Muscular Dystrophy

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Wheat germ oil taken daily helped some but not all of the patients.
CoQ10 may reduce cytogenic & DNA damage per 8/2004 Life Extension magazine.
Creatine may help reduce calcium ion buildup in muscles. 
may increase phospho-creatine in muscles and brain to provide cell energy. 8/2006


Hasz, Mary -
Hasz, Mary -
SID: Mary, you had a form of muscular dystrophy you were born with.
What was it called?
MARY: Charcot-Marie-Tooth…It is an incurable disease. It affects your extremities, arms & legs. 
Eventually the nerves stop sending messages to the muscles.
You begin drawing up & atrophying and lose use of certain muscle groups.
SID:  At age 12, you developed scoliosis & your spine had a curvature of 33 degrees.
MARY:  Yes. 1 shoulder blade scapula developed more than the other. My back was very distorted.
I had a burning sensation that if I lifted anything, I would usually have to go lie down for an hour because the pain was so great, I had to wait 'til it would pass before I could function again.
MARY:  At age 14, I went to a David Wilkerson Crusade. Holy Spirit said, "Go down front."  I said, "I'm saved. You know I'm saved." He said, "I want those in your high school to know your mind."  I went down front & filled out a card.  They discipled me through the mail through the book of John.  By reading the book of John, the Holy Spirit highlighted Scriptures that Jesus healed them all.  I got ahold of that I am 1 of them “all.” 
I came across a Scripture: Jesus cast out the devil & they were healed. I looked down at my body as a child & went, "This is a devil."  I searched Scriptures at age 14. I began trying to read all through the Bible, came across James 4:7. "Therefore, submit unto God. Resist the devil & he will flee from you." Over 5 years I stood on that Scripture. My mother took me anywhere she thought they would lay hands on me & pray for me.  Over 5 years every bit of the disease left my body.
Mary Hasz V2 @ @ Isaiah 61 Calling (short video)
Hunter, Charles - How to Heal the Sick - 2 children healed of MD - pages 100-101


Sojoi Torez of Burlington,Vermont, USA is perfect only when he is playing his guitar 9/25/2003


Duchenne - muscular dystrophy - - Dad starts biotech to save his little boy
Drs. Pourakbar, Camp & Knackstedt @ pourakbar.pdf ( winter 2021 @ Journal of the American Physicians and Surgeons - Vol. 26 No. 4 ( - "Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a progressive disorder that has an extremely poor long-term prognosis. Few available options offer long-term improvement in symptoms or life expectancy. We treated an 11-year-old male patient with mesenchymal stem cell & exosome therapies. Our goal was to evaluate the safety & effectiveness of such therapy on some of the most common manifestations of Duchenne, including muscle hypertrophy, dexterity, cognition & balance. 
At end of our treatment protocol, the patient showed improvement in these common symptoms."
Rao, Satish learned that deficiency of selenium (& sometimes lack of vitamin E may) cause cystic fibrosis & muscular dystrophy. Dr. Satish Rao also studied gastroenterology focusing on Neurogastroenterology regarding gut SIBO (bad bacteria overgrowth) & SIFO (fungus/yeast overgrowth).
Selenium - Wallach, Dr. Joel - Dr. Wallach's Cystic Fibrosis Research - selenium - - 
"For CF patients we recommend a sodium selenite (selenium) substitution therapy,
best in combination with vitamin E."