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ART: It's just my job is to do my part & completely trust Jesus to do the rest. I don't have to think the right thought, feel the right feelings, say the right words, quote the right scriptures, claim the right promises, any of that. It's just take Jesus at his word. He said, "Lay your hands on the sick & they'll recover."
ART: My wife was playing in the living room with our 2 boys & my 4-year-old was right between her knees on the floor, & she had her elbows on her knees, leaning forward & that 4-year-old Joey popped up & hit her right in the nose. I'm sitting in the dining room and I heard this loud pop. She reaches up & she's got blood coming down her hands, & J.J., the 2-year-old, he hops up, runs over before I could get there & says, "Mommy, you okay?"  Touches her nose with his hand & said, "Nose be healed Jesus' name." The bleeding stops.
The pain stops. She goes & looks in the mirror. There's no sign of a broken nose. All she had to do was clean the blood off her hands & she was totally fine. Still to this day, no sign of a broken nose.
Welchel, Tommy  Azusa Street - They Told Me Their Stories 
Chapter Living Proof shares healing miracle of a hook nose ending in a point that God reconstructed.
Prolonged, repeated use of nasal decongestants often results in rebound swelling & additional congestion (condition known as rhinitis medicamentosa)1.
Rhinitis (drippy nose) medicamentosa (due to RX) can be also induced by beta-adrenoceptor antagonists, antipsychotics, oral contraceptives & antihypertensives
2. Medications that can cause nonallergic rhinitis include aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) & high blood pressure medications, such as beta blockers.

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"The Flathead Indians of Montana rubbed the flower heads in their armpits as a deodorant."