flesh eating bacteria


dmost@glpbe 2/10/2008 + 2/17/2008 Saving Monica "She had just given birth and was full of joy.  Then a deadly (infectious) bacteria began ravaging (infecting/damaging/killing) her body (soft tissue), triggering a frantic race to keep her alive.  But at what cost?"  Her "fascia - the head-to-toe web of soft tissue that penetrates & surrounds muscles, bones and organs" was gone/dead in some areas.  Some areas had be be scraped/cut out.  Some had to be amputated.


Ingram, Dr Cass  The Cure Is In the Cupboard - How to Use Oregano for Better Health  
Wild Mediterranean oregano oil
has the natural components to help retard & reverse mold, mildew, fungus, plus the flesh-eating bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis, for beginners.  It is hardy & unadulterated, if minimally processed or taken/applied raw. 
(FTC) Federal Trade Commission has made a settlement with Judy Kay Gray DBA the North American Herb & Spice Co. for 2.5 million.  Basically NO one, not even doctors, can legally make a claim that alternative medicine WILL cure a disease; that is a form of malpractice or false advertising, according to USA and Canadian law. Only doctors are allowed to "diagnose a disease" and "practice medicine", but NOT alternative medicine, per se.  Nonetheless, it is imperative that scientific testing is accurate & NOT complicit or bent to favor predetermined results.
Wild organic oregano spice & non-organic oregano spice, some from the Mediterranean & some from Mexico, are found in your found in your grocery store, sold by McCormick.  However, as it is imported, it may have been irradiated. 
To date we are not sure of origination of bottled oregano spice on your store shelves.  Check out