Muscular Dystrophy

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Wheat germ oil taken daily helped some but not all of the patients.
CoQ10 may reduce cytogenic & DNA damage per 8/04 Life Extension magazine.
Creatine may help reduce calcium ion buildup in muscles. 
may increase phospho-creatine in muscles and brain to provide cell energy. 8/2006


Hasz, Mary -
Hasz, Mary -
SID: Mary, you had a form of muscular dystrophy you were born with.
What was it called?
MARY: Charcot-Marie-Tooth…It is an incurable disease. It affects your extremities, arms and legs.  Eventually the nerves stop sending messages to the muscles.
You begin drawing up and atrophying and lose use of certain muscle groups.
SID:  At age 12, you developed scoliosis and your spine had a curvature of 33 degrees.
MARY:  Yes. One shoulder blade scapula developed more than the other. My back was very distorted. I had a burning sensation that if I lifted anything, I would usually have to go lie down for an hour because the pain was so great, I had to wait 'til it would pass before I could function again.
MARY:  At age 14, I went to a David Wilkerson Crusade. Holy Spirit said, "Go down front."  I said, "I'm saved. You know I'm saved." He said, "I want those in your high school to know your mind."  I went down front and filled out a card.  They discipled me through the mail through the book of John.  By reading the book of John, the Holy Spirit highlighted Scriptures that Jesus healed them all.  I got ahold of that I am one of them “all.”  I came across a Scripture: Jesus cast out the devil and they were healed. I looked down at my body as a child and went, "This is a devil."  I searched Scriptures at age 14. I began trying to read all through the Bible, came across James 4:7.
"Therefore, submit unto God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you." Over 5 years
I stood on that Scripture. My mother took me anywhere she thought they would lay hands on me and pray for me.  Over 5 years every bit of the disease left my body.
Mary Hasz V2 @ @ Isaiah 61 Calling (short video)
Hunter, Charles - How to Heal the Sick - 2 children healed of MD - pages 100-101


Sojoi Torez of Burlington,Vermont, USA is perfect only when he is playing his guitar 9/25/03


Duchenne - muscular dystrophy - - Dad starts biotech to save his little boy
Rao, Satish learned that deficiency of selenium (& sometimes lack of vitamin E may) cause cystic fibrosis & muscular dystrophy. Dr. Satish Rao also studied gastroenterology focusing on Neurogastroenterology regarding gut SIBO (bad bacteria overgrowth) & SIFO (fungus/yeast overgrowth).
Selenium - Wallach, Dr. Joel - Dr. Wallach's Cystic Fibrosis Research - selenium - - 
"For CF patients we recommend a sodium selenite (selenium) substitution therapy,
best in combination with vitamin E."