventually kill a human the same way a rat is killed when consuming it

Wild Lettuce weed @
Willow bark and cayenne can help reduce pain.  Additionally static electricity can temporarily alleviate or reduce pain per Dr. Milt Hammerly, Center for Global Medicine, Englewood, Colorado, USA. 
Rub a 1 foot section of PVC pipe with an ordinary painter's mitt (lamb's wool ?) for 1 minute. 
Then slowly sweep pipe over pained area, moving head to toe, at a distance of 1/2 inch away from skin. 
After 3-4 passes, recharge pipe.  Repeat until pain subsides. 

Doctor's Secret #2  Discussion of sodium potassium balance. 
Drinking lots of water can help, too.
Rebuking demons is a spiritual method to help reduce/eliminate pain. 
85% Willow bark tea (with Passion Flower, spearmint, & stevia leaves) is available from Sidroga Inc, W Palm Beach, Florida 334411 USA or Switzerland 
Wong, Hanson  Center comes highly recommended for pain, but some modalities may be suspect due to Asian influence having religious/occult/demonic origins. 
DANGER.  Do your homework.  Ask Dr Jesus.
Zoloto, Dr Joseph, Gould St, Needham, MA, USA, Russian orthopedic surgeon turned American rehab muscular-skeletal specialist uses alternative medicine including machines to decompress the spine, magnetic waves, exercise, electric impulses, & injections of Sarapin pitcher plant or Hyalagan rooster comb cartilage.  4/26/2007   

Birthing Pain

Birthing Problems birthing problems.htm
Back Pain
Copeland, Kenneth 5/26/2023 @

Emotional Pain

Arthur, Kay - When the Hurt Runs Deep as Silver Refined - audio
Arthur, Kay - Help God; my life is a mess. -
Empathy - Identification with another, sometimes in excess so that another can take advantage of us,
or so that our choices prefer others over self to our disadvantage. 
Sometimes empathy is good leading to vocational or ministry choices that bless BOTH others & self.
Evans, Jimmy @ Book Excerpts -
Relinquish your hurts (soul wounds) to God, Who will relieve you of the pain.
Maldonado, Guillermo -
Richards, James -
Emotional Pain
Jakes, TD -
Smithyman, Candice - - 4/20/2020 + (edited) -
CANDICE: I had Crohn's disease & severe anxiety, depression, a spirit of fear
came…when my father died.
I was 9 years old. I never grieved his death…
I said, "Lord, if You're there & can hear me, I can't get myself out of this one"…
I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning & was looking for my pain…expecting it…
I didn't have it…I was like, "Oh my gosh, I have this joy.”
Head Pain

LeClaire, Jennifer - Octupus & Squid evil spirit - - John Eckhardt contends that evil spirits of octupus & squid contribute to mind: control, confusion, pain & pressure, both spiritual & physical.

Infant Pain

One tablespoon of sugar water (via pacifier or dropper) seems to be one of the pain prevention methods the medical profession is using just prior to giving shots, catherterizations, circumcision, & blood draws. 
Some use creams & patches.  Nursing (breastfeeding) helps infants, too. 4/3/2007
Chavda, Benjamin - The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer - Google -
“By His stripes my son Benjamin is healed. God is sending His Word & healing my son
Joint Pain
O'Neill, Barbara - Potato poultices @
Stem Cell Patches &/or Injections @ 2/23/2011
(Also see below warning.)

Leg Cramps

Calcium insufficiency/malabsorption can contribute to leg cramps, often called growing pains in adolescents who are experiencing growth spurts.  Consider adding a daily dash (perhaps mixed with Mmanuka honey) of organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses to yogurt or fruit dressing/drinks...
Vitamin D3 is needed to properly utilize calcium; try to go (walk/run) outside daily for at least 15 minutes & expose skin to the sunshine which allows the body to manufacture it's own vitamin D.
Feverfew @
(One can often find this in combination with white willow, an aspirin substitute.)

Feverfew plant (Tanacetum parthenium) a species of chrysanthemum that has been grown in herb & medicinal gardens for centuries. Read on to learn more about feverfew plants. About Feverfew Plants Also known as featherfew, featherfoil, or bachelor’s buttons, the feverfew herb was used in the past to treat a variety of conditions such as headaches, arthritis, & as the name implies, fever. Parthenolide, the active ingredient in the feverfew plant, is being actively developed for pharmaceutical application. 
Read more at Gardening Know How: Growing Feverfew Herb In The

Garden  4/5/2018


Neck Pain
(pain in the neck)

Cook, Elaine -
_part_1-16_elaine_cook_bible_study.pdf - Part #9
I read of a woman who had been in constant neck pain for 22 years as a result of a car accident.
Finally, a friend asked her if she had ever prayed for the person responsible for the accident.
She said, “No.”  Her friend suggested she should do so.”
I forgive him,” she prayed. Her friend prompted, “Now bless him.”
When the woman began to bless this man, the pain left.
The following day she found she could move her neck for the 1st time in 22 years.
This experience proved that forgiveness is not total forgiveness until we bless our enemies & pray for them to be blessed.  Totally forgiving them has been achieved when we set God free to bless them.
By doing this, we are the 1st to be blessed; those who totally forgive are blessed the most.
 Phantom Pain
Prototype: Don’t Know How? Well, Find Someone Who Does - 11/27/2011 -
Katherine Bomkamp, now 20, with the Pain Free Socket, which relieves
phantom limb pain for amputees. She came up with the idea while in high school.

Spiritual Pain

Ferrell, Ana - Seated in Heavenly Places - -
4 - Christ a Kingdom of Love section Within the Depths of God's Heart - "When one that He (has created &) loves, chooses eternal separation from Him, this is the greatest pain the in heart of God: the deep hollow of emptiness & rending, of knowing that He will never again be with those that choose by their works, hell. 
Love cannot stop loving.  Eternally, He will continue loving & mourning them."  This is the "pain of separation."
Harfouche , Robin - - 5/2013
There is a phantom evil spirit of pain, which opens the door to disease/inherited infirmity.

Vicarious  Pain

Banks, Bill  Deliverance for Children & Teens 
Another spiritual insight.  Often called "sympathy/empathy pain"
vicarious pain can be as simple as a husband feeling his pregnant wife's contractions.  However there is a demon/spirit of vicarious pain.
If typical solutions do not eliminate this pain then ask, "When did this terrible pain 1st begin?" 
The answer, in all likelihood, will reveal the source/trigger/root.
An 8 year old was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis after his sister lost her left leg. 
"We prayed for his healing & bound the
spirit of vicarious pain.
The pain immediately left him, &" never returned. 

[Also be aware that God's Holy Spirit uses pain in the same way during healing services to reveal that someone (else) is being healed.  For instance, someone in the ministry team may have a toothache, which may be indicative of someone in the congregation being healed of a tooth problem.] 


Baker, Heidi - The Hungry Always Get Fed - - Chapter 8 Christmas in Revival  12/3/2005 
"The Lord spoke to me that there were 10 women in the meeting who had severe
back pain because of issues of unforgiveness.  As soon as they came forward & repented, Jesus healed all 10."

Bonnke, Reinhard - autobiography book preview -
Chapter 2 shares Bonnke’s spiritual heritage beginning with the healing of his grandfather's pain.

Chavda, Mahesh - "When our son Ben was just a few months old, he was dying of kidney failure.
His doctors had given him up for dead. 
He was in
extreme pain from the many surgeries & procedures that had been done to try to keep him alive.
In the natural, neither Ben's doctors nor Bonnie.
I could do anything more to help him, but we did not simply sit idly by.
We took every Scripture about healing & confessed over him the promises of God:
I Am the Lord that healeth thee.
God sent His word & healed them. By His stripes we were healed.'

These Scriptures are our inheritance & our possession as believers." 4/7/2008 -

On the cross Jesus exchanged His peace for Mahesh's son's pain.
Jesus' blood covenant accomplishes this ransom for us who believe & partake. 
1 drop of Jesus' blood destroys the kingdom of Satan.
Revelation 12:9-11 TNJB 9Salvation & power & empire for ever have been won by our God, & all authority for His Christ, now that the accuser, who accused our brothers day & night before our God, has been brought down.  They have triumphed over him by the blood of the lamb & by the word to which they bore witness.
Cresswell, Aliss - + " (edited)
We speak TO pain &/or TO demons. 8/27/2018
ALISS: I was sharing the teaching on healing.  At the end of it, this lady 30 years old, said 10 years previously she broke her back . She'd actually had surgery in her back. 
Her spine had vertebrae all fused together with metal pins & rods. She couldn't bend to pick up her son, even. 
She was in constant pain, on liquid morphine, to try & ease the pain for 10 years, but she was still in pain...
I always like other people doing the miracles so they know it's not me, it's Jesus.
I said, "You're going to do the miracle." She puts her hand on the woman with a broken back.
She starts feeling Holy Spirit power of God coming down her arm into this woman's back.
I got my phone out again. It's on YouTube. She's jumping up & down, screaming with joy, not pain, 'cause the pain leaves her & she gets completely healed. The woman that prayed says, "Wow, that has so boosted me."  
ALISS:  A woman had come into our shop...
At this point, she knew Jesus because she just asked Him into her life...
I was saying to her, "Just tell that thing to go." As she's telling the demons to leave, she can feel them.
She starts making a noise as they're coming out. Then she starts feeling all this pain in her neck.
I said to her, "Well, just tell that demon to go, but don't cause any pain."
It's important you just speak TO those demons because they've got to do as told."
I said, "You just tell that thing, 'Don't cause any pain, just come out.'" She did that. 
The demon came out.  The pain stopped.
ALISS:  I don't really get sick very often, but sometimes things will come out of all of us & we've got to contend for them, not come into agreement.
I believe like with an evil spirit, it can only have any power in your life if you come into agreement with it.
You've got to break that agreement straight away. 
1 time I found a lump in my breast...
If you find any-thing like that, you just got to tell it to go in the name of Jesus...
I said I don't come into agreement with it.  I thought, "I'm not going to get it checked out or anything."
You got to be careful, be led by the Holy Spirit...tell that lump to leave in the name of Jesus."
I had to speak to it a few times, but 1 time, I put my finger on it  it just disappeared completely, because of the power of Jesus.
Scripture Keys Power Manual - Kindle edition by Newman Davis, June. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @  Excerpts
Dvorak - - 8/26/2018 – (edited) -
“I teach you from
The Healing Creed where it says, ‘He carried our sorrows’, this word sorrows in Hebrew is mak’ob & means ‘physical and mental pain @ Strong’s Reference H4341.
Our Lord carried our physical & mental pain & bled from a horrific whipping so that we could be free from it while living on this earth
.  We do NOT have to wait until heaven to be free from pain. 
That belief is a works mentality, a wrong doctrine. 
The truth is: There is no pain & suffering allowed into heaven. We do not carry our earthly baggage with us.
When Jesus was whipped at the whipping post it was to heal us from all physical & emotional pain, sickness & disease while on this earth
That’s why it says, ‘By His stripes we are healed’, So strengthen your faith.
Learn (Make it a habit.) to believe for the manifestation of your physical healing. 
Discover what a blessing it is to live life pain free in Jesus’ name, amen.”
Hannen, Scott - TV Broadcasts + +
Hinn, Benny   2008 Louisville, Kentucky, USA Fire Conference   healings of pain 12/4/2008 broadcast  inspiring especially 2nd half
Hinn, Benny    Miracle Centre Cathedral, Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Stephen Bell's testimony
Osborn, TL  Why? Tragedy, Trauma, Triumph
Memorializing missionary feats of God in Daisy Osborn, wife of TL -
4 Commemoration shares, "She commanded the pain to disappear, in the name of Jesus
God's power went through me... I was instantly healed & have had
no pain in that area of my body since."

Proodian, Janet - I had no pain & even the nerves had been reconnected. video (edited)
JANET: Well I picked up the book called When Heaven Invades Earth & that just sparked something in me…
We would pray, but I had never heard of miracles happening.
When I read about that, I said I want to go see this thing. So we went to a conference.
Bill Johnson was speaking.  He had a word of knowledge & said, "There are people here tonight who had been in an accident in previous years who were now having
chronic pain... God wants to heal you tonight." 
My eyes got big. I stood up real fast.  I raised my hand. 
He said, "Okay, people behind these people with their hands raised, just put your hand on them & pray a simple prayer.  Pray: Be healed in the name of Jesus."
When that happened, I felt this power hit & actually knock me back into a chair. 
My leg started tingling. I continued to feel this tingling all night long.
It would wake me up, wake me up, tingle, tingle, tingle. 
In the morning when I woke up I had no swelling, no pain & even the nerves had been reconnected.

Smit, Philip - Entrance to Power - -
"I will NEVER pray, 'If it is Your will God, please heal this sick person'...
When I...started commanding sickness & pain to leave...I saw my first miracle."
Souza, Katie -
Wadlinger, Joe - 7/29/2019
+ (edited)
DR. JOE: In the name of Jesus, we command that pain to go. I said, "Well, try it out now."
He raised his arm to the side about 90 degrees & goes, "That's so much better."

I said, "Is that all you can do?" He said, "Yeah." I said, "Well, we're not going to leave it that way.
We're going to do that again."
So, we prayed the exact same prayer again. We said, "Well, try it again." He went like this. 
All of a sudden his arm went to the sky & his eyes got as big as saucers.
He said, "What did you do?" He kept lifting his arm up & down, up & down & just rejoicing in the Lord.

SID: In 2004 something changed your life that led you to be who you are today.
DR. JOE: I was (computer) programming...slouched down in my executive chair. 
I warped my back.  It caused me incredible back pain.
Since that time I had 2 different surgeries & an injection in my back.
Because of that injection in my back, I had pain that was absolutely incredible.
The lower part of my body was constantly in pain.

1 lady who had the same disease that I had called arachnoiditis said it was like sliding down a razor blade in iodine.  That's how painful it was.
SID: If a level of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain, what number were you at?
DR. JOE: 15-20. I was in bed all day long.
I would take a pillow when it would get so bad, put it over my face & just scream.
You could hear me from the other side of the house. I had to stand to eat.
I could sit only for a short period of time. I spent most of my time on a massage table on my stomach. 
My wife had to massage my muscles because they were starting to atrophy, because I had been in bed for so long. (Doctors) gave me every medication you can imagine.  Medications for cancer, for neural problems.
They had given me the highest cancer drug that you [can] have & nothing worked.
They even put a stimulator in my back to try to reduce the pain. They finally had to take it out.
I had 3 operations that didn't work (for my pain).

SID: You're a medical doctor. How in the world could you contemplate suicide?
DR. JOE: When I was younger I couldn't imagine people wanting to commit suicide.
But when the pain gets so bad that that's all you do (want).
I couldn't even put a 3 word sentence together it was so bad...
I thought God had abandoned me.  I thought he didn't love me anymore.

So, the only thing that kept me from doing it was thinking that my wife & kids would wake up & see me dead in bed.  I couldn't do that to them.
SID: Dr. Joe, as you just heard lost all hope.  But his wife Heidi said, "If I have to throw you over my shoulder & carry you across the finish line, we're going to see you healed."
DR. JOE: (Joan Hunter responded to an e- mail & phoned Joe.  She prayed) & prayed again.
I didn't feel any different.  She said, "Hmm, I'm going to have to go back to the Lord on this 1."
She says, "But I want you to go to a church that really believes in the miracle working power of God, that really believes in healing & knows how to pray."  So, she sent me to a church...
That was really the start of our journey of people who really knew how to pray like Jesus & His disciples prayed.  That's where we started.  From that point on,
it took a year of us commanding that sickness & disease.
At 1st I just had faith in Heidi's & other people's faith.
My faith started to grow as I realized that I was getting better.

I would get to a plateau & the (spiritual) enemy would come.  He would say, "That's all you're going to get."
I'd say, "No, enemy. That's NOT what I'm going to get.  My God is not a 10% or 20%, but a 100% God."

I would talk to my legs. I would say, "In the name of Jesus, all pain you have to go.
All inflammation you have to go back. You have to be aligned with the word of God."
Then I would go to another plateau.  This would happen over & over & over again until I was completely healed.
DR. JOE: Well, we studied about Jesus, the disciples, the deacons in the Bible.  4 things that Jesus told us to:
heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils & cleanse lepers & tell people the kingdom of heaven is here. 
Jesus told us to command. He commanded sickness, disease & devils to go. 

Jesus did NOT have to use his own name of course. The disciples & deacons did.
SID: We have the power of attorney of that authority.
DR. JOE: Exactly. I think the big misconception that I had was that I wasn't capable of healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils and cleansing lepers in Jesus name.
That somehow we have 2nd class citizens in the kingdom.  That's what the leadership are supposed to do.

The Bible doesn't say that. It says the leadership are to equip us to do that work of ministry.
That changed my life, because now it was my responsibility to go out there under the power & authority that Jesus gave us to do good & destroy works of the devil.
DR. JOE: (After 99% of pain left Joe had wee bit remaining.)
I wasn't going to settle for 99.99% healing.  So, the Lord just had me ask that doctor who was also a believer.
He said, "
Ask him to undo that curse that he put on you."
So, he called me 1 day. I said, "Doctor, you said that that pain would never go.
I'm asking you to even if you would just say it's possible for it to go."

He said, "Yes, it's possible for it to go." That (remaining/residue) pain went. It was gone.
SID: Are you saying to me that you had a word curse spoken over you & that word curse had to be reversed in order for you to manifest your healing?   Is that what I'm hearing you say?
Wommack, Andrew magazine Fall/Winter 2007 - editorial - Long Term Illness Defeated
Wommack, Andrew - -
Niki Ochenski's healing testimony - wonderful @ Auto accident triggered symptoms of fibromyalgia including muscular pain & fatigue.
@ 3/11/2022 video
Wommack, Andrew - Healing of Migraines - Healing Journeys - Scott Forsyth - 3/8/2010 -
Wommack, Andrew - Speak TO pain & NOT to God. @ 3/29/2022


Heidi Baker: "You Are Lord Over All Storms" ( 5/2/2022
Dr Bob - 2/9/2015 - Dr Bob's Optimal Health (4 programs)  Dr Bob's Optimal Health Program - Obesity
Dr Bob's Men's Health Program @
Conner, Bobby - Spiritual Pain - visitation to Christ's crucifixion - -
"Later, I heard the most horrible cry come form the parched, swollen, bleeding lips of our Lord...
This cry still rings in my ears to this very hour:
'My God! My God! Why have You forsaken Me?' (Matthew 27:46).
This question came from the very soul of the Son of God. For the very 1st time in all of eternity, the Son & the Father are separated. This is the very 1st time Christ has ever referred to God other than Father. Why?
Because now Christ has become what we are, He has taken upon Himself our sins. The Scripture states that God is of a purer eye than to look upon sin, so Father God turns His back to His Son, & Christ is forsaken of His Father.
This is the pain that He had asked to be removed in the garden when He prayed, 'Let this cup pass from Me' (Matthew 26:39). He could not bear to think of Himself being abandoned by His Father.
At this moment Christ is not dying as a Son, but rather as a sinner.  As this happened,
His heart was crushed.
As the Psalmist prophesied: '
My heart is like wax, it has melted within Me' (Psalm 22:14)."

Gambill, Charlotte - -
Gambill shares, from her new devotional Breathe, how to speak life into the bones of the past & let go of the
pain that is hindering your future.

Giacopelli, Paablo - Pain Heals By Pablo Giacopelli - 11/2013
Healing loss - Sometimes one does not obtain &/or loses his healing as he cannot tolerate pain/suffering assaults as he has not yet exercised/developed his spiritual muscles sufficiently/daily/consistently to resist relapse/satan/bad-mouthing/ reports of family/professionals. 
Henderson, Robert @ - Satan is allowed legal access to us, so we need to repent & remove any right he has.
Especially for Africans, many tibes have history of making a blood covenant at the entrance to a city, where inhabitants are dedicated to a spirit, behind a deity (other than God), which allows general harm.
Hunter, Joan @ 9/8/2021 - Physical &/or Emotional Trauma may be a root issue or trigger needing to be dealth with in order to remove pain.
Jakes, TD 4/4/2011 God will deliver when the pain (trouble) has accomplished what God meant it to do. 
Stop running (fleeing) when the enemy is dead.
Lozano, Neal - Resisting the Devil - A Catholic Perspective on Deliverance - 
Chapter 5 Exorcism and Deliverance in the New Testament - During deliverance ministry or exorcism, "the presence of Jesus harasses the demon, but the person fells the (demonic) harassment as well. 
It is unlikely the man (client) would be able to distinguish the difference between the demon's (psychiatric/emotional &/or physical)
pain & his own."

Risner, Vaneetha @ TRANSCRIPT
+ video @ esp. re. coping/dealing with PAIN
@ 8/14/2023

Shu Zen Duan, Irene - Our God is Real - Testimonies from My Life Family tales from China
Section 1 Women in Old China Chapter 1 Facing Sufferings with Faith 
"I never feel pain when I am thinking about Jesus' suffering."
Graeme Walsh - LISTEN to Sid Roth's Messianic Vision radio week of 8/27-31/2012
Graeme Walsh - "Few recognize their enemy when several generations have sickness, divorce & even poverty running down their family line.  He urges you to close the door on generational curses AND he tells how." 
especially last segment & prayers. (Includes prayer to eliminate pain.)
It's Supernatural TV broadcast &/or transcript  9/17-21/2012

Spiritual Authority

Allen, AA   (1911-1970)   God's Guarantee to Heal You  republished by
Caption: Thus Saith the Lord, the God of David thy Father, I have heard thy prayer; I have seen thy tears.  Behold, I will heal thee.  KJV 
"You are NOT to believe that you are healed, because the pain is gone.  You shouldn't refuse to believe that you are healed, because you still feel the pain... Faith is believing that you are healed, because God says...
(in Scripture that His Son Jesus took upon Himself our physical & mental ailments).
A person who walks by
faith ignores the testimony (feelings) of his senses, unless it agrees with God's Word."
Colbert, Dr Don - The Word of God is the Foundation for Your Health Kenneth Copeland TV broadcast 2/7/2008 - Kenneth Copeland shares his testimony regarding pain. Click onto archives.
An attitude of gratitude spoken with a mouth of praise affects our physical bodies for good.
Colbert, Dr Don - Kenneth Copeland TV broadcast   2/15/2008 Stress can lodge in one's muscles & cause pain.
God's Way to Living in the Fullness of Health
 - Click onto archives. - 
Collins, Hakeem - Candice Smithyman founder of Dream Mentors International, 8/21/2018 -
Prophet: The Lord Told Me, 'You Can Command Your Healing' -
Hakeem Collins was lying in bed 1 night, suffering from 2 fractures in his jaw. While wrestling with his excruciating pain, Collins says God told him clearly, 'You can command your healing.' (So speak TO pain)
In obedience to that word, Collins laid hands on his jaw & began to speak to his broken bone...
As he commanded his jaw to be healed, his ear popped & felt the bone in his jaw begin to realign. 
That revelation from the Holy Spirit revolutionized Collins' perspective on
prophetic healing.  'Some things the Holy Spirit may have you do may look foolish,' Collins says. 'But you have to trust and believe the Holy Spirit...
Our pain or our disease or our sickness has ears.'  Collins expands on his revelation in his book:" chapter #1
Watch inspiration behind Collins' book on Dr. Candice Smithyman's show Spirit Fuel:
Related Book:
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Copeland, Ken - 11/25/2019 - Praise away pain. -
Gambill, Charlotte - -
Gambill shares, from her new devotional -
"Breathe", how to speak life into the bones of the past & let go of the
pain that is hindering your future.
Harfouche, Robin went from New Age & Hollywood actress & dancer to wheelchair cripple to healed by Jesus
Can order book #1112 From Hollywood to Heaven @ -
Friday's radio broadcast #1553 week of 8/20-24/2007 shares that there is an evil spirit of pain, which is often to doorway to a majority of other infirmities. 
We are to command it
(and all problems it brought in with it) to leave, in Jesus name!
Harfouche, Christian & Robin - Radio broadcast week of  8/27-31/2007
Can order books #9015
How to Receive Your Miracle + Healing of the Female Spirit - Monday's Radio Broadcast #1554 shares how ignoring/accepting/not rejecting/not refusing fear can trigger relapse.
LISTEN to Sid Roth Radio Broadcasts at
Christian Harfouche Ministries, Pensacola, Florida, USA @  
Rape/abuse prayer requests 
web address =
Be sure to get copy of 9/6/2007 Mishpochah newsletter which has editorial The Spirit of Pain.
Robin Harfouche 9/10-16/2007
Christian and Robin Harfouche 9/17-23/2007
WATCH  It's Supernatural TV broadcast archives at
DVD Dealing with the Spirit of Pain order from Sid Roth or Harfouche
Hartz, Mary Steward - 9/2018 @ -
"Holy Spirit instructed me, 'Treat each of these
(physical) pains as a word of knowledge. 
Stop agreeing with these pains as though they were your own. 

Pray for others for the specific pain you are experiencing
'... Words of knowledge come in many forms:
a symptom of physical pain in one's own body, a vision, a slight impression (inner check/alert/idea), an inspired thought & many other ways.  Utilize thew words of knowledge to target healing in that specific pain of disease in somebody (else).  The symptoms usually leave my body quickly. 

The (spiritual) enemy has stopped coming against me with so many odd pains. 
I have stopped agreeing with symptoms." 
Higginbotham, David - Possessed Believers - 12 Signs of Possession or Oppression -
Chapter 7 Constant Headaches - section When Headaches Are Demonic - recommended -
Kelley, Earthquake - Order book #1122 "Bound to Lose, Destined to Win"  
Chapter 14 Questions and Answers - "The Holy Spirit said to me, 'Stop.  Talk about cigarettes. 
There are people here who love Me, but they still smoke.  They need deliverance
The pharmakeia spirit that keeps people on drugs is the same spirit that keeps them addicted to nicotine...
Delivered from their nicotine habit, you can see the difference in their countenance."
"There is a phantom pain spirit that attacks people, usually as a piercing or stabbing pain. 
Doctors will never find a cause when people are experiencing pain caused by this spirit
This is the same spirit that attacks when sorcerers use voodoo dolls... 1 purpose of this attack is to control your mind by trapping you into taking pain medication or sedatives, to which you can become addicted...
The sorcerer speaks incantation over the drugs. 
The job of the
pharmakeia spirit is to get people addicted to various kinds of  drugs, both legal & illegal...
I personally am opposed to most drugs & especially any medication to which someone might become addicted...
'Lay your hand on the spot where you have the paid & say...
I come against this phantom pain spirit & command it to leave in the name of Jesus. 
I am a child of God, and you are no longer permitted to attack my body. 

Jesus defeated you at the cross and He bore all of my infirmities

I pray the promise of God over myself & say that no weapon formed against me will prosper
Ruth, Peggy Joyce - - Psalm 91 for Youth - God's Umbrella of Protection -
Chapter 13 The Enemy Can't Hurt Me shares, "My grandson, Avery Adams, was 4 years old...
His mother & daddy taught him to take authority over sickness by saying, 'By the stripes of Jesus I am healed'...
Sometimes you could hear him say, 'Pain, leave in Jesus' Name.' Then he would usually go right on playing."  
[Let’s Read Psalm 91 out loud at least daily; personalize it according to our needs.]
Shambora, Deborah  11/19-23/2007 Messianic Vision LISTEN @ radio archvies #1566. 
The end of Friday's program addresses
head pain & our ability to reach out to Jesus & receive His healing.
Kevin Dedmon Messianic Vision radio broadcast #1673. 12/7-11/2009 -
End of last program Kevin says wonderful prayer for pain & gives testimony of pain fleeing.
Smit, Philip - Entrance to Power - -
"I will NEVER pray, 'If it is Your will God, please heal this sick person'...
When I...started commanding sickness &
pain to leave...(in Jesus' name) I saw my 1st miracle."

Walker, Dennis - Catching the Initiatives of Heaven - -
3 - The Tent - a New Beginning section Finding Heaven's Initiatives in the Secret Place -
One can speak TO pain or any ailment even by phone.
For instance, & can "set the cell phone on speaker phone & then...lay it on the part of...body that has pain." 
Speak "TO the body &" command the pain & inflammation "to go," in Jesus' name.

Winder, Delores with Keith, Bill - Joy Comes in the Morning - -
Fellowship Foundation, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA - Chapter
5 Good Times, Bad Times -
"1 night I had an attack on my herniated esophagus... All knotted up, shaking from pain & fear, 'I won't have this.' I shouted & started getting angry (at the problem).  'God, I won't have this!'  I screamed.
Suddenly, it felt as though something opened up inside of my chest & then came out of it. 

The pressure & pain disappeared...
Dr Richard Casdorph, a Spirit-filled physician, later asked me if I understood what had happened during the esophagus attack...
He said I had engaged in spiritual warfare.  Satan had tried to put the illness back on me, he explained. 
He added that God would not always protect me as He had done that night, that I would have to learn for myself how to combat the evil one, using all the spiritual provisions God had made for me...

I learned to take authority over pain, in the name of Jesus & when I prayed IT always went away."

Henderson, Robert - Receiving Healing from the Courts of Heaven: Removing Hindrances That Delay or Deny Your Healing - (excerpt) -  (edited) A minister friend of mine named Ray Austin, a Methodist pastor, was beset by tumors & bleeding in his pituitary gland. It came out of the blue with intense pain & trauma.
pain in his head was so intense that he could only sleep for 10 minutes at a time.
The pain would then wake him up.
This went on for an extended period of time. The doctors told him at 1st that this was the pain of a stage 4 cancer victim even though the tumor was benign. They later adjusted their statement & told him this was the worst pain known to man. There was much prayer that was activated for him, yet the situation only worsened & there was no healing. Nothing the doctors did brought any relief.  They had no ability even to manage the pain. 

In the midst of this situation, I felt led to call Ray & pray with him over the phone. As I did, I experienced a tremendous burden of intercession. I began to lead Ray into the Courts of Heaven.
dealt with any sin, transgression, & iniquity that the devil could be using to bring this suffering on him. By the way, if none of these are present, giving the devil legal rights, then we can just appeal to God as Father or even Friend.
God’s merciful & gracious heart will move on our behalf. But if there is
legal ground from which the devil is working, we must get it revoked and removed. In Ray’s case, we especially zeroed in on anything in his ancestry where a covenant was made with any demonic power. Ray is of African descent.
As a result of this, we
dealt with any covenant or agreement made with demonic gods by those in his history.  We asked for the blood of the Lamb to annul these covenants.
We requested that
any place Ray’s name or his family’s name was on an altar, that it be removed.
As a good friend from Nigeria told me, “Every African understands altars.” In African history, cities are dedicated to demonic entities. There is at least an altar in the spirit realm, if not the natural, that exists. On these altars are the names of the people in these cities that were dedicated to demonic gods.
The result is that the
gods claim these people & their bloodlines for themselves.
They assert that this gives them the right to bring curses, sickness, tragedies & troubles to them.
This is why bad things can happen to good people. In the realm of healing, this is why people many times don’t get permanently healed & well when prayed for. We sought to
remove & revoke any & every legal right of the devil to torment Ray with this sickness & disease.
Ray experienced a measure of relief as we dealt with these legal issues before God’s court. 

Later that night, the pain woke Ray up again. It probably had been around 12 hours since we prayed.
As Ray got up in intense pain, he simply began to pray again & ask God to heal him. This time Ray laid down on the couch in his living room. The next thing he knew he heard his neighbors leaving for work.
Ray realized that he had been asleep for several hours, which he had not done in several weeks.
Then he realized
he had no pain.
He checked things out for just a little while & then went into the bedroom where Jodie, his wife, was sleeping.
He woke her up & announced, “God has healed me.” He then explained what had happened. As the reality of what had been done began to impact them, they started crying, laughing, & rejoicing at the goodness of God, which had manifested itself to them in an amazing way.  Here’s the question: Why did Ray’s prayer in those early morning hours bring a result that all the other times had not? Did God suddenly decide He loved Ray?
id Ray & everyone else finally pray enough so that God was convinced & healed him?
Or did something
legal that the devil was using against Ray get revoked & removed so the heart of God toward him could be manifested? This is what I believe, & so does Ray. AFTER we 1st dealt with any possible covenantal right of the devil against Ray, God was free to heal him. Up until this time, the devil, before the Courts of Heaven, was demanding his rights to afflict Ray with this condition. Once the blood of Jesus removed these things, God’s passion toward Ray could manifest. It wasn’t enough to appeal to the Fatherhood of God or even the Friendship of Jesus. We needed to go before God as Judge & deal with the legal issue stopping the healing. Getting things legally in place in the spirit allowed God to answer Ray’s prayer. I mentioned, the devil can use sin, transgression, & iniquity as legal rights against our health and us. David spoke of these 3 words in Psalms chapter 32, verses 1 through
3:Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, & in whose spirit there is no deceit. When I kept silent, my bones grew old through my groaning all the day long.  Notice that David attributed his “bones growing old,” a reference to sickness & disease, to his (ignorance, ignorance or) refusal to deal with sin, transgression, & iniquity. Once David repented & (received) experienced forgiveness, his body was restored. God was not afflicting David with sickness because of his sin. The devil was using this as a legal right to bring sickness against him.
James chapter 1, verses 13 & 17, tell us the nature & heart of God. Verse 13 says:Let none say when he is tempted, “I am tempted by God”; for God can NOT be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone.
God does not use evil. It is against His very nature & person to do such a thing. Sickness is NOT of God.
Again, sickness is the tool & oppression of the devil. James continues in verse 17 by declaring:
Every good & perfect gift is from above, & comes down from the Father of lights, with Whom there is no variation or shadow of turning... Searching out the legal issue that the devil is using to hold someone in a place of affliction can be essential to that person being healed.
This is what I now understand the Lord meant when He said to my wife, “You must pray for them correctly or they will die (prematurely).” (
Read other book excerpts @ )

Oliveira, Carlos - - short video ministry

Do You Want Prayer?
Dr. Hani Shehadeh  Friday 12/21/2007 Messianic Vision RADIO agrees/prays with you to be rid of pain.

-      Graeme Walsh - transcript – 9/2012 - edited -
"Oh Father, today we thank You that You’re a God of deliverance.  You love us too much to leave us that way we are, so Father, today in Jesus’ name I take authority against the generational curses of heart disease, of long-term pain that have come down through families that are effecting men & women of God.
(I repent for & remit all generational, evil covenants, sin & iniquity.)
I bind (cancel & reverse) those generational curses in Jesus’ name.
I bind their cause, power and effect in Jesus’ name today.
I break their hold.
I command those curses broken.
I command all pain (permanetly) leave their bodies right now in Jesus’ name
I command every part of the body, from the top of their head to the bottom of the toes, to return to normal function.
Father, I ask right now that the blessings that have not been able to be released because of this curses would be released today. God’s favor, blessing (& peace). We speak & declare it.
We ask that You release it, in Jesus’ name today, amen."


Medical Science

Hannen, Dr. Scott K @ Dr. Scott K. Hannen = -
Pain Management + -
Pain & Imbalance

Headaches & other pain issues - -
3 most common forms of Neuralgia—2: Bell's Palsy (facial palsy); Sciatica & Tic Douloureux (trigeminal neuralgia).
Charlie Rose Brain Series 2 Episode 11: Pain -11/23/2012 -
DANGER - Rosenberg, Tina  When Is a Pain Doctor a Drug Pusher?  
Doctor or Drug Pusher? + Video  7/17/2007
Wet towel placed in freezer can conform to limb as an ice pack.
Sparkling Drinks Spark Pain Circuits: Fizzy Beverages Light Up Same Pain Sensors as Mustard and Horseradish -
"Carbonated beverages have been linked to pain circuits."
Wasabi's Kick Linked To Single Pain Receptor + Wasabi Receptor Can Sense Ammonia That Causes Pain

Oxyana - (movie on Vimeo) See how a once-thriving coal town in West Virgina is affected by the notorious painkiller Oxycontin. Winner of Best New Documentary Director at 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, raw doc chronicles a town’s pain with exceptional honesty. watch


Over the Counter Drugs

Acetaminophen -
DANGER – OTC over the counter pills - READ the labels.  Acetaminophen is included in Tylenol & Coricidin, etc.
Edward Covington, MD, took a different view: "Basically we have limited [hydrocodone] abuse, as was said yesterday, by combining it with a poison [acetaminophen] so that you can't abuse it as easily as you can abuse OxyContin," Covington said. "The whole idea of protecting the public by mixing a poison with your medicine I find troubling. In essence that's what we've done." One can find & utilize the specific named ingredients named in the named pain cream, eg: "Arnica Montana - For injuries & bruising to the muscles & joints.
Arnica is considered especially useful for arthritis, joint injuries, & bruising."  


Acetaminophen - READ PAIN or ANY MEDICATION INSERTS - According to Dr Anne Larson, “Among 275 painkiller-related (over dosage/negative side effect) cases, 48% were unintentional, 44% were attempted suicide, with the rest being unknown.
Over 1/4 of the cases resulted in death.

Investigators found as little as 10g, the equivalent of 20 pills, could cause liver failure.
Since 1998 in the UK, pharmacies have been advised not to sell more than 1 pack of 32 paracetamol tablets to any individual.”   Also see
Painkillers 'cause kidney damage'  Nov/23/2003 Health
Acetaminophen @ - 5/2/2011 -

"Many Americans may be unaware of the active ingredients & potential side effects of popular over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers...
Tylenol contains acetaminophen (which can) cause serious (possibly fatal) liver disease (after 19 pills).
Bayer contains 
aspirin. [White willow bark (aspirin) supplement can be substituted for Bayer.
AVOID if one is allergic, has
 chickenpox, flu, or recently received a vaccine.
In these cases, taking aspirin increases the risk of 
Reye's syndrome.]

Advil & Motrin contain ibuprofen (which can) cause serious (possibly fatal) 
liver disease.
Aleve contains naproxen sodium (which can) cause serious (possibly fatal) liver disease + may raise blood pressure.

Acetaminophen overdose help @ - "L-cysteine, from which NAC is derived, is a nonessential amino acid synthesized by your body.
helps to produce antioxidants glutathione & taurine; it also plays a role in digestive & immune health. Supplementary NAC is converted to cysteine in your body, where it helps to fight free-radical damage & possibly slow the onset of aging & reduce disease risk. NAC, which helps break down toxic chemicals in the body, is used to treat acetaminophen overdose
& lung conditions such as bronchitis & chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
(Per) bodybuilding expert Clayton South, NAC increases glutathione levels & helps to preserve lean muscle mass.
In a clinical study published in 2000 in European Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers found that oral NAC replenished glutathione in patients with HIV. Considerations & Precautions - (Per) UMMC, the usual dose of NAC for general health & antioxidant protection is 500 milligrams a day. Follow your physician's dosage directions for NAC; very large doses of over 7,000 milligrams can be toxic & even fatal.
Avoid D-cysteine, D-cystine & 5-methyl cysteine; UMMC reports that these are toxic.
NAC should be taken with a multivitamin (or multi-B-vitamin) to ensure proper levels of B-complex vitamins.
Serious allergic reactions have been reported with cysteine, & can interact with prescription medications."

Darvon - A USA "Food & Drug Administration panel has recommended that propoxyphene (Darvon) be" removed from the market as it offers only slight pain relief while presenting an overdose risk. 
Better choices might be prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), (anti-inflammatory foods, herbs or supplements such as ginger & boswella), or new painkiller tramadol (Ultram). 4/1/2009
Excedrin - Migraine contains acetaminophen, aspirin & caffeine.  NOT good.
Gabapentin (Neurontin) RX is used to treat seizures in adults with epilepsy & nerve pain.
While it is not an opioid, it has recently been linked to misuse & can lead to overdose deaths. +
NSAIDs - -
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs including ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil), aspirin, & naproxen (Aleve)...are responsible for at least 100,000 hospitalizations & 17,000 deaths per year in the USA...
More than 50% of liver failure events caused by drug overdose.
20 % of liver transplant surgeries
are caused by acetaminophen (About 8,000 liver transplants occur every year in the U.S.)... NSAIDs (not including aspirin) are also linked with an increased
risk for cardiovascular problems including stroke, heart failure, & electrolyte imbalances.  Even the Food & Drug Administration...warns about NSAIDs potential role in contributing to cardiovascular disease (CVD)." [However,
AVOID Acupuncture &/or (occult far eastern religious) meditation, referenced in editorial.]
(Be reminded that supplements such as milk thistle help cleanse the liver from toxins.)
Stem Cell Patches &/or Injections @ - 7/22/2020 -  "Stem cell products are regulated by FDA, &, generally, all stem cell products require FDA approval.
Currently, the only stem cell products that are FDA-approved for use in the United States consist of blood-forming stem cells (known as
hematopoietic progenitor cells) that are derived from umbilical cord blood.
These products are approved for use in patients with disorders that affect the production of blood (i.e., the “hematopoietic” system) but they are NOT approved for other uses. 

Exosome products are also regulated by FDA. As a general matter, exosome products intended to treat diseases or conditions in humans require FDA approval. There are currently NO FDA-approved exosome products. 
Anyone considering the use of anything purported to be a regenerative medicine product, including stem cell & exosome or other widely promoted products such as products derived from adipose tissue (this product is also known as stromal vascular fraction), human umbilical cord blood, Wharton’s Jelly, or amniotic fluid should know: 

1.None of these products have been approved for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or any other complication related to COVID-19. 
2.None of these products have been approved for the treatment of any orthopedic condition, such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, disc disease, or (elbow, back, hip, knee, neck, shoulder) pain.
3.None of these products have been approved to treat any neurological disorder, such as multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS; Lou Gehrig’s disease), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy or stroke.
4.None of these products have been approved for the treatment of any cardiovascular or pulmonary (lung) diseases, such as heart disease, emphysema, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
5.None of these products have been approved to treat autism, macular degeneration, blindness, chronic pain, or fatigue.
FDA has 
posted information for consumers and patients that discusses the potential risks, & provides advice for people considering the use of these products. Consumers should be cautious of any clinics, including regenerative medicine clinics, or health care providers, including physicians, chiropractors or nurses, that advertise or offer any of these products.
FDA also issued a 
public safety notification on exosome products on December 6, 2019.
(CAUTION: 2019-2021 blood is NOT tested for COVID or mRNA virus, which can be in blood + shed by carriers.
2nd - Current issue with FDA is the Pharmacia alliance where financial medical alliances are incestous, thus in violation of hippocratic oath & nuremberg covenant to do NO harm.)